How To Package Cookies?

How to Package Cookies for Mailing

  1. Use a durable, rigid box or empty tin as a mailing container.
  2. Wrap four to six cookies of the same size together in aluminum foil, plastic wrap or plastic bags.
  3. Don’t pack crisp and soft cookies together.

Eat Pastry Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

How to pack and ship cookies?

How to Pack and Ship Cookies. If they need to be airtight, use tins. Package your cookies inside a box, then fill a second box with packing material, insert the box and surround it with packing material. Don’t skimp on the packing supplies. Save peanuts, bubble wrap, etc to ensure that the box inside the box won’t move. Ship USPS Priority.

How do you package cookies for a cookie exchange?

If you have a small cardboard box or cookie tin, you can line it with parchment or tissue paper to make a simple but attractive gift box. If you are combining more than one type of cookie in the same container, wrap each individual type in tissue paper, butcher paper, or plastic wrap before adding to the tin and be sure to deliver promptly.

What is the best way to package homemade cookies?

Here are five fun ways to package up your homemade treats that even I am excited to try out! 1. Stack on coasters. Coasters make perfect decorative little plates. Stack your cookies and wrap them in cellophane or plastic wrap.

Is the cookie in the package behind packed correctly?

The cookie in the package behind IS packed correctly, as it is wrapped in parchment. If you are sending a cookie that does not have glaze on it you may be able to skip this step.

How do you package cookies to keep them fresh?

Line the bottom of a durable, rigid box or cookie tin with cushioning material (like some crumpled parchment), then place larger and heavier cookies on the bottom, and smaller cookies on top. You can also add a layer of parchment paper or wax paper between each cookie for additional protection.

What packaging is best for cookies?

Always line cardboard containers with parchment or waxed paper. And you should make sure that cookies have cooled completely before you package them; the steam given off by warm cookies will make them soggy.

How do I make a cookie package?


  1. First, wrap your cookies in plastic wrap.
  2. Next, measure the wrapping paper so it covers the can, end to end.
  3. Cut paper and glue it to the canister.
  4. Trace the lid of the canister with contrasting wrapping paper, and glue paper in place.
  5. Let dry and place cookies inside the container.

Can I store cookies in Ziploc bags?

To keep chewy cookies from turning dry and brittle, store them in a zipper-lock bag at room temperature with a small piece of bread (no more than half of a slice) placed inside.

Can you store cookies in plastic containers?

When to Store Cookies at Room Temperature

Sealable plastic containers and bags can keep cookies in good shape for the few days they might spend at room temperature — just tuck the bagged cookies inside these other vessels.

Can you wrap cookies in tissue paper?

You’ll need to pack your cookies tightly using tissue paper, but adding things like craft paper and shiny ribbon can help you transform a dozen cookies wrapped in plastic into a joyful holiday gift box.

How much does it cost to mail cookies?

How Much Does It Cost To Ship Baked Goods?

Courier Service Price
USPS Priority Mail Express 1 Day $46.20
USPS Priority Mail 3-Day $11.75
USPS Retail Ground $11.60
USPS Priority Mail via Easyship $9

How long should cookies cool before packaging?

Most of the time, cookies need to cool for around five to ten minutes before they can be moved and consumed.

Can I send homemade cookies in the mail?

Yes, you can mail cookies! You can mail them via USPS, Fedex and UPS and, depending on how fast you want them to arrive, you can choose expedited shipping. What is this? You want your cookies to arrive fresh so I recommend using, at a maximum, three to four-day shipping depending on the kind of cookie you’re sending.

How to package and ship your cookies?

Package your cookies inside a box, then fill a second box with packing material, insert the box and surround it with packing material. Don’t skimp on the packing supplies. Save peanuts, bubble wrap, etc to ensure that the box inside the box won’t move. Ship USPS Priority. It’s quick, reasonable and can deliver anywhere… even military

How to package cookies for retail sale?

– A cling wrap product such as Glad Wrap or Saran Wrap allows you to completely wrap up a cookie much like the bakeries do for local coffee shops. – Zippered bags are another great product for bagging up homemade cookies. – One quart storage bags are a wonderful solution for packaging cookies by the dozen.

How to store cookies to keep them fresh?

  • Cool the cookies completely before storing. Warm cookies may grow too soft or fall apart if stored.
  • Store cookies at room temperature. You can put the cookies in a cabinet,pantry,or even on the counter.
  • Store each type of cookie in its own container.
  • Add a slice of bread to keep soft cookies moist.
  • How to Pack and Ship Cookies Beautifully & Safely

    Simple instructions on how to package and transport cookies so that they are as lovely when they arrive as they were when they were packaged.This piece was first published on December 4, 2014, and has since been updated.Because of its popularity, I’m republishing it.Enjoy!Homemade gifts and original Christmas ideas are two of my favorite things to give and receive.

    • In fact, this post, which has 50 of the BEST Christmas Cookie Recipes, has been shared a limitless number of times!
    • When it comes to giving Christmas cookies, there is nothing better, but as I discovered years ago, it is critical to understand just how to box and transport them.
    • Chris, I hope you aren’t looking at this right now…
    • When I was 18 years old, I baked my famous chocolate chip cookies for my lover and transported them across the nation.
    • I was young, foolish, and head over heels in love, so I figured mailing them overnight by FedEx would be the most convenient alternative.
    • The fact that FedEx couldn’t deliver to a military box didn’t even cross my mind until they showed up on my doorstep a week later.
    1. The good news is that Despite the fact that they were reaching the end of their freshness, they were in outstanding condition.
    2. Why?
    3. Because I was familiar with the process of packing and shipping cookies.
    4. Almost, at any rate.
    5. I’ve picked quite a few useful tips along the road.
    6. Here are some of my favorite tricks for shipping picture-perfect cookies that will stay fresh for days.

    Tips for Packing and Shipping Cookies

    • Make an informed decision — some cookies, such as shortbreads, sugar cookies, and so on, ship better than others. (At the bottom of this piece, you’ll find a list of fantastic recipes for packing and shipping.)
    • Make use of items that are safe for consumption. Moreover, parchment paper is simple to cut to suit any size box and is completely food safe.
    • Select materials that are both durable and long-lasting. If they need to be sealed, use tins
    • otherwise, use plastic bags.
    • Pack your cookies in a box, then fill a second box halfway with packing material, enter the box, and cover it completely with packing material
    • Take care not to scrimp on the packaging materials. Keep peanuts, bubble wrap, and other packing materials on hand to guarantee that the box within the box does not move
    • Send via USPS Priority Mail. It is rapid, reasonable, and capable of delivering to any location, even military locations. The lesson has been learnt.

    How to Package Cookies

    Make a strong box (such as the paper mache ones shown here) to house them in while you prepare the rest of the project. In order to prevent them from shifting within the box, use food-safe packing material (this wood type displayed is really gorgeous, but I also enjoy a plain kraft paper shred).

    2.Cut a piece of parchment paper to fit the inside of the box…Because this box is 8 inches broad and 3 inches tall, I trimmed the paper 20 inches long to ensure that it folds over elegantly and ″seals.″ Straight lines are carved out with a paper cutter.Place the parchment on top of the filling and press down firmly.3.

    • Finally, add your cookies!
    • If you’re stacking them, cut a piece of parchment paper to fit between each one to keep them apart.
    • Remember to name them properly!
    • When we understand what something is and where it comes from, we are more likely to appreciate it.

    How to Ship Cookies

    Secure the interior box with a ribbon to make it more secure. Ensure that you have sufficient of packing material on hand, insert your inner box, and then cover with more packing material to keep your inner box secure.

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    Quick Tip: If it rattles when you move it, picture how it will tremble when it is thrown on and off trucks. When they open the envelopes, we want them to appear like this (below). Do you plan on sending any cookies to friends and family this holiday season? I’d be delighted to hear from you!

    Great Cookies for Stacking, Packing, Shipping and Gifting

    • In addition to the Pecan Thumbprint Cookies (seen in this post), there are Oatmeal Lace Cookies, flourless peanut butter cookies, funfetti cookies, kitchen sink cookies, lemon shortbread cookies, and Latte Joy espresso cookies.

    How to Package Cookies

    Article to be downloaded article to be downloaded The proper packaging may assist you in transforming your baked cookies into wonderful gifts for your friends and family.In order to keep your goodies fresh and undamaged during shipping, you’ll want to pack them with lots of cushioning to guarantee they arrive in one piece.If you’re giving cookies as a present that won’t be mailed, try putting them in some eye-catching packaging.

    1 Fill the bottom of a box with bubble wrap or other lightweight stuff to protect it from damage.Prepare 1–2 inches (2.5–5.1 cm) of padding to make a soft base that will separate your goodies from the bottom of your box when they are placed inside.Choosing a firm, strong cardboard box will help to avoid the box from caving in on your cookies while in transit.In addition to a few sheets of bubble wrap to protect fragile cookies, you may fill the bottom of the shipping box with air-popped popcorn, crumpled paper towel, packing peanuts, shredded paper, or old newspapers to make it more sturdy.

    • 2Separate your cookies according to their type. It is possible that wet goods such as brownies will make meringues and other crisp desserts become mushy if you package multiple varieties of cookies in the same bag. Furthermore, soft cookies can absorb stronger aromas from fragrant biscotti or minty barks, resulting in an unintentional flavor mingling. Divide your cookies into groups based on their type before packing them to ensure that they stay fresh and delicious. Promotional material
    • 3 Layer bar cookies on a baking sheet with a piece of parchment paper in between each layer of cookies. When brownies, blondies, and other bar or slab cookies are packed, they have a propensity to smush together. Slice the bar cookies into uniform-sized pieces, and cut squares of parchment paper that are slightly bigger in size than each cookie to avoid this from happening. Next, arrange your cookies in groups of four or five, with a piece of parchment paper between each bar to prevent them from sticking together. Extra pieces of parchment paper placed on the top and bottom of the stack of bar cookies will prevent the cookies from clinging to the external wrapping.
    • 4 To further safeguard the cookies, cover them in plastic wrap. Once you’ve split your cookies, you may wrap each kind individually in plastic wrap to keep them extra fresh and to provide some extra padding to your biscuits. Wrap only 4-6 cookies together in each bundle to reduce the likelihood of shattering. Arrangement of non-bar cookies should be in 1-2 layers in the bags
    • however, unless the cookies are exceptionally soft, you will not need to use parchment paper to separate them from one another. Stack the bar cookies firmly in plastic wrap to keep the parchment paper from falling out. If you don’t have plastic wrap, aluminum foil or a baking sheet would suffice, or you may omit this step entirely.

    5 Place your cookies into zip-top plastic bags and seal the bags with a zipper.Placing your cookies into zipper-locked plastic bags will help you keep them segregated according to their type.This will assist to prevent your cookies from becoming stale while in transportation, as well as keeping your box neat and clear of crumbs and crumbs.Biscotti and meringues, for example, are sturdy cookies that may be placed straight into zipper-locked bags without the need for extra plastic wrapping or foil.

    6 Arrange the cookies in the box so that the heavier pieces are at the bottom of the container.The first thing you should do is put thick cookies (such as brownies or oatmeal bars) into the box.Then add light desserts such as meringues and delicate sugar biscuits on top of the cake.If necessary, you may make a small well in your padding layer to ensure that the cookies are securely in place and do not slip about.You may place extra cushioning (such as bubble wrap or air-popped popcorn) between each layer of cookies to give them even more protection.

    • 7 On each side of the cookies, put 3–4 inches (7.6–10.2 cm) of cushioning to protect them. As soon as you’ve packed all of your sweets into the shipping container, fill the space between the cookies and the box’s walls, including the top, with more lightweight mass. Prepare 3–4 inches (7.6–10.2 cm) of padding on each side, and then put approximately the same amount on top for additional cushioning. If you used bubblewrap or air-popped popcorn to coat the bottom of the box, you can use whatever you used to line the sides of the box: crumpled paper towel, packing peanuts, shredded paper, or old newspapers.
    • It is important to ensure that the cookies are packed snugly enough so that they do not knock up against one another while delivery, but not so tightly that they will break if the box is nudged slightly
    • 8Seal the box with packing tape, freezer tape, or duct tape if necessary. Closing the box and giving it a small shake will ensure that nothing moves about too much
    • if it does, you’ll need to add more padding to prevent the box from shifting. Once everything appears to be in place, tape the box shut using strong tape.
    • 9 ″Perishable Food″ should be clearly marked on the package. Using a permanent marker, mark the shipment as perishable in large block letters on the address side of the box (see illustration) (where you write the mail-to and return addresses). Although this will not ensure that the shipment is handled more gently, it may deter shippers from hurling the package about or leaving it sitting for an extended period of time. It’s possible that a postal employee in your area can assist you in adding further warnings to the box. The ability to plan your delivery so that the parcel is not left languishing in a post office or mailroom over the weekend is also advantageous. Consider choosing an expedited shipping service to ensure that your cookies do not arrive on a holiday or other non-working day.
    1. 1 Arrange your cookies in a simple gift box or tin and wrap it up. Use a small cardboard box or cookie pan and line it with parchment paper or tissue paper to create a simple yet lovely gift box for your loved one or friend. Use tissue paper, butcher paper, or plastic wrap to wrap each individual cookie before placing it in the tin. Make sure to deliver the cookies as soon as possible if you are mixing more than one type of cookie in the same container. If you don’t, you run the danger of combining tastes or damaging the texture of several cookies. During the holidays, use ribbon to embellish a basic present box by attaching garnishes such as Christmas decorations or sprigs of pine to it.
    2. If you don’t have a cookie tin, don’t worry. Stacking cookies in a tall cylindrical tea container is a good idea.
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    2 Adhere pieces of wrapping paper to the outside of plastic zipper-locked bags.Using plastic zipped bags to keep cookies fresh when you’re giving them away might be a terrific idea.In order to transform a basic plastic bag into an eye-catching background for your holiday festivities, cut a piece of wrapping paper to the precise size of the bag and insert it inside.Afterwards, place the cookies in front of the paper and secure the bag with a strong zip.While using wrapping paper to make zipped bags more ″holiday friendly″ is a simple method to make them more ″holiday friendly,″ you can also use birthday paper or hand-drawn graphics for other occasions.

    3 Place the cookies in a muslin wine bag to give them a more rustic appearance.Although wine bags are intended to contain bottles of wine, they are also an excellent choice for giving baked goodies to guests.Search online or at your local wine store for rustic muslin tote bags, or choose a more festive fabric for a more formal look.You may use a piece of twine and a homemade tag to secure the bag if it doesn’t come with one already attached.If you have cookies that are very buttery, you may want to wrap them in plastic wrap, tissue paper, or butcher paper before placing them in the bag to avoid staining the fabric or causing them to crumble.

    Alternatively, you may place cookies in a muslin wine bag to give them a more rustic appearance.Even though wine bags are intended to contain bottles of wine, they are also an excellent choice for displaying baked goods.Search online or at your local wine store for rustic muslin tote bags, or choose a more festive fabric for a more formal appearance.You may use a piece of twine and a homemade tag to attach the bag if it doesn’t come with a tie.If you have cookies that are very buttery, you may want to wrap them in plastic wrap, tissue paper, or butcher paper before placing them in the bag to avoid staining the fabric or causing them to discolor.

    5 Cellophane and ribbon may be used to make a festive cracker.To begin, stack one sort of cookie that is comparable in size on top of another.Afterwards, roll them securely in cellophane, leaving a little amount of excess material hanging off each end.Using colorful ribbon, bind both ends of the string together in the shape of a Christmas cracker.Instead of cellophane, you may cut one or both ends off of a large plastic bag and tie the open edge(s) together with ribbon if you don’t have any on hand.

    6 Place your cookies in individual serving plates after they have been wrapped.Place your cookies on a decorative plate, ramekin, or even a glass compote dish before wrapping the entire package in cellophane.This will ensure that your cookies are presented in a beautiful and ready-to-serve packaging.Using a broad ribbon or string, seal the edges of the cellophane on the dish’s surface.Use a piece of painter’s tape or an address return label to label the plate with your name to ensure that your dishware is returned to the proper location.

    • Instead, you may visit your local thrift shop and pick up some festive dishware that is particularly designed for giving.
    • 7. Use an egg carton to bake smaller cookies and truffles in fewer quantities. Using the top lid of an egg carton, you may package little delights such as thimble biscuits, peanut butter buckeyes, or nut balls in a creative and cost-effective manner, as seen here. Fill the slots with little paper baking cups (which can generally be found in the baking department of your local grocery store) and then place 1-2 goodies in each cup to create a treat tower. Wrap the completed box in cellophane and secure it with festive ribbon at either end to shut it.
    • 8 Individual sugar or gingerbread cookies can be packaged in CD envelopes made of paper. To begin, cut a piece of brightly colored paper to the same size as the CD jacket and put it in the rear to serve as a backdrop for your artwork. After that, place one cookie per envelope in front of the paper and seal the envelope. The translucent plastic circle on the front of the envelope is ideal for displaying gingerbread men, beautiful sugar cookies, or delectable gingersnaps, among other things. You could also use washi tape to embellish the CD covers, or tie on a patterned ribbon to give them a festive look.
    • Inquire about something There are 200 characters remaining. Include your email address so that you may be notified when this question has been resolved. Advertisement submissions are welcome. There are some cookie varieties that are more resistant to shipping than others. Hard cookies, such as biscotti and shortbread, as well as thick recipes, such as chocolate chip cookies, gingersnaps, and oatmeal cookies, often travel well in shipping containers. Avoid mailing delicate cookies such as madeleines and anything that has to be refrigerated (such as cheesecake bars).
    • When shipping cookies, keep in mind that the weather might have an impact on your delivery. To avoid shipping nut brittles and chocolate-based baked products to or from a warm environment, avoid sending them to or from the same location.
    • It’s important to clearly label each packet of cookies or to describe them in an accompanying letter so that the receiver understands exactly what they’re getting.
    • Allow your newly made cookies to cool fully before putting them in their packaging.

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    Things You’ll Need

    • Packing materials: cardboard box
    • bubble wrap or other lightweight bulk (such as air-popped popcorn, crumbled paper towel, packing peanuts, shredded paper, or old newspapers)
    • Paper made of parchment
    • Wrap the dish in plastic wrap or aluminum foil (optional).
    • Plastic bags with a zipper closure
    • Duct tape (either packing tape, freezer tape, or duct tape)
    • Permanent marker
    • Ribbon, string, Christmas decorations or sprigs of pine can be added to a gift box or tin along with parchment, tissue, or butcher paper.
    • Plastic bags with a zipper closure
    • A sheet of wrapping paper
    • Mussel wine bags, Mason jars, wax paper, fabric squares, cellophane, decorative plates, ramekins, or glass compote dishes, a clean egg carton, little paper baking cups are also good options.
    • CD envelopes made of paper
    • washi tape

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    5 Beautiful Ways to Package Homemade Cookies and Treats

    We independently choose these items, and if you make a purchase after clicking on one of our links, we may receive a commission.Making cookies and snacks for the holidays has always been the most enjoyable part of the holiday season for me.A shopping list can be organized in minutes, and I can prep, freeze, and bake with incredible speed and efficiency, and I typically love the entire process.What about the packaging?This is not the case for this baker who is creatively challenged.

    • The attention to detail and personalization that I put into my cookie presents is something I value greatly, but I just lack the patience or aptitude to complete a large project.
    • Here are five creative ways to package your handmade goodies that even I am looking forward to trying out!
    • Coasters are ideal for use as ornamental little plates..
    • Stack your cookies and cover them in cellophane or plastic wrap to prevent them from drying out.
    • Place the cookies on a drink coaster and tie a ribbon over them to keep them from falling over.

    2. Wrap in individual serving dishes.

    Put the cookies in tiny compote dishes and wrap them in cellophane to make a beautiful presentation.All you need is a broad ribbon to wrap around the entire thing, and perhaps a little twine to put the last finishing touch to it.Are you unable to locate compote dishes?Consider using ramekins, mugs, or old-fashioned glasses as serving vessels.Stack the cookies and roll them firmly in cellophane, then tie a festive ribbon around the ends of the roll to finish it off.

    • Alternatively, you may arrange the cookies in plastic gift bags with the sealed end ripped open, as seen below.
    • Don’t throw those egg cartons away!
    • Use them up!
    • Fill each of the little cupcake cups with sweets after lining them with a lovely mini cupcake liner.
    • Wrap the cellphone around it and tie both ends together with a variety of ribbons of varying sizes.
    • The presentation of numerous types of cookies is both beautiful and entertaining.
    1. The first step in this simple cookie packaging method is to simply stack the cookies in a mason jar.
    2. Place a little square of fabric between the lid and the ring before screwing it on, and then finish with some ribbon and a charming little tag to complete the project.
    3. We appreciate that the jars may be used again and again!

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    How To Package and Ship Cookies

    I am frequently asked, ″How do you transport cookies?″ This is a question I am asked rather frequently.″Very cautiously!″ is the most common response I give.People, for some reason, fail to perceive the irony in this.Although it has taken some time, I believe I am ready to share with you how I ship cookies the majority of the time.This works for me because I frequently bake cookies in the shape of circles or squares.

    • It is strongly recommended that you use Bridget’s approach when baking cookies with little apendages or delicate limbs and legs.
    • The reason I use this specific structure is because, one upon a time, Brides Magazine contacted me through email and asked if I would be willing to ship them some facebook cookies for their magazine.
    • Yes, I believe so.
    • Yes, I intend to do so.
    • In order for each and every cookie to arrive in immaculate condition, I went into great (and irritating) detail when I stepped into UPS with the precious cookie cargo.
    • What they (the pros) did was exactly what they said they would.
    1. Supplies that I make use of (as perceived by me).
    2. (Not pictured: the process of packaging popcorn.) This is something that my kind postal worker usually offers me free of charge.) In order to begin, I wrapped each cookie individually in parchment paper.
    3. I gave it to them and placed it in their own bag.
    4. I frequently double the amount of cookies I make in order to conserve space and materials.
    5. To double the cookies, just set them back to back on a piece of parchment paper and wrap the parchment over them.
    6. The front cookie in the photograph above has not been properly packed as can be seen.

    Because the cookie in the packaging behind is covered in parchment paper, it has been properly packaged.In some cases, you may be able to skip this step if your cookie does not have any glaze on it.(I have discovered that if I do not wrap the bags in parchment paper, the glaze icing I use can wind up clinging to them.) Each cookie packet was individually bubble wrapped by them (the pros).As a result, I individually wrap each cookie with bubble wrap.They (the pros) packed the popcorn into a box that was far larger than you would have expected to be required.They (the pros) arranged the cookies in the box in a haphazard manner, filling in the gaps with additional popcorn.

    When they (the pros) finished with me and sent me on my way, they tried not to laugh in my face at how terrified I was of cookies.This batch of cookies was made for a science-themed birthday celebration for darling Nicholas, who turned two this year.It was written on the invitation that ″Our Little Monster is turning two.″ Ha!That’s fantastic.I believe that’s all there is to it!If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to put them in the comments section of this page, and I will answer them as soon as I can.

    This is the BEST SUGAR COOKIE RECIPE that I use.Once you give it a try, you’ll be hooked!

    meet Amanda Rettke

    Amanda Rettke is the founder of I Am Baker and the bestselling author of Surprise Inside Cakes: Amazing Cakes for Every Occasion – With a Little Something Extra Inside.She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two children.She has been featured in and collaborated with a variety of publications and organizations, including the Food Network, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Country Living Magazine, People Magazine, Epicurious, Brides, Romantic Homes, life:beautiful, Publishers Weekly, the Daily Mail, the Star Tribune, the Globe and Mail, DailyCandy, YumSugar, The Kitchn, and Parade, to name a few.She is the author of the cookbook, The Kitchn Cookbook

    How to Package and Ship Cookies

    Here’s how you package and mail cookies so that they reach at their destination safely (and still taste wonderful!).In 2020, holiday gatherings and cookie exchanges will not be held as frequently as in previous years, and I am prepared to wager that more cookies will be distributed this year than ever before.But how can you transport cookies such that they don’t shatter, taste amazing, and look as nice as they did the day they were baked?What are some tips?For your convenience, I’m going to break everything down for you—what sort of cookies you should mail, the best packing, and other helpful information!

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    Choose the Right Kind of Cookies

    The majority of cookies should not be packaged and sent through the mail.Cookies that are delicate, fragile, and flaky are unlikely to arrive in the same piece.Choosing strong cookies such as chocolate chip, gingersnap, shortbread, and sugar cookies is a good idea.Bar cookies, such as blondies and brownies, are also a delicious alternative.(I’ve included a handy list of cookie recipes that are suitable for shipping at the bottom of this post!) If possible, package and mail cookies the same day they are baked for the greatest results.

    • However, be certain that the cookies have completely cooled before packaging them, since moisture from warm cookies can alter the texture of the cookie and potentially encourage bacteria development in the container.

    Package Cookies Airtight

    • If you want your cookies to be soft and/or chewy when they reach at their destination, the most essential thing you can do is package them in airtight containers before shipping them. In order to achieve the best results, you want as little air as possible to come into touch with your cookies. Here are a few alternatives: The size of the Tupperware container should correspond to the number of cookies you have
    • you don’t want too much additional room for the cookies to bounce about in.
    • Take a ziplock bag and attempt to remove as much air as you possibly can from it.
    • Cookies wrapped individually in plastic wrap or a little stack of cookies wrapped individually in plastic wrap
    • Cookie treat bags made of plastic cellophane—these are fantastic for stacks of cookies, but they’re also great for individual decorated cookies like sugar cookies. Make certain to remove as much extra air from the bag as possible.

    In order to store cookies in containers that are not airtight, such as cookie tins or boxes, I recommend wrapping them in plastic wrap or placing them into treat bags first, followed by placing them inside the boxes or tins.

    Don’t Forget Padding

    Those cookies that can bounce around within a shipping box are more likely to be broken and shattered before they reach their final destination.Make sure there is enough padding to keep the cookies supported, cuddled, and protected.Choose a shipping box that is the right size (not too huge), then fill it with packing peanuts, tissue paper, bubble wrap, crinkle cut shred paper, or even newspaper to thoroughly enclose your cookie shipment.

    Make it Cute!

    • Even if you follow all of the instructions listed above, there are other ways to make your cookie box seem attractive. In particular, craft and baking supply stores will offer plenty of alternatives, particularly during the Christmas season. And, of course, you can always order materials on the internet. Obviously, I’ve already suggested the use of plastic cellophane treat bags, but they’re inexpensive and a simple way to spruce up your cookies
    • Place the cookies in a festive tin or a paper box to keep them fresh
    • Add a beautiful ribbon or string to finish it off.
    • Include a note, gift tag, or even stickers to personalize your present. Try searching on Google or Pinterest for free printable sticker and tag templates. There is a plethora of adorable merchandise available

    Use the Best Shipping Method

    The majority of cookie recipes will survive for approximately a week, and in some cases, much longer.However, you should avoid pushing it!Ship it as soon as you can, however you don’t have to spend a lot of money on overnight delivery if you don’t want to.USPS Priority or UPS Ground are both excellent alternatives for expediting your shipment to its destination, and both will normally deliver your goods within a few days.

    Cookie Recipes that Ship Well

    • Okay, now that you’re familiar with the guidelines, let’s begin baking! Everything in this collection of recipes will be delicious even after shipment (as long as it is handled properly, of course). Cookie recipes include classic chocolate chip cookies, chewy gingersnaps, brown butter Snickerdoodles, sugar cookie bars, gingersnap biscotti with white chocolate drizzle, white chocolate peppermint cookies, frosted sugar cookie cutouts, chewy chocolate cookies, classic brownies, and gingersnaps with white chocolate drizzle.

    baking simplified 4 Baking Tips the Pros Know

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    How to Pack and Ship Cookies

    Flour, sugar, baking powder, butter, eggs, chocolate chips, vanilla extract, and a bit of salt are mixed together in a large mixing bowl.All of those components come together to form a batch of chocolate chip cookies when mixed.Straightforward and uncomplicated.The elements that go into running a successful dessert company, on the other hand, are a little more difficult.There are many various moving pieces that contribute to the success of a confectionery business.

    • This is something you’re probably already aware with if you run an online business that bakes and ships cookies.
    • Despite the fact that cookies come in a variety of flavors, the procedure of distributing them is virtually the same.
    • Shipping chocolate chip, shortbread, oatmeal raisin, white chocolate macadamia nut, or any other delectable handcrafted delicacy has almost certainly presented you with the issue of properly packaging and shipping them.
    • ShipBob has produced these guidelines to assist you in navigating this difficult situation.
    • Follow them to ensure that your next confectionery care box or delectable dozen of cookies gets at its destination in perfect condition.

    Tips for packaging cookies to keep fresh when shipping

    Using the expression ″that’s the way the cookie crumbles″ when something awful has happened but you have to accept the conclusion is standard practice. However, that old saying does not necessarily apply when it comes to delivering cookies. You’ll be able to ensure that your cookies remain intact throughout shipment if you follow these guidelines.

    Don’t pack them too tight

    Make sure to include enough room in the packaging for your cookies to avoid them becoming broken during transportation. An easy way to avoid making this error is to choose a box that is little too small for the job. Calculate the size of the goods and select an adequately sized box loaded with supporting material to produce the most effective packing option for your cookie shipment.

    Use packing materials to prevent cookies from moving around too much

    Remember to utilize supportive packing for all of your baked goods, whether they’re being shipped in an airtight container or contained within a box within a mailer or box within a mailer.Bubble wrap, tissue, newspaper, and other dunnage will protect the cookies you’re mailing by providing a cushion between them.Your cookies will not be jostled or crushed as a result of this method of shipping.

    Consider wrapping individually to maintain consistency of cookies

    Wrapping cookies with Saran wrap, wax paper, or aluminum foil to ensure them remain fresh and maintain their form is an excellent idea whether delivering handmade sweet treats as part of a care package or when sharing cookies that didn’t come in a premade container.Other options include storing the cookies in tins, airtight containers such as tupperware, or zip-top bags that have been sealed tightly.Place the cookies in an airtight container into the box to guarantee that they arrive in pristine condition when they are delivered.

    Other shipping best practices when sending cookies in the mail

    When it comes to sending a box of cookies to a recipient who is anxiously expecting them, freshness, quality, consistency, and timing are all variables that must be considered. Use these instructions to ensure that the cookies you’re delivering are as fresh and tasty when they’re being unboxed as they were when they were fresh out of the oven when they arrive.

    Select a fast shipping service (overnight or express is ideal!)

    Straightforward and straightforward: faster shipment results in fresher cookies.Choose the most expedient delivery method available to guarantee that your recipient receives the finest cookies possible.In the event that you are unsure of which shipping carrier to utilize to transport your cookies from A to B, research the many options available to you and choose which one would be the most appropriate for your purposes.A regional carrier may be the most cost-effective alternative for delivering your cookies, even if huge ground carriers are always a possibility.Regional carriers are typically more responsive, more adaptable, and better equipped to offer more tailored delivery alternatives.

    • Consider shipping your cookies earlier in the week and prior to holidays so that they are not held in transportation for long periods of time, especially during peak holiday seasons.
    • Perishable commodities should be delivered within 30 hours or fewer, according to industry standards.

    Make sure there are no restrictions around sending food through a carrier

    The use of major carriers (such as FedEx, USPS, and UPS) makes it possible to distribute baked products throughout the United States with relative ease.Depending on where you’re shipping your shipment, you may be required to declare baked products before they may be shipped.Customs documents, fees, and charges are all required when shipping cookies overseas.If you’re exporting cookies to a foreign country, make certain that the ingredients are consistent with local laws and regulations.

    Get a tracking number to provide to your recipient

    Being able to track a package full of baked goods is essential since cookies have a short shelf life and must be consumed quickly.Keeping track of the cookies while they’re in travel, as well as being told when they’ve arrived, is beneficial information for these delectable delicacies.In fact, if you are familiar with the person who will be receiving the cookies you are mailing, you may even make certain that the recipient will be accessible to accept them so that the cookies do not sit outdoors and run the danger of melting, freezing, theft, and other problems.

    Choose the right shipping option

    Snacks such as cookies and other desserts are ideal for use as holiday treats, birthday gifts, or to commemorate a particular occasion.Choosing expedited delivery may be a good option if you’re in a hurry or need to meet a deadline before a special event.With the Christmas season just around the corner, it’s important to plan early and give yourself plenty of time to receive your item.Carriers are frequently overburdened around the holidays and other significant milestones, resulting in the possibility of shipment delays.If you’re a business owner seeking for a cost-effective strategy to provide speedy shipping, go no further than our guide to economical 2-day shipping.

    • This document provides an overview of the benefits, frequently asked questions, and how to get started.

    Selling cookies online? ShipBob can help with that

    For those of you who are juggling the demands of preparing cookies and sending them, ShipBob can assist you with your food fulfillment needs.Food sellers of all types — from organic food suppliers to those that sell non-perishable products — may benefit from ShipBob’s network and technology by reducing the amount of time they spend fulfilling orders.By integrating your online store with ShipBob, you’ll be able to handle client orders, keep track of your online catalog, disperse goods around the country to save travel times, and much more.More time in the kitchen or handling other elements of your baking company equals more money in your pocket.Special attention must be paid to the preparation of food and beverage items.

    • When it comes to outsourcing the fulfillment of a food-based business to a logistics partner, there are a number of considerations that business owners must take into consideration.
    • Damaged orders, expiration dates, and expedited transportation are all major issues for companies who sell culinary items to customers.
    • ShipBob has taken significant steps to guarantee that the fulfillment of food and beverage orders runs properly.
    • Through the use of ShipBob’s technology and global fulfillment centers, business owners can stay on top of inventory by checking inventory levels in real time, implement 2-day shipping to get their products to customers even faster, and have peace of mind knowing that their 3PL partner is FDA-registered.

    Customer Testimonials

    The premium cake mixes created by Jordan Rondel, a New Zealand baker, have helped her convert her cakes into a global ecommerce success story.ShipBob is a single source of truth for her and her business partner and sister, Anouk: ″We have ten various methods for customers to acquire the goods, so everything is on a separate platform.″ ShipBob is the only one who has a comprehensive view of all that has happened.″The data analytics are incredible.″ Anouk Rondel is a co-owner of The Caker and a pastry chef.

    FAQs for shipping cookies

    Here are the most often asked questions concerning cookie shipment, as well as responses to those topics.

    What’s the best carrier to send cookies with?

    It is possible to mail cookies using the biggest ground carriers (including the USPS, FedEx, and UPS). Regional airlines are also capable of shipping cookies – and can often do it more quickly and at a lower cost. The most cost-effective carrier will be the one that can get your package to its destination in the quickest period of time while charging the lowest shipping rates.

    What shipping option should I use when sending cookies?

    It is possible to mail cookies through the biggest ground carriers (USPS, FedEx, and UPS). In addition to national airlines, regional carriers may transport cookies — and do it more quickly and at a lower cost. This will be the carrier that can deliver your package to its destination in the quickest period of time while charging the least price for shipping.

    Am I allowed to ship cookies with USPS?

    Cookies and other sweets can be sent by the United States Postal Service. It is recommended that things such as cookies be transported for no more than 30 hours at a time.

    Does ShipBob work with cookie companies?

    Several online enterprises in the food and beverage sector, including cookie and other dessert brands, have partnered with ShipBob.

    How to Pack Cookies for Mailing

    Sending a cookie care package to those you care about on special occasions such as graduations and birthdays, as well as holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Christmas, is a thoughtful way to express your affection.Make certain that your special delivery arrives in perfect shape by following these advice from our Test Kitchen staff.Sending cookies in the mail is easier than you think, thanks to these helpful tips, which include suggestions for cookies to send as well as instructions on how to properly package them:

    Which cookies mail the best?

    Cookies in the shape of bars, drops, or dried fruit can be sent without sustaining significant harm. Cranberry Orange Cookies are a delicious and festive treat to present to friends and family.

    Biscotti and shortbread cookies, which have a firm texture, transport nicely in the mail. Cookies such as chocolate chip cookies and gingersnaps are also excellent choices. Crisp Chocolate Chip Shortbread combines two of my favorite things in one delicious treat that is perfect for sending.

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    The Kids’ Favorite Butter Cookies are a hearty treat that everyone will enjoy. Decorate them with red, green, and white sprinkles to give them a festive appearance.

    Sandwich cookies are a fun alternative to the traditional cookie. Separate the cookies from the filling before packaging. Small mason jars work well for the filling, and the receiver of the cookies may manage the assembling process. Dark Chocolate Sandwich Cookies and German Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, both of which are available for shipping, might be delivered this manner.

    What Cookies Not to Mail

    • Dessert bars such as cheesecake bars, which require refrigeration, should be avoided at all costs. It becomes more difficult to ensure that chilled meals remain cold throughout delivery.
    • When cookies are fragile, they are more prone to break when they are shipped. No matter how carefully you wrap delicate delicacies such as madeleines or flower cookies, they are prone to breaking apart.

    How to Package Cookies for Mailing

    1. As a mailing container, use a sturdy, stiff box or an empty tin that will not break easily. Using bubble wrap as a foundation, layer the container with aluminum foil or plastic food wrap large enough to completely encircle the cookies after the container is completely filled with cookies. Also, we prefer to package Caramel Puff Corn in little bags and use it as packing peanuts because it is both tasty and practical.
    2. Wrap four to six cookies of the same size in aluminum foil, plastic wrap, or plastic bags to keep them from sticking together. If you’re mailing more than one type or flavor of cookie, double-wrap them to ensure that the tastes don’t mix.
    3. Do not combine crisp and soft cookies in the same baking sheet. By the time the crisp cookies get at their destination, they will no longer be as crisp as they were when they left.
    4. Stack the heaviest cookies on the bottom of the container and pile the wrapped cookies on top of them, wrapping them in crumpled paper toweling or seasonal tissue paper to prevent them from falling out. Do not over-or underestimate how many cookies you will need. Wrap the cookies with bubble wrap to protect them. After that, bring the lengths of aluminum foil or plastic food wrap up and over the contents of the container.
    5. Prepare a thick cardboard box large enough to accommodate two inches of cushioning between the tin or container and the box before packing it. Fill the space between the container and the box with a substantial amount of packing material, such as bubble wrap, shipping peanuts, or popcorn.
    6. Seal the container with freezer, plastic, or adhesive tape to keep out the elements. The packaging should be labeled ″Perishable Food″ and/or ″Fragile.″ (They are not labeled as ″Irresistibly Yummy, Delicious Cookies″ in order to prevent tempting the willpower of the delivery driver.)

    Delivering Cookie Gifts 

    • Allow enough time for your shipment to be delivered so that it will not be left at a post office or mailroom over the weekend. If you are pressed for time or want to be certain that your cookies will reach in perfect condition, consider using an expedited shipping service.
    • Keep an eye out for temperature variations. If you’re shipping to or from a warm region, be in mind that nut brittles and items containing chocolate may melt before they reach their destination. Overnight delivery may be the most convenient option for you.

    Do you have any more suggestions for sending cookies? Please offer your suggestions to assist other bakers in their preparations for the big Christmas cookie distribution.

    Storing and Packaging Cookies

    Cookies are in reach of the hands. Sang An is credited with this image. Cookie gifts cannot be given as gifts in these lovely packaging ideas unless the cookies themselves are baked beforehand! Download our whole guide for even more Christmas cookie recipes and packaging inspiration.

    Storing and Packaging Cookies

    Cookies are in reach of the hands. Sang An is credited with this image. Cookies that are properly stored will remain fresher for a longer period of time. Our packing ideas make use of common home things to make gift-giving a little less complicated. Advertisement Advertisement

    Storing Cookies

    A100453 HowToGingerCookie.jpg Cookies should be layered between waxed or parchment paper. Using this method, they won’t cling together or lose their crispness. Cookies stay harder in metal tins than they do in plastic containers. Allow cookies to cool completely before storing them.

    Don’t Combine Crisp and Soft Cookies

    Msledf 0903 outrageouschocookies.jpg Crisp cookies should not be stored with soft cookies in the same container since this will cause the crisp cookies to soften a little. Cookies that have softened may be made crisp again by baking them for approximately 10 minutes at 300 degrees for about 10 minutes. Allow for thorough cooling of the cookies before serving. Advertisement

    Packaging Cookies

    Ft holidaycoo28.jpg Many of the items you’ll need to assemble cookie gift packages are likely already in your possession – ribbon, paper bags, and an oatmeal container made of cardboard, for example. Think about how much space your cookies will take up in the container you choose – and how much filler you will need to cushion them, depending on how you intend to present the gift.

    Line Containers

    Ft hol03pf03.jpg Always line cardboard containers with parchment or waxed paper to prevent food from sticking. Furthermore, you should wait until the cookies have completely cooled before packaging them since the steam released by warm cookies can cause them to become soggy.

    Packaging Idea: Mix-and-Match Cookie Tins

    Msd10147 cookie05 squartin.jpg A mixed tin is a certain way to impress a large group of people.Corrugated paper should be used to line the bottom and sides of a square or rectangular airtight container.Short lengths can be folded in half to serve as dividers.Tissue paper may be used to wrap your cookies, corrugated paper tubes can be used to cushion them, and accordion-folded paper can be used to preserve them.You may also use baker’s twine to bind a stack of cookies together.

    • Advertisement Advertisement

    Packaging Idea: Kitchen Molds

    Ld102433 1106 tins.jpg Kitchen molds are appealing present containers, and they continue to be useful to the receiver long after the cookies have been devoured in them. Pudding molds coated with parchment paper offer wonderful receptacles for soft cookies in this situation.

    Packaging Idea: Bread Pans

    Cooki 00213.jpg Decorative bread pans with long lids, trimmed with brilliant taffeta or velvet ribbon, are the ideal vessel for delicate biscuits such as biscotti.

    Packaging Idea: Cellophane-Wrapped Cookies

    Cooki 00270 t.jpg Labors of love as beautiful as home-baked cookies don’t need to be concealed by layers of paper or cardboard. In this arrangement, crisp rows of chocolate-espresso wafers and orange-ginger rounds are rolled in cellophane and tied with ribbons at the ends of the roll. Advertisement

    Packaging Idea: Card-Stock Packaging

    4011 092508 cookiepackage.jpg Make a great cookie treat and package it in this creative packaging to give as a kind handcrafted present.

    How to Package Cookies — The Best Ways to Gift This Season’s Tastiest Treats

    On December 19, 2017, Xtrema Pure Ceramic Cookware posted a blog entry.A slew of baked cookies from neighbors and friends would be unthinkable over the holidays.In the event that you’re the kind that bakes a slew of cookies — from cutout trees to adorable tiny gingerbread people — you’ll ultimately run out of space in your kitchen, as well as in your stomach.In addition, as we all know, giving away the stuff is the best remedy for a problem that does not exist.Nothing compares to the joy of gifting or receiving a platter of freshly baked cookies.

    • From newer neighbors and your great-aunt to your hairstylist and your closest friends, a goodie box, dish, or jar is the perfect present for all of the varied interactions in your life, whether they are formal or informal.
    • The plating of your peppermint bark, peanut brittle, and properly adorned snowman cookies will make or break your party.
    • In order to assist you, we’ve included some of our favorite adorable ways to package cookies in this article.
    • If you’re still looking for a cookie recipe, have a look at some of our favorite Christmas cookie recipes for some inspiration!

    Think Green: How to Package Cookies With Recycled Items

    Do you have any spare cardboard lying around? Do you have a collection of Pringles cans that you don’t want to lose? Remove everything from your pantry just in time for the upcoming Christmas season. Just make sure everything is clean and, if possible, dressed up a little.

    Pringles Can

    • You serial snackers can now rejoice. If you have a surplus of chip cans laying around, consider converting them into something a bit more interesting to use as a container. First and foremost, you’ll want to thoroughly clean out the container. As wonderful as those pizza or barbecue-flavored crisps were the first time you had them, the seasoning doesn’t exactly lend that additional ″je ne sais quoi″ to the double-chocolate macaroons you worked so hard to make. Here are a few simple procedures to follow in order to change your Pringles tubes. You’ll need the following supplies: Tubes, wrapping paper, plastic wrap, glue, scissors, and twine are all needed.

    Instructions 1.First, wrap your cookies in plastic wrap to prevent them from drying out.This will assist in keeping them in the appropriate tube form and will prevent any residual chip dust from making its way into the delicious baked delicacies you’re about to devour.2.Next, measure the wrapping paper so that it completely covers the can from top to bottom.

    • 3.
    • Cut a piece of paper and attach it to the inside of the canister.
    • Make use of adhesive only when absolutely necessary.
    • 4.
    • Cut out shapes from contrasting wrapping paper and adhere them to the lid of the container with craft glue.
    • 5.
    1. Allow to dry before placing the cookies into the container.
    2. 6.
    3. Tie a bow around the canister and attach a gift tag, if you so want.

    Empty Foil Containers

    • Aluminum foil or plastic wrap boxes, like their chip-holding equivalents, are excellent for packing baked goods of all kinds. Wrap them in your favorite holiday paper — we prefer the appearance of Kraft paper — but don’t be afraid to go overboard with glitter and over-the-top Christmas kitsch. Here’s a little lesson to get you started. You’ll need the following ingredients to complete this project: Aluminum foil boxes that have been emptied
    • wrapping paper
    • parchment paper
    • glue
    • twine

    Instructions 1.Remove the sharp edge from each box by cutting it with scissors or, with greater precision, by using an X-Acto blade.2.Cover the outside of the box with a piece of paper of your choice and secure it with a few drips of glue.3.

    • Line the interior of the container with parchment paper and then fill it with the treat of your choosing.
    • 4.
    • Tie the box closed with twine or a thin ribbon and decorate the top with a bow.

    Inside Another Gift

    Sometimes the perfect present item necessitates the addition of a little something more to make the transaction more appealing.Share some of your favorite recipes with your baker buddy, while also motivating them to try new ones.We’re talking about bakeware that has been enhanced with the tastes of the season.Here are some gift ideas that are both tasty and long-lasting, ranging from new coffee cups to mixing bowls, cupcake pans, and more.Cupcake pan (optional): Do you have a buddy who is fascinated with cupcakes and everything baking-related?

    • A cupcake pan is the ideal vehicle for presenting a baked cookie sampler to guests.
    • Fill each opening with a different flavor of cupcakes that have been lined with decorative cupcake liners — or, if you’re feeling charitable, brand-new silicone cupcake liners.
    • Cookies with rounded edges, such as chocolate chip or peanut butter, or flat kinds, such as brittles and barks, are the ideal choices for stacking.
    • New coffee and tea cups are available: Put together a Christmas gift basket with all of the trimmings, and include some baked cookies, a favorite cup of tea or coffee, and an extra pair of cups in addition to the other items.
    • Sweets are a wonderful way to personalize an useful present by adding a little touch.
    • Pans for baking bread: Another fantastic approach to surprise a friend with a fresh loaf of handmade banana bread or a selection of the tastiest cookies of the season — direct from your own personal recipe book — is to give them a new pan.

    Plastic, Paper and the Basics

    A little something more to make the ideal present item even better is sometimes required.Give a few of your favorite recipes to your baker buddy, while also motivating him or her to try something new.In this case, we’re talking about bakeware that’s been infused with seasonal tastes.These tasty and long-lasting gift ideas include anything from new coffee cups to mixing bowls, cupcake pans, and more.Cupcake pans are available in several sizes.

    • A buddy who is completely fascinated with cupcakes and all things baking has been recommended to you.
    • A cupcake pan is the ideal vehicle for presenting a baked cookie selection to friends and family.
    • Fill each opening with a different flavor of cupcakes, which you can cover with decorative cupcake liners or, if you’re feeling generous, brand-new silicone ones.
    • Stacking cookies is most effective with rounded cookies, such as chocolate chip or peanut butter, or flat cookies, such as brittles and barks.
    • The following mugs have been introduced: If you’re putting up a Christmas gift basket with all of the trimmings, try including some baked cookies in the mix, along with a favorite tea or coffee and a new set of mugs.
    • The addition of sweets to an useful present is a nice approach to personalize it even further.
    1. Pans for baking bread: a.
    2. Giving a buddy a fresh loaf of handmade banana bread or a selection of the tastiest cookies of the season — direct from your personal recipe book — is another excellent way to show them how much you appreciate them.

    To-Go Containers

    In contrast to the Pringles can concept, it is not possible to recycle discarded to-go containers without getting into trouble.However, investing in a few new ones may instill a sense of professionalism into the packaging of your baked good products.Aluminum to-go boxes represent the pinnacle of minimalism in packaging design.Make sure to arrange your cookies in rows and to package them as tightly and securely as possible.Finish off the box with some twine and a sugar cane or a sprig of mistletoe, and you’ve got yourself a tasty present that’s ready to be shared with others.

    • Chinese food boxes that are plain white or Kraft-colored may offer a more playful appearance and vibe.
    • This style of container is ideal for smaller cookies such as chocolate chip, jam thumbprints, brittles, and bark, among other things.
    • Alternatively, turn to the fast food industry for ideas.
    • Cookies can be packaged in cardboard boxes

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