Where Do I Put Sims 3 Package Files?

Sim files has the extention.sim and packages icon. Download a sim file. Place the file in the SavedSims folder (My Documents–> Electronic Arts–> The Sims 3–> SavedSims) If you do not have that folder, you can create it in the above directory. Sim files can also come in Sims3Packs files, then you need to use the launcher to install them.
You can now place your downloaded package files in the Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Mods/Packages folder.
Introduction. A Sims3Pack is actually some sort of container/archive for package files (similar to files inside a zipped archive).

How do I install package files in Sims 2?

As in The Sims 2, installing package files is simply a matter of placing them in the Mods folder, or a sub-folder of it; there is no need to do anything to the files other than place them. However, the archive file should not be placed in the Tray folder.

Where can I Find my Sims 3 download files?

See this article from SimsWiki for more details. — Near the bottom of the page. For.Sims3Package files, copy/paste the file into your Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Downloads folder. For package files copy/paste the file into your Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods\Packages folder.

Where do I put Sims 3 mods on my computer?

The default location of that directory is as follows for different laptops for Sims with different operation systems: Extract the FrameworkSetup.zip file you just downloaded by right-clicking on the FrameworkSetup.zip file and choosing Extract Here. A new folder called “Mods” will now appear. Open the Sims 3 Mods folder.

Where do I install a custom world in Sims 3?

Re: Sims 3 – Where do I install a custom world? 1.) Download all the zipped (.rar or.zip) files for the world into a folder on your desktop. — Use 7-zip to extract.rar files. 2.) Once all files are downloaded, rename files if necessary. (so they unzip correctly) 3.) Right-click on the first file and select Extract Here from the menu.

How do I install Sims 3 mod packages?

~ Creating the Mods Folder:

  1. Under the start up menu, Go under Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3.
  2. When you open the folder, create a new folder and name it ‘Mods.’
  3. Under that folder, create another new folder, and name it ‘Packages.’ This is where you download your.
  4. You will need to download the Resource cfg file.

Where are Sims 3 files located?

@Goldenthrush All user data, everything you create or download into your game, is stored in Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 3. There are two types of custom content in Sims 3. One is. package-based files: these are installed into Mods > Packages just like mods are.

How do I install custom content for Sims 3 on Origin?

Move your Sims3Pack to Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 3 > Downloads. Open the launcher’s Downloads tab, check the box next to your downloaded file, and click Install.

How do you enable custom content on Sims 3?

Install your custom content =. Sims3Pack files into your Downloads folder. Then open your launcher, and select the Installed Content tab. In this tab there should be a box you can checkmark – Run with Custom Content.

Why is my custom content not showing up Sims 3?

Re: Cc won’t show up on sims 3

It’s possible that Sims 3 is reading a different game folder than the one where you put the downloads. To find out, check the last modified date on the file labeled deviceconfig. log, also inside the Sims 3 game folder. It should match the last time you launched the game.

How to install Sims 3 custom content files?

  • Download and extract your CC into My Documents\\Electronic Arts\\The Sims 3\\Downloads\\.
  • To install just one Sims3Pack,double-click on it and the Launcher will open and install it by itself.
  • To install many Sims3Pack at a time: Open the Launcher. Select the CC you wish to install. Hit install.
  • How to get Sims 3 Complete Collection for free?

  • The Sims 3 Base Game,
  • The Sims 3: World Adventures,
  • The Sims 3: High-End Loft Stuff,
  • The Sims 3: Ambitions,
  • The Sims 3: Fast Lane Stuff,
  • The Sims 3: Late Night,
  • The Sims 3: Outdoor Living Stuff,
  • The Sims 3: Generations,
  • The Sims 3: Town Life Stuff,
  • The Sims 3: Pets,
  • Where is the mailbox on Sims 3?

    The mailbox is a special object, present on all residential lots in The Sims, The Sims 2, The Sims 3, and The Sims 4. Mailboxes are used to receive and to pay bills in all games. Various expansion packs allow other pieces of mail to be sent to mailboxes as well, such as date rewards or coupons.

    Steam Community: Guide: Custom Content Basics – The Sims 3

    • The SimsTM 3 had 138 positive evaluations. Custom Content – The Sims 3: The Fundamentals As requested, here is a basic guide that explains how to add Custom Content in The Sims 3: World Adventures. Summary This is a high-level overview of the procedures to be followed in order to obtain and install custom content for The Sims 3. Version of the game and compatibility The most crucial thing to do before downloading any CC is to ensure that your game has been properly patched to the most recent version in order to avoid any undesirable behavior caused by CC from later versions of the game. However, this also implies that CC from prior versions may have a negative impact on your game. As a result, you must exercise caution and thoroughly research what you are downloading. I’ve experienced that problem several times, and it’s always resulted in strange problems and frustrating crashes in my game. However, most legitimate modders have taken the time to adapt their projects to work with the Pets Expansion Pack patch. As a result, you must upgrade your game to version 1.26 or higher. When you launch your Launcher, look in the lower left corner to see which patch you’re currently playing with. To find out what version of the game you’re playing, hover your cursor over the base game symbol. Obtain a copy of the document Obtaining your CC will need the use of an application that can extract ″archive″ files, such as WinRar or 7zip, if your download was compressed during the upload process. After you have extracted your file, you will need to determine what sort of file it is. By glancing at the file extension, you can determine what sort of file you have. There are three different sorts of CC in The Sims 3. The Sims 3 Packs
    • Packages
    • Sim files
    • Sims 3 Packs
    • Each file type has its own installation technique as well as its own installation directory. Installing Sims 3 Package Files should be self-explanatory
    • the files will end in.package,.sims3pack, or.sim. Types of CC Installing Sims 3 Package Files Types of CC A Sims 3 package file is denoted by the extension.package and the presence of a default file icon. Here’s where you can get the already-made folder:
    • Go to My Documents-> Electronic Arts-> The Sims 3 and extract the file into the above-mentioned directory.
    • The ″Mods″ folder provides everything you’ll need to get started with your Custom content, including the following items: The packages folder will be the location where you will store your package files.
    • The resource.cfg file will ensure that they are functional
    • Overrides folder is used for the replacement files
    • pretend it isn’t there, you don’t need it
    • overrides folder is used for the replacement files
    • overrides folder is used for the replacement files
    • Installing Sims3Packs is a simple process. Both the extention.sims3pack and the base game icon are included in Sims3Packs. Download and extract your CC to the following location: My DocumentsElectronic ArtsThe Sims 3Downloads
    • To install a single Sims3Pack, simply double-click on it, and the Launcher will automatically open and install it
    • to install several Sims3Packs, repeat the process.
    • To install several Sims3Packs at the same time, follow these steps: Launch the Launcher application.
    • Make a choice on which CC you want to use
    • Install by pressing the ″Install″ button.
    • Upon successful completion of the installation, installed objects will be marked with a grayed-out border, as seen in the example above. The Sims 3 Sims are being installed. Sim files are identified by the extension.sim and the symbol for packages. To get started, download a sim file.
    • Place the file in the SavedSims folder (My Documents-> Electronic Arts-> The Sims 3-> SavedSims)
    • if you do not already have a SavedSims folder, you may create one in the location listed above.
    • Sim files can also be found in Sims3Packs files, in which case you will need to utilize the launcher to install them after downloading them. Regain your previous gaming speed. Installing modifications for The Sims 3 may be quite enticing, and you may find yourself downloading a large amount of content, which will cause your game to slow. Clutter is a personal addiction for me, and there is never enough clutter in my life. And that made my game extremely slow, to the point where it was unpleasant and irritating to play. Not to mention how long it took for it to get going in the first place. I tried many different techniques and tweaks to make my game run faster until I discovered that the problem was caches that were storing all of the goods that were used in the game for easy access. As a result, I eliminated them, and my game performed much better and faster as a result. Basically, you go to My Documents-> Electronic Arts-> The Sims 3-> DCbackup and choose it from the list. And then you should erase everything in that folder. To make yourself feel better, you may make a backup of the folder and run it yourself to see how it works.
    • If you’re having trouble with the start up and loading screens, go to your My Documents-> Electronic Arts-> The Sims 3 folder and remove the CASPartCache.package| compositorCache.package| scriptCache.package| simCompositorCache.package| socialCache.package| files.
    • Don’t be concerned
    • these caches are simply a collection of backup files for all of the package files that have ever been utilized in the game, which you will not require. Furthermore, they will regenerate when the game is restarted. I strongly urge that you undertake the first clean up once a month or once a week after that. And the second time before you start your game on every occasion. Custom Stuff Can Be Easily Removed If you have content in your game that you no longer require or that is causing difficulties, deleting it is a straightforward process. Package Files for The Sims 3 Navigate to My Documents-> Electronic Arts-> The Sims 3->Mods->Packages in your computer. And then just pick and remove the package(s) in the same way you would any other file. Sims3Packs is a collection of Sims 3 game packs. Begin by launching the Sims 3 Launcher
    • then selecting the Installed Content tab
    • selecting any custom content you desire to relocate and pressing the Uninstall button.
    • Additionally, you may use the Downloads tab to delete any unnecessary Sims3Packs that are currently in your Downloads folder
    • however, this will not remove them from your game’s database. The reason is that they are not read by the game itself, but rather by the Launcher. I strongly advise you to delete the cache files after installing or uninstalling any simspacks or packages. What would you do if it didn’t work? Make certain that each file type is located in the appropriate location.
    • Check to see if your download is compatible with the rest of the stuff you already have on your computer.
    • Make certain that your download does not require Expansion Packs that you do not already have.
    • Disable and then reinstall your CC after deleting all of the *.ebc files from the DCCache folder.
    • Some material overrides (replaces) the content provided by the game. If you’re dealing with this sort of stuff, you can only have one substitute, one set of default replacements for each piece of material you have. For example, one set of skintone replacements for the default setting

    If you have any questions, suggestions for additions to my guide, or requests for other guides, please do not hesitate to contact me; I will be happy to assist you. Alternatively, you may go at my other The Sims 3 instructions. Simming!

    Installing custom content

    Game guides
    The Sims The Sims 2 The Sims 3 The Sims 4
    1. In the Sims series, custom material has always been a part of the experience, at least in the PC and Mac versions of the games.
    2. However, the method for installing it has differed from game to game and has not always been straightforward.
    3. It is recommended that readers who are not familiar with compressed archive files (such as zip, RAR, and 7z) read the section on archive files.
    4. The ″backslash″ (″backslash″) separator is used to separate files in the paths provided in this tutorial.
    5. On Macs, a ″/″ may be substituted for the ″/.″

    The Sims

    • Custom content for The Sims is organized into separate folders based on the file format that was used to create it. Except than placing the content files in the appropriate directories, there is nothing else that has to be done to the content files. Sub-folders are not recognized, with the exception of the Downloads folder, which is used for object downloading. It is preferable to configure Windows such that file extensions are always shown. If you are installing material for The Sims, you should not rely on file icons or indicated file types since many of the extensions used by The Sims for custom content are also used by other applications, and those extensions may be connected with those other programs. The file locations provided below are based on a default PC installation in the C:Program Files directory. A Program Files folder may or may not exist on a Macintosh computer. Whatever the installation location and regardless of whether the game is running on a PC or a Mac, the portion of the file path after ″The Sims″ will remain the same. Objects are often designated by the extension.iff, but they may also be designated using the extension.far. They are often stored in the following location: C:Program FilesMaxisThe SimsDownloads, however they may also be stored in sub-folders. They can also be found in the following locations: C:Program FilesMaxisThe SimsGameDataUserObjects Some objects, such as default replacements, may come with specific installation instructions
    • files that modify aspects of game behavior, such as cheat codes, may also come with specific installation instructions
    • and files that modify aspects of game behavior, such as cheat codes, may come with specific installation instructions.
    1. Skins, including those for Sims and pets, have the extensions.skn and.cmx for meshes, respectively.
    2. The textures are BMP files with the extension.bmp, which means they are bitmap images.
    3. These files are stored in the following locations: Maxis is located in the C:Program FilesMaxis directory.
    4. Skins for The Sims: GameData Additionally, this folder contains custom animations that make use of the file extensions.cfp and.bcx.cmf, as well as other custom animations.
    1. Roof textures are 32×32 BMP files with the extension.bmp, and they are saved as 32×32 BMP files.
    2. They may be recognized from skin textures by the fact that they are much smaller in size.
    3. They are stored in the following directory: C:Program FilesMaxis Roofs in The Sims: GameData The extension.wll can be found on walls, including murals.
    4. They are stored in the following directory: C:Program FilesMaxis The Sims GameData is a database of information about the Sims.
    5. Walls Floors are designated by the extension.flr.
    • They are stored in the following directory: C:Program FilesMaxisThe SimsGameData Floors Lots are an exception to the rule.
    • Their filenames are in the format HouseXX.iff, where XX is the lot number for which they are applying.
    • They are stored in the following directory: C:Program FilesMaxis The SimsUserDataXX is a collection of user data for the Sims.
    • Houses The XX is a two-digit number that denotes the location of the house.
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    For example, Neighborhood 1 is represented by UserData01, Neighborhood 2 is represented by UserData02, and so on.

    The Sims 2

    1. Custom content has been made easier to create in The Sims 2.
    2. There is just one major extension,.package, and one main folder, Downloads, both of which are independent of the installation location.
    3. There are no additional extensions or folders.
    4. The following is the location of the ″Downloads″ folder: Your User Account Documents and Settings (Windows XP) The following locations: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac:Users (Your User Account)DocumentsEA GamesThe Sims 2 Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac:Users (Your User Account) Downloads for The Sims 2.
    5. Depending on if Nightlife or a later version has been installed, the Downloads folder may include sub-folders.
    • It is typical that package files aren’t linked to programs until an application intended to read them, such as SimPE, has been installed on the system.
    • You don’t need to do anything else with the package files other than move them to a location in the Downloads folder, or a subfolder of that one.
    • Players, on the other hand, may find it essential to manually create the Downloads folder on occasion.
    • There are two things to bear in mind when performing this task.

    One is that, in The Sims 2, the name of this folder is case-sensitive, which means that it must be typed exactly as it appears.A capital ″D″ must be used as the initial letter, and all other letters must be written in lower-case.As a side note, it is possible that the basic game was installed through a compilation and that the base folder name in Documents is ″The Sims 2″ instead of ″The Sims 2″.If you’re playing The Sims 2: Ultimate Collection, for example, the Downloads folder is located in the DocumentsEA GamesThe SimsTM 2 Ultimate Collection folder.

    Players should be aware that some content must be stored in a folder that is either relative to the game’s installation folder or relative to the folder that contains the most recent expansion pack.This is always C: in the case of the Ultimate Collection.A path to the following directory: Program Files (x86)/Origin Games/The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection/Fun with Pets/SP9

    Sims2pack files

    1. Content for The Sims 2 is given in the form of.sims2pack files, which stand for Sims 2 Pack.
    2. It is possible to create a sims2pack file, which is a type of archive file.
    3. The format was created in order to function with the installation tool that is included with all Sims 2 versions.
    4. In addition to being able to supply any sort of material, the sims2pack format is the industry standard for distributing lots, Sims, and customized pet breeds.
    5. Due to the fact that the installer is programmed to set the appropriate bin for the lot, Sim, or breed, this is necessary.
    • By default, double-clicking a sims2pack file will launch the game’s installation, unless you specify otherwise.
    • In the resulting dialog box, the names and descriptions of all custom content files stored within the sims2pack will be shown.
    • (A bundled lot or Sim will frequently include special stuff that is exclusive to that lot or Sim.) There are two buttons in the dialog box: ″Install″ and ″Cancel.″ If you click the Install button, everything in the sims2pack will be installed, regardless of whether it is already present.
    • When requested to install in a sub-folder of the main Downloads folder, it will create a ″nonsense″ filename for the package file, which will be a seemingly-random string of letters and digits.

    An alternative to the Sims2pack installer included with the game is the Sims2pack Clean Installer, which is available from Mod The Sims.Double-clicking a sims2pack file will cause this software to run since it has ″associated″ the sims2pack extension with itself.It enables players to view what material is contained within a sims2pack and to choose which sections to include or remove.When installing to the Downloads folder, it provides the player with the option of selecting a sub-folder to install to.

    Players can select to override the default installation folder and go to the location where they want the game to be extracted.Players who own the Ultimate Collection will need to do this if they have a version of the game that is older than version Despite the fact that the Clean Installer’s home page states that the.NET framework must be installed, this should not be essential with Vista and subsequent versions of Microsoft’s Windows.

    Enabling Custom Content

    1. The accurate installation of custom content in The Sims 2 is not sufficient in itself.
    2. It can only be activated by the player through a dialog box that shows when the game first starts up.
    3. This window will not show for players who have Nightlife or later installed, or any other item pack, unless it has been enabled in Game Options.
    4. Additionally, unless the game option ″Catalogs Display Custom Content″ is set to On, custom buy mode and construct mode items will not appear in the catalogs.
    5. Fortunately, these tasks are only required when the game has been installed for the first time, or after installing an expansion pack or stuff pack for the first time.
    • Using the Color Enable Package is required in order for players who wish to utilize recolors of Maxis buy and build things, in addition to enabling custom content.

    The Sims 3

    1. The installation of custom content in The Sims 3 necessitates the use of a framework.
    2. Following some instructions is also required, and these procedures differ based on the type of file that is being installed.
    3. This article, as well as the sites connected to it, go into great detail about how to install custom content for The Sims 3.
    4. There are three major file formats for The Sims 3 custom content:.package,.sims3pack, and.sim.
    5. There are also other subtypes of.package.
    • Despite the fact that they utilize different formats, the.package and.sims3pack files in The Sims 3 are the same as the.package and.sims2pack files in The Sims 2.
    • The.sim extension is used to create custom Sims in the game.

    The Sims 4

    1. There are two custom content folders in The Sims 4: Tray, which contains lots and Sims, and Mods, which contains additional stuff.
    2. Both of these folders may be found in the following location: Windows XP:Documents and Settings (Your User Account)My DocumentsElectronic ArtsThe Sims 4 Windows Vista, Windows 7/8, Mac:Users (Your User Account)DocumentsElectronic ArtsThe Sims 4 Windows XP:Documents and Settings (Your User Account)My Documents (Your User Account)Electronic ArtsThe Sims 4 The Sims 4 is a video game developed by Electronic Arts.
    3. It is possible that the Mods folder contains sub-folders.
    4. It is possible to manually create the Mods folder if it does not already exist.
    5. A file entitled resource.cfg will be located in the Mods folder of your computer.
    • The game should regenerate it if it is accidentally removed.
    • The.package extension is used by the majority of the content, albeit the format is different from that used in The Sims 2 and The Sims 3.
    • Similarly to The Sims 2, installing package files is as simple as putting them in the Mods folder, or a sub-folder of the Mods folder; there is no need to do anything further with the files other than put them where they belong.
    • The archive file, on the other hand, should not be stored in the Tray folder.

    Lots and Sims make use of a variety of different file formats.Both of these types make use of a type called as.trayitem.Lots and Sims both use.blueprint and.bpi files, whereas Lots and Sims use.hhi,.sgi, and.householdbinary files, and Sims use.blueprint and.bpi files.Installing these files is as simple as extracting them from the ZIP file that contains them and storing them in the Tray folder; there is no need to do anything more with them after that.

    There are two types of script modifications.One of the cases makes use of the.pyo extension and must be kept within its archive in order to work properly (ie.the archive itself is placed in the mods folder).The alternative scenario makes use of the.ts4script extension and is installed in the same manner as a.package file is installed.Additionally, script modifications must be explicitly enabled in the Game Options menu.

    Archive files

    1. In the Sims series, custom material is often housed in what is known as a ″archive″ file, which is typically a.zip,.rar, or.7z file, depending on the game.
    2. As a comparison, an archive is similar to a folder in that it has its own name and location, and it can include other files and directories within it.
    3. The files included within an archive, on the other hand, are compressed, so they take up less space and take less time to download.
    4. Before any files included within an archive can be utilized, they must first be decompressed and moved to a place outside of the archive.
    5. Despite the fact that the file is not removed from the archive, this is referred to as ″extracting.″ When it comes to custom content, the challenge is figuring out which files to extract and, in the case of The Sims, which folder to put them in.
    • archive files are not recognized and cannot be read by any of the three Sims games: The Sims, The Sims 2, and The Sims 3.
    • The Sims 4 appears to detect zip files in the Mods folder, but it appears to require anything in them to be part of a script mod, which appears to be the case.
    • The ZIP files should not be downloaded to any game folder when downloading any other Sims material other than a script mod for The Sims 4.
    • Instead, they should be downloaded to any other place the user chooses other than the game’s program folder.

    Additionally, after the custom content files have been extracted, it is not required to preserve the archive files; they may be destroyed or relocated to an external storage device, such as a thumb drive.When extracting from zip files (which Windows may refer to as ″compressed folders″), users will require a separate software to extract from RAR or 7z files, which are not supported by Windows or OS X.There are several applications available that can extract data from archive files, and the majority of them can extract data from zip, RAR, and 7z files.Prices and licensing vary depending on whether the software is commercial, nagware, or free or open-source.

    Identifying file types

    1. When installing custom content, it is often beneficial to be able to recognize the different sorts of files that are contained within an archive before beginning the installation.
    2. It is possible that an archive file contains files that should not be extracted.
    3. Example: It may contain graphics or text files that are related to the custom content but are not included in the custom content itself.
    4. The file extension, which is the section of the file name that comes after the final ″dot,″ is the most reliable way to determine the kind of a file.
    5. In certain cases, other approaches, such as glancing at the file’s icon, might be deceiving, particularly when it comes to installing The Sims DLC.
    • File extensions linked with a program are hidden by default in Windows, even when the Details view is displayed.
    • This, on the other hand, may be changed:
    1. It doesn’t matter which folder you open
    2. just open one.
    3. Folder Options can be entered as follows: In Windows XP, the following is true: Select Folder Options from the Tools drop-down menu.
    4. In Windows Vista, the button in the top left (to the left of the Views button) will say either ″Layout″ or ″Organize,″ depending on which option is selected. After you’ve clicked it, select either ″Folder Options″ or ″Folder and Search Options″ from the drop-down menu that displays
    5. In Windows 7, the following is true: Select ″Folder and search options″ from the Organize drop-down menu at the top left of the screen.

    When you are in the ″Folder Options″ dialog window, select the ″View″ option. Look for the option ″Hide extensions for recognized file types″ in the drop-down menu. Check to see that the box next to this choice is empty, and that there is no checkmark in it, then click OK.


    1. 1.0 1.1 32-bit applications are stored in ″Program Files (x86)″ in 64-bit versions of Windows.
    2. 2.0 2.1 Game Help:Ultimate Collection FAQs @ Mod The Sims
    3. This is ″PackageInstaller.exe,″ which was formerly known as the The Sims 2 Body Shop Package Installer. What Is the Best Way to Install Custom Content in The Sims 4? SimsVIP. The zip and 7z file formats are both available. RAR decompression is free and open source, but RAR compression is proprietary. RAR5 was launched in WinRAR version 5.0, which was published in September 2013 and is a new version of the RAR archive format. Previous versions of software will not recognize this new format, and they will not be able to read RAR files that include it.

    External links

    • Game Help:Downloading for Fracking Idiots (for The Sims 2 on Simswiki.info)
    • Game Help:Downloading for Downright Dunderheads (for The Sims 3 on Simswiki.info)
    • Game Help:Downloading for Fracking Idiots (for The Sims 2 on Simswiki.info)

    How to Install Sims 3 Mods Package: Setup & Files

    If you are attempting to mod your Sims 3 but are unsure of how to do so, you have come to the correct spot because I will demonstrate how to install Sims 3 modifications today. It is not a difficult procedure, but there are some important steps to follow in order for it to function properly, so keep reading if you want to understand how to set up Sims 3 modifications.

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    Install Sims 3 Mods Package Files/Setup and Files

    If you are seeking for amazing Sims 3 modifications but aren’t sure which ones to download, you may read our post on the greatest Sims 3 mods and make your decision from that point.

    Before Starting

    1. First and foremost, if you previously installed custom content such as mods or hacks using the Helper Monkey/Monkey Bars, you will need to uninstall the helper monkey/monkey bars and delete all of the old framework files from your The Sims 3 path files in order to restore your game’s default settings.
    2. You should also make sure that you are installing the most recent versions of the mods that you intend to download, so double-check the mods’ homepage to see if the most recent version has been relocated to a different location.
    3. If you do not follow these two procedures carefully, your customized content may not function properly.

    Make Your Game Accept Custom Content

    1. The DocumentsElectronic ArtsThe Sims 3 folder — This folder contains the game The Sims 3.
    2. Take notice that the contents include directories such as DCBackup, DCCache, InstalledWorlds, Saves, and so on.
    3. (To view the picture in its entirety, click here.) Navigate to the following location in My Documents: The Sims 3 Folder NOT in the Program Files directory!
    4. Prior to attempting to modify your game, you must first ensure that your game is capable of accepting custom material.
    5. To begin, download FrameworkSetup.zip and unzip it anywhere.
    • Now, copy the file into the The Sims 3 directory in My Documents by dragging it there.
    • Those directories are located in the following locations by default on various laptop computers for Sims running a variety of operating systems: Windows Vista/7: C:UsersDocumentsElectronic ArtsThe Sims 3C:UsersDocumentsElectronic ArtsThe Sims 3 /Users/Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3 on the Macintosh

    Extract the Files

    Extract the FrameworkSetup.zip file you just downloaded by selecting Extract Here from the context menu of the FrameworkSetup.zip file you just downloaded. A new folder named ″Mods″ will now emerge in the game’s directory.

    Check the New Folders

    1. Open the Sims 3 Mods folder on your computer.
    2. It should look somewhat like the image above.
    3. There should be two files, one named ″Overrides″ and the other named ″Packages,″ as well as a single file named Resource.cfg in this directory.
    4. Open the ″Packages″ folder on your computer.
    5. Within the Mods folder, there should be two files named NoBuildSparkles.package and nointro.package.
    • These files should be located in the ″Packages″ folder.
    • As long as they are there, it signifies you have finished the most critical stage, which is the configuration of your game to allow user-generated material.

    Test the Mods

    1. Check to see if the packages are functioning properly.
    2. To test things out, you already have two modifications loaded, NoBuildSparkles.package and nointro.package, which you can use to run your game and check whether they operate correctly.
    3. nointro.package: As implied by the name, No Intro totally skips the EA Intro film that appears before the game menu, allowing you to determine very quickly whether or not you have correctly configured your computer to install modifications.
    4. NoBuildSparkles.package: Whenever you construct something in the original game, a little sparkles effect is displayed on the screen.
    5. Nobuildsparkles fully solves this issue for you.
    • Play the game and construct anything; if no sparkling effects show, this indicates that your mods are functioning properly in-game.
    • Congratulations!
    • If they do not function as planned, you will have to start from scratch.
    • Delete the Mods folder and begin the process over from the beginning.

    Download a Mod

    1. Find a mod that you’d want to experiment with.
    2. The Sims 3 modding community is enormous, with modifications for all of the game’s DLCs available.
    3. If you’re searching for an excellent list, have a look at our list of the finest Sims 3 modifications available for download.
    4. Download the mod that you wish to use in your game.
    5. Check the mod’s documentation to see if there are any extra installation or compatibility requirements.
    • If this is not the case, continue reading.

    Place the Mod In Your Packages Folder

    1. Your downloaded file will be a compressed format such as a.zip or a.rar, depending on your operating system.
    2. After extracting the files, store the.package file in your DocumentsElectronic ArtsThe Sims 3ModsPackages folder — this is the same location as your NoBuildSparkles.package and nointro.package modifications.
    3. If you want to remove a mod, all you have to do is erase the related.package file from your computer.
    4. That’s all there is to it!
    5. This tutorial will show you how to install modifications on The Sims 3 in ten simple steps.
    • Simply configure your game to accept custom content, download the mod, then copy and paste it into your Packages file.
    • Simple as that.
    • For those who want to spice up their experience with the famous life simulation game, here is a quick and simple method that makes hundreds of various The Sim 3 modifications available for free.
    • If this guide was helpful to you in installing Sims 3 modifications, please let us know in the comments section below!

    You may also read our posts on 15+ Best Mods for The Sims 4, 16 Games like the Sims to Play Online, and 15+ Best Mods for The Sims 3.Game writer Charles Charles has been writing about games for years, and he has been a player of games his whole life.He enjoys first-person shooters, action games, and adventure games such as Dota 2, CSGO, and others.

    Game Help:Installing Sims 3 Package Files/Setup and Files

    Sims 3 Game Help Categories:
    Custom Content  | Installation  | Gameplay Guides  | Technical & Graphics Issues  | Miscellaneous Issues
    MTS Help Q&A Forums
    1. Before you proceed, please read the following!
    2. To uninstall Monkey Bars/Helper Monkey and remove the old framework files from Program Files path (if you previously stored your custom content in Program Files, either manually or through the use of the Helper Monkey/Monkey Bars), first uninstall Monkey Bars/Helper Monkey and then uninstall the old framework files from Program Files path.
    3. Otherwise, parts of your customized content may not function properly!
    4. Additionally, you must get any necessary updates from the creator(s) of any hacks or mods prior to storing them in the Documents folder, as stated below.
    5. For detailed instructions on how to transition from the old way to the new approach, see: Switching from the Old Way to the New Way When Installing Sims 3 Package Files.
    • Install to Documents first, then return to this page for information on how to install to Documents.
    • Please make sure you have studied TS3 CC Basics so that you understand how to extract from rar/zip/7z files and how to recognize file kinds before proceeding to the next section of this page.

    Setup Folders & Files

    • First and foremost, you must ensure that your game is configured to accept custom content before you can include the.package files. This is pretty simple starting with version 1.12 and beyond! 1.The DocumentsElectronic ArtsThe Sims 3 folder – take notice of the contents, which include folders such as DCBackup, DCCache, InstalledWorlds, Saves, and other similar ones (click the image for full size) Navigate to the following location in My Documents: The Sims 3 Folder NOT in the Program Files directory! Windows XP users should go to C:Documents and SettingsMy DocumentsElectronic ArtsThe Sims 3
    • Windows Vista/7 users should go to C:UsersDocumentsElectronic ArtsThe Sims 3
    • The Sims 3
    • Mac OS: /Users/Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3
    • Windows: /Users/Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3
    • 2.Save the FrameworkSetup.zip file that has already been prepared. This file contains everything you’ll need to get your game ready to accept user-generated content. Choose ″Save link as″ from the drop-down menu when you right-click on the download link below. Save it to the DocumentsElectronic ArtsThe Sims 3 folder on your computer (the same folder you just opened). 3. The DocumentsElectronic ArtsThe Sims 3folder, with the new folder ″Mods″ marked in the left-hand menu. Obtain the framework by following these steps: Extract the FrameworkSetup.zip file by selecting it from the context menu of the right-clicking mouse button. If you have correctly installed 7-Zip, as recommended in the TS3 CC Basics FAQ, you will be presented with this choice. A new folder with the name ″Mods″ will be created. Double-clicking on it will access the ″Mods″ folder in your computer. 4. Go to the DocumentsElectronic ArtsThe Sims 3Mods folder and double-click the Mods folder. Mods Folder: Your DocumentsElectronic ArtsThe Sims 3Mods folder should appear like the image below, with three things inside. If it doesn’t, check your installation. There are two directories, one named ″Overrides″ and another named ″Packages,″ as well as a single file named Resource.cfg. To open the ″Packages″ folder, right-click on it and select ″Open with double-click.″ 5. Go to the DocumentsElectronic ArtsThe Sims 3Packages folder and double-click it. Check the Packages Folder: Your DocumentsElectronic ArtsThe Sims 3ModsPackagesfolder should have two files: NoBuildSparkles.package and nointro.package. If you don’t see these files, check your Packages Folder. Note that they are depicted in the photo with a little green plumbbob symbol and the word ″Sims3 Package″ under Type. The type might say ″PACKAGE″ or anything else you choose. It’s not necessary for your icon to look like a Sims 2 package icon
    • it could be a monkey, a plain piece of paper, or anything else. To be effective in the game, neither its appearance nor its description of ″type″ are important – what counts is that it terminates with a certain symbol. package. 6. Is everything in order? Do your folders appear to be organized as they should in steps 4 and 5, with all of the appropriate files and folders in place? Yes! Good! Proceed.
    • No! You must have made a mistake in some way. Delete the DocumentsElectronic ArtsThe Sims 3Mods folder and start over from the beginning of the tutorial.


    1. If you now start the game, your.package files should be completely functional in-game as well!
    2. Already, two package files have been downloaded and installed, so you can immediately determine whether or not everything is functioning properly.
    3. nointro.package: The No Intro option will prevent the EA Intro film from playing before the game begins loading, making it extremely quick and simple to determine whether or not everything is configured correctly.
    4. It means that your.package file content is working if the plumbob animation and intro videos no longer play (you are taken directly to the loading screen).

    When you use the NoBuildSparkles.package:Nobuildsparkles command, it will demonstrate that your custom content is functional in-game. Enter the construction mode and construct a wall or a room. Otherwise, if no sparkles emerge, the rest of the package format content should be functional as well!

    1. Both of these files are compatible with any patch level as well as any and all expansions/stuff packs.
    2. If you still see the entrance video and build sparkles when you test in-game, you must have done something incorrectly throughout the testing process.
    3. Then, go back to Step 1 of ″Setup Folders and Files″ and delete the My DocumentsElectronic ArtsThe Sims 3Mods folder and start again from the beginning.
    4. If everything is done correctly, it will work!

    Placing Package Files

    1. As soon as you’ve established that package files are functional in your game, you may begin downloading custom stuff for yourself!
    2. Of course, you’ll need to have read up on any specific instructions or compatibility issues (make sure everything you obtain is compatible with your patch level and expansion/stuff packs!
    3. ), download the files, and extract them from their respective archives before proceeding.
    4. To learn more about TS3 CC Basics, click here.
    5. If you don’t know how to do it, click here to learn more.
    • Afterwards, you just copy any.package files you’ve extracted to your DocumentsElectronic ArtsThe Sims 3ModsPackages folder – which is the same location as the NoBuildSparkles.package and nointro.package files – and then delete the folder.
    • The files can be moved into the folder by moving them from wherever they were extracted or by extracting them directly into the folder.
    • Naturally, you can remove the NoBuildSparkles.package and nointro.package modifications if you want your intro/build sparkles back – they were only there to show you where to place the files and to ensure that packages were operating properly in your game.

    More Info?

    More information about package files and bespoke content is available upon request.

    Sims 3 Game Help Categories:
    Custom Content  | Installation  | Gameplay Guides  | Technical & Graphics Issues  | Miscellaneous Issues
    MTS Help Q&A Forums

    How do you edit packages in Sims 3?

    package files.

    1. OBJD tag may be found by opening the package containing the object you wish to modify using s3pe and searching for it.
    2. Select the OBJD tag (by clicking on it once), and then scroll down to the bottom of the s3pe panel and click on the ‘Grid’ button to complete the process.
    3. Step 3: By pressing the Grid button, a new window will be displayed.

    How do you put items in inventory Sims 3?

    1. Objects are being placed.
    2. A Sim’s inventory may be opened at any time, and anything on the lot can be taken with the hand tool, just as they can in the Buy and Build modes.
    3. Grabbing an object and dragging it to the inventory panel will add the item to the inventory panel’s list of items.
    4. If you’re using Pets or later, hitting the I key will immediately store the thing you’ve taken in your inventory.

    How do you cheat on your Sims inventory?

    In order to begin, you must open the cheat console (CTRL + SHIFT + C) and enter in testingcheats true (without the quotes). This makes it possible to use hacks in the game on any currently active lot. When you spawn an object, you’ll have to input this hack and the object ID every time you wish to use it.

    How do I edit a.package file?

    In the Package Editor, you may make changes to files.

    1. Edit the package that is associated with the concept.
    2. Open the text document in the Package Editor by clicking on it.
    3. In this case, the package file is opened in Notepad, which is the parent program.
    4. Press.
    5. Close the Notepad application and save the text document that has been generated.
    6. Changes to the text document should be saved

    How do you use SimPE?

    What to Know

    1. SimPE should be downloaded and extracted from the ZIP file. To open the editor, select SimPE.exe from the Start menu.
    2. Select the community in which you want to place a Sim and then click Open. Select Sim Description from the Resource Tree pane.
    3. Making adjustments to the Sim’s traits and then selecting Commit will save your work. Close SimPE and restart The Sims 2 to see the results of your work.
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    How do you fix the TV in Sims 3?

    Repair the damaged television and deliver it to the intended recipient. It’s (Sim’s nametelevision )’s that’s broken, and there’s no one around to fix it. You should take the television set (which should be in your household inventory) and whack it a few times to see if you can’t make it to operate once more. (Sim name) will reimburse you for the cost of the repair service.

    How do you add things to Sims?

    1. To do so, navigate to Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods in your computer’s file system.
    2. To paste something once you’ve reached that folder, simply right-click anywhere on the screen and pick ″Paste.″ The package files that you’ve downloaded will then display on your screen!
    3. You should find that the mod or CC you’ve loaded is there and functioning properly when you first load the game.

    How do I edit a Sims mod?

    For the full edit mode in the game’s SIM function, you may wish to open the cheat console by pressing the ctrl + shift + c keys on your keyboard at the same time, type the cheat cas. fulleditmode, and then clicking the enter key on your keyboard to make complete modifications in your game.

    What is the inventory in the Sims 2?

    The inventory function allows Sims to transport stuff with them when they relocate, and it is the sole option for Sims to maintain their career awards when they relocate to another location. The inventory of a Sim in The Sims 2 and The Sims Stories does not have a maximum number of items. The inventory of a Sim may be viewed through the Rewards panel.

    What can you put in inventory in Sims Freetime?

    Because it allows Sims to transport objects with them when they move, it is the only option for Sims to maintain their career awards when they relocate. An object restriction does not apply to a Sim’s inventory in The Sims 2 and The Sims Stories games, unlike in previous games. Using the Rewards panel, you can see what items are in a Sim’s inventory.

    How do I use the inventory feature?

    1. The inventory function allows Sims to transport stuff with them when they relocate, and it is the sole option for Sims to maintain their career awards when they relocate to another location.
    2. The inventory of a Sim in The Sims 2 and The Sims Stories does not have a maximum number of items.
    3. The inventory of a Sim may be viewed through the Rewards panel.
    4. The inventory button, which resembles a rucksack, is located at the top of the screen.

    Where can I find my personal inventory in Sims 4?

    1. Because it allows Sims to transport objects with them when they move, it is the only option for Sims to maintain their career awards when they relocate.
    2. An object restriction does not apply to a Sim’s inventory in The Sims 2 and The Sims Stories games, unlike in previous games.
    3. Using the Rewards panel, you can see what items are in a Sim’s inventory.
    4. The inventory button, which resembles a bag, is located at the top of the screen..

    Installing The Sims 3 Downloads

    1. It is critical that you have the most recent patch loaded; otherwise, you will be unable to install downloads from TSR or they will not perform as intended in the game environment.
    2. To patch your game, navigate to the Updates tab in the Game Launcher and select ″Patch Game.″ The files that can be downloaded from TSR include sims3packs, package files, and zip files.
    3. If you receive a ZIP file after downloading, you may extract the Sims3Packs or packages from the archive using the operating system’s built-in ZIP handling functionality (s).
    4. If you require further information on this subject, please see this Microsoft support page.

    Quick Installation

    It is necessary to double-click the Sims3Pack that you downloaded in order for it to be installed into the game.

    Mass Installation

    1. Install Sims3Packs in the following directory: Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Downloads if you have a large number of them downloaded: (PC & Mac) To install Sims3Packs from ZIP files, first unzip the file and extract the Sims3Packs from it before putting it in the above-mentioned folder.
    2. Start the Game Launcher and select the Downloads tab from the drop-down menu.
    3. Select the elements that you wish to include in your game and then click Install to complete the installation.
    4. It is important to remember to remove an item before reinstalling it.
    5. The shopping bag serves as a visual cue in the game to indicate personalized stuff.


    Place the package files under Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Mods/Packages in your computer’s Documents folder. If you do not yet have access to that folder, please see the procedures below.

    Creating a Mods folder

    1. Creating a new folder with the name Mods in the Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3 folder is recommended.
    2. A new subfolder named Packages should be created inside of the Mods directory.
    3. Click here to download the resource.cfg file, which should be placed in the Mods folder (not in the Packages folder).
    4. You may now move your downloaded package files to the Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Mods/Packages folder in your computer’s hard drive.

    Where are the custom content files for Sims 3 64?

    @Goldenthrush Each and every piece of user data, including anything you generate or download into your game, is saved in Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 3.Custom content in The Sims 3 may be divided into two categories.One type of file is package-based files, which are put into Mods > Packages in the same way as mods are.If you did not create the Mods and Packages directories and do not have any files in them, you do not need to be concerned about this issue.Alternatively, Sims3Packs may be downloaded and installed using the launcher.The downloads are stored in the Downloads folder within the Sims 3 folder until they are installed, at which point the launcher may access them.

    Once the material has been installed, it is packaged into.dbc files in the DCCache.In addition, the files with the extension.ebc include packaged store content, whereas the other files are temporary and can be erased.In addition, if the content includes a saved household or lot, the content will also include matching files in Library; a world will also include corresponding files in InstalledWorlds; and a sim who appears in CAS will also include a similar file in SavedSims.In addition, each time you install a Sims3Pack, additional files are produced in DCBackup and stored there.They are unnecessary unless you plan on uploading stuff to the Exchange and want your cc to remain on the uploads only.

    Otherwise, everything in DCBackup, with the exception of the ccmerged.package, can be erased without consequence.The ccmerged file is required in order for premium store content to function properly.—————————————————————————————————————————— I am not employed by Electronic Arts.I’m only trying to be of assistance to other players in their games.

    Sims 3 64-bit: problems installing store/custom content

    • A handful of customers are experiencing problems while attempting to install the software. Content that is based on the Sims3Pack, whether it be from the Store or created by the user. Install does nothing when you click on it.
    • A major system failure due to an error downloading the content
    • The Sims3Pack cannot be opened because there is no file set to open.
    • The content for the store has been installed, however it is no longer accessible.
    • Cc without the use of mods or packages does not function
    • It’s possible that the items you previously downloaded will not work in your new installation. To begin debugging, please try downloading a new copy of at least one shop item or two custom content items from the website. Never forget to clear your cache files after you’ve made changes to (or removed) any content from your game. Create a new folder in your Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 3, then remove the five cache files that are located in that location. They will be regenerated the next time you run the application. You may find them here: CASPartCache.package
    • compositorCache.package
    • scriptCachache.package
    • simCompositorCache.package
    • socialCache.package
    • and more.
    • For those who have tried clicking Install in the launcher and nothing happens, please shut the launcher and reopen it. If that doesn’t work, please close Origin and reopen it again. If you encounter an Error Downloading Contentor a serious system issue, contact your system administrator. There are missing.plist files in the folder /Library/Application Support/Origin/Installer Data, which is causing these problems to occur. If you’re still not sure if this is the root cause of your game’s problems, another indicator is that the base game icon is grayed out at the bottom of the launcher. Because of an update on November 9 for The Sims 3, fixing the game should include creating or restoring an installer data directory, as well as placing the relevant.plist files within it. Open your Origin game library, right-click or control-click on the Sims 3 icon, and choose Repair from the context menu. If your base game icon is still grayed out, you may use the Origin reset tool for macOS to correct the problem and then try to install your content again. If you are experiencing this problem and your base game icon is not grayed out in the launcher, try moving your complete Sims 3 folder out of Documents > Electronic Arts, using the launcher to create a new folder, and then trying to download a fresh copy of one item from the store. If it succeeds, you may continue to download and install your items in tiny batches as long as the process is successful. The Sims3Pack is unable to be opened (there is no file set to open.) Downloaded. For the time being, custom content based on the Sims3Pack will not be able to be launched automatically or installed by double-clicking. Here’s how to install a Sims3Pack that you’ve downloaded: When you click Download, select ″Save file″ rather than ″Open with″ from the drop-down menu. Once the item has been downloaded, it will appear in your Downloads folder. If the file has been downloaded as a.zip file, double-click it to open it. It is not necessary to double-click a Sims3Pack
    • instead, move the Sims3Pack to Documents> Electronic Arts> The Sims 3 > Downloads.
    • Open the Downloads tab in the launcher, select the downloaded file by checking the box next to it, and then click Install

    The content for the store has been installed, however it is no longer accessible.We recommend that you try to fix the game in Origin: Repair may be accessed by opening your game library and right-clicking (or holding down the control key and clicking) on the Sims 3 icon.It’s worth trying the Origin reset tool for macOS if that doesn’t work.Restart your computer and run the repair process once more.Mods or package-based cc do not function properly.The Mods folder functions in this edition of The Sims 3 in the same manner it did in previous versions.

    For help with getting your Mods folder to operate, please go to the instructions that came with the material that you downloaded.Also, be sure to erase the cache files that were mentioned above.You should keep in mind that package files should not be opened and that they will not be shown in the launcher.Simply drag and drop them under Mods > Packages, then clear the cache files, and the game should recognize them when it begins to load.—————————————————————————————————————————— I am not employed by Electronic Arts.

    I’m only trying to be of assistance to other players in their games.

    How To Install Package Files/Custom Content/Mods for Sims 3 with Screenshots

    A beginner’s or dummy guide for Sims 3 package files installation for those who are completely new to the game and don’t know what they are doing. It’s quite simple, and you can do it in a few short steps.

    What is Custom Content

    or Mods?

    So we can categorize the things in The Sims 3 as content, right?Everything, even the telephone, the shelves, the clothing, and the cosmetics, is happy.In other words, the material you see in your game is created by the game’s developers, but fans all across the world have created incredibly unique content for certain item kinds, which is what distinguishes it as ″custom content.″ To put it another way, these are unofficial expansions for your Sims 3 game.Here’s a quick illustration: Take a look at those stunning babes up there.Everything about them has been glammed up, from their skin tones to their hair and clothing, with various types of bespoke material.Consequently, if you want to make your Sim fantastic rather than just plain dull, learning how to apply modifications is your best option.

    As a result, they are made using specific software and stored as a specific file format.They are referred to as package files.Some instances of a package file are shown in the images below.It doesn’t appear to have a specific extension, but don’t be concerned; your Sims 3 game will be able to comprehend it.This will be the one that we will be attempting to manually install in this instruction.

    Keep an eye out for the.package extension.

    This particular custom content file should be double clicked and you will be automatically redirected to the Sims 3 Launcher screen and can finish the installation there.

    The next step is to learn about File Type 1: Installation.

    What You Will Need:

    • Custom Content File has been downloaded. (from Mod the Sims or any other freeware source for The Sims 3)
    • It is necessary to have the Winzip or Winrar program installed.
    • Coffee! XD
    • Keyboard/Mouse
    • Coffee!

    First and foremost, you should be aware that the majority of the.package files will be included within a winrar or winzip archive, making it critical that you have either winzip or winrar installed on your computer.Both of these tools are completely free and may be downloaded.You should consider putting one of these in (either winrar or winzip- my preference is winrar.) *Free Winrar and Winzip downloads can be found on the Internet.Second, you’ll need your Sims 3 custom content to play with (duh the most important part).I particularly enjoy downloading hair modifications or skin tones for my game; you can find them by doing a Google search or by looking at my list of the Best Mods for The Sims 3.So, now that you have winrar or winzip installed, you should be able to open the file you have downloaded.

    I’ll show you an example of what a winrar archived file looks like in the meanwhile.(If you’ve never worked with winrar before, here’s a quick tutorial.) For those who haven’t seen what a winzip file looked like before, please check the image below.Thank you!

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