What Is A Sponsorship Package?

The term sponsorship package typically refers to the various benefits that are offered to a business or individual in exchange for providing monetary funds.
A sponsorship package is an agreement that implies the support of an event or an activity by an external brand. It’s pretty common to think of a sponsorship package as a contract established between an event organiser and a sponsor.
The sponsorship package is the basis of the agreement between your organisation and the sponsor. You should think of your sponsorship package as a product. Think in terms of yourself buying a product and then finding out that it was incorrectly described.

What is an event sponsorship package?

Sponsors are a crucial source of revenue for events, so make sure that you are able to offer competitive and valuable event sponsorship package options. An event sponsorship package is essentially your “pitch” on why potential supporters should choose you over other events or channels they could invest their budget.

How do I know what my sponsorship package will look like?

One of the best ways to understand what your sponsorship package might end up looking like is to look at some examples. The best sponsorship package examples to use are ones that other events or organizations like yours have produced.

What is sponsored sponsorship and how does it work?

Sponsorship is all about the audience! Your sponsors want to connect with a particular group of people and they want that group of people to take a very specific action. Before you ask your sponsors for money, tell them about your audience. Talk about your cause, event or brand.

What is included in a sponsorship package?

At the very least, your event sponsorship package should include the following:

  • Information about your organization.
  • Describe the event.
  • Provide a general description of the benefits of sponsorship.
  • Make sure that you provide details with respect to specific sponsorship levels, the cost, and the rewards for sponsorship.
  • How do you make a sponsorship package?

    Key Elements In Your Sponsorship Packages

    1. The Introduction. First, tell your potential sponsors clearly who you are and what you want.
    2. What’s In It For Them.
    3. What Do You Offer.
    4. Your Call to Action.
    5. No Generic Sponsorships.
    6. Allow Package Customization.
    7. Include Sponsors in Your Planning.

    What is sponsorship with example?

    Sponsorship advertising is a form of advertising where a company will sponsor some event or organization. Examples include the sponsorship of sporting events, charity events, and athletic teams.

    What does it mean when you get a sponsorship?

    A sponsorship is when a company commits money or resources to a nonprofit event or program in exchange for specific promotional benefits. In exchange for supporting the nonprofit, the company gets their name and logo on things like: Banners.

    What does a sponsor get in return?

    Sponsors offer funding or products and services to support events, trade shows, teams, nonprofits, or organizations. In exchange, you get business exposure and a chance to connect with new customers.

    What are 3 goals of sponsorship that all businesses have?

    Sponsorship costs, marketing opportunities at the event, and list of committed sponsors. What are three goals of sponsorship that all business have? High sales, to keep up with the competition, and attracting media attention.

    What are the different types of sponsorship?

    4 Types of Event Sponsorships That Bring Value

  • What Is Event Sponsorship? Event sponsorship enables sponsors to give some sort of investment in exchange for marketing at an event.
  • Financial Event Sponsorship.
  • In-Kind Sponsorship.
  • Media Event Sponsorship.
  • Promotional Partners.
  • What sponsors are looking for?

    A corporate sponsor is looking for benefits like a new business, more customers, a halo effect with their customer base to encourage brand loyalty or visibility. When you approach prospective sponsors, listen more than you talk, and ask them about their goals and priorities.

    How much should I charge for sponsorship?

    If you’re brand new and still building a following (but do have an audience), $20-100 is a good starting point (depending on what goes into the sponsorship — see below) If you have an established, engaged audience, $75-250 is a good place to start.

    What are the 3 types of sponsorships?

    Three types of events sponsorships to offer

  • Branding – These opportunities allow sponsors to display their logos to event attendees.
  • Lead opportunities – These opportunities give sponsors a way to collect sales leads.
  • Networking – With these opportunities, sponsors have a way to get to know attendees one-to-one.
  • How do sponsorships work?

    Sponsorship involves a business relationship between two parties, where one party (sponsor) provides support in the form of funding, resources, or services to the other party (beneficiary). The beneficiary, in return, allows access to the sponsor for rights and associations for commercial advantage.

    Do sponsorships pay you?

    How Much Do Sponsors Pay YouTubers, After All? Long story short – sponsors typically pay YouTubers about $0.089 per view according to a 2020 survey. But the survey received mixed responses ranging from $0.035 to $0.15 per view. Now that’s a huge range, and it can truly make or break your marketing budget.

    How do paid sponsorships work?

    Paid sponsorships take place between a brand and another Instagram user. Typically, this user has a personal brand and attracts an audience of his or her own. This user is often called an ‘influencer.’

    What are the benefits of sponsorship?

    Below, I’ve listed four key benefits of sponsorship for your small business.

  • It promotes a positive brand. Your brand is the most important commodity your small business has.
  • It increases brand awareness.
  • It reaches a wider demographic.
  • It enhances customer experience.
  • How to put together a sponsorship package?

  • Agree on how to measure success
  • Define the value of the sponsorship
  • Provide unique marketing initiatives the sponsor will leverage to meet the objectives
  • How to create a sponsorship package?

    Creating a sponsorship package is often one of the most difficult and stressful parts of setting up your event, but should it really be that difficult? Before you send out a request for sponsorship, be sure you take a few minutes to examine the package you are offering and create a request unique to each business.

    How much should you charge for a sponsorship?

    When searching for local sponsorships, we recommend establishing an “average cost” budget, meaning that the average cost of all sponsorships will hit, say $700. This opens you up to potential $1200 sponsorships, as well as smaller, $200 little league donations, to balance out the bigger donations.

    How to price your sponsorship packages?

  • Step Two: Your Sponsorship Evaluation Template Starts by Building an Inventory of Assets.
  • Step Three: Identify your Audience Segments and Some Sponsorship Survey Questions to get you Started.
  • Step Four: Find Your Tangible Values and Average Sponsorship Costs for your Audience.
  • What Is a Sponsorship Package?

    When referring to a sponsorship package, the numerous perks that are provided to a firm or individual in exchange for the provision of monetary money are generally considered to be included.An organization seeking financing or attempting to stage a special event would often write a sponsorship package to be sent to potential contributors along with a sponsorship letter when seeking funding or planning a special event.Depending on the situation, there may be a number of different sponsorship packages available, each of which corresponds to a particular monetary level of donation.An incentive to sponsor an organization or event, as well as a tiered set of donation levels to attract greater sponsorships, are frequently the objectives.Sponsorship packages may be a vital element of any sponsorship letter, and they should be clearly stated.

    When read in isolation, a fundraising letter may supply potential donors with a lot of information about an organization or special event, and it may even prompt them to sponsor the event.In many cases, the sponsorship package includes an exact monetary amount, which makes it easier for the personnel in charge of managing sponsorships to follow through on their commitments.Apart from suggesting donation levels, the sponsorship package can also detail the possible advantages that an individual or corporation might anticipate to gain as a result of their participation.This additional incentive may persuade sponsors who were previously on the fence to change their minds.

    • Depending on the event or organization, the contents of a sponsorship package might vary, while one key incentive for potential donors is exposure through advertising.
    • Increasingly big or more easily noticed ads can be included at each level of sponsorship, either in the form of actual banners at an event, or by putting the firm or business name of the sponsor on any publications.
    • In exchange for a varying amount of sponsorship, organizations that produce reports, guides, or newsletters might offer to place progressively prominent ads on these papers.
    • Additionally, event planners can provide progressively prominent placement of signage or banners at their events in a similar manner.
    • Potential sponsors can benefit from complimentary copies of reports, bulletins, and other materials produced by organizations that are interested in sponsoring them.
    • When combined with the opportunity to place free advertising in the document, the corporation may utilize it as a showcase to highlight the tangible outcomes of philanthropic efforts.
    • Event sponsors may also be supplied with printed materials or other tangible things, however tickets or admittance to the event may also be made available to them.

    Many charitable firms and people contribute money simply because they want to do good or because they are eligible for tax deductions.A excellent sponsorship package, on the other hand, might serve as a great thank you.If the packages are clearly spelled out and include tangible advantages, they can also serve as an additional motivation for people who might not otherwise contribute to make a contribution.

    Event Sponsorship Package Basics

    Events rely on sponsors for a significant portion of their income, so make certain that you are able to provide competitive and valuable event sponsorship package alternatives.A sponsorship package for an event is simply your ″pitch″ to potential sponsors on why they should select you above other events or channels in which they may invest their money.That’s why it’s so important to understand the aims and objectives of current sponsors, as well as those of potential new sponsors, before moving forward.A requirement for customization of event sponsorship package features, the establishment of connections with attendees, the integration of various event technology platforms used throughout the event for maximum brand exposure, and, of course, a desire to maximize return on investment are among the most frequently expressed requirements.

    If you include all of these requirements in your event sponsorship package offerings, you will almost certainly generate incredible event revenues as well as loyal sponsors who will return year after year.The following are the two most prevalent approaches to developing event sponsorship packages:

    1. This is the usual strategy in which a range of elements are included in the event sponsorship package options based on the degree of sponsorship.
    2. In the A La Carte Sponsorship Model, flexibility and customization in the event sponsorship package are essential to meeting the demands of sponsors who have special requirements or ambitions.

    1) The Tiered Sponsorship Model

    A step-by-step overview of how to construct a tiered sponsorship model that incorporates event technology elements is provided below.

    Step 1: Create Tier Levels

    Typically, tiers are labeled as Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Exhibitor, but you have a great deal of creative license in naming the levels whatever you believe best matches your event theme or brand. If you have any questions, please contact us. Take this opportunity to make it sound entertaining and interesting to potential sponsors.

    Step 2: Decide Quantities Per Tier

    In order to meet your event income targets, you must first establish how many event sponsorship packages of each tier level you will need to sell.This is the second phase.Because of the exclusivity of the sponsorship package, the more you may vary the sponsorship package the more restricted the quantity is.As a result, sponsors will be more likely to commit sooner, allowing you to more accurately forecast your income and better organize your event.

    Step 3: Distribute Sponsorship Benefits Per Tier 

    As the tier rises in prestige and exclusivity, the quantity of high-value rewards increases proportionally.We at EventMobi assist our clients in developing their event sponsorship packages to reflect the advantages of using an event app.The following is an illustration of a tiered sponsorship model: Free Resource: You may download this helpful document that demonstrates how to construct sponsorship packages for event technology.

    The A La Carte Sponsorship Model

    The a la carte sponsorship model approach is a different strategy for sponsors that are aiming to accomplish particular goals or outcomes with their support. This can include things like attendance participation or brand exposure. The following is an example of a la carte sponsorship packages that are dependent on the stages of an event’s lifetime.

    1. Pre-Event

    Marketing Communications

    • Ensure that the sponsor’s logo appears on your event registration website and on any marketing materials promoting the event, such as registration invitation emails.
    • Provide sponsors with social media shout-outs in order to market their products.
    • Encourage session attendance by promoting the speakers who are sponsored by your organization.
    • When encouraging registration, be sure to include any pre-event sponsored prizes.

    2. On-Site

    Event App Design

    • Include the sponsor’s logo and a full description of the company in the sponsorship section of the event application.
    • The logo of the sponsor should be shown on the results screen for all live polls, the homepage, and/or the map page.
    • Link to downloadable resources given by the sponsor, such as brochures or product collateral.

    Attendee Engagement

    • If gamification is being used at the event, incorporate challenges that require attendees to engage with sponsors and visit their booths in order to earn points and rewards.
    • Incorporate sponsor incentives and/or freebies into gamification challenges to increase their likelihood of success.
    • Send tailored alerts or push notifications with the sponsor’s logo to the appropriate recipients
    • Send out sponsored emails to a specific portion of your audience to increase brand awareness.
    • Allowing sponsors to communicate with participants one-on-one through a chat or message tool is recommended.

    Venue Design

    • Print and/or display the sponsor’s logo on any printed and/or digital marketing materials or signs that will be exhibited at the event registration area
    • Competitions and/or giveaways by your sponsors should be held on-site.
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    3. Post-Event

    Attendees should get a post-event email or survey that includes the sponsor’s logo and/or mentions the sponsor.

    This is only a quick introduction of some of the concepts that may be included in the two most typical forms of event sponsorship packages, and it is not intended to be comprehensive. Download our eBook, How to Create a Sponsorship Strategy that Maximizes Event Revenue, for a more in-depth look at how to create competitive and engaging event sponsorship packages. Now is the time to download

    Sponsorship Package Examples – Spark Templates

    Examining several samples of sponsorship packages is one of the most effective methods to gain an understanding of what your sponsorship package may look like.The ideal sponsorship package examples to utilize are those that have already been developed by other events or organizations similar to yours.It is true that you may utilize the internet to look for samples of sponsorship packages if you so like, but we have managed to assemble a list of numerous well-executed sponsorship packages as well as one that has some errors.These samples will assist you in understanding what makes a fantastic sponsorship package truly outstanding.

    Example Sponsorship Package1: Terminal City Roller Girls

    Because it is aesthetically appealing and provides the potential sponsor with an easy-to-understand visual depiction of the sponsorship levels that are available as well as the advantages that each of these levels entails, we think this sponsorship package is outstanding.The sponsorship package is interesting and simple to grasp, and it is clear that the producers have put out great effort to make their sponsorship package stand out from the competition.In the event that you have access to a graphic designer, you should really consider utilizing their skills to aesthetically boost your sponsorship package, as they have plainly done in this case.This sponsorship package also provides sponsors with the option to customize a level by employing a ″a la carte″ approach, which is a novel approach.

    Sponsors are also provided with everything they require to finish the procedure, which is all included in the package.A+ is the highest possible grade.

    Example Sponsorship Package2: Triple Threat Basketball

    We included this sample sponsorship package since it is representative of the types of sponsorship packages that are most frequently prepared.All of the information you would expect to see is there, and the package provides sponsors with a variety of sponsorship levels to pick from, as well as a breakdown of the perks associated with each level.Generally speaking, the organization does an excellent job at outlining their current market position and historical background, and everything is done correctly.This is a really good sponsorship package to get involved with.

    However, it falls short in terms of visual engagement and polish.Clearly, this group did not have the resources to hire a graphic designer on their own.B+ is a passing grade.

    The Definitive Guide to the Sponsorship Proposal: 7 Steps to a Proposal that Actually Works!

    There’s a reason why I’ve titled this essay ″The Definitive Guide to the Sponsorship Proposal″! Throughout this course, I will cover every aspect of writing a successful sponsorship proposal, including how to write a sponsorship proposal that actually works.

    Step One: Your Sponsorship Packages Start With What You Have to Sell

    If you do not have a list of items to sell, your sponsorship package will be utterly devoid of content.These items that you sell are referred to as ″assets,″ and these assets are collected together into a ″inventory″ that is included with your sponsorship pitch.The majority of individuals begin the sponsorship process by developing a sponsorship proposal template that is based on their financial objectives and has a slew of predetermined incentives that are organized into three or four categories.They then send these templates out into the world…and receive no response.

    Create an inventory of everything you are willing to offer instead of putting together a single example sponsorship package and mailing it to everyone you know.This will save time and money in the long run.

    Should Your Sponsorship Packages have a Menu?

    • It communicates to your sponsors that you are a novice by using the stock levels of gold, silver, and bronze (or any other stock levels). Don’t even think about it! Present some of the ways in which you may assist your sponsors in achieving their objectives, but don’t list them as packages that they must purchase from you. Instead, demonstrate to your sponsors that you have solutions that will assist them in the areas listed below: Branding, product placement, sampling, contests, growing their database, thought leadership, and more are all possible.

    Demonstrate to your sponsors how you’ve assisted other sponsors in achieving their objectives through collaboration.

    Corporate Sponsorship Inventory Building

    Gather your leadership team, program team, marketing department, volunteers, and current sponsors in one place and ask them what they believe you should be selling.They may have some ideas.Prepare a list of everything you presently sell, and then ask the group to identify anything that is missing from the listing.Investigate your competitors and learn about their products and services.

    As soon as you’re finished with this exercise, challenge your group to come up with a list of five things that aren’t on the list and aren’t being done by your competitors.

    Step Two: How to Ask for Corporate Sponsorship Matters Less Than Who to Ask!

    Organize your leadership team, program team, marketing department (including volunteers), and current sponsors in one place and ask them what they believe you should be selling.Prepare a list of everything you now sell, and then ask the group to identify anything that is missing from the inventory list.Investigate your competitors and discover what they have to offer.Once you’ve finished with this exercise, challenge your group to come up with a list of five things that aren’t on the list and aren’t being done by your competitors in order to win.

    Step Three: Know What to Charge for Everything in Your Sponsorship Packages

    The fact that this guidance on the corporate sponsorship proposal hasn’t even touched on visuals, the amount of pages, or possible sponsorship level names is worth mentioning at this point.There’s a good explanation for all of this!It is true that the majority of sponsorship transactions begin with a sponsorship proposal.Nevertheless, it is not correct to say that a sponsorship proposition is sufficient in itself to sell sponsorship.

    Finding the correct items and getting to know your customers is vital; understanding how much to charge for the assets included in your sponsorship pitch is also critical.Preparation is key before reaching out to potential sponsors.Take some time to figure out how much you will charge for each item in your sponsorship package.The most effective method to accomplish this is to include a list of every single thing you want to offer in your sponsorship pitch, together with the names of those who will see (or hear) it, and give a monetary value to each benefit.When determining how much to charge for services like as logo placement, use sites such as Google Adwords and the local newspaper for guidance.If you provide something to a sponsor, assign a monetary value to it.

    1. This might include things like product placement, speaking opportunities, complimentary tickets, exhibit space, and anything else you think could be of interest to them.
    2. Why are you doing this?
    3. There are two main causes behind this.

    First and foremost, it informs you of the amount of money you can realistically anticipate to earn from sponsorship.Second, it provides you with the opportunity to negotiate with sponsors and exchange advantages across the various tiers of sponsorship packages that you are offering to your customers.Here are some free resources to assist you with this stage: This book is a comprehensive guide to valuations.

    Step Four: Finding the Right Contact

    • Even the finest planned, most thoroughly researched, and most reasonably priced sponsorship proposal will fail if it is sent to the incorrect person. So, who should you contact in order to submit a sponsorship request? I’m looking for folks who have the following titles in their job descriptions: Branding, marketing, sponsorship, business development, communications, and product development are all important considerations.

    Those with the title ″Corporate Social Responsibility″ often deal with the ″corporate philanthropy″ side of things, however this may sometimes be mixed with sponsorship and cause-related marketing initiatives. If I can only locate a CSR representative, I will frequently approach them with the request that they assist me in identifying the most appropriate contact for my idea.

    Want to Know How to Write a Sponsorship Proposal? Ask Your Prospect!

    • I never submit a sponsorship request without first speaking with the person who will be sponsoring it. I occasionally communicate with them by e-mail, phone, or, in the best case scenario, in person. When I do, I don’t carry anything with me other than a mental list of questions with me to ask. In my post ″Five Questions for Every Prospect,″ I go into further depth about this strategy, but here are the questions that I always ask my prospects before I submit a sponsorship proposal: In what ways do you often participate in sponsorship? What does your target market place a value on? Who is your target audience?
    • What information can you provide me regarding your sales targets for the upcoming year?
    • The most crucial aspects of a sponsorship proposal, in your opinion, are as follows:
    • Here are some free resources to assist you with this stage: A description of how to conduct a discovery session.
    • How to find 394 potential customers
    • Every prospect should be asked five questions.

    Step Five: The Sponsorship Proposal Template

    Here is a template for a sponsorship proposal that is quite simple:

    Sample Sponsorship Proposal Outline

    Keep in mind that your sponsorship package is not the sales tool; you are the one!

    Page One: Title Page or Sponsorship Proposal Letter

    Include your company’s logo, the name of the opportunity or program, and your slogan in your email signature. Keep it basic, and never refer to it as a ″sponsorship package″ or anything like.

    Page Two: Describe Your Audience

    It is all about the audience when it comes to sponsorship! They aim to establish a connection with a certain group of individuals, and they want that group to do a specific action as a result of that connection. Before you approach your sponsors for financial assistance, inform them of your target audience.

    Page Three: Describe Your Opportunity

    Paragraph one: Describe your cause, event, or brand in detail. Take note that there is only one paragraph! Simply put, don’t bring up the subject of need or sad stories in your conversation. Paragraph two: Discuss the opportunity, program, or event in detail.

    Page Four: Think Menu not Sponsorship Levels

    ″Sponsorship opportunities″ should never be used.″Engage Leaders in Industry X,″ ″Reach out to People of a Certain Age or Geography,″ or ″Come and Meet X Sector″ are all better alternatives.In your introduction, include a statement about how you prefer to collaborate with sponsors as well as your philosophy.The majority of organizations include a remark at the conclusion of their package noting that they are ″also open to customizing.″ ″Please get in touch with us.″ This should not be done!

    Instead, inform your prospects that these are tips to get the process started right away when they first meet.Invite them to have a look and get in touch with you if they have any ideas about how they would want to participate with your network, and then provide a list of all of your assets and possibilities!

    Page Five: Sample Activations

    When most individuals fill out this part, they use a grid with the words ″Gold, Silver, Bronze,″ but not you!Instead, create a list of your ideas (as stated above) that will help you bring your audience and sponsor closer together while also assisting your sponsor in achieving their objectives.Make sure to incorporate possibilities for branding, sampling, attendee experience, and contests in your event planning process.Will you support the purchase of one of these off-the-shelf items?

    Almost without a doubt, no…However, it stimulates their thinking and demonstrates to them that you understand how to play the sponsorship game.

    Page Six: The Contact Page

    Use a headline that says something like ″we want to hear from you!″ Make a strong call to action.Encourage sponsors to contact you, to tell you what they think is missing, and to tell you what they would want to see added or changed.Make it clear that your plan is intended to be used as a conversation starter rather than a final decision.There is no need to include a piece for your sponsor to cut out and return with his or her contribution.

    Sponsorship is not sold with proposals; it is sold through individuals!To view this infographic in its full size, simply click on it.Infographic for a Sponsorship Proposal

    Step Six: Your Corporate Sponsorship Sales are Only as Strong as Your Follow Up

    Please let your prospect a few days after you send them your sponsorship proposition to think about it before responding.Because you took the time to speak with them and get to know them on the first occasion, you have earned the right to follow up with them later.Getting in touch with your sponsors and asking them what they thought of your sponsorship request, what they thought of the advantages, and what advise they have on how to improve your sponsorship package to better meet their requirements are all important steps.Expect to communicate with your sponsor on a number of occasions!

    Step Seven: After the Successful Sponsorship Package, the Real Work Begins

    • Isn’t it time to kick back and enjoy yourself after the money has arrived? Not so fast, my friend! I would estimate that obtaining a sponsor’s commitment accounts for around 20% of the entire labor involved in sponsoring. To put it another way, even if you now have the money, you still have 80 percent of the procedure ahead of you. Sponsorship is a transaction, and if sponsors do not receive what they have paid for, they will either ask for a refund or, in the worst case scenario, they will tell their colleagues about how difficult it is to deal with you. Prepare to put in a lot of effort for your sponsors! Here are some free resources to assist you with this stage: Activation, satisfaction, and regeneration are all important aspects of life.
    • Measuring the return on investment

    On the AuthorChris Baylis is the President and CEO of The Sponsorship Collective, as well as a self-described sponsorship geek who enjoys writing about sponsorship topics.After several years as a sponsor (yes, you read it correctly, you are the one who invests the money!) Chris made the decision to transition to the sponsorship sales side of the business, where he has personally secured sponsorship agreements for tens of millions of dollars.Chris has been on the front lines of multi-million dollar sponsorship arrangements, as well as building and coaching teams to achieve the same results.Chris currently devotes his time to assisting customers in determining the worth of their assets and developing sales plans.

    Chris is a sought-after speaker and worldwide consultant who has assisted his customers in raising millions of dollars in sponsorship funds.Chris may be reached at the following addresses: The Sponsorship Collective |Twitter |LinkedIn.

    6 Examples of Event Sponsorship Packages

    Due to the rising sophistication of the meetings sector, the expenses of event production are increasing at an alarming rate.There are various sectors that demand significant investment, ranging from sophisticated check-in technology to high-tech virtual reality and augmented reality entertainment.This implies that if you expect your next event to generate a significant amount of expenditures, you must learn the art of smart budgeting.So, how can you make it more intelligent?

    However, while many event planners are focused solely on cost-cutting, using as many diverse revenue streams as possible is the key to success, with sponsorships being one of those sources.It is fortunate that the development of the event production landscape is also bringing about a number of changes in the way event sponsorships are developed.The business is no longer restricted to logo placements, and many well-known brands from across the world have established long-term ties with event organizers in order to generate significant revenues.

    What is an event sponsorship package?

    A sponsorship package is an arrangement that entails the backing of an event or activity by a third-party brand in exchange for a fee.Most people conceive of a sponsorship package as a contract between an event organizer and a sponsor.However, this isn’t necessarily the case.Rather than a tri-party agreement, we believe it is more appropriate to consider this notion as one that incorporates a sponsor, an event organizer, and event attendees.

    Because the ultimate purpose of event organization is to provide value to those who attend, it is vital that your sponsorship package be tailored to the interests of your target audience.After everything is said and done, a sponsorship package is a collection of duties that must be accomplished by an event sponsor and an event organizer, each of which is tailored to the specific requirements of the target persona.

    Benefits of using sponsorship packages

    • For an event planner, the following are important considerations: Make the most of your budget by doing the following: The value of a strong sponsorship package may double or even treble your real event budget, so unless your client offers you complete freedom in terms of how much money you can spend, raking in some additional dollars may be beneficial
    • Increase your credibility by: Consider the possibility that you may include Apple’s logo in the ″Our Sponsors″ section of your event website. Would that result in more registrations for you? Almost certainly, yeah. Creating strategic collaborations with well-known businesses may elevate your event’s visibility to a whole new level.
    • In the case of a sponsor: To reach a new audience, you need to do the following: If you are a meeting sponsor, funding a meeting may provide you with the opportunity to stand out in front of your target audience. Utilize event possibilities that are relevant to your specialty in order to boost the visibility of your brand.
    • Increase your market share by doing the following: Putting your company’s name in front of potential customers through sponsorship of industry-specific events allows you to get a leg up on the competition.
    • Communicate a message in the following ways: In most cases, the relationship between a corporation and an event organizer includes more than just a money-making arrangement. Moreover, it is about aligning two different views and developing a message for a common audience. For example, if you participate in a green event, you will be displaying to your customers your commitment to social responsibility.
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    The best event sponsorship package examples

    There is no one standard that determines what should be included in a sponsorship package, and even if you do find one, don’t use it.Instead, create your own.Event partnerships are similar to marriages in that they will only succeed if both parties have a shared vision of something and can complement one another over the long run.In order to achieve this, a successful event package must be distinctive and tailored to the goals of the event’s organizers as well as the expectations of the target audience.

    To show how adaptable successful sponsor packages can be, we’ve gathered six event sponsorship packet samples.Sponsorship opportunities in the technology sector include: There are a plethora of IT businesses looking for opportunities to demonstrate the benefits of their products at conferences and other events.This applies to both start-ups and well-established businesses.The relationship with Dell, which served as a diamond sponsor during the third annual VR World conference, allowed the event’s organizers to kill two birds with one stone by combining their efforts.First and foremost, Dell is one of the greatest technology businesses in the world, which ensures that the company will garner plenty of attention throughout the conference.Another purpose of the event was to highlight the mind-blowing powers of virtual reality, which would have been impossible without high-quality VR technology.

    1. As a result, Dell provided the event’s organizers with tools to help them achieve their goals.
    2. Dell’s participation at this conference was, without a doubt, an excellent approach to increase awareness of its goods.

    Takeaway: Product or service recognition is something that every company, no matter how large or little, strives to achieve.If there is room available at your event for this, don’t pass up the chance to utilize it.Adding a voice to the mix: Booking.com was the official sponsor of the Women in Tech track at Web Summit, the world’s largest technology conference, which took place in 2017.A buzzy mentorship project for ladies who are making waves in the IT business has been developed as a result of this collaboration.

    ″We believe in gender diversity and gender-balanced workplaces,″ was the major message that Booking.com hoped to transmit through its partnership with the conference, according to the company.

    Takeaway: Your potential sponsors may just want to be heard from time to time.assisting businesses in meeting their clientele during events: It is a gold mine for any business to host an event that brings together their target audience in one location.A excellent sponsorship approach at the Plastics Show conference is to connect sponsors with participants prior to the event.NPE: Instead, they just include a few brief comments on the activities of sponsors on registration forms and allow registrants to identify which sponsor firms they would want to meet while attending the conference.

    Afterwards, the sessions that will take place on the conference grounds are scheduled.

    Takeaway: Create an environment conducive to targeted relationships. As a major sponsor of the Australian Open, Kia built a fantastic hospitality package that brought fans together while also providing high-quality transportation services on the grounds of Melbourne Tennis Centre.

    Takeaway: Make the most of your attendees’ experiences by utilizing the resources provided by sponsors.Partnerships that are geared at promotion: Coca-Cola and the Olympic Games have come together to form a massive, long-term sponsorship agreement that showcases how two extremely successful organizations may work together to achieve greater success.Coca-Cola, as the official sponsor of the Olympics, created a massive advertising effort for the tournament.Everything from influencer marketing to sponsored Olympic stations generated a lot of excitement.

    Takeaway: When two powerful players get together, they have the potential to rock the globe with world-class marketing efforts.Clients can benefit from exclusive offers.Customers of established organizations who want to increase client retention might benefit from events that are sponsored by them as part of their loyalty programs.For example, in exchange for sponsorship support at Arsenal Football Club, O2 requested that the event organizers provide free event tickets that were then distributed to firm clients in exchange for their support.

    Takeaway: Sponsors’ clientele should be offered substantial incentives.


    The best examples of sponsorship packages for events always include two organizations that work together to complement each other’s missions and respond to the needs of their target audiences.If you look at the most successful sponsorship packages for events, you’ll notice that they always include two organizations that work together to complement each other’s missions and respond to the needs of their target audiences.You can learn more about the intricacies of strategic partnerships by reading the event sponsorship guide, which is available on this page.

    What is included in a sponsorship package?

    • The following items should be included in your event sponsorship package, at the very least: Detailed information about your company.
    • Describe the occurrence.
    • Explain the advantages of sponsorship in general terms.
    • Provide specifics about sponsorship levels, costs, and benefits to ensure that your audience is well informed.

    How do you write a sponsorship package?

    The Most Important Components of Your Sponsorship Packages

    1. The first section is titled Introduction. In order to attract potential sponsors, you must first communicate effectively with them about who you are and what you want.
    2. What’s in it for them
    3. What you have to offer.
    4. This is your call to action.
    5. Sponsorships should not be generic
    6. packages should be customized
    7. sponsors should be included in your planning

    What should be included in an event sponsorship proposal?

    How to prepare a sponsorship proposal for an event sponsorship

    1. In a nutshell, describe what happened. When it comes to courting potential sponsors for investment, the event is the main course of the great feast you’ll feed them.
    2. Make a presentation to your intended audience.
    3. Demonstrate your previous accomplishments.
    4. Create a flowchart for your procedure.
    5. Make some suggestions for sponsorship packages.

    How do you price a sponsorship package?

    How to Price Sponsorship Packages for Events in an Efficient Manner

    1. Determine the size of your audience
    2. sketch up your sponsorship packages
    3. research the market rate
    4. weigh the actual value of the package
    5. Accept the possibility of a bargain.
    6. Continually adjust your price points.
    7. It’s all up to you

    What sponsors are looking for?

    • Ten reasons to sponsor an event if you’re wanting to make the most of your marketing money are listed below. Visibility of the brand.
    • Marketing that is targeted.
    • Perceptions of the general public.
    • Lead generation that is effective.
    • Sales targets are set.
    • Goodwill in the community.
    • Strategy for Content Creation.
    • Insights about the audience

    What is an event sponsorship?

    An event sponsor is a firm that provides financial assistance to an event in exchange for something of value to the event’s participants. Often, this ″something worthwhile″ takes the shape of enhanced brand visibility, access to attendance data, speaking opportunities at the event, or discounted event tickets, among other things.

    How do you convince a sponsor?

    Methods for Persuading Businesses to Sponsor Your Event

    1. Prospects were contacted about the research. Even if your sales presentation contains rhetorical references to the company’s benefits from a sponsorship, picking up the phone and raving about how amazing your event is is extremely risky
    2. Demonstrate prior event achievements
    3. demonstrate your public relations efforts
    4. get feedback on plans

    How much do Sponsors pay for an event?

    Depending on the size of the event and its location, sponsorship options ranging from $500 to $5,000 may be available. Your ability to judge the value you receive from such sponsorships is entirely up to you. If you are interested in sponsoring larger activations where your brand will receive significantly more exposure, the fee will be considerably more.

    How much should you ask from a sponsor?

    Each sponsor should be asked to provide between $10,000 and $100,000. It’s common to see someone begging for $1,000, she noted. ″That isn’t going to cut it anymore. You’re dealing with a highly compensated employee of a large firm.

    What do sponsors want from an event?

    To get them to sponsor your event, they’ll need to get their product or service into the hands of your attendees — which is frequently accomplished by providing them with a free sample. Winning these sponsors, on the other hand, is primarily reliant on your ability to follow through on your commitments.

    What do sponsors look for in an event?

    A sponsored event is viewed by sponsors as a kind of advertisement for their own company. As a result, they are looking for statistics that indicate a successful event. You should include a spreadsheet and compelling data graphics that detail predicted attendance, attendance figures from previous events, social media participation, and other relevant information in your proposal.

    How to design an event sponsorship package?

    1. Models for event sponsorships A la carte and tiered sponsorship packages are the two basic event sponsorship strategies that we employ. Putting together a bundle of sponsorship opportunities.
    2. Characteristics and advantages
    3. Sponsorship tiers or types are defined as follows:
    4. Putting out your argument.
    5. Suggestions for event sponsorship.

    How to write a winning event sponsorship proposal?

    How to Write a Sponsorship Proposal in 5 Easy Steps Carry out your responsibilities.Look for funding sources that support causes or have aims that are similar to your own.Make a list of your objectives.When writing your proposal to the business or organization to which you are submitting it, you must be very specific about what you want to achieve.

    Determine who is in charge of making decisions.Include a list of your goals.Encourage your customers to provide feedback.

    What are sponsorship packages?

    In order for your organization and the sponsor to enter into a legal agreement, the sponsorship package must be completed. You should conceive of your sponsorship package as a product that you can sell to customers. Consider the scenario in which you purchase a product only to discover that it was misrepresented on the packaging. If this occurs, you will almost certainly be dissatisfied.

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    What is an example of sponsorship?

    Sponsorship advertising is a type of advertising in which a firm agrees to sponsor a certain event or group. As an illustration, consider the sponsorship of sporting events, charitable activities, and athletic teams.

    Sponsorship Packages For Events and Non-Profits – Spark Templates

    Sponsorship packages, which are often referred to as sponsorship proposals, nearly always include a sponsorship proposal letter as well as an accompanying document that describes the sponsorship levels that you are providing to potential sponsors.However, while all of these papers are vital, it is in the sponsorship proposal letter that you will do the most of your convincing.Unless you can immediately persuade a prospective sponsor that your organization merits their financial support, the sponsorship levels paper will never be used in the first place.

    Sponsorship Proposal Letter

    Because it is the first thing that your sponsors will see, your sponsorship proposal letter serves as the cornerstone of your whole pitch strategy.It is probable that your sponsorship proposal letter will be rejected in favor of others if it is unable to capture the attention of your sponsor instantly and persuade them that you are worthy of consideration for sponsorship.Keep in mind that prospective sponsors must go through much more requests than they can possible support, so they are unlikely to spend time on requests that do not immediately strike out as being worthy of their attention.In many respects, searching for an event or organization sponsor is similar to the process of seeking for a new job.

    Your sponsorship proposal letter serves as the functional equivalent of your resume cover letter in most cases.

    Sponsorship Levels Document

    Because it is the first thing that prospective sponsors will see, your sponsorship proposal letter serves as the cornerstone of your pitch strategy.It is probable that your sponsorship proposal letter will be rejected in favor of others if it is unable to capture the attention of your sponsor right away and convince them that you are deserving of their sponsorship consideration.Keep in mind that prospective sponsors must go through much more requests than they can possible support, so they are unlikely to spend time on requests that do not immediately stand out as being worthy of their consideration.Trying to find a sponsor for an event or group is similar to seeking for work in many respects.

    In many ways, your sponsorship proposal letter serves the same purpose as your resume cover letter.


    Putting together a sponsorship package is an art form that demands a clear understanding of what your organization stands for as well as an intuitive understanding of who is likely to be interested in becoming a sponsor.The fact that sponsors have limited funds and cannot pay every group that wants sponsorship means that they must be selective in their sponsorship decisions.A well-written, professional sponsorship proposal will provide prospective sponsors a clear understanding of who you are and why they should choose to support your group over others in the same field.The efficacy of your sponsorship package may often be the difference between winning a corporate or private sponsorship and being passed over in favor of another group.

    Potential corporate and private sponsors should be provided with multiple sponsorship levels in your proposal so that they may select the level of sponsorship that best matches their budget and degree of interest.

    Six items to include in your event sponsorship package

    The 10th of April, 2013 Providing money or other resources that are valuable to the event in question is referred to as event sponsorship. It is a method of supporting an event, activity, or organization. In exchange for its assistance, the sponsor is typically provided with advertising space or other promotional opportunities during the event.

    Why do we need event sponsorship?

    The commitment of a sponsor to an event in need of additional money is helpful in a variety of ways: it may assist lower hard expenses, it can stimulate investments in or donations to the event from other sources of finances, and it can help raise awareness of the event.

    Where do we find the event sponsors?

    In order to successfully plan an event, you must first define the event’s target audience in terms of age, gender, and interests.In the following step, compile a short list of the sorts of corporations or private organizations that you feel might be interested in reaching that target audience, and identify the appropriate contact person at each of those possible sponsors.The fact that you can find a sponsor for practically any sort of event will surprise you.

    Who and how do we target for event sponsorship?

    • Prepare a sponsorship package to be sent to the companies on your list of potential sponsors. Consider the language you use in your plea to these possible sponsors very carefully. Rather than seeming as a simple contribution, your objective is to make sponsorship look to be a win-win commercial transaction. It is preferable to say ″we are providing you with the option to.″ rather than ″we urgently require.″ Prepare a package that will make it simple for prospective sponsors to study the facts and make a choice on whether or not to participate. You may even want to present part of the material in a bullet-point style if you have the opportunity. The following items should be included in your event sponsorship package, at the very least: Information about your organization’s activities and services. Please keep in mind that the intended sponsors are corporations or private institutions, and that they will be particularly interested in the financial elements of your group. Everything you can think of to indicate that you will be an excellent steward of the funds that you want to receive should be included. Please remember that sponsorship implies that the sponsor has decided to be affiliated with your organization or cause. It’s important to define your cause in a way that will appeal to your potential sponsors on a professional level.
    • Describe the occurrence. Inform them of the basic specifics, the amount of individuals you plan to attend, and the demographics of those who will be in attendance. In order to be more persuasive in your sponsorship proposal, make sure that the target audience is also one that the potential sponsor is interested in
    • Provide a high-level overview of the advantages of sponsorship. Describe how being connected with your cause will help the potential sponsor’s business or organization.
    • Make certain that you give specifics on particular sponsorship levels, the cost of sponsorship, and the perks for sponsoring an event. Providing a sponsor with a logo on your website, a sponsor banner, or in the event program, for example, may be something you consider offering. You may explore a variety of options
    • be imaginative, and remember to provide many levels of assistance.
    • Take into consideration the business requirements of potential sponsors as well as what will most likely appeal to them in terms of improved market awareness when establishing your sponsorship possibilities and level specifications. Keep in mind to consider your individual requirements as well. Perhaps you require water bottles, t-shirts, or writing instruments. Instead of purchasing these products, consider whether there is a firm that would be prepared to supply them in exchange for promotion for their brand, rather than purchasing them.
    • Include a sponsorship reply form as well as a self-addressed, stamped envelope for return of the sponsorship form. As most of your sponsors are local companies, you will most likely need to leave the sponsorship package with them
    • you want to make the process as simple as possible for them in order for them to respond.

    To finish, make sure to customize the package for each possible sponsor and to add a short letter explaining the benefits of being a part of your event for them.If at all feasible, plan a face-to-face contact with someone from your prospective sponsor in order to solicit their assistance.Visits in person are far more beneficial than merely delivering an item through the mail.Don’t forget to follow up with the potential sponsor after you’ve left the package!

    » Creating Sponsorship Packages for Your Event

    Putting up a sponsorship package is typically seen as one of the most difficult and stressful aspects of planning an event, but should it really be so challenging?Prepare your sponsorship request before sending it out to potential sponsors.Take a few minutes to review the package you are providing and prepare a request that is specific to each company.At the same time, there are several important features that you must include, as well as several ways to spice up your sponsorship packages and make them stand out as a fantastic chance for their company.

    Key Elements In Your Sponsorship Packages

    Let’s take a look at a few of the most important things that should be included in your sponsorship agreements. These features can help you quickly enhance the sales of sponsorship packages for your event by integrating them in your marketing strategy.

    The Introduction

    • First and foremost, make it very obvious to potential sponsors who you are and what you want. Check to verify that you have included the following information in each package: What you are
    • who you are
    • What is the purpose of holding the event?
    • Who will be in attendance at the gathering
    • If you have conducted this event in the past, you should know who has attended in the past.
    • The scope of the event
    • the number of participants
    • Who is the intended audience for the event?
    • Previous sponsors who have provided you with support
    • Why do you require sponsors?
    • What it is that you aspire to accomplish

    Your chances of getting potential sponsors to agree to sponsor your event increase dramatically when you carefully outline the contents of your event for them.

    What’s In It For Them

    End of the day, potential sponsors will want to know exactly what they will receive as a result of their sponsorship agreements with you.Make it very clear why you believe it is worthwhile for them to spend their time and money on you.When contacting potential sponsors, be explicit about what you want.Learn more about them, what they do, who they target, and even what other events they’ve sponsored in the past by visiting their website.

    Make your message specific to their requirements so that you can make it simple for them to participate in your event.

    What Do You Offer

    Sponsorships are a marketing tool for businesses, so keep that in mind.They must thus see a return on their investment for it to be worthwhile for them to commit their time and resources.Make an effort to be imaginative in what you provide them.Create several sponsorship levels for different firms with varying marketing budgets if you are having a huge event.

    This will allow you to adjust your sponsorship requirements to different businesses.Make your offer as unique as possible, and try your best to provide them with something they won’t be able to get anywhere else through other sponsorship options.

    Your Call to Action

    Don’t be hesitant to add a call to action in your sponsorship packages if you feel it is appropriate.When they answer more quickly and positively, they are more likely to say yes to your proposition.Please make certain that you include your contact information, at the very least.The sponsoring organization may have a question for them.

    Making it simple for them to get in touch with you and offering your contact information is essential, especially if the response to their inquiry might spell the difference between a ″no″ and a ″yes.″

    Spice Up Your Sponsorship Packages

    Now that you have a better understanding of what you should include in your sponsorship packages, let’s take a few minutes to discuss some creative ways to spice up your packages and make them stand out from the crowd.Remember that firms receive a large number of requests for sponsorships.As a result, making your proposal more memorable will assist you in attracting the sponsors you require, who are frequently operating on a tight budget.

    No Generic Sponsorships

    If you are holding a huge event, it is likely that you have already prepared generic sponsorship packages with varying levels of commitment.This is a technique that many event planners employ.It does not follow, however, that just because you have a tiered plan or three bundles does not imply you have to be unexceptional.Putting on your creative thinking hat, start brainstorming ideas for how you can dress them up and make them stand out as part of your event.

    With them, come up with an idea for a theme that corresponds to the subject of your event.This form of innovation will attract the attention of your sponsors and distinguish your request from the competition.

    Allow Package Customization

    Despite the fact that many event planners construct several tiers of plans, they do not always match the requirements of their potential sponsors.What if, instead of offering your usual tiered plans, you offered a comprehensive package customization option that allowed your sponsors to pick and choose from the features that were most essential to them?For example, one sponsor may only be interested in sponsoring your event in general, whilst another sponsor may be interested in sponsoring a specific aspect of your event.Providing this level of customization will distinguish you from other sponsorship sellers and provide the firms who acquire sponsorships from you the option to tailor the precise way they sponsor your event.Despite the fact that many event planners construct several tiers of plans, they do not always match the requirements of their potential sponsors.What if, instead of offering your usual tiered plans, you offered a comprehensive package customization option that allowed your sponsors to pick and choose from the features that were most essential to them?For example, one sponsor may only be interested in sponsoring your event in general, whilst another sponsor may be interested in sponsoring a specific aspect of your event.Providing this level of customization will distinguish you from other sponsorship sellers and provide the firms who acquire sponsorships from you the option to tailor the precise way they sponsor your event.

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