What Channels Are In The Entertainment Package?

– 160+ live channels and 45,000+ On Demand titles – Popular channels including ESPN and ESPN2 – Genie HD DVR included

What channels are included in the now entertainment package?

Our Entertainment package includes a NOW Entertainment Membership (RRP £9.99) with access to channels like Sky Atlantic and Sky Showcase, Netflix, AMC and more. Watch on your BT box, or on app.

What is included in the BT TV entertainment package?

Our Entertainment package includes a NOW Entertainment Membership (RRP £9.99) with access to channels like Sky Atlantic and Sky Showcase, Netflix, AMC and more. Watch on your BT box, or on app. BT TV is flexible. What does that mean? Gone are the days of paying for content and channels you’re not watching.

What channels are on Sky Entertainment?

Sky’s basic offering – Sky Entertainment – includes 250 free-to-air channels including all the familiar terrestrial TV favourites; BBC One, BBC Two, ITV, Channel 4 (including HD) are all available, as you’d expect. In addition, there’s a range of entertainment channels such as Dave, Yesterday and Challenge.

What’s the difference between the entertainment package and choice plan?

The ENTERTAINMENT package has approximately 25 less channels than Choice (see below for that list), so provided those channels aren’t on your must-have list, give this plan some serious consideration. You’ll get What’s included?

What channels are in the ATT ENTERTAINMENT package?

AT&T Entertainment Channel List

CNN HD Comedy Central HD Disney Channel HD
Disney Jr HD Disney XD HD ESPN HD
ESPN2 HD Food Network HD Fox News Channel HD
Fox Sports 1 HD Freeform HD FXX HD

What is included in the ENTERTAINMENT package on DIRECTV?

  • 160+ live TV channels.
  • 45,000 On Demand titles.
  • Enjoy major sports channels like ESPN, ESPN2, NBCSN.
  • You can get HBO Max™, Cinemax®, SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, and EPIX for 3 months on us. Read on for more.
  • What is AT&T ENTERTAINMENT Package?

    This package includes over 40,000 on-demand TV show episodes and movies. Are premium channels like HBO Max™ and SHOWTIME® available with the ENTERTAINMENT package? Yes! Get SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, Cinemax® & EPIX® included for first 3 months at no extra charge.

    How many channels are in AT&T ENTERTAINMENT Package?

    Every Channel Available on AT&T TV

    The “Entertainment” ($69.99) plan includes local channels and 34 of the top 35 cable channels. AT&T TV “Choice” ($84.99) plan adds your local RSN including Fox Sports RSNs, pro sports networks like NBA TV and MLB Network, College Sports Networks like BTN and SEC Network.

    Do I get local channels with AT&T TV?

    Live TV Recording for Local Channels

    AT&T TV Now will let you record live TV from your available local channels. The service offers a 500-hour cloud DVR, which also maintains a 90-day expiration date on recorded videos.

    Can you watch local channels on AT&T TV?

    Local channel availability is based on your billing ZIP Code and market area. To learn more about local channels, including regional sports networks, check out the Channel Lookup Tool. Going to another city? No problem – you can still watch local channels.

    What is the difference between DIRECTV select and entertainment packages?

    SELECT package: 150+ channels, including AMC, Disney Channel, Discovery, and local channels. ENTERTAINMENT package: 155+ channels including Fox, Fox Sports, ESPN, ESPN2, Home Shopping Network, and local channels.

    What channel is entertainment on DIRECTV?

    What channel is E! on demand DIRECTV? You can watch E! on channel 236.

    Is HBO Max included with DIRECTV?

    HBO Max is free on DirecTV for you if you are already subscribed to a package that includes the HBO network, but there are some discrepancies. Depending on your plan with AT&T and DirecTV, you could either be getting access to an HBO Max trial or a full-time HBO Max subscription.

    Is AT&T TV a good deal?

    AT&T TV is a good choice for those looking for more television programming options, but be sure you understand the pricing structure before signing up for a contract. Prices in the second year are much higher than in the first year, and canceling early means you pay $15 a month for the time left on your contract.

    Does AT&T TV have HD channels?

    Here’s a list of HD (High Definition) channels from AT&T U-verse that’s easily viewed on mobile phones, tablets and PCs.

    AT&T U-verse HD Channels.

    1002 KCBSHD CBS (KCBS-HD-02)
    1643 CBSSHD CBS Sports Network HD
    1650 BTN HD BTN HD
    1651 FS2 HD FOX Sports 2 HD
    1652 FS1 HD FOX Sports 1 HD

    What is the difference between AT&T TV and AT&T TV now?

    AT&T TV Now is no more. New customers can no longer sign up for telecom’s skinny bundle TV service, similar to YouTube TV or Hulu with Live TV. Instead, customers can only sign up for AT&T TV. Simply put: AT&T now has one virtual TV service instead of two.

    Do you need a box for every TV with AT&T TV?

    It’s not necessary to continue watching. Jim Greer, an AT&T spokesman, tells the TV Answer Man that “you can use the subscription without the box, but the box is included.” Meaning AT&T will send you the box even if you don’t plan to use it.

    Which TV streaming service is best?

    The best streaming services now

    1. HBO Max. The best streaming service around is the home box office.
    2. Netflix. Still one of the best streaming services, but looking for its next hit.
    3. Disney Plus. The best streaming service for families.
    4. Hulu. The best streaming service for cord-cutters.
    5. Sling TV.
    6. Amazon Prime Video.
    7. Peacock.
    8. Fubo TV.

    What channel is Nick on AT&T?

    AT&T U-verse subscribers can find Nickelodeon on channel 314 (SD) and 1314 (HD).

    What channels are in DirecTV Choice package?

    CHOICE ™ ULTIMATE PREMIER PACKAGES & CHANNEL LINEUP Effective 6/17/21 ENTERTAINMENT CHOICE ™ ULTIMATE PREMIER ™ A Wealth of Entertainment 387 A&E 265 ACC Network 612 AccuWeather 361 ActionMAX2 FX (conly) 519 AMC 254 American Heroes Channel 287 Animal Planet 282

    What channels are on Hulu packages?

    Hulu’s live TV service currently costs $65 be sure to select the Orange package. The other $35 package, called Blue, does not have ESPN, but it does have a lot of other channels Disney lost, including FX and National Geographic. Other alternatives

    What channels are on the Spectrum Gold package?

    The Spectrum Gold package channel list includes the most popular premium networks—HBO MAX™, SHOWTIME®, TMC®, and STARZENCORE®—which would cost more if subscribed separately. Add-on premium channels, which you can subscribe to alongside your Gold plan, include the likes of Cinemax® and EPIX®. Get the best package for sports fans.

    Sky TV Channels 2022

    Published on Tuesday, July 6th, 2021 by Mike Whitehead Sky is the dominant source of high-quality content across all genres in the increasingly competitive subscription television market place despite increased competition.From Sky Sports to Sky Cinema and the highly sought-after Sky Atlantic, we’ve got all the specifics on everything Sky has to offer.Sky boasts the most comprehensive channel lineup of any of the pay-TV providers, and its price structure is competitive as well.This guide will provide you with a comprehensive overview of all Sky has to offer, including all of the different packages available.It will also answer any questions you may have.

    Most popular Sky TV channels

    • This guide will not be able to cover all of the Sky TV channels available if you choose to use all of your optional extras since the list is just too extensive to cover in any meaningful way. Instead, we’ve compiled a list of what we believe are the top 10 finest TV channels available through Sky. The complete list of Sky channels may be seen on the company’s own website. Sky Atlantic — Without a doubt, this is the most sought-after channel on Sky. Sky’s exclusive arrangement with HBO in the United States allows it to broadcast shows such as Game of Thrones, Big Little Lies, True Detective, Riviera, Billions, Tin Star, and a slew of other popular series.
    • Even while Sky Sports will not be included as a basic feature, and it will not be inexpensive to add, a sports fanatic would be insane not to find a way to incorporate Sky Sports into their monthly budget. There are now 11 channels available, the most of which are dedicated to a certain sport (football, cricket, Formula One, and so on), with a few, such as Mix, Main Event, and Arena, displaying a mix of the sports that are left over after the respective sport is covered. In addition, you will receive Sky Sports News.
    • Sky Cinema — Once again, you will have to pay a significant premium for Sky Cinema, but it still offers fantastic value for money, since it includes 11 movie channels as well as on-demand access to over 1,000 movies at any one moment.
    • In addition to A League Of Their Own, Blacklist, Modern Family, In The Long Run, The Simpsons, Sick Of It and many other shows, Sky One also offers a diverse selection of movies and television shows that are not available anywhere else.
    • In addition to Sky Sports, Sky now includes a Netflix membership as part of your package, giving you access to literally thousands of series and movies, including Netflix Originals such as Stranger Things, The Witcher, Lost In Space, Altered Carbon, and a slew of other titles.
    • Discovery – Although it is no longer the provider of factual documentaries that it once was, Discovery continues to produce a large deal of ‘factutainment,’ or shows that are based on truth but have the drama turned up to eleven for dramatic impact. Wheeler Dealers, Fast & Loud, Deadliest Catch, Expedition X, and Gold Rush are just a few of the shows that have aired recently.
    • Killjoys, Krypton, Battlestar Galactica, Futurama, and The Twilight Zone are some of the shows available on SyFy. The quality of SyFy’s own production has improved tremendously over the years, and there is a plethora of excellent programming to be found on this channel.
    • Sky Box Sets are a great way to save money on cable television. Sky Box Sets, which was previously exclusively available as a paid-for add-on, is now included as standard with every Sky TV plan, providing access to hundreds of television shows.
    • A large selection of high-quality American programming is available on Fox, including Family Guy, War Of The Worlds, the Walking Dead, the Mentalist, NCIS, and many others.
    • The only provider that bundles all of its Indian and Asian channels as standard, Sky is the only one that offers an astonishing 19 channels to select from, with categories ranging from films to entertainment to news and everything in between

    For further information, please see Sky. Sky TV packages are available for comparison.

    Freeview channels

    Sky’s most basic package, Sky Signature, includes a massive 300 channels, including all of the classic Freeview TV favorites, such as BBC One, BBC Two, ITV, Channel 4 (with HD), and so on, as well as a slew of new channels.Along with that, there is a diverse selection of entertainment channels, including Dave, Quest, and Alibi.If movies are more your thing, Film4 and TCM are two channels to consider.300 channels does appear to be a significant number.However, keep in mind that there is a significant amount of repetition in this section.

    For example, how many news stations do you really need if all of them display the identical headlines on the screen?We all have a favorite, and we’ll stick with it for the time being.There are also +1 channels provided if you want to watch a show that would conflict with anything else on the channel lineup, as well as a number of channels that are fairly specialized, such as religious, adult-only watching, and shopping channels, among others.

    Premium channels

    The Signature bundle from Sky is the starting point for the company’s premium channel offering.To put it simply, any premium channel is one that is not included in the Freeview package.If you consider some of these channels to be premium watching, it is entirely up to you whether you think they are.Although the Sky Signature bundle delivers an additional 150 channels in addition to the Freeview channels, it also includes free access to Sky Box Sets, which was previously a paid extra and provides access to more than 500 box set programs formerly available only through Sky Box Sets.

    Premium entertainment channels

    Sky has made significant advances in recent years with its original programming offering and has established a strong reputation for producing high-quality programming.This package includes Sky’s crown jewel, Sky Atlantic, which is known for being the home of the award-winning fantasy drama, Game of Thrones, as well as other popular shows.You’ll also discover a variety of other fantastic shows, such as Billions, Westworld, Riviera, and Gangs of London, to mention a few examples.Sky One is another channel that has significantly increased the quality of its programming, which includes shows such as The Blacklist, The Flight Attendant, Strike Back, A League of Their Own, and everyone’s favorite cartoon comedy, The Simpsons.Also accessible are all of the hottest new TV offerings from Sky Living, Fox, and Universal Television Network.

    If you’re a lover of stand-up comedy, in addition to Dave, there’s Comedy Central and Gold, where you can catch up on all the old classics like Only Fools and Horses and Fawlty Towers, among other things.

    Premium factual channels

    Sky’s competitors are unable to match the breadth of factual and documentary programming available on the company’s platform.Whichever channel you’re looking for in this genre, if you can’t find it on Sky, you’ll have a difficult time finding it anyplace else.Sky’s Signature bundle includes channels such as National Geographic, Nat Geo Wild, Crime & Investigation, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and History Channel, to name a few examples.

    Premium kids’ channels

    Adding the Kids bundle to your basic Entertainment plan should ensure that your children are entertained at all times with a variety of channels that meet all of their demands. It is expected that there would be something for everyone among the eight kids channels, which include Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Cartoonito, Nickelodeon, Nickelodeon Nicktoons, Nick Jr, Nick Jr Too, and Baby TV.

    Premium music channels

    There is something for everyone in Sky’s music channels, no matter what your age or musical tastes are.There is something for everyone in Sky’s music channels.MTV Music, MTV Base, MTV Hits, and MTV Classic are among the four MTV channels that are available to rock and pop enthusiasts.In addition, Box Hits, KISS, Magic, and Kerrang are available to view.In fact, there’s an entire NOW 80s channel dedicated to A-Ha and Rick Astley devotees.

    The Sky Arts channel, which broadcasts music documentaries as part of its regular programming schedule, offers a wonderful range to choose from.

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    Premium movie channels

    Sky Cinema, which is available as an add-on to the standard Signature plan, will satisfy the needs of all film enthusiasts and will provide you with everything you’re searching for.In all, you’ll receive an additional eleven channels dedicated to films from a variety of different genres.Sky Premiere, as the name indicates, is a channel where you can see all of the most recent film releases that are being shown on UK television for the first time.Among the titles available on Sky Hits are a number of films that were both critically and commercially successful when they were first released, such as The Goldfinch and The Secret Garden.A superb selection of various, all-time classic movies is available on Sky Greats, ranging from the more current to golden oldies such as Wayne’s World and Gandhi.

    A variety of comedic titles, including Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and romcoms such as Hitch, are available on Sky Comedy.There are a plethora of Drama and Thriller titles can be found on channels that are specialized to these genres.There is a superb selection of timeless movies available on Sky Classics, including Lawrence of Arabia and It’s a Wonderful Life.You can view all of these movies whenever you want because they are available on demand.The Sci-Fi and Horror genres are a must-watch for anybody who enjoys being afraid, with everything from An American Werewolf in London to 2001: A Space Odyssey being available.

    Premium sports channels – Sky Sports

    While still in its infancy, Sky was often seen as the schoolyard bully, stealing all of the finest sporting events away from poor old Auntie Beeb.However, despite the fact that Sky has had its ups and downs over the years and has had to work painstakingly to get its many formats just right, the company’s sports portfolio is unquestionably superior to that of its competitors.Sport is the cornerstone of Sky’s business, and it is the reason for its continued success.A recent re-branding initiative by Sky, in conjunction with its Cinema package, has resulted in a much more concentrated and compact sports offering, rather than a broad range of events from various sports.Sky Sports Main Event broadcasts all of the major sporting events taking place right now.

    You’ll find everything from the big golf tournament to the big cricket test match to the big Premier League fixture right here.The other premium channels are all devoted to a single sport in particular.Sky Sports Premier League, Sky Sports Cricket, Sky Sports Golf, and Sky Sports F1 are all sports that feature content that is entirely devoted to that particular sport.Along with Sky Sports Premier League, there’s also Sky Sports Football, which provides content that’s geared at lower-league events and is not centered on the top-tier of football.No question Sky has experienced some defeats in recent years as a result of greater competition from BT Sport, which has managed to secure a large number of Premier League games, both European club tournaments, and the most recent Ashes series in Australia, amongst other things.This rivalry is only going to get more intense over time, but for the time being, Sky’s sports package remains the best overall and is definitely worth adding on to your base Signature subscription.

    Compare all of the television offers available.Return to the top of the page

    DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT Package Channels List for 2021

    The following is the comprehensive and up-to-date DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT package channel list for 2021, as well as the current monthly pricing and other important information.This list is just for those who live in the United States.The cost of the DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT bundle is $64.99 per month, plus taxes and fees.In this example, the monthly fee for a 12-month subscription includes taxes and the Regional Sports Fee.You’ll often be signing a 24-month deal, and the price of most services will raise after 12 months if you don’t cancel before then.

    Before we go into the list of channels, let’s have a look at the overall picture of this package.

    What channels are included in the DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT package?

    A basic DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT plan will provide you with 173 channels of programming.However, you can always add more channels to your subscription by taking advantage of the add-on function, which allows you to add premium channels to your subscription.It should be noted that each premium channel has a corresponding fee.See the list of DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT channels in their entirety further down this page.Tip: Enter the name or number of a channel in the search field to go to the list of potential matches.

    DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT Package Channels List 2021

    (HD) denotes that a channel is accessible in both high definition and standard definition.

    DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT Package Channels List in PDF

    Alternatively, the PDF version of the channels list is now available for downloading.You may browse and print the list whenever you want if it is in PDF format.Download and print the list by clicking on the icon below: The main disadvantage of using PDFs is that you will not receive channel updates.When AT&T makes modifications to the list of channels that are available, the usefulness of a downloaded or printed list decreases dramatically.As a result, current customers who upgrade or downgrade based on the information they have on a downloaded or printed list may find that the choices they have on the list are no longer accessible as part of the ENTERTAINMENT package after making the change.

    Is the 2021 NFL SUNDAY TICKET included?

    If you happen to be in an out-of-market zone, you will not be able to get any NFL SUNDAY TICKET as part of the ENTERTAINMENT package.In order to continue using the service, you will need to upgrade to a higher-level membership such as CHOICE or ULTIMATE.It is possible to upgrade your membership to include premium channels such as NFL Network HD and NFL SUNDAY TICKET (REDZONE CHANNEL) in the future.If any of the solutions listed above would place a burden on your financial situation, the ideal approach would be to supplement your TV subscription with a cable network or streaming service that delivers NFL networks such as CBS, FOX, and NBC in addition to your existing TV package.Learn more about the NFL from the best NFL services.

    Premium Channels on DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT

    When you purchase the ENTERTAINMENT plan, you will receive three full months of premium entertainment on Epix, Starz, Showtime, and Cinemax channels.Unless you contact to cancel, this service will be automatically renewed at the conclusion of the three-month period.What channels are available on DIRECTV’s Premium package?Premium channels are high-quality television channels that are not included in your subscription but may be purchased separately for a price.88 Films, 88 TV, Starz, Showtime, EPIX, Cine Nostalgia, and Crime+ Investigation are just a few examples of these kind of networks.

    Visit reviews.org for more information on the costs associated with utilizing DIRECTV.Are you dissatisfied?Other DIRECTV bundles can be seen in the table below.

    More DIRECTV Channel Line-ups:

    • List of DIRECTV CHOICETM channels
    • list of DIRECTV ULTIMATETM channels
    • list of DIRECTV PREMIERTM channels
    • list of DIRECTV CHOICETM channels

    What channels are on NOW TV?

    You can enjoy the freedom and flexibility of a streaming platform while still having access to all of Sky’s TV series, movies, and box sets through the use of NOW TV channels from Sky.You may mix and match subscriptions –– referred to as TV Memberships –– to have access to the NOW TV channels and programmes that you desire, but with even greater freedom than with Sky TV.Entertainment, Cinema, Sports, Kids, and hayu are the five different types of TV subscriptions offered by NOW.Here’s a rundown of the channels that are available on NOW TV.Deals that are available RIGHT NOW

    NOW TV Entertainment membership

    The NOW Entertainment TV subscription, formerly known as the NOW TV Entertainment pass, provides access to 14 channels that may be seen live or on demand.These channels contain Sky original material as well as the finest of US television.The NOW Entertainment subscription is also one of the few methods to view Sky Atlantic, which is the home of HBO in the United Kingdom, and other premium content.

    NOW TV channels

    • Sky Atlantic
    • Sky Max
    • Sky Witness
    • GOLD
    • Sky Comedy
    • Comedy Central
    • Sky Documentaries
    • SYFY
    • Sky Crime
    • Sky Nature
    • Sky History
    • Sky Arts
    • National Geographic
    • Sky Atlantic
    • Sky Max
    • Sky Witness
    • GOLD
    • Sky Comedy
    • Comedy Central
    • Sky Documentaries
    • SYFY
    • Sky Crime
    • Sky Nature
    • Sky History
    • Sky Arts
    • National Geographic
    • Sky Atlantic
    • Sky Atlantic
    • Sky Atlantic
    • Sky Atlantic
    • Sky Atlantic
    • Sky Atlantic
    • Sky Atlantic
    • Sky Atlantic
    • Sky Atlantic
    • Sky Atlantic

    For £9.99 per month, the Entertainment membership is accessible on a rolling monthly basis; however, there are frequently promotions available when joining up with other services.For example, at the time of writing, you can obtain a three-month free trial of a NOW Entertainment & Cinema Membership + Boost for £11.98.Boost is also included, which allows you to watch your favorite episodes in Full HD and surround sound on up to three devices at the same time after a 7-day free trial period.After that, you’ll be charged £5 per month to continue watching your favorite shows in Full HD and surround sound.Take a look at our most recent NOW offers.

    NOW Sports membership

    Sky Sports channels provide specialized coverage of a wide range of sports, with additional channels devoted to significant events and breaking news coverage. A NOW Sports subscription grants you access to all 11 of Sky’s sports channels, which include:

    NOW TV sports channels

    • Sporting events on Sky Sports include the Sky Sports Premier League, Sky Sports Football, Sky Sports Cricket, Sky Sports Golf, Sky Sports F1, Sky Sports F1, Sky Sports Action, Sky Sports Arena, Sky Sports Racing, Sky Sports Mix, Sky Sports News, and Sky Sports F1.

    You may sign up for the NOW Sports membership on a rolling monthly subscription basis for £33.99 per month, which you can cancel at any time.For only £9.98, you can get a Sports Day + Mobile Month Membership, which allows you to watch a specific match or event on your television for one day, and then provides you access to watch the same match or event on your mobile device for the next eight months.This is an excellent alternative for people who want to cherry-pick major games and events that they are particularly interested in watching.Take a look at our most recent NOW offers.

    NOW Cinema membership

    If you’re more of a movie enthusiast, a NOW Cinema membership will let you to watch over 1,000 movies on-demand across 11 channels, all at your leisure.Throughout the year, Sky Cinema channels vary, with seasonal channels dedicated to a certain topic or theme as well as a particular actor or director being released when it is appropriate.To name a few, Sky Cinema has seasonal programs such as Christmas, Halloween, and Must See Movies, among others.The NOW Cinema subscription is available on a month-to-month basis for £9.99 and is billed in advance.

    NOW Cinema channels

    • Starring in Sky Cinema premieres, Sky Cinema must-see movies, Sky Cinema hits, Sky Cinema action, Sky Cinema animation, Sky Cinema family, Sky Cinema comedy, Sky Cinema sci-fi horror, Sky Cinema thriller, and Sky Cinema classics. Also featured are: Sky Cinema greats, Sky Cinema drama, Sky Cinema classics, Sky Cinema greats, and Sky Cinema drama.

    Take a look at our most recent NOW offers.

    NOW hayu pass

    Hayu, the uncontested home of reality television, is now available as an extra NOW TV channel, providing you with access to over 3,000 episodes of reality television on demand for the low price of £4.99.

    NOW TV Freeview channels

    Unfortunately, you will not be able to watch Freeview stations using the NOW TV service. Nonetheless, because these services are provided for free, you will be able to access them by installing the freeview app to your streaming device or smart TV, if one is not included by default.

    NOW TV and broadband deals

    NOW TV channels are also available as part of a package offer with NOW internet services, which may result in significant savings on your NOW TV subscription. Take a look at our most recent NOW offers.

    AT&T Entertainment

    AT&T Fiber Internet + Entertainment TV

    AT&T Fiber Internet 300 + Entertainment TV + Phone

    AT&T Entertainment Channel List

    A&E HD AMC HD Animal Planet HD AXS TV
    Baby First TV BBC America HD BET (Black Entertainment Television) HD Bloomberg Television HD
    Boomerang Bravo HD C-SPAN C-SPAN2
    Cartoon Network HD CMT (Country Music TV) HD CNBC HD CNN en Espanol
    CNN HD Comedy Central HD Discovery HD Disney Channel HD
    Disney Jr HD Disney XD HD E! Entertainment HD ESPN HD
    ESPN2 HD Food Network HD FOX Business Network HD Fox News Channel HD
    Fox Sports 1 HD Freeform HD FX HD FXX HD
    Galavision HD Gem Shopping Network Hallmark Channel HD Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
    HGTV HD History HD HLN HD Home Shopping Network HD
    Investigation Discovery HD Lifetime HD MotorTrend HD MSNBC
    MTV HD MTV2 HD One America News HD Ovation HD
    Paramount Network QVC QVC HD QVC2HD
    ReelzChannel HD Revolt HD RFD-TV SundanceTV HD
    Syfy TBS HD TCM HD TeenNick
    Univision East HD USA Network HD VH1 HD VICE
    VICE HD WE tv HD

    AT&T features

    Services TV/Internet/Landline
    States Covered 21 states
    Population Covered 370M
    Connection Type DSL, fixed wireless, cable & fiber
    Internet Speeds 768kb – 1000Mbps (varies by area)
    Modem Included
    TV Channels 565+
    4K Channels No
    Contract None

    AT&T Entertainment FAQs

    What is the best AT&T package?

    The ideal AT&T TV bundle for you will be determined by your requirements as well as the location in which you live. As a result, make sure to look into the bargains available in your area.

    How much does AT&T TV cost?

    AT&T TV bundles start at $74.99 and may go up to $99.99 per month depending on the package. You may select between a stand-alone television and a double or triple package that includes internet and phone.

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    What are the AT&T installation fees?

    Depending on the services you pick, the cost of installing AT&T varies significantly.

    Does AT&T offer senior discounts?

    AT&T does not offer any discounts to senior people at this time, unfortunately.

    AT&T company details

    Company Name AT&T Corporation
    Founded 1876
    Headquarters 208 S. Akard St. Dallas, TX 75202
    Employees 10,000+

    Rob Webber is a professional race car driver.Rob has more than 15 years of expertise in the United States and the United Kingdom running price comparison websites for mobile phone plans, smartphone discounts, television, and the internet, among other things.He enjoys thinking outside of the box in order to create solutions that enable people to make better decisions with greater confidence.

    DirecTV Stream Local Channels – FOX, NBC, and Others

    Local channels are frequently cited as a key stumbling block for new cord-cutters (and cord-nevers): they are not available on streaming services.You should consider AT&T TV Now if you’re looking for an internet TV package that allows you to watch popular local channels such as FOX and NBC while also saving money on your cable bill.We’ll go through the local channels available through AT&T TV Now, as well as how to find out which local broadcast networks are available through AT&T TV Now in your region.MAKE A BUNDLE AND SAVE MORE THAN 25 PERCENT For $13.99 a month, you can watch the best movies, TV series, and sports.SIGN UP RIGHT NOW

    What AT&T TV Now Local Channels Are Available?

    AT&T TV Now provides a variety of streaming bundles that include all of the local channels you could ever want. It should be noted that AT&T TV Now offers a pretty broad (and quite pricey) variety of channel bundles, including the following:

    Entertainment The Essentials $69.99/ month 65+ channels 3 simultaneous streams 20 hours of DVR space Free premium channels like Showtime and Starz SIGN UP
    Choice Must-Have Sports $84.99/ month 90+ channels 3 simultaneous streams Regional sports networks HBO Max Included SIGN UP
    Ultimate Sports, News, Movies $94.99/ month 130+ channels 3 simultaneous streams Regional sports networks HBO Max Included SIGN UP
    Premier Maximum TV $139.99/ month 140+ channels All you can watch Regional sports networks HBO Max Included SIGN UP
    • To obtain the following local channels, you’ll just need to subscribe to the $50 per month Plus plan, which includes the following channels: ABC, The CW, MyNetworkTV, Telemundo, and others

    The public broadcasting stations PBS and MeTV are conspicuously absent from all of AT&T TV Now’s streaming bundles.Having said that, no other streaming service provides access to PBS or MeTV.As a streaming service, AT&T TV boasts one of the greatest selections of local channels available, making it a suitable choice for cord-cutters who are unable to live without local channels as part of their bundle.The regional sports networks available on AT&T TV Now are also a terrific source of entertainment.You’ll discover RSNS from FOX and NBC, as well as a

    How Do I Check My Local Channel List for AT&T TV Now?

    It is important to note that local channel availability will differ depending on whether you are using AT&T TV Now or another internet TV streaming provider.Individual rights to broadcast local channels must be purchased by each provider, and not all local broadcasters make their channels available for internet streaming reasons, as previously stated.As a consequence, before signing up for AT&T TV Now or any of its competitors, you’ll want to double-check which channels are available in your area first.AT&T TV Now has a local channel lookup tool, which may be found here.Simply entering your zip code will provide you with information on which channels are available through the program.

    AT&T TV Now TV Guide – What’s on AT&T TV Now?

    You are not required to have an AT&T TV Now subscription in order to view what is currently airing on the company’s local channels.Use our Flixed TV Guide for AT&T TV Now to get streaming guides for the vast majority of the channels available through AT&T TV Now, including ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX, that are currently available.You might also want to check out our channel guides for your area.In the 60+ cities for which we have guides available, including New Orleans, Houston, and Colorado Springs, you can get more detailed channel guide information for your city as well as specific local channels that are not available through AT&T TV Now if you live in one of the cities covered by the guides.Furthermore, you may access our TV guides from any device that has a web browser installed.

    Simply launch the website, bookmark your television guide, and return to it whenever you want.

    Live TV Recording for Local Channels

    AT&T TV Now will allow you to record live television from the local stations that are accessible to you.There is a 500-hour cloud DVR available with the service, which also retains a 90-day expiration date on recorded recordings.The cloud DVR is the most restricted cloud DVR available on the market, yet it will function for networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox, among others.It’s probable that you’ll encounter certain recording limits while recording.In rare situations, the ability to fast forward and skip between ads may be blocked.

    In addition, there is a possibility that the recording of some important athletic events will be prohibited in the future.

    How Do I Get Local Channels Not Available on AT&T TV Now?

    If you want to watch PBS, MeTV, or any other local channel that isn’t available through AT&T TV Now, you may want to explore utilizing a digital over-the-air (OTA) antenna instead of a satellite dish.Using these devices, which link to your television, you may watch free, digital broadcasts from major regional broadcast networks.The number of local channels you can pick up may vary depending on your equipment, and they can all be recorded into a hardware DVR such as the Tablo.It’s possible that the price of AT&T TV Now will be prohibitive for you, making it an unsuitable option for you.For those who aren’t convinced about AT&T TV Now, we propose that you try out our Cord Cutter Express tool.

    A visual comparison of several streaming service packages will be provided by the tool, which will allow you to pick the channels you wish to watch in a streaming service bundle.Because of this, you can quickly and easily evaluate which streaming service is the greatest fit for your needs.Technology, video games, and a good book are some of my favorite things.I adore each and every one of them, and if I had the opportunity, I would write about them all!Before becoming a writer, I worked as a high school English teacher.Now I write about technology-related news, tips, and information.

    DIRECTV Packages Comparison Review

    Compare DIRECTV TV packages to ensure that you are getting the channels you want without paying too much. Here’s where you can choose the perfect plan for you.

    © CreditDonkey

    DIRECTV is a well-known satellite television service provider in the United States.It is a subsidiary of AT&T, which offers DIRECTV as part of its internet and phone packages.DIRECTV, on the other hand, is available as a stand-alone service.The wonderful thing about satellite television is that it is available practically anyplace.All you need is a clean view of the southern sky to complete this task.

    DIRECTV provides a plethora of high-definition channels as well as excellent sports programming.In addition, they have a large number of pay-per-view channels to pick from.The Genie, their digital video recorder, is also one of the finest on the market.It has a recording capacity of more than 200 hours of high-definition storage.More information may be found in our in-depth evaluation of DIRECTV.

    Compare DIRECTV Packages

    • The greatest DIRECTV bundles and prices are available by calling (833) 972-1006. By ordering new DIRECTV service through USDIRECT (a CreditDonkey partner and DIRECTV authorized dealer), you will receive a $100 gift card when you mention promo code 110555 during the checkout process. What is the cost of DIRECTV’s most basic package? The Select Bundle, which includes more than 150 channels, is DIRECTV’s entry-level package. The following is the cost of each package: Choice ($59.99 per month), which includes 185+ channels and the NFL Sunday Ticket.
    • Xtra ($69.99 per month), which includes 245+ channels and the DIRECTV Sports Pack.
    • Premiere ($124.99 per month), which includes 325+ channels, the NFL Sunday Ticket, and the DIRECTV Sports Pack.
    • Select ($49.99 per month), which includes 150+ channels and the NFL Sunday Ticket.
    • Entertainment ($54.99 per month), which includes 155+ channels and the NFL Sunday

    Popular Packages

    • DIRECTV provides a total of six distinct television packages. A brief summary of each of the packages is provided below. Packages include: SELECT (150+ channels), which includes AMC, Disney Channel, Discovery, and local channels
    • ENTERTAINMENT (155+ channels), which includes Fox Sports, ESPN, ESPN2, Home Shopping Network, and local channels
    • and SPECTRUM (155+ channels).
    • CHOICE package: 185+ channels, including ESPNEWS, NFL Network, MLB Network, Travel channel, Science channel, Nicktoons, and local channels
    • ESPNEWS, NFL Network, MLB Network, Travel channel, Science channel, Nicktoons, and local channels
    • Additional networks include NHL TV, NBA TV, CBS Sports, DIY Network, Lifetime, FX Movie channel, Nat Geo Wild, Discovery Family channel, MTV Classic, and local stations.
    • Bundle with 245 channels, including The Movie Channel, Boomerang, El Rey, and local networks
    • ULTIMATE package
    • PREMIER package: 325+ channels, with over 200+ channels in HD, and featuring premier channels such as HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, and Starz. PREMIER package: 325+ channels, with over 200+ channels in HD. As an added bonus, it includes a complimentary NFL Sunday ticket.

    The prices of the bundles increase as they progress down the list.They do, however, come with an increased number of channels.If you’re working with a limited budget, prioritize the channels that are most crucial to you.Getting the most for your money is made easier as a result of this strategy.Each channel bundle will be discussed in further depth below.

    Is DIRECTV NOW the same as traditional DIRECTV service?DIRECTV NOW is a streaming service that provides access to live television programs as well as on-demand movies and television series.There is no commitment, and all you need is internet connectivity and a device or browser that is compatible with the service.In contrast to DIRECTV, which is a satellite television provider, this is a standalone service.


    This is the most basic plan available from DIRECTV. It contains more than 150 channels, with a nice mix of programs for children and families. Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Disney Channel, Fox News, Discovery, and a variety of other channels are available on the service. It’s a wonderful alternative for people who watch television sometimes.


    When it comes to sports programming, the ENTERTAINMENT bundle has more of it than the other packages. It includes more than 155 channels, and it is constantly adding new ones, such as Fox Sports, ESPN, and ESPN2. You should watch this if you want a little more sports on your television diet.


    The CHOICE bundle is ideal for people who want a greater variety of programming alternatives.It has more than 185 channels.Among these are the Travel channel and Science channel, as well as Nicktoons, Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), Game Show Network, and a host of others.It includes sports networks such as ESPNEWS, NFL, and MLB channels, among others.It’s a terrific option for families that enjoy a variety of television shows.


    This is the most popular bundle available from DIRECTV.It provides access to more than 230 channels without charging a hefty charge.Channels such as FXX, Nat Geo Wild, American Heroes Channel, Oxygen, and WGN America may be found on the service.This bundle is also a fantastic addition for sports enthusiasts.With stations such as the NHL Network, NBA TV, CBS Sports, and the Tennis channel, there’s plenty to keep you entertained.


    For those who enjoy watching movies, this is the bundle for you.It offers 14 movie channels to choose from.This contains every STARZ ENCORE channel, as well as The Movie Channel, Boomerang, El Rey, USA Network, and several other channels.Simply changing the station will suffice if you don’t feel like watching a movie.With more than 245 channels to choose from, you’re sure to find something interesting to watch.


    The most comprehensive bundle available from DIRECTV, designed for the most ardent TV fans.It comes with more than 325 channels, including more than 30 regional sports channels for sports fans who live in rural areas.If you want to view something in high definition, you can pick from over 200 HD channels available on the service.When you subscribe at this level, they provide access to the top channels as part of the package.During the duration of your commitment, you will be able to watch HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, and Starz for free.

    Choose this option if you require complete access to all resources and are willing to pay a premium for it.

    DIRECTV HD Extra Pack

    • If high definition is important to you, DIRECTV offers an HD additional pack. It has eight high-definition channels to choose from. These can be purchased in addition to your standard subscription. They’re not included in any of the standard packages, unfortunately. The following is a list of the channels included in their HD Extra Pack: Criminology and Investigation
    • Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
    • HDNet Movies
    • MTV Live
    • Shorts TV
    • Smithsonian Channel
    • Sony Movie Channel
    • Crime & Investigation

    DIRECTV Sports Pack

    DIRECTV is a great choice for sports lovers who are dedicated to their sport.In addition to their NFL Sunday Ticket, DIRECTV offers a Sports Pack that includes a variety of sporting events.It features 35 channels that broadcast a variety of sports material.Sports including soccer, fly-fishing, horse-racing, and others are included, as are collegiate sports.In addition, the package includes more than 30 regional sports networks from Fox Sports, Root Sports, Altitude Sports, NESN, Comcast SportsNet, and other networks and stations.

    It includes coverage of both local teams and major sporting events.Those seeking for their alma mater will be able to locate them on the college sports television networks.ESPN Buzzer Beater, ESPN Goal Line, and ESPN Bases Loaded are some of the games available.Finally, there’s the MLB Strike Zone, which broadcasts recaps and highlights from games throughout the season.

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    DIRECTV Spanish packages

    • DIRECTV now provides television bundles in both Spanish and English. These contain a range of English and Spanish-language material. The following is a breakdown of the packages available: MS LATINOTM is an abbreviation for ″More Latino.″ A total of 125 channels are available, including 60 Spanish-language channels such as BEIN Sports, Telemundo, and ESPN Deportes.
    • OPTIMO MSTM offers more than 200 channels, with 80 of them being in Spanish, including Cinelatino, Univision TInovelas, Viendomovies, and Cartoon Network.
    • Mexicoal, Centroamerica TV, and NTN 24 are among the 235+ channels available on MS ULTRATM
    • 85+ channels are in Spanish.
    • LO MAXIMOTM: 350+ channels, including Cinemax, Encore, HBO, Starz, and Time Warner Cable Deportes
    • 110+ channels in Spanish
    • LO MAXIMOTM: 350+ channels, including Cinemax, Encore, HBO, Starz, and Time Warner Cable Deportes

    DIRECTV International packages

    • If you want to include international programming in your base plan, you can phone DIRECTV. They offer programs available in the following languages: Brazilian
    • \sChinese
    • \sFilipino
    • \sItalian
    • \sKorean
    • \sRussian
    • \sVietnamese

    Bottom Line

    If sports are your passion, DIRECTV is the only way to watch them.They have access to the NFL Sunday Ticket, which is exclusive to them.It covers the NFL’s regular season, as well as all of the regional Sunday afternoon games broadcasted by Fox and CBS.Throughout the season, you can keep up with your favorite out-of-town team.They also include the Sports Pack addon, which is an additional bonus.

    The add-on includes more than 30 regional sports networks.The site also has college athletics, soccer, fly-fishing, horse-racing, and a plethora of other sporting stuff.In spite of the fact that you may not be an avid sports fan, Directv may still be a fantastic pick.What we enjoy about DIRECTV is that their plans may be customized to meet your specific needs.Don’t care about sports?Select a SELECT package from the menu.

    It includes the essential channels, and you are not required to pay for anything you do not watch.Alternatively, if you’re a casual sports enthusiast who also wants regular programming, XTRA is the channel for you.There is sufficient sports and non-sports material to satisfy the needs of the ordinary viewer.Premier, on the other hand, provides you with all of the premium channels as well as a plethora of sports programming to choose from.This is for the die-hard television viewers who don’t mind paying a hefty fee for their entertainment.

    In any case, DIRECTV offers a wide range of packages and add-ons.Choose according to your requirements and financial constraints in order to get the most value out of your membership.Please keep in mind that this website is only available because of financial ties with some of the items and services advertised on this site.If you make a purchase after clicking on a link in our content, we may get a commission.You are under no obligation to utilize our links, but doing so will help to support CreditDonkey.

    Local Cable Deals

    E!, which stands for Entertainment Television, is a famous cable television station that broadcasts in high definition.The channel is owned by NBC Universal Television and Streaming, which has complete control over it.This channel is quite popular with the audience, and it is available in approximately 92.4 million households across the United States.It used to be referred to as Movietime back in the day.It was originally shown on television in the 1980s, and it contained interviews with celebrities and entertainment news.

    Today, it offers a varied range of content, including all of the most recent award shows and movie trailers.Following the demise of Movietime, the channel was relaunched as E!Cox Cable, Cablevision, Warner Cable, and TCI were just a few of the major cable television providers who had stock in this network.This channel is a true representation of pop culture, and it currently has a large number of original programming as well.


    Daily Pop Kourtney and Kim Take New York Saturday Night Live
    Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian Meet the Frasers House
    Keeping up with the Kardashians Ashlee Evan Parks and Recreations
    Flip It Like Disick Relativity Nat & Liv Las Vegas
    E! True Hollywood Story LadyGang Dharma & Greg
    Model Squad The Soup Nero Wolfe
    Total Divas The Funny Dance Show Movies We Love
    Total Bellas The Fabulist The Anna Nicole Show
    Dear John Talk Soup House of Carters

    It is possible to watch E! on DirectTV. With your DIRECTV package, you may get a plethora of additional entertainment channels such as Comedy Central, Bravo, BET, Hallmark, and MTV.

    How to get E! on DIRECTV?

    • As previously stated, E! is accessible to you through your DIRECTV account. There are a plethora of other popular channels to choose from as well. DIRECTV has been a part of the satellite television industry for quite some time. It is the ideal source for your daily dose of entertainment due to the different channel lineups available on the service. All of the local sports and news stations are included in these lineups. You have the option of upgrading your subscription to include all of the premium channels. Most significantly, everything is offered at a more affordable price range than previously. Before we can figure out what channel E! is on DIRECTV, let’s take a quick look at what the services are all about. Satellite television, like cable television, is a popular alternative among television fans. There are a plethora of satellite TV service providers to choose from, but when it comes to dependability, DIRECTV is the only option available. It provides you with virtually limitless enjoyment and comes equipped with a number of excellent functions to begin with. This is one of the reasons why more than 18.4 million consumers have placed their confidence in DIRECTV. Some of the primary features are as follows: customized channel lineups for everyone
    • DVR service with a recording capacity of 200 hours
    • live TV streaming via the DIRECTV App
    • and more.

    Because of these characteristics, DIRECTV is the most qualified contender for television service.This isn’t the end of it.The nicest part about buying DIRECTV is that you can combine it with CenturyLink Internet service for a discount.Having a fast and dependable internet connection is essential in today’s world.Additionally, it provides a slew of advantages in addition to saving you money on your monthly cost.

    CenturyLink Internet is now available in conjunction with the DIRECTV packages.These blazing-fast download speeds are excellent for all types of families.Whether you have a simple use or a high-end consumption that includes a lot of streaming and downloading, CenturyLink is the best option for you.It features both fiber optic and digital subscriber line infrastructure to assist you.First and foremost, CenturyLink customer care is capable of quickly and efficiently resolving any issue.Simply call the number and a professional will walk you through the process.

    Here are some of the DIRECTV packages that may be of interest to you:

    What channel is E! on DIRECTV?

    DIRECTV subscription provides you with access to a plethora of television channels, and the interactive on-screen guide makes it simple to find each and every one.It may, however, take some practice before you get the hang of it.LocalCableDeals can be used to find out channel numbers till that time comes.Plans like as the ENTERTAINMENTTM, CHOICETM, ULTIMATETM, and PREMIERTM are all compatible with E!On DIRECTV, what channel is the E!

    channnel?Let’s see what we can find out:

    Channel Channel Number
    E! 236

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What channel is E! on demand DIRECTV?

    E! may be found on channel 236 in the United States.

    What channel is E! DIRECTV?

    E! may be found on channel 236 if you have DIRECTV.

    Looking for more? Check out channel numbers for all the popular channels on DIRECTV:

    • What channel does CBS have on DIRECTV? What channel does NBC have on DIRECTV? What channel does the CW have on DIRECTV? What channel does NBCSN have on DIRECTV?
    • Is Lifetime on DIRECTV on a specific channel?
    • What channel does MSNBC broadcast on DirecTV?
    • What channel does TLC broadcast on DIRECTV?
    • What channel does PBS broadcast on DirecTV?
    • What channel does FOX broadcast on DIRECTV?
    • What channel does ESPN2 broadcast on DIRECTV?
    • What channel does EPIX appear on on DIRECTV?
    • On which DIRECTV channel is HBO Max broadcasted?
    • In which DIRECTV package do you get Showtime?
    • Where can I find the Paramount Network channel on DIRECTV?
    • What channel does the SEC Network broadcast on DIRECTV?
    • What channel does the NFL Network broadcast on DIRECTV?
    • What channel does Bravo broadcast on DIRECTV?

    How to get HBO Max on DirecTV?

    DirecTV is one of the most widely used television service providers in the United States.It offers competitive pricing as well as fantastic incentive programs to ensure that you get the most out of your membership.As part of its recent debut, DirecTV included a new benefit that allows you to receive HBO Max with your existing membership, providing even another incentive to consider installing DirecTV in your home.However, there are just a few plans that are compatible with this offer at present time.Consider the following important elements, which will assist you in determining whether or not you are eligible for this new promotion.

    Is HBO Max free on DirecTV?

    HBO Max is available for free on DirecTV if you are already a subscriber to a plan that includes the HBO network, but there are significant differences between the two services.In accordance with your AT&T and DirecTV service plan, you may be eligible for either a free trial of HBO Max or a full-time HBO Max subscription.Check out the information table provided by AT&T to assist you with your search.To summarize, if you are a new DirecTV client and are enrolled in one of the Choice, Ultimate, Mas Ultra, or Optimo Mas plans, you will receive one year of HBO Max free of charge when you sign up.After a year, you will be billed for the service on an annual basis in addition to your DirecTV subscription.

    Existing HBO subscribers, on the other hand, will have free access to HBO Max for the next three months as part of their ongoing subscription agreement.Most paid plans, with the exception of the lowest ones given by DirecTV, fall within this category.Furthermore, if you are a customer of AT&T’s home internet or other cellular services, you may take advantage of a one-month free trial of HBO Max by logging in with your existing login credentials.Finally, if your plan is not listed above, but you have subscribed to HBO as an add-on to your DirecTV package, you will have access to HBO Max at no additional cost for as long as you are paying for the HBO add-on in your package.

    How to add HBO Max to DirecTV 

    AT&T has made it extremely simple for you to subscribe to HBO Max on DirecTV through their website.If you do not have access to any of the channels or services indicated above, you may either call 1-800-288-2020 or go to HBOMax.com to sign up for a free trial subscription.For those who have access to DirecTV’s HD DVR package, you might tune in to channel 501 and follow the on-screen steps to add HBO Max to your DVR’s recordables list.

    How to access HBO Max on DirecTV

    Using your DirecTV login credentials to gain access to HBO Max is a rather simple process. To get started, refer to the appropriate section of the tutorial below for your device.

    On PC

    Use this link to access the HBO Max website on your computer.In the upper right corner of your screen, click on ‘Sign in’ to log into your account.Now select ‘Sign in with your TV or mobile provider’ from the drop-down menu.You will now be presented with a list of all of the television and mobile service providers that are supported by HBO Max.To begin, select ‘DirecTV’ from the drop-down menu.You will be transferred to the AT&T login page at this moment.

    1. Sign in to your DirecTV account by entering your login credentials and clicking on the ‘Sign in’ button.
    2. You will now be routed back to HBO Max, where you will be prompted to create a new profile for your existing HBO Max account.
    3. Once you have completed the form, enter your information in the appropriate sections and click on the ‘Confirm’ button.
    4. Following this, you will be routed to the profiles page for your HBO Max account.

    Based on the information you provided on the previous screen, a new profile will be generated for you by the system automatically.If you desire to establish additional profiles for family members and friends, you may do so by selecting either ‘Add Adult’ or ‘Add Kid’ from the drop-down menu.You will now be signed into your HBO Max account using the credentials you already used to sign up for DirecTV.

    On phone

    On your mobile device, launch the HBO Max application, and then touch on your profile symbol in the lower right corner of the screen.Select ‘Already a subscriber?’ from the drop-down menu.’Log in’ is the command.Select ‘Sign in with a TV provider or a mobile carrier’ from the drop-down menu.An overview of all of the providers supported by HBO Max will be displayed at this point.To begin, scroll down and press on the word ‘DirecTV.’ The app will now send you to the AT&T log in screen, which you may complete.

    1. To log into HBO Max, enter your login credentials and click on the ‘Sign-in’ button.
    2. The app will now exit the login screen and prompt you to establish a profile in order to continue.
    3. Once you have finished entering the necessary information into the appropriate text boxes, click on the ‘Continue’ button.
    4. HBO Max will now establish a profile for you on its own initiative, saving you time.

    To begin your session using the specified profile, select it and tap on it.You may also create more profiles by selecting the appropriate option from the drop-down menu at the bottom of your screen.You will now be able to access your HBO Max account from your mobile phone or tablet.

    How to watch HBO Max on DirecTV?

    Despite the fact that it was unavailable at launch, DirecTV customers who have an HD DVR linked may now watch HBO Max from the comfort of their sofas and on their

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