What Is The Zip Code For Downtown Houston Texas?

The area has excellent locations and offers great accessibility to its residents like in Downtown Houston zip code 77002, which is among the best neighborhoods in Houston, located at the heart of the region, and mixed-use neighborhood Midtown Houston. The Midtown Houston zip code is 77004.
Downtown, Houston, Texas Nearest Zip Codes: 77010 – Houston, TX

How do I get the full 9-digit ZIP code for Houston?

Use our zip code lookup by address (or map) feature to get the full 9-digit (ZIP+4) code Interactive map of zip codes in the US, Houston (TX). Just click on the location you desire for a postal code/address for your mails destination.

What is the ZIP code for Harris County Texas?

0. 832 / 713 / 281 / 346. ZIP Code 77299. Unique. Harris. 0. 832 / 713 / 281 / 346. View a list of ZIP codes in Houston, TX. Houston, TX ZIP Code Boundaries.

What zip code is Houston Downtown?

Downtown Houston
Greater Downtown (within 2 miles): 74,791
ZIP Code 77002
Area code(s) 281, 346, 713, and 832
Website downtownhouston.org

What is the full ZIP code for Houston Texas?

Houston, TX Covers 178 ZIP Codes

ZIP Code Type Area Code(s)
77010 Standard 832 / 713 / 281 / 346
77011 Standard 713
77012 Standard 713
77013 Standard 713

What zip code is 77002?

Zip code 77002 is primarily located in Harris County. The official US Postal Service name for 77002 is HOUSTON, Texas. Portions of zip code 77002 are contained within or border the city limits of Houston, TX,. Zip code 77002 is within area code 281, area code 713 and area code 832.

What is the safest zip code in Houston?

  • 77094. ZIP Code in Texas. #1 Best ZIP Codes to Live in Houston Area.
  • 77059. ZIP Code in Texas. #2 Best ZIP Codes to Live in Houston Area.
  • 77479. ZIP Code in Texas.
  • LEAH Schools North Academy. Private School
  • 77062. ZIP Code in Texas.
  • 77494. ZIP Code in Texas.
  • 77478. ZIP Code in Texas.
  • 77007. ZIP Code in Texas.
  • What zip codes are in northwest Houston?

    Zip Code Profile

    Zip Code City (City Alias Name(s)) County
    77066 Houston – Northwest (HOUSTON,) HARRIS
    77067 Houston – Northwest (HOUSTON,) HARRIS
    77068 Houston – Northwest (HOUSTON,) HARRIS
    77069 Houston – Northwest (HOUSTON,) HARRIS

    What’s Texas ZIP code?

    Zip Code List County – Dallas County, Texas

    Zip Code City County
    75254 Dallas Dallas County
    75258 Dallas Dallas County
    75260 Dallas Dallas County
    75261 Dallas Dallas County

    How many zip codes are in Harris County Texas?

    Harris County, Texas: 133 Zip Codes.

    What area of town is 77070?

    ZIP Code 77070

    Post Office City: Houston, TX (View All Cities)
    County: Harris County
    Timezone: Central (12:05pm)
    Area code: 713 (Area Code Map)
    Coordinates: 29.98, -95.58 ZIP (~4 mile radius)

    What area of town is 77004?

    ZIP Code 77004

    Post Office City: Houston, TX (View All Cities)
    Neighborhood: Binz
    County: Harris County
    Timezone: Central (11:05pm)
    Area code: 713 (Area Code Map)

    What is the best zip code to live in Houston TX?

    The most popular zip code to buy in Houston right now? That would be 77379 in Spring, the Harris County suburb that’s northwest of Houston. This area saw the most potential buyers in 2019, while 77346 in Atascocita and 77449 in Katy rounded out the top three. Two other Spring zip codes made the Top 10 — 77373 at No.

    What is the richest zip code in Houston?

    Zip codes with the most expensive homes in Houston metro area

  • #7. 77056 (Houston)
  • #6. 77027 (Houston)
  • #5. 02553 (Cleveland)
  • #4. 77401 (Bellaire)
  • #3. 02661 (Rye)
  • #2. 77024 (Houston)
  • #1. 77005 (Houston) – Typical home value: $1,382,507.
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  • What is the best zip code to live in Houston Texas?

    Ranked by median household income 2018

    Rank ZIP code Population 2018
    1 77005 28,552
    2 77401 19,283
    3 77094 9,710
    4 77441 11,308

    What is the area code for Houston TX?

    Area Code 713 is one of the 269 three-digit telephone area codes in the USA. It covers roughly 7,976,006 unique phone numbers and 7,111,708 individuals near the cities of Houston, Spring, and Huffman. The most populous cities in area code 713 are: Houston, Spring, Huffman, Baytown, and Deer Park.

    What are the ZIP codes for Houston TX?

    zip codes: 77002, 77003, 77004, 77005, 77006, 77007, 77008, 77009, 77010, 77011, 77012, 77013, 77014, 77015, 77016, 77017, 77018, 77019, 77020, 77021, 77022, 77023, 77024, 77025, 77026, 77027, 77028, 77029, 77030, 77031, 77032, 77033, 77034, 77035, 77036, 77037, 77038, 77039, 77040, 77041, 77042, 77043, 77044, 77045, 77046, 77047, 77048, 77049, …

    What is the building code for Houston Texas?

    Under new building code adopted by the city of Houston, new home developers will have to map out roof space for solar panels and make sure there is room for the wiring. Beginning in January, the city will require builders of many Houston homes to make accommodations for solar panels in their designs.

    Downtown Houston Zip Code

    Do you require a location that is convenient to your place of employment, public transit, as well as restaurants and bars?If this is the case, the Downtown Houston zip code is the best place to be.There are several advantages to living in the center of one of the most varied cities in the country.There are plenty of alternatives for coffee and lunch breaks, happy hour, and other social gatherings in the 77002 zip code, in addition to stylish apartments and workplaces.There is always something new occurring in the downtown area, and the bar scene is continually growing to accommodate the requirements of the community.It’s reasonable to assume that there’s a lot going on in Downtown because it’s the central business area of the fourth-largest city in the country, which is Toronto.

    Take a look at some of the advantages of living in the city center.

    Booming Business in the Downtown Houston Zip Code

    • Downtown Houston is densely packed with offices and employment opportunities. According to official statistics, this entrepreneurial sanctuary is home to more than 150,000 employees and ten Fortune 500 enterprises. Enterprise Products Partners, Calpine, Shell Oil Company, JPMorgan Chase Bank, and ExxonMobil are just a few of the prominent corporations that have operations in the downtown area.
    • As you can see, there are several excellent employment options in downtown Houston. If you choose to live and work in the same zip code, you will find that commuting is a piece of cake. You have the choice of walking or bicycling to work, or you may take use of the public transit alternatives available to you. That gives us a significant edge over commuters who come in from other zip codes! The downtown tunnels, which are located in zip code 77002, are one of Houston’s best-kept secrets. This climate-controlled, interconnected structure links 95 city blocks that are densely packed with retail and dining establishments. Even if it’s raining outside, you’ll be able to go from your office to a shopping spree. Houston’s downtown area is the place to go if you’re a sports fanatic. You may support the following Houston teams from this location: Minute Maid Park hosts Astros baseball
    • the Toyota Center hosts Rockets basketball
    • BBVA Compass Stadium hosts Dynamo men’s soccer
    • BBVA Compass Stadium hosts Dash women’s soccer
    • NRG Stadium hosts Texans football
    • and the Toyota Center hosts Astros baseball.

    With the Astros’ incredible world championship victory in 2017, it’s impossible not to feel a sense of team spirit!See a world championship trophy up up and personal, as well as the Astros’ title trophy.Look it up on the internet to see where it will be next.Alternatively, if you’re a more casual sports fan, Lucky’s Pub, Live Sports Bar and Grill, or Tejas Grill and Sports Bar are great places to watch your favorite teams on television while enjoying a beer.Local breweries are growing right now in the city of Houston.Many establishments have outside seats where you may relax while watching sports or participating in games such as corn hole.

    In the downtown area, you’ll find places like the 8th Wonder Brewery, St.Arnold’s, and the Sigma Brewery Company.These are excellent choices for a casual weekend activity that allows you to spend time with friends while also supporting local businesses.

    Best Places to Eat in Downtown Houston

    You’re probably already aware that the Downtown Houston zip code is a great spot to work and enjoy sporting events.What about the cuisine, though?The good news is that with the diversity of the population comes the diversity of food, and there are a plethora of delicious alternatives!It is impossible to predict what will happen next in the restaurant scene in the downtown region.New restaurants and pubs are popping up left and right, each with its own distinct personality.The downtown region is home to a diverse range of cuisines, including Vietnamese, Mexican, and old-fashioned burgers.

    In the 77002, there are delectable alternatives for every budget and taste preference.$ — Quattro Restaurant in New York City Do you have a hankering for some Italian cuisine or a delicious Sunday brunch?Try Quattro, which was awarded the greatest brunch in the city by the Houston Press.

    Among the dishes on Quattro’s menu are Italian classics with a Texan touch, such as the lasagna made with Texas Heartbrand akaushi beef.Hearsay Gastro Lounge is available for a fee of $.With a menu of simple Southern classics paired with creative drinks and current favorites, Hearsay bills itself as a ″chic antique.″ For the individual who wants fried chicken and four-cheese nachos while eating with someone who wants a smoked salmon salad, this is the ideal solution.Batangas is a currency worth $.As soon as you enter Batanga, you will be transported to a different world: Latin America.This tapas restaurant is a must-visit for every foodie.

    1. Batanga’s cuisine is perfect for a first date or a get-together with a group of friends..
    2. The food also goes well with their live music……….
    3. $ – El Brujo (The Big Bad).
    4. El Big Bad creates the most delectable tequila infusions in the planet.
    5. On the first Tuesday of every month, they also hold a game of Mexican Bingo.
    6. Enjoy an assortment of Mexican cuisine, including tacos, quesadillas, and more, if tequila and Mexican bingo weren’t enough.

    Hubcap Grill is available for purchase for a cost of $.It’s difficult to beat a delicious burger.If you’re looking for a big, greasy, and excellent cheeseburger with chili cheese fries, head to the original Hubcap Grill.Take note that there is a dish on the menu that is referred to as the triple heart clogger, so consider yourself forewarned.Check out this helpful Houston zip codes map to get a better sense of where you are in the city.

    • Interested in relocating to an apartment or office in the Downtown Houston zip code?
    • Give us a call now to discuss your options.
    • We adore the downtown area and want to assist you in making it your home.
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    Houston Zip Code Maps

    If you’re unfamiliar with the area, Houston is a large and varied city that may be difficult to navigate if you’re not familiar with the area.You may choose from an endless number of neighborhoods to reside in, or from several different areas in which to hang out in the city.But regardless of whether you live in zip code 77002 or 77019, there is something unique about each of the Houston zip codes.Take a look at some of the highlights of what you may discover in each zip code.Here are some of the most popular neighborhoods in Houston, which have roughly 200 zip codes to pick from.While most Houstonians think of downtown as a fun location to visit, it’s also a fantastic place to call home for a variety of reasons.

    It’s a particularly useful option for individuals who work in the neighborhood.Also, if you just want to be close to the numerous activities that Downtown has to offer, such as the Buffalo Bayou Walking Trail or Discovery Green, this is a terrific choice.Montrose, which is breathtakingly gorgeous, is an incredible spot to live or to spend a day.

    In this neighborhood, you can find restored mansions, quaint cottages, and bungalows with screened porches all tucked together.Visit the Montrose Shop for one-of-a-kind items and Instagram-worthy photo opportunities.The Rice Military area is home to a large number of young urban professionals.Camp Logan, which is now Memorial Park, inspired the name of this ultra-chic neighborhood in the heart of the city.The Heights is one of Houston’s most desired neighborhoods, and it is home to many celebrities.Cute bungalows, fashionable modern structures, and luxurious flats can all be found in this neighborhood.

    1. In addition, the cuisine is excellent.
    2. Are you in the mood for some Tex-Mex?
    3. Take a look at Teotihuacan.
    4. River Oaks is the ideal location if you’re seeking for beautiful real estate as well as sophisticated eating and retail options.
    5. Do you want to see a movie?
    6. The River Oaks Theatre is an art deco relic that screens independent and foreign films of the highest caliber.

    Houston may be a challenging city to get to know.Especially if you’re looking at real estate, a zip code map might be really useful.Take a look at this one.Having become acquainted with the major Houston zip codes, it is time to select the most appropriate one for your needs.Prepare a list of the characteristics that are the most significant and appealing to you and your family.

    • Do you like tranquil suburbia or a cosmopolitan nightlife scene?
    • In any case, Houston has something to offer everyone’s likes and interests.
    • Whether you’re in the mood to see a movie or go out to a dive bar, there’s something for everyone in this neighborhood.
    • If you’re thinking about relocating to the Greater Houston region, we’d be delighted to assist you.
    • Ameritex Movers is well-versed in the ins and outs of every neighborhood, and we’d be delighted to assist you in settling into your new home.

    Learn more about our services and get a free quotation right now!

    Houston Zip Codes

    • Here is a list of the 138 zip codes in Houston, Texas that we have on file. They are located in Harris County, Fort Bend County, Montgomery County, Waller County, Grimes County, and Galveston County, and each zip code has a land area of at least a quarter of a square mile. In terms of total land area, Texas ranks second after California with a land area of 268,596 square miles (695,661 square kilometers) and a total population of 28,260,856 people according to the most current United States Census Bureau survey. With 138 zip codes in our database, Houston accounts for around 0.78 percent of the total land area of Texas. You can get more information about each zip code by reading the details below, which include land area information for each zip code. The metropolitan area of Houston includes the following counties: Harris County
    • Fort Bend County
    • Montgomery County
    • Waller County, Grimes County, and Galveston County.

    According to the most recent census survey, the city of Houston has a population of 2,310,432 people, accounting for 8.18 percent of the entire population of Texas.

    ZIP Code Land Area (Sq. Meters) Land Area (Sq. Miles) Land Area (Sq. Kilometers)
    77002 5,227,910 2 5
    77003 6,567,400 3 7
    77004 14,960,200 6 15
    77005 9,958,460 4 10
    77006 5,840,520 2 6
    77007 20,222,300 8 20
    77008 16,886,700 7 17
    77009 16,006,200 6 16
    77010 319,762
    77011 9,243,200 4 9
    77012 10,172,600 4 10
    77013 22,650,300 9 23
    77014 18,533,900 7 19
    77015 54,698,700 21 55
    77016 25,044,000 10 25
    77017 22,520,300 9 23
    77018 17,147,300 7 17
    77019 9,115,670 4 9
    77020 17,881,900 7 18
    77021 15,742,500 6 16
    77022 15,125,500 6 15
    77023 14,112,400 5 14
    77024 32,905,000 13 33
    77025 11,137,300 4 11
    77026 16,782,100 6 17
    77027 7,412,840 3 7
    77028 23,752,500 9 24
    77029 33,648,500 13 34
    77030 6,530,030 3 7
    77031 8,250,350 3 8
    77032 57,300,700 22 57
    77033 15,476,400 6 15
    77034 35,559,300 14 36
    77035 14,769,400 6 15
    77036 18,432,200 7 18
    77037 16,146,900 6 16
    77038 24,381,900 9 24
    77039 26,147,000 10 26
    77040 36,397,200 14 36
    77041 47,929,500 19 48
    77042 16,189,900 6 16
    77043 38,607,400 15 39
    77044 101,221,000 39 101
    77045 29,892,000 12 30
    77046 302,539
    77047 35,794,600 14 36
    77048 28,702,200 11 29
    77049 63,665,400 25 64
    77050 17,282,500 7 17
    77051 18,972,700 7 19
    77053 31,877,400 12 32
    77054 14,473,900 6 14
    77055 21,648,600 8 22
    77056 8,960,560 3 9
    77057 11,040,800 4 11
    77058 21,368,300 8 21
    77059 25,487,500 10 25
    77060 21,298,900 8 21
    77061 20,508,200 8 21
    77062 14,047,200 5 14
    77063 11,914,000 5 12
    77064 38,133,900 15 38
    77065 21,270,800 8 21
    77066 22,266,600 9 22
    77067 15,518,000 6 16
    77068 9,851,150 4 10
    77069 12,416,800 5 12
    77070 33,700,600 13 34
    77071 11,571,200 4 12
    77072 18,952,900 7 19
    77073 35,838,000 14 36
    77074 14,087,200 5 14
    77075 28,504,200 11 29
    77076 12,362,300 5 12
    77077 22,570,700 9 23
    77078 27,739,000 11 28
    77079 18,911,200 7 19
    77080 16,532,100 6 17
    77081 8,019,960 3 8
    77082 32,515,700 13 33
    77083 26,713,400 10 27
    77084 79,630,600 31 80
    77085 13,711,500 5 14
    77086 17,568,000 7 18
    77087 17,258,900 7 17
    77088 28,967,400 11 29
    77089 32,931,800 13 33
    77090 21,289,400 8 21
    77091 18,598,900 7 19
    77092 19,724,200 8 20
    77093 31,147,300 12 31
    77094 29,196,400 11 29
    77095 39,850,700 15 40
    77096 15,503,300 6 16
    77098 4,598,100 2 5
    77099 16,112,300 6 16
    77201 117,997
    77336 101,138,000 39 101
    77338 68,564,200 26 69
    77339 43,689,700 17 44
    77345 21,906,900 8 22
    77346 44,965,400 17 45
    77357 162,612,000 63 163
    77365 91,897,700 35 92
    77373 61,441,300 24 61
    77375 88,185,900 34 88
    77377 100,734,000 39 101
    77379 65,082,900 25 65
    77386 104,261,000 40 104
    77388 36,034,800 14 36
    77396 69,437,400 27 69
    77401 9,715,940 4 10
    77406 168,079,000 65 168
    77407 48,783,500 19 49
    77429 99,413,800 38 99
    77433 151,067,000 58 151
    77447 258,675,000 100 259
    77449 77,407,300 30 77
    77450 52,706,400 20 53
    77477 27,077,500 10 27
    77478 25,191,900 10 25
    77484 401,023,000 155 401
    77489 29,100,200 11 29
    77493 149,434,000 58 149
    77494 105,612,000 41 106
    77498 40,104,400 15 40
    77503 22,174,600 9 22
    77504 14,299,200 6 14
    77506 23,704,400 9 24
    77520 62,010,200 24 62
    77530 34,079,300 13 34
    77532 203,088,000 78 203
    77536 32,410,600 13 32
    77546 68,305,700 26 68
    77547 6,904,820 3 7
    77571 90,520,000 35 91
    77587 7,689,260 3 8
    77598 31,342,300 12 31

    Please keep in mind that the ZIP code links above will take you to our sister site, Census Check, which gives complete demographics data for all zip codes in the United States.

    Places Near Houston, Texas

    • If you want to search and find zip codes for different cities or towns near Houston, Texas, the list below contains links to each of the 125 Texas locations we have data for in Harris County, Fort Bend County, Montgomery County, Waller County, Grimes County, and Galveston County. If you want to search and find zip codes for different cities or towns near Houston, Texas, the list below contains links to each of the 125 Texas locations we have data for in Harris County, Fort Bend County, Montgomery County, Waller County, Among the cities and towns in the area are Aldine, Anderson, Arcola, Atascocita, Bayou Vista, Beasley, Bedias, Bellaire, Bolivar Peninsula, Bonney village, Brookshire, Brookside Village, Bunker Hill Village, Cinco Ranch, Clear Lake Shores, Cleveland, Cloverleaf, Conroe, Crosby, Cumings, Cut and Shoot, Damon, Deer Park, Dickinson, East Bernard, El Lago, Fair

    Data Source(s)

    All of the zip code information on this page is derived from the geography reference files maintained by the United States Census Bureau.

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    • We spent a significant amount of time obtaining, cleaning, combining, and formatting the data that is displayed on the site, which took up a lot of our time. It is appreciated if you could utilize the data or material on this page in your research and would use the appropriate citation or reference tool to correctly credit or reference Name Census as the source. We much appreciate your assistance! 138 Zip Codes in Houston, Texas
    • ″138 Zip Codes in Houston, Texas.″ NameCensus.com. ″List of 138 Zip Codes in Houston, Texas″ was accessed on March 21, 2022
    • it was written in English. NameCensus.com, This page was last modified on March 21, 2022. It contains a list of 138 zip codes in Houston, Texas. NameCensus.com. This information was obtained from

    East Downtown Houston Schools

    If you would like to get an updated listing of all EaDo real estate that is zoned to a certain public school, please send an email to Paige Martin at with your property preference and the budget that you have available.* Note: Because school zoning changes from year to year, the information presented above is believed to be correct, but cannot be confirmed.Please double-check the information by visiting the school’s web page..

    East Downtown Real Estate Trends

    Residential real estate prices in East Downtown Houston have seen a significant surge over the last several years.The median sales price and the average price per square foot have both increased steadily in recent years.Some houses are on the market for fewer than 20 days, while others are on the market for more than 20 days.Real estate prices appear to be rising as a result of the commercial construction boom.Industrial warehouses in the neighborhood have been transformed into living spaces and art galleries over the past ten years by a community of artists and artisans.As a result, it continues to draw younger people who are searching for EaDo Houston rentals or more affordable East Downtown Houston lofts.

    The block containing Capitol, Rusk, and St.Charles streets across the street from the BBVA Compass Stadium is also being removed in preparation for the prospect of converting it into a mixed-use development.Businesses and entrepreneurs are also taking notice of this trendy neighborhood, drawn in by the district’s youthful population.

    In a historic structure on the intersection of Leeland and Delano, Houston’s premier mobile app development studio, ChaiOne, is relocating their offices.The business acknowledges the demand for retail space in the EaDo area and aims to lease the first floor of the building to retail tenants on a long-term basis.As a result, residents of Houston are considering the prospect of EaDo becoming a non-energy technology area.On the second floor of 1121 Delano St.is START, a co-working space devoted to startup firms and freelancers working on online and mobile apps.This is also the location of the East Downtown Management District’s headquarters.

    1. (This information is derived from the Houston Association of Realtors Multiple Listing Service and is believed to be trustworthy, but is not guaranteed to be so.) For the most up-to-date information on EaDo real estate pricing and trend research, please contact Paige Martin at [email protected].

    East Downtown Single-Family Home Sale Trends

    The number of single-family houses in East Downtown Houston has been declining as a result of a tendency toward replacing them with townhomes.Homes in this neighborhood are still on the more affordable side, with prices ranging from $120,000 to more than $500,000.Due to the dispersed nature of development, every site has excellent potential for commercial usage.Lots in these pricing categories can have as much as 9,800 square feet of land area on them.Individual single-family houses in the EaDo neighborhood of Houston can have living spaces of more than 4,800 square feet, as well as up to 7 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms.There are a few new construction single-family houses available in the district, however they are not as frequent as townhomes in the neighborhood.

    East Downtown Townhomes Sale Trends

    • Luxury EaDo townhouses have been a driving force behind the growth of the East Downtown real estate market in recent years. A slew of construction projects have sprung up in the area, with the majority of the units selling out before they are finished. Townhomes in EaDo are affordable, with prices starting in the mid-$200,000 range. They are close to everything while remaining in a peaceful neighborhood environment. Most of the time, these luxury East Downtown townhouses for sale are equipped with upmarket finishes, top-of-the-line appliances, gated security, and environmentally conscious amenities. On the property bordered by Lamar, Roberts, and the Southeast Line, construction is underway on a townhouse development.. These gated 2- to 3-bedroom EaDo townhomes start at $250,000 and go up from there. The Lamar Live Oak Crest development, located at the intersection of Lamar and Live Oak, is another peaceful neighborhood. The plot includes townhomes with three to four bedrooms and is designed in the Brownstone style, as well as a swimming pool. Prices for living areas approximately 2,500 square feet start at almost $365,000, with the most expensive being almost $450,000. Some townhomes sell for as much as almost $700,000 for a three-bedroom, three-and-a-half-bathroom residence with more than 3,800 square feet of living space. Capitol Oaks is yet another relatively new townhouse development in East Dallas. Modern 3- to 4-bedroom flats with modern design are available, with prices ranging from $549,000 for 3,300 square feet homes to over $570,000 for 3,700 square feet residences. Other EaDo townhouse communities include: EaDo Trails
    • Modern EaDo
    • McKinney Landing
    • and McKinney Place.

    East Downtown Condo Sale Trends

    Development in East Downtown Houston has also progressed from townhouse-level building to multifamily projects, such as apartments, dormitories, and condominiums in East Downtown Houston.A private University of Houston dorm is planned at the southeast corner of EaDo and Cullen Blvd., near the intersection of Cullen Blvd.This would be useful to students attending the University of Houston since Cullen gives a more direct route onto the campus, which is especially important for those who walk or bike to school.While there are no high-rise condominiums in the neighborhood, mid-rise EaDo condos may be purchased for as little as $250,000 and as much as $400,000 or more.

    East Downtown Houston TX History

    East Downtown used to be the site of Houston’s historic Chinatown.Many Cantonese immigrants relocated to the neighborhood from Downtown Houston in the 1930s in search of more cheap land, which they found in the district.In the process of establishing their enterprises, they attracted additional East Asian immigrants.They relocated to the southeast fringe of Downtown Houston in the early 1950s and established themselves as Chinese merchants.Despite the fact that it took some time for everything to settle, by the 1990s, many of these enterprises had migrated to what is now known as Chinatown, near Bellaire and Alief.The neighborhood was left with a few abandoned warehouses and a few taverns, but there was nothing in the way of new construction.

    As a result of the recent spike in property taxes in Houston’s commercial districts as well as a scarcity of affordable housing options in the city, the district has begun to garner the attention it rightfully deserves.In 2008, the East Downtown Management District issued a request for proposals for a new name to be used to christen the burgeoning neighborhood.They have a vision of a community that is well-planned and of high quality.

    They christened it EaDo, which is an abbreviation for East Downtown, in keeping with the hipster craze that has taken over this neighborhood.

    Fun Things To Do Near East Downtown

    The area is home to a diverse selection of ethnic grocery stores, restaurants, pubs, and art galleries, among other things.EaDo is one of the ten most accessible neighborhoods in the city of Houston.The neighborhood is a popular destination for those looking for nightlife and athletic activities.Built in 2012, BBVA Compass Stadium serves as the home of the Houston Dynamo and the Texas Southern University football team.The stadium has served as the focal point of the EaDo Houston development since it opened in 2012.Warehouse Live, located at 813 St.

    Emanuel Street, was originally built as a warehouse in the 1920s and has been renovated into a live entertainment facility.It was selected ″Best Musical Venue″ by Citysearch in 2008, and it has hosted a number of well-known musical performers.Aerosol Warfare, an art gallery and urban apparel boutique in EaDo, is one of the numerous one-of-a-kind shops in the neighborhood.

    One additional innovative concept that fits nicely with EaDo’s burgeoning creative culture is the Houston Makerspace, which is located in the heart of the neighborhood.The facility, which was funded entirely through crowdsourcing, serves as a meeting place for creatives who want to study and turn their ideas into extremely valuable works of art.A variety of tools and facilities are available to them, including wood and metal shops, a fast prototyping lab, a screen printing studio, a jewelry studio, and a textiles lab, to name a few.In a parking lot at 1504 Saint Emanuel St., next to the defunct Meridian Sports Bar, the Houston Food Park will open in the coming months.This food truck park, which is open from lunchtime daily, promotes the thriving culinary culture in Houston.Although EaDo’s restaurants provide some of the city’s most delicious Asian, Mexican, Cajun, and Texan cuisine, the neighborhood’s culinary scene is popular with animals as well as people.

    1. The Green Bone, located at 2104 Leeland, is a doggy espresso bar that provides nutritious treats and beverages for both canines and their owners.
    2. Given the neighborhood’s high bike score of 70, it’s a popular destination for many Houston cycling organizations.
    3. The Columbia Tap Rail-Trail runs through the region, which is very level.
    4. This 4-mile length begins in the south, travels past the gorgeous Hermann Park, and terminates at Dowling Street in downtown Houston.

    East Downtown Houston Realtor – Paige Martin

    Paige Martin, a consistent Best Producing Broker-Associate and leader of the Houston Properties Team, has been featured on Fox News in the Morning, the Houston Business Journal, and Houston Magazine. She is also listed as one of the top residential real estate agents in the world by Forbes magazine.

    Zip Code 77002 Profile, Map and Demographics – Updated March 2022

    State of Texas, Houston metro region, zip code 77002 is a postal code in the state of Texas.The majority of the population of zip code 77002 lives in Harris County.The official name of the ZIP code 77002 according to the United States Postal Service is HOUSTON, Texas.Parts of the zip code 77002 are included inside or border the city borders of Houston, Texas, and are designated as ″urban.″ The zip code 77002 is located inside the area codes 281, 713, and 832, respectively.When compared to other zipcodes in Texas, the zipcode 77002 may be categorized as a Middle Class class zipcode from a socioeconomic standpoint.It is now 5.0 percent unemployed in the zip code of 77002, which is lower than the current county unemployment rate of 5.8 percent, but it is higher than the current state unemployment rate of 4.3 percent and higher than the current national unemployment rate of 3.9 percent.

    According to the 2010 United States Census, the population of 77002 rose from 13289 to 16793 over the previous ten years.The predominant ethnicity of those who live in 77002 is White, whereas the majority ethnicity of those who attend 77002 public schools is African-American.Free and reduced-price lunches are provided to 82.3 percent of students in 77002 public schools who qualify for the program or who receive it.

    CI Gateway Zip Code List

    Zip Code City County
    75001 Addison Dallas County
    75006 Carrollton Dallas County
    75011 Carrollton Dallas County
    75014 Irving Dallas County
    75015 Irving Dallas County
    75016 Irving Dallas County
    75017 Irving Dallas County
    75019 Coppell Dallas County
    75030 Rowlett Dallas County
    75038 Irving Dallas County
    75039 Irving Dallas County
    75040 Garland Dallas County
    75041 Garland Dallas County
    75042 Garland Dallas County
    75043 Garland Dallas County
    75044 Garland Dallas County
    75045 Garland Dallas County
    75046 Garland Dallas County
    75047 Garland Dallas County
    75048 Garland Dallas County
    75048 Sachse Dallas County
    75049 Garland Dallas County
    75050 Grand Prairie Dallas County
    75051 Grand Prairie Dallas County
    75052 Grand Prairie Dallas County
    75053 Grand Prairie Dallas County
    75054 Grand Prairie Dallas County
    75060 Irving Dallas County
    75061 Irving Dallas County
    75062 Irving Dallas County
    75063 Irving Dallas County
    75080 Richardson Dallas County
    75081 Richardson Dallas County
    75082 Richardson Dallas County
    75083 Richardson Dallas County
    75085 Richardson Dallas County
    75088 Rowlett Dallas County
    75089 Rowlett Dallas County
    75104 Cedar Hill Dallas County
    75106 Cedar Hill Dallas County
    75115 DeSoto Dallas County
    75116 Duncanville Dallas County
    75123 DeSoto Dallas County
    75134 Lancaster Dallas County
    75137 Duncanville Dallas County
    75138 Duncanville Dallas County
    75141 Hutchins Dallas County
    75146 Lancaster Dallas County
    75149 Mesquite Dallas County
    75150 Mesquite Dallas County
    75159 Combine Dallas County
    75159 Seagoville Dallas County
    Zip Code City County
    75172 Wilmer Dallas County
    75180 Balch Springs Dallas County
    75180 Mesquite Dallas County
    75181 Mesquite Dallas County
    75182 Mesquite Dallas County
    75182 Sunnyvale Dallas County
    75185 Mesquite Dallas County
    75187 Mesquite Dallas County
    75201 Dallas Dallas County
    75202 Dallas Dallas County
    75203 Dallas Dallas County
    75204 Dallas Dallas County
    75205 Dallas Dallas County
    75206 Dallas Dallas County
    75207 Dallas Dallas County
    75208 Dallas Dallas County
    75209 Dallas Dallas County
    75210 Dallas Dallas County
    75211 Dallas Dallas County
    75212 Dallas Dallas County
    75214 Dallas Dallas County
    75215 Dallas Dallas County
    75216 Dallas Dallas County
    75217 Dallas Dallas County
    75218 Dallas Dallas County
    75219 Dallas Dallas County
    75220 Dallas Dallas County
    75221 Dallas Dallas County
    75222 Dallas Dallas County
    75223 Dallas Dallas County
    75224 Dallas Dallas County
    75225 Dallas Dallas County
    75226 Dallas Dallas County
    75227 Dallas Dallas County
    75228 Dallas Dallas County
    75229 Dallas Dallas County
    75230 Dallas Dallas County
    75231 Dallas Dallas County
    75232 Dallas Dallas County
    75233 Dallas Dallas County
    75234 Dallas Dallas County
    75234 Farmers Branch Dallas County
    75235 Dallas Dallas County
    75236 Dallas Dallas County
    75237 Dallas Dallas County
    75238 Dallas Dallas County
    75239 Dallas Dallas County
    75240 Dallas Dallas County
    75241 Dallas Dallas County
    75242 Dallas Dallas County
    75243 Dallas Dallas County
    Zip Code City County
    75244 Dallas Dallas County
    75244 Farmers Branch Dallas County
    75245 Dallas Dallas County
    75246 Dallas Dallas County
    75247 Dallas Dallas County
    75248 Dallas Dallas County
    75249 Dallas Dallas County
    75250 Dallas Dallas County
    75251 Dallas Dallas County
    75253 Dallas Dallas County
    75254 Dallas Dallas County
    75258 Dallas Dallas County
    75260 Dallas Dallas County
    75261 Dallas Dallas County
    75262 Dallas Dallas County
    75263 Dallas Dallas County
    75264 Dallas Dallas County
    75265 Dallas Dallas County
    75266 Dallas Dallas County
    75267 Dallas Dallas County
    75270 Dallas Dallas County
    75295 Dallas Dallas County
    75313 Dallas Dallas County
    75315 Dallas Dallas County
    75336 Dallas Dallas County
    75339 Dallas Dallas County
    75342 Dallas Dallas County
    75354 Dallas Dallas County
    75355 Dallas Dallas County
    75356 Dallas Dallas County
    75357 Dallas Dallas County
    75359 Dallas Dallas County
    75360 Dallas Dallas County
    75367 Dallas Dallas County
    75370 Dallas Dallas County
    75371 Dallas Dallas County
    75372 Dallas Dallas County
    75374 Dallas Dallas County
    75376 Dallas Dallas County
    75378 Dallas Dallas County
    75379 Dallas Dallas County
    75380 Dallas Dallas County
    75381 Dallas Dallas County
    75382 Dallas Dallas County
    75398 Dallas Dallas County

    ZIP Code 77070 Map, Demographics, More for Houston, TX

    Post Office City: Houston, TX (View All Cities)
    County: Harris County
    Timezone: Central (5:32pm)
    Area code: 713 (Area Code Map)
    Coordinates: 29.98, -95.58ZIP (~4 mile radius)

    Cities in ZIP code 77070

    The cities that the United States Post Office accepts for ZIP code 77070 are listed below.It is possible that the desired city is not the same as the city in which the ZIP code is situated.The name of the city with zip code 77070 is generally the same as the name of the major post office.Always mention the preferred or acceptable cities in the body of your package or letter when shipping it.If you choose a city from the list of prohibited cities, you may experience delays.Houston, Texas is the primary or preferred location.

    Stats and Demographics for the 77070 ZIP Code

    When compared to other ZIP codes in the United States, ZIP code 77070 is located in eastern Texas and covers a somewhat smaller than average land area compared to other ZIP codes in the country.It also has a population density that is somewhat greater than the national average.The majority of the population of ZIP code 77070 is composed of white people.Although the number of individuals in their late twenties to early thirties is extraordinarily great, so is the number of people in their middle ages.There are also a little lower than usual number of families and a slightly higher than average number of single individuals than the national average.When compared to other parts of the country, the percentage of children under the age of 18 living in the 77070 ZIP code is slightly higher than the national average.

    Population 46,017
    Population Density 3,537 people per sq mi
    Housing Units 20,131
    Median Home Value $154,500
    Land Area 13.01 sq mi
    Water Area 0.14 sq mi
    Occupied Housing Units 18,305
    Median Household Income $69,139

    Estimated Population over Time

    Total Population by Age

    Median Age: 34 Male Median Age: 33 Female Median Age: 35
    Male Female Total
    Under 5 1,738 1,698 3,436
    5-9 1,591 1,519 3,110
    10-14 1,561 1,483 3,044
    15-19 1,526 1,469 2,995
    20-24 1,564 1,642 3,206
    25-29 2,003 2,050 4,053
    30-34 1,803 1,821 3,624
    35-39 1,743 1,764 3,507
    40-44 1,565 1,605 3,170
    45-49 1,533 1,737 3,270
    50-54 1,601 1,721 3,322
    55-59 1,337 1,524 2,861
    60-64 1,019 1,167 2,186
    65-69 725 787 1,512
    70-74 404 489 893
    75-79 283 412 695
    80-84 203 345 548
    85 Plus 156 429 585


     Male 22,355 49%
     Female 23,662 51%


     White 31,034 67.4%
     Black Or African American 5,648 12.3%
     American Indian Or Alaskan Native 302 0.7%
     Asian 4,154 9.0%
     Native Hawaiian & Other Pacific Islander 36 0.1%
     Other Race 3,484 7.6%
     Two Or More Races 1,359 3.0%

    Head of Household by Age

    Owner Renter Total
    15-24 69 991 1,060
    25-34 1,128 2,711 3,839
    35-44 2,075 1,714 3,789
    45-54 2,640 1,239 3,879
    55-64 2,253 730 2,983
    65-74 1,159 330 1,489
    75-84 514 336 850
    85 Plus 108 308 416

    Families vs Singles

     Husband Wife Family Households 8,821 48%
     Single Guardian 3,166 17%
     Singles 5,244 29%
     Singles With Roommate 1,074 6%

    Households with Kids

    Average Household Size: 3
     Households without Kids 11,905 65%
     Households with Kids 6,400 35%

    Children by Age

    Male Female Total
    1 368 343 711
    2 330 340 670
    3 363 345 708
    4 328 341 669
    5 332 298 630
    6 343 318 661
    7 294 301 595
    8 308 284 592
    9 314 318 632
    10 336 311 647
    11 305 267 572
    12 311 286 597
    13 286 322 608
    14 323 297 620
    15 307 299 606
    16 317 323 640
    17 326 313 639
    18 306 282 588
    19 270 252 522
    20 246 266 512

    Real Estate and Housing

    The percentage of vacant housing units in ZIP code 77070 is somewhat lower than the national average.Additionally, according to the Census, there are one or more nursing facilities in the area.The vast majority of households are either privately owned or financed by a mortgage.The majority of the homes in ZIP code 77070 were constructed in the 2000s.According to 77070 real estate statistics, the typical house value is $154,500, which is somewhat less than the national average when compared to the rest of the nation.It is also somewhat less than average when compared to the ZIP codes in the surrounding area.

    When compared to adjacent locations, the zip code 77070 may be a good place to hunt for affordable homes.The most frequent types of rental homes in 77070 are one-bedroom units.The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $750-$999 per month, including utilities.

    Two-bedroom apartments are also prevalent, with rents ranging from $1,000 to $1,500 per month.Price ranges for rental property in the ZIP code 77070 include apartments, townhouses, and single-family homes that are used as primary residences.More information may be found at Houston, TX rental costs.

    Housing Type

     In Occupied Housing Units 45,947 99.8%
     Correctional Facility For Adults 0.0%
     Juvenile Facilities 0.0%
     Nursing Facilities 61 0.1%
     Other Institutional 0.0%
     College Student Housing 0.0%
     Military Quarters 0.0%
     Other Noninstitutional 9 0.0%

    Housing Occupancy

     Owned Households With A Mortgage 7,765 39%
     Owned Households Free & Clear 2,181 11%
     Renter Occupied Households 8,359 42%
     Households Vacant 1,826 9%

    Vacancy Reasons

     For Rent 1,225 67.1%
     Rented & Unoccupied 77 4.2%
     For Sale Only 207 11.3%
     Sold & Unoccupied 50 2.7%
     For Season Recreational Or Occasional Use 61 3.3%
     For Migrant Workers 2 0.1%
     Vacant For Other Reasons 204 11.2%

    Owner Occupied Home Values

    Rental Properties by Number of Rooms

    Rental Properties by Number of Rooms

     Studio Apartment 238 3%
     1 Bedroom 3,380 41%
     2 Bedroom 3,052 37%
     3+ Bedroom 1,614 19%

    Cost of Monthly Rent Including Utilities

    Cost of a Studio Apartment

    Employment, Income, Earnings, and Work

    When compared to the rest of the country, the median household income in the state is $69,139.It is also compared to ZIP codes in the surrounding area.Despite the fact that money isn’t everything, inhabitants of ZIP code 77070 earn less than their counterparts in other regions of town.Similarly to most other sections of the country, cars are the most popular mode of transportation to and from places of employment.In most sections of the nation, the vast majority of commuters arrive at their places of employment in less than half an hour.In 77070, on the other hand, this is not the case.

    It has a significantly lower than normal proportion of persons who arrive at work in less than half an hour.Employees in most sections of the nation are significantly more likely than in other parts of the country to have to drive more than 45 minutes to their place of employment, which might imply heavy traffic or that individuals often live a long distance from their place of employment.

    Employment Status

     Worked Full-time with Earnings 19,618 53%
     Worked Part-time with Earnings 7,787 21%
     No Earnings 9,458 26%

    Average Household Income over Time

    Annual Individual Earnings

    Sources of Household Income

    Percent of Households Receiving Income

    Average Income per Household by Income Source

    * Only taxable income is included in this calculation.

    Household Investment Income

    Percent of Households Receiving Investment Income

    Average Income per Household by Income Source

    There is no reporting of non-taxable income.

    Household Retirement Income

    Percent of Households Receiving Retirement Income

    Average Income per Household by Income Source

    * Only taxable income is included in the calculation.

    Source of Earnings

     Worked Full-time with Earnings 19,618 53%
     Worked Part-time with Earnings 7,787 21%
     No Earnings 9,458 26%

    Means Of Transportation To Work for Workers 16 and Over

    Means Of Transportation To Work for Workers 16 and Over

     Car, truck, or van 23,106 91.7%
     Public transportation 412 1.6%
     Taxicab 0.0%
     Motorcycle 44 0.2%
     Bicycle, Walked, or Other Means 637 2.5%
     Worked at Home 1,004 4.0%

    Travel Time to Work (In Minutes)

    Schools and Education

    The ZIP code has one of the highest percentages of persons who went to college of any ZIP code in the country.

    Educational Attainment For The Population 25 Years And Over

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     High School Graduate 14,237 45.4%