How To Return Shein Package?

1.Sign into your SHEIN account. 2.Find the order in My Orders, click the ‘Return Item’ button. 3.Select the item (s) you would like to return, indicate the reason, then submit. 4.Select the return method and refund method, then please pack the item (s) to be returned with the original packaging.

  1. Sign into your SHEIN account.
  2. Find the order in My Orders, click the ‘Return Item’ button.
  3. Select the item(s) you would like to return, indicate the reason, and submit.
  4. Print the return label and securely tape it on the outside of your return package.

Visit Shein “Customer Service” page. If you are in the web browser,you can find the “Customer Service” page option at the top right section of their website.

How to return an item to Shein’s?

To return your item, you need to ship it to the Shein’s Return Center. You can follow the simple step-by-step guide below: Step-1: sign in to your SHEIN account and click on “ My Orders ” to select the order you wish to return.

How long does it take for Shein to refund money?

Refunds On average, Shein takes 7 days to process your return and issue refunds upon receipt of your package. The refund amount will be credited to the original source of payment or to your Shein wallet. Note: The original shipping fee and the insurance are non-refundable

How do I ship my clothes to Shein?

Prepare the package, placing each garment in its zip bag. Place all the garments in a box or envelope. When the package arrives at Shein, they will perform a small check and issue a refund (usually fast).

Will Shein have customs problems if I buy from Europe?

In Shein’s terms and conditions, the site informs us that we will not have customs problems if we buy from Europe. However, if you have had any problems with customs we recommend you to get the proof of payment and contact Shein support to request a refund. When you ask for a refund, do you get your points and coupons back?

How long does it take Shein to ship to USA?

Today we will talk about shein delivery time, I hope you read the article then you can know how long does shein take to shop. How long does it take shein to deliver? Processing time : It normally takes 3-7 business day s for shein to process your order. Please note that this does not include holidays and weekends. so you need consider the 3-7 days.

Does Shein have free returns?

You have a max of 45 days to make returns. You must send back and postmark your return packages within 45 days after the purchase date. No returns made after 45 days from the purchase date will be accepted. 2. Shipping is free on your 1st return for any order.

Does Shein have free return?

Shein has a very good return policy. You can make returns up to 45 days after making your purchase. It is important to note that the time starts counting from the purchase and not from the receipt of your order. The money refund will be made 10 days after Shein receives your package.

Shein Return & Refund Policy [2022 Guide]

  1. Shein is a clothing brand that mostly caters to female clientele, while they also provide items for men and children.
  2. Some customers are happy with this purchasing website, but others have expressed dissatisfaction with it.
  3. We recommend that you read the Shein return policy before making a purchase on
  4. When it comes to returning your merchandise, our guide to Shein’s Return Policy will give you with all of the information that you require.
  5. Our simple to follow guide will explain you exactly how to return an item for a refund or exchange, regardless of whether you want to swap it or refund it.

Shein Return Policy Guide

  1. Items purchased from Shein can be returned through the mail within 45 days after the original purchase date.
  2. They will not pay the shipping costs or any additional insurance that was applied to your item, however they will give free returns on your first order if you order from them.
  3. The Shein website gives you 45 days to return any items you have purchased from them if you are not totally happy with your purchase.
  4. You must return the item in its original condition, including unworn, unwashed, and undamaged packaging with all of the tags still attached.
  5. Those who believe this is unfair should keep in mind that the corporation will utilize the date on the returned packing to evaluate whether or not you have met the 45-day deadline.
  6. If this date is fewer than 45 days away, you should expect to get your refund within 10-12 days of placing your order.

How to Return Shein Products

  1. You must mail your item back to Shein’s return center in order to receive a refund.
  2. You can follow the straightforward step-by-step instructions provided below: Step 1: Log in to your SHEIN account and choose the order you wish to return from the ″My Orders″ section of the website.
  3. Step 2: Select the item(s) you wish to return by clicking on the ″Return Item″ button.
  4. Following the completion of the Return Reason field, click ″Submit″ to print your Return Label.
  5. Step 4: Package your merchandise and attach a return label to the outside of the box.
  6. Step 5: Deliver the package to your local Post Office, dropbox, or hand it over to your postal carrier.

Keep in mind that the first return is free; any future returns of the same transaction will be subject to a $7.99 processing fee (which will be deducted from your refund).

Shein Exchange Policy

If your item does not fit as expected, you may opt to exchange it for another of the same size. You can request an exchange using your Shein account up to 45 days after making your original purchase. Alternatively, if the item you’ve ordered is not available, you’ll be offered an alternative. If you don’t like it, you have the option to request a refund.

Refund Policy

  1. Shein takes an average of 7-10 days to process your return and offer reimbursements after receiving your item, depending on the circumstances.
  2. The amount of the refund will be paid back to the original source of payment or to your Shein wallet, as appropriate.
  3. Please keep in mind that the original shipping price as well as the insurance are non-refundable.
  4. Please keep in mind that if you are purchasing on Black Friday, you will have to wait one week before requesting a refund.

Products covered under Return Policy


What is Shein’s Customer Service Number?

Although their phone call center in the United States is not yet operational, you can reach them using this link.

Does Shein Have Free Returns?

Yes, you may return as many products as you want from your initial order, and this will be covered by the free return policy for the first time. Subsequent returns, on the other hand, will not be free.

Can I Return Items on Sale?

Yes, you can return sale products as long as they fit the terms of the return policy. It is impossible to return an item that has been indicated as non-refundable at the time of purchase.

How Long Do Shein Refunds Take?

Shein refunds take up to 7 days to complete after you have received your purchase. As a result of the present state of the globe, reimbursements will take 10-15 days starting in 2022. Also see: Sephora Makes a Comeback

Is Shein Legit?

Shein refunds take up to 7 days to process once your product has been received. By 2022, reimbursements will take 10-15 days to process due to the present state of the international economy. Also see: Sephora Makes a Comeback.

Does Shein Accept Returns After 30 Days?

Shein accepts returns for up to 45 days after the date of purchase, unless otherwise stated. The processing and shipping times are included in this calculation, so your returned item must be postmarked within 45 days of the day you made your purchase on the Shein website.


  1. Interesting fact: Did you know that Shein has over 8 million followers on Instagram?
  2. It is a global business-to-consumer e-commerce platform that operates in more than 220 countries across the world.
  3. After reading this tutorial, you should be well prepared to receive your refund from Shein.
  4. Simply follow our simple step-by-step instructions.
  5. After making a purchase, you have 45 days to request a refund from the firm.
  6. Many of our readers have been successful in obtaining their refunds by following our step-by-step instructions.

I hope our information about Shein’s return policy was of use to you in any way.You may also read our other guidelines, which include ones on Academy, Target, Urban Outfitters, Whole Foods, Office Depot, and Amazon’s Return Policy, among other things.Related:

Shein return policy + tricks to have free return in 2022

  1. It is possible that what we receive from Shein is not what we expected: something that fits the model like a glove may not fit us at all because we did not order the correct size or for any other number of reasons.
  2. We’ll go through Shein’s return policy in depth and show you how to return garments for a full refund in this article.
  3. Warning: Using this approach, you will be able to obtain a limitless number of Shein vouchers.
  4. More information may be found by clicking here.

Review about returns on Shein

If you are considering making a purchase at Shein but are concerned about the return process, we will provide you with our thoughts on the matter, taking into consideration the various factors that go into a return.

Return’s policy

  • A rating of ten (excellent) You can return almost any goods, with the exception of bodysuits and underwear
  • products in the ″beauty″ area
  • and items in the ″gifts″ category.
  • Products for parties and events
  • Materials for do-it-yourself projects
  • Jewellery, costume jewelry, and other accessories (excluding scarves, backpacks, and blankets)
  • accessories for pets
  • accessories for children

Swimming suits and bikinis, as previously stated, can be returned unless they do not have the necessary sanitary protection or if the protection has been destroyed. Shein will not accept returns for items that are broken, soiled, or worn. You will receive an alert in your cart or in the summary of your order if a product cannot be returned for any reason.

Methods of return Shein

  • A rating of ten (excellent) You may return your Shein orders in a variety of ways, including: Post Office: As previously said, they will supply us with a label, which we will need to take to the Post Office in order to return our purchase.
  • Own way: You may choose to send your return via another means, but you will be responsible for the shipping costs.

Return costs

  1. A rating of ten (remarkable) Shipping is free on your first return of any item.
  2. You must return the item using the mailing label we offer (see the ″How do I make a return?″ section for more information), and postmark the package within 45 days of the date of purchase.
  3. If you have previously returned things from an order but would wish to return more items from the same order, you must do so within 45 days of the date of the original purchase.
  4. There are two alternatives:
  1. You may use the shipping label we gave and pay a $ 7.99 shipping price, which will be removed from your refund
  2. you can use the mailing label we provided and pay a $ 7.99 shipping fee, which will be deducted from your refund
  3. You are free to choose your own delivery method and to bear all of the associated costs.

Deadline to request a refund

A rating of ten (remarkable) Shein offers a generous return policy to its customers. After you make your purchase, you have 45 days to return it to the store. It is vital to remember that the time begins to run from the time of purchase and not from the time of receipt of your order.

Refund times

  1. A rating of ten (excellent) Ten days after Shein gets your shipment, you will receive a refund of your money.
  2. It will be delivered to you either through your Shein wallet or into the account that you used to make the purchase, depending on what you specify.
  3. Of course, you will only receive a return for the amount spent on the item itself.
  4. Shipping expenses, shipping insurance, and any other costs related with the shipment are non-refundable.

How to make a FREE return

Simple actions must be taken in order to complete the process:

  1. From this link, navigate to your order and select ″Make a return″ from the drop-down menu.
  2. Please choose all of the goods that you wish to return.
  3. Choose a return method and a refund method, and then follow the procedures (we’ll explain how to do it in full further below).
  4. Prepare the gift by placing each item of clothing in its own zip-top bag. Place all of the clothing in a box or an envelope for storage.
  5. When the product arrives at Shein, they will conduct a quick inspection and provide a refund (which is normally within 24 hours)
  6. Wait for your money to come
  7. you should get it in approximately two weeks at the most.

Return orders with your country’s post office

This approach is far more convenient because you don’t have to print your label or include anything in your return package as you would with the traditional system. Simply complete the following steps to prepare your return for mailing through the post office:

  1. Download the return label to your computer. Instead of printing it, you may just scan the barcode to access it.
  2. Return the package to any post office and provide the return label.
  3. You will get a confirmation email, which will include a tracking number for your return.

How to return by your own method (paying)

  1. Depending on where you reside, it is conceivable that ″by your own means″ is the only mode of return open to you.
  2. You may choose whatever shipping business or method you like, but you will be responsible for the expenses of shipment, with the exception of extraordinary circumstances as determined by Shein customer care.
  3. The procedures to be followed are the same as previously, with the exception that when selecting a shipping method for the box to be returned, we will pick ″return by my own means.″ Shein will give you the mailing address after the order has been placed.
  4. It is critical that the package be sent to the correct address and not to the address that appears on the package that was received.
  5. Please take note of the following considerations as well:
  1. If at all possible, return the products in their original packaging, with all tags and barcodes still attached.
  2. In order to expedite the processing of your return, provide the return number next to the recipient’s name.
  3. By going to ″My Orders″ > ″Return History,″ you may enter the tracking number or delivery receipt issued by the shipping company.
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Warning: Using this approach, you will be able to obtain a limitless number of Shein vouchers. More information may be found by clicking here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? We’ve selected some of the most commonly asked questions to help you out.

How to return unbagged orders

  1. As you are aware, Shein clothes are packaged in a zip bag.
  2. It is advisable to place each clothing in its own bag, rather than mixing them up.
  3. To find out the bag your clothing arrived in, go to Shein, look for the garment, and in the description you’ll see a reference that reads SKU (Stock Keeping Unit).
  4. There is no problem, though, if it has broken or been discarded for any reason.
  5. Based on our previous experience, we can confirm that whether you utilize a zip bag from another garment by removing the reference label or if you submit your garment without the bag, the money will be credited to your account.
  6. Another option suggested by Shein customer support is to place each item in a clear bag with the SKU reference written on the outside, allowing Shein to track and control the returned clothing much more quickly and efficiently.

How to find the SKU reference

To get the SKU reference for any Shein garment, simply click on the garment’s thumbnail image. You will be able to see it from your computer under the name. The SKU reference may be found in the description part of the mobile application, which can be accessed using the mobile application.

How to request a refund from PayPal

  1. A gift card was used as payment until recently, and any refunds were issued in the form of a gift card if the payment had been made with one.
  2. The reimbursement, on the other hand, must now be processed through PayPal.
  3. To be eligible for a refund, all you need to do is create an account with PayPal and link your credit card, debit card, and bank account information.
  4. Once you have provided Shein with the email address that you used to register with PayPal, you will be able to receive your money in your account.
  5. As soon as you have the funds in your PayPal account, all you have to do is pick where you want to send the funds so that you may get them in your hands as quickly as possible.
  6. Another advantage is that if you pay using PayPal, you will receive a refund for the shipping fees as well (but not the shipping insurance).

Can I return to change a size?

Returning clothing for a different size is possible; however, you will be required to place a new purchase in the proper size if you do so. Despite the fact that coupons are non-refundable, you will receive a reimbursement for the points you have spent.

What to do if the return label is used?

It has happened on occasion that when returning a product, the label looks to have been used, and we are unable to utilize the goods. Customer service should be contacted in this situation so that a replacement label may be issued……………………………………

How to contact customer service

If you have any questions or concerns about your return, you may contact customer care through chat, phone, or message. Simply click here and choose the mode of communication that is most convenient for you. Warning: Using this approach, you will be able to obtain a limitless number of Shein vouchers. More information may be found by clicking here.

How to Get a Refund on Shein in 2022 (Step by Step)

  1. Occasionally, our purchases from Shein are not what we had hoped they would be.
  2. In such scenario, we must request a cancellation (if they have not yet sent our purchase) or a return (if we have already received our order and we do not like it), and we will obtain a refund of our money as a result of our request.
  3. Please read this page for more information about Shein’s return and refund policies; nevertheless, please see below for more thorough information.
  4. Warning: Using this approach, you will be able to obtain a limitless number of Shein vouchers.
  5. More information may be found by clicking here.

How to ask for a refund at Shein

  • We will need to be in one of the following scenarios in order to receive a refund for our Shein purchases: 1. The purchase has already been delivered, and the clothing either do not fit the description or are not to our liking. Rather of requesting a refund in this situation, we will require a return
  • Orders placed with Shein have not yet arrived, and customer support has indicated that they would proceed to refund us after receiving a cancellation request.
  • It is possible for us to cancel an order that has not been dispatched. We will receive a return in our bank account within a few days.
  1. Once a refund or cancellation is requested, the money will be credited to our account automatically, regardless of the circumstances.
  2. First and foremost, we will get an email confirming that the refund has been successfully handled.
  3. We should receive the money in our bank account within 5-10 business days of receiving it.
  4. If we decide to return something, Shein will give us the option of selecting from a number of different reimbursement ways.
  5. When canceling a purchase, we will have the option of returning the item to the seller using our Shein wallet or having the refund processed through the original payment method.
  6. Each refund method has its own set of features, which are as follows:

Refund Shein wallet

  1. As a frequent customer, we recommend that you send the returned money to your Shein wallet rather than to your bank account: it will be much easier and you will get the money in no more than 24 hours.
  2. Even if you decide that you do not want to purchase anything, you will be able to withdraw your money and receive your money back.
  3. Although it is possible to have money refunded to your Shein wallet at any time, this may not be possible during times when the system is down for maintenance.

Credit card refund

  1. In the event that you do not wish to purchase again or if the refund amount is significant, the best course of action is to request the money using the original payment method.
  2. The difficulty is that if we pay with a credit card, it may take several days for the return to reach your bank.
  3. Occasionally, it has taken up to a month to get the package, while it is usually received between 3 and 15 working days on average.

PayPal Refund

Because PayPal is a widely recognized payment system in most online retailers, this way of reimbursement is a wonderful choice for most people. So that you may spend your money at Shein as well as other businesses, you can also withdraw money from Shein and deposit it into your credit card, debit card, or bank account of choice. In most cases, money is received within 2 to 7 business days.

Gift card refund

If you have paid with a gift card, you should be aware that it cannot be withdrawn as cash; instead, it will be credited back to your gift card account. If you have forgotten your PIN, please get in touch with customer service. However, if the mechanism does not function properly, they can put the money into your Shein wallet or through Paypal.

Clearpay Refund

  1. If you paid in installments with Clearpay using your credit card, the refund will be issued immediately to the credit card used to make the installment payments, and it will not be possible to alter the card used to make the installment payments.
  2. Payments that have not yet been received will be cancelled if there are any remaining payments due and you have cancelled the purchase in its entirety.
  3. Warning: Using this approach, you will be able to obtain a limitless number of Shein vouchers.
  4. More information may be found by clicking here.

How to view the status of a refund

  1. It will take a few days between when we submit our request and when we receive our reimbursement.
  2. Return and refund records may be found by going to the details of the refunded order and clicking on the link that says ″Return & Refund Record.″ You will be able to check the current status, the amount, and the refund method, and if you want more information, you may click on ″Details″ to get additional details.
  3. Then select ″Refund Track″ from the drop-down menu.
  4. The status of our request will be available for us to check.
  5. Shein has already transferred the money from that point forward, and the refund process will take a few days, depending on the form of payment used.

How long do Shein refunds take

  • Depending on the method used, this reimbursement time might take several hours or many days: In the case of Shein wallet, the money is received in less than 24 hours.
  • It will arrive in about 3-15 business days if you pay with a credit card.
  • PayPal: it takes 2-7 business days
  • credit card: it takes 2-7 business days
  • PayPal: it takes 2-7 business days
  • PayPal: it takes 2-7 business days
  • In the case of a gift card, your money will be sent in less than 24 hours.
  • In the case of Clearpay, your money will be delivered within 3-15 business days.

Other frequently asked questions

Though you may find answers to some often asked questions concerning refunds in Shein’s FAQ (which you can read by clicking on this link), there are several regularly asked questions that are repeated:

Why is the refund amount different from what I paid?

If you return a number of things, Shein may charge you for the cost of the return label, which is applicable in some countries. The costs of shipping and insurance are not reimbursed under any circumstances. It is crucial to remember that once all reductions have been applied, just the amount we paid for the clothing will be reimbursed to those who utilized coupons and points.

If I have paid customs, can I ask for a refund?

In the terms and conditions of Shein’s website, the site notifies us that if we purchase from Europe, we would not face any customs issues. When dealing with customs, we recommend that you obtain a copy of your purchase receipt and contact Shein support to request a refund if you have experienced any difficulties.

When you ask for a refund, do you get your points and coupons back?

  1. Yes, if you seek a return for everything you purchased, you will receive your points and even coupons back as compensation.
  2. However, there may be a problem: they may have passed their expiration date.
  3. If you return a portion of your order, you will be repaid the points in proportion to the percentage of the item that was returned; however, it is not assured that you will get the voucher that was used.

I have received an order for which I have already received a refund, what do I do?

  1. Several choices are available to you if you have sought a refund and your item has eventually arrived, however late, as a result of your request.
  2. The most prevalent is that they will require you to pay them again in the future.
  3. Additionally, you may be requested to return the order (if it has not yet been delivered to you, it is sufficient to refuse the order).
  4. As a final resort, they may inform you that you are welcome to keep it for free.
  5. In any scenario, you must contact Shein, who will provide you with further information regarding the procedure.
  6. If you continue to follow the order without first contacting Shein, you may be subject to disciplinary action and banishment from the stage.

How to contact Shein Customer Service

  1. We recommend that you contact Shein support if you have any problems with your refund or return since they will be able to assist us with our questions and concerns.
  2. You may get in touch with Shein by clicking here.
  3. Shein has some great deals right now.
  4. Warning: Using this approach, you will be able to obtain a limitless number of Shein vouchers.
  5. More information may be found by clicking here.

How to return SHEIN clothes [UPDATED 2021] Return steps

  1. 11th of March, 2022 shein Clothing from SHEIN that you don’t like or that doesn’t fit?
  2. The following is the procedure for returning SHEIN clothes.
  3. Learn more about the procedure and procedures for obtaining your money back from SHEIN in this article.
  4. Olalla Mellado is the author of this essay.
  5. Editor and manager of digital material that is currently trending.
  6. Before purchasing clothing or any other goods online, you should be aware of the return policies in place.

If you find it difficult to return these items, you may decide not to purchase them.The case of SHEIN is excellent since it allows us to purchase and return clothing and other things in a few simple clicks.

How to return SHEIN clothing?

  1. 11.03.2022 is a Wednesday in the year 2022.
  2. shein Clothing from SHEIN that you don’t like for or that doesn’t fit?
  3. Please see below for instructions on how to return SHEIN apparel.
  4. To learn more about how to obtain your money back from SHEIN, read the following information: Olalla Mellado is the author of this piece.
  5. Trending digital content editor and manager with extensive experience in the field.
  6. You should be informed of the return policies before purchasing clothing or any other product online, as the difficulties in returning these items may lead you to refrain from purchasing them.

Because we can purchase and return clothing and other things in a few simple steps, the case of SHEIN is very advantageous for consumers.

  1. Check to see that not too much time has elapsed since your purchase: you may only return your SHEIN order within a 45-day period from the date of your purchase.
  2. Products that have been damaged: If you desire to return a product because it has been damaged, you must first communicate with SHEIN customer care so that they may advise you on how to proceed. The item will not be able to be returned to you if you mail your order with a broken item without informing them of the problem in advance. You can communicate with SHEIN using the web chat service, which is available from Monday to Sunday.
  3. Verify that your item may be returned by doing the following: SHEIN does not accept returns on any of their items. Bodysuits, undergarments, cosmetic goods, do-it-yourself projects, party supplies, pet products, costume jewelry, and accessories are just a few of the things that cannot be returned at SHEIN. Items of swimwear that are not in pristine sanitary condition will not be accepted for return. If you return a garment that falls into one of these categories, or that is not in excellent condition, or that relates to gifts or promotions that SHEIN has designated as non-returnable, you will not be compensated, even if the garment arrives at SHEIN’s headquarters.
  4. Return label printing is accomplished by entering into your SHEIN account and visiting the orders area, selecting the order you wish to return by clicking on it, then requesting a return by clicking on the ″Make return″ button and selecting the appropriate return method.
  5. For SHEIN returns to be accepted, they must be presented to the office of the firm that delivered your SHEIN order in order to be accepted without charge. If you want to ship the return via a different shipping firm, you will be responsible for paying the shipping expenses and providing SHEIN with the tracking number obtained from the website.
  6. Returning your order is as simple as going to the nearest pickup station of your choice and handing in your order there. It will be scanned for its barcode, and SHEIN will be instantly alerted of the discovery.
  7. You will get a refund within 10 days of SHEIN receiving your order provided everything is in compliance with your criteria. The refund will be sent to your SHEIN wallet or to your bank account, depending on the mode of payment that you used to make the purchase. Keep in mind that you will not be reimbursed for the shipping charges associated with your initial transaction, nor will you be reimbursed for shipping insurance.
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Is it FREE to return to SHEIN?

Returns at SHEIN are free of charge only for the first time you return an item from your purchase.If you are returning an order for the first time, i.e.if you are returning certain things inside that order, you will not be charged.If you decide to return further products from that order in the future, you will be required to pay 4,50 Euro for each additional return label that you print.

If you return the box to the firm that SHEIN has designated as the return location, the return will be free of charge as well as the original shipping cost.This will be Mondial Relay’s Punto Pack for the European market.

It is easy to give back at SHEIN?

Returning your SHEIN order is a straightforward process.Because returning your items is a straightforward process that requires only a few easy steps.The return process at many other firms is time-consuming and difficult, however at SHEIN, the return process is quick and straightforward, and the money is returned to you within a few days.Many customers have stated that SHEIN is reliable when it comes to returns.

They have never had any issues with them in the past.It might be compared to the performance of Aliexpress in terms of returns; you always get a satisfactory response.It is consequently worthwhile to place an order with SHEIN in total confidence.

What is the SHEIN returns address?

This is not the address that will be printed on the returns label that you will receive when you receive your purchase from SHEIN; this is the address that will be printed on the label that you print out when you request a return on your orders. If you return your order to the address on the label that was sent with it when you received it, your return will not be accepted.

The following are the steps to return/refund the product

Detailed instructions on how to return your order on Shein.Photograph courtesy of If you want to return an item, you have 40 days from the day it was delivered to do so.Follow the same procedure as you would for any other website, such as going to the order and cancelling the item (if there are multiple item you can cancel the item one by one or in bulk).Detailed instructions on how to return your order on Shein.

The following are the steps to return/refund the product:

Enter your Shein account information.2Find the order in My Orders and choose ″Return Item″ from the drop-down menu.3Choose the item you wish to return, explain your decision, and then submit your request.4Choose a mailing method: self-delivery or pick-up service at a postal facility (choose the pick-up address) 5If you do not hear from the logistics business within 24 hours, kindly wait for the courier to pick up the cargo.

6They will acknowledge receipt of the parcel as soon as we get it, update the status of the return, and issue a reimbursement within 7 working days.The refund will be refunded to your Shein wallet or to the account that you used to make the initial payment.

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14 Questions About the SHEIN Return Policy Answered.Finally

It’s the crunch time…I had never heard of Shein until a few weeks ago, when I noticed my teenage daughter browsing the company’s website to purchase clothing.It turns out she’s a major admirer of their reasonably priced, fashionable clothing.Her favorite items from the store are their dresses, swimsuits, and shirts.

However, like with every online clothing purchase, there may come a moment when you will need to return anything because it doesn’t fit well or just isn’t what you expected it to be.After my daughter experienced this, I led her through the Shein return process, and the idea for this essay was conceived.Here’s a breakdown of how their return policy now operates.

1. How Many Return Days Does Shein Allow?

45 days are allotted. If you want to return something to Shein, you have exactly 45 days from the date of your ″buy.″

2. How Do I Initiate the Return Online?

For this, you’ll need to enter into your SHEIN account and navigate to ″My Orders.″ Simply choose the things you wish to return by clicking on the ″Return Item″ button after you have selected them. Also see: Zara Return Policy: Here’s How to Make Returns Simple (Part 1).

3. How Do I Access My Return Shipping Label?

You’ll then want to print the return label that was given and attach it to the exterior of the box with a piece of tape.Following the completion of your return, the following is the most efficient method of locating your return label: 1 – To begin, navigate to My Orders in your account.2- Then select Order Details from the drop-down menu.3- Next, select Return & Refund Record from the drop-down menu.

Last but not least, select View to download and print your return label.Once you have completed your order, just drop it off at your local post office or arrange for a USPS pickup from your home.

4. Do I Get a Free Return on Each Order or Only My First Return?

You’ll then want to print the return label that was given and attach it to the outside of the box with masking tape.Following the completion of your return, the following is the most efficient method of locating your return label.1.Log into your account and choose My Orders from the left-hand menu.

Order Details may be seen by going to step 2.Return & Refund Record is the next option.Last but not least, click View to view and print your return label.Once you have completed your order, just drop it off at your local post office or arrange for a USPS pickup from your residence.

5. Who Pays The Return Shipping Charge?

The first item(s) returned from your order is absolutely free of charge. After that, the return is only $5.00. Once you’ve returned the first set of products from an order, you’ll have to pay $7.99 to return any more items from the same transaction. In addition, SHEIN will allow you to utilize your own delivery method at your own expense if you choose to return your item that way.

6. Is There Anything I Can’t Return?

Yes, there are a number of apparel products that are FINAL SALE and CANNOT be returned.– Bodysuits – Lingerie – Jewelry – Beauty Items – Party Supplies – DIY Supplies – Pet Products – Fashion Accessories Cosmetics are a type of product that is used on the skin.If you break the hygiene seal on cosmetics, you will not be able to return them.– Items that have been marked as non-returnable Take a look at these more resources: American Eagle is a bird of prey.

It is past time to fully comprehend the return policy.

7. Do I Need My Receipt to Make a Return?

Due to the fact that SHEIN is an online-only business, you will not receive a standard receipt. You just log into your account and begin the return process… There is no requirement for a receipt.

8. What If I Removed the Tag?

The tag, according to their official position, must be applied. However, I have it on excellent word that they will still accept the item back if you have removed the tag but have the item in your hands anyway. Simply place it in the bag with your other item(s) and you should be good.

9. Can I Wear Items and Still Return Them?

NO. However, they state that if you wear them out to dinner or work (or something similar), they will not accept them back for a full refund.

10. What Happens If I Wash an Item, Then Decide I Don’t Like It?

It is dependent on the situation. Please contact SHEIN directly if you are unhappy with an item due of damage caused by washing it. You will have a decent chance of receiving a refund. Take a look at these more resources: Here’s How the H&M Return Policy Works, Step by Step.

11. Can I Return Clearance or Sale Items to Shein?

Yes. Unless the ″On Sale″ or ″Clearance″ item is specifically designated as ″non-returnable″ on the website, you should be able to return it without issue.

12. How Long Will It Take to Get My Refund?

15 to 20 days.Shein had previously said that it would take 7 days to complete your refund in the event of a COVID pandemic.They have now said that an additional 3-5 days would be required, resulting in a lengthy 10-15 day wait.The reimbursement will be sent to you in the manner in which you specify.

Currently, you have two refund alternatives available to you: – Your SHEIN Wallet as a payment method at the beginning

13. Will Shein Let You Keep Items Instead of Returning Them?

Yes, it’s possible. If your order meets a certain criteria, I’ve been told that SHEIN will frequently advise you to retain the item while still refunding you the rest of your purchase price. They’ve had this happen to two of my friends who shop with them on a regular basis, and it happened to them when their order total was just over $100. It’s important to be informed.

14. Is It Possible to Cancel a Return?

Yes. If you need to cancel a return but haven’t yet shipped it back, you may simply call SHEIN customer care and they would be happy to assist you.

15. Do I Have to Pay a Fee for a New Size If I Want an Exchange?

No.Your exchange is completely free as long as it is your first exchange/return on the same order number as when you placed the transaction.Inquire of the Reader: Shein is a relatively new player in the eCommerce industry, and as a result, many customers are unfamiliar with their return policy at this time.With that being said, how has your experience been with their policies so far?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section.Kyle James contributed to this article.

How to contact SHEIN in an easy way [All TRUE ways] 2021

11th of March, 2022 Are there any issues with shein?The rapid and effective customer service of SHEIN allows you to get in contact with them right away to resolve any issues you may be experiencing with your purchase(s).Olalla Mellado is the author of this post.She is an editor and manager of trending digital material.

SHEIN has an excellent customer support team that will gladly answer any of your queries regarding the platform or any element of it.This service is operational and available through a variety of channels, allowing you to select the one that best meets your requirements.You may simply contact SHEIN if you are in any place in the globe, including Spain, France, Italy, and, in general, any country in the European Union, as well as Peru, Colombia, Mexico, and other Latin American countries, as well as, of course, any county in North America.

How to contact SHEIN

If you want to know how to contact SHEIN, you can find all the information you need here, including how to contact SHEIN through chat, how to contact SHEIN via email, how to contact SHEIN by phone, and how to contact SHEIN via social media. From Monday through Sunday, SHEIN’s chat service is available from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. CET.

In which cases can youcontact SHEIN?

When it comes to contacting SHEIN, you can do so in a variety of scenarios, including: – If you are having difficulties canceling an order.- When there are issues with the order’s shipping, such as delays or not getting the delivery.If you are unable to download your return label, please contact us.- If you are experiencing difficulties with your account.

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The consequences of money returns might cause problems.- With the goal of clearing up any ambiguities that may have arisen over the course of their acquisition.- To make recommendations.

How to contact SHEIN by chat

Another method of contacting SHEIN is through the chat feature on the SHEIN website, which will allow us to receive a faster answer to our inquiries than contacting SHEIN through email or social media learn how to communicate with SHEIN via chat navigate to this website’s homepage Then within the chat window that opens on the website, you must type your message in order to begin the conversation and have a SHEIN customer service representative attend you so that you may receive a personalized and direct response to your inquiry.Additionally, you may choose from any of the standard questions or commonly asked questions that you will see in the chat to see whether your question has already been answered inside the SHEIN material.Remember that the SHEIN chat can also be reached from the SHEIN home page by clicking on the headphones that can be seen in the top right corner of the screen when you are logged in as a member of the community.

How to contact SHEIN by email

SHEIN may be contacted by email, which can be considered equal to contacting them via chat due to the fact that you will receive a copy of your email and will be able to react to them through your email. Nevertheless, SHEIN has an email address to which you can write:. You have another choice that is quick and straightforward for resolving your urgent issues and difficulties with SHEIN.

How to contact SHEIN through social networks

Although social media is not a generally utilized means of contacting SHEIN, it is an additional option that we should be aware of in case we need to use it at any point in the future.This is especially true if we are extremely active customers who make purchases on SHEIN.The only social media platform via which you may contact SHEIN is Facebook.To do so, go to Facebook and put SHEIN in the search engine to access SHEIN in your language or SHEIN in your nation, then click on compose a message to get in touch with them.

How to contact SHEIN by phone

Currently, SHEIN does not provide customers with the option of contacting them by phone.However, the SHEIN Chat service is quite beneficial and quick to resolve any issues, and it is likely that this is the reason why they have discontinued providing telephone customer support.Contacting SHEIN is simple, and there are several options for getting in touch with customer care and getting your questions answered as fast and efficiently as possible.It’s important to remember that there are many more articles about SHEIN to read on this blog, so you may continue reading to learn many interesting facts and fascinating information about this apparel behemoth with an eastern roots.

How long does it take shein to deliver?

Regarding online shopping, many people are unaware of how long it takes to receive the things.For example, my friend purchased a pair of shoes on a website, but it has been over two months and she has not gotten the shoes.If this is the case, every consumer would be quite frustrated.Today’s topic is shein delivery time, and I hope you’ll take the time to read the post so you’ll know how long it takes Shein to deliver your order.

How long does it take shein to deliver?

Time required for processing: Shein will typically handle orders within 3-7 business days.This does not cover holidays or weekends, so please keep that in mind.Consequently, you must factor in 3-7 days.Shipping time: Depending on the shipping method chosen and the destination country, delivery will take a variety of days.

There are two shipping ways available: standard and express.The fees for these two delivery types are different.Consider the following scenario: if you live in the United States, no matter how large your order is, the usual shipping method is free to delivery, and the shipping period is 6-8 days.However, if you choose the expedited mode, you will be required to pay $12.9 unless your order totals more than $99.It is free for orders above $99, and the shipping duration is 2-4 days.The delivery time is anticipated and begins from the date of shipment, not from the date of order.

  1. It is possible that the shipping time will take longer than projected owing to an invalid address, customs clearance processes, or other factors.

How can I track my order on shein?

You may see your order history and current order status by selecting ″My Orders″ from the drop-down menu on the left.then For further information, please see ″View Details.″ If your order has been ″Shipped,″ you may click on ″Track″ to see where your shipment is currently at.I also propose that you utilize a website to track your purchase; you will need to locate the track number on your Shein account and enter it in; if you are still unable to locate your shipment, please contact Shein customer service.You can get in touch with the Shein customer care department.

Of course, you are welcome to leave a remark on my site, and I will assist you.

How to contact with customer service?

What is the best way to receive a rapid response if you have an issue when purchasing on shein?I’ll give you three suggestions on how I may assist you.1.Live chat: This is the most effective method of communicating with shein customer support.Log in–click my order–select the order you wish to question about and click ″View Details″–click customer service to submit your ticket.

Decide on the subject of your ticket and add a note in it, if applicable.Three, you may send a message to the administrator of Facebook’s official page or leave a remark on the page.

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Shein Return, Exchange & Refund Policy Explained » [2022 Update]

Shein, which was last updated on January 18, 2022, is one of the most well-known internet merchants in the world, catering mostly to ladies all over the world.Return policies differ from nation to country, however for purchases made in the United States, the Shein return policy is quite clear.Throughout this article, we’ll go through the specifics of when and how you can return your merchandise for a refund or exchange.When it comes to clothing, online purchases may be hit or miss, especially when it comes to quality.

It’s possible that you’ll have to return the adorable costume you purchased from Shein if the product does not match the photographs on the internet or if the fitting is incorrect.This tutorial explains how to request a refund or exchange at Shein, as well as how long the process takes.In addition, find out whether goods are non-returnable.

What is the Shein Return Policy?

Shein welcomes returns sent through the mail within 45 days after the date of purchase.Returning your order for the first time is completely free.The original delivery charge as well as the insurance premium are non-returnable.However, starting of January 2022, reimbursements are taking roughly 10-12 days to complete due to COVID-19-related situations.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].Shein allows returns on goods that have not been worn, have not been washed, have not been damaged, and have all of the original tags and packing attached, as well as the hygiene label still attached.Continue reading to learn about the things that are not eligible for a return.Please keep in mind that the 45-day rule begins not from the day you get the product, but from the date you place your purchase.Because processing your order takes 1-3 business days and normal shipping takes 6-8 business days, you can expect to receive your Shein purchase between 7-11 business days after placing your order on the Shein website.After taking into account weekends and non-business days, it is possible to get the product in the mail as long as 16 days after making your order online.

  1. Those days are deducted from the 45-day return policy, which means that in such case, you would have just 29 days remaining to return your merchandise under normal circumstances.
  2. Shein, on the other hand, does not take into account the time it takes you to ship back your returned merchandise.
  3. They take the postmark date on your returned package and deduct it from the date of purchase on your original shipment.
  4. If it is fewer than 45 days, your refund will be handled as quickly as it was received.

How to Return a Shein Product

Sign into your Shein account to begin the process of requesting a refund.To return an item, go to ″My Orders″ and then click on the ″Return Item″ button next to the order you wish to return.Select the products to be returned as well as your reason for doing so, and then click ″Submit.″ After that, you should be able to print the return label directly from the website.Attach this label to the outside of your parcel and drop it off at your local post office to complete the process.

It is your responsibility to cover the shipping costs if this is your second return from the same order as the first.You can either utilize a shipping label given by Shein, which will result in a $7.99 delivery cost being deducted from your refund, or you can pick and pay for your own sending method.

Shein Exchange Policy

Your item may need to be exchanged if it is either too large or too tiny for your liking. Within 45 days of your purchase, you can request a refund or exchange using your Shein account. If the item you ordered is not in stock, you will be given the option of exchanging it. If this is not the case, you may seek a refund.

Shein Refund Policy

  • If your returned item fits the requirements of the refund policy, you may opt to have your money refunded as a credit to your Shein account wallet or as a refund to the payment method that you used to make the purchase. Once your returned item has been received, it will take a few days for your refund to be processed. Shein wallet: within 24 hours
  • Shein wallet: within 48 hours
  • Paypal takes 1-5 business days
  • credit/debit card takes 4-14 business days
  • other payment methods take longer.

How Strict Is the Shein Return Policy?

  • Products that are returned must be unworn, unwashed, and undamaged, with all of the original tags and packing still attached, as well as the hygiene label still attached. If you have maintained the original tags on your clothing, Shein may accept a return that has been washed
  • however, you must first speak with customer service. Occasionally, Shein has been known to accept items that do not have the tag attached
  • however, this is not explicitly stated in their return policy. Shein does not accept returns for the following items: Bodysuits, lingerie, jewelry, beauty items, underwear, event/party supplies, pet supplies, accessories (with the exception of scarves, purses, and mermaid blankets), cosmetics with a broken hygiene seal, and mermaid blankets are prohibited.
  • Items that have been marked as non-returnable
  • free gifts


Does Shein Accept Returns After 30 Days?

Shein allows returns for up to 45 days following the date of purchase. The processing and shipping times are included in this calculation, so your returned item must be postmarked no later than 45 days from the day you made your purchase on the Shein website.

What Items Cannot Be Returned to Shein?

Items that have been washed, worn, or damaged (by you) are not eligible for return. Items that have had their tags removed are also not eligible for return. Bodysuits, lingerie, jewelry, beauty goods, undergarments, event and party supplies, DIY materials, pet supplies, and accessories are among the items for which Shein does not accept returns (except scarves, bags, and mermaid blankets).

Does Shein Have Free Returns?

Yes, the first return on your order is completely free of charge. In other words, you may return as many goods from the same order as you like for free in a single shipment. The original shipping price and insurance costs are not refunded in any circumstances.

Who Pays the Return Shipping Charge?

Shein will cover the cost of your first return on a purchase. For any returned items that are returned after the first, you are liable for the shipping costs. It’s possible to ship using Shein’s downloadable shipping label, which will remove $7.99 from your refund, or to send using your own delivery method.

How Long Do Shein Refunds Take?

Shein refunds take up to 7 days to complete when the company receives the merchandise. Since January 2022, refunds have taken an average of 10-15 days to process owing to COVID-related issues.

Can I Return Items on Sale?

Yes, you can return things that are on sale as long as they fit the requirements of the return policy. You will not be able to return things that are on sale if they are marked as non-refundable at the time of purchase.

Can I Return Shein Products After Use?

While you can try on garments purchased from Shein before returning them, goods that have been used or worn will not be accepted for return.The product cannot be used for one day or one occasion and then returned to the store once it has been used.When trying on a product, make sure to leave the tags and stickers on it.Products having a damaged hygiene seal, which indicates that they have been used, will not be accepted for returns.


Shein returns are straightforward and unambiguous.You have 45 days from the date of purchase to return an item by mailing it postmarked with a tracking number.The first return on any item is free, but your products must be unused and with their original tags to be eligible for credit.If you are dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason, you may be eligible for a refund or exchange as long as your item does not fall into one of the categories listed above as non-returnable.

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