What To Do If You Did Not Receive Package From Amazon?

If it was delivered at your door or inside your mailbox, this status will say so. If the status is delivered by your Amazon order was not received, you can select Track package to get more details. On the details page, you’ll see the delivery address, and more importantly the tracking ID with whatever shipping service was used to track the package.
If 48 hours have passed and there is still no sign of your delivery, you need to contact Amazon directly. Log in to Amazon and go to Help > Browse Help Topics > Need More Help > Contact Us. You can choose whether to speak via a bot or by phone (though the phone option is not immediately obvious).
Take Advantage Of The Package Tracking Service.

What to do if your package is not showing up on Amazon?

After waiting 36 hours, you can contact Amazon directly should your package still be a no-show. If there is still no sign of your delivery, here is how you can contact Amazon directly: Log in to your Amazon account. Scroll down to the footer and select Help, found in the “Let Us Help You” section.

Can I get a refund from Amazon if my package never came?

If you want to contact Amazon because your package never came, you can do that in the following ways: If you didn’t receive your package three days after the estimated date or if the tracking says your package has been delivered even though it hasn’t, here’s how you can request a refund:

Why is my Amazon package not being delivered?

Given the number of orders Amazon processes every day, it is normal to come across some delivery problems. Not only can a package be delayed or missing, but it can also contain products you have not ordered or nothing at all—an empty box delivered to your door.

What should I do if my Amazon package is lost?

– Three days have passed since the maximum delivery date, or the tracking shows a delivery confirmation, whichever is sooner. – The order is different from expected and you’ve requested a return with the seller. – You returned an item via a trackable shipping method and the seller hasn’t issued you a refund.

Why is my Amazon package not delivered?

Your Orders. A package might be returned as undeliverable for several reasons: The address is incorrect or outdated. Usually, the package is stored for a period that can vary depending on the courier who holds it and then returns it to us. Double-check the address carefully when placing your order.

Your Amazon Order Not Received? What To Do About It

You’ve placed an order on Amazon and are anticipating the arrival of your shipment with bated breath.Weeks have passed and your Amazon order has still not arrived.What are you going to do?Amazon has a stellar track record of delivering products to consumers in record time, and this is no exception.However, difficulties usually arise.

And when they do, you need to be prepared to deal with the situation as swiftly as possible.Fortunately, Amazon has a plethora of information to assist customers in this circumstance.

Research Your Amazon Order Status

The anticipation of receiving something you’ve bought on Amazon but have not yet gotten it might be nerve-wracking.You’ve spent your hard-earned money on something online, and the last thing you want to happen is for you to not receive what you’ve purchased.When it comes to tracking your order’s progress, you can always log into your Amazon account and click Returns & Orders from the drop-down menu to find out what’s happening with the shipment.The Orders link will take you to this area, where you will see a list of all of your orders, arranged according to how recently the order was placed.The status of each order is displayed.

If the item has already been delivered, the date on which it was delivered will be displayed.In addition to the delivery date, you’ll see a remark indicating where the item was delivered.This status will indicate whether the package was delivered to your door or inside your mailbox.If the status is delivered but your Amazon order has not been received, you may choose Track package to find out more information about what happened to your purchase.

  • On the information page, you’ll see the delivery address, as well as the tracking ID associated with the shipping provider that was utilized to trace the product down to its destination.
  • This Tracking ID may be entered into either the USPS or UPS website (depending on which carrier was used) to obtain further information on the delivery.
  • Any delivery difficulties will be detailed in the tracking information available on the UPS or USPS websites.
  • If you click on the See all updates link beneath the Delivered address, you’ll be able to see a more thorough chronology of the package’s delivery progress.
  • If the original delivery effort fails, this thorough shipping update list will frequently include the date on which the issue happened as well as a brief explanation of the cause for the failure.

Once again, you may obtain further information by entering the Tracking ID on the postal service’s website.

Amazon Order Not Shipped

There might be a number of reasons why your Amazon order has been in the processing status for an extended period of time and has not been delivered.

3rd Party Seller Delivery Times

  1. For example, if you’ve purchased an item from Amazon that does not include shipping, one of the most typical causes for a delivery to take longer than usual is that Amazon does not fulfill the order.
  2. If your order is being fulfilled by a 3rd party seller (such as an Amazon Marketplace vendor), you may notice an extended shipment period.
  3. This shouldn’t come as a surprise when you place your purchase because the expected delivery date is displayed directly below the price when you check out.
  4. If your shipment does not arrive by the estimated delivery date, you can contact the seller using the Contact Seller link on your purchase detail page to inquire about the status of your shipment.
  5. It is possible to call Amazon Customer Service to inquire about why your Amazon order has not yet been delivered if the order is eligible for Amazon Prime (again, this would have been noted on the order page).

Amazon Is Prioritizing Certain Items

  1. You may notice that your orders remain in the ″Pending″ state for a longer period of time than expected during times of national crises when Amazon’s delivery capabilities are strained thin.
  2. In the year 2020, during the COVID-19 epidemic, Amazon saw a significant spike in the number of online shopping orders placed with the company.
  3. Over that era, Amazon prioritized things such as home essentials, medical supplies, and other crucial items over less important ones.
  4. As a result, shipping timeframes for other goods were prolonged as a result of this.

Natural Events Preventing Delivery

  1. Another factor that might cause Amazon delivery to be delayed is when there is a regional crisis.
  2. Examples include hurricanes, tornadoes, power outages, and ice storms, all of which can make it difficult for delivery firms to deliver products to your door.
  3. If you reside in a location where service delays of this nature are expected, Amazon suggests allowing for an increase of 2 to 3 business days in your estimate.
  4. If this is the case, you should be able to see the updated delivery date on your order progress page.
  5. If this is not the case, contact Amazon Customer Service to double-check.

Amazon Order Delivered But Not Received

  • You may not have received your Amazon order despite the fact that the status of your order says ″Delivered.″ There might be a variety of reasonable reasons for this. When one of the following conditions is met, an item might be returned to Amazon as undeliverable. Small P.O. Box: Your delivery address is a P.O. box that is insufficiently large to accommodate the shipment
  • Incorrect Address: If a key piece of information, such as an apartment number, is missing from the delivery address, the address is considered incorrect.
  • Previously Listed Address: You made the mistake of selecting your previous address as the delivery address.
  • If your home or apartment is not a safe place to leave a package because it is either exposed to the elements or hidden in a spot where the item is simple to take, you might consider moving.
  • Delivery Driver Is Unable to Enter: If your delivery needs passing through a buzzer or security gate, and the delivery driver is unable to enter your apartment or house in order to complete the delivery
  • A prison: Due to incarceration constraints, the delivery cannot be completed
  • The delivery person made three unsuccessful efforts to collect a signature on packages valued at more than $1300, but was unable to secure one after three attempts.
  • Problems with the transportation system: Sorting errors or label damage might cause the delivery to be unsuccessful.
  • If the shipment was denied by the recipient because they were not expecting it at the address, the package was returned to sender.

Any one of these scenarios may have resulted in the delivery being unsuccessful. In these instances, the product will be sent to Amazon, and you will be offered a refund for your purchase. On your order status page, you’ll often see one of the above-mentioned statuses, and you’ll need to wait for the box to arrive back at the Amazon warehouse before you can claim your refund.

Actions To Take With Amazon Or The Seller 

What should you do if your Amazon order has not been delivered on time? You’re not out of luck, though. There are a number of steps you may take to find out where your shipment has been hidden.

Click Seller Link And Ask a Question

  1. The link to the seller’s page may be found on your order status page, next to ″Sold by″ under the item title and to the right of the order number.
  2. When you visit the seller’s page, you’ll discover a variety of possibilities.
  3. You may choose Ask a question to send a query about your item straight to the seller by selecting this option.
  4. Additionally, you may click on the Returns & Refunds, Shipping, Policies, or Help pages to find out more about the company’s shipping, return, and refund policies.
  5. You can also come across some more customer support links that will allow you to get in touch with the business.

Cancel Or Change Shipping Speed

  1. Instead of dealing with all of the fuss, you can just go back to the order status page and select Cancel goods to have your order cancelled immediately.
  2. This is only available if the order status has not yet been changed to ″Delivered.″ You may also choose the shipment speed to ensure that you receive the goods as soon as possible.
  3. If the status of the item does not reflect Delivered and the item has not been dispatched by the seller, this will work, but only in certain circumstances.
  4. It’s common for this to be the case if the status is still listed as Pending.

Why Is Buying “Fulfilled By Amazon” Safer? 

  1. One of the most effective methods to protect yourself is to purchase things on Amazon that are ″fulfilled by Amazon.″ This is one of the finest ways to protect yourself.
  2. When you visit a third-party seller’s page, you will see this information under the Shipping tab.
  3. ″This item is fulfilled by Amazon.com,″ according to the information provided here.
  4. What exactly does this imply?
  5. If Amazon fulfills the delivery of an item, it signifies that third-party sellers have their items stored at one of the company’s fulfillment facilities.
  6. The item is packed and sent to you by Amazon’s team of professionals.
  • This also implies that Amazon guarantees that the shipments will be delivered on the date shown on the order page, unless otherwise specified.
  • It also implies that Amazon Prime members will be able to take advantage of free shipping.
  • In order to determine if an item is fulfilled by Amazon, you must first determine whether the item is fulfilled by Amazon.
  • This will be found in the section labeled ″Add to Cart.″ This displays the name of the vendor as well as whether or not the shipment will be fulfilled by Amazon.
  • Whenever you see this status, it means that your order is covered by all of Amazon’s delivery guarantees and safeguards.

Amazon Guarantees And Protections

The safeguards that you receive when Amazon fulfills your order are divided into two categories. The A-to-Z Guarantee and the Guaranteed Delivery are also included.

A-to-Z Guarantee

  • As a result of this assurance, you will get your produce within the time frame mentioned on the order page. It also ensures that the items will be in good working order when they are delivered to the customer. However, if one of these conditions is not met, you can contact Amazon and request a refund. Amazon offers refunds in accordance with this assurance in the following circumstances: You did not get your package until more than three days after the anticipated delivery date was reached
  • Your order status indicates that it has been shipped, but your Amazon order has not been received.
  • It was delivered to you in a condition that was not as ordered, and you requested a return through the order status page.
  • You returned the goods, but the vendor did not issue a refund to you
  • this is unacceptable.
  1. In order to qualify for a refund under this guarantee, you must request it within 90 days of the maximum expected delivery date.
  2. When you finish your purchase of your item or goods from the cart, you’ll see an estimate of when your order will be delivered.
  3. What this means is that as long as the item was fulfilled by Amazon, you can be confident that your purchase will be protected under the Amazon Returns policy.
  4. Please keep in mind that digital items are not protected by this guarantee, so proceed with caution and purchase electronics straight from Amazon when purchasing electronics.

Guaranteed Delivery

  • The Guaranteed Delivery feature on Amazon implies that your shipping payments may be repaid if Amazon delivers the item after the predicted delivery date has passed the maximum. There are a few requirements to meet in order to receive a refund for your shipping expenses. When you selected a delivery method, it matched the shipping choice that was presented on the product page.
  • You provided a valid and legitimate address
  • You placed your order before the ″order inside″ countdown on the checkout page had finished
  • you were successful.
  • The verified delivery date may be found in the email confirmation you received from Amazon after placing your order.
  1. Be aware that if Amazon fails to deliver a package as a result of a natural catastrophe or other incident beyond Amazon’s control, the Guaranteed Delivery fee refund will not be applied.
  2. Refund requests should be submitted using the Amazon Contact Us website by clicking Start talking now.
  3. Specify whether you want the Guarantee Delivery cost or the A-to-Z Guarantee reimbursement, depending on which applies to your situation.
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How to Report a Missing Package to Amazon

  1. Amazon may be one of the world’s largest merchants today, but it does not imply that it is without flaws.
  2. Despite the fact that it consistently outperforms the majority of its competitors, it nonetheless experiences the same problems as the competition, including damaged goods, incorrect things being shipped, and, on rare occasions, parcels simply not being delivered.
  3. Amazon and other businesses are continuously striving to make online shopping as simple and convenient as possible.
  4. Still, increased internet shopping equals more potential for your products to be misplaced or even stolen, which can be quite frustrating.
  5. When your Amazon shipment goes missing, it may be a complete nightmare, but figuring out what went wrong and how to fix it doesn’t have to be a nightmare either.

What You Should Do If Your Amazon Package Has Not Arrived Yet?

  1. Package theft has surged in tandem with the rise in popularity of online shopping in recent years, according to the FBI.
  2. Unfortunately, the more and more people purchase online, the more probable it is that you may become a victim of identity theft or fraud.
  3. With the introduction of the A-to-Z Guarantee, one of Amazon’s initiatives to stem the tide of lost and stolen goods will be bolstered.

1. Use The Amazon A-to-Z Guarantee for Third-Party Orders

  • So, what exactly is the Amazon A-to-Z guarantee, and how does it function in practice? For the purposes of this discussion, let’s imagine that you just purchased an item from a third-party seller who is not protected by Amazon’s ″Fulfilled by Amazon″ guarantee. A seller that does not have this option implies that you will be unable to monitor your packages using your Amazon account gateway. In this case, any vendor might go rogue and charge you for the product while claiming that your delivery has been dispatched when, in fact, it has not been shipped at all. The A-to-Z guarantee offered by Amazon comes into effect in the conditions described above. If you make a purchase from a third party on Amazon that is not fulfilled or sold by Amazon, you are covered by this Guarantee. According to the mandate established by the Guarantee, every item acquired from a seller through the Amazon website is eligible for reimbursement. Of course, there are a few requirements that must be satisfied before you can submit an A-to-Z claim. You will need to contact the seller using your Amazon account and give them 48 hours to respond before proceeding with the purchase. Things to keep in mind: You may only file a claim after you’ve spoken with the vendor
  • otherwise, your claim will be denied.
  • Using your Amazon Payments account, you may contact the seller
  • under the ″Transaction Details″ link, you will notice an option to ″Contact Seller.″ You must allow the seller 48 hours to respond.
  • If the seller’s response is not sufficient, you have the option of filing a claim with the appropriate authorities. To file an A-to-Z claim, follow these steps: A claim must be made no later than 90 days following the maximum projected delivery date
  • otherwise, no claim will be accepted.
  • If the item comes damaged, faulty, or misrepresented, you must make a claim with the seller within 14 days after arranging the return through the seller
  • otherwise, the item will be considered abandoned.
  • To file a claim, navigate to your Orders List and click on the order that you want to view or register a claim against.
  • To file a claim, follow the on-screen instructions, which will ask you to choose a cause for your claim
  • The following are the five reasons why you should make an A-to-Z guarantee claim: In the event that you have not received the goods within three days of the most recent projected delivery date, please contact us.
  • You received an object that was damaged, faulty, or significantly different from the one you bought
  • and
  • It is possible that you returned an item to Amazon but did not get a refund.
  • You need to return an item to a foreign country, but the vendor did not give a delivery address in the United States or an international shipping label.
  • Customs and/or shipping charges were estimated incorrectly by the vendor, and you were responsible for paying such fees when the package was delivered.
  • You will be required to offer explanations and supporting documentation for the grounds for your complaint. Please visit the Amazon A-to-Z Guarantee for further details. Once a claim has been lodged, the following steps must be taken: In your Amazon Payments account, you may see the claim that has been filed.
  • It is possible to withdraw a claim by replying to Amazon’s confirmation email before the claim decision is finished if the seller has rectified the issue before the decision is finalized. Amazon will make a decision on the claim. It is possible that your claim will be granted, in which case you will get a reimbursement
  • Nonetheless, Amazon has the right to reject your claim if any of the following conditions are met: When the item arrived, it appeared to be exactly as described by the third-party vendor.
  • A receipt for the goods was supplied by the third-party vendor, who also provided proof of delivery.
  • You did not respond to a request for further information when it was made.
  • The claim was submitted as a result of buyer’s remorse rather than as a result of a defect in the goods
  • In your payment processor or bank, you submitted a chargeback complaint
  • You were adamant about not returning the goods to the third-party vendor
  • yet,
  1. Regardless, if your claim is refused, you have the right to file an appeal.
  2. Amazon can then decide whether or not to further explore the case.
  3. Additional proof to support your allegations, which you may not have provided for the first claim, might be beneficial in the courtroom and in the case.
  4. What should you do if you make a purchase on Amazon but the shipment never arrives as promised?
  5. What dispute resolution options are accessible to you?
  6. Continue reading to find out more.

2. Other Solutions To Delivery Problems with Third-Party Sellers

There are some delivery issues that occur more frequently than others. First, take a look at some of the most frequent concerns you can encounter while working with Amazon sellers, and then consider how you might best remedy the situation before resorting to drastic actions.

An Item Has Been Ordered But Not Yet Shipped

  1. According on the results of a simple Google search for Amazon delivery difficulties, it appears that this specific problem occurs on a regular basis.
  2. What can you do if you’ve placed an order, but the seller hasn’t sent your product despite the fact that numerous days, weeks, or even months have gone after you placed the order?
  3. Don’t get too worked up over it.
  4. There is a simple solution to your dilemma.
  5. Amazon will not charge your payment card until after your order has been validated by the company..
  6. In other words, nothing on your bank statement will indicate that you have paid for something that has never even been sent.
  • If this is still the case, and you’re fed up with waiting, you can still cancel the order by following the steps below:
  1. Accounts and Lists are the next stop.
  2. Choosing Your Account from the drop-down menu
  3. Once you have done that, go to Your Orders and select Cancel Order.

Shows As Delivered But Has Yet To Arrive

  • Exactly for this sort of case, Amazon publishes policies and procedures. Some of them may seem apparent, but they are nonetheless important to check off the list. For example: Check to see that the mailing address that you supplied on your order was right
  • Look for any notices that may have been left indicating that a delivery attempt has been attempted
  • Verify that the delivery location is in the neighborhood of the predicted delivery location
  • See if your neighbors have accepted the item on your behalf by calling them and asking them.
  • Do you chance to be in possession of an Amazon Locker?
  • Take a look at your mailbox since some deliveries will be made by a variety of carriers, including the United States Postal Service.
  • Allow around 36 hours before taking your issue to the next level. Packages may appear to have been delivered even when they are still in route.

If your delivery does not arrive after 36 hours, you can contact Amazon directly to inquire about the situation. If there is still no sign of your delivery, you can contact Amazon directly using the following information:

  1. Access your Amazon account by logging in.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Help, which may be found in the ″Let Us Help You″ section.
  3. Need More Help? may be found in the ″Browse Help Topics″ part of the ″Browse Help Topics″ section.
  4. Then, in the main window, select Contact Us from the drop-down menu.
  5. Your most recent orders should be shown on the screen in front of you.
  • Try to pinpoint the particular sequence that is causing you difficulties.
  • Continue scrolling down until you reach a drop-down menu, which is located right below the order.
  • Just underneath the title ″Tell us more″ will be a link to this page.
  1. Select ″Where Have All My Things Gone?″ from the drop-down menu.
  2. Afterwards, choose Tracking shows delivered but shipment has not yet been received from the new drop-down option that displays.

The website will then provide you with the option of contacting Amazon by email, phone, or live chat. Choose the one that is most convenient for you. Amazon will subsequently look into the matter and, in the vast majority of situations, provide a refund to you as a result.

Fake Sellers

  1. This is without a doubt one of the most common issues that is currently occurring on Amazon’s official website.
  2. In recent years, it has been increasingly simple for imposters to defraud people by using fraudulent tactics, and Amazon, as well as its customers, have seen their fair share of this concerning development.
  3. Problem is that a thief may quickly create a new Amazon seller account and begin offering popular things for sale to unsuspecting customers.
  4. When using Amazon’s seller platform, it literally just takes a few seconds to complete the transaction.
  5. As a result, they will advertise things for less money than other shops in order to garner more attention.
  6. Upon receiving the order from an unknowing customer, a criminal will instantly notify the buyer that the item has been dispatched to a courier service provider.
  • This indicates that the purchase has been approved and that the funds for the product have been sent to their account.
  • By establishing an anticipated delivery date of four weeks, the dodgy merchant may beat Amazon’s two-week payment cycle and vanish before purchasers begin to complain about the goods not showing up when it was supposed to be delivered.
  • To be in such a predicament is quite frustrating.
  • Fortunately, it’s actually fairly simple to avoid falling prey to con artists looking to make a fast buck off of your pain.
  • Feedback scores are generally considered to be an excellent indicator of whether or not a vendor is trustworthy and not trying to steal your money.

To check a seller’s feedback ratings, do the following:

  1. When you’re looking at a product, click on the seller’s name to learn more about them. In the same spot where the Fulfilled by Amazon tag is displayed, you can discover the name of the company.
  2. It will be shown as follows: Sold by and fulfilled by Amazon

Make sure you’re on the seller’s profile page and that you’re in the ″Feedback″ tab. It should be the default mode of operation.

This page will provide the seller’s overall rating based on all of his or her previous transactions with you. This also contains any product reviews that have been submitted to the vendor by past buyers. Right below that, you’ll get a summary of the seller’s overall rating based on the last month, the previous three month period, the previous year, and their whole career.

3. Use The Amazon Delivery Guarantee for Prime Orders

What to Do When Amazon Prime Packages are Missing

  1. Unless you purchased things sold and fulfilled by Amazon or purchased third-party items that qualified for Prime delivery, Amazon Prime members who have not yet received their orders will be required to perform all of the procedures previously mentioned in this article.
  2. That group of goods is covered by the Amazon Delivery Guarantee, rather than by the A-to-Z Warranty.
  3. You’ll be coordinating with Amazon and their customer support representatives to resolve the matter.
  4. It is important to note that if a third-party item was eligible for Amazon Prime Delivery but was altered after you placed your order, it will still be subject to the conditions of the Amazon Delivery Guarantee.
  5. Delivery disputes will be handled by Amazon, who is liable for all connected shipping costs and will give refunds up to the amount of the shipping charges (shipping fees, service fees, customs fees, etc.).

Your Best Option: Buy Only From “Fulfilled by Amazon” Sellers

  1. When searching for things on the internet, you will be able to see items sold by both Amazon and third-party retailers.
  2. When interacting with a third-party vendor, pay close attention to your interactions with them since you may see a message on the merchandise that says ″Fulfilled by Amazon.″ A Fulfilled by Amazon statement indicates that, even though the item is offered by a third-party retailer, Amazon will be responsible for shipping it to you through one of their Amazon Fulfillment Centers.
  3. In other words, you’ll be able to monitor the progress of your delivery using the Amazon site linked to your Amazon account.
  4. This also implies that Amazon will be responsible for all customer care issues as well as any product returns that may arise.
  5. It increases the likelihood of future issues with purchases made from third-party sellers whose products do not carry a Fulfilled by Amazon tag.
  6. This increases the likelihood of filing A-to-Z Guarantee claims, which can take a long time to review and finish.
  • Moreover, non-fulfilled Amazon orders might be problematic since the vendor may make misleading or exaggerated claims, putting you in a difficult position.

Amazon Package Not Delivered? Get a Refund With DoNotPay!

  1. Not to worry if you’re irritated because your Amazon delivery hasn’t arrived yet; DoNotPay is here to help with a simple solution!
  2. You can forget about dealing with customer service and filling return claims since you can now receive a refund or a return in a matter of seconds with just a few clicks on your computer.
  3. Our simple-to-follow tutorial will teach you all you need to know about Amazon’s delivery policy and how to file a claim in a jiffy.
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How To Track a Package You Ordered on Amazon

  1. Identifying and tracking down the delivery that has not arrived is the first step in resolving your problem.
  2. Once your order has been shipped, you will get an email with a unique identity that has been allocated to your parcel.
  3. As it travels through the various destinations, the ID will be scanned, providing you with real-time information on the whereabouts of your item.
  4. You will need to do the following in order to track your package:
  1. Access your Amazon account by logging in.
  2. Select Your Orders from the drop-down menu.
  3. Choose the order you’d want to keep track of
  4. Select Track Package from the drop-down menu.

Follow these actions if the shipment hasn’t arrived at your front door after 48 hours after the scheduled delivery time has passed.

  1. Check your mailing address to make sure it is correct.
  2. Look for a notice of attempted delivery in your mailbox.
  3. Check to see whether the delivery was accepted by someone else in your place

If none of the suggestions above seem to be of assistance, you should consider requesting a refund.

What Are the Reasons My Amazon Package Never Arrived?

When it comes to Amazon packages, these are some of the most likely explanations for why they haven’t yet been delivered to you:

Reason Details
Third-party seller delivery times In case you ordered an item from an Amazon reseller, you can expect a late delivery because the delivery isn’t fulfilled by Amazon. If you don’t receive the package on time, you should contact the seller by clicking on Contact Seller on the Order Detail page
COVID-19 Due to the outbreak of the pandemic, Amazon had to start prioritizing items like medical supplies, household items, and similar. This led to more orders than ever staying in the Pending status
Natural events Hurricanes, tornadoes, and power outages are what may prevent Amazon packages from being delivered on time. If you live in an area that’s been hit by a natural catastrophe recently, Amazon says that you should wait for two or three business days extra on top of your estimated delivery date

If your order status indicates that it has been delivered but you have not yet received your item, there is a possibility that the courier will return the box to Amazon. Here are a few possible explanations for why this may occur:

Reason Details
Transportation problems If there are any problems during the sorting process or if the label is damaged, the delivery could fail
Refused delivery If there was someone at your address who wasn’t expecting the package, they might have refused the delivery
Insecure location The courier won’t leave the package at your location if it’s facing bad weather
Incorrect address You won’t get your package if you’ve mistakenly entered the wrong address
Small P.O. box The courier won’t deliver your package if it doesn’t fit the P.O. box
Accessibility issues Your package might not get delivered if the courier can’t access your house due to a buzzer or security gate

How To Contact Amazon About Missing Package

  • If you need to get in touch with Amazon because your delivery hasn’t arrived, you can do so in one of the following ways: For clarification, you can use the chatbot on Amazon’s official website
  • Call 00 1 206-922-0880 or send an email.

How To Get a Refund From Amazon on Your Own

If you haven’t received your shipment three days after the anticipated delivery date, or if the tracking information indicates that your product has been delivered when it hasn’t, follow these steps to obtain a refund:

  1. Select Your Orders from the drop-down menu.
  2. Find out what your order is
  3. Select There is a problem with the order
  4. Select the sort of difficulty you are experiencing
  5. Select Request a refund from the drop-down menu.
  6. Fill in the blanks with your problem description
  7. Submit the form by clicking on the button

Request a Refund From Amazon the Easy Way—With DoNotPay

If you need to request a refund but don’t want to spend time, DoNotPay is the solution for you. Our artificial intelligence-powered software will assist you in filing a complaint and requesting a refund in a matter of clicks. The way it works is as follows:

  1. Become a member of DoNotPay.
  2. Find out where our Late Delivery Product may be found.
  3. Choose a courier and supply them with the necessary information about the package
  • DoNotPay will then file a claim on your behalf with the courier’s claims department on your behalf. If you want assistance with any other delivery-related concerns, please consult DoNotPay’s library of helpful publications, which includes items such as: How to seek a reimbursement from the United States Postal Service for a late delivery
  • Can I obtain a refund if FedEx misplaced my package?
  • What is the most efficient method of filing an Amazon delivery complaint?
  • How to obtain a reimbursement for a USPS shipment that has been misplaced
  • In the event that Amazon delivers the incorrect item, what should I do?
  • My UPS item didn’t come on the scheduled delivery date, as I had hoped. What do you recommend I do?
  • If FedEx is late with my delivery, how can I claim a reimbursement for this?
  • How can I seek a refund for a UPS shipment that was misplaced?
  • How can I file a complaint with Amazon since my order has been delivered late?

DoNotPay Can Also Help You Return an Item to Amazon

DoNotPay may also assist you in returning the incorrect item within minutes of purchasing it! All you have to do is complete the following steps:

  1. Access your DoNotPay account by logging in.
  2. Identify and purchase the Item Return Request product.
  3. Answer a few questions about your purchase and, if possible, add images of the item in your response
  4. Please submit your request.

After that, we’ll create a customized return request letter and submit it directly to Amazon.

Deal With Companies on Your Terms Using DoNotPay

  • The ability to claim reimbursements for late, delayed, and damaged goods deliveries is just one of the many services available through our app. We can teach you how to do it in the following ways: Products can be returned to any firm.
  • Contact their customer support representatives with ease.
  • Any product can be returned for a warranty claim.
  • Refunds and chargebacks can be requested in a couple of minutes
  • You may get cash back on any gift card.
  • Make an insurance claim for insured mail with any shipping provider of your choice.
  1. Not only that, but we can also remove you from a company’s email list, halt any bothersome robocalls or robotexts that they are sending to you, and cancel any service or free trial that you are no longer interested in or are not currently utilizing.
  2. We provide goods such as our Free Trial Card and Burner Phone that allow you to check out any service without being spammed or automatically paid later on.

What Other Services Can DoNotPay Extend?

  1. DoNotPay is not only beneficial when dealing with businesses and their complicated regulations, but we can also assist you in avoiding time-consuming government procedures.
  2. Filing Freedom of Information Act requests, passing government examinations, lowering property taxes, and even writing legal papers and having them notarized will be a breeze if you use our app.
  3. To top it all off, we’ll assist you in reclaiming lost assets, delaying debts, locating an inmate, reporting stalking and harassment, and filing a small claims lawsuit against anybody in any state in the United States.

Ordered From Amazon, Received an Empty Package. What Next?

  1. It was possible to continue purchasing the items we needed even during the COVID-19 epidemic because e-commerce sites such as Amazon, eBay, and others allowed us to do so without interruption.
  2. Unfortunately, there are certain unpleasant scenarios that can make shopping a less enjoyable experience.
  3. These frequently involve issues such as a package being late, being misplaced, or being stolen.
  4. Have you ever gotten an Amazon shipment that was completely empty?
  5. We discuss the many choices available for dealing with this circumstance in the most effective manner.

My Amazon Package Arrived Empty—What Should I Do?

When you consider the sheer volume of orders that Amazon handles every day, it is understandable that there may be some delivery issues. Along with being delayed or not arriving at all, a delivery might include things you did not purchase or nothing at all, such as an empty box sent to your house. You should take the following procedures if this happens to you:

  • Extra Suggestions on How to Proceed Verify the current status To ensure that your order has been delivered—and that you have not unintentionally gotten someone else’s item—you should log into your Amazon account and check the status of your shipment. Get in touch with the vendor if you have any questions. If the status indicates that the delivery has been delivered but you have an empty package in front of you, you should contact the seller immediately. Get in touch with Amazon. Once you’ve exhausted your other alternatives, you may submit a delivery complaint with Amazon directly through their website. Make contact with the shipping company. Contacting the courier firm that delivered the product to you would also be a logical step of action. If the procedure appears to be too cumbersome, you may rely on DoNotPay to handle all of the interactions with the carrier on your behalf. Make use of DoNotPayAccess DoNotPay to seek a refund from the delivery business and avoid the following steps: Completing time-consuming claim forms
  • Waiting for the customer support department of the carrier to pick up the phone

In the following sections, we will guide you through each of the steps that were previously outlined.

Determine the Package Status—Make Sure the Delivered Empty Package Is Your Amazon Order

You should go into your Amazon account to ensure that your Amazon order has been delivered (and that you have not received an empty package from any other shop or someone person’s shipment), and then perform the following steps:

  1. Returns & Orders
  2. Confirm the status of your order
  3. Select Continue.
  4. If you want to know more about your package, select Track package.
  5. Make a note of the tracking number
  6. Go to the website of the shipping firm
  7. Locate their tracking software
  8. In order to access delivery information, you must paste the tracking number.

Following that, if you notice that the package has been successfully delivered, go to the next step.

Received an Empty Package From Amazon—Contact the Seller

If you make a purchase from a third-party seller on Amazon, you should contact them directly (rather than contacting Amazon) if you have any problems. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Go to Your Orders in your Amazon account to see what you’ve ordered.
  2. Select the order that is causing problems from the list
  3. Select There is a problem with the order
  4. Select a suitable topic from the drop-down menu that appears
  5. Select Contact seller from the drop-down menu.

You should prepare yourself to be patient, as it is likely that you will not hear back from the vendor for several days.

Contact the Shipping Company

  • Due to the fact that Amazon and third-party sellers frequently employ outsourced couriers for delivery, you may need to speak with the shipping firm responsible for your order. To discover more about the methods used by these firms, go through the following useful tips to find out what measures to take if your shipment has been damaged: On hold with DHL
  • misplaced by the USPS, UPS, or FedEx
  • or running late with the UPS, FedEx, or USPS
  • or

Should You Ask Amazon To Step In?

  • If a few days have passed and the seller has not: Contacted you
  • or Shipped your order, you can contact Amazon customer support.
  • Provided a good answer to your problem with an empty package
  • and

In addition to filing a delivery complaint with Amazon, you may also register a refund claim with the company directly. Here’s how to go about it:

  1. In your account, go to the Your Orders area and choose it.
  2. Find out where your order is
  3. Select a problem with the order
  4. Select Request refund from the drop-down menu after selecting the problem from the list.
  5. Please provide any other remarks.
  6. Submit the form by clicking on the button
  • Be aware that Amazon may take up to a week to complete your request. During the interim, you could: Check your email inbox and spam folder, as you should get a response by email
  • Keep track of the progress of your request in the Problem with order area of your account.

Stop Wasting Time—Use DoNotPay’s Late Delivery Refund Product

Would you be interested in a straightforward, yet effective method of requesting a refund from the courier company? There’s no need to be bothered because we’ll handle all of your shipping concerns! Sign up with DoNotPay and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the following steps:

  1. Select our Late Delivery Refund service
  2. select your preferred carrier
  3. and provide all pertinent information about your cargo.

It will take you only a few minutes to complete this simple procedure, after which DoNotPay will submit your claim to the shipping firm on your behalf.

DoNotPay Takes Care of Your Consumer Rights

  • Whether the things you bought were late, were missing, or were damaged, you may request a refund with the DoNotPay mobile application. The return policy of any delivery service or company that you have purchased from may be analyzed by us so that you can both ship the merchandise back and receive a reimbursement. Contact us now for more information! In support of consumer rights, DoNotPay can assist you in avoiding time-consuming and tiresome processes while dealing with small-time vendors as well as multinational shops. Take a look at some of the things we can accomplish for you in a matter of minutes: You can contact any customer service representative without having to wait on the phone
  • In small claims court, you can file a lawsuit against any corporation or person seller.
  • Assisting you in delaying the payment of certain expenses
  • Fill out an insurance claim form
  • Before you commit to a paid membership, experiment with a burner phone or a virtual credit card to test out different products and services.
  • Cancel a subscription that you no longer desire
  • Stopping spam emails, texts, and robocalls from any firm is possible.
  • Recover compensation from airlines
  • assert a warranty claim against any corporation.
  • Participate in raffles sponsored by any company without having to pay a fee
  • Receive a cash refund on your gift card

Use Our AI-Lawyer App to Your Advantage!

  • Aside from defending your consumer rights, DoNotPay may help you by simplifying and expediting a variety of legal processes for you. You may use our app to accomplish any of the following, as well as other things: Apply for a compensation program for victims of violent crime in any state.
  • Reduce the amount of money you pay in property taxes.
  • Make a Freedom of Information Act request to any government or state agency.
  • Successfully file a complaint against a neighbor
  • Combating prejudice in the workplace
  • Formalize child travel consent forms and other legal papers, and locate a public worker who will notarize them on any given day of the week
  • Preparation for government examinations
  • Stalking and harassment should be reported.
  • Locate misplaced valuables in any state
  • In the event of a copyright violation, a DMCA notice should be sent.
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Your Amazon Order Never Arrived? Here’s What You Should Do

  1. Amazon is one of the largest retailers in the world, with a global sales volume of over $1 trillion.
  2. Although the corporation is large, it is not immune to making mistakes every once in a while.
  3. Amazon is plagued by all of the same problems that its rivals are: broken goods, erroneous things being shipped out, and, on rare occasions, parcels not being delivered on their promised dates.
  4. What should you do if you make a purchase on Amazon but the shipment never arrives as promised?
  5. What dispute resolution options are accessible to you?
  6. Continue reading to learn more about what you should do.

You Ordered an Item, But It Hasn’t Shipped Yet

  1. A Google search for Amazon delivery troubles will reveal a large number of customers who are dissatisfied with the service.
  2. What happens if you place an order, but it has been several days, weeks, or even months since you ordered it, and the seller has still not sent your purchase?
  3. Don’t get too worked up over it.
  4. Amazon will not charge your payment card until after your order has been validated by the company..
  5. You may still cancel the order up to that time by heading to Accounts and Lists > Account > Your Orders and selecting Cancel Order from the drop-down menu.

Amazon Item Shows as Delivered, But It Never Arrived

  • Exactly for this sort of case, Amazon publishes policies and procedures. Some of them may seem apparent, but they are nonetheless important to check off the list. For example: Check to see that the mailing address on your order was correct.
  • Look for a notification of attempted delivery on your mail box.
  • Make sure you’re in close proximity to the delivery location.
  • Consult with your immediate neighbors.
  • Do you have access to an Amazon Locker?
  • Take a look through your letterbox
  • some deliveries are made via a variety of carriers, including the traditional postal service.
  • Please wait 48 hours. Packages may appear to have been delivered even when they are still in route.
  1. If 48 hours have elapsed and there is still no trace of your delivery, you will need to contact Amazon directly to resolve the situation.
  2. Log into your Amazon account and select Help > Browse Help Topics > Need More Help > Contact Us from the drop-down menu.
  3. You have the choice of speaking with a bot or over the phone (though the phone option is not immediately obvious).
  4. Explain your problem to the representative, and Amazon will look into the matter.
  5. If your claim is legitimate, they will offer a refund to you in full.
  6. If you’re doing your purchasing elsewhere on the internet, here are several postal frauds to avoid.

It’s Safer to Buy ″Fulfilled by Amazon″ Items

  1. The Amazon website includes things that are offered both by Amazon and by third-party sellers, as well as Amazon itself.
  2. When purchasing a goods from a third-party merchant, you may notice a Fulfilled by Amazon statement on the product you’re purchasing.
  3. It appears that, despite the fact that the goods is offered by a third-party store, it is being shipped to your home from an Amazon Fulfillment Center, according to the message.
  4. Customers will be able to watch the progress of their packages through their Amazon account page, and Amazon will be in charge of customer assistance as well as product returns, according to Amazon.
  5. In the event that you buy something from a third-party seller whose products are not fulfilled by Amazon, you are protected by the A-to-Z Guarantee Protection offered by the firm.

What Is Amazon’s A-to-Z Guarantee Protection?

  • Consider the following scenario: you purchased an item from a third-party seller who does not provide the Fulfilled by Amazon protection. It implies that you won’t be able to monitor a package using your Amazon account page any more. Alternatively, a rogue vendor might charge your credit card and claim to have sent the goods without really sending anything via the mail. Fortunately, you still have a number of options for redress available to you. It takes the form of Amazon’s A-to-Z Guarantee Protection, which protects you from A to Z. To submit an A-to-Z claim, you must first contact the seller using your Amazon account and then wait for the seller to react within 48 hours of your initial contact. If the vendor does not respond in a suitable manner, you have the right to submit a claim. All you have to do is fulfill one of the five requirements listed below: You did not get the goods within 30 days or within three days after the expected delivery date, whichever is later.
  • You received an object that was damaged, faulty, or significantly different from the one you bought.
  • It is possible that you returned an item to Amazon but did not get a refund.
  • Suppose you need to return an item to a foreign country, but the vendor does not supply a return address in the United States or an international shipping label.
  • Customs and/or shipping charges were estimated incorrectly by the vendor, and you were responsible for paying such fees when the package was delivered.
  1. You must submit all A-to-Z claims within 90 days of the projected delivery date in order to be eligible.
  2. Accounts & Lists > Your Account > Your Orders is where you may file a claim for reimbursement.
  3. Locate the order you wish to file a claim against and select File/View Claim from the drop-down menu.
  4. Give an explanation of why you are making a claim in the first box.
  5. Request a refund using the A-to-Z Guarantee is the second option in the second box.

Missing Packages Shipped With Amazon Prime

  1. The procedures we’ve already mentioned will still apply if you’re an Amazon Prime member and an item from your Amazon order hasn’t arrived as expected.
  2. You should put forth the effort to go through them.
  3. Members of Amazon Prime, on the other hand, receive some added sweets to help alleviate the sting of non-delivery.
  4. If the item either does not arrive within the time frame specified by Amazon at the time of purchase or does not arrive at your door, you may be eligible for a free one-month subscription to Amazon Prime, which will be added as a free month to the end of your existing Amazon Prime subscription’s expiration date, if you meet the requirements.
  5. Users have stated that Amazon has provided them with discount coupons, Amazon Prime discounts, and other advantages in addition to their purchases.
  6. Amazon appears to be issuing these perks on an as-needed basis, rather than on a regular basis.
  • Customers that purchase Amazon Prime Pantry may have a different experience.
  • More information about that initiative may be found in the article mentioned above.

How to Avoid Fake Sellers on Amazon

  1. False sellers on Amazon are growing more prevalent, and the situation is becoming more serious.
  2. Fraud is frighteningly simple to perpetrate.
  3. Create an Amazon seller account for yourself and choose popular things to sell on Amazon.com.
  4. It takes only a few seconds if they use the Amazon seller’s platform to complete the transaction.
  5. The majority of the time, they’ll advertise products for less money than other shops are selling them for on their websites.
  6. When they receive orders, the individual quickly informs the customer that the item is on its way to the courier.
  • The monies are transferred to their account as a result of this action.
  • By estimating a delivery date of four weeks, the merchant may beat Amazon’s two-week payment cycle and disappear before purchasers begin to complain and Amazon terminates the merchant’s account with the online retailer.
  • Fortunately, it is pretty simple to distinguish genuine merchants from impostors: simply look at the feedback score.
  • To do so, select the seller’s name from the Sold By area of the right-hand panel by clicking on it (see above).
  • Among the information available on the profile page is the seller’s lifetime feedback rating, along with their score for the last three, six, and twelve months.

As you can see in the photograph below, this cheese vendor appears to be a pretty trustworthy individual.A total of more than 18,500 reviews have been written, with just 4% of them being negative in nature.

Hey Amazon, Where’s My Stuff? Forget It!

  1. If you’ve purchased something on Amazon, we’ve showed you the three most common ways to resolve delivery concerns.
  2. We’ve also highlighted why it’s easy to recognize bogus sellers if you know where to search.
  3. And remember, if you’re fed up with Amazon, there are a slew of Amazon purchasing options to choose from, including sites like eBay.
  4. 10 Common eBay Scams and What You Can Do to Protect Yourself from Them Don’t let yourself get duped out of your money.
  5. Here are some of the most prevalent eBay scams you should be aware of, as well as some tips on how to prevent them.
  6. Continue reading to learn more about the author Dan Price.
  • (1606 Articles Have Been Publish) Dan became a member of the MakeUseOf team in 2014 and has served as the company’s Partnerships Director since July 2020.
  • Reach out to him if you have any questions regarding sponsored content or affiliate agreements.
  • You can also enquire about promotions and other types of cooperation.
  • Every year, he may also be found strolling the show floor at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.
  • If you happen to be there, say hello.

He worked as a Financial Consultant before starting his literary career.Dan Price has more to say.

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Did Not Receive My Amazon Package – TheCabinetRefinishing

  1. I didn’t receive my Amazon package, what should I do?
  2. Report the situation to Amazon by calling 844-311-0406 to obtain instant support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  3. How can I get in touch with Amazon concerning a misplaced package?
  4. Report the situation to Amazon by calling 844-311-0406 to obtain instant support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  5. What happens if I don’t receive my Amazon shipment as promised?
  6. Amazon items have been reported as delivered up to 48 hours before they have really arrived in the mail.
  • This is considered a ″rare occurrence.″ It is recommended that you contact Amazon to report the missing package after 48 hours, or that you contact the shipping carrier or third-party vendor if your Amazon delivery has not arrived after that time period.
  • What is causing my Amazon order to not appear in my orders?
  • If the order shows in the search results, make a note of the date on which it was purchased and analyze your orders reports from the time frame in question.
  • If the order does not appear in your orders reports or does not appear in search results, please contact us and include the order number that was not included in the order.
  • Navigate to the Order Management page.

What do I do if my package says delivered but I never got it?

Contact your local United States Postal Service post office. If you have any questions, please call your local post office rather than the USPS hotline. Your local post office will be able to give you with more timely and efficient service. Inquire as to who delivered the parcel and what time it was delivered on that particular day.

How do you get a refund on Amazon for item not received but says delivered?

  1. Log into your Amazon account and select Help > Frequently Asked Questions.
  2. Topics of Interest > Browse Help Topics More Assistance Required > Please get in touch with us.
  3. You have the choice of speaking with a bot or over the phone (though the phone option is not immediately obvious).
  4. Explain your problem to the representative, and Amazon will look into the matter.
  5. If your claim is legitimate, they will offer a refund to you in full.

Why are Amazon packages taking so long?

In order to keep up with the high amount of orders they receive, delivery delays are unavoidable. When more orders are placed online during periods of high volume shopping, such as holidays, back-to-school, or even international crises, high volume shopping timeframes might arise.

Why do items disappear from Amazon?

What is causing things to vanish from Amazon? Just as there are platforms that specialize in the purchase and sale of false likes, comments, views, or followers for social media accounts, there are sites that specialize in the purchase and sale of phony reviews for Amazon product pages.

Who do I contact if Amazon delivered to wrong address?

After their delivery is sent to the incorrect location, customers can contact Amazon customer support by calling 1-877-586-3230, where Amazon will either endeavor to retrieve the box or provide them with a refund or an alternate shipment, if the original item cannot be recovered or replaced.

Who is responsible if my package is stolen?

If your stolen parcel was delivered by a major postal carrier such as the United States Postal Service, UPS, or FedEx, you should make a claim with the shipping firm responsible for the delivery. If you are aware that your shipment has been stolen, you should contact the shipper or seller to inquire about a potential replacement or refund of your purchase.

Does USPS lie about delivery?

According to fresh data obtained by The Washington Post, employees of the United States Postal Service (USPS) have been manipulating package-delivery data in an effort to make their numbers more presentable. Despite the fact that this inaccuracy in data-keeping began before the epidemic, it has gotten worse in the previous six months.

What happens if Amazon seller doesn’t respond?

If the seller does not react to your email within 3 business days, or if your issue is not resolved to your satisfaction, you can file an A-to-Z Guarantee claim with Amazon.com. If your claim is correct, Amazon will stand by your side and assist you in recovering the cash you made to the seller on Amazon.

Does Amazon automatically refund lost packages?

When a shipment is returned to us as undeliverable by the courier, we instantly

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