Package Stolen From Porch Who Is Responsible?

Take as a whole, the Buyer is largely put in the position to resolve the issue by reaching out to the Seller or making a claim with the Delivery Company. The Buyer is also responsible for reporting the crime to the local police.
Who is responsible for package stolen from porch? Who is responsible if a thief steals your packages: the retailer, the carrier or you? ANSWER: Typically, you’re out of luck, unless the retailer decides to be generous. Delivery companies say they’re not responsible for reimbursement if the package was successfully delivered to the correct house.

What do I do if my package is stolen from my porch?

Report the Stolen Package Case to the Police and Postal Inspection Service When your package was stolen, calling cops is the most common and direct way you usually try when you are in trouble. However, when your package is lost from your porch or doorstep, don’t forget to file a complaint to the Postal Inspection Service.

How to get a stolen package back from Amazon?

Amazon, USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL Package Was Stolen — Top 5 Ways You Can Try to Get It Back Way 1. Take a Detailed Search of Your Home and Neighborhood When Package Was Stolen Way 2. Use Security Camera Footage to Track Your Package Stolen from Porch/Doorway Way 3. Contact the Courier Company When Your Package Was Stolen from Porch

How common is package theft?

Package theft is ubiquitous. A report of said that an estimated 23,000,000 Americans have had packages stolen from their homes, such as the back porch and garage area. In order not to become the victim of package theft, you should learn some tips to protect your package from being stolen by those ”package pirates”.

How to protect your package from burglary?

Tip 1. Buy security camera systems. Security camera systems not only help you protect your package being stolen from porch or doorstep, but also can help you secure your home from burglars. Tip 2. Have your parcels delivered to your work place.

What happens if someone steals my package off my porch?

If it appears that your package has been stolen, contact the seller or retailer that sold you the item. Different retailers have different policies and processes for handling stolen items, but you’re usually entitled to a refund or a replacement.

What can you do if someone steals your package?

Whether you think your neighbor stole your parcel or someone else, you can frequently get a refund or a replacement from the sender or delivery company.

  1. Contact the Sender.
  2. Report It to FedEx, UPS or USPS.
  3. Report the package theft to Amazon.
  4. File a Police Report for the Stolen Package.
  5. Talk to Your Credit Card Company.

What happens if someone steals a package off your porch FedEx?

Contacting FedEx for your stolen package

FedEx provides a clear claim process for stolen packages. As such, if you placed an order and shipped any items through FedEx, you can easily claim for the lost package online. Once you have placed the claim, the courier resolves the claim within five to seven days.

Who is responsible if package is stolen?

If your stolen package was delivered by a major postal carrier such as USPS, UPS, or FedEx, you should file a claim with the respective shipping company. If you know your package has been stolen, you could reach out to the sender or seller about a possible replacement or refund.

Is seller responsible for stolen package?

Who is responsible if a thief steals your packages: the retailer, the carrier or you? ANSWER: Typically, you’re out of luck, unless the retailer decides to be generous. Delivery companies say they’re not responsible for reimbursement if the package was successfully delivered to the correct house.

Will USPS refund for stolen package?

You can only get a refund for a stolen USPS package if you are the seller, and you purchased insurance on the parcel. If you are the recipient and your package was stolen, USPS will not reimburse you for the loss. Instead, the onus is on the seller to reimburse you or replace the item that was stolen.

Does USPS insurance cover stolen packages?

If you bought insurance, a USPS claim will cover the shipping costs and package value up to the specified amount for damaged or lost mail, Some services like Express Mail also have delivery guarantees so you’re able to file a claim if it doesn’t arrive on time.

Do delivery drivers steal packages?

While the possibility always exists that a delivery driver could steal your package, the chances are slim. While there are untrustworthy people in every line of work, delivery companies such as Amazon, USPS, UPS, and FedEx have a vested interest in preventing stolen packages.

Is FedEx responsible for lost packages?

Summary. FedEx allows either the shipper or the receiver to file the claim for a lost package. They say it should be whoever has the interest in the items shipped. While it is always a good idea to keep open lines of communication between the shipper and the recipient, FedEx is there to help you with claims.

How do I get a refund from item not received?

If you qualify for a return but the seller won’t give you your money back, you have some options:

  1. Write a complaint letter: we have advice to help you do that and a sample letter.
  2. Consider getting help from a consumer organization like Call for Action, Consumer Action, or the Better Business Bureau.

Does the shipper or receiver file a FedEx claim?

The sender should file the claim, unless arrangements are made with the recipient.

Who is responsible if package is delivered to wrong address?

The short answer is: The seller, which means you, the business owner. Obviously, if you printed the wrong address on the shipping label, didn’t include a return address, or poorly packaged the item, it’s 100% on you to compensate the customer with a new shipment or a refund.

What do I do if my package was delivered but it wasn t?

Contact your local USPS post office. Make sure you contact your LOCAL post office, and not the USPS hotline. Your local post office will be able to provide quicker, and better service. Ask who delivered the package, and ask for the details of that day’s delivery.

What happens if USPS says delivered?

They’ll be able to respond faster to you. They’ll most likely tell you to wait 24 hours, so you may want to wait 24 hours before contacting them, anyway. After 24 hours, if your package still hasn’t arrived despite it saying, “Delivered,” then you’ll definitely want to speak with a USPS representative.

How to keep packages from getting stolen from your porch?

  • Use Smart Package Lockers or Convenience Store. To avoid your Amazon package being stolen from your front porch,use Amazon Locker.
  • Install Security Cameras to Prevent Package Theft. Security cameras pointing at your front door,hallway or driveway is better than no camera at all.
  • Have Packages Delivered to Your Workplace/Office.
  • What should I do if my package is stolen?

  • First,confirm that your package has been marked ‘Delivered,’ and verify that it was sent to the correct address.
  • Check your surrounding areas.
  • Check with your family,friends,or roommates.
  • Check with your neighbors.
  • If your shipping address is located in an apartment complex,condominium,or an office building,check with the front desk.
  • How to keep porch pirates from stealing your packages?

  • Take advantage of package tracking. In 2021,every major delivery company and the US Postal Service gives updates on when a given package will arrive.
  • Install a video doorbell.
  • Have your packages delivered to Amazon lockers.
  • Invest in a porch lockbox.
  • Require signature on delivery.
  • Purchase a mailbox sensor.
  • Make it clear you have a home security system.
  • What to do if your Amazon package is stolen?

    about 54% were from amazon, 16% were from FedEx, 11% from USPS and 9% of the packages stolen were from UPS. There are a few steps you can take to safeguard your front porch to ensure secure deliveries. Try these strategies to keep your packages safe from

    Package Was Stolen: Top 5 Effective Ways to Take — Reolink Blog

    I had my package taken away from me on the porch! What should I do at this point? If your package has been taken from the front porch, doorstep, front door, mailbox, or any other location, you may recover as much of it as possible by following the five practical methods listed below.

    Amazon, USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL Package Was Stolen — Top 5 Ways You Can Try to Get It Back

    When your shipment is stolen during transit or after delivery, don’t waste any time in putting the top 5 methods listed below to use. Method 1: Conduct a thorough search of your home Method 2: Make use of security camera footage Method 3: Contact the courier company Method 4: Contact the staff of the online store Method 5: File a police report or make a claim

    Way 1. Take a Detailed Search of Your Home and Neighborhood When Package Was Stolen

    Whenever your package is stolen or lost from your porch, doorstep, or anywhere else, you must search around all of the entrances to your home in order to locate your missing package.Amazon, the United States Postal Service, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and other delivery firms may have simply left your box in a difficult-to-find location, such as a porch, shrubs, garage, window grilles, or on a tree, among other things.Check with your neighbors to see if they can help you with your parcel delivery.

    Occasionally, the courier will make a clerical error and deliver your delivery to your neighbors instead of you.If your thoughtful neighbor assists you in retrieving your package, you will have a seamless return process.

    Way 2. Use Security Camera Footage to Track Your Package Stolen from Porch/Doorway

    Using security camera video to trace down your stolen parcel is an excellent method of recovering your box.It is possible to determine when your shipment was delivered to your home when you install a security camera (the plug-and-play wireless security camera and the PoE IP camera are both highly suggested options).Take a peek at the package delivery footage shot by theReolink 410 in the video below (shared by a customer).

    With the Reolink RLC-410PoE Bullet IP Security Camera with Audio, you get 5MP/4MP Super HD resolution, outdoor/indoor protection, 100ft infrared night vision, audio recording, and mobile remote access and control.Suppose a package thief steals your item from the porch or doorstep of your apartment after the courier has brought it to your door, your security camera will capture everything, including the criminal’s face and vehicle plate number (if he or she drives a car).The police can assist you in locating your stolen package promptly and recovering your box if you have clear photographs of the criminal and his license plate number on hand.Furthermore, if you live with a nasty neighbor, it is possible that your package, which you have placed on your porch or doorstep, will be taken by your bad neighbor.Your unpleasant neighbor will be unable to refute his or her bad behavior in the face of the evident evidence presented by your security camera.

    • As a result, you will be able to recover your stolen shipment.
    • Following the publication of news that a Reolink PoE IP camera had captured package thieves in the act, there was a flurry of commentary on social media.
    • You may read the entire article by clicking here.
    • The faces of the burglars as well as the license plate are captured clearly by this security camera.

    With such excellent photographs, the police will be able to apprehend the evil man to the greatest extent feasible.

    Way 3. Contact the Courier Company When Your Package Was Stolen from Porch

    FedEx fails to deliver my delivery, and it is stolen.What should I do now?If your shipment is stolen, make sure to notify the delivery company right once.

    You must submit your tracking number as well as any other relevant information that will allow us to follow down the route taken by your delivery.Some shipping firms provide insurance for parcels on a regular basis.If the USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and other express firms are unable to assist you in tracking down your misplaced item, they can at the very least assist you in filing an insurance claim for your box.As a result, you will be able to minimize your loss to the greatest extent feasible.Alternatively, if the shipping business is unable to assist you in resolving the problem, you can file a claim report on their official website.

    Way 4. Reach Your Seller When Package Was Stolen off Porch or Mailbox

    Packages from Amazon, UPS, USPS, FedEx, and DHL were taken from the porch.What should I do now?If your package is stolen or lost from your apartment building’s porch, patio, deck, or other outside space, you should notify the seller as soon as possible, such as Amazon, eBay, BestBuy, Walmart, Newegg, or another online retailer.

    The staff will be delighted to assist you in tracking down your misplaced parcel.With the assistance of the employees, several clients were able to recover their misplaced packages.Your parcel was taken from your porch and you are wondering if your package will be covered by UPS, the US Postal Service, or Fed Ex.The package that was taken from my front porch is being investigated.If your box is stolen as a result of their blunders, they will either replace your ordered items or provide you with a complete refund to compensate you for your loss.

    • As a result, you may be able to recover your shipment or minimize your loss.

    Way 5. Report the Stolen Package Case to the Police and Postal Inspection Service

    The most frequent and direct method of dealing with a stolen parcel is to call the police, which is the most common and direct method of dealing with a stolen package.Don’t forget to submit a complaint with the Postal Inspection Service if your box is misplaced after being delivered to your porch or doorway.Because searching down lost or missing parcels is the organization’s professional sector, they can be more professional than the police in some situations.

    With the combined efforts of law enforcement and the expert employees of the Postal Inspection Service, the likelihood of retrieving a lost, stolen, or misplaced parcel grows significantly over time.Keep in mind that if you do not make a report, there will be more people who become victims of package theft in the future.Those package snatchers would still go unpunished in the end.Your tiny deed will help to raise the likelihood of those dreadful parcel thieves being apprehended.What should you do if your package is taken from the porch of your home in France, Houston, or Austin.

    • How can you track down a stolen BestBuy, Walmart, ASOS, Sephora, or other retailer package while it is in route or after it has been delivered?
    • Try the top 5 methods listed below to locate your misplaced shipment as soon as possible.
    • Package theft is a common occurrence.
    • An insurance report is a report about insurance.

    According to, an estimated 23,000,000 Americans have had parcels stolen from their residences, including the back porch and garage area of their homes.In order to avoid being a victim of package theft, you need get familiar with some of the techniques that may be used to keep your box from being taken by those ″package pirates.″ Tip number one: Invest in surveillance cameras.Security camera systems not only assist you in preventing your package from being stolen from your porch or doorstep, but they may also assist you in protecting your house from intruders.

    • Tip 2: Have your packages delivered to your place of employment.
    • Require a signature on all delivery as a third-party precaution.
    • Secure your front and back doors, as well as your garden and garage doors and other simple entry points, to deter package thieves.
    • If you know of any efficient methods for locating the stolen parcel, please share them with us in the comments section below.
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    We’ll include your answer in this post as well!

    When a Package Is Stolen From a Porch, Who Is Responsible? – Porch Locker

    Once in a while, online delivery is a tremendous convenience, but there are times when goods go missing.Occasionally, vendors or couriers make mistakes that affect the customer’s experience.Another scenario is that a parcel is simply swiped from its designated ″secure″ location.

    When a parcel is taken from a porch, who is to blame and how does one find out?Apart from the thief, who else should be held accountable in this situation?Who do you want to blame: the vendor, the person who placed the box at your door, or yourself?

    Should you put the blame on the seller?

    Many consumers’ initial reaction is to call the customer support service of the company who sold them the product.This is understandable.The item you bought from them was taken away from you, and the money you paid for it was never returned to you.

    However, this might be misdirected rage, in which case many businesses will be unable to assist you.And, to be honest, they aren’t entirely wrong if the gift truly arrives at your doorstep as scheduled.Unless they neglected to provide critical information to the courier, such as your phone number or the location of a safe drop-off point.For the time being, they consider themselves to have fulfilled their half of the bargain by delivering the proper item to the courier along with your address.

    So does that mean the courier should take the blame?

    A large number of instances occur in which couriers are not up to the task and make corners in order to save time or money.A lawsuit against them may be possible if you can demonstrate that they were negligent or careless in the performance of their obligations in some manner.However, the word ″evidence″ is used often in this context.

    Did you make the necessary arrangements with the firm in order to leave the package in a safe location?While some trustworthy delivery firms will leave notes if you are not home, others may snap a photo of the package and send it to you by text or email, depending on the circumstances of the delivery.This serves as evidence that they carried out their responsibilities appropriately.Although some firms manage these situations more effectively than others, as long as they have adequate confirmation of delivery, there isn’t much they can do to help you at this stage in the process.At first, most individuals are unaware that they are dealing with a box that has been stolen from their doorstep, so they complete out a lost parcel case in order to gather all of the information and track down the delivery step by step, which can take several days.

    How much responsibility should you take on yourself?

    We don’t want to be held responsible for lost or stolen packages when we can file a claim and receive a full refund of our money.However, it is worthwhile to investigate whether or not the ″secure″ location you chose was actually not so safe at all.If you allow a firm to leave a package in a shared location and then take an excessive amount of time to recover it, you enhance the risk that someone may come and steal it from your possession.

    Ordinarily, opportunity presents itself, and it is your responsibility to ensure that such an opportunity never presents itself.Or, at the very least, you took the necessary precautions to ensure that your cargo was delivered as safely as possible.

    How likely is it that you will catch the true culprit?

    For the most part, the real thief must bear the brunt of the responsibility.However, it’s possible that you’ll never find out who it was.If you talk to your neighbors, you might be able to gain some useful information – or possibly discover that one of them has taken the package in to keep it safe.

    A letter left in a public place may serve as an appeal to the thief’s conscience.You should contact the vendor and delivery business as soon as possible to see what reaction you will receive till that time comes.It’s not going to hurt to make a courteous enquiry.Also, take note of the lessons learned and reevaluate your own policy on where you allow firms to store your shipments in your absence.Install a parcel locker, a security camera, or at the very least ask a nice neighbor to keep an eye on your front door while you’re away.

    Who is responsible for package stolen from porch?

    Who is liable for a parcel that was taken from the porch?Frequently, it is the seller’s responsibility to guarantee that you receive your product.Everything that happens while the shipment is in transit is the seller’s responsibility; if the package is lost or damaged during transit, the seller is liable and must either replace it or refund your money as soon as possible.

    In the event that your package is taken from your porch, who is liable?If you see a theft, you should contact your local police station.Alternatively, if you can demonstrate that no one ever showed up at your door, the carrier (if you’re the shipper) or shipper (if you’re the recipient) will be required to repay you the money you paid.Installing a camera on your porch will provide you with proof of delivery or theft.Is it possible to identify those involved for porch piracy?

    • In other words, if someone comes and takes up a package that was left on your front porch, neither the store nor the shipper will be held liable under the law.″ According to Giusti, ″it is your legal obligation.″ Who is legally liable for packages that have been stolen?
    • In the event that your packages are stolen, who has the responsibility: the store, the courier, or you?
    • ANSWER: Generally speaking, you’re out of luck unless the shop decides to be liberal with their refund.
    • Delivery businesses claim that they are not liable for compensation if a product is successfully delivered to the proper address on the first attempt.

    Who is responsible for package stolen from porch? – Related Questions

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    When the weather is hot, you may still enjoy your patio by putting together an outdoor cooling system utilizing the tips and tricks provided in the following section.

    What is the difference between a portico and a porch?

    The most significant distinction between a porch and a portico is that a porch is primarily a roofed building supported by columns at the entrance to your property, whereas a portico is primarily a roofed structure supported by columns at the front of your house.

    What kind of light bulb is for outdoor porch?

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    How to fix lopsided porch?

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    Can i sit on my porch during a thunderstorm?

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    What to Do If Your Package is Stolen from Your Porch

    You’ve placed an order for the ideal gift, and you’ve been keeping track of its shipment progress in anticipation of its arrival. However, when you get home from work on delivery day, the parcel has inexplicably vanished from your doorstep. It’s possible that your shipment has been stolen. So, what do you do now?

    If a Package is Taken From Your Porch, Who is Responsible?

    • Because of the phenomenal growth of online merchants like as Amazon, there has been a significant increase in the number of shipments delivered to houses throughout the Christmas season.
    • These online sellers frequently deliver products to customers’ houses while they are away at work.
    • As the Christmas season approaches, an increasing number of parcels are being reported as missing from front porches all throughout the country, according to authorities.
    • As reported by Comcast, 31 percent of Americans have experienced parcel theft at some time in their lives, and a 2017 research by insurance company InsuranceQuotes discovered that 24.9 million people had their shipments taken over the holiday season alone.
    • Stealing directly from your front porch is an option for thieves who take advantage of the pile of unprotected packages at your door.
    1. Because porches are frequently devoid of any security measures, crooks may get away with package theft without being caught.
    2. So, what can be done to make things better in this situation?
    3. Continue reading to learn how to receive paid for your lost item or to have a replacement item supplied to you.
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    How to Handle a Package Theft

    Verify that the package was delivered

    • If you suspect that someone has stolen your delivery, the first action you should take is to track down your cargo.
    • If you haven’t been keeping up with the tracking updates closely and are simply relying on the initial predicted delivery date, you may have missed some significant revisions that should have been noted.
    • The majority of retailers will give you a shipment confirmation email with a tracking number as soon as your product is shipped to your address.
    • By using that tracking number, you will be able to follow the progress of your package throughout its journey on the shipping company’s website.
    • Packages are frequently delayed for a variety of reasons, particularly during the winter months when snow and severe weather hinder vehicles from reaching or exiting fulfillment facilities and post offices.
    1. Please double-check your tracking number to ensure that your shipment was delivered on the scheduled delivery date.
    2. Also vital is that you double-check that you haven’t accidentally sent the item to the wrong address when you are mailing something.
    3. Perhaps you’ve recently relocated and the retailer still has your old address on file in their system.
    4. After you have confirmed that the parcel was delivered and that it was delivered to the right address, it is time to look into the situation further before calling the delivery service.
    • First, verify with your neighbors to make sure that the delivery guy did not send it to the incorrect door by accident, since this sometimes happen.
    • This occurs more frequently than you may expect.
    • Also, check to see if a concerned neighbor did not take the delivery off your porch for you as a precaution because they knew you weren’t home to receive it or because they didn’t want the package to wait out in severe weather.

    Spend less time and effort phoning customer support only to discover that your shipment had been delivered to your next-door neighbor all along.

    Contact the seller

    • You should contact the shop from whom you purchased the item if you feel your package has been stolen from your porch and your neighbors are unable to provide any information on the product’s location.
    • Even though every shop has a different policy when it comes to theft-related scenarios, the majority of them are sympathetic to your plight and would refund or replace the stolen goods on your behalf.
    • Amazon, for example, offers A-to-Z Protection, which covers the majority of stolen packages.
    • Depending on whether your item was purchased directly from Amazon or through one of their retail partners, known as Amazon Sellers, you may need to first contact the third party in order to try to fix the issue.
    • A resolution should be reached with the seller, and they should be able to give you with a new item in the vast majority of circumstances.
    1. If the store, on the other hand, is unable to assist you, you may be forced to submit a claim with the delivery company.

    File a claim with the shipping company

    • If the store from whom you purchased the item rejects any responsibility for the missing shipment and instead chooses to place the blame on the delivery company, you have the option of filing a claim with the shipping company.
    • All major delivery services offer a claims reporting function, which may be accessed through their website or by contacting their customer care department by telephone.
    • Whether all else fails, you might check with your credit card issuer to see if they offer purchase protection.
    • If not, you can try another option.
    • There are several restrictions associated with these plans, so be careful to inquire about the specifics of your card’s rules to see whether or not the firm will cover stolen packages.

    Steps You Can Take to Protect Your Packages

    • If you have ever had a package taken from your front porch, you understand how aggravating it can be to be the victim of a package theft. Even more frustrating is the fact that you have had to jump through hoops in the claims procedure to get the matter resolved. Consider the following suggestions for keeping your packages safe this holiday season: When purchasing expensive things, consider purchasing package insurance. For example, if you are purchasing electronic items such as a new laptop, it is worthwhile to spend the extra money to acquire optional insurance to guarantee that you are protected in the event that the laptop is lost or stolen. Insurance is often acquired either via the shop or through the delivery company
    • nevertheless,
    • Make arrangements to be at home when the package is delivered. We appreciate that it is not always feasible to be there at the time of delivery, and we understand that this is the ideal situation. Ask a trustworthy neighbor to keep an eye out for the delivery and safeguard the gift until you go home, or have the package delivered to a location where you know someone will be present to receive it. For those of you who aren’t familiar with any of your neighbors, consider having the items delivered to your place of employment. You may also request that your shipment be left at a Post Office or UPS shop for pick up. You will be able to safely pick up your delivery whenever you get the opportunity. There is no need to be concerned about burglars breaking into your home while you are away. As an added convenience, Amazon offers a number of dedicated package pickup places called ″Amazon Lockers″ in major cities, where your shipment will be kept secure until you arrive. To get your item, all you have to do is input your secret code into the machine or scan your smartphone
    • the rest is automatic.
    • Get yourself a lockbox. It is only delivery drivers who can gain entry to these reinforced containers since they have an item addressed to you and scheduled for delivery that day. You can accomplish exactly that with smart padlocks from BoxLock, which is one of the most well-known firms in the world that makes them.
    • Install a surveillance camera in your home. The usage of cameras alone might occasionally stop burglars from invading your property, yet in many situations, thieves will disguise themselves with hoodies, sunglasses, or other types of clothing in order to make their faces hard to detect. Among the cameras specifically meant to keep an eye on your front porch is the Skybell Video Doorbell, which is a doorbell that identifies anyone who approach your door and sends you a notification through your smartphone so you can check the person’s identification.
    • Require a signature on receipt of delivery. Request that packages be signed for when ordering or sending expensive things, so that only the intended receiver has access to the box when it is delivered or picked up. However, while this may incur an additional price, the additional verification process will go a long way toward ensuring that your property does not end up in the wrong hands.

    We hope that we have given you with some valuable information about what to do if your shipment is stolen, as well as how to avoid such occurrences in future.

    Who is responsible for packages stolen from porch? –

    • Posted on 22/11/2019

    Who is responsible for packages stolen from porch?

    If your stolen parcel was delivered by a major postal carrier such as the United States Postal Service, UPS, or FedEx, you should make a claim with the shipping firm responsible for the delivery. If you are aware that your shipment has been stolen, you should contact the shipper or seller to inquire about a potential replacement or refund of your purchase.

    How do you keep packages safe from porch Pirates?

    The following actions can be taken to assist:

    1. You can have shipments delivered to a different location, such as your place of employment, an Amazon delivery site, a PO box, or a FedEx/UPS drop-off point.
    2. It is possible to request that delivery be signed for.
    3. Sign up for delivery notifications.
    4. Keep the space surrounding your front porch clear and visible at all times.
    5. Make a request for inconspicuous packaging.

    How many packages are stolen by porch Pirates?

    Overall, according to our poll findings, Americans lost around $5.4 billion in package theft over the course of the previous 12 months, courtesy of porch pirates…. Package theft victims are classified according to their generation.

    Generation Total value of lost stolen packages in the past year
    Silent Gen $35,727,653

    How do I get my packages delivered discreetly?

    The most secure alternative for covert sending may necessitate a trip to a post office that is more than a few miles away, such as one in a nearby town or on the opposite side of your city. Bring all of the relevant paperwork and information to the post office. If you want to apply for a PO box, you will need to complete Form PS 1093.

    How can I get my package delivered to my front door?

    • First and foremost, you must notify the post office allocated to your region as soon as possible so that, in the event of a misdelivery, it may be rectified as soon as feasible.
    • Due to the addition of a GPS tracking feature to the new scanner used by the United States Postal Service, if your carrier followed correct protocol and scanned your package in front of your door, they will be able to identify it in the system.

    Where does USPS say my package is delivered?

    Even though USPS has said that my delivery has been delivered to my front door/porch, I have not seen the box. What am I supposed to do? The first step is to have a look around; the alternatives for delivery sites are limited, so examine all of the doors, carports/garages, and other potential delivery spots.

    Why was my package delivered to the wrong house?

    If the box was nowhere to be located then there are two probabilities, the most typical problem arises when the delivery person makes a mistake and delivers to the wrong house (maybe a neighbor or maybe they misread the label and got the avenue/street wrong or a number was messed up.

    What happens if you leave a package on a doorstep?

    The second possibility is simple theft; parcels that are left at a door have been known to be taken. Get in touch with your local post office. According to available information, there has been a significant increase in the theft of packages left on doorsteps and porches across the country, regardless of whether they were delivered by the USPS, FedEx, UPS, or another delivery service.

    How big is a Keter porch delivery box?

    • 9 inches wide by 24.
    • 4 inches deep by 44 inches high CONSTRUCTION WITH RESIN: Deliveries are protected from the elements since it is entirely composed of weather-resistant resin.
    • If you use a lock on your box, it guarantees that items may be deposited in the box without access to the storage compartment and that only the owner can retrieve products by placing a lock on your box

    Is it good to have package lock box on front porch?

    Given that delivery boxes are essentially simply larger mailboxes, it is only logical that they have expanded their product range to include these items in their offering. Because it keeps the contents of your shipment out of sight, this package lock box for packages decreases the likelihood of your package being stolen. It’s also a nice addition to your front porch as a decoration.

    Which is the best porch mail box to buy?

    The Step2 Deluxe Package Delivery Box is a wonderful alternative if you are searching for a storage box that will not only secure your packages but will also look beautiful on your doorstep. Step2 is primarily a maker of furniture for the home and garden. They first began manufacturing waterproof mailboxes more than a decade ago.

    Do you have to have a lock on a package delivery box?

    • The box’s hinged lid makes it extremely simple to open the box and take your orders out of its contents.
    • The latch on the delivery box is compatible with the majority of locks.
    • It does not, however, come with a locking mechanism.
    • Step2 advises purchasing a BoxLock to go with the Deluxe Package Delivery Box since it is the first padlock to incorporate smart technology and is thus the most secure option.

    Who is Responsible for Package Theft and What is Being Done about It?

    • ″Why me?″ is a question that many Americans who have been the victim of parcel theft have asked themselves. A frustrating experience is having a package stolen from your doorstep, which results in a sequence of actions to replace it or get your money back. Moreover, there are other issues such as: Do I report it?
    • Who do I contact—the delivery company or the retailer?
    • Will I be able to have it replaced or get my money back?
    • Who took it?
    • and many more.

    At the end of the day, the question is: who is accountable for package theft, and what is being done to combat it? Despite the fact that there is no definitive solution, having a deeper look at some of the main components may be beneficial.

    Who is Responsible?

    • The Seller, the Delivery Company, and the Buyer are the three primary parties engaged in the delivery of a shipment to a customer.
    • Unfortunately, if the shipment is unable to be recovered, there are no clear rules that place the onus on any one party to compensate the customer.
    • UPS advises that you contact the seller.
    • Despite the fact that UPS has a fantastic tracking system that allows you to follow parcels nearly to the minute, once a product is delivered, UPS no longer accepts responsibility for it.
    • If the shipment cannot be located, the company suggests that the consumer contact the sender of the product.
    1. According to this assistance post on their website: DeliverySafe safeguards your package and food deliveries from theft, inclement weather, and deterioration.
    2. If you are still unable to locate the package, contact the sender of the box to request that a UPS trace procedure be initiated on their behalf.
    3. The sender will then contact you to provide an update on the status of your shipment.
    4. An item on claims that UPS expressly specifies that company is not financially accountable for the following: ″If an item has been successfully delivered, UPS will not be responsible for the compensation,″ stated Dawn Wotapka, a spokesman for the shipping company UPS.
    • ″We recommend that the customer file a police complaint, which may then be presented to the merchant for consideration of a possible compensation.″ After delivery, the United States Postal Service (USPS) claims there is no fault.
    • In the same article, Michael Hotovy, a spokesperson for the United States Postal Service, stated the following: ″If a parcel is lost, damaged, or has its contents missing after it has been delivered by the Postal Service, the indemnification will not be paid.
    • The insured mail category comprises Priority Mail Express and Priority Mail, as well as registered mail and cash on delivery (COD).

    It also covers Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express.″ Amazon, on the other hand, is in a slightly different boat.Amazon is in a somewhat distinct category than the rest of the retailers since it serves as a merchant, a middleman, and a delivery provider.It has more complex agreements with the original seller to cover things through its A-Z Guarantee, and these agreements are more complicated.In reality, according to, Amazon covers the majority of stolen shipments under its 30-day money-back policy.Having said that, Amazon places a significant amount of responsibility on the shoulders of the customer and seller.If the seller is a third party, as is the case for the vast majority of Amazon merchants, it is recommended that you contact them.

    1. Burden is defined as The Buyer is the most important party.
    2. To summarize, the Buyer is mostly placed in the position of resolving the issue by contacting the Seller or filing an insurance claim with the Delivery Company.
    3. In addition, the Buyer is liable for notifying the authorities of the criminal activity.
    4. As a result, the question is whether the trade-off is worthwhile.
    1. This will most likely be determined by the cost of the item, as well as the number of paperwork and follow-ups that are required.
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    What is Being Done?

    • By the Legislation and Police Departments Porch piracy has increased in recent years, prompting a legislative effort to adopt stronger rules and consequences for those who commit these crimes. State law passed in Texas in 2019 increased the potential prison term for convicted package thieves to ten years and increased the penalties to a range of $4,000 to $10,000 for each offense. During the same year, a law was passed in Michigan that had three phases that went into effect in December. While a first violation is still classified as a misdemeanor, a second crime can result in felony charges and a five-year jail sentence, and stealing mail becomes a five-year felony if the offending person intends to defraud the postal service or the government. In 2020, during the pandemic, when house deliveries were on the rise and, as a result, porch piracy was on the rise, the state of Oklahoma approved HB 2777, a statute intended to fight package theft. While a first violation is still considered a misdemeanor under the Act, repeat offenders could face up to five years in jail and thousands of dollars in penalties, or even both. According to Officer Jeanne Pierce, a spokesperson for the Tulsa Police Department, who talked to local television station KTUL. This component of the law is quite beneficial because we are seeing many of the same folks do the same offense again and over again, which is extremely frustrating.″ Consequently, if we can accuse someone with many package thefts, we may elevate the case to that of felony and subject them to a more severe sentence for the crimes they are performing.″ State legislatures in California, Utah, New Jersey and Georgia have all sponsored legislation that would reinforce package theft laws in a number of ways, following the lead of these four states. These measures include designating porch piracy as a different crime (as opposed to petty theft), imposing prison sentences for porch pirates, authorizing prosecutors to prosecute porch pirates with felonies or higher-level crimes, and boosting the fines for such acts to $15,000. Delivered via Courier Services Delivery businesses are not legally responsible for shipments that are not delivered
    • but, if they cannot assure that packages are delivered, it is a ″black eye″ for the whole sector. They spend a significant amount of their reaction time assisting with preventative measures such as FedEx Delivery Manager. Deliveries are coordinated with a nearby site, such as a Walgreens store or a FedEx office.
    • Amazon Locker is a service provided by Amazon. This service enables customers to have their packages delivered to local Amazon lockers for pick-up.

    UPS Access Point Lockers are a type of storage locker used by UPS. Self-service lockers are available for companies to use in order to pick up delivery shipments.

    • Consumers’ Point of View Many consumers, realizing the difficulty and financial damage that package theft may cause, are beginning to take precautionary measures to avoid it. According to this report by ValuePenguin and lendingtree, consumers are taking a variety of steps to combat porch piracy, including: setting up tracking notifications
    • installing a doorbell camera
    • requiring a signature
    • purchasing package insurance
    • changing the delivery time and location
    • and requesting a signature from the delivery person.
    • Lockable delivery boxes are becoming the most popular choice.
    • Despite the fact that home security systems such as doorbell cameras might be beneficial and that customers see them as a preventative measure, they do not really prevent porch pirates from committing theft.
    • As a result, purchasing a secure parcel box is becoming increasingly popular.
    • It functions somewhat similarly to a mailbox for your delivered products.
    • You’ll find a few of these on the market, but DeliverySafe is the obvious industry leader in terms of quality and ease of use, and it’s also the most affordable.

    The Ultimate Report on Package Theft in America

    This article is a portion of a larger report on parcel theft in the United States. Here is a list of all of the blog entries that have been written about this subject:

    1. What is the prevalence of package theft
    2. where and when does package theft occur
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    4. Who are the victims of package theft, and are you at risk of being a victim yourself?
    5. What exactly are Porch Pirates?
    6. Who is responsible for package theft, and what steps are being taken to combat the problem?
    7. How to Protect Your Packages from Theft
    8. When it comes to online shopping, what is the impact of package theft?
    9. When a package is stolen, there are four steps you should do.
    10. An in-depth look at the statistics on package theft

    Porch Pirates: 6 Steps to Take if Your Package Is Stolen

    • According to a survey commissioned by ValuePenguin, nearly four out of every ten customers has had a package stolen before it could be delivered to them.
    • While the quantity of deliveries increases over the Christmas season, this data serves as a reminder to consumers that package theft is a widespread problem throughout the year, regardless of the season.
    • If you’ve been unfortunate enough to have a parcel stolen from your front door, here’s what you should do to recover your package.

    What to do if a package is stolen from your porch

    If your mail has been stolen, you must follow these procedures in order to be paid or to get a substitute item.

    Step 1: Track the package

    • First and foremost, if you have reason to believe your product has been stolen, you should look for tracking information in the email you received upon purchase.
    • Typically, you will be provided with a tracking number, which you may use to keep track on the progress of your order throughout shipment.
    • Sometimes all you need to do is click on this number or button, but other times you may need to copy the number and input it on the retailer’s or shipping company’s website, depending on the situation.
    • For shipments to be delayed, especially during high shipping seasons such as the holidays, this is to be expected.
    • The shipment status will inform you of the location where your package was last recorded as well as the date on which it was delivered to the shipping destination.
    1. If the item is indicated as having been delivered, go to step 2.
    2. Otherwise, proceed to step 3.

    Step 2: Check if your neighbors saw it or held onto it for you

    • Check with your neighbors to see if the item has been delivered once you’ve verified that it has.
    • It’s humiliating to lash out at a customer service agent only to realize that the sweet lady next door noticed your shipment and grabbed it to save it from being stolen or rained on while you were away.
    • Even if they don’t have your package, it’s possible that your neighbors saw it earlier in the day and are unaware of it.

    Step 3: Contact the seller or retailer

    • Immediately notify the vendor or shop that sold you the goods if it looks that your shipment has been stolen or misplaced.
    • When it comes to dealing with stolen property, different merchants have different rules and procedures in place, but you are normally entitled to a refund or a replacement.
    • Amazon’s ″A-to-Z Guarantee Protection″ provides coverage for the majority of stolen packages.
    • Purchases that are labeled as ″fulfilled by Amazon″ are sometimes derived from retail partners known as ″Amazon Sellers,″ rather than from Amazon itself.
    • (You should be aware of this at the time you place your purchase for the item).
    1. It is mandatory for you to contact the Amazon Seller in order to try to resolve the issue with them if this is the situation with your purchase, according to Amazon.
    2. You may make a claim with Amazon if you’ve waited more than two business days for a response or if the seller is being unhelpful.
    3. Amazon would most likely offer a refund in this case, as well.
    4. In many circumstances, stores will agree to send you a new item within a short period of time.
    • However, if they refuse to accept responsibility and give a replacement, there are still certain actions you may take to obtain recompense.

    Step 4: File a claim with the shipping company

    • Occasionally, stores may attempt to transfer responsibility to the shipping provider or will need you to make a complaint and wait a specific number of days before learning for definite whether your shipment will or will not be delivered.
    • If you find yourself in this situation, you may wish to submit a claim with the shipping business as well, just to be safe.
    • UPS, FedEx, the United States Postal Service, and DHL all have online claims processes that you may use to report your lost item, and you can also call them to report your missing item.

    Step 5: Use the purchase protection features on your credit card

    • When you use a credit card to make a purchase, many issuers will provide purchase protection that will repay you if an item is stolen.
    • This is true as long as the item was paid wholly with that credit card and the card issuer is contacted within a certain timeframe.
    • Check the website of your credit card provider to see whether this coverage is available and to learn how to make a claim.
    • Some credit card providers, however, do not provide coverage for high-value products (usually anything that is worth more than $500 to $1,000).
    • Depending on the company, they may ask you to submit a police complaint before they can issue your refund.
    1. Finally, credit card purchase protection is sometimes referred to as ″secondary coverage,″ which indicates that it only kicks in after you’ve previously used main coverage, such as homeowner’s or renters insurance, to safeguard your purchases.
    2. This takes us to the sixth step.

    Step 6: Claim high-value items with your homeowners insurance

    • The majority of homeowners and renters insurance plans include coverage for stolen shipments.
    • Unfortunately, this is only beneficial for items that are more valuable than your deductible.
    • Given that the majority of homes insurance deductibles range between $500 and $2,000, submitting a claim for the majority of stolen shipments will be a waste of time.
    • However, even if the value of the lost item exceeds the deductible, you’ll need to consider the risk that your homes insurance provider would raise your rates as a result of your claim, not to mention the inconvenience of submitting the claim itself.

    How to prevent package theft

    When a package is stolen, it may be quite stressful, and the claims procedure can be much more unpleasant. If you wish to reduce the likelihood of losing shipments while you’re away from home, consider the following solutions for protecting your packages while you’re gone.

    Schedule for in-person delivery

    • The most effective method of preventing mail theft is to personally accept your shipments.
    • To do this, either notify your postal service business that you require a signature for delivery or arrange for your mail to be carried to a location where someone is constantly on hand.
    • Consider asking a neighbor if they would be willing to accept delivery if you are frequently away from home.
    • Alternatively, if it is acceptable to your business and your shipment is modest, you can choose your office as the delivery destination.

    Use a lockbox service

    • When using a service such as Amazon Locker, you may have goods delivered to a lockbox, which will help to prevent mail from being stolen.
    • In addition, several supermarket and convenience stores provide this sort of service, or you may have your box delivered to your local UPS or USPS center and pick it up when you get to that location.
    • A combination-protected lockbox that stands on your doorstep and safeguards your parcels until you return home is an option if you prefer a shorter journey than driving to the post office.

    Insure your packages

    Whenever you purchase a high-value item online, such as a new iPhone or iPad, spend a few additional dollars for delivery insurance to protect your investment. Typically, you may accomplish this either directly with the seller or through the delivery company.

    Install a security camera

    • There are various low-cost home security cameras that are simple to install around the perimeter of your property, including bullet cameras.
    • Most of these cameras are compatible with your WiFi network and even have a smartphone app, allowing you to keep track of parcels left during the day.
    • The sheer appearance of these cameras may be enough to deter would-be porch pirates, but even if it isn’t, you’ll still have proof to use as the basis for a police report if necessary.
    • As an extra benefit, adding these cameras may entitle you to a reduction on your homes insurance.

    What is the value of stolen packages, and what steps have been taken by consumers?

    • In accordance with a survey commissioned by ValuePenguin, parcel theft has touched more than 40% of all Americans at some time during their lives. More than 5 out of 10 buyers reported having more than one package stolen in the previous 12 months, resulting in an average loss of $106 per home in that time period. When applied to the total number of households in the United States as determined by the Census Bureau, these averages show that porch piracy cost U.S. consumers more than $7.4 billion in the previous year: In the last year, there were an estimated 144 million victims
    • the average loss per home was $106
    • and the estimated value of stolen products in the last year was $7.4 billion.
    • Despite the high number of burglaries, over three-quarters of Americans said they have done nothing to safeguard their deliveries against theft in the future — including more than half of resp

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