What Are The Requirements To Work At The Post Office?

Minimum age requirements In most cases, the U.S. Postal Service requires employees to be at least 18 years old. However, the postal service accepts candidates who are 16 years old as long as they have a high school diploma.
Employment requirements

  • 18 years old at the time of appointment or 16 years old with a high school diploma.
  • United States citizen, permanent resident, or citizen of American Samoa or other U.S. territory.
  • Recent employment history.
  • Ability to pass a criminal background check, drug screening, and medical assessment.
  • What are the employment requirements for postal jobs?

    One of the great things about Postal jobs is the employment requirements. Almost anyone can meet them. All applicants must meet the below requirements regardless of the type of job…fulltime, part-time, temporary, or whatever: Age Requirement: Must be at least 18 at time of employment or 16 with high school diploma.

    What are the physical requirements to work in the post office?

    Postal Worker Physical Requirements. Each postal work position dictates the physical requirements of the postal worker who fills this position. For instance, letter carriers must demonstrate the ability to lift up to 70 pounds. Most jobs require a hearing test and an eyesight exam.

    What are the requirements for a postal job?

    – Qualifications Menu – Post Office Entrance Exams. – Citizenship. – Suitability. – Physical Requirements. – State Driver’s License. – Drug Testing (Substance Abuse) The Postal Service maintains a comprehensive program to ensure a drug-free workplace. – Other Occupations. – Post Office Application Process.

    How to get a job with the post office?

    – To register you only need to supply your name and email address, a username, and a password. – Once you have created your account, you will be able to update your candidate profile with your demographic information, education, skills, and work experience. – The application requires you to provide the last 7 years of work history.

    How to apply for seasonal jobs at the post office?

    Apply in Person. Visit a local post office and ask for an application. Ask for a list of seasonal positions available. Complete the application with basic information including your name, address, telephone number and employment history. Submit the application along with a current resume to the postal clerk.

    Post Office Job Requirements

    1. Finding a Job
    2. Post Office Job Requirements

    The Indeed Editorial Team contributed to this article.The date is February 22, 2021.Serving as a postal employee with the United States Postal Service may lead to a rewarding career with several advancement prospects.Depending on your background and professional objectives, you may choose to explore one of the various post office positions available.Learning about the qualifications for post office employment might assist you in determining whether or not this is the suitable career route for you.In this article, we will examine the qualifications for post office jobs as well as how to apply for a career with the United States Postal Service.

    Requirements for postal employees

    To work for the United States Postal Service, you must meet certain requirements. Check out the list of prerequisites below to see whether you meet the qualifications to work with the United States Postal Service.

    1. Minimum age requirements

    Employees of the United States Postal Service must be at least 18 years old in the majority of circumstances. Candidates who are 16 years old, on the other hand, are accepted by the postal service as long as they have a high school diploma.

    2. Citizenship requirements

    All applicants must be citizens of the United States, permanent residents of the United States, or citizens of any United States territory.

    3. Employment history

    Candidates are required to provide information about their present and prior occupations, including dates, job titles, and responsibilities, as well as references. Typically, candidates must also supply contact information for their workplace so that the postal service may check employment facts. A related article: How to Write Work Experience on a Resume.

    Screenings and assessments

    • Candidates for the postal service must pass a number of assessments, including the following: Background check: This screening determines whether or not a person has a criminal record.
    • This exam identifies whether or not candidates are currently abusing any illicit substances.
    • Assessments of physical fitness: These tests establish whether or not candidates are physically fit for the work, such as lifting a specific amount of weight or passing a hearing or vision test.
    • Tests that are specialized to a certain job: Many job hopefuls are required to pass written examinations before they can begin working. Each of the following jobs requires the completion of job-specific exams: mail carriers, postal clerks, and postal support staff.

    Questions and Answers: What Is Involved in a Background Check for Employment?

    Residency requirements

    An investigation of all addresses where the candidate has lived, worked, or attended school in the United States or its territories during the last five years is conducted via the normal postal service background check. Candidates who wish to be considered for the position must have lived or legally resided in the nation for the past five years in order to be considered.

    Safe driving record

    When applying for a position as a mail carrier or for any work that involves the operation of a postal service vehicle, candidates must demonstrate that they have a clean driving record. In addition, candidates must possess a valid driver’s license.

    Selective Service registration

    It is necessary for candidates to register with the Selective Service System, if applicable.This criterion applies to men between the ages of 18 and 25 who are of legal drinking age.Male candidates who are citizens of the United States must register within 30 days of reaching the age of eighteen.Permanent residents must register with the government within 30 days after arriving in the country.

    Types of post office jobs

    The United States Postal Service employs a diverse group of individuals. Read on to learn about some of the most frequent post office careers, which are listed below:

    1. Postal clerk

    Average hourly wage in the United States is $15.75.The following are the primary responsibilities: Postal clerks work at post offices, where they interact with clients on a daily basis.They compute the amount of postage due, stamp parcels and mail, and process payments received from consumers.Stamps, stationery, envelopes, packing accessories, and postal money orders are all available for purchase from postal clerks.Many of them also allocate post office boxes and execute change of address paperwork as part of their services.They give answers to consumer queries, provide information about projected delivery times, and provide recommendations for sending products to both domestic and foreign destinations, among other things.

    2. Postal support employee

    The national average hourly wage is $17.06 per hour.Primary responsibilities: Postal support staff are most often found at post offices or mail processing centers, depending on their location.They are in charge of the preparation of letters and parcels, the loading and unloading of mail delivery, and the sorting of mail at distribution centers and warehouses.In addition to processing and sorting mail, postal assistance staff may also recover items for delivery to customers.

    3. Mail carrier

    The average hourly wage in the United States is $18.96.Primarily, postal carrier’s responsibilities include carrying mail and goods to both residential and commercial destinations.Every day, the majority of postal carriers travel a predetermined route, which may entail driving a mail truck or going from door to door to deliver the mail.Many postal carriers pick up mail along their routes or collect money when postage is needed to be paid by the recipient, depending on the circumstances.Some letter carriers, particularly those who go along rural routes, also sell stamps.Examples of Rural Carrier Associate Resumes are also available.

    How to apply for post office jobs

    You must complete the following procedures in order to be considered for a position as a postal clerk, postal support staff, or mail carrier:

    1. Meet the prerequisites for age and citizenship
    2. Fill out an application for the Selective Service
    3. Obtain your driver’s license
    4. You must submit a formal application.
    5. Complete all necessary screenings
    6. Successfully complete job-specific examinations

    1. Meet age and citizenship requirements.

    First and foremost, you must be at least 18 years old or at least 16 years old and have earned a high school diploma. You must also be a citizen of the United States, a citizen of a United States territory, or a permanent resident of the United States.

    2. Register with the Selective Service.

    If you are a male between the ages of 18 and 25 years old, you must first register with the Selective Service before you may apply for military service.

    3. Get a driver’s license.

    When applying for an employment that requires you to operate a motor vehicle, you must first get a driver’s license. You should be prepared to offer information regarding your driving license and driving history if you already have one.

    4. Submit an application.

    After that, go to the United States Postal Service’s eCareer website and fill out an online application. If you want to create an online account with eCareer, you’ll need an email address, and you’ll have to fill out the online form with your contact information and job history.

    5. Complete required screenings.

    Prior to accepting a job offer, you must go through a series of required tests. Prepare to consent to a background check and to follow the postal service’s instructions for completing a drug screening in order to get your package.

    6. Pass job-specific tests.

    Lastly, ensure that you complete all necessary on-the-job training and that you pass any applicable job-specific assessments. Some positions need physical examinations, while others necessitate driving exams. Written exams are also required for some positions.

    Postal Employment Requirements

    The employment criteria for postal jobs are one of the most attractive aspects of the position.Almost anybody can arrange to meet with them.All applicants, regardless of the sort of employment they are applying for, must satisfy the standards listed below…full-time, part-time, temporary, or whatever else you choose to call it: A minimum age of 18 is required at the start of work, or 16 if a high school diploma has been obtained.There is no upper age limit for participation.It’s important to note that they mention ″at the time of employment.″ Although there is no minimum age for applying or taking a test, you must be at least this age in order to be considered for employment.) Citizenship: You must be a citizen of the United States, a lawful permanent resident immigrant with a green card, or a citizen of American Samoa or any other territory that is permanently allied with the United States.

    English Competency: You must be able to communicate in English at a basic level.(One of the purposes of postal examinations is to determine whether or not a candidate has a sufficient command of the English language.) Registering with the Selective Service System: All male candidates who were born after December 31, 1959, must register with the Selective Service System.Job History: Applicants must give a complete employment history for the 10 years preceding their application or for the ten years preceding their sixteenth birthday, whichever is the more recent.It is not permissible to have dates that differ from one another.Unemployment periods must be mentioned and clearly recognized.) Military Service: Military service is considered to be equivalent to prior work experience.Military veterans must provide a detailed account of their service and submit Copy 4 of the DD Form 214, Certificate of Release or Discharge, to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

    Application Questions regarding Criminal Conviction History: Prior to hiring, questions concerning criminal conviction background are included in the application, and a criminal history check is performed prior to hiring.Pre-employment drug testing is done using urine samples.This is done before to employment.Before starting a job, a medical evaluation is performed to establish whether or not the applicant will be capable of performing certain work tasks.Employees who may be expected to operate Postal or personal cars as part of their job responsibilities must have a clean driving record in order to be hired.Prior to being hired, an official driving record will be required to be provided.

    How to Get a Job With the Post Office

    The United States Postal Service (USPS) is a federal agency that operates independently of the Executive Branch of the federal government.One of the few government institutions sanctioned by the United States Constitution is the United States Postal Service, which is headquartered in Washington, D.C.The Postal Clause is the provision of the United States Constitution that allows the United States Postal Service to allow for interstate movement.Many people question how to obtain a job with the post office – learn more about the post office and different techniques to employ in order to acquire a job with the post office in this informative article.The United States Postal Service is a massive enterprise with a global reach.More than 200,000 automobiles are owned by the agency.

    In 2017, the United States Postal Service (USPS) employed about 645,000 postal workers.The sheer scale of the United States Postal Service has, regrettably, made the process of hiring new employees more difficult.Furthermore, while the digital employment application is accessible at any time of day or night, the application itself is not very user-friendly.Many employment applications for the United States Postal Service are denied merely because of a clerical error that might have been avoided.The information in the narrative below is intended to assist you in navigating the USPS job application process and avoiding costly mistakes.

    The Post Office Employee

    Individuals wishing to apply for any post office position must have acquired the age of majority, which is 18 years old.There are, however, certain exceptions to this age restriction requirement.Those who have already graduated from high school or who have discontinued their high school studies for legitimate reasons are eligible to apply at the age of sixteen.For the most part, postal workers are working in roles that demand them to stand for extended periods of time.Some employees of the United States Postal Service stand the entire day!Those employed by the United States Postal Service who must drive as part of their job obligations must be at least 18 years old and possess a valid, immaculate driver’s license.

    Work descriptions for the United States Postal Service always include specific job criteria.Postal job hopefuls are recommended to print or save the job announcement that they are interested in as soon as they see it.This document provides important information in the event that a job candidate need assistance throughout the hiring process.

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    Minimum Requirements for Post Office Employees


    Applicants for postal worker positions are not needed to be citizens of the United States, American Samoa, or any other territory under the control of the United States government.Applicants who possess a residence status as a permanent alien resident are encouraged to submit an application (Green Card).Non-citizens who hold a Green Card have the legal right to work and live in the United States.

    Applicant Suitability

    • Each applicant for a post office position is subjected to a screening process to determine whether or not they match the requirements for the employment. In order to determine appropriateness, the applicant’s – Application Interviews
    • Employment History
    • Selective Service Enrollment Status, if applicable
    • Criminal Background Check – residence requirements
    • and other relevant information is reviewed and evaluated.

    After a job offer has been extended, the medical evaluation process begins.As a result of regulations included in the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the United States Postal Service is not permitted to inquire about an applicant’s medical background.In compliance with the Act, USPS officials who are assigned with the obligation of employing postal workers are required to enquire about an applicant’s medical history after the job application has been offered a position.

    Postal Worker Physical Requirements

    The physical criteria for each postal job position are dictated by the postal worker who will fill the role in question.Letter carriers, for example, must demonstrate the capacity to carry up to 70 pounds on a regular basis.The majority of employment need the completion of a hearing and vision test.It should be mentioned that candidates who wear eyeglasses can fulfill the required vision standards.

    Driver’s License Requirements

    Applicants for United States Postal Service job opportunities involving the operating of a motorized vehicle are required to possess a valid state driver’s license (issued by the state in which they reside) in order to be considered for such positions.Applicants are informed of the importance of maintaining a safe driving record, as well as the fact that they will be needed to pass a road test.

    Drug Testing For Substance Abuse

    The United States Postal Service strives to maintain a drug-free workplace environment for its employees. This is performed through a variety of internal initiatives that all job seekers and post office employees must adhere to in order to be considered.

    The Postal Exams

    The 473 Postal Exam (also known as 473e)

    • Whenever a job position becomes available, the United States Postal Service advertises it on its website. Whereas before, the 473-exams were administered on a two-year cycle, candidates now have the opportunity to complete Part D of the 473-exam online at their convenience. This component of the 473-exam can now be done without the assistance of a professional proctor, which was formerly required. The sections of the 473-exam are as follows: Part A consists of double-checking addresses
    • Part B consists of filling out forms
    • Part C consists of coding and memory applications
    • and Part D consists of personal and professional experience.
    • When an applicant successfully completes Part D of the test, the United States Postal Service (USPS) will schedule the applicant to sit for Parts A, B, and C of the exam within two weeks of the date on which he or she successfully completed Part D. The final three sections of the 473-exam must be performed at a testing center that has been approved by the United States Postal Service (USPS), as these components of the exam are required to be proctored. To take the USPS 473-test, there is no price to pay. An candidate who successfully completes the 473-exam can use their score to apply for additional USPS job postings for at least many years after passing the exam. Job seekers for the United States Postal Service should maintain note of the tracking number for the exam, since this will serve as an identifying marker for future job applications and other interactions. A passing score on the Postal 473-exam is necessary for more than 75% of post office employment
    • the remaining USPS job vacancies are for positions at the corporate headquarters level. There are a variety of postal occupations that need the successful completion of the 473-exam, including rural letter carriers, city carriers, processing clerks, distribution workers, and other mail handling workers, among other things.

    Preparing for the 473-Exam

    Participants in the USPS 473-exam are recommended to adequately prepare for the 473-exam before sitting for the exam in order to achieve their best possible result.When it comes to putting your best foot forward, the most effective and efficient method is to understand what the exams cover and to prepare by using our free postal exam questions.If you are seeking for more postal test preparation materials, please see the other resources we have available.

    How do i apply for a job at the post office?

    The following step-by-step instructions might be helpful as you begin your search for a position with the United States Postal Service.It is critical to complete each step thoroughly before going on to the next phase.1 – Create an account on the United States Postal Service website.Make sure to pay close attention to the specifications given in the USPS job offering.The most effective applications will demonstrate how your training, education, experience, and skill set correspond to each of the qualifications listed.

    2 – Begin looking for possible postal employment opportunities.When you come across a post office job that you are interested in, click on the apply button.This step will link you to your USPS profile, where you can submit an application for the position.Fill out the online job application form in Step 3.Remember to be comprehensive while filling out the online application; it is preferable to include all of your educational and job experience as well as any other past accomplishments.

    Helpful Hints for Completing the Post Office Job Application

    • A job application might take anywhere from a few minutes to many hours to complete in its entirety.
    • Job applicants should expect to work on a computer that is based on the Windows operating system. Apple devices are simply incompatible with the digital application procedure used by the United States Postal Service.
    • Use of the USPS application system is most effective when using either the Mozilla Firefox or the Internet Explorer search engine.
    • Asterisks (*) indicate that some fields in the application must be completed before submission. You will not be allowed to proceed to the next section of the application unless all of the requirements have been fulfilled
    • This website provides further information about post office careers.

    4 – Pass the examination with flying colors.

    Helpful Hints for Taking the Postal 473-Exam

    • In order to put in your best effort, arrive at the exam site rested and well-fed the night before.
    • Several days before the actual test day, plan out how you will arrive to the exam site (including the route and schedule). Consider making a practice run to the chosen test center before the exam day in order to reduce surprises.
    • Breathe! When people are frightened, they tend to avoid taking deep breaths. Deep breathing has been shown to biologically reduce anxiousness and anticipation stress.
    • Make sure you provide enough time for preparation.
    • Become familiar with monitoring your progress through the 473-exam pace.
    • To pass the exam, test takers must achieve a score more than 70 on the scale. The higher your score, the more likely it is that you will land that postal job. You may be invited to participate in a pre-employment interview once you have completed the exam. This interview may take place in a group setting or in a single setting. When you go in for an interview with the USPS, the interviewer will evaluate you on the following personal attributes, attitudes, and skills: Your capacity to communicate effectively
    • your ability to adapt to changing circumstances
    • your level of dependability
    • and your level of cooperation
    • and

    The interviewer ultimately creates a recruiting recommendation, which is then forwarded on to the final decision-makers in the company.

    How much does a mailman make an hour?

    • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the typical annual wage for a Postal Service Worker in 2018 was around $58,700 dollars. An hourly pay of $28.25 would be earned in this situation. The average income for a postal worker in 2018 does not take into consideration the numerous other advantages available to people who work for the federal government. Admittance to the FEHB program (which stands for Federal Employees Federal Health Benefits program), which provides important long-term care insurance, as well as generous PTO (paid time off), life insurance, and discounted commuter rates are just a few of the additional benefits available to federal employees.

    A job with the United States Postal Service is one in which you may be confident that you will always have work to keep you occupied. The majority of postal jobs provide a competitive income, excellent benefits, and job stability in comparison to the majority of non-government occupations in the twenty-first century.

    Post Office Job Qualification Requirements & How to Apply

    Post Office Job Requirements |Age Limit, Citizenship, Exams, Physicals, and a Driver’s license are some of the requirements.To be eligible to take a post office job qualification exam and pass it, you must first meet a number of qualifications standards, ranging from age limitations to physical requirements.Applicants must be a specific age and must pass a written exam for most vocations, as well as satisfy physical criteria and possess a valid driver’s license.In addition, all applicants must pass a drug test before being considered.As soon as you submit your initial application, all of the criteria for the positions will be posted with the job announcement, and the Postal Service will arrange and schedule any necessary testing as soon as possible.

    When applying for a post office position, print out the job notice and read it completely before submitting your application.Keep a copy on hand since it offers contact information in case you require assistance with the application process or need to follow-up after taking the examination.All Post Office job applicants must be at least 18 years old in order to be considered.Applicants as young as sixteen years old are eligible to apply under certain conditions.Carrier employment, which need driving, are only available to those who are 18 years or older.Individuals who have completed high school or who have ended their high school studies for a valid cause are eligible to apply at the age of sixteen.

    Qualifications Menu

    Post Office Entrance Exams

    473-473E Postal Exam

    • Clerks, carriers, rural carriers, and other mail-handling job candidates must pass the 473 Post Office test in order to be considered for employment. Mechanical and electronic technicians, as well as machinists and other tradespeople, must also pass a written examination. The total grade is determined by the results of the exam, as well as your qualifying job experience and educational background. Professionals and some administrative posts are exempt from having to take an entrance exam or write a written exam. They are evaluated and employed solely on the basis of their past job experience and educational background. The 473 and 473 C and 473 E Battery Exams are the clerk and carrier exams, respectively. In terms of occupational titles and exam administration procedures, the sole distinction between the three is the occupational title. Among the jobs covered by the 473 Major Entry Level Jobs Exam are the following: City Carrier, Rural Carrier, Mail Processing Clerk, Sales, Service, and Distribution Associate, Mail Handler, and other positions.

    This Postal exam, also known as the 473 Battery Examination, is used to hire the vast majority of entry-level employees in the country. Custodial employment are designated for veterans who qualify for veteran preference under federal law.

    Other Exams

    • Motor vehicle and tractor trailer operators, as well as highly skilled maintenance positions such as Building Equipment Mechanic, Engineman, Electronics Technician, Auto Mechanics, and General Mechanic, are also required to pass an entrance exam by the United States Postal Service, which is administered online. A passing score on test 931 is required for all skilled maintenance occupations. If you work in the mechanic or electrical skills vocations, you must take a separate announcement (examination 955). These vocations are also covered in detail in the all-new 7th edition of Post Office Jobs, which includes sample tests for each occupation. Exam Schedule (Particular) 473-473E 916 Custodial Maintenance and Laborer
    • 931 General Maintenance and Laborer
    • 941 Automotive Technician
    • 943 Automotive Mechanic
    • 955 Mechanical & Electronics Mechanic
    • 710 Clerical Abilities Secretary, Clerks, Admin
    • 712/713 CBT Ver 2.0 Typing Test 714 Computer Based Test Data Entry 715 Ver 2.0 Data Entry 744 Accounting Technicians
    • 807 Defensive Driving Course Drivers
    • 916 Custodial Maintenance and Laborer
    • 931


    It is not necessary for applicants to be citizens of the United States. Apply for Postal Service positions if you have permanent resident alien status in the United States of America or if you owe allegiance to the United States of America and meet the other requirements.


    • Before being considered for a position with the Postal Service, applicants are screened and reviewed to establish their overall suitability for the position. This evaluation will involve an examination of the applicant’s job history, criminal conviction history, and educational background.
    • Personal interviews (see Chapter Seven for further information)
    • medical evaluation

    The medical evaluation takes place after the employment offer has been made.Since 1973, the United States Postal Service has been prohibited from investigating an applicant’s medical fitness until a legitimate employment offer has been extended to him or her.After choosing an application who meets all other eligibility conditions, the candidate is subjected to a medical examination.During the probationary phase, once an applicant has been hired, the performance of a career employee is reviewed on the job.Individuals’ fingerprints are submitted for review by a specific agency to guarantee that there is no adverse information on them that has not been identified during the screening procedure.Individuals who do not satisfy the qualifications of the United States Postal Service are excluded from consideration for employment after undergoing a thorough screening procedure.

    Physical Requirements

    The physical demands of the job are defined by the job.A carrier’s lifting capacity is 70 pounds, and all applicants must demonstrate the ability to efficiently accomplish their assigned responsibilities in order to be considered.It is necessary to do vision and hearing exams.Applicants must have 20/40 vision in the good eye and no worse than 20/100 vision in the other eye in order to be considered.Glasses are permitted on the premises.

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    State Driver’s License

    If you are applying for an employment that requires the use of a motor vehicle, you must have a valid state driver’s license. A clean driving record is essential, and you will be subjected to a Postal Service road test for the kind of vehicle that you will be operating before being hired.

    Drug Testing (Substance Abuse)

    The Postal Service runs a rigorous program to guarantee that its employees operate in a drug-free environment.A requirement for postal work is that the applicant be drug-free, and this requirement is determined by the use of a urine drug screening test.When it is established that you are in the area of consideration for employment, you will be scheduled for a drug screening test to be performed.

    Other Occupations

    • When applying for employment other than mail processing in the Postal Service, the application procedure is quite similar to that of the federal civil service application process. The applicant’s job experience, education, specific knowledge, talents, and abilities are all taken into consideration (KSAs). Job announcements are posted on the United States Postal Service’s website, and applicants must carefully follow the application procedures contained in the job announcement in order to be considered for the position. Any errors or omissions might result in your application being denied. There are several instances where highly competent applicants are turned down due of administrative faults or omissions. The United States Postal Service employs 615,140 people, the vast majority of whom are involved in mail handling. Many administrative, corporate, technical, engineering, and support vocations, on the other hand, are also open to applicants. As noted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Postal Service employs hundreds of different vocations, including the ones mentioned below in abbreviated form: (The number employed in each group is listed in parenthesis.) Management positions in the areas of advertising, marketing promotion, public relations, and sales (360)
    • administrative services managers (310)
    • information technology managers (150)
    • financial managers (160)
    • transportation, storage, and distribution managers (720)
    • human resource managers (170)
    • human resource specialists (1,530
    • human resource (HR) workers (1,530)
    • business and financial operations occupations (8,530)
    • business operations specialists (7,300)
    • purchasing agents (500)
    • compliance officers (1,4350
    • LMR (360)
    • logistics managers (360)

    View the entire list of postal vocations provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    Post Office Application Process

    Whenever a vacancy occurs in a particular region, the Postal Service employs, and you may apply for any job opportunity online through the United States Postal Service.They no longer provide tests in areas that were formerly offered every two years.You may apply for employment openings at any time of the year, and anybody can apply.You can now take Part D of the 473 test online without being proctored when you initially apply, and if you pass Part D, you will be scheduled for sections A, B, and C within 14 days of when you apply.Once you have taken and passed the 473 test, you will not be required to repeat the exam when applying for other positions.The exam score is good for several years after it is obtained.

    You must retain your Exam Tracking Number, which is the exam number that you will receive after passing the exam, in order to be able to apply for additional jobs without having to repeat the test.Furthermore, there are no fees associated with taking a test with the Postal Service.We recommend that you go through our site’s thorough reference to the United States Postal Service’s recruitment and application program before visiting the official USPS website to look for job openings in your region.You can also submit your application in person at a post office location.Postal Pre-Appointment Interview, Practice and Preparation for the 473 and other entry-level examinations, and How to Locate Job Openings in Your Area are all covered in ″Post Office Jobs.″ The book also offers detailed position descriptions for the top 25 job categories at the Post Office, as well as example exam questions for clerical, technical, custodial, car mechanic, electronics technician, and other jobs.There are copies of this book available at all bookstores and on Amazon.com, and it is also available in the reference department of many libraries.

    Consider all career opportunities in the public and private sectors and submit applications to increase your chances of landing a position.Back to the top of the page

    How to become a Post Office counter clerk, counter service consultant

    • You may enter into this employment by taking a college course, doing an apprenticeship, or applying directly to the company.


    • You may enroll in a college course that would teach you some of the skills and information that you would need for this career. The following disciplines are relevant: Level 1 Certificate in Customer Service
    • Level 2 Diploma in Customer Service
    • and Level 3 Diploma in Customer Service.

    Entry requirements

    • For a level 1 programme, you’ll typically need: 2 or less GCSEs at grades 3 to 1 (D to G), or the equivalent
    • 2 or fewer GCSEs at grades 3 to 1 (D to G), or the equivalent
    • For a level 2 course, you must have two or more GCSEs at grades 9 to 3 (A* to D), or comparable qualifications.

    More Information

    • Entrance criteria that are equivalent
    • financial advice
    • and course searching


    Entrance criteria that are equivalent; financing assistance; course search

    Entry requirements

    For an intermediate apprenticeship, you’ll typically need: a few GCSEs, usually including English and arithmetic, or a comparable qualification.

    More Information

    • equivalent entry requirements
    • guide to apprenticeships

    Direct Application

    In order to apply for positions, you’ll need a high level of education, strong numeracy and literacy skills, and excellent customer service abilities.Your company will most likely provide you with on-the-job Post Office counter training while you are on the job.Many post offices are operated as franchises and are located in stores that provide a variety of other goods and services.Each franchise will have its own set of recruiting and selection procedures..On the Post Office recruiting website, you may look for job openings at Post Office branches.

    More Information

    Career tips

    Previous customer service experience in banks, offices, or retail establishments would be quite advantageous.

    Further information

    The Post Office can provide you with further information on working as a counter assistant.

    What it takes

    Skills and knowledge

    • Among the talents required are great customer service abilities, excellent verbal communication abilities, the ability to work effectively with people, convincing and bargaining abilities, thoroughness and attention to detail, and the capacity to multitask.
    • Having the capacity to offer products and services
    • having strong arithmetic abilities
    • having active listening skills
    • having the ability to utilize a computer and the major software programs successfully

    Restrictions and Requirements

      You’ll need to:

    • pass background checks

    What you’ll do

    Day-to-day tasks

    • Customer service and retail sales are essential in this position. You’ll meet and greet customers and give them a positive impression of the Post Office
    • sell financial and retail products and services to meet targets
    • sell stamps and handle letters and packages
    • pay out pensions and benefits, accept payment of bills
    • deal with vehicle registration, car tax, passport and driving licence applications
    • sell travel insurance and foreign currency
    • complete administrative tasks and adhere to security regulations.

    Working environment

    You may possibly work in a store. It is possible that your working environment is physically taxing.

    Career path and progression

    Your career path might lead to an assistant branch manager or branch manager job at a larger branch after gaining experience in your current role. It is possible to start your own Post Office franchise business.

    How to Get a Job with the Post Office

    Your career path might lead to an assistant branch manager or branch manager job in a larger branch with more experience. A Post Office franchise might be a good fit for you.

    USPS Careers

    When most people think of the post office, they automatically conjure up images of the mailman bringing packages.However, there are a variety of other occupations available within the Postal Service than that of a mail carrier.Mechanic in the Automobile Industry The incumbent is responsible for performing routine and sophisticated repairs and maintenance on all types of vehicles utilized in the postal fleet.They are also responsible for troubleshooting and diagnosing complicated issues involving the post office fleet.Custodianship and Custodial Labor are two different things.Manual cleaning, housekeeping, and grounds upkeep are all part of the custodian’s job description.

    Custodian worker responsibilities include performing physical labor in the upkeep and cleaning of the buildings and surrounding grounds.Operator for Data Conversion Extracting information from source documents, transferring that information to computer input forms, and entering data using a keyboard are all examples of information extraction.Operating a vehicle / operating a tractor-trailer.Operate postal trucks to collect and transport large amounts of mail.Those who run heavy-duty tractor-trailers for highway service, city shuttle service, or trailer activities are known as tractor trailer operators (or tractor-trailer operators).

    Processing, Distribution & Delivery Positions

    Carrier and Clerk for the City Clerks are employed indoors and are responsible for sorting and distributing mail.They may also interact with members of the public, selling stamps and weighing packages, for example.City Carriers gather and distribute mail in all weather conditions, and they may choose to walk or drive along their route.Both roles need lengthy periods of standing, walking, and reaching, as well as the capacity to lift and carry 70 pounds on one’s back.Carriers are expected to transport a mailbag, which may weigh as much as 35 pounds, on their shoulders.Operators of distribution clerks, sorting machines, and flat sorting machines Operating machinery that sorts and distributes letters or flat items such as magazines and over-sized envelopes is a need for those in this field of work.

    The ability to read and type ZIP Codes is required for certain occupations, which require the use of a particular purpose keyboard.Work as a Mail Handler Mail Handlers are employed in a manufacturing environment.Loading, unloading, and transportation of mail sacks and parcels that can weigh up to 70 pounds are among the responsibilities.Mail Processor is a job title that describes a person who processes mail.While loading and unloading mail from automated mail processing equipment, you will be required to stand for extended periods of time, which may be uncomfortable.Mark Up Clerk using an Automated Marking System Automated Mark Up Clerks are responsible for entering changes of address data into computer systems, processing mail, and doing a variety of other clerical tasks.

    Minimum Requirements for Post Office Employment

    • To ensure that you are qualified for and capable of meeting all of the criteria for an employment with the United States Postal Service, you must first determine whether or not you are eligible. When you begin applying for a position with the United States Postal Service, each job ad will provide a list of the job qualification criteria. The following are the bare minimum criteria for all USPS positions: A high school diploma or equivalent is required if you are 16 years old at the time of your appointment. – Carrier employment that need driving are only available to those who are 18 years old or older.
    • Citizens of the United States, permanent residents of the United States, or citizens of American Samoa or another U.S. territory
    • Recent work experience
    • the ability to pass a criminal background check
    • the ability to pass a drug test
    • In terms of physical needs, the job determines what is required of a person. It is required that you be physically fit in order to hoist and carry a 70-pound mail bag while still being able to fulfill your assigned tasks effectively. In addition, you will be required to undergo an eye and hearing examination. All applicants must have 20/40 vision in the good eye and no worse than 20/100 vision in the other eye in order to be considered for the position. It is permissible to use eyeglasses
    • Background checks must be conducted on those who live in their home state
    • If appropriate to the employment, a clean driving record is required. To be considered for occupations requiring the use of a motor vehicle, all applicants must possess a valid state driver’s license. You must have a clean driving record, and you must pass a Postal Service road test specific to the type of vehicle that you will be operating.
    • If appropriate, you must be registered with the Selective Service.
    • In addition, applicants are needed to complete the Postal Service Examination.

    What is the Postal Service Exam?

    A total of four separate Post Service Exams exist: Exams 474, 475, 476, and 477, respectively.The kind of USPS job for which you are applying will determine which exam you will take.You will not be aware of which tests you will be required to complete until you submit an application for the position.Once you’ve submitted your application, you might receive a response by email at any point during the process.If you receive a response to your application through email, you will have 72 hours to complete the needed exam before it is considered complete.Check out our Definitive Guide to Postal Tests for additional information on how to pass your postal exams.

    When and how much does it cost to sit for the Postal Service Examination?There are no fees associated with taking any of the Postal Service Exams.However, in order to begin the application process and to gain access to the exam, you will need to have access to the internet as well as your own personal email address.What criteria are used to evaluate candidates for the Postal Service Exams?The highest possible result on any of the Postal Service tests is a perfect score of 100.For any of these tests, you must achieve a score of at least 70 in order to be successful.

    As soon as you finish the exam, you will be able to find out how well you did.

    Working at USPS – Careers

    Postal Service employees account for over a quarter of all Americans’ working hours.We provide our employees with diversity, training, and opportunities to advance.Our programs for recent graduates are tailored to their needs, and we provide skills matching for individuals with military experience.From mail carriers to corporate management, we all work together to serve the American people with efficient and economical service.The United States Postal Service is a fantastic place to work for self-motivated individuals who value independence and attainable objectives, as well as the satisfaction of contributing to our communities.

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    • Great perks encompass more than just a competitive wage. The United States Postal Service offers excellent salary and comprehensive benefits. A wide range of health and life insurance options
    • retirement and savings programs
    • and other benefits
    • Time off for vacation and sick leave
    • Assistance with qualifying schooling

    Compensatory and fringe benefits

    Building a Career at USPS

    Our employees are the backbone of the United States Postal Service. We want our workers to advance in their careers within the United States Postal Service, so our development programs train and prepare them for promotions and growth opportunities in a range of USPS business sectors. Advancement in one’s career

    Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

    The United States Postal Service has made it a policy to ensure equal job opportunities and to prohibit employment discrimination.As a company, we strive to recruit and maintain a diverse workforce in which workers appreciate and cherish one another’s differences.We also strive to foster cooperation, flexibility, and fairness so that all employees may participate and contribute to their full potential.Upon hiring as a postal employee, you will be expected to carry out your responsibilities in a way that is consistent with the goals and objectives outlined above.Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are three important concepts to consider.

    Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) process

    • **Click here for information from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on how to file a complaint during the COVID-19 pandemic** The efile website enables you to submit an online request for EEO counseling as well as track the progress of any EEO cases that you began using efile. efile Website (efile.usps.com)
    • Publication 133 – What You Need to Know About EEO
    • Publication 133 – PDF
    • Publication 133 – online version
    • Publication 133 – PDF
    • EEO Process (publication 133 – What You Need to Know About EEO).

    USPS Application process – Apply to Work at USPS

    • We invite you to take your time with the application in order to provide the most accurate description of the experience you bring to bear. You have the option to save your progress and return to your profile at a later time if necessary within the eCareers application. There is no charge for either the application or any tests
    • if you come across any websites that charge a price, they are not valid and should be reported to the United States Postal Inspection Service. If you have any questions regarding a specific position, you should contact the person who is named on the job offering. If you choose, you may submit applications to a number of different positions at the same time. Alternatively, if you are not selected for a position, you can apply for another post at your convenience. Instead of using a mobile device, a desktop or laptop computer will provide the finest experience.
    • Make use of a supported browser, such as Internet Explorer 7-11, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, and/or Safari, among others.
    • Make sure Adobe PDF Reader is installed and activated in the browsers that are supported.
    • A valid email address is required to apply for jobs or to create a Candidate profile on Indeed. This is the sole manner in which the United States Postal Service may communicate with you regarding your application and job status.
    • It is necessary to be 18 years old at the time of appointment, or 16 years old with a high school diploma
    • it is necessary to be able to pass a criminal background check, a drug screening, and a medical evaluation.
    • The applicant must be a citizen, permanent resident, or a citizen of American Samoa or another United States territory to be considered
    • It is necessary to disclose recent job history.
    • The candidate must have a clean driving record (if that is relevant to the role)
    • If appropriate, you must be registered with the Selective Service.
    • The Inspection Service conducts a criminal background check utilizing only information resources available from the United States (e.g., FBI fingerprint check, state and county checks). When doing a criminal history check, investigators go back five years to see if the subject has resided, worked, or attended school anywhere in the United States or one of its territories. Consequently, criminal background investigations on persons who have not lived in the United States or its territories for the prior five years may not be considered comprehensive as a result of this restriction. The Inspection Service may be able to process inquiries for U.S. citizens only, but only if their time spent outside the country was spent as a trailing spouse or dependent of someone working for the United States government (military or civilian), a missionary, a student attending school in a foreign country, a Peace Corps participant, or as an employee of a U.S.-based employer/company. If you are a trailing spouse or dependent of someone working for the United States government (milit The Inspection Service will not be able to conduct a thorough background check on an individual because of their residency outside of the United States. Such people will be disqualified to work for the Postal Service.

    Requirements for Working at the Post Office

    Are you prepared to become a member of the Postal Service?Because there are usually a large number of candidates, obtaining a position in the post office can be quite tough.We will assist you in distinguishing yourself from the competition in this guide.The application procedure for a job at the post office can be time-consuming and difficult.In order to help you, we’ve broken down everything you require.

    How to Work for the United States Postal Service (USPS)

    To begin, you would need to submit an application through the United States Postal Service’s website. Before you can submit an application, you must first establish an account. The procedure is straightforward. You simply need to provide your first and last name, email address, login, and password. That’s all.

    Requirements to Work at USPS

    • There are a number of requirements that must be met before you may submit an application to the United States Postal Service. Indeed, they are the nation’s second-largest employer, employing almost one million people. The competition is already starting to heat up. With this reason, in order to work for the USPS, you would need to meet the very minimal standards. Be at least 18 years old at the time of appointment, or 16 years old with a high school diploma, in order to qualify for the position.
    • Be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States, or a citizen or permanent resident of a U.S. territory
    • Have a recent work history to draw upon
    • A criminal background check, drug test, and medical evaluation must be passed before employment may be offered.
    • Background checks demand proof of residency (whether it’s U.S. citizenship or anything else)
    • a clean driving record (if relevant)
    • and a good moral character.
    • If appropriate, you should be registered with Selective Service.

    If you fulfill all of these minimal qualifications, you are eligible to apply for a position with the United States Postal Service.There are, however, certain additional considerations that you should be aware of.Many postal service occupations necessitate employees standing for long periods of time.Unless you’re a driver, of course.You may also be required to satisfy other qualifications, which will vary based on the job description.

    What is the Postal Exam 473?

    The Postal Exam 473 is an entrance test that the United States Postal Service (USPS) needs you to complete based on the position for which you have applied.The opportunity to receive this evaluation is not available to all applicants.A limited number of candidates will be invited to participate in this examination, and there will only be a restricted number of spots available.Each job ad has a fixed number of applicants who can be tested before the position is filled.Once the maximum number of invites has been achieved, no more invitations will be issued.

    Updates on Postal Exam 473

    • Depending on the job description, there are several postal tests that have taken the place of the original one. Every job posting does not need the use of the test. However, it is necessary for more than 70% of the occupations in the United States Postal Service. Here are several occupations with the United States Postal Service that require you to pass a postal exam: The following occupations are available: 474 – City and Rural Postal Carrier
    • 475 – Mail Handler and Mail Handler Assistant
    • 476 – Mail Processor
    • 477 – Customer Service Clerk
    • 955 – Mechanic and Technician

    According on the position you apply for, your test may be proctored, unproctored, or a combination of the two.If the exam is proctored, you will need to take it in a testing center that has been approved by the United States Postal Service.The time required to complete this evaluation ranges between three and seven days.The timeframe is based on whether or not the exam is being proctored.Assume that you will have sufficient time to prepare and study.For each job listing, you may only sit for the test once.

    More on Exams

    • The following questions may be found in postal tests 474, 475, 476, and 477, as well as in other postal exams. Unlike previous exams, postal exam 955 is an entirely other beast. In general, you will be asked to respond to questions that are based on your own personal experiences as well as business circumstances. Scenarios at Work: This test assesses your ability to identify and address problems as they arise. These questions test your ability to respond to a variety of circumstances.
    • Tell Us About Your Experience: It asks you questions depending on your previous work experience and educational background
    • Describe Your Approach in Detail: The exam is presented in the form of a personality test based on how you handle daily chores

    All of the aforementioned examinations will include questions from these three areas (with the exception of 955).Every test, with the exception of exam 474, will be divided into a separate category that will vary based on the job you apply for.The Work Scenarios category contains the fewest questions, but the Describe Your Approach category contains between 56 and 79 questions.Despite the fact that there is no time restriction, it is recommended that you allow yourself a specific amount of time for each question.Applicants who have the highest scores will be invited to an interview considerably more rapidly than those who receive lower scores.It is necessary to have a score of 70 to pass.

    If your score falls below a certain threshold, you will be disqualified to proceed.After 12 months, you can repeat the test.Those that achieve a better score than the minimum should anticipate the USPS to take an interest in them much sooner than they might imagine.In order to sit for the postal exam, you will need to make an appointment with a testing center that has been approved for this purpose.Keep in mind that you have between three and seven days to finish the assignment.So plan ahead of time!

    How to Prepare for Postal Service Interview

    • Congratulations on being selected for an interview with the United States Postal Service! Candidates who have completed their respective postal exams are invited to participate in an interview. While there will be questions that are specific to the position you applied for, the following are some broad themes that the hiring manager will ask you about during the interview. Environment and job content
    • conscientiousness
    • adaptability
    • cooperativity
    • communication
    • and customer service.

    Answering Postal Service Interview Questions

    Question from each of the six categories listed. The hiring manager will ask you questions from each of the six categories above. Additionally, they may sneak in some general interview questions, so be sure you are well prepared!

    1. Work Setting and Job Content

    The first area, work environment and job content, is concerned with determining whether or not you are appropriate for working in the postal service environment.These questions will include inquiries into whether or not you have previously worked in a comparable location and whether or not you are aware of any potential safety issues.Hiring managers will take advantage of this opportunity to inquire about your expectations for the position you applied for.One of the best ways to succeed in this area is to research safety dangers in the job posting you apply for.Your responses should demonstrate to the hiring manager that you have the necessary skills to operate in the postal service setting.

    2. Conscientiousness

    This area, which includes work environment and job content, is concerned with determining whether or not you are a good fit for the postal service environment in question.These questions will include inquiries as to whether or not you have previously worked in a comparable setting and whether or not you are aware of any potential safety dangers in the workplace.Your expectations for the position you applied for are likely to be inquired about by hiring managers at this point in the process.It is recommended that you research safety issues in the job posting that you apply for before taking this category.Your responses should demonstrate to the recruiting manager that you have the necessary skills to work in the postal service.

    3. Adaptability

    Adaptability is a measure of your ability to remain flexible in the face of unforeseen circumstances.In your job as a postal service employee, you are likely to encounter unexpected overtime or schedule adjustments.Not only do you have to deal with scheduling changes, but you also have to deal with supervisory and workload circumstances.Tips for acing this area include recounting events in which you were able to adjust to rapid changes in the environment, just as you did in the prior category.You are not need to depend entirely on your previous experiences.Make every effort to be as adaptive as possible.

    Your responses must demonstrate to the recruiting manager that you are not afraid of change, but rather that you welcome it.And you do a good job of it.

    4. Cooperation

    The fourth area, collaboration, assesses your capacity to manage shared duties and operate as part of a collaborative effort.Hiring managers are interested in how you behave when faced with the necessity of doing shared and sequential work with one or more other pe

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