What Is The Zip Code For Pandora?

Click “Register.’ Leave the box checked on the screen that pops up if you would like others to view your Pandora profile page, otherwise uncheck it. Your profile page is just a webpage that contains information about your musical preferences, your bio, and comments from other listeners.

What is the ZIP code for Pandora Ohio?

Pandora, OH Stats and Demographics for the 45877 ZIP Code ZIP code 45877 is located in western Ohio and covers a slightly less than average land area compared to other ZIP codes in the United States. It also has a slightly less than average population density.

What is a ZIP code/postal code?

What is a zip code/postal code? In the United States of America a zipcode is five or nine numbers that are added to a postal address to assist the sorting of mail.

What is a ZIP Code for Pandora music?

Pandora, OH Covers 1 ZIP Code

ZIP Code Type Area Code(s)
45877 Standard 419

How do I show a ZIP Code?

This ZIP Codes on Google Maps tool will show all ZIP Code boundaries, in the U.S. anyway. To see ZIP Codes for a specific city, address, etc, just type the city or address in the ‘Search places’ box just above the map.

What is ZIP or postal code?

ANSWER: The two codes are essentially the same in their purpose, but the term Zip code is mainly used in the USA; Postal Code is commonly used in other countries.

How does Pandora know my location?

We may also collect location information from devices you use while accessing the Pandora Service. Depending on the device and operating system, device-based location information may be derived from GPS and nearby wireless signals such as cell towers, Wi-Fi networks, and Bluetooth beacons.

How do I change my Pandora zip code?

To update your zip code on a mobile device:

  1. First launch the Pandora app.
  2. Select the Profile tab and open the Settings gear in the upper right corner.
  3. Go to Account.
  4. Update your zip code as necessary.
  5. Save your changes when you’re done.

Is 00000 a valid ZIP code?

The 00000 zip code is described in state data as home to people who listed themselves as residents of Clearwater,Feather Sound,Baker County,Miramar Beach,Tierra Verde,Jackson County,St.

Does Google have a zip code map?

To see it yourself, go to Google Maps and search for a city name or even a zip code. You will see a pinkish highlight around the border. Based on your zoom level, as you zoom out, Google will highlight the whole area, not just the borders, in the pink color.

How do I create a ZIP code map?

How to Create a Zip Code Map with Maptive

  1. Step #1: Sign up for a free Maptive trial account.
  2. Step #2: Login and click on Create My First Map.
  3. Step #3: Name your map, and add a description. Click Continue.
  4. Step #4: Now, paste your data into the input area or upload your Excel spreadsheet data or import a Google sheet.

What ZIP Code means?

ZIP is an acronym for Zone Improvement Plan. However, the USPS intentionally chose the acronym to indicate that mail travels more quickly when senders mark the postal code on their packages and envelopes. It makes sense that the term ZIP code would be related to being zippy, which means “lively” or “peppy.”

Is ZIP and PIN code same?

PIN code stands for Postal Index Number code. Also known as Zip code or area postal code, Pin code is the post office numbering code system used by the postal service of India, India Post. The PIN was first introduced in India on August 15, 1972.

What is an example of a ZIP Code?

The standard zip code notation used by the United States Postal service uses five digits to identify a delivery area. An example of a standard US zip code is 90210.

ZIP Code 45877 Map, Demographics, More for Pandora, OH

Post Office City: Pandora, OH (View All Cities)
County: Putnam County
Timezone: Eastern (12:25pm)
Area code: 419 (Area Code Map)
Coordinates: 40.95, -83.94ZIP (~4 mile radius)

Cities in ZIP code 45877

  • ZIP Code 45877 is associated with the cities listed below.
  • The cities listed below are those where the United States Postal Service delivers mail.
  • It is possible that the desired city is not the same as the city in which the ZIP code is situated.

It is common for the city of 45877 to be the same as the name of the major post office.Always mention the preferred or acceptable cities in the body of your package or letter when shipping it.If you choose a city from the list of prohibited cities, you may experience delays.Pandora, Ohio is the primary or favored location.

Stats and Demographics for the 45877 ZIP Code

  • When compared to other ZIP codes in the United States, ZIP code 45877 is located in western Ohio and covers a somewhat smaller than average land area compared to other ZIP codes in the country.
  • It also has a population density that is somewhat lower than the national average.
  • The majority of the population of ZIP code 45877 is composed of white people.

In contrast to the great number of persons in their late twenties to early forties, the significant number of elderly is also present.As well as single parents, there are a great number of families in the community.Comparing the 45877 ZIP code to other locations in the country, the percentage of children under 18 is somewhat higher than the national average (see chart below).

Population 2,139
Population Density 77 people per sq mi
Housing Units 861
Median Home Value $125,200
Land Area 27.76 sq mi
Water Area 0.13 sq mi
Occupied Housing Units 807
Median Household Income $53,580

Estimated Population over Time

Total Population by Age

Median Age: 41 Male Median Age: 39 Female Median Age: 44
Male Female Total
Under 5 85 54 139
5-9 79 62 141
10-14 91 67 158
15-19 84 61 145
20-24 54 51 105
25-29 57 65 122
30-34 48 60 108
35-39 65 61 126
40-44 77 63 140
45-49 64 70 134
50-54 85 87 172
55-59 70 67 137
60-64 58 68 126
65-69 57 58 115
70-74 40 40 80
75-79 30 38 68
80-84 31 37 68
85 Plus 14 41 55


 Male 1,089 51%
 Female 1,050 49%


 White 2,079 97.2%
 Black Or African American 8 0.4%
 American Indian Or Alaskan Native 12 0.6%
 Asian 1 0.0%
 Native Hawaiian & Other Pacific Islander 0.0%
 Other Race 22 1.0%
 Two Or More Races 17 0.8%

Head of Household by Age

Owner Renter Total
15-24 12 12 24
25-34 78 29 107
35-44 115 26 141
45-54 145 17 162
55-64 138 10 148
65-74 112 8 120
75-84 69 6 75
85 Plus 28 2 30

Families vs Singles

 Husband Wife Family Households 540 67%
 Single Guardian 71 9%
 Singles 177 22%
 Singles With Roommate 19 2%

Households with Kids

Average Household Size: 3
 Households without Kids 537 67%
 Households with Kids 270 33%

Children by Age

Male Female Total
1 16 16 32
2 14 7 21
3 18 12 30
4 16 8 24
5 12 14 26
6 24 11 35
7 19 9 28
8 11 11 22
9 13 17 30
10 30 8 38
11 13 14 27
12 17 16 33
13 16 13 29
14 15 16 31
15 17 10 27
16 13 17 30
17 26 12 38
18 15 12 27
19 13 10 23
20 12 9 21

Real Estate and Housing

  • The number of vacant homes in ZIP code 45877 is a modest fraction.
  • Additionally, according to the Census, there are one or more nursing facilities in the area.
  • The vast majority of households are either privately owned or financed by a mortgage.

The majority of the homes in ZIP code 45877 were constructed between 1939 and 1940.In accordance with 45877 real estate statistics, the median house value of $125,200 is slightly lower than the national average when compared to the rest of the nation.It is also somewhat less than average when compared to the ZIP codes in the surrounding area.45877 may be a good place to seek for affordable homes when compared to the neighboring neighborhoods.The most prevalent types of rentals in 45877 are 3+ bedrooms.The average rent for a three-bedroom apartment is $500-$749 per month, including utilities.

Price ranges for rental properties in the ZIP code 45877 include apartments, townhouses, and single-family homes that are used as a primary residence.To learn more about the housing market in Pandora, OH, visit this page.

Housing Type

 In Occupied Housing Units 2,086 97.5%
 Correctional Facility For Adults 0.0%
 Juvenile Facilities 0.0%
 Nursing Facilities 46 2.2%
 Other Institutional 0.0%
 College Student Housing 0.0%
 Military Quarters 0.0%
 Other Noninstitutional 7 0.3%

Housing Occupancy

 Owned Households With A Mortgage 459 53%
 Owned Households Free & Clear 238 28%
 Renter Occupied Households 110 13%
 Households Vacant 54 6%

Vacancy Reasons

 For Rent 11 20%
 Rented & Unoccupied 1 2%
 For Sale Only 12 22%
 Sold & Unoccupied 4 7%
 For Season Recreational Or Occasional Use 5 9%
 For Migrant Workers 1 2%
 Vacant For Other Reasons 20 37%

Owner Occupied Home Values

Rental Properties by Number of Rooms

Rental Properties by Number of Rooms

 Studio Apartment 0%
 1 Bedroom 13 7%
 2 Bedroom 65 35%
 3+ Bedroom 108 58%

Cost of Monthly Rent Including Utilities

Cost of a Studio Apartment

Employment, Income, Earnings, and Work

  • When compared to the rest of the country, the median household income in the state is $53,580.
  • It is also compared to ZIP codes in the surrounding area.
  • Even if money isn’t everything, inhabitants of ZIP code 45877 earn much less than their counterparts in other regions of town.

Similarly to most other sections of the country, cars are the most popular mode of transportation to and from places of employment.In most sections of the nation, the vast majority of commuters arrive at their places of employment in less than half an hour.These short commuting times are enjoyed by a greater number of residents in ZIP code 45877 than by residents of most other ZIP codes.When compared to the rest of the United States, employees who have to travel more than 45 minutes to their place of job are quite rare in this region.

Employment Status

 Worked Full-time with Earnings 672 41%
 Worked Part-time with Earnings 459 28%
 No Earnings 506 31%

Average Household Income over Time

Annual Individual Earnings

Sources of Household Income

Percent of Households Receiving Income

Average Income per Household by Income Source

* Only taxable income is included in this calculation.

Household Investment Income

Percent of Households Receiving Investment Income

Average Income per Household by Income Source

There is no reporting of non-taxable income.

Household Retirement Income

Percent of Households Receiving Retirement Income

Average Income per Household by Income Source

* Only taxable income is included in the calculation.

Source of Earnings

 Worked Full-time with Earnings 672 41%
 Worked Part-time with Earnings 459 28%
 No Earnings 506 31%

Means Of Transportation To Work for Workers 16 and Over

Means Of Transportation To Work for Workers 16 and Over

 Car, truck, or van 909 87%
 Public transportation 0%
 Taxicab 0%
 Motorcycle 12 1%
 Bicycle, Walked, or Other Means 38 4%
 Worked at Home 87 8%

Travel Time to Work (In Minutes)

Schools and Education

The ZIP code has one of the highest percentages of persons who went to college of any ZIP code in the country.

Educational Attainment For The Population 25 Years And Over

Educational Attainment For The Population 25 Years And Over

 Less than High School Diploma 117 8.1%
 High School Graduate 821 56.6%
 Associate’s degree 183 12.6%
 Bachelor’s degree 213 14.7%
 Master’s degree 110 7.6%
 Professional school degree 6 0.4%
 Doctorate degree 0.0%

School Enrollment (Ages 3 to 17)

School Enrollment (Ages 3 to 17)

 Enrolled in Public School 425 84%
 Enrolled in Private School 4 1%
 Not Enrolled in School 77 15%

Schools in ZIP Code 45877

  • The Pandora-Gilboa Local School District serves the residents of ZIP code 45877.
  • Having postal addresses in ZIP code 45877, there are a total of 3 separate elementary schools and high schools with mailing addresses.
  • Pandora-Gilboa High School is located at 410 Rocket Ridge in Pandora, Ohio.

Grade Level: High School/Secondary School Pandora-Gilboa Local School District is the district in question.

Introduction: How to Get Started With Pandora

This article will show you how to use Pandora to listen to music without creating an account, with an existing account, and with an upgraded Pandora One Account, all without having to download any software. It also goes through some of the most significant aspects of Pandora.

Step 1: Open a Browser

Open a web browser, such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Mozilla Firefox, to access the internet. Enter the URL in the address bar. It is possible that a URL search preview white box may appear in the center of your screen to provide suggestions for websites to visit.

Step 2: Ensure New Pandora User

  • Simply clicking on the Pandora logo at the upper left of your browser window should have no effect unless you already have an account with Pandora.
  • Check to ensure that you are not signed into any other accounts or that no prior Pandora stations are currently running on this computer.
  • If this is the case, erase these selections and have a look at the white text box in the upper left corner of the screen for more information.

Step 3: Creating the First Station (Free Without Account)

Click on the white oval text box that says ″Enter an artist, genre, or composer to establish a station″ to bring up a drop-down menu with the options. In this box, enter the name of an artist, a genre, or a composer. You will see a box with entry suggestions appear below the text field as you type your content.

Step 4:

Choose a station from the list of choices, or just hit Enter. Pandora will now establish a station for this entry and play music that are relevant to it. This station will display in the menu bar on the left side of the screen (in the same manner that the ″Today’s Hits″ station does currently).

Step 5: Creating Stations After the First Station

Locate the symbol in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. Another station can be created by clicking the white text box and typing the name of an artist, a genre, or a composer.

Step 6: Using Buttons at the Top of the Screen

Step 7: Sorting and Shuffling Stations

Step 8: Using Pandora With a Free Account

In the top right-hand corner, click on the word ″Register.″

Step 9: Creating a Free Account

  • Fill up the form with your email address, password, birth year, postal/zip code, and gender information.
  • Select the checkbox that begins with ″I have read, understand, and agree to″ and then click ″Submit.″ If you like, you may select the options ″Remember me and keep me logged in″ and ″Send me tailored suggestions and advice″ from the drop-down menu.
  • ″Register″ may be found by clicking here.

Step 10: Congratulations Registration Box

You should leave the option selected on the pop-up screen if you want people to be able to see your Pandora profile page; otherwise, you should uncheck it. Your profile page is nothing more than a simple webpage that provides information about your musical choices, your biography, and comments from other users. To proceed, click ″Continue″ in the lowest right-hand corner of the screen.

Step 11:

It is possible that a commercial advertisement window will appear on the screen. If you do not wish to take advantage of an offer from one of Pandora’s sponsors, click ″No Thanks″ in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. You have now been granted access to a free account.

Step 12: Pandora One Upgrade

You may listen to ad-free music with less interruptions and higher quality sound by subscribing to Pandora One. You also have the option of using a desktop Pandora program or icon on your desktop, as well as a customized ″skin″ or backdrop screen for the main Pandora webpage. Upgrade your Pandora One subscription by selecting ″Upgrade″ from the drop-down menu in the top right hand corner.

Step 13: Pandora One Subscription Selection

Choose whether you’d like a one-year membership, a one-month subscription, or a twenty-four-hour trial, and then click ″Upgrade Now″ to proceed.

Step 14: Pandora One Subscription

  • Please fill in the blanks below with your credit card number, security code, expiration date, the name printed on the card, and the zip code associated with your billing address.
  • Then, by clicking on the blue arrow in the subscription box and selecting your selection, you may decide whether you want the $3.99 monthly membership or the $36.00 one-year subscription.
  • Take note of the box on your right, which informs you of the actual price once the extra tax has been applied.

If you agree with the line that starts, ″I have read and agree to the Pandora One…″, check the box next to it.To create a paid account, click the ″Pay Now″ option on the payment page.As a result, you will be routed to the main Pandora webpage.

Step 15: Congratulations

Congratulations! You now have a better understanding of how to utilize Pandora. The Music Genome Project, often known as Pandora, is pleased to welcome you to your new, customized experience.

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All Zip Codes in Pandora OH

Data Last Updated: March 1, 2022

Pandora, OH Covers 1 ZIP Code

ZIP Code Type County Population Area Code(s)
ZIP Code 45877 Standard Putnam 2,139 419

Pandora, OH Demographic Information *

Total population 1,153
Male population 566
Female population 587
Median age (years) 40
White Population 1,121
Black Population 4
Indian Population 3
Asian Population
Hawaiian Population
Hispanic Population 39
Median age (Male) 38.2
Median age (Female) 42.8
Total households 452
Family households (families) 320
Average household size 2.43
Average family size 2.91
Total housing units 486

* The 2010 Census provided the demographic information.

Pandora, OH Other Information

  • Located in PUTNAM County, Ohio

95 Cities within 30 miles of Pandora, OH

  • The cities of Ada, OH
  • Alger, OH
  • Alvada, OH
  • Arcadia, OH
  • Beaverdam, OH
  • Belmore, OH
  • Benton Ridge, OH
  • Bloomdale, OH
  • Bluffton, OH
  • Bowling Green, OH
  • Bradner, OH
  • Buckland, OH
  • Cairo, OH
  • Cloverdale, OH
  • Continental, OH
  • Custar, OH
  • Cygnet, OH
  • Defiance,

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Pandora’s headquarters are in the state of Ohio. Pandora is located between the latitude and longitude coordinates of +40.9495707 and -83.95194812, respectively. Pandora is served by one zip code, one area code, and zero post offices. More information about Pandora may be found below, as well as zip codes, area codes, and the post offices that are associated with this city.


The male population totals 537 people, while the female population totals 583 people in the statistical population.

Female Population 58352.05%


Pandora has a median age of 39.7 years, which is rather young.


Pandora has 432 households, with an average of 2.41 people living in each of those homes. There are 47,345 households in Pandora with an average income of $47,345 and an average property value of $123,950.

Household per ZIP Code 432
Avarage House Value $123,950
Persons Per Household 2.41
Income Per Household $47,345

Geographic Data

Located 769 feet above sea level, the Pandora’s latitude is +40.9495707, longitude is -83.95194812, and elevation is +40.9495707. Pandora is located in the Eastern Daylight Time zone.

Latitude +40.9495707
Elevation 769 ft
Longitude -83.95194812
Timezone EDT


All Zip Codes in Pandora TX

Data Last Updated: March 1, 2022

Pandora, TX Covers 1 ZIP Code

ZIP Code Type County Population Area Code(s)
ZIP Code 78143 P.O. Box Wilson 85 830

Pandora, TX Demographic Information *

The city of PANDORA, Texas does not have any Census statistics available. As a result, we have obtained information for the ZIP Code 78143 in its place.

Total population 85
Male population 42
Female population 43
Median age (years) 35.5
White Population 64
Black Population
Indian Population 2
Asian Population
Hawaiian Population
Hispanic Population 37
Median age (Male) 40.5
Median age (Female) 32.5
Total households 28
Family households (families) 18
Average household size 3.04
Average family size 4
Total housing units 40

* The 2010 Census provided the demographic information.

Pandora, TX Other Information

  • Located in WILSON County, Texas

41 Cities within 30 miles of Pandora, TX

  • Adkins, tx
  • belmont, tx
  • cibolo, tx
  • converse, tx
  • cost, tx
  • ecleto, tx
  • elmendorf, Tx
  • falls city, tx
  • geronimo, tx
  • gillett, tx
  • gillett, tx
  • gillett, tx
  • gillett, tx
  • g

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ZIP Code 5: 78143 – PANDORA, TX

On this page, you will find information about ZIP Code 78143, such as its fundamental characteristics, a full 9-digit ZIP Code list, nearby ZIP Codes, demographic and geographic information, and so on. ZIP is an abbreviation for ″Zoning Improvement Plan.″ In most circumstances, a ZIP Code denotes a geographical region with a central location.

78143 Basic Information

The following is the basic information about ZIP Code 78143, which includes the following elements: nation, county, city, FIPS, and so on. Was wondering what the plus four zip code for the 78143 ZIP Code is? The specifics are shown below.

78143 ZIP+4 Code List

When you think of the 78143 Code Code, the first thing that comes to mind is its four-digit zip extension. The following is a list of the 9-digit zip codes for the 78143 ZIP Code. More information may be found by clicking on the link, which includes the detail address, record type, and range, among other things.

ZIP Code 5 Plus 4 Address
78143-0101 PO BOX 101 (From 101 To 218), PANDORA, TX
78143-0221 PO BOX 221 (From 221 To 278), PANDORA, TX
78143-9800 8547 FM 1107, PANDORA, TX
78143-9998 PO BOX 9998, PANDORA, TX

78143 Envelope Example

  • This is an example of a United States postal envelope.
  • The sender’s information should be entered at the top left, and the recipient’s information should be entered at the bottom right.
  • Sender’s and recipient’s full names, street addresses, city and state, and zip code are all required pieces of information.

The information on the recipient’s address has been provided for your convenience.In most cases, if you are unsure of the entire 9-digit zip code, you should just put in the 5-digit zip code to prevent losing your product in transit.

78143 Basic Meaning

The meaning of each digit in the ZIP Code 78143 is explained below. National areas are denoted by the first digit, which runs from zero for the Northeast to nine for the extreme West. The first three or four numbers are the code for a sectional center facility in that region, respectively. Small post offices or postal zones are designated by the final two digits of the postal code.

78143 Online Map

A map showing the location PANDORA, in the county of Wilson in the state of Texas. You may move around and zoom in and out by pressing the button. The map information is provided solely for reference purposes.

78143 NearBy ZIP Code

  • What are the zip codes that are in the vicinity of ZIP Code 78143?
  • In the table below, you can see the zipcodes that are within a 25-kilometer radius of ZIP Code 78143, as well as the estimated distance between the two zipcodes (in kilometers).
  • In order to discover a close-by zipcode, go through the list.

Once you find a zipcode, click on it to get more information about the place.The data in the table below contains a little amount of variation just for your convenience.

Number ZIP Code Distance
1 78140 7.2905 Kilo Meters
2 78160 12.6215 Kilo Meters
3 78116 19.3901 Kilo Meters
4 78122 19.6358 Kilo Meters
5 78161 22.7274 Kilo Meters
6 78159 23.4285 Kilo Meters
7 78111 23.7444 Kilo Meters


  • The ZIP code 78143 is in the city of PANDORA in the county of WILSON in the state of Texas. There are around 1.749 square miles of land area in the state, which is smaller than the average land size of Texas. Latitude:29.232232
  • Longitude:-97.832456
  • Elevation:413
  • Land Area:1.749
  • Water Area:0.004
  • Time Zone:Central (GMT -06:00)
  • Region:South
  • Division:West South Central
  • Land Area:1.749
  • Water Area:0.004
  • Land Area:0.004
  • Land Area:0.004
  • Land Area:0.004
  • Land Area:0.004


  • ZIP Code 78143 now has an estimated population of 226 people, which is an increase over the 2010 census population figures. 78143 has an unequal gender distribution, with women outnumbering males by a wide margin. The majority of its residents are White and between the ages of 45 and 54. Current Population: 226
  • 2010 Census: 85
  • Population Density: 129.22
  • 2010 Census: 226
  • 2010 Census: 85
  • Current Population:226
  • 2010 Census:85
  • Male:76
  • Female:150
  • In the race of white, 114 people are white
  • in the race of black or African American, zero people are black or African American
  • in the race of American Indian and Alaska Native, zero people are Asian
  • in the race of Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islanders, zero people are white
  • in the race of some other races, zero people are white.
<5 17
10~14 15
15~19 25
25~34 39
35~44 15
45~54 68
65~74 47


The majority of the population in ZIP Code 78143 is native, meaning they were born and raised in the United States, and the majority of them have resided in the area for more than a year.

  • Population 1 year and Over:226
  • Less than 1 year:0
  • Native:226
  • Foreign Born:0


According to statistics, the vast majority of children above the age of three are enrolled in elementary school. People over the age of 25 who have completed high school or higher education make for 91.1 percent of the population, while those with a bachelor’s degree or higher education account for 55.6 percent.

Nursery School or Preschool
Elementary School 15
High School 10
College or Graduate School 7
9th Grade 2
9th-12th Grade 13
High School 47
College Degree 13
Associate Degree
Bachelor or Higher 94
Professional or Higher

Household & Family

  • A household is made up of all of the people who live in a single housing unit.
  • It is classified into two types of households based on the connection between the homeowner and the other persons who live in the house: family households and nonfamily households.
  • The great majority of the households in ZIP Code 78143 are family households, with married couple families accounting for the vast majority of them.
  • Non-family Household:7
  • Family Household:40
  • There are 47 householders, 35 spouses, 0 unmarried partners, 56 extended family members, and 0 non-relatives.
Never Married Now Married Separated Widowed Divorced
male 39 35
female 73 38 2 7
male female
Never Married 39 73
Now Married 35 38
Separated 2
Divorced 7


  • 78143 has a low share of the work force in comparison to other ZIP codes.
  • There is a serious lack of work opportunities, as seen by the 19.7 percent unemployment rate, which is greater than in Texas.
  • The majority of individuals drive themselves to and from work.

Commuting times are in the order of – minutes on average.People in zip code 78143 are employed in a wide range of jobs, which are spread over a wide range of industries.When compared to all other occupations, Management employs much more individuals, with the vast majority of employees being private wage and salary workers.

  • In Labor Force:76
  • Not In Labor Force:108
  • Employed:61
  • Unemployed:15
Self-driving 61
Public Transportation
Other Means
Management 46
Service 15


Agriculture Forestry Fishing And Hunting Mining
Manufacturing 39
Wholesale Trade
Retail Trade
Transportation Warehousing Utilities
Finance And Insurance Real Estate And Rental And Leasing
Professional Scientific Management Administrative
Educational Services Health Care Social Assistance 13
Arts Entertainment Recreation Accommodation Food Services 2
Other Services Except Public Administration
Public Administration 7


  • The majority of households fall between $50,000 and $74,999 in income, and there are a total of 25 households in this income range. The average household, family, and non-family income is $50428, $58238, $-, while the median household, family, and non-family income is $70150, $70500, $-. The median wage for employees is $-, with the median wage for year-round workers of both genders being $- and $-, respectively. The median wage for seasonal workers is $-. It demonstrates that the income distribution between men and women in the region is not equal. The per capita income in this country is $13790. Additionally, 5% of households and 4.9 percent of the people live below the poverty level, which is significantly lower than the state of Texas as a whole. Male Full-time Year-round Workers Earnings:-
  • Female Full-time Year-round Workers Earnings:-
  • Per Capita Income:13,790
  • Median Earnings For Workers Earnings:-
  • The symbol ″-″ indicates that the estimate could not be computed or could not be published for this topic or geography.
<10,000 10,000 ~ 14,999 15,000 ~ 24,999 25,000 ~ 34,999 35,000 ~ 49,999 50,000 ~ 74,999 75,000 ~ 99,999 100,000 ~ 149,999 150,000 ~ 199,999 >200,000
household income 9 13 25
family income 2 13 25
household income family income
<10,000 9 2
10,000 ~ 14,999
15,000 ~ 24,999
25,000 ~ 34,999
35,000 ~ 49,999 13 13
50,000 ~ 74,999 25 25
75,000 ~ 99,999
100,000 ~ 149,999
150,000 ~ 199,999
Household Income Family Income Non-family Income
Median Income 70,150 70,500
Mean Income 50,428 58,238
Median Income Mean Income
Household Income 70150 50428
Family Income 70500 58238
Non-family Income

Insurance & Benefit

  • With just 76.1 percent of the population covered by health insurance, the overall coverage rate is considered to be poor by most standards.
  • There are a total of 35 persons in ZIP Code 78143 who are in current-payment status and get total monthly benefits, the majority of them are retired employees, and the total monthly benefit amount is US $32.
  • The total monthly benefit amount is US $32.

In addition, there are 25 recipients who are over the age of 65.

  • With Health Insurance:172
  • No Health Insurance:54
  • Private Insurance:22
  • Public Insurance:172
  • Workers who are retired or disabled: 20
  • widows and parents: 10
  • spouses: 0
  • children: 0

Property & Debt

  • The majority of the residences have a value between $150000 and $199999, and the majority of them are mortgaged.
  • The monthly expenditures for people who have mortgages are significantly greater than the costs for those who do not have mortgages.
  • Even if you have to rent a property, the rental payments are likely to be less than $500 each month, which may account for the majority of your income in this case.
<$50000 7
$50000~ $99999
$100000~ $149999 13
$150000~ $199999 25
$200000~ $299999
$300000~ $499999
$500000~ $999999 2
  • A total of 45 housing units financed by a mortgage
  • 2 housing units financed without a mortgage
$500~$999 7
$1500~$1999 13
$2500~$2999 25
<$250 2

Real Estate

Currently, there are 47 dwelling units in ZIP Code 78143, with 47 of them being inhabited and 0 of them being unoccupied. The majority of them were built in 2014 or after, and electricity serves as the primary source of heat for the residence.

  • Occupied Housing Units:47
  • Vacant Housing Units:0
1 unit detached 25
1 unit attached
2 units
3 or 4 units
5 to 9 units
10 to 19 units
20 or more units
1 room
2 rooms
3 rooms
4 rooms
5 rooms 2
6 rooms 32
7 rooms
8 rooms
9 rooms or more 13
2014 or later 25
2000-2009 13
1980-1989 7
1970-1979 2
1939 or earlier
  • Utility Gas: 0
  • Bottled Tank or Lp Gas: 0
  • Electricity: 47
  • Fuel Oil, Kerosene, and Other Fuels: 0
  • Coal or Coke: 0
  • Wood: 0
  • Solar Energy: 0
  • Other Fuel: 0
  • No Fuel Used: 0
  • No Fuel Used: 0

More Information

PANDORA is located in ZIP Code 5: 78143.

How coronavirus is spreading in the 00000 zip code

ELI ZHANG contributed further design.JUAN CARLOS CHAVEZ provided the translation.The date of publication is May 31, 2020.

Updated at 2:26 p.m.on June 3, 2021.The following update was made on June 4, 2021: Following the Florida Department of Health’s decision to no longer offer daily updates to their covid database, this website has been archived.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continues to retain a portion of the covid data, which may be seen here.The number of new coronavirus cases in the 00000 zip code has remained constant throughout the course of the past week.The coronavirus has been contracted by 0 persons in the zip code.That equates to 0 per 100,000 residents, or 1 in every NaN persons in the country.

If the number of new instances continues to grow at the same rate as it has over the last week, there will be no new cases added by the end of next week.According to state data, the 00000 zip code is home to people who identified themselves as residents of Clearwater, Feather Sound, Baker County, Miramar Beach, Sierra Verde, Jackson County, St.Petersburg, Floridatown, Marco Island, Longboat Key, Palmetto Bay, Ferry Pass, Jefferson County, Pensacola, Coral Gables, Tarpon Springs, Wakulla County, Bonita Springs, Levy County, Fort Walton Beach, Gadsden County,Navarre Cases are occasionally included in the zip code where the individual was tested at the time of the test and later changed to reflect the person’s current home.As a result, zip code totals might fluctuate from time to time.It can also raise the perceived value of zip codes that contain testing sites.Although we do not have solid statewide statistics on this currently, we cannot tell you whether or not this is happening in our area.

Because the state does not disclose fatalities or tests by zip code, we only have information on specific instances of death or testing.

Google Maps has added a feature where it will highlight in a pink color the borders of a city, postal code or other borders based on your search. To see it yourself, go to Google Maps and search for a city name or even a zip code. You will see a pinkish highlight around the

Depending on your search, Google Maps will highlight in pink any city, postal code or other boundary that matches the boundaries of the area you’re looking at on the map.To see it for yourself, go to Google Maps and type in the name of a city or even a zip code to view it.A reddish accent will be visible along the perimeter of the border.

In accordance with your zoom level, when you zoom out, Google will highlight the entire region, rather than just the boundaries, in the pink hue, rather than just the borders.Again, you may experiment with it for searches such as or postal codes such as, but certain borders, such as those in New York City, are difficult to discern.The Google Operating System deserves credit for identifying this.

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  • In-traffic travel estimates have been removed from Google Maps.
  • Running out of gas? Use Google Maps’ ″Send to Car″ feature.
  • In Iran, a Google Maps image has sparked an international debate.
  • Nicaragua launches an invasion on Costa Rica, blaming Google Maps.

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Create Zip Code Maps – Zip Code Heat Maps

Using Maptive’s mapping software, you can bring your data to life and create stunning, bespoke zip code maps in minutes, all without the need for any programming knowledge.Population density and median household income from the United States Census Bureau are instantly available in Maptive, ready to supplement your private data and help you get insights into your customers’ habits and preferences.The geographic data given by Maptive is sourced from Google Maps, ensuring that it is the most complete and up-to-date data available at the time of publication.

Once you’ve generated a map, you can either share it with your team or export it so that you may include it in your presentation.When utilizing a map, it is not necessary to be a data specialist in order to grasp what the data is stating (or displaying)!

Why Are Zip Code Maps Useful?

The boundary tool on Maptive allows you to build zip code borders that are loaded with data from our supplementary data sets, such as US demographics and census information.You may utilize US demographics data, such as household income levels, to fill in the gaps in your own data collection and design plans for sales, marketing, real estate, and other endeavors, among other things.Besides marketing and sales teams, zip code maps are also utilized by logistics and supply chain teams to build stunning heat map data visualizations.

For example, if you use zip codes to map the sales territories of your salespeople, they will be aware of the territory for which they are responsible, and you can use maps to track performance, identify patterns, and strategize.In addition to supporting zip code borders, Maptive also allows you to create a variety of additional geographical boundaries on your maps at various levels of detail, including block, county, city, state, and even nation levels.Using Zip Code Boundaries

What Does ″ZIP Code″ Stand For?

The December holiday season coincides with the busiest time of year for the United States Postal Service, when we’re all busy sending out greetings and gifts to family and friends.However, USPS personnel are extremely busy all year round: postal employees process a staggering 181.9 million pieces of first-class mail each day on average!To ensure fast and dependable mail delivery, the United States Postal Service (USPS) relies significantly on five- or nine-digit ZIP codes, which are used by 470,000 employees (including 7,000 members of the Fleet of Feet who deliver mail on foot).

But, have you ever given any attention to what ZIP codes are in reality?Because we rarely memorize anything other than our home addresses, we tend to overlook the significance of those five digits, aside from the cultural cachet of knowing (or even living in) ″90210.″ Because we rarely memorize anything other than our home addresses, we tend to overlook the importance of those five digits.

What does ZIP mean?

Zone Improvement Plan (ZIP) is an abbreviation for Zone Improvement Plan.In fact, the United States Postal Service (USPS) deliberately created the acronym in order to convey the message that mail goes more swiftly when senders include the postal code on their parcels and envelopes.It stands to reason that the phrase ZIP code would be associated with the word zippy, which literally translates as ″lively″ or ″peppy.″ The main system of ZIP codes that is now in use was established in 1963.

Prior to the implementation of this system, the United States Postal Service had a postal zone system that was only applicable to big cities.This is where the ″improvement″ portion of the sentence comes in.The first five digits of a ZIP code are used to identify the location.

The first three digits relate to a sectional center facility (or SCF), which is essentially a network of super post offices.The remaining digits correspond to a postal code.Those three digits in the ZIP code are shared by all of the post offices in that ZIP code, and all of their mail is sorted and processed by the same SCF.A SCF’s territory is designated by the final two numerals, which represent the individual post office inside that region.

What is a ZIP+4?

ZIP+4 was the name of a new system that was launched in the 1980s.The basic code was expanded to include four extra digits (each preceded by a hyphen).This enabled senders to provide a more accurate location, such as a specific block or apartment building, while composing their messages.

In actuality, the last two numerals denote which portion or side of the roadway is being discussed.The increase in the number of post office boxes necessitated the need for this higher degree of accuracy.What about something that is genuinely sent by postal service?

Learn more about the differences between absentee and mail-in ballots here!

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