What Is Alabama Zip Code?

Postal ZIP codes beginning with 363 are located in the state of Alabama. ZIP code 363 is one of 920 three-digit ZIP Codes in the country. Many countries use similar postal zones to make the mail delivery more efficient, although they do not have ZIP Codes exactly.
Zip Codes in Alabama 2022

Zip Code City Population
35242 Birmingham 56,340
36117 Montgomery 54,640
36695 Mobile 51,804
35215 Birmingham 48,680

Zip Codes in Alabama 2021. Alabama has a total of 641 active zip codes.

Is there a 5 digit ZIP code in Alabama?

This list contains only 5-digit ZIP codes. Use our zip code lookup by address (or map) feature to get the full 9-digit (ZIP+4) code Interactive map of zip codes in the US state Alabama.

What is the ZIP code for Jefferson County Alabama?

ZIP Code List of Alabama Cities and Towns Zipcode Type City County State 35004 STANDARD Moody St Clair County AL 35005 STANDARD Adamsville Jefferson County AL 35006 STANDARD Adger Jefferson County AL 35007 STANDARD Alabaster Shelby County AL 39 more rows

How many post offices are there in Alabama?

Alabama has a total of 418 postal offices. How many area codes are in Alabama? Alabama has a total of 5 area codes.

What is the population of Alabama on the map?

Alabama has an average population of 4,675,768 spread between the coordinates of 32.806671 Latitude and -86.791130 Longitude. What is the nickname of Alabama? Alabama is also known as Yellowhammer State. What is the capital city of Alabama? The capital city of Alabama is Montgomery.

How do you enter a ZIP code?

You need to enter the format code in the Type box and click OK. Here is a cheat sheet for custom formatting codes: 0 represents digits can be filled by a leading zero if there isn’t a number. For example, if you want to a 3-digit number which should have leading zeros, you should use 000. If you enter 1, you will see 001. 12 will be 012. 123 will be 123.

What is the telephone country code of Alabama?

ALABAMA COUNTY CODES 1 Jefferson 2 Mobile 3 Montgomery 4 Autauga 5 Baldwin 6 Barbour 7 Bibb

How do I Find my extended ZIP code?

  • ZIP+4 Codes indicate delivery routes.
  • Using ZIP+4 Codes gets your mail there faster and more accurately.
  • We at SmartyStreets can get you those codes.
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    A map of 363 ZIP codes may be quickly downloaded, printed, or embedded into your website, blog, or presentation with a few clicks. Static image maps have a consistent appearance. On all map pages, free pictures may be found by clicking on the Free map link, which is placed above the map.

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    3-digit ZIP Code 363

    ZIP codes are postal codes that are used in the United States to organize the distribution of postal mail.The state of Alabama is home to postal ZIP codes that begin with the number 363; these are known as Alabama ZIP codes.ZIP code 363 is in the 363rd ZIP Code district of the United States of America.

    1. Many nations utilize comparable postal zones to improve the efficiency of mail delivery, even if they do not use ZIP Codes in the traditional sense.
    2. We now only provide postal code location maps for the United States, and just for the time being.

    What do the digits of a ZIP Code mean?

    The first digit of the number 363 represents the broad geographic region of the United States of America.The numbering system starts with zero for the Northeast and goes up to nine as you travel west from there.One of the distribution centers (Sectional Center Facilities, or SCFs) is designated by the following two digits; these facilities are typically placed near airports or in major cities.

    Difference between 3-digit and 5-digit ZIP Code

    Three-digit ZIP codes are used to denote clusters of five-digit ZIP Codes that share the first three digits in common. For example, the region covered by the 363 ZIP code includes all 5-digit ZIP codes that begin with the number 363, including this one.

    Postal Codes Alabama, United States

    AK, AL, AR, CA, CO, CT, District of Columbia, DE, FL, GA, Hawai’i, Iowa, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, KY, LA, MA, MD, ME, MI, MN MO, MS Montana, NE, NH, NJ, NM, NV, NY, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI South Carolina, South Dakota, TN, TX Coffey, Colbert, Conecuh, Coosa, Covington, Crenshaw, Cullman, Dale County, DeKalb, Elmore, Escambia, Etowah, Fayette, Franklin, Geneva, Greene, Hale and Henry counties in Alabama.Houston county in Alabama.Jackson county in Alabama.

    1. Jefferson county in Alabama.
    2. Lamar county in Alabama.
    3. Lauderdale county in Alabama.
    4. Lawrence county in Alabama.

    Limestone county in Alabama.Lowndes county in Alabama

    Homewood, Alabama ZIP Codes

    Homewood, Alabama is located in the following zip codes: 35209, 35219, and 35259 This list covers only ZIP codes with five digits. If you need the complete 9-digit (ZIP+4) code, you may use our zip code search by address option.

    Demographic and housing estimates in Homewood, AL

    Total population

    Total population 25595
    Male 12160
    Female 13435
    Population by age

    Total population 25595
    Under 5 years 1744
    5 to 9 years 1510
    10 to 14 years 1722
    15 to 19 years 2834
    20 to 24 years 2328
    25 to 34 years 4232
    35 to 44 years 3573
    45 to 54 years 3041
    55 to 59 years 1125
    60 to 64 years 1121
    65 to 74 years 1189
    75 to 84 years 632
    85 years and over 544
    Median age (years) 30.8
    Under 18 years 6054
    Under 16 years 20288
    18 years and over 19541
    21 years and over 17198
    62 years and over 3056
    65 years and over 2365
    Population by race

    Total population 25595
    One race 25130
    Two or more races 465
    One race 25130
    White 20725
    Black or African American 3289
    American Indian and Alaska Native 27
    Asian 688
    Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander
    Some other race 401
    Citizen, voting age population

    Citizen, VOTING AGE 18 and over population 18657
    Male Citizen, VOTING AGE 18 and over population 8472
    Female Citizen, VOTING AGE 18 and over population 10185

    Social characteristics in Homewood, AL

    Households by type

    Total households 9916
    Family households (families) 5921
    Married-couple family 4723
    Male householder, no wife present, family 146
    Female householder, no husband present, family 1052
    Nonfamily households 3995
    Average household size 2.37
    Average family size 3.08
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    Economic characteristics in Homewood, AL

    Income and benefits (in 2018 inflation-adjusted dollars)

    Total households 9916
    Less than $10,000 607
    $10,000 to $14,999 385
    $15,000 to $24,999 628
    $25,000 to $34,999 642
    $35,000 to $49,999 873
    $50,000 to $74,999 1705
    $75,000 to $99,999 919
    $100,000 to $149,999 1792
    $150,000 to $199,999 1071
    $200,000 or more 1294
    Median household income (dollars) 77269

    Housing characteristics in Homewood, AL

    Housing occupancy

    Total housing units 11546
    Occupied housing units 9916
    Vacant housing units 1630
    Units in structure

    Total housing units 11546
    1-unit, detached 6748
    1-unit, attached 255
    2 units 39
    3 or 4 units 757
    5 to 9 units 931
    10 to 19 units 1202
    20 or more units 1566
    Mobile home 39
    Boat, RV, van, etc. 9
    Year structure built

    Total housing units 11546
    Built 2014 or later 97
    Built 2010 to 2013 322
    Built 2000 to 2009 658
    Built 1990 to 1999 1482
    Built 1980 to 1989 1161
    Built 1970 to 1979 1723
    Built 1960 to 1969 1517
    Built 1950 to 1959 2076
    Built 1940 to 1949 1294
    Built 1939 or earlier 1216

    Total housing units 11546
    1 room 167
    2 rooms 198
    3 rooms 957
    4 rooms 2426
    5 rooms 1633
    6 rooms 1629
    7 rooms 1543
    8 rooms 1127
    9 rooms or more 1866
    Median rooms 5.7

    Total housing units 11546
    No bedroom 183
    1 bedroom 1152
    2 bedrooms 3756
    3 bedrooms 4199
    4 bedrooms 1619
    5 or more bedrooms 637
    Housing tenure

    Occupied housing units 9916
    Owner-occupied 6197
    Renter-occupied 3719
    Average household size of owner-occupied unit 2.63
    Average household size of renter-occupied unit 1.94
    Year householder moved into unit

    Occupied housing units 9916
    Moved in 2017 or later 567
    Moved in 2015 to 2016 1676
    Moved in 2010 to 2014 3530
    Moved in 2000 to 2009 2084
    Moved in 1990 to 1999 1067
    Moved in 1989 and earlier 992

    Owner-occupied units 6197
    Less than $50,000 104
    $50,000 to $99,999 240
    $100,000 to $149,999 227
    $150,000 to $199,999 415
    $200,000 to $299,999 1568
    $300,000 to $499,999 2508
    $500,000 to $999,999 1039
    $1,000,000 or more 96
    Median (dollars) 333600
    Mortgage status

    Owner-occupied units 6197
    Housing units with a mortgage 4772
    Housing units without a mortgage 1425
    Gross rent

    Occupied units paying rent 3419
    Less than $500 111
    $500 to $999 1298
    $1,000 to $1,499 1305
    $1,500 to $1,999 359
    $2,000 to $2,499 206
    $2,500 to $2,999 59
    $3,000 or more 81
    Median (dollars) 1090
    No rent paid 300

    How to enter numbers starting with zero in Excel

    Do you have problems inputting quantities that begin with the number zero?When you put in a number and press the Enter key, Excel automatically eliminates any leading zeros from the beginning of the number.Consequently, some phone numbers or ZIP codes, such as those that begin with a zero, may be difficult to type as a result of this behavior.

    1. Throughout this tutorial, we’ll teach you how to enter numbers in Excel that begin with the letter zero.
    2. Workbook may be downloaded here.
    3. When entering a number in Excel that begins with zero, you have three options:
    1. Making use of the apostrophe (‘)
    2. Using either the Text or Special number forms is acceptable.
    3. The application of an arbitrary numerical format

    Let’s take a closer look at each of the methods.

    Apostrophe (‘)

    Excel considers any value that begins with an apostrophe to be text, and text values can begin with a value as low as 0.(0).That’s all there is to it!

    1. When showing the cell value, Excel will not display the leading apostrophe character at the beginning of the cell value.
    2. When you are altering the cell value, you can still view and modify the value.
    3. Instead of having to type an extra character every time, you may use this strategy, but the disadvantage is that you will see an incorrect error signal for that particular cell.
    4. To dismiss this warning, click the symbol on the right-hand side of the cell and then pick the Ignore Error option from the drop-down menu.

    Please keep in mind that selecting Convert to Number will eliminate any leading zeros from the result.It is also worth noting that if you wish to input content that begins with an apostrophe, you may want to consider beginning the text with double apostrophe characters (″) rather than single apostrophe characters (‘).

    Text and Special Number Formats

    Alternative formatting choices include Text and Special number formats, which are both included within the Excel program.Number formats change the way values are shown, but they do not change the values themselves.Text number format, in its most basic form, instructs Excel to treat everything contained within a cell as if it were a text string.

    1. As a result, Excel is unconcerned about whether or not your number begins with a digit zero.
    1. Alternative formatting choices include Text and Special number formats, which are included into Excel by default. Number formats change the way values are displayed, but they do not change the value themselves. Essentially, text number format instructs Excel to treat everything contained within a cell as though it were one long string of characters. Consequently, Excel is unconcerned with whether or not the first digit of your number begins with a 0.
    • You may now input any value without worrying about it being ″auto-corrected.″ The Special category has choices for entering values in specific formats. For additional information on these options, see the following section. You can choose from one of four pre-defined options: Zip code
    • zip code plus four digits
    • phone number
    • social security number

    The distinction between Text and Special number formats is that Special number formats have a predetermined structure and a fixed amount of digits that they will allow.Text number formats are more flexible.You will not need to insert a leading zero since Excel will fill it in for you depending on the number format you have chosen.

    1. Suppose you pick ZIP Code number format and put 123 into the text box.
    2. Excel shows the value as 00123.
    3. Note that Excel is not truly adding zeros in this approach; rather, it is simply modifying the way you see the value.

    Custom Number Format to enter number starting with zero

    • Last but not least, there is the sophisticated version of the number format technique. Excel provides you with the ability to write your own own number format. As a result, if the existing formats do not meet your requirements, consider developing your own. To code a custom formatting scheme, reopen the Format Cell window and select Custom from the left-hand side of the dialog. You must type in the format code in the Type box and then click OK to complete the process. Here’s a cheat sheet for custom formatting codes in case you need it: A leading zero can be used to fill in the gaps when there is no numerical representation. For example, if you wish to create a 3-digit number that should have leading zeros, you should use the number 000 as an example. You will see 001 if you input 1
    • 12 will be 012
    • and 123 will be 123 if you type 123.
    • A leading zero can be used to fill up the gaps between numbers. The leading zero will be added just once in your number format, for example, if it is 0. Number 1 will be 01, number 12 will be 012, and number 123 will be 123.

    Another example is the Special – ZIP number format in Excel, which utilizes the number 00000. More information on custom number formats can be found in the article Number Formatting in Excel – Everything You Need to Know.

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    United States country code: +1

    The United States of America is made up of 50 states as well as other territories and other possessions. If you wish to contact the United States, you must know the country code of the United States as well as the area codes of each of the states and territories. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of all of these codes, which you can see at the bottom of this post.

    Table of contents

    1. How to make a phone call to the United States from your phone
    2. How to make a call to the United States using Rebtel
    3. How to make free phone calls within the United States
    4. The cheapest way to phone the United States from the United Kingdom
    5. Making it simple for Indians to phone the United States
    6. A list of telephone area codes

    How to call to the US using your phone

    The country code for the United States is +1.You will add it to the beginning of any phone number you are calling that is in the United States, even international numbers.Keep in mind to add this number as part of their phone number when you save your American contacts to your phone.

    1. Of course, don’t forget to include the area code, which is a three-digit number that identifies the city to which you wish to connect, which can be found in the list below.
    2. You will not have to enter these data each time you make a phone call as a result of this.
    3. In a nutshell:
    1. Dial the international departure country code (or + if you’re using a mobile device) and then press enter.
    2. Add the country code for the United States of America (1)
    3. Select the appropriate area code in the United States from the list below.
    4. Included is a phone number for the local area.

    Calling the US with Rebtel

    If you often make calls to the United States from other countries, you may want to consider using a free service such as the Rebtel International calling app, which provides international calling to the United States. All that is required is that you join up, download the app, and activate your membership. Simply follow these simple instructions:

    1. The Rebtel app may be obtained via the Google Play or the App Store.
    2. Follow the sign-up procedures.
    3. To connect, select your chosen mode of communication: phone lines, mobile data plans, or Wi-Fi.
    4. Create a sync between your contacts and the app (if necessary, grant the app rights in your smartphone’s settings section).
    5. Activate a subscription plan with an unlimited number of visits
    6. By touching the search bar or the dial pad at the top of the home screen, you may find the contact you wish to call and dial their number.
    7. Choose the sort of call you want to make: By touching the bottom of a contact, you may choose between normal (accessible with a subscription plan) and App to App (for contacting other Rebtel users – free of charge).
    8. To make a phone call, tap on the contact’s name.

    Here’s how you can call the United States for free

    If you’re looking for a low-cost plan for calls to the United States, Rebtel’s FREE US Unlimited plan is your best choice.It allows you to make free calls to any landline or mobile phone in the United States, allowing you to stay in touch with friends and family while saving money.The connection is established via local lines, 3G/4G/5G, or Wi-Fi to ensure the greatest possible calling quality, with no audio interruptions or drops.

    1. You may also communicate with any other Rebtel app users (contacts with the red R emblem in the app) via messages and calls, which are completely free of charge.

    The cheapest rates for calling the US from the UK

    In light of the fact that many individuals in the United Kingdom have friends and family in the United States, it is sometimes preferable to pick an international calling plan that provides limitless minutes for a single inexpensive charge.In order to determine whether or not you like the way the service is delivered, Rebtel offers a monthly membership plan that you may sample for free for the first seven days before committing to a monthly payment.All you have to do is follow these steps, which must be completed after you have installed and configured your account:

    1. Search for a contact by typing their name into the search bar or dial pad at the top of the screen, or swipe down to see all of your contacts
    2. Then, at the bottom of the contact, select the sort of call you want to make: Normal or app to app communication
    3. To make a phone call, tap on the contact’s name.

    The easy way to call the US from India

    With the Global Unlimited plan, which is available as a monthly subscription and includes over 55 countries, including India, Rebtel provides an excellent alternative for keeping friends and family from all around the world within reach.Basic functionality includes the ability to make consistent calls between mobile phones and landlines without having to worry about dropped calls or choppy connections.And you can test it out for free for the first week to evaluate how well it works for you before committing.

    1. Steps that must be taken:
    1. Install the app and complete the registration process
    2. Make your selection of a subscription package.
    3. Utilize the search bar, call pad, or app address book to locate a contact
    4. the A-Z tab and Rebtel tab are available for your convenience.
    5. To make a normal or app-to-app call, tap the contact’s name at the bottom of the screen.
    6. To make a phone call, tap the contact’s name.
    7. Wait for them to respond before continuing.

    More information about calling plans may be found at Rebtel’s products to call the United States. Advertisement

    Unlimited Calling to United States

    D.C. (1)202 District of Columbia

    ZIP+4™ Codes Lookup by Address

    ZIP+4 Numbers (ZIP Plus 4 Codes) are four-digit codes that are appended to five-digit United States Postal Service ZIP Codes.The first five digits of the postal code identify the country and the post office / delivery region where the package is to be delivered.Individual routes within delivery zones are represented by the final four digits.

    1. The use of 9-digit ZIP+4 Codes improves the efficiency of routing and delivery.

    9-digit Full ZIP Code Lookup by Address

    We make it simple to complete a full ZIP+4 Code lookup by address using the United States Postal Service. To discover your ZIP+4 Code, select one of the options listed below.

    Enter an address to lookup the specific ZIP+4 Code. Lookup several ZIP+4 Codes at once with the Bulk Tool. Lookup ZIP+4 Codes programmatically using our APIs.
    ZIP+4 Lookup Bulk ZIP+4 Lookup ZIP+4 API Lookup
    • The following topics will be covered in this article: How do I find my ZIP+4 code by address?
    • How do I get my ZIP+4 code by phone number?
    • How to Make Use of ZIP+4 Codes
    • Is It Necessary to Have a Five-Digit ZIP Code?
    • Meaning of ZIP Code plus four digits
    • ZIP+4 Code Advantages in Detail
    • ZIP+4 Code Database
    • and Conclusion

    How to Find My ZIP+4 Code by Address

    If you watch this video, you will learn how to quickly and simply figure out your own ZIP+4 last four numbers. It will take you less than one minute.

    How Full ZIP Codes Are Used

    Knowing what the last four digits of a ZIP Code are all about necessitates a thorough understanding of what ZIP Codes are in general terms.The Zone Improvement Plan was developed by the United States Postal Service in order to make it simpler to send mail and parcels around the country.Due to the way mail was dispersed, it helped split the country into distinct ″zones,″ which aided in speeding up the sorting and delivery process.

    1. During the same time period that the Postal Service Department announced the Zone Improvement Plan on July 1, 1963, they also presented the world to Mr.
    2. ZIP ″Zippy,″ a fictional character created by the Postal Service.
    3. Zippy is the official ZIP Code mascot, and he can be found on our ZIP Codes 101 website as well.
    4. They also produced the ZIP Code jingle, which goes as follows: The audio element cannot be played because your browser does not support it.

    Since 1963, as the population of the United States has grown and dispersed, it has become necessary to extend the system in order to accommodate everyone and their canine companion.That’s where the ″plus 4″ portion of the equation comes in.However, we’re getting ahead of ourselves, so let’s start with the fundamentals.

    USPS Five-Digit ZIP Codes

    These are the codes with which you are already familiar.They have the following appearance……and are most usually used to denote a destination post office.The reason behind this is as follows: If you’re shipping a letter from Boston to Seattle, the Massachusetts postal carrier isn’t really concerned with the street address of the recipient’s residence.

    1. What you may label ″beyond his jurisdiction″ is the situation.
    2. He only has to know which postal carrier to use in order for the other carrier to deliver the package to the correct address.
    3. On any given day, a postal worker can only cover a certain amount of ground.
    4. And because the United States Postal Service has a policy of delivering in all weather conditions, including rain, sleet, and snow, there is no way to provide the service of delivering in stages (some today, some tomorrow).

    In other words, each one post office can only service the area that it can reach in a single day.That is reflected in the ZIP Codes.The majority of the time, a ZIP Code is associated with a post office; that is, every one of the latter has a corresponding one of the former.ZIP Codes may be thought of as a sort of postal address for a certain post office location.Some agents cover more than one ZIP code, but the majority of them operate on a one-on-one basis.

    Note that ZIP Codes are not ″boundaries,″ which is extremely essential to understand.They’re a collection of delivery routes that have been compiled.They do not adhere to physical or administrative boundaries, and they are capable of crossing city, county, and even state boundaries.

    They travel in the same direction as the delivery vehicles.Some ZIP Codes are considered to be outliers.One type of ZIP Code is designated as ″military,″ and it includes anything from military sites (local and international) to battleships at sea.Then there are ZIP Codes that are ″unique.″ Because of the large volume of mail that businesses and organizations send and receive, they may be assigned their own ZIP Codes.These organizations regularly take advantage of bulk mailing reductions because they typically have a mail department that (1) presorts mail before delivering it to the USPS and (2) distributes mail internally so that the USPS is not required to do so.

    1. ″Military″ and ″unique″ ZIP Codes are similar to ordinary ZIP Codes in that they circumscribe their own delivery region.
    2. Visit our ZIP Codes page for a more in-depth look at the system.

    ZIP Code + 4 Meaning

    ZIP+4 Numbers are four-digit codes that are attached to the end of the original five-digit United States Postal Service ZIP Codes.When mailing with the United States Postal Service, using complete ZIP Codes ensures the fastest and most accurate delivery possible.Once an address has been authenticated and shown to be legitimate, they are only made available for that address to be used.

    1. Each of these numbers corresponds to a distinct delivery route, which refers to the actual path that a postal truck would take in completing a single drop-off.
    2. Typically, this consists of 10 to twenty different residences or sites.
    3. PO Boxes are also allocated ZIP+4 codes in addition to their regular ZIP codes.
    4. Typically, each PO Box is assigned a unique +4 Code, which is frequently the same as the box number.

    Because ZIP codes plus four additional digits are based on delivery routes rather than more permanent borders, the last four digits of a full ZIP Code can vary on a regular basis.ZIP codes plus four additional digits are based on delivery routes rather than more permanent boundaries.It is also possible that five-digit ZIP Codes will change, but this will happen seldom; it is far less probable that you will be residing in a ZIP Code when it changes.This is not the case for the complete 9-digit ZIP Code.The +4 on a ZIP Code can be altered as frequently as once a month, depending on factors like as the number of postal employees on the job, who is assigned to which route, and other factors.

    Benefits of Full ZIP+4 Codes

    Numerous factors contribute to the good fortune associated with complete ZIP+4 Codes in terms of shipment.For starters, ZIP+4 Codes are subject to validation, which means that if an address has a ZIP+4 code connected to it, you can be certain that it is legitimate.Another advantage is that they may assist you in obtaining bulk mailing savings.

    1. Another significant advantage of using the final four digits of ZIP Codes is the speed with which packages are delivered.
    2. Complete ZIP+4 use on your mail can save processing and delivery times by as much as two days, depending on the volume of mail being sent.
    3. If you mark your items correctly, your mail will arrive more quickly, which is great news!
    4. I bet you’re scurrying around for those codes right now, don’t you?

    Get those additional four digits.

    ZIP+4 Code Database

    Using a CASS Certified USPS address validation vendor, such as Smarty, is often the most convenient approach for many users to gain access to the USPS ZIP+4 database.Because ZIP+4 codes are updated on a regular basis, data that is even a month old may be erroneous.Checking addresses against the database on a regular basis can help to guarantee that your data is as clean as it can be.

    1. It is also possible to gain access to the ZIP+4 Code database for free directly through the United States Postal Service’s website or through the USPS address validation API.
    2. If you elect to use the United States Postal Service’s database directly for obtaining ZIP+4 codes and validating addresses, proceed with caution.
    3. The United States Postal Service (USPS) has tight regulations for utilizing their address information, as well as performance constraints that might make your job more difficult.
    4. Prior to using their APIs, make sure you read the terms of service for the company.

    Our page on USPS APIs has a thorough list of restrictions and limitations.

    Conclusion | What is My 9 Digit ZIP Code?

    There will be three questions in the quiz:

    1. ZIP+4 codes are used to identify delivery routes.
    2. Using ZIP+4 Codes expedites and improves the accuracy of your mail delivery.
    3. Smarty (previously SmartyStreets) can provide you with such codes
    4. just let us know what you need.

    If you only want to test it on one address, you may do it right now by using our single address verification tool.We process addresses using our lightning-fast USPS address verification API, which returns the right ZIP+4 Code for each address that we process.Please go ahead and verify the postal address you’ve been given.

    1. Alternatively, if you’d rather to speak with a live person, you may phone us at the number above.
    2. A fictitious person would be offered instead, but we do not have one of those on staff.) With either case, we can assist you in ZIP-ing your address and ZIP-ing it well.

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