What Is The Zip Code For Vincennes Indiana?

Prices for rental property include ZIP code 47591 apartments, townhouses, and homes that are primary residences. For more information, see Vincennes, IN house value. The median household income of $40,815 is compared to the rest of the country. It is also compared to nearby ZIP codes.

What is Vincennes Indiana known for?

Vincennes was at the heart of many of Indiana`s firsts including site of the first Catholic church in Indiana, first county, first newspaper, first Presbyterian church, first Masonic Lodge, first bank and first medical society. In 1801, the Jefferson Academy was founded.

What is Zip address?

Your zip code is a short sequence of letters and numbers at the end of your address, which helps the post office to sort the mail.

What is the meaning of Vincennes?

noun. a suburb of E Paris: 14th-century castle.

Is Vincennes Indiana a safe place to live?

With a crime rate of 47 per one thousand residents, Vincennes has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes – from the smallest towns to the very largest cities. One’s chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime here is one in 21.

Where is Vincennes in Indiana?

Vincennes is located on the banks of the Wabash River at the western edge of Knox County; this is also the western edge of the state of Indiana, and Illinois is across the river to the west. The city lies about 100 miles (160 km) southwest of Indianapolis.

How do I find my ZIP code?

USPS.com. To find a zip code with USPS.com, you need to fill in the fields with your USA street address, city, and state. Then click Find and you’ll get your postal code.

How do you write your ZIP code?

‘Zip-code’ Is a Verb

Both, Dictionary.com and Merriam-Webster list “zip-code” as a verb, and they keep it all lowercase and use a hyphen. It means to mark something with a ZIP code, as in ‘Be sure to zip-code that letter.’

What is United States ZIP code?

US ZIP codes are a type of postal code used within the United States to help the United States Postal Service (USPS) route mail more efficiently.

What county is Vincennes Indiana in?

/  38.67833°N 87.51611°W  / 38.67833; -87.51611 /  38.67833°N 87.51611°W  / 38.67833; -87.51611 Vincennes is a city in and the county seat of Knox County, Indiana, United States. It is located on the lower Wabash River in the southwestern part of the state, nearly halfway between Evansville and Terre Haute.

What is the weather like in the city of Vincennes Indiana?

Vincennes has a humid continental climate with hot summers and cold winters with heavy rainfall at times throughout much of the year. There are an average of 53.1 days with highs of 90 °F (32 °C) or higher and an average of 101.5 days with lows of 32 °F (0 °C) or lower.


The city of Vincennes has a long and illustrious history.Vincennes, Indiana’s oldest city, which was formerly a French fur trade center, has long been in the forefront of the growth of Indiana and the Midwest.It was created in 1732 by Francois Marie Bissot–Sieur de Vincennes, a French military commander who served as the city’s first mayor.

As part of New France, a military station was established on the Wabash River to safeguard the lucrative fur trade that existed in this region against attack by the British.When the fur trade was no longer profitable, this area transitioned to agriculture.Vincennes is the oldest town in Indiana because of its military garrison, which became the state’s oldest continuous settlement, making it the state’s oldest town.

In 1779, George Rogers Clark and his little force captured the greatest land conquest of the Revolutionary War from the British, marking the end of the war’s longest period of time.Clark relied on the marksmanship of his soldiers and his ability to persuade the British that he had a bigger army to conquer the fort despite being vastly outnumbered by the British forces within Fort Sackville.Today, the George Rogers Clark National Historical Park in Vincennes is the location of the biggest Memorial Monument west of Washington, D.C., which celebrates the heroic achievements of Colonel Clark and his troops.The monument is located within the park.We are one of just three towns in the whole state of Indiana to have a National Park inside our city borders, and we are proud to be one of them.

The Indiana Territory was established in 1800, and the city of Vincennes, located along the Wabash River, was designated as its capital.William Henry Harrison served as the state’s first governor before going on to become the ninth President of the United States.In addition to being the first brick mansion erected in the region, Grouseland is still standing today and is offered for visitors on a daily basis.Vincennes was the site of numerous firsts in Indiana history, including the state’s first Catholic church, the state’s first county, the state’s first newspaper, the state’s first Presbyterian church, the state’s first Masonic Lodge, the state’s first bank, and the state’s first medical society.

The Jefferson Academy was established in the year 1801.This is one of the earliest schools of higher learning in the United States, having eventually been renamed Vincennes University after the founder’s hometown.The city of Vincennes has a long and illustrious architectural heritage.Many of the city’s residences and structures are influenced by French architecture.Many of the structures were constructed not only before 1900, but also as early as the beginning of the nineteenth century.For example, the Indiana Territorial Capitol Structure, which is considered the oldest prominent government building in the Midwest and was originally constructed as a tailor shop, was constructed in 1805.

  • More information may be found at the Vincennes Convention & Visitors Bureau website.
  • Vincennes has maintained its position at the vanguard of growth in Indiana and the Midwest while still preserving the heritage and elegance of a city with a long and illustrious past.

Definition of Vincennes

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/ vnsnz; also for number 2 French vsn/nouna city in southwest Indiana, on the Wabash River; it was the site of the first permanent colony in Indiana, which occurred in 1702.a city in northern France, close to Paris QUIZQUIZ YOURSELF ON THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HAS AND HAVE!Do you know when to use the words ″have″ and ″has″ correctly in your writing?

Let’s find out with the help of this quiz.My grandma has a whole wall dedicated to vintage cuckoo clocks.

Words nearby Vincennes

Vinblastine sulfate, vinca, vinca alkaloid, vincaleukoblastine, Vince, Vincennes, Vincent, Vincent de Paul, Vincentian, Vincentian illness, Vincent’s angina, Vincent’s ailment, Vincent’s disease Dictionary.com Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Random House, Inc. published the Unabridged Dictionary in 2012.

How to use Vincennes in a sentence

  • Harrison’s forces helped themselves to everything they desired, burnt the abandoned town, and returned to Vincennes in a flurry of activity after a grand pursuit had been ordered in the Bois de Vincennes to allow M. de Monsoreau to assume his duties as head huntsman.
  • After receiving the Governor’s brief, friendly response, Tecumseh promised to personally travel to Vincennes within a short time
  • M. Jacobson had chosen the sword and would fight that very hour in the woods of Vincennes
  • and M. Jacobson had selected the sword and would fight that very hour in the woods of Vincennes

Not only was it difficult to contain Vincennes’s abrasive attitude, but it was also difficult to accommodate Gaillon’s restrained and guarded manner.

British Dictionary definitions for Vincennes

Villeneuve (French vsn, English vnsz) /nouna suburb of eastern Paris with a castle dating back to the 14th century Population: 43 595 people (1999) a complete and unabridged version of the Collins English Dictionary The 2012 Digital Edition is available now.William Collins Sons & Co.Ltd.

was established in 1979 and 1986.The HarperCollins Publishers in 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, and 2012 published the following titles:

Vincennes, 47591 Crime Rates and Crime Statistics

Vincentians have one of the highest crime rates in the country, with a rate of 47 crimes per thousand persons, when compared to all communities of all sizes – from the tiniest settlements to the greatest metropolis.The likelihood of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime in this area is one in twenty-one.More than 98 percent of the municipalities in Indiana have a lower crime rate than Vincennes, according to the FBI.

On a separate note, it is always fascinating and useful to compare a city’s crime rate with the rates of similar-sized towns; this is a fair comparison because larger cities have a higher incidence of crime than smaller ones.NeighborhoodScout has accomplished exactly that.Violent and property crime rates in Vincennes are extremely high in comparison to other cities with similar population sizes, despite the city’s relatively small size (16,759 people).

While Vincennes does well or poorly when compared to all other cities and towns in the United States of all sizes, when compared to similar-sized cities and towns, Vincennes does very poorly.Vincennes has a crime rate that is comparable to that of just a few other municipalities of similar size.Now, let’s take a look at how Vincennes fared in terms of violent crimes in general, and then how it fared in terms of property crimes in particular.This is essential because understanding whether violent crime or property crime (or both) are the key contributors to the total rate of crime in Vincennes helps shed more light on the overall rate of crime in the city.Violent crime rates in Vincennes are much lower than the national average for all municipalities of all population levels, according to NeighborhoodScout’s analysis.

Violence-related crimes like as assault, rape, murder, and armed robbery are less common in Vincennes than they are in the rest of the country.It is one in 1117 that someone will become a victim of a violent crime in this city, which corresponds to a violent crime rate of one per thousand residents.Furthermore, according to NeighborhoodScout, a large proportion of the crime that occurs in Vincennes is property crime.Burglary, larceny over fifty dollars, motor vehicle theft, and arson are the types of property crimes that are being monitored for this research.

When it comes to property crimes, your chances of becoming a victim in Vincennes are one in 22, which translates to a rate of 46 per thousand inhabitants.Our review of FBI crime statistics revealed that Vincennes had one of the highest rates of motor vehicle theft in the country, which was a significant finding for our research team.There are comparisons made between small and big communities, as well as between different age groups.It is estimated that if you reside in Vincennes, you have a one in 246 risk of having your automobile stolen.

Crime Index

(100 is safest)

Vincennes Annual Crimes

  Violent Property Total
Number of Crimes 15 777 792
Crime Rate (per 1,000 residents) 0.90 46.36 47.26

Violent Crime Comparison (per 1,000 residents)

My Chances of Becoming a Victim of a Violent Crime


Population: 16,759
Murder Rape Robbery Assault
Report Total 1 3 3 8
Rate per 1,000 0.06 0.18 0.18 0.48


Population: 331,449,281
Murder Rape Robbery Assault
Report Total 21,570 126,430 243,600 921,505
Rate per 1,000 0.07 0.38 0.73 2.78

Property Crime Comparison (per 1,000 residents)

My Chances of Becoming a Victim of a Property Crime

Vincennes Property CRIMES

Population: 16,759
burglary theft motor vehicle theft
Report Total 111 598 68
Rate per 1,000 6.62 35.68 4.06

United States Property CRIMES

Population: 331,449,281
burglary theft motor vehicle theft
Report Total 1,035,314 4,606,324 810,400
Rate per 1,000 3.12 13.90 2.45

10 Zip Code Sites to Find Your Area Postal Code Easily

10 Zip Code Websites to Easily Find Your Postal Code in Your Area Do you have a certain address in mind?What about the use of a zip code?It’s always a challenge for me to recall these seemingly unattainable figures!

In order to purchase anything online or just create a new account, people frequently look for my local zip code on the Internet when they are in need of assistance.Here are a few useful zip code websites that we uncovered, which are quick to produce a postal code for any area you choose.ADDITIONAL INFORMATION CAN BE FOUND AT: Apps to Video and Voice Call with Friends to Have a Good Time ALSO READ: 14 Sites to Make Money Selling Things on the Internet

How to find a Zip Code Worldwide?

Whatever zip code you desire, the websites listed below will assist you in learning any postal code in the globe, including your own.

What’s My Zip

Whatismyzip.com is a free, lightning-fast web application that allows you to specify your postal code.Allow it to utilize your current location information, and in a few seconds, you’ll be able to view the zip code of the area in where you’re now located.It also displays a portion of a Google map with your likely address on it as well.

Unfortunately, the address may not always be precise, so if you have any doubts, type your specific address into the search field to obtain the most accurate zip code possible.Fast and trustworthy results are obtained with this approach.


Wiki provides a comprehensive selection of zip code resources for any location.Even those nations that do not yet have postal codes are mentioned in this section.The links will take you to the relevant Wiki pages that include zip code information for a certain area.

It’s also vital to note that Wikipedia gives specifics on the zip code format in question (letter, number, or combined).Once you’ve located the relevant page with a list of postal codes for your country, just press the CTRL+F key combination on your computer to locate the zip code for your street address in seconds.Although the procedure is not as quick as it is with the software mentioned above, you can be certain in the accurate information.

Geo Post Codes

Geopostcodes.com is a free database of 5.8 million zip codes for 127 countries that may be accessed from any computer.In order to obtain yours, simply select a nation, then a region and a city, and then double-check a post code by clicking on the coordinates.You’ll be provided a comprehensive list of regions that fall under a specific code.

Due to the possibility of having to check many codes before obtaining the one you want, it might be a little inconvenient.Nonetheless, it is one of the few websites that provides zip codes for all feasible places as well as other important information about other localities.

Map Developers

Another useful source for determining your area code is mapdevelopers.com/what-is-my-zip-code.php.You have the option of allowing the service to estimate your location and provide you with a zip code, or you may input your precise postal address to receive more accurate information.Most languages are accepted on the website, with the exception of several dialects.

Furthermore, there are a plethora of additional handy tools available.For example, you may be able to determine which nation you are in, calculate a distance on a map, discover latitude and longitude, and do a variety of other tasks.

Geo Names

On the website geonames.org/postal-codes/, you must first pick a country for which you want to obtain a zip code, then a city, and so on until you reach your destination.The database contains over eleven million place names and covers all of the nations on the planet.Aside from postal codes, you may get a plethora of helpful information on countries, population, land area, and other relevant topics.

How to Find USA Postal Codes?

More often than not, you will only need to memorize a postal code that is exclusive to a single nation. For those who live in the United States, you may find out what your zip code is by visiting one of the following websites.


If you want to discover a zip code on USPS.com, you must first enter your street address in the United States, followed by the city and state.Then click Find, and your postal code will be shown.There is also a page that allows you to obtain the zip code of a corporation.

When it comes to delivery, this shipping firm delivers as quickly as they can.Watch this video to learn how to discover a zip code on USPS.com using the search bar.If you need to store it offline, you may do so by following this guide.

United States Zip Codes

If you don’t know the specific address, UnitedStatesZipCodes.org is a great resource for locating an area code. It is possible to begin searching for a postal code by typing your address into the search form; this can be only the name of a city; after that, you can zoom in on the map to identify your location.


City-Data.com gives zip code information as well as demographic and geographic statistics about the region, such as the population, resident age, unemployment rate, family income, and real estate prices. Use either a custom search (which may be any address query) or a map to locate a zip code on this page.

How to Find UK Post Codes?

If you wish to find out the postcode of a certain location in the United Kingdom, the following websites will be of use to you.

Royal Mail

Go to Royalmail.com/find-a-postcode, type in your street address, town or city, and then click on Find postcode to receive your postal code.Everything is simple and quick to do!You’ll get search recommendations as you’re typing your query.

It should be noted that zip codes in the United Kingdom have a unique format that includes outer (postcode area) and inward (postal district) components, for example, SW19 3AR.


The new website, postoffice.co.uk/postcode-finder, has a similar style to the previous one and functions in the same way. Once you’ve determined the postal code, you may look out the postage cost to that location and even place an order for one. We’d love to hear about any other useful websites for finding a zip code in the comments section below.


The new website, postoffice.co.uk/postcode-finder, has a similar style to the previous one and functions in the same way. Once you’ve determined the postal code, you may look out the postage cost to that location and even place an order for one. We’d love to hear about any other useful websites for finding a zip code in the comments section below.

3 Different Ways to Style ‘ZIP Code’ (or Is That ‘ZIP code’ or ‘zip code’?)

The Quick and Dirty Guide to If you follow a specific style guide, double-check to see how it advises you write ″ZIP code,″ because each one appears to have a different guideline on how to write it.The following is advice from three main style guidelines.Today, we’ll start with the guidelines and conclude with a big dose of history since what I thought would be a simple query turned out to be a fascinating rabbit hole that led me to the point of interview.

It all started with a voicemail message from a friend.″Hello there, Grammar Girl.It so happens that I work for the Federal Government and have such a strong command of writing and grammar that I am affectionately known as the Grammar Guru.

While working on a report, something came up that needed to be addressed.It was suggested by some on the committee that the term ″ZIP Code″ should be capitalized…and my response is that this would be correct if you are referring to the particular item in question, such as a postal code or some other specific system, but if you are talking about the term ″zip code,″ it has become somewhat generic, similar to the term ″kleenex.″ If you chose to use this, I would appreciate it if you could answer it in your column, as I do not listen to your podcast.Thank you for your assistance, Grammar Girl.I will continue to be a loyal reader.

Once again, thank you.Good-bye, and thank you.″ Well, first and foremost, you should listen to the podcast, but the answer will also be available on the internet as a blog post.It is highly uncommon that the same piece of material does not appear on both sides.However, thank you for sending in your question as a voicemail, which I will be able to utilize in the podcast!

For the same reason as before, I figured this would be a simple response: I’d check it up in a couple of style guides and wham, there’s the answer.However, it wasn’t as straightforward as that, and I soon discovered some fascinating nuggets.

What Are ZIP Codes?

ZIP codes are a uniquely American phenomenon, as our overseas readers will attest.A postal address’s five-digit code may be found at the very end of the address’s body text (and if you want to be really detailed, you can add four more numbers to the end, and in my experience, doing that does help the post office deliver your mail a little faster).The address codes are sometimes referred to as ″postal codes″ in other nations, and some countries do not have them at all.

The United States uses just numbers, although some other nations additionally use letters to denote time.Because our caller works for the United States government, and ZIP codes are something that the government does, I looked up the style guide for the United States Printing Office first.″ZIP Code″ is the recommendation.

The Associated Press style is similar: ″ZIP code″—two words with the letters ″ZIP″ in all caps—but it uses a lowercase C, which shocked me because I expected it to use a capital C.I dug a little more and discovered this, which made me laugh: Someone inquired in the AP Stylebook’s Q&A section as to why the term ″code″ is lowercased yet the source, the United States Postal Service, capitalizes it, and the response from the AP editors was as follows: ″The United States Postal Service prefers capitalisation over lowercase letters.We each have our own own style.″ So there you have it!It’s simply that they like it in lowercase.That is how styles function.

‘ZIP Code’ Was Trademarked

I had no idea that ″ZIP″ stood for ″Zone Improvement Plan″ and that the United States Postal Service was the first to trademark the word ″ZIP Code.″ According to the information on the US Patent and Trademark Office website, the trademark was registered in 1997 and then lapsed in 1997.A ″TM″ is still there after ″ZIP Code″ on the United States Postal Service website, on the other hand.So it’s possible that I overlooked something, or that whomever is in charge of maintaining their website didn’t get the memo.

Even while the Associated Press Stylebook does not include a trademark sign after ″ZIP code,″ it does not advocate that it be done for any trademark, therefore this does not provide any information about the trademark’s status.It was also revealed to me that the home furnishing firm Wayfair has a trademark for the use of the phrase ″zipcode″ (which is a single word) on things such as lamps, rugs and bedding, as well as on furniture.What a bizarre situation.

So I went to the website to see if they had any things that had the phrase ″zipcode″ on them, but they didn’t have anything like that.In its place, they have something that appears to be a house brand, dubbed Zipcode Design.As a result, it makes more sense.

Check 3 Style Guides and Find 3 Different Ways to Write ‘ZIP Code’ 

There are three alternative ways to write ″ZIP code″ according to the three style standards I researched. ► The US Government Publishing Office utilizes “ZIP Code.” The Associated Press Stylebook employs the term ″ZIP code.″ The Chicago Manual of Style makes use of the term ″zip code.″

‘Zip-code’ Is a Verb

You might have thought we were done, but ″zip-code″ can also be used as a verb! In both Dictionary.com and Merriam-Webster, ″zip-code″ is listed as a verb, and both sites preserve the word in all lowercase and without the hyphen. When something is zip-coded, it indicates that it has been marked with a ZIP code, as in ″Be careful to zip-code that letter.″

The History of ZIP Codes

  1. ZIP codes are considerably more recent inventions than I had anticipated.
  2. The basic 5-digit codes that we use in the United States today were just adopted in 1963, and at the time, they were purely optional for consumers.
  3. There are probably still some individuals who do not have an address, and it was then that I realized I knew someone who was quite knowledgeable about the history of addresses and could tell me a lot of interesting facts about them.
  4. ″The Address Book: What Street Addresses Reveal about Identity, Race, Wealth, and Power,″ written by Deirdre Mask, is available for purchase on Amazon now.
  5. To listen to the interview with Deirdre Mask (which begins about the 7:15 mark), please use the player at the top of the page, or you can read the text of the interview below.
  1. The photo is courtesy of Shutterstock.

About US ZIP Codes

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US ZIP codes are a form of postal code that is used in the United States to aid in the efficient routing of mail by the United States Postal Service (USPS) and other organizations.On the map above, you can see ZIP codes that are close to me.ZIP codes are still referred to as ″US postal codes″ by certain people.ZIP is an acronym that stands for Zone Improvement Plan.A ZIP+4 code is formed by adding an additional four digits after a dash after the first five digits of the basic format, which was originally adopted in 1963.The additional four digits allow the United States Postal Service to more accurately categorize mail for delivery.

ZIP codes were initially designed for the United States Postal Service (USPS), but they are now used by many other shipping firms, including the United Parcel Service (UPS), Federal Express (FedEx), DHL, and others, for sorting parcels and estimating the time and cost of transporting a product (the shipping rate).

Types of Zip Codes

  1. A single high-volume address that is unique (for example, 20505 for the CIA in Washington, DC)
  2. Only a PO Box (for example, 22313 for the PO Boxes in Alexandria, Virginia)
  3. Armed forces
  4. standard (all of the other ZIP codes)

Assignment of ZIP codes and Mail Sorting

The first number of a ZIP code in the United States often denotes a group of states in the United States.The map of the first digit of zip codes shown above illustrates that they are assigned in the sequence shown above, starting with the north east and working our way west.The first three digits of a ZIP code are used to establish the location of the central mail processing facility, also known as a sectional center facility or ″sec center,″ which is responsible for sorting and processing mail.All mail containing the same first three digits is sent to the same second center, where it is sorted according to the last two digits and dispersed to local post offices in the same order.The sec centers are not available to the general population and perform the majority of their sorting at night.As you can see from the map of the first three digits of zip codes, the digits following the first are also frequently allocated from east to west, as can be seen in the table of the first three digits of zip codes.

The number 0 is closer to white on the map, while the number 9 is considerably more vibrant.Despite the fact that there are a few outliers, it is simple to follow the gradient across each of the zones (such as the southwest tip of Georgia which uses 39XXX like central Mississippi).Although the ZIP+4 code is not essential, it does assist the post office in sorting mail in an extra manner.A ZIP+4 code may equate to a city block, a group of residences, or a single high-volume receiver, depending on the situation.

Every PO Box number corresponds to a distinct ZIP+4 code, which is another prevalent practice.Multiple PO Box numbers are often combined into the same ZIP+4 code by utilizing the last few digits of the PO Box number.This is known as grouping.

However, because this procedure is not a general norm, the ZIP+4 code must still be sought up for each individual PO Box.

Places in the US so Remote, They Don’t Have a ZIP

As you can see from the map, ZIP codes are not issued to every location in the United States.There are not enough deliverable addresses in remote and particularly rural sections of the nation to support the creation of a mail route.A ZIP code is not required if there is no postal delivery.In terms of getting away from civilization, these locations are some of the most isolated spots in the whole country if you choose to do so.

USA ZIP Code Boundaries

Despite the fact that ZIP codes appear to be of a geographical character, this was not their original use.They are meant to consolidate mail in order to help the United States Postal Service to carry mail more effectively.It is common for ZIP codes to span numerous states in order to improve the efficiency of mail routing and delivery.In the majority of situations, addresses that are in close proximity to one another are put together in the same ZIP code, giving the impression that ZIP codes are defined by a distinct geographic border.Some ZIP codes, on the other hand, have nothing to do with geographical areas.For example, the United States Navy uses a single ZIP code for all of its mail.

When ZIP codes appear to be spatially clustered, a distinct contour surrounding the ZIP code cannot always be drawn since ZIP codes are only given to a point of delivery and not the intervals between delivery locations.It is possible that ZIP codes may not be set or that their borders will be unclear in regions where there is no regular postal route or no mail service.

US ZIP Code Map

According to the most recent USPS data, there is no official ZIP code map.The primary problem has already been discussed: there isn’t always a clearly defined geographic limit for a ZIP code.No official or completely accurate map of a ZIP code can be produced by the Census Bureau or other commercial services, but many of them will attempt to interpolate data to construct polygons (shapes formed by straight lines) to show the approximate region covered by a ZIP code.All ZIP code maps on this site are based on the ZIP Code Tabulation Areas (ZCTAs) defined by the United States Census Bureau in 2010 (or later) and explained in greater detail further down this page.They offer an extremely accurate representation of the geographic region covered by a ZIP code.When you look at our maps, you will quickly see that there are some border concerns.

When a ZIP code is not assigned to a location (as is the case in much of Nevada and Utah), it is because there are few, if any, addresses to which the mail may be delivered.It is important to note that if an address is located on the same street as a ZIP code border on a map, you should search for the entire street address to ascertain the ZIP code rather than depending on the map.

ZIP Code Tabulation Areas (ZCTAs)

The United States Census Bureau created the tabulation regions for ZIP code numbers in the 1950s.Their objective is to provide statistical information on geographical areas that are recognizable to the majority of residents.ZCTAs, on the other hand, are not precisely the same as ZIP codes.Because of the difficulties in exactly defining the geographic region encompassed by a ZIP code, as previously stated.To account for some of the problems associated with assigning a geographic area to a ZIP code, ZCTAs were created in order to more accurately identify a geographical region.ZCTAs are also not updated on a regular basis like ZIP codes are.

In general, they are updated once every ten years in order to coincide with the United States Census.The Census allocates an area to a ZCTA based on the number of census blocks in the area (the smallest geographic unit used by the census).Consider the image on the right, which depicts a city block that corresponds to a normal census block.All four sides are bordered by sections of city streets, each with its own name and address, which surround the entire area.

The problem is that census blocks are usually often divided down the center of the street, which is problematic.ZIP codes seldom do this since it would necessitate two postal workers carrying mail to that street – one for each side of the street – which would be prohibitively expensive.A postal carrier may deliver to three sides of the block using one ZIP code in this example, while another mail carrier may deliver to the other street using a different ZIP code.

As a result, because the census block is the area that has been exactly measured, the Census Bureau will allocate the whole block to a single ZCTA (in this example, 21044).It is nearly always necessary to split ZIP codes when getting extremely exact (typically a matter of meters, not miles).Census block borders towards the boundary of a ZIP code almost always result in this situation.It is possible to get insight into the demographics of a ZIP code by using the information published by the Census Bureau.For example, have a look at our ZIP code rankings.

Matching ZIP Codes with States, Counties, and Cities

Keep in mind that ZIP codes were created to make mail delivery more convenient.Their limits were not drawn in accordance with existing boundaries, such as those of cities, counties, or even states.Whenever it is more cost-effective for a mail carrier to drive over a state border to deliver mail, the ZIP code ″boundary″ will be extended across state boundaries.ZIP codes often do not cross state boundaries, although there are several that do (65733, 71749, and 73949 are good examples).Our comprehensive list of ZIP codes that cross state boundaries is accessible as part of our comprehensive list of ZIP codes in the United States.If you’re trying to assign a ZIP code to a certain county (up to 25 percent of ZIP codes cross county boundaries), congressional district, metro region (with time zone and area code), or other specific location, things get much more difficult.

The margins of the boundaries frequently overlap with one another.For the purposes of our free zip code database by county downloads, we will typically provide either the most frequent region for the ZIP code or numerous regions if more than one region exists in the ZIP code for the purposes of our free zip code database by county downloads.The assignment for cities is a little more difficult to figure out.The United States Postal Service (USPS) does not always utilize the city in which the ZIP code is situated.

The assignment of cities to ZIP codes is done on a more broad scale.The name of the city is typically the same as the name of the main post office.For example, practically all ZIP codes in St.

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All Zip Codes in Vincennes IN

Data Last Updated: March 1, 2022

Vincennes, IN Covers 1 ZIP Code

ZIP Code Type County Population Area Code(s)
ZIP Code 47591 Standard Knox 26,770 812

Vincennes, IN Demographic Information *

Total population 18,423
Male population 9,263
Female population 9,160
Median age (years) 33
White Population 16,939
Black Population 866
Indian Population 47
Asian Population 136
Hawaiian Population 5
Hispanic Population 353
Median age (Male) 28.6
Median age (Female) 38.7
Total households 7,407
Family households (families) 4,108
Average household size 2.19
Average family size 2.83
Total housing units 8,259

* The 2010 Census provided the demographic information.

Vincennes, IN Other Information

  • Vincennes, Indiana is a city in KNOX County, Indiana. It is also known as: FRITCHTON, IN
  • and VINCENT, IN.

75 Cities within 30 miles of Vincennes, IN

  • The towns of Albion, IL
  • Allendale, IL
  • Bellmont, IL
  • Bicknell, IN
  • Bone Gap, IL
  • Bridgeport, IL
  • Browns, IL
  • Bruceville, IN
  • Buckskin, IN
  • Calhoun, IL
  • Cannelburg, IN
  • Carlisle, IL
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Vincennes, Indiana ZIP Code – United States

It has been allocated to the location Vincennes, IN with the ZIP Code 47591 as the single ZIP Code. Check out the map below to discover where this Postal Code falls within a reasonable distance of. To zoom in on the map, click on the ″load map″ icon on the toolbar.

City Name ZIP Code ZIP Type Estimated Population
Vincennes, IN PRIMARY 47591 STANDARD 19.907

Postal Zone of Vincennes, IN – USA

Vincennes, IN belongs to which county?

Knox County is home to the city of Vincennes. Check out the list of ZIP codes for Knox County.

ZIP Code United States

If you wish to start over with your search by state, return to the US ZIP Code page.

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  • When a city name is input incorrectly or received incorrectly depending on the information entered, the message ″IMPROPER/NOT ACCEPTABLE″ is shown.
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Best Places to Live in Vincennes (zip 47591), Indiana

Vincennes (zip 47591) has a 3.8 percent unemployment rate, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (U.S. avg. is 6.0 percent ). The recent increase in employment is encouraging. Jobs in Vincennes (zip 47591) have grown by 0.4 percent in the last year. More frugality


Vincennes (zip 47591) has a cheaper cost of living than the rest of the country, with a 29.5 percent lower cost of living than the national average. More information about the cost of living in Vincennes (zip 47591) or to compare the cost of living in other cities.


WeatherDataText Today’s Weather | Climate Averages | Climate Variability


Knox County voted decisively Republican in the 2008 Presidential election, with 72.7 percent of the vote to 25.4 percent for President Barack Obama. Additional Voting Statistics


Knox County voted decisively Republican in the last Presidential election, with 72.7 percent of the vote to 25.4 percent for Democrats. Statistics on the number of votes cast


Commute time is 15.7 minutes on average, according to the data. The average time in the United States is 26.4 minutes. Find out more.


The median cost of a property in Vincennes (zip 47591) is $109,300, according to Real Estate. The average annual rate of home appreciation over the previous ten years has been 11.8 percent.


The public schools in Vincennes (zip 47591) spend an average of $10,029 per pupil. In the United States, the average school expenditure is $12,383. In Vincennes, there are around 14.4 pupils for every instructor (zip 47591). More Information and Education

Best Places to Live in Vincennes Rankings

Housing Market in Vincennes

In Vincennes, now is a fantastic moment to make a purchase. The value of a home has increased by 7.8 percent over the last year. Vincennes has a median house price of $109,300, which is above the state average.

ZIP Code 47591 Map, Demographics, More for Vincennes, IN

Post Office City: Vincennes, IN (View All Cities)
County: Knox County
Timezone: America/Indiana/Vincennes (10:49pm)
Area code: 812 (Area Code Map)
Coordinates: 38.6, -87.5ZIP (~13 mile radius)

Cities in ZIP code 47591

The cities listed below are those where the United States Post Office considers ZIP code 47591 as an acceptable city.It is possible that the desired city is not the same as the city in which the ZIP code is situated.The main post office for the zip code 47591 is commonly referred to as the city.Always mention the preferred or acceptable cities in the body of your package or letter when shipping it.If you choose a city from the list of prohibited cities, you may experience delays.Vincennes, Indiana is the primary or preferred location.

Fritchton’s behavior is unacceptable.

Stats and Demographics for the 47591 ZIP Code

When compared to other ZIP codes in the United States, ZIP code 47591 is located in southwest Indiana and covers a somewhat greater than average land area compared to other ZIP codes in the country.It also has a population density that is somewhat lower than the national average.The majority of the population of ZIP code 47591 is composed of white people.When it comes to young adults, the number is enormous, although the number of middle-aged individuals is also substantial.Also there are high numbers of single persons and a limited number of households with children.When compared to other parts of the country, the proportion of children under the age of 18 living in the 47591 ZIP code is slightly lower than the national average.

Population 26,770
Population Density 165 people per sq mi
Housing Units 11,555
Median Home Value $87,800
Land Area 161.76 sq mi
Water Area 1.98 sq mi
Occupied Housing Units 10,529
Median Household Income $40,815

Estimated Population over Time

Total Population by Age

Median Age: 37 Male Median Age: 32 Female Median Age: 41
Male Female Total
Under 5 791 731 1,522
5-9 719 683 1,402
10-14 795 737 1,532
15-19 1,595 1,148 2,743
20-24 1,614 1,081 2,695
25-29 901 755 1,656
30-34 697 649 1,346
35-39 665 657 1,322
40-44 714 673 1,387
45-49 918 923 1,841
50-54 948 990 1,938
55-59 869 901 1,770
60-64 694 788 1,482
65-69 509 627 1,136
70-74 452 540 992
75-79 300 456 756
80-84 212 396 608
85 Plus 172 470 642


 Male 13,565 51%
 Female 13,205 49%


 White 25,008 93.4%
 Black Or African American 960 3.6%
 American Indian Or Alaskan Native 56 0.2%
 Asian 197 0.7%
 Native Hawaiian & Other Pacific Islander 7 0.0%
 Other Race 155 0.6%
 Two Or More Races 387 1.4%

Head of Household by Age

Owner Renter Total
15-24 81 692 773
25-34 628 816 1,444
35-44 852 601 1,453
45-54 1,490 667 2,157
55-64 1,470 484 1,954
65-74 1,056 293 1,349
75-84 726 251 977
85 Plus 262 160 422

Families vs Singles

 Husband Wife Family Households 4,749 45%
 Single Guardian 1,715 16%
 Singles 3,312 31%
 Singles With Roommate 753 7%

Households with Kids

Average Household Size: 2
 Households without Kids 7,561 72%
 Households with Kids 2,968 28%

Children by Age

Male Female Total
1 140 149 289
2 156 160 316
3 186 137 323
4 155 145 300
5 143 139 282
6 140 136 276
7 134 155 289
8 152 122 274
9 150 131 281
10 185 156 341
11 141 142 283
12 144 146 290
13 163 143 306
14 162 150 312
15 191 152 343
16 181 155 336
17 188 155 343
18 266 239 505
19 769 447 1,216
20 609 350 959

Real Estate and Housing

The number of vacant housing units in ZIP code 47591 is a modest fraction.In addition, according to the Census, there are one or more correctional facilities, nursing homes, and universities in the surrounding area.The vast majority of households are either privately owned or financed by a mortgage.The majority of the homes in ZIP code 47591 were constructed between 1939 and 1940.In accordance with the most recent 47591 real estate statistics, the median house value of $87,800 is slightly lower than the national average when compared with the rest of the country.It is also somewhat higher than the national average when compared to the ZIP codes in the surrounding area.

As a result, it is less probable that you will find affordable housing in 47591.The most popular types of rental homes in 47591 are 2 bedrooms.The average rent for a two-bedroom apartment is $500-$749 a month, including utilities.The prices of rental property include apartments, townhouses, and single-family homes in the ZIP code 47591 that are used as primary residences.

More information may be found at the house value in Vincennes, IN.

Housing Type

 In Occupied Housing Units 24,202 90.4%
 Correctional Facility For Adults 295 1.1%
 Juvenile Facilities 122 0.5%
 Nursing Facilities 299 1.1%
 Other Institutional 0.0%
 College Student Housing 1,836 6.9%
 Military Quarters 0.0%
 Other Noninstitutional 16 0.1%

Housing Occupancy

 Owned Households With A Mortgage 4,231 37%
 Owned Households Free & Clear 2,334 20%
 Renter Occupied Households 3,964 34%
 Households Vacant 1,026 9%

Vacancy Reasons

 For Rent 346 33.7%
 Rented & Unoccupied 29 2.8%
 For Sale Only 155 15.1%
 Sold & Unoccupied 42 4.1%
 For Season Recreational Or Occasional Use 92 9.0%
 For Migrant Workers 3 0.3%
 Vacant For Other Reasons 359 35.0%

Owner Occupied Home Values

Rental Properties by Number of Rooms

Rental Properties by Number of Rooms

 Studio Apartment 74 2%
 1 Bedroom 882 24%
 2 Bedroom 1,890 52%
 3+ Bedroom 782 22%

Cost of Monthly Rent Including Utilities

Cost of a Studio Apartment

Employment, Income, Earnings, and Work

When compared to the rest of the country, the typical household income in the state is $40,815 dollars.It is also compared to ZIP codes in the surrounding area.Even if money isn’t everything, inhabitants of ZIP code 47591 earn much less than their counterparts in other regions of town.Similarly to most other sections of the country, cars are the most popular mode of transportation to and from places of employment.In most sections of the nation, the vast majority of commuters arrive at their places of employment in less than half an hour.There are more commuters in ZIP code 47591 who take advantage of the shorter travel times than almost everywhere else in the country.

When compared to the rest of the United States, employees who have to travel more than 45 minutes to their place of job are quite rare in this region.

Employment Status

 Worked Full-time with Earnings 8,017 36%
 Worked Part-time with Earnings 5,736 26%
 No Earnings 8,377 38%

Average Household Income over Time

Annual Individual Earnings

Sources of Household Income

Percent of Households Receiving Income

Average Income per Household by Income Source

* Only taxable income is included in this calculation.

Household Investment Income

Percent of Households Receiving Investment Income

Average Income per Household by Income Source

There is no reporting of non-taxable income.

Household Retirement Income

Percent of Households Receiving Retirement Income

Average Income per Household by Income Source

* Only taxable income is included in the calculation.

Source of Earnings

 Worked Full-time with Earnings 8,017 36%
 Worked Part-time with Earnings 5,736 26%
 No Earnings 8,377 38%

Means Of Transportation To Work for Workers 16 and Over

Means Of Transportation To Work for Workers 16 and Over

 Car, truck, or van 10,971 93.4%
 Public transportation 35 0.3%
 Taxicab 0.0%
 Motorcycle 6 0.1%
 Bicycle, Walked, or Other Means 496 4.2%
 Worked at Home 242 2.1%

Travel Time to Work (In Minutes)

Schools and Education

The population has a much larger percentage of persons with low levels of education (less than high school) than the national average. However, despite the lower high school graduation rates, the area has one of the highest percentages of persons who went to college of any ZIP code, according to the Census Bureau.

Educational Attainment For The Population 25 Years And Over

Educational Attainment For The Population 25 Years And Over

 Less than High School Diploma 2,494 14.6%
 High School Graduate 9,166 53.5%
 Associate’s degree 2,768 16.2%
 Bachelor’s degree 1,663 9.7%
 Master’s degree 837 4.9%
 Professional school degree 179 1.0%
 Doctorate degree 20 0.1%

School Enrollment (Ages 3 to 17)

School Enrollment (Ages 3 to 17)

 Enrolled in Public School 3,825 78.1%
 Enrolled in Private School 473 9.7%
 Not Enrolled in School 598 12.2%

Schools in ZIP Code 47591

South Knox School Corporation, Vincennes Community School Corporation, Twin Rivers Career & Tech Ed Area School District, and Private are the school districts that make up ZIP code 47591.A total of 11 distinct elementary schools and high schools with postal addresses can be found in the 47591 ZIP code.Vincennes, Indiana 47591 George Rogers Clark School is located at 1926 S Richard Bauer Dr.VCS Lincoln High School is located at 1545 S Hart St Rd in Vincennes, Indiana 47591 and serves students in the middle and elementary grades.Grade Level: High/Secondary School District: Vincennes Community School Corporation Rivet Jr Sr High School 210 Barnett St Vincennes, IN 47591 Rivet Jr Sr High School 210 Barnett St Vincennes, IN 47591 Secondary School District: Private Grade Level: Other/Combined or Ungraded

Vincennes, Indiana ZIP Codes

Vincennes, Indiana has a zip code of 47591. This list covers only ZIP codes with five digits. If you need the complete 9-digit (ZIP+4) code, you may use our zip code search by address option.

Demographic and housing estimates in Vincennes, IN

Total population

Total population 17607
Male 8802
Female 8805
Population by age

Total population 17607
Under 5 years 1079
5 to 9 years 1209
10 to 14 years 792
15 to 19 years 2061
20 to 24 years 1789
25 to 34 years 2091
35 to 44 years 2040
45 to 54 years 1878
55 to 59 years 977
60 to 64 years 1071
65 to 74 years 1373
75 to 84 years 912
85 years and over 335
Median age (years) 33.8
Under 18 years 3695
Under 16 years 14359
18 years and over 13912
21 years and over 11899
62 years and over 3258
65 years and over 2620
Population by race

Total population 17607
One race 17294
Two or more races 313
One race 17294
White 16027
Black or African American 953
American Indian and Alaska Native 22
Asian 156
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander 47
Some other race 89
Citizen, voting age population

Citizen, VOTING AGE 18 and over population 13775
Male Citizen, VOTING AGE 18 and over population 6648
Female Citizen, VOTING AGE 18 and over population 7127

Social characteristics in Vincennes, IN

Households by type

Total households 7087
Family households (families) 4269
Married-couple family 2702
Male householder, no wife present, family 366
Female householder, no husband present, family 1201
Nonfamily households 2818
Average household size 2.24
Average family size 2.84

Economic characteristics in Vincennes, IN

Income and benefits (in 2018 inflation-adjusted dollars)

Total households 7087
Less than $10,000 644
$10,000 to $14,999 609
$15,000 to $24,999 1217
$25,000 to $34,999 786
$35,000 to $49,999 1279
$50,000 to $74,999 1063
$75,000 to $99,999 805
$100,000 to $149,999 461
$150,000 to $199,999 126
$200,000 or more 97
Median household income (dollars) 37487

Housing characteristics in Vincennes, IN

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