What Is Toronto Zip Code?

postal codes

Place Code
1 Toronto 66777
2 Toronto 57268

The Toronto Zip Code is 43964. If you want to send a mail to Toronto City, you should use the 43964 Zip Code. In 1983, the U.S. Postal Service introduced an expanded Toronto ZIP code system that it called ZIP+4, often called “plus-four codes”, “add-on codes”, or “add ons”.

What is Ontario’s zip code?

Using Canadian Postal Codes

Lower Postal Code Upper Postal Code Area of Local Multiplier
K0A 0A0 K0C 9Z9 Ontario Average
K0E 0A0 K0E 9Z9 Ontario Average
K0G 0A0 K0H 9Z9 Ontario Average
K0J 0B0 K0M 9Z9 Ontario Average

Does Canada have 5 digit zip codes?

A Canadian postal code is a six-character string that forms part of a postal address in Canada. Like British, Irish and Dutch postcodes, Canada’s postal codes are alphanumeric.

What are Canadian ZIP codes?

Canadian ZIP codes use an alphanumerical format with six characters in the format “A1A 1A1” with the first character denoting the province of the address. The second character is a district within that province. The third character is a letter representing the “postal zone” of the province.

Why is Toronto called the 6?

The term is derived from the first official area code for Toronto, which was 416. Drake once told Jimmy Fallon that he was debating on calling it the 4, but later decided on the 6ix. “We were debating on The Four, but I went tail-end on them and went 6.

Are all Canadian ZIP codes 6 digits?

The 6-digit postal codes system in Canada consists of letters and numbers. A space separates the first three and last three characters. It is one of the few countries that uses a 6-digit postal code system. Other countries are the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands.

How many zip codes are there in Toronto?

TORONTO, Ontario Canada Has 400 Postal Codes.

When did Toronto get area codes?

The first two area codes ever to be used in southern Ontario are 416 and 613, which were introduced in 1947. In 1993, the additional area code of 905 was introduced to serve the area surrounding Toronto. In 2001, the 289 area code was introduced and in 2013 the 365 area code was brought into circulation.

Is 365 a Toronto area code?

Where is area code 365? Area code 365 serves the area surrounding Toronto, Ontario, Canada including Hamilton. It is an overlay for area code 905 and serves the same area.

How do I find my ZIP code?

USPS.com. To find a zip code with USPS.com, you need to fill in the fields with your USA street address, city, and state. Then click Find and you’ll get your postal code.

What is Canada ZIP codes by city?

Or Find the place

Country State Zipcode
Canada Alberta T4X
Canada Alberta T9N
Canada Alberta T1R
Canada Alberta T3S

Where can I find a zip code?

Look Up a ZIP Code™

  • By Address. Enter a corporate or residential street address, city, and state to see a specific ZIP Code™. Find by Address.
  • By City and State. Enter city and state to see all the ZIP Codes™ for that city. Find by City & State.
  • Cities by ZIP Code™ Enter a ZIP Code™ to see the cities it covers.
  • What area in Toronto is considered ‘downtown’?

    Downtown Toronto is the main central business district of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.Located entirely within the district of Old Toronto, it is approximately 16.6 square kilometres in area, bounded by Bloor Street to the northeast and Dupont Street to the northwest, Lake Ontario to the south, the Don Valley to the east, and Bathurst Street to the west. It is also the home of the municipal

    What is the closest town to Toronto?

  • Victoria,British Columbia. Parliament Building in Victoria,BC.
  • Vancouver,British Columbia. Vancouver.
  • St. Catharines,Ontario.
  • Kelowna,British Columbia.
  • Halifax,Nova Scotia.
  • Courtenay,British Columbia.
  • Sunshine Coast,British Columbia.
  • White Rock,British Columbia.
  • What country is located in Toronto?

    Toronto is in Canada. It is the capital city of the province of Ontario. It is situated on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario and forms part of the border between Canada and the United States. What is the climate of Toronto? Toronto has a continental climate. The average temperature for January is in the low to mid-20s F (about –4.2 °C).

    What county is Toronto in?

    Toronto is the 2nd largest city in Jefferson County, Ohio, United States, along the Ohio River. The population was 5,676 at the 2000 census. It is part of the Weirton–Steubenville, WV-OH Metropolitan Statistical Area.

    Canada ZIP Codes

    1. The postal code of Canada is a five-digit number that may be found on the mailing label of any letter or package sent inside the country.
    2. To give you an example, if you get a letter from Canada with the following address: Mr.
    3. John Smith 123 Main Street Toronto ON M5J 4AB, your country’s ZIP code will be M5J 4AB.
    4. In this scenario, the first number would reflect the province and territory from where your item was shipped (M for Ontario), and the remaining digits would represent various delivery zones within that province or territory.

    What is a Canada ZIP Code?

    1. A ZIP code in Canada is a postal code that is used to effectively deliver mail.
    2. An individual zip code in Canada identifies the province or territory it is located in, how distant it is from the major population center, and what time zone it is located on the continent.
    3. Canada Post has split the nation into eight separate areas, which are political borders imposed by the government.
    4. Every time a new territory is established, a new sign is erected, which may be seen by everyone who travels to that zone.
    Canadian postal codes
    A B C E G H J K L M N P R S T V X Y

    The 5 character system and the 6 digit system are the two most common forms of Canada Postal Codes in use today. Each state uses one of these systems to assign postal codes to its residents. They are arranged in descending order by distance from the population center. The postal codes with the greatest distance between them will be handled first since they require more processing time.

    Central Toronto

    1. Downtown toronto M4V M4T M5R M5P M5N M4N M4P M4R M4S M4V M4T Downtown Toronto M4V M4T Downtown Toronto M5S M5B M5X M5V M4W M4X M4Y M5A M5C M5T M5E M5G M5H M5J M5K M5L M6G The Esplanade is located at 25 The Esplanade, downtown Toronto.
    2. M5W East Toronto is a major thoroughfare in the city.
    3. The East Toronto Business Reply Mail Processing Centre is located at 969 Eastern Avenue in Toronto’s M4E M4M M4L M4J neighborhoods.
    4. M7Y West Toronto is a street in the city of Toronto.
    • M6H M6J M6K M6P M6R M6S
    Province Postal Abbreviations Capital
    Alberta AB Edmonton
    British Columbia BC Victoria
    Manitoba MB Winnipeg
    New Brunswick NB Fredericton
    Newfoundland and Labrador NL St. John’s
    Nova Scotia NS Halifax
    Ontario ON Toronto
    Prince Edward Island PE Charlottetown
    Quebec QC Quebec City
    Saskatchewan SK Regina
    Northwest Territories NT Yellowknife
    Nunavut NU Iqaluit
    Yukon YT Whitehorse

    How to find your Canada ZIP Code?

    1. It is necessary to determine which province or region your postal code belongs to as a first step.
    2. Once you know that, go to the Canada Post website and check up the map of that region.
    3. You should be able to see the boundaries of each postal code if you zoom in on the map.
    4. There will be a postal code map of your region on the Canada Post website.
    • Now select your street address and search for it on the map, or drag the small marker on the left side all over to go closer and closer to your house.

    Canada Postal Codes

    E6J 1H5 E6J 0L3 H9A 2J7 R1A 2K9 J0L 1C0 G9N 8M5 M4P 1S1 T4P 0E3 T5T 6W1 K1K J0L 1C0 G9N 8M5 M4P 1S1 T4P 0E3 T5T 6W1 K1K J8P 2P8 J0K 2N0 V1E 2G8 L4 0A3 H7N 1S7 J8V 3K6 K9J 4Y9 G1N 2K8 V9K 2G6 J7R 4L7 J9H 4R4 G0X 3H2 L4H 0A3 H7N 1S7 J8V 3K6 K9J 4J6 V9W 3C5 K1T 3M9 G0R 2X0 V5P 3H2 L4H 4Y6 M1T 1C5

    Some most Poplar Canada ZIP Code List

    1. Obtaining the zip code for Toronto, Canada, as well as the zip codes for Vancouver and Edmonton, as well as the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia.
    2. Obtaining the zip code for Toronto, Canada as well as the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia.
    3. Obtaining the zip code for Ottawa, Canada as well as the provinces of Manitoba and Windsor.
    4. Obtaining the zip code for Windsor and Windsor.

    Why is it important?

    1. It is critical to be aware of your Canada ZIP code since it might assist you in receiving your mail more effectively.
    2. The Canada ZIP code system is intended to assist the postal service in routing mail to the correct destination.
    3. By supplying your correct zip code to your correspondents, you may help to guarantee that your mail is delivered to the correct location.
    4. All you need to know to determine your Canada ZIP code is the name of the city and the nation from where you are sending your letter.
    • Final Thoughts: Canada is a large nation with numerous outlying areas, which implies that Canada Post must be efficient in delivering mail to these regions.
    • One method by which they do this is by assigning a unique ZIP code to each site.
    • This post will explain how to locate your specific Canada ZIP code, as well as what you can do with it once you have it.
    • We specialize in developing bespoke blog articles like this one that are tailored precisely to the needs of your company or group, so please let us know if we can be of further assistance to you.
    • Other than that, feel free to take your time and explore the world of Canadian postal codes!

    Vancouver Postal Code List, British Columbia – Canada Postal Code

    Vancouver Postal Code


    As part of this blog article, we’ve included the postal code for Vancouver, which is a city located in the Canadian province of British Columbia.

    1. Vancouver is located on the western coast of the country of Canada. The city is located in the Lower Mainland portion of the province, and it is the most populous city in the province of British Columbia. Vancouver is the most populated city in the province
    2. it is the third-biggest city in Canada by population, after Toronto and Montreal
    3. and Vancouver’s Chinatown is the largest in the country. Vancouver is the capital of British Columbia. Kitsilano Pool, the world’s longest saltwater swimming pool, is located in Vancouver, which has been dubbed ″Hollywood of the North″ by the media. This is due to the fact that Vancouver is the third most popular location for Hollywood film productions after Los Angeles and New York
    4. the Botox cosmetic treatment, which is utilized in face care, was created in Vancouver
    5. and Vancouver is the most expensive city in Canada to live in. In addition to being recognized as the world’s 10th cleanest city, Vancouver is also one of the healthiest places to live, ranking with Montreal. The city is ranked third on the list of the world’s healthiest cities
    6. it has a population of 1.3 million people.


    The total number of postal codes in Vancouver is 84.

    1 Bentall Centre V7X Vancouver
    2 Canada Place V6C Vancouver
    3 Central Kitsilano V6K Vancouver
    4 Chaldecutt V6S Vancouver
    5 Chinatown V6A Vancouver
    6 Coal Harbour V6C Vancouver
    7 Davie Street / Davie Village V6E Vancouver
    8 Downtown Eastside V6A Vancouver
    9 East Fairview V5Z Vancouver
    10 East Kitsilano V6J Vancouver
    11 East Marpole V5X Vancouver
    12 East Mount Pleasant V5T Vancouver
    13 Gastown V6B Vancouver
    14 Granville Island V6H Vancouver
    15 Greektown V6K Vancouver
    16 Harbour Centre V6B Vancouver
    17 International Village V6B Vancouver
    18 Jericho V6R Vancouver
    19 Killarney V5S Vancouver
    20 Musqueam V6N Vancouver
    21 North Grandview–Woodlands V5L Vancouver
    22 North Hastings–Sunrise V5K Vancouver
    23 North Renfrew–Collingwood V5M Vancouver
    24 North Sunset V5W Vancouver
    25 North Vancouver City South-Central V7L Vancouver
    26 North Vancouver City Southwest V7P Vancouver
    27 North Vancouver City Southwest-Central V7M Vancouver
    28 North Vancouver District East-Central V7J Vancouver
    29 North Vancouver District Inner-East V7H Vancouver
    30 North Vancouver District North-Central V7K Vancouver
    31 North Vancouver District Northwest V7R Vancouver
    32 North Vancouver District Northwest-Central V7N Vancouver
    33 North Vancouver District Northwest-Central V7N Vancouver
    34 North Vancouver District Outer-East V7G Vancouver
    35 Northeast Downtown V6B Vancouver
    36 Northeast Dunbar–Southlands V6L Vancouver
    37 Northeast Kensington–Cedar Cottage V5N Vancouver
    38 Northeast Kerrisdale V6M Vancouver
    39 Northeast Oakridge V5W Vancouver
    40 Northeast Riley Park–Little Mountain V5V Vancouver
    41 Northeast Shaughnessy V6H Vancouver
    42 Northwest Arbutus Ridge V6L Vancouver
    43 Northwest Dunbar–Southlands V6S Vancouver
    44 Northwest Oakridge V6M Vancouver
    45 Northwest Shaughnessy V6J Vancouver
    46 Northwest West End V6G Vancouver
    47 Pacific Centre V7Y Vancouver
    48 Quilchena V6J Vancouver
    49 South Cambie V5Z Vancouver
    50 South Dunbar–Southlands V6N Vancouver
    51 South Grandview–Woodland V5N Vancouver
    52 South Hastings–Sunrise V5M Vancouver
    53 South Renfrew–Collingwood V5R Vancouver
    54 South Shaughnessy V6M Vancouver
    55 South Sunset V5X Vancouver
    56 South University Endowment Lands V6S Vancouver
    57 Southeast Arbutus Ridge V6M Vancouver
    58 Southeast Kensington–Cedar Cottage V5P Vancouver
    59 Southeast Kerrisdale V6P Vancouver
    60 Southeast Oakridge V5X Vancouver
    61 Southeast Riley Park–Little Mountain V5W Vancouver
    62 Southeast West End V6E Vancouver
    63 Southwest Downtown V6Z Vancouver
    64 Southwest Kensington–Cedar Cottage V5W Vancouver
    65 Southwest Oakridge V6P Vancouver
    66 Stanley Park V6G Vancouver
    67 Strathcona V6A Vancouver
    68 University of British Columbia V6T Vancouver
    69 Victoria–Fraserview V5P Vancouver
    70 Victory Square V6B Vancouver
    71 Waterfront V6C Vancouver
    72 West Fairview V6H Vancouver
    73 West Kensington–Cedar Cottage V5V Vancouver
    74 West Kerrisdale V6N Vancouver
    75 West Kitsilano V6R Vancouver
    76 West Marpole V6P Vancouver
    77 West Mount Pleasant V5Y Vancouver
    78 West Point Grey V6R Vancouver
    79 West Riley Park–Little Mountain V5Y Vancouver
    80 West Vancouver District North V7S Vancouver
    81 West Vancouver District South V7V Vancouver
    82 West Vancouver District Southeast V7T Vancouver
    83 West Vancouver District West V7W Vancouver
    84 Yaletown V6B Vancouver
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    2. Vancouver is located in the Canadian province of British Columbia.
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    All Postal Codes of Calgary – Alberta Postal Code, Canada

    Postal Code of Calgary


    This blog article contains a list of all of the postal codes in the province of Alberta, especially the postal code for the city of Calgary in Canada.

    1. Alberta is the fourth most populated province in Canada after Ontario and Quebec. Alberta is the most populated of the country’s three prairie provinces, and it has a land area almost 1.2 times greater than France in terms of land area. Despite this, the population of Alberta is just 4 million, which is significantly lower than the population of France, which is 67 million
    2. Calgary is the capital and biggest city in the Canadian province of Alberta. It is the third-largest city in Canada overall, behind Toronto and Montreal
    3. Edmonton, another popular city in Alberta, is the fourth-largest city in the country. Calgary, commonly known as Cow Town, is the provincial capital as well as the province’s largest city. It is due of the vast expanses of grasslands that exist inside the city, as well as the fact that Calgary has a varied population. In the city, over 120 different languages are spoken. Over 26% of the population of Calgary is non-Canadian by birthright
    4. Calgary is ranked as the world’s cleanest metropolis by the United Nations Environment Programme. It boasts the greatest GDP per capita of any other Canadian city, and Banff National Park is the country’s oldest national park, having been established in 1885. It is located in the rocky mountains to the west of Calgary, Alberta, and is a popular tourist destination.


    Calgary has a total of 116 postal codes, which is a large amount.

    1 Acadia T2J Alberta
    2 Altadore T2T Alberta
    3 Arbour Lake T3G Alberta
    4 Auburn Bay T3M Alberta
    5 Banff Trail T2M Alberta
    6 Bankview T2T Alberta
    7 Beddington T3K Alberta
    8 Bowness T3B Alberta
    9 Braeside T2W Alberta
    10 Brentwood T2L Alberta
    11 Bridgeland T2E Alberta
    12 Bridlewood T2Y Alberta
    13 Britannia T2S Alberta
    14 Burns Industrial T2H Alberta
    15 Burnsland T2G Alberta
    16 Calgary International Airport T2E Alberta
    17 Calgary Tower T2P Alberta
    18 Calgary Zoo T2E Alberta
    19 Capitol Hill T2M Alberta
    20 Cedarbrae T2W Alberta
    21 Chinatown T2G Alberta
    22 Christie Estates T3H Alberta
    23 Citadel T3G Alberta
    24 City Centre T2P Alberta
    25 Collingwood T2L Alberta
    26 Connaught T2R Alberta
    27 Copperfield T2Z Alberta
    28 Cougar Ridge T3H Alberta
    29 Coventry Hills T3K Alberta
    30 Cranston T3M Alberta
    31 Dalhousie T3A Alberta
    32 Discovery Ridge T3H Alberta
    33 Douglas Glen T2Z Alberta
    34 Dover T2B Alberta
    35 East Shepard T2Z Alberta
    36 East Victoria Park T2G Alberta
    37 Edgemont T3A Alberta
    38 Elbow Park T2S Alberta
    39 Erin Woods T2B Alberta
    40 Evergreen T2Y Alberta
    41 Falconridge T3J Alberta
    42 Foothills Industrial T2C Alberta
    43 Forest Lawn T2B Alberta
    44 Glamorgan T3E Alberta
    45 Glendale T3E Alberta
    46 Great Plains T2C Alberta
    47 Greenview T2E Alberta
    48 Greenwood T3B Alberta
    49 Hamptons T3A Alberta
    50 Harvest Hills T3K Alberta
    51 Hawkwood T3G Alberta
    52 Haysboro T2V Alberta
    53 Hidden Valley T3A Alberta
    54 Highfield T2H Alberta
    55 Inglewood T2G Alberta
    56 Kelvin Grove T2V Alberta
    57 Kensington T2N Alberta
    58 Killarney T3E Alberta
    59 Kingsland T2V Alberta
    60 Lake Bonavista T2J Alberta
    61 Lakeview T3E Alberta
    62 Lynnwood Ridge T2C Alberta
    63 MacEwan Glen T3K Alberta
    64 Mahogany T3M Alberta
    65 Marlborough T2A Alberta
    66 Martindale T3J Alberta
    67 McKenzie Lake T2Z Alberta
    68 Midnapore T2X Alberta
    69 Millrise T2Y Alberta
    70 Mission T2S Alberta
    71 Monterey Park T1Y Alberta
    72 Montgomery T3B Alberta
    73 Mount Pleasant T2M Alberta
    74 Northeast Calgary T3N Alberta
    75 Northwest Calgary T3R Alberta
    76 Nose Hill T2L Alberta
    77 Oak Ridge T2V Alberta
    78 Ogden T2C Alberta
    79 Panorama Hills T3K Alberta
    80 Parkdale T2N Alberta
    81 Parkhill T2S Alberta
    82 Patterson T3H Alberta
    83 Penbrooke Meadows T2A Alberta
    84 Queensland T2J Alberta
    85 Ranchlands T3G Alberta
    86 Richmond T2T Alberta
    87 Rocky Ridge T3G Alberta
    88 Rosscarrock T3C Alberta
    89 Royal Oak T3G Alberta
    90 Rundle T1Y Alberta
    91 Saddle Ridge T3J Alberta
    92 Saddledome T2G Alberta
    93 Sandstone T3K Alberta
    94 Scenic Acres T3L Alberta
    95 Shaganappi T3C Alberta
    96 Signal Hill T3H Alberta
    97 Silver Springs T3B Alberta
    98 Somerset T2Y Alberta
    99 Southeast Calgary T3S Alberta
    100 Sunalta T3C Alberta
    101 Sundance T2X Alberta
    102 Symons Valley T3P Alberta
    103 Taradale T3J Alberta
    104 Thorncliffe T2K Alberta
    105 Tuscany T3L Alberta
    106 Tuxedo Park T2K Alberta
    107 University of Calgary T2N Alberta
    108 West Springs T3H Alberta
    109 West Victoria Park T2R Alberta
    110 Westgate T3C Alberta
    111 Westmont T2N Alberta
    112 Whitehorn T1Y Alberta
    113 Wildwood T3C Alberta
    114 Willow Park T2J Alberta
    115 Windsor Park T2V Alberta
    116 Woodbine T2W Alberta
    1. CONCLUSION By means of the table above, we have attempted to provide you with a comprehensive list of all the postal codes in Calgary, which is located in the Canadian province of Alberta.
    2. In the hope that you may find the information we have provided to be of use, Some regularly visited locations, such as airports and zoos, are clearly highlighted with yellow to make them simpler to locate.
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    Using Canadian Postal Codes

    1. Commercial Estimator localizes expenses using Local Multipliers based on the Postal Codes in the vast majority of Canadian locations (see the Postal Code ranges listed below).
    2. Commercial Estimator, on the other hand, does not provide Local Multipliers for all of Canada’s postal codes.
    3. In places outside of the Postal Code ranges indicated below, you can use one of the usual Province and Territory Symbols to localize the prices using the Province or Territory average Local Multiplier.
    4. For example, in the following provinces and territories: AB Alberta BC British Columbia is a province in Canada.
    • MB Manitoba NB New Brunswick is a province in Canada.
    • NF Newfoundland NS Nova Scotia is a province in Canada.
    • NU Nunavut NT Territories du Nord-Ouest ON Ontario PE The province of Prince Edward Island QC Quebec City, SK Saskatchewan YT Yukon Following is a list of the postal code ranges for Commercial Estimator has Local Multipliers in Canada, organized by country.
    • You can input any Postal Code that falls inside a certain range.
    • For example, in the first range, you can enter A0A0A0, A0B6F2, or A0C9Z9.

    In the second range, you can enter A0B6F2 or A0C9Z9.If the building’s Postal Code does not fall within one of the ranges indicated below, you can substitute one of the Province/Territory Symbols from the list above.

    Lower Postal Code Upper Postal Code Area of Local Multiplier
    A0A 0A0 A0C 9Z9 Newfoundland Average
    A0E 0A0 A0E 9Z9 Newfoundland Average
    A0G 0A0 A0H 9Z9 Newfoundland Average
    A0J 0A0 A0N 9Z9 Newfoundland Average
    A0P 0A0 A0P 9Z9 Newfoundland Average
    A0R 0A0 A0R 9Z9 Newfoundland Average
    A1A 0A0 A1G 9Z9 St. Johns, NF
    A1V 0A0 A1V 9Z9 Gander, NF
    A2H 0A0 A2H 9Z9 Corner Brook, NF
    B0A 0A0 B0A 9Z9 Cape Breton, NS
    B0B 0A0 B0W 9Z9 New Brunswick Average
    B1N 0A0 B2A 9Z9 Sydney, NS
    B2H 0A0 B2H 9Z9 New Glasgow, NS
    B2N 0A0 B2N 9Z9 Truro, NS
    B2V 0A0 B3B 9Z9 Dartmouth, NS
    B3H 0A0 B3S 9Z9 Halifax, NS
    C0A 0A0 C0B 9Z9 Charlottetown, PE
    C1A 0A0 C1E 9Z9 Charlottetown, PE
    E1A 0A0 E1G 9Z9 Moncton, NB
    E1N 0A0 E1N 9Z9 North Shore Area, NB
    E2H 0A0 E2P 9Z9 St. John, NB
    E2Y 0A0 E2Y 9Z9 Fredericton, NB
    E3A 0A0 E3C 9Z9 Fredericton, NB
    E3V 0A0 E3V 9Z9 Edmundston, NB
    G0A 0A0 G0C 9Z9 Quebec Average
    G0E 0C0 G0E 9Z9 Quebec Average
    G0G 0A0 G0H 9Z9 Quebec Average
    G0J 0A0 G0N 9Z9 Quebec Average
    G0P 0A0 G0P 9Z9 Quebec Average
    G0R 0A0 G0T 9Z9 Quebec Average
    G0W 0B0 G0Z 9Z9 Quebec Average
    G1A 0A0 G2Z 9Z9 Quebec City
    G4R 0A0 G4S 9Z9 Sept Iles
    G5L 0A0 G5N 9Z9 Rimouski
    G7G 0A0 G7K 9Z9 Chicoutimi
    G7S 0A0 G8A 9Z9 Jonquiere
    G8Y 0A0 G9C 9Z9 Trois-Rivieres
    H1A 0A0 H4Z 9Z9 Montreal
    H7A 0A0 H7Z 9Z9 Laval
    H9P 0A0 H9S 9Z9 Montreal
    J0A 0A0 J0C 9Z9 Quebec Average
    J0E 0A0 J0E 9Z9 Quebec Average
    J0G 0A0 J0H 9Z9 Quebec Average
    J0J 0A0 J0N 9Z9 Quebec Average
    J0P 0B0 J0P 9Z9 Quebec Average
    J0R 0A0 J0T 9Z9 Quebec Average
    J0V 0A0 J0Z 9Z9 Quebec Average
    J1E 0A0 J1M 9Z9 Sherbrooke
    J2A 0A0 J2E 9Z9 Drummondville
    J8X 0A0 J9A 9Z9 Hull
    J9P 0A0 J9P 9Z9 Val d’Or
    J9X 0A0 J9X 9Z9 Rouyn
    K0A 0A0 K0C 9Z9 Ontario Average
    K0E 0A0 K0E 9Z9 Ontario Average
    K0G 0A0 K0H 9Z9 Ontario Average
    K0J 0B0 K0M 9Z9 Ontario Average
    K1A 0A0 K4A 9Z9 Ottawa
    K6V 0A0 K6V 9Z9 Brockville
    K7K 0A0 K7P 9Z9 Kingston
    K8N 0A0 K8R 9Z9 Belleville
    K8V 0A0 K8V 9Z9 Trenton
    K9H 0A0 K9L 9Z9 Peterborough
    K9V 0A0 K9V 9Z9 Lindsay
    L0A 0A0 L0C 9Z9 Ontario Average
    L0E 0A0 L0E 9Z9 Ontario Average
    L0G 0A0 L0H 9Z9 Ontario Average
    L0J 0A0 L0N 9Z9 Ontario Average
    L0P 0B0 L0S 9Z9 Ontario Average
    L1G 0A0 L1R 9Z9 Oshawa
    L2E 0A0 L2J 9Z9 Niagara Falls
    L2M 0A0 L2W 9Z9 St. Catharines
    L3V 0A0 L3V 9Z9 Orillia
    L4M 0A0 L4N 9Z9 Barrie
    L6S 0A0 L7A 9Z9 Brampton
    L8A 0A0 L9K 9Z9 Hamilton
    M1A 0A0 M9Z 9Z9 Toronto
    N0A 0C0 N0C 9Z9 Ontario Average
    N0E 0A0 N0E 9Z9 Ontario Average
    N0G 0A0 N0H 9Z9 Ontario Average
    N0J 0A0 N0M 9Z9 Ontario Average
    N0P 0A0 N0P 9Z9 Ontario Average
    N0R 0A0 N0R 9Z9 Ontario Average
    N1C 0A0 N1L 9Z9 Guelph
    N1P 0A0 N1T 9Z9 Cambridge
    N2A 0A0 N2H 9Z9 Kitchener
    N2J 0A0 N2L 9Z9 Waterloo
    N2M 0A0 N2R 9Z9 Kitchener
    N2T 0A0 N2V 9Z9 Waterloo
    N3C 0A0 N3H 9Z9 Cambridge
    N3P 0A0 N3V 9Z9 Brantford
    N4K 0A0 N4K 9Z9 Owen Sound
    N5V 0A0 N6Z 9Z9 London
    N7S 0A0 N7X 9Z9 Sarnia
    N8N 0A0 N9J 9Z9 Windsor
    P0A 0A0 P0C 9Z9 Ontario Average
    P0E 0E0 P0E 9Z9 Ontario Average
    P0G 0A0 P0H 9Z9 Ontario Average
    P0J 0A0 P0M 9Z9 Ontario Average
    P0P 0A0 P0P 9Z9 Ontario Average
    P0R 0A0 P0T 9Z9 Ontario Average
    P0V 0B0 P0Y 9Z9 Ontario Average
    P1A 0A0 P1C 9Z9 North Bay
    P3A 0A0 P3G 9Z9 Sudbury
    P4N 0A0 P4R 9Z9 Timmins
    P6A 0A0 P6C 9Z9 Sault Ste. Marie
    P7A 0A0 P7G 9Z9 Thunder Bay
    R0A 0B0 R0C 9Z9 Manitoba Average
    R0E 0A0 R0E 9Z9 Manitoba Average
    R0G 0A0 R0H 9Z9 Manitoba Average
    R0J 0A0 R0M 9Z9 Manitoba Average
    R2A 0A0 R3Z 9Z9 Winnipeg
    R7A 0A0 R7B 9Z9 Brandon
    R8N 0A0 R8N 9Z9 Thompson
    S0A 0A0 S0C 9Z9 Saskatchewan Average
    S0E 0A0 S0E 9Z9 Saskatchewan Average
    S0G 0A0 S0H 9Z9 Saskatchewan Average
    S0J 0A0 S0N 9Z9 Saskatchewan Average
    S0P 0A0 S0P 9Z9 Saskatchewan Average
    S4N 0A0 S4Z 9Z9 Regina
    S6H 0A0 S6K 9Z9 Moose Jaw
    S6V 0A0 S6V 9Z9 Prince Albert
    S7H 0A0 S7Z 9Z9 Saskatoon
    S9A 0A0 S9A 9Z9 North Battleford
    T0A 0A0 T0C 9Z9 Alberta Average
    T0E 0A0 T0E 9Z9 Alberta Average
    T0G 0A0 T0H 9Z9 Alberta Average
    T0J 0A0 T0M 9Z9 Alberta Average
    T0P 0B0 T0P 9Z9 Alberta Average
    T1A 0A0 T1C 9Z9 Medicine Hat
    T1H 0A0 T1K 9Z9 Lethbridge
    T1Y 0A0 T3Z 9Z9 Calgary
    T4N 0A0 T4R 9Z9 Red Deer
    T5A 0A0 T6Z 9Z9 Edmonton
    T8V 0A0 T8X 9Z9 Grande Prairie
    V0A 0A0 V0B 9Z9 Cranbrook
    V0C 0A0 V0C 9Z9 Prince George
    V0E 0A0 V0G 9Z9 Kamloops
    V0H 0A0 V0H 9Z9 Penticton
    V0K 0A0 V0K 9Z9 Kamloops
    V0L 0A0 V0L 9Z9 Prince George
    V0N 0A0 V0N 9Z9 Vancouver
    V0P 0A0 V0P 9Z9 Port Alberni
    V0R 0A0 V0R 9Z9 Prince George
    V1C 0A0 V1C 9Z9 Cranbrook
    V1L 0A0 V1L 9Z9 Nelson
    V1R 0A0 V1R 9Z9 Trail
    V1S 0A0 V1S 9Z9 Kamloops
    V1V 0A0 V1Z 9Z9 Kelowna
    V2A 0A0 V2A 9Z9 Penticton
    V2B 0A0 V2E 9Z9 Kamloops
    V2H 0A0 V2H 9Z9 Kamloops
    V2K 0A0 V2N 9Z9 Prince George
    V5A 0A0 V7Z 9Z9 Vancouver
    V8J 0A0 V8J 9Z9 Prince Rupert
    V8N 0A0 V9E 9Z9 Victoria
    V9R 0A0 V9V 9Z9 Nanaimo
    V9Y 0A0 V9Y 9Z9 Port Alberni
    X0A 0A0 X0C 9Z9 Nunavut Average
    X0D 0A0 X0G 9Z9 Northwest Territories Average
    X1A 0A0 X1A 9Z9 Yellowknife
    Y0A 0A0 Y0B 9Z9 Whitehorse
    Y1A 0A0 Y1A 9Z9 Whitehorse

    A Quick Explanation of ZIP Codes in Canada

    1. Canadian ZIP codes are alphanumerical in nature, consisting of six characters in the pattern ″A1A 1A1,″ with the first letter indicating the province of the address if the location is located in Canada.
    2. The second character is a district that is located inside the province in question.
    3. The third character is a letter that represents the ″postal zone″ of the province in which it is located.
    4. The following three letters are numbers, which indicate that the delivery area has been reduced.
    • Those numbers are used to classify and route mail, as well as to locate address information.
    • For example, a neighborhood in Montreal called ″St.
    • Hubert″ would have a ZIP code that looked something like STHUBT 1M1S.
    • In the event that you’re looking for a complete Canada ZIP code list to aid you in your search for Canadian mailing addresses, you’ve arrived at the proper area.

    What are Canada ZIP Codes Used For?

    1. Local postal codes (ZIP codes) are used to designate geographical regions and characteristics such as counties, neighborhoods and apartment complexes, as well as post office boxes.
    2. The requirements for using ZIP codes in Canada are different from those in the United States.
    3. In Canada, ZIP codes are normally comprised of four digits, although they can also contain letters and numbers.
    4. ZIP Codes in the United States are exclusively composed of letters.
    • Remember that when writing postal codes with only numbers, the initial number should always be between 1 and 5 in order to be legible.
    • To give an example, the Canadian border crossing in the city of Windsor, Ontario, has a Canadian ZIP code of L4X 0A8, whilst the American side of the border has a ZIP code of 48442.
    • In addition, Canada has a single postal code system, as opposed to the numerous code system employed by the United States.
    • A unified LivePaperHelp system serves to improve the efficiency of the mail service and makes it simpler for postal workers to sort and deliver mail in a more timely manner.
    • The size of a single postal card region can range from a few thousand people to several million people, depending on the card.

    Canada Post does not permit the creation of new postal codes for towns and cities unless at least 80% of all mail is delivered to the proper location.Consequently, all street names are identical, and everything is located in the right geographical position as a result of this constraint.Canada Post is in charge of the whole system, which also includes the sending and receiving of mail throughout the country.Letter-mail delivery, package delivery, and parcel delivery are the three types of postal codes used by Canada Post: letter-mail, package delivery, and parcel delivery.The letter-mail system allows mail to be processed without having to go through a whole street address list.

    1. The parcel-handling system is responsible for processing packages that are delivered across Canada, as well as items that are shipped from other countries.
    2. The parcel-handling system, which is operated by Canada Post, does not require a registered street address to function.

    Final Thoughts

    1. Postal codes, ZIP codes, or a comparable system with a different name are used by the majority of developed countries with postal systems.
    2. These ZIP codes assist identify where mail is going to keep the overall system working effectively.
    3. Despite the fact that many countries have their own methods, the Canadian approach is proven to be very popular.
    4. Other nations, such as Australia and Mexico, have begun to make use of the system as well.
    • If you intend to send mail internationally, please bear the changes in ZIP codes in mind while writing the address to ensure that it is delivered to the proper location.
    • Look through a comprehensive list of Canada ZIP codes to locate the one you want.


    1. Postal codes, ZIP codes, or a comparable system with a different name are used by the majority of developed countries with postal systems.
    2. These ZIP codes assist identify where mail is going to keep the overall system working effectively.
    3. Despite the fact that many countries have their own methods, the Canadian approach is proven to be very popular.
    4. Other nations, such as Australia and Mexico, have begun to make use of the system as well.
    • If you intend to send mail internationally, please bear the changes in ZIP codes in mind while writing the address to ensure that it is delivered to the proper location.
    • Look through a comprehensive list of Canada ZIP codes to locate the one you want.

    Why Is Toronto Called The 6ix Was Google’s Most Asked Question Of 2019 In Canada

    1. Have you ever pondered why Toronto is referred to as ″the 6ix″ or ″the 6ix?″ The majority of Canadians, though, are asking the same question.
    2. According to a press release, ″Why is Toronto referred to as the 6?″ was the most frequently asked query on Google in Canada in 2019.
    3. Google has announced its list of the most popular searches in Canada for the year 2019, and Toronto is at the top of the list.
    4. The Raptors were searched more than elections, but it appears that Toronto was also the most often asked question when it came to the most frequently asked question.
    • When it came to the most popular trending questions of 2019 that began with the word ″Why,″ ″Why is Toronto referred to as the 6?″ was the first topic to appear on the list.
    • Then there’s the question of ″Why was Don Cherry fired?″ and ″What is it about blackface that is offensive?″ While it appears that the majority of Canadians have no idea why Toronto is referred to as the 6ix, Torontonians appear to know the explanation very thoroughly.
    • While some Torontonians may never refer to their city as ″the 6ix″ in everyday conversation, it has become a moniker for our city that rapper Drake popularized when he released his 2016 album Views From The 6 in 2016.
    • Since the release of that record, we’ve been referred to as ″the 6ix″ by the general public.
    • In the years before him, Kardinal Offishall popularized the name ″T Dot,″ which was widely used in the early 2000s before the word ″the 6ix″ gained popularity.

    The word ″Tuh-ron-oh″ is one of the most commonly used to refer to Toronto, despite the fact that the 6ix has taken the internet by storm.Yes, the second ″t″ is omitted from the sentence.″The 6ix″ is a branded version of Toronto that Drake developed, and we have to give him credit for the fact that it has taken hold.Originally, the word was taken from the 416 area code, which was the first official area code for Toronto.Drake previously told Jimmy Fallon that he was considering whether to name it the 4 or the 6ix, but he eventually opted on the 6ix instead.

    1. ″We were contemplating whether or not to go with The Four, but I came in at the last end and went with the Six.″ As well, at one point, the city of Toronto was divided into six distinct sections (Old Toronto; Scarborough; East; North; Etobicoke; and York), thus ″it’s all coming together, dude,″ he said to Fallon in an interview.
    2. We can all agree that it has become the new tagline for Toronto, and that it has been there for a long time already.
    3. @Bryson M For the record, we refer to it as the 6ix and no one should tell you otherwise.
    • [1333434624] — John Poole (@John Poole) 1333434624 I recall the days when we referred to Toronto as t-dot.
    • Now it’s time for the 6ix.
    • I still don’t get it, and I’m not cool, so I’ll stay to my hometown of Toronto.
    1. — Alison Valentim (@Alison Valentim) 1423173856.0 — Alison Valentim (@Alison Valentim) Of course, Twitter users appear to be in agreement that the term ″6ix″ should be used.
    2. ″Just so you know, we call it the 6ix, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.″ Others, of course, have expressed their confusion, saying things like, ″I remember when I used to call Toronto, t-dot.″ Now it’s time for the 6ix.
    3. I’m still not understanding it, and I’m not cool, so I’ll stay in Toronto.
    4. Whatever the case, it appears that the 6ix is the most searched for on Google for a reason this year.
    5. Everywhere you look, there are tales to be found.
    6. If you come across a noteworthy occurrence in your city, please send us a message, photo, or video by tagging @NarcityCanada on Twitter or Instagram and we will publish it.

    6-Digit Postal Code Canada

    6-digit postal codes Canada Structure

    • The letters and digits that make up Canada’s six-digit postal code system are arranged in a grid. The first three characters and the last three characters are separated by a space. It is one of the few nations in the world that employs a postal code system with six digits. The United Kingdom, Ireland, and the Netherlands are the other countries. As a result, little communities of around 40 households have formed. The Forward Sortation Area (FSA) is represented by the first three characters, while the Local Delivery Unit (LDU) is represented by the final three characters (LDU). The following is the structure of the 6-digit postal codes used in Canada: Vxxxxxxx: The province is usually denoted by the first letter of the alphabet. The letter V, for example, is associated with the province of Vancouver in Canada. This, however, does not apply in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. The province of Ontario is split into five zones (K,L,M,N and P). The province of Quebec is split into three zones (GHJ)
    • It is indicated by the second digit whether we are working with a rural or an urban region. When this value is zero, the area is considered to be large and rural. All of the other figures are set in a metropolitan region
    • When the third letter is used in conjunction with the first two digits, the specific geographical district and whether it is a rural, a town, or a major city region are determined.
    • Final but not least, the last three characters designate a local delivery unit (LDU). An LDU is a single address or a range of addresses that is particular to a single location.

    Postal Code Map Canada

    1. The postal codes have six digits.
    2. The FSA LDU system is also known as the Canada LDU system.
    3. This map is available as an add-on to our Location Plan and is not required.
    4. The FSA map is included as a basic feature in our Location Plan.
    • Purchasing an additional license for the FSA LDU map is required in order to use this map.
    • The 6-digit postal code map of Canada is not available as a publicly accessible dataset.
    • Canada Post is still responsible for assigning postal codes to specific localities.
    • In several nations across the world (such as the Netherlands), the postal code system is controlled by the government.
    • For residents of these nations, postal codes are available for download as an open data collection.

    These countries do not, however, provide a map that is easily accessible.In many instances, it is linked to a specific roadway portion.Consequently, we generated the postal code boundaries map of Canada (as well as many other nations across the world) using the street segment database, which we developed ourself.The end result is a postal code map that you may use right away.

    Ontario is getting a new area code this fall

    1. TORONTO – The city of Toronto is a cosmopolitan metropolis.
    2. The introduction of a new area code in southern Ontario this autumn will help to address the rising demand for new telephone numbers.
    3. According to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, beginning on October 16, the area code 742 will be gradually extended to regions in the province that are now covered by the area codes 289, 365, and 905.
    4. Only when there is an insufficient supply of the current area codes will the 742 area code be used, as previously stated.
    • As Kelly Walsh, Program Manager of the Canadian Numbering Administrator, put it in a statement on Wednesday, ″the introduction of a new area code provides millions of additional telephone numbers while having no impact on the current numbers.″ Neither the physical limits of local calling regions nor the method by which long distance calls are called will be altered as a result of the establishment of the 742 area code.
    • The first two area codes to be used in southern Ontario were 416 and 613, which were adopted in 1947 and were the first two to be used in the whole province.
    • The addition of the 905 area code was implemented in 1993 to service the greater Toronto area and its environs.
    • The 289 area code was first implemented in 2001, while the 365 area code was first put into use in 2013.

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