What Is Mysterious Package Company?

The Mysterious Package Company is an experiential service established in 2013 which provides stories, puzzles and mysteries purchased as gifts and sent through the mail.

How does mysterious package company work?

The Mysterious Package Company describes its “experiences” succinctly: “We tell a story through the mail using letters, postcards, diary pages, artifacts and more. Mailings arrive over time to build anticipation and intrigue.” Lisa loves letters, physical mail, and mysteries.

What is in the Mysterious package?

Since 2013 we’ve delivered tens of thousands of suspicious packages worldwide! Our experiences are a mix of hand-crafted letters, aged newspaper clippings, forged documents, maps, codes, trinkets, statues and artifacts that tell an intriguing story, frequently delivered in an uncooperative wooden crate.

Where is the mysterious package company located?

Company Description: Mysterious Package Company Limited, The is located in North York, ON, Canada and is part of the Sporting Goods, Hobby, and Musical Instrument Stores Industry.

How long does mysterious package company take?

Because we hand-craft elements of our mailings here at The Mysterious Package Company, all of our Experiences have a lead time of at least one to two weeks before they leave our facility.

What is a conundrum box?

The Conundrum Box is a monthly (or bimonthly) subscription box service that is part escape room, part puzzle narrative, and all fun!

The Mysterious Package Company – Wikipedia

The Mysterious Package Company is an immersive business that was launched in 2013 and delivers tales, puzzles, and mysteries that can be purchased as presents and delivered over the mail. It is based in the United Kingdom.


It was in 2013 that Colin Bolton, Misha Schneider, and Tim Sullivan formed The Mysterious Package Company with the goal of creating fantastic stories that could be distributed through the mail service.Jason Kapalka, a Vancouver-based entrepreneur, joined the team as the company’s major investor in 2014.The Storm Crow ″nerd bars″ in Vancouver and Toronto are owned by Kapalka, who is a co-founder of PopCap Games and the proprietor of the Storm Crow ″nerd bars.″


The Century Beast

The Kickstarter campaign for The Century Beast was launched by the firm in 2015. The campaign received 1,291 pledges and raised a total of nearly $400, 000.

Filigree in Shadow

In 2016, the firm launched a Kickstarter effort for a Victorian horror experience called Filigree in Shadow, which was funded by the public.Filigree in Shadow is presently the seventh most successfully funded art campaign on Kickstarter, according to the site.It is also the world’s second-most-funded mixed media campaign in terms of total funds raised.

This campaign received 1,786 pledges and raised more than $600,000 in total.


  • The Mysterious Package Company’s principal offering is a series of experiences. They are stories or mysteries that are told to the addressee over the course of a series of mailings. Each experience includes the following elements: documents and other media
  • A feature that allows for personalization or modification
  • An artifact linked to the specifics of the narrative, generally housed in a wooden container with nails holding it close
  • If the package(s) was a gift, a Reveal card identifying the sender of the package(s)

Members purchase packages, which they may then mail to themselves or to a recipient of their choosing, at no additional cost. Mystery, horror, adventure, time-travel, and science-fiction are among the genres represented, with experiences lasting anywhere from one to six mailings.

Curios & Conundrums

Curios and Conundrums was a quarterly subscription package that lasted from 2013 to 2018. It contained a variety of oddities and conundrums. Instead of a realistic and coherent story, it was intended to be a grab-bag or anthology of riddles, tales, and other intriguing items similar to those found in the Experiences.

Volume III

In this first issue of A New Era of Thought, you’ll find an eight-page broadsheet newspaper with articles and puzzles, as well as a poster, many travel stickers, and the cover of a magazine that might have been.

This issue contains a twelve-page broadsheet newspaper, various travel stickers, a copy of their debut game, Motherland, as well as a range of other tools and approaches.

Issue 3: ″From Death and Dark Oblivion″ is the third installment in the series. 12 page broadsheet newspaper, multiple trip stickers, extra Motherland cards, and a present of genuine gold are all included in this package!

Towards the Mountains of Madness – Issue 4 has a twelve-page broadsheet newspaper, numerous extra stickers, a game of goats, and several extremely uncomfortable paper-crafts, among other things.

Volume IV

Gods of Madness (Volume 1, Number 1) Clockwork Mutineers Issue 3 – Brain Butchers Issue 4 – Countdown to Oblivion Issue 2 – Brain Butchers


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  • Official website

The Mysterious Package Company is rated ″Poor″ with 2.7 / 5 on Trustpilot

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Absolutely the best customer service I…

Absolute top-notch customer service, unlike any other I’ve ever encountered.We received this as a Christmas gift, but were unable to determine what it was because the individual who gave it to us was not around when we opened the package.As a result, we were unaware that it was a game or that it would take a significant amount of time to ″play.″ In the end, we unwrapped everything and tried to concentrate on the clues and other details, but it was really difficult with 10 other family members and little children rushing around, all eager to get their own Christmas presents!

Then I got in touch with a friend who put me in touch with a representative from the firm, and I inquired about the possibility of ″resetting″ the game.I was skeptical, thinking ″I doubt they can do anything.″ I was expecting something along the lines of ″you damaged it, you purchased it,″ but wow was I mistaken!Angela responded to my email instantly and informed me that she would get back to me within a few of days because the information I requested was not on a readily available list.It was just a day and a half later that she wrote me with instructions on how to put it back up and photographs of precisely what it should look like!

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.We’ll be playing it this weekend, so stay tuned!I would purchase from them again not only because of the high quality of their products, but also because of their excellent customer service!

You can not send as a gift without price, company misleads regarding it

Others should be informed that you are unable to give this as a gift, and the company’s reaction is, well, continue reading.It’s being shipped to you from Canada.I contacted the firm as soon as I made my purchase to ensure that the amount had not been included in the purchase price.

It took them two weeks to react, literally the day after the package was delivered, and their response was: ″We do not include receipts with our services, but we are obligated to add a value (in very small font) on the shipping label, but nobody notices!″ In my reaction to the corporation, I supplied a photo of the recipient’s package, which plainly demonstrates the contrary.My reaction contained the following points: ″You lied about ″tiny print″ and ″no one ever notices,″ as demonstrated by the photo you provided.According to my observations, the print does not appear to be any smaller than the rest of the print line.The same was mentioned by the recipient of my gift.

It’s quite simple to read.The price is extremely obvious, albeit it is not the price I paid.Is it required that you tell the truth to Customs about the cost (the price I was informed by Customs was less than the amount I paid)?″ It appears to be a little shaky.

Absolutely Fantastic

The level of customer service is outstanding.They were quite prompt in shipping out the carton.Allow me to assure you that it is well worth every money.

The level of attention to detail is incredible!It is without a doubt the most immersive experience I have ever experienced in my life.Everything appeared to be authentic, and if I hadn’t known anything about the firm, I would have assumed everything was genuine…right down to the worn appearance of the documents and antiques.Congratulations to this outstanding organization!

Waste of Money – The Mysterious Packag

After receiving no response to my complaints regarding the product from The Mysterious Package’s customer service staff, my evaluation of the overall experience, especially the Tempus Fugit package, will be posted on social media platforms.The packages did not meet my expectations in any way.However, when my parents discovered that the first shipment had included letters about a long-lost family who wished to endow a quantity of money, they instantly thought that they had been duped and disposed of the materials.

I was disappointed, but my parents were not.In contrast to the initial mailing/package, the subsequent three mails were disorganized and dispersed, and they had nothing to do with it.Initially, I was excited about sending this to my parents as a humorous present, but the entire endeavor failed miserably, which was stressful and disheartening, not to mention the only time I’ve ever felt like I’d wasted money on a gift.

Wow. Where to even begin with this nightmare.

Wow.I’m not even sure where to begin.First and foremost, do not anticipate the product you receive to be of the same high quality as the images displayed on their website.

They included a plastic spray bottle for the liquid instead of a vile, the paper was not dated, the handwriting appears like it was written by a 13-year-old girl (complete with heart i’s), and it was packaged in a black garage bag.For the second time, they added a notice on the box that said ″DO NOT CONTACT THE POLICE OR THE MEDIA,″ which I was completely unaware of, and which would have prompted most rational individuals to do just that which regrettably happened to my receiver.A bomb squad was dispatched, and the package was subsequently confiscated, leaving me with nothing to show for my $200 donation.When I requested some sort of reimbursement from the firm, they responded by giving me, wait for it, more money.

10 percent off a future purchase with this promo code Yep.Never, ever again.What a depressingly negative answer.

Do not think these are mysteries to…

Do not believe that these are unsolvable mysteries. What they refer to as a ″narrative″ is a story that contains a handful of objects that are referenced in the story that are also contained within the box. Reading a tale is a somewhat pricey endeavor.

All around terrible experience – UK Buyers Especially Beware

I intended to provide a pleasant ‘puzzly’ experience for my wife, since she has a history of getting into these types of things while the school is closed.I purchased ‘The Buried Puppet’ on the premise that it would be a’strong narrative experience’ with a limited amount of puzzles.I was not disappointed.

My excitement was piqued when the package came; within, there were a few intriguing mystery items, several sheets of paper with horror movie reviews, and an enclosed booklet featuring a tale.We finished reading the narrative, which was good, in about half an hour and answered the matching problem in no time, which opened the door to another, shorter, linked story to read next.That was the end of it.One riddle (they were correct in stating that it was a’small number’) was solved.

The entire experience took maybe a little more than an hour (plus some time spent debating whether or not we had truly completed, which turned out to be true), and only one of the props was used in any manner during the process.Furthermore, it was discovered that the pages that were included in the experience were just hawking for another, connected firm and were not actually a part of the experience at all.I was enraged by the lack of riddles, engaging interaction, and even an end to the tale, especially considering the money I spent (I believe it was over £140 for the game and postage to the UK).

What you were given was a lousy short narrative with some loosely linked props, and the price you were charged was a complete rip-off for what you were given.There are a variety of enjoyable puzzle-type activities that you may complete at home.I reside in Reading, and at least two of our local escape rooms have created experiences that can be printed and played at home for £10 – £15, which were far superior to this pricey twoddle.Alternatively, any board-game shop or internet retailer may provide you with an Exit board game, which is likewise excellent fun for an hour to an hour and a half for a fraction of the cost.

Then, to add salt to injury, a duty and tax form arrived through the door, informing me that I would be required to pay an additional £30 for this garbage.Although being out almost £200 for this trash would be upsetting if it had been a positive experience, I could live with it.However, the fact that I am nearly £200 in debt for this dross is maddening.Unfortunately, when I first learned about this firm, I didn’t come across any reviews like this.

If you do happen to see this and are considering doing so, please consider visiting someplace else instead.I can’t think of a single reason why anyone would want to purchase one of these things.

Before you buy anything from this company.

Don’t do it.Don’t do it.″The Buried Puppet″ was one of the titles I purchased.

This was the single worst waste of money I’ve ever encountered when participating in an escape room event.In comparison, I have subscriptions to other firms that are seven times less expensive and are far more demanding than this one (and have far better customer service).Having unnecessary stuff (that aren’t even part of the answer) doesn’t add anything to the ″experience,″ in my opinion, especially when the problem itself takes less than 30 minutes to solve and I’m left with a $100+ package of rubbish that I’m going to toss away.When I contacted the firm, I was offered a $25 discount, which I thought was ridiculous because they had a 21 percent discount offer on their website at the time I contacted them.

Overall, avoid it at all costs; there is nothing positive I can say about this organization or their level of customer care.


Customer service is atrocious.Everyone should be aware that they will be required to pay hefty shipping fees on top of the experience, and that the package’s receiver will be required to pay airport tax, which is an additional £30.When you contact MPC, they are uninterested in your questions and will only lead you in the direction of the terms and conditions.

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They will not respond to emails.Overall, it was a negative experience.I’m quite upset since it was intended to be a fantastic unique birthday present for my sister, but instead she was saddled with a £30 charge.

Broken. Ruined Experience. Poor customer support.

My twelve-year-old son was the lucky recipient of the Century Beast bundle.In the unfortunate event that the container was shattered, so were some of the goods contained within it, including the ″idol″ upon which all of the experience is predicated.It’s all messed up.

The entire experience was spoiled as a result of this.According to the plot, enigmatic but actual items are sent to an unexpected recipient.The fact that it has been damaged betrays the nature of the object and so undermines the surprise element.Even more disheartening is the fact that we purchased this to provide him with some interest and delight in the middle of a pandemic that has taken its toll on his health.

I emailed them a copy of the documentation about their damaged things.When I contacted them, they responded positively and offered to send a replacement.However, this is insufficient in my opinion.

They are not selling a physical object, but rather an experience.Instead of replacing the products, I requested that they provide me an alternate experience instead.Alternatively, refund my money.The box itself was not sufficiently protected.

As a result, when combined with their return policy, I have a strong suspicion that this occurs frequently.It renders them essentially untrustworthy and a dangerous investment for anybody considering making a purchase.

Biggest waste of money in years

This was the single largest financial waste on my family’s part in many years.Because the first box had been delivered late, I had used the opportunity to go on holiday while the cardboard box lay outside getting rained on.It didn’t come in a wooden container, which was disappointing.

A low-cost presentation was used in conjunction with a low-cost packaging.It didn’t pique the curiosity of anyone in the family.Even my 9-year-old was uninterested since it was presented so haphazardly.I informed them that they had made a mistake and requested a refund.

They refused and instead sent me the additional boxes, despite the fact that we had not yet completed the first.I mean, seriously, people, save your cash.This is a colossal waste of money, and that is putting it mildly.

Experience was overpriced, poor quality and ruined by a promotional poster

  • Mysterious Package Company invited me to write a review for them for their website, but it was never uploaded or made public.
  • I assume they only publish favorable evaluations, which I believe to be highly misleading and deceptive.
  • As a result of the several great reviews, I purchased the crying book experience for my partner after he completed his Master’s degree.
  • The delivery of the gift was eagerly anticipated by me because I’d been looking forward to delivering him one of them for a number of years.

He was quickly aware that this was some type of marketing stunt/business because the mysterious package firm was ″kind″ enough to include a ″free gift″ (labeled as such) – a badly made poster for one of their other adventures.Unfortunately, this was immediately apparent to him.It is beyond me how anybody could have thought this was a good idea, as it completely spoiled the entire experience.Later, my partner was adamant about not even bothering to open the wooden container that contained the real event because he assumed it would be stuffed with ″more marketing crap.″ When I finally got around to unpacking the package, I was really unhappy with the overall quality of the contents.Both the amulet and the book were mass made, and you could tell right away by the scent and appearance of them.For $99, I would have expected a higher level of quality – the unknown package firm must have a massive markup on their production costs because I doubt it takes more than a handful of dollars to create the content.

The book belonged to a kid with the name xxxx yyyy, and when my boyfriend searched his name, he discovered that it was the name of a character in a strange package company encounter, and he quickly lost all interest in going through the book any more.Not that the mysterious package company is to blame for the fact that there are so many id**ts out there who are revealing the plots and names of the experiences, but for the amount of money you pay for an experience, you would expect them to have the resources to create a greater number of experiences more frequently, so that you can choose between experiences that haven’t been ruined yet.As far as I recall, the sobbing book has been available for purchase for a number of years.All in all, I am quite disappointed and upset that I spent so much money on about 30 seconds of entertainment that was destroyed by the advertising poster and the low-quality things they sell.

  1. I was also shocked to see that we had yet to get a letter from the sender of the box, which I had expected.
  2. My partner had no idea that I gave him the package – I’m not sure if they forgot about us or if they stopped doing it, but I guess I’ll just have to tell him soon enough that I did.

Is Post Mortem appropriate for children? What is the age rating?

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Is Post Mortem a subscription service?

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Can I order this as a gift? Will the recipient know who the sender is? Is there a reveal message?

Vaughn I. wrote the piece. It was updated more than a week ago.

Will you provide the answer to the mystery? Can there be more than one correct answer?

Written byVaughn I. Updated more than a week ago

Is this a group activity or is it meant for individuals?

Vaughn I. wrote the article. It was last updated more than a week ago.

How many mailings does it have?

Vaughn I. wrote the script. Over a week has passed since the last update

How long does it take to play?

Vaughn I. wrote the piece. It was updated more than a week ago.

Do I need to complete the cases in a specific order?

Written byVaughn I. Updated more than a week ago

Do I need to be in Los Angeles to solve the case?

Vaughn I. wrote the article. It was last updated more than a week ago.

What is Lights, Camera, Murder! about?

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What is Death in La-La Land about?

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What if I have a question that isn’t answered here?

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r/MysteriousPackageCo – ″Which companies are similar to the Mysterious Package Company?″

  • This is something that people discuss on a regular basis on this forum.
  • My personal first encounter with mystery stories/puzzle boxes was with John Augur, which was great, and I was intrigued by the idea of doing something similar.
  • I had a look around and decided to offer my own personal experiences.
  • The Mystery Experiences Company is comprised of the following: I snatched the Jack the Ripper box from the shelf.

The quality of the presentation was somewhat worse, but that was to be anticipated for something that cost significantly less.However, I was left with the idea that the police were complete morons if I could use their materials and newspapers to figure out who the murderer was in a single day using only the information provided in this box.After I had already determined who Jack was, I attempted the cipher problem that came with this experience last, mostly because I find ciphers to be tedious.It supplied information that fell under the category of ″yep, no nonsense.″ This is a series of episodic experiences.The Faces Are Empty:Ciphers are stacked on top of each other.There are a couple of ciphers that make no sense (for example, what is a secluded rural girl who does not have regular Internet access doing communicating with semaphores to an old Celtic deity?

Given that EF developed from Hunt-A-Killer, this presumably made sense at the time, given that killers are known to enjoy odd ciphers, at the very least according to tropes.Nonetheless, the presentation quality is greater on this one, and there are a couple of non-cipher puzzles that are quite inventive.Five episodes constitute a season in this case, however I became disinterested in the ciphers after episode 2 and decided to terminate.Because they are both lower-priced subscription boxes, it is likely that both of these boxes were hampered.

  1. The designers are bound by the necessity to develop fresh content on a monthly basis, and the material can’t be prohibitively expensive to produce in large quantities.
  2. Regardless, I believe I will continue to do business with Mysterious Package Company.
  3. Anyone with recommendations for premium-level story/puzzle boxes would be quite welcome to share them with me.
  4. Subscription boxes are not something I am interested in.

Mysterious Package Company – The King in Yellow [Review]

Are you looking for present suggestions? Check out our Christmas buyer’s guide for more information. Surprisingly, the packaging of this company’s goods is the greatest aspect of the entire product. On January 3, 2016, I made the transaction. The cost is $199.00.


  • Lisa’s birthday was approaching, so I decided to surprise her with ″an experience″ from the Mysterious Package Company.
  • (This was a replacement present for her because the original gift I got her was recalled due to a high danger of explosion, so this was a good choice.) One sentence sums up The Mysterious Package Company’s ″experiences″ succinctly: ″We convey a tale through the mail utilizing letters, postcards, diary pages, artifacts, and more.
  • In order to develop suspense and interest, mailings are sent out over time.″ Prior to enabling customers to purchase anything, the Mysterious Package Company requires them to register for a membership.
  • Email contact is sent in an intriguing pseudo-Victorian accent and tone, which consumers find appealing.

It was all a little pompous, but it was also sleek and exciting, so I went with the middle of the road and ordered The Yellow King to see what they would bring me.Lisa enjoys writing letters, receiving real mail, and solving puzzles.I felt confident that I was providing a thoughtful present.


The packaging and materials were intricately designed and intriguing to look at.


  • The contents of the packages were very wordy and meandering, and they could have benefited immensely from extensive editing and proofreading.
  • What I received was a jumble of confusion and boredom, and with each successive item, I could see Lisa losing up on even attempting to make me feel like this was a thoughtful present.
  • ″Read the present″ began to appear on her to-do list as she realized that reading all of this material was a chore.
  • It also took an inordinate amount of time for these packages to arrive.

They appeared over a period of many months.

Should I buy Mysterious Package Company’s The King in Yellow?

  • I can’t remember the last time I gave someone a present that was so disappointing.
  • It was a letdown that had been delayed in time.
  • Every month or so, a box containing something possibly fascinating would come.
  • Then, after a more in-depth investigation, it would destroy our dreams.

The materials and packaging were both visually appealing.The plot and the material were both really poor.At half the price, The Yellow King by The Mysterious Package Company would have been a terrible buy for the author.Instead, skip it and try to escape from a variety of chambers.You’ll feel better about how you spent your money and time after reading this article.In a related development, Emily Short’s Interactive Storytelling published a piece about the Mysterious Package Company at approximately the same time as this one.

If the work of this firm is of interest to you, she has some more insights that are worth studying.

Any other recommendations for at home puzzle adventures?

  • Order Think Fun’s Mystery at Stargazer’s Manor if you want to try your hand at an escape room at home.
  • Also, be pumped for the debut of Escape Room in Box’s The Werewolf Experiment, which is planned to arrive in February 2017.
  • Pre-order it as soon as possible.
  • More play-at-home escape rooms are being developed by Think Fun, and they aren’t the only ones in the works.

Today is the day to subscribe to receive the most up to date information about these games.

When will I receive my first shipment and how much time is there between each consecutive shipment?

  • Do you know when I’m going to receive my first shipment, and how much time will elapse between each subsequent shipment?
  • Vaughn I.
  • wrote the article.
  • It was last updated more than a week ago.

We at The Mysterious Package Company hand-craft aspects of our mailings, which means that all of our Experiences require a lead time of at least one to two weeks before they are ready to ship.Most successive mailings will be spaced out by around two weeks on average once the Experience has started (this may vary depending on the product).If the Experience includes a reveal letter, it is usually delivered one week after the item is received.The whole duration of the event is then determined by how many mailings are sent out to convey the narrative.If you already know the experience you’re interested in, one of our Concierges would be pleased to provide you with a more specific response to your inquiry.Because we are dependent on our many shipping partners, we can only ever estimate arrival dates.

However, we try our very best to work within specified deadlines with the assumption of minor deviation of a week or more from those estimates.

Mysterious Package Company

  • Based on 5 reviews, this product is rated 4.8 out of 5.
  • Price: $329.99 USD on a regular basis.
  • Your package(s)/crates will be handled by a *MULTI-MAILER* (S) SHIPPING WILL BEGIN IN 7-14 BUSINESS DAYS The story and puzzle elements are heavily emphasized.
  • The level of difficulty is really high.

It is necessary to have access to the internet as well as a current smartphone or tablet.The app’s description is as follows: Our puzzle-narrative sci-fi horror Nyarlathotep has a companion app called Kauket Analytics OS, which is an Augmented Reality experience.A long time ago, a dreadful evil descended from the heavens onto Egypt.Strange contraptions were created, and eldritch doors were opened to reveal the truth.Their masterpieces were discovered hundreds of years after they were made.You now possess the very same antiques, which have been around for generations.

The App will assist you in discovering their genuine function as well as their origin.

iOS 11 or higher required & 255 MB Android 11 required & 255 MB
  • Nyarlathotep Is there anybody who can resist the impulse to look beyond the ordinary and discover fresh and exciting prospects for themselves? What kind of life do you have in mind? Do you have big aspirations for yourself? Do you want to learn more? Do you want to travel to places you’ve never been before, or do you want those places to come to you? Are you enthralled by the possibility of doing work that is both intriguing and stimulating? Assuming you answered yes to all of these questions, you could well be the appropriate candidate for Kauket Analytics and Operating Systems. We are overjoyed to be able to offer you a position unlike any other! Kauket has one post available in a newly established research department, and they are searching for someone with your qualifications. Here is a quick extract from the website of Kauket, which describes the type of job you may expect: We only recruit the most dependable individuals. Do not treat this as though it were simply another ″work.″ We want you to be with us for a very long, very long period. It is necessary to have a fundamental grasp of cryptography and pattern recognition before beginning, but any further knowledge and expertise may be obtained on the job. Here is a testimonial from one of our workers, in case you want to check it out for yourself. ″I can’t believe the amount of effort I’ve put in here. This is an event that I will never forget. ″This is something I will keep with me for the rest of my life.″ – Terry Goodman, Quality Assurance We are looking forward to welcoming you into the family. Fill out an application right away! As Kauket has requested, we shall refer to this as a ″adventure,″ and it will expose you to weird artifacts, perplexing ciphers, and exciting events around the world, from Egypt to sunny California. This world-trotting adventure will take you to locations you never would have dreamed you would be able to visit. Prepare your mind for lunacy as you participate in our first-ever two-crate adventure. Truths will be revealed through puzzles, riddles, mazes, and mysteries. No mortal intellect has ever been able to withstand it. Your task will entail completing the work of an exceptionally talented team who, however, were unable to bring their project through to a logical conclusion on their own time. You will succeed where others have failed, and you will bring about events that will not only transform the globe, but will also change you forever. Synopsis Something came crashing down from the heavens over Egypt a long time ago. All of those who had assembled at the location of its landing worked feverishly to construct a secret shrine. What was the point of it? Who was in charge of these people? The temple was discovered several millennia later. Strange relics were discovered, and the crew responsible for their excavation met with a tragic end. However, word of what had been discovered had already gotten out. A writer who has been troubled by nightmares has a conversation with one of those ill-fated archaeologists. The seeds of disarray have been sown. It is a century later that a brilliant young man and a team of scientists are determined to unearth those long-buried treasures and mysteries. They’re going to come near. However, in the end, they fail. It is now your chance to speak. The study, the notes, and all of the objects have been turned over to you. Complete the task that has been left unfinished by all of these people over the course of many years, thanks to a proprietary app developed by your new employers. The conclusion is unavoidable. What role will you play in this complicated and scary two-crate encounter is up in the air. Throughout the process, you may sense the presence of an invisible hand guiding you. A face made up of stars. Crawling anarchy reigns supreme. NYARLATHOTEP is the name of the show. NYARLATHOTEP is a fully immersive experience that includes a darkly twisted storyline as well as several riddles and ciphers to solve. It contains elements of cults, lunacy, murder, rituals, ancient Egyptian artifacts, and corporate espionage amongst other things. It is not recommended for youngsters or those with a delicate constitution, among other things. If the receiver enjoys horror, strange fiction, ancient Egypt, the works of H.P. Lovecraft, or the Mythos creatures Nyarlathotep, Nightgaunts, or Azathoth, they will really enjoy this experience. If the receiver has already loved Hastur, The Century Beast, or any of our other cosmic horror adventures, they are certain to appreciate this one as well. The following are the contents: 2 Mailing Experience Throughout, there is digital material
  • (For both yourself and your predecessor)
  • (for both yourself and your predecessor)
  • Kauket App (for both yourself and your predecessor)
  • There are several hidden objects among the items mentioned below
  • however, they are not all stated.
  • Shipping 1 Welcome letter
  • Ancient Egyptian Tablet
  • Company coffee cup
  • Personal ID badge
  • Predecessor’s ID badge
  • Obelisk
  • Cigar box (different objects)
  • Shipping 2
  • Mailing 2 Journal of the predecessor
  • A picture frame with photographs of the predecessor’s parents
  • A stone monolith
  • two daggers in poor condition
  • Disc from the ancient Egyptians
  • Vassilis Mihos’s notepad
  • Vassilis Mihos’s hand-drawn map
  • Vassilis Mihos’s sketchbook
  • The letter written by Vassilis Mihos to his father
  • An Observation from Dr. Ward
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Mysterious Package Company

  • Scientists who are truly outstanding never allow the illogical powers of emotion to interfere with the process of discovery, much alone a breakthrough that has the potential to alter the path of human history. No matter the risk to their health or sanity, or the harm done to already fraying relationships with their families, the harbingers of genuine development recognize that the future is dependent on the devotion of great minds to see it through to completion. A scientific breakthrough that will bring us closer to the promise of the big unknown will require us to overcome our emotional attachments. But what about those who have been left behind? Tempus Fugit is a narrative of lovers driven apart by the unrelenting flood of development, and of one woman’s trek through time and space to fix in the past what would shatter in the future, all of which are depicted in the novel. Synopsis The following intriguing legacy has been handed to you by a previously unknown relative: A jumble of diverse scraps of paper that have been collected from various locations throughout the world at various periods. Printed on the reverse of these scraps of paper are passages from a letter that describe bizarre occurrences. The protagonist of the story, Amy, is a lady who travels across time and space in search of her lover, who was killed in a time-travel mishap. You will be provided with all of the pieces of the jigsaw that you will require in order to discover what happened to her. Was she successful in her endeavors? And, if not, are you able to do anything now or in the future to assist? The film Tempus Fugit depicts the anguish that results from the conflict between necessity and desire: the impulse to simply survive vs the frantic longing to do so with the one you love are both highlighted. But, most significantly, it is a narrative about the resilience of the human spirit as its sender attempts to redeem a wrong and turn back the clock before time expires on him. Audience Tempus Fugit is a science fiction love story that takes place in the future. It is appropriate for a wide range of audiences. Those who like romance and time travel will like this, as will your gift recipient. The following are the contents: 2 Mailing Experience Mailing 1: A personalized letter from a law business
  • letters from an unknown woman
  • and a letter from a stranger.
  • Postage for mailing number two: an uncooperative wooden crate
  • a triptych relic with celestial carvings
  • lab results and correspondence
  • a newspaper story
  • and an uncooperative wooden crate (size six).

The Mysterious Package Company Lets You Live Out A Horror Novel — In Your Own Home

  • A package has been delivered to your door (or in your mail room, or at your P.O.
  • box).
  • You are unable to identify the return address.
  • A letter addressed to you is found inside, as with a peculiar collection of other documents, including some old and smeared notes, a poem and even a foreclosure notice.

There’s even a crinkled child’s artwork that gives you pause.Are you saying there’s a hidden code printed down the bottom of that ancient orphan registry document?What exactly is going on here?Have you found yourself immersed in any sort of Victorian horror novel?You may be the victim of a modern-day Lovecraftian cult’s stalking.Is it possible that you’re covertly living a second life as a paranormal investigator and no one has bothered to inform you about it?

The answer to each and every one of these questions is, of course, affirmative.The Mysterious Package Company, on the other hand, is a business that sends wonderfully crafted mysteries right to your doorstep.These ″experiences″ arrive in the form of a series of mailings, including envelopes loaded with clues and riddles, a package containing an important relic, and a disturbing tale that you must put together on your own timetable.You are the one who is investigating the ruins of this odd ancient mansion, or you are the one who is looking into the evidence for a mysterious organization.

  1. Alternatively, if horror isn’t your style, you may take on the role of a bold explorer searching for long-lost riches, a studious wizard, or a clever scientist attempting to unravel the mysteries of time itself.
  2. Regardless of which experience you pick, The Mysterious Package Company is a creative new way to tell a narrative, solve a mystery, and utterly creep out your pals.
  3. My first encounter with The Mysterious Package Company was not particularly mysterious: my best friend gave me ″Taako’s Correspondence School of Wizardry, Cantrips, and Other Magicks,″ a collection of wizardly puzzles and prizes from my favorite D&D podcast, The Adventure Zone, as a birthday present.
  4. I recently discovered the ″Taako″ box, which is an incredibly fantastic correspondence course for die-hard geeks and podcast trash-people like me.
  5. The puzzles are legitimately difficult, the audio tie-ins are amusing, and the execution is flawless — yet Taako’s own brand isn’t particularly ″subtle″ or ″mystery″ in my opinion (especially when he rides around on his semi-spectral, mullet-wearing binicorn, Garyl).
  1. Aside from that, I knew coming into the Correspondence School that I adored Taako and his terrific, fantastic humour.
  2. So, for my next adventure, I chose to do something that was a bit more out of my comfort zone than the previous one.
  3. As for me, I picked ″Filigree in Shadow,″ a classic haunted house story that is presently out of stock on the site.
  4. When it came to choosing a movie for my buddy, I decided with ″Tempus Fugit,″ a science fiction drama of romance and time travel that costs $199 to rent.
  5. Even without the element of horror, my friend found her experience to be quite mysterious: when she received the first letter, a notice that a distant relative had died and left her some very strange inheritance, she was so taken aback that she called her father to find out if she really did have a great-uncle Sherman.

When he informed her that such an uncle did not exist, they became concerned that they had become victims of some sort of scam.I was compelled to explain that this was all part of a fictional adventure and that there was no need to see a lawyer.It’s difficult to hold them responsible, though.

  • I purchased ″Filigree in Shadow″ for myself, and I was still startled to get a letter from ″Millennial Dominion Financial″ that appeared to be extremely official in appearance.
  • Until they started talking about some strange things that had happened in a nineteenth-century London mansion, of course.
  • When I realized it was my immersive haunted home experience rather than an angry letter from the bank, I became certain it was the latter.
  • My relief, however, was short-lived, as what I found inside my parcel was a very unsettling collection of letters, paintings, and many other relics of Victorian society.

Each piece, from the worn paper to the scrawled notes on the back of an envelope, was completely believable.The more I read, the more I began to piece together a coherent plot, complete with descriptions of occurrences that were as terrifying as anything I’d ever read in a horror novel.I won’t give anything away about ″Filigree″ to any of the intrepid detectives out there, but suffice it to say that it is a fantastic film.Perhaps you shouldn’t open your box on the same night that you’re watching The Haunting of Hill House in its entirety.If opening your gift is the initial disconcerting experience, things only grow stranger as you begin to look over the contents with a critical eye.After all, the pleasure of The Mysterious Package Company isn’t only about receiving a great box full of wonderful objects to put on your desk and spook out your friends; it’s also about delving into the mystery yourself and discovering the solution.

You are thrust into the action of the narrative, where you must decipher the meaning of the bizarre symbols and discover what is actually going on with the terrifying demon book in your possession.You will have the opportunity to take part in your own horror fiction (or your own questionable wizard school, or your own weird time travel adventure).Moreover, you get to choose the next heinous encounter for your unknowing companion.For anyone searching for an intricate scare, or even simply a creative new way to tell a tale, The Mysterious Package Company’s collection of weird and surreal events is a great place to begin your search!You will not be disappointed.

Mysterious Package Company Offers a Super Creepy Interactive Experience That Might Send Shivers Down Your Spine (5 stars)

  • A letter from Canada is delivered to you, with your address and name.
  • You haven’t placed any recent orders, and you haven’t ordered anything from Canada.
  • When you first open it, you will notice that it contains a receipt for a theatre presentation of a play named The King in Yellow.
  • You believe that someone made a clerical error and delivered you tickets that you did not request.

Perhaps these were complimentary tickets that you had signed up for but had forgotten about?You even Google the name of the theater in an attempt to locate it, but nothing comes up.It’s something you rapidly forget.An unexpected visitor arrives at the door some days after the first.A delivery guy has arrived with a hefty box for you, which you are certain you did not order.It is clearly marked with your name and address, so you accept it and sign to acknowledge receipt.

You’re obviously wondering if you’ve made a mistake.You open it in the hopes of finding some answers, but to your complete astonishment, you find yourself staring at something bizarre and disturbing.In a sealed manila envelope, a bloody handprint is extended across the front and back.A wooden container, which has been fastened shut, has an evidence sticker, giving the impression that this is some long-lost artifact from the time of Indiana Jones.

  1. Okay, now your interest has been piqued.
  2. It’s really spooky.
  3. You wonder if it was delivered to you in error, but you have no means of knowing for sure.
  4. As a result, you investigate.
  5. When you open the packages and the container, you will discover some really odd artifacts.
  1. An empty glass vial, mummy-wrapped cylinders, and an earthen bowl are among the items on the table.
  2. The prize item in all of this is a statue of a menacing shrouded figure evocative of a Lovecraftian God, replete with tentacles and horns, which serves as the centerpiece of the exhibit.
  3. The sense of smell is the one that is most closely related with memory.
  4. And that part has not been overlooked in this encounter.
  5. Clay can be detected in the earthen bowl that has been put in the shipping container.

This is a significant clue as to what it may be used for, and it has something to do with ancient Sumerian gods.The newspapers do, in fact, have an earthy scent to them, as is typical of ancient newspapers.That degree of realism is quite remarkable.

  • If you are a lover of horror films and eerie décor, you will find some truly interesting items to look at.
  • If nothing else, you now have some fantastic new items to incorporate into your Halloween party to give it a distinct vibe.
  • A little digging will reveal that there is a great deal more to see and learn about.
  • There are runes all over the place, and figuring out what they signify is a mystery in itself.

You get the idea that there is a secret language that you will need to comprehend in order to complete the puzzle.In the package, you will discover fresh articles, photographs, and other material relating to a variety of tragedies, the most of which appear to involve performances of some kind.You will be presented with a large star chart that appears to contain constellations that do not exist, at least not on Earth!″The Hastur″ experience is described in detail.You notice that the objects in front of you not only convey a tale, but also hint to a mystery.If you want to spend hours delving into the clues, you can do so, or you can simply enjoy the box and its contents as a visual spectacle.

News stories, photographs, maps, and strange glyphs carved into monuments all contribute to the mystique.Throughout this mystery package, The King in Yellow is a recurring concept that serves as its focal point.Fans of H.P.Lovecraft may recognize the name because it was featured in his cosmic horror realm, which is why the character may sound familiar.Its origins, on the other hand, stretch back a long distance.

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The King in Yellow is a story that precedes even Lovecraft in terms of publication.Apparently, it’s an allusion to a play of the same name that’s so out of control that it drives its audience to crazy.It appears from the stories you’ve read that some organization is staging this performance in an attempt to invoke an old deity, presumably the one portrayed in your scary statue, but you have no way of knowing for sure.

He is well renowned for his works of horror, including as The Call of Cthulhu and The Shadow Over Innsmouth.He was well-known for incorporating the stories of other authors into his own writings.The King in Yellow is an example of a narrative that was conscripted.Fans of his writing will be familiar with the themes of mystery cults, old cosmic gods, and rituals to awaken sleeping demons that he explored in his novels.A different kind of murder mystery adventure So, what happens once you’ve figured out all of the riddles and deciphered all of the runes?It’s possible that you’ll have to experiment to find out.

  • Perhaps you discover how to call demons, or perhaps you solve a mystery involving crimes that have occurred over a period of decades.
  • Going over all of the content offered will provide you with hours of entertainment.
  • Give this experience a shot if you’re locked in quarantine and looking for something different to do that isn’t much more dangerous than purchasing anything from Amazon.
  • Those who enjoy horror films, puzzles, and interactive experiences will find The Mysterious Package Company to be a very unique experience.
  • Alternatively, if you want to genuinely scare out someone, consider giving them one of these gifts and watching their reaction when they receive an anonymous delivery out of the blue.

Are you not a fan of horror films?There are different themes to choose from to suit every individual’s preferences.There are other bundles with sci-fi, murder mystery, and adventure themes included.More information may be found at The Mysterious Package Company’s website, as well as in our other review.

A mysterious package company sends you a ″Escape Room″ experience by ground mail.What happens next is a mystery (5 stars)

The Mysterious Package Company – ″NYARLATHOTEP″

  • The Mysterious Package Company is the owner of the photograph seen above.
  • The Mysterious Package Company is the name of the company.
  • Game:NYARLATHOTEP Canada is the country in question.
  • Language:English Puzzles By Mail is the type of game you’re looking for.

Supernatural, horror, occult, and HP Lovecraft are among the genres represented.The game will be played on October 21, 2021.Difficulty (based on a single player): 8 out of 10.The number of people in the team is limitless (Recommend 1-4 ppl) (Adults 16 and above) Time is not a constraint (Approximately 8 Hrs) Price:$329.99

  • A hefty delivery has been delivered to your home.
  • Inside is a wooden crate that has been nailed shut, as well as a coffee mug, a work badge, and a welcome letter after you allegedly accepted a new position at Kauket Analytics and Operating System.
  • Your predecessor left the post unexpectedly, and the firm is relying on you to complete his study as soon as possible.
  • They are giving you everything that was on his desk that was related to his study, but it will be given to you in two shipments to ensure that you receive it all.

The story of two men, an ancient Egyptian archeological site and a group of modern researchers who are dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of what these two men discovered begins to come together as you begin to examine the artifacts, antique documents, and online articles that are made available to you.You get the impression that certain things are best left alone…but curiosity is a fickle beast, and you decide to dig right in anyhow.The Mysterious Package Company owns the rights to the video seen above.


  • A large puzzle box consisting of two big wooden crates will be shipped to you over the course of four weeks.
  • ″Nyarlothotep″ is the name of the gift.
  • There are many interesting things in the first crate, such as a welcome letter, a Kauket coffee mug (which should be filled with hot water!
  • ), your own ID badge with QR code, your predecessors’ ID badge, an ancient carving, a mysterious obelisk, a cigar box filled with letters, an old pocket watch, and more.

Two daggers, a journal log, an over-sized map, images of your predecessor’s parents, his journal notes, a giant pen, and other items are included in the second crate.The third crate has a large statue with faces on it, as well as other items.I was blown away by how beautiful this game is on the outside, even down to the faded pages of your predecessor’s journal and the seemingly harmless images of his parents.It made me feel like a child in a candy store as I pulled all of these products out of the box and enthusiastically looked through them.It should be noted that this game involves the use of an online application (mihOS), which requires iOS 11 or above and Android 11 or higher.There is no clue system in this game, but you may contact the firm for assistance or post a question on a puzzle site such as Puzzle People on Facebook for assistance.

The Mysterious Package Company is the owner of the photograph seen above.

  • Although this game is meant for more free exploration, the primary objective in Crate One is to uncover the secrets behind the mihOS application.
  • There was not much information left on the app by your predecessor, but you have a feeling there is something buried within it, and you believe there must be something within the crate that can break it open.
  • More information is provided in Crate Two on the research team who developed the app and their quest to develop it.
  • The job they’ve done has been left undone, and you must figure out what they’ve found in order to complete their project.

As a result of the bizarre messages you discover, the encrypted files you unlock, and the chats you are pushed to read, there are a number of mini-experiences to be discovered.These tidbits and bites contribute to a more complete picture of what has occurred…and what is now taking place.Consider this in terms of side missions and primary quests in the game.The more you accomplish, the more positive your perception of the event will be.There is a significant amount of reading involved in this experience due to the large number of letters, logs, notebooks, emails, SMS, and other messages to sort through.There is also a USB drive included with this game.

If you are uneasy with the idea of entering them into your computer, you may send an email to the concierge at MPC and request that the file be provided to you.It should be noted once more that the software utilized in this experience consumes a significant amount of electricity.My phone did become rather warm, so if you are concerned about overheating, I recommend placing your phone near a fan or something else that is cold.The photo seen above is the property of ESCAPETHEROOMers.

  • Crate One has one significant puzzle that takes center stage, along with a few lesser ones that I would characterize as more entertaining allusions to the concept and tale than genuine contributions to the overall storyline.
  • The enjoyable side problems are primarily cipher-based, although the most notable challenge is a multistep problem.
  • It is based on pattern identification and observation, and it is a lengthy puzzle that took me almost three hours to finish.
  • Although it is not a difficult problem, I strongly advise using a pen and paper to keep track of your progress as you travel through it because it is quite easy to become disoriented while attempting to complete it.

There are quite a few riddles in Crate Two to solve.Similar to Crate One, there are also smaller puzzles that serve more as atmospheric elements rather than being essential to the tale.This crate had a game that was somewhat more cipher-heavy, although it was divided up into pieces to aid with the pace of the game.Having the ability to divide the problems so that my partner and I could each be working on something was a pleasure for me to accomplish.After that, we’d get back together and talk about what we’d discovered.When you worked out how the primary riddles were connected, you had some amazing ″aha″ moments, and I enjoyed that you were able to figure out how the characters handled various problems during their adventure.

The fact that they supplied some critical information was understandable; but, having the opportunity to back solve so that you could appreciate their path was a wonderful bonus.Even while it is not required, I would recommend that you spend some time figuring out how theresearchers (such as your predecessor) were able to go as far as they did if you want to get the whole experience.It was quite exciting when everything came together in your brain after using the tools that the characters had left behind at the conclusion of the game.The photographs seen here are the property of ESCAPETHEROOMers.

  • For Crate One, there is one significant puzzle that takes center stage, along with a few minor ones that I would characterize as more entertaining allusions to the theme and tale than genuine contributions to the main story.
  • In addition to the enjoyable side puzzles, there is also a major one that is a multistep problem that is rather challenging.
  • It is based on observation and pattern identification, and it is a lengthy puzzle that took me almost three hours to solve completely.
  • Although it is not a difficult task, I strongly advise using a pen and paper to keep track of your progress as you travel through it because it is quite easy to become disoriented while attempting to complete this puzzle.

There are a plethora of riddles in Crate Two.Similar to Crate One, there are a few smaller puzzles that serve more as atmospheric elements rather than being essential to the narrative.Even though this crate contains a significant amount of code, it has been divided up into pieces to aid in the pace of play.Having the ability to divide the problems so that my companion and I could each be working on something else was a pleasure for me.After that, we’d get back together and talk about what we’d found out.Great ″aha″ moments occurred when you realized how the primary puzzles were connected, and I enjoyed that you were able to figure out how the characters solved different riddles along the way as they traveled.

The fact that they supplied some critical information was understandable; but, having the opportunity to back solve so that you could appreciate their path was a fantastic bonus.Taking the effort to find out how theresearchers (like your predecessor) were able to go as far as they did is not required, I would think, but if you want the whole experience, I would recommend doing so.It was quite exciting when everything came together in your brain after using the tools that the characters had left behind at the conclusion.ESCAPETHEROOMers own the photographs displayed above.

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