How Does A Package Get Lost?

Loss by misdelivery or destruction Assuming the package label survives intact, shippers then must rely on delivery personnel to take the package to the right place. Mix-ups occur, leading items to end up at the wrong destination either by oversight or compromised packing labels.
The five most common reasons for package misplacement: Package not scanned at the origin by the carrier. The package enters the supply chain without confirmation or scan and travels in the shadows until someone figures it out and corrects the problem. Human error by the carrier during sorting, or package not loaded.
If the package is not located, a Damage/Loss claim letter will be sent to you, the shipper, via email, fax, or post. If the package is found, UPS will not approve the claim and will route the package on to the recipient. UPS will notify you when the package is delivered. You will need to send UPS documents that determine the package’s value.

How do I Find my lost package?

How to find lost mail and packages? Step 1: Check your mail or package status: If your mail has a tracking option (the sender can give you the tracking number if you’re the recipient), go to USPS Tracking and check on the current status of your mail. It’s possible that it is only delayed, stuck in transit, and not necessarily lost.

What happens if a package is lost or stolen?

If a claim is made, the package has to be located. The sender or receiver (whoever makes the claim) will provide the size and weight of the package. From there, employees have to sort through the lost packages pile and find the package based on size and weight.

How often do packages get lost?

The truth of the matter is that packages very rarely get lost. All three of the major American carriers – FedEx, UPS, and USPS – have been doing package delivery for decades. They have so many failsafes built into their mailstreams that packages virtually never fall out of them with no accountability or trail.

Is it possible to retrieve lost mail or package?

However, there is no guarantee that you will retrieve your lost mail or package in the end. Why would mail get lost? There are many reasons as to why you wouldn’t get mail or packages such as the shipping label falling off, the address or recipient name getting smeared in case of bad weather, or the most common reason of all, an incorrect address.

How does a package become lost?

The most common reason packages get lost by the USPS is because the address label falls off or the shipping label becomes smeared or illegible.

Do lost packages ever get found?

For the U.S. Postal Service, that would be the Mail Recovery Center (MRC) in Atlanta, its official lost and found department. Known at one time as the Dead Letter Office, the Mail Recovery Center works to reunite undeliverable packages and letters with either sender or recipient.

How are packages lost in transit?

It usually means that USPS is overloaded and didn’t scan the package again before sending it on to the next destination. Then the package delivers with no additional updates until it arrives in your city. What may seem to have been lost suddenly shows up, but is often delayed.

How often does a package get lost?

More than 1 in 10 packages ‘disappear without explanation’ in major US cities, and it’s a huge headache for retailers. The letter F. An envelope.

Who is responsible if USPS loses a package?

So where do you turn? As a general rule of thumb, if you don’t see any evidence to suggest otherwise, the seller or shipper is responsible. If a package is marked as delivered and you have not seen it, then the seller is responsible. The exception is that if a package is actually lost prior to being marked delivered.

Did USPS lose my package?

If it has been lost, late or missing for 7 days or more, you can: Go to for additional information: Find Missing Mail on Submit a Missing Mail search request at File a claim (for insured items meeting the appropriate timeframe).

How does UPS investigate a lost package?

We may inspect the package at the shipper’s or receiver’s site, or collect the package for inspection at a UPS facility. Once our investigation is complete, we will email, fax, or mail a notification letter to the shipper. We will not send inspection information to the receiver of the package.

Do overnight packages get lost?

Packages get lost, not often, but it does happen, especially small boxes and letters. Sometimes letters get stuck together and the bottom one vanishes from the system until it is found later.

How do I know if my package is lost?

Find Missing Mail

  1. Check the Current Status. Before you begin your search, if your package or mail has tracking, check USPS Tracking® to see its current status.
  2. Complete a Help Request Form.
  3. Submit a Missing Mail Search Request.

How often does the USPS lose mail?

It’s estimated that the United States Postal Service loses about three percent of the total mailpieces it handles for various reasons, but most commonly involving shipping labels as of 2022. Customers are encouraged to wait at least seven days from the date of shipping to file a missing mail search request.

Why are so many packages getting lost?

According to UPS, a box being too big or too small, lacking enough cushioning, poorly placed labels, and unclear delivery instructions can lead to lost packages. Reusing an old box and not removing old labels can also create problems.

How long before a package is considered lost USPS?

Timeline for Filing Claims

Customers may file claims for damaged and/or missing contents immediately, but no later than 60 days from the date of mailing.
Registered Mail Collect on Delivery 15 days
Priority Mail and Other Insured Mail 15 days
Collect on Delivery 15 days
APO/FPO Priority Mail Express Military 21 days

Where do lost UPS packages go?

Once the package is picked up, it travels by truck to a regional sorting facility. There, UPS workers will scan each package and sort them into groups depending on their destination. If the destination is less than 200 miles away, the package will travel by truck.

Does UPS lose a lot of packages?

As we highlighted above, it is incredibly rare for UPS to actually lose your package (not just have your package delayed somewhere throughout their infrastructure, but actually lost or stolen) – but they do have a specific process you can follow to get resolve things ASAP.

How many parcels go missing a year?

More than 5 million people had a parcel go missing in the past year. One in 10 people have had a parcel lost or stolen in the past year, according to research by Citizens Advice. A further two in five received a ‘sorry you were out’ card despite being home at the time of the attempted delivery.

How to contact USPS about a lost package?

  • You can report a missing USPS package by filing a claim at the USPS claims site.
  • The sender or receiver of a USPS package can file a claim,but the original purchase receipt must be available.
  • You can receive a refund for mail that is lost or never delivered to its final destination as long as the package is insured.
  • How to recover a package lost in the mail?

  • In Person.
  • Email.
  • Package Says Delivered but Not Here USPS.
  • The First Step: Check the Status of Your Mail.
  • The Second Step: Chat With Your Neighbors.
  • The Third Step: Gather Your Mail Information.
  • The Fourth Step: Place a Mail Search Request.
  • How often does ups lose packages?

    – FEDEX or DHL, express, 5 working days (max), door to door. – FEDEX has also Saturday pick up, DHL only Monday thru Friday. – US postage, sometimes it has taken 3 weeks to reach the destination. – Watch out customs specially in India, it gets held up there or lost. – We recently got a package from Boston to out home in California.

    When Is a Package “Lost,” and How Can the Shipper Find It?

    FedEx and UPS handle millions of goods every day, and packages can occasionally go missing as a result of the volume of work they do.How long does it take for a loss to be declared, and what can shippers do to prevent this from happening?In today’s world, how can a parcel become misplaced in the first place?You might be forgiven for believing that, in this day and age of 21st century technology, scanning, recording, GPS, and tracking pages, a delivery would have to physically evaporate into thin air in order to be considered lost.

    1. Technology is still susceptible to packaging fragility and human fallibility (at least for the time being), which leads to a variety of diverse definitions of what constitutes ″lost.″ Here’s what we’re talking about.
    2. Misdelivery or destruction of goods results in a loss.
    3. If the package label is still intact, shippers must rely on delivery staff to deliver the goods to its intended destination.
    • Mistakes can occur, resulting in things being delivered to the incorrect location due to a lack of attention or incorrect packing labels.
    • It goes without saying that a carrier representative should always double-check an address before making a best-guess, but that doesn’t always happen.
    • Packages that have been delivered to the incorrect address rely on the receiver going to the inconvenience of alerting the carrier to come pick them up.
    • The second definition of ″lost″ is what happens if they don’t (or if they decide to retain the package for themselves).
    • Then there’s the loss caused by devastation.
    • Fortunately, it is unusual for a shipment to be damaged to the point where it is considered destroyed.

    The most bizarre of all is ″none of the above,″ which occurs when there is no indication that a shipment was ever delivered.These are the instances in which objects appear to have gone completely.since there is no official means of obtaining a recovery How long do you think it will take until shipments are officially lost?According to UPS, consumers can make a claim for a misplaced item if the box has not been delivered within 24 hours of the scheduled delivery date and time.In this case, customers should contact the shipper, and the shipper will work with UPS to fix the situation.If a shipment is damaged during transit, either the consumer or, preferable, the shipper can file a claim.

    FedEx, to its credit, provides a plethora of choices for filing a claim and keeping track of its progress, as well as some advice on how to reduce the likelihood of a loss.Shippers may also find their FedEx Delivery Manager to be of assistance in their operations.Although they do not specify a time limit for reporting lost packages, they do not discourage doing so.(The time restriction for damage is 60 days, but not for loss.) If you have a suspicion or know that one is missing, we do not advocate waiting.Shipping companies are encouraged to be as aggressive as possible when it comes to tracking their goods and holding FedEx or UPS accountable.71lbs provides a variety of techniques to help you combat package loss.

    In order to ensure that our clients receive the returns they are entitled to in the event that a product does not arrive at its destination, we automatically monitor lost/damaged package data on their behalf.We take care of the monitoring and chasing of carriers, allowing your company to concentrate on serving your clients and saving time and money.We also offer two additional services that might help you avoid the frustration of a misplaced package: Premium Tracking and Shipping Insurance.Premium Tracking enables shippers and their customers to keep an eye on the movement of their packages at all times.Our shipping insurance is unconditional, requires no proof of carrier fault, and covers both the cost of replacement and the cost of shipment.

    When compared to purchasing insurance directly from the provider, you might save anywhere from 20 percent to 45 percent.For further information on how to make the most of shipping, please contact us using the links provided below.We don’t want you to be left out in the cold.When you shop with 71lbs, we simplify the shipping procedure for you, making it quicker and faster for you to get your refund and lower your shipping costs.

    1. Our automated technology compiles all of your shipping statistics into a single, easy-to-use bespoke analytics dashboard that you can access from anywhere.
    2. To get in touch with us, please visit the contact page.
    3. UPS, FedEx, Shipping Facts, and Package Loss are some of the topics covered.

    How to Find USPS Lost Packages or Missing Mail

    There’s no doubt that not receiving mail or parcels is an unpleasant experience.Regardless of whether you are the recipient or the sender, your time and, in some situations, your money are squandered.The United States Postal Service (USPS) handles millions of mail items every day, so it would be understandable if a letter or package went missing.However, when it comes to important letters or pricey packages, the situation is made considerably worse.

    1. Also see: Everything You Need to Know About Receiving a Forwarded Package.
    2. And now that you’re still waiting for your USPS misplaced item or mail, what do you do?
    3. The good news is that there are a couple of measures you may do to attempt to recover your messages.
    • Although it is possible to recover your misplaced mail or parcel, there is no assurance that you will do so.

    Why would mail get lost?  

    You may not get mail or shipments for a variety of reasons, including the shipping label breaking off, the address or recipient name becoming smudged in bad weather, or the most common reason of all, the erroneous address being provided by the sender.When it comes to postal delivery, even one incorrect number in the zip code might make all the difference.Alternatively, if you relocate but do not file for a change of address, your mail will be sent to your previous address.When sending out mail, you must take care to ensure that the address is correct, that it is written correctly, and that it is in permanent marker.

    1. Now that we have a better understanding of what could have happened, we can focus on figuring out how to solve it.
    2. More information may be found at: What Should You Do If Your USPS Package Is Forwarded to a Different Address?

    How to find lost mail and packages?

    Step 1: Check your mail or package status:  

    If your mail has a tracking option (and if you’re the receiver, the sender can provide you with the tracking number), go to USPS Tracking to see where your mail is currently at in terms of delivery.It is conceivable that it has merely been delayed or is stalled in transit and has not been completely lost.Most online orders are accompanied with tracking numbers, so if you’re waiting for a box to be delivered by the United States Postal Service, you may use this tool to keep track of its progress.If you use other mail carriers, such as UPS or FedEx, you may also trace your packages using their systems.

    1. So, first and foremost, check your email for the most recent update.
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    Step 2: Ask your neighbors:

    You might have received something despite the fact that the status stated ″delivered.″ In this scenario, you should begin by asking your neighbors whether they have gotten any mail or shipments addressed to you; it is likely that there was a mix-up with your apartment or building number in this case.Additionally, you should inquire with your mailman about the situation; this may even be the first and most obvious thing to do.When you’re not home, but you’re anticipating a valuable shipment, your mailman may instead leave a missed delivery notice instead of delivering the box.Mail theft is another possible explanation for a delivered status.

    1. It is a typical difficulty with mail delivery in the United States, and the situation is exacerbated during the Christmas season.
    2. In this instance, it is important to contact your local Post Office as well as the police promptly if you suspect that this is the case.

    Step 3: Collect Mail info:

    • Now that you’ve determined that your mail has gone missing, you need to gather as much information as you can about your mail before calling the United States Postal Service. In order for the United States Postal Service to begin a mail search, they must know all you know about your shipment. You must ensure that the following items are met: the right address was used
    • the sender’s and recipient’s addresses
    • the monetary worth of the item
    • and the date it was sent.
    • If there is a tracking number available, please provide it.
    • If you made an online purchase, you’ll need your receipt.
    • The package description, which includes information such as the box size, contents, brand, images of the item, and everything else you can find out about the item

    Step Four: Submit a Mail Search Request:

    How to submit a USPS missing mail search request

    1. Check the status of your mail before submitting a search request: Before submitting a search request, check the status of your mail. It is suggested that you wait a few days after your anticipated delivery date in case there is a delay in getting it.
    2. Sending in a Help Request Form: It’s possible that your parcel has been misplaced at the local post office. Help requests can be submitted at the Post Office or online, and they will be transmitted to the Post Office.
    3. Using the form below, you can make a search request for misplaced mail after seven days from the scheduled delivery date and within one year of the original sending date. The United States Postal Service will give you a confirmation email and convey your request to the Post Office, who will begin their search.

    How do I check the status of my Missing Mail search request?

    You will receive periodic updates about the search and a final resolution with what they have, but you can also log into your account, open the missing mail search history page, and then the missing mail application to check on the status of your application.USPS will contact you if they have any further information.There are several different statuses that you may choose from, and the following is what they mean: Accepted: The United States Postal Service accepted the customer’s search request.

    A failed application may have been denied for a variety of reasons, including duplicate submissions or other issues. For more information, contact the United States Postal Service.

    Mailpiece Recovered: This indicates that the missing item has been recovered and is presently in the possession of the Postal Service’s inventory, ready to be delivered to you.

    If the search retention time has elapsed, it implies that the Postal Service has stopped looking for the parcel and no longer has a search warrant for it.

    As a result, the search request form has been stored as a draft because the consumer has not finished filling it out.

    The client has canceled the mail search request since it is no longer required.

    How does the USPS Missing Mail Search work?

    The United States Postal Service (USPS) begins their search at the Mail Recovery Center, which is based in Atlanta, Georgia and is also known as the mail’s lost and found.This is where all of the mail that has been returned to sender due to a ″incorrect address″ or ″return to sender″ ends up.However, the majority of the time, if mail or shipments are left unclaimed and have a monetary worth of less than $25, they are shredded immediately without being opened.The United States Postal Service (USPS) holds the mail in accordance with its delivery service and value.

    1. Priority mail, certified mail, and regular mail, for example, are all retained for up to three months.
    2. While insured goods or express mail can be useful for up to 6 months, and in some cases even longer, it is not recommended.
    3. At the conclusion of this time, the most valuable packages are auctioned off for a profit.
    • You may be eligible to submit a claim if your shipment is insured, valuable, sent by priority mail, or registered mail.
    • Claims can be submitted for both domestic and international shipping; however, they should not be delayed for more than 60 days from the date of sending in order to be considered valid.
    • If the package is not located in this situation, you will be compensated for the cost of the item.
    • It is also advised that the sender and receiver perform a mail search in the event that you have misplaced a package or piece of mail from the USPS.
    • As a result, your message would be given more priority in terms of being located.

    An Alternative Solution?

    In order to reduce the likelihood of losing mail and parcels in future, you might consider signing up for a virtual mailbox to keep your mail and shipments safe.Know When it comes to postal boxes, what is the difference between the physical and virtual versions?A virtual mailbox is a mailbox that is accessible online and is convenient.Your mail will be delivered to state-of-the-art mail facilities, reducing the likelihood of mail theft and mail going missing in the process.

    1. The envelopes of your mail will be scanned and uploaded to your mailbox by experienced postal operators.
    2. PostScan Mail provides virtual mailboxes with a wide range of different national addresses.
    3. You have the option of having a virtual PO Box or a virtual mailbox with a real street address for your correspondence.
    • Logging into your online mailbox may be done using your phone; all you have to do is choose the mail piece and select an action such as open & scan, forward, archive, or shred from the drop-down menu.
    • You may have your mail forwarded to yourself wherever you are, no matter how many times you change your address.
    • Purchase a virtual mailbox today and you’ll never have to worry about your mail getting lost, trapped, or misplaced again.

    What Really Happens When a Package Is Lost?

    Every day, millions of shipments are delivered around the city and throughout the world.In practically every instance, packages are delivered without incident to their destination.The United States Postal Service, FedEx, UPS, and other major parcel delivery providers take pleasure in the precision and timeliness of their deliveries.However, shipments do go missing from time to time.

    1. From the consumer’s perspective, it appears as though these products have disappeared into some sort of abyssal void.
    2. But what happens in reality when a shipment gets misplaced?
    3. How It Is Supposed to Function Allow us to first consider (no pun intended) what occurs when a delivery arrives at its destination without encountering any difficulties.
    • This will help us comprehend why a parcel can go missing.
    • For the sake of this section, we shall take the company UPS as an example.
    • FedEx, on the other hand, uses a method that is comparable.
    • How the United Parcel Service Works When you pass a package over to UPS, it will be labeled with a barcode on the outside of it.
    • A computer will be used to enter information about the size and weight of your item as well as information about its intended destination and a few other data if you are making a pickup appointment.
    • Afterwards, you may print a label with some information put on it so that humans can understand it (such as the destination address).

    In addition to the destination and other information supplied, a barcode on the label that is readable by computers has been encoded to save all of the information provided.If you want to drop off your box at a UPS store, the process is virtually the same, however a UPS shop staff may assist you with the packing and data input.Once the box is picked up, it is transported by truck to a regional sorting facility for further processing.There, UPS employees will scan each box and classify them into groups based on where they are headed.If the final destination is less than 200 miles away, the cargo will be delivered by truck to the customer.If the destination is more than 200 miles distant, the trip will be made by plane.

    When packages are transported to UPS Worldport in Louisville, Kentucky, they are sorted into categories and sent on their way.This is a massive package sorting megaplex that is home to the UPS Worldport.It is comparable to the hub that FedEx has established in Memphis.) The Worldport complex is enormous.Its interior space is large enough to accommodate more than eight football fields.It has a circumference of more than 5 miles.Upon arrival at the airport, cargo is unloaded and classified into three categories: ″smalls″ (mainly envelopes), ″standard 6 sided boxes,″ and ″irregs″ (everything else).

    Packets in each of these categories are placed on a separate conveyor belt with the label side facing up, so that it may be read by computer scanners.The packages are then transported to Worldport, which is a maze of conveyor belts.Each package travels through Worldport for approximately 15 minutes at a time.At several points along the road, computers scan the barcode and direct the package’s path so that it finally ends up in a huge canvas bag or container with other goods headed to the same location.From there, the products going for the same region are put into massive shipping containers that are domed to fit within the hull of an airplane.

    The packages are transported by plane to a regional airport hub.The parcels are scanned a second time, and items headed to a comparable location are transported by truck to a regional sorting center for processing.A tiny portable computer is used by UPS staff to scan each item, which is then placed on a designated vehicle.In fact, the scanner directs them where to store the box in the truck, making it easier for the driver to locate the parcel after it has arrived at its destination.

    1. Trucks are given computer-generated routes that are designed to strike a compromise between delivery time and fuel economy.
    2. UPS routes are well-known for eliminating as many left turns as possible, even if this results in the route being longer.
    3. In addition to reducing the likelihood of a collision, it also minimizes the time and gas lost while waiting for a gap in incoming traffic to appear.
    • Upon delivery, the UPS driver removes a box from the vehicle and places it in the recipient’s hands, scanning it one more time and collecting a signature if necessary.
    • The Mystical Power of the Label The shipping label is responsible for making the entire sorting and delivery procedure feasible.
    • To be more specific, the barcode that encodes the information so that it can be swiftly read and understood by a computer is the key to proper transmission of the information.
    • It is because of this that UPS and other carriers are able to provide parcel tracking.
    • Each shipment contains a tracking number that is integrated into the barcode on the outside of the package.
    • When a package is scanned at each location, the time and location of the scan are uploaded to the cloud.
    • The scanning information linked with a shipment is requested when you submit a tracking number.
    • This information might tell you where and when the package has been tracked down the last time.
    • The barcode is scanned by computers and scanners during the item’s journey, providing instructions to the humans and machines who come into contact with it along the route on where to deliver the product.

    This is an unusual situation in which a woman affixed a FedEx label on her item, but then dropped it off at a UPS shop instead.Because the method that information is encoded into a barcode might be distinctive to a courier, it’s possible that UPS had difficulty scanning and forwarding the box as a result of this.UPS and FedEx were unable to locate the shipment, which was reported as lost.She was able to have her item delivered thanks to the assistance of TrustDALE, approximately 50 days after it was originally dropped off at the UPS shop.Take a look at her story here: The Breakdown of the Labels The label plays a critical part in the direction of a package, but it is also the point at which a breakdown might occur.

    • Because the barcode on the box directs the item’s journey, if the barcode is hidden, the entire operation can come to a grinding halt.
    • It is possible that the barcode will become illegible for a variety of reasons.
    • The damage to the shipping label may prevent computers from scanning the barcode, making it difficult to deliver the package.
    • The worst-case scenario is that the label comes totally off of the box, leaving it with no information at all on it.

    At Worldport, it’s also conceivable, albeit doubtful, that a box was delivered with the barcode facing the other way around; again, this is an uncommon occurrence and may be readily corrected.What Happens if You Can’t Read the Label on the Package What occurs when a barcode is rendered illegible is determined on how extensively the shipping label has been damaged in the process.Upon becoming unreadable, any shipment will be held up at whichever facility it is currently located in until it can be scanned and processed.After then, it will be stored in a storage area for unreadable packets until it can be read again.If there is a distinct, legible return address, it is the best case scenario.In this instance, the parcel can either be returned to the sender or the sender can be contacted in order to obtain further information about the shipment.

    • If the package does not have a legible label, it is placed in the pile of misplaced packages.
    • If a claim is filed, it is necessary to find the package.
    • The package’s dimensions and weight will be provided by the sender or receiver (depending on who files the claim).
    • Once this is completed, personnel must search through the lost parcels pile in order to locate the box based on its size and weight.

    When going through thousands of shipments, this may be a time-consuming operation.A minimum of seven days is normally required for the procedure to be completed successfully.If the package has not been discovered after 10 days, it has been declared officially lost.What Happens to Parcels That Aren’t Returned to the Sender?

    The parcels that have no discernible address and that have not been claimed do not merely remain in a pile for an indefinite period of time.They are gathered and removed from storage once a predetermined amount of time has passed.This can manifest itself in a variety of ways.Occasionally, the goods included within the parcels are auctioned off.It is also possible that products will be distributed among employees in other instances.

    When extremely valuable things are put up for auction, there has been significant debate over whether or not to use this strategy.What to Do If You Believe Your Package Has Been Misplaced The initial step is to make a claim with the appropriate insurance company as soon as feasible.This offers the courier the most amount of time possible to locate your misplaced item, plus it makes it easier to locate because the object hasn’t traveled very far.Another alternative is to insure your item before it leaves the warehouse.

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    If you are sending a high-value item, this is an excellent approach to protect yourself against the possibility of a theft or other loss.Of course, millions of items are transported every day all over the world, and the vast majority of them arrive at their destinations safely and on schedule.Lost shipments are a source of annoyance, although they are an extremely unusual occurrence in comparison to the average.

    How Do Packages Get Lost?

    The 18th of August, 2017 Lost packages don’t happen very frequently, but when they do, they may cause a great deal of damage to your company’s reputation.Of course, you are not at fault in this situation, but the consumer rarely considers this while sending furious letters to your customer service team about their unfulfilled purchase.The fact of the situation is that shipments are extremely infrequently misplaced.Package delivery has been a part of the business of all three of the major American carriers – FedEx, UPS, and the United States Postal Service – for decades.

    1. They have so many failsafes built into their mailstreams that shipments almost never fall out of them without leaving a trace or leaving a trail of responsibility.
    2. Occasionally, they may shatter or become damaged, although it is extremely rare for them to become completely lost.
    3. Misplaced parcels with incorrect address information, on the other hand, are something that happens all the time.
    • The phenomenon occurs frequently enough that it has earned the designations of ″dead mail″ and ″orphaned parcels.″ In the event that a shipment is shipped with an incorrect delivery address and no forwarding or return address, the parcel has no where to go.
    • Two factors should be taken into consideration if you want to minimize the risk of shipment loss: address verification and shipping insurance.
    • While many eCommerce organizations rely on Google Maps to validate addresses at the checkout stage, merely validating addresses using Google Maps isn’t enough to ensure that the addresses are correct.
    • Google Maps does not validate addresses; instead, it just provides approximates.
    • A consumer might provide an incorrect address number, and Google Maps will only infer that the address exists within a specific geographic area.
    • Address verification using USPS postal data is the only way to assure that deliverable address data is used before printing labels and shipping goods.

    Shipping insurance is another option for protecting against packages that are misplaced, damaged, or destroyed.In particular, high-value products such as technology, limited edition apparel, and antiquities are susceptible to this phenomenon.By insuring the package, one may afford to offer a more generous return policy, which will help to placate dissatisfied clients.You are protected against non-delivery concerns, the client has the option to get their money back, and the only loss you incur is the cost of the premium that you paid.Outside circumstances have the potential to disrupt package delivery no matter how trustworthy a carrier is in the first place.You don’t want to take the chance of an enraged consumer making a stink about their negative experiences with your company.

    Increase your contingency plans to guarantee that packages reach their destinations on time, and if they don’t, you’ll be protected in the event that this doesn’t happen.

    Quick Question: How do packages get lost in the mail?

    Every Friday, we provide a response to a frequently asked issue concerning fulfillment, shipping, or business operations.Submitted by one of the board players who participated in our giveaway contest for a copy of the board game Wingspan, we bring you this week’s question.On this day, we shall respond to the following question: ″Can you tell me how packages get misplaced in the mail?″ At Fulfillrite, we’re continually investigating the latest developments in the shipping and fulfillment industries to provide you the most up to date information.So, as you can expect, we’ve come across a great quantity of information on the subject of missing package discussions on the internet.

    1. Many people believe that having a parcel lost in the mail is a rare occurrence, however this is not always the case.
    2. Despite this, many individuals turn to the internet for answers to their questions.
    3. As you read this, you might very well be receiving packages in the mail in preparation for Christmas, which is just five days away.
    • Consider the following: your shipment has been ″lost in the mail.″ Let’s speak about what happens when your item is ″lost in the mail.″

    1. The package was stolen.

    This is something that does not seem to be in keeping with the Christmas spirit, but here we are.Your package has most likely been stolen if the post office or UPS/DHL/FedEx tells you that it has been delivered but it isn’t there when you arrive at your home or business.In 2017, it is estimated that 26 million shipments were stolen.This is by far the most prevalent reason for items to be ″lost in the mail,″ according to the Postal Service.

    1. Because of this, we created a separate piece on the matter, and we came to the conclusion that there are steps you can do to reduce the likelihood of package theft occurring.

    2. The package was delivered to the wrong address.

    However, not every failure of the postal system can be attributed to criminal activity.Every now and again, a delivery will be sent to the incorrect location.Occasionally, an address is incorrect and there is no return address provided.These types of shipments are referred to as ″dead mail″ or ″orphaned packages.″ If you’re the shipper in this case, the most effective method to avoid situations like these is to use address verification.

    1. This almost assures that all postal addresses are correct and up to date.

    3. The package was destroyed in the mail.

    The great majority of misplaced mail may be attributed to theft or incorrect address information.However, with so much mail being sent around the world, it is inevitable that there will be freak accidents.Here’s a remark from Steve Kochersperger, a historical researcher with the United States Postal Service, that we found on Quora.We believe he has said it best.

    1. The mail can be mistakenly damaged or destroyed in a very small number of occasions, either during transportation or during processing, although this is extremely rare.
    2. In my 25 years as a postmaster, I can recall just two instances in which I had to tell a client that an item they had purchased had been lost or stolen.
    3. A fiery truck catastrophe destroyed much of the mail, while another was an aircraft crash that killed everyone on board.
    • Even in those instances, mail with a readable address was sent, along with a letter explaining why it had been delivered.
    • Considering that billions of pieces of mail pass through the system every day, it’s inevitable that mistakes will happen.
    • It is for this reason that we provide postal insurance.

    Final Thoughts on Packages Lost in the Mail

    Fortunately, the mail system is rather dependable.If you ordered anything for Christmas, it is very likely that you will receive it!Theft and incorrect addresses account for the great majority of misdirected mailpieces, and fortunately, both of these issues are at least partially avoidable.And what about the rest of the time?

    1. There is postal insurance available.
    2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Lost Package? What to Do and How to Avoid the Loss.

    • When utilizing courier services, there are a variety of factors to consider and information to be aware of, including what to do in the event of a missing parcel. When it comes to our present and future consumers, we want to make sure that they are well educated and that they know what to do in a variety of different scenarios. You should always take all reasonable steps to avoid potentially harmful results that may have been prevented. We’ve put up a guide to assist you with everything you might not have anticipated before. We attempted to analyze all scenarios that may occur before to, during, and after the use of courier services, and to provide explanations and recommendations in accordance with those circumstances. Starting with the worst-case scenario, we’ll go over the essentials of using courier services in general: What should you do if your shipment is misplaced? What can you do to avoid losing your money? Despite the fact that this is not a complete list, the following are the most common reasons for a package being misplaced: Misaddress – this can occur as a result of erroneous information being provided: incorrectly spelled words, digits that are inverted, or an incomplete address (important details in the address are overlooked). If the delivery is to be made to a remote location, the attention to detail is much more critical
    • Misdelivery–Only in rare cases are packages delivered to the incorrect address. If the reason is a similar-sounding street with a different zip code, for example
    • the label is detached from the package – for the label to stick to the package or suitcase, the surface of the package or suitcase must have a high level of adhesion
    • one way to ensure the adhesion is to wrap the package in plastic foil
    • the label is detached from the package
    • Some things require extra documentation to be shipped to specific nations, which varies depending on the country. You must have all of the necessary documents prepared in order for the cargo to pass through all of the necessary customs checks and procedures. A failure to do so might be a significant obstacle to a successful delivery
    • otherwise
    • Nowadays, most courier firms make online tracking systems available to their customers, which allow them to keep track of the status of their packages. This is accomplished by assigning a tracking number to each and every shipment that is collected. When a parcel arrives at a depot and is scanned, the status of the package is generally changed accordingly. Customers will be able to track down where their shipment was at any given time. The system will also provide information that may be useful if any issues are encountered along the trip. Most of the time, the system is updated in fewer than 48 hours. It is common for the tracking system to not display any statuses indicating that a shipment has been misplaced. Some signs that your shipment has been misplaced or that your box may have had difficulties during transportation are as follows: Statuses that are out of the ordinary
    • no status update for more than 48 hours
    • When compared to the projected transit time, there is a delay in the delivery of the packages.
    • It is important to remember that certain statuses are created solely for the purpose of internal communication inside the courier firm, and as a result, you may have difficulty determining what they signify. However, this does not always imply that something has gone wrong. For your own piece of mind, you may always contact the company that provided the courier services you used and ask them for further information, as well as attempting to confirm your concerns. If you are expecting to receive a package but did not place the order for courier services, you should inquire with the person who placed the order. The person you speak with will have all of the information you want, and they will be able to tell you what tracking number has been allocated to your shipment. Keeping track of the progress of your package in this manner will allow you to stay in touch with it. Before notifying the organizations involved in the process that an item has been missing, look for any delivery notices that could exist. A message stating that the parcel was attempted to be delivered will be left by the courier driver in the event that no one is present at the provided address when the package is attempted to be delivered. Your mailbox, beneath your doormat, on your door or window or even in the mailbox of your next-door neighbor are all possible locations for a letter to be left. In certain rare instances, if the messenger determines that it is a safe choice, he may choose to give the box over to your neighbors instead. Make sure you have permission from your neighbors before calling the courier business. If you live in an apartment, check to see if the parcel was left at the front desk by the courier driver (if there is any). He may have alternatively given it to the gatekeeper or the building’s administrator instead of handing it to the guard. A delivery address at an institution is more likely to result in the package being left in a mailroom or at a front desk, as opposed to a residential address. The first thing you need to do is get in touch with the firm who handled your purchase order. It is recommended that you contact the booking website first if you ordered the delivery service through a website that booked courier services for you. It is in this scenario that they act as a go-between for clients and the courier service company. It is possible for them to represent the consumer in any interactions with the courier firm, should there be any difficulties. When you book services through such intermediaries, it is critical that you tell them as soon as possible of your booking decision. They will only be able to assist you and provide instructions after you have sent them a notification. Make certain that you supply them with the correct tracking number as well as any other pertinent data. They will not be able to begin probing the problem until after that. From there, and depending on their own protocols, they will provide you with more information and inform you of the next actions to take. Consider the fact that, at the time you bring your situation to the notice of management, the package is not regarded to be lost. The courier firm will ask you to give them with a description of your box or luggage in order for them to locate it in their warehouses or distribution centers. Typically, courier firms will need a description of the following items: the technique of packing
    • the size and color of the box
    • any exterior and interior features that may be of assistance
    • and the contents of the package.

    It might take up to 2 months for a box to be deemed misplaced, depending on the courier firm that handled the delivery at the time of delivery.A parcel is only deemed missing once the delivery firm has conducted an investigation into the incident.If they are unable to locate the box at any of the depots that it has been through, the parcel is deemed lost.If your shipment was insured, you can file a claim with the insurance company to recoup your losses.

    1. Proof of the package’s contents and its value will be required by the courier firm.
    2. Following that, they will assess the situation.
    3. Do you have any questions you’d like to ask us?
    • Please do not hesitate to contact us!
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    How Does A Package Get ‘Lost’?

    It might take up to two months for a box to be reported misplaced, depending on the courier firm that handled the delivery.Only after the delivery firm has investigated the problem is a package reported missing.They will consider the shipment lost if they are unable to locate it at any of the depots that it has traveled through on its journey.As long as your cargo was insured, you can file a claim to recoup your damages.

    1. Content and value verification for the shipment will be required by the courier firm.
    2. After that, they’ll assess the problem and provide recommendations.
    3. Is there anything we can help you with?
    • Please do not hesitate to contact us.

    How to Deal with Missing or Lost Shipments

    • The following are the main points: An estimated 90,000 shipments missing per day in New York City alone
    • Approximately half of online buyers (51 percent) report that they have not received packages they have bought in the recent six months.
    • The United States Postal Service (USPS) has a defined reimbursement system for damaged shipments, but there are no clear protocols for stolen items.

    Every one of us has undoubtedly experienced that sinking feeling when we realize that our recently ordered product will most likely not arrive on time.While the vast majority of eCommerce shipments are delivered securely and on schedule, there are occasions when a box is misplaced or stolen.With an estimated 90,000 shipments disappearing per day in New York City alone, this is regrettably a topic that we all need to get more aware with as we continue to rely more and more on online shopping and delivery services.The majority of the time, a stolen box is the consequence of deliveries being left on the front porch for days while their recipients are at work or on vacation, providing porch pirates enough opportunity to nab them.

    1. If their shipments are stolen, unfortunately, most internet consumers have limited options for restitution.
    2. The majority of the time, delivery firms and retailers are not responsible for stolen products once they have been dropped off.
    3. Some may not even offer to replace the stolen goods if they are taken.
    • The information in the following advice will assist you in dealing with packages that have gone missing or have been stolen.

    Table of Contents

    01 Is my package missing or has it been stolen? 02 What Should You Do If Your Package Is Stolen by Someone? 03 How to Prevent Package Theft: 7 Steps to Take 04 Easyship provides an additional layer of protection 05 Take Precautions and Educate Yourself on What to Do 06 Stolen Packages Frequently Asked Questions

    Is My Package Lost or Stolen?

    Being unable to locate your delivery is a difficult experience, and going through the claims procedure is much more aggravating.And, despite the fact that there are various alternatives available to reduce the danger of losing internet-delivered parcels, the majority of online consumers still experience some degree of order loss from time to time.Aside from the poor level of protection, the influx of delivery, particularly during the Christmas season, provides excellent possibilities for porch pirates.Approximately half of online buyers (51 percent) report that they have not received packages that they have bought in the recent six months.

    1. As a result, around 16 percent of online consumers say that the delivery was stolen, while 29 percent are unsure as to why they were unable to locate the parcel in question.
    2. In spite of the fact that online buyers have the right to claim back any stolen packages, the likelihood of receiving replacements or refunds is highly dependent on the delivery company and whether or not the shipment was insured.

    What Do You Do If Someone Steals Your Package?

    You’ll need to move swiftly if you want to make an attempt to recover the package.Check the tracking information provided by your delivery companies to determine whether or not your ordered shipment was delivered successfully to you.In the event that your package was successfully delivered but then taken by porch pirates, you have a number of choices.Among the alternatives available are the following: 1.

    1. Contact the authorities.
    2. Package theft should be reported to the local police station as soon as possible, just like any other type of theft.
    3. While they won’t be able to do anything without witnesses, they will take note of the occurrence and take steps to prevent it from happening again.
    • If the number of reported incidents in a certain neighborhood is increasing, the police will almost certainly launch an inquiry.
    • Filing a police report will also be useful when filing an insurance claim, since it will serve as documentation.
    • 2.
    • Get in touch with the person who sent you the message.
    • Following the filing of a police complaint, you should contact your online vendor to advise them that your package has not been delivered as promised.
    • The vast majority of well-established organizations are likely to send out replacements right away.

    However, not all businesses will provide replacements or refunds.As a result, make certain that you have adequate evidence to back your claim.For example, if you receive a delivery note but are unable to locate the product at the location indicated on the delivery note, snap a picture of the box and submit it in your claims report.You should also include your shipping confirmation number and any extra information that may allow the company to trace your cargo more efficiently.

    Contacting USPS about your stolen package

    The United States Postal Service has a defined reimbursement policy for damaged parcels, but there are no clear protocols in place for stolen items.Therefore, requesting a return for a stolen shipment might be difficult when compared to other types of courier services.If your stolen box was transported and delivered by the United States Postal Service, you should make claims with a tracking number, provide proof of insurance, and any other evidence that can support your claim in court.If your shipment was stolen by the USPS and it was insured, you will receive a refund straight from the courier.

    1. It’s important to contact the seller if your item wasn’t insured so that you may get a refund or replacement.

    Contacting FedEx for your stolen package

    FedEx has a straightforward method for filing a claim for stolen shipments.Thus, if you placed an order and delivered any of the products through FedEx, you may quickly file a claim for a lost shipment using the FedEx website.Once you’ve submitted your claim, the courier will respond between five to seven days to fix the issue.Customers, senders, and even third parties have 60 days to make claims for damaged or missing shipments, and they have nine months to file a claim for a FedEx package that has been stolen from them.

    1. You should only offer adequate evidence to support your allegation, which may include packaging evidence.

    Contacting Amazon for stolen packages

    FedEx has a straightforward method for filing a claim for stolen package loss or destruction.If you placed an order and mailed any of the products by FedEx, you may quickly file a claim for the misplaced shipment online.Following receipt of your claim, the courier will respond between five to seven business days to fix the issue.Customers, senders, and even third parties have 60 days to register claims for damaged or missing items, and they have nine months to file a claim for a FedEx package that has been stolen from their possession or control.

    1. Your claim should be supported only by proper evidence, which may include packing documentation.

    Contacting UPS for stolen packages

    In contrast to other courier companies, UPS offers different procedures for lost or stolen items for local and international shipments.It is necessary to call the courier 24 hours after the estimated delivery date in order to report and claim a UPS stolen item.Reclaiming shipping reimbursements for foreign shipments may be a difficult process.As a result, you may be unable to register claims and receive refunds or replacements for packages that have been damaged or stolen.

    1. Once you have filed a claim for a missing parcel, the courier will investigate the situation before giving a reimbursement to you.
    2. If your stolen package was sent to you by friends or family members, please notify them that the package was not delivered as expected.
    3. They can make contact with the shipping company and assist them in tracking the cargo.

    7 Steps to Prevent Package Theft

    If you want to ensure that your shipment does not be lost or stolen, there are no perfect safeguards you can take. However, there are steps you may do to make it less probable. The seven tactics listed below might assist you in preventing parcel theft.

    1.Schedule deliveries with the shipping courier

    The delivery of your packages is difficult to predict when they will arrive at your home.Fortunately, you may make a reservation with the shipping company in order to ensure that the delivery will be delivered at a specific time.Similarly, if you aren’t home, you can postpone your delivery or request that it be kept for you.Shipping firms do not charge any costs for scheduling notifications; however, they do charge fees for canceling or rescheduling a delivery.

    2. Contact couriers to keep your packages hidden

    You may work with your couriers and shipping providers to ensure that your items are sent out of sight once they have been delivered.Because it is impossible to coordinate such details when placing an order online, the best choice is to provide a note with your purchase indicating particular delivery instructions.Delivery drivers may be ready to conceal packages if you specify that they should be hidden during delivery.Their hiding place might be either at the rear of your house or within your front porch.

    3. Schedule in-person delivery

    • Another excellent method of avoiding porch pirates is to arrange for someone to personally accept your delivery.
    • As a result, be certain that you notify the shipping firm that you require a signature during delivery and that someone is present at the address where the package is scheduled to be delivered.
    • If you spend most of your time away from home, you can specify your place of employment as the intended shipping address.

    4. Leverage a lockbox service

    • The use of a lockbox service is another method of preventing your delivered packages from being stolen by porch pirates.
    • Through Amazon locker and other lockbox service providers, convenience stores and eCommerce stores are able to provide such services to their customers.
    • For those who dislike picking up their mail from the post office, you can invest in a secure lockbox that can be placed right in front of your door.

    5. Use Amazon Key for safe deliveries

    • As an added bonus, taking use of the Amazon key offers significant convenience aside from the lockbox services.
    • The shipping delivery team will be able to enter your home through your garage or front door after receiving this information.
    • While it may appear that Amazon poses a big security concern, the company offers various alternatives to keep your house and deliveries safe.
    • Amazon will send notifications to your smartphone as soon as the package is delivered, and the delivery will be recorded using the attached camera, giving you piece of mind.
    • It is just a constraint of this solution that you must invest in a smart lock as well as a networked camera.

    6. Collaborate with your neighbors

    • Your neighbors who are at home during the day may be willing to assist you by picking up deliveries on your behalf if you have a good working connection with them.
    • Ideally, you should provide them with something in return, which may vary based on your previous connection.
    • In a similar vein, if your shipments have been taken, you may work with your neighbors to acquire video evidence that may be useful in tracking down porch pirates and filing insurance claims.

    7. Install a security camera

    Installing surveillance cameras is perhaps the most straightforward method of keeping porch pirates at bay. To their benefit, a diverse range of security cameras are now accessible on the market that are both dependable and simple to install. Installing surveillance cameras in a prominent location would not only deter package theft, but it will also frighten away the porch pirate.

    Easyship Adds a Layer of Security

    • Even though packages will go missing from time to time, there are precautions you can do to safeguard yourself or your clients in the event that this happens.
    • You may take use of capabilities such as the following while using Easyship: Tracking that is up to date: Easyship tracking, which is updated at each stage of the delivery process, offers clients with the most up-to-date and relevant information, allowing them to have peace of mind and get clear instructions for a flawless delivery.
    • Insurance for Shipments: Use our insurance option, which is available at a reasonable cost, to give yourself piece of mind while shipping.

    Take Precautions and Know What to Do

    • Despite the burgeoning eCommerce industry, online customers are sometimes rendered helpless when confronted by striking porch pirates.
    • It may be really difficult to go through such an ordeal.
    • The most effective method of avoiding package loss is to track your shipments.
    • You’ll know exactly when your online orders will arrive at their destination if you have a tracking number.
    • If you are rarely at home, try having your orders delivered to a location other than your house, such as your workplace or another location where you spend more time.

    You should also make sure that your products are delivered safely and that you file a claim to receive reimbursed for the items you have purchased.Sign up with Easyship now to see a significant increase in the efficiency of your eCommerce shipping.

    Stolen Packages FAQ

    • Should I notify the authorities about a stolen package?
    • Yes.
    • In the event that your shipments have been stolen, it is essential to notify the authorities.
    • This will assist the police in implementing steps to prevent porch pirates away from your home as well as identifying increasing problems in your neighborhood.
    • What exactly does the term ″porch pirate″ mean?

    Porch pirates are just robbers that steal delivery items from people’s homes through their front doors.These burglars can either pick up packages that are left unattended by their owners or use manipulative strategies such as impersonating recipients to sign off on deliveries or having children pick up parcels from the front porch, among other things.Who is liable for packages that have been stolen?It might be difficult to determine who is responsible for stolen shipments.

    • In the majority of circumstances, the seller is liable for the delivery until they are dropped off at the location specified by the client.
    • Following confirmation of delivery by the shipping company, the parcel is no longer in the possession of the online shopper.
    • However, some carriers and merchants are willing to deal with receivers if they discover th

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