How Much Does A Box Cost At The Post Office?

You’ll pay $21-$75 for an extra small box for a 6-month period. A small box is $28-$150 for the same time period. The price for a medium-size box is $42-$250; large is $62-$400; and an extra large box costs between $109-$625 for six months.
Priority Mail Flat Rate Products

Free Supplies8 Shipping Price
Medium Flat Rate Box — 1 (top-loading) $14.25 Commercial Base $16.10 at Post Office & Online
Medium Flat Rate Box — 2 (side-loading) $14.25 Commercial Base $16.10 at Post Office & Online
Large Flat Rate Box $19.20 Commercial Base $21.50 at Post Office & Online

On average, the cost to rent a PO box is going to cost anywhere from $2 for a small box in a rural area to as much as $35 per month for the largest box in a metropolitan area such as New York City. The costs will really depend on what size you need and where you live.

What is a post office box?

Post office boxes PoBox(P.O. box) With a post office box you can keep your mail safe and collect it whenever you want. Benefits Keep your mail secure under lock and key Ensure you receive your mail in rural or remote areas by using a private bag Protect your privacy by not revealing your street address

Does the post office sell extra large boxes?

Many post offices do not offer the large or extra large sizes (sizes 4 and 5). When using the PO Boxes Online rate tool, you’ll can search search all post offices within 50 mile radius. Depending on your location, you may be able to find an alternate post office that offers the larger sizes.

Are the boxes at post office free?

Nothing. No cost to you whatsoever. As long as you’re after USPS Priority Mail packaging, you can either pick up free boxes by walking into your local Post Office, or you can order them online on the USPS website. When you order these boxes and envelopes online, USPS will even deliver them directly to your doorstep!

Does the post office charge for their boxes?

Where to Find Boxes. You can purchase boxes and tubes of various sizes at most Post Offices. Select Priority Mail Express and Priority Mail boxes are available free at the Post Office for items sent using either of these services.

Can you just take boxes from the post office?

Anyone can go to the post office and pick up these boxes for free. They work on the premise of “if it fits, it ships,” which gives plenty of options to anyone mailing a package and gives some breathing room to those who regularly mail higher-density objects.

How much is a flat rate box?

Domestic Priority Mail Flat-Rate Packaging Information

Package Price
Priority Mail Small Flat-Rate Box $4.95
Priority Mail Medium Flat-Rate Box (FRB1) $10.35
Priority Mail Medium Flat-Rate Box (FRB2) $10.35
Priority Mail Large Flat-Rate Box $13.95

Can you buy boxes at UPS?

The UPS Store is your one-stop shop for moving supplies and support – boxes, bubble cushioning, tape, and more. When you need expert advice on supplies and materials or custom packing for valuable or fragile items, let The UPS Store help you.

How can I get free boxes?

Where to Get Free Boxes – 13 Places to Find Free Moving Boxes

  1. Craigslist. This online marketplace is a popular place to find just about everything.
  3. Liquor stores.
  4. U-Haul Box Exchange.
  5. Friends and family.
  6. Large retailers.
  7. Bookstores.
  8. Offices.

What size boxes does the post office have?

USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Options

Type Size Price
Small Box 8 11/16′ x 5 7/16′ x 1 3/4′ $9.45
Medium Boxes 11 1/4′ x 8 3/4′ x 6′ or 14′ x 12′ x 3 1/2′ $16.10
Large Box 12-1/4′ x 12-1/4′ x 6′ or 24-1/16′ x 11-7/8′ x 3-1/8′ $21.50
APO/FPO Box 12-1/4′ x 12-1/4′ x 6′ $20.00

Where can I get a flat rate box?

Where Can I Get Flat Rate Boxes?

  • Your local Post Office™
  • USPS online website.
  • Can I put a package in my mailbox for pickup?

    If your package is less than one-half inch thick and weighs less than 10 oz, you may use postage stamps and do one of the following: Put it in your mailbox for carrier pickup. Drop it in a blue collection box or Post Office lobby mail slot. Request a free pickup.

    Is it cheaper to use a Flat Rate box or my own?

    While Medium and Large Flat Rate boxes may be free, using your own packaging is often CHEAPER than shipping Priority Mail Flat rate, thanks to a “secret” USPS mail class called Priority Mail Cubic.

    What is the cheapest way to ship?

    USPS will always be the cheapest way to ship compared to FedEx or UPS hands down. However as the weight creeps closer to 2 pounds, USPS shipping costs achieve pricing parity with UPS and FedEx Ground.

    How do I figure out shipping costs?

    How to Use the USPS Shipping Calculator

    1. Navigate to the USPS Postage Price Calculator page.
    2. Enter the details of your letter or package.
    3. Select the shipment type.
    4. Compare shipping options.
    5. Add Extra Services.
    6. Hit “Continue” for your result.
    7. Pay for shipping and print postage for your shipment.

    How much does it cost to rent a post box?

    Three factors determine the cost of renting a P.O. box: The length of time it will be rented. The size of the box. Its physical location. Renting a small P.O. box for six months costs as little as $19 in some locations, while in other locations the cost is $75.

    How do you rent a post office box?

    – Private, non-government services are available to rent private mailboxes from. – Private companies will often offer competitive advantages over their government run counterparts. – You can try searching online for a service near you. – There are also government run services that can rent you private mailboxes.

    How Much is a PO Box?

    • ″What exactly is a Post Office (PO) Box?″ you might wonder. Alternatively, ″how can I obtain a PO Box?″ Alternatively, you may have already made up your decision and are only inquiring as to ″how much do they cost?″ This page contains all of the information you need to know about USPS PO Boxes. What is a PO Box? What is the cost of a PO Box? Why should I obtain a PO Box?
    • What is the procedure for obtaining a PO Box?
    • What exactly are Premium Postal Boxes Services?
    • Is it possible to acquire a PO Box without having to pay for it?
    • Is there a procedure regarding refunds for PO Boxes at the post office?

    Let’s get this party started! There’s a lot to talk about.


    • Don’t want to know all of the specifics?
    • These are the price ranges for USPS PO Boxes that you may expect.
    • The following tables have text-align set to ″left,″ padding set to ″10px 20px,″ and borders set to ″1px solidDDD.″ The color of the table top is 333; the background color is f7f7f7; and the font is Arial.
    • The table th and the table td are text-aligned to the left; the padding is 10px 20px; the border is 1px solidddd; the marker is color:f5333f; and the heading is text-align: left.
    PO Box Size 3-Month Period 6-Month Period
    Extra Small (3” x 5.5”) $13-$44 $21-$75
    Small (5” x 5.5”) $17-$87 $28-$150
    Medium (5.5” x 11”) $26-$144 $42-$250
    Large (11” x 11”) $37-$230 $62-$400
    Extra Large (12” x 22.5”) $64-$360 $109-$625


    What is a PO Box?

    • Post offices and post office boxes (also known as PO Boxes) are an alternative if you wish to send personal or business mail in a more secure manner and keep your home address private.
    • In particular, they are the most practical alternative for independent contractors, city dwellers, and frequent travelers, to mention a few groups.
    • A PO Box, also known as a Postal Box, is a lockable mailbox that can only be entered with a key or a code, depending on the precise location of the post office where it is located.
    • In most cases, the box is located in the post office lobby and is used to collect mail that you don’t want sent to your house.

    How much is a PO Box?

    • What is the source of such vast pricing variations? There are a variety of elements that influence the pricing of a USPS PO Box, including the following: location
    • size
    • payment term
    • additional costs
    • and other factors.


    • The price of your post office box is heavily influenced by the location of the box.
    • Depending on whether your location is labeled ″competitive″ or ″market dominating,″ different post offices have varying pricing codes.
    • ″Competitive post offices″ are permitted to charge greater fees in return for providing extra services — such as electronic notice of the receipt of mail, signature on file, and extended hours of operation — than traditional post offices.


    • In order to determine the cost of a PO Box, the next item to consider is the size that you require. PO Boxes are normally available in five different sizes, ranging from extremely small to extra large, depending on the post office where you go. The majority of post office boxes are 14.75″ deep. Extra-small post office boxes (3″ x 5.5″) are available. These little mailboxes have a capacity of 10-15 letters or two rolled-up magazines each.
    • Small Postal Service Boxes (5″ x 5.5″)
    • Petite post office boxes may accommodate up to 15 mail and 5 rolled magazines.
    • Medium Postal Boxes (5.5″ x 11″) are available.
    • These mailboxes are ideal for storing big envelopes and periodicals that need to be piled horizontally.
    • PO Boxes with a large footprint (11″ x 11″)
    • The enormous PO Box, which is twice as tall as the regular one, is so spacious that you can place two shoe boxes inside and still have enough for 10-15 mail.
    • Extra-large post office boxes (12″ x 22.5″) are available. The biggest PO Box that is currently available can accommodate numerous Flat Rate Boxes and shipments.
    • When determining the appropriate size box for your needs, take into consideration the volume of mail you will get as well as the regularity with which you will visit the post office to pick up your mail.
    • Interested in learning more about what occurs when there is a mail overflow situation?
    • The following is how the United States Postal Service responds to that question: In an overflow circumstance, a customer’s PO Box is overflowing with mail on 12 out of every 20 consecutive working days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays), the box is overflowing with mail.
    • Customers whose mailboxes are overflowing must employ caller service, upgrade to a larger box, or use one or more extra mailboxes to which mail will be sent.

    Payment period

    • The length of time it takes to pay the rental price is another crucial consideration when attempting to figure how much it will cost.
    • The post office may allow you to rent and pay for your mailbox in 3-month or 6-month increments, depending on the service you pick.
    • Some companies also offer payment terms of 12 months.
    • In general, paying for a period of 6-12 months at a time results in the best value.
    • There are certain establishments that even have a ″baker’s dozen″ special going on.
    • Have you ever purchased 12 bagels and received an additional one for free?
    • Reserve your PO Box for a period of 12 months, and certain locations will include the 13th month at no additional charge.

    Additional fees

    • You’ll also need to figure in a few of extra costs to your final pricing.
    • In market-dominant locations, you’ll be required to put down a $4 deposit on each of your first two keys (whereas keys are provided free of charge in competitive areas).
    • Any extra keys above and beyond that will be charged at the rate of $8 per key.
    • Have you misplaced your keys or forgotten your code?
    • It will cost you $23 to replace the lock in this situation.
    • This table should assist you in comparing all of the elements that influence the pricing of a PO box.
    PO Box Size 3-Month “Competitive” Location 6-Month “Competitive” Location 3-Month “Market Dominant” Location 6-Month “Market Dominant” Location
    Extra Small (3” x 5.5”) $13-$44 $21-$75 $13-$34 $21-$57
    Small (5” x 5.5”) $17-$87 $28-$150 $17-$50 $28-$84
    Medium (5.5” x 11”) $26-$144 $42-$250 $26-$87 $42-$145
    Large (11” x 11”) $37-$230 $62-$400 $37-$159 $62-265
    Extra Large (12” x 22.5”) $64-$360 $109-$625 $64-$249 $109-$416

    Why get a PO Box?

    • Security Do you have concerns regarding the security of your mail?
    • Alternatively, you may choose to keep your home business mail distinct from your personal mail.
    • A post office box is the ideal answer.
    • Whether it’s the Amazon parcels that never arrived or the dog that lives next door that has a thing for envelopes, renting a box from the post office is a safe and secure way to keep your mail safe.
    • Privacy According to your profession, you may wish to avoid disclosing your home address to potential clients.
    • As a professional blogger, receiving samples is essential, but it is important that no one else has access to your mailing address and other personal information.
    • With a PO Box, you can secure both the privacy of your mail and the protection of your personal information.
    • Accessibility Because your PO Box will most likely be located in the lobby of the post office, you’ll be able to retrieve your mail whenever the post office lobby is open during business hours.
    • Many sites provide access to the lobby at all hours of the day or during extended hours, making it even more convenient to check your mail.

    Delivery Timeframes One of the most significant benefits of having a PO Box is that you will often receive your mail more quickly than you would if you had a residential address.Because your mailbox will be located just inside the post office lobby, you will avoid having to send your mail through the USPS mail van.

    How do I get a PO Box?

    Fortunately, signing up is simple, and you can submit your application either at your local post office or online. For both, the procedure is quite basic, although the phases are slightly distinct from one another. In either case, keep in mind that there can only be one primary key holder at a time — but you can grant access to others if needed.


    • Fill out the form on the USPS PO Boxes website using your location or zip code to find a USPS PO Box near you.
    • Then, using the map, find the post office that is the most convenient for you.
    • Selecting it will bring up a list of the sizes they have available as well as information on their hours and driving instructions.
    • Select the size of the box you’re interested in, and you’ll be given the option of reserving the box or joining the waiting list.
    • If the box you desire is still available, you can pick between three different payment options: 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month.
    • Adding your name to a waiting list will ensure that you get the size you desire at your selected location if it is not currently available.
    • NOTE: If you want to be placed on a waiting list for the size box you like, a notification will be sent to you via email or phone when the size box becomes available at your specified post office.
    • You will have two days to reserve the box before it is offered to the next person on the waiting list.) The rest is a piece of cake!
    • Simply complete the online application (PS Form 1093), provide your contact and billing information, and click the ″Submit″ button to begin the process.

    To authenticate your identity and obtain your keys from the post office, you’ll have 30 days to do so.Print your paperwork, gather two forms of valid identification from the United States, and head down to the post office where you reserved your PO Box before the deadline passes.


    • The in-person application process is likewise straightforward.
    • You will still need to complete the online application (PS Form 1093), which you can either pick up at your local post office or print off from your home computer.
    • Take two kinds of identification (including a photo ID) with you when you go to the post office to ensure that they recognize you as the person you claim to be.
    • Even while the post office where you bring in your application does not have to be the same as the one that holds your PO Box, it does have to provide window service, so double-check before leaving the house.

    What are Premium PO Box Services?

    • Do you want to make your life even more convenient?
    • Free premium services are available from the United States Postal Service at some of their locations (particularly in competitive regions), and it’s absolutely worth inquiring about them.
    • These premium services, which include anything from handling large shipments to receiving smartphone notifications when you have mail to providing extended lobby hours, are incredibly convenient and beneficial.
    • Your PO Box should have a physical street address.
    • In the case of online shoppers or those who get a lot of large goods, you can use the street address of the post office where you have a PO Box instead of your home address as your postal address.
    • For example, if your post office is located at 700 Smith Avenue and your PO Box is number 27, the address for your PO Box would be 700 Smith Avenue27.
    • You’ll be able to receive mail and packages from the majority of carriers, including FedEx and UPS, if you do it this way.
    • Please read the customer agreement carefully before submitting your information, since there are certain regulations and limitations to this offer.
    • Keep a copy of the signature on file.

    The lineups at the post office are the worst.The majority of the time, if you get specified forms of mail, such as insured packages that require your signature, you’ll be required to go to the counter and sign them in.With USPS PO Box premium services, you may preserve a record of your signature and eliminate the inconvenience of mailing it (and the lines).Key deposit has been waived.The USPS often requires a deposit for the first two keys to your box, which is around $50.Are you looking to save a few dollars?

    Set up your box in a post office that provides a higher level of service (they waive this fee).Keep in mind that you’ll still be responsible for the $8 price if you need to obtain additional keys.Hours have been extended.Working late and not able to make it to the post office during regular lobby hours?No problem.

    Not to be concerned.Because of its premium services, some post offices extend their opening hours to allow you to reach the post office lobby and pick up your mail.

    What are the disadvantages of getting a PO Box?

    • Even with all of its benefits, obtaining a PO Box does have some disadvantages to consider.
    • Not every correspondence is accepted.
    • It is possible that your local post office does not provide premium services, in which case you will not be able to receive packages or mail from any carriers other than the United States Postal Service (USPS).
    • It is the only organization that is authorized to deliver mail to your PO Box.
    • In order for those Amazon deliveries or the gift basket from your great aunt to arrive at your home, they will need to be delivered there.
    • You will be required to pay a rental charge.
    • As you are aware, post office boxes are not provided for free.
    • They must be paid for and renewed at predetermined intervals, as well as on an annual basis.
    • Depending on your location, size, and rental duration, you may find yourself spending more money on your postal service than you would want.

    There is a limited number of spaces available.If there isn’t a Post Office Box accessible near you, you may have to drive to a different location to pick up your correspondence.This isn’t exactly optimal.Also possible is that the size box you want isn’t available at your local post office, necessitating yet another trip to the post office to get your mail.

    Does the post office have a PO Box refund policy?

    • You worked out how to get a post office box near you and reserved the optimum size for six months — only to be transferred for work a few months after you made the decision.
    • You have a PO Box, what do you do with it?
    • There’s good news!
    • It’s possible that you’ll be entitled for a refund.
    • The USPS has two refund rules, one for active PO boxes and another for dormant PO boxes, which must be followed in order to get a refund.
    • I’m curious to know which one it is.
    • If you have already picked up your keys, your box is operational.

    How to request a refund

    • For those who wish to receive a refund for their costs, they can submit a refund request either online or in person at the post office where their box is situated.
    • Both approaches are quite straightforward in their execution.
    • To make your request online, just log into your USPS account and click the “Manage Your Account” page.
    • From there, you may terminate your account and seek a reimbursement.
    • When requesting a refund in person, all you have to do is go to the post office where your PO Box is located and ask for a refund at a service window.
    • Keep in mind to bring your key(s) with you as well!

    How to request a refund — inactive PO boxes

    Fortunately, obtaining a refund for a PO Box for which you did not pick up the keys is a straightforward process. The post office should repay you in full if you have not used your account for 30 days. If you cancel within 30 days, you will still receive a full refund, but you will be required to submit a refund request first.

    How to request a refund — active PO boxes

    Refunds for active PO boxes are a little more difficult to process: Rental period of three months: Despite the fact that you are not eligible for a refund, you may still cancel your PO Box online.

    • If you cancel your PO Box within the first three months of your six-month rental period, you will receive a 50 percent return. Once you reach the beginning of the fourth month, you will not be able to receive a refund
    • 12-month rental: If you shut your PO Box during the first three months, you will receive a 75 percent refund
    • if you close it within the first six months, you will receive a 50 percent refund
    • and if you close it within the first nine months, you will receive a 25 percent refund. Upon the beginning of the tenth month, you will no longer be entitled for any type of return

    As soon as you’ve determined how much a PO Box costs and how simple it is to obtain one, you can proceed to the post office and protect your mail. Don’t forget to inquire about their premium services! Are you planning to relocate soon? Check out our Epic Moving Checklist for tips on how to become and remain organized throughout your move.

    How Much Does a PO Box Cost?

    • The most recent update was made on August 8, 2018.
    • Unlocked post office boxes (also known as PO boxes) are boxes that are kept in your local post office and are accessible only by the post office’s staff.
    • Everyone else who has access to the box is restricted to you and the postal service personnel who deliver your mail to the box.
    • If you do not have a mailbox or require an additional mailbox for business purposes, a post office box (PO box) is a convenient method to receive your mail.
    • PO boxes are also excellent for maintaining your privacy because they do not utilize your home address.
    • This may vary depending on your geographic area as well as the size of the PO box you want to rent.

    How much does a USPS PO box cost?

    • On average, the cost of renting a post office box will range from $2 per month for a tiny box in a rural region to as much as $35 per month for the largest box in a major city such as New York City, depending on its size.
    • The expenses will be determined mostly by the size you require and the location in which you reside.
    • This page can provide you with the specific statistics for what your local post office is charging in order to receive an accurate pricing for what your local post office is charging.
    • When you purchase many months in advance, the price of these items might decrease.
    • We obtained quotations from PO boxes all around the United States, and we’ve included the prices we received from the official website in the following table.
    Geographical Location Price Quoted (per month)
    Fairbanks, AK S – $19 M – $34 L – $54
    Las Vegas, NV XS – $13 S – $19 M – $33 L – $54
    Los Angeles, CA XS – $10 S – $15 M – $27 L – $43
    Nampa, ID XS – $9 S – $12 M – $22 L – $36
    Philadelphia, PA XS – $10 S – $15 M – $27 L – $43 XL – $65
    Pittsburgh, PA XS – $9 S – $11 M – $18 L – $34
    Raleigh, NC XS – $8 S – $12 M – $22 L – $36 XL – $57
    Rogers, AR XS – $6 S – $7 M – $16 L – $25 XL – $39
    San Diego, CA XS – $6 S – $9 M – $16 L – $26
    San Francisco, CA XS – $10 S – $15 M – $27 L – $43
    Sarasota, FL XS – $7 S – $10 M – $19 L – $30 XL – $47
    Seattle, WA XS – $13 S – $19 M – $34
    Whittier, CA XS – $7 S – $11 M – $19 L – $30 XL – $47

    USPS PO Box sizes

    • Renting a post office box will cost you anything from $2 per month for a tiny box in a rural region to $35 per month for the largest box in an urban city such as New York City, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
    • The expenses will be determined mostly by the size you want and the location in which it is to be installed.
    • The specific data from each city are available on this page if you want to know what your local post office is charging in order to receive an accurate quote.
    • Price reductions are possible if you purchase many months in advance.
    • Within the table below, we have gathered quotes from PO boxes all around the United States, as well as quotes from the official website.

    What are the extra costs?

    One key will be provided by the post office. The cost of each extra key varies between $3 and $6 depending on the type of key you desire. The cost will be determined by the location of your post office. If you misplace the key to your PO box, you will be charged a fee to re-key the box. A lock replacement cost of $20 as well as a late payment fee of $20 may be assessed.

    Tips to know:

    • An application for a PO box can be submitted either online or in person.
    • Regardless of the path you choose, you will be required to present two pieces of acceptable identification, with at least one of them bearing your image.
    • Depending on the post office, some may only provide three or four of the sizes listed above.
    • Others may offer all six sizes.
    • Because they are all different, it is wise to phone ahead of time to find out what they have available.
    • In order to get a PO box from a local post office, they will require two kinds of acceptable identification.
    • Identity documents such as your driver’s license, passport, insurance cards, voter registration card, college identification card, and others are acceptable.
    • It is possible that certain post offices will not have PO boxes accessible.
    • In order to find out what they have available, it is essential to phone ahead of time or even go in person.

    If they do not have anything available, you may either go to a different post office or place your name on a waiting list for anything to become available later.There are particular norms and standards that apply when it comes to refunds, and the post office is capable of providing them.As an example, while there are no refunds available on 3-month leases, you may get up to 75% of your money back if you cancel during the first three months of a 12-month lease.Although possessing a post office box has several advantages, it also has a number of drawbacks.Several papers and formal processes, for example, will not accept a PO box as a genuine address; for example, The use of a PO box might also be cumbersome due to the fact that you will be required to drive to the post office every day.There are a number of advantages to doing so, though.

    For starters, a PO box serves as a permanent mailing address.This implies that if you or your company relocates, you won’t have to contact everyone to inform them of the new location.Second, a PO box is far more secure than a regular mailbox since you are the only person outside the post office who has access to the key.Anyone who happens to walk by your home and see your personal mailbox has the ability to open it.Third, you will be able to pick up your mail first thing in the morning rather than having it delivered to your home first thing in the morning.

    If you are looking forward to receiving a certain item of mail, you will be able to receive it more quickly.Finally, many post offices now offer to scan the exterior of your mail so that you may check online whether you need to go pick it up or not.This is a great convenience.

    • The amount of mail that may be received by a PO box is limited.
    • A legitimate street address is required for delivery by companies such as UPS, which will not deliver to a post office box.

    How can I save money?

    • The longer you have your box on rent, the more money you will be able to save over time.
    • Contracts for three, six, or twelve months are usually required by the post office when dealing with them.
    • If you have the option of driving a long distance, consider using post offices in less crowded locations.
    • These are often the post offices that are able to provide the most competitive prices.
    • Other local establishments, such as the UPS store and mom and pop shops, should be considered as well.
    • It’s possible that these establishments will provide greater deals than the post office.
    • The following is a disclaimer about advertising: It is possible that this content contains referral links.
    • For additional information, please refer to our disclosure policy.

    Average Reported Cost:$54.75

    Post Office Safe Deposit Box at local postal office

    • It was previously only possible to receive products that were addressed or shipped through the United States Postal Service (USPS), but a new service called Street Addressing is beginning to change that.
    • The use of Street Addressing allows private shippers such as United Parcel Service (UPS) or FedEx to transport things to a modified street address of the Post Office where the PO Box is situated after the box holder has completed a permission form.
    • The permission form must be completed by the box holder.
    • A small item is accepted and placed in the PO Box; bigger things are handled in the same manner as a package sent through the United States Postal Service (USPS) system.
    • On the other hand, only a select number of Post Offices provide street addressing, and even those that do may not make it available to all of their PO Box clients (e.g.
    • boxes without a fee).
    • Other limits apply as well, including the same restrictions on things that cannot be shipped through the USPS in any other manner.
    • Delivery may take an additional working day in some situations, and the service was never meant for overnight delivery from private shippers, as was the case in one example.
    • The last four digits of the zip code +4 are in sequence with nearby buildings along the same street as the post office, rather than the numbers ‘9998,’ which are designated for USPS business exclusively and should not be used.

    This is true even for bigger post offices that provide each PO Box holder with a unique zip code of their own.The usage of Street Addressing will result in the same zip code being used by all box holders, and the first five digits of this code will be that of a community rather than the one used only for PO Boxes.

    PO Box Cost: Read This Before Renting

    Determining post office box rental costs might be difficult at first since the pricing changes depending on the location, box size, and length of time the box is rented. Fortunately, if you know what to look for, determining the cost of a PO box is straightforward.

    PO Box Cost Overview

    • The cost of a post office box might vary significantly depending on where you live.
    • Taking the example of renting an extra small box for three months, the cost can be as low as $10 in certain locations and as much as $67 in others depending on location.
    • The statistics in the table below, which displays the typical pricing for PO boxes in all ZIP codes, can give you a general indication of what to expect.

    Average PO Box Prices

    Size 3 Months 1 Month
    Extra Small (1) $24 $8
    Small (2) $33 $11
    Medium (3) $57 $19
    Large (4) $96 $32
    Extra Large (5) $156 $52

    PO Box Billing & Discounts

    • By default, post office boxes are priced in 3-month increments.
    • The 3-month payment option requires automatic billing in order to be valid.
    • The discount ranges from 10 percent to 15 percent based on the box size and your region when you pay for a six-month period.
    • Because there is no additional reduction for the 12-month term, the 12-month period is precisely double the price of the 6-month period.
    • The Post Office, on the other hand, offers specials from time to time, such as providing a free month when signing up for a 12-month rental.

    Finding the PO Box Cost for Your Location

    The official United States Postal Service rate finder is the most accurate approach to get your exact PO box cost. Then, on the PO Boxes Online page, click the blue ″Reserve New PO Box″ button to complete the process: In order to discover PO box pricing and availability in your location, you must first input your address or ZIP code on this page.

    PO Box Sizes

    Postal boxes are available in five common sizes. This is only a high-level summary; we go into further depth on this subject in our page on post office box sizes.

    Size Width Height Depth Capacity
    Extra Small (1) 3″ 5.5″ 14.75″ 10-15 standard envelopes or 2 magazines
    Small (2) 5″ 5.5″ 14.75″ 10-15 letters or 5 magazines
    Medium (3) 11″ 5.5″ 14.75″ Large envelopes and magazines stacked flat
    Large (4) 11″ 11″ 14.75″ 2 shoeboxes with room for 10-15 letters
    Extra Large (5) 22.5″ 12″ 14.75″ Multiple packages, letters, and magazines

    Availability of Larger Sizes

    • Many post offices do not have large or extra-large letter sizes available (sizes 4 and 5).
    • The PO Boxes Online pricing tool allows you to search for all post offices within a 50-mile radius when you use it to find a rate.
    • The larger sizes may be available at a different post office, depending on your geographic area.
    • If you are unable to locate a big post office box in your region, you may want to consider renting a UPS mailbox.
    • To view our article about UPS mailboxes, please visit this link.

    Deposits & Fees

    You must pay a $3.00 deposit for your first two keys in order to get them. Keys for additional locks are subject to a $6.00 deposit per lock. Replacement of the lock (due to a misplaced key) or a late payment fee of $22.00 will be assessed.

    UPS PO Box Rental Cost – in 2022

    • There are other venues, such as UPS, where you may rent a post office box and pay for it on a monthly basis, in addition to the regional post office.
    • It is possible that a UPS mailbox is just what you are looking for if you want to have all of your mail and parcels transported to an address that is identical to your own but is located someplace other than your home.
    • A large number of individuals are interested in renting a UPS.
    • For example, if they run a business out of their home, they could rent a post office box.
    • It is through this method that all of their clients and business partners will have access to the postal address while remaining completely anonymous as to the actual, personal address.
    • Similar to renting a post office box from your local post office, the costs will vary depending on the size of the box, the amount of time you are renting it for, and the geographic location.

    Just how much does UPS store P.O. box rental cost?

    • The cost of a UPS mailbox rental will be largely determined by your geographic location as well as the size of the mailbox you choose.
    • Generally speaking, the longer you commit to using a mailbox, the more money you will be able to save.
    • For example, a small mailbox for one year might cost between $125 and $150, and a large mailbox for one year can cost between $250 and $300.
    • By the end of the month, you should be prepared to spend anything from $10 to as much as $30 every month to rent a UPS mailbox.
    • You may see the averages we were able to locate in our table below; however, you should be aware that this is only an estimate, or a list of prices that have previously been posted, and that your actual costs may differ from these.
    Size of Mailbox Duration Price
    Small 3 months $40-$150
    Small 6 months $80-$230
    Small 12 months $175-$350
    Medium 3 months $70-$200
    Medium 6 months $140-$280
    Medium 12 months $245-$425
    Large 3 months $95-$230
    Large 6 months $185-$340
    Large 12 months $325-$550
    • Members of the Amazon Seller Central forum discussed how much they had really spent for a UPS Store PO Box in one particular discussion.
    • According to the original poster, a small box may cost as much as $240 per year, while a larger unit could cost as much as $420 per year at a nearby UPS Store.
    • A number of people who responded to the discussion indicated that they had really paid up to $540 a year to have a huge box.
    • You might also be interested in our post on the cost of constructing a brick mailbox.

    UPS store P.O. box rental details

    • When it comes to term lengths, UPS will normally supply the following sizes: small, medium, and big for the following term lengths: 3, 6, or 12-months.
    • Individual and commercial mailboxes are available through UPS.
    • Corporate-class mailboxes, which are more expensive, may receive both personal and business correspondence.
    • A personal box, on the other hand, will not be able to receive business mail; any such mail will be returned to the sender as a result.
    • The UPS post office box will offer you with a legitimate address that will allow you to receive mail and package shipments at any time of day or night.
    • The most valuable service given by a UPS mailbox is the provision of a physical street address rather than a post office box number.
    • This will give a firm a more professional appearance.
    • UPS has the flexibility to receive packages from virtually any supplier, including third-party companies.
    • When mail is received in your name, depending on the service you have registered for, they can send you a text message to notify you that the mail has arrived.

    Additionally, you may call into their system to discover whether there is any mail in your mailbox at the time of your phone call.

    What are the additional expenses?

    • Additional premium services may include faxing, mail forwarding, and text notifications when mail or a shipment is really received.
    • It goes without saying that you will need to renew your mailbox membership on an annual basis.
    • It is possible that a non-refundable fee of $10 to $15 will be charged for the mailbox key.
    • If you send a large amount of mail, you may be charged an extra fee to process it.
    • In the event that you sign a contract for any length of time and then decide to terminate your contract early, you will be charged a penalty fee.

    Tips to keep in mind

    • Make certain that you are aware of the prerequisites for obtaining a UPS mailbox before proceeding.
    • At the absolute least, you will require two pieces of identification; however, there may be additional requirements.
    • If you are considering of acquiring a P.O.
    • box at your local post office, keep in mind that you will only receive a P.O.
    • box number and not a real address when you do so.
    • In the event that you want to use this mailbox to receive actual mail, be in mind that certain organizations will not send mail to this type of mailbox.
    • However, this is not the sole distinction between the two.
    • You will have access to your box at the post office 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
    • At UPS, you will have access to your mailbox only during business hours, and not outside of them.

    These business hours may range from one location to another, and it may or may not be open on weekends depending on the location.Any shipment that you mail will be signed for and held by UPS until you pick it up.It has been decided that parcels from rival firms will be refused by the Postal Service.While you are at the UPS store picking up your mail and packages, you may take use of other services such as faxing, copying, and so on.Generally speaking, the post office does not provide these services.On, you may enter your postal code to find out where the nearest UPS shop is located.

    How can you save some money?

    • If you are not concerned with the appearance of your address, you should consider comparing the rates to those charged by your local post office or another third-party mailbox retailer to see what they charge.
    • In most cases, if you do not have a problem with the P.O.
    • box address, it will be a less expensive route to take the vast majority of time.
    • If you live in an area where there are many UPS stores, make sure you call each of them individually.
    • As a general rule, you will discover that the prices charged by each retailer will vary.
    • The longer you stay in your rental, the more money you will save.
    • If you anticipate that you will use the box for a period of more than a year, it is most likely preferable to budget for a year’s worth of service in advance.

    PO Boxes

    • Whether you need a PO BoxTM for business or personal reasons, the United States Postal Service® (USPS®) provides a variety of sizes to store your mail and parcels safely at a Post OfficeTM location near you.
    • Many locations have access to PO Boxes 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and if an item is too large to fit in your box, we’ll hold it for you.
    • You may also be able to take advantage of complimentary Premium PO Box Services, such as smartphone alerts that notify you when you receive new mail.
    • Choose Your Postal Service Box Dimensions At every Post Office location, you can look for a new post office box.
    • Use your current account or create a new one to make your reservation.
    • Attempt to locate a new post office box The address or ZIP CodeTM that you supplied was not recognized.
    • Make sure you input a street address, a city address, and a state address, or a five-digit US ZIP CodeTM.
    • Do you already have a post office box?
    • Save time by making a payment for the PO Box you are in charge of through the internet.

    Maintain control of your PO Box.Once you’ve reserved a PO Box at the Post Office, you may link it to your account and manage it from anywhere in the world with ease.Link You may be certain that your packages are secure at the Post Office and not left on your doorstep unattended.Maintain the secrecy of your home address and the confidentiality of crucial papers to ensure your safety.Get your mail whenever it’s convenient for you.Some sites offer 24-hour access, while others offer longer hours.

    Step 1: Use the search box located under ″Reserve a New PO Box″ to look for Post Office locations in your neighborhood.Step 2: Select a Post Office location and make your preferences regarding the size of your PO Box and the length of time you wish to pay.Step 3: To reserve your PO Box, fill out the form with your contact and billing details.Step 1: Go to ″Manage Account″ and login in with your credentials to complete the process.Step 2: On the ″Manage Your Account″ tab, locate your PO Box and click on ″Setup Auto-Renew″ to have it automatically renew.

    Changing your payment term is optional, however you should consider enrolling on Automatic Renewal.Step 1: Click on the ″Link″ button above and sign in using your account credentials.Fill out the form by entering your PO Box number, ZIP CodeTM, and last name or company name.

    • Step 3: Double-check your PO Box information and submit it.
    • You may now manage your PO Box from the comfort of your own home.
    • Size 1: XS 3″ x 5.5″ Size 2: S 5″ x 5.5″ Size 3: M 5.5″ x 11″ Size 1: XS 3″ x 5.5″ Size 2: S 5″ x 5.5″ Sizes 4 and 5 are 11″ x 11″ and 12″ x 22.5″, respectively.

    Priority Mail

    • Due to the current COVID-19 issue, certain items may take longer to arrive than normal. Please be patient. The next-day delivery of Priority Mail Express is unaffected. Learn More Delivery between 1-3 business days is possible. 1
    • Complimentary Package Pickup 3 service at your residence or place of business
    • Most packages come with USPS Tracking®4 as well as up to $50 in insurance5.
    • 6 (with some limitations)
    • There are no fuel costs, no rural or resident delivery surcharges, and no Saturday delivery surcharges.
    • Pricing options include flat rate, regional, and prepaid pricing (offered only to retail customers)
    • Prepaid Priority Mail at a Flat Rate for Life. Priority Mail costs are determined by weight and zone, with the exception of Priority Mail Flat Rate packaging. Priority Mail Flat Rate with Prepaid Forever Postage gives you the same low flat rate price as before, but with the added convenience of Forever postage.
    • Price Files may be seen here. Calculate the Cost of a Product See Insurance & Additional Services for further information. The maximum allowable weight is 70 lbs.
    • Combining the maximum length and girth (girth is the distance around the thickest section of the animal) is 108 inches
    • When sealing a Flat Rate Envelope or Box, the container flaps must be able to close inside the regular folds of the envelope or box
    • otherwise, the seal will fail.
    • What to Do When Preparing a Package When it comes to mailing restricted, forbidden, and dangerous items, such as cigarettes and smokeless tobacco, there are certain restrictions and standards in place to protect the public. Packages dispatched to a Military Post Office (APO/FPO/DPO) will be charged domestic rates, but these destinations will need you to fill out customs paperwork and will be subject to additional limitations. The United States Postal Service recognizes the priorities of our business clients, which include speed, price, security, and customer service. Providing these services and resources at a discounted rate to your clients is something we assist businesses with. Priority Mail Regional Rate® is a low-cost shipping option for business and online clients who often ship compact, dense products over short distances and who use the Priority Mail® service for their shipping needs. Get the speed and simplicity of Flat Rate delivery, as well as regional pricing, to help you save money on shipping expenses. Order free Regional Rate Boxes A and B from the comfort of your own home. (Please note that Regional Rate Box C has been phased out.)
    • Choose from two different box sizes to accommodate the item you’re mailing.
    • When you use Priority Mail Open & Distribute®, you may expedite the delivery of your large-volume mail (PMOD). After placing their things in an approved USPS container and shipping them to an allowed location, customers may expect their items to be delivered to their ultimate destinations by USPS after the container has been opened. Prices are commercial rates based on weight and zone to ensure that your mailings are delivered swiftly and at a fair cost
    • and
    • Mailings feature a specific barcoded label, which allows you to trace your shipments more easily.
    • Priority Mail Open & Distribute Shipping for Business
    • Business Price Calculator
    • Commercial Price List
    • Priority Mail Open & Distribute Shipping for Consumers
    • The projected delivery date shown on your receipt or supplied at checkout will typically indicate a delivery time of 1, 2, or 3 business days and will be depending on the origin, destination, and drop-off time of your order.
    • No money-back guarantee is offered in conjunction with the anticipated delivery data set.
    • Return to the legal disclaimer 1 For mailable products weighing up to 70 lbs.
    • 2 Return to the legal disclaimer 2 For more information on free package pickup, please see Schedule a Pickup.
    • 3 Return to the legal disclaimer 3 4.
    • Prepaid Forever Priority Mail Flat Rate items are excluded from this rule.
    • Return to the legal disclaimer 4 5.
    • This offer is only valid for selected goods and is only valid for certain destinations.
    • There are some restrictions and exclusions that apply.

    Certain things are excluded from insurance coverage.See Sections 609.4.3 (Non-payable Claims), 609 (Filing Indemnity Claims for Loss or Damage), and 503.4 (Insured Mail) of the Domestic Mail Manual for further information on this.6 To be eligible for the included insurance coverage, Priority Mail domestic shipments must have the appropriate USPS tracking barcode.Return to legal disclaimer 5 6.Insured Priority Mail shipments delivered through Priority Mail Open & Distribute, Premium Forwarding Service-Residential, or Premium Forwarding Service-Commercial are not covered by the insurance policy provided.Additional insurance may be offered for purchase for shipments with a value more than $50, if applicable.

    It is the case that when extra insurance is obtained, it takes the place of the included insurance.Return to the legal disclaimer In the event that Saturday is a national holiday, Priority Mail Express service may be offered for an additional charge.Return to the legal disclaimer 7 8.Boxes and envelopes are delivered with your normal mail, generally within 7 to 10 business days after your order being placed.Return to legal disclaimer number eight.

    How Do I Get USPS Boxes for Free?

    • Written at 9:44 a.m.
    • Pacific Time on August 2, 2021.
    • Did you know that you may acquire free USPS boxes and envelopes from the United States Postal Service?
    • Yes, you are correct…
    • There are no monies involved.
    • Zilch.
    • Nada.
    • Nothing.
    • There is absolutely no charge to you.

    As long as you’re looking for USPS Priority Mail packaging, you may either stroll into your local Post Office and pick up free boxes, or you can purchase them online through the USPS website.When you purchase these boxes and envelopes online, the United States Postal Service will even deliver them right to your home!

    USPS Will Never Charge You for Priority Mail Packaging

    • You will never be charged by the United States Postal Service for any boxes or envelopes used in Priority Mail delivery.
    • They are always free, regardless of whether you obtain them at your local Post Office or via
    • This contains Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes and envelopes, as well as Priority Mail Express boxes and envelopes.
    • The only thing you’ll have to pay for is the cost of shipping and handling.
    • As a result of the fact that all Priority Mail boxes and envelopes are provided at no cost, they are one of the most popular packaging solutions for shippers on a tight budget and small businesses just getting started that haven’t opted to invest in bespoke packaging.

    ReadyPost Boxes and Envelopes Are NOT Free USPS Packaging

    • If you’ve been to your local Post Office recently, you’ve probably seen an excess of brown packing available for purchase near the front desk.
    • They are not the packing alternatives that you will receive for free with USPS Priority Mail; instead, these are packaging options that USPS supplies and refers to as ReadyPost.
    • In contrast to the free Priority Mail packing materials that the United States Postal Service provides, you’ll have to pay for these ReadyPost boxes and envelopes if you want to utilize them for your shipping needs.
    • Also included in the purchase is the cost of sending them, and you may only use ReadyPost packing for weight-based (not Flat Rate) delivery (see below for further information).
    • After everything is said and done, ReadyPost packing isn’t the most cost-effective option, especially when you consider all of the free Priority Mail packaging alternatives accessible to you.
    • The most recent update was at 8:34 a.m.
    • PDT on August 6, 2020.

    Preparing Packages

    Preparing your package with care can assist to guarantee that it arrives safely.

    The Box

    Select a box that has adequate space for the cushioning material to be wrapped around the contents. For weights up to ten pounds, sturdy paperboard or corrugated fiberboard boxes are the ideal choice. You should completely erase or obliterate all prior labels and marks from the box if you plan to reuse it. A thick black marker works best for this.

    Where to Find Boxes
    • Boxes and tubes in a variety of sizes are available at most post offices.
    • In order to accommodate products being sent using any of these services, a limited number of Priority Mail Express and Priority Mail boxes are provided for free at the Post Office.
    • While you are not obliged to utilize the complimentary packaging offered by the Post Office for these services, you must use the address label issued by the United States Postal Service and provided by the Post Office for Priority Mail Express.
    • To order Priority Mail Express or Priority Mail boxes at no additional cost, contact 1 800 222 1811 or go to


    • Place the padding completely around the item or items that you want to protect.
    • You may use newspaper, ″foam peanuts,″ or shredded paper to make your paper airplane.
    • Close the box and shake it to test whether there is adequate padding inside.
    • If you hear objects shifting, increase the amount of cushioning you use.
    • The inclusion of a second address label with the delivery and return addresses within the box will ensure that the item can be delivered in the event that the first label is damaged or slips off.
    Mailing Fragile Items

    Protect your things by wrapping them in foamed plastic or padding, and stuffing the padding inside hollow items as well as solid ones. Packages containing food or other perishable commodities should be labeled ″Fragile″ or ″Perishable″ to prevent them from spoiling. The most effective technique to protect your costly belongings from harm is to package them with care.

    Mailing Heavy Items

    For items that are extremely heavy or thick, start with a solid box, pack the contents firmly with strong material for bracing to avoid shifting, and tape all of the edges with reinforced tape to ensure that the item does not shift during shipping. Packages weighing more than 70 pounds are unable to be sent.


    • 2-inch-wide tape should be used to seal the box’s entrance and strengthen all of its seams.
    • Clear or brown packaging tape, reinforced packing tape, or paper tape are all acceptable options.
    • Use of rope, string, twine, masking tape, or cellophane tape is strictly prohibited.
    • Place a strip of transparent packing tape over the address label to prevent the address from becoming smeared or distorted.

    Return Address

    Print or type your address on the upper left corner of the package, on the same side as the delivery address, in the same font as the delivery address.

    Extra Services

    Extra services should be labeled above the delivery address and to the right of the return address, or to the left of the delivery address, whichever is appropriate.


    Stamps, a postage meter, or a PC Postage system can all be used to apply the exact amount of postage. On this website, you may calculate and purchase postage online.

    Delivery Address

    The delivery address should be printed or typed parallel to the longest side of the item. Type or print your address clearly with a pen or permanent marker so that it can be read from a distance of at least an arm’s length away. There should be no commas or periods.

    Confirmation Services

    USPS tracking labels and Signature Confirmation labels are positioned to the left of the address label.

    City, State, and ZIP Code

    Calling 1800ASKUSPS will help visitors determine the right spelling of a city name and state abbreviation, as well as the location of a ZIP Code. It is more efficient and accurate to direct your mail if you use the right ZIP Code.

    Drop Off

    If your postal item weighs 13 ounces or less and you have correctly applied postage to it, you can place it in a blue collecting box at the post office. A Post Office staff at the retail counter will assist you if your item weighs more than 13 ounces and you have applied postage stamps to it.

    How USPS Can Help You Save Money on Shipping

    • For anyone who conducts a significant amount of shipping, the cost of obtaining boxes and other shipping essentials might put a strain on your financial situation.
    • You’ll have to deal with boxes, tape, envelopes, and protective material for fragile things – and that’s before you ever get to the point of delivering your package to your preferred mail carrier and paying for the shipping costs.
    • These shipping fees can soon pile up, especially if you have an e-commerce website or are unable to stop selling items on eBay.
    • If you are in the business of selling products, you may be entitled to charge your consumers for shipping fees, but you must exercise caution.
    • Having a shipping cost that is too high can discourage consumers from purchasing your items at all, while having a shipping cost that is too low will result in you going into the red.
    • Most online buyers are accustomed to receiving free shipping after reaching a particular level, and programs such as Amazon Prime have paved the way for the assumption that items would arrive in a few of days with postage included in the purchase price, which isn’t helping the situation.
    • A solution to this conundrum does, however, exist, and it comes in the form of free shipping supplies.

    Free Boxes From USPS

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