What Is A Dhl Package?

DHL is a German logistics company providing courier, package delivery and express mail service, which is a division of the German logistics firm Deutsche Post. The company group delivers over 1.6 billion parcels per year. DHL Express is market leader for parcel services in Europe and Germany’s main Courier and Parcel Service.

What is DHL packet international?

DHL Packet International provides cost-effective shipping for packages up to 4.4 lbs. using the global postal network. Reliable transit times and simplified postal customs clearance are ideal for shipping light weight and lower value items. DHL Parcel International Standard

What does DHL Stand for?

DHL is an international logistics company providing courier, package delivery and express mail service, which is a division of the German logistics firm Deutsche Post. The company group delivers over 1.6 billion parcels per year.

What is a DHL tracking number?

DHL tracking numbers are a string of numbers that uniquely identify a package for domestic and international shipping DHL eCommerce, DHL Express, and DHL Freight, all offer reliable end-to-end tracking

Can I choose which DHL parcel to be delivered?

Currently you can choose between “delivery to a DHL ServicePoint” or “delivery to a agreed place around the home”. We aim to add new options soon. My parcel wasn’t delivered according to my delivery preferences.

What is DHL shipment?

What is DHL Express? DHL Express is a premium shipping option from DHL that you can use for domestic or international shipments. With a network of 220 countries, DHL is the global market leader in express delivery. An express delivery ensures your package is delivered within an exact time frame.

How do I receive a package from DHL?

Making sure your parcel gets picked up by a courier. Arrange for a courier to collect your shipment by booking a so-called pickup, either via the DHL app or via our customer service. In addition, you visit a ServicePoint in your area, where your shipment is prepared and checked.

Who delivers DHL packages in USA?

Since 2003, the Postal Service has provided last-mile delivery for DHL in over 20,000 ZIP Codes nationwide through its Parcel Select service. This expansion makes USPS the exclusive provider of delivery service to DHL for 3,600 of the nation’s 46,000 ZIP Codes through use of Priority Mail and Parcel Select service.

What is the difference between DHL and USPS?

The main differences, essentially, are that DHL is a private courier with a maximum parcel weight limit of approximately 150 lbs. that’s built a global brand on efficient cross-border deliveries while USPS, an entity of the U.S. Federal government, has a much stricter weight limit of only 70 lbs.

Is DHL delivery legit?

DHL Shipping Scam

DHL is one of the most frequently impersonated delivery companies. Scammers prompt you to click on the phishing link to track your package: Your DHL parcel is out FOR delivery today.

How long does it take for DHL to deliver?

Please keep in mind that delivery times can vary depending on the product/service and origin/destination relation, from 2-3 days for neighboring countries and up to 20 days for countries with long distances.

Does DHL take pictures of delivery?

DHL electronic proof of delivery lets you get delivery details and an image of the receiver’s signature, when captured digitally—usually within an hour of delivery. There’s no need to call customer service—now you can view, download, print or email your proof of delivery documents.

How do I know when my DHL package will arrive?

You can easily track your shipment online with our track and trace tool – you’ll know exactly where your parcel is and when it’s arriving. All you need is your shipment number. By entering the recipient’s postal code, you’ll see the sender and the recipient.

Do DHL text you before delivery?

No need to wait in for parcels

Gone are the days when a recipient needs to wait in all day for a parcel to be delivered. With our email and text notifications, your recipient will receive a one-hour time slot on the morning of the delivery and a ‘You’re next’ text when they are the next stop on the driver’s route.

Why is DHL so slow 2021?

The most common reason that it takes DHL a long time to deliver a package is that the seller hasn’t shipped it out yet. DHL can’t deliver anything until the package arrives at one of their facilities. It can sometimes take a seller up to two months to ship out a package.

How does DHL deliver in USA?

After DHL pulled out of the U.S. market in 2008–though still bringing parcels to the U.S. from abroad and having the U.S. Postal Service deliver them–it is returning to the last mile market, but using contracted couriers rather than its own fleet. The name of the service is DHL Parcel Metro.

Why does DHL need my Social Security number?

Because many foreign merchants are aware that CBP requires an identification number for the ultimate importer for formal entries, they will often request the purchaser’s social security number to include on export documents that the broker will subsequently rely on to prepare the CBP entry.

Should I ship DHL or USPS?

When it comes to price alone, USPS beats DHL. It is more competitive on shipping costs and it hits customers with fewer surcharges than DHL. If you’re a 3PL or e-commerce company sending items under 70 pounds to customers within the U.S., then your best bet is USPS.

Does DHL ship within the US?

Dependable Domestic Delivery

If you send large quantities of e-commerce orders or other B2C shipments within the U.S., our domestic products offer high-quality delivery (and returns) with reduced postage costs. This is possible with our expedited shipping process and Workshare partnership with the U.S. Postal Service.

DHL Tracking International

DHL is a global logistics company that links people in over 220 nations and territories.Because of its more than 360,000 people, DHL provides comprehensive services and customised solutions for the management and transportation of letters, commodities, and information.DHL is headquartered in Germany.DHL provides pick-up and delivery services for packages, papers, and lightweight commodities in addition to other services.

International postal services for large volumes of mail for commercial customers.Through its international express delivery services, global freight forwarding by air, sea, road and rail, warehousing solutions that include everything from packaging to repairs to storage, mail delivery worldwide, and other customized logistic services, DHL strives to help people connect and live better lives.DHL is a division of Deutsche Post DHL Group, the world’s biggest postal and logistics firm, and includes the business groups DHL Express, DHL Parcel, DHL eCommerce, DHL Global Forwarding, DHL Freight, and DHL Supply Chain.DHL is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany.

DHL Tracking Germany

Germany’s largest postal provider, DHL, sends around 59 million letters every working day, making it the largest in Europe.DHL’s products and services are aimed at both private and business customers, and range from physical, hybrid, and electronic letters to merchandise delivery, as well as additional services such as cash on delivery, registered mail, and insured items.DHL’s products and services are aimed at both private and business customers, and range from physical, hybrid, and electronic letters to merchandise delivery, as well as additional services such as cash on delivery, registered mail, and insured items.

DEFRAA Germany Tracking

It is possible that your item is stopped at the DEFRAA Germany sorting facility.If this is the case, you’ve come to the correct spot.Located at Frankfurt Airport in Germany, DEFRAA is a DHL sorting facility that sorts and delivers all DHL packages to their respective destinations.It is the Foreign Post Center (IPZ) – often known as DEFRAA – at Frankfurt International Airport that is responsible for international shipments.

Every day, 20,000 parcels and parcels arrive at the post office, and about two million postcards are sent out throughout the summer, in addition to the three million letters.Customs officials look after import cargo and make sure that no illicit products make it through.Orders from overseas are therefore delivered to DEFRAA in Frankfurt and transported there in the usual manner, which varies depending on the origin of the item, whether or not fees are required, and whether or not the sender has completed all of the necessary forms.

How long does the processing at DEFRAA take?

Processing at DEFRAA can be completed in a short period of time, but it can also take an extended period of time. Your package’s whereabouts at DEFRAA may be tracked using the shipment tracking feature. The length of time it takes to complete the procedure is dependent on several factors.

DEFRAA contact

International Post Center Telephone: +49 (0) 69 – 695 316 22 E-mail: [email protected] International Post Center

IPZ FFM Stuck in Frankfurt

Is your cargo still held in German Customs IPZ FFM (DEFRAA) despite your efforts?When tracing a cargo with Deutsche Post or DHL, you may see the acronym IPZ FFM appear sometimes.The IPZ FFM (Internationales Postzentrum Frankfurt) is also known as DEFRAA (Germany Frankfurt Airport) and is responsible for the processing of foreign shipments, as well as necessary customs clearance at the destination country’s airport.Is your shipment at IPZ Frankfurt experiencing delays?

Even though some shipments are despatched within a matter of hours, the processing of others might take several days or even weeks.It is dependent on a variety of things.For example, a declaration that is erroneous or incomplete might cause processing to be delayed.On the other side, an increased workload may also be the cause of the shipment’s being held in intermediate storage for a longer period of time.

What does IPZ FFM mean?

International Post Zone Frankfurt am Main is an acronym that stands for International Post Zone Frankfurt am Main. This is the customs area of Frankfurt International Airport.

DHL Deutsche Post IPZ Frankfurt Airport

International Post Zone Frankfurt am Main is an acronym that stands for: I – International Post Zone FFM – Frankfurt am Main. Frankfurt Airport’s customs office looks like this:

Departed from transit facility DPSZXA, DP

You can expect to wait a long time for the next tracking status to arrive once you see ″Departure from transit facility DPSZXA, DP.″ It indicates that your item has been dispatched from the Deutsche Post sorting facility at Shenzhen International Airport and is currently its route to its final destination.During that time, the package is booked on a flight, turned over to the airline, and then waits for the flight to arrive.It is then loaded, carried by air, unloaded, and then waits to be examined by customs, and only when it has been cleared by customs is the package released for delivery.

DHL Express Tracking

DHL Express shipments may be followed online using our exclusive DHL tracker, which provides access to detailed information about the progress of goods as they move through the DHL network.It is also possible to obtain tracking information by phoning DHL Express Customer Care, however all of the information accessible from customer service employees is available online as well.A DHL Express Tracking Number is essential in order to follow the progress of a cargo.Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom, and Robert Lynn started DHL in 1969, just a few months after Neil Armstrong stepped foot on the moon.

DHL was the world’s first worldwide door-to-door delivery service and was founded in 1969.In a straightforward but ground-breaking move, they decided to transport shipping documentation by air, ensuring that they arrived at customs ahead of the actual freight itself.This saved shipping businesses days, if not weeks, of time – and DHL had just launched the worldwide air express sector in the process.DHL’s Express division ensures that time-sensitive papers and items are delivered reliably and on schedule from door to door.DHL’s worldwide network, which includes more than 220 countries and territories, employs about 100,000 people who provide services to more than 2.7 million clients.

  • Known for its express services, DHL maintains a global network that includes multiple airplanes, some of which it owns 100 percent.
  • Because of the mix of internal and bought capacity, as well as the variable length of contract periods, DHL is able to respond quickly and flexibly to shifting demand.

DHL Export Services – Outbound International Express Delivery

  • DHL SAMEDAY JETLINE – Emergency next flight out: delivery in the lowest amount of time feasible
  • DHL SAMEDAY SPRINTLINE – Emergency specialized vehicle: delivery in the lowest amount of time feasible
  • DHL EXPRESS is a courier service that delivers packages quickly and efficiently. DHL EXPRESS 9:00 – Time-critical: delivery on the next possible day by 9:00 a.m
  • DHL EXPRESS 10:30 – Time-critical: delivery on the next possible day by 10:30 a.m
  • DHL EXPRESS 11:00 – Time-critical: delivery on the next possible day by 11:00 a.m
  • DHL EXPRESS 12:00 – Time-critical: delivery on the next possible day by 12:00 a.m
  • DHL EXPRESS 1:00
  • DHL EXPRESS 12:00 – When time is of the essence, delivery must occur as soon as feasible the next day by 12:00 noon.
  • DHL EXPRESS WORLDWIDE – Time-sensitive delivery: delivery by the end of the following business day if feasible
  • DHL EXPRESS ENVELOPE – Time-sensitive: papers by the end of the following feasible day – documents weighing up to 10 oz/0.6 lbs
  • documents weighing up to 10 oz/0.6 lbs
  • documents weighing up to 10 oz/0.6 lbs

DHL Tracking International

Powered by DHL’s extensive global network and years of industry expertise, DHL makes it simple for you to ship abroad with a comprehensive selection of cross-border shipping options that cover more than 220 countries and territories across the world.

DHL Packet International

When sending products weighing up to 4.4 lbs., DHL Packet International uses the worldwide postal network to provide cost-effective shipping options. Transport times that are predictable, together with streamlined postal customs processing, make shipping small weight and low-value commodities a breeze.

DHL Parcel International Standard

DHL Parcel International Standard is a parcel delivery service that ships packages to over 220 countries. Using DHL’s worldwide postal network and international shipping experience, business clients benefit from streamlined postal customs clearance, dependable transit times with end-to-end monitoring to critical destinations, and a lower cost of doing business.

DHL Parcel International Direct

Direct injection is available in 210 countries with DHL Parcel International Direct. Tracking from beginning to end, including delivery confirmation and Duties and Taxes The fact that DHL Parcel International Direct offers a paid clearing option makes it the ideal solution for cross-border E-Commerce.

DHL Domestic Express

DHL Express provides domestic time-critical and time-sensitive delivery alternatives for deliveries within the United Kingdom, as well as internationally. DHL Domestic Express offers a variety of additional insurance and tracking options, including the ability to require a signature upon delivery.

DHL Global Mail

DHL Global Mail collects and processes non-sorted, non-franked communications on behalf of its customers.DHL collects international business mail, which is subsequently sent through the postal networks of the countries where it is intended to be delivered.Priority and Standard shipping are available as options.DHL Express couriers pick up the packages, and all communication is processed and stamped in a DHL mailing house in the United Kingdom before being delivered.

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Items are traced until they reach the national postal networks of the countries where they will be delivered.DHL Global Mail is a service that may be used to transmit both professional and personal letters.When compared to mailing normal mail, this alternative is more cost-effective, especially when delivering large amounts of communication or several products at the same time.It is also used for mailing low-value products up to a maximum weight of two kilos, which is the maximum weight allowed.Communication is prepared and addressed in the same way as other international postal items.

  • Afterwards, unsorted mail is placed in DHL-provided packaging, and a DHL waybill is generated before the package is picked up by a DHL Express courier.
  • Western Europe should expect delivery periods of two to five days, and the rest of Europe can expect delivery times of three to seven days.
  • It takes between three and six days to deliver to locations in the United States and Canada, and three to eight days to deliver to addresses in the rest of the globe.
  1. Postal transit times to more remote regions might be longer and vary based on the particular postal networks in each destination country.
  2. DHL Domestic Express 9:00 is a time-critical service that guarantees delivery by 9:00 a.m.
  3. the next working day if ordered by 9:00 a.m.
  1. the previous day.
  2. DHL Domestic Express 12:00 guarantees delivery by noon on the next business day, if not earlier.
  3. Both services are accessible from all UK postcodes to significant business sites in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, and are available from all UK postcodes.
  4. Free of charge, full money-back guarantees as well as proactive delivery alerts are supplied.

DHL Global Forwarding and Freight

DHL’s air, ocean, and overland freight forwarding services include conventional transport as well as multimodal and sector-specific solutions, as well as custom-designed industrial projects for customers throughout the world.

Deutsche Post DHL Group

Deutsche Post serves European business clients with simple and economical international postal services for their mails and lightweight items via the Deutsche Post network.The Deutsche Post DHL Group works under two brands: Deutsche Post and DHL Express.Deutsche Post is the most important postal service provider in Europe.In the world’s emerging markets, DHL is well positioned to provide a full range of international express, freight transportation, e-commerce, and supply chain management services.

The Group has over 520,000 workers spread across more than 220 countries and territories throughout the world.Personal proximity, dependable quality, and ground-breaking services are all hallmarks of the Deutsche Post trademark.A key factor in its success has been the development of a unique infrastructure in Germany, continual high quality in the mail industry, and the introduction of novel services in the field of dialog marketing.When it comes to international express, logistics, and mail operations, the DHL brand stands for personal devotion, proactive solutions, and local strength in both the parcel business and international express, logistics, and mail operations.DHL’s workers, who pay close attention to their clients’ demands and provide them with personally tailored solutions, contribute to the company’s success.

  • Germany’s Bundespost was a government-controlled, deficit-ridden national agency when it was founded in 1990.
  • It has since grown into a profitable European mail and parcel service provider, with the Deutsche Post DHL Group becoming the global logistics market leader, with its stock traded on the stock exchange.
  • Since its initial public offering (IPO) in November 2000, Deutsche Post AG has been a component of the DAX 30 index since March 2001.
  1. Deutsche Post AG became the latest company to enter the Euro Stoxx 50 Index in September 2013.
  2. Deutsche Post DHL Group is Europe’s largest postal services provider and the market leader in the German mail and package sector.
  3. DHL Group is headquartered in Berlin, Germany.
  1. The corporation is known both as ″Die Post für Deutschland″ and as a worldwide participant in the international transport of mail and commodities, thanks to its powerful Deutsche Post brand and a staff of around 150,000 individuals dedicated to service excellence.
  2. In its portfolio of postal and communications services, Deutsche Post brings together the best of the past and the best of the future.
  3. These services range from mail and parcel delivery to secure electronic communication and conversational marketing for both individual and commercial clients.
  4. Historically, the corporation has been a leader in the development of innovative postal technology, carbon-neutral shipping methods, and online logistics solutions.
  1. Post, eCommerce, and Parcel (PeP) business produced sales of 18.2 billion euros in 2017, according to the company.
  2. About 220,000 people work at Deutsche Post, however only about 155,000 of them work under the Deutsche Post name.
  3. Deutsche Post DHL Group employs roughly 520,000 people globally, making it one of the world’s largest employers by number of employees.

About DHL

When Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom, and Robert Lynn formed DHL in 1969, they had no idea that their company would go on to completely transform the logistics industry.The Deutsche Post DHL Group is the world’s largest logistics enterprise today.Every day, DHL’s 360,000 employees in more than 220 countries and territories work to assist you in crossing borders, reaching new markets, and expanding your business.Alternatively, you might just write a letter to your loved ones.

Deutsche Post AG gradually acquired DHL as a worldwide air express service provider between 1998 and 2002, and has since expanded its competence by acquiring additional top logistics businesses, such as Danzas in 1999, Blue Dart in 2004/2005, and Exel at the end of 2005.

DHL Tracking 101: Tracking Number & Statuses

  • Notable aspects of DHL’s tracking system: You may follow your package via the company’s website, mobile app, email, or phone
  • When it comes to local and international shipping, DHL tracking numbers are a string of digits that are used to identify an item uniquely.
  • Every DHL service, including eCommerce and DHL Express, as well as DHL Freight, provides dependable end-to-end tracking.

DHL is one of the world’s top international courier firms, and with DHL tracking, they provide eCommerce retailers and their customers with a variety of options for staying up to current on the status of their delivery.DHL tracking is available for both domestic and international deliveries.While tracking is frequently uncomplicated, there are a number of choices that eCommerce businesses should be aware of in order to better serve their clients, particularly when delivering internationally.As part of this tutorial, we’ll go over the fundamentals of recognizing a DHL tracking number, discuss several ways to trace a package, explain what each of the different DHL statuses means, and address some frequently asked questions.

Table of Contents

01 What is the best way to track a DHL shipment?02 What is a DHL tracking number and how does it work?03 Can I track a DHL package if it does not have an assigned tracking number?04 Which DHL Services Provide Tracking Information?

06 What the DHL Online Tracking Statuses Actually Mean.06 How long does it take DHL to update the tracking information?When the DHL tracking system is not updated, what happens?08 DHL International Shipment Tracking: What You Need to Know 09 Use DHL Tracking to keep tabs on your package’s whereabouts.10 DHL Tracking Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Track a DHL Shipment?

  • A range of tracking options are available from DHL to keep track of the progress of local and international shipments. The quickest and most effective method is to go to the DHL website and input your tracking number in the appropriate field. You can enter up to ten items at a time to obtain an update on the status of your shipment and the location of your cargo. There are also the following alternatives available to you: For more information, contact DHL ExpresSMS for International: +44 7720 33 44 55 or 1-800-225-5345.
  • DHL Express Mobile App
  • through email by emailing your tracking number to
  • DHL Express website

Customers that use Easyship may monitor their packages straight from your dashboard. You can manage all of your shipments from there, as well as obtain complete tracking information and status updates. Also available is the option to configure your account to automatically email customized tracking information to your clients in order to keep them up to date on the status of their orders.

What is a DHL Tracking Number?

  • For domestic and international shipping, a tracking number is a string of numbers and letters that is used to identify a cargo as it moves through the shipping system. When you make a purchase from an online retailer or shipper, you will get an email confirmation or notification that includes your tracking number. The tracking numbers for DHL are available in a variety of formats, depending on the service being used. DHL Express: A ten-digit numeric code that begins with 000, JJD01, JJD00, JVGL, or a similar version of these letters and numbers. DHL Parcel: ten digital numeric characters beginning with 3S, JVGL, or JJD
  • starting with 3S, JVGL, or JJD. DHL eCommerce: This number ranges from 10 to 39 characters and begins with GM, LX, RX, or any combination of up to five letters. DHL Global Forwarding is available in a variety of forms. 7 digit numeric alone, e.g. 4567810
  • begins with 1 number followed by 2 letters and 4-6 numbers, e.g. 2AB45678
  • begins with 3 or 4 letters, e.g. CDF45678
  • begins with 1 number followed by 2 letters and 4-6 numbers, e.g. 2AB45678 It starts with a three-digit carrier code, followed by a dash, and then an eight-digit number

Can I Track a DHL Package Without a Tracking Number?

You should contact the shipper or merchant to check if they have a tracking number if you do not already have one, since this will be the quickest and most convenient method of tracking a delivery if you do not have one.Attempting to utilize a reference number that was supplied by putting it into the tracking system for the service that you ordered, such as DHL Express, may be a viable option in some circumstances.

Which DHL Services Offer Tracking?

  • Customers may choose from a wide selection of domestic and international parcel delivery services, all of which are tracked from beginning to finish by DHL’s portfolio of logistics products and solutions. For eCommerce company clients, DHL eCommerce offers domestic and worldwide shipping options together with an online customer interface for tracking orders.
  • With DHL Express, you can transport envelopes and packages domestically and internationally with overnight delivery possibilities. DHL ProView, an online fast tracking service, is also included.
  • In addition to domestic and international freight shipment for business, DHL Freight also provides active tracking.

What the DHL Online Tracking Statuses Mean

  • A tracking number from DHL allows you to keep track on the progress of your package at various stages. Here’s a quick overview of the definitions for each of the different statuses: Currently in transit or in progress: The delivery of a package has begun for you or the intended recipient.
  • When a shipment or cargo has arrived at its foreign destination, it is referred to as having arrived.
  • The following item has been pre-advised: A box that has already been labeled for delivery but has not yet been picked up by the courier
  • Poste Restante: The parcel will be held at the destination post office until it is picked up by the intended recipient or addressee
  • or
  • Upon arrival at the courier facility, the parcel has already been checked for authenticity.
  • Redirected: The package was returned because the address on the package was incorrect, and as a result, the delivery must be redelivered.
  • When a shipment is marked as ″Out for Delivery,″ it indicates that it has already arrived at its destination.
  • Customs has been cleared: The package has been processed through customs.
  • Delivery that did not go as planned In an attempt to deliver your package, there were some issues with the delivery
  • Return to Sender: For whatever reason, the shipment is returned to the sender. Listed below are examples of the tracking statuses that you may encounter whether you are using DHL worldwide mail tracking or any other tracking solution

How Long Does It Take for DHL to Update Tracking?

It shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes for DHL to update tracking information after every status check under normal circumstances. This update is created by an electronic gadget, which may be accessed from a DHL facility or from the field, depending on the situation.

What Happens When DHL Tracking Isn’t Updated?

There are a variety of reasons why the status of a package with a DHL tracking number does not change. There have been instances where a parcel has been passed off to a local postal service for the final leg of the delivery trip. Contact DHL customer support by phone at 1-800-225-5345 and provide the tracking number in order to be certain.

How to Track International Shipments with DHL

International shipping is covered by DHL eCommerce in 220 countries and territories, and a variety of items are available, all of which feature end-to-end tracking.Final mile delivery will be handled by the local postal service, therefore you will need to get in touch with them for an update on the status of your package.Here’s how you’d go about obtaining the right matching postal service tracking number for a package being shipped from Brooklyn to Hong Kong:

  1. To begin, collect your tracking number, which may be obtained either through DHL or via your Easyship Dashboard
  2. In the following step, you will navigate to the DHL eCommerce tracking website.
  3. The tracking number for the local postal service is provided when you input the tracking number
  4. otherwise, nothing will happen.

Keep an Eye on Your Package with DHL Tracking

When you use DHL Tracking, it is simple and straightforward to maintain track of your shipments.They provide different channels for seeking up a tracking number and provide status updates at various stages along the shipment’s journey.Easyship provides eCommerce retailers with comprehensive tracking capabilities that are accessible directly from their dashboard, allowing them to instantly monitor the progress of a delivery with DHL and other carriers.If you create a tracking page for each shipment, your clients will be able to know where their product is at every step of the way.

In certain circumstances, this tracking page will be more accurate than the courier website.Sign up for an Easyship account right away to get a jumpstart on your shipment.

DHL Tracking FAQ

Is it possible to track my DHL driver?In certain cases, DHL provides end-to-end shipping services that include status updates and tracking information for the package or parcel; however, you are unable to connect with a DHL driver directly through their website or app.What does the term ″clearing event″ in DHL tracking mean?A clearing event indicates that an item with a DHL tracking number is now being processed at the customer’s location, which can take anywhere from 2-3 days.

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What is the best way to track my DHL air waybill?Because the waybill and tracking number are the identical, you should be able to follow your package that way; otherwise, you should contact DHL through their customer care channels.What happens if a shipment is delivered to the incorrect address by DHL?If you believe your shipment was delivered to the incorrect address, you will need to contact the shipping company directly and provide them with your tracking number in order to remedy the issue.It is recommended that you contact the merchant from whom you purchased the bundle as well in order to remedy the problem.

  • What should you do if your DHL tracking does not work?
  • This might be due to the fact that the tracking number has not been scanned into the system yet, or that the tracking number is erroneous or not genuine.
  • The first step is to get in touch with the eCommerce merchant or shipper to make sure you have the accurate tracking number for your order.
  1. Afterwards, you’ll need to speak with someone from DHL’s customer support department.

Frequently asked questions

Our team will respond as quickly as possible to any queries or concerns you may have about your cargo, whether you’ve missed a delivery or simply want to monitor your package. We’ve also compiled a list of frequently asked questions, which may or may not include the solution to your inquiry. If they do not, please get in touch with our customer service department.


When will DHL be able to deliver my package?What is the location of the nearest delivery point?When will I be notified that my package has arrived?Will the individual who receives my package be responsible for paying import duties?

My parcel is still inside the locker, despite the fact that I’ve closed it.What should I do in this situation?Is it possible for me to arrange an international business shipment?What kind of cushioning should I put in my package?What happens in the event that something goes wrong?

  • I have not gotten a shipping label for my package.
  • What should I do in this situation?
  • What address should I use to deliver my package?
  1. What is the purpose of entering the recipient’s e-mail address?
  2. Is it possible to get a list of all the packages I’ve sent?
  3. Is it possible to ship a package to a PO Box?
  1. In what way does the receiver know that my package has been delivered to a DHL facility?
  2. Can you tell me what the current status of my returned order is?
  3. What is the best way to monitor my foreign package?
  4. When will the payment for the shipping label be paid to my credit card if I purchase with a credit card?
  1. I’m mailing my package in a carbon-neutral manner.
  2. What exactly does this mean?
  3. Will it be more expensive for me to ship something that is climate-neutral?
  4. Is it possible to ship all of my packages with DHL in a climate-neutral manner?
  5. What is the procedure for printless shipping?


In the event that my package is delayed or lost, what should I do?My package has been delivered to a DHL Locker location.How do I go about getting it?Can you tell me how long the DHL ServicePoint will store my package?

Do you know what happens if you have your package delivered to a DHL Locker?What is the validity period of my delivery code?Is it possible for someone other than me to pick up the item at the DHL ServicePoint?I’d like to express my dissatisfaction with the way my package was delivered.What can I do to help?

  • My package has been returned to its original sender.
  • What can I do to help?
  • Is it possible to have my package delivered to a different location?
  1. I have not gotten a tracking number for my order.
  2. What should I do in this situation?
  3. When can I expect my package to be delivered?
  1. What happens if a package cannot be delivered on time?
  2. The’safe location surrounding the home’ delivery choice entails what, exactly, it is.
  3. What is the operation of the Agreed Place service?
  4. Is it necessary to schedule a separate delivery appointment for each package?
  1. Is it safe to use Agreed Place as a meeting location?
  2. What is causing me to be unable to view the Agreed Place option?
  3. What happens if the parcel does not arrive at the agreed-upon location?
  4. After DHL has dropped off the package at the agreed-upon location, who is responsible?
  5. What are ″delivery preferences″ and how do they work?

Who has the authority to establish delivery preferences?What is the benefit of specifying my delivery preferences?What motivated DHL Parcel to create this service?What is the best way to define my basic delivery preferences?Which delivery options do I have the option to select?

My item was not delivered in the manner in which I had requested it to be sent.What should I do in this situation?What is the best way to determine whether my item will be delivered in accordance with my delivery preferences?My local DHL ServicePoint is closed at the moment.What should I do in this situation?In what time frame will my delivery choices be implemented?

DHL Shipment On Hold

When it comes to shipping packages, the majority of consumers have grown to anticipate extensive tracking features.Many people may check the tracking status on a regular basis to make sure they have the most up-to-date information on the whereabouts of their cargo.When the shipment arrives at a facility or departs from a facility, and even while the product is in transit, you expect to get updates.What does it imply, on the other hand, when you receive the notice ″DHL cargo on hold?″ When do you expect this to last, and do you have any suggestions on what you might do to get the package going again?

Continue reading and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the current status of the situation.

What “DHL Shipment On Hold” Means

When you notice the notification ″DHL shipment on hold,″ it signifies that your delivery has been halted in its progress through the carrier’s network on its way to its destination.It has essentially come to a complete halt and is presently simply sitting for whatever reason.Due to an unanticipated event, DHL is unable to continue shipping the item along its journey route.It is possible that DHL will place a shipment on hold for a variety of reasons, which might vary from severe weather to missing information from the sender.

Following that, we’ll go over the most typical reasons for this problem in further depth.The majority of the time, when you receive this warning, it indicates that your package will arrive late.The duration of time that a product is placed on hold varies based on what is prompting the hold to be placed on the item.Most holds are cleared in less than a week, and you normally don’t have to do anything to start it flowing again once it has been stopped.Continue to check the status to find out when the item has been rerouted and to obtain an updated delivery date for the parcel.

10 Common Reasons For Shipment On Hold Status

So, what exactly is the reason for a cargo being placed on hold? The cause for this might be related to any number of factors. The majority of the time, one of the 10 factors stated below will be the cause. Let’s take a closer look at what is causing these shipment delays.

— Inclement Weather

Weather delays are a typical source of shipment delays, and they can happen at any time.This is a common occurrence while shipping overseas cargo.Possibly, a hurricane has forced the cargo ship to be late in departing from the dock.It is also possible that it is more local to your delivery region.

Due to adverse weather, such as tornado warnings or snowstorms, the delivery driver may be unable to leave his or her vehicle and make deliveries.This matter is normally resolved within a day or two, and your shipment is rerouted to its intended destination.

— Natural Disaster

Other than natural calamities, shipping delays are frequently caused by human error.Whenever a crisis occurs that stops DHL from entering a region and delivering deliveries, or when a disaster affects DHL infrastructure, this is what happens.It’s possible that flooding in the region has caused all travel to be halted for many days.The same may be said for container ships, which may be unable to arrive or unload until the docks have been restored if a typhoon has damaged them.

This particular cause can take several days or even weeks to resolve in some circumstances, as the recovery following a natural catastrophe might take several days or even weeks in certain cases.In this case, your best choice may be to call DHL customer service to arrange an other pick-up site, such as a DHL ServicePoint in your area, as a last resort.

— COVID-19

Over the past few months, the COVID epidemic has been responsible for an unprecedented number of shipment delays.Staffing difficulties due by COVID infections have prohibited several carriers from handling the volume of parcels that they should have been able to manage.In addition, because of the large number of individuals who are purchasing products via the Internet, COVID has seen a surge in the volume of parcels.The combination of increased volume and reduced manpower has resulted in an increasing number of shipments being held on hold until the workforce can catch up with the amount of work that needs to be completed.

— Port Congestion

Possibly because of the reasons described above, this has occurred.Because of a lack of qualified personnel, cargo ship unloading is taking longer at most ports across the world.Consequently, there is frequently no room available at the port for the following ship to dock as a result of this.Ships are stranded offshore, waiting for docking space to become available at the port.

When a ship is compelled to anchor and wait, your shipment will be held until the situation is resolved.Due to the fact that port congestion is totally out of DHL’s control, there is regrettably nothing that they can do to fix the situation.

— Shortage Of Shipping Space

Perhaps your product is required to be loaded into a specific vehicle or ship in order to be transported to its next destination, but that truck or ship may be completely filled.Your package will then have to wait until the next vessel arrives and can be loaded before it can be delivered.Due to a lack of available space, your shipment will be delayed, and your DHL delivery will be put on hold until more room becomes available.As soon as a new vessel arrives and your cargo resumes its journey, you should notice an update to your expected arrival date appear on your screen.

— Change In Shipping Route

When there is a change in the delivery route, it is possible that your DHL parcel shipment will be delayed.This might occur as a result of inclement weather or simply because DHL has to adjust its schedule.Perhaps the vessel will need to make a second port of call in order to pick up extra goods.Packages currently on the truck or ship are usually always exempt from delivery when the route is changed due to unforeseen circumstances like these.

Even while this seldom results in a significant delay, it might be disheartening to watch your expected delivery date being pushed back farther and further into the future.

— Incomplete Shipping Information

Unfortunately, this is a problem that affects many carriers, not only DHL, on a regular basis.FedEx, USPS, and UPS are all companies that deal with a good amount of inaccurate information.This occurs when the shipper fails to provide sufficient information to the carrier in order for the package to be delivered effectively, as described above.It’s possible that the shipper neglected to include a ZIP code, or that they failed to supply the correct contact information for the receiver.

It’s possible that they gave the street address for the delivery destination but failed to include the building number.As a result, DHL will often make many attempts to contact both the sender and the destination in order to obtain the necessary information so that they may attempt to deliver the package.This is an issue that you may assist in resolving, and it typically arises on the final leg of the delivery process, when your delivery boy is trying delivery at the final location.

— Incomplete Customs Documentation

Obviously, this is an issue that arises most commonly with overseas shipments.In virtually all cases, incomplete documentation will cause your package to be held up in customs.Customs and Border Protection (CBP) demands a slew of paperwork for products entering the United States.These documents include the commercial invoice, the bill of lading, the packing list, the arrival notice, and the payment of all applicable customs duties and taxes.

If any of these papers are missing or incomplete, DHL will need to cooperate with both the sender and the receiver to acquire the information that is necessary.It is possible that customs officers will decide to request additional documentation as well, which will result in further delays.Customs clearance is often one of the most prevalent causes of shipping delays, particularly when the cargo is arriving from another nation.

— Shortage Of Vessels Or Vehicles

Occasionally, in addition to the limitation of available space on current cars, as explained above, there is also a shortage of automobiles themselves available for purchase.There may be parcels or freight waiting to be loaded into a truck or vessel at DHL’s facility, but there are none available at this time.In certain circumstances, this problem is linked to the COVID epidemic since there is a scarcity of drivers to operate the cars.No matter whether the shortfall is caused by a lack of drivers or by a lack of cars, the conclusion will be the same.

If you order a package through DHL, expect it to be delivered later than anticipated.

— Social Unrest

Occasionally, in addition to the limitation of available space on current cars, as explained above, there is a shortage of actual automobiles available for purchase.While it is possible that DHL has parcels or freight ready to be put onto a vehicle or vessel, there are none accessible at the moment.As a result of a scarcity of drivers to operate the cars, this issue has been linked to the COVID epidemic in some circumstances.There will be no difference in the outcome depending on whether the shortfall is due to a lack of drivers or a lack of cars.

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Your DHL cargo will be delayed, and you will not receive it as quickly as you had hoped or anticipated.

How Long Will “DHL Shipment On Hold Status” Last?

As a result, it is impossible to provide a definitive response because the timing is dependent on the precise cause of the delay.In the majority of circumstances, concerns with shipments on hold are resolved within 5 to 7 business days in most cases.Some DHL customers have reported that their shipping status has been removed within a day.As an example, assume there is a blizzard on Monday that prevents trucks from operating as usual on Tuesday.

The snowstorm, on the other hand, might finish by Monday evening, and personnel could be out clearing roads by Monday night.Things might be back to normal by Tuesday, assuming all goes as planned.Keep in mind that DHL does not deliver on Saturdays in the United States, even under regular circumstances.However, this is in comparison to a customs hold-up that may extend for many weeks.Consider the scenario in which there is a lack of documentation and the sender is slow to provide the additional information required by customs.

  • It is possible that this issue will take several working days to resolve.
  • In such circumstances, it is possible that some packages will take several weeks to cross customs.
  • Having your tracking number in your hand and checking the tracking page on the DHL Express website only to have the same message there for days on end may be quite inconvenient.
  1. Fortunately, the vast majority of delays are shorter than a week in duration.

Resolving A Shipment On Hold Status

How can you resolve the situation now that you understand what a cargo on hold implies and how long it may last?In the majority of circumstances, you will not be required to contact the shipping firm.DHL will take care of the majority of the concerns, and your shipment will be able to resume its journey.However, there may be instances where contacting DHL customer support is required.

Take note of how long the ″on hold″ status message has been shown for the first time.It is probable that the warning will be removed within a day or two if there is terrible weather or an unexpected route modification.If the message has been in your inbox for less than a couple of days, you should not need to contact DHL to resolve the situation.It is necessary to contact DHL customer service if the notification is shown for longer than a few of days.In most cases, customer support will be able to give more information on the reason for the delay.

  • They can tell you whether or not they require further information from you in order to resolve the situation.
  • The majority of the time, this only applies when there is insufficient shipment information or insufficient customs papers on hand.
  • In most cases, there is nothing that the consumer can do to assist in the resolution of other concerns.
  1. Please make every effort to submit any extra information that DHL may want as quickly as possible.
  2. This will assist in resolving the issue and expediting the shipment through the transportation route to its final destination as quickly as possible.

The Bottom Line

Because a DHL cargo being placed on hold nearly usually indicates that your parcel will be delayed in its arrival, the hold status can be quite aggravating.The reason and duration of the delay, on the other hand, might differ.Some minor delays may be resolved within 24 hours, however others may take several days or even weeks to resolve, depending on the circumstances.The most typical reasons for delays are severe weather and difficulty with customs clearance..

In the vast majority of circumstances, the recipient will not be required to take any action since DHL will handle the situation and the package will resume its journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my DHL shipment not moving?

There might be a variety of factors contributing to this. It’s possible that it’s not moving because it’s being held up at customs. It might also be caused by inclement weather, a natural catastrophe, societal upheaval, or a shortage of available transportation. In most cases, calling DHL customer care will provide you with further information about the cause for the delay.

How can I get my shipment status to change from on hold?

In most cases, you will not be required to do any action in order to have your status changed from ″on hold.″ In the vast majority of situations, DHL is already working to resolve the situation.In certain rare instances, a delay may be caused by incorrect shipping information being provided.When this occurs, either the shipper or the recipient will be responsible for providing DHL with the relevant information.This will allow them to get your shipment back to you while it is still on its way to its destination.

What do I need to do to release my shipment?

Customs will not release your package until all of the necessary documentation has been received in its appropriate and full form.Whether your item is being held up, you should call DHL to find out if you need to give any extra information, such as a commercial invoice, bill of lading, or packing list, to expedite the process.If you fail to provide all of the essential documentation, your shipment will be delayed.

Is there anything I need to do when I see a DHL On Hold status?

Until all necessary and full documentation has been received by customs, your package will be held for inspection.Whether your item is being held up, you should call DHL to find out if you need to give any extra information, such as a commercial invoice, bill of lading, or packing list, to expedite the delivery.Your shipment will be delayed if you do not supply all of the relevant paperwork..

DHL Express: Domestic & Worldwide Shipping for E-commerce Stores

Are you interested in learning more about how DHL Express operates as a delivery firm, what its advantages are, and why you would want to use it? Throughout this post, we’ll look at the many shipping choices available, and we’ll also cover all of the answers to commonly asked questions – and more!

What is DHL Express?

If you are delivering domestically or internationally, DHL Express is a high-end shipping service from DHL that you should consider.DHL is the global market leader in express delivery, with a network spanning 220 nations and territories.When you choose express delivery, you can rest assured that your shipment will arrive within the specified time range.Many online consumers like this kind of delivery since it allows them to know exactly when to expect their goods to be delivered.

In addition, the number of failed delivery attempts is reduced as a result of this.In this article, we’ll discuss why you should use this carrier, what the terms and conditions are, and how this shipping option works through Sendcloud.Upon request, we would gladly explain everything in detail so that you may benefit from it.

DHL Express vs. DHL Parcel

DHL Express and DHL Parcel are two independent firms that are both owned by the same parent corporation, Deutsche Post DHL. The carrier provides a wide range of international express services that are both flexible and dependable in their delivery alternatives. The differences between the two firms are shown in the table below.

DHL Express DHL Parcel
Domestic deliveries made the next morning Domestic deliveries made the next day
Global service European service
Fastest delivery worldwide Delivery time depends on destination
30-70 kg maximum 20 kg
No pallet shipments Pallet shipment possible at an additional rate

When does DHL Express deliver?

  • DHL Express and DHL Parcel are two independent firms that are both owned by the same parent corporation, Deutsche Post DHL International AG. It provides a number of international express services with a choice of delivery alternatives that are both diverse and dependable. The differences between the two firms are illustrated in the table below. a

The time it takes for your order to arrive is determined by the shipping method you select. DHL Express is a high-end shipping option that also provides Saturday delivery service.

Benefits of using DHL Express via Sendcloud

  • This is something we can’t stress enough: the top checkouts provide a variety of shipping alternatives. For this reason, Sendcloud allows you to mix numerous delivery choices and carriers to find the one that is the greatest match for your online business. This enables you to meet the needs of increasingly demanding consumers both domestically and globally. Express deliveries are an add-on to your checkout process as well as an additional service for your clients. It also enhances the likelihood of an item being delivered on the very first delivery attempt as well. On a global scale, you may also provide consumers with a variety of options throughout the checkout process while still guaranteeing timely delivery. The following are the advantages for you: Delivery on the next working day before 9 am and between 9 am and midday for domestic shipments
  • Delivery on the first possible business day for international shipments
  • Delivery on the first possible business day for domestic shipments
  • Delivery on the first possible business day for international shipments
  • Delivery on the first possible business day for domestic shipments
  • Premium delivery options
  • SMS tracking
  • and free pick-up are all available.
  • Sendcloud provides fully automated sending
  • Sendcloud Insurance provides affordable extra insurance
  • On Demand Delivery provides an additional service to your clients
  • and Sendcloud Insurance provides affordable additional insurance.

DHL Express is the most expedient international shipping solution available on the market. The delivery time is determined by the destination: how long your shipment is on the road until it arrives. Here you can see how fast your delivery will be delivered to the location of your choice.

DHL On Demand Delivery for all your Express shipments

Following the shipment of a parcel, On Demand Delivery provides your consumer with the ability to select from a variety of flexible delivery choices.Following the transfer of the package to DHL Express, your customer will be alerted through SMS and/or email, and will be provided with a link to the On Demand Delivery system.A variety of options are available to the consumer, including service point delivery, a different delivery date, and other options.In this approach, you can provide even more value to your consumer without having to do any additional effort.

Highlight: DHL Express Domestic before 9 am

  • We’re all running out of time and would appreciate it if we could receive our package as soon as we hit the order button. It becomes an appealing option to use DHL Express Domestic before 9 a.m. as a result. DHL ensures that the parcel will be delivered by 9 a.m. the next business day on every occasion. There are various advantages to using this delivery method for domestic items, which include the following: This is particularly useful for things that must be delivered extremely quickly, such as perishable goods.
  • Specific delivery times
  • for example, late afternoon pick-up mixed with early morning delivery
  • real-time tracking
  • and more.
  • Priority shipments will be subject to additional procedures.

Terms and Conditions: Domestic & Worldwide

The terms and conditions of the carrier with whom you are shipping are always vital to take into consideration. If you do not follow these instructions, you may be subject to surcharges. We will provide you with a list of the most relevant requirements for each delivery option:

DHL Express Domestic before 9 am

  • This delivery option is available for all domestic deliveries made before 9 a.m. on the next business day. This agreement is subject to the terms and conditions set out below: Each component may only weigh a maximum of 30 kg, and its maximum dimensions are 120 x 80 x 80 (L x W x H).
  • A maximum volume weight of 200 kg per m3 (length, width, and height multiplied by 5000)
  • The total weight of the cargo is limited to 300 kg (no pallets are allowed)
  • The cost of each cargo is determined by its weight class.

In the event that your cargo is longer than 120 cm, heavier than 30 kg, or has a volume weight greater than 200 kg, DHL will impose an additional fee. Unexpected surprises are seldom enjoyable, so avoid taking the chance. If you have any questions or concerns concerning a shipment, please do not hesitate to contact our sales department.

DHL Express Domestic before noon

  • This shipping option is available for all domestic deliveries made between the hours of 9 a.m. and noon the next business day. The advantage of this choice is that it is less expensive than delivery before 9 a.m., and it also allows for a larger weight per piece. The following are the terms and conditions that apply: 70 kg maximum weight per piece
  • 120 80 80 (L x W x H) maximum dimensions per piece
  • maximum volume weight: 200 kg per m3 (L x W x H/5000)
  • 120 80 80 (L x H) maximum dimensions per piece
  • The total weight of the cargo is limited to 300 kg (no pallets are allowed)
  • The cost of each cargo is determined by its weight class.

You must also consider these considerations if you want to avoid costs when shipping with DHL Express Domestic before noon.

Worldwide Terms and Conditions

  • There are a lot of extra advantages to using DHL Express Worldwide. For example, the overall weight of the package may be much more than the stated weight. If you choose this shipping option, you may expect your package to arrive by the end of the first feasible working day. The following are the terms and conditions: The following are the maximum piece dimensions: 120 x 80 x 80 (L x W x H)
  • A piece’s maximum weight is 70 kg, while a m3’s maximum volume weight is 200 kg per 5000 litres (length, width, and height).
  • The total weight of the package cannot exceed 1000 kg (there are no pallets).

In the same way that you must examine the criteria of DHL Express Domestic (before 9 a.m.and before noon), you must also consider the conditions of DHL Express Worldwide in order to avoid fees.You might be interested in learning more about another one of DHL’s international shipping options.Read more about DHL GLOBALMAIL, a solution offered by DHL Express in conjunction with Deutsche Post, in our recent article.

What is the volume weight?

DHL refers to the volume weight as ‘volumetric weight’, which reflects how dense the parcel is in terms of volume.When determining which is greater, the estimated weight is compared against the actual weight of the parcel.With the goal of making the transportation procedure as efficient as possible, this minimizes overloading.Check the volume weight of your shipment again

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