How To Return A Fedex Package?

Go online to FedEx Ground Return Package Pickup to schedule a pickup. Call FedEx Customer Service at 1.800. 463.3339 and say ‘Ground Return Pickup’ to schedule a pickup. Include them in a regular scheduled pickup.
A package will be held for up to 7 days. After that, the package will be returned to the nearest FedEx facility, and your tracking information will be updated to show that your package is no longer being held for pickup at Walgreens. If your package has been returned, call 1.800.GoFedEx 1.800.463.3339 for additional assistance.

How do I schedule a FedEx pickup for a return?

Call Customer Service to schedule a pickup. You don’t need a FedEx account number, but please mention the pickup is for a return and have the return label on hand for reference. Drop off your return shipment at a FedEx location convenient for you.

How do I get a return label from FedEx?

You can go to a FedEx location, show your barcode to a team member, and they’ll print a return label for you. You can create a label yourself on or go to a retail location for help.

Where can I get help packing my FedEx package?

For help packing your shipment, visit a FedEx Office, FedEx Office at WalMart®, FedEx Authorized ShipCenter®, Office Depot® or OfficeMax® location. If you want to go to another location, you’ll need to pack your shipment before you arrive. Discover returns strategies to grow loyalty.

Does FedEx charge for return to sender?

A return label surcharge will only be applied once FedEx receives the return shipment. The cost is USD$0.50 per shipment* for a print return label or USD$1.00 for an email return label. If the return label isn’t used, no surcharge is applied.

Can I put a FedEx return in my mailbox?

Placing it in your mailbox or USPS collection box. Note: Packages larger than 2 ½ inches by 11 ½ inches x 12 ½ inches will not fit in collection boxes. If your shipments are typically larger than that, you may want to drop this section from the list.

Can I return a FedEx package to USPS?

Customers can drop off packages at any of our 63,000+ locations. U.S. Postal Service tender options. Customers can drop off their return package at their local post office or postal collection box, or even leave it in their mailbox or on their front porch.

Can I return an unopened FedEx package?

If you act fast enough, you can sometimes refuse the shipment so that FedEx mails it back to the sender for you. Once you’ve received the item, you can often obtain a FedEx return label online and either drop the package off or ask FedEx to pick it up.

Can you reject FedEx package?

No Signature Required

You can still refuse a package after it has been delivered. Call FedEx customer service at 800-463-3339. Provide the representative with the shipment tracking number on the FedEx label along with the address of delivery. Explain that you are refusing this package and need a pickup.

Can you redirect FedEx package?

FedEx can reroute a shipment if it is authorized by the sender. Only one reroute per package is allowed. The new destination address and contact telephone number for the recipient. Additional restrictions and fees may apply.

What is return to Sender FedEx?

It means that it is being returned to the original sender. If they did 3 delivery attempts and you didn’t then go pick up at the station they will return it. Some instances the shipper requests that the package comes back to them.

How do I send a FedEx package?

Get the package to FedEx.

  1. Plan your shipment based on destination.
  2. Ensure the item can be shipped.
  3. Package the item.
  4. Determine which shipping service is best for your needs.
  5. Create shipping labels.
  6. Choose additional delivery options and special services if needed.
  7. Print and attach the FedEx label.

Can you put a FedEx package in a USPS box?

Yes. In the spirit of cooperation, the package will be taken to the post office and the USPS will call FedEx to pick it up. Sometimes, however, the mail carrier that delivers to the local FedEx office will deliver the package to FedEx.

Can you drop off FedEx at Walgreens?

You can easily make your returns at any Walgreens location. If your online shopping return has a FedEx label, you can drop off your sealed and prelabeled package to a Walgreens location of your choice and ask a store associate for assistance.

Will FedEx pickup if I have a prepaid label?

Our customer services team will be happy to help arrange for a courier to attend and collect your shipment. If you have been provided with a return label by your supplier all the advisor will need is the 12 digit air waybill number from the label to access all the information and schedule a courier to pick up.

How do I create a return label?

3 steps to creating a return label

  1. Step 1: Choose a shipping carrier and mail class. When creating your own return label, you’ll select which shipping carrier you want to go through and which mail class the package falls under.
  2. Step 2: Enter the address. Provide your business’s return address.
  3. Step 3: Pay for postage.

Can you put a return package in the mailbox?

If you are not at home when your mail carrier typically delivers, you can put the pieces back into your mailbox. Make sure you erect the red flag when you do so. This signifies that there is something for the mail carrier to collect the next time they do their rounds.

Is there a charge for returning a FedEx package?

There are no ‘free returns.’ Either you pay the return shipping or you refuse the package and FedEx bills the shipper to send it back to them. You can bring back the box to FedEx and tell them it was mis-delivered and have them send it back to shipper.

Can I pick up a package from FedEx before delivery?

Can i pickup a package from fedex before delivery. Yes you can pickup a package from FedEx before home delivery, all you need to do is request for a pickup and your package will be marked “Hold for Pickup”. After that you can go to the nearest FedEx local station to pickup your item.

How do I return a misdelivered FedEx package?

How do I return a misdelivered FedEx package? How to Use. Go online to FedEx Ground Return Package Pickup to schedule a pickup. Call FedEx Customer Service at 1.800. 463.3339 and say ‘Ground Return Pickup’ to schedule a pickup. Include them in a regular scheduled pickup. Drop them off at a staffed FedEx drop-off location.

How do I return a misdelivered FedEx package?

Asked in the following category: General The most recent update was made on the 7th of June, 2020. How to Make Use of

  1. You can schedule a pickup by going online to FedEx Ground Return Package Pickup or by calling FedEx Customer Service at 1.800.463.3339 and asking for ″Ground Return Package Pickup.″ You can also incorporate the items into an already-scheduled pickup or drop them off at a FedEx drop-off location that is staffed.

FedEx SmartPost has introduced a new method for consumers to return things to a shop by leveraging the United States Postal Service (USPS) as a delivery vehicle.The United States Postal Service will collect the items, which will then be aggregated into bigger shipments at local post offices before being picked up by FedEx for delivery to the original store.In addition, how can I return an item to its sender’s address?If it was delivered by the United States Postal Service, you should take it to your local post office.

  1. If the parcel has not been opened, inform the clerk that it should be returned (which they will do for free).
  2. Even if the package has been opened, you can still return it, but you will be responsible for the shipping costs.
  3. As a result, what happens if my FedEx item is delivered to the incorrect address?
  4. The bottom line is that you should never mail a box valued at more than $100 without purchasing insurance.
  5. If the delivery provider breaks the package, loses it, or delivers it to the incorrect address, the experience will be less than satisfactory.
  6. What is the best way to design a FedEx return label?
  • Use the FedEx Ship Manager, which can be found on the company’s official website, to create a return label.
  • In accordance with your preferences, you may either print the label or send it to the client, or you can have a FedEx professional come to the customer’s location to generate an appropriate label for the returned item.

Returns – Shipping Labels and Drop Off Locations

Do you want to exchange or return an online order?You’ve arrived to the correct location.To begin, choose which of the following circumstances most closely represents your current position.I already have a return shipping label prepared for my return cargo.

  1. You may drop off your shipment at any of the more than 60,000 retail and contactless FedEx® Drop Box locations nationwide.
  2. I have a FedEx return label with a QR code that I received from a retailer that works with FedEx.
  3. There is no need for you to print anything.
  4. Go to a FedEx or participating retail site and present your QR code to a member of the FedEx or participating retail team, who will print your label on the spot.
  5. You may find a list of participating drop off sites near you by checking the email that was sent to you with your QR code label.
  6. I haven’t been assigned a label as of yet.
  • You may build your own label on, or you can visit a retail store for assistance.
  • Visit a FedEx Office, FedEx Office at WalMart®, FedEx Authorized ShipCenter®, Office Depot®, or OfficeMax® store for assistance with packaging your cargo.
  • If you wish to transport your shipment to a different place, you’ll need to pack it before you leave home.

Learn about returns solutions for your business

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Here’s what you’ll find below:

Creating a returns label

How can I create a return shipping label?

Can I create a return shipping label in-store?

Printing returns labels

Can I get a preprinted return shipping label?

Check to check whether the online business gives a preprinted FedEx label for the purpose of returning merchandise. If this is the case, the merchant will either include a return label with the initial shipment or will send you a return label if you request one.

Can I print a label at home?

If an online business has given you with a downloadable shipping label, all you have to do is print the label and affix it to the box. If you need to develop and print a label, you may do it online and have it printed at your convenience.

Can I drop off without a printed label?

If you purchased anything from a firm that provided you with a QR code, you can take it to a place that takes QR codes.Once you’ve shown our team the code, they’ll print the label for your carefully packaged and sealed cargo.If you purchased anything from a firm that provided you with a barcode, take it to a site that takes barcodes.One of our staff members will scan and print your label while you shop with us.

  1. A barcode can be generated using the FedEx® Mobile app if you produced the label on your phone using the FedEx® Mobile app.
  2. Simply store the barcode to your phone’s memory and proceed as described above.)

Sending a return with reusable packaging

How can I tell if I received a shipment in reusable packaging? And if I did, how do I use it?

If the store shipped your purchase in reusable FedEx packaging, the package will be clearly labeled as such on the front.You’ll also find two sticky strips on the package.One of the strips will have been used by the shop in some capacity.Simply re-seal the package with the unused strip and mail the item back to us.

  1. You may even utilize it to mail a package to a different receiver if you so want.

FedEx pickup and dropoff for returns

Where can I drop off FedEx returns?

FedEx return shipments that have been pre-packaged can be dropped off at any FedEx drop off station. Pay a visit to one of the participating retail locations listed below. In order to get assistance with packing or producing a mailing label, you can go to a FedEx Office, FedEx Office at Walmart, FedEx Authorized Ship Center, Office Depot, or Office Max location.

How do I schedule a pickup or find a location for return shipments?

Here are a number of suggestions to make sure your return shipment gets to FedEx as quickly as possible: Using your FedEx account, you may arrange for a FedEx pickup to be delivered to your house or place of business for a modest cost.

To find the FedEx location closest to you, please use our simple locating tool.

QR code returns

What do I do if my online store emailed me a QR code?

Returning online orders is made much easier using QR codes, as there is no need to print anything at home.If you received a QR code from an online retailer, you may look through the email that contained your QR code to get a list of drop-off places that are accepting donations in your area.Simply return your sealed box to a participating store, where a member of the team will print your label and collect your return right there in person.

Which online stores offer QR code returns with FedEx?

A large number of well-known businesses are collaborating with FedEx to make returns simpler, requiring no printing at home. Walmart, eBay, Adidas, Levi’s, Neiman Marcus, Tory Burch, American Eagle, Dockers, Perry Ellis, and a slew of other stores are among those taking part in the promotion.

Getting support for returns

Do I need to pack my return item or can FedEx pack it?

Does the original online store or shipper need to coordinate pickups for returns?

Although it is not free, it is possible to arrange a FedEx driver to pick up your box for a modest price if you already have a FedEx account.Returns by FedEx Ground may be prepaid through the online shop, which is a convenient alternative for customers.For further information, please contact your online retailer.Alternatively, you may drop off your package at a FedEx drop off station for free.

Who can I call for returns support?

Tracking FedEx returns

How do I track the status of my return package(s)?

How to handle USPS returns and UPS returns

Can I return UPS packages or USPS packages at a FedEx location?

In order to process FedEx shipments, the package must be delivered to a FedEx site.FedEx Ground, FedEx Express, and FedEx SmartPost® are all options for these shipments.Unless an online merchant has supplied you with a return label for another shipping service, you will not be allowed to return your box to a FedEx drop-off facility.For a simple and inexpensive return, visit a FedEx facility and select the economical, speedy FedEx Ground service for a simple and inexpensive return.

Returns for less than you think

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Online return tips for a smooth return process

The convenience of shopping online is undeniable, but the online return procedure may be perplexing at times. Follow these instructions on how to return items purchased online. Link

Question: How To Return A Fedex Package That Is Not Mine

FedEx return shipments that have been pre-packaged can be dropped off at any FedEx drop off station. Pay a visit to one of the participating retail locations listed below. In order to get assistance with packing or producing a mailing label, you can go to a FedEx Office, FedEx Office at Walmart, FedEx Authorized Ship Center, Office Depot, or Office Max location.

What do I do if I get someone else’s FedEx package?

How to Make a FedEx Claims Submission Fill out the online claim form to get started on your claim. You can attach supporting papers at this point or after you have filed your application. Fill out and submit your online claim form. Make an appointment or perform your own examination. Keep track of the progress of your claim.

How do I return a package that is not mine?

When you receive a wrong delivery, contact the delivery company’s customer care department and explain the problem. Please provide them with the tracking number from the shipment, in addition to the name and address from the package if it is different from yours. It is expected that the firm would pick up the merchandise within a fair amount of time.

Can I return a FedEx package to sender?

If you act quickly enough, you may be able to decline the cargo and have FedEx return it to the sender on your behalf if necessary. Once you’ve received the item, you can generally print out a FedEx return label online and drop the box off or have FedEx pick it up for you.

Is it a crime to open someone else’s FedEx package?

When it comes to opening UPS and Fedex shipments, the rules are different than when it comes to opening USPS goods. According on what you’ve said, this was most likely a simple clerical error. Assuming you received your things in good condition, it does not appear that you have any problems. The 19th of December, 2017.

What happens if you open a package that is not yours?

″Most individuals are aware that it is against the law to open mail that has not been addressed to them. Mail theft is a felony offence that involves intentionally opening, intercepting, or concealing another person’s mail. A number of severe punishments are attached to it, including five years in a federal prison facility.″ The 9th of October, 2020.

Can I keep something delivered to me by mistake?

According to the Federal Trade Commission, you have the legal right to retain it because it was given to you as a free gift (FTC). Sellers are also not entitled to demand payment for things that have not been requested, and the Federal Trade Commission asserts that consumers are under no responsibility to inform the vendor of incorrectly delivered merchandise.

What happens if you get someone else’s package?

Companies will be notified if a package is not delivered to the correct address, either by the sender or by their tracking system. Even if you do not notify them of the incorrect delivery, they may still contact you or show up at your door to inquire as to where the box has been delivered.

Can I keep a misdelivered package?

You have the right to retain the product as long as it is addressed to you. Likewise, if the letter is addressed to someone else, you are responsible for making reasonable attempts to return or deliver it to the intended recipient.

How much does FedEx charge to return a package?

FedEx will only charge a return label premium once the return cargo has been received by the company. Using a print return label costs USD$0.50 per shipment*, whereas using an email return label costs USD$1.00 per shipment. If you do not utilize the return label, there will be no fee levied.

Can you drop off FedEx at Walgreens?

FedEx deliveries are now available at Walgreens. Walgreens provides the ultimate in convenience when you pick up and drop off your prescriptions. Some sites are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Walgreens provides the ultimate in convenience when you pick up and drop off your prescriptions.

How do I intercept a FedEx package?

Go to our tracking website and input the tracking number that was provided to you. Select Manage Delivery, then Hold at Location from the drop-down menu. Choose the place to which you want your delivery to be delivered from the drop-down menus that are presented to you. You may also look for participating locations in your area by entering your zip code.

Is stealing a FedEx package a felony?

Theft or receipt of stolen mail matter is a crime under the federal penal code, punishable by up to five years in jail and a fine of up to $10,000. It is also possible to incur additional larceny penalties based on the worth of the stolen goods.

What can I do if someone opened my package?

If you mistakenly open an envelope that was not intended for you, it is preferable to write ″return to sender″ or ″delivered to wrong address″ next to the name of the person to whom the envelope was intended to be delivered before closing the envelope.By performing this step, the United States Postal Service (USPS) will identify the error and redeliver the letter to the right recipient’s address.

What happens when a FedEx package is delivered to the wrong address?

If FedEx sends a shipment to the incorrect address, contact the company’s customer service department. Look for your order tracking number at the beginning of the process so that you may submit it to a customer support person. Inquire with FedEx to see whether your shipment was insured and if they would be able to pay you for your losses.

What’s the punishment for opening someone else’s mail?

How Serious Are the Consequences of Opening Someone Else’s Mail? In most circumstances, the minimum term for mail fraud or tampering is two years in prison, but in more serious cases (for example, those with evident malevolent intent or extensive/repeated tampering), the maximum sentence is five years in prison.

Do I have to return an item sent to me by mistake?

Unsolicited products are items that businesses deliver to you even if you did not place an order with them. You are well within your rights to keep these items. You are under no obligation to return them back to the firm or to pay for them in any other way. Firms have the right to take you to court in order to reclaim their products.

Do I have to return an item sent in error?

Obtaining the Incorrect Item If the unordered item was an inaccurate fulfillment of an order that the customer had placed, you are legally obligated to supply the right item or refund the client’s money in full — including shipping expenses — whichever is the greater of the two alternatives.You have the right to request that the consumer return the merchandise, but he is under no legal duty to do so.

Where can I return a FedEx package?

Go to your local FedEx Office, Office Depot, OfficeMax, FedEx Ship Center®, or FedEx Authorized ShipCenter® store to pick up your package.

Does FedEx Ground charge for pickup?

Fees for pick-up are non-existent. Returns: $4 per parcel returned Availability the following day or the following week: $3 per package (additional $1 each package arranged over the phone).

FedEx Global Returns: Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a range of payment choices available?Payment may be made through the use of a valid credit card number (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and JCB).Is it possible to keep both the printed return label and the customs documentation?If you want to send your customer a PDF of the label and the international paperwork, you may do so by sending them from your email account.

  1. Is it possible to utilize FedEx for customs brokerage when shipping international returns?
  2. To answer your question, yes, the brokerage service is automatically included with FedEx Express international shipments.
  3. Is it possible to employ my own customs broker for international returns?
  4. It is possible to use the FedEx International Broker Select® Option in conjunction with the worldwide print and email return labels, and this is accessible.
  5. Is it possible to follow the progress of my return packages?
  6. Your return shipment’s status may be tracked via the Fedex tracking link on their website.
  • Additionally, FedEx Tracking provides the option to observe the connectivity between the original outgoing cargo and the return package via the FedEx Tracking website.
  • To obtain FedEx® Tracking reports, you may also log in and use the data export tool available on the site.
  • Return shipments will be included in the report, including those in route, those previously delivered, and those for which a return label has been produced but which have not yet been despatched.
  • This information is available for up to two years after it is collected.
  • Is it possible to transport the return package using FedEx® Electronic Trade Documents?

Electronic trade documents are not supported for international return shipments, therefore please do not use them.Is it possible to mail numerous items in one package for international returns?With international returns, there is no option for multiple-piece shipments at this time.You do, however, have the option of printing several labels and customs paperwork that are similar to one another.Customers have been receiving the return label in.pdf format through email from me.Was there a significant difference between this and an email return label?

  1. When you generate the print return label, you may save it as a PDF and send it to your customers using the email address associated with your company’s domain name.
  2. After receiving the return label, your customers can print it and ship the goods, but they will be unable to modify any of the shipment details after they have received the label.
  3. If customers need to make any changes to the information on the return label or if they misplace the return label, they will need to contact you to obtain a replacement label.
  4. When you create an email return label, FedEx sends an email to the return shipper with a link to the return label’s online version, which they may view at their convenience.
  5. In order to save time and effort, return shippers can update any information of the return shipment directly on the return shipment page.

This saves time and effort since the shipper does not have to contact you for a new return label.This is particularly important for foreign return shipments.Additionally, the cost for the email return label is slightly greater.

Ground Economy Shipping

What is FedEx Ground Economy Returns and how does it work?Shipping items back to the sender with FedEx Ground Economy Returns (formerly known as FedEx SmartPost Returns) is an affordable alternative for packages weighing less than 70 lbs.and that aren’t time-sensitive.From the time we receive and scan the package from one of our facilities or from the United States Postal Service, Monday through Saturday, delivery is normally between 2 to 7 working days.

  1. FedEx Ground Economy Returns provides complete domestic home delivery inside the United States.
  2. For returns, we also provide a number of low-cost FedEx Ground delivery alternatives.
  3. What’s the difference between Federal Express Ground Economy and Federal Express SmartPost?
  4. Previously known as FedEx SmartPost, FedEx Ground Economy is now known as FedEx Ground.
  5. But don’t be concerned.
  6. FedEx SmartPost will continue to provide the same high-quality, cost-effective residential shipping and returns for small parcels that you have come to expect and rely on.
  • What is the transit time for FedEx Ground Economy?
  • Delivery typically takes 2 to 7 business days, depending on the distance between the point of origin and the point of destination of your cargo (with longer times outside the contiguous 48 states).
  • To find out more about delivery timings and other service specifics, please visit our FAQ page.
  • What is FedEx SmartPost, and how does it work?
  • FedEx SmartPost was the previous name for our contractually obligated, cost-effective delivery service for low-weight, non-urgent items that was previously known as FedEx SmartPost.

FedEx Ground Economy is the new name for the service that was formerly known as FedEx SmartPost.As a client, it is possible that you will get preprinted labels with the FedEx SmartPost logo still visible on them.Some shops may continue to utilize the FedEx SmartPost moniker during the checkout process, which might be confusing to customers.All of the service specifics will be the same in both situations.Where has my FedEx SmartPost package disappeared to?Tracking your package will assist you in locating it.

  1. a Multichannel Merchant article published on the 21st of January, 2009.

How to Send Back FedEx Packages

Whether you’ve changed your mind about a product you purchased for your company or you’ve received a damaged product, you may need to return FedEx items from time to time.Your options will be determined on how the store handles returns as well as whether or not you have received the merchandise.If you act quickly enough, you may be able to decline the cargo and have FedEx return it to the sender on your behalf if necessary.Once you’ve received the item, you can generally print out a FedEx return label online and drop the box off or have FedEx pick it up for you.

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read)

Check the retailer’s return policy to find out what alternatives are available for returning packages that were shipped by FedEx. Returning an item to a store may be as simple as printing a return label and mailing it back to the retailer, or it may be as simple as returning the item to the retailer.

Refusing a FedEx Delivery

As long as you are still waiting for the shipment and can make arrangements to be there when FedEx attempts delivery of the package, you can refuse delivery and avoid having to go through the returns procedure.The approach will be determined by whether or not the package requires a signature to be applied.If this is the case, just refuse to sign for it and inform the delivery person that you wish to reject the cargo.If no one is accessible, FedEx will consider the box to have been denied if no one signs for it after three tries to deliver it.

  1. In order to refuse a box while it is still in route, you can try phoning 1-800-Go-FedEx and telling a representative that you wish to refuse the delivery ahead of time.
  2. Attempting to catch the driver as he or she arrives to drop off the goods is an option if phoning beforehand is not possible.

Obtaining a FedEx Return Label

It is common for sellers to supply you with a FedEx return label to use when you need to return a product shipped by FedEx.This label may be provided for free or may need a deduction from your refund to cover the cost of postage.It’s possible that your delivery has a FedEx prepaid shipping label that has been placed inside the box.First, look for a pre-paid return label, which may have been included with the invoice or may have been placed separately in the box.

  1. In the event that you locate one, you will be able to merely paste that label on the shipping box without having to print anything.
  2. It’s possible that you’ll discover the ability to print FedEx return labels through the orders or returns part of the seller’s website, or that you’ll have the option to phone the firm and request that the label be sent to you.
  3. First and foremost, consult your seller’s return policies page on their website, as this will inform you of the procedures you must do in order to request a return for the order and print a mailing label for the shipment.
  4. That website will also provide you with any phone numbers or email addresses you’ll need to contact in order to request a return and have a label mailed to your address.
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Purchasing Your Own FedEx Postage

It is possible to purchase a FedEx return label on your own if the seller does not provide you with one on the FedEx website or at a FedEx physical postal center.To purchase a FedEx label through, you must first create a FedEx Ship Manager account, enter some personal information, and then add a valid payment method.It is possible to log in to FedEx’s Ship Manager from your computer or mobile device and enter the sender and recipient information, compare available FedEx shipping choices, make the payment, and print your label.If you do not wish to create an account online or do not have access to a printer, you can take the box to a FedEx Office, FedEx Ship Location, or other authorized shipping center to purchase postage and mail it.

  1. Some places will also take care of the repackaging and offer you with any shipping supplies you may want.
  2. Make sure to request a receipt so that you can show that you returned the item and track your box online.

Preparing Your FedEx Return

As soon as you’ve received your FedEx mailing label, you can begin assembling the items you’ll need for the return and placing them into the package.First and foremost, inquire with the vendor about their return policies and procedures.You will frequently be required to include the item in its original packaging, with all of its parts and accessories included.Typically, you’ll need to attach the original invoice or print one from the retailer’s website in order to complete the transaction.

  1. It is possible that you will be required to complete a return form in order to explain why you wish to return the item.
  2. Afterwards, carefully repackage everything in a strong box, ideally the one that was used for delivery.
  3. You may protect your item during shipment by wrapping it in bubble wrap or packing it with various fillers.
  4. After that, you may tape the box shut and attach your FedEx mailing label to it.

Shipping FedEx Returns in Person

Your shipment can be returned to FedEx at a variety of drop-off sites, depending on the size of the item.To discover the nearest FedEx locations, go to the company’s website and click on the ″Locations″ menu item until you see the option for locating a FedEx location in your area.The FedEx website should automatically determine your area and display a list of alternatives, including their addresses, hours of operation, and any limits on the kind of items that may be shipped.You should be able to find FedEx drop box sites outside of local businesses, where you may drop off smaller shipments whenever it is most convenient for you.

  1. For bigger packages or if you need a receipt to prove that you shipped the package, you can drop it off at a FedEx Office, ShipSite, or OnSite facility like Walgreens and leave it with a representative.
  2. Check with the OnSite location ahead of time because some have restrictions on package weights and sizes.

Scheduling FedEx Package Pickups

If you have returns that are too large, too heavy, or otherwise difficult to drop off, you may have FedEx come pick them up at your place of business for you.This is usually associated with a price, although there is one exception.In the event that you have a prepaid FedEx Ground return label, you can visit FedEx’s special pickup website to schedule a free pickup at your convenience.FedEx Express shipments, on the other hand, will not be affected by this.

  1. Alternatively, you may go into FedEx Ship Manager and access the ″Schedule & Manage Pickups″ tab to make a fee-based pickup request.
  2. Input the details of your package, select a pickup location, and authorize the payment of a pickup fee.
  3. You have the option to cancel or change the pickup if necessary.
  4. You may also request a FedEx pickup by calling the company.
  5. When the system tells you to do so, you’ll phone 1-800-Go-FedEx and specify that you require a pick-up.
  6. Prepare to pay with a credit card and to have your tracking number on hand when you purchase your ticket.
  • Once the pickup time has been scheduled, you should receive a confirmation number.

Considering Alternative Package Return Options

It is also possible to inquire with the sender about alternate return alternatives that do not entail utilizing FedEx and that may help you save money on or eliminate postal expenses if you need to return a package that you have already received.Many online retailers with a physical location will allow you to simply return the package’s contents in person.This is especially convenient for international customers.For example, Walmart uses FedEx for many of its shipments and allows you to simply bring the item in question along with your packing slip to the customer care desk for a refund to be processed.

  1. Product returned by FedEx or other carriers can be exchanged in your local Apple Store, where a staff can look up your order online and perform the exchange on the spot.
  2. Whether you need to send a return back but discover that utilizing FedEx will be too expensive, see if the seller would let you to buy your own postage through another carrier such as the United States Postal Service or United Parcel Service.

How to Refuse a FedEx Package

The FedEx delivery service delivers items to residential and commercial addresses all around the world.Deliveries may or may not necessitate the signing of a receipt to indicate receipt.The demand for a signature has an impact on how to deny a FedEx shipment.Regardless of the delivery criteria, you have the right to decline a product in order to avoid having to pay for return shipping expenses.

  1. If the product was delivered without a signature, you can refuse it by speaking with the delivery person or by phoning in a rejection; there is no refusal capability via the internet at this time.

Signature Required

Refusal to accept a parcel that requires a signature requires simply that the package be notified and that the package be refused to sign.When you send the notice, it informs the delivery driver that you do not wish to accept the delivery.Even if you are not the intended receiver, you have the right to refuse the package.The denial of parcels is usually handled by a receptionist or other gatekeeper, which is considered a legitimate kind of refuse in most firms.

  1. If you are refusing to accept a shipment, do not sign the acknowledgment of receipt form.
  2. FedEx attempts to deliver packages in several instances.
  3. When this occurs, the delivery driver writes a note with the date and time of the delivery’s return.
  4. If you are not accessible after the third attempted delivery attempt over the period of three working days, the parcel will be returned to the sender by the postal service.

No Signature Required

If no signature is required for delivery, the sender has indicated that he or she does not wish to receive confirmation of arrival.This is the situation when the delivery driver drops the gift off with a receptionist or at the front door.Even after an item has been delivered, you have the right to decline it.FedEx customer care may be reached at 800-463-3339.

  1. Provide the representative with the tracking number printed on the FedEx label, as well as the address where the package will be delivered.
  2. Explain that you are reluctant to accept this shipment and that you require a pickup.
  3. Please keep in mind that FedEx will often pick up shipments from companies, but not from houses or private dwellings.
  4. Alternatively, if FedEx will not pick up the box, the parcel can be dropped off at a FedEx drop-off site to complete the package return.

Who Pays

Return shipping rates are typically borne by the sender, who is also responsible for the payment of these fees.If, on the other hand, the box was signed for by the receiver or a representative of the recipient, such as a receptionist, the recipient is responsible for the cost of the product’s return postage.FedEx is less specific than UPS when it comes to the time period for coordinating the rejection.UPS expressly indicates that you have five days to prepare for package refusal and return after receiving the package.

  1. FedEx does not provide a time period, yet it makes sense to do so as soon as feasible after an undesirable delivery has occurred.
  2. If a package is denied but not returnable due to packaging difficulties, damage, or contents that are prohibited by the FedEx terms of service, FedEx maintains the right to charge the sender for the cost of disposal of the package.

Inform all members of your office employees who may be asked to sign for a delivery that you are denying a package from a certain party in order to avoid the box being accidentally accepted.

Can I change the delivery address of my package? – FedEx

Changing the delivery address from the one that was initially listed on the air waybill or shipping label is referred to as rerouting the shipment.FedEx can reroute a cargo if the sender gives permission for them to do so.A maximum of one reroute per shipment is permitted.A reroute entails the following modifications: From one street address in one city to another street address in another city From orders to hold at a FedEx location to a request for a delivery, everything is covered.

  1. From delivery instructions to a request for a Hold at a FedEx location, everything is possible.
  2. From one FedEx location in one city to another FedEx location in another city You must contact Customer Service and submit the following information if you wish to reroute a shipment: Obtaining a FedEx tracking number It is necessary to update the recipient’s destination address and contact telephone number.
  3. It is possible that additional limitations and costs will apply.
  4. There is no additional fee for items to be held for pickup instead of delivery; however, the person who is authorized to pick up the box will be required to provide picture identification.
  5. It is not possible to get a refund if your package is returned to its original destination.
  6. We retain the right to decide the mode of transportation (including air, land, or other carriers) that will best meet your needs in order to get your item to its new location as quickly and efficiently.
  • FedEx will make every effort to accommodate the additional delivery request; nevertheless, delays may occur as a consequence of verification and handling processes.

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Drop-off and Pickup all your packages at Walgreens

You may request a package redirection, request a vacation hold, adjust delivery timeframes and more using FedEx Delivery Manager®, which can be accessed from a mobile device.

Easy returns with a QR code

Do you want to make a return? Please bring your FedEx QR code, which you obtained from the online retailer from where you made your purchase, to the store where you made your purchase, and a shipping label will be generated for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • There are no additional expenses associated with picking up or dropping off a package at any of these facilities. A shipment will be kept for up to 7 days before being released. Following that, the box will be returned to the FedEx facility that is closest to you, and your tracking information will be updated to reflect that your shipment is no longer being held for pickup at Walgreens. Call 1.800.GoFedEx 1.800.463.3339 for more assistance if your shipment has been returned to you. Acceptable shipments are correctly labeled with a FedEx Express or FedEx Ground delivery label and are securely sealed. Additionally, be certain that your package: – weighs less than 55 pounds
  • – measures less than 48″ x 25″ x 25″
  • – does not include dry ice
  • – does not contain dangerous items or hazardous materials
  • – does not contain live animals
  • – does not contain broken or unsuitable wrapping.

Pickup and dropoff services are offered at select Walgreens stores during regular business hours, subject to availability.The hours of operation vary depending on the location.To find a Walgreens store near you, go to this page.Returns are simple and may be completed at any Walgreens store location.

  1. If a FedEx label was included with your online shopping return, you can drop off your sealed and prelabeled package at any Walgreens location of your choosing and ask a store staff for help.
  2. You don’t have a label, do you?
  3. A FedEx return label can be obtained from participating online retailers upon request.
  4. If you request a return label from the retailer, they will send you an email with a QR code that you may use to return the item.
  5. Please bring your e-mail with the QR code to any Walgreens location and a shop staff will print your label on the spot!

Explore FedEx locations near you.

Additionally, in addition to the hundreds of thousands of FedEx Office and Walgreens sites around the country, you may pick up and drop off FedEx packages at a variety of additional convenient places. See where they are and how to make the most of the FedEx network by exploring the interactive map.

Return Labels: Why They’re Important and How to Generate Them

When a consumer has a product delivered at their home, they discover that it is not exactly what they ordered.It’s possible that you received the wrong color or size, or that the goods was damaged during shipping.They are responsible for returning the order.Mistakes happen, and it is unavoidable to have to start over.

  1. As an ecommerce business owner, you must be prepared to roll with the punches and do all in your power to provide excellent customer service to your customers.
  2. Create an effective ecommerce returns process from the ground up by starting with the return label.
  3. What is the significance of this small piece of paper?
  4. Continue reading to learn about the best practices for creating return labels.

What is a return label?

A return label is a sticker that is applied to a box or mailer and contains information such as an address, shipping barcode, and other details that a shipping carrier uses to identify the destination and track the shipment so that it may be returned to the seller or suitable warehouse.

3 steps to creating a return label

Return labels are commonly generated with shipping software at the post office, an office supply store, or even at home using a computer and an internet connection. Whatever program you choose to use, there are three essential stages to creating a return label on your own that you should follow:

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Step 1: Choose a shipping carrier and mail class

In order to create your own return label, you must first choose which shipping carrier you wish to use and which postal class the parcel belongs to.

Step 2: Enter the address

Please include the return address for your company. This should be a site that is open to receive returned things, such as your warehouse, and should be clearly marked as such.

Step 3: Pay for postage

Pay the amount necessary to pay the expense of turning the item. As a result, your customer will not be required to pay for anything out of pocket.

2 ways ecommerce businesses can provide return labels

Should your ecommerce consumers decide that they would want to return an item, you can either include a return label in the original packaging or allow them to print their own return label at home if you choose to do so.

Including the label in the shipped package

It is possible to include a return label (which is different from a packing slip) with all of the delivered packages that are sent out. Customers will receive everything they need to return the item if they want to do so, which will make the return procedure much simpler.

Letting customers print their own label

Other options include sending consumers return labels through email when they inform you that they would like to return a product, as described above. Their option is to download the label, print it off, and then tape it on the package. This increases the amount of time required and makes the process less convenient for the consumer.

4 reasons why some businesses include return labels in packages

If you have a high return rate, including a return label in every outbound shipment is the most convenient solution for your consumers (note: ShipBob does not do this but some big-box retailers and fast fashion companies do this by default).Listed below are a few of the reasons why some ecommerce organizations choose for this strategy, which can also boost your return rate and cost per transaction.

1. Saves your customers time and effort

Customer’s will no longer have to request a return label, wait for you to send it to them through email, print it, attach it to their box, and then mail the goods back to you; instead, they will already have a label ready to attach if they chose to send a return.

2. You can select the lowest cost mail option

By providing a return label on your own, you may ensure that the least expensive mail option is utilized rather than having to refund consumers for postage rates in the future.

3. Ensures the package is returned properly

What a shame it would be to have to reimburse a client only to discover that the return shipment was misplaced or sent to the incorrect location. If customers handle returns themselves, it is possible that they will address the item incorrectly or supply incorrect postage. By including your own labels in the box, you can be certain that the product will be returned to the correct location.

4. Return labels cost nothing unless they’re used

In addition to wasting paper, placing return labels in your parcels is completely unnecessary if your clients never use them. Of course, using this technique enhances the possibility and convenience with which returns may be made, increasing the likelihood that your consumers will return things after purchasing them.

How ShipBob makes processing returns easy

When it comes to creating and printing your own return labels, it may be time-consuming, especially if you don’t have the proper tools.Additionally, if you are creating labels for a large number of products, you will want a system that can be scaled.Third-party logistics providers (also known as 3PL firms) such as ShipBob provide direct-to-consumer ecommerce fulfillment services that make it simple to produce labels, monitor orders, and track returns from a single location.In addition to lowering your expenses and processing times, you will also increase customer satisfaction by making the procedure more convenient for your clients.

  1. The way it works is as follows:

1. Generate a return label from your ShipBob dashboard with a single click

Through our dashboard, you have the ability to produce and print a return label for a package you’ve shipped. Simply do a search for and pick the item(s) you wish to have returned.

2. View orders being sent back from the “Return” tab in your dashboard

You can keep track of returns by visiting the Returns page in your ShipBob account dashboard. Filter your results based on where your shipments are in the return process (Awaiting, Arrived, Processing, Completed, Canceled). The term ″returns″ refers to both returns and delivery exceptions (e.g., shipments that were unable to be delivered).

3. Include specific instructions for the ShipBob’s team

What happens now that the merchandise has been returned?Once the goods has been received and processed at a fulfillment center, the item will be automatically replenished in the system.However, you have the opportunity to specify return choices for specific products, such as restocking, disposing, or quarantining the items.Following your selection, the ShipBob order fulfillment staff will be aware of what to do with the goods once it has been returned to the company for processing.

Save time and money with ecommerce return labels

The creation of your own return labels, as well as the distribution of return labels by email to consumers who wish to return things, are both laborious and time-consuming tasks. For more information on how ShipBob can assist you with streamlining the retail fulfillment and inventory management processes for your online business, please complete the form below to get started.

How to Return Mail to Sender

The subject of ″how to return mail to sender″ is one that you’ve definitely thought about more than once. Well, fortunately for you, we’re here to provide an answer!

Return Mail To Sender: Someone Who Doesn’t Live At Your Address

If you have recently moved into a new home, it is possible that you may receive mail addressed to the previous occupants.There is a way to make it better!In spite of the fact that we appreciate how annoying it might be (particularly if the renters who were in your home before you haven’t completed their change of address request).Regardless, let’s get started with the step-by-step tutorial, shall we?

Step One: Write “Not At This Address” On The Envelope

  1. This method is equally effective with packages!
  2. It is essential that you clearly mark the box with the words ″Not at this address.″ When faced with this situation, you might be tempted to write ″Return to sender,″ but this is not the right way to phrase it.
  3. In addition to this, there are several other considerations to be made at this time.
  4. You must make certain that all barcodes have been defaced.
  5. Otherwise, you will discover that the item or envelope will be returned to the sender’s location.
  • Keep in mind, however, that you should not cross the address.
  • The postal carrier must be made aware that the person no longer resides at the address in question.
  • If the situation persists (for example, if you continue to receive mail addressed to the prior resident), you must notify your postal carrier.
  • As an alternative, you can get in touch with your local Post Office.

In any case, this should be sufficient to put an end to the problem.

Step Two: Give The Mail Item Back To Your Carrier

  1. It is your responsibility to return the envelope or parcel to the mail carrier if you are at home when they deliver your stuff to you.
  2. It is essential that you clarify that the addressee no longer resides at your address.
  3. Of course, you’ll want to write something on it before handing it over to the delivery person.
  4. Alternatively, if you are not at home when your mail carrier normally arrives, you can place the pieces back into your mailbox..
  5. When you do this, be sure to display the red flag.
  • This indicates that there is something for the postal carrier to pick up the next time they go around the block to deliver the mail.

Step Three: Use An United States Postal Service Mail Collection Box

  1. If you do not have a mail carrier to return the piece to or a mailbox to leave it in, you can make use of the United States Postal Service’s mail collecting box.
  2. You may expect a representative from your local Post Office to come and collect it.
  3. If the letter or package is addressed incorrectly, they will either transmit it to the correct address or return it to the sender.
  4. These boxes aren’t difficult to come across.
  5. It’s as simple as visiting the United States Postal Service website and clicking on the ″Find Locations″ link.
  • From then, everything is as simple as pie.

Return Mail To Sender: Mail Delivered to The Wrong Address

You may have received a piece of mail that was delivered to a different address because your postal carrier accidentally placed it into your mailbox (or through your door) by mistake. They are made by everyone, so try not to become very irritated over this. Simply follow the instructions outlined below, and everything will be resolved in a short period.

Step One: Put It Back In Your Mailbox

  1. As soon as you realize that the address on the mail piece is incorrect, place the mail piece back in your mailbox.
  2. Make certain that the red flag is shown as well.
  3. If you do this, your carrier will be alerted that there is outgoing mail waiting for them when they come to your door the following time.
  4. We should point out that this is a new development.
  5. If it is a Priority Mail Express package that has been misplaced, you must contact the carrier at 1-800-275-8777.
  • Then, request the Priority Mail Express Reporting Unit by calling the number above.
  • Whoever responds will inform you of the next steps to take.

Step Two: Alternatively, Hand It To Your Mail Carrier

  1. It is important to ensure that you are at home when the postal carrier comes the next day if you do not want to leave the item in your mailbox overnight.
  2. Then you can personally return the item that was misdelivered to the sender.
  3. Make certain to mention that it was sent to the incorrect address.
  4. The USPS workers will then be able to resolve the situation.
  5. If you want, you can also drop off the parcel, package, or envelop at your local post office yourself.
  • It all comes down to personal preference and whatever way is most convenient for you.

Step Three: Do Not Write On The Envelope or Parcel

  1. In this case, there is no need to write anything on the package or to label it.
  2. If you do this, your postal carrier will be unable to deliver it to the correct destination, so avoid interfering with the delivery process!
  3. If the item does need to be returned to the sender, your local Post Office will take care of the process for you.
  4. The box does not need to have a ″Return to sender″ statement written on it.
  5. It’s important to remember that you shouldn’t conceal or cross out the address.
  • However, if you attach a sticky note to your mailbox, explaining the products you’ve put inside and the person’s name, as well as the fact that they do not reside at your location, it may be beneficial to your postal carrier.

Return Mail To Sender: Mail That You Do Not Want

If a piece of mail addressed to you has been delivered to the right location but you do not wish to keep it, you have the option of returning it. Make sure you follow our step-by-step instructions to ensure that you do it correctly.

Step One: Write The Word “Refused” On The Packaging

  1. You have the right to refuse virtually any type of mail and request that it be returned to the sender.
  2. All you have to do is write the word ″Refused″ on the envelope or parcel and return it to your postal carrier as soon as humanly feasible.
  3. It really is that simple.
  4. It is vital to remember that if you have already opened the file, you will not be able to close it.
  5. Yes, even if you meticulously reseal the item’s packaging.
  • Make a decision about whether or not you really want it before you start tearing into it.

Step Two: If It’s Accountable Mail, Mark The “Refused” Box

  • We understand you’re curious about responsible mail. It is just postal things that require you to sign for them. You will have the option to accept or reject the accountable letter based on its content. If you do not wish to accept the notification, just mark the ″Refused″ box on the notice that was sent to your door by your mail carrier. The following are examples of the kind of accountable mail that you are likely to receive: Certified mail, registered mail, collect on delivery, Priority Mail Express, and items insured for more than $200 are all acceptable options.

Important to note is that you are often unable to refuse mail that has already been delivered and signed for. It is your responsibility to repackage the item and pay for the return shipping costs if you decide to decline it after this point.

Step Three: Repackage If You have Opened The Item

  1. Getting a little carried away and opening the box, package, or letter means you’ll have to put it in a new envelope or mailer before you’ll be able to return the item.
  2. You will, of course, be responsible for the cost of new shipping.
  3. Having said that, if you’re returning undesired or broken stuff, you might be able to get it for free.
  4. In these situations, vendors will typically provide you with a pre-paid mailing label or reimburse you for the postage you paid.
  5. Now that you have a thorough understanding of the procedure, let’s go on to answering some of your commonly asked questions!

Your Frequently Asked Questions, Answered

How Much Does It Cost To Return A Letter, Parcel, or Package?

As previously stated, returning a mail is free of charge unless you have opened the item in question. In the latter instance, you will be required to purchase new packing as well as pay for delivery costs. You will be charged a certain amount depending on the size, weight, and kind of item you are returning.

How To Report The Change of Address For Someone Else

  1. While you can continue to return the mail that has been sent to your address for the previous inhabitants, it is more convenient in the long run if you declare that they no longer reside at the address.
  2. To accomplish this, send a note to your local Post Office stating who do

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