How To Open Vault Tec Supply Package?

You need to navigate to junk and explicitly select the vault Tec package and scrap this in order to get the items inside of it.

What are Vault Tec supply packages in Fallout 76?

The Vault-Tec supply packages are crafting components introduced in the Fallout 76 update The Legendary Run. A large bundle of various junk scraps. It contains highly desirable components for crafting and can be found under the junk tab in the Pip-Boy.

How do you open the secret entrances to the vault-TC workshop?

Uncover everything you need to know about the Vault-Tc Workshop DLC with these guides on Gameranx: To open the secret entrances, you’ll need to reactivate the Vault-Tec workshop in each area. The entrances are blocked by debris — to clear debris, enter Workshop Mode and select to the blockage.

Is there a secret entrance to Vault 88?

On PC, PS4 & Xbox One: There are multiple extra entrances hidden throughout Vault 88. Learn how to unlock them all right here. Vault 88 might be the most expansive settlement in Fallout 4, and the underground complex included in the Vault-Tec Workshop add-on is positively full of hidden passages.

What are Vault Tec supply packages in Fallout 76?

The Vault-Tec supply packages are crafting components introduced in the Fallout 76 update The Legendary Run. A large bundle of various junk scraps. It contains highly desirable components for crafting and can be found under the junk tab in the Pip-Boy.

How do I unlock the small and large package?

During The Legendary Run, the small package was unlocked at tier 3, the medium at tier 9, and the large at tier 13. They are applied automatically into the inventory of the character it was claimed on. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

How do you open the vault Tec supply package?

Ray Cunningham will be born on August 19, 2020. In my stash box, I have a small, medium, and giant vault Tec supply package on hand. What is the best way to bring the stuff inside? When I interact with it in my inventory, I am unable to do any actions on it. You can’t open it in the same way as you would a lunchbox. What exactly are you expected to do in this situation?

1 Answer

Savageeye – 20th of August, 2020 These packages will need to be trashed on a workbench as soon as possible. The scrap all rubbish option, on the other hand, is not available. In order to obtain the stuff included within the vault Tec package, you must travel to rubbish and expressly pick the vault Tec package and shred this.


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Fallout 4: Vault-Tec – How To Unlock Secondary Vault 88 Entrances

  • On the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, there are several more entrances concealed throughout Vault 88. Find out how to unlock them all in this article. Vault 88 is the largest town in Fallout 4, and the subterranean complex featured in the Vault-Tec Workshop add-on is chock-full of secret corridors and areas to explore. When some of these routes are disclosed in the Workshop Mode, they uncover new extra entrances to Vault 88, which are otherwise inaccessible. In addition to the previously mentioned pathways, there is a shuttered pharmacy whose door may be opened from within to disclose a hidden door to Vault 88, which isn’t quite so far away from civilisation. Follow the simple steps (and images) below to learn everything you need to know about this fascinating closed-off area and how to unlock the chamber for fast-travel on the Commonwealth map. More entrances are always beneficial for the Vault Dweller who is constantly on the go. Check out Gameranx’s vast array of guidelines, how- to’s, secret spots, and everything else a new Vault 111 escapee needs to flourish on the Fallout 4 Ultimate Commonwealth Guide and become a genuine post-apocaleptic survival on the Fallout 4 Ultimate Commonwealth Guide. These instructions on Gameranx will teach you all you need to know about the Vault-Tc Workshop DLC, including how to use it. ‘Explore Vault 88’ Quest & Locations Guide
  • Fallout 4: Vault-Tec Workshop – How to Equip Settlers With Vault Suits
  • Fallout 4: Vault-Tec Workshop – Huge Nuclear Material Deposit Location
  • Fallout 4: Vault-Tec Workshop – How to Track Lost Companions
  • Fallout 4: Vault-Tec Workshop – Complete Overseer Quest Guide
  • Fallout 4: Vault-Tec Workshop – Complete Achievements
  • Vault-Tec Workshop – Improve Your Face and Hairstyle With New Stations in Fallout 4: Vault-Tec Workshop
  • ‘Fallout 4: Vault-Tec Workshop’ teaches you how to power your vault rooms and lights in Fallout 4.
  • This page contains information on Fallout 4: Vault-Tec Workshop – All Experiment Rewards and Results.
  • Fallout 4: Vault-Tec Workshop – The Quick and Easy Way to Get 100 Settlement Happiness
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Vault-Tec – How To Unlock Secondary Vault 88 Entrances
  • You’ll need to reactivate the Vault-Tec workshop in each region if you want to unlock the secret entrances there.
  • Entryways are blocked by debris; to clear the debris, enter Workshop Mode and select tothe obstruction.
  • This clears the path for you to get to the exit doorway.
  • Activating the Vault-Tec workshops is a requirement for the mission ‘Explore Vault 88’, which can be found in our comprehensive guide right here.

Alternatively, you may go through the photos below to locate the illusive Control Board locations.Entrance to the North Sector (Secret Entrance): Return to the Subway by taking the North Sector passageway back to the station.Go to the room where the North Sector Control Board was on a desk, and take note of its location.A wooden barricade has been placed directly in front of the table to prevent access to a concrete corridor between the railroad lines.Scrap the barrier in Workshop Mode, then climb the ladder to the uppermost rungs of the staircase.As a result of this, the manhole access to Vault 88 close to Milton General Hospital is unlocked.

  1. North-East Sector Secret Entrance: Return to the small tunnel passage that finally leads to a dilapidated brick basement by following the North-East Sector signals back to the entrance.
  2. This is the same region where you found the North-East Sector Control Board in the utility room, which is the same as the previous location.
  3. Continuing upward, climb a flight of stairs to the big basement, and then another flight of stairs to a wooden landing with toolkits to the right.
  4. Fill up the blanks around this doorway with rubble in Workshop Mode to reveal a passageway leading to a long-lost pharmacy.

Prepare yourself for the presence of wild ghouls in the neighborhood.Utilize the only unobstructed entryway in the corner to escape out into the Commonwealth and gain access to the secret entrance to the Commonwealth.This one is located just outside of University Point, and it serves as a new waypoint to the University Point Pharmacy, which is located nearby.So far, we’ve discovered all of the extra entrances to Vault 88 that we could find.Are there any others that we’ve overlooked?Please share your thoughts in the comments section!

fallout 76 how to scrap junk – The Blue Monkey Restaurant & Pizzeria

How to get rid of garbage in Fallout 76 The date is December 26, 2021.

Fallout 76 How To Scrap Junk?

The scrapping of unwanted things is possible at each crafting station or workbench in Fallout 76. Simply walk up to the workbench or crafting station and take use of it. By clicking the Y/Triangle button, you will be able to remove all of your unwanted objects from the game. 8th of November, 2018

Do I have to scrap my junk in Fallout 76?

Everything should be thrown out. In the case of the ″Scrap All Junk″ option, any things that may be utilized in a crafting recipe will not be removed from the game’s inventory. Scrap all of your stuff, all of your weapons and armor that you don’t want to keep, scrap everything.

What is the fastest way to scrap in Fallout 76?

What is the difference between scrap and junk Fallout 76?

Components for making crafts Components, often known as scrap, weigh less than garbage and may thus be put in the Scrapbox for safekeeping. The ″scrap all junk″ option, which is available at workbenches, will immediately scrape all junk objects in the inventory, with a few exceptions.

How do I use the scrap kit in Fallout 76?

These are new one-time use objects that may be used to shred all of the garbage you’re presently carrying and immediately send the resulting components to your Stash after they’ve been scrapped. They may be utilized at any time and from any location, eliminating the need to visit a workbench or your Stash. … Scrap Kit is a new utility item that has been added.

Item Atom Price
Scrap Kit x15 500

How do I scrap junk?

How do you deconstruct in Fallout 76?

Then just go to the chemical workbench and type in ″Grenade (Deconstruct)″ or ″Mine (Deconstruct)″ and pick the option to deconstruct the grenade or mine you want, and your components should be in your inventory when you depart the workbench.

Where can I farm junk in Fallout 76?

According to US Gamer, the finest sites to harvest these complicated trash things are on military bases such as Fort Defiance and Camp McClintock, which are both located in North Carolina. The Watoga Civic Center, Clancy Manor, and The Thorn are just a few of the other locations to visit.

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How do I scrap steel in Fallout 76?

Obtaining Steel through farming West Tek Research Center is the most efficient method of stockpiling. Take all of your opponents’ weapons and use them to your advantage with the perk card Scrapper. When you complete a full run, you will find more than a dozen Steel Scraps from every Assault Rifle you have acquired thus far.

What is vault steel for?

Vault Steel Scrap is a one-of-a-kind crafting material that may be utilized to create extremely effective vault armor. The item was originally known as Vault 94 Steel Scrap – named after the location where it was found – but just the name has changed; the item’s function has not.

What happens when you scrap all junk Fallout 76?

Scrapping allows you to keep all of the components while removing the superfluous weight. Once you’ve reduced your inventory to components, put everything in your camp, which will free up valuable space for the Missile Launcher you just discovered.

Should I sell or scrap weapons Fallout 76?

Scrapping allows you to keep all of the components while removing the superfluous weight from your vehicle. As soon as you’ve reduced your inventory to components, put everything in your camp, which will allow you to create more place for the Missile Launcher you just came upon!

Does scrapping weapons give you the mods Fallout 76?

Scrapping weapons increases the likelihood of unlocking a mod for that particular weapon. Single-use modifications can be purchased from merchants (although the selection is limited). You may purchase blueprints from vendors that will allow you to learn how to make a mod (but the selection is limited). Mods may only be shared if they are present in your inventory as physical goods.

Can you buy scraps fallout 76?

Scrap may be stored in any STASH box that can be located everywhere in the world. These are bright blue boxes with the letters S.T.A.S.H. written on them… As an added bonus, you may keep all of your scrapped rubbish and resources in your CAMP module, ensuring that you don’t have to worry about losing them everytime you die in Fallout 76.

What do I do with technical data in Fallout 76?

Technical data may be available in a variety of locations throughout Appalachia. This task will be given to the player character when a piece of technological data is discovered. The player character must either present it to Scribe Valdez within Fort Atlas (only if Mother of Invention has been completed) or put it in a secure area at Camp Venture.

How do you open the vault TEC supply package?

In order to obtain the stuff included within the vault Tec package, you must travel to rubbish and expressly pick the vault Tec package and shred this.

Should I scrap my junk Fallout 4?

The process of scrapping rubbish has a purpose, and while it might be a time-consuming task at times, it is ultimately worthwhile. Items will be met when looting The Commonwealth, however, that will force you to make a decision between selling the item or scrapping it.

How do I scrap all my junk in Fallout 4?

How do I dismantle junk in Fallout 4?

How do I repair items in Fallout 76?

In order to repair weapons in Fallout 76, you’ll need to hit the Square or X key after selecting them. This will then provide a list of the items that will be required to fix it. The repair will be completed if you have adequate resources, which can be seen on the right side. Press X or A to finish the repair and bring the Condition bar back to its original position.

What are bulk items in Fallout 76?

How do I move camp in Fallout 76?

In Fallout 76, you can relocate your base. Fortunately, you have the option of moving your base whenever you wish for a little price. Simply press the L1 key to bring up your Camp menu and pick Move Camp. You’ll be required to pay a modest charge, which will gradually rise in value as you advance through the program.

Where can I farm Nuka Cola Fallout 76?

  • Locations Near the Kanawha Nuka-Cola facility, spawning can take place in cardboard boxes on the ground inside the loading dock at the northeastern end of the plant’s exterior, with up to eight or more spawning at a time..
  • At the Pleasant Valley Station, up to four can spawn at the same time, one inside and up to three outside near the wooden vendor booth

What is the most valuable resource in Fallout 76?

Ultracite. Ultracite, the rarest of all minerals in Fallout 76, is the most sought-after endgame resource in the game.

How do I farm the nuclear key card in Fallout 76?

Where can I mine Steel in Fallout 76?

With the Scrapper Perk, you can farm XP, obtain a large amount of weaponry to learn different components and farm an insane amount of Steel by disassembling those weapons. West Tek is one of the best locations in Fallout 76 for farming XP, receiving large amounts of weaponry to learn different components and farming an insane amount of Steel.

How do you get f76 steel?

What is the fastest way to get steel in Fallout 76?

Why is Vault 94 closing?

″Based on the input we’ve gotten from the community and our own monitoring since then, we’ve determined that Vault 94 and its Missions are not providing the high-quality experience we had wanted to give. We are now intending to shut down Vault 94 in conjunction with the release of the Wastelanders update as a result.″

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Is Strangler heart power armor worth it?

Many players, on the other hand, believe that the effort is worthwhile. When the entire set of Strangler Heart Power Armor is worn, the legendary Strangler Heart bonus is activated, which increases the acid damage dealt by all attacks, including ranged attacks, by a factor of two. … The Strangler Heart Power Armor in Fallout 76 will require a significant amount of effort to get.

How much vault steel can you buy a day?

At the utmost maximum, you may earn a grand total of 12 Vault steel per day, and to do so, you must finish ALL three difficulties on each day in order to reach that number.

What bulk items weigh less fallout 76?

Technically, when you bulk, the weights of lead and aluminum are lowered, but nothing else is affected. The most of the time, you won’t be saving enough of those goods to make a big impact because you’ll be utilizing them for ammo and repairs instead.

Fallout 76: Junk/Scrap Guide

FALLOUT 76 Guide – Fallout 76 Workshops (Junk, Scrap, and Crafting)

Fallout 76 – Game Guides – Your Stash Box and Scraping

FALLOUT 76: The ULTIMATE Junk Guide! (What You Should and Shouldn’t Pick Up in Fallout 76)

Fallout 76 is unable to shred garbage. the best way to scrap rubbish objects in Fallout 4the best way to use the Fallout 76 scrap kit a guide to scrapping weapons in Fallout 76a collection of fallout 76 rubbish breakdowns Locations of workbenches in Fallout 76 Weapons in Fallout 76 are being scrapped in favor of modifications. the distinction between scrap and rubbish in Fallout 76

About The Author

Fallout 76 Atomic Shop Weekly Update: January 25 – February 1

Published on the 25th of January in the year 2022. Continue reading to get a sneak peek at the latest and greatest things and offers that are now available in the Atomic Shop, including this week’s freebies and other special deals.

Free Items

Straighten your posture! This week, the Communist Salute Emote is available for free in the Atomic Shop. Members of Fallout 1st may also pick up the Open Office Cabinet until the first of February.

Item Available Until
Communist Salute Emote February 1
Open Office Cabinet (Fallout 1st) February 1

Make a daily visit to the Atomic Shop to receive a new prize, such as consumables, in-game money, and other goodies. Until 12:00 p.m. ET the next day, each of the things listed below is available for purchase.

Item Available On
Caps x250 January 25
Carry Weight Booster January 26
Lunchbox January 27
Scrap Kit January 28
Vault-Tec Supply Package (Level 2) January 29
Lunchbox January 30
Repair Kit January 31

Limited Time Offers

  • You can still stage a bathroom even if you live in a C.A.M.P.
  • where there is no flowing hot water, no working plumbing, and all of the soap you collect is stolen from the dead bodies of wild ghouls…
  • it all depends on how you live.
  • Check out the Clean Bathroom Bundle, which is available in the Atomic Shop this week and features popular Season rewards like as the Clean Toilet and Clean Sink, among others.
Item Atom Price
Clean Bathroom Bundle 1800
Rusted Junkyard PA paint 1200
VTU Trucker Hat 250
Dice Backpack Flair 250
Clean Shower 300
Tile Floors Bundle 750
Lunchbox x40 1000
Repair Kit x40 1000
Scrap Kit x40 1000

The Clean Bathroom Bundle includes:

  • Clean Shower
  • Clean Sink (a bonus item included in the package)
  • Clean Toilet (a bonus item included in the bundle)
  • Tile Floor Set

The following things from last week are still available for a limited period of time:

Item Atom Price
The Armory Weapon Paint Bundle 2000
Invasion from the Stars Bundle 1500
Grahm’s Green Super Mutant Bundle 1200
Classic Western Bundle 1000

Greatest Hits

Some of our favorite things have made a brief return to the Atomic Shop for your convenience. Add these artifacts to your collection before they are returned to the Vault on February 1 at 12:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

Item Atom Price
Wavy Willards Swimsuit Bundle 1500
Slocum’s Joe C.A.M.P. Bundle 1500
Ever Upwards Bundle 1500
Wavy Willards Letter Set 500
Wavy Willards Stone Wall 500
Lazy River Floor and Foundations 300
Square Rug Bundle 500
Wavy Willards Fake Boulders Set 300
Wavy Willards Swimsuit Set 800


Mothman deserves all the praise in the world! Make sure to take advantage of any deals that grab your attention because these goods will only be available until 12:00 p.m. ET on February 1.

Item Atom Price
Hellcat Outfit Bundle 1200
Hellcat Outfit 800
Hellcat Logo Standing Flag Set 300
Hellcat Logo Player Icon 150
Hellcat Photomode Frame 150
Screaming Eagle Handmade Skin 500
Defensive Hedgehog and Dragon’s Teeth 250
“Don’t Touch My Stuff” Sign Set 300

Weekly Offers

Item Atom Price Available From Available Until
Leather Greaser Jacket 800 400(50% Off!) January 25 January 26
.44 Gold Paint Skin 400 200(50% Off!) January 26 January 27
Tire Toilet Outhouse 300 150(50% Off!) January 27 January 28
Camden Park Jumpsuit 800 400(50% Off!) January 28 January 29
Player VS Player Emote 200 100(50% Off!) January 29 January 30
X-01 Prototype Ultracite Paint 800 400(50% Off!) January 30 January 31
Red Shift Power Armor Skin 1400 700(50% Off!) January 31 February 1
Croquet Mallet Sledgehammer Skin (Fallout 1st) 600 300(50% Off!) January 25 February 1

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