What Is A Post Office Box?

‘Post Office Box’ redirects here. For the electrical device, see Post Office Box (electricity). A post office box (commonly abbreviated as P.O. box, or also known as a postal box) is a uniquely addressable lockable box located on the premises of a post office station.

What is a Post Office PO Box?

Post Office (PO) Box information PO Box™ service is a premium service offered for a fee to anyone who requires more than free home delivery or general delivery. PO Boxes are usually accessed by lock and key (some older Post Offices™ may use combination locks).

What should I consider when buying a post office box?

One of the first considerations everyone using a PO box should consider is the location. You can get a PO box from the United States Postal Service at most of their Post Office locations, even if your home or business is in another state. That said, most people prefer to get a postal box near their home or place of business for maximum convenience.

What is a post office box in physics?

Post office boxes were common pieces of scientific apparatus in the UK O-Level and A-Level schools public examination physics syllabus in the 1960s. A typical post office box is in a wooden box with a hinged lid and a metal or bakelite panel showing circuit connections.

What are the hours of a PO Box?

PO Boxes are generally located in the lobby area of the Post Office. Select Post Offices have extended business hours and/or 24-hour lobby access. Lobby hours are the hours when you may access your PO Box. Many Post Office lobbies are open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, so be sure to check the lobby hours when selecting a PO Box online.

What is a post office box used for?

A post office box, or PO box, is a mailbox at a post office with its own unique box number that postal customers can rent if they wish to receive mail away from their domicile or place of business.

How does a PO Box Work UK?

PO Box Addresses have been a part the UK’s postal system for over a century. Typically located in a Post Office or one of Royal Mail’s sorting facilities, they let you have an alternative, secure and private mailing address, other than that of your primary residence or business location.

What are the advantages of a post office box?

It provides speed, privacy, security, convenience and mobility. P.O. box mail is often delivered earlier in the day than mail at a home or business and lets customers keep their home addresses unpublished. Packages are kept safe and secure until they are picked up.

Can I use a PO Box as my address?

Can I Use a PO Box as a Legal Address? In short, no. You only get a number when you rent a PO box. However, acquiring a UPS street address and mailbox will allow you to use it as your legal address.

Why are PO Boxes so expensive?

The Postal Service charges more for PO Boxes if they’re located in an area where private sector box rentals are available, and the USPS just added another 237 locations to be reassigned from “market-dominant” fee groups to “competitive” fee groups (237 out of a total of approximately 32,788 locations).

Can I use a PO Box as a legal address UK?

You can use a PO Box, but you must still include a physical address and postcode. Your company address will be publicly available on the online register. You cannot remove the address from the register.

How much are PO Boxes UK?

PO Box Prices

Duration Price
Monthly* (Direct Debit only) £35.10
6 months £168.00
12 months £283.50

Do banks accept PO Box address UK?

Unfortunately, a post box address is not considered a residential address if it includes PO Box in the address title and none of the banks or HMRC will accept this as a secure uk address. Usually the address has to take the shape of: Your name. House name or number.

What can you send to a PO Box?

All mail classes and services may be sent to a PO Box. If the item requires a signature, a notice will be left.

Benefits of PO Box service:

  • Online with a credit or debit card.
  • At any self-service kiosk.
  • By mail with a check or money order.
  • In person at the Post Office™.
  • Does Amazon deliver to P.O. boxes?

    Upgrade and replacement phone orders may be shipped to P.O. boxes, but new individual and new family orders may not. Shipments to P.O. boxes will be sent via Standard Shipping and will arrive 3-5 business days from the ship date.

    How can I live without a physical address?

    Alternatives for your physical address

    1. Rent a P.O. Box. Head down to your local post office and rent a post office box.
    2. Use your work address. If you have a day job with an office, talk to your employer about using the office address.
    3. Ask a friend with a business.
    4. Head to a UPS Store.
    5. Try your co-working space.

    Can I open a bank account with a PO Box?

    While a few banks allow you to open a checking account using a post office box, most require that you include a physical address on the account. The best way to prove your address is by bringing in a current official document with your name and address.

    How do I pay my PO Box online?

    As a reminder, customers can manage a full range of PO Box transactions online at usps.com/poboxes. This online option enables existing PO Box customers to make one-time payments with a credit card or sign up for automatic renewals, view their payment history, and receive e-mail payment reminders.

    What do I need to get a post office box?

  • Print the USPS Form 1093 application and complete by hand.
  • Take the form to a Post Office that is convenient for you.
  • Once USPS verifies your address and receives your payment,they’ll provide you with your new PO Box address and begin your service.
  • How do you get a post office box?

    The U.S. Postal Service faced a string of mail thefts this weekend. Suspects broke into four post offices where they pried open customers’ P.O. Boxes. The U.S. Postal Service faced a string of mail thefts this weekend. Suspects broke into four post offices where they pried open customers’ P.O. Boxes.

    How much does a post office box cost?

    PO Box Cost Overview. The cost of a PO box can vary greatly depending on your location. For example, renting an extra small box for three months can be as little as $10 in some areas and as much as $67 in other areas. You can get a rough idea of prices from the data below, which shows the average prices for PO boxes in all ZIP codes.

    What are the advantages of a post office box?

    – Your personal address and contact details – Additional PO Box users you want to designate – Optional add-on services, such as street addressing or signature on file – Credit card payment details

    PO Box – How To Get One (And 3 Reasons Not To)

    1. The use of post office boxes has been around for at least as long as there has been mail to be delivered.
    2. They are often regarded as a dependable and secure method of receiving mail.
    3. A new degree of convenience is expected of people these days, and a Virtual PO Box may give that level of service for a fee.
    4. You can avoid going to the bank, skipping lines at restaurants, and having groceries delivered to your home thanks to the new digital lifestyle.
    • There is an essential point raised here: why do you still need to travel to the Post Office in order to check your mail?
    • As a result, we’ve put together this short reference guide.
    • While knowing how to obtain a PO box may still be valuable, it is more vital to consider the future of mail delivery, how it is evolving, and how this will effect you.

    How to Get a PO Box in Three Easy Steps

    Obtaining a post office box is a straightforward process. The procedure may be summarized in three simple steps:

    Step1: Choose a Location

    1. The placement of a PO box should be one of the first considerations for anyone who is considering acquiring one.
    2. Even if your home or place of business is in another state, you can obtain a post office box from the United States Postal Service at most of their Post Office locations.
    3. Having said that, most individuals choose to have a post office box located close to their residence or place of business in order to maximize convenience.

    Step2: Choose a Size

    • Once you’ve decided on a location, you’ll need to decide on the size of the post office box that would be most appropriate for your needs. In order to accommodate the amount of mail you expect to get (as well as the possibility of receiving parcels*), you’ll need to choose from one of the following basic sizes: Extra It usually holds 10-15 letters or two rolled magazines in its small (3″ x 5.5″) size.
    • It can hold 15-20 letters or up to five rolled magazines in its small size of 5″x5.5″.
    • It is large enough to accept larger envelopes or even flat-stack numerous magazines
    • it measures 11″ x 5.5″
    • A large – 11″ x 11″ – box with enough room inside to carry about two small boxes and a few letters.
    • Extra Large – 22.5″ x 12″ – The largest available size, which can accommodate most flat rate boxes or medium sized goods
    • Extra Large – 22.5″ x 12″

    The cost of a PO box will vary based on the size and location of the mailbox. It should be noted that UPS and normal FedEx do not deliver to USPS PO boxes, as stated further below.

    Step3: Finalize Your Selection and Redirect Your Mail

    1. In addition to selecting your size and location, you’ll need to select a lease period of six or twelve months as well as complete Document 1583, a one-page form that serves to verify your identification.
    2. You will require two kinds of identification, one of which must be a photo identification card.
    3. Once you’ve received your PO box keys, you may begin sharing your new address with others and routing your mail accordingly.
    4. On the whole, the procedure of setting up a post office box is straightforward, and it has been in use for decades.
    • But, these days, is it really necessary to have a PO box?

    Now, 3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Get a PO Box

    Postal boxes are a thing of the past. They are falling behind in a world that is growing increasingly digital. Here are three reasons why you should avoid buying a PO box and instead seek for a more suitable alternative:

    Reason1: PO Boxes Are Inconvenient

    1. Is there anything in your life that you purposefully put in a spot that’s out of your way?
    2. Probably few things, because you value convenience.
    3. Right?
    4. Convenience is why people buy washers and dryers for their homes instead of making trips to the neighborhood laundromat, and why you order food from Grubhub.
    • It’s much easier.
    • PO boxes are the pinnacle of inconvenience.
    • You must go somewhere offsite, every day, just to check whether you have mail.
    • What a colossal waste of time!
    • And you may have to travel way out of your way to get the right size PO box.
    • You’re also locked into a specific PO box rental period and might have to pay extra if you cancel too soon.
    • If you move your home or business and need to change your PO box, that will add even more inconvenience.
    • You will fill out forms, pay new fees, and then wait to get confirmation in the mail.
    • Plus, your mail is totally inaccessible when the Post Office is closed.
    • If you’re looking for convenience, PO boxes shouldn’t be high on your list.

    Reason2: PO Boxes Have Limited Mail and Package Receiving Capability

    1. FedEx and UPS will not deliver to a United States Postal Service PO Box.
    2. In the event that you or your senders would choose one of these services over USPS shipping, you are out of luck.
    3. If you order a PO box that is too tiny, it is possible that all of your mail will not fit inside.
    4. What happens if your mail doesn’t fit through the letterbox or if you receive a package?
    • That is dependent on the situation.
    • You may get a message in your PO box instructing you to pick up your mail at the service counter, or you may be given a key to a bigger storage box for your convenience.
    • It is possible that your postmaster may request that you upgrade to a larger PO box if the volume of mail you receive becomes a persistent problem since it will not fit in your current PO box size.
    • Not only will you have to pay extra each month, but you will also have to alter your mailing address to the new PO box number and notify all of your senders of the change.

    Reason3: The Future of the PO Box is Already Here

    1. Traditional post office boxes, believe it or not, are already becoming outdated.
    2. There are now digital mailbox choices available, allowing you to enjoy all of the benefits of a PO box without ever having to set foot in a post office or a mailbox business.
    3. It is possible to have your mail delivered off-site using virtual addresses (sometimes known as virtual PO boxes), just as it is possible to do with a physical PO box.
    4. Instead of checking your mailbox on a daily basis, an automatic system scans the outside of your mail or parcels and transmits the image to you digitally in your own digital mailbox, saving you time and effort.
    • Nothing more than downloading an app or going online to select which mails you want to send or reject, as well as which ones you want to open and scan, and then reading your mail on your phone, tablet, or PC is required.
    • Furthermore, because digital mailbox companies such as iPostal1 utilize real-world street mailing addresses, you may have items delivered by any carrier of your choice.
    • You have the option of selecting your address from over 2,200 places, which gives you greater freedom.
    • It is possible to register your business with your postal address because it is an actual street address rather than a PO Box.
    • When compared to utilizing your home address for business, this will save entrepreneurs both time and money while also improving your company’s image.


    1. If you’re thinking about having a post office box for your mail, you’ll be pleased to hear that they’re rather simple to obtain.
    2. However, ″simple to obtain″ does not imply ″convenient.″ You will have to go to the post office on a regular basis to inspect and get your mail.
    3. Who has the luxury of time for that?
    4. If you want to receive packages from UPS or FedEx, or if you want to register your business, you should probably forget about it.
    • You’ll need to provide a legitimate physical address.
    • In addition, if you want a larger post office box, what a nuisance!
    • As a result, you might think about using an online PO box instead.
    • They are the current solution to your mail demands, and they will save you time while also keeping you in touch with your mail, no matter where you are, whether through an app or the internet.
    • Be forthright.
    • Aren’t you ready for a mailing address solution that’s super-convenient, adaptable, and fits all of your personal and business demands all at the same time?
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    How to Get a Virtual PO Box

    1. It is simple to obtain a virtual PO box using iPostal1.
    2. You select a mailing address from the iPostal1 network of over 2,200 genuine street addresses to which you want to route your mail and packages and which you want to receive packages.
    3. These packages can be delivered by any carrier of your choosing (like FedEx or UPS).
    4. The procedure is quick and painless, and it only takes a few minutes!
    • How to set up an iPostal1 virtual post office box is as follows:
    1. Select a mailing address. Choose from more than 2,200 addresses in the United States and other countries. Create many virtual PO box addresses in different regions to provide a more widespread market presence. You may choose a mailing address that is close to your home or business and pick up your mail whenever you like. It is possible to select an address in another city, state, or country if that is what you want.
    2. Decide on a strategy. If you anticipate to receive a significant amount of mail each month, iPostal1 provides mailbox options that are tailored to your needs. Virtual Office packages include a local or toll-free phone number as well as a fax number.
    3. Checkout. Fill out the checkout form with your contact information as well as your payment card or PayPal account details.
    4. Fill out and submit Form 1583. Following registration, you will be assigned a personal mailbox number and instructions on how to upload a simple, one-page form (Form 1583) required by the United States Postal Service (USPS) that authorizes your mailing address location to accept your mail on your behalf. In addition, you’ll be required to produce two kinds of identification. iPostal1 simplifies the delivery procedure.
    5. Send Your Mail to a Different Address. To ensure that you get mail at your new location, you should file a Temporary Change of Address form with the United States Postal Service and/or contact senders directly.

    Now you can:

    • You can access and manage your mail from any location. 24/7. As soon as your mail is received, check it out. Make use of our free app or any computer to see an image of the outside of each piece of mail that you receive. Tell your mail center what you want to do with each item with a single click or tap: forward, scan, arrange a pickup, dispose, or shred.
    • Receive mail and packages from any carrier of your choosing. Because every iPostal virtual postal address is a genuine street address, rather than a normal postal box, you will be able to receive mail and packages not only from the United States Postal Service, but also from FedEx, UPS, and other shipping companies.
    • With a single click, you may add new locations. It’s quick and simple to add extra address locations for business or personal usage to your Google account. Manage all of your locations’ mail from a single login.

    Look at the plans and look at the locations

    PO Box Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a PO Box?

    1. If you want to receive mail while you are away from your home or place of business, you can rent a post office box, also known as a PO box, from the post office.
    2. Each PO box has its own unique box number, which postal customers can use to receive mail.
    3. Individual PO box contents may only be obtained with the use of a key.
    4. Lobby access to all boxes is often open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and postal box tenants routinely visit to see whether they have any mail.

    How much does the average PO Box cost?

    1. The cost of renting a USPS PO Box varies depending on where the post office is located and the size of the postal box.
    2. As a result, discussing the typical cost of a PO Box is superfluous.
    3. You may spend as little as $20 for a three-month rental of the smallest box at a low-cost site, or as much as $360 for the largest box at a high-cost location, depending on your needs and budget.
    4. That is a significant cost difference!
    • Besides that, it’s simply a conventional post office box, with all of its inherent constraints, at the end of the day.
    • You’ll need to get in touch with your local post office to find out how much a box costs and whether any are presently available.

    When should I rent a PO Box?

    • A typical PO Box at a USPS facility is a convenient method to receive mail when you are away from your home or workplace and may be a good alternative in some situations. USPS PO Boxes are a good option if you receive a lot of mail (but only a few packages) and don’t mind going to the post office every day to view and retrieve your mail
    • if you receive a lot of mail (but only a few packages) and don’t mind going to the post office every day to view and retrieve your mail
    • if you receive a lot of mail (but only a few packages)
    • if you receive a lot of mail (but only
    • When it comes to general business needs, you don’t need to utilize your address
    • you don’t care about the sophisticated virtual mailbox capabilities of an iPostal1 virtual PO box
    • and you don’t worry about privacy.

    Virtual PO Box Plans

    Virtual Mailing Address

    With Digital Mailbox, I or my family may receive mail. Prices start at $9.99 per month. More information may be found by clicking here.

    Virtual Business Address

    With Digital Mailbox for My Business, you can send and receive emails from anywhere. Prices start at $9.99 per month. More information may be found by clicking here.

    Virtual Office

    With a Digital Mailbox, as well as phone and fax service. Prices start at $39.99 per month. More information may be found by clicking here.

    Virtual PO Box Locations

    1. IPostal1 virtual post office box facilities are professionally staffed, secure, full-service digital mailbox locations that provide a variety of services.
    2. The addresses are genuine street addresses, not PO boxes, and may receive your mail and shipments, which they can then forward, scan, discard, shred or make available for pick-up.
    3. You may access your own digital mailbox either online or through our free mobile app.
    4. From our network of over 2,200 virtual PO box sites, you may select simply office buildings and workspaces or discounted overseas forwarding destinations to save up to 80% on international shipping from the United States.

    What is a Pobox Post-office box

    1. Country-by-country Many nations provide various types of post office boxes for a variety of purposes.
    2. Mail forwarding services are being offered by an increasing number of private organizations that compete with the official postal service by offering similar PO Box services.
    3. Africa Private persons in Namibia can only receive mail through post office boxes, which are the sole method of delivery available.
    4. Even tiny towns and villages have a block of post office boxes available for rent.
    • In Windhoek, Namibia’s capital and only large town, blocks of post office boxes are strewn throughout the city, not necessarily in post offices, but rather in shopping malls, pedestrian zones, and public places.
    • In the capital, blocks of post office boxes are strewn throughout the city, not necessarily in post offices.
    • Post Boxes are available for hire from the South African Postal Service (SAPS).
    • These are frequently located next to, or next to, a post office building.
    • PO Boxes for rent are frequently available in regions that also offer home delivery of mail.
    • Postal codes for PO Boxes and street delivery postal codes may be the same in an area, or they may be different.
    • Private Bags are offered for those who get a considerable volume of correspondence.
    • Asia PO boxes are offered in two sizes in Hong Kong, one for business and one for personal use.
    • A large number of post offices around the area provide these services.
    • PO boxes are accessible at the majority of post office sites in Japan.
    • There is no charge for renting a post office box, but the tenant must be able to retrieve mail from the box on a regular basis (at least once a day in theory).
    • The renter must also commit to renting the box for a period of six months or longer.

    Oceania Australian post office boxes are available in three sizes, each of which is built such that different sizes can be combined nearly totally randomly on a wall, as seen in the photo.Users that receive huge amounts of mail in New Zealand can also make use of a Private Bag, which is comparable to ″closed bags″ in other parts of the world.Europe PO Boxes are available in one size and four distinct configurations in Austria.1.Only mail addressed to the PO Box will be delivered to it; no other mail will be delivered to it.

    1. The PO Box will receive all mail addressed to the customer’s address and the PO Box, and will deliver it to the PO Box.
    2. 3.Same as number 1, but for commercial purposes.
    3. 4.Similar to number 2, but for companies; they are normally available at all post offices around the country.
    4. The only mail that may be sent to an Austrian Post PO Box is mail from Austrian Post, although there are private firms that provide the same service but in different ways, for example, fully anonymously or for packages.

    In the United Kingdom, anyone wishing to apply for a Royal Mail PO Box must provide evidence proving their residence or place of business in order to be considered.The geographical address associated with a PO Box will be provided upon request by the Royal Mail unless the information has been requested by the local police department to be concealed.North America is a continent that includes the United States, Canada, and Mexico.The size of a post office box varies from one province to the next in Canada (A, B, C, D & E).

    The majority of post offices around the country have them available for purchase.PO Boxes are normally available through the United States Postal Service (USPS) in the United States of America (USPS).In total, there are five distinct sizes offered.They are generally placed in a hierarchy, with the smallest boxes at the top and the largest boxes at the bottom of the hierarchy..Each of the two largest sizes has the option of being arranged as drawers.Two separate types of identification are necessary in order to rent a post office box.

    1. At least one of them must be a government-issued picture identification card.
    2. According to the terms of the agreement to rent a post office box, if the post office box is being used for commercial purposes, the Post Office will supply upon request the physical address (street address) of the firm.

    Definition of post-office box

    • Top Definitions
    • Quiz
    • Examples
    • British
    1. An unlocked compartment at a post office where the mail of a box renter is placed in order to be picked up by a postal employee P.O.B.
    2. is an abbreviation for Post Office Box.
    4. Do you know when to use the words ″have″ and ″has″ correctly in your writing?
    • Let’s find out with the help of this quiz.
    • My grandma has a whole wall dedicated to vintage cuckoo clocks.

    Origin of post-office box

    Dictionary.com describes it as ″an Americanism that dates back to 1825–35.″ Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Random House, Inc. published the Unabridged Dictionary in 2012.

    How to use post-office box in a sentence

    • What are your thoughts on Archer and his group quitting the cartel and returning to the office?
    • The Kouachi brothers said they were part of al Qaeda, according to two witnesses outside the Charlie Hebdo office building.
    • Is it really so important to Scalise’s supporters that he backed the designation of a post office in honor of a black judge who died in 1988?
    • To be sure, James is sitting in an office at the Pentagon rather than on the front lines
    • But her post-crown celebrity just raises the question, ″Why hasn’t there been another Jewish Miss America since 1945?″ she says.
    • I waited three more months, with much impatience, before returning him to the same post office to check whether he had received a response
    • The appearance of Mr. Haggard, of the Home Office, was met with a collective sigh of relief on both sides.
    • A box of bonbons sat beside her, which she passed around to Madame Ratignolle at regular intervals.
    • It seems likely that if Mac had been riding alone, he would have been at the post by dusk, because the mounted police rode hand-picked horses that were the best money could buy.
    • Every now and then, the little kid who had purchased Squinty and was transporting him would turn to glance around at his pet in the slatted box.

    British Dictionary definitions for post-office box

    When letters are received at the post office, they are held in the designated private numbered area until they are needed. Abridged and Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition of the Collins English Dictionary, published by William Collins Sons & Company Limited in 1979 and 1986. The HarperCollins Publishers in 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, and 2012 published the following titles:

    Why Should You Get a PO Box

    A PO Box is the ideal option if you have just the most minimal requirements for a mailbox service that will preserve your privacy or if you want to maintain an address that will be used for postal address purposes in the future. Throughout this post, we’ll go over the most important reasons why you should get a PO Box.

    What is a PO Box?

    An official post office box, sometimes referred to as a PO Box or a Postal Box, is a locked mailbox that is housed within a post office facility. Traditionally, post office boxes (PO Boxes) were used to receive mail when you lived in an area where mail was not delivered directly to your home. PO Boxes are now able to be utilized for a variety of reasons other than their original function.

    What are the Advantages of a PO Box?

    • PO Boxes provide a wide range of advantages that will appeal to a wide range of consumers. Here are a few examples to think about: You will be assigned a permanent address.
    • Your house and personal address will remain private
    • Mail security A post office box (PO Box) is a physical place within a post office that is closely monitored for security reasons. It is additionally secured and only accessible with the use of a key or lock combination.
    • Due to the fact that Post Office Boxes are hosted by the Post Office, mail and deliveries are delivered more quickly.

    What are the Disadvantages of a PO Box?

    • When it comes to personal purposes, a PO Box may be sufficient
    • nevertheless, a PO Box has several drawbacks when it comes to starting a business. The use of a PO Box does not convey a professional business image.
    • For an LLC or company, an actual street address is necessary for the registered agent, and a PO Box is not acceptable.
    • A PO Box may only accept mail carried by the United States Postal Service (USPS), not by other carriers such as FedEx or UPS.
    • It will be necessary for you to keep track of your mail in order to prevent your PO Box from becoming overloaded.
    • You must be cautious while handling shipments because if an item does not fit inside your PO Box, it will be held by the United States Postal Service.
    • The cost of forwarding mail and packages from a PO Box is not insignificant. The United States Postal Service charges additional fees to provide certain services.
    • You must physically travel to your PO Box on a regular basis.
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    Why Should You Get a PO Box?

    Assuming you understand what a PO Box is, as well as its benefits and drawbacks, let’s take a look at the reasons why you should rent a PO Box using the information now at your disposal.

    Mail Security

    1. A post office box (PO Box) is a physical location within a post office.
    2. It is locked and only accessible if you have the appropriate key or lock combination.
    3. Select Post Offices provide extended business hours and/or lobby access 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you may pick up your mail whenever you like.
    4. It is also more secure to put mail in your postal box than it is to store mail in your residential mailbox, because mail is frequently left in an open mailbox, making it simple for outsiders to rummage through the contents.

    Fast Delivery

    1. Because PO Boxes are hosted by the United States Postal Service, mail addressed to a PO Box is often delivered faster than mail delivered to a residential or business address.
    2. There is no need to sit around and wait for the postman to deliver your mail to your house or business.
    3. Your fresh mail is normally available before 12 p.m.
    4. on business days.
    • This is especially useful if you need to obtain specific mail that has to be sent the same day.


    1. Another important reason for renting a PO Box is to maintain their level of confidentiality.
    2. Occasionally, you may not want specific people to be aware of your whereabouts for security reasons.
    3. A post office box provides you with an additional mailing address that you may use for specific connections and business activities.
    4. A excellent example of how to make use of a PO Box is when you are collecting rent from renters on your real estate assets.
    • You may not want your renters to know where you reside for a variety of reasons, particularly if the time comes that eviction is necessary.

    Affordable Prices

    The cost of a post office box is usually quite low. Depending on the location and size of the box, a 6 month term might be as little as $10 each month. However, you must be certain that the box size you choose is appropriate for the volume of mail you expect to receive.

    Permanent Mailing Address

    1. A PO Box is ideal for folks who are on the go all of the time.
    2. If you’ve ever moved, you’re probably familiar with the hassle of changing your mailing address for bills, bank statements, and magazine subscriptions, updating your personal information with the IRS and the government, and sending emails or sending emails to friends to inform them of your new address, to name a few things.
    3. It’s quite simple to overlook the need to update a critical service.
    4. The next thing you know, you’ve been a victim of identity theft as a result of someone getting their hands on your personal correspondence by chance.
    • When you use a PO Box, you may minimize this difficulty by reducing the frequency with which you must alter your postal address every time you relocate.

    When Should I Get A PO Box?

    1. A post office box (PO Box) is a wise and economical alternative if you have simple fundamental demands for a mailbox service, such as safeguarding your privacy or maintaining an address that you use for correspondence reasons.
    2. You may find instructions on how to obtain a PO Box in our post 3 Simple Steps to Obtaining a PO Box.
    3. PO Boxes, on the other hand, are not always the most appropriate option in some situations.
    4. When creating an LLC or corporation, for example, having a PO Box is not ideal because a physical address is required for these entities.
    • More information on why you need a business address for your LLC or company may be found here.


    1. When it comes to forming a limited liability company or corporation, a post office box is not always the ideal option.
    2. For those who work and travel remotely, PO Boxes are also not the most convenient mail delivery option.
    3. As an alternative, you might want to think about getting a virtual mailbox set up.
    4. VirtualPostMail offers you with a street address so that you can receive postal mail at your convenience.
    • The unopened envelopes are scanned so that you can access your mail online whenever it is most convenient for you.
    • Then you may select whether you want the mail opened and scanned, whether you want the letter forwarded, or if you want it deleted.
    • Online postal mail management is so simple that you’ll never want to deal with mail the old-fashioned way again.

    Get A PO Box Address In The UK: Everything You Need To Know

    1. PO Boxes in the United Kingdom are discussed in detail in this piece, including how much they cost and how to obtain a PO Box address.
    2. Already know you’ll need a post office box?
    3. For a Free UK PO Box Address, visit the UK Postbox website by clicking on the link provided.
    4. PO Boxes have been a component of the United Kingdom’s postal system for more than a century.
    • In most cases, they are located in a Post Office or one of Royal Mail’s sorting facilities, and they allow you to have a separate, secure, and private mailing address from your principal house or place of work.
    • PO Boxes are connected with privacy since they provide the owner with security at their place of residence or place of business.

    Why would I need a PO Box?

    There are a variety of reasons why individuals and businesses choose to use a PO Box address. Possessing a PO Box address allows you to conceal your physical location, allowing you to avoid unwelcome visitors and keep security no matter where you go. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular reasons for getting a PO Box:

    Top 6 reasons for having a PO Box Address:

    1. 1.
    2. Confidentiality and professionalism are important for home-based enterprises.
    3. A large number of small enterprises that operate from home do not want their physical location to be made public.
    4. A PO Box provides them with additional safety and helps to prevent unwelcome people from showing up at their door.
    • PO Boxes can also help these tiny companies appear more professional by providing a physical address.
    • 2 – To prevent unwelcome people from entering the office.
    • It is no different for major corporations as it is for tiny corporations that they do not want consumers to show up at their offices without prior notification.
    • Insurance companies, call centers, and huge law firms, to name a few, all use Post Office Box Addresses to conceal their physical location.
    • 3.
    • Get a physical address in the United Kingdom, no matter where you are in the globe.
    • You’d be astonished at the number of individuals who live in other countries yet require a physical address in the United Kingdom.
    • Expats, in particular, frequently require a physical address in the United Kingdom once they leave their home country.
    • International firms might also profit from having a PO Box in the United Kingdom since it allows them to establish or expand their presence in the country.
    • 4.
    • Maintain a mailing address in the United Kingdom while you are temporarily away.
    • There are a large number of people that temporarily leave the United Kingdom, but what happens to their jobs while they are away?

    Many people who go to the United Kingdom for work or pleasure will find themselves without access to crucial correspondence until they return home.PO Boxes, in conjunction with an online post management program, such as our own, allow users to continue receiving mail regardless of where they are physically.5.A permanent address for persons who travel frequently or who are staying in temporary housing.

    1. A large proportion of the population moves home at least once a year, increasing the likelihood of vital posts being misplaced or worse, falling into the wrong hands, as a result of this.
    2. Renters are increasingly utilizing PO Boxes so that they may keep their postal address the same no matter where they relocate.
    3. Victims of abuse have the right to remain anonymous.
    4. When it comes to people who are most vulnerable, privacy is, of course, of utmost significance.

    Victims of abuse might benefit from having a PO Box, as it helps keep them and their location safe from further harm.Our staff in the United Kingdom is always available to assist anyone who have been subjected to abuse in any manner.If you would want to have greater postal privacy, please contact us so that you may talk with a member of our staff in the tightest of confidentiality.Are you ready to receive your free Post Office Box Address?


    What’s the difference between a Royal Mail and a UK Postbox PO Box?

    1. For many years, the Royal Mail has provided people and companies with post office boxes (PO Boxes); normally, their service provides you with a physical address at a sorting office, and you may choose whether to receive your mail or have it forwarded to you at a different address.
    2. The most significant distinction between UK Postbox’s PO Boxes and Royal Mail’s is flexibility; a UK Postbox PO Box allows you to view and control your mail online, whereas a Royal Mail PO Box does not.
    3. Our sophisticated mail app (which is included with all accounts and is free) allows you to view your post from anywhere and control it on an item-by-item basis, unlike Royal Mail, which only allows you to collect or forward your mail to a single place.
    4. When mail is delivered to your UK Postbox PO Box, we’ll notify you through email or a push notification from the mobile app, whichever you want.
    • You may then log in from anywhere in the globe and read your messages online, have them forwarded to you, or have them saved for when you’re ready to receive them.
    • After then, you may log in and tell us what you’d like us to do with the information.
    • To make it easier for you, you may ask us to open and scan it so you can read it online; to forward it to you anywhere in the globe; or to keep it on file for when you’re ready to receive it.
    • It’s a post office box that’s been upgraded to be more intelligent.
    • In addition, our PO Boxes provide you with a physical address in one of the major cities in the United Kingdom.
    • Traditionally, with Royal Mail, you would be required to visit your local sorting office; but, with us, you are not required to do so.
    • You may choose from the following cities: London, Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham, Cardiff, Belfast, and Poole.

    How much does a PO Box cost?

    When renting a Royal Mail PO Box, the price will vary based on the service you pick. The lowest alternative, in which you pick up your mail at the post office, costs £215 per year on average. Would you like it sent to another UK address? The price then rises to £265 per annually after that. You might receive one letter or a hundred letters, and you’d just have to pay a single set charge.

    How much does a PO Box cost with UK Postbox?

    1. PO Box addresses from UK Postbox are completely free.
    2. Anyone, regardless of who they are or where they live in the globe, can register for a UK address and will only be required to pay when they begin to receive postal mail.
    3. The removal of the set yearly charge is part of our effort to make post office boxes as widely available as possible.
    4. This opens up the option of owning a PO Box to even people who only get a few letters each month.
    • In reality, we have some users who only receive a few of letters every year, and who only use the service for the tiniest of tasks here and there.
    • Despite the fact that it costs them next to nothing, they get all of the benefits.

    Read and manage your post online from anywhere

    1. To summarize, you receive a physical address in the United Kingdom, just as you would with Royal Mail, but with the extra benefit of being able to view and control your mail online, from any location in the globe, exactly as you would with Royal Mail.
    2. The value of our service is not so much in the physical PO Box address as it is in the ability to view your mail from any location at any time.
    3. As a result, we charge you according on the amount of mail you get.
    4. All of our plans include a free PO Box address as well as access to our Advanced Postal Management App.
    • We offer five different options in total.
    • The VAT rate in the United Kingdom is 20 percent, although you may not be required to pay this.


    Perfect for up to ten letters each month; there is no monthly obligation; you only pay for the postage that you really get.

    Letter 10 – £9.00 per month

    A beginner package designed for customers who anticipate to receive up to ten letters each month as a result of their subscription.

    Letter 25 – £12.00 per month

    People who get up to 25 letters each month are eligible for this program.

    Letter 50 – £21.00 per month

    Plan for persons who get up to 50 letters each month in a high-volume environment.

    Letter 100 – £36.00 per month

    For customers who get up to 100 letters every month, we offer our highest volume letter subscription.

    Not found a plan for you?

    For customers who get up to 100 letters every month, our highest volume letter package is the best fit.

    How do I get a PO Box?

    1. In the event that you are anticipating hundreds of letters and do not want internet access to your mail, you should visit the Royal Mail website, where you may sign up for their flat rate service.
    2. Join us if you require further flexibility, such as the ability to view your mail from any location and the advantage of being able to regulate forwarding on an item-by-item basis, and if you are interested in learning more.
    3. The sign-up procedure is quick and simple, and you’ll normally receive your new address within 24 working hours after completing the form.
    4. Please visit our price page first so that you may select the plan that best meets your needs.
    • After that, please visit our online mail application, which we call ipostalmail.
    • You’ll be prompted to choose a plan and provide information about yourself and your location, after which your account will be established.
    • Finally, because we are subject to anti-money-laundering regulations, all of our clients must submit to an identity verification process.
    • Depending on who you are (a business or a consumer), the process will differ slightly.
    • To ensure you have everything you need, see our page on identity verification before you start your transaction.
    • In order to make the procedure as seamless as possible, our identity verification staff is here to assist you.
    • If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us using the live chat option on the site, or visit the contact us page on the site and select your chosen mode of communication.
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    PO Box alternatives

    1. You can be looking for an address to which you can route your mail, an official address for your company, or a street address in London, among other things.
    2. If a PO Box doesn’t quite meet your needs, please see the pages below for additional information on other types of addresses we have available.
    3. All of our addresses are equipped with our Advanced Mail Management App, which allows you to access and manage your mail from any location at any time.
    4. Reception Address for the Royal Mail Street Addresses in the City of London The address of the registered office Address for the Director’s Service Postal Address for Package Forwarding

    How to Get a Mailbox with a Physical Address

    1. Choosing to have a mailbox with a real address is one of the wisest decisions you can make for your business.
    2. There are a plethora of advantages (which we will get into in a moment).
    3. The process of renting mailboxes, on the other hand, may appear to be a difficult and complex undertaking if you have never done it before.
    4. That is why we are here to assist you in any way we can.
    • We want to make you aware of all of the advantages that renting a UPS PO box (or whichever ″rent an address for mail″ service you choose to utilize) may provide you before we get into the specifics.
    • Are you ready to get started?
    • Let’s get started!

    The Advantages of a PO Box With a Real Address

    While there are many more advantages than the five we will discuss in this article, these are the most important (in our humble opinion, of course).

    Letter and Parcel Security

    1. There will be no goods or items dropped on your doorstep because all PO boxes and other UPS personal mailboxes are safely tucked away within the post office.
    2. Ultimately, this alone increases security and reduces the possibility of your mail being taken by unauthorized individuals.
    3. However, the problem goes far deeper than that.
    4. Despite the fact that the UPS mailbox rentals are located within an already extremely secure area, each one is individually secured.
    • This may be accomplished by the use of a code, but it is most usually accomplished through the use of a key system.
    • Keep in mind that there is only one primary key holder per post office box, so plan accordingly.
    • (Though, to be honest, it shouldn’t make that much of a difference!)

    You Acquire a Permanent Mailing Address

    Are you in the process of relocating? Are you planning to relocate your entire life to an other nation in order to start a new life? Alternately, do you find yourself in a self-sufficient or off-grid situation? Whatever it is, having a UPS mailbox address ensures that your friends, family, and business associates may send you parcels, packages, and letters in a secure and reliable manner.

    Keeps Your Home Address Private

    1. When you consider how many firms, clients (if you own a company), and individuals know your home address, it isn’t a pleasant sensation.
    2. You are placing your faith in a number of venues while, in reality, you are only familiar with a fourth of them!
    3. With a PO box, you may provide this address on registration forms and other correspondence, reducing the likelihood of your privacy being compromised by unprofessional and unethical individuals.

    Quicker Mail Delivery

    All UPS private mailboxes are already housed within a post office building. As a result, your deliveries, packages, and letters will be delivered more quickly than if you provided your residential or business address.

    Great For Your Business

    1. The leasing of business mailboxes is growing increasingly popular as well!
    2. Why?
    3. Some professionals choose not to disclose that they operate from home since it is less expensive than renting office space, and clients can feel certain that the company’s established UPS business address will not be disclosed to third parties.
    4. Assuming you were previously convinced before to clicking on this link, we’ll carry on from here.
    • Thanks for your time!

    UPS Store Mailbox

    1. It’s hard to believe how much you receive for your money when you have a UPS customized mailbox.
    2. We’ll go into the particular pricing in a bit, but first, let’s have a look at what you’ll be getting in the first place.
    3. For starters, you will be provided with a mailbox that has a street address assigned to it.
    4. Not only will this make you appear more professional if you own a business, but it will help prevent registration forms from malfunctioning.
    • Furthermore, you will be able to receive parcels from any US postal carrier, not only the United States Postal Service.
    • This is something that you don’t often find with other private mailbox rentals.
    • You may also pick up your letters or packages whenever it is convenient for you!
    • We’re not kidding when we say this.
    • You may check your mail at any time of day or night because UPS is available to their renters 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
    • Not to mention that everything at the facility is monitored, maintained, and secured by UPS store trained professionals.
    • When you step through the door, you will immediately feel at ease.
    • If you haven’t guessed it yet, we believe they are quite awesome.

    How Much Does a Mailbox Cost?

    1. It’s difficult to offer you a hard and fast guideline when it comes to UPS shop PO box pricing because they are so variable.
    2. Why?
    3. Because there isn’t a set of rules that everyone must follow!
    4. It all depends on where you live — the state in which you reside and the city in which you reside.
    • However, we can state that they are often between $20 and $25 in price.
    • PS: UPS mailbox rates are far less expensive than typical PO box pricing, which just provide you with a number and not an actual address.

    Can I Use a PO Box as a Legal Address?

    In a nutshell, no. When you rent a PO box, you will only be provided with a number. Obtaining a UPS street address and mailbox, on the other hand, will allow you to utilize it as your legal mailing address.

    How to Rent a PO Box

    By making it this far, you’ve decided that you’re serious about acquiring a PO box. You must be anxious to find out how to do it correctly. You’re in luck, because we’re about to scratch that itching itch on your back for you!

    Step One: Location

    You must obtain a post office box in a location that is convenient for you. It doesn’t matter if it’s in close proximity to your workplace or your house. Just be aware that you’ll be required to visit there on a weekly basis.

    Step Two: Choose a Size

    • Generally speaking, post offices will have boxes in the following sizes available: Extra tiny, small, medium, big, and extra large are all possible options.

    These are all available at a variety of pricing points (naturally). Our recommendation is to make certain that you are okay with the price before jumping in headlong.

    Step Three: Register Your PO Box

    Registering in person or online are both alternatives available to you at this point. It is all up to you. The usage of online registration techniques has surpassed the use of other methods in recent years. So let’s concentrate on this one:

    1. Visit the United States Postal Service website.
    2. By entering your zip code, you may find a branch that is close by.
    3. Select the box size that you desire
    4. Specify your payment schedule (3, 6, or 12 months)
    5. Select ″reserve now″ from the drop-down menu.
    6. Make your way to the branch you choose and pick up your keys there

    See? Knowing how to do anything is simple once you understand how.

    Is There an Even Better Solution? You Bet! Take a Look

    1. In a world where digital communication – text messages, emails, direct messages, and so on – is becoming increasingly common, there is still a requirement for a mailbox with a physical address, particularly for those who are running a business or a nonprofit organization.
    2. In contrast, there are several disadvantages to utilizing a regular PO Box through the United States Postal Service, not the least of which is the fact that you will be physically constrained to a particular place where you may pick up your mail.
    3. Fortunately, with a service like ours here at US Global Mail, you won’t have to worry about the headaches and hassles that a PO Box comes with it, while still being able to take advantage of all of the benefits that a mailbox with a real address has to offer.
    4. We’ve listed just a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy as a result of using our service, which is the perfect combination of a PO Box and a ″virtual mail solution″!

    Say Hello to Your “Forever” Address

    1. When you opt to utilize our mailbox services, you will be provided with an actual street address that you may use as your ″forever″ address, effectively isolating your mail from the rest of your company or home.
    2. A lot of the stress and inconvenience that comes with changing your address with the United States Postal Service is eliminated, and you can rest certain that none of your mail will be ″lost in the shuffle″ while you are moving addresses.
    3. When you combine that with the additional protection and anonymity that this type of mailing setup provides you, it’s easy to understand why so many individuals are taking use of services like ours to send their messages.

    Never Drive to the Post Office Again

    1. Another major benefit of setting up your mail service with US Global Mail is that you’ll never have to go to a local post office location again, which is a huge time saver.
    2. Instead, you’ll be able to construct an actual street address to which all of your mail and parcels will be sent, so creating a central ″collection point″ for your mail, which can then be redirected and delivered directly to you, no matter where you happen to be.
    3. When you consider that the average person spends more than 500 hours a year behind the wheel, this can be a significant time saver for everyone.

    Do Virtual Mailboxes Have Unlimited Storage Space?

    1. Traditional post office boxes might be prohibitively expensive, especially if you anticipate receiving a large volume of mail on a regular basis (like you might if you are running a business).
    2. However, whereas larger-sized PO boxes, in particular, are quite expensive, a USPS mailbox may be rented for as little as $25 and as much as $40 per month – and you are always restricted to the size of the box that you rent.
    3. Our private mail acceptance service, on the other hand, eliminates the need to be concerned about any of these difficulties.
    4. We provide a choice of customizable postal service alternatives, including limitless incoming mail acceptance, which ensures that you will never have to worry about essential pieces of mail being returned to sender just because there was no room in your box.
    • It’s simple to understand why so many people pick our services over and over again when you consider all of the additional advantages we give here at US Global Mail.

    Effortless 24/7 Access to Your Mail

    1. You have complete control over your US Global Mail virtual mailbox at all times, as well.
    2. Not only will you have access to your mail and parcels at any time of day or night through our virtual service, but you will also have access to photos of all envelopes and boxes as they are received.
    3. A photo of the exterior envelopes/packages will be taken every time a new piece of mail arrives for you, and a message will be delivered to you via email or text directly, so you’ll always be aware of when your mail has arrived (almost in real time).
    4. Using our services, we can digitize any mail that you request to be digitized so that you have instant access to those letters and those documents, we can pick and choose the mail that gets forwarded to you from the mail that gets shredded or disposed of, and we can even have checks deposited directly into your bank account (at your request and at your discretion) so that you don’t have to run those kinds of errands as well.

    Reliable Mail Forwarding

    1. Because of the ties we have established with global shipping partners, we can assist you in saving up to 80% on retail shipping expenses when you request that your mail be forwarded to your address.
    2. In order to ensure that you receive all of the mail that accumulates at your US Global Mail box on a regular basis, we can set up regular mail forwarding.
    3. Many of our clients choose to take advantage of weekly or monthly deliveries, which make their lives a lot more organized.
    4. As well as accepting shipments from all shipping partners (including the United States Postal Service (USPS), UPS, FedEx, DHL, and others), we can ensure that you’ll receive your items when you need them, without having to wait for them or pay a small amount on shipping.
    • In fact, you may use this page to estimate your shipping expenses.

    Final Verdict

    1. At the end of the day, it has always been our goal to make the process of taking advantage of all that a virtual mailing service has to offer in conjunction with a physical street address as simple and uncomplicated as possible for our customers.
    2. Providing our US Global Mail solutions to more than 80,000 clients has earned us a reputable name, and we are constantly searching for ways to improve the overall value of our mailing services to our customers.
    3. If you’re interested in learning more about how to take advantage of the benefits we provide, or if you just want more information about how to make the most of the mailbox with a physical address services we provide, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
    4. We are situated in Houston, Texas, and you may reach us through our online chat and support facilities, or you can call us at our toll-free number (1-866-596-8965) during our normal business hours.
    • We are here to assist you at any time.
    • Consider looking into the many mailing options we provide, which include a variety of plans designed to satisfy individuals, small families and organizations, and bigger corporations that are dissatisfied with the limitations of a real post office box.
    • Get in touch with us right now for further information!

    Why Your PO Box Fees Might Be Going Up

    1. Many small companies rent post office boxes for a variety of reasons, including privacy and security.
    2. However, the fees for post office boxes appear to be increasing all the time.
    3. There’s still more reason why your post office box charges may rise in the future.
    4. A PO Box located in an area where private sector box rentals are available will incur a higher price from the Postal Service, and the USPS has recently added another 237 sites

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