How Can I Send A Package To Mexico?

  1. Select a public carrier for the most economic shipping. Use the United States Postal Service or your local public carrier for the most economic shipping options.
  2. Select a private carrier for the most flexibility on size and weight.
  3. Crosscheck your item against the restricted imports list. Consult Mexico’s Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit website to find out if your item is prohibited from entering Mexico.
  4. Adhere to your carrier’s country conditions for mailing. Consult your carrier to determine if any items are prohibited from being sent to Mexico through their service.
  5. Check the size and weight of your item against your carrier’s limits. Look on your carrier’s website to determine any size requirements for packages being sent to Mexico.

Exact prices are subject to change.

  1. USPS. USPS can ship to Mexico.
  2. UPS. UPS is a great option for shipping to Mexico because they have a huge logistics network in the US and Mexico.
  3. FedEx. Like UPS, FedEx is a great option for shipping to Mexico.
  4. DHL. DHL is one of the top international shipping companies.

Can I send a package to a friend in Mexico?

You can send packages to Mexico cheaply and easily with Parcel Monkey. Whether you’re an eCommerce business shipping to a customer in Mexico, or you’re sending a package to a relative or friend, our price comparison service will help you find couriers that ship to Mexico at the cheapest rates. How much does it cost to ship to Mexico?

What is the best way to ship to Mexico?

Here are our most frequently bought package delivery services to Mexico: Economy shipping to Mexico DHL eCommerce – This service offers the cheapest way to ship to Mexico from the USA, with a delivery time* of 11 to 22 business days. DHL eCommerce comes with basic tracking and packages can be dropped off at your nearest USPS Post Office.

How long does it take to ship packages to Mexico?

It will largely depend on the origin country and the type of service they choose. For example, express couriers like FedEx, UPS and DHL can deliver packages to Mexico from anywhere between 1-3 business days. But that speed will come at a cost.

Does USPS ship to Mexico?

USPS Mexico shipping services from the USA include USPS Priority Mail International, USPS Priority Mail Express International and USPS First Class Package International. When you ship to Mexico from the USA you will be required to complete a customs declaration form clearly detailing the contents of your package.

What’s the cheapest way to send a package to Mexico?

The United States Postal Service is your cheapest option. USPS gives you the best mix of affordable rates and fast delivery times when shipping to Mexico (and pretty much anywhere else in the world, for that matter). Simply put, shipping with USPS will always be cheaper than using any other carrier.

Does USPS ship to Mexico?

USPS® international mail services go to more than 180 countries, including Great Britain, Canada, Japan, Mexico, and Australia. Global Express Guaranteed®, Priority Mail Express International®, and Priority Mail International® services include international tracking and some insurance.

How much does it cost to send a 1 pound package to Mexico?

Cheapest shipping to Mexico

Weight Price Service
1lb $28.35 Asendia e-Paq Plus
5lb $67.26 USPS Priority Mail International
10lb $68.92 Worldwide Expedited Drop Off
20lb $99.52 Worldwide Expedited Drop Off

What items Cannot be shipped to Mexico?

The following items are prohibited or restricted:

  • Narcotics.
  • Live fish.
  • Predators of any size.
  • Images representing children in a degrading or ridiculous way.
  • Used clothes that are not part of your personal luggage.
  • Firearms and ammunitions.
  • Electronic cigarettes (as of February 2020)
  • Does Amazon deliver to Mexico?

    Yes, you can order from Amazon USA and have it delivered to different country. Amazon has an international delivery network that delivers packages to Mexico and to other countries all over the world.

    Can you send FedEx to Mexico?

    FedEx in Mexico

    FedEx has a well-established presence in the Mexican market. FedEx Express Nacional, our Mexico domestic express shipping service, covers all 31 Mexican states and the Federal District. We deliver domestic packages and freight the next business day, or for more economical needs, in 2 to 5 business days.

    Does UPS send packages to Mexico?

    We cover the entire country and can provide supply chain solutions to all of Mexico’s diverse markets. Whether your needs involve customs clearance, trade management or import/export technologies, UPS delivers more than just packages — we deliver logistics.

    Does Walmart ship to Mexico?

    Our stores across Mexico and Central America offer a variety of ways for customers to shop conveniently including home delivery and pickup services in many of its locations.

    What documents do I need to ship to Mexico?

    If shipping from the United States to Mexico, the shipper must complete the following documentation:

  • Straight Bill of Lading and Commercial Invoice.
  • Packing List.
  • Shipper’s Export Declaration.
  • Import Pedimento.
  • NAFTA Certificate of Origin (if applicable)
  • Can I ship a laptop to Mexico?

    Laptops can be considered as personal effects in Mexico, only if the goods are accompanied by the traveller at the time of arrival into Mexico. Personal effects or Personal Goods: Can only be shipped via UPS Express or UPS Expedited.

    How long does it take UPS to ship to Mexico?

    International Shipping Services

    Export and Import(Where Available)
    1-3 Business Days SERVICE DESCRIPTION:Delivery typically by 10:30 a.m. or 12:00 noon SERVICE:UPS Worldwide Express Delivery typically by 10:30 a.m. or 12:00 noon UPS Worldwide Express

    Is it illegal to send clothes to Mexico?

    Shipping Gifts to Mexico

    Used clothes and shoes declared as gifts or commercial items are prohibited from being sent to Mexico. Any used clothing items sent to Mexico declared other than as used personal effects will result in the shipment being rejected by Mexican customs and returned to the origin country.

    Can I take gifts to Mexico?

    Those entering Mexico by air or sea can bring in gifts worth a value of up to $300 duty-free, except alcohol or tobacco products.

    Can I ship cookies to Mexico?

    Non-perishable foods must be shipped to Mexico with a permit. If the consignee wishes to ship the product, they must obtain a permit from the Department of Health in Mexico or the Mexican Embassy in Mexico before shipping.

    Can UPS deliver to Mexico?

    UPS scores with the most delivery options to or from any corner of Mexico. We have 390+ locations and over 550 vehicles and are the only carrier with guaranteed ground service there.

    How much does it cost to ship to Mexico?

    How much does it cost to ship a container to Mexico. Ocean freight shipping to Mexico varies by port. Shipping to Vera Cruz begins around $900 for the smallest container (20 foot). Rates also vary by country and can take anywhere from ten days to three weeks to arrive. Mexico has the 9th largest export economy with its top exports being cars

    How to Send Packages to Mexico

    Article to be downloaded article to be downloaded Shipping a box to Mexico is a pretty simple process that involves the majority of the same procedures as sending a package to any other location in the globe, whether domestically or internationally.When preparing to send the item, the most important thing to remember is to choose a postal carrier that can fit the size of your package while also shipping it into the United States.Apart from that, you will only need to conform to Mexican and international postal standards, complete the necessary papers, and ship the box on its route.

    1 Choose a public carrier that offers the most cost-effective delivery options.For the most cost-effective delivery choices, use the United States Postal Service or a local public transportation company.Important to keep in mind: Compared to private carriers, these shipping methods may normally take a bit longer to arrive (approximately 6-10 business days).

    Keep in mind that public postal carriers may have additional limitations on the size, shape, and contents of your item than private mail carriers.

    • 2. Use a private carrier to provide the greatest amount of flexibility in terms of size and weight. Large or irregularly shaped items should be shipped to Mexico through a private carrier that ships to the country, such as UPS, DHL, FedEx, or NEX Worldwide Express. However, private carriers may frequently deliver international products to Mexico more rapidly than public carriers (usually within 2-3 business days), albeit they are also often more expensive. Promotional material
    • 3 Check that your item does not appear on the list of forbidden imports. Check the website of Mexico’s Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit to see if the item you want to bring into the country is forbidden from entering. These things are not permitted to be brought into Mexico by mail or in person, and your shipment will be returned to you if you attempt to do so. Additionally, in some cases, they may result in penalties or even criminal prosecutions. You are not permitted to transmit the following items: drugs
    • live predatory fish
    • demeaning, pornographic, or violent photos of minors
    • worn clothes or footwear that is not your own
    • firearms or ammunition
    • Be aware that some medical items are strictly controlled in Mexico, and if they are to be resold in the country, they will need to be registered with the Mexican Secretariat of Health (SSA) before they can be sold. Please contact the SSA at [email protected] for more guidance if you are shipping medical supplies to the country.
    • 4 Follow the country-specific shipping requirements set out by your carrier. Consult with your shipping company to learn whether any products are restricted from being shipped to Mexico using their service. When it comes to the kind of products they allow in packages, several carriers have criteria that go above and above Mexico’s rules. These differ from one carrier to the next. Perishable food items, jewelry, currency, radioactive materials, work infringing on Mexican copyrights, lottery tickets, cosmetics, and other items are not accepted in packages to Mexico by the US Postal Service, for example
    • if you have questions, contact your carrier and speak with a representative about your item. The best course of action is to find out ahead of time whether or not your goods will be approved rather than risk having your packing rejected or ruined

    5 Compare the size and weight of your goods to the restrictions imposed by your carrier.Look on the website of your shipping company to see if there are any restrictions on the size of packages being transported to Mexico.For example, the United States Postal Service will not accept parcels for delivery to Mexico if the total length and girth of the package exceed 108 inches (270 cm).

    Generally speaking, the package must be large enough to include the bill of lading, any necessary customs documents, postage, and any extra marks required for monitoring and insurance, if any are wanted.

    Sixth, be sure the value of your goods does not exceed the restrictions set by your carrier.Consult the website of your shipping company to find out whether there are any restrictions on shipping pricey products to Mexico.Even if you have insurance, there is a chance that your insurer would refuse to take products of extraordinary value.

    When mailing to a foreign nation, there are usually certain restrictions based on the country in question.For example, in shipments to Mexico, the United States Postal Service will not accept merchandise with a value larger than $2,499 US dollars.


    1 Invest in a sturdy box with plenty of space for padding around the contents.Choose a sturdy cardboard or corrugated fiberboard box to ensure that it will survive transportation.Allow at least 1 inch (2.5 cm) of space between the object and the inside sides of the box to help prevent harm to your item while shipping.

    You can purchase boxes at your local carrier’s office, a home goods store, or recycle one that has already been used once or twice.

    1. 2Make sure your things are cushioned so that they do not shift during transportation. Fill the area between your item and the box with wadded-up newspaper or packing peanuts to protect it from damage. As a result, your item will be less likely to rattle during transportation, and it will be less likely to be damaged. 3Seal all seams with packing tape that is at least 2 inches (5.1 cm) wide. Packing tape should be used to fasten your package on all sides, including the top and bottom. If necessary, apply a second layer of tape to any places that appear to be fragile. Permanent marker can also be used to cover over previously applied labeling or to black out outdated features. Remove any old labels from the outside of the box with your fingertips, and then cross out any previous details completely with a dark permanent marker to finish the job. The following steps are only necessary if you are recycling a shipping box: 5Mark the shipment as delicate if it is necessary. Fragile or frágil (Spanish) should be written on the outside of the box to indicate that the contents are likely to break. Even if your item isn’t labeled as delicate, urging that the carrier use extra caution when transporting your package won’t harm you in any way. Advertisement
    1. 1 Make a bill of lading for your shipment. A bill of lading (BOL) must be completed either in person at your carrier’s office or online. It serves as both a receipt for the package and a contract with the shipping company for the shipping service. It also serves as a proof of ownership for the items contained within your shipment. Your bill of lading will frequently include your address, the kind of delivery service you choose, and the address of the person who will be receiving your shipment.
    2. In your recipient’s address, include Mexico after the destination city to minimize any potential misunderstanding with local zip codes.
    • 2 Complete any customs forms that may be necessary. Fill out all of the fields on the customs forms provided by your carrier, including the contents of your box and the approximate worth of your item. It will be necessary to list the contents on a number of occasions. Instead of completing customs paperwork online, it may be beneficial to complete them in person at your carrier’s office so that an agent can answer any queries. They may also provide you advice on how to fill out the documents in order to reduce the amount of time your shipment is delayed. Fill out PS Form 2976-B and place it inside a plastic envelope if you are mailing through the United States Postal Service, for example.
    • Your package may also need you to include documentation indicating your ability to pay for additional duties if the Mexican authorities find that you have undervalued the contents of your shipment. This will depend on your carrier’s requirements.
    • Remember that all products entering Mexico are subject to scrutiny by the Mexican government before they are allowed to enter. To prevent confiscation, all commodities must be in compliance with the Mexican government’s prohibited imports list.
    1. 3Make sure your cargo is insured. Inquire with your shipping company about the costs of insuring your cargo in the event that it is lost or damaged during route. The cost of insuring your package is normally calculated on a sliding-scale basis based on the claimed value of the item being insured.
    2. 4Track the progress of your cargo. Paying an extra price for tracking service allows you to keep a watch on your item in case it is misplaced or misdelivered in the mail. This will allow you to follow the progress of your package on the carrier’s website as it makes its way to its final destination, if you want to do so. Advertisement
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    For example, you cannot transport perishable goods, jewels, cosmetics, or things valued more than 2,500 dollars to Mexico through the United States Postal Service.If your box is fragile, cushion it with balled-up newspaper, bubble wrap, or packing peanuts to ensure that it is protected during shipping and delivery.Always include the word Mexico at the bottom of the address to avoid misunderstanding with codes.You’ll need to fill out a bill of lading as well as any other customs paperwork that may be necessary, either in person at your carrier’s office or online.

    1. If you want to be sure your product reaches on schedule, you should get shipping insurance or tracking from your shipping provider.
    2. Continue reading for additional information, including how to determine the size and weight constraints of your carrier.
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    Send packages to Mexico

    Parcel Monkey allows you to deliver packages to Mexico at a low cost and in a simple manner. When it comes to shipping packages to Mexico, whether you’re an eCommerce business shipping to a customer there or a family or friend, our price comparison service can help you locate the best deals on courier services that ship to Mexico. Request a quote

    How much does it cost to ship to Mexico?

    Our free shipping calculator will provide you with an estimate for sending to Mexico based on the size and weight of your shipment, but you can get an estimate for shipping to Mexico in seconds with our shipping calculator.Furthermore, when you request a quotation through Parcel Monkey, you’ll be presented with rates from a variety of carriers, allowing you to compare pricing and ensure you’re receiving the best bargain possible.Request a quote right away.

    Cheapest shipping to Mexico    

    All of our rates are discounted, so you’ll save money just by booking your shipment online with Parcel Monkey.If you’re looking for the cheapest way to ship a package to Mexico from the United States, all of our rates are discounted, so you’ll save money just by booking your shipment online with Parcel Monkey.As of right now, Asendia is the most cost-effective courier service to Mexico.

    Asendia ePAQ Plus is a cost-effective way to ship small and light goods (such as clothing) to Mexico.Your parcel will be delivered using a mix of the United States Postal Service and local postal operators in Mexico.Although delivery times are lengthier for this economy service, Asendia is the most cost-effective alternative if you’re shipping on a tight budget.

    Courier services to Mexico  

    If you’re mailing to Mexico from the United States, Parcel Monkey has a variety of courier services available, with shipping durations ranging from as low as 1-3 business days with a fast shipping service to 17-30 business days with an economy shipping service.

    Economy shipping to Mexico   

    • Here are our top three most affordable shipping options to Mexico: In terms of cost, Asendia ePAQ is the most affordable service for parcels up to 4 pounds to Mexico, and it arrives in 17-30 business days.
    • Pitney Bowes Standard delivers to Mexico in 10 to 18 business days, depending on the destination. USPS Priority Mail is suitable for items weighing up to 66 pounds, and it delivers to Mexico in 6-10 business days. Suitable for shipments weighing up to 70 pounds

    Express shipping to Mexico     

    • If you take advantage of one of our Parcel Monkey Secret Deals, you won’t have to worry about paying too much for your express shipping. Here are some of our most expedient and least expensive courier services to Mexico: In 2-5 business days, Worldwide Expedited Drop Off will deliver your package to Mexico with complete tracking. Send packages weighing up to 130 pounds.
    • If you’re delivering a package to Mexico, International Priority Drop Off is the most expedient option. Fully tracked with a delivery period of 1-3 business days, this item is available for purchase. If you need rapid delivery on a tight budget, this is the option for you.

    All delivery timeframes are estimates supplied by our courier partners and are based on major locations only. Please keep this in mind while ordering. Please allow an extra day or two for delivery in more rural places. Request a shipping estimate to Mexico.

    Customs Information

    When shipping a package to Mexico from the United States, you will be required to submit a customs declaration form that precisely details the contents of your shipment.This is a part of the Parcel Monkey booking procedure and is included in the price.When your delivery reaches Mexico, customs and import fees may be levied against it.

    Please ensure that you give the recipient’s contact information so that customs can contact them to collect payment.For things that are provided as presents, there is no exemption from paying duty.When shipping to Mexico, make sure to accurately disclose the value of the items you are shipping.

    Prohibited items

    • Mexico has rigorous import regulations and forbids the importation of some unexpected commodities, such as old hardware. Various animal items, such as wool and leather, are prohibited, and there are limits on the shipment of apparel, particularly shoes, old clothing, and clothing/goods from China, among other things. Toys are also prohibited on the premises. These are some of the prohibited items: Compact discs
    • electronic equipment
    • electronic games
    • computer components and parts
    • Cologne and perfume
    • coffee and coffee samples
    • cotton
    • cosmetics
    • jewelry
    • airline tickets
    • stamps
    • forged or counterfeit goods
    • and tobacco products, among others.

    View our complete list of forbidden items..

    Frequently Asked Questions

    View our complete list of forbidden items..

    Do you offer door to door delivery?

    The Parcel Monkey marketplace makes use of a shipping calculator to determine the most cost-effective way to transport your things from point A to point B using a variety of different carriers.With full tracking available on practically all of our delivery services, you can keep track of your product from the minute it leaves your possession until it reaches its destination.We always recommend that you provide the contact information for the receiver so that the courier may contact them if there is a problem with the delivery.

    Some of our courier services are delivered to a local Post Office, where the receiver will be required to pick up the box, such as DHL eCommerce to some distant places, hence it is necessary to include a working contact number when submitting your order.Items transported through Parcel Monkey are also shipped DDU, therefore it is possible that Customs will need payment from the receiver prior to delivering the package to them.If you want assistance with the completion of any Customs Documents, we can provide it.If you would like to learn more about what a courier is and how to select the most appropriate service for your shipment, we can assist you.

    Can I add protection cover to my order?

    When you place an order through the Parcel Monkey marketplace, you will have the option to add protective coverage to your item throughout the booking process.We guarantee that you will be compensated if your item is lost or damaged as long as it does not include any banned items, has been packaged properly, and you complete our Claims Procedure.Some of our services do not include any form of protection, while others do, and some even provide free protection up to a particular dollar amount.

    When you receive a shipping quote from our shipping calculator, you will be able to see this information.Please double-check that the item does not appear on the list of restricted items, since doing so will render it invalid.Keep in mind that your shipment will be shipped by international carriers and will most likely be processed by a variety of customs and airport agencies.Be careful to package the item securely so that it is properly secured and cannot move about in the box.

    How long will it take for my package to be delivered?

    Take the time to assess how fast you need your product to arrive before deciding on a shipping method.The shipment destination and the courier service you select from the Parcel Monkey marketplace are the two most important things to consider when estimating transit timeframes.When you select a courier from our marketplace, we will provide an anticipated delivery time, which is supplied by the couriers themselves as they handle the goods in their possession or custody.

    You can see how long it will take for the package to arrive with the recipient, and we recommend that you share this tracking information with the recipient so that they are aware of when the package is expected to arrive.Always provide the recipient’s contact information when making a reservation in case the delivery courier wants to get in touch with them.If you’re wanting to save money, you may pick slower economic services such as DHL eCommerce, or you can choose a faster Express option that gets the box delivered more quickly, such as our 2-5 day International Drop Off service provided by FedEx, which is also available as a Pickup.

    What is the Cheapest Way to Ship to Mexico?

    • The following are the most important points:Express carriers such as FedEx, UPS, and DHL can deliver items to Mexico in as little as 1-3 business days
    • With a postal service such as the United States Postal Service, a parcel can arrive in Mexico from the United States in anywhere between 2 and 16 days.
    • With Easyship’s Free Shipping Rate Calculator, you can find shipping prices to Mexico that are up to 70% less expensive.

    Generally speaking, shipping to Mexico is inexpensive.This is due to the fact that Mexico is a signatory to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and is becoming an increasingly attractive shipping destination for Americans.When it comes to cross-border shipping, Mexico is an excellent choice for retailers.

    When compared to domestic shipping, however, finding the most cost-effective method of sending to Mexico might be difficult.This is due to the fact that overseas shipping provides a greater number of courier alternatives as well as a greater variety of expenses associated with import duties and taxes.This is why Easyship provides free tools such as our International Shipping Rate Calculator for Mexico and our Import Tax and Duty Calculator for Mexico to help you ship more efficiently.In just a few clicks, you’ll have direct access to the most cost-effective methods of shipping to Mexico from any location in the globe.Learn how to send to Mexico at the lowest possible cost, including any import charges, by reading this article.

    Table of Contents

    01 How long does it take to ship a package from Canada to Mexico?How Much Does It Cost to Ship Something from the United States to Mexico?03 Do FedEx, USPS, UPS, and DHL deliver to Mexico?

    04 What is the most cost-effective shipping method from the United States to Mexico?05 Tips for Shipping to Mexico at the Lowest Possible Cost 06 How to Send a Package to Mexico: A Step-by-Step Instruction Guide 7 Simple Steps for Shipping to Mexico with Easyship 08 Frequently Asked Questions about Shipping to Mexico

    How Long Does It Take to Ship to Mexico?

    Customer inquiries about how long it takes to ship to Mexico, regardless of whether you use an express courier or a postal service, will almost certainly be sent your way.It’s an excellent question.Ultimately, it will be determined by the nation of origin and the sort of service they pick.

    For example, express carriers such as FedEx, UPS, and DHL may deliver shipments to Mexico in as little as 1-3 business days, depending on the cargo.However, there will be a price to pay for this increased speed.Customers who want premium items may find the additional cost worthwhile, while those who choose a more affordable option will most likely opt for a lengthier delivery period.With a postal service like the United States Postal Service, a parcel can arrive in Mexico from the United States in anywhere between 2 and 16 days.

    How Much Does it Cost to Ship to Mexico?

    • It is only a few important elements that affect the cost of delivering items to Mexico from the United States or any other nation in the world. You should constantly be aware of the following three variables: Package weight, package size, and delivery timing are all important considerations.

    If your box is lighter and smaller, shipping will be less expensive, regardless of how long you want your product to take to arrive.However, delivery timing is critical!If you need a shipment delivered quickly, you will have to pay extra money.

    As a merchant, you’ll want to provide your consumers with a choice between the cheapest, quickest, and greatest value options available.When you use Easyship, that’s already included into our dynamic rates at checkout, which will improve your checkout by up to 3.1x.

    Does FedEx/USPS/UPS/DHL ship to Mexico?

    • Yes, that is the short answer! FedEx, UPS, and DHL, the three major express courier companies, all provide a number of shipping options to Mexico at a variety of pricing, so you should have no trouble selecting the most cost-effective solution for your consumers. The United States Postal Service and DHL offer some of the most competitive prices for shipping to Mexico, making them a particularly attractive alternative for retailers on a tight budget. Here are a few examples of popular services that you might want to consider. Among the services available are DHL Express Worldwide, USPS Priority Mail International, UPS Worldwide Saver, and FedEx International Economy.
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    What’s the Cheapest Shipping Option from the USA to Mexico?

    If you’re a merchant situated in the United States, you’ll want to be certain that you’re providing your consumers with the most affordable shipping options to Mexico.That’s the name of the game these days, unfortunately!Easyship’s shipping prices calculator provides a simple and transparent way to compare carriers, allowing you to identify the most cost-effective method of delivering to Mexico.

    Simply enter the nation of origin and zip code of your package to indicate where you’re shipping from on the website.After that, all you have to do is input the country of destination and the weight of the package.To illustrate, consider the shipment of a 5-pound product from New York City to Mexico.

    Service Estimated Cost
    DHL eCommerce – Parcel Direct $38.93
    Easyship Flat Export Rate $44.48
    APC – ePMI $46.40
    SkyPostal – International Parcel $54.24
    USPS Priority Mail International $56.29
    UPS Standard $73.54
    FedEx International Economy $133.96

    In this case, DHL eCommerce Parcel direct will be the most cost-effective method of shipping to Mexico, with the Easyship Flat Export Rate coming in second place in terms of price.According to the information provided, there are several possibilities for economical shipping to Mexico to satisfy the demands of your customers.These are only estimates; you should bear in mind that taxes and tariffs will be added to the total shipping cost, which will increase the entire cost.

    Tips for the Cheapest Way to Ship to Mexico

    After taking all of this into consideration, here are some suggestions for lowering your shipping expenses fast and economically.1.Select packaging that is the correct size.

    2.Provide customers with a choice of delivery schedules.3.Make use of a number of different couriers.4.

    1. Join forces with a fulfillment center or a storage facility.
    2. 5.
    3. Have your shipment handled by a third party.
    1. Ship boxes based on their cubic weight.
    2. 7.
    3. Reduce shipping expenses by assembling kits.

    8.Purchase packing materials in bulk or repurpose existing packaging.

    How to Send a Package to Mexico: A Quick Guide

    • When mailing a product to Mexico, there are various processes that must be followed to ensure that the shipment is successful, especially if the package is being shipped across the border from the United States. Selecting a Shipping Courier Service: It is necessary to make a decision on whether you will utilize a public courier service such as the United States Postal Service or a commercial express courier service such as FedEx, UPS, or DHL.
    • See if there are any shipping restrictions or items that are prohibited. You will not be allowed to ship to Mexico any of the following items: alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, guns, cash, fresh food, seeds, plants, or explosives. Check with the courier company you chose to see if they have any limits on what they can and cannot transport.
    • Determine the size and weight of your package by doing the following: The final cost of sending a package to Mexico will be determined by this factor. You will want to double-check with the courier company that you are shipping with to ensure that your shipment satisfies their standards for size. For example, the maximum length and girth allowed by the United States Postal Service is 79 inches. There will also be additional charges for shipments that are unusually shaped, so you will need to include all of this into your decision before proceeding.
    • You’ll want to use a sturdy cardboard or corrugated fiberboard box to mail your items in order to keep them safe throughout transit. You’ll want to secure the products you’re sending in the box using packing peanuts, bubble wrap, or other cushioning materials, which are all necessary shipping supplies for an eCommerce shop. When your items are packaged, use packaging tape to ensure that your package is secure on all three sides, as well as the top and bottom.
    • If it is necessary, mark the package as fragile: If there is a possibility that your items will be damaged during transportation, you must mark the package as fragile (frágil in Spanish).
    • Forms for Customs and Bill of Lading: If you are shipping to Mexico from the United States, you will need to complete the customs forms, which will contain the contents of your cargo as well as their worth. The category in which the products fall will determine the amount of tariffs that will be required to be paid. With Easyship, all of the necessary customs forms are automatically generated and made available for you to print.
    • Purchase Shipping Insurance: If you are shipping important items, you should seriously consider getting shipping insurance. Easyship allows you to quickly and inexpensively add shipping insurance to each order, which will cover up to USD$5,000 in damages.

    How to Ship to Mexico With Easyship

    When using Easyship, businesses have access to a wide range of shipping options to Mexico, including the United States Postal Service (USPS), APC, SkyPost, DHL, and others.Easyship’s proprietary Flat Export Rate to Mexico provides retailers with a tremendous deal of value at a single price.More information on how to save money with our Flat Export Rate Mexico can be found here.

    By utilizing our platform, you can automate your workflow with convenient shipping rules and navigate the complexities of international shipping with pre-filled customs forms, obtain discounted shipping rates of up to 70%, and maintain customer satisfaction with a smooth delivery experience thanks to our impeccable global tracking systems.Sign up for a free Easyship account now, and we’ll assist you in making an informed choice on the most cost-effective method to ship to Mexico and other destinations around the world.

    Shipping to Mexico FAQ

    What is the normal shipping time from the United States to Mexico?Depending on the courier operator, it might take anywhere from 2 to 22 working days to ship a 3-pound box from New York to Mexico.Is the United States Postal Service dependable in Mexico?

    Yes, the United States Postal Service provides dependable shipping services to Mexico.Is there a list of restrictions when it comes to exporting to Mexico?Apples, cigars or cigarettes, alcohol, chemicals, and other items are prohibited from being sent.You can see the entire list here.

    How To Ship A Package Ups To Mexico

    In most cases, you will get your delivery in Mexico within one to four days.We’ll receive your purchases at our package consolidation center in the United States or the United Kingdom, and then reship them to you in Mexico at a reduced cost.Farm-Rich Fiesta Chicken Roll-Ups are a delicious way to use up leftover chicken.

    Recipes for Roasted Chipotle Chicken, Fiesta Chicken, Chicken Roll Ups, and Snacks

    Our parcel service is a ground door to door transportation and shipping service for parcel packages with pick up and delivery in mexico and usa.

    How to mail a parcel from the United States to Mexico.Ensenada, in Baja California Sur, and Veracruz, on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico are two of the country’s port cities.To obtain one if you don’t already have one, you may acquire materials online or purchase one from a UPS shop.

    When a shipment arrives in Mexico, it is picked up by a shipping firm and sent to a border city.Creating shipping labels and comparing service alternatives is a cinch with this tool.Get approximate shipping prices for our international package delivery services in a matter of seconds.You may transport items between Mexico and the United States utilizing Fedex, DHL, or UPS using our crossborder service, since we are able to minimize the worldwide door to door cost by using our infrastructure.The cost of shipping may be estimated by visiting this page.

    1. With our specialist value added services, we may also be able to provide drop ship service as well as multi package pick up and delivery (cross border service) between Mexico and the United States.
    2. Intended for shipments that do not require immediate delivery; Shipping charges to everywhere in the world are reduced by 80%!
    3. More cost-effective alternatives, such as Canada Post, might take up to two months to complete the delivery process.
    1. Suitable for packages weighing up to 66 pounds.
    2. You can find out about further limitations and limits by visiting the website of your carrier.
    3. Depending on where you live, the actual charge for UPS ground may range from the rate indicated in our online calculator.

    Myus simplifies the process of shopping and delivering internationally.Packages are forwarded from the United States to Mexico.Delivery before the end of the day In order to ensure delivery by the end of day, a Mexican customs agent formally submits the package to a United States Customs and Border Protection agent.Tracking codes and insurance guarantees are provided with each delivery.To transfer shipping data and calculate time and cost, select the package tab above and enter the information.Delivery by 12:00 noon or 2:00 p.m., depending on the postal code of the final destination: Shipw can handle everything from envelopes to parcels, crates, freight, and other large packages and commodities.

    Customs agent, a process that must be completed in order for the shipment to lawfully depart the nation.Before you begin your online shipping, double-check that you are able to respond to these questions.We pick up the goods in Mexico, combine them, and ship them to Laredo, Texas, using our own equipment and personnel.For example, if you are a sender or consignee of a package sent using a Fedex air waybill purchased through a social network or unauthorized website, you can retrieve the package at the Fedex shipping center where it was found by paying the cost of the freight plus any applicable surcharges and returning it to the Fedex shipping center where it was sent.Use the united states postal service (usps) or private carriers such as Fedex, UPS, or DHL to ship items to Mexico.

    • Bring your box to our location at 13170 Central Avenue SE, Suite B, Albuquerque NM, and chat with one of our shipping professionals about your options.
    • Plastic or nylon tape with a minimum width of two inches should be used to seal your box.
    • Delivery before the end of the day: Here are our top three most affordable shipping services to Mexico: You can explore service options, acquire costs, and print shipping labels from the convenience of your computer or mobile device in just a few simple clicks online.
    • In addition, you will be able to set preferences and view a history of all of your shipments once you log in to your account.

    Delivery is usually completed by 10:30 a.m.Time saving features allow you to ship to more than 220 countries and territories or the whole Mexican Republic while saving time on tasks such as label preparation, shipment scheduling (pickups and deliveries), shipment cancellations, package tracking, and more.It has never been easier to transport packages to Mexico from the United States.Check with your local UPS shop to see if your rate is different from what is listed on this website.

    Ups Worldwide Express Freight Midday: Ups Worldwide Express Freight UPS provides the following international shipping options for shipments from the United States to Mexico: It is not permitted to ship electronic equipment to Mexico.Use your myus addresses as the ″ship to″ address throughout the checkout process.Request a price for our ups international express freight service today.NEX offers the most dependable package shipping services to Mexico at the most competitive shipping prices available.Shipw has transported more over 5,900 goods to Mexico during the course of five years in the business.

    Increases the standard When shipping bigger products, please contact your local UPS shop to learn more about their freight services.Create an account with Fedex Ship ManagerTM and start sending packages right now!Increases shipping prices for international shipments to Mexico from the United States.UPS online shipping is a simple and handy method to book a shipment from the comfort of your own home.Items should be wrapped individually and cushioned using cushioning material.Compare our pricing to those of other businesses!

    • Suitable for packages up to a certain size.
    • You will be required to fill out customs paperwork.
    • Cancun Cancun’s Riviera Maya is located in the resort area.
    • Mexico Sponsored Sponsored Sponsored Sponsored Sponsored Sponsored Mexico’s Riviera Resorts Cancun Aerial View of Cancun Resort Area Mexico Beijing Map of the City of Beijing in China Mexico City Map Detailed Map of Mexico City Chinatown is a neighborhood in the city of Shanghai.
    • Ups Shipping Instructions 171101960 Labels for Printing Labels for Returning Labels Guia de Envio UPS 171101960 Labels for Printing Printing Labels Labels for Returns Fiesta Mexicana Watercolor Flower Clip Art Mexican Watercolor Flower Clip Art Mexican Etsy Flower Clipart Mexican Flowers Mexican Etsy Flower Clipart Flowers painted in watercolor Corona Dripping is a type of dripping that occurs while a corona is dripping.
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    • Did you know that we ship all around the world?
    • So far, our orders have been delivered to the United States.
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    Shipping to Mexico: How to Ship Packages From the US to Mexico

    If you are a company owner in the United States, you may have contemplated sending your items to clients in Mexico.A land border to the south and NAFTA allowing for free trade between both nations, online firms may reap significant benefits from selling their products worldwide to clients in Mexico, according to the World Bank.The laws, pricing, shipping methods, and services that will help you get started exporting your items to Mexico — whether you want to do it yourself or collaborate with a third-party logistics (3PL) business to pack and ship your orders — will all be covered in this book.

    U.S. carriers who ship to Mexico

    There are a plethora of shipping companies that provide services to Mexico.In this tutorial, we’ll go through the major four shipping companies: the United States Postal Service (USPS), UPS, FedEx, and DHL.We’ve broken down the differences in service levels for shipping to Mexico, as well as the differences in pricing and travel times for the various carriers, in the sections below.

    Please keep in mind that these are standard shipping alternatives for customers.To learn more about what ShipBob has to offer when shipping to other countries, such as Mexico, please submit a quotation request here.As a result, ShipBob’s actual costs for clients will vary since we charge a ‘total fulfillment cost’ that covers everything from selecting and packing to shipping and handling, among other things.

    Service Price* Delivery Time
    USPS Priority Mail Express International  $64.25 3-5 business days
    USPS Priority Mail International $35.65 6-10 business days
    USPS First-Class International Service Depends on postage pricing 11-20 business days
    UPS Worldwide Expedited $70.39 2-5 business days
    UPS Worldwide Saver $58.32 6-10 business days
    FedEx International Priority $71.23 3-5 business days
    FedEx International Economy  $57.43 6-10 business days
    DHL International Express $75.09 3-6 business days 

    *Only the United States Postal Service (USPS) offers flat rates for shipments from the United States to Mexico. All other rates were determined using the pricing calculators provided by the different carriers for a 2 kilogram cargo delivered in December 2019. Prices are subject to change without notice.

    1. USPS

    The United States Postal Service may send to Mexico.The company offers flat-rate shipping, which is a wonderful method to predict your shipping expenses ahead of time.Your prices, like those of the other carriers, are determined by the weight of the cargo and the anticipated arrival time.

    Although the United States Postal Service (USPS) may be less expensive than the other carriers, it may take longer to deliver shipments to Mexico since packages are passed to the Mexican Postal Service.Shipments might be delayed by a few days or even weeks as a result of the transfer time.

    USPS pros:

    • Flat-rate shipping
    • often less expensive than other modes of transportation
    • The ability to ship bigger items at a reasonable cost
    • There are no pick-up costs.

    USPS cons:

    • Transfers to and from the Mexican Postal Service might create delays.
    • There are just a few shipping choices available.
    • When compared to other carriers, the order tracking tools are minimal.

    2. UPS

    UPS is an excellent choice for shipping to Mexico due of their extensive logistical network in both the United States and Mexico. Depending on the shipment, they can pick it up in the United States and deliver it to an address in Mexico in as little as two days. The United Parcel Service (UPS) might be a more expensive carrier if you’re shipping bigger things that weigh more than 10 pounds.

    UPS pros:

    • The company has a significant presence in the United States and Mexico.
    • Reduce shipping expenses by collaborating with a large number of shipping partners.
    • The ability to generate shipping labels using an easy-to-use internet interface
    • Having the ability to move packages of varying sizes

    UPS cons:

    • Fees can get expensive with heavier packages

    3. FedEx

    Shipping to Mexico using FedEx, as with UPS, is a fantastic alternative.Because the rivalry between UPS and FedEx is so fierce, online firms profit from the increased level of competitiveness in the marketplace.Depending on the shipment, they can pick it up in the United States and deliver it to an address in Mexico in as little as two days.

    FedEx is often more expensive than the United States Postal Service, although it is comparable with UPS and DHL in terms of pricing.

    FedEx pros:

    • Picking up or dropping off shipments is simple due to the large US presence.
    • There are several shipping partners to help you save money on shipping expenses.
    • The ability to generate shipping labels using an easy-to-use internet interface
    • Having the ability to move packages of varying sizes

    FedEx cons:

    • Fees can get expensive with heavier packages

    4. DHL

    DHL is a leading international shipping company with a global reach. If you are shipping items through air or sea, there are several advantages to choosing DHL. Ground delivery, on the other hand, is often a little slower than UPS or FedEx.

    DHL pros:

    • There is a significant international presence in around 220 countries and territories
    • Air and marine delivery services that are efficient
    • The ability to ship bigger items at a reasonable cost
    • There are no pick-up costs.

    DHL cons:

    • Dropping down shipments is more time-consuming due to the limited presence in the United States.
    • Shipping charges are often more expensive
    • When compared to other carriers, there are typically higher fees.

    IVA and other fees

    Even after the implementation of NAFTA, fines are still levied against exports from the United States to Mexico. When exporting to Mexico, you should be aware of the IVA and IEPS, to name a few of important regulations.

    IVA (value-added tax)

    In Mexico, the Value Added Tax (also known as IVA) is referred to as the IVA. A 16 percent import VAT is levied on all foreign-produced goods entering the nation.

    IEPS (special products)

    A unique IEPS is applied to products like as cigarettes, food, pharmaceuticals, and other specialist services upon arrival.

    Customs, handling times, and delays

    As with shipping internationally everywhere, you may encounter a few additional obstacles in Mexico that are different from those encountered in the United States.

    Customs delays

    In the same manner that other foreign nations do, your goods will have to pass through customs before they can be delivered to their final destination. It is possible that customs will take several weeks to process your item!

    Handling times

    Handling times vary from one carrier to another. UPS and FedEx are known for moving more quickly. Packages must be transferred from the United States Postal Service to the Mexican Postal Service, which may result in a lengthier delivery time.

    Local holidays

    Make careful to check ahead of time to see if any local Mexican national holidays will be observed during the time of shipment. If so, plan accordingly.

    Wide geographic area and lack of infrastructure

    Mexico has a large geographic region, which can make shipments to remote places more difficult to complete. A lack of infrastructure in several Mexican rural communities makes it difficult to provide rapid delivery. This will not be an issue in major cities such as Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Tijuana, among others.

    ShipBob is experienced in shipping to Mexico

    If you want assistance with shipping to Mexico, consider collaborating with ShipBob to make shipping to Mexico more convenient for you.Plus, you’ll be able to reach an even larger number of clients with your items!As your business expands into other countries, ShipBob will store your inventory, fulfill your ecommerce orders as they come in, give shipping savings, simplify the administration of customs forms and taxes, and link you with other international partners.

    You can relax knowing that your items are being delivered to your clients in Mexico since ShipBob is handling the fulfillment logistics for your parcels heading to Mexico.Here’s why the fastest-growing ecommerce firms choose ShipBob with their shipping to Mexico and anywhere else in the United States of America.

    Offer shipping to Mexican customers

    Shipping to Mexico for the first time takes a few weeks of preparation time, as well as satisfying regulatory criteria and being familiar with the correct shipping processes.However, with ShipBob, we can assist you in expanding your shipping network to include Mexico in a more convenient manner.ShipBob offers a wide range of shipping services that your organization may not be able to perform on its own.

    Orders are shipped from our US warehouses to locations in Mexico, and we keep you updated on the status of your purchase with tracking numbers.Our easy-to-use dashboards and reports allow you to keep track of the status of your inventory and orders at any point in time.

    Save time and money

    ShipBob eliminates the need to manage warehouses, logistical operations, and hiring staff by partnering with you.ShipBob can really convert logistics and storage into a revenue generator since it allows you to grow sales while still providing clients in Mexico with the shipment options, transit periods, and delivery speeds that they desire.When you outsource fulfillment duties to ShipBob, you save both time and money.

    Working with ShipBob frees up your time so that you may devote it to more strategic endeavors such as customer service, product development, and marketing activities.

    Leverage industry expertise

    It takes a lot of effort to run an online business.If you want to become a qualified expert in warehouse and logistics, you won’t have the time.As an ecommerce company staffed by industry specialists, we are aware and up-to-date on the most recent market trends and intricacies – so you don’t have to worry about anything.

    We also have a large partner network — which includes carrier partners, packaging suppliers and other third-party service providers — which allows us to continually optimize and enhance warehousing and logistics operations in order to assist our customers in achieving their online business goals.

    In summary

    Shipping to Mexico from the United States may be a simple operation – especially if you work with a third-party logistics provider (3PL) like ShipBob.Offering your items to clients in Mexico can assist you in building a strong customer base as you expand your ecommerce business in the country.If you want assistance with shipping to Mexico, please complete the form below to understand how ShipBob can make the shipping procedure more convenient.

    What is the Cheapest Way to Ship to Mexico?

    Take use of these resources for this guide.Testimonials for Shipping Software See what other shippers have to say about their experiences.Written at 11:42 a.m.

    Pacific Standard Time on January 31, 2019.The growth of Mexico’s economy provides eCommerce enterprises with an excellent chance to establish ties with clients who live south of the United States border in the country.As more and more firms seek to capitalize on Mexico’s expanding consumer base, we are frequently asked what the most cost-effective method of shipping to Mexico is, and the answer is: it depends.Let me give you a hint: it has nothing to do with UPS or FedEx…

    Use USPS to Ship to Mexico

    You probably guessed it.The United States Postal Service is the most cost-effective method of delivery.When sending to Mexico, the United States Postal Service offers the ideal combination of low costs and quick delivery timeframes (and pretty much anywhere else in the world, for that matter).

    Simply put, shipping with the United States Postal Service is always less expensive than shipping with any other carrier.

    You’ll Save the Most Money With USPS Shipping Software

    When you purchase postage online using shipping software, you will save far more money than if you purchased it at the Post Office.If you use the correct shipping software solutions, you will be able to take advantage of USPS savings such as Business Pricing, which represents the deepest degree of reductions that USPS normally only offers to commercial shippers, according to the company.Exactly how you may save the most money when exporting to Mexico is demonstrated below.

    The best thing is that it is completely free!

    Do I Need to Fill Out a Customs Form?

    When shipping to Mexico, you will be required to complete a customs declaration form.Online shipping software solutions, on the other hand, will automatically prepare customs forms for you!As a result, you won’t have to bother about all of the additional paperwork.

    Another compelling incentive to purchase your postage through a shipping software provider.Do you need someone to lend you a helping hand and lead you in the proper direction?Check out our Reviews page for recommendations on shipping software, packaging businesses, fulfillment partners, and other related services.The most recent update w

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