How Long Does It Take To Receive A Package From China?

How Long Does It Take To Receive a Package From China by USPS? As China Post and USPS have an agreement, it usually takes between nine and 12 days to receive a package from China. The seller needs to choose the ePacket shipping option for this speedy service. Otherwise, it could take up to 90 days for you to get your order via regular China Post.
Rules of thumbs for lead times (in regular conditions) are 1-2 weeks for regular post, 3 days for air express freight, 8-10 days for air freight, and 30-40 days for ocean freight. These estimates can be affected by a wide range of circumstances, so it’s worth checking with your logistics provider.
The minimum shipping time which is provided by dhgate is 20 to 25 days. The average epacket shipping time from china to the united states is 10 to 20 days. In addition to how long it takes to cross the ocean physically, customs, handling, and other processes can also affect the amount of time it takes to ship goods from china to the u.s.a.

How long does it take to ship via China Post?

It’s hard to give a definite answer about the days it takes to ship via China Post. The delivery time differs with different ways to send the package and different destination countries. In most cases, international packages sent though China Post could be delivered between 15-60 days.

How long does it take for international packages to be delivered?

In most cases, international packages sent though China Post could be delivered between 15-60 days. Some package sent through economic ways may take as long as 3-6 months to be delivered. The delivery time is usually decided by the process time of the post offices and customs clearance condition.

How long does it take to ship from China to Hong Kong?

1. Regular Post This means normal, regular China Post (or Hong Kong Post) which can take up to 2~5 weeks to arrive. If you can wait, this is the cheapest option for small shipments, like samples and parcels.

Why does it take so long to get my package from China?

The speed will be affected by customs, if the package contains all the proper paperwork and documentation it will move quickly, if something is missing, incorrect or raises flags in the system there can be delays. Why is it still taking forever to get my package from China then? Originally Answered: Why does it take so long to ship from China?

How long does package take from China to USA?

Typically, shipping to the United States from China will take anywhere from 1-35 days, depending upon the mode of transport chosen and the final destination of the goods within the United States. Express shipping is the fastest option, taking 1-5 days.

Why is my order from China taking so long?

Due to the serious shortage of mail processing capacity, slowdown of production, poor logistics, and business shutdowns caused by COVID-19, some countries and regions even have announced that they have stopped receiving international express. This may cause the delivery of the package delayed as well.

How reliable is China Post tracking?

It is safe and can be tracked if registered. It takes 5 – 10 days to reach other Asian countries, 7 – 15 days to America and Europe, and 7 – 30 days to other countries.

Does China Post use USPS?

USPS, TNT, DHL, FedEx, and UPS are also available in China. China Post provides parcels and packages delivery services which include sending packages from China to other countries and distributing packages within China.

How long does it take to get an Amazon package from China?

Global Shipping Times

Region Standard Shipping (business days) Priority Shipping (business days)
Central America As fast as 20 days As fast as 8 days
Chile As fast as 14 days As fast as 10 days
China As fast as 14 days As fast as 7 days
Colombia As fast as 8 days As fast as 6 days

How long do packages stay in transit?

It depends on which shipping service you purchased. For example, USPS Retail Ground shipping is expected to take 2 to 8 days, so seeing an in transit status for more than a week is normal, especially if you live in a remote location or your package is in transit during busy holiday shipping seasons.

How long does it take for email to reach China?

Postal items such as parcels are delivered to China Post in local post offices, and a notice is sent by letter to each addressee to tell them to collect their items. If there is no reply or collection within 7 days, a reminder notice card is sent to the addressee once more.

How long is the shipping time from China to US?

When importing from China to the US, you should expect your consignment to take at least three or four days to make its journey by air, and up to five weeks if you choose ocean freight. Perhaps you’re wondering why the transit time is so long for air freight.

How long is mail from China- to US delivered?

ePacket is mainly for small parcels shipping from China to USA, it is available for packages from 50g to 2kg, it takes 2 to 3 weeks delivery. China post air mail is the cheapest way for small package from 50g to 2kg shipping from China to USA, it usually takes months for package delivery in the USA.

How Long Does It Take To Receive a Package From China via USPS?

  1. If you have placed a purchase from AliExpress, Alibaba, eBay, or another Chinese website and are awaiting a delivery by the United States Postal Service, you are probably wondering how long you will have to wait for your package to arrive.
  2. How long does it take to get an item from China via the United States Postal Service?
  3. This post gives essential information as well as solutions.
  4. If you are experiencing difficulties as a result of a late, missing, or stolen package, contact DoNotPay.
  5. Using our software, you may quickly and easily file a refund claim with the IRS.

How Long Does It Take for a Package To Arrive From China?

  • It might take anywhere between 10 and 90 days to get a delivery from China, depending on how the vendor sent your transaction. The delivery time varies depending on which of the following factors is considered: Process time for the following parties: the seller
  • China Post
  • A product from China may take anywhere between 10 and 90 days to arrive, depending on the shipping method used by the vendor. There are several factors that influence delivery time, including: The seller’s and China Post’s processing times are included.

What Happens After You Have Placed an Order?

To have a better understanding of the shipping time from China, you should consider the following frequent processes that your purchase will go through:

Stage Additional Info
The seller ships your order It normally takes one to five days for a seller to process your order and send the package via China Post
China Post processes the package China Post will:
  1. Take care of your package
  2. Send it to a competent overseas service center for processing
Your order is sent Your package will be dispatched after security screening
The package arrives in the USA Your shipment will:
  1. Complete the processing of your shipment
  2. Send it to an appropriate overseas service center for processing.

How Long Does It Take To Receive a Package From China by USPS?

  • Because of an arrangement between China Post and the United States Postal Service, it normally takes between nine and twelve days to receive a shipment from China. The seller must select the ePacket delivery option in order to take advantage of this expedited service. If you choose to ship your item using the ordinary China Post system, it might take up to 90 days to arrive. As soon as your item has been dispatched, you should be provided with a tracking number, which will allow you to check on the progress of your order at any point in time. This number may be available in the following locations: On the seller’s website, you may see your purchase history
  • The delivery confirmation email sent by the internet store

Track Your Package Arriving From China

Following your cargo will allow you to determine how long it will take for your delivery to arrive from China and whether or not someone will be home to accept it. Once you’ve obtained a tracking number, you should be able to monitor the progress of your package on the websites of China Post and the United States Postal Service.

Tracking via China Post

You may trace your package via China Post’s tracking system, which is as follows:

  1. To get to the tracking page, click here.
  2. Input the tracking number that has been supplied.
  3. To track your package, click on the Track My Package icon.
  • You should take the following steps if you are unable to obtain any information: Verify that you have entered the proper and complete number
  • If it takes more than a day or two for your product to become available in the system, please be patient.
  • Make contact with the sender to enquire about the status of the package

There are several sorts of packages for which China Post does not provide a tracking service, and you should be aware of this. For less priced items, some sellers on AliExpress, eBay, and other marketplaces employ standard packet delivery alternatives, such as those offered by UPS. Once the package reaches China, it will not be able to be monitored any longer.

USPS Tracking System

If you suspect your USPS item has arrived late, you should first check the average delivery schedules for the USPS and then wait a few more days. Take the following steps to acquire information on your cargo, including the delivery date:

  1. Visit the tracking page for the United States Postal Service.
  2. Enter the tracking number in the appropriate field.
  3. To track something, press the Track button.
  • Packages delivered from China to the United States can be tracked using the shipping methods listed below: China Post Express Mail Service (EMS)
  • Sea/Air
  • ePacket
  • Register Airmail
  • The following items, however, cannot be tracked using the USPS tracking tool: China Post Ordinary Small Packet
  • China Post Direct Xpress Mail Parcel
  • and China Post Ordinary Small Packet.

The following steps should be taken if your shipment goes missing because the delivery status indicates that it has been delivered but you have not received it:

  1. Your post office box or mailbox
  2. You should be cautious around your home since some delivery workers leave packages outdoors if no one is home
  3. Because a courier may have left the parcel with your neighbors, you should check with them.

If you have searched for and failed to locate a misdelivered package, you should make a claim with the United States Postal Service (USPS). Use DoNotPay to take care of your delivery difficulties without any hassle!

DoNotPay’s Swift Delivery Problem Solver

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  2. Select a courier service, such as the United States Postal Service.
  3. Fill up the blanks with your cargo information.
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  • Get to know FedEx’s lost package processes and late delivery timelines.

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How long does it take to ship via China Post?

  1. If you’re shipping by China Post, it’s difficult to offer a definitive estimate on how long it will take.
  2. The delivery time varies depending on the method used to transport the goods and the country to which it is being sent.
  3. In most circumstances, foreign shipments shipped by China Post would arrive between 15 and 60 days after being dispatched.
  4. Some packages shipped using low-cost methods may take as long as three to six months to arrive in their intended location.

Estimated Delivery Time

  1. The delivery time is often determined by the processing time of the post office and the condition of customs clearance.
  2. The following timing is provided solely for your convenience.
  3. 1.
  4. In the case of an Air Parcel: In the direction of China Visiting neighboring countries: 7 – 15 working days To European and American nations, the transit time is between 10 and 30 days.
  5. To other nations and regions, the travel time is between 15 and 40 days.

The time required for a Surface Air Lift (SAL) parcel is between 30 and 60 days.3 – 60 to 120 days for surface parcels

How is your package processed after you make the order?

  1. 1.
  2. The vendor typically sends the package within 1-5 business days of receiving your order.
  3. Some of the sellers pass it over to China Post on their own initiative.
  4. Some may choose to send it first from the city in which he resides to the other city in which the express agency with whom they are affiliated is situated.
  5. The express company will take care of it as soon as they receive the shipment.

The majority of express agencies in China are concentrated in the country’s coastal cities.It takes around 3 days for the package to arrive at the express agency.2.Following receipt of the shipment by China Post, it will be forwarded to the relevant International Service Center for processing.It will board an airline after passing through security screening.(3-5 business days) Following their arrival in the target country, the packages will be handed to Customs for examination.

  1. Once it has been released by customs, it will be distributed to local post offices for distribution.
  2. (5 to 20 days) –

Estimated Delivery Time in Different Procedures

Procedure Ordinary Mail (Untraceable) Registered Mail (Traceable) EUB (Traceable) EMS (Traceable)
Seller’s Storage Time Before Shipping 1-5 days 1-3 days 1-3 days 1-2 days
Collecting and Dispatching Time to the   Destination 2-5 days 2-5 days 2-5 days 1-2 days
Days from China to the Destination   Country 15-40 days 7-20 days 7-15 days 3-7 days
Transit Time to Local Post Office for Delivery 5-10 days 3-5 days 2-3 days 1-2 days
Delivery 1-2 days 1-2 days 1-2 days 1-2 days
Total 25-60 days 14-35 days 14-28 days 7-15 days

Keep in mind that after the shipment arrives in the target country, it will be handled by the local postal agency. When it arrives in the United States, for example, it will be handled by the United States Postal Service. In Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada, Australia Post, the Royal Mail, and Canada Post will each handle it independently.

Estimated Arrival Time to Different Countries

Destination Ordinary Mail (Untraceable) Registered Mail (Traceable) EUB (Traceable) EMS (Traceable)
US 40-90 Days 10-60 Days 10-40 Days 7-20 Days
Australia 40-90 Days 10-60 Days 10-25 Days 7-15 Days
Canada 40-90 Days 10-60 Days 15-40 Days 7-20 Days
UK 40-90 Days 7-40   Days 10-35 Days 7-20 Days
France 40-90 Days 7-50 Days 15-40 Days 7-20 Days
Brazil 40-90 Days 7-50 Days 15-45 Days 7-20 Days
India 30-60 Days 10-50 Days 10-25 Days 7-15 Days
Indonesia 30-60 Days 10-25 Days 10-25 Days 7-15 Days
Italy 40-90 Days 10-30 Days 15-40 Days 7-20 Days
Japan 30-60 Days 5-20 Days 10-25 Days 7-15 Days
Malaysia 30-60 Days 12-30 Days 10-25 Days 7-15 Days
New Zealand 30-60 Days 7-15 Days 10-25 Days 7-15 Days
Philippines 30-60 Days 10-20 Days 10-25 Days 7-15 Days
Pakistan 30-60 Days 12-50 Days 7-20 Days 7-15 Days
Russia 30-60 Days 7-40 Days 7-30 Days 7-15 Days
Saudi Arabia 40-90 Days 15-50 Days 10-40 Days 7-20 Days
Singapore 30-60 Days 7-15 Days 7-20 Days 7-15 Days
South Africa 40-90 Days 40-90 Days 15-45 Days 7-20 Days
Thailand 30-60 Days 5-15 Days 7-20 Days 7-15 Days
Turkey 40-90 Days 10-35 Days 7-20 Days 7-20 Days
UAE 40-90 Days 10-30 Days 7-20 Days 7-20 Days
Vietnam 30-60 Days 10-25   Days 7-20 Days 7-15 Days

Questions and Answers

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Whereabouts of packages

Hello, I’ve placed an order on Wish and the anticipated delivery time has already passed for a month. I’m just wondering when these items will be delivered and where they are now located. Thanks in advance. Wisconsin 004396256017FPL, Wisconsin 004408982570FPL, Wisconsin 004413332705FPL, Wisconsin 004413332705FPL Question by Eez885 on December 29, 2021 at 2:19:22 a.m. | 1 answer(s)

shipping by your company package delay

Hello, I’ve placed an order on Wish and the anticipated delivery time has already passed for a month. I’m wondering when these items will be delivered and where they are now located. Thank you. There are three different types of WI004396256017FPL: WI004408982570FPL, WI004413332705FPL, and WI004413332705FPL. Question by Eez885 on December 29, 2021 at 2:19:22 a.m. | 1 answer(s) provided

Top 2 Things to Consider When Shipping from China

  1. When sourcing goods from China, there are several variables to take into account as an importer.
  2. When it comes to shipping, you want your product to arrive safely, on schedule, and at a reasonable freight cost as possible.
  3. Choosing the most appropriate delivery method is entirely dependant on your individual circumstances, but we hope that the information provided below will provide you with some useful suggestions regarding what to consider when shipping your products back home.
  4. Allow us to assist you with the following two important aspects of freight transportation.
  5. 1.

Which delivery method do you have the option of selecting?2.Who will be in charge of handling your shipping?

Shipping Method: by Post, Courier, Air or Sea?

  1. As is true of most businesses, cost cannot be the only consideration, but it is frequently the most important and determining consideration.
  2. After all, we’re all in this together, and we’re making each decision in order to save or make money for our customers and ourselves.
  3. When it comes to transit time and freight charges, different logistics methods can make a significant difference.
  4. As a result, we must always consider which method will be the most cost-effective option.

1. Regular Post

  1. This refers to standard, ordinary China Post (or Hong Kong Post) delivery, which can take up to 2–5 weeks to reach its destination.
  2. If you are willing to wait, this is the most cost-effective choice for small shipments such as samples and gifts.
  3. It is possible to monitor and trace someone online, but the information will not be updated in real time.
  4. Most of the time, we do not advocate doing things this way.
  5. Plus, it’s reasonably priced.

Pitfalls: It’s not safe.It’s difficult to track down misplaced packages.

2. Express courier

  • The majority of people who are just starting out will find that using a courier service is the most convenient option. DHL, UPS, and FedEx are three of the most extensively utilized courier companies in China. TNT is widely used in Europe, however it is not as widely used as the other explosives in China. When you use a courier service, you can expect speedy delivery times as well as the ability to monitor your package online. The majority of courier shipments reach in their destinations within 2-5 business days, anywhere in the world. FedEx recommends courier services to America, South America, Southeast Asia, and Africa
  • DHL recommends courier services to Southeast Asia, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand
  • UPS recommends courier services to America
  • FedEx recommends FedEx
  • UPS recommends FedEx
  • FedEx recommends FedEx
  • FedEx recommends FedEx
  • FedEx recommends FedEx
  • FedEx recommends FedEx
  • FedEx recommends FedEx
  • FedEx recommends FedEx
  • FedEx recommends FedEx
  • FedEx recommends FedEx
  1. Please keep in mind that the advantages of different courier services may range depending on their weight.
  2. You can contact us with the information of your package and we will choose the most appropriate courier for you.
  3. Pluses: You’ll have a flawless delivery.
  4. All that is required of you is to sign for the parcel when it is delivered.
  5. In the majority of situations, delivery is prompt and dependable.

When there is an issue, there is a tracking number that may be used to assist in the resolution of the situation.Pitfall: The cost is significantly more than that of mail service.

3. Air freight

  1. If the weight of the obtained items is too heavy to be sent by courier, for example, 500kg, air shipment may be the most cost-effective option.
  2. Prices for air freight will be much lower than those for courier services, according to estimates.
  3. This method is used for less-heavy goods and when there are strict deadlines or a greater emphasis on security.
  4. Depending on the flight schedules, transit times might range from 2 to 10 days, which is not too terrible considering the distance traveled.
  5. While there is more effort when the items reach at the destination airport, it is worth it.

Unlike courier firms, you are responsible for all documentation and customs clearance on your own, which may appear inconvenient to many first-time travelers and business travelers.To be sure, you may always hire a customs broker or a trucking business to handle these responsibilities for you at an extra expense.If the charged weight is greater than 250kg, we recommend that you try to ship by air freight.If the weight is less than 250kg, international couriers should be used.

4. Sea freight

  1. Transport the water might take a very long time, but it can carry a large volume of cargo, which helps to keep costs low for everyone involved.
  2. The variety of cargo that may be delivered is another significant advantage of using this form of transportation.
  3. As a result, it is a popular and commonly utilized means of transportation in the logistics industry.
  4. Despite the lengthy delivery period, if you prepare ahead of time and have the patience to wait, sea freight will be your preferred method of transportation.
  5. Depending on where you live, it will take between 3 and 60 days to complete the project.

You’ll be responsible for the documentation, customs clearance, and transportation of products from the port to your warehouse or facility, just as you would be with air freight.However, if you pick to-Door services, which are popular in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia, all you have to do is pay the freight rates and wait for your product to be delivered to the location you choose.Shipping by water may be a cost-effective option, especially if you’re willing to manage the complexities of passing the products through customs on your own timetable.In addition, it is the most efficient method of transporting large, bulky items.

A quick summary

  1. Each has its own set of advantages, and it is frequently a mix of these shipping techniques that is used to get Chinese-sourced items to your company.
  2. There should be some consideration given to the time limit in which you want your items, the security of your shipping, and, of course, the cost, which is generally the most important consideration.
  3. Shipping rates will account for a significant portion of your overall product landing cost, therefore it’s critical to keep them as low as possible at all times while shipping your products.
  4. However, there are instances when time is more important than money.
  5. It’s all about striking a balance.

After taking into account all of the current circumstances, choose the best course of action.It will be necessary for you to choose which aspects are the most significant to you and your company in order to proclaim a winner.Of course, the decision as to whether ocean or air shipping is the best option for you might alter from shipment to cargo fairly simply.

Shipping Management: by yourself or by an agent?

  1. Among unskilled importers, it is typical practice to delegate responsibility for shipment to the provider.
  2. Simple as that.
  3. All you have to do is notify the supplier that you want the goods shipped as CIF ″Port of Destination″ or DAP ″Your Facility Address,″ and they’ll take care of the remainder.
  4. The disadvantage is that you will almost certainly wind up spending a little more than you should have.
  5. In truth, there are more cost-effective and time-saving alternatives.

1. Do it all internally, for full control

  1. This method has only been used by large organizations in the past.
  2. Shipping lines, airlines, and transportation businesses directly book space with them and they manage Customs Declarations on both sides of the border (the exporting and the importing countries).
  3. If you pick this option, you will be responsible for following up on your purchase and contacting the carriers directly in order to obtain the necessary information for you.
  4. If an issue arises, you must address it immediately in order to prevent incurring further expenses.
  5. Your time is the most valuable asset you have.

If your organization does not have a specialist department with competent crews, you will not be able to save time when working directly with a carrier.In the case of small and medium-sized businesses, we do not believe this is a feasible alternative.

2. Work with a freight forwarder in your country, for convenience

  1. This is what some importers choose to do because it is the most convenient alternative for them.
  2. So what occurs is that small and medium-sized businesses strive to partner with a freight forwarder that is the proper size for their needs and is invested in their success.
  3. However, the majority of forwarders do not necessarily have a physical presence in China.
  4. They normally collaborate with local agents, and their margin is added on top of the commission earned by the agent.
  5. This is not a cheap solution, and it is also not very effective.

3. Work with a freight forwarder based in China, for speed

  1. This is becoming a more and more popular alternative among importers.
  2. The advantage is that it is quick.
  3. The forwarder can maintain tight contact with your supplier and bring you up to date on all of the latest developments.
  4. When a problem arises, your local partner will act quickly to resolve it.
  5. That’s exactly what we’re doing, and we’re rather excellent at it as well.

Not only is speed important, but so are the best pricing.In addition, we have representatives in a number of countries that can assist you with customs clearance and inland delivery inside your nation.Find out more about why you should choose a local freight forwarder in China by visiting this page.

4. Work with a forwarder on each side, for speed and savings

  1. A fourth alternative is to maintain direct communication with each of the parties.
  2. For example, a Dubai importer will communicate with a forwarder in Dubai as well as with a forwarder in China.
  3. This is most likely the best option for SMEs transporting goods from China.
  4. For some purchasers, saving even a single dollar is worth the effort of obtaining it.
  5. In addition, it provides a greater degree of control over the process.

A quick summary

  1. Regardless of whether your supplier and you are in charge of the transportation, you should always be looking for a third-party logistics solution to implement.
  2. Whether your forwarding agent is based in your nation or in China, once you’ve found the correct partner, you should continue with him or her until the job is done.
  3. More information may be found in our page regarding freight forwarder.

Putting together

  1. Depending on your position as a decision maker, you may already be at the stage where these possibilities, when combined with your objectives, become more routine choices.
  2. The more knowledge and experience you gather, the less difficult it is to make these judgments.
  3. We recommend that you think about the two concerns listed above and acquire solutions before making any moves in international trading.
  4. The answers will assist you in streamlining and improving the efficiency of your supply chain management.
  5. In this position, CFC assists our customers in gaining greater control over their supply chain solutions, becoming more cost efficient, and increasing efficiency.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding shipping from China, and we look forward to working with you to discover the most cost-effective logistical solution for YOU.

How to Track Packages Shipped From China?

  1. Nowadays, almost anything can be ordered online, even groceries.
  2. You may purchase anything from Amazon and have it delivered to your door in as little as one day.
  3. There are virtually endless alternatives for obtaining everything from apparel to food, but when shipping between nations (cross-border eCommerce), there are additional restrictions and lengthier wait periods to consider.
  4. What exactly is electronic commerce?
  5. E-commerce is a broad term that refers to all online stores and marketplaces such as

E-commerce has changed customer behaviors over the last ten years and will continue to expand in the future.E-commerce provides you with the option to buy or sell items or services online.In most cases, you may choose where your item will be delivered, and it can even be transported over state lines.E-commerce provides customers with the option to locate things that are not readily available in their own country, while also providing sellers with the potential to expand their businesses internationally.

What are e-commerce Delivery Options?

The shipping choices for any goods are determined by where you live and how much money you are willing to spend in order to receive the item as quickly as possible. FedEx express can often deliver your product in 1 to 3 days, but if your shipment is coming from China, you will need to consider other shipping choices in addition to FedEx express.

What e-commerce Options are available for international packages?

  1. It is recommended that you use China Post if it is an option for the item that you have ordered.
  2. They have a variety of shipping options, and you may get your box delivered faster if you pay for expedited delivery; nevertheless, in general, similar to EMS China, it takes around 2 weeks to get a parcel transported by China Air to any location in the globe, with some exceptions.
  3. If this is very expensive, you can ship via a more time-consuming approach.
  4. This typically signifies that it will be transported by sea.
  5. However, while it is more cost-effective, the shipping process is also more time-consuming, and your delivery may take up to a month or more to arrive.

What kind of Shipping Speed is Available?

  • Registered shipping is a sort of shipping that is given by numerous nations that provides you with a proof of shipment as well as the ability to trace your cargo as it travels across the world.
  • Unregistered: This is an option that is chosen in order to save a little money. It is an option provided to the customer in exchange for lower delivery charges, in which case the buyer will not get further tracking information. In addition, it may be performed automatically by a buyer
  • Priority: This option is often the quickest way to receive your box, coming in second only to FedEx Express in terms of delivery time. It takes anywhere from one to three business days, depending on where the item is coming from, to receive your package. Although overseas delivery might take up to a week, it is usually much faster.
  • Express shipping is the quickest and most costly method of delivering your product. Moreover, it can nearly ensure that your package will arrive within two business days, except during the holidays, when more products will be dispatched.

How do you track a package?

  1. Various tracking websites are available to help you keep track of items that have been dispatched from China.
  2. Your first step will be to locate the 10 to 22 digit number that you will receive when your product is sent.
  3. Ideally, it will be included on the delivery confirmation email or on the profile you used to make the purchase of the item.
  4. It is possible to copy and paste that tracking number using one of the following services: With Ship24, you can keep track of your cargo as it travels through China.
  • Ship24 provides you with the ability to track your cargo no matter where it is being shipped from. They make it simple to look for your shipment using your tracking number, and they offer a thorough structure that shows you exactly where your product is on its journey. All you need is your tracking number, which will be recorded immediately so that you may monitor it on a daily basis without having to create an account. Sellers should ensure that their tracking information is updated online once their shipment has been delivered so that customers can see exactly where their package has been delivered and when it was delivered. A signature may be required if the shipment is registered, in which case the person who signs for it will be included beside the parcel’s identification number. China Post is a Chinese postal service. This website is the official website of China Post Corporation. It is recommended that you monitor your delivery using Ship24 or 17track if it is being shipped by China Post. Another choice that delivers the same sort of service is also available to you. Moreover, it specializes in tracking packages sent by China Post.

Where is my Amazon Order from China?

Every Amazon order has its unique tracking number, which can be found here.It is simple to track the progress of your shipment from ( by clicking on the URL supplied throughout the course of your transaction.All you have to do is go to your orders and click on the Track Package link that appears next to your order.You can take your tracking number to Ship24 or any of the websites listed above if the information provided by your tracking number is insufficient.

  • If your tracking number does not provide you with the information you want, you can contact the shipping company directly.
  • When you have a tracking number, shipping and receiving packages are both straightforward processes.
  • You can track the movement of the package as it makes its way to your door, and you can find out what went wrong if it doesn’t make it.
  • Because Ship24 is not a carrier, if you have any questions or concerns about the delivery of your Amazon order, you should contact the Amazon seller directly to get additional information.

Tracking shipments from China is a contemporary convenience of the digital era that assures that our foreign deliveries always arrive at their destination on time.

How long does it take to ship from China?

  • A few days to several months can elapse between when goods leave China and when they arrive at their final destination. In the end, it boils down to the cost and the transit options available to get you to your destination. In this article, we examine the lead times for the following modes of transportation: air, rail, and water. Transportation by air express
  • transportation by economy
  • transportation by ePackets
  • transportation by rail
  • transportation by sea

At the end of the post, we also provide answers to some of the most often asked issues concerning delivery schedules and how to avoid delays in the future.

COVID-19 Update

This post was first published in late 2018 and has since been updated.For better or worse, COVID-19 and its economic bonanza caused havoc on supply networks long before it was ever announced.Demand outstripping available container capacity caused freight rates to rise in late 2020, resulting in a spike in the cost of shipping.This tendency has since persisted far into 2021, and has further worsened as a result of epidemics that have reduced port capacity and staff availability, making the situation even worse.

  • Not only does this result in increased freight prices, but it also has a significant influence on the time it takes for items to arrive in the United States from China.
  • The problem is not that ships are suddenly moving more slowly, but rather that booking and loading goods are taking longer than usual.
  • Previously, goods could be loaded into a ship or plane within a week after being received.
  • These days, it is not uncommon for it to take two or even three weeks.

Air express and parcel delivery are similarly affected by delays, but to a lesser level.

Sea freight lead times

  • Shipping products by water from China to destinations all over the world is the most time-consuming mode of transportation. However, it is also the most cost-effective option. The following is a timeline of the port-to-port delivery time from Hong Kong to various locations in the United States, Europe, and Asia Pacific. It takes 20 days to fly from Hong Kong to Los Angeles, USA
  • 32 days to fly from Hong Kong to New York, USA
  • 29 days to fly from Hong Kong to Felixstowe, UK
  • 30 days to fly from Hong Kong to Hamburg, Germany. It takes 5 days to fly from Hong Kong to Singapore
  • and 12 days to fly from Hong Kong to Sydney, Australia.

It takes approximately one month for freight to arrive at its final destination in Western Europe or the United States East Coast. In addition, you should factor at at least an additional 7 days, if not more, to account for the time it takes to load and unload the cargo in both ports, which might take several days.

Airfreight lead times

  • In terms of volume, air freight accounts for just a small portion of the total amount of products moved globally. In terms of monetary worth, however, it accounts for around 30% of the total. This can be explained by one factor: the time it takes to get a product to market. The air freight firms FedEx, DHL, TNT, and other air freight businesses can send a shipment or box from anywhere in China to virtually any place in the globe in a matter of days. Having said that, speed comes at a price. When compared to sea freight, air freight can be up to 10 times more expensive per sent unit than maritime freight. Although it is recommended, you are not required to order express air freight. If you are able to wait a few extra days, economy air freight may be a more cost-effective choice. Express air freight takes 3 – 4 days
  • Economy air freight takes 7 – 12 days
  • Ground air freight takes 3 – 4 days.

ePacket Delivery Time

Some Chinese providers also offer ePacket delivery as an additional service. While it is possible that ePacket delivery could be phased away in the future, it now allows businesses to transport small goods for near to nothing. However, with a delivery period ranging from 2 to 4 weeks. This is the strategy that the majority of dropshippers in China employ.

Fulfillment Centers

Fulfillment facilities in Hong Kong and Mainland China are increasingly being used by ecommerce enterprises to ship items to foreign buyers.Instead of transporting the cargo to your nation first, it is delivered to neighboring Hong Kong and made accessible for worldwide fulfillment within a handful of days after arrival.The majority of fulfillment facilities are able to provide both express and economy air freight.The delivery of ePackets is also possible through various fulfillment centers in Hong Kong, which is discussed more thoroughly in this article.

Railway freight lead times

  • On the China-Europe route, railway freight has risen from relative obscurity to become an attractive complement to both sea and air freight. In terms of cost and transportation time, railway freight falls between between sea freight and air freight. A summary of railway freight lead times from Yiwu, Zhejiang, to various locations in Europe is shown in the chart below: Yiwu to Berlin takes 17 days, Yiwu to London takes 18 days, and Yiwu to Madrid takes 21 days.

Lead Time Comparison

Questions & Answer

How can I speed up the delivery time from China?

If you are shipping items from a Chinese source, air express is the most expedient way of delivery.Despite this, it is the most costly means of transportation available.For European businesses, rail freight provides a convenient and cost-effective alternative mode of transportation.For enterprises in the United States and Australia, air economy freight is the sole viable option for moving products quickly and affordably.

  • Furthermore, we’ve seen that many of our customers use a combination of sea freight and air freight in order to profit from the advantages of speed and cheap costs.
  • This may be accomplished by separating the cargo into several smaller lots, each of which is sent by air economy and the majority of which is supplied by sea freight, respectively.
  • Consequently, you may begin selling your items only a week after the manufacturing process is done, and you won’t have to spend money on costly air freight.

Can some freight forwarders offer faster freight options?

Air express delivery may usually be arranged through freight forwarders. Having stated that, there are no freight businesses that will arrange for shipments to be transported on speedier vessels or for expedited customs processing. At the very least, you might discover that some freight forwarders are more responsive than others, resulting in a reduction in the total lead time.

Are some ports in China faster to ship from than others?

Because of the geographic distance between Hong Kong and Hamburg, shipping from Hong Kong to Hamburg is significantly faster than shipping from Tianjin to Hamburg. While keeping this in mind, I am not aware of any significant variances in terms of lead times across different ports in China. In most cases, shipping your product from a neighboring harbor is the most efficient option.

Why is sea freight so slow?

Container ships traveling the oceans move at a far slower rate than airplanes. Furthermore, loading and unloading containers is a time-consuming procedure that adds to the entire delivery time. Consequently,

Is railway freight faster than sea freight?

When you include in the additional time it takes to load and unload the goods at both the port of loading and the port of destination, sea freight from China to Western Europe typically takes 35 days, according to industry standards. Transporting freight by rail on the same trip takes just 18 to 20 days, which is impressive considering that the cost is equivalent to that of sea freight.

How long does freight take from China to us?

Approximately 8-10 days It takes between 7 and 15 days for an ePacket cargo from China to reach in the United States, yet it costs them only approximately $2.When it reaches the United States Postal Service, it is treated as a Priority Mail Shipment.A step up from the ePacket, EMS delivers items within 3–8 days, which is a significant time savings.It’s similar to a fast-tracked subsidiary of China Post.

  • Furthermore, how long does it often take for a product to arrive from China to arrive?
  • It is secure, and if you register, you can trace your purchases.
  • In order to reach other Asian nations, it will take 5–10 days, 7–15 days to reach the United States and Europe, and 7–30 days to reach the rest of the world.
  • SAL mail takes around 30 working days to arrive by air, whereas surface mail takes approximately one to two months to arrive by air.

In light of this, what is the most expedient shipping method from China to the United States?Air Express or courier services such as DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT, USPS, DPD, and Royal Express are used to transport the package.It normally takes 3 to 5 business days to ship a package from China to the United States.Despite the fact that it is the fastest method, it is only suitable for small items and data due to the high delivery costs.How long does it take for freight cargo to reach its destination?Transportation time for freight shipments is affected by a variety of factors, including distance, shipping mode, route, and season.

  • Express shipping can take as short as 1-3 days, air freight can take anywhere from 5-10 days, and sea shipment can take anywhere from 20-45 days, to give you an idea of the timelines.

How to Ship from China to the US

  • If you are an importer of items manufactured in China and intending to sell them in the United States, you have a number of different shipping choices accessible to you, including fast shipping, air freight, and sea freight. Check out the links below for more information on each of these delivery options in further detail: Express shipping from China to the United States (through companies such as DHL, Fedex, UPS, and others)
  • air freight from China to the United States
  • and sea freight from China to the United States

Regardless of the method chosen, the majority of importers will entrust the management of their shipment to a China Freight Forwarder.This is due to the fact that a professional freight forwarding business such as Guided Imports can assist clients in navigating difficult logistical requirements while also saving them money as a result of their high-volume shipping partnerships with major airlines and freighters servicing China.

What is the Best Way to Ship from China to the United States?

  • Despite the fact that this is an excellent question, there is no universally ″optimal way″ to export from China. You should give serious consideration to the following factors: How much product and load is being sent, as well as the size of the shipment
  • The final destination – will it be a tiny office or a warehouse?
  • Is it really necessary to have it the same week, or may it be delayed for a week? This is a very important aspect, especially during the Chinese New Year’s celebrations.

Shipment Type and Load: Some products, such as aerosol cans and powerful magnets, are extremely difficult to convey by air.However, some items, such as lithium-ion batteries, can only be sent by air due to the paperwork requirements, which are sometimes impossible for suppliers to meet.These products can only be shipped by special aircraft.As a result, it is frequently more convenient to export batteries via sea freight from China.

  • Because certain things are either too heavy or too huge to be sent by air, they must instead be transported by sea or rail.
  • Some occasions call for the shipment of goods by air, and this is one of such instances.
  • Products with cubic volume less than one cubic meter are frequently suitable for air transportation.
  • Highly valuable cargo carried via air is sometimes both safer and required by China freight insurance providers in order to be covered.

Shipping to a specific location: The end-to-end shipping services provided by the majority of credible China third-party logistics businesses are capable of delivering packages to warehouses, small commercial buildings, and residential addresses.However, there are situations when shipping a container to a site that is not suited to unload the container may prove to be challenging.As a result, the final destination should be considered, as well as the method by which the goods will be unloaded, in order to develop the most optimal shipping plan.In certain cases, purchasers may find it more convenient to send smaller shipments via China air freight, whilst in others, buyers may profit from deconsolidation services after the cargo reaches at the United States port of entry.Requirements in terms of timing: When freight needs to be delivered quickly, there is no speedier mode of transportation than air shipping.Some containerized shipments traveling by sea might be expedited by shipping to the West Coast rather than the East Coast, and then completing the journey by truck or rail after the goods reaches in the United States.

  • In the event that speed is not critical, shipping by ocean freight to a popular port near to the ultimate destination and trucking the remaining leg of the voyage will almost always be the most cost-effective alternative.

Why Timing Requirements Primarily Dictate the Best Shipping Method from China

When time is of the essence, firms will explore all available methods to transport their cargo in the shortest amount of time.If a company wanted to move a 40-foot container packed with apparel from Shenzhen to New York City, they would almost certainly use the sea, but how much would it cost if they needed it sooner?As seen below, we have designed three shipping options for the company to select from, which would allow them to get their items in as short as three days and as long as just over a month depending on their location.Route: from the Yantian (Shenzhen) Port to the New York City Port, then via truck to the city’s central business district.

  • Time is 33 days.
  • The cost is $3,600.
  • Route: From Yantian (Shenzhen) to the Los Angeles Port, where the cargo is unloaded and trucked across the country to New York City, where it is stored.
  • Time frame: 25 days The cost is $9,000 dollars.

Route: Yantian (Shenzhen) to John F.Kennedy International Airport by air freight, then trucked to the city’s central business district.Time: three days The cost is $55,000.This image pinpoints the precise reason why there is no one ideal way to ship from China, as demonstrated in the previous paragraph.A 40-foot container would hold around 74,000 medium-sized t-shirts, assuming that all of the clothes included within the container was of the same size and fit inside of the container.While $55,000 may seem like a large sum of money, carrying the goods by air has an influence on the unit cost by an additional $0.74 per garment, according to the manufacturer.

  • Furthermore, depending on the profit margin per product, this may be a viable delivery method when speed is critical, such as during holiday sales.
  • When you consider that the identical merchandise could be carried by sea to New York for roughly $3,600, or about 5 cents per shirt, China sea freight is a considerably more economical choice when timing is not a concern, as seen above.

The Impact of Chinese Holidays on Shipping from China

  • Several importers have found themselves in a difficult situation as a result of the Chinese New Year’s Day vacation. Shipping delays are typical, especially around the time of the Chinese New Year celebrations. All main ports in China are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • however, not all local carriers are available on important holidays. The following is a list of the most important Chinese holidays celebrated each year, during which delays are not commonplace. New Year’s Day is celebrated on the first of January and lasts for one day
  • Chinese New Year is celebrated from the end of January to the middle of February and lasts for six days (often longer)
  • Qingming Festival is celebrated on the first of April and lasts for one day
  • Labor Day is celebrated on the first of May and lasts for three days
  • Dragon Boat Festival is celebrated on the last of June and lasts for three days
  • Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated on the first of October and

Another factor to take into consideration is the Christmas/winter vacation crunch.Chinese manufacturers begin completing Christmas orders as early as June, and the level of congestion at certain suppliers only grows with each passing day as the calendar year draws closer to the holiday season.Typically, by the end of November and the beginning of December, businesses who did not give themselves enough time to prepare find themselves racing against the clock to get their items out the door before it is too late.Because of the backlog, both air and marine exports are experiencing considerable delays.

  • Shipping ports and warehouses become so overburdened with packages that cargo is regularly lost or delayed for an extended period of time.
  • The entire globe was racing to have their last productions delivered from China in time to catch the end of the holiday shopping season in prior years, which resulted in shipments being delayed by more than three weeks in some cases.
  • Our crew in China is regularly witness to the mayhem that businesses experience during the holiday season, which is caused entirely by buyers placing orders with suppliers too late in the season, according to our observations.
  • The most important piece of advise we can give is to start planning as soon as possible.

How Long Does it Take to Ship from China to the USA?

  • Shipping to the United States from China will typically take anywhere from 1-35 days, depending on the mode of transport chosen and the final destination of the products inside the United States, according to the shipping company. Express shipping is the most expedient choice, requiring 1-5 days to reach its destination. Air freight can take anything from 2 to 15 days, while sea freight might take anywhere from 15 to 25 days or longer. As a general rule of thumb, the following table lists the average number of days it takes to move merchandise from China to the United States using various modes of transportation. 1-5 days if sent through China Air Express
  • 2-15 days if shipped via China Air Freight
  • 15+ days if shipped via China Sea Freight to the West Coast
  • 25+ days if shipped via China Sea Freight to the East Coast

Shipping Time By Air

Shipping your products from China to the United States by air can take anywhere from 1-5 days with China Express Shipping, and up to two weeks with Air Freight, depending on the destination. For further information, please see our in-depth articles on Express Shipping from China to the United States and Air Freight from China to the United States.

Shipping Time by Sea:

Shipments from China to the United States via water typically take 15 days to the west coast and 25 days or more to the east coast, depending on their size and weight. For further information, please see our in-depth article on Sea Freight from China to the United States.

Beware: Coronavirus is Still Causing Shipment Delays

Because of the impact of the Coronavirus on China shipping at this time, shipment times may be much longer than usual.It is advisable to obtain a quote for your next cargo in order to determine whether or not your shipment is at risk of being delayed.This will allow you to begin preparing as soon as feasible.Our team will answer within 24 hours (excluding weekends), and, best of all, we guarantee the lowest possible fee.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship from China to the USA?

Freight expenses and landing costs are often included in the total cost of shipping from China to the United States.

Freight Costs from China to the USA

  • The freight charges may typically be computed depending on the shipping method chosen by taking into consideration the weight and/or volume of the products being carried, as well as the speed with which the goods are transported. Air Express from China to the United States costs $5 to $9 per kilo
  • Air Freight from China to the United States costs $4 to $8 per kilo
  • Sea Freight from China to the United States costs $3000-$3900 per container
  • and

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