What To Do If Your Fedex Package Is Missing?

If a big part of your FedEx packages going missing have to do with your physical street address or your traditional PO Box services from the USPS it might not be a bad idea to look at a more modern alternative. US Global Mail offers a streamlined and secure package acceptance process with all of their virtual mailbox services.
Select Manage Delivery, then Report Missing Package. Confirm that your recipient has checked everywhere the package might have been left by our driver and click Yes. Enter your contact information, including your name, phone number, and email address (optional).
– FEDEX or DHL, express, 5 working days (max), door to door. – FEDEX has also Saturday pick up, DHL only Monday thru Friday. – US postage, sometimes it has taken 3 weeks to reach the destination. – Watch out customs specially in India, it gets held up there or lost. – We recently got a package from Boston to out home in California.

What happens if you don’t sign for a FedEx package?

If it doesn’t require a signature, it is usually left at the doorstep. If it does require a signature, the Fed Ex driver will leave a note at your door informing you of the delivery attempt. If, after several delivery attempts, if no one is there to sign for it, the package is returned to the sender.

What do I do if my Amazon package is already delivered?

In case the Amazon’s tracking system shows your parcel as being already delivered, but you did not receive it, try to verify if it may have been left with your neighbour or with a concierge. For some additional helpful information, you can visit the following Amazon’s page: Find a Missing Package That Shows As Delivered.

What happens if a FedEx package is missing?

Claims for undelivered or lost shipments must be filed within nine months of the shipment date. You will need your tracking number to submit a claim online. You can file a claim and include supporting documentation, or add it later. Simply drag and drop documents from your desktop to your claim form.

Does FedEx refund for lost packages?

FedEx Express (U.S.) We offer a money-back guarantee for every U.S. shipment. You may request a refund or credit of your shipping charges if we miss our published (or quoted, as in the case of FedEx SameDay®) delivery time by even 60 seconds.

Is FedEx responsible for stolen packages?

FedEx provides a clear claim process for stolen packages. As such, if you placed an order and shipped any items through FedEx, you can easily claim for the lost package online. Once you have placed the claim, the courier resolves the claim within five to seven days.

How do I contact FedEx about a missing package?

Check out our FAQ Hub for a wide range of self-serve solutions. If you still need help, call 1.800. GoFedEx 1.800. 463.3339.

How long does FedEx investigate lost?

Unless additional time for research is required, most cases are resolved between five and seven business days after we receive your claim form.

How often do FedEx packages get lost?

The truth of the matter is that packages very rarely get lost. All three of the major American carriers – FedEx, UPS, and USPS – have been doing package delivery for decades. They have so many failsafes built into their mailstreams that packages virtually never fall out of them with no accountability or trail.

Can I call FedEx to see where my package is?

You can also call 1.800. GoFedEx 1.800. 463.3339 and say “track my package.” Or text “follow” plus your door tag number to 48773. Did you know?

How much will FedEx pay for lost package?

FedEx generally covers the first $100 of value of a package unless you purchase additional insurance or can prove that they damaged an item worth more than that. With all claims, you’ll want to be sure to have good documentation to make the process go smoothly.

Can I get a refund for a stolen package?

USPS may reimburse you for stolen, lost or missing packages if the mail was insured. If your packages weren’t insured, they likely won’t issue a refund. Instead, you’ll want to contact the seller. This holds for other delivery services, too.

Can you sue FedEx for not delivering my package?

You could sue FedEx for breach of contract and negligence. These are separate causes of action (claims) in your lawsuit. The breach of contract cause of action would be based on not obtaining the signature guarantee and not confirming the package made it to the correct person.

How do I contact FedEx about a missing package?

– Within the U.S. – The U.S. to other countries – Canada to the U.S.

Is FedEx liable for lost packages?

Is FedEx liable for lost packages? FedEx allows either the shipper or the receiver to file the claim for a lost package. They say it should be whoever has the interest in the items shipped. FedEx generally covers the first $100 of value of a package unless you purchase additional insurance or can prove that they damaged an item worth more than

FedEx Missing Package – What to Do?

In spite of the fact that current shipping solutions, particularly those provided by FedEx, are more dependable, consistent, and efficient than ever before, parcels continue to go missing at some point along the journey.This is usually a high-stress situation, and corporations like FedEx do everything they can to alleviate it as much as possible.As long as you commit to maintaining a level head, remaining cool, and remaining dedicated throughout the process, you should be able to traverse it from beginning to end – and locate your misplaced parcels – without too much difficulty or stress.FedEx has a world-class customer care and support team that is dedicated to assisting you at every step of the process, and they are totally devoted to pouring out whatever resources they have to invest in order to either locate your lost shipment or entirely replace it.Throughout the remainder of this article, we’ll go through the particular steps you’ll need to do in order to locate misplaced shipments using FedEx.While some of the strategies and methods we detail are particular to working with FedEx, many of them may be applied to any situation when a shipment has gone missing in general.

  • You can use them as recommendations to assist you in locating misplaced shipments from UPS, DHL, and the United States Postal Service.
  • Let’s get this party started.

What Do I Do If FedEx Loses My Package?

When you discover that a FedEx shipment has gone missing, which is normally discovered a day or two after the box was meant to arrive, there are a few things you’ll want to do right once.The most essential thing, though, is to maintain your composure and to take the initiative as much as possible.It is necessary to take the bull by the horns in these situations, which means reaching out to the FedEx team and providing them with as much information and data as possible, which they can use to help track down your missing package and effectively manage all of the communications from beginning to end of the process.It’s important to remember that FedEx handles millions of parcels every day.While your item will undoubtedly be a top priority, it will not necessarily be the highest priority, especially considering the likelihood that other parcels will get lost along the route at around the same time.Providing all of the relevant information in as comprehensive a form as possible, as well as committing to taking the reins and taking the initiative, you will significantly boost your chances of having FedEx locate and deliver your item to its destination.

Double Check Your Tracking Info

When it comes to actually going through the process of locating a misplaced FedEx delivery, the first step is to double-check and reconfirm your tracking information.There have been several reports of customers discovering that their packages that they believed to be lost were actually not gone at all, but were instead being looked up because of inaccuracies in the tracking information.It is usually difficult to remember tracking codes since they are so long and contain so many distinct digits.It is also quite simple to make a mistake even when you are trying your hardest not to.This is why it’s critical that you enter your tracking information one number at a time, inputting each one only after you’ve double-checked the code and confirmed that it is 100 percent exact, as described above.If the tracking information for your item continues to indicate that it has not reached its final destination or that it was delivered but has not yet arrived, it is time to contact the FedEx customer service team to see what they can do on their end.

  • Although it doesn’t happen very frequently, there have been a handful of instances in which customers have discovered that the tracking information that was supplied to them was not entirely correct.
  • There is absolutely no fault on your part when the tracking information you’ve been provided does not match up with your item.
  • This is something that FedEx should be able to figure out fairly quickly – and something that they should be able to resolve for you with nothing more than a phone call.

However, confirming your tracking information with FedEx is always a smart practice, regardless of the circumstances.This assists you in moving the process forward while being proactive.

Contact Your Local FedEx Office

The next step is to contact your local FedEx office, which will be the place where your FedEx delivery will be redirected.A large number of customers contact corporate FedEx customer care right away, only to discover that they are not particularly helpful in the early phases of the missing parcel investigation.Avoid that problem entirely by first contacting your local FedEx office to see if they may be of assistance.This means that they may be able to look around the warehouse to see if the package simply didn’t make it onto a truck, or if it has fallen off of a conveyor belt, or they may be able to check and see if it was simply overlooked inside of a delivery vehicle and can be picked up or sent out as soon as possible.Using internal tracking systems, your local FedEx office will be able to locate your package’s last known position, which is still more reason to contact them immediately.Using this information, they may figure out where your shipment ″disappeared″ and where it is most likely to be located in the future.

  • This is the type of inside information about your item that you simply would not have had access to otherwise, and it is information that is far more extensive than the information you would be able to obtain only through tracking data.
  • Of course, another advantage of making this phone contact is that these local FedEx representatives will be much more understanding of your predicament.
  • It is probable that the individuals working here reside in your town and understand how frustrated you are.

They will have a lot more sympathy for a fellow neighbor than outsourced customer support that may be located across the state, across the country, or even internationally.Even if you end up having to contact corporate FedEx to obtain a better understanding of where your box has gone missing, everything should start with a fast phone call to your local FedEx office.They’ll be able to assist you in getting up and running quickly, and they may even be able to locate your misplaced box for you much more quickly than anybody else.

File a Claim with FedEx

If your local FedEx office is unable to assist you in the manner in which you had intended, it is time to begin submitting a claim with corporate FedEx.The good news is that this is a rather simple and basic procedure, one that you should be able to complete without too much difficulty or difficulty.We’ve outlined below the specifics of the procedure you’ll need to follow in order to get things started.Just keep in mind that it’s critical to be in touch with corporate FedEx on a regular basis, citing your case number and your claim at least once a week, to ensure that they’re keeping up with the situation.

Visit the FedEx Claim Site

In order to file a claim with FedEx, the very first thing you’ll need to do is go to the real claim part of the FedEx website, which you can access by clicking right here.From there, you will be asked whether or whether your FedEx package originated within the United States, whether it was being shipped from the United States to another country, or if it was being shipped into the United States from Canada to addresses in the United States.Your shipment must be completely domestic (sent from a US-based address to another US-based address) in order for foreign customer care to be able to assist you.It is possible to do so by dialing 1-800-463-3339.The online claims procedure will be available to you as long as your shipment is being shipped from a United States-based address to another United States-based address.Starting with the entry of your tracking information or the PRO number that you were issued when you submitted your item or when you got your tracking information from the sender, the procedure will proceed as follows: Along with that, you’ll need to select the sort of claim that you’re dealing with (for example, ″lost parcel″) and then fill out all of the other pertinent information that is needed throughout the form.

Add Supporting Documentation

In order to complete your claim, you must provide supporting paperwork using the online web form provided on this page.If your claim has a declared value of less than $100, you will not be required to provide this information to the insurer.All claims totaling $100 or more, on the other hand, will necessitate the submission of further proof, which will include the papers listed below.For starters, you’ll need a scanned copy of your FedEx receipt or FedEx pickup record, which you can ″drag & drop″ into the web form itself to begin the process.The paper may be scanned and sent to your computer rather easy if you have a scanner, but you may need to take a photo with your smartphone and upload it to your computer first before transferring it to the form itself.Second, you’ll need to provide any images you have of the package and the items within it as an attachment (especially if you have them available).

  • If your shipment has gone missing and you were not the sender, you may be able to skip this section.
  • It is also required that you provide any information on the missing items.
  • You should include photographs of the products (including any that are not in their original packing), serial numbers of any items, and anything else that may be used to identify the items that are missing from your shipment.

If you are not the sender, you should also provide a copy of your original invoice from the store where you acquired your lost products, as well as a copy of your online transaction with proof of payment if at all feasible.

Submit Your Claim

Finally, you will be asked to examine the information that you have provided, as well as all of your supporting evidence, before proceeding with the actual claim processing.Please take note of or take a screenshot of the claim case number, and it would not be a terrible idea to send yourself a PDF printout of the claim confirmation as well.You will need this information every time you contact FedEx customer care and support to seek assistance with your claim or to check on the status of your claim in the future.

Use Tracking Tools to Keep Up to Date

At the end of the day, FedEx will offer you with a handful of tools that you may use to keep track of the progress of your claim directly within your FedEx customer portal account.They will also supply you with customer care contact information (phone and email assistance) so that you may get in touch with them whenever you want answers or clarification on any questions you may be having.As we previously suggested, it’s not a bad idea to check in with the FedEx team once or twice a week to see how things are progressing.Make careful to maintain track of your claim at all times, since it may otherwise become ″lost in the mix″ and you may not receive the compensation you are entitled to.

US Global Mail Offers a Streamlined (And Secure) Package Acceptance Process

If a significant portion of your FedEx shipments are going missing as a result of your physical street address or your conventional PO Box services from the United States Postal Service, it may not be a terrible idea to investigate a more contemporary solution.With all of their virtual mailbox services, US Global Mail provides a simplified and secure package acceptance procedure.The ability to have your FedEx packages (as well as packages from other shipping organizations) delivered directly to your US Global Mail address, have those packages and parcels digitally scanned with live notifications about their arrival, and then have them forwarded to any address – whether in the United States or abroad – will save you time and money on shipping costs.The company’s website has further information about the US Global Mail services that are made available to its customers.If you have any particular queries about these solutions, you can also call customer care at your earliest convenience to have them answered live over the phone.So, don’t be astonished if you find yourself signing up for one of the most renowned and dependable PO Box alternatives currently available on the market!

Failed Delivery Attempt. How It Happens and What To Do.

A failed delivery attempt indicates that a courier driver attempted to deliver a package to a client, but the delivery effort was not completed successfully.In the majority of situations, you will discover a letter left by the driver informing you of the attempted delivery and the failure to complete it.An attempted delivery will also be available in the online tracking system of the logistics service provider that you have contracted with..There are three most prevalent causes for a delivery attempt that does not go as planned.

  1. The receiver was missing, which means that no one was present at the address where the item was to be delivered
  2. the delivery address was inaccurate or incomplete. This does not necessary imply that you made a mistake while writing down the address. It might be because the directions were unclear or that certain information were lacking
  3. the courier was unable to get entry to the delivery site
  4. or a combination of these factors.
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A number of things can happen in the event that the courier driver makes a failed attempt to deliver an item. Continue reading to find out what you can do if you encounter a situation where a delivery attempt fails.

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Unsuccessful delivery attempt due to the recipient’s absence at the delivery location

  • In the event of a failed delivery attempt, the courier will leave a note stating that the driver will either: attempt to deliver your parcel the following working day (keep in mind that in some cases, only one delivery attempt may be possible – this is dependent on the country and the courier company whose services you are using)
  • or that he has left the parcel at a different location. Depending on your preferences, this may be a neighbor’s house, your chosen protected site (if you indicated one when placing your purchase), a parcel store, or the service provider’s depot.

Other reasons for a failed delivery attempt: “problem with address” or “no access to delivery location”

  • If you receive either of these failed delivery warnings, it implies that the delivery address you provided to the courier was erroneous or incomplete
  • in the second case, it means that the delivery address you provided to the courier was incorrect or incomplete.
  • According to the second scenario, the courier was unable to get access to your premises (because of a closed or blocked door, staircase, or access code), or your mailbox was inaccessible owing to a variety of circumstances.

Alternatively, if the courier attempted to deliver but was unsuccessful, we recommend that you contact your logistics service provider directly and discuss with them what address information are missing or why the courier was unable to access the delivery location in question.If you placed your order using Eurosender’s platform and are experiencing issues such as failed delivery attempts, please contact our logistics professionals for assistance.We will be more than happy to serve you!

Solutions for failed delivery attempts

  • Leaving the parcels at post offices or postal depots Depending on where you live, the courier service provider will either drop your delivery at a parcel store or at a distribution center. parcel shops are locations where parcels may be collected
  • you can find them in a variety of locations, ranging from supermarkets to copy shops.
  • In this case, the depot would be one of the applicable courier company’s sites (which are generally concentrated in large cities)
  • When delivering to difficult-to-reach regions, courier companies may only make one effort at delivery. It’s the same with certain islands, such as those in Greece or Italy, where the climate is more temperate. Due to the fact that these islands are generally available by plane, logistics service providers will not visit them on a daily basis.
  • When a courier leaves a package, he will generally identify the location of the parcel shop or depot where the package will be left. If this is not the case, visit your courier’s website to determine the location of the nearest depot or parcel shop. After a failed delivery attempt, your package will typically be held at the depot or parcel store for up to five working days after that. The parcel will be returned to the sender when this time limit has expired. Once the shipment is returned to the sender, it will be considered delivered, and the consumer will not be entitled to any compensation. Learn more about: Delayed delivery
  • Compensation for late delivery
  • Refusal to accept delivery by the recipient.

How to avoid missed delivery attempt due to customer absence

For your convenience, Eurosender has provided you with some advice derived from our own best practices in this sector on how to avoid unsuccessful delivery attempts.In general, for orders placed through our platform, the driver will make every effort to deliver your package between the hours of 9:00 and 18:00.It might be difficult to stay at home all day, especially on days when you have a full-time job.If you are unable to be there at all times, in order to avoid a failed delivery attempt, check if someone else can be present at the delivery address to accept the item on your behalf to avoid a failed delivery attempt.If it is truly impossible for anybody to be there, you may be able to leave a message for the driver on the door.Write a statement in which you request that the courier, if at all possible, drop the package at the backdoor or give it over to a neighbor.

  • It is not assured that the driver will adhere to these instructions, but it is worth a try anyway.
  • Courier businesses are putting out significant effort to improve their services and reduce the number of failed delivery attempts.
  • Some logistics service providers have already implemented a system that sends the client a text message including the identity of the driver as well as the estimated time of arrival of the package.

How to avoid failed delivery due to incomplete or wrong address

Always double-check your shipping address before placing an order to ensure that you have included all of the relevant information.It is critical that you take care while writing the address and that you double-check that the name and any other provided details are right.When a customer’s name matches the name on the doorbell, the courier driver will be able to make the delivery in Germany, for example.Ensure that you include this information in the shipment address if you are not sending to a private residence but rather to a business or hotel to avoid a failed delivery attempt.To designate that the delivery destination is a hotel, enter the term ″reception″ in the ″name″ box and the word ″hotel″ in the ″description″ area of the form.The same may be said for a corporation.

  • It is standard practice for any sort of correspondence addressed to a company’s address to include the company’s name in the subject line.

What is the number of attempted deliveries?

Although the driver often makes up to three delivery efforts, there are certain exceptions, such as in certain nations where the driver only makes one delivery attempt.For example, the nations listed below often have just one delivery attempt: Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Hungary, Ireland, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Italy, and Spain, to name a few examples.In Germany, whether or not a particular courier business will make a second delivery effort is dependent on the firm in question.

What does a missed delivery cost?

Most of the time, it is dependent on the individual courier service provider.Customers who have sent their packages using Eurosender will not be charged for a second delivery attempt if they have used the service (except if the delivery location is in Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, Spain or the UK, then the driver will not make further delivery attempts).It does not apply, however, to the nations listed above that have only received one delivery attempt.Extra fees may apply if you request a third delivery attempt or if you request delivery on a Saturday.These additional costs will only be applied if you request a second delivery attempt after the first.

An e-commerce case: How are failed delivery attempts usually solved when it comes to a failed Amazon delivery attempt?

For global logistics businesses, warnings like ″Amazon delivery attempt failed″ (or ″UPS delivery attempt failed,″ ″FedEx delivery attempt failed,″ or ″DHL delivery attempt failed″ are not uncommon.The same can be said for other online selling platform behemoths such as AliExpress or eBay, among others.We’ll take a look at how Amazon, one of the largest participants on the market, deals with the problem of failed delivery efforts as an example.As a result of Amazon’s widespread popularity and global presence, this would be a fairly standard scenario, but each of the organizations listed above may have its own unique procedures for dealing with such difficulties.If you have placed a purchase on Amazon and received a message stating that ″Amazon delivery attempt failed,″ we have provided you with some information that may be of assistance.While no one is present at the delivery address, the Amazon courier may leave the package in your favorite secure area, provided you had previously indicated such a location when placing your order on their website, or he may deliver it to a neighbor who is present at the property.

  • If the delivery can only be accomplished in the presence of the intended recipient, Amazon will send an electronic message to the customer’s email address, informing them of the situation.
  • Amazon couriers typically make three delivery efforts over the course of three consecutive business days.
  • If the third delivery attempt is unsuccessful, the parcel will be returned to Amazon for reshipment.

If your Amazon tracking system indicates that your package has been delivered but you have not received it, check to see if it has been left with a neighbour or with a concierge to see if it has been returned to Amazon.Please see the following Amazon website for some extra useful information: http://www.amazon.com Find a package that has gone missing yet has been marked as delivered.If you have previously tried the suggestions on that page and are still unable to locate your package, you should contact Amazon immediately.

Last words of advice

We at Eurosender would like to point out that, despite the fact that you can submit your telephone number to the logistics service provider, the driver is not required to call you prior to delivering your package.If the courier decides to call you, bear in mind that he can only call numbers inside the same city or town as you.Customers who book and use transportation services through our platform acknowledge and accept the obligation of checking the status of their shipments on a regular basis.Please contact either the selected courier provider or Eurosender immediately as soon as possible if you detect that something is amiss with the online status of your shipment.If you have got a message that says anything like ″incomplete or incorrect address,″ ″absent consignor or consignee,″ ″receiver denied delivery,″ or ″rerouting the package,″ please contact us right away!You may also read the following article if you want to learn more about unsuccessful delivery efforts.

Quick FedEx customer support, with shipping and delivery help at your fingertips

Use our FAQ Hub to quickly get answers to the most frequently asked questions on tracking, shipping, account management, payment, and a variety of other topics. When I track my FedEx Express® item, it indicates that it has been delivered, but my receiver has not been able to locate it. What is the procedure for disputing a delivery or reporting it as missing?

  1. It is possible that your product has been delivered, but your recipient has not received it. To find out why, log into your FedEx account, click to our tracking page, and follow the instructions listed below:
  2. To monitor a package, enter the tracking number or reference number.
  3. Select Manage Delivery, then Report Missing Package from the drop-down menu.
  4. If your receiver has investigated all possible locations where our driver may have left the delivery, select Yes to confirm that they have done so.
  5. Fill out the form with your contact information, which should include your name, phone number, and email address (if applicable).
  6. Inform us of your chosen means of contact (text or email) and indicate that you are comfortable with us contacting you
  7. When you click Submit, you’ll be given a case number that will be attached to your report.
  8. To finish, click Done. We’ll get in touch with you as soon as we can to assist you with locating your misplaced shipment.
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Contact customer service if you have any questions or concerns about a missing FedEx Ground® shipment or any other packages that were not dispatched by FedEx Express.

What if I Missed My Delivery

  • If you were not home to receive your delivery, we will leave a door tag for you. It includes a tracking number that corresponds to your parcel’s original tracking number, as well as instructions on how to locate your package. You may trace your cargo using the information from your door tag by using one of the following methods: Input your door tag number into our online tracking tool to begin monitoring your package.
  • Send the word ″follow″ along with your door tag number to 48773.
  • Take a picture of the barcode on your door tag and upload it to the FedEx® Mobile app

Occasionally, when a package cannot be left at a residential address (for example, because it requires a signature or when the driver cannot locate a safe parking area), we will deliver it to a nearby FedEx store or a participating retail partner, such as Walgreens or Dollar General, instead.It will be kept for pickup as soon as possible after your failed delivery attempt, maybe the same day.The package will be returned to the nearest FedEx facility or shipper if it is not picked up within seven days.Refer to your door tag for information on where to pick up your package and when it will be available.Alternatively, if your item was not automatically diverted and you do not wish to wait for a reattempted delivery, you can utilize FedEx Delivery Manager® to request that it be rerouted to a nearby FedEx facility or partner retail location.In order to make the request, you’ll need your tracking number or door tag number on hand.

  • If you want more assistance, please call 1.800.GOFedEx (1.800.463.3339).

Quick FedEx customer support, with shipping and delivery help at your fingertips

Use our FAQ Hub to quickly get answers to the most frequently asked questions on tracking, shipping, account management, payment, and a variety of other topics.What should I do if a FedEx Express® shipment goes missing?When I monitor my FedEx Express® box, it indicates that it has been delivered, but I am unable to locate it.What is the procedure for disputing a delivery or reporting it as missing?If your package’s tracking status indicates that it has been delivered but you are unable to locate it, go to our tracking website and follow the instructions listed below:

  1. To monitor a package, enter the tracking number or reference number.
  2. Select Manage Delivery, then Report Missing Package from the drop-down menu. (If you do not have a FedEx account, you will be prompted to input the address where your package was originally delivered.) Fill out the required information and then click Continue.)
  3. By selecting Yes, you are confirming that you have examined all possible locations where the package may have been placed.
  4. Fill out the form with your contact information, which should include your name, phone number, and email address (if applicable).
  5. Inform us of your chosen means of contact (text or email) and indicate that you are comfortable with us contacting you
  6. When you click Submit, you’ll be given a case number that will be attached to your report.
  7. To finish, click Done. We’ll get in touch with you as soon as we can to assist you with locating your misplaced shipment.

To register a claim for a misplaced parcel, you may now do so online using our tool.What if I told you something you already knew?With our simple-to-use online tools and resources, you can keep track of your shipments and have more control over them.Learn more about FedEx Delivery Manager® by visiting their website.Consider the numerous advantages of a personalized tracking dashboard whether you’re a business owner or a shipper that ships in large quantities.With our simple-to-use online tools and resources, you can keep track of your shipments and have more control over them.

  • Learn more about FedEx Delivery Manager® by visiting their website.
  • Consider the numerous advantages of a personalized tracking dashboard whether you’re a business owner or a shipper that ships in large quantities.

How to track down a missing FedEx package by filing a claim

  • When a FedEx package goes missing, you can register a claim through the company’s Express, Ground, or Freight services within nine months of the box’s shipment date
  • FedEx enables shippers or receivers to file claims for any shipments that go missing, are damaged, or arrive with missing material.
  • The FedEx tracking number as well as any supporting documentation will be required in order to submit your claim online.
  • Visit Business Insider’s Tech Reference library to read more stories related to technology.

However, while FedEx is typically regarded as a dependable shipping business that delivers shipments swiftly and safely, things may go wrong and parcels might become misplaced in transit at any time. FedEx will need to be notified of the situation so that it may initiate an inquiry to either locate the missing package or reimburse you for the loss of the package.

How to file a missing package claim with FedEx

As soon as you’re ready to begin processing your claim, you may do so by visiting the FedEx claims website and following these steps: 1.Enter the tracking number for your package or your PRO (progressive) number in the space given.2.From the ″Claim Sort″ drop-down option, choose the type of claim you’re submitting.It is necessary to choose ″Shipment not received″ before proceeding with the rest of the process in the event of a missing package.3.

  • On the following page, you will be able to view the most recent tracking information for your shipment.
  • After that, scroll down until you find the ″Claim Details″ box and fill in the specifics of which products in your shipment did not arrive as expected.
  • 4.

Continue scrolling down the page and submit any images you have of the item, as well as any documentation that proves its worth.You should also include as much information as possible about the missing things, such as the currency in which the item was purchased, the type of the item that is missing, and so on.Then press the ″Continue″ button.5.

Enter your contact information, including your name, address, phone number, and preferred means of contact, in the areas given.During this screen, you need also select whether you are the recipient, the shipper, or someone else before clicking ″Continue.″ 6.On the final review screen, double-check that all of the information you entered is accurate before clicking ″Submit.″

How to file a claim for multiple missing packages on FedEx

It should be mentioned that FedEx also provides for the submission of batch claims, which allows you to submit claims for up to 200 different tracking numbers at the same time.In order to do so, you must first log into your FedEx account, or create a new account if you do not already have one.Once you have logged in, you will need to click on the ″File Batch Claims″ button at the top of your screen and then download the template that has been made available.After you have completed the required information, you will be able to re-upload the saved file and complete the claim submission.It is important to note that in order to make batch claims, you must be the sender of the goods.

Who can file a missing package claim with FedEx

Anyone can file a missing package claim with FedEx, regardless of whether they are the sender, the receiver, or a third party, as long as they are claiming for domestic shipments within the United States, international shipments from the United States, or a package sent from Canada to the United States.You will, however, need to have some information on hand before you can begin your claim, the most significant of which is the tracking number for the item in question.You should also consider including supporting paperwork with your claim, either at the time of filing or after it has been filed.This will not only assist to speed the processing of your claim, but it will also boost your chances of having your claim approved.Documentation to support your claim may include images or invoices that prove the amount of your claim as well as cost statements or original purchase orders if applicable.

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FedEx Service Guide – Money Back Guarantee

  • Taking effect on January 17, 2022 On January 17, 2022, the money-back guarantee for certain FedEx Express® services for domestic and international shipments inside the United States was revived. FedEx First Overnight®
  • FedEx Priority Overnight®
  • FedEx Standard Overnight®
  • FedEx First Overnight Extra Hours*
  • FedEx Priority Overnight Extra Hours*
  • FedEx Standard Overnight Extra Hours*
  • FedEx International First®
  • FedEx International Priority®
  • FedEx International Priority® Express
  • FedEx International Priority® Freight
  • FedEx International Priority®
  • FedEx International Priority®
  • FedEx International Priority®
  • FedEx International Priority®
  • FedEx

In order to maintain a healthy balance between our commitment to service and safety, the FedEx money-back guarantee for all other FedEx Express, FedEx Ground®, FedEx Freight®, and FedEx Office® services will be stopped until further notice until the situation has been resolved.FedEx services, as well as new FedEx services across the world, are being examined on a continual basis, and our primary emphasis during this period of uncertainty is on continuing to offer the best possible service to our customers in the most efficient manner possible.*Contract services are available.

How to Deal with Missing or Lost Shipments

Every one of us has undoubtedly experienced that sinking feeling when we realize that our recently ordered product will most likely not arrive on time.While the vast majority of eCommerce shipments are delivered securely and on schedule, there are occasions when a box is misplaced or stolen.With an estimated 90,000 shipments disappearing per day in New York City alone, this is regrettably a topic that we all need to get more aware with as we continue to rely more and more on online shopping and delivery services.The majority of the time, a stolen box is the consequence of deliveries being left on the front porch for days while their recipients are at work or on vacation, providing porch pirates enough opportunity to nab them.If their shipments are stolen, unfortunately, most internet consumers have limited options for restitution.The majority of the time, delivery firms and retailers are not responsible for stolen products once they have been dropped off.

  • Some may not even offer to replace the stolen goods if they are taken.
  • The information in the following advice will assist you in dealing with packages that have gone missing or have been stolen.

Table of Contents

01 Is my package missing or has it been stolen? 02 What Should You Do If Your Package Is Stolen by Someone? 03 How to Prevent Package Theft: 7 Steps to Take 04 Easyship provides an additional layer of protection 05 Take Precautions and Educate Yourself on What to Do 06 Stolen Packages Frequently Asked Questions

Is My Package Lost or Stolen?

Being unable to locate your delivery is a difficult experience, and going through the claims procedure is much more aggravating.And, despite the fact that there are various alternatives available to reduce the danger of losing internet-delivered parcels, the majority of online consumers still experience some degree of order loss from time to time.Aside from the poor level of protection, the influx of delivery, particularly during the Christmas season, provides excellent possibilities for porch pirates.Approximately half of online buyers (51 percent) report that they have not received packages that they have bought in the recent six months.As a result, around 16 percent of online consumers say that the delivery was stolen, while 29 percent are unsure as to why they were unable to locate the parcel in question.In spite of the fact that online buyers have the right to claim back any stolen packages, the likelihood of receiving replacements or refunds is highly dependent on the delivery company and whether or not the shipment was insured.

What Do You Do If Someone Steals Your Package?

You’ll need to move quickly if you want to make an attempt to recover the package.Check the tracking information provided by your delivery companies to determine whether or not your ordered shipment was delivered successfully to you.In the event that your package was successfully delivered but then taken by porch pirates, you have a number of choices.Among the alternatives available are the following: 1.Contact the authorities.Package theft should be reported to the local police station as soon as possible, just like any other type of theft.

  • While they won’t be able to do anything without witnesses, they will take note of the occurrence and take steps to prevent it from happening again.
  • If the number of reported incidents in a certain neighborhood is increasing, the police will almost certainly launch an inquiry.
  • Filing a police report will also be useful when filing an insurance claim, since it will serve as documentation.

2.Get in touch with the person who sent you the message.Following the filing of a police complaint, you should contact your online vendor to advise them that your package has not been delivered as promised.The vast majority of well-established organizations are likely to send out replacements right away.

However, not all businesses will provide replacements or refunds.As a result, make certain that you have adequate evidence to back your claim.For example, if you receive a delivery note but are unable to locate the product at the location indicated on the delivery note, snap a picture of the box and submit it in your claims report.

You should also include your shipping confirmation number and any extra information that may allow the company to trace your cargo more efficiently.

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Contacting USPS about your stolen package

The United States Postal Service has a defined reimbursement policy for damaged parcels, but there are no clear protocols in place for stolen items.Therefore, requesting a return for a stolen shipment might be difficult when compared to other types of courier services.If your stolen box was transported and delivered by the United States Postal Service, you should make claims with a tracking number, provide proof of insurance, and any other evidence that can support your claim in court.If your shipment was stolen by the USPS and it was insured, you will receive a refund straight from the courier.It’s important to contact the seller if your item wasn’t insured so that you may get a refund or replacement.

Contacting FedEx for your stolen package

FedEx has a straightforward method for filing a claim for stolen shipments.If you placed an order and delivered any things with FedEx, you may quickly file a claim for a misplaced parcel on the FedEx website.Once you’ve submitted your claim, the courier will respond between five to seven days to fix the issue.Customers, senders, and even third parties have 60 days to make claims for damaged or missing shipments, and they have nine months to file a claim for a FedEx package that has been stolen from them.You should only offer adequate evidence to support your allegation, which may include packaging evidence.

Contacting Amazon for stolen packages

Amazon is well-known for its lightning-fast shipping and willingness to replace damaged packages.Consequently, you should have no trouble getting your product refunded or replaced if you receive a delivery notice stating that your package has been delivered but you are unable to locate it.You should notify Amazon within 36 hours of the anticipated delivery date.If your delivery arrives late or if your Amazon package is stolen, Amazon will reimburse you for any difficulty you have experienced.

Contacting UPS for stolen packages

In contrast to other courier companies, UPS offers different procedures for lost or stolen items for local and international shipments.It is necessary to call the courier 24 hours after the estimated delivery date in order to report and claim a UPS stolen item.Reclaiming shipping reimbursements for foreign shipments may be a difficult process.As a result, you may be unable to register claims and receive refunds or replacements for packages that have been damaged or stolen.Once you have filed a claim for a missing parcel, the courier will investigate the situation before giving a reimbursement to you.If your stolen package was sent to you by friends or family members, please notify them that the package was not delivered as expected.

  • They can make contact with the shipping company and assist them in tracking the cargo.

7 Steps to Prevent Package Theft

While there are no foolproof safeguards you can take to ensure that your shipment does not be lost or stolen, there are steps you may do to reduce the likelihood of this happening. The seven tactics listed below might assist you in preventing parcel theft.

1.Schedule deliveries with the shipping courier

The delivery of your packages is difficult to predict when they will arrive at your home.Fortunately, you may make a reservation with the shipping company in order to ensure that the delivery will be delivered at a specific time.Similarly, if you aren’t home, you can postpone your delivery or request that it be kept for you.Shipping firms do not charge any costs for scheduling notifications; however, they do charge fees for canceling or rescheduling a delivery.

2. Contact couriers to keep your packages hidden

You may work with your couriers and shipping providers to ensure that your items are sent out of sight once they have been delivered.Because it is impossible to coordinate such details when placing an order online, the best choice is to provide a note with your purchase indicating particular delivery instructions.Delivery drivers may be ready to conceal packages if you specify that they should be hidden during delivery.Their hiding place might be either at the rear of your house or within your front porch.

3. Schedule in-person delivery

Another excellent method of avoiding porch pirates is to arrange for someone to personally accept your delivery.As a result, be certain that you notify the shipping firm that you require a signature during delivery and that someone is present at the address where the package is scheduled to be delivered.If you spend most of your time away from home, you can specify your place of employment as the intended shipping address.

4. Leverage a lockbox service

The use of a lockbox service is another method of preventing your delivered items from being stolen by porch pirates.A similar service is provided by Amazon locker and other lockbox service providers, which are available in convenience shops and eCommerce stores.For those who dislike picking up their mail at the post office, you can invest in a secure lockbox that can be placed directly in front of your door.

5. Use Amazon Key for safe deliveries

As an added bonus, taking use of the Amazon key offers significant convenience aside from the lockbox services.The shipping delivery team will be able to enter your home through your garage or front door after receiving this information.While it may appear that Amazon poses a big security concern, the company offers various alternatives to keep your house and deliveries safe.Amazon will send notifications to your smartphone as soon as the package is delivered, and the delivery will be recorded using the attached camera, giving you piece of mind.It is just a constraint of this solution that you must invest in a smart lock as well as a networked camera.

6. Collaborate with your neighbors

Your neighbors who are at home during the day may be willing to assist you by picking up deliveries on your behalf if you have a good working connection with them.Ideally, you should provide them with something in return, which may vary based on your previous connection.In a similar vein, if your shipments have been taken, you may work with your neighbors to acquire video evidence that may be useful in tracking down porch pirates and filing insurance claims.

7. Install a security camera

Installing surveillance cameras is perhaps the most straightforward method of keeping porch pirates at bay. To their benefit, a diverse range of security cameras are now accessible on the market that are both dependable and simple to install. Installing surveillance cameras in a prominent location would not only deter package theft, but it will also frighten away the porch pirate.

Easyship Adds a Layer of Security

Even though packages will go missing from time to time, there are precautions you can do to safeguard yourself or your clients in the event that this happens.You may take use of capabilities such as the following while using Easyship: Tracking that is up to date: Easyship tracking, which is updated at each stage of the delivery process, offers clients with the most up-to-date and relevant information, allowing them to have peace of mind and get clear instructions for a flawless delivery.Insurance for Shipments: Use our insurance option, which is available at a reasonable cost, to give yourself piece of mind while shipping.

Take Precautions and Know What to Do

Despite the burgeoning eCommerce industry, online customers are sometimes rendered helpless when confronted by striking porch pirates.It may be really difficult to go through such an ordeal.The most effective method of avoiding package loss is to track your shipments.You’ll know exactly when your online orders will arrive at their destination if you have a tracking number.If you are rarely at home, try having your orders delivered to a location other than your house, such as your workplace or another location where you spend more time.You should also insure your parcels and register a claim with the appropriate authorities in order to receive payment for the products you have purchased.

  • Sign up with Easyship now to see a significant increase in your eCommerce shipping.

Stolen Packages FAQ

Should I report a stolen package to the police?

Yes. In the event that your shipments have been stolen, it is essential to notify the authorities. This will assist the police in implementing steps to prevent porch pirates away from your home as well as identifying increasing problems in your neighborhood.

What does a porch pirate mean?

Porch pirates are just robbers that steal delivery items from people’s homes through their front doors. These criminals can either pick up packages that are left unattended by the homeowner or use manipulative approaches such as impersonating recipients to sign off on delivery or having youngsters pick up the parcels from the porch to make their way inside.

Who is responsible for stolen packages?

It might be difficult to determine who is responsible for stolen shipments.In the majority of circumstances, the seller is liable for the delivery until they are dropped off at the location specified by the client.Following confirmation of delivery by the shipping company, the parcel is no longer in the possession of the online shopper.However, some carriers and merchants are willing to deal with receivers if they discover that their items have been lost or stolen.

Do companies replace stolen packages?

Yes. A method for submitting claims for refunds or replacements if your product is stolen or disappears from the scheduled delivery location is in place with the majority of shipping firms.

Does Amazon reimburse for stolen packages?

You can never be certain that you will receive a reimbursement from Amazon, just as with other eCommerce companies. Because the vast majority of Amazon sellers are third parties, you should alert the seller immediately if your delivery is stolen. Unless you obtain a replacement or refund from the vendor, you may be able to request a refund through Amazon.

How Do Packages Get Lost?

The 18th of August, 2017 Lost packages don’t happen very frequently, but when they do, they may cause a great deal of damage to your company’s reputation.Of course, you are not at fault in this situation, but the consumer rarely considers this while sending furious letters to your customer service team about their unfulfilled purchase.The fact of the situation is that shipments are extremely infrequently misplaced.Package delivery has been a part of the business of all three of the major American carriers – FedEx, UPS, and the United States Postal Service – for decades.They have so many failsafes built into their mailstreams that shipments almost never fall out of them without leaving a trace or leaving a trail of responsibility.Occasionally, they may shatter or become damaged, although it is extremely rare for them to become completely lost.

  • Misplaced parcels with incorrect address information, on the other hand, are something that happens all the time.
  • The phenomenon occurs frequently enough that it has earned the designations of ″dead mail″ and ″orphaned parcels.″ In the event that a shipment is shipped with an incorrect delivery address and no forwarding or return address, the parcel has no where to go.
  • Two factors should be taken into consideration if you want to minimize the risk of shipment loss: address verification and shipping insurance.

While many eCommerce organizations rely on Google Maps to validate addresses at the checkout stage, merely validating addresses using Google Maps isn’t enough to ensure that the addresses are correct.Google Maps does not validate addresses; instead, it just provides approximates.A consumer might provide an incorrect address number, and Google Maps will only infer that the address exists within a specific geographic area.Address verification using USPS postal data is the only way to assure that deliverable address data is used before printing labels and shipping goods.

Shipping insurance is another option for protecting against packages that are misplaced, damaged, or destroyed.In particular, high-value products such as technology, limited edition apparel, and antiquities are susceptible to this phenomenon.By insuring the package, one may afford to offer a more generous return policy, which will help to placate dissatisfied clients.

You are protected against non-delivery concerns, the client has the option to get their money back, and the only loss you incur is the cost of the premium that you paid.Outside circumstances have the potential to disrupt package delivery no matter how trustworthy a carrier is in the first place.You don’t want to take the chance of an enraged consumer making a stink about their negative experiences with your company.

Increase your contingency plans to guarantee that packages reach their destinations on time, and if they don’t, you’ll be protected in the event that this doesn’t happen.

Quick FedEx customer support, with shipping and delivery help at your fingertips

Use our FAQ Hub to quickly get answers to the most frequently asked questions on tracking, shipping, account management, payment, and a variety of other topics.You will be able to track your shipment.to obtain shipment status information through near real-time tracking and to view an expected arrival time frame for qualified shipments Alternatively, if you want greater visibility, FedEx Delivery Manager® can be utilized.Your incoming and departing parcels are tracked throughout the delivery process, and you may receive alerts and messages while they are in transit.For further information, you can also contact 1-800-GO-FEDEX (800-463.3339) and ask to ″track my shipment.″ Alternatively, text ″follow″ followed by your door tag number to 48773.What if I told you something you already knew?

  • With our simple-to-use online tools and resources, you can keep track of your shipments and have more control over them.
  • Learn more about FedEx Delivery Manager® by visiting their website.
  • Consider the numerous advantages of a personalized tracking dashboard whether you’re a business owner or a shipper that ships in large quantities.

With our simple-to-use online tools and resources, you can keep track of your shipments and have more control over them.Learn more about FedEx Delivery Manager® by visiting their website.Consider the numerous advantages of a personalized tracking dashboard whether you’re a business owner or a shipper that ships in large quantities.

FedEx package theft

Losing a parcel is a pain in the neck!The procedure of replacing that misplaced FedEx shipment and recouping some of the money you’ve lost is also a pain.We produced The Package Guard Guide to a Missing FedEx Package in order to assist you in this situation.We make every effort to make navigating the system a bit simpler – from the beginning of your search through the completion of your claim, we’re here to assist you!FedEx follows the same procedure as any other carrier and shipper when it comes to locating and reimbursing customers for lost shipments.FedEx also grants their drivers a great lot of latitude throughout their workday.

  • If the driver believes it is safe to leave the package alone, he o

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