How To Assemble I 751 Package?

Keep in mind, however, that the longer the length of time an I-751 petition is late, the more difficult it may be to prove “good cause” under any circumstance. Procedures to Follow in Filing a Late I-751 Petition. If you will need to file late a joint I-751, be sure to submit a written explanation of your “good cause” for the delay.

What should I include in my I-751 form?

Copies of the green cards (front and back) of children included in your Form I-751 (if any). Evidence of a happy and good faith marriage. Evidence of your marital relationship gathered in the last two years.

What is the petition to remove conditions on residence form I-751?

The Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence is an 11-paged USCIS form and consists of 11 sections. In this guide, we will help you to fill out the Form I-751 step-by-step so that you face no delay in the processing of the form. When to File Form I-751?

Can I travel while my form I-751 application is pending?

If it arrives while you are travelling, make sure to request USCIS to reschedule the appointment, as your absence in the appointment may lead to abandonment of your application. How Long Can You Be Away? It is recommended to not travel outside the U.S. for over 6 months, while your Form I-751 application is pending.

What happens if I file form I-751 early?

You must file your form at any time during the 90 days before this date. If you file your Form I-751 early, USCIS will return your application and you will have to refile it. This might delay your application process, affecting your green card approval timeline.

Does I-751 require a cover letter?

You are not required to use a cover letter when filing Form I-751. However, a cover letter can be helpful if have unusual circumstances or want to itemize the evidence submitted to support your petition.

Who should write I-751 cover letter?

I-751 Cover Letter Sample (Text)

Below you’ll find an easy-to-edit template sample of an I-751 cover letter that would be written by one spouse (the petitioner) on behalf of their spouse and child.

Can I file my I-751 online?

Form I-751, may be filed online and you may also choose to complete and file the paper version of this form. However, filing this form online is easier. You can follow the step by step instructions and file the form online.

Can I file I-751 by myself?

If you are filing your I-751 by yourself

You can file your I-751 at any time after you receive conditional residence. This could be the case if your marriage ended due to divorce, annulment, or your sponsoring spouse’s death or if you or your children were abused by your spouse.

How many photos do I need for i-751?

Information About Your Children of the petition, must submit the following items with Form I-751: 1. Two passport-style photos for each petitioner and dependent, regardless of age. The passport photos must be color photographs.

Where do I send my i-751 form?

The direct filing address for the Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence is:

  • For U.S. Postal Service (USPS): USCIS. P.O. Box 21200. Phoenix, AZ 85036.
  • For FedEx, UPS, and DHL deliveries: USCIS. Attn: I-751. 1820 E. Skyharbor Circle S. Suite 100. Phoenix, AZ 85034.
  • Does the I-751 Affidavit need to be notarized?

    The letter does not need to be notarized, but it is important to include a sworn statement that states, “I swear, under penalty of perjury, that the foregoing is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.” The petitioner should understand that an affidavit is only supporting evidence.

    How do I withdraw my i-751 form?

    You must send written notice requesting the application be withdrawn to the office where your case is currently pending. A withdraw will terminate your lawful permanent residence.

    How do I write a check I-751?

    The correct way to write this amount is: Six-hundred Eighty & 00/100. Sixth, write a memo – Jane Doe, I-751. This way you will know what the check was for.

    How long does it take to process the I-751?

    I-751 processing time to receive a receipt is about a month to a month and a half after you filed your petition. After you receive your receipt, you will be given an appointment date for your biometrics exam. This should happen approximately 6 to 10 weeks after you filed Form I-751.

    What do I send with form I-751?

    Evidence to Send with Form I-751

  • Birth certificate(s) of child(ren) born to the marriage.
  • Lease or mortgage contracts showing joint occupancy and/or ownership of your communal residence.
  • Financial records showing joint ownership of assets and joint responsibility for liabilities.
  • Can I travel while I-751 pending?

    The good news is that if you are a conditional resident waiting on a pending I-751 to remove conditions on your Green Card, you are legally allowed to travel internationally and you will not risk abandoning your status or forfeiting your pending case as long as you follow a few simple steps and make sure everything is

    Where do I file I-751 in California?

    Applicants must file Form I-751 at the USCIS California Service Center or the USCIS Vermont Service Center, depending on where they live. You can check the USCIS website for Form I-751 (linked to at the top of this article) to verify the correct address for your application.

    How long does it take to process the I 751?

    The adjudication process for an I-751 application can vary widely. I-751 applications that are filed jointly with the US Citizen spouse may take anywhere from 6-8 months to process. Waiver applications filed by the green card holder alone, may take anywhere from 8-12 months to process.

    How much does form I 751 cost?

    The filing fee for Form I-751 is $595. A biometric services fee of $85 is also required for petitioners. Each conditional resident dependent, eligible for inclusion on the principal petitioner’s Form I-751 and listed under Part 5.

    I-751 Package Assembly

    1. 07/19/12 – Adjustment of Status from F-1 Student Visa for Married Couple: Day 00 – 07/20/12 – I-130, I-485, I-765, and I-131 forms were sent.
    2. A confirmation from the USPS that the box had arrived in Chicago – signed for by D Colonna – marked Day 3 as completed on July 23, 2012.
    3. Day 11 – 08/03/12 – Texts and emails confirming acceptance are sent out.
    4. Day 14 – 08/06/12 – All checks have been approved.
    5. Day 18 – 08/10/12 – Received appointment notification for biometrics (dated 08/06/12 for appointment on 08/30/12) on the same day.
    6. 22nd day – 08/14/12 – Successful walk-in to the Columbus, OH office (we were the only ones there!) to complete biometrics requirements.

    Day 25 – Sunday, August 17, 2012 – Received NOAs Day 36 – 08/28/12 – Received notification of interview through text message on 10/02/12 Day 38 – 08/30/12 – Received paper copy of interview notice Day 65 – 09/24/12 – Notice of I-131 approval received through text message.Day 71 – Tuesday, October 2, 2012 – Interview I-130 and I-485 approvals are received by text message on Day 71, which is October 2, 2012.The card is now being manufactured.Received the Welcome Notice on Day 78, which occurred on October 9, 2012.I received my Conditional Green Card on Day 80 (October 11th, 2012).

    1. The conditions were removed on Day 80.
    2. Sent I-751 on July 7, 2014; got confirmation from USPS on July 10, 2014; day 00 – parcel received in California; day 03 – confirmation from USPS that package was received in California Day 7 – July 14th, 2014 – Check was cleared 7th day – 07/14/14 – Received notification of acceptance (dated 07/10/14) 7th day – 07/21/14 – Received notice of biometrics appointment (dated 07/17/14 for appointment on 08/01/14) Date: July 25, 2014 – Successfully completed biometrics through a walk-in at the Columbus, OH office (we were the only ones there..again!) Date: July 18, 2014 – On Day 38, on August 14, 2014, I received a text message stating that 1-751 had been approved.
    3. Day 43 – 08/19/14 – Received a text message confirming that the card has been mailed.

    Notice via text message with the USPS tracking number is sent on Day 44, on August 20th, 2014.I received my Permanent Green Card Naturalization on August 22, 2014, which was Day 46.Day 00 – 08/21/15 – N-400 was sent out.Day 3 – August 24, 2015 – Confirmation from the United States Postal Service that the box has arrived in Arizona.Day 7 – Sunday, August 28th, 2015 – Check cleared Day 10 – August 31, 2015 – Text and email confirmation of acceptance Day 14 – 09/04/15 – Received Notification of Acceptance (dated 08/28/15).

    Day 24 – 09/14/15 – Received appointment notification for biometrics (dated 09/05/15 for appointment on 09/21/15) on the same day.Today, September 18, 2015, I successfully completed biometrics at the Columbus, OH office just walking in.Message sent through SMS and email to those who are in line for testing and an interview on Day 32 – 09/22/15 – Day 35 – 09/25/15 – Received notification through text and email that an interview has been planned.Day 41 – 10/01/15 – Received an appointment notification for an interview (dated 09/28/15 for an appointment on 11/03/15), which I attended.

    1. Day 73 – Thursday, March 11, 2015 – Interview Day 74 – 11/04/15 – Received a text message approving N-400 – Oath Ceremony has been scheduled.
    2. Day 75 – 11/05/15 – Received an appointment notification for the Oath Ceremony (dated 11/04/15 for an appointment on 11/17/15).
    3. Day 87 – Saturday, November 17, 2015 – Oath Ceremony – US CITIZEN

    How to Assemble Your Adjustment of Status Package

    1. As you begin to put together your application for an adjustment of status, you may find that the stack of documents is becoming increasingly big.
    2. It is possible that applicants who file the Form I-130 concurrently with the Form I-485, Application to Adjust Status, would feel overwhelmed by the process.
    3. The documents should not be tossed into an envelope and mailed to USCIS in a haphazard manner.
    4. Your goals must clearly be stated so that USCIS may readily comprehend your intents and locate your supporting documentation.
    5. It may be necessary to plan ahead of time in order to put together your adjustment of status package.

    What Not to Do

    First and first, it may be easier to clarify what you should and should not do while putting up your adjustment of status package. Do not use binders or folders that are difficult to dismantle for inspection by USCIS. Hefty-duty staples should not be used; instead, fasteners or heavy clips should be used.

    Assembling the Adjustment Package

    1. The following are possible golden guidelines for putting together your package: Make things as simple as possible.
    2. Keep everything in order.
    3. A package for status modification does not have a single correct manner of putting it together.
    4. Because of the organization of your package, USCIS will be able to process your case much more promptly and efficiently.
    5. There will be less likelihood of papers being misplaced and Requests for Evidence being issued (RFE).
    6. For the purpose of organizing applications and accompanying papers, several legal firms employ a two-prong folder or an ACCO fastener.

    The documents remain in place, are safeguarded, and may be readily deconstructed by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).It is necessary to have or acquire a two-hole punch in order to complete this task accurately and efficiently.It is not required to do so.Paper clips and binder clips can be used in conjunction with one another to fasten each set of documents.Did you realize that even the smallest errors on your Form I-485 application can result in expensive delays and denials?

    1. With CitizenPath, you can complete your I-485 fast and properly.
    2. Using the attorney-reviewed software, you will be guided through the application and given assistance in answering questions such as this one.
    3. Furthermore, individualized filing instructions allow you to submit your application now with the confidence that you completed all of the necessary steps.

    It is completely free and does not require a credit card or registration.Get started right away >>

    Order of Documents

    • The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) suggests that you put together your family-based adjustment of status package in the following order: Payment can be made by check, money order, or credit card (G-1450).
    • Cover letter providing an itemized list of the contents of the shipment
    • In the case of Form G-1145, Request for e-Notification (if applicable),
    • Among the forms available are Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status
    • Form I-485 supporting papers
    • Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative
    • and Form I-130 supporting documents.
    • Form I-130A, Supplemental Information for Spouse Beneficiary
    • and any supporting papers for Form I-130.
    • Form I-130A, Affidavit of Support
    • supporting documents for Form I-864
    • Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization
    • supporting documents for Form I-765
    • Form I-131, Application for Travel Document
    • supporting documents for Form I-131
    • Form I-693, Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record
    • supporting documents for Form I-693
    • supporting documents for Form I-693
    • supporting documents for Form I-693
    • supporting documents for Form I-693
    • supporting documents for Form I

    Some of the forms described above are not required for every application for modification of status. If you are the immediate relative spouse of a United States citizen who is filing a concurrent immigration petition, this example is for you.

    Multiple Cases

    1. If you have many family members who are filing applications jointly, you should use caution when merging their applications.
    2. In any case, USCIS will treat them as independent cases.
    3. It is possible that if the cases are not properly separated upon arrival at USCIS, the disorganization will cause a delay in each of the cases.
    4. Furthermore, the United States Customs and Border Protection (USCIS) is known for misplacing things.
    5. Use a rubber band or other fasteners to clearly separate the cases if you are delivering more than one case in a single package.
    6. RECOMMENDED: Should I submit the I-485 applications for myself and my family in the same envelope?

    Form Filing Tips

    Please read and adhere to the instructions for submitting the form. According on the form you are filing and the reason you are filing it, the fees, eligibility requirements, fee waiver eligibility, needed papers, and mailing addresses will differ. These suggestions will assist you in ensuring that your application, petition, or request package is accepted for processing.

    Complete Your Form Accurately

    • Don’t forget to sign your form at the bottom! Any form that is not signed will be rejected and returned to the sender.
    • Make use of the most recent version of the form. We suggest that you download forms from our website, fill them online, and then print your completed forms before submitting them to us.
    • Complete the full application
    • If you’re writing your answers by hand, make sure to use black ink. Maintain the cleanliness and legibility of your submissions while staying within the area allotted
    • Use of highlighters, correction fluid, or tape is strictly prohibited. The information that has been greyed out, highlighted, or fixed using correction fluid or tape will not be adequately read by the scanners that we utilize.
    • If you make a mistake, simply start over with a fresh form.
    • You must write your name, date of birth, and A-Number (if applicable) in the same manner on each form if you are filing several forms.
    • Pay the proper amount of money. When fees are entered incorrectly or incompletely, we will reject the form. Make use of the Fee Calculator to assist you in determining the appropriate fee
    • Make sure to provide single-sided copies of the application(s).
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    Assemble Your Application, Petition, or Request

    • In order to ensure proper assembly, we recommend that you follow the steps below: Check, money order, or Form G-1450, Authorization for Credit Card Transactions are all acceptable forms of payment. Paying by check or money order? Be sure to include the form you’re submitting, your A-Number, or other appropriate identification on the check or money order you use to make the payment. In the event that you are paying with a credit card, please check our Pay with a Credit Card page.
    • Request for electronic notification (if applicable)
    • Form G-28, Notice of Entry of Appearance as Attorney or Accredited Representative (if applicable)
    • Form G-1145, Request for electronic notification (if applicable)
    • Form G-1145, Request for electronic notification (if applicable)
    • The form is being submitted
    • Documentation to back up your claim: You must submit the papers or documentation specified in the form instructions.
    • Materials supporting your application must be in English or be supported by a comprehensive English translation of the original documents.
    • Unless we specifically need original materials, please submit copies. It is possible that if you submit an original document with your form, it will become part of the record and will not be instantly returned to you.
    • If you have any attachments, make sure that each page of each attachment has your name and A-Number written on it (if any). You may additionally specify a page number and the total number of pages that are being attached (for example, ″page 1 of 11″)
    • this is optional.
    • You must send single-sided copies of all of your supporting paperwork.
    • The nature of the submission should be indicated on both the envelope and the cover letter. Consider the following examples: the original submission, the brief in support of an appeal, or the response to the request for further information
    • The form number should be written on both the envelope and the cover letter. For example, Interstates 129, 130, 690, and 698
    • and
    • When putting together your package, keep these points in mind: Make sure to avoid using binders or folders that are difficult to dismantle.
    • Fasteners can be used to keep together applications or petitions that are particularly thick or cumbersome. It is appreciated that the material has been two-hole punched at the top for ease of placing in the file.
    • The use of sticky tabs makes it easier to locate objects that are displayed as attachments. Place the tabs towards the bottom of the page, rather than on the side, to make filing easier.
    • Instead of heavy-duty staples, use fasteners or hefty clips to hold your items together.
    • Originals should not be sent unless expressly requested.
    • If it is not absolutely essential, do not send excessive paperwork.
    • You must send single-sided copies of all of your supporting paperwork.
    • If you are delivering more than one case in an envelope, clearly distinguish the cases by using a rubber band or other fasteners to separate them.
    • The notification seeking the extra evidence/information should be included at the top of your packet if you’re resubmitting it in response to a Request for Evidence (RFE). Additionally, please utilize the unique postal envelope that has been given.
    • If you are providing evidence in support of an appeal or motion that has already been filed, include a cover letter labeled ″Brief for (Appeal/Motion)″ at the top of the package containing the evidence.

    Mail Your Application, Petition, or Request 

    • Your forms should be mailed to the address indicated on the form’s homepage. You can send your forms by the United States Postal Service, FedEx, DHL, or UPS.
    • Please note that if you accidentally submit your applications, petitions, or requests to the incorrect filing location, we may reject them as incorrectly filed and return them to you for re-filing.
    • Alternatively, forms can be obtained through the mail, by phoning the Contact Center, or by downloading and printing forms from the All Forms website.

    Do you have a sample cover letter to submit with Form I-751?

    1. CitizenPath has produced a sample cover letter for Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence, to assist you in filing your petition.
    2. When submitting Form I-751, there is no requirement to include a cover letter.
    3. However, if you have special circumstances or wish to specify the facts you have supplied to support your petition, a cover letter may be beneficial.
    4. Always make your cover letter brief and straightforward.
    5. Fill up the blanks with critical information such as your name and alien identification number.
    6. When expressing the objective of the letter, keep it short and to the point.

    I-751 Sample Cover Letter

    1. Use this sample I-751 cover letter as a template for your own.
    2. It is important that you do not send this letter until it has been updated to reflect your individual situation.
    3. In addition, there are allusions to a kid who is a conditional permanent resident in the scenario.
    4. It is OK to delete this reference if you are not filing with a kid.
    5. It’s possible that you’ll wish to simply list the contents of your petition packet.
    6. Alternatives include including a cover letter to bring material to the attention of the USCIS official who will be conducting the evaluation of your application.

    Did you realize that even tiny errors on your Form I-751 might result in time-consuming delays and rejections?With CitizenPath, you may complete your I-751 petition in record time and with accuracy.The attorney-reviewed program helps you through the petition and gives assistance in answering questions such as this one, among others.Additionally, specific filing instructions assist you in submitting your petition today with the confidence that you did everything correctly!It is completely free and does not require a credit card or registration.

    1. Get started right away >>

    Where to Address Your Cover Letter for Form I-751

    You should send your letter to the same address as you sent your Form I-751. Consult the instructions provided by the USCIS to determine the correct filing address. For those who have prepared their I-751 petition using CitizenPath, the USCIS mailing address is listed in the custom filing instructions, which may be found here. RECOMMENDED: Documents to Include with the I-751 Application

    How to Write an I-751 Cover Letter

    • An I-751 is a petition to have the constraints placed on an individual’s residency that are normally imposed as a result of the individual’s marriage to a citizen of the United States removed. Because of this marriage, the petitioner is listed as a conditional resident on the census form. You may want to include a cover letter for I-751 petitioning with the remainder of the I-751 petitioning paperwork. A example cover letter for I-751 petitioning for removal of restrictions, as well as some recommendations on how to format and what to include in the cover letter, will be included in this post for your convenience. I-751 Cover Letter Sample
    • I-751 Cover Letter Structure
    • I-751 Cover Letter Writing Tips
    • How to Edit I-751 Cover Letter Template
    • I-751 Cover Letter Format

    Free I-751 Cover Letter Template

    I-751 Cover Letter Sample (Text)

    1. A sample I-751 cover letter, which may be easily customized, is shown below.
    2. It would be submitted by one spouse (the petitioner) on behalf of their spouse and kid.
    3. Month, day, and year (insert the address of the USCIS center where you’ll be submitting the petition) (Name of immigrant K-1 visa spouse), (Alien registration number), (Name of immigrant K-2 visa child), Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence for (Name of immigrant K-1 visa spouse) (Alien registration number) Dear US Citizenship and Immigration Services Officer, I’m writing to tell you of the joint I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence for my immigrant wife, (insert full name of wife), and our daughter, (insert full name of daughter), that I’ve included to this letter (insert full name of child).
    4. My wife entered the country on a K-1 visa, and our daughter entered the country on a K-2 visa.
    5. We were able to marry shortly after she was born since we had been unable to do so earlier, and we have continued to live together happily as a family with our daughter to this day.
    6. We sincerely request that this I-751 petition be accepted in order to eliminate the restrictions of residency for (full name of wife) and (full name of husband).

    Thank you for your consideration (full name of child).A completed I-751 petition form, as well as the following additional papers, are enclosed:

    1. A check for (the amount of the charge in USD)
    2. Photocopies of (enter the wife’s full name) and (insert the child’s full name) permanent residency cards
    3. Please find enclosed a copy of our marriage certificate.
    4. Our shared occupancy rental agreement for the house where my wife (insert wife’s full name) and I now dwell with our daughter (insert child’s full name)
    5. Please provide a copy of our child’s birth certificate.
    6. Copies of our tax returns for the previous three years (enter year range in brackets)
    7. copies of our bank statements.
    8. Copies of our most recent bank statements from our combined checking and savings accounts are attached.
    9. My life insurance company (insert company name) has sent me a letter informing me that my wife and kid have been named as the chosen beneficiaries.
    10. Please provide a copy of our car’s joint ownership title
    11. A copy of our most recent credit card statement from our joint account
    12. Our wonderful relationship and marriage are attested to by three sworn affidavits signed by close friends who are citizens of the United States of America
    13. Photographs of the family taken on various occasions during the previous three years, including (mention the occasions and dates) With due regard for the material contained and in compliance with 8 CFR 216.4(b)(1), we humbly request that the interview normally necessary for the I-751 petition be excused.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this. I am, respectfully, yours truly, (Insert your name here) (Insert your complete name here)

    Structure of an I-751 cover letter

    • In general, the format of an I-751 cover letter should look something like this: a date (in the form of ″month, day, and year″)
    • The address of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services center for filling out applications
    • In the subject line (″Re: Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence for:″), provide the complete name of the immigrant K-1 spouse and the full name of the immigrant K-2 kid
    • The salutation (″Dear USCIS Officer,″ for example)
    • A detailed explanation of why you’re writing to the USCIS, as well as the full identities of your spouse and children
    • Take note of the documents that are included in the document bundle that is sent with the I-751 petition.
    • Make a formal request that the interview be waived if at all feasible.
    • Express gratitude to the USCIS Officer for their assistance
    • Salutation at the end
    • Sign your name
    • type or print your complete name

    Tips for Writing I-751 Cover Letter

    • Listed below are a few helpful hints in case you’re still a little stumped when writing your Form I-751 cover letter: If you are not filing with a kid, you do not have to include any information about your children.
    • Maintain a professional tone throughout the I-751 cover letter.
    • Include a few brief details that demonstrate a positive relationship between you and your immigrant spouse.
    • Photographs should be included as proof.
    • Keep in mind to include your spouse’s (and, if relevant, your child’s) alien registration number if they have one. Everyone does not have an alien registration number
    • however, some do.
    • Make certain that your marriage seems to be as authentic as possible.
    • Always include your signature and the date on your I-751 cover letter.
    • Remember to provide the person’s complete name as it appears on their birth certificate or any marriage documentation when discussing them.

    It is critical that your Form I-751 cover letter be appropriately drafted in order to demonstrate to USCIS authorities that you and your spouse are in a committed relationship. Your I-751, Removal of Conditions petition should be completed in no time if you use our simple-to-edit template sample cover letter for I-751, Removal of Conditions petition.

    How to Edit I-751 Cover Letter Template

    1. If you have any questions about how to modify the PDF cover letter templates on this page, please contact us.
    2. Wondershare PDFelement – PDF Editor is a professional and user-friendly PDF editor.
    3. With this tool, you may customize the templates by changing the words, graphics, form fields, font size, and color of the text.
    4. You may also use it to build a whole new cover letter.
    5. The following are the most important characteristics of it.

    Step 1. Open the I-751 Cover Letter Template

    Step 2. Click on ″Edit″ and Enter Your Text as You Like

    Who is Eligible to File Form I-751 Online?

    1. Foreign nationals who marry US residents or Green Card holders will be issued conditional Green Cards for a period of two years at the start of their marriage.
    2. A conditional Green Card awarded to a spouse of a US citizen who is in possession of a K1 visa cannot be renewed under any circumstances.
    3. Furthermore, the conditional Green Card holder may be unable to remain in the United States after the card’s expiration date and may be deported from the nation.
    4. In order to prevent deportation, the conditional Green Card holder must file Form I-751, which requests that the conditions on her Green Card be removed, at least 90 days before her conditional status is set to terminate.
    5. Complete and submit Form I-751 to have your Green Card conditions removed.
    6. For those who currently have a conditional Green Card, you will need to file the USCIS Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence, in order to have the conditions removed and get a new 10-year Green Card.

    You are not required to file this application too far in advance, and petitions that are filed too soon may not be considered.Keep track of the date on which your conditional Green Card will expire and file a petition to have the conditions removed off your card at least 90 days before the card’s expiration.It is possible that you will not be able to file this form on your alone, and that the USCIS would only accept your petition if you file it with your US citizen or permanent resident spouse, respectively.Who is eligible to file Form I-751 online?If you opt to complete and file the paper version of Form I-751, you will be able to save time by doing so.

    1. Online submission of this form, on the other hand, is more convenient.
    2. You can file the form online if you follow the step-by-step directions provided.
    3. If your children were also awarded conditional status at the same time as you were granted your conditional Green Card, you may add their names in your application for permanent residence.
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    It’s important to note, though, that if your children were given conditional status after you, you would have to file separate petitions for them.It is possible to submit this form online even if you are not already residing with your spouse.If your spouse has died or if your marriage has been ended, you may not be obligated to complete this form with your spouse as a joint filing requirement.In a similar vein, if you are still married to the US citizen or permanent resident spouse and have been mistreated by your husband, you may be able to file this form on your own behalf provided you can demonstrate that your removal from the United States will cause you significant hardship.In such circumstances, you will be required to present a few supporting papers, such as a divorce certificate, a medical certificate, or a death certificate, in addition to your petition to have the requirements lifted.

    When traveling outside of the United States, you can file Form I-751 with the appropriate authorities.However, you will be required to appear in person before an immigration officer in the United States, together with your spouse who is a US citizen or a permanent resident of the United States.Following the submission of Form I-751, The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will accept your petition only if it is complete, and you will be permitted to remain in the United States until the USCIS has adjudicated your petition.If the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) accepts your petition and determines that you are qualified for lawful status in the United States, your new 10-year Green Card will be issued to your postal address.

    1. If your application is denied, you will get a letter from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) outlining the grounds for the refusal.

    How to Remove Conditions on Green Card: i 751 form

    • If you received your green card by applying to the green card through marriage process (formally known as Adjustment of Status), and your marriage was less than 2 years when your green card was approved, what you received is a conditional green card, known as CR1 visa (Conditional permanent residency) (Conditional permanent residency). The conditional green card is valid for only 2 years. After this period, if you wish to remain as a permanent resident in the U.S. you need to remove the conditions of your green card. This is done by submitting the form I 751 petition to remove conditions on residence. If you successfully submit this form and it gets approved, then you will move from the conditional permanent resident status to the permanent resident status, and your green card will be valid for 10 years. To remove the Green Card conditions you must: Submit a Petition to Remove the Conditions on Residence (Form I-751)
    • Prove to USCIS that your marriage is a bona fide marriage
    • Submit the application within 90 days prior to your conditional green card expiration date
    • File jointly, meaning that both you and your spouse must file together. Although, if this is not possible, you may still be able to remove the conditions of your residency by filing an I-751 waiver
    1. Filing for permanent residency may be a complicated and perplexing procedure, and since there is so much at risk, it is critical that couples seek the legal assistance of an experienced immigration attorney as soon as possible.
    2. In order to ensure that your I-751 Marriage visa petition is approved, you must provide specified documentation and provide evidence that the marriage is not just an attempt to circumvent immigration rules and regulations.
    3. When it comes to obtaining permanent residency in the United States, our attorneys at The Immigration Law Office of Los Angeles are dedicated to helping married couples, including same-sex couples, through the process.
    4. Please contact us at (800) 792-9889 to discuss the best course of action for your circumstances, which may include conducting a document review.

    I-751 Form: What is it for?

    1. The purpose of the USCIS form i751 is to demonstrate to the USCIS authorities that your marriage is a bona fide marriage, which means that it is a legally binding union between two people.
    2. The goal of this process is to prevent green cards from being granted to applicants who were involved in fraudulent or fictitious weddings that took place only for the purpose of gaining immigration benefits (marrying only to obtain a green card for example).
    3. There is one thing that you should keep in mind while completing the I-751 form: it is intended to be a ″joint filing″ procedure, which means that you and your spouse should complete the document together.
    4. If you are unable to file jointly with your U.S.
    5. Citizen spouse because of a divorce, there is still an opportunity for you to eliminate the limitations of your residency and acquire the 10-year green card if you apply for an I-751 waiver via the Department of Homeland Security.
    6. There are other circumstances in which the i751 waiver may be appropriate, including as when the U.S.

    citizen has died, when there is proof of an abusive marriage, or when placing the applicant into removal proceedings would cause him or her significant hardship.If you believe you fall into one of these categories, please see I-751 Waiver for further information.For the time being, let us suppose that you and your spouse are still together and that your marriage is progressing (which you should be, by the way!).

    What to consider when filing the form I-751:

    When submitting for the form i751 petition to remove limitations on residence, there are three important considerations to keep in mind:

    1. You must prove that the marriage is a bona fide marriage

    2. You must submit your application by the deadline. 3. Although the I-751 form is intended to be filed jointly, there are several exceptions.

    You must prove that the marriage is a bona fide marriage: 

    • Remember that the entire objective of the I-751 form is to establish the legality of your marriage, thus we cannot overstate how critical this step is to your application. Given the fact that you have been married for almost 2 years, there should be sufficient evidence to demonstrate that your marriage is a good faith marriage (or bona fide marriage). If you need some advice, the following checklist may be useful (although showing the good faith of a marriage is not limited to simply these items): Proof that you and your spouse are cohabiting includes the following items: Couples who have been married for a while are more likely to live together. If you and your spouse do not live together, this may arouse suspicions in the minds of USCIS investigators who are conducting their investigation. Some documents that can be used to demonstrate that you and your partner live together include a lease agreement, utility bills, or driver’s licenses with the same address.
    • Proof of a married connection includes the following items: After two years of marriage, you’ve most likely amassed a large collection of photographs of the two of you, which may be really useful. You can post images of your wedding, excursions you’ve done together, vacations you’ve taken together, and events you’ve attended together in this section.
    • Proof of financial commingling is provided by combined bank accounts and joint tax returns, both of which are useful documentation.
    • Documentation demonstrating that you and your spouse have children together: If you and your spouse have children together, you can provide birth certificates for your children.
    • The testimony of friends and family members: Third parties can attest to the validity of your marriage. You can use this section to invite your friends, family, or even neighbors to submit an affidavit letter outlining how and when they met you and your spouse, the nature of their connection with you, and how they observed the existence of your marriage.

    You must submit the application on time:

    1. The form I-751 petition to remove conditions from your green card must be filed no later than 90 days before the expiration date of your conditional green card is reached.
    2. The failure to submit the I-751 paperwork on time will result in you losing your immigration status.
    3. If you are found to be in an illegal state of residence, you will be subject to removal procedures.
    4. When faced with this issue or when the time to submit your I-751 form is nearing, we highly advise you to consult with an expert immigration attorney who can assist you in completing your application effectively.
    5. We at the Immigration Law Office of Los Angeles can assist you with the I-751 form, as we have done in the past for a number of other conditional permanent residence clients.
    6. Call us at (800) 792-9889 if you have any questions.

    You must file jointly, but there are exceptions:

    • As previously stated, the form I-751 is intended to be filed jointly by both you and your spouse. Nonetheless, even if you are unable to file jointly with your U.S. citizen spouse, there is still a potential for you to eliminate the requirements of your residency and acquire the 10-year green card (IR1) if you submit an I-751 waiver application. In most situations, the I-751 waiver can be filed under one of four circumstances: Expulsion from the United States due to divorce
    • death of the US citizen spouse
    • an abusive marriage
    • and extreme hardship for the conditional resident if deported

    If you find yourself in one of these sad circumstances, please visit I-751 Waiver, where we will go through each of these scenarios in further detail.

    How long is the USCIS processing time for the I-751 form?

    In addition to other considerations, the timeframe and processing time for the form I-751 are influenced by whether the application was filed jointly or with a waiver of fees. As of right moment, the processing period for petitions to remove constraints on residence (I-751) at the California Service Center is between 15 and 19 months for applications that have been submitted jointly.

    I-751 Removal of green card conditions VS green card renewal, is it the same?

    1. Some green card holders and legal permanent residents have a frequent notion that the elimination of green card conditions is synonymous with the renewal of their green cards.
    2. This is one of the most common fallacies.
    3. As discussed throughout this article, the process of converting from a conditional resident kind of green card to a permanent green card is known as the removal of green card conditions procedure.
    4. This procedure is usually completed within 90 days of the conditional green card’s expiration date, if possible (2 years after approval).
    5. The procedure of renewing a green card, on the other hand, is somewhat different.
    6. It is intended for permanent residents who already have a permanent green card (10-year green card) and who need to renew or replace their green card at the time of application.

    This may be essential if the 10-year period is about to expire, or if the permanent resident’s green card has been stolen, or if the permanent resident has just misplaced it.We at the Immigration Law Office of Los Angeles can assist you with any of your immigration needs, including removing the conditions on your green card or renewing it.We can give you with the greatest support and advise since we have 80 years of combined expertise and more than 35,000 cases that have been granted.We will work on your application seven days a week and keep you informed at all times on the progress of your immigration procedure.Don’t hesitate to contact us at (800) 792-9889 to set up an appointment for consultation.

    How much is the filing fee?

    • The filing fee for the I-751 form with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is $595. In addition, there is a $85 cost for the biometrics appointment, which is nonrefundable. It is possible to file a Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residency, at the following address: For deliveries made by the United States Postal Service (USPS), use the following address: USCIS P.O. Box 21200 Phoenix, AZ 85036
    • for FedEx, UPS, and DHL deliveries, use the following address: USCIS Attn: I-751 1820 E. Skyharbor Circle SSuite 100 Phoenix, AZ 85034

    How to Write an I-751 Affidavit Letter of Support

    1. Applicants for conditional permanent residency must present evidence that the relationship was entered into in ″good faith″ when submitting Form I-751 to have the limitations placed on their residency removed.
    2. Specifically, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) seeks to ensure that the marriage was not arranged in order to evade federal immigration regulations.
    3. There is a great deal of ambiguity around the requirement to file an I-751 affidavit.
    4. These ″letters of support″ are comments made by persons who are familiar with the couple and have first-hand knowledge of their connection with one another.
    5. When combined with additional information submitted by the couple to establish that the marriage was entered into in good faith and is not a ″sham,″ the I-751 affidavit can be used to strengthen their case.
    6. Although the I-751 affidavit is not required, many attorneys strongly advise that you complete it.

    Furthermore, it may assist petitioners in avoiding the I-751 interview process.Generally speaking, affidavits are most beneficial when the petitioner’s proof of a bona fide marriage is inadequate or nonexistent, or both.

    I-751 Affidavit is Not Proof

    1. A valid I-751 affidavit will never be able to take the place of compelling, objective proof that a legitimate marriage exists.
    2. Having children together, combined money (such as bank accounts, insurance, and retirement plans), and jointly held property are all solid indicators of a real, good faith marriage, according to the law.
    3. They illustrate that the pair lives together and is making plans for the future as a unit.
    4. RECOMMENDED: 33 Excellent Documents for Using in Support of an I-751 Petition to Establish a Legal Marriage The majority of attorneys will agree that an affidavit is never as reliable as the other types of evidence listed above.
    5. Petitioners, on the other hand, can utilize the I-751 affidavit letter to fill in any gaps in their case or to construct a stronger case on top of the material already in their possession.
    6. However, petitioners can anticipate the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to regard objective types of evidence more seriously than an I-751 affidavit.
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    CitizenPath ensures that your I-751 application will be approved by USCIS.When you use CitizenPath to prepare your I-751, we give clear, step-by-step instructions and notifications to help you avoid costly delays in the processing of your application.We even promise that your application will be approved by USCIS.To get started, you need not need a credit card.

    Who Should Write an Affidavit

    1. I-751 affidavit letters of support are typically written by friends of the married couple who wish to support them.
    2. Friendships are not required to write letters; a family member or even a religious leader may be inspired to write one.
    3. A letter of support is most effective if the individual writing it has known the couple from before their marriage and has had a close relationship with them since then.
    4. There is no need that the author be a citizen of the United States or even to reside in the United States.
    5. It’s important to note that he or she should be a close confidant who is familiar with the couple’s life together.
    6. As a result, the writer should ideally live in the same area as the couple.

    The I-751 affidavit provides the writer with an opportunity to testify about his or her personal experience with the couple and to share observations that led to the conclusion that the couple is in love and that each spouse has sincere intentions to remain a married couple for the foreseeable future.Of all, it’s hard to predict whether or not even the most serious pair will be together for the rest of their lives.The writer may only speak to the degree of his or her own personal experience and expertise.

    Use of an Affidavit When Filing with a I-751 Waiver

    1. In some circumstances, a marriage that started out with the greatest of intentions does not end up with a happily ever after.
    2. Divorce and death are both valid reasons for ending a legitimate marriage.
    3. A conditional resident in this case must complete Form I-751 along with a waiver (instead of filing jointly with the spouse).
    4. It is still necessary to demonstrate that the couple entered into the marriage in good faith with the intention of starting a family together.
    5. When the conditional resident is no longer married, this becomes more difficult to do.
    6. An I-751 affidavit can assist in establishing the good intentions of the couple as well as the regrettable circumstances that led to the marriage’s dissolution (particularly in cases with spousal abuse).

    If you are a conditional permanent resident, you should consult with an immigration attorney before completing Form I-751, which requests a waiver of the obligation to file jointly.In certain instances, USCIS will conduct a more thorough review of the I-751 petition.A lawyer can assist the conditional resident in obtaining the best possible outcome.RECOMMENDED: Obtaining an I-751 Waiver After Divorce: Filing Without the Other Spouse

    Properly Created Affidavit for Form I-751

    • An affidavit is essentially a letter that has been sworn in. The individual who signs an affidavit is referred to as an affiant. The affiant swears that the information included in the affidavit is correct. When filing I-751 affidavits to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, experts advise using a typed letter. Every I-751 affidavit should include the following essential information: Name and address of the affiant in full
    • Date and place of birth
    • relationship to the I-751 applicant and spouse
    • and other information.
    • An explanation of your connection, including: how you met the pair
    • the length of time you have known the couple
    • and the nature of your relationship.
    • Provide an indication of the frequency (for example, ″I regularly socialize″)
    • Details describing how the individual came to know this information (for example, pals)
    • Signature with the date
    1. Remember, the I-751 affidavit serves as supporting documentation to demonstrate that the couple is in a legally binding union.
    2. In other words, the marriage is genuine and authentic.
    3. As a result, the affiant should offer a succinct explanation of why he or she feels this to be the case.
    4. The affiant might offer a tale that demonstrates shared commitment, such as the amount of time and effort the couple has put into the immigration procedure, to support his or her claim.
    5. Even if the letter does not need to be notarized, including a signed declaration that reads, ″I swear, under penalty of perjury, that the above is accurate and correct to the best of my knowledge″ is highly recommended.
    6. The petitioner should be aware that an affidavit is only supporting evidence in a legal proceeding.

    To establish a good faith marriage, you must first gather main sources of objective evidence, and then utilize the affidavit to support your claim.RECOMMENDED: When filing Form I-751, you must demonstrate that you are in a good faith marriage.

    Sample I-751 Affidavit

    1. A example I-751 affidavit is available for download from CitizenPath, and it may be shared with friends who are willing to submit a letter of support on your behalf.
    2. Among the resources included in the downloaded PDF file are a list of the fundamental issues that should be covered in the letter and an example I-751 affidavit.
    3. As an illustration, consider the sample I-751 affidavit.
    4. Keep in mind that each letter should be original and should include characteristics that are exclusive to your tale or experience.
    5. During the affiant’s testimony, he or she should be truthful and utilize stories to illustrate how he or she got to the decision that the pair is legally married.
    6. Although it is not usually necessary, the affiant should be aware that he or she may be compelled to testify before an immigration officer in regards to the material provided in the affidavit, even though it is not required in most circumstances.

    Following the submission of Form I-751 and the requisite proof, the USCIS may compel the couple to attend an interview.However, giving sufficient (in terms of number) and compelling (in terms of quality) proof of a bona fide marriage in the petition package considerably increases the likelihood of avoiding this interview.It is possible for many married couples to bypass the I-751 interview.It is recommended that you file at least two well-prepared I-751 affidavit letters of support in addition to the principal kinds of objective proof to assist close the sale.RECOMMENDED: Getting Through the I-751 Interview After Being Granted Conditional Residence

    About CitizenPath

    1. CitizenPath is a service that gives straightforward, cheap, step-by-step help through the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) immigration applications.
    2. Individuals, attorneys, and non-profit organizations utilize the service on a desktop or mobile device to precisely prepare immigration documents, eliminating the need to pay expensive filing fees.
    3. The firm offers a free trial period, as well as a 100 percent money-back guarantee that the application or petition will be approved by U.S.
    4. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).
    5. The Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence (Form I-751), the Green Card Renewal (Form I-90), the Citizenship Application (Form N-400), and numerous other often used forms are all supported by our team of immigration specialists.
    6. Note to Readers: This piece was first published on December 12, 2017, and has been updated to include new information and better formatting.

    How much does it cost to file the I-751?

    1. To file the I-751 form, you must pay a charge of $680.00, which includes the biometrics service.
    2. It is necessary to pay $85.00 for each child who is listed in the file if there are any.
    3. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) adjusts the costs from time to time, thus before filing any petition, you should always double-check to ensure that the fees have not changed.
    4. You can pay the charge using a money order, personal check, or cashier’s check if you go to: However, employing a personal check will be more convenient and will provide you with some additional security.
    5. When you use a personal check, you will be able to acquire a duplicate of the check that has been cashed from your financial institution.
    6. Many times, USCIS will stamp the back of the cheque with the receipt number that was issued by the agency.

    It is nearly hard to acquire a duplicate of the money order that has been cashed.

    How do I fill out a personal check?

    1. To begin, you should enter the current date in the appropriate field.
    2. Most of the time, the date line is situated in the top-right corner of the checkbook.
    3. You should not postdate (make the cheque payable on a later date) your check.
    4. Second, write the payor’s name and address on the check – that is, the person who is issuing the check.
    5. It is not necessary for the money to come from either spouse.
    6. If the payor’s name and address are not preprinted on the check, you can handwrite the information at the top of the check in a highly legible manner.

    Third, include the name of the payee (the individual or organization who will receive the money).Several checks will have the phrase ″Pay to the Order of″ written before the blank line.The cheque must be made payable to the Department of Homeland Security of the United States.It is not acceptable to shorten the name.If necessary, write in extremely small letters to ensure that the entire name fits on one line of text.

    1. Fourth, clearly put the payment amount in numbers in the box after the payee’s name in the box after the payee’s name.
    2. Six hundred and eighty dollars is currently required to purchase the I-751 with biometrics.
    3. You have two options for writing the amount: 680 or 680.00.

    There is no requirement to include the dollar symbol ($).Because of this, it is critical that the numerical amount is exact, or else USCIS may reject your petition.In step five, write the amount of the payment in words on the line beneath the payee’s name.The amount typed in the box must be the same as the amount entered in the box.Some people find this to be the most difficult aspect of the process.

    A large number of people have a tendency to write the payment amount improperly.This may not cause any issues in your regular life, but it may cause issues with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).It has been reported that if the monetary amount is written wrong, USCIS would reject the request.If the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services rejects your application, they will mail everything back to you.

    1. It can take them up to a month or more to complete this task in some cases.
    2. As you can see, this will cause a pause in the processing of your I-751 application.
    3. Many individuals will mistakenly write the payment cost as: Six Hundred and Eighty, which in reality implies $600.80 and not $680.00, as seen in the example.

    The conjunction ″and″ comes before the decimal point.As previously noted, the I-751 application cost is $680.00.The proper method to express this quantity is: six hundred eighty and one hundred and ten percent (00/100).As an example, if the total sum was $685.85, you would write the 85 cents above 100 as follows: Six-hundred-eighty and eighty-five percent (85/100) Sixth, prepare a document – Jane Doe, I-751 – stating your case.You’ll be able to figure out what the check was for this manner.The seventh need is that the payor sign the cheque.

    Many people make the mistake of signing the back of the cheque.The payor’s signature is required only on the front of the check, in the line in the bottom right corner of the check.

    How do I fill out a Cashier’s Check?

    • If you pay the USCIS fee with a Cashier’s Check, you will not have to worry about the numeric or written payment amounts because they will be preprinted on the check.
    • You will just need to create a notation explaining what the check is for and whether or not the payee’s name was previously preprinted on the check, if this is the case.
    • In most cases, Cashier’s Checks are issued straight from a bank, and as long as you give the necessary information, you should have no difficulties processing the check.

    However, you should enquire as to how you might receive a duplicate of the cashed check in the event that one is required.

    How do I fill out a Money Order?

    • With a Money Order, you won’t have to worry about the numeric or written payment amounts since they will be preprinted on the Money Order before you ever get it.
    • Consequently, supplying the payor and payee information is the only thing you need to worry about as long as the payment amount is right.
    • Even though each Money Order is unique, the information you must submit is the same as it is when you write a check.

    All that differs is that many Money Orders only have a limited amount of space on which to type the information.Generally speaking, if you purchase a money order from the Post Office, the payor amount is printed on one side of the money order and the payee information is placed on the other side.Payor (purchaser) – Include the name of the person who purchased the money order, as well as their current address if there is room on the form.It is ideal if the money order is purchased by the conditional resident himself.If the money is removed from the case, it will be much easier to track it down and restore it to the payor.

    1. Payee – send a letter to the United States Department of Homeland Security.
    2. Keep in mind that you should not shorten the name.
    3. Sign – The Money Order must be signed by the purchaser.
    4. The signature portion may be referred to as the Purchaser’s signature, Purchaser’s signature, Purchaser, Signer, or Drawer.

    The reverse of the Money Order should not be signed, just as it is with checks.Make a copy of the completed Money Order for your records and keep it with you at all times.If you take the time to carefully prepare your payment paperwork, you may ensure that your I-751 is processed as quickly as possible.

    I-751 – Attorney Services & Fees

    • We collaborate with a small number of highly qualified and experienced immigration attorneys.
    • The charge for the attorney is $995.
    • This is a one-time fee with no further fees or charges.

    The price for the USCIS is $680.For those who are interested in retaining an experienced and highly rated immigration attorney to aid them in eliminating the conditions of res

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