What Is A Local Post Office Exception?

An exception occurs when a package or shipment encounters an unforeseen event, which could result in a change to the expected delivery day. Examples of exception include: address unknown, damage to shipment, or signature not received.
An exception occurs when a package or shipment encounters an unforeseen event, which could result in a change to the expected delivery day. Examples of exception include: address unknown, damage to shipment, or signature not received.

What are the most common exceptions to USPS Tracking?

The most common exceptions are adverse weather & businesses being closed, and incorrect delivery address on the shipping label. All of these exception can cause delays in your package being delivered. All of the carriers have the same exceptions. Not just UPS. What does the delivery exception for USPS tracking mean?

What are the most common exceptions to package delivery?

The most common exceptions are adverse weather & businesses being closed, and incorrect delivery address on the shipping label. All of these exception can cause delays in your package being delivered. All of the carriers have the same exceptions.

What does it mean when ups says “delivery exception”?

Originally Answered: What does it mean when a status for a UPS delivery says ‘delivery exception’? There was a delay in your package being delivered due to an “exception”. The most common exceptions are adverse weather & businesses being closed, and incorrect delivery address on the shipping label.

What does delivery attempted-no access to delivery location (this is from USPS)?

What does it mean that delivery attempted – no access to delivery location (this is from USPS)? There are many reasons why your package was tagged as “Delivery attempted – no access to the delivery location”. It may be your mailbox is already full and they couldn’t put new mail inside.

What does it mean when your package has a delivery exception?

What does the “delivery exception” status mean? A delivery exception means your package is temporarily delayed while in transit due to unavoidable circumstances. The reason could be inclement weather, a natural disaster, a vehicle issue like a flat tire, or other conditions.

How long does delivery exception take?

How long does a shipment exception last? The duration of a shipment exception depends on what caused the delay, but most exceptions are resolved in less than seven days.

Will I still get my package if it says shipment exception?

A delivery exception may be issued anytime a package is delayed or undeliverable, but it doesn’t always indicate that your package will arrive late. In certain instances, a package does still arrive at its final destination on time, even after a delivery exception occurs.

What does USPS processing exception mean?

If you get a USPS update that says “processing exception,” it means your package has been delayed, most likely for one of the common delivery exception reasons. Depending on the package status indicated in the update, USPS may attempt to deliver the package again on the next day (except Sundays).

What does delivery exception no attempt made mean?

One of the more frustrating parts of a delivery exception is when you get a notice of “delivery not attempted.” In these cases, a delivery exception caused the carrier not even to attempt the delivery and means your package would be delayed by at least one day.

What does delivery exception mean returned to facility for inspection?

Generally means when the driver went to grab it to deliver it the package was damaged (beyond just needing some tape) so they bring it back for QA to asses. Normally these things are caught before they even get loaded on the truck, but it could have fallen off a shelf or something while out for delivery.

What does it mean when FedEx says local delivery restriction?

The shipped package below is flagged with the exception “Local delivery restriction – Delivery not attempted.” The screenshot below is an example of what a customer might see.

Why is USPS returning to sender?

There are several reasons why USPS or UPS may return a package as undeliverable: The address was incomplete or incorrect. The package information didn’t match what was entered on the label, and the postage owed was not charged through the USPS APV System. The recipient declined the package.

What is local delivery restriction?

Basically means something local to your area is going on that prevented it from being delivered. Could be anything from weather to an accident to 3 delivery people calling off sick on the same day.

What does shipment exception emergency delay in transit mean?

An exception occurs when a package is temporarily delayed while in transit. Every effort is made to deliver every package as soon as possible, so an exception does not necessarily denote a late shipment.

What do I do if my package gets stuck in customs?

If your package is held at customs, you should contact the courier company in charge of your shipment. Normally, they should be able to help you with the customs clearing process, or even, just identifying the problem. Before contact, make sure you have the tracking number to give it to the courier to check its status.

What does ups exception mean?

“An exception is any event or situation that causes a shipment delivery to be rescheduled. Exceptions, such as an incorrect address, can occur for a variety of reasons and are explained within the detailed shipment information.” (from the UPS FAQ)

What does USPS exception mean?

  • No one to sign for the package
  • businesses being closed
  • the package was damaged somewhere in the delivery network
  • incorrect address information (i.e. incorrect street number,incorrect street name,no such person at delivery address,incorrect city,incorrect postal/zip code
  • inability to deliver to addr
  • What is an USPS delivery exception?

  • Types of Delivery Exceptions. There are several delivery exceptions and they differ even with the shipping carriers you choose to ship.
  • Incorrect shipping address and label damages.
  • Holidays.
  • Pickup and deliveries.
  • Loss and damage.
  • FedExDelivery Exceptions.
  • USPS Delivery Exceptions.
  • UPS Delivery Exceptions.
  • What is USPS Processing exception?

    USPS processing exception means that for whatever reason, employee, weather or machine malfunction, mail has been delayed from it’s anticipated movement thru the mailstream. You may have to call to get specific details.

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    What is a Delivery Exception for FedEx, USPS & UPS

    • The following are the main points:A delivery exception occurs when a cargo is subjected to an unforeseen incident that may cause its delivery date to be altered
    • Order delays can be caused by a variety of factors, including customs delays, adverse weather conditions, federal holidays, and damaged labels.
    • The length of time it takes to resolve a shipping exception is dependent on what caused the delay, however most are handled in less than 7 days.
    1. Potential eCommerce shoppers place a high value on on-time delivery as one of the most critical factors.
    2. As an online merchant, you must do all in your power to match the expectations of your customers.
    3. Unexpected delays in the delivery process, however, might result in a delivery exception, no matter how much attention and care you put into it.
    4. A delivery exception occurs when a shipment is subjected to an unforeseen incident that causes the package’s delivery date to be altered.

    Receiving a notice from a carrier that a shipment is delayed might be frustrating for your customers.As a result, consumers look to you for assistance.This is why it’s critical to understand delivery exceptions and how to deal with them when they occur.

    Easyship assists you in dealing with shipping exceptions by automating these alerts, ensuring that you never miss a beat when dealing with upset consumers.You will discover how to handle delivery exceptions, why these exceptions occur, and how to make the delivery process more pleasant for your consumers by reading this article.

    Table of Contents

    1. 01 What is a Delivery Exception and how does it occur?
    2. Types of Delivery Exceptions 02 4 Exceptions to the Rule Exceptions to FedEx Ground Delivery 04 Exceptions to the United States Postal Service’s Delivery Policy Exceptions to UPS Ground Delivery 06 DHL Delivery Exceptions to Be Aware Of 07 5 Justifications for Delivery Delays or Exceptions 08 How to Deal with a Delay in the Delivery Process Easyship’s Assistance with Delivery Exceptions (No.
    3. 09) Easyship helps you avoid delivery exceptions in 10 ways.
    4. 11 Delivery Exceptions Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a Delivery Exception?

    1. The majority of individuals are perplexed as to what a delivery exception is.
    2. A delivery exception, also known as a shipment exception, occurs when a delivery date is modified as a result of an unforeseeable event.
    3. The most basic definition of a delivery exception is a notification that informs the receiver that their shipment has met an issue while in transit and must be returned.
    4. It is possible for courier services to experience problems even with sophisticated systems and shipping technologies when your products are in route.

    Regardless of whether these delays are the consequence of human error, shipping exceptions might result in dissatisfied consumers.Although this is frequently true, it is not always the case.Some things do arrive on schedule, despite the fact that they were subject to a shipment exception.

    4 Types of Delivery Exceptions

    It is not all delivery exceptions that are made equal, though. There are various distinct forms of cargo exceptions, and each courier company handles these exceptions in a somewhat different way than the others.

    Incorrect Address and Label Damage

    1. Delivery problems are caused by incorrect mailing addresses or broken shipping labels.
    2. To avoid this, double-check the address of the person who will receive the message before sending it.
    3. Even a single incorrect number in a zip code or apartment number might result in complications.
    4. Carriers frequently return items with the incorrect address to the dispatch station or the sender, which can cause delivery times to be extended significantly.


    Delivery exceptions are frequently seen during the Christmas season, owing to the increased volume of deliveries. If you are shipping during the busy season, double-check that all shipment information is accurate, including the package weight, dimensions, and pick-up timings. Taking the time to be diligent is the most effective method to minimize delivery problems during these times.

    Pick-Ups and Deliveries

    1. Pick-up exceptions arise when a carrier is unable to locate the delivery location or the address for a planned pick-up for any reason.
    2. Consequently, you should resubmit the pickup request and offer a new pick-up time for the carrier in this situation.
    3. Delivery problems can occur in a variety of settings.
    4. For example, a delivery may be unable to be completed owing to an erroneous address, severe weather conditions, damaged labels, or the recipient’s inability to accept delivery.

    Loss and Damage

    1. Accidents do happen, despite the best efforts of shipping businesses to prevent them.
    2. When an accident occurs while a package is in route, carriers frequently place the shipment on hold rather than completing the delivery.
    3. Damaged shipments are returned to the first dispatch station with a damaged notice attached in these instances.
    4. Make sure that your items are packaged carefully in order to reduce the chance of damage during transportation.

    Shipment losses, like damages, can occur on a sporadic basis.If a shipping business discovers that a package has gone missing and will not be able to be delivered, you will be reimbursed for the loss.

    FedEx Delivery Exceptions

    1. If there is no one at home to accept the box, FedEx will provide a delivery exception due to customs delays, holiday delays, missing documents, and other factors.
    2. In the company’s words, ″An exception happens when an item is briefly delayed while in route,″ but it also notes that ″every effort is taken to deliver every box as quickly as possible, thus an exception does not inevitably indicate a late shipment.″ It is possible that you may receive a notification with the code ″PMX.″ If the package was unable to be delivered within the courier’s typical route, it was returned to a delivery station for the night and a second effort at delivery would be made the following morning.
    3. More information on FedEx delivery exceptions may be found here.

    USPS Delivery Exceptions

    In the case of USPS delivery exceptions, inaccurate addresses and holidays are the most often cited reasons for delayed shipments. Whenever you attempt to trace your delivery, you will be presented with an exception notification if your package has been delayed.

    UPS Delivery Exceptions

    1. UPS delivery exceptions occur ″when a package or cargo is subjected to an unanticipated occurrence, which may result in a modification to the anticipated delivery day,″ according to the company.
    2. The corporation utilizes phrases such as ″address unknown,″ ″damage to shipment,″ and ″signature not received″ to describe the various sorts of exceptions that have occurred.
    3. It will be visible when you log into your courier account or attempt to trace a delivery if you have received an exception notification from UPS.
    4. The communication will often contain a description of the exception as well as a revised projected delivery timeframe.

    DHL Delivery Exceptions

    Customers who use DHL may receive an email that states, ″Your DHL package has been placed on hold.″ However, this is DHL’s version of a shipment exception, and it is identical to the rest of them. Despite the fact that the package has experienced a delay, it should be rectified in less than a week.

    5 Reasons for Delivery Exceptions

    In spite of the fact that a considerable proportion of online customers receive their products on time, the following are some of the reasons for exceptions.

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    1. Customs Delays

    If you’re familiar with international shipping, you’ll recognize that there are several obstacles to overcome. Packages may be detained at customs for a longer period of time than anticipated, for example. To avoid this, eCommerce enterprises should have the appropriate harmonized codes and paperwork in place to allow for smooth shipment to be accomplished.

    2. Harsh Weather Conditions

    International shipping presents a number of difficulties for those who are familiar with it. Depending on the circumstances, packages may be kept at customs for a longer period of time than anticipated. The right harmonized codes and paperwork must be in place for eCommerce enterprises in order to ensure seamless shipment.

    3. Federal Holidays

    Additionally, if the estimated delivery date falls on a national holiday, the shipment may be delayed. This is due to the fact that couriers do not often operate on holidays, such as Christmas Day, and hence packages cannot be delivered.

    4. Damaged and Missing Labels

    An exception can also occur if a shipping label is damaged or missing due to the fact that the courier is unable to locate the delivery address or scan the barcode on the label. This has the potential to create major delays.

    5. Nobody to Receive the Package

    1. The majority of carriers have policies in place stating that clients must sign for packages when they are delivered.
    2. As a result, if no one is present to receive and sign for the item, an exception notice may be required to be sent.
    3. The majority of the time, delivery is postponed until the following day.
    4. Additionally, clients are recommended to take use of delivery management capabilities provided by their carriers in order to arrange where, when, and how their deliveries will be made.

    How to Handle a Delivery Exception

    1. The majority of carriers have policies in place stating that clients must sign for packages when they are dropped off at their residence.
    2. As a result, if no one is present to receive and sign for the item, an exception notification may be required to be generated.
    3. A delivery date is usually set for the next day in most cases.
    4. Additionally, customers are recommended to take use of delivery management capabilities provided by their carriers in order to arrange where, when, and how their deliveries should be completed.

    1. Contact the carrier immediately

    In order to find out the location of your delivery, you should call your courier as soon as possible. Inquire about the nature of the problem and the most effective approach to resolve it; if the client has tracking information, they can assist you with this as well.

    2. Contact the customer

    If the delivery address provided by the client is incorrect, you may need to call the customer to obtain the correct address. However, you may also choose to speak with them in order to express your regret and calm any ruffled feathers.

    3. Resend the package or issue refunds

    If there was an exception that resulted in the shipment not being delivered, either work with the client to resend the package or offer a complete refund to them. Having enough shipping insurance coverage may enable you to receive reimbursement for items that are damaged during transportation.

    How Easyship Helps With Delivery Exceptions

    • Easyship was created to make the shipping process as simple as possible for you from beginning to end. As a result, the firm has put in place a number of procedures to assist you in the event of a delivery exception: The Easyship platform warns you if there are any predicted difficulties with deliveries, such as incorrect addresses, so that you may take steps to avoid them. It also enables you to prepare shipping labels and customs declarations that are pre-filled in order to reduce the likelihood of these complications occurring. You can also make changes to information, such as addresses, at any point during the fulfillment process.
    • Insurance: Easyship provides the option to cover your shipments for up to $5,000 in value. In addition, the claims process is quick and simple. Perhaps more crucially, the platform provides a variety of insurance options, allowing you to customize the level of protection you receive for your shipments to your specifications.
    • Tracking: When you book a shipping with Easyship, both you and your clients will be able to follow the delivery while it is in transit to their destination. As a result, you will be better prepared to deal with any exceptions that may arise.
    • Response time: If you have any questions or concerns concerning exceptions, the Easyship customer care staff will answer as soon as possible. They may also assist with claims for packages that have been lost or damaged in transit.

    Avoiding Delivery Exceptions With Easyship

    1. Unlike certain delivery exceptions, which may be prevented, others – such as poor weather and government holidays – are unavoidable.
    2. This is why eCommerce firms should have policies and procedures in place to deal with shipment exceptions in a way that leaves consumers pleased with their purchases.
    3. The use of shipping solutions companies such as Easyship that provide dependable shipping solutions will be beneficial.
    4. For example, double-checking addresses, labels, and customs forms would be beneficial.

    You may sign up for a free Easyship account to have immediate access to reduced pre-negotiated carrier rates that are up to 89 percent less expensive than retail.Here is where you may sign up for free.

    Delivery Exceptions FAQ

    How long does a shipment exception last?

    The duration of a shipping exception is determined by the cause of the delay, however the vast majority of exceptions are handled in less than seven days in the majority of cases.

    What does delivery exception damaged mean?

    When a product has been damaged in transportation, the label has been lost, or the label has become useless, carriers append the label ″damaged″ to the delivery exception to indicate the package has been damaged.

    What does delivery exception no attempt made mean?

    This message shows when the shipment is not delivered by the carrier employee who was assigned to it. This might be due to a variety of factors such as severe weather, vehicle problems, driver error, or personal troubles on the side of the delivery driver, among others.

    What is a Delivery Exception & How to Deal With One as an Ecommerce Business

    1. We live in a culture where internet buyers have come to expect to receive their purchases when they want them.
    2. When an item is incorrectly sent or a delivery is delayed, customers are not satisfied.
    3. Perhaps you’ve even checked your tracking status in the past and discovered that your package has been categorized as an exception with a delayed arrival date.
    4. However, while shipping providers will make every effort to ensure that products arrive on time, there are numerous cases in which the capacity to deliver on time is beyond the control of the shipper and the recipient.

    That is just the way life is – nothing is guaranteed.However, being prepared for such incidents and responding to consumers when they do occur can have an impact on whether or not they return to your store in the future.Let’s discuss about delivery exceptions and how they effect the shipping process for ecommerce.

    What does delivery exception mean?

    1. When a shipment is momentarily halted in transit for an unanticipated cause, it is referred to as a delivery exception, and the delay might have an impact on when the package reaches at its destination.
    2. Please keep in mind that a delivery exception does not necessarily indicate a late shipment; rather, it indicates that an obstacle (sometimes literally) slowed progress or needed care somewhere along the trip.
    3. One of the reasons that carriers such as UPS and FedEx will give you with a tracking number for your product is because of delivery exceptions (s).

    Why are delivery exceptions important for ecommerce businesses?

    1. It is possible for something to happen to a delivery while it is in route, even with the most dependable ecommerce order monitoring.
    2. Delivery exceptions may result in items being delayed (or not delivered at all), resulting in dissatisfied consumers.
    3. Despite the fact that they are always unintended and sometimes unpreventable, delivery exceptions are nonetheless a source of aggravation for consumers and must be handled with care.
    4. Due to this, ecommerce firms must be prepared and have a mechanism in place to deal with delivery exceptions when they occur.

    5 common causes of delivery exceptions

    However, even if the vast majority of online buyers receive their items on time, it is still possible to experience delivery issues on occasion. Here are some of the most common offenders.

    1. Customs delays

    When it comes to international shipping, there are several obstacles to overcome. Packages are frequently held up at customs for longer periods of time than anticipated, resulting in missed delivery deadlines. By ensuring that you have the appropriate tariff codes at the SKU level, you may assist to make the shipping process more efficient.

    2. Federal holidays

    If a national holiday is observed in either the country of origin or the country of destination while a package is in transit, it is possible that the package will be delivered late. On federal holidays, shipping companies will be closed. It is not unusual for carriers to have additional delays as a result of having to play catch up owing to a backlog of shipments on account of the day off.

    3. Weather conditions

    1. There will almost certainly be a delay in delivery if there is an adverse weather condition or natural disaster (such as a storm, tornado, wildfire, or flood) that prevents a delivery route from being accessible.
    2. These sorts of unanticipated delays that are beyond anyone’s control, which are referred to as ″acts of God,″ typically occur in a certain geographic area.
    3. As long as the order is shipped from a place outside of the path to avoid, you may be able to ship it from a different location if you employ several fulfillment centers.
    4. Safety is of paramount importance, but so is providing excellent customer service.

    The majority of shipping companies will have contingency plans in place, and the consignment will be delivered as soon as shipping operations can be restarted in the impacted area.

    4. Damaged or missing labels

    1. If a product’s shipping label is damaged, and the carrier is unable to read the delivery address or scan the shipping barcode, the shipment may be delayed until the damage is repaired.
    2. When critical information are unreadable or unscannable, an exception code will be created and displayed.
    3. It is also possible to become trapped in a delivery exception if the label has an invalid address (e.g., one that is undeliverable or unrecognized by carriers, or one that is incomplete).

    5. No one was home to receive the package

    1. Packages may be delayed if they demand a signature upon receipt and no one was available to sign for the package at the time of delivery.
    2. Delivery attempts are made the next day in most circumstances when a recipient is unable to accept the package.
    3. Using free delivery management tools (provided by some carriers) allows customers to choose how, where, and when home deliveries are made to accommodate their schedules, such as UPS My Choice® for UPS shipments or FedEx Delivery Manager® for FedEx shipments, to ensure that their shipments arrive on time.

    3 outcomes of a delivery exception

    No matter what happens, even if one of the previously specified occurrences occurs, the potential delays will be avoided, especially if the delivery window has not yet expired. Here’s what may possibly happen.

    1. The package is delivered on time anyway

    Sometimes a delivery exception is just a proactive reminder that your item may be delayed for a variety of reasons (such as poor weather), but that it will still arrive on time regardless of the cause.

    2. The package is delivered late

    Delivery exception delays are often brief; in many cases, delivery exceptions are received the next day after being requested (for instance, if no one was home on the first delivery attempt, the carrier will try again the next day).

    3. The package is returned

    If the carrier is unable to deliver the item (for example, due to an inaccurate address or label damage), it may be necessary to return the box to the sender for further processing.

    Delivery exception by Carrier

    All major carriers have a framework in place for handling delivery exceptions, and consumers have the option of selecting the carrier that best suits their requirements. For further information, visit ShipBob’s article on the differences between USPS, UPS, and Fedex.

    FedEx delivery exceptions

    1. With a focus on overnight and expedited shipment, FedEx is often considered to be the most dependable of the main carriers.
    2. According to the FedEx website, the majority of delays are caused by external reasons such as inclement weather or even a flat tire.
    3. However, they rightly point out that just because there is a delivery exception does not imply that the product will be delivered late in the first place.

    UPS delivery exceptions

    UPS is well-known for transporting larger and more valuable packages, which makes a delivery exception all the more alarming in this situation. On the UPS website, it states that unidentified addresses, damaged items, and the absence of a signature upon delivery are all frequent causes for an exception.

    USPS delivery exceptions 

    1. Because the United States Postal Service is administered by the federal government, the most common reason for a delivery exception is a federal holiday, of which there are 11 in a given year.
    2. If there is a delay in the delivery of a shipment, customers will get a delivery exception notification when tracking their package.
    3. With the Text TrackingTM and Informed Delivery® capabilities, the United States Postal Service encourages consumers to manage their orders and keep a watch on their goods.

    DHL delivery exceptions 

    DHL refers to delivery exceptions as shipment exceptions, and because DHL is primarily an international carrier, it is common for a delivery to be delayed as a result of customs clearance. Check out their page on customs compliance for more information.

    How should ecommerce businesses respond to delivery exceptions?

    According to the reason for the delivery exception, you may need to take a number of different measures. Here’s what you should do if you discover an anomaly when a shipment is being transported:

    1. Contact the carrier

    You should be able to search up the specific location of the shipment as well as the reason for the delivery exception on the internet. It’s important to have the FedEx tracking number readily available if you’re shipping with FedEx so you can track the cargo and share it with the customer (if you want to give them the ability to track shipments).

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    2. Contact the customer

    1. The customer’s shipping address is unknown or wrong.
    2. You should contact them to verify that their postal address is correct and make any necessary modifications.
    3. You must notify the client of any delays and the reason for them if you are aware of them (for example, terrible weather conditions that closed down the shipping location or forced the carrier to suspend operations), as well as the reason for the delay.
    4. Message people who may be impacted, express your regret for any potential delays in delivery, and thank them for their patient.

    Any chance to transform a less-than-ideal scenario into a great experience will be remembered for a subsequent sale and subsequent delivery in the future.

    3. Issue a refund or resend the package

    If the shipment cannot be delivered or if it was damaged in transportation, the company should contact the client to discuss the options of offering a refund or resending the goods to them. If a shipment is destroyed while in route, the expense of replacing it may be totally covered by the shipping insurance that was purchased for that delivery.

    How ShipBob manages delivery exceptions

    1. ShipBob is a third-party logistics (3PL) firm that provides order fulfillment services for internet retailers, including inventory storage, order picking and packaging, and package delivery.
    2. ShipBob is headquartered in San Francisco, California.
    3. There are various precautions you may take to avoid and address delivery exceptions with simplicity, all of which are made possible by our technology.

    Preventing delivery exceptions

    1. It is possible for clients to make errors while inputting their address information.
    2. As long as they have not yet begun the retail fulfillment process, ShipBob’s software allows them to make modifications to any orders that have been placed after they have been purchased.
    3. You have the ability to manually update the recipient’s address and information, order goods and quantities, delivery options, insurance, and even place additional orders if you so want.

    Responding to delivery exceptions

    1. Damages and losses do occur in the transportation industry, and we recognize and accept this fact of life.
    2. ShipBob handles all aspects of claim processing for our customers at no additional charge.
    3. All claims for packages that have been lost or damaged in transit may be made quickly and simply through ShipBob.
    4. Every cargo dispatched through ShipBob is insured up to $100, regardless of the carrier chosen, and ShipBob will issue immediate reimbursements for any shipments that fail to meet the insurance requirements.

    By replicating the order and making any necessary modifications, you may establish a reshipment in the system and ship the item out to the receiver once again.″Unlike ShipBob, our previous 3PL did not file claims for damaged shipments on our behalf.We were a tiny firm at the time and didn’t have the resources to accomplish it ourselves.

    We had been too dissatisfied with the other 3PL and realized we needed to work with a firm that could meet our requirements.″ The Fulfillment and Retail Manager of Synchrony is Lindsay Louise.The contact management capabilities of ShipBob make it simple to alert any customers who fulfill particular criteria and are potentially affected by the situation.Customers’ orders that have been returned to ShipBob as a result of a failed delivery will display under the Processing tab with the status Delivery Exception.


    1. Some delivery exceptions can be avoided, but many others are inevitable due to circumstances beyond our control.
    2. Having the proper partners in place may assist you in reducing customer frustration and resolving issues more quickly, which is especially important when orders are time-sensitive.
    3. If you want assistance with ecommerce fulfillment, consider using ShipBob.
    4. Please fill out the form below to request a price quotation.

    Delivery exception FAQs

    What do I do if my package has a delivery exception?

    The first step is to double-check your tracking number and get in touch with the shipping company to find out further information. Depending on the information provided by the carrier, you may be able to contact the customer and offer a refund or modify the delivery date as needed.

    How do I fix a FedEx delivery exception?

    Contact FedEx and provide them with the information you got; they will be able to provide you with further insight into why there was a delivery exception and what can be done to resolve the situation. The majority of the time, the delivery will arrive on time and without any complications.

    Why does my package have a delivery exception?

    Delivery exceptions might arise for a variety of reasons, including problems with the carrier, inclement weather, holidays, or an inaccurate address. In the event that you receive a delivery exception, the first thing you should do is contact the carrier and the client.

    FedEx Delivery Exception

    1. Each and every customer wants their products to arrive on time; nevertheless, there are several circumstances that might cause your delivery date to be delayed.
    2. Unfortunately, if you have items delivered on a regular basis, it is certain that you will have a delivery exception at some point.
    3. So, what precisely causes a delivery exception, and what can you do to prevent it from occurring in the first place?
    4. A variety of factors can contribute to it, and it can occur at any stage during the process….

    In this post, we will go over everything you need to know about exceptions, as well as how to deal with them in order to guarantee that you receive your delivery as fast as possible once they occur.

    What Is A FedEx Delivery Exception?

    1. So, what exactly is a delivery deviation?
    2. A FedEx delivery exception is anything that causes your package to be delayed in the mail delivery process.
    3. Delays might range from a single day to several days, depending on the nature of the problem being dealt with at the time.
    4. As a result, even if your FedEx shipment was dispatched on schedule, the delivery will take longer than anticipated.

    These are unforeseeable circumstances, and FedEx Home and FedEx Ground will always do everything in their power to ensure that your shipment arrives on time.When a delivery exception happens, however, it is typically due to circumstances beyond the control of the carrier.In most cases, a delivery exception will result in a modified estimated delivery date being displayed on your tracking status page.

    It is possible that it will take many hours or perhaps a day to receive an updated date.If an exception occurs, FedEx may need to examine the situation and determine how long it will take to resolve the problem before revising the scheduled delivery date.Depending on the circumstances, they may be able to get your product back on track and delivered on the original scheduled delivery date and time.An exception, on the other hand, will often result in a delay of at least one day in the delivery of your goods.

    • When you go to the FedEx tracking website on FedEx.com, you may even see a ″PMX″ error code appear on the screen.
    • In this case, an exception occurred during the PM timeframe, as shown by the symbol.
    • In most cases, this indicates that the number of deliveries was so great on that particular day that the driver was unable to complete all of them before the end of the day was reached.
    • So, how long does FedEx take to deliver a package?
    • While the stated delivery deadline is 8:00 PM, it is common for them to deliver later than this during the busiest season.

    Shipment Exceptions For Other Carriers

    FedEx is not the only carrier that is occasionally delayed in delivering packages due to unforeseen situations. Each carrier handles things a bit differently, and you may find yourself in a situation where you need to take action in order to get your item delivered. Here’s all you need to know about delivery exceptions with some of the most popular shipping services on the market today.

    — UPS

    1. A UPS shipping exception happens when your item is subjected to an unanticipated circumstance that might cause it to be delayed in transit.
    2. A non-deliverable address, damage to the shipment, or even harsh weather might be the cause of the problem.
    3. Most of the time, UPS will make many attempts to redeliver the box before giving up.
    4. Make certain, however, that you check your tracking number on a regular basis.

    As soon as you or the shipper realize that the status has changed to ″Action Required,″ you or the shipper must call UPS to provide any further information that is needed in order to complete the delivery.

    — USPS

    1. During the Christmas season, the postal service frequently experiences delays owing to erroneous addresses or a huge volume of mail.
    2. While the United States Postal Service is not recognized for giving the most extensive tracking information, when you go to search your tracking number, you will often see the exception status.
    3. Again, check the status of your item on a regular basis to ensure that you are constantly up to speed on its location.

    — DHL

    1. It is possible that the exception status from DHL will differ from that of the other carriers on rare occasions.
    2. It’s possible that you’ll notice anything to the effect that your shipment is ″on hold.″ The presence of this message often indicates a shipment exception, and it indicates that DHL is attempting to recalculate your delivery date based on the information that they know regarding the exception.
    3. You should be able to see a revised delivery date within a day or two, and the majority of exceptions do not cause your item to be delayed for more than a couple of days.

    Common Causes For Delivery Exceptions

    So, what is the root cause of your item’s delay, and when do these exceptions manifest themselves? The occurrence of an exception can be caused by a variety of factors, and it can occur at any time during the shipping process. You may face a shipment exception for a variety of reasons, the most typical of which are listed below.

    — Missing Or Damaged Shipping Labels

    1. Label damage is a very prevalent cause of delays in the manufacturing process.
    2. Consequently, if the shipping label becomes damaged and illegible, the carrier will be unable to establish where the shipment should be delivered.
    3. As the package travels through the sorting facility’s machinery, it is conceivable that the shipping label will be completely peeled off the packaging.
    4. In this scenario, you or the shipper would need to call the shipping company to supply them with the right delivery address or any missing documents so that they can get the product back on its way to its intended location.

    — Extreme Weather Conditions

    1. Sometimes the weather makes it impossible for delivery drivers to conduct their jobs due to the risk they are in.
    2. It’s possible that this will happen when the product is traveling through the carrier’s infrastructure or while it’s on the delivery path to your residence.
    3. Most weather occurrences are only temporary, and the product is usually delivered within a day or two of being ordered.
    4. When faced with a terrible scenario such as a natural catastrophe or a wildfire, you should contact your carrier to find out what your alternatives are when it comes to pickup.

    — Recipient Unavailable

    1. This occurs most frequently when you are required to sign for a shipment.
    2. As soon as the box is delivered to its destination and no one is there to accept it, the driver must place the package into an exception status and continue on his or her journey.
    3. It is customary for them to leave a note at the delivery address with directions on how to reschedule the delivery or where to pick up the goods.

    — Federal Holidays

    1. If your delivery date occurs on a national holiday, the majority of carriers will be closed and will not be able to make deliveries on that particular day.
    2. Despite the fact that this may result in an exception, it is a simple one to handle.
    3. It is more than likely that the delivery will just be delivered the next day instead.
    4. There is no need to call the carrier or check for updates on the tracking status on a regular basis in this situation.

    — Delays In Customs

    1. In the event that you have placed an order that is being sent from another nation, customs can frequently add a significant amount of unanticipated delay to the timetable.
    2. Your carrier will do everything in their power to offer an accurate arrival schedule, however it is possible that customs will take longer to release your item than the carrier had expected.
    3. Customs hold-ups are always a possibility when delivering internationally, so online customers should be aware of this possibility when placing orders for things shipped from outside the country.
    4. This can be a particular difficulty for ecommerce firms that rely on international vendors to fulfill their order fulfillment.

    — Interference From Animals

    1. Animals, believe it or not, can cause a delay in the delivery of your goods.
    2. This occurs more frequently than not when a dog or wild animal is present at the recipient’s location, preventing the driver from being able to go out and deliver your product.
    3. The delivery attempt is a failure due to the fact that they are unable to safely depart the truck.
    4. Animal interference occurs most frequently once the box has been loaded onto a FedEx delivery truck.

    The company will normally try to redeliver the package the following business day, but you can always contact customer care to find out what additional choices are available to you.

    How To Handle A Shipment Exception

    1. In most circumstances, if a FedEx shipping exception causes your planned delivery to be delayed, you will not be required to take any action.
    2. Your shipment will be delivered on the revised delivery date the vast majority of the time, with no more participation on your side.
    3. However, there may be times when you may need to speak with the courier about your order.
    4. Make a point of paying close attention to the tracking information’s specifics.

    Those particulars should give you with information regarding the reason for the delay and indicate whether or not you need to take any action.When in doubt regarding the reason for the exception or what to do next, you may always call the carrier’s customer support staff and explain the problem.They will be able to tell you just what you need to accomplish.

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    You may be given the option of picking up the box from a nearby facility or just waiting and receiving home delivery a day or two later.

    Ways To Avoid Delivery Exceptions

    1. In order to guarantee that your products are delivered on time, there are a few things you can do on your end.
    2. It is your responsibility as the shipper to verify that a valid shipping label with a barcode has been applied to the box before shipping.
    3. If the label is written by hand, be certain that it is clearly legible in order to avoid any misunderstandings.
    4. If a signature is necessary, be sure that you are at home on the specified delivery day if you are the intended receiver.

    Check that any dogs are kept inside or enclosed in a fence so that the driver may safely exit his or her car and finish the delivery.To keep the shipment going forward and avoid lengthy delays if any action is necessary on your behalf to clear an exception, you should inform the carrier as soon as possible after becoming aware of the situation.

    The Bottom Line

    1. Even though delivery exceptions are inconvenient, they are unavoidable from time to time.
    2. The tracking status will normally provide information on the reason for the delay, and you will not usually be required to take any action as a result of this information.
    3. You should, however, contact the carrier immediately if you believe you need to submit further information.
    4. The exception will be cleared and your shipment will be delivered as soon as feasible as a result of your action.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I fix a FedEx delivery exception?

    A delivery exception is almost often resolved without the need for further action on your part. The majority of exceptions are resolved by the carrier, and your product is dispatched as usual. You will, however, need to call FedEx in the event of a lost or damaged label in order to supply them with the right address and information in order for them to complete the delivery.

    What does it mean when your package has a delivery exception?

    1. So, what exactly does the term ″delivery exception″ mean?
    2. This indicates that your shipment has been delayed due to an unexpected occurrence that is likely to cause delivery to be delayed beyond the estimated delivery date.
    3. This might be caused by a variety of factors, including weather and wild animals.
    4. Keeping an eye on your tracking status will allow you to view the most up-to-date delivery estimate for your package.

    Will FedEx attempt to redeliver my package after a delivery exception?

    Yes, FedEx will attempt to redeliver the box in the majority of cases if an exception occurs. Once a few of redelivery attempts have been made, they will almost always abandon the attempt to deliver the package. They will store the item in their local facility for about one week. You must contact them and set a pickup appointment in order for them to not return the item to the sender.

    What is a delivery exception?

    1. In its most basic definition, a delivery exception occurs when a shipment is delayed while in transit.
    2. For a variety of reasons, a package’s delivery may be delayed or refused, ranging from a difficulty with the recipient’s address to a failed handoff or a problem with the carrier, which might be the US Postal Service, FedEx, or UPS.
    3. To be clear, a delivery exception does not always imply that a package’s scheduled delivery will be missed or that the package’s delivery status will be adversely affected.

    How and why do delivery exceptions occur?

    1. Whether you’re working with FedEx, the United States Postal Service, or another carrier, delivery exceptions will inevitably occur.
    2. In reality, delivery exceptions account for 11% of all items shipped worldwide.
    3. And, of course, during the epidemic, we’ve witnessed a significant increase in the number of shipment delays.
    4. Over the past year, even as e-commerce enterprises have seen their earnings increase, fewer orders are being delivered on time.

    Whatever the cause for the delivery exception, the client who is the victim of the exception is certain to be dissatisfied if their scheduled delivery is missed or if their cargo is delivered late to their location.Customers may then contact the firm or carrier directly or lodge a complaint on social media, neither of which will be favorable to your company’s image.

    See live delivery exception trends >>

    Why are delivery exceptions important for e-commerce retailers?

    1. Delivery exceptions may have a significant influence on the bottom lines of e-commerce companies and can have a negative impact on a number of important indicators.
    2. And, of course, the worst-case situation is if a client decides to return their delivery, resulting in a significant financial loss for your company.
    3. Frequently, delivery exceptions will result in a greater number of WISMO calls, which stands for ″Where Is My Order?″ These calls are made when a consumer thinks they have been left out of the loop regarding a delivery exception.
    4. Generally, WISMO calls account for up to 50 percent of inbound calls to customer care centers, and on average, each WISMO contact costs around $5 to settle.

    As a result, providing accurate tracking information and providing regular updates on the progress of the delivery are crucial steps.

    How much are WISMO calls costing you? Check out this interactive calculator to discover the true cost of WISMO >>
    1. In addition, delivery exceptions might raise your company’s attrition rate, since our research shows that bad post-purchase experiences are a significant driver of customer churn.
    2. Last Mile Delivery Wars found that 98 percent of buyers place their whole brand allegiance on the quality of their delivery.
    3. Delivery exceptions may have a significant impact on your net promoter score since an unhappy customer who has recently encountered a late shipment is considerably less likely to suggest your business to others (NPS).
    4. Businesses who find strategies to resolve delivery exceptions in a proactive manner might see a 3-point increase in their net promoter score.

    The 6 most common delivery exceptions and what they mean

    Among the many possible causes for a shipment to have a delivery exception are the following, which are among the most common:

    1. The address is incorrect. Any time an erroneous, imprecise, incomplete, or undeliverable delivery address is included in a package’s label or is otherwise undeliverable, the likelihood of a delivery exception occurring increases considerably. When it comes to international shipping, this is a pretty common exception to the rule.
    2. There has been a weather delay. Delivery routes might become impassable due to inclement weather or extreme weather conditions such as winter storms, wildfires, hurricanes, or other acts of God, resulting in delays.
    3. I became separated from my belongings in transit. Even if everything is going according to plan, it is possible that a parcel will be misplaced in transit. It is possible that no one will be able to find the shipment, making it the most severe form of delivery exception. If the shipping label is broken or unreadable, it may prohibit the package from being delivered. Furthermore, if the package is damaged, it may be required to cancel the shipping and send out a new item as soon as possible.
    4. Holidays. The fact that shipping carriers are less likely to be open on federal holidays means that delivery exceptions may be necessary on occasion. Consumers, on the other hand, are often forgiving of delivery exceptions that occur because of national holidays. Another common occurrence, this exception occurs when a delivery person comes at your house or apartment and demands a signature in order to complete the delivery, but no one is there to sign.

    Delivery exceptions endure for a variety of lengths of time, while it is possible that a delivery exception will continue to be an issue for several days. In order to avoid a bad consumer reaction, it is obviously in your best interests to fix the exception as early as possible.

    What customers expect when a delivery exception occurs 

    1. Customers have high expectations when it comes to dealing with delivery exceptions as a result of the increasingly high standards set by Amazon in recent years.
    2. In order to optimize the post-purchase experience for your consumers, it is necessary to first understand what they want and when they want it.
    3. When a delivery exception happens, almost 93 percent of consumers prefer to get a communication from the firm explaining the reason for the exception.
    4. On top of that, 97 percent of consumers anticipate that the business will provide them with some type of self-service option to assist them in resolving their problem.

    Additionally, many customers demand clarity up front when it comes to delivery dates – 97.8 percent of customers believe it is at least somewhat significant for retailers and brands to identify the date on which their shipment will be delivered when they place an order.In addition, our data reveals that 47 percent of customers will refrain from placing an order from a store if they perceive a lack of visibility (which is frequently supplied via tracking sites) during the delivery process.Providers of tracking information, such as a tracking number that is easily available and updates on delivery status, may go a long way toward improving communication.

    Also plan to make apologies if a delivery exception occurs, if you want to maintain your consumers as long as possible.Customer expectations for appeasement when a delivery is missed were shown to be 51 percent.Customers expect businesses to provide them with appeasement in the form of a refund or discount coupon for future orders.

    See how Convey’s customers power exceptional delivery experiences at scale >>

    How to respond when delivery exceptions occur

    1. It has been demonstrated that there will be delivery exceptions.
    2. It is how your company responds to these occurrences that is most important.
    3. In reality, delivery exceptions may be wonderful chances to transform a poor experience into a good one, lowering post-purchase worry for your consumers in the future and increasing the likelihood that they will return to your business.
    4. When it comes to managing the post-purchase experience, responding quickly and — most crucially — anticipating delivery deviations are the keys to success.

    Delivering a positive customer experience is at the heart of effective delivery exception replies.Delivery Experience Management is the art of proactively ensuring your customers receive their goods how and when they want them to and taking informed action to handle exceptions.The advantages of Delivery Experience Management (DEM) are already being realized by companies who practice and embody the customer-first ethos of the discipline – enhancing transparency, allowing consumers more freedom, and delivering on commitments — Brooklinen decreased the number of WISMO calls by 10% and the average customer service resolution time by 45 hours as a result of installing the DEM system.

    Boll & Branch connected its Shopify order stream with its carrier data by leveraging Convey Engage and Recover solutions from Convey.Its team was able to shorten the time it took to resolve customer issues by an amazing 66 percent by bringing different data together in this manner.The team also implemented new tracking pages and customisable warnings, which resulted in an overall reduction of 30.8 percent in WISMO calls while simultaneously increasing revenue and conversation rates, which was very important.

    Learn more about and demo Convey’s solution for delivery experience management >>

    What top Retailers are doing to combat delivery exceptions

    • The most effective tactics for dealing with delivery exceptions today are centered on communication, visibility, and establishing possibilities for pre-emptive action, among other things. In reality, such ideals are manifested through a variety of ways, including the following: Pages for tracking. The first step in enhancing exposure is to provide clients with a tracking page that is informative, clear, and easy to browse.
    • Shipping notifications will be sent to you. Providing real-time, detailed shipping warnings that are delivered to consumers through their preferred channel will help you to take control of the narrative when a delivery exception happens, all while reducing the number of expensive WISMO phone calls.
    • Transportation analytics backed by artificial intelligence. Predictive analytics models, such as those provided by Convey, provide companies the ability to execute prescriptive analytics, letting them to identify potential delivery exceptions before they occur – a vital period that may make the difference between keeping a client and losing one.

    Future trends in managing delivery exceptions

    1. As e-commerce competition continues to rise and shipping to customers becomes easier and faster, meeting and exceeding customer expectations will become increasingly critical.
    2. The days of sending out a parcel and then forgetting about it are over, thanks to the internet.
    3. AI integration into your supply chain technology is now mission-critical if you want to be able to predict and predict your shipping experience in the future.
    4. Many of the delivery patterns that have been seen thus far will continue in the foreseeable future, with an emphasis on the final mile.

    Increasing levels of flexibility and communication, along with a customization of the delivery experience — such as the ability for consumers to amend their pick-up or delivery instructions — will take precedence as businesses strive to fulfill the expectations of today’s shoppers.And, as the delivery experience becomes more complicated, it will become even more critical to improve your understanding of the supply chain through the use of Delivery Experience Management.

    What the Heck Is a Delivery Exception? (And How to Avoid It)

    • You were successful in your endeavor! Once you’ve printed the shipping label and mailed the product, your customer will be pleased with your work. The delivery status will remain ″delivery exception″ until your courier updates the status to ″delivery exception.″ Suddenly, a client threatens to post a negative review and requests a refund, and you’re left scrambling for explanations. Except for extremely rare cases, delivery exceptions are an unavoidable element of doing business. The good news is that they are not entirely beyond your control. As a business owner, you’ll find all you need to know about recognizing, dealing with, and minimizing delivery exceptions right here. Plus, find out how to completely avoid them by utilizing OptimoRoute. In this section, you’ll learn about: what a delivery exception is, how they affect your business, the simplest way to avoid delivery exceptions, and how to avoid delivery exceptions while you’re working with a courier.
    • What to Do If You’re Facing a Delay in the Delivery of Your Order

    What Is a Delivery Exception?

    • Something went awry during delivery, as indicated by the term ″deli

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