Where To Find Zip Code?

Yes, you should be able to find your zip code online on your bank’s website. You should be able to view your statements online, and the zip code will appear on the bank statement. How many digits is a zip code or postal code? A zip code or postal code is a 5-digit code. It represents where your address is located within the United States.
Look Up a ZIP Code™

  • By Address. Enter a corporate or residential street address, city, and state to see a specific ZIP Code™. Find by Address.
  • By City and State. Enter city and state to see all the ZIP Codes™ for that city. Find by City & State.
  • Cities by ZIP Code™ Enter a ZIP Code™ to see the cities it covers.
  • In USPS, locate the zip code. Please include your USA street address, city, and state in the fields below. When you find the postal code by clicking Find, it will be there.

    How do I find the ZIP code of a location?

    You can also find the zipcode of any address or point clicked on the map. Searching for a city may not give you a result as there are many zip codes within a city. if this is the case click within the city limits to find the zip code of that spot.

    What is a US ZIP code?

    US ZIP codes are a type of postal code used within the United States to help the United States Postal Service (USPS) route mail more efficiently. ZIP codes near me are shown on the map above. Some still refer to ZIP codes as US postal codes.

    How to find a postal code within one country?

    More often, you need to learn a postal code within one country only. In case this country is the USA, you may use the following websites to identify your zip code. To find a zip code with USPS.com, you need to fill in the fields with your USA street address, city, and state.

    Will my ZIP code and postal address be detected automatically?

    If yes, your zip code and postal address will be detected automatically. Also you can click on the location you desire to find a zip code/postal address for your mails destination.

    What is Uganda’s zip code?

    Like many of the African countries, Uganda does not have a zip code. Mail is not usually delivered to people’s homes but to their post boxes.

    What is the zip code for Aruba?

    Aruba is an autonomous island country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The postal codes are not used in Aruba.

    What is my zip code in Dubai?

    There isn’t anywhere in Dubai or UAE that uses a zip code or postcode for mail delivery. Try 00000 if you are forced to use one.

    What’s a zip code Canada?

    Like British, Irish and Dutch postcodes, Canada’s postal codes are alphanumeric. They are in the format A1A 1A1, where A is a letter and 1 is a digit, with a space separating the third and fourth characters.

    What is the zip code of Entebbe Uganda?


    1 Civic Centre 10101
    2 Old Kampala 10102
    3 Kagugube 10103
    4 Bukesa 10104

    What is Uganda address Line 1?

    In short, “address line 1” is just the first part of your address.

    What is the zip code of Curacao?

    In Curaçao addresses do not have postal codes, only Street Name and City.

    Does Australia have postal codes?

    Postcodes in Australia have four digits and are placed at the end of the Australian address, before the country. Postcodes were introduced in Australia in 1967 by the Postmaster-General’s Department and are now managed by Australia Post, Australia’s national postal service.

    Is Aruba part of the Netherlands?

    The Kingdom of the Netherlands is made up of 4 countries: Aruba, Curaçao, St Maarten and the Netherlands. The Netherlands includes 3 public bodies located in the Caribbean region: Bonaire, St Eustatius and Saba.

    Does UAE have zip codes?

    Technically, the UAE has no system of postal (zip) codes. If you want to receive mail, a person should apply for a PO Box from their local post office.

    Is zip or postal code?

    The zip code is nothing but a coding system commonly used in the United States which helps in identifying the location and accelerating the delivery of mail. Postal Code is an alphanumeric or numeric code, which helps in tracking the location at which the mail-piece has to be delivered.

    How do you enter a Canadian zip code?

    Canadian ZIP codes use an alphanumerical format with six characters in the format “A1A 1A1” with the first character denoting the province of the address. The second character is a district within that province. The third character is a letter representing the “postal zone” of the province.

    Does Canada have 5 digit ZIP codes?

    A Canadian postal code is a six-character string that forms part of a postal address in Canada. Like British, Irish and Dutch postcodes, Canada’s postal codes are alphanumeric.

    What is the zip code for Ontario Canada?

    Ontario, CA Covers 5 ZIP Codes

    ZIP Code Type Area Code(s)
    91710 Standard 909
    91758 Standard 909 / 951
    91761 Standard 909 / 951
    91762 Standard 909

    Where can you find a nine-digit ZIP code?

    A 9-digit ZIP Code is made of two parts. The first part is the first five digits of the zip code which indicates the destination post office or delivery area. The last 4 digits of the nine-digit ZIP Code represents a specific delivery route within that overall delivery area.

    How do you check your zip code?

    – 000-044: Oct. 6 through Oct. 27 – 045-220: Oct. 18 through Nov. 5 – 221-375: Nov. 1 through Nov. 19 – 376-584: Nov. 15 through Dec. 3 – 585-719: Nov. 29 through Dec. 17 – 720-927: Dec. 13 through Dec. 31 – 928-999: Dec. 27 through Jan. 11, 2022

    How do you enter a ZIP code?

    You need to enter the format code in the Type box and click OK. Here is a cheat sheet for custom formatting codes: 0 represents digits can be filled by a leading zero if there isn’t a number. For example, if you want to a 3-digit number which should have leading zeros, you should use 000. If you enter 1, you will see 001. 12 will be 012. 123 will be 123.

    What state has the most ZIP codes?

    Zip Code City County Population ; 77449: Katy: Harris County: 128,294: 77494: Katy: Fort Bend County: 118,291: 11368: Corona: Queens County: 112,088: 79936: El Paso: El Paso County: 111,620: 90011: Los Angeles: Los Angeles County: 111,165: 60629: Chicago: Cook County: 110,029: 75034: Frisco: Collin County: 108,525: 11385: Ridgewood: Queens County: 107,796: 77084: Houston: Harris County: 107,673: 91331: Pacoima

    Where Is the Zip Code on a Debit Card?

    Summary of the Article:Each debit card has a zip code linked with it that corresponds to the user’s billing address.This zip number is used as a security code when making specific purchases.Additionally, this is normally true of credit cards; however, this is not true with prepaid Visa gift cards.It is critical that you know your zip code because it will be used several times.Here are various methods for determining the zip code that is connected with your debit card.

    • The zip code linked with debit and credit cards is a five-digit number that serves as a security feature for the cardholder.
    • A postcode, postal code, billing postcode, or billing zip code are all terms used to refer to this.
    • When making some purchases, such as filling up your petrol tank, you will be required to input your zip code before proceeding with your purchase.
    1. Occasionally, this will take the place of typing a PIN code in certain circumstances.
    2. In other cases, you may be required to input both digits at the same time.
    3. Because it is related to your billing address, it is preferable that only you are aware of the zip code associated with your card.

    In the event that you are the only one who knows your postal code, even someone who steals your debit card will not be able to use your card.

    Can I find my zip code on a credit or debit card?

    You will not be able to view your five-digit zip code on your credit or debit card in any way. It will also not be printed on the card in any way, nor will it be encoded inside the credit card number. Maintain your privacy and treat this number as if it were your own personal information. This assures that people will not be able to use your debit card without your consent.

    So where can I find my billing zip code?

    Several solutions are available if you have misplaced or forgotten your billing zip code.Use the zip code associated with your present address, presuming that it is also your billing address, as a starting point.The United States Postal Service offers a simple tool for looking out your zip code that you may use to find out where you live.You can also get in touch with the firm that issued your credit card or debit card.You will most likely be able to answer a few security questions that will allow you to verify your identification.

    • Once this is completed, the company representative will be able to provide you with the information.
    • Furthermore, you may want to jot down your zip code for future reference so that it is simple to recall when necessary

    Your zip code may be associated with somewhere you used to live

    Perhaps you used the credit or debit card in a prior residence and forgot about it until now.Use the postal code connected with that address to see whether it works.Alternatively, you can update your billing address on your bank’s website to reflect your new location.Additionally, you may try looking through your bank records or visiting the bank’s website.Upon logging in, you should be able to locate the street address in the United States that you specified as the billing address when you originally created the banking relationship.

    • At the end of the day, you may see your bank statement or account statement.
    • Your billing address will be listed on your bank statement, either on the front of the envelope or in the top corner of the statement, depending on how it is delivered.

    Forgetting a zip code can cause a payment to fail

    Perhaps you have experienced a payment failure as a result of a zip code.Alternatively, you may have lost out on purchasing something that was time-sensitive, such as concert tickets, because you were unable to locate your zip code in time.You could have missed paying a bill on time as a result, and you ended up having to pay a late charge.Anyhow, it is clear to understand why memorizing the postal code connected with your debit or credit card is quite crucial in the first place.Let’s take a closer look at why zip codes are necessary for debit cards, as well as how to determine the zip code connected with your debit card account and other related topics.

    What is a debit card zip code?

    It is the precise zip code that is connected with your billing address and will appear on your credit card bill and on your bank account statement.After receiving your debit card from your card issuer, you must register the card with a billing address, which is often your home address.As a result, the zip code associated with your debit card will be the zip code associated with your billing address.For example, let’s suppose I reside at 1234 Main Street in Anywhere, MN, and I want to utilize my home address as the billing address on my credit card statements.If the zip code for my postal address is 56789, the zip code for my debit card will be the same as well.

    Do all debit cards require a billing zip code?

    Most debit cards from any large bank or credit union will need you to register your card with a billing address, and this is true for the most majority of them.This implies that you will have to provide a zip code as part of your mailing address with them.When making purchases, you will most likely be asked for your zip code as a form of security measure.As a result, it is critical that you remember your billing zip code so that you may make purchases with your debit card.It is also crucial to remember that when you sign up for a debit card from a big brand, you will be required to submit your billing address.

    • If you are applying for a MasterCard debit card or a Visa credit card, you will be subject to this requirement.
    • There is no restriction on the type of address where you can receive mail.
    • We recommend that you provide your home address rather than, for example, a family member’s residence or the location of a vacation house when creating your account.

    Prepaid debit cards may be an exception

    In some cases, you may not be needed to enter a postal code or billing zip code if you want to use a prepaid Visa debit card (also known as a Visa gift card or Visa card).Instead, you may just recharge the card with cash on a continuous basis.You will not have to enter your billing zip code each time you make a transaction in this manner.Rather than this, you will most likely only be required to enter a 4-digit PIN number in order to use the card.Please keep in mind that certain cards cannot be used for certain sorts of online purchases, so please keep that in mind.

    • This applies to in-person transactions as well, such as filling up with fuel.
    • If you are unsure if you may use a prepaid Visa debit card on a certain website or at a particular merchant’s store, you should contact that website or merchant.

    Cash is also an exception

    In some cases, you may not be needed to supply a postal code or billing zip code if you opt to use a pre-paid Visa debit card (also known as a Visa gift card or Visa card).Alternatives include reloading the card with cash on an ongoing basis.You won’t have to enter your billing zip code every time you make a purchase this way, saving you valuable time.If you want to use the card, you will most likely only have to enter a 4-digit PIN number, which is simple and sweet.The fact that credit cards cannot be used for certain sorts of online purchases should not be overlooked, as previously stated.

    • Similarly, physical expenditures such as filling up a gas tank are considered in-person purchases.
    • If you are unsure if you may use a prepaid Visa debit card on a certain website or at a particular merchant’s store, you should contact that website or merchant.

    Is a credit card postal code the same as a debit card postal code?

    This is not always the case.Your card’s expiration date is determined by your billing address, as well as the postal code you provided to your bank or credit organization when you applied for the card.If you used a separate billing address for each card, your credit card and debit card would have distinct postal codes, as would your bank account and checking account.To remember all of the codes, you’d have to recall them one by one.The billing address for your credit card and your debit card will be the same, however, if you used the same billing address for both credit and debit cards.

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    Why is a billing zip code required?

    When making a transaction, the zip code associated with your credit or debit card is necessary in order to prevent fraud and secure your money.A person could be able to steal your debit or credit card information if the bank or credit organization does not need a zip code when making the transaction.This individual might then use your credit card information to make fraudulent purchases without your awareness.

    Your billing zip code is like a password

    Consider it analogous to inputting a computer password each time you log in, or a passcode each time you access your smartphone’s application.These goods would be considerably easier to steal if this were not the case.However, because of this additional security feature, even someone who takes your debit card will not be able to use it to conduct transactions.This is similar to how someone can’t use your phone or computer unless they know the passcode to log in to your account.

    Important information will be sent to your billing address

    This is also the address where a person’s debit card statement will be sent by their bank, credit union, or card issuer. These are critical to read and keep track of on a regular basis so that you are aware of how much money is in your bank account and how much money you are spending each month.

    Key points to remember

    • It is a five-digit number that is connected with your debit card and is used to charge you.
    • In this case, it serves as a security code.
    • If you have misplaced or forgotten your zip code, check your billing statement or contact your financial institution.

    Other FAQ

    Here are some more commonly asked issues when it comes to the postal address and postal code connected with your card that are not covered by the previous section.

    Can I avoid entering a zip code?

    If you use a credit card issued by a bank or credit union, this is not the case. When making a purchase with one of these, you must enter the billing address for the debit card or credit card, as well as the zip code associated with the card. As previously stated, this is a security measure that is intended to keep your money secure.

    Can I find my zip code online?

    Yes, you should be able to locate your zip code on the website of your financial institution. You should be able to see your bank statements online, and the zip code will show on the bank statement as a reference.

    How many digits is a zip code or postal code?

    A zip code, often known as a postal code, is a five-digit code. It reflects the geographical location of your address inside the United States.

    Is my zip code the same as my debit card PIN code?

    This is not always the case.Typically, a PIN code consists of four digits.A zip code is made up of five digits.As a result, it’s possible that your PIN code comprises four of the digits from your zip code.Your zip code, for example, may be 56789), whereas your PIN code might be 6789).

    • Alternatively, your PIN may be assigned or established by you at random and be unrelated to your zip code.

    What is my Zip Code – Zip Code Finder

    We have determined the zip code in which you are most likely located based on your general location.Please share your location with us so that we may obtain your precise zipcode.You can also look up the zipcode of any location or point on the map that you click on.If you search for a city, you may not get any results because there are several zip codes inside a single city.The zip code for that location may be found by clicking within the city borders if this is the case.

    • Depending on where you are located, you may receive the postal code of the nation in which you are located rather than the United States.
    • Based on your internet connection, we were able to determine your zip code or postal code.
    • Please provide me with your precise zip or postal code so that I can locate you.
    1. You may share this map by clicking on the following link:

    What is a zip code/postal code?

    To facilitate the sorting of mail in the United States of America, zipcodes are five or nine-digit digits that are appended to a postal address to aid in the sorting of mail.There are around 43,000 zipcodes in use today.This tool may also be used to locate the postal code of a variety of other nations.Postal codes differ from one nation to the next, but they are often a collection of numbers ranging from three to ten digits in length.In certain countries, such as the United Kingdom and Canada, postal codes are made up of a combination of numbers and letters, known as postal codes.

    What else can you do with the zip code finder?

    • Determine your ZIP code by answering the question ″What zip code am I in?″
    • You may use this tool to get the zip or postal code of any address in the globe.
    • Click on a point to locate the zip or postal code that is the most convenient for you
    • In addition, the program will discover other bits of the address that you might utilize if necessary

    About US ZIP Codes

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    US ZIP codes are a form of postal code that is used in the United States to aid in the efficient routing of mail by the United States Postal Service (USPS) and other organizations.On the map above, you can see ZIP codes that are close to me.ZIP codes are still referred to as ″US postal codes″ by certain people.ZIP is an acronym that stands for Zone Improvement Plan.A ZIP+4 code is formed by adding an additional four digits after a dash after the first five digits of the basic format, which was originally adopted in 1963.

    • The additional four digits allow the United States Postal Service to more accurately categorize mail for delivery.
    • ZIP codes were initially designed for the United States Postal Service (USPS), but they are now used by many other shipping firms, including the United Parcel Service (UPS), Federal Express (FedEx), DHL, and others, for sorting parcels and estimating the time and cost of transporting a product (the shipping rate).

    Types of Zip Codes

    1. A single high-volume address that is unique (for example, 20505 for the CIA in Washington, DC)
    2. Only a PO Box (for example, 22313 for the PO Boxes in Alexandria, Virginia)
    3. Armed forces
    4. standard (all of the other ZIP codes)

    Assignment of ZIP codes and Mail Sorting

    The first number of a ZIP code in the United States often denotes a group of states in the United States.The map of the first digit of zip codes shown above illustrates that they are assigned in the sequence shown above, starting with the north east and working our way west.The first three digits of a ZIP code are used to establish the location of the central mail processing facility, also known as a sectional center facility or ″sec center,″ which is responsible for sorting and processing mail.All mail containing the same first three digits is sent to the same second center, where it is sorted according to the last two digits and dispersed to local post offices in the same order.The sec centers are not available to the general population and perform the majority of their sorting at night.

    • As you can see from the map of the first three digits of zip codes, the digits following the first are also frequently allocated from east to west, as can be seen in the table of the first three digits of zip codes.
    • The number 0 is closer to white on the map, while the number 9 is considerably more vibrant.
    • Despite the fact that there are a few outliers, it is simple to follow the gradient across each of the zones (such as the southwest tip of Georgia which uses 39XXX like central Mississippi).
    1. Although the ZIP+4 code is not essential, it does assist the post office in sorting mail in an extra manner.
    2. A ZIP+4 code may equate to a city block, a group of residences, or a single high-volume receiver, depending on the situation.
    3. Every PO Box number corresponds to a distinct ZIP+4 code, which is another prevalent practice.

    Multiple PO Box numbers are often combined into the same ZIP+4 code by utilizing the last few digits of the PO Box number.This is known as grouping.However, because this procedure is not a general norm, the ZIP+4 code must still be sought up for each individual PO Box.

    Places in the US so Remote, They Don’t Have a ZIP

    As you can see from the map, ZIP codes are not issued to every location in the United States.There are not enough deliverable addresses in remote and particularly rural sections of the nation to support the creation of a mail route.A ZIP code is not required if there is no postal delivery.In terms of getting away from civilization, these locations are some of the most isolated spots in the whole country if you choose to do so.

    USA ZIP Code Boundaries

    Despite the fact that ZIP codes appear to be of a geographical character, this was not their original use.They are meant to consolidate mail in order to help the United States Postal Service to carry mail more effectively.It is common for ZIP codes to span numerous states in order to improve the efficiency of mail routing and delivery.In the majority of situations, addresses that are in close proximity to one another are put together in the same ZIP code, giving the impression that ZIP codes are defined by a distinct geographic border.Some ZIP codes, on the other hand, have nothing to do with geographical places.

    • For example, the United States Navy uses a single ZIP code for all of its mail.
    • When ZIP codes appear to be spatially clustered, a distinct contour surrounding the ZIP code cannot always be drawn since ZIP codes are only given to a point of delivery and not the intervals between delivery locations.
    • It is possible that ZIP codes may not be set or that their borders will be unclear in regions where there is no regular postal route or no mail service.

    US ZIP Code Map

    According to the most recent USPS data, there is no official ZIP code map.The primary problem has already been discussed: there isn’t always a clearly defined geographic limit for a ZIP code.No official or completely accurate map of a ZIP code can be produced by the Census Bureau or other commercial services, but many of them will attempt to interpolate data to construct polygons (shapes formed by straight lines) to show the approximate region covered by a ZIP code.All ZIP code maps on this site are based on the ZIP Code Tabulation Areas (ZCTAs) defined by the United States Census Bureau in 2010 (or later) and explained in greater detail further down this page.They offer an extremely accurate representation of the geographic region covered by a ZIP code.

    • When you look at our maps, you will quickly see that there are some border concerns.
    • When a ZIP code is not assigned to a location (as is the case in much of Nevada and Utah), it is because there are few, if any, addresses to which the mail may be delivered.
    • It is important to note that if an address is located on the same street as a ZIP code border on a map, you should search for the entire street address to ascertain the ZIP code rather than depending on the map.

    ZIP Code Tabulation Areas (ZCTAs)

    The United States Census Bureau created the tabulation regions for ZIP code numbers in the 1950s.Their objective is to provide statistical information on geographical areas that are recognizable to the majority of residents.ZCTAs, on the other hand, are not precisely the same as ZIP codes.Because of the difficulties in exactly defining the geographic region encompassed by a ZIP code, as previously stated.To account for some of the problems associated with assigning a geographic area to a ZIP code, ZCTAs were created in order to more accurately identify a geographical region.

    • ZCTAs are also not updated on a regular basis like ZIP codes are.
    • In general, they are updated once every ten years in order to coincide with the United States Census.
    • The Census allocates an area to a ZCTA based on the number of census blocks in the area (the smallest geographic unit used by the census).
    1. Consider the image on the right, which depicts a city block that corresponds to a normal census block.
    2. All four sides are bordered by sections of city streets, each with its own name and address, which surround the entire area.
    3. The problem is that census blocks are usually often divided down the center of the street, which is problematic.

    ZIP codes seldom do this since it would necessitate two postal workers carrying mail to that street – one for each side of the street – which would be prohibitively expensive.A postal carrier may deliver to three sides of the block using one ZIP code in this example, while another mail carrier may deliver to the other street using a different ZIP code.As a result, because the census block is the area that has been exactly measured, the Census Bureau will allocate the whole block to a single ZCTA (in this example, 21044).It is nearly always necessary to split ZIP codes when getting extremely exact (typically a matter of meters, not miles).

    Census block borders towards the boundary of a ZIP code almost always result in this situation.It is possible to get insight into the demographics of a ZIP code by using the information published by the Census Bureau.For example, have a look at our ZIP code rankings.

    Matching ZIP Codes with States, Counties, and Cities

    Keep in mind that ZIP codes were created to make mail delivery more convenient.Their limits were not drawn in accordance with existing boundaries, such as those of cities, counties, or even states.Whenever it is more cost-effective for a mail carrier to drive over a state border to deliver mail, the ZIP code ″boundary″ will be extended across state boundaries.ZIP codes often do not cross state boundaries, although there are several that do (65733, 71749, and 73949 are good examples).Our comprehensive list of ZIP codes that cross state boundaries is accessible as part of our comprehensive list of ZIP codes in the United States.

    • If you’re trying to assign a ZIP code to a certain county (up to 25 percent of ZIP codes cross county boundaries), congressional district, metro region (with time zone and area code), or other specific location, things get much more difficult.
    • The margins of the boundaries frequently overlap with one another.
    • For the purposes of our free zip code database by county downloads, we will typically provide either the most frequent region for the ZIP code or numerous regions if more than one region exists in the ZIP code for the purposes of our free zip code database by county downloads.
    1. The assignment for cities is a little more difficult to figure out.
    2. The United States Postal Service (USPS) does not always utilize the city in which the ZIP code is situated.
    3. The assignment of cities to ZIP codes is done on a more broad scale.
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    The name of the city is typically the same as the name of the main post office.For example, practically all ZIP codes in St.Louis County, Missouri, are labeled as being in the city of Saint Louis, despite the fact that they are more appropriately defined as being in the name of a smaller city in which they are located.More information on matching ZIP codes to cities and counties may be found here.

    Popular ZIP Searches

    10 Zip Code Sites to Find Your Area Postal Code Easily

    10 Zip Code Websites to Easily Find Your Postal Code in Your Area Do you have a certain address in mind?What about the use of a zip code?It’s always a challenge for me to recall these seemingly unattainable figures!In order to purchase anything online or just create a new account, people frequently look for my local zip code on the Internet when they are in need of assistance.Here are a few useful zip code websites that we uncovered, which are quick to produce a postal code for any area you choose.

    • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION CAN BE FOUND AT: Apps to Video and Voice Call with Friends to Have a Good Time ALSO READ: 14 Sites to Make Money Selling Things on the Internet

    How to find a Zip Code Worldwide?

    Whatever zip code you desire, the websites listed below will assist you in learning any postal code in the globe, including your own.

    What’s My Zip

    Whatismyzip.com is a free, lightning-fast web application that allows you to specify your postal code.Allow it to utilize your current location information, and in a few seconds, you’ll be able to view the zip code of the area in where you’re now located.It also displays a portion of a Google map with your likely address on it as well.Unfortunately, the address may not always be precise, so if you have any doubts, type your specific address into the search field to obtain the most accurate zip code possible.Fast and trustworthy results are obtained with this approach.


    Wiki provides a comprehensive selection of zip code resources for any location.Even those nations that do not yet have postal codes are mentioned in this section.The links will take you to the relevant Wiki pages that include zip code information for a certain area.It’s also vital to note that Wikipedia gives specifics on the zip code format in question (letter, number, or combined).Once you’ve located the relevant page with a list of postal codes for your country, just press the CTRL+F key combination on your computer to locate the zip code for your street address in seconds.

    • Although the procedure is not as quick as it is with the software mentioned above, you can be certain in the accurate information.

    Geo Post Codes

    Geopostcodes.com is a free database of 5.8 million zip codes for 127 countries that may be accessed from any computer.In order to obtain yours, simply select a nation, then a region and a city, and then double-check a post code by clicking on the coordinates.You’ll be provided a comprehensive list of regions that fall under a specific code.Due to the possibility of having to check many codes before obtaining the one you want, it might be a little inconvenient.Nonetheless, it is one of the few websites that provides zip codes for all feasible places as well as other important information about other localities.

    Map Developers

    Another useful source for determining your area code is mapdevelopers.com/what-is-my-zip-code.php.You have the option of allowing the service to estimate your location and provide you with a zip code, or you may input your precise postal address to receive more accurate information.Most languages are accepted on the website, with the exception of several dialects.Furthermore, there are a plethora of additional handy tools available.For example, you may be able to determine which nation you are in, calculate a distance on a map, discover latitude and longitude, and do a variety of other tasks.

    Geo Names

    On the website geonames.org/postal-codes/, you must first pick a country for which you want to obtain a zip code, then a city, and so on until you reach your destination.The database contains over eleven million place names and covers all of the nations on the planet.Aside from postal codes, you may get a plethora of helpful information on countries, population, land area, and other relevant topics.

    How to Find USA Postal Codes?

    More often than not, you will only need to memorize a postal code that is exclusive to a single nation. For those who live in the United States, you may find out what your zip code is by visiting one of the following websites.


    If you want to discover a zip code on USPS.com, you must first enter your street address in the United States, followed by the city and state.Then click Find, and your postal code will be shown.There is also a page that allows you to obtain the zip code of a corporation.When it comes to delivery, this shipping firm delivers as quickly as they can.Watch this video to learn how to discover a zip code on USPS.com using the search bar.

    • If you need to store it offline, you may do so by following this guide.

    United States Zip Codes

    If you don’t know the specific address, UnitedStatesZipCodes.org is a great resource for locating an area code. It is possible to begin searching for a postal code by typing your address into the search form; this can be only the name of a city; after that, you can zoom in on the map to identify your location.


    City-Data.com gives zip code information as well as demographic and geographic statistics about the region, such as the population, resident age, unemployment rate, family income, and real estate prices. Use either a custom search (which may be any address query) or a map to locate a zip code on this page.

    How to Find UK Post Codes?

    If you wish to find out the postcode of a certain location in the United Kingdom, the following websites will be of use to you.

    Royal Mail

    Go to Royalmail.com/find-a-postcode, type in your street address, town or city, and then click on Find postcode to receive your postal code.Everything is simple and quick to do!You’ll get search recommendations as you’re typing your query.It should be noted that zip codes in the United Kingdom have a unique format that includes outer (postcode area) and inward (postal district) components, for example, SW19 3AR.


    The new website, postoffice.co.uk/postcode-finder, has a similar style to the previous one and functions in the same way. Once you’ve determined the postal code, you may look out the postage cost to that location and even place an order for one. We’d love to hear about any other useful websites for finding a zip code in the comments section below.


    The new website, postoffice.co.uk/postcode-finder, has a similar style to the previous one and functions in the same way. Once you’ve determined the postal code, you may look out the postage cost to that location and even place an order for one. We’d love to hear about any other useful websites for finding a zip code in the comments section below.

    Zip codes and addresses Dubai, UAE

    The 19th of March, 2022, is a Saturday (UAE) Coronavirus in the United Arab Emirates: A portion of the content on this page has become out of date as a result of the emergency measures implemented in the United Arab Emirates to cope with the coronavirus outbreak. Check with official or trustworthy sources to be sure.

    Zip codes, postcodes, mailing addresses Dubai, UAE

    List of Dubai and UAE zip codes and postal codes

    This is a condensed list.There is no place in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates that employs a zip code or postcode to deliver mail.If you are compelled to use a number, try 00000.Because all UAE mail is delivered to a PO Box, for example, ″Somebody, PO Box 12345, Dubai, UAE,″ there is some confusion.If an envelope is addressed to ″Someone, Dubai 12345, UAE″ without the words ″PO Box,″ it will still be delivered correctly, albeit the envelope seems to have been sent to a postcode for Dubai instead of a PO Box.

    Mailing addresses for Dubai and UAE

    • In order to receive mail carried by the post office in the UAE, you must have a PO Box number. Make sure you don’t get your PO Box confused up with your postcode or zip code. While the city of Sharjah began using a ″Postal Code System″ in 2015, the codes are GIS building location codes rather than postal delivery codes for specific locations.
    • Due to the fact that the ″Search for a postcode″ link on the Universal Postal Union (UPU) UAE member page redirects to the EPG list of locations with Public PO Box numbers, there may be some misunderstanding. If you are not certain that this is what you want to accomplish, don’t use a public PO Box address.
    • When addressing mail for the UAE that will be delivered by the postal system, avoid using a street address. It is not generally delivered to that location
    Mailing address formats used in the UAE

    Simply use the relevant PO Box number for ″12345.″ When entering the PO Box number, avoid using hyphens or spaces (although mail will usually still be delivered correctly if there are hypens or spaces e.g. ″12 345″ or ″123-45″).

    Postal address formats to use in the UAE

    Company Personal Incorrect but delivered ok Also incorrect, also delivered
    Company name PO Box xxxxx Emirate or City United Arab Emirates Person name PO Box xxxxx Emirate or City United Arab Emirates Person name xxxxx Emirate or City United Arab Emirates Person name Location xxxxx United Arab Emirates
    Example Example Example Example
    Mr Ahmed Al Wasl, Manager AAW General Trading PO Box 12345 Dubai UAE Ahmed Al Wasl PO Box 12345 Dubai UAE Ahmed Al Wasl 12345 Dubai UAE Ahmed Al Wasl Dubai 12345 UAE

    For the nation name, either the United Arab Emirates or the United Arab Emirates can be used (when sent from English speaking countries). If you are from a country that does not speak English, you should use the appropriate abbreviation or complete name.

    What to do if a zip code or postcode is required for mail to the UAE?

    There are several instances where a zip code is required for a delivery or postal address in the United Arab Emirates, such as Amazon, AliExpress, and other ecommerce and online buying websites.In such instance, you can utilize the default zip code of 00000 for any location in the United Arab Emirates.Here is a list of our recommendations for zip codes or postcodes to use in the United Arab Emirates, arranged by preference (our opinion only).

    1. Use a space instead of a number in the zip code or postcode box
    2. 00000 or 0000 appear to work well for us the majority of the time. Instead of ″ohs,″ use ″zeroes.″
    3. DXB is the three-letter code for Dubai, AUH is the three-letter code for Abu Dhabi, whereas RAK is the three-letter code for Ras Al Khaimah (not the airport code which is RKT). For another option, try entering UAE as the postcode and then United Arab Emirates as the nation
    4. your UAE mobile number beginning with 05, for example, 05012345 (this is not a legitimate UAE mobile number). This has the benefit that if there is an issue with the address or delivery, the post office in the UAE will occasionally phone your cell phone in order to try to have the item delivered – this is more common with parcels and packages than it is with letters.
    5. If a certain zip code or postcode format is required, make something up to fill in the blanks. Depending on whether the submission form requires a valid postcode rather than merely an acceptable format, you may need to confirm the validity of the postcode online for the applicable nation. Nonetheless, if you are compelled to utilize this approach online, you should really consider whether or not you really want to be working with a firm that has such a difficult-to-use internet interface. Also, be sure that the nation selection does not alter even if you have already selected the United Arab Emirates. The usage of 5-digit postal codes in countries where the postcode can readily be mistaken with the UAE PO Box number creates another issue, which results in erroneous mail delivery. Some nation examples include: France Code Postal: 5 digits (only numerical)
    6. Germany Postleitzahl (PLZ): 5 digits (only numerical)
    7. Great Britain or the United Kingdom postcode: 2-4 alphanumeric characters, a space, then 3 alphanumeric characters, for example, A1BC 2DE (not an actual valid postcode). There are constraints on which character set can be used in each place, which are not addressed in depth on this page because this article is about the postal delivery system in the United Arab Emirates, not the United Kingdom.
    8. Zip code in the United States: 2 letters (the state’s abbreviation) + 5 numerical digits
    1. The PO Box in the United Arab Emirates was utilized as the delivery address. Despite the fact that it will appear twice on the address label, you will only receive one copy of the item or letter
    2. In Dubai, the Makani number for your actual location is known as the Makani number (if you know what it is, there should be a label on the building or fence). The post office will not carry your letter there
    3. you will still require a PO Box for this purpose, but the sender will not be aware of this

    Post codes and zip codes for courier deliveries in the UAE

    • Courier deliveries, such as those made by Aramex, DHL, Fedex, and Empost, among others, will require a physical location in order to make their delivery. If the courier business utilizes GIS locators (e.g. Makani, Onwani), you will need to provide them with a physical address (e.g., building name or number and street name), or a company name that the courier can identify
    • if the courier company uses GIS locators, you will need to provide them with a postcode.
    • At the very least, offer a cell phone number so that the courier may call you and ask for instructions to your location.

    List of postcodes and zip codes not used in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, and other UAE locations.

    Nonetheless, it is frequently sought after or requested

    List of commonly used (but invalid) postal codes for the UAE

    Location Zip or Post Code 3 letter or short code GIS Notes
    United Arab Emirates 00000 UAE    
    Abu Dhabi 00000 AUH Onwani  
    Ajman 00000 AJM   Makani?
    Al Ain 00000 AAN Onwani  
    Dubai 00000 DXB Makani  
    Fujairah 00000 FUJ   Makani?
    Ras Al Khaimah 00000 RAK   Makani?
    Sharjah   SHJ Sharjah PCS  
    Umm Al Quwain 00000 UAQ   Makani?
    Abu Shagara, Sharjah        
    Al Barsha, Dubai        
    Al Dhaid, Sharjah        
    Al Ghubaiba, Sharjah        
    Al Majaz 2, Sharjah       First GIS signs, Apr 2015
    Al Nahda, Sharjah        
    Al Qusais, Dubai        
    Al Rahmaniyah 5, Sharjah       First GIS signs, Apr 2015
    Bur Dubai        
    Business Bay, Dubai        
    Deira, Dubai        
    Dubai Internet City   DIC    
    Dubai Investment Park   DIP, DIP1, DIP2    
    Dubai Mall        
    Dubai Marina        
    Dubai Silicon Oasis   DSO    
    International City        
    Karama, Dubai        
    Madinat Zayed, Abu Dhabi        
    Mussafah, Abu Dhabi        
    Rolla, Sharjah        
    Satwa, Dubai        
    TECOM, Dubai   TECOM    
    Yas Island, Abu Dhabi        
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    UAE Postal Code Project

    • There have been sporadic mentions to a UAE Postcode Project or a UAE Postcode Project, but nothing official from the Emirates Postal Group (EPG) or the Universal Postal Union (UPU)
    • It is possible that they are allusions to the GIS address mapping efforts. Alternatively, to anything else that has been suggested but has been postponed, halted, abandoned, or is still in progress
    • When it comes to the UAE, there is no mention of a postal code project or anything else that has to do with post codes in the 2018 UPU ″Status and Structures of Postal Entities″ report.
    • The Sharjah Postal Code System (SPC or PCS) is the name given to the GIS address project in Sharjah.

    GIS location and addressing systems in the UAE

    Individual building reference location numbers in a Geographical Information System (GIS) are distinct from the zip codes and post codes that are used to identify geographic regions.

    Makani GIS system Dubai and Northern Emirates

    • In addition to physical signboards at the entrance to every building in Dubai and the Northern Emirates, unique ten-digit numbers are also used.
    • See www.makani.ae for more on how it was implemented in Dubai.
    • The emirates of Ajman, Fujairah, RAK, and UAQ are among those proposed. Although the location is not currently accessible (as of March 2019), it may be available through the Makani app (available for both Android and Apple devices).
    • In RAK, there is a restaurant called Makani that serves Indian cuisine.

    Onwani GIS system for Abu Dhabi emirate

    • Includes Abu Dhabi island, Abu Dhabi city, Al Ain city and region, Al Gharbiya (Western Region)
    • Abu Dhabi Street Address, Geonames, and Signage System (ADAGS) Project = Onwani (means My Address in English)
    • Abu Dhabi Street Address, Geonames, and Signage System (ADAGS) Project = Onwani (means My Address in English)
    • Abu Dhabi Street Address, Geonames, and Signage System (ADAGS) Project = Onwani

    Sharjah Postal Code System (PCS) for GIS

    • A location address system, dubbed the ″Sharjah Postal Code System (PCS)″ by the Sharjah Urban Planning Council (UPC, SUPC), was introduced in 2015, and it is similar to the Makani 10-digit address locating system, which was introduced in Dubai, and the Onwani system, which was introduced in Abu Dhabi. These systems, although useful for delivery, are distinct from more general area post codes or zip codes, which are frequently used in other nations to address mail carried by post office systems. The Geographic Information System reference numbers are unique and particular to each individual building. Because the UAE postal service is unlikely to begin offering free mail delivery services to the general public in the foreseeable future (although paid mail delivery is possible), if you reside in Sharjah, you do not need to include your postal code when addressing things that are sent to you. As of 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019, you will still require a post office box. Unless you’re utilizing a paid delivery service (such as a courier or the post office), in which case the Postal Code may be appropriate. The SUPC declared on April 2nd that the pilot phase of the Postal Code System (PCS) had been completed and that the full installation of about 102,000 postal code signboards in Sharjah will commence immediately (102,076 signs). Locators appear to be five-digit numerals in appearance
    • According to the Sharjah Urban Planning Council (SUPC, SHJ-UPC), postal codes will be implemented in the emirate of Sharjah on April 18, 2015. A unique postal code would be assigned to each particular building location, which would be used for GIS reference, faster access to emergency services, and perhaps mail delivery. It was also revealed that a mobile app will be developed to look up postcodes.


    • Geoinformation system (GIS)
    • mail bag (also known as a mailbag)
    • mail box (also known as a mailbox)
    • Makani (also known as Onwani)
    • PO Box (also known as a Post Office Box)
    • Postal Code or Postcode
    • Sharjah Postal Code
    • Postal Code or Postcode
    • UPU = Universal Postal Union
    • the United Arab Emirates became a member on March 30, 1973
    • Zip Code


    • EPG is the parent category
    • there are no child pages.
    • Related pages: street names in the United Arab Emirates, postal delivery in the United Arab Emirates.


    • Desktop version of the Dubai Municipality (DM) Makani address system (available in English and Arabic). As of March 2019, only Dubai sites are displayed, not those in the Northern Emirates.
    • ″Khalid bin Sultan Al Qasimi announces official launch of new postal code system in Sharjah,″ 2015-04-18
    • – how to address mail in the United Arab Emirates and other countries
    • ″Khalid bin Sultan Al Qasimi announces official launch of new postal code system in Sharjah,″ 2015-04-18

    Here’s What to Put When a Form Asks for ″Address Line 1″

    Despite the fact that everyone knows their own address, it is a known truth that many individuals suffer anxiety when asked to input their address into a form or write it on an envelope.While it should be straightforward to enter a street name, a street number, and potentially an apartment or suite number, cryptic words such as ″address line 1″ and requirements that you break your address into many sections make the process excessively difficult.Of course, if you happen to have a nonstandard mailing address or if you’re attempting to have something sent to a specific department inside a firm or other organization, things might become much more complicated.The process of entering your address is actually rather simple, despite the fact that the terminology used by forms and postal services might be complicated.Taking a look at the various components of an address can help to clarify this baffling jumble of letters and numbers.

    • Before we get started, it’s important to note that addresses are written differently in different parts of the world.
    • All of the information provided below pertains to addresses in the United States of America, for the sake of completeness and clarity.

    What should you put in “Address Line 1”?

    ″Address line 1″ is simply the initial element of your address, in plain English.To make letter delivery easier and legibility better, when you write a formal address, you divide the various elements of it across numerous lines.To answer any question pertaining to the first line of your address, simply enter the number of your building and the street where you reside as a single line.Other information, such as the apartment number, is stored in a separate location, so you won’t have to worry about it.

    The parts of an address

    Despite the fact that even very young toddlers can memorize their address, the address system that we use today is the culmination of almost five hundred years of development.It was in the late 1800s that systematic attempts to standardize addresses began in the United States, and they are practically completed today.It is nice to learn about the past, but it is not required if all you want to do is comprehend how to record your address.

    Address Line 1

    In terms of your address, the most vital information to know is your building number and street name.Taken from the standpoint of a letter carrier, this makes complete sense.It’s important to make sure you’re on the appropriate street before you worry about how to locate the precise apartment someone lives in or which department they work for.Additionally, if you were giving a buddy instructions to your apartment over the phone, it would be inappropriate to simply state ″Apartment 2b.″ First and foremost, you must supply your buddy with instructions to your exact street as well as information about which building in the apartment complex is yours.Address line 1 can be thought of as a form of preview of the whole address, as seen in the following example.

    • Simply write or enter the street number of your building or residence, leave a space, and then finish the line with the name of the street where you are located.
    • You should not use a comma to separate any of the entries in address line 1 from one another.

    Building Number

    Building numbers are issued to each house, apartment building, office or other form of structure in order to assist people in distinguishing which one belongs to whom.To find out what your building number is, look on the side of your building or look in the window.Building numbers are often painted or connected to the buildings that they represent, as a general rule.The curb at the border of the street and the mailbox are two more typical locations for building numbers to be displayed.Your license plate number should be visible from the road, no matter where it is placed.

    • It is important to remember to use roman numerals instead of spelling out each number as a word when typing or entering the building number as part of address line 1.
    • If your house number is 326, for example, you should put 326 instead of three hundred and twenty-six on your address card.
    • It is possible that certain building numbers will be hyphenated, but this is unusual.
    1. Remember to include the hyphen (-) when filling out a form or mailing an envelope if your phone number has one (see example below).
    2. When compared to the number 32684, the number 32-684 is much different!

    Street Number

    Another aspect of your address that is straightforward to grasp is the street name.It has long been customary practice to name streets, in the same way that we distinguish between buildings based on their numbers.The name of the street where you reside is most likely already known to you; nevertheless, if you are unsure, you may walk to the next junction and look at the name displayed on the street sign there.The names of both streets are normally listed on street signs, so when you are standing on your own street, make sure to write down the name of the street that faces you.Some street names are comprised of a single word, while others may contain a number of words.

    • Because street names are proper nouns, if you have a street name that contains numerous words, you should uppercase each of them.
    • It should be noted that the road name ″Doaks Ferry Road″ is pronounced ″Doaks Ferry″ rather than ″Doaks Ferry.″

    Road, RD or Rd?

    One aspect of a street name that might be a bit tricky is determining how to abbreviate the word that comes after the name of your street, which can be difficult to determine.This portion of the address line 1 is referred to as the ″street suffix.″ There are literally hundreds of distinct suffixes for various streets.You might be perplexed as to why there are so many different names for the same sort of street.Suffixes, like a house number or a street name, aid in the identification of a location.In this situation, a suffix can be used to distinguish between two streets with identical names.

    • There are a plethora of suffixes available, as well as several ways to shorten them.
    • Square can be represented by the abbreviations Sq or Sqr, whereas highway can be represented by the abbreviations Highwy, Hwy, or Hway, to name a few.
    • Other suffixes, such as lane, have just a single abbreviation, which is Ln.
    1. The good news is that anything you pick is likely to function just well in a form or on an address, regardless of whatever kind of abbreviation you like.
    2. The same is true for capitalizing all of the letters in the abbreviation or just a few of them; it doesn’t really make a difference.
    3. Simply spelling out the term in its whole will suffice if you are very sensitive to abbreviations.

    To distinguish streets in various areas of a city, you may also find shortened street prefixes, such as NW or SW for north-west and south-west, respectively, to identify streets in different regions of a city.These are subject to the same regulations as street suffixes, albeit they are not commonly written down.

    Address line 1 examples

    Now that we’ve discussed what should be included in the first line of an address, let’s have a look at some instances of how it should be written correctly.126 Star Quarry Road is a road in the city of Star Quarry.Despite the fact that this street name is lyrical, it is properly worded.Take note that the first letter of each word in the street name is capitalized, and that the word ″road″ has been reduced to ″Rd.″ The building number is written as a numeric, rather than as a word, to distinguish it from other numbers.26 Rural Avenue (also known as Rural Avenue) is a road in the rural area of the United States that runs north-south.

    • In this case, we have a number that is represented by a numeric, followed by the street name and suffix.
    • ″Avenue″ has been shortened as ″Ave″ in this instance, although it may equally be written as ″Av″ or just spelled out entirely.

    What else goes into an address?

    The city name where the building is located, as well as the two-letter abbreviation for the state and the zip code of the city within that state, will most likely need to be included after address line 1, as well as the address line 1.Forms may ask for these elements individually and by name, or they may simply ask for ″address line 2″ in the body of the form.Alternatively, just enter the city name and state abbreviation, followed by the zip code, in the second case.If you like, you may use a comma to separate the city name from the state name, although this is not necessarily necessary.Keep in mind that if you are mailing an envelope or package, you will

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