Which City Is Home To The Only Floating Post Office In The U.S.?

Where Is the Only Floating Post Office in the US? Elmira | 26 – 08 – 2020 J.W. Westcott II is the only floating post office that has been serving in the Detroit River, Michigan for around 67 years. Floating Post Office in Michigan The Westcott Company was founded in 1874 by Captain John Ward Westcott and transported supplies via rowboat.
Home to the only floating post office in the U.S.
Located on the cool waters of the Detroit River, the wonderfully unique J.W. Westcott II is the only floating post office in the United States. Flickr/pverdonk. This incredible boat operates under the zip code 48222, and primarily delivers mail to crew members stationed on vessels throughout the river.

Is there a floating post office in the world?

‘Floating Post Office, Dal Lake’ — claimed to be the only one such post office in the world — is built on an intricately carved maroon houseboat, fastened on the western edge of the Dal Lake. 2. This post office lets you avail of all the regular postal services available in the country while being afloat.

Why floating post office in Dal Lake is famous among locals?

But for the locals, Floating Post Office is more than an object of fascination. 1-2 crore is deposited per month in Floating Post Office by communities living in and around the Dal Lake. The lake has several islets that are home to more than 50,000 people. 6.

Is there a floating post office in Jammu and Kashmir?

1. Tourists to Jammu and Kashmir have another attraction — a floating post office on the Dal Lake in Srinagar, the first in the country. ‘Floating Post Office, Dal Lake’ — claimed to be the only one such post office in the world — is built on an intricately carved maroon houseboat, fastened on the western edge of the Dal Lake.

Where is the only floating post office in us?

The J.W. Westcott II, is the world’s only floating post office, delivering mail to boats & ships near the Ambassador Bridge in Detroit.

On which lake is the world’s only floating post office?

Floating gardens, islands, and houseboats are all things we’ve heard of, but Kashmir’s famous Dal Lake has a floating post office. It’s the only floating post office in the whole world.

What country has a floating post office?

The floating post office is located in the beautiful city of Srinagar in Kashmir, amidst picturesque snow-clad mountains on a huge houseboat in Dal Lake. In fact, the surprising factor here is that it is not the only floating post office in India, but also in world, which makes it a unique piece of architecture!

Where is the first floating post office?

India’s first floating post office was established in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. In Dal Lake in Srinagar, a floating post office has been established. With this new kind of post office, the state will now have another tourist attraction.

Who inaugurated the first floating post office and when?

Sachin Pilot, Minister of State for Communications and Information Technology(IT), and Omar Abdullah, Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, inaugurated the floating post office on Monday. ‘This innovation by India Post will be a boon for the tourists visiting the lake,’ Pilot said in a statement.

Who renamed the post office as a floating post office?

It was called Nehru Park Post Office before 2011. But then the chief postmaster John Samuel renamed it as ‘Floating Post Office’. (4) The post office’s houseboat has two small rooms – one serves as the office and the other a small museum that traces the philatelic history of the state postal department.

Which town in Jammu and Kashmir is known as apple town?

Sopore Town has Asia’s second largest fruit mandi (wholesale market). It is also known as the Apple Town of Kashmir.


Sopore Sopore Town Town of North Jehlum Valley.
Coordinates:34.30°N 74.47°ECoordinates:34.30°N 74.47°E
Country India
Union territory Jammu and Kashmir
District Baramulla

What is the location of the floating post office in Srinagar Class 10?

(i) The Floating Post Office, one of the tourist attractions of Jammu and Kashmir is built on an intricately carved maroon houseboat, which is fastened on the western edge of the Dal Lake in Srinagar.

What is the location of the floating post office in Srinagar Mcq?

1. The Floating Post Office is located on the Dal Lake in Srinagar. 2. The special feature of the seal is that it contains not only the date and address but also bears the design of a boatman rowing a shikara on the Dal Lake.

How many rooms are there in the floating post office?

The post office’s houseboat has two small rooms—one serves as the office and the other a small museum that traces the philatelic history of the state postal department.

Where is the floating post office located in India?

The floating post office is located in the beautiful city of Srinagar in Kashmir, amidst picturesque snow-clad mountains on a huge houseboat in Dal Lake. In fact, the surprising factor here is that it is not the only floating post office in India, but also in world, which makes it a unique piece of architecture! Where is it located?

Who is the captain of the world’s only floating post office?

But Buchanan is no ordinary riverboat operator: He’s captain of the world’s only floating post office, one that delivers mail to ships at sea. For over 140 years, this method has not changed. Captain Ryan Gazdecki takes the J.W. Westcott II on a mail run in the Detroit River.

Facts about Floating Post Office in the U.S.

In the Detroit River in Michigan, the J.W. Westcott II is the only floating post office that has been in operation for almost 67 years.

Floating Post Office in Michigan

The Westcott Company, formed in 1874 by Captain John Ward Westcott, was a rowboat transportation company that conveyed goods.The J.W.Westcott II was built by Paasch Marine Service of Erie, Pennsylvania, which was contracted by the business in 1949.The name was chosen to pay homage to the founder of the Westcott Company.Approximately 45 feet in length, with a beam of 13 feet, the ship is constructed of wood.The boat has a top speed of 15 knots, according to the manufacturer.

The J.W.Westcott II is identified by its own ZIP code, which is 48222.It has been in operation for more than half a century, and the J.W.Westcott Company was founded more than 140 years before to that.Currently, the organization is providing delivery to ship personnel who are assigned to one of the several vessels that transport goods up and down the Detroit River.

During the first half of the twentieth century, the Detroit River was critical in the transportation of steel, iron ore, and limestone.Surprisingly, the boat was responsible for delivering more than 1 million pieces of mail every year to a number of vessels on the Detroit River.

1. What Is the Name of the Floating Post Office?
  • The USS Antietam, the B. J. W. Westcott I, the C. J. W. Westcott II, and the D. USS Amsterdam were the ships involved.

The mail boat J.W. Westcott II, according to Liana Aghajanian, who wrote an in-depth profile on the company in July, is known as the ″7-11 of the Great Lakes″ because it is ″open 24 hours a day, seven days a week from mid-April to December, with three shifts for a bevy of crew members who have one of the most unique jobs in the country.″

Floating Post Office and Its Facts

There are hundreds of sailors who work for months at a time on the ocean hauling iron, coal, and limestone to ports in the Rustbelt region of the United States.Their sole means of staying in touch with family and friends is through the J.W.Westcott Company.Everything from love notes to coffee, toothpaste, cigarettes, toilet paper, and televisions have been delivered by the floating postal boat.People began to want pizza when they were hungry as a result of this event.At Westcott’s offices, family of Arab-American steel ship employees serve handmade meals during the month-long Ramadan celebration.

Captain Ryan Gadzecki revealed that he once transported a mistress and her lover to the islands off the coast of Detroit.Three decades ago, a lady by the name of Arlene Earl gave flowers to the captains and sailors of the ships that passed through the port of Westcott.In the words of Buchanan, ″These folks rely on us to get them their things.″ As a result, I go out in all sorts of weather and at all hours of the day to make sure the package gets to its destination.″

On the 23rd of October, the J. W. Westcott II went down in the dark water beneath the Ambassador Bridge. The skipper and one other member of the crew were killed. Both pilots and two passengers were rescued from their aircraft. After a period of time, the J. W. Westcott II was recovered, refurbished, and put back into service.

America’s Only Floating Post Office Delivers More than Mail to Detroit’s Ships

As traffic backs up on the Ambassador Bridge, which connects Detroit and Windsor, Canada, Captain Sam Buchanan prepares to carry a mail item on board for delivery to a passing ship.(Photo courtesy of Liana Aghajanian) Captain Sam Buchanan is driving a 45-foot tugboat named the J.W.Westcott II in the sea between the United States and Canada, just beyond the railroad lines on the outskirts of Detroit.He is his route to a freighter to participate in a delicate, centuries-old aquatic dance with it.’The James R.Barker,’ he adds, a grin on his face and a spin of the Westcott’s wheel, a finger pointing across the water to a massive ship anchored in the harbor.

″I made a 10-foot-tall replica of that one.″ In his spare time, he works at his second profession as the captain of a passenger boat that travels a dozen miles downstream on the same river.He spends his spare time at home constructing small wooden reproductions of Great Lakes watercraft.The winter months find him traveling between Michigan and Ohio, working on steamships.There is perhaps no one else who can so gracefully pull up next to this 1,000 foot behemoth, which is more like a giant steel wall emerging from the water than a ship, having made somewhere between 46,000 and 55,000 trips like this (this is the number of deliveries he has made to passing ships on the tugboat).Soon after, a rope is lowered into the tugboat while it slowly rocks, and a rectangular cardboard parcel is tied to the line by a Westcott deckhand before the tugboat is hauled onto the freighter’s deck.

Because their engines are running, they must be swift, completing the dance in no more than a few minutes if they want to keep their engines operating.As Buchanan draws the Westcott away from the dock and blows its mighty horn, the crew waves farewell.A warm day on the river, and as the tugboat travels beneath the congested Ambassador Bridge between Detroit and Canada before docking, it won’t be long before Buchanan is back out on the water, pulsing to its own beat in time with the current.In contrast to other riverboat operators, Buchanan serves as the captain of the world’s only floating post office, which transports letters and packages to ships at sea.

This procedure has remained unchanged for more than 140 years.A postal run on the Detroit River is undertaken by Captain Ryan Gazdecki aboard the J.W.Westcott II.Floating post offices aren’t simply a job for many of the people who work at the world’s only floating post office; they’re a way of life.

  • (Photo courtesy of Liana Aghajanian) The J.W.
  • Westcott Company has provided services to ships transporting freight that have passed through the Detroit River over the course of history.
  • When Henry Ford initially tested his first vehicle in Detroit, it was there.

It was there for the emergence of Motown Records, through the 1967 race riots, and it was there when the city declared bankruptcy following decades of economic and social strife.As Detroit rose to prominence as the core of the twentieth-century automobile boom, the river became the primary mode of transportation for iron ore, steel, and limestone for the manufacturing industry in the area.Today, the Detroit River retains its position as one of the busiest rivers in the world, according to the United Nations.J.W.

  • Westcott delivered around one million pieces of mail every season in the 1950s, but with the shipping business and communications technology having changed dramatically, that number is now less than half of what it was in the 1950s.
  • This mailboat has been in continuous service since it was built in 1949, with a backup boat named the Joseph J.
  • Hogan on standby to ensure that all deliveries are completed successfully.

As a result of the Westcott Company’s vital position on the Detroit River, they eventually became the first boat in the country to have its own zip code: 48222.The SS J.W.

Westcott, as seen in a photograph taken in 1900.(Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress, LC-DIG-det-4a16034.) Despite the fact that Buchanan is nominally a member of the United States Postal Service, the company’s cargo consists of much more than letters.There are three shifts for a slew of crew members who have one of the most unusual occupations in the country.

It is known as the ″7-11 of the Great Lakes,″ and it is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week from mid-April to December, with three shifts.Many of the thousands of sailors who work on ships hauling coal, iron ore, and stone to ports in the Rustbelt region are separated from their families because of the J.W.Westcott Company’s lack of a landline.Their ″mail in a bucket″ delivery method has been used to transport anything from love notes to coffee, cigarettes, toothpaste, televisions, and toilet paper to name a few things.The Westcott’s offices get prepared meals from family of Arab-American steel ship employees every Ramadan, which began more than a decade ago and has grown in popularity since.There was once a goat on board who was bound for a petting farm, and for more over three decades, a woman called Arlene Earl has been giving flowers to captains and crew members on board the ships that pass through the Westcott.

Captain Ryan Gadzecki shared a story with me about delivering a mistress to her boyfriend on one of Detroit’s surrounding islands while transporting the mistress’s unknowing wife back to shore during a pause in deliveries one afternoon.While in between delivery, Buchanan explains that ″these individuals rely on us to get them their items.″ In order to ensure that they receive it, I go out in all types of weather and at all hours of the day and night.The Westcott staff spends their leisure time mocking each other, cooking popcorn, and watching hockey at their offices at Riverside Park at the end of 24th Street, where Detroiters can frequently be spotted fishing during the summer months.In order to deliver mail on the Detroit River, Bill Redding and Sam Buchanan take the boat out on the water.Although the Westcott team has a pleasant summer, the colder months offer an element of danger as they face freezing rain and ice in order to carry mail.

(Photo courtesy of Liana Aghajanian) When it comes to making sure that both mail and food are carried to passing ships, Jim Hogan is in charge.He is the fourth generation to lead this family firm into uncharted seas as the maritime sector undergoes significant transformation.The wall of his office is lined with portraits of individuals who came before him and headed this organization.They serve as a physical reminder of the events that led to Hogan assuming control of his family’s company, despite the fact that he had other intentions, and being in command of a floating post office was not one of those plans.

  • It was Hogan’s great grandpa, John Ward Westcott, who established this business in 1874, a man whose family history dictated that he would spend the most of his life on the water rather than on the land due to his personal circumstances.
  • His parents, David and Mary Jane Westcott, were the first couple to marry aboard a steamer on the Great Lakes, and Westcott himself was the youngest captain on fresh water when he was just 21 years old in 1869.
  • The J.W.
  • Westcott firm would be established just five years later, when he put up a rowboat to relay messages to ships passing by between Lake Eerie and Lake Huron, thereby establishing the corporation.
  • Initially, Westcott supplied ″ship to shore″ communications at a time when, before to the invention of radio, ships relied on signals from their businesses to determine when and at which pier their trip would come to a conclusion.
  • When the J.W.
  • Westcott II is about to be hoisted up on board by a freighter, Bill Redding makes sure that a parcel is secured on board.
  • The boat, which delivers mail 24 hours a day, seven days a week, draws up near to passing ships in the river many times a day to drop off items, according to the company.
  • (Photo courtesy of Liana Aghajanian) A big part of the firm’s longevity for over two centuries has rested on the tailored, one-of-a-kind service it provides—Westcott himself described the operation as ″a general wet nurse″ for passing boats in an edition of Illinois Bell magazine published in 1914.
  • When these vessels are in this stretch, ″it warns all individuals involved of the timings and movements of these vessels,″ according to the magazine.
  1. ″This is especially important when navigating the perilous Ballard’s Ref and when sailing up or down the new Livingston Channel,″ the magazine added.
  2. Westcott’s shift from messenger service to postal service was a smooth one, and though only one station survives today, the company developed many more offices in other Great Lakes ports.
  3. According to Gary Bailey’s 1979 book, ″Westcott: The First Hundred Years,″ in 1902, he faced some competition from the ″Independent Marine Reporting Company,″ which was founded by two former workers who had problems with Westcott and who wanted to compete with him.
  4. The enterprise didn’t endure long, and in 1948, Westcott signed a contract with the United States Postal Service to become an official mail boat.
  • It is the concept that has endured the test of time, according to Hogan, not any unique magic involved with it.
  • Hogan had originally planned to become a teacher, but when his father phoned to need backup, he couldn’t say no and went on as a deckhand, eventually leaving his teaching ambitions and settling into the boating industry.
  • Among the Westcott’s most important members of staff are Captain Buchanan and Bill ″The Birdman″ Redding.
  • They refer to themselves as the A-Team, and they begin their days together with a cup of oatmeal and a newspaper, anticipating the arrival of the first delivery notification of the day.
  • When it comes to the regular post office, it is often a frustrating mess filled with long wait times, apathetic postal workers, and the desire to get in and out as quickly as possible, but at the Westcott, relationships have been cultivated and nurtured for decades between the staff and the ships they service, which means that retired employees and boating enthusiasts drop in regularly and always on time for a cup of coffee and a chat about the latest news.
  • On a passing freighter, the crew of the J.W.
  • Westcott II picks up their mail from the ship.
  • Delivering shipments and deliveries using this ″mail in the bucket″ approach has been a tradition at the J.W.
  • Westcott firm for more than 140 years.

(Photo courtesy of Liana Aghajanian) Interrupted by sorting mail and taking chewing tobacco orders, the control room is transformed into a heated discussion about everything from disagreements with wives (″I could feel the heat coming through the phone″) to the best ways to soothe a teething baby (″You get some baby Orajel, put him in a car seat, sit him on top of the dryer, and you’ll be fine.″) Buchanan and Redding burst out laughing at the same time.They have a variety of responsibilities that go beyond simply piloting a boat, according to Redding.When a postal worker comes by to drop off mail, he or she always brings up the subject of racial relations in America.According to Buchanan, who grew up in an ethnically mixed area, ″they’re always telling you somebody to despise.″ Prior to continuing on with her delivery, the postal worker states, ″People need to simply walk away from this hostility.″ Hogan and Redding grew up roughly 35 miles north of Detroit in the same neighborhood.In high school, he gained the nickname ″Bird,″ which he has retained at the Westcott, despite the fact that he has reached the age of sixty-one.

He was working for Pontiac Motors, which was owned by General Motors, when he was let off, along with thousands of other employees around the country.It was at that point when Hogan inquired about his interest in working for his family’s business.He said he was.

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He’s been a cornerstone of the Westcott crew for the last 29 years, and he currently oversees the control room, where he can watch how close or distant arriving ships are from the station and organize their mail service from two enormous monitors.Crew members who are studying for their captain’s license during breaks can borrow books from his lending library, which includes titles such as ″Tanker Operations″ and ″Survival Guide for the Mariner.″ The walls of President Jim Hogan’s office are adorned with portraits of his great grandpa, grandfather, and mother, among others.Hogan is the fourth generation of the Hogan family to lead the corporation, which was founded in Detroit, Michigan, in 1874.(Photo courtesy of Liana Aghajanian) While slurping down a kielbasa, Redding muses on the absurdity of his profession, which provides only a brief relief from a rush of phone calls.

‘Either there’s utter quiet or there’s insanity all at the same time.’ Redding is presently seated behind a desk, serving as the initial point of contact between ships and the postal office.It was under his command that Buchanan was introduced to the Westcott some 30 years ago, giving him his first trip in the mailboat on a single day as a youngster in October 1982, and it was under his command that Buchanan was introduced to the Westcott.A native of Southwest Detroit, Buchanan grew up in a neighborhood that many have referred to as a war zone, but one that he simply refers to as ″normal.″ ″It was an experience, and I wouldn’t have traded it for anything,″ he adds.

‘It didn’t seem that horrible to me at the time since I was accustomed to it and it was my natural surroundings.’ Some of his early adventures may have prepared him for some of the uncertainties that come with working on a boat.The townspeople of Redding and Buchanan have been involved in a variety of rescue missions, including saving bridge jumpers who were intent on committing suicide, pulling children from a sinking boat, and assisting inebriated skinny dippers from the river who were unable to communicate with them.″They were some of the few individuals I’ve gotten out of the sea that said ‘Thank you,’″ recalls Buchanan of the folks he rescued.Despite the fact that their services as impromptu lifeguards were unintentional, the J.W.Westcott has been forced to consider alternative means of remaining afloat.It has had an impact on the business because every 1,000 foot vessel being built has the potential to replace at least several regular sized ships.

  1. The Great Lakes shipping industry, which delivers 165 million metric tons of cargo every year, has been affected by the changes.
  2. Because of globalization, the closure of steel mills, and growing concern about the environmental impact of coal, the future of this often overlooked region of the United States is in doubt.
  3. If this industry suffers a setback, the Westcott will also suffer a setback.

In the words of Hogan, ″this is not the golden age of the industry.″ ″There are eight-hour spells when there are no ships in the region,″ says the captain.Nowadays, instead of seeing 45 to 60 boats serviced in a day, only 15 to 20 boats are serviced on average per day these days.Cans of Campbell’s Soup are displayed on a table at the J.W.

  1. Westcott offices, where sundries are available for purchase by passing vessels from the United States and other countries.
  2. Since being an official United States Postal Service mail boat, the firm has gained the distinction of having the world’s first floating postal zip code, which is 48222.
  3. (Photo courtesy of Liana Aghajanian) Steel manufacturing was completely halted during the car sector crisis of 2008, making the situation much more difficult.
  4. The experience was ″a touch frightening at first; we weren’t sure in all honesty if we were going to make it,″ recalls Redding.
  5. The firm had survived how many wars and a lot of fairly insane circumstances, and all of a sudden we were looking at this as if it was the end of the world.
  1. The automobile industry recovered, and circumstances at J.W.
  2. Westcott began to normalize as well, although the business had already begun to diversify its operations.
  3. In addition, they now provide a pick-up and delivery service for ships that place orders for a range of foodstuffs.
  4. They also conduct pilot changes for salt water ships, which means that when foreign vessels enter the Great Lakes system, a pilot who is registered in the United States or Canada must be on board to assist the ship in navigating through the area.
  5. For the United States Steel Corporation, which owns and operates a steel mill on the industrial Zug Island near Detroit, officials are currently negotiating to restore a water taxi service to the island.
  6. According to Hogan, ″this new period of new generation of ship owners and operators are starting to recognize us as much more than simply the mailboat.″ ″I believe we were compelled to do so by technological constraints.″ Packages for ships travelling via the Detroit River are stored in pigeon holes at the J.W.
  1. Westcott’s mail room, which is located on the second floor.
  2. As technology has altered the way we communicate, the Westcott has seen a steady decline in the amount of mail that arrives.
  3. (Photo courtesy of Liana Aghajanian) As it turns out, technological advancements have altered the way of life for this floating post office, particularly when it comes to mail and the reduction in the amount of letters they receive.
  4. The pigeon hole compartments in the sorting room of J.W.
  5. Westcotts used to be crammed with letters and other correspondence.
  6. Now, many of them are still vacant.
  • As Buchanan points out, ″nobody wants to be kept waiting any longer.″ When I was younger, I used to see girls kissing envelopes and putting perfume on them, and it made me think about how intimate that was, and now nothing is truly intimate anymore.″ Buchanan doesn’t have much time to think about the past since a call comes in for a ship travelling down the river just as his shift is coming to a close.
  • A life jacket and a mail bag are carried out to the boat by the man, who leaps from the desk he was sitting on and prepares to get back on the water.

What state has the only floating post office?

There appears to be more than one state U.S.Mail Boat, Sophie C.in Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire, according to the information available.The Motor Vessel (M/V) Sophie C.on the Great Lakes is the world’s oldest floating post office, having been in service since 1879.Every season, she delivers mail on Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire, continuing a family tradition that dates back to 1892.

Sophie’s daily postal runs take her to five different islands, where she and her team carry mail to island inhabitants and summer programs.Apart from being a full-service post office where these people may acquire postal materials and stamps, Sophie also sells a variety of ice cream novelty treats and snacks in addition to being a full-service post office.For her island pals, a daily ice cream bar or popsicle has become something of a habit throughout the summer months.Passengers on board the Sophie C.are asked to complete Sophie C.

postcards and mail them to the ship directly from the ship.Possibly you could surprise a friend or relative with mail delivered by boat, complete with Sophie’s own one-of-a-kind, valuable cancellation stamp!Loon Island, Bear Island, 3 Mile Island, East Bear Island are among the morning mail stops.Camp Lawrence, Birch Island, Sandy Island, Cow Island, and Jolly Island are among the destinations for the afternoon mail run.

Be a secluded island Linked to the world’s oldest floating post office On six days a week, the Sophie C., a floating mail boat, acts as a full service post office, replete with stamps and postal supplies, for residents of the more than 250 islands that make up Lake Winnipesaukee’s shoreline.Concord, New Hampshire – It’s a marvel that a floating post office is still a popular tourist attraction in this day and age, when it’s simpler to send e-mails than it is to write a handwritten letter, and when the recipient’s response time may be so short.Since 1892, the Sophie C.has been delivering postal service to the inhabitants and visitors of Lake Winnipesaukee, as well as beautiful vistas of residences and mountain ranges that are unrivaled from the lake’s shorelines.

  • The Sophie C.
  • makes two daily voyages around the lake, stopping at four islands in the morning and five islands in the afternoon.
  • Mail delivery is available from mid-June to mid-September each year, with service lasting from mid-June to mid-September.

Sophie offers the perfect ticket for travelers who want to utilize the service as a shuttle for visiting friends who reside on an island, or who just want to take in the sights.For the people of the more than 250 islands on Lake Winnipesaukee, this floating mail boat functions as a full service post office, complete with stamps and postal supplies, six days a week.It is possible for this ″Island Boat,″ as some locals refer to it, to transport freight if inhabitants require to mail or receive items during the summer months on the island.During a typical season, the Sophie C.

  • can process between 36,000 and 38,000 pieces of combined inbound and outbound mail, depending on the volume.
  • The Sophie C., on the other hand, is much more than a post office to the children and campers who come to the lake to spend their summer months.
  • Children come racing with money in hand as the three-level horn sounds, marking her approach to each island and their anticipation of seeing what ice cream goodies she has brought today.
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Some youngsters even wait for the arrival of the vessel in order to demonstrate the stunts that they are capable of doing while simultaneously leaping from the edge of the pier for the benefit of the passengers staring below.The only floating post office in the world is not located in Venice.From April to the middle of December, over 5,000 sailors are constantly on the move on the Great Lakes.

They live and work on board vessels that transport freight from Lake Superior to Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, or Lake Erie, or vice versa, and they do so on a seasonal basis.The ships will sail via the Port of Detroit at some point during their trip, when the J.W.Wescott II will meet them and deliver ″mail by the bucket.″ The headquarters of the J.W.

Westcott Company are located along the Detroit River, right below the Ambassador Bridge, in Detroit, Michigan.As an official United States post office since 1895, its pilot boat has been carrying mail and goods to vessels passing through the Detroit River’s narrows (as well as candies, cigarettes, and the occasional pizza) ever since.During shipping season, the firm is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and supplies just about everything that the shipping companies need, whether it’s a new stove for a freighter or food for a trawler’s chef, among other things.Upon meeting the ships in the middle of the river, the Wescott gives off the supplies in five-gallon steel buckets.As a result, it is a difficult exchange since the pilot boat must keep up with the larger vessel’s speed, make the delivery, and then draw away quickly so as not to become entangled in the wake of the larger vessel.

TIL about Detroit. Home to the only floating post office in the U.S.

Boaty McBoatface, anyone?No, this is the J.W.Wescott II, not the first.This is according to the New York Times: ″A short roadway leads to the Detroit River, where a black-and-white boat with an embossed USPS eagle bobbles in the water.″ The J.W.Westcott II mail boat is the only floating ZIP code in the United States, and it is located off the coast of Maine.48222 is the ZIP number assigned to the tiny boat, and it is designated for mail addressed to the freighters that traverse the Great Lakes.

In Detroit, it is handled by the J.W.Westcott Company, which was established in 1874 and whose primary function was vessel reporting – informing firms and the families of sailors about the whereabouts of their ships and loved ones.Its official slogan is ″mail by the bucket,″ which means ″by the pail.″ It chugs out to passing freighters in order to distribute parcels to the sailors, which is generally accomplished by hoisting the mail with a rope and bucket from the freighters.Since 1948, it has served as a registered post office.

According to the proprietor, Jim Hogan, the volume of first-class mail has decreased recently.Because most ships have wireless internet access, sailors use email just like everyone else.″However, our shipments, both express and priority, have arrived.″ When ships and ports were less automated 40 or 50 years ago, a boat’s crew had time to go shopping on shore while their vessel was moored.″Today’s sailor is playing a completely different game,″ Mr.

Hogan explained.When it comes to purchasing products online, ″younger males are accustomed to doing so.″ ″It’s not as vital to receive a love letter from home as it is to receive something that he has ordered,″ says the author today.In contrast, the Westcott Company has been able to stay afloat and even flourish over the previous few decades, while the United States Postal Service has continued to sink further into debt – net losses for the second quarter of 2016 were $2 billion.Despite the fact that the agency has laid off hundreds of thousands of individuals over the previous five years, Mr.

  • Hogan, 60, claims that he is having difficulty hiring skilled staff″.
  • The whole piece may be seen at the New York Times here.
  • Visitor to the ELGL17 should take use of the chance to go down to the Detroit River and take in the Detroit Riverwalk, panoramic views of Canada, and maybe the J.W.

Wescott II.Walking down to the River from the David Whitney Building takes only 10 minutes!Don’t forget to register for ELGL17 by visiting this page.

Michigan Has the Only Floating Post Office in the World

In fact, Michigan is the only place where you can find this!Now, before anyone gets too worked up about it, this is an ACTUAL POST OFFICE.This isn’t just any old boat that transports mail.There are a LOT of them around.Detroit’s Ambassador Bridge is home to the J.W.Westcott II, the world’s only floating post office, which delivers mail to boats and ships near the Ambassador Bridge.

A ferry service between passing and waiting ships on the Detroit River was the origin of the Westcott Company, which was founded in 1874 by Captain John W.Wescott.In 1895, he started a postal delivery service.When the year 1949 arrived, the J.W.Westcott II boat was completed, measuring 45 feet in length and traveling at a speed of 15 knots.

During the delivery of mail by Westcott II on October 23, 2001, there was an oversight.When the Norwegian oil tanker ″MT Sidsel Knutsen″ passed under the Ambassador Bridge, the crew was under the bridge.The Westcott became entangled in the wake of the tanker and sunk, killing the skipper and one of the crew members on board.After some time had passed, the boat was recovered from the river’s bottom, saved, restored, and re-purposed for mail service.

Interestingly, the boat has its own own zip code, which is 48222.The J.W.Westcott II is under contract with the United States Postal Service until 2021, and there is no indication that the company will terminate the agreement…..and it happens to be the world’s only floating post office!


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Quincy Smelter

Fort Wilkins, Then and Now

World’s only floating post office in Kashmir: Delivering letters since 200 years

Even though we’ve heard of floating gardens, islands, and houseboats, we’ve never heard of a floating post office until we visited Kashmir’s famed Dal Lake.It is the world’s only floating post office, and it is the only one in the world.This two-century-old floating post office was established during the British colonial era and continues to carry letters and couriers to the residents of the surrounding lake today.A postman delivers the mail while riding in a shikara, which is a traditional mode of transportation.Even though it is floating in the middle of Dal Lake, this floating post office provides all of the usual services of a regular post office.For this purpose, they utilize an unique seal made of shikara, which is placed on the envelope by a boatman.

″ This is a 200-year-old post office that serviced the local community from before the Maharaja’s rule till the British occupation of India.It was eventually referred to as a floating post office.There has been no change in the amount of postings that are being distributed.When there is a large stream of tourists, we don’t have time to converse.Thousands of people come to this post office every day to snap photographs.

They may purchase items such as unique covers, postcards, and stamps from this location.The letter is brought to the houseboat by the postman, who arranges for the use of a Shikara to get there.This has been going on for years, and it is still happening on today, and ″According to Farooq Ahmad, the Post Master, there is a problem.For many years, Mohd Ismail worked as a postman for the Indian Postal Service.

He has been distributing letters to those who live around the lake on a daily basis.Even though taking a shikara and seeing several houseboats takes a lot of time, it is this aspect of the experience that he enjoys the most.″For the past 10 years, I have been delivering letters at Dal Lake.Breathing in the pure air from the lake is really beneficial to my health.

  • Every day, I distribute between 100-150 letters.
  • Within the lake, there is also a CRPF camp, which receives a large number of the letters that I deliver.
  • To deliver these letters, it takes me a couple of hours.

″I start at 11 a.m.and end at 5:30 p.m.,″ Mohd Ismail said on his working hours.Many locals who reside on or near the lake believe that the internet and social media have had a big influence on the act of writing and mailing letters.However, other people miss it since it used to be an emotional experience to receive or write a letter back in the day.

  • ″This post office has been in operation for quite some time.
  • It is really simple for houseboat owners to receive and send correspondence.
  • For the time being, people prefer to communicate via email and social media, and the art of letter writing is becoming obsolete.

Receiving or sending a letter was an exciting and memorable event; opening and reading a letter was an even more memorable experience!Noor Mohammad, the owner of a houseboat, expressed her want for everything.The floating post office has a collection of ancient stamps and used to have a small museum in one of the rooms, which was destroyed by the floods in 2014.

The collection was destroyed by the floods in 2014.

Know about India’s one and only floating post office in Srinagar

  • If it is possible to have a floating lake, a floating mosque, and a floating market, then it should come as no surprise that there is also a floating post office, which genuinely exists.
  • The floating post office is located in the magnificent city of Srinagar in the Indian state of Kashmir, atop a massive houseboat in Dal Lake, surrounded by stunning snow-capped mountains.
  • In fact, the most unexpected aspect of this building is that it is not only India’s only floating post office, but also the world’s only floating post office, making it a really unique piece of architecture!
  1. What is the location of the facility?
  2. In Srinagar, you may locate this post office that is floating on the waves of the beautiful Dal Lake.
  3. Although it appears to be a typical shikara boat, which is a familiar sight in the city, if you look attentively you’ll notice the official red and yellow insignia of the Indian Post Office, which is displayed on the side of the boat.
  4. In the distance, there is a sign that reads, ″Floating Post Office, Dal Lake.″ The one-of-a-kindness Because of its one-of-a-kind construction, this post office has now become a significant element of a tourist’s Kashmir itinerary due to its historical significance.
  5. Your jaw will drop when you see the amount of travelers who stop at the post office merely to send a postcard to their family and friends.

The Dal Lake image appears on the stamps as well, which serves as a form of homage to this work of nature’s beauty in its own right.There couldn’t possibly be a greater keepsake, could there?Concerning the post office The floating post office was launched by Omar Abdullah, the then Chief Minister of the state of Jammu and Kashmir, and Sachin Pilot, Minister of State for Communications and Information Technology, back in 2011.This is a bustling post office that is frequented not just by residents who need to mail letters, but also by visitors from all over the world.Other services available here include access to the internet and the ability to make international phone calls.

Apart from that, the post office building is home to a philately museum, which has an extensive collection of rare stamps and other memorabilia.There’s also a souvenir shop where you can pick up postcards, stamps, local souvenirs, and greeting cards to take home with you.In order to avoid disappointment the next time you visit Srinagar, make sure you send postcards to your friends and family from the only floating post office on the planet!

India’s first floating post office, now open in Srinagar

  • Srinagar/New Delhi: The situation in Srinagar and New Delhi is critical.
  • Tourists to Jammu and Kashmir now have a new attraction to look forward to: a floating post office on the Dal Lake in Srinagar, which is the first of its kind in the nation.
  • The floating post office was officially launched on Monday by Sachin Pilot, Minister of State for Communications and Information Technology (IT), and Omar Abdullah, Chief Minister of the state of Jammu and Kashmir.
  1. According to Pilot, ″This invention by India Post would prove to be a godsend for visitors visiting the lake.″ In addition to providing standard services, the location will house a philately museum as well as a store that will sell postal stamps and other related items.
  2. ″This is the first post office of its kind in India.
  3. As a tourism focus post office on a massive house boat, it would give a unique and tourist-friendly service to the people of Kashmir as well as tourists from all over the globe, according to the company ″John Samuel, the state’s head postmaster, shared his perspective.
  4. As an added bonus, Samuel stated that a unique feature of this post office is that mail sent from here would be embossed with a particular pattern that depicts the magnificent scenery of Dal Lake and Srinagar city.
  5. According to him, ″These photographs will reach everywhere these letters are sent and will promote Kashmir as a tourism destination around the world.″ On the Dal Lake, Pilot also presented two limited-edition mail covers designed just for the occasion.

According to him, ″it is an appropriate homage to the lake, which is one of the most renowned and most referenced emblems of Kashmir, and which is sometimes referred to as the crown of Kashmir.″ Later, Pilot began operating a dedicated postal van service between Srinagar and the Shopian region.In Jammu and Kashmir, there are now 1,693 post offices operated by the postal service.

Unseen Passage: Floating Post Office

  • Another attraction for visitors to Jammu & Kashmir is a floating post office on the Dal Lake in Srinagar, which is the first of its kind in the country.
  • This post office, which is reported to be the only one of its kind in the world, is housed on an artistically carved maroon houseboat, which is permanently moored on the western side of Dal Lake.
  • When you’re in this post office, you may take use of all of the standard postal services offered in the country while still remaining afloat.
  1. It is the only seal in the world that is used on everything mailed from the Floating Post Office, and it bears a design of a rowing boatman on the Dal Lake, along with the date and address of course.
  2. The unique characteristic of this post office is that mail sent from here are embossed with a particular pattern that depicts the lovely Dal Lake and Srinagar city.
  3. These photographs are delivered to wherever the letters are sent, and as a result, Kashmir is promoted as a tourist destination across the world.
  4. This is really a heritage post office that has been in operation since the period of the British Empire.
  5. Prior to 2011, it was known as the Nehru Park Post Office.
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However, the head postmaster, John Samuel, dubbed it as the ‘Floating Post Office’ once he took over.The houseboat where the post office is located has two small rooms, one of which functions as the office and the other which serves as a small museum tracing the philatelic history of the state postal service.It contains a store where you can purchase postage stamps and other items.The Floating Post Office, on the other hand, is more than just a tourist attraction for the inhabitants.?

The Dal Lake Floating Post Office receives deposits of between Rs.1-2 crores every month from the communities living in and around the lake.A number of islets dot the lake, each of which is home to more than 50,000 people.The greatest worry is a rerun of the floods that occurred in 2014, during which the houseboat was thrown violently into the water by the floodwaters.Rescue crews had to use a sophisticated technique to secure it to a nearby mountain range in order to save lives.

Then, once the water had receded, it was transported back to the Dal.The most significant advantage is that you will never require a fan at this post office at any time of the year.

Q. On the basis of your understanding of the above passage, answer the following questions:

  1. Before 2011, this post office was called.
  1. Jawahar Park Post Office, Nehru Park Post Office, British Post Office, and Floating Post Office are all examples of post offices in India.
  1. The seal used in the floating Post Office is unique because
  1. Designed in the shape of a boatman rowing a Shikara
  2. It is widely utilized by the local population.
  3. It does not have a date or an address on it.
  4. In addition, it is available throughout the country.
  1. The seal bears the design of
  1. Aeroplane
  2. Bus
  3. Ship
  4. Shikara

What is the location of the Floating Post Office on the Dal Lake’s eastern shore?

  1. Eastern
  2. Northern
  3. Western
  4. Southern
  1. In which year flood struck floating Post Office?
  1. 2014
  2. 2004
  3. 1994
  4. 1894
  1. The monthly deposits per month in Floating Post Office is.
  1. 4-5 crore
  2. 3-4 crore
  3. 2-3 crore
  4. 1-2 crore
  1. is claimed to be the only one such in the world.
  1. There is a museum dedicated to the state postal agency, a stamp shop, a Floating Post Office on Dal Lake, and everything in between
  1. John Samuel, who renamed it floating Post Office, was a.
  1. Postman
  2. Postmaster
  3. Chief postmaster
  4. Chief postman

The unique aspect of this post office is that letters sent from here are considered official.

  1. Have the design of a houseboat created
  2. have the design of snow-capped mountains created
  3. have the design of Dal Lake created
  4. have the design of traditional handicrafts created.
  1. In the post office’s houseboat there is.
  1. A building that houses an office, a museum, and a shop.
  2. A museum, a library, and a prayer room are all included.
  3. An office, a gift store, and a library are all on the premises.
  4. None of the options listed above
  1. Which of the following statement is true:
  1. Dal Lake is home to the Dal Lake Floating Post Office, which is said to be the only one of its kind in the world.
  2. With its floating post office on Dal Lake, it is the world’s biggest post office by far.
  3. There is a floating post office on Dal Lake that is the world’s oldest post office.
  4. In addition, the Dal Lake Floating Post Office is the busiest post office in the world.
  1. The word ‘fastened’ in para 1 means.
  1. loose
  2. secured
  3. quickly
  4. unlocked


  1. This post office, located in Nehru Park, is designed to seem like a boatman rowing in a Shikara.
  2. Shikara
  3. Western
  4. 2014
  5. 1-2 crores
  6. Shikara, Western
  7. Dancing Post Office, which is located on Dal Lake
  8. Postmaster in chief
  9. Have the Dal Lake design in mind
  10. A building that houses an office, a museum, and a shop.
  11. This Floating Post Office is located on Dal Lake and has been reported to be the only one of its kind in the world. It is secure.

Q. Answer the following questions on the basis of the passage you have read:

  1. Is it possible to find out where the Floating Post Office is in Srinagar?
  2. What is it about the seal that is used at the post office that is so unique?
  3. What role does the post office play in the promotion of tourism?
  4. When and why was the post office renamed ″Floating Post Office″?
  5. What is the purpose of the two rooms at the post office?
  6. What benefits does the post office provide to the community?
  7. What is the single most terrifying thing that the post office has to face?
  8. What are some of the ways that the post office provides a huge benefit to the public?
  9. Find the word from the passage that has the same meaning as the term ″attraction″ (paragraph 5)


  1. Located on the western shore of the Dal Lake in Srinagar, the Floating Post Office is one of the most popular tourist sites in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is built on an exquisitely carved maroon houseboat that has been permanently moored there.
  2. Each item sent out from the Floating Post Office is marked with a special seal that is only available at the post office. In addition to the date and address, it has the design of a boatman rowing a shikara on Dal Lake.
  3. Letters sent to the Floating Post Office in Srinagar are specially designed to feature the magnificent beauty of Dal Lake and Srinagar as their background. Regardless of whatever address these letters are sent to, these photographs reach their target, therefore promoting Kashmir as a tourist destination across the world.
  4. John Samuel, the head postmaster of the state postal department, called it the ″Floating Post Office.″ One room of the post office’s houseboat acts as the office, while the other serves as a tiny museum that chronicles the philatelic history of the state postal department. In addition, it offers a store where you may buy postage stamps and other items.
  5. Floating Post Office allows residents of Dal Lake and the surrounding area to deposit and save their money for a variety of purposes. They benefit from it because it serves as a bank
  6. the main concern that the post office has is the recurrence of flooding in the lake
  7. the post office is a boon to the people since it serves as a significant source of attraction as well as a source of money for them
  8. Fascination

A 200-year-old floating post office in Jammu and Kashmir attracts many tourists

This post office in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir is thought to be the only one of its sort in the country, as it provides postal services aboard boats.

India’s only floating post office

Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir’s sole floating post office, housed on a massive houseboat against a backdrop of snow-capped mountains on the gorgeous Dal Lake, has been attracting visitors for decades. It is the country’s only floating post office. (Photograph:WION)

Post office converted into India Post Payments Bank

While remaining afloat, this post office continues to provide normal mail services to the rest of the country. This post office has been turned into an India Post Payments Bank, where residents may deposit their profits in addition to the normal mail. The availability of a banking facility has boosted the appeal of this post office location. (Photograph:WION)

It came during British rule

  • It was built during the British reign in India and was given a renovation in 2011 in order to attract more visitors.
  • It is 200 years old.
  • It has been decided to exhibit colorful stamps from the 1980s in a museum that will also have on display a collection of rare philately stamps.
  1. As a result of its fast and hassle-free services, the post office has earned a reputation for being more than just a floating one.
  2. ″Since the expansion of postal banking services, we have gotten an overwhelmingly positive reaction.
  3. Every other day, local businesspeople bring their funds to us for safekeeping ″, according to a spokesperson.
  4. (Photograph:WION)

Boat is studded with lattice wooden artwork

  • Tourism has risen in popularity as a result of the post office, which many visitors have found by chance.
  • The boat is embellished with lattice woodwork artwork to give it a more traditional appearance, and a painting of romantic Kashmiri poet Mehjoor is permanently mounted on one of the walls.
  • ″We have everything you need for both residents and visitors right here.
  1. This is the only post office of its kind in the entire globe.
  2. We are fortunate to be employed here ″Farooq Ahmad Khan, a member of the team, explains.
  3. (Photograph:WION)

‘You can customize a stamp with your picture’

  • On your vacation to Kashmir, you may also personalize a stamp with your photo and send it to family members and friends back home.
  • ″We have visitors who personalize their stamps as mementos,″ adds another employee, who is busy on his computer at the time of speaking.
  • During the busiest tourist season, the floating post office sees a significant increase in traffic.
  1. According to officials, this is also thought to be the first and only facility of its sort in India.
  2. (All photographs courtesy of Ieshan Bashir Wani of WION.) (Photograph:WION)

Floating Post Office

  • Ake Winnipesaukee has a tendency to fool people at times.
  • Although it is described as New Hampshire’s largest lake — and a peek at the map will show that it is, without a doubt — the lake might appear to be much smaller in person than the charts would imply.
  • The numerous islands and peninsulas, particularly in the northern hemisphere, provide the impression that the mainland is never far away.
  1. If you go around the lake’s outer margins, you’ll come across a few no-wake zones near the bustling town ports and choke spots between the shoreline and the islands, among other restrictions.
  2. You’ll see a small outpost in the canal as you pass through one of these in particular, as you go north from Meredith into Center Harbor.
  3. Bear Island’s shoreline is markedly different from its residential neighborhoods and camping grounds.
  4. Along the no-wake zone, a long and wide dock fronts the water, with a small green-trimmed building with an American flag flying above it, built directly next to the water’s edge.
  5. ″Bear Island Post Office,″ says a sign in the eaves of the building’s roof.

The earliest and oldest floating post office in the United States may be found on New Hampshire’s biggest lake, which is also the state’s largest lake.With its mooring at Weirs Beach, the M/V Sophie C.is the world’s oldest and one of only two currently operating floating United States Postal Service post offices, according to the Postal Service.In 1892, a floating post office service was established on Lake Winnipesaukee, and it still operates today, delivering mail to eight islands on the lake every day between June and September.The Sophie C, which is operated by Mount Washington Cruises, offers a two-hour mailboat cruise for $32 per person.

The cruise departs from Weirs Beach at 11:00 a.m.and returns at 1:00 p.m.You may purchase tickets by going to cruisenh.com.Designed by Boston General Ship & Engine Works in 1945 to temporarily replace the Mount Washington, whose engines and boilers had been commandeered by the Navy during World War II, the Sophie C took over the mail route from the Uncle Sam II in 1969, and she was decommissioned in 1989 to be scrapped.The Sophie C.

has a relatively short postal season, which runs from the middle of June to the first or second week of September.In terms of timing for people who own vacation homes on the islands, it’s about right, since the seasonal properties begin closing their doors for the winter not long after Labor Day.Because of the short season, the Sophie C.

  1. never has to deal with ice on the water.
  2. In many ways, the Sophie C.’s service to the islands surrounding Lake Michigan appears to be a nostalgic throwback to a bygone era.
  3. A daily mail service to an island seems excessive in today’s world of online payments and emailed correspondence.

But how else are the Laconia Daily Sun and other publications delivered to the islands?What other means do you have of receiving the occasional package?If you have the luxury of spending your summer vacation on an island, why would you want to go through the trouble of returning to shore and driving downtown when the post office can come to you?

The Sophie C., on the other hand, is about much more than mail delivery.Even though the boat delivers many things — such as waves from cruise passengers, news from the shore, a treat for some kids on the dock, and a social opportunity for those who aren’t just passing through for a few days — not everything can be stamped and stuffed into a mail slot.It’s a small piece of what’s going on back home for those who spend their summers living on the lake, and they never have to leave the dock to find out what’s happening.For those of us who will never be able to completely disconnect from the always-on, always-connected world of today, this is a wonderful luxury to contemplate.

Several sources, including Jeff Brown, a lifelong New Hampshire resident who has written about the Sophie C on the website stayworkplay.org, have contributed to this compilation.Simply The Best You may be a year-round resident or a second-home resident.This may be a vacat.

Detroit River still home to America’s only floating post office

  • Updates on the postal service August 30, 2016, 3:00 p.m.
  • Sailors on board ships traversing the Detroit River, such as the one seen above, require mail as well.
  • It is for this reason that the J.W.
  1. Westcott II, the world’s only floating post office, was built.
  2. Colin Sallee contributed to this article.
  3. Our newest Linn’s Buzz provides you with a brief overview of what’s going on in the world of stamp collecting:

The Floating Post

  • On August 28, NPR reporter Quinn Klinefelter provided a story for Weekend Edition Sunday from the deck of the 45-foot tugboat J.W.
  • Westcott II, a delivery boat that has been working in the Detroit River for over 67 years and is the country’s only floating post office.
  • While outlining what the boat offers and how it distributes it in a ″not-so-high-tech″ manner, the report, which can be heard here, also catches a sample of life on the boat.
  1. (Hint: it has something to do with a bucket.) According to its own ZIP code, the J.W.
  2. Westcott II has been open for more th

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