How To Make Your Package Look Bigger In Jeans?

How to make my bulge more noticeable in jeans? The answer is simple; avoid wearing tighter pants. Because of the tighter the fit, the more the shape of your goods on display. Instead, go for loose-fit jeans. Or a pair that’s not very tight-fitting. Wear thin, light, loose-fit jeans if you want your junk to bulge.

How can I make my package make a bulge?

Wearing light, thin, tight pants is the best way to make sure that your package makes a bulge – even if it’s normal-sized. You can also experiment with different types of jeans. Skinny jeans tend to make far more of a bulge than regular jeans, but they don’t fit everyone’s style.

Should you wear underwear to make your package look bigger?

However, this is still an option that should be discussed, because not wearing underwear is a great way for your package to seem large. Some underwear simply restricts your package. If you want it to hang down the leg of your pants, consider going commando, or at least wearing loose-fitting boxing shorts.

How can I make my package bigger?

A combination of exercise, herbal medicine, and supplementation can be used to grow your package naturally. Here are some of the best ways to do this. There are tons of herbs that can help your package grow bigger.

Should you wear underwear to make your package look bigger?

However, this is still an option that should be discussed, because not wearing underwear is a great way for your package to seem large. Some underwear simply restricts your package. If you want it to hang down the leg of your pants, consider going commando, or at least wearing loose-fitting boxing shorts.

Do Tight Pants Make your package bulge out?

The tighter your pants are, obviously, the more your package is going to show. If you’re wearing loose-fitting jeans or ones that aren’t completely tight, then it’ll be hard for you to make a bulge. Wearing light, thin, tight pants is the best way to make sure that your package makes a bulge – even if it’s normal-sized.

How can I make my package bigger?

A combination of exercise, herbal medicine, and supplementation can be used to grow your package naturally. Here are some of the best ways to do this. There are tons of herbs that can help your package grow bigger.

How to Make Your Bulge Look Bigger? (The Most Effective Tips)

Our Editors do independent testing and evaluation of the greatest items.If you make a purchase after clicking on one of our affiliate links, we may get a commission at no additional cost to you.How can you make your bulge appear larger?But first and foremost, why would you want to make your man package appear larger?Many guys all around the world are interested in learning how to increase the size of their bulge.

Despite the fact that, for the most majority of women, the size of the penis is not very significant.Men, on the other hand, are attempting to come up with novel techniques to draw more attention to their package by increasing its size.To be clear, I am not disputing the fact that, on occasion, a woman’s attention is drawn to a bulge in the tummy area.

  • And receiving this type of attention from the other sex is a certain way to increase one’s self-esteem and confidence.
  • In that case, let’s find out everything there is to know about this topic that is frequently searched on the internet.

Why Do Men Want to Know How to Make Your Bulge Look Bigger?

  • Why are so many male species on the lookout for temporary remedies to boost the form and size of their merchandise down below? Many guys use dating apps such as Tinder to garner more female attention, and they wish to increase the size of their package in order to attract more female attention. Some guys do it to increase their chances of meeting more ladies
  • others do it to boost their self-esteem by projecting an image of a larger junk. Because after all, receiving more attention can indeed improve a person’s self-confidence
  • having the appearance of a larger package can provide males with the mental power to better fulfill a woman
  • and last, having a greater size down there increases self-confidence

How to Make Your Bulge Look Bigger – Penis Packing

  • It’s referred to as penis packing. Your male organs will look more prominent or larger in size as a result of this procedure. For the most part, this involves forming an impressive bulge. It is more common than not that penis packing consists of cramming your underpants with additional material. When it comes to building men’s confidence, this is a pretty classic technique. But, before you go about filling your penis, consider the following factors:.. Are you comfortable with the fact that you will be uncomfortable? Because when you add more packing, you increase the risk of contamination. It’s possible that you’ll wind up feeling claustrophobic in your underwear. Already, the crotch area is prone to excessive perspiration, as well as feeling hot and sticky. As a result, stuffing will just exacerbate the situation
  • does the bulge really important to you at this point in your life? You may not have known that women, for the most part, are unconcerned by the size of a man’s penis. The way you manage and use that specific member appeals to them more than anything else
  • what do you have planned for the time after your underwear is removed? If all you’re doing is fraudulently promoting the size of your genitals in order to increase sex appeal. If that’s the case, you’re merely attempting to conceal the reality for the time being. That which will unavoidably come to light once you remove your garments in front of the lady

How to Make Your Bulge Look Bigger?

So, it’s time to figure out how to make your package appear larger when wearing jeans.

1. Wear Loose-Fit Jeans

What can I do to make my bulge more obvious when wearing jeans?The solution is straightforward: avoid wearing tighter pants.The tighter the fit, the more the shape of your items is on display as a result of the increased visibility.Instead, opt for a pair of jeans with a loose fit.Alternatively, choose a pair that isn’t too tight.

If you want your junk to bulge, wear jeans that are thin, light, and loose-fitting.And this is true even if your penis size is ordinary or even smaller.What do you think about slim jeans?

  • These are also excellent for enhancing the appearance of a bulge.
  • Skinny jeans, on the other hand, are not for every man’s taste.

2. Pack It Up

  • Many men turn to penile packing only for the purpose of increasing the size and form of their male organs. And this is how they go about it. You have the option of storing your penis on one side and your testicles on the other. The bulge will appear more apparent, fuller, and bigger as a result of rolling down the boxers
  • you also have the option of not rolling them down. That is, they should be placed underneath the testicles. As a result, they are being pushed further out.
  • It is also necessary to arrange your bulge in a consistent manner every time the form changes
  • this is known as penis packing.

3. Put On A Cock Ring

Despite the fact that they are a temporary solution, cock rings are quite popular among men who wish to increase the size of their penis.The device works by preventing blood flow from leaving the penis.As a result, it looks to be more substantial.Please keep in mind that utilizing a cock ring on a long-term basis might cause harm to the blood vessels in the penis that are responsible for circulation.Erectile dysfunction is an issue that arises as a result of this.

4. Wear A Suspensory

Essentially, a suspensory is a device that suspends or retains your testicles in place. In the case of jockstrap underwear, one particularly appropriate example of a suspensory is provided. Put on a jockstrap that has a decent design and a well-known brand, and you won’t find it to be a difficult chore. However, it can make a significant impact in terms of visual appeal at the same time.

How to Make Your Bulge Look Bigger – Best Underwear to Enhance the Bulge

The fact that there are several underwear companies that have gained millions of dollars solely by catering to your fears is undeniable.After all, there is a large number of men out there who feel the need to make their whole package appear larger than it actually is.So, if you’re interested in joining the bandwagon, go here.After that, you should think about the type of underwear you prefer to wear on a regular basis.This is due to the fact that not every man is going to feel comfortable wearing a jockstrap or cock ring all day.

It’s virtually impossible, and it’s not even healthy.Following that, here are the several designs of comfy underpants you may choose from to make your bulge appear larger…

Pouch Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs are, without a doubt, the most comfortable and supportive underwear for men on the market.However, if you want them to increase the size and form of your products, they are an excellent choice.If this is the case, they should be constructed with a separate or dual bag.Two of them, one for each of your testicles and the other for your penis As a result, the bulge is more restricted towards your groin area.These sorts of underpants are amazing for elevating and pulling your man parts forward.

They are also quite comfortable.

The Best Pouch Boxer Briefs: DAVID ARCHY Men’s Underwear

DAVID ARCHY does not limit your portion, therefore it will appear more prominent than it would if you were wearing tighter underwear.This boxer brief is just fantastic.David Archie provides such wonderful comfort that you will no longer be able to wear regular boxer briefs.We prefer this long leg bamboo over the modal because of its superior durability.Bamboo rayon is very soft and cool, as well as breathable and moisture-wicking, similar to silk.

It’s quite comfortable.It has the effect of making you feel as though you are not wearing anything.It not only aids in the breathing of your sons, but it is also supportive at the same time.

  • No extrusion or limitation is required with the 3D Ultra U-Pouch, which gives ample space for your product.
  • Without any awkward adjustments, this is a one-piece clean cut.
  • The nicest part about this is that it is made in such a manner that your item is contained while the size is highlighted, resulting in a box that is both attractive and functional.
  • David Archie’s pouch boxer briefs let you feel more confident and attractive when you’re wearing them.


  • There’s a supporting ″pouch,″ and the waistband stays in place.
  • Light, smooth, comfortable, and pleasant to the touch
  • excellent quality
  • competitive pricing

Our Take:

The pouch of DAVID ARCHY Men’s Underwear is quite gratifying to look at. Without a doubt, the most comfortable underwear on the market, with amazing crotch room that is even better than the most costly competition But first and foremost, you must assess the situation. Purchase on Amazon Purchase on

How To Make Your Package Look Bigger In Jeans

  • When wearing tight-fitting pants or shorts, a lot of males are concerned about the size of their package. Because it is often believed that women are more attracted to males who have a larger physical package, it is natural to want to ensure that you are impressive where it matters. In this post, we’ll discuss various strategies and tactics that might help you increase the size of your package – or at the very least create the impression that it is larger. Continue reading to find out more! What’s the point of making your package appear larger? How to make your package appear larger while wearing jeans
  • How to make your package appear larger when wearing underwear
  • How to acquire a larger package naturally

Why make your package look bigger?

  • It’s true that many guys have spent a significant amount of time increasing the size of their packages, and while it’s nice to hear that ladies aren’t very concerned with the size of your penis, this isn’t always the case. First and foremost, it is dependent on the sort of woman you are interested in, as well as their previous encounters with men. For example, a woman who has worked in the porn industry would most likely prefer a man who has a large penis than a man who does not. And, regardless of what the studies suggest, there’s no denying that when a large package walks by, people’s attention is drawn to it. The ability to get that type of attention on a consistent basis may be charming, and it can also assist to increase one’s self-confidence and self-esteem. To summarize, there are a variety of reasons why you should consider increasing the size of your package. Imagine: Becoming the object of more interest from those of the opposing sex, and so having the possibility to meet more women, particularly on dating platforms such as Tinder, where a package is frequently the first thing to be checked off
  • Greater self-esteem, either as a result of the larger package or as a result of the increased attention that it attracts
  • increased capacity to please a woman (or a man)
  • increased ability to earn more money.
  • Increased self-assurance and the capacity to be oneself in front of strangers and love interests, among other things.

How to make your package look bigger in jeans?

When it comes to jeans, one of the first things guys look for is a way to make your package appear larger. Jeans are form-fitting, and the bulge of your package – or the absence of it – may be plainly seen when worn. There are a variety of activities that you may participate in here.

Watch What You’re Wearing

First and foremost, you might want to try not wearing jeans at all, or at the very least wearing a different style of pants than you normally do.Obviously, the tighter your jeans are, the more your package is going to show through them.Wearing loose-fitting jeans or ones that are not fully tight can make it more difficult for you to develop a bulge in your stomach.When it comes to making your package bulge, wearing light, thin, tight jeans is the greatest approach to ensure that it does so – even if it is of typical size.You may also try on several styles of jeans to see what works best for you.

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Skinny jeans tend to create far more of a bulge than standard jeans, although they are not suitable for everyone’s fashion sense.

Packing it Up

  • There are a lot of ‘packing tricks’ that many guys employ in order to make their package look larger than it actually is. These can include: packing your penis and testicles to one side, enabling the bulge to appear larger and more satisfied
  • packing your penis and testicles to one side, allowing the bulge to appear larger and more fulfilled
  • Making your boxers smaller so that you can snuggle them beneath your testicles and push them out farther
  • Make a point of rearranging the bulge on a consistent basis whenever it disappears.

Wear a Cock Ring

The cock ring is an excellent solution for short-term swelling, but it is not recommended for long-term use.When you wear a cock ring, blood is trapped in your penis, giving the impression that it is larger than it actually is.However, doing so over a lengthy period of time might actually cause damage to the blood vessels in your penis, making it more difficult for you to obtain an erection in the future.While out at the pub or on a date, it’s preferable to do this for a few hours every evening.

Wear a Suspensory

Exactly what it sounds like, a suspensory is something that helps to keep your balls in place by suspending or holding them up.Jockstraps are an excellent illustration of this.Suspensories (or, at the very least, the most of them) are quite simple to use and may make a considerable impact in a variety of situations.However, unless you’re smooth enough to write off wearing a jockstrap when you actually get her into the bedroom and have to take it off while she’s waiting for you, this might be the best way to go if you’re just looking to impress and not follow through – unless you’re just looking to impress and not follow through.

Underwear to make your package look bigger

Many businesses have capitalized on the desire that many men have to increase the size of their packages by offering a variety of goods designed to assist them in doing so.If you don’t want to go all out and get a pair of padded briefs designed particularly to make your package appear larger than it actually is, you could just purchase a pair of padded underwear designed exclusively for riding.These have a strong propensity to assist squash things up in a way that makes your bulge appear larger than it actually is.However, there are different types of underwear and boxers that may be used to make the package appear larger.There are also several strategies that one might employ in order to maximize their undergarments.

No Underwear

Yes, I understand that we’re talking about different styles of underwear to help you bulk out your package.The fact that you are not wearing underwear is a terrific method to make your package appear larger, therefore this is still a possibility that should be explored with your doctor.Some underwear just reduces the amount of space available in your package.Think about going commando, or at the very least wearing boxer shorts that are loose enough to allow it to hang down the inside of your pants.Then, on top of that, you may put on a pair of skinny jeans or pants that are snug.

Pouch Briefs

If you like to have a bulge that is more confined towards your groin, there are many different styles of boxer briefs that feature a pouch on the front that you may choose from. A jockstrap is somewhat similar to this in that it gathers your package and carries it forward with one hand.

Balls or Cock-Out Underwear

There are also numerous sorts of underwear that allow you to expose either your balls or only your penis, depending on your preference. In terms of getting a bigger package, they may or may not be helpful — they’re normally simply for comfort, but they can be good if you’re trying to create the ideal bulge on your thighs.

How to get a bigger package naturally

There are a variety of methods for increasing the size of your package that do not entail the use of potentially harmful penile pumps or the use of medicines that have significant and unpleasant side effects.Exercise, herbal medication, and supplements can all be used in conjunction to naturally increase the size of your package.Here are some of the most effective methods for accomplishing this.

Herbs & Supplements

There are a variety of herbs that may be used to make your package grow larger. L-Arginine or L-Citrulline are two amino acids.

These are two amino acids that act together to facilitate the flow of blood throughout your body.L-citrulline is a little more difficult to come by, but L-arginine gets converted into L-citrulline once it is consumed, so if you can simply get your hands on some L-citrulline, your body will thank you.These amino acids aid in the production of nitric oxide, which is required in order to achieve an erection.Having higher levels of nitric oxide in your bloodstream ensures that your penis always receives a consistent supply of blood.This does not imply that you will always have a boner, but rather that your penis will constantly be in a condition of ‘half-chub,’ which means that it will be much thicker.

Maca root is a kind of root that is native to South America.

Maca is another another herbal medicine that has been used for hundreds of years to help increase libido and sexual abilities in both men and women. It also contributes to a significant increase in blood flow to the penis, which makes it simpler to get an erection. Ginkgo biloba is a kind of plant.

Similarly, Ginkgo biloba is a potent plant that can assist in increasing blood flow to the penis. Many men have experienced increases in the size of their penis and enhancements in their sexual abilities after consuming ginkgo. Panax ginseng is a kind of ginseng.

Aside from being recognized for relaxing muscles surrounding the penis, Panax ginseng has also been shown to increase blood flow into the area, which can make it easier to obtain and maintain a boner. Pomegranate.

Pomegranate (juice) has been demonstrated to be quite beneficial in terms of assisting with the increase of blood flow throughout the body. It has become so popular that it has been put in a variety of supplements that are intended to increase male sexual performance.


There are various workouts that you may do to improve the size of your package’s overall weight and volume. Kegels.

Kegels are widely considered to be the most effective penile exercise for a variety of reasons.In most cases, they are performed to assist men in controlling their ejaculations – by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, men may learn to halt their ejaculations by squeezing them, allowing them to engage in sexual activity for an extended period of time.This can also aid to increase blood flow to the penis, which might result in it being somewhat bigger and thicker.Muscles, as you may be aware, require blood in order to function properly – and a larger muscle demands more blood.Do you see where I’m heading with all of this?

Cardiovascular exercise is recommended.

Cardiovascular exercise refers to any activity that causes your blood to circulate and your heart to beat faster.There are a few of reasons why cardio may be beneficial in increasing your package size.Having a strong cardiovascular system, for starters, implies that you’ll be able to pump more blood throughout your body – and specifically to your penis.Simply by engaging in regular cardiac exercise, you may find that your penis grows in size.Second, if you’re carrying a bit of a stomach, exercising some exercise may assist to keep that stomach from concealing your contents.

Pre-Made Male Supplements

  • In recent years, a number of products have been developed that include a variety of vitamins that have proven to be beneficial in increasing a man’s overall size. Male Extra is an excellent illustration of this. This product, Male Extra, is made up of a lot of the components that we described previously in relation to increasing the girth and size of the penis.
  • All-natural components are used in the production of Male Extra, which has been shown to boost male sexual health and blood flow throughout the body.

In the event that you do not want to invest the time gathering herbs and vitamins on your own, Male Extra may be an excellent choice. Remember that for the greatest results, these supplements should be used in conjunction with regular physical activity.


There are a variety of reasons why you would desire to make your package appear larger when wearing jeans.It can help a man feel more confident, attract more female attention, and generally improve his overall well-being.Following the advice in this article will undoubtedly assist you in increasing the size of your package.Natural bulking may be achieved by combining herbal supplements with physical activity.Using underwear or equipment meant to highlight your girth can help you achieve even greater results!

Wishing you the best of luck!

How to position your package.

To the point: how should your package be positioned?

As a natal male, positioning your package is just one of those things that you figure out as you go through life, from when your parents put you in diapers through that puberty growth spurt and those embarrassing woodies, and into adulthood, but as a trans man, going from having nothing to a substantial bulge in your pants, it can seem a little confusing as to how one “packs”.

Obviously there is no one right way to pack, and every packer is designed differently, as well as the fact that it is largely (pardon the pun) a matter of personal preference, but in this post, I’m going to be talking about the EZP and the EZP Junior, followed by the Rod and the Hot Rod, and finally, the Joystick.I’ll also be shining some light on the impact of undergarments and gravity on biological willies in this presentation.First and foremost, the EZP and EZP Junior stand to pee packers are intended to ″pack up″ rather than ″pack down,″ i.e., with the shaft sitting up the pants in order to allow the packer to maintain its natural posture to the greatest extent feasible.

  • The material will get stressed and warped if it is worn in any other way over time, which will affect its functionality as a STP.
  • Take a look at this EZP demo video if you want to see more precise demos of how it is meant to be packed with and utilized in greater detail.
  • To be honest, I like to move a little sideways to the left rather than straight up since I find it more inconspicuous than straight up, and it also makes it simpler to reach fast via side split underwear.
  • This is also a major reason why it is such a small size, since anything larger just does not function as well ″up the trousers″ as something smaller.
  • For me, the EZP Junior, rather than the EZP, is my go-to gadget these days since I want my packer to be as inconspicuous and discrete as possible, and when I wear the Junior, I’m not even conscious that it’s on.
  • Now, here are some fascinating findings from a recent informal poll that I conducted.
  • Interestingly, when asked whether they pack ″up the trousers,″ they will most often respond with ″up the pants,″ whereas when asked whether they pack ″down the pants,″ they will most often respond with ″other.″ When asked whether they pack ″up the pants,″ they will most often respond with ″other.″ Allow me to elaborate…

Once they reach adolescence, the majority of natal boys rapidly discover that cramming ″down the trousers″ will result in a tent pole in the pants when it comes to spontaneous erections.In order to avoid this, most males learn early on that their waistline has a job other than simply holding their pants up.Check out this little film that is both fun and educational, which I thought some of you would find beneficial.So, what exactly is the ″other″?For starters, as many trans guys will be surprised to learn, when the natal penis is supported by underwear, it simply snuggles up on top of the testicles because the penis itself is fairly soft and squishy the majority of the time.

As a result, it only takes up about an inch or so when neatly tucked away in place behind underwear, with a significant portion of the shaft actually receding into the body.When pendulous, the average natal man’s flaccid penis measures around 3 inches in length.That is to say, they are influenced by gravity.At first, when I started taking life casts of my natal male friends, I would literally have them dip their junk in casting agent, which is liquid that has been suspended in it, and I was actually quite surprised at how consistent the size of a guy’s penis is when suspended in liquid that has been maintained at a consistent temperature.Again, I’m sure most trans guys would be surprised to learn that the shaft length for every single person I took a cast of was about two inches measured from the longest point (ie from the base of the testicles to the tip), even when there were fairly significant differences in size when they were just standing naked in front of me, and thus my realization that a large part of what accounts for differences in penis size is actually how much they are affected by gravity ie how much they droop when they are standing

Yes people, you heard it here first. When it comes to comparing the size of flaccid penises, you’re actually comparing droopiness versus size.

I took some willy casts from several of my natal male buddies.The only thing that can account for the variation in size in this photograph is the foreshortening, angle, and perspective of the photograph itself.In general, men discover that their little guy has a preference for sitting to one side of the body rather than the other, which explains why the majority of natal males ″place themselves″ with the shaft sitting slightly up and to the side.

  • As a result, it’s much easier to cope with spontaneous erections when they occur, and it’s also the most pleasant manner, at least according to the random sample of natal guys I surveyed about this.
  • This is also how I propose packing the Rod and the Hot Rod, if you have the option.
  • Despite the fact that some individuals prefer to ″raise the trousers″ with the Rod, the Hot Rod is just too large for this, and packing it off to the side is the most comfortable choice.
  • Alternatively, if you’re wearing really loose jeans and boxers, it’s possible to simply let everything dangle, although this is quite unsafe due to the fact that these gadgets are prone to detaching.
  • Please refer to the Rod and Hot Rod demo videos if you would want to see them in action once more.
  • Last but not least, the Joystick is intended to be packed as compactly as possible without the insertable feel.
  • That is not to suggest that you cannot pack with the vibe inserted, but if you do, you will most definitely be aware that it is there.
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The 6′′ over the 7′′ would be my recommendation if you plan on packing with the vibe installed.It is just more comfortable and discrete than the 7′′.The objective is that the majority of the shaft will go in between your legs, with the tip of the shaft sitting ″up the pant legs.″ So when you’re ready for some steamy action, you just draw the skirt forward and over the waist band.Here’s a picture of how it seems when it’s packed with it (in this picture, you’re looking at the 7-inch Joystick without the Vibe installed).Here’s another image to demonstrate what I mean by ″going over the waistline,″ but because this is most obviously not appropriate for work, I’ve simply provided a link to it rather than putting it in this article.

On the surface, you may use any snug-fitting underwear; nevertheless, a little loop sewed into the crotch, which is tied around the neck of the vibe, is required to keep everything in place.If you’re interested in learning more, here’s a demo video on how to customize underwear for the Joystick, as well as a video that provides a broad product description.The benefit of packing with it before to sexy time is that the silicone, as well as whatever else you’ve placed in the ejaculation/lubrication reservoir, will be at body temperature, resulting in a more natural feeling encounter.- So, in any case, I hope I’ve been able to throw some light on the many packing procedures, whether they are made of flesh or silicone, that individuals all around the globe use:)

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Bulge Enhancer – The Easiest Way to Look Larger

BULGEENHANCER.COM BULGE ENHANCERS AND PACKAGE ENHANCERS ARE EXAMPLES OF THIS.It is the difference between appearing ordinary and looking extremely hot and desired when you have an outstanding masculine package on display.Men’s bulge boosting and package enhancement goods from Bulge Enhancing / Package Enhancing Specialists will give you the appearance of a very massive guy by creating a significant bulge in your pants.

  • In addition, all of our products are extremely comfortable and easy to wear, whether it’s an enhancing cup that is designed to fit directly and comfortably over your own anatomy, or a pair of underwear or swimwear that is designed to increase the size of your bulge, we guarantee to have the perfect enhancing cup or swimwear for you!
  • These fantastic products now allow men to create a really appealing bulge increasing / package enhancing effect, which is incredibly desirable.
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One of the most often asked topics by guys all around the world is how to make your bulge appear larger when wearing shorts or pants.However, the issue remains as to why guys would choose to appear as though they have a large bulge.Many women, on the other hand, do not place a high value on the size of a man’s penis.

  • Despite this, the question continues to be the most often asked!
  • When a woman looks at a man’s bulging biceps, she is always aware of the fact that he is a male.
  • Natural self-confidence and self-esteem are the only things that can be compared between people.
  • The quest to gain the confidence of the opposing gender has always been the top priority, and if having a large bulge aids in winning this race, then having a large bulge is something that every guy desires.
  • These suggestions from us can assist you in making your bulge appear larger.


Cooking using a ring is a pretty easy method.You compress the region surrounding your pennis and balls as a result of this technique.The compression causes an increase in blood flow, which aids in the performance of sexual functions such as erections and extended climaxes during sexual interaction.

  • When you’re out in the fresh air, these cook rings will assist you in making your bulge appear larger.
  • Your bulge will remain larger for a longer amount of time as a result of the small boost it offers.
  • There are certain downsides as well, such as the fact that prolonged usage of the Cock ring might cause the flow of blood to halt.


Loose-fit jeans might make your tummy bulge appear larger.When you wear loose jeans, your penis’s shape may be seen clearly and readily since the pants are not tight.The average-sized pennis man can also employ this method of displaying his bulge to the women in his immediate vicinity.

  • Skinny jeans can also be useful, although they are not as effective as they could be.
  • If you want to, you can give it a go.


  • You may have a notion about packing the pennis, but you aren’t aware of the facts regarding how doing so might make your bulge appear larger and sexier on the outside. The way it works is as follows. The first method involves stowing your pennis on one side and your testicles on the opposite side of your body. The bulge seems more noticeable, larger, and sexier in this manner.
  • Alternatively, you may just pull your balls in a downward direction under the pennis, which will draw up the pennis and make your bulge appear larger.
  • The packing method is not usually the most durable option since you must keep your pennis moving at the proper rate or the bulge will quickly return to its original position. As a result, once you see that the bulge has returned to its previous place, set it up.


Following are some tips on how to make your bulge appear larger than usual when wearing underwear.It is a well-known fact that guys all across the world enjoy showing their money to the women in their lives.This characteristic has been effectively exploited by underwear manufacturing businesses, who have assisted men in their desire to seem to have a larger pennis.

  • So, if you are one of those individuals, wearing the appropriate style of underwear is something you should consider.


So far, the boxer brief has proven to be the most comfortable and sexiest underwear.They may be able to assist you in making your bulge appear larger.The only problem is that you have to wear twin boxers.

  • The first boxer is for your pennis, while the second boxer is for your thighs.
  • These sorts of underwear are designed in such a manner that your package is kept confined while the size is accentuated at the same time.
  • In this manner, your bulge seems to be quite large and impressive.
  • Underwear is a terrific technique to expand the size of your bulges and display them to the females in your immediate vicinity.
  • If you wear underwear that has a bulger-like appearance and is supported, you are ready to go.
  • Take a look at our underwear, which will make your bulge appear larger and more seductive than it already is.


Do you know what’s more hot and attractive than a big bulge?Are you a little perplexed?A filthy bulge with a lot of volume.

  • Take a look at these cotton trunks, which will make your bulge appear mischievous and sensual.
  • There are a plethora of online dating applications available on the market for those looking for romantic companions.
  • Men are constantly interested in how they might capture the attention of females.
  • As a result, they desire a large bulge in order to impress them.
  • This is due to the fact that they can meet more ladies.
  • Visit our sexy underwear section to see how we can make your bulge appear larger and sexier.
  • See also our related blog entry on the myths surrounding men’s underpants that are causing bulging.


A white onesie and matching underwear are available from ZLC.Remember to put on this really attractive apparel if you wish to allure your significant other.Because it is sufficient to get a man horny at the first contact and appearance.

  • You no longer need to wear two distinct undergarments, such as underwear and a vest, because a onesie may serve as a substitute for either.
  • The classic design of buttons begins at the chest and extends all the way down to your balls.
  • No doubt about it, wearing this sultry item of clothing will offer you a traditional male appearance.
  • Chest, half arms, back, buttocks, groin and full thighs all benefit from the comfortable and sweat-free feeling provided by this product.
  • It’s feel, touch, and appearance will all inspire you, much as if someone were holding or touching your body would.
  • Buttons are located directly near to your genitals, which provides you with several advantages.
  • For starters, you will have access to fresh air in your balls and penis, which is critical for producing healthy sperm.

The second advantage is that you can urinate without having to take your trousers off while in public restrooms, which saves time.Third, you can intimate in the open air with confidence and intimacy when you are in a hurry and don’t want to take off all of your clothing at the same time.So many people who have used this product have expressed their satisfaction with it, and many have advised wearing it when intimating with a partner.Because of its extremely sophisticated and visually appealing look, it is quite simple to elicit strong emotional responses.$ 153


Boxer underwear, boxer underwear, underwear The most sexiest and most light clothing for your meaty private organ has been created by us.This white ZLC off-white boxer allows you to fully exhale your male portion thanks to the open back.The fact is that if you truly want to impress an intimating partner, you should wear it.

  • It will play an intriguing role in the initial few moments of its emergence.
  • Interestingly, wearing white clothing might make your body parts appear larger and more thick.
  • Pureness, cleanliness, and freshness are all represented by the color white.
  • It is certain that it will offer you a confident and appealing appearance, which is something that every guy should strive for.
  • A repurposed button is utilized on the front of the underwear to give it a vintage look.
  • Fly closure makes it easier to urinate or in case of an unexpected intimation.
  • The suppleness of the material will not be compromised in any way.

It helps to keep your groin rash at bay while also keeping you comfortable.You no longer have to be concerned about rashes or itching as a result of the irritation caused by the cloth.Anyone, from athletes to gym enthusiasts, may benefit from our skin-friendly inner layer.The elastic band around the waist is neither too slack nor too tight.You will stay cool and you will avoid having any marks on your waist as a result of this method.

It has been thoughtfully developed to meet the needs of today’s fashionable consumers.Now all you have to do is take this masterpiece to satisfy all of your macho requirements.$ 37


Brief ZLC White Brief Brief, Underwear This alluring white short is specifically designed to give a man the sexiest appearance possible.Interestingly, when wearing this white brief, your private portion will appear larger than when wearing other colored underwear.So, suppose that you are attending a nightclub party where everyone is mostly nude, and you want to wear this lovely little costume to that event.

  • Every lady in your immediate vicinity will be envious of your beauty, and they will only have one option: to approach you for an intimate encounter.
  • Think about it: a group of females approaching you, stroking your nude body, and then stretching the waistband of your underwear will be a magical moment for you and your companion.
  • After donning this sultry little number, your appearance will be quite alluring, as it will undoubtedly draw everyone’s attention to your midriff.
  • All of the females in the bar will drink beer with you, and then they will be easily persuaded to dance with you and be intimate with you as a result.
  • Your alluring appearance will not only capture the attention of female patrons, but it will also attract the attention of male patrons.
  • As a result, if you identify as bisexual, this will be an excellent option for you.
  • Choosing to wear white men’s underwear demonstrates how conscientious you are about keeping your private parts clean, as white hues represent cleanliness and wideness.
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This short will serve as your bar uniform since the devil people who frequent the establishment will appreciate you in this appearance at all times.$ 42


Boxer underwear, boxer underwear, underwear Whether you’re shoveling snow or feeling amorous, the ZLC grey boxer will meet your needs while giving you a sensual and clammy look.A stranger will transform into a sweetie when you are relaxing on the beach because of the nubile grey and fashionable white hues.As soon as you get your hands on this attractive boxer, you’ll be pleased with the high-quality construction and alluring design.

  • The GOTS-certified fabric is non-irritating to all skin types and has no effect on sperm production in men.
  • The ZLC boxer will be a masterpiece for a hunk who wants to show off even more thanks to the button fly construction, which is the cherry on top.
  • The two buttons contribute to the devilishly hotter appearance by allowing you to take out, reach in, and replace more quickly, allowing your girl to enjoy herself without having to wait any longer.
  • Prepare to be sexy and self-assured at all times.
  • You still have time to get a pair before they are all gone!
  • $ 37


Briefs and underwear are required.Finally, it’s all about your bodacious bum’s posture and angle at the end of the day.Take pleasure in our ZLC Navy Brief.

  • Every girl’s dream is to have an intimate relationship with a sexy navy man.
  • Consider the following scenario: you are in a swimming pool, you are wearing navy blue underpants, and a female is looking up at your manly tummy and powerful legs.
  • She will only want to touch your sultry prominent thighs, which are hidden behind a navy blue short.
  • She could even reach up and place her hand on your crucial part because it will be so relaxing to do so in the water.
  • In the water, the navy blue hue of this brief will be easily visible, and it will compel those around you to focus their attention on your man’s major portion of his body.
  • Following that, you will be getting out of the water, and your half nude body and underwear will offer you a more attractive appearance due to the water on them.
  • It will be like fire on ice when a female comes up to you in the swimming pool since the open fly will allow your groin portion to stay cool while you swim.

The combination of a navy blue short and translucent water will be quite elegant.Power, strength, and authority are all represented by the hue navy blue, which symbolizes these qualities in males.So put it on and demonstrate some strength and authority to your spouse from the very beginning of the meeting.This item is designed just for men who wish to show off their physique and entice everyone in their immediate vicinity.Have a good time with this seductive little navy blue garment that has been expertly designed to make your appearance as hotter as you could possibly imagine.

$ 42


Briefs and underwear are required.Soldiers who are hot to the touch Brief ZLC is an excellent choice for improving a man’s sexual appearance.The human eye is sure to be bothered by the contrast between the silver and olive green colors.

  • Its seductive fit will have you on the edge of your seat the entire time.
  • Nobody will be able to ignore you while you have it on.
  • This will be the finest option you’ve ever made for your groin area.
  • Do not forget to put on this sultry short, especially if you intend to have sexual relations with your lover.
  • Furthermore, you may wear it on beaches to attract all of the females in your vicinity, as well as during parties to entice everyone in your vicinity.
  • So turn up the heat in the room by donning this tough-guy attire.
  • We promise that this pair of short underwear will meet all of your macho specifications.

$ 42


Boxer underwear, boxer underwear, underwear Choose this high-quality boxer to provide your private part with an airy and simpler environment in which to produce sperms more quickly.Yes, it is true that wearing underwear that is airy and not too tight will aid in the production of sperms more quickly.As a result of the expert design, this item will fit precisely around your manly thighs and powerful waist.

  • If you are intending to walk outside while wearing this incredibly cool clothing beneath, you will feel so relaxed and at ease.
  • Because of the fly and the large bottom, this is quite breezy and cool.
  • Furthermore, imagine that you are working out in the gym and your lovely body is completely soaked in drops moving from your top down your bottom, with everyone’s attention riveted on you.
  • It will be the most attractive time for all of the females in your immediate vicinity.
  • In reality, guys will be recognized as well as girls.
  • Blue and its many hues have long been associated with men and their interests and activities.
  • So behave like a guy and you’ll attract your gym crush in no time.

In addition, don’t hide your meaty banana because the boxer allows it to be seen more clearly than usual.As a result, all eyes are now focused on your private parts, and your fantasy comes true, just as every attractive man desires.$ 37


Underwear, trunks, and socks The new ZLC Chalky Off White trunk underwear is a reflection of the wearer’s state of mind.This new pair of comfortable underwear gives you with the greatest in comfort as well as a fashionable appearance that will be well worth it.If you go on a date with your ladylove, you can get the opportunity to spend the night with her.

  • We are living in an era in which the initial impression is lasting right up until the very end.
  • Wearing the amazing in-wear will help you make it a memorable occasion.
  • Because of its translucent appearance, the ZLC chalky Off white trunk underwear gives the impression that you are wearing nothing.
  • These trunks will put a smile on her face and she will be delighted to see you wearing them.
  • So be ready to surprise your girlfriend with the appearance you’ve always wanted.
  • Sleep in your underpants for maximum comfort.
  • While the female you’re laying with will be head over heels in love with you because of your dead-ass appearance.

$ 42

How To Make Your Package Look Bigger

Cock Rings 101 / Cock Rings 101 The front of his Levi’s or swim trunks should be filled out, and there is an unlimited amount of advice and equipment available to assist you in making your package appear larger.Alternatives range from old-school methods such as putting socks into your briefs to fancy new foam underwear inserts with realistic dick outline to ‘bulge boosting’ underwear.It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the variety of options available.

  • However, there is a fundamental fault with all of these solutions: what happens when you are completely naked?

Bulge Enhancers Can Backfire

Consider the following scenario: You’re out for the evening in your ‘bulge enhancer’ — which may be an implant or some fancy manufactured underwear — and you’re feeling confident.You’re in excruciating discomfort, yet you appear to be in a good mood and are attracting a lot of attention.A situation arises in which you meet someone who appears to be interested in getting frisky, but you are presented with a dilemma: if you get nude, it will be instantly apparent that you have made an attempt to make your dick appear larger.

  • At best, your spouse will think you’ve deceived them, and at worst, they’ll laugh you to the floor.
  • Is there a more suitable alternative?

How to Make Your Package Look Bigger (Without the Letdown!)

Cockrings come to the aid of the unfortunate!A high-quality, comfortable cock ring may help you present your package in the best light possible, with the added benefit of avoiding an unpleasant scenario when it’s time to strip nude in public.In fact, a cock ring has the ability to make an already heated scenario even hotter!

  • Take advantage of more powerful orgasms, stronger erections, delayed orgasms, and more prolonged sexual sessions by using a cock ring.

How Cock Rings Can Give You A Bigger Bulge

Cock rings (also known as penis rings, c-rings, or dick rings) function by squeezing the region surrounding your cock and balls.Cock rings are available in a variety of colors and sizes.When you become hard, the compression retains blood in your dick, which has a variety of sexual advantages, including greater erections and delayed climaxes, among other things.

  • However, there are advantages outside of the bedroom as well!
  • An appropriately sized and properly fitted cock ring may provide many men an extra boost, helping them to stay somewhat chubbier and farther forward in their shorts for an even more eye-catching bulge.

Can Primal Cock Rings Really Make Your Package Look Larger?

A company called Primal Rings manufactures cock rings that are anatomically engineered to be the most comfortable and highest performing rings available on the market today.Customers have described the bulge-enhancing effects of our cock rings in the following terms: ″ The Primal: Energy is ideal for emphasizing your bulge when wearing underwear while also allowing the balls to dangle much more freely; it feels fantastic!Customer ‘Tooogigii’ comments on the Primal:Energy Stainless Steel Pendant.

  • I have a vast collection of cock rings, not because I have a passion for them or anything like that, but simply because I have been on a mission to locate the ideal one.
  • Metal is a favorite of mine to use around my junk.
  • No, I really adore it.
  • This extra push forward, the bulge in my trousers, and the surge during sex allows me to go longer, harder, and nut impressively and in a way that leaves me completely exhausted is what I like the most.
  • This cock ring has it exactly right.
  • Customers’ feedback on the Primal:Energy in Stainless Steel from MikePHX I use a cock ring all day, frequently in conjunction with speedos or a jockstrap, and the Primal:Energy is incredibly comfortable for all-day wear, both while dressed and when completely nude….
  • About the Primal:Energy in Stainless Steel from a customer named Jonathan So far, this ring has been my favorite.

It has a pleasing weight to it.I play freeball all of the time, and this ring allows me to swing my junk about and add a little more bulge.It’s fantastic.About the Primal:Fusion in Matte Stainless Steel from a customer named Chris

Find The Right Cock Ring For You

Discover the benefits of ergonomic cock rings and how they may improve your sexual performance by browsing our selection. SHOP RIGHT NOW

Primal Rings Cock Rings

All Primal Rings Cock Rings are available.

how to make your package look bigger in jeans

Wearing dark wash jeans might make you feel more confident, regardless of your age or size.In other words, you should have at least two pairs of black wash jeans in your closet since they will always look amazing and because they are appropriate for every situation.You can’t fail since you’ll use the great majority of your opportunities to help people.

  • Occasionally referred to as indigo, the perfect pair of jeans is washed in blue.
  • In addition, this wash is flattering on everyone and may be dressed up or down depending on your preferences. Certain styles, such as lanky’ thin
  • right boot cut
  • relaxed
  • and others, should be worn according on your body type.
  • Now is the time to choose your jeans!

Inches The jeans have a 32-inch waist and an inseam that measure 32 inches.You’re constantly on the move.Rather than requiring a belt, you should check your Fit Guide to ensure that they are the correct size for your waist.

  • They can also be a little tight at times, but denim will most likely loosen up as you continue to wear them.
  • Denim is a kind of cloth.
  • Some can include as little as 2-3 percent spandex, while others may have lace or lace-up details.
  • Spandex has a tendency to stretch out and lose its form, but 100 percent cotton blends, which are more forgiving in the thighs, are somewhat more comfortable.
  • Everything is dependent on your preferences.
  • In Starz Denim Store, you’ll find jeans manufactured from virtually any type of fabric you can imagine.
  • Just double-check!

You should be able to pinch a minimum of 1 inch on both sides of your thigh, regardless of your age or physical condition.They shouldn’t be so short that they prevent you from taking a whole rest, nor should they be so short that they prevent you from taking a complete break.They also shouldn’t be so lengthy that they don’t fit your waist.Slim cut jeans have a propensity to hug the knees and ankles as they are worn.Numerous individuals feel that wearing a slim and regular fit would make them appear excessively lanky; yet, this could not be further from the truth!

It’s just because they’re accustomed to dressing in baggy clothes.Do not make the mistake of assuming that the lanky fit is the same as the slim fit.

Skinny jeans are typically too tight and not suited for most occasions. If you are able to pinch more than 1.5′′ of lace on both sides of your thighs, you will be required to either go down to a thinner cut or have your legs shot in place. It is possible to appear smaller, fatter, or shorter than you actually are if you have too much fabric on your thighs.

The traditional straight leg matchup Is a good fit for your body type. Make certain that your top half is balanced by your bottom half. Prevent some types of jeans from having a taper from the leg opening up.

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