How Do I Refuse A Package From Ups?

  • Refuse Delivery in Person. You can refuse delivery of the package if you are present when the UPS driver arrives.
  • Cancel Delivery Online. If you aren’t at your workplace when the package arrives, the driver will leave a UPS InfoNotice to let you know about the attempted delivery.
  • Return a Delivered Package. If the UPS driver does not have to obtain a signature for the delivery, he will leave the package at your door in your absence.
  • Intercept Delivery. What if you’ve sent a parcel to a customer or associate and need to stop delivery?
  • Shipping Cost. UPS does not charge a fee for returns if the package has not been opened. Opening it indicates acceptance and completes the shipping process.
  • – Take the goods to port of origin. Where it can be easily taken out and auctioned. – Let it rot at custom bound area, and custom will forfeit/auction it after certain period. – Courier company can pay duty and recover its cost by auction.

    Can I refuse a package sent to my door?

    Yes. If you know you want to refuse it before it arrives, put a big note with the tracking number on it saying you would like to refuse that package on your door. If it has already arrived on your porch, you should be able to bring it, UNOPENED, to a UPS facility, UPS store, etc and ask them to return it to sender as refused.

    Can I refuse a package if I order it online?

    If you are a UPS MyChoice customer you may refuse the package online. There are other benefits to the program, including rerouting packages while in transit and getting a confirmed delivery window.

    How do I refuse a courier a package?

    You can refuse the delivery in person when the courier arrives at your address or have someone else do it on your behalf. If you were not at home when the courier had arrived and your parcel was left at your door, call the courier company and inform them that you refuse the package.

    Does UPS charge for refused packages?

    Packages refused by consignees or which for any other reason cannot be delivered will be promptly returned to the shipper without additional charge.

    Can I leave a note for UPS to refuse a package?

    Originally Answered: Can you refuse a delivery from UPS? Sure, just tell the UPS driver that you refuse it, or Leave a note on the door with the tracking number with the same message. The UPS Driver will tag it refused, and send it back to the shipper (And charge them to get it back).

    How do I reject a UPS package online?

    Log in below to view your shipping history. Choose the package(s) that you need to intercept from the list. Once you have selected the appropriate package(s), you can choose between the different delivery change options available. You’ll be prompted to provide a bit of additional info in order to submit the request.

    What happens when a package is refused UPS?

    When a package is refused, it is returned to the shipper. That return shipping is billed to the account holder (usually the shipper).

    Who pays refused package?

    Many postal customers believe that they may accept, open and then refuse a parcel marked ‘Return Service Requested”. The placement of the return service endorsement on mailpieces constitutes, in part, a pledge by the sender that they will pay return postage if the pieces are refused by the addressee.

    How do I return to sender?

    Return Mail To Sender: Someone Who Doesn’t Live At Your Address

    1. Step One: Write “Not At This Address” On The Envelope.
    2. Step Two: Give The Mail Item Back To Your Carrier.
    3. Step Three: Use An United States Postal Service Mail Collection Box.
    4. Step One: Put It Back In Your Mailbox.

    Can I refuse delivery and get a refund?

    If postage was charged as an extra item then it can be treated as change of mind and delivery costs don’t need to be refunded. Unfortunately as the customer did not receive the item, for whatever reason, then you have to give a full refund including postage.

    How do I ‘refuse’ an UPS delivery?

  • Collect My Package from a UPS Location: Have your package held at a UPS location such as a UPS Access Point location or a UPS Customer Centre.
  • Deliver My Package to Another Address: Have your package delivered to another address when you will not be home.
  • Deliver My Package on Another Day: Have your package delivered on a different day.
  • How can I return unwanted package to ups?

  • No longer needed: You changed your mind and don’t want the item anymore.
  • Inaccurate website description: Example: The photo shows a deep royal blue,but the item is a light sky blue.
  • Item defective or doesn’t work: It could be broken or simply doesn’t do what it’s designed to do (for example,a working power bank with a broken USB-C port).
  • What happens if ups misdelivered my package?

  • Visit the official website of USPS.
  • Register for this service 30 days before your vacation plan.
  • Go to the USPS Hold Mail Request.
  • It is present under managing your mail tab.
  • Fill all the required details.
  • How to Refuse a Package Sent With UPS

    You are under no obligation to accept delivery of a shipment that you did not order and that you do not want. The shipment can be refused and returned to the sender in a number of ways, according to the UPS website. Each approach is simple to follow and, in the majority of situations, takes minimal effort.

    Refuse Delivery in Person

    If you are there when the UPS driver comes, you have the option to decline delivery of the package.Additionally, an employee or another representative from your company might decline the shipment on your behalf.Inform the delivery driver that you do not want the package and request that it be returned to the sender on your behalf.You are not required to sign anything in order to acknowledge receipt of the item or to indicate that a request to return the package has been submitted.

    Cancel Delivery Online

    If you are not present at your place of employment when the package is delivered, the driver will leave a UPS InfoNotice to notify you that a delivery attempt has been made.This notification offers access to a tracking area on the UPS website, where you can choose one of four delivery alternatives for the next delivery attempt, as detailed in the notice.There are four options: Will Call, Delivery to Another Address, Reschedule Delivery, and Return to Sender.Will Call is the default option.

    • Select the latter option in order to prevent a second delivery attempt.

    Return a Delivered Package

    As long as the UPS driver does not need to collect a signature for the delivery, he will leave the box at your door while you are out of the house.Do not attempt to open it.rather of accepting delivery of the package, call UPS at 1-800-PICK-UPS to notify an agent that you are denying delivery of the package and would like it returned to the sender.Make a time for pick-up to take place.

    • You may also drop the box off at a UPS drop-off site.
    • You must return the package to the sender within five business days, or else you will be required to contact the shipper for authorisation to do so.

    Intercept Delivery

    What do you do if you’ve shipped a package to a client or colleague and you need to halt delivery of the package?In certain cases, the intended receiver will contact at the last minute to request a change of address, or they may choose to order a different item or cancel their purchase altogether.In such circumstances, you have the option of intercepting the delivery in the middle.Before the shipment reaches its destination, utilize your automated UPS shipping or tracking system to return or reroute it to a different location.

    Shipping Cost

    If the shipment has not been opened, UPS does not impose a restocking fee for returns.Its opening signifies approval and the completion of the shipment procedure.UPS drivers are unable to accept packages that have been opened for return.You should write the tracking number on the package so that you can trace the package’s path back to the sender and show that it has been returned successfully.

    Receiver Refused the Delivery

    Although a denied delivery is a frustrating circumstance for an online merchant, it does happen from time to time that an order is refused or cancelled by the recipient. The recipient, on the other hand, has the option and the legal right to decline a delivery. We’ll go through what you should do in both situations, whether you’re a buyer or a seller.

    The order was refused by the receiver. What now?

    • If a consumer refuses to accept the delivery, you should first attempt to determine the reason for the refusal. If the products were damaged during shipping, and the consumer refuses to accept the delivery because of the damage, you should either repair the product or issue a refund to the buyer.
    • Because the delivery was late, customers might cancel or refuse to accept the delivery if it does not meet their expectations. If the delivery does not meet their expectations, they can reject the delivery. Make an agreement with the consumer in person to better grasp their preferences for the following steps.
    • The client has decided that they no longer require the product – This is a very unpleasant circumstance for the merchant, but regrettably it is fairly unusual for the recipient to change their mind. The majority of the time, you will receive your stuff back in this circumstance.
    • In general, as a recipient, you have the right to cancel and decline a courier delivery service. It depends on whether you want to cancel the delivery immediately with the courier provider or whether you want to discuss it with the retailer directly that there are different circumstances. Continue reading to find out what to do in both situations. Learn more about eBay, FedEx, and other topics.

    How to refuse a package delivery with:

    • Online stores: If you have selected cash on delivery, you will be able to decline the package upon delivery in most situations. After that, the item will be returned to the vendor.
    • Otherwise, you would need to contact the seller to see if you can return the item and receive a refund
    • if you used a different payment method, you would need to contact the seller to see if you can return the item and receive a refund.
    • The quickest and most straightforward method is to cancel the order before it is sent. The seller will then have sufficient time to make the necessary modifications in order to avoid being charged fees for the order.
    • If you are a customer of a courier company, you have the right to refuse delivery of your package when the driver arrives at the given address. Simply informing the courier of your refusal to accept the package and providing a solid explanation for doing so is sufficient.
    • Alternatively, if you miss the courier, you can leave a note on the door (or any other normal delivery site) stating that you do not wish to accept the box.
    • You should not open any packages left outside your door by the courier driver if you do not want them
    • instead, you should contact the courier firm and request that they return the parcel to their nearest depot.
    • See also: Refused delivery – What should the shipper do?
    • and
    • Estimated delivery time
    • unsuccessful delivery attempt
    • refusal to accept collection

    Do I get a refund if I refuse a package delivery?

    The amount of the reimbursement will be determined by the reason for the refusal to accept delivery of the package.What exactly does this imply?If you see that the box and its contents are visibly damaged upon arrival, you can request a refund from both the online merchant and the courier company.You may not be eligible for a refund if you have already paid for a box or have just waited for a shipment that you have already paid for and then decide you no longer want it.

    • For online retailers, however, there are other restrictions that must be followed, so you should inquire with the online store seller for more information.

    What does “Receiver refused the delivery” mean?

    • It indicates that the consignee has refused to accept the shipment as a result of the refusal. There are a variety of reasons why a client can deny delivery of an item, including the following: The consignee had not anticipated receiving any shipments.
    • Despite the fact that he or she is not the person who was scheduled to receive the package,
    • If the client anticipates that he or she will not be home at the time of delivery and wishes to have the item picked up at a location provided by the courier company
    • If the consignee has decided that he or she does not want or need the product any more

    Can I refuse the delivery if I have booked shipping through Eurosender?

    When a cargo booked using our site is delivered, it has the option to be denied. It’s important to remember, however, that once the item has been received and is in transit, refunds are no longer an option.

    Can the courier company refuse to deliver the package?

    • Yes, couriers can refuse to deliver parcels under certain circumstances, and this occurs in the following instances: If the package is suspected (or discovered) to be a forgery, the following procedures apply:
    • If the courier driver thinks that the box contains narcotics or other forbidden things, he or she may refuse to deliver the package.
    • If the courier is unable to physically reach the destination
    • In the event of adverse weather conditions
    • If the recipient refuses to sign the proof of delivery, the courier driver may refuse to accept the item from the recipient.

    What will the courier company do with the refused parcels?

    • You have two options: return the item to the sender, or keep the box at the depot until the problem is resolved.

    If you want to modify the route of your package after it has been processed for return, there is little you can do, and it will almost certainly result in additional expenses. As a result, the golden rule is to constantly double-check the tracking and delivery status of your package.

    Customer Support Ruling

    1. Mailpieces that have been opened after delivery PS-177 was last updated in February 2012.
    2. (508.1.1.3) This Customer Support Ruling explains the processes to be followed when refusing a piece of mail that has been endorsed ″Return Service Requested″ or when opening any unendorsed piece of mail and the recipient chooses to return the item to the sender without affixing fresh postage to the package.
    3. Numerous postal customers think that they have the right to accept, open, and subsequently refuse a package labeled ″Return Service Requested.″ A return service endorsement on mailpieces serves as a commitment by the sender that they will pay for return postage if the pieces are returned to the sender because they were denied by the recipient.
    1. This promise is only valid until the package is delivered, and it becomes null and invalid once the package has been received and opened by the recipient.
    2. According to the Domestic Mail Manual, an addressee may label a piece of mail as ″Refused″ and return it to the Postal Service unread, with the exception of mailpieces that display a Bulk Parcel Return Service (BPRS) endorsement.
    3. The sender cannot return an item to the addressee if it has been delivered to the correct addressee and the recipient has opened the parcel or an attachment and ″refused″ it.
    1. The addressee is responsible for any return postage.
    2. Specifically, in this instance, the addressee inquired about the proper protocol to be followed when a ″free present″ was advertised on the front of the mailpiece and an envelope was attached.
    3. A check of other mailings, such as this one, revealed that identical phrases are frequently preprinted on all outgoing mailpieces used for certain sender promotions, as evidenced by the fact that this sample was utilized.
    4. For the purpose of categorizing mail, statements such as ″Personal – Do Not Throw Away″ or ″Important – Open Immediately″ that appear on mailpieces are not considered personal information for the purposes of classification.

    In accordance with the DMM’s guidelines, the sender may add Handling, Content, and Extra Service designations.Additionally, any markings applied by the sender that urge the recipient to open the item but do not interfere with any mailing standards, postal handling and processing, or delivery of the pieces do not violate the requirements set out in the Direct Mail Manual (DMM).As a result, it is intended that postal staff would deliver the following explanation to our clients in this sort of situation: It is understood that (1) the return service endorsement applies to mail that cannot be delivered as addressed or that is refused by the addressee without being opened; and (2) mail that has been accepted and opened may not be refused and returned to the Postal Service for return to sender unless new postage is affixed by the addressee.It is important to note that some types of mailpieces, such as Registered Mail, cannot be returned without the purchase of fresh postage, even if they are not opened by the recipient.(Signed) Manager of Mailing Standards for the United States Postal Service is Sherry Suggs.

    1. (202) 643-3436 Washington, DC 20260-3436
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    How to Return Mail to Sender

    The subject of ″how to return mail to sender″ is one that you’ve definitely thought about more than once. Well, fortunately for you, we’re here to provide an answer!

    Return Mail To Sender: Someone Who Doesn’t Live At Your Address

    1. If you have recently moved into a new home, it is possible that you may receive mail addressed to the previous occupants.
    2. There is a way to make it better!
    3. In spite of the fact that we appreciate how annoying it might be (particularly if the renters who were in your home before you haven’t completed their change of address request).
    1. Regardless, let’s get started with the step-by-step tutorial, shall we?

    Step One: Write “Not At This Address” On The Envelope

    1. This method is equally effective with packages!
    2. It is essential that you clearly mark the box with the words ″Not at this address.″ When faced with this situation, you might be tempted to write ″Return to sender,″ but this is not the right way to phrase it.
    3. In addition to this, there are several other considerations to be made at this time.
    1. You must make certain that all barcodes have been defaced.
    2. Otherwise, you will discover that the item or envelope will be returned to the sender’s location.
    3. Keep in mind, however, that you should not cross the address.
    1. The postal carrier must be made aware that the person no longer resides at the address in question.
    2. If the situation persists (for example, if you continue to receive mail addressed to the prior resident), you must notify your postal carrier.
    3. As an alternative, you can get in touch with your local Post Office.
    4. In any case, this should be sufficient to put an end to the problem.

    Step Two: Give The Mail Item Back To Your Carrier

    1. It is your responsibility to return the envelope or parcel to the mail carrier if you are at home when they deliver your stuff to you.
    2. It is essential that you clarify that the addressee no longer resides at your address.
    3. Of course, you’ll want to write something on it before handing it over to the delivery person.
    1. Alternatively, if you are not at home when your mail carrier normally arrives, you can place the pieces back into your mailbox..
    2. When you do this, be sure to display the red flag.
    3. This indicates that there is something for the postal carrier to pick up the next time they go around the block to deliver the mail.

    Step Three: Use An United States Postal Service Mail Collection Box

    1. If you do not have a mail carrier to return the piece to or a mailbox to leave it in, you can make use of the United States Postal Service’s mail collecting box.
    2. You may expect a representative from your local Post Office to come and collect it.
    3. If the letter or package is addressed incorrectly, they will either transmit it to the correct address or return it to the sender.
    1. These boxes aren’t difficult to come across.
    2. It’s as simple as visiting the United States Postal Service website and clicking on the ″Find Locations″ link.
    3. From then, everything is as simple as pie.

    Return Mail To Sender: Mail Delivered to The Wrong Address

    You may have received a piece of mail that was delivered to a different address because your postal carrier accidentally placed it into your mailbox (or through your door) by mistake. They are made by everyone, so try not to become very irritated over this. Simply follow the instructions outlined below, and everything will be resolved in a short period.

    Step One: Put It Back In Your Mailbox

    1. As soon as you realize that the address on the mail piece is incorrect, place the mail piece back in your mailbox.
    2. Make certain that the red flag is shown as well.
    3. If you do this, your carrier will be alerted that there is outgoing mail waiting for them when they come to your door the following time.
    1. We should point out that this is a new development.
    2. If it is a Priority Mail Express package that has been misplaced, you must contact the carrier at 1-800-275-8777.
    3. Then, request the Priority Mail Express Reporting Unit by calling the number above.
    1. Whoever responds will inform you of the next steps to take.

    Step Two: Alternatively, Hand It To Your Mail Carrier

    1. It is important to ensure that you are at home when the postal carrier comes the next day if you do not want to leave the item in your mailbox overnight.
    2. Then you can personally return the item that was misdelivered to the sender.
    3. Make certain to mention that it was sent to the incorrect address.
    1. The USPS workers will then be able to resolve the situation.
    2. If you want, you can also drop off the parcel, package, or envelop at your local post office yourself.
    3. It all comes down to personal preference and whatever way is most convenient for you.

    Step Three: Do Not Write On The Envelope or Parcel

    1. In this case, there is no need to write anything on the package or to label it.
    2. If you do this, your postal carrier will be unable to deliver it to the correct destination, so avoid interfering with the delivery process!
    3. If the item does need to be returned to the sender, your local Post Office will take care of the process for you.
    1. The box does not need to have a ″Return to sender″ statement written on it.
    2. It’s important to remember that you shouldn’t conceal or cross out the address.
    3. However, if you attach a sticky note to your mailbox, explaining the products you’ve put inside and the person’s name, as well as the fact that they do not reside at your location, it may be beneficial to your postal carrier.

    Return Mail To Sender: Mail That You Do Not Want

    If a piece of mail addressed to you has been delivered to the right location but you do not wish to keep it, you have the option of returning it. Make sure you follow our step-by-step instructions to ensure that you do it correctly.

    Step One: Write The Word “Refused” On The Packaging

    1. You have the right to decline almost any sort of mail and request that it be returned to the sender.
    2. All you have to do is write the word ″Refused″ on the envelope or parcel and return it to your postal carrier as soon as humanly feasible.
    3. It really is that simple.
    1. It is vital to remember that if you have already opened the file, you will not be able to close it.
    2. Yes, even if you meticulously reseal the item’s packaging.
    3. Make a decision about whether or not you really want it before you start tearing into it.

    Step Two: If It’s Accountable Mail, Mark The “Refused” Box

    • We understand you’re curious about responsible mail. It is just postal things that require you to sign for them. You will have the option to accept or reject the accountable letter based on its content. If you do not wish to accept the notification, just mark the ″Refused″ box on the notice that was sent to your door by your mail carrier. The following are examples of the kind of accountable mail that you are likely to receive: Certified mail, registered mail, collect on delivery, Priority Mail Express, and items insured for more than $200 are all acceptable options.

    Important to note is that you are often unable to refuse mail that has already been delivered and signed for. It is your responsibility to repackage the item and pay for the return shipping costs if you decide to decline it after this point.

    Step Three: Repackage If You have Opened The Item

    1. Getting a little carried away and opening the box, package, or letter means you’ll have to put it in a new envelope or mailer before you’ll be able to return the item.
    2. You will, of course, be responsible for the cost of new shipping.
    3. Having said that, if you’re returning undesired or broken stuff, you might be able to get it for free.
    1. In these situations, vendors will typically provide you with a pre-paid mailing label or reimburse you for the postage you paid.
    2. Now that you have a thorough understanding of the procedure, let’s go on to answering some of your commonly asked questions!

    Your Frequently Asked Questions, Answered

    How Much Does It Cost To Return A Letter, Parcel, or Package?

    As previously stated, returning a mail is free of charge unless you have opened the item in question. In the latter instance, you will be required to purchase new packing as well as pay for delivery costs. You will be charged a certain amount depending on the size, weight, and kind of item you are returning.

    How To Report The Change of Address For Someone Else

    1. While you can continue to return the mail that has been sent to your address for the previous inhabitants, it is more convenient in the long run if you declare that they no longer reside at the address.
    2. To accomplish this, send a note to your local Post Office stating who does not reside in the area.
    3. This should help to reduce the amount of mail that is being sent to the prior renters.
    1. However, if the problem persists, the best course of action is to place a message on your mailbox that states, ″Leave mail only for *Your Name Here*.″ If you know the former residents’ address, you should take them to your local Post Office and have them fill out a change of address form for them to take advantage of.
    2. Yes, it is mostly irresponsible on their part that they haven’t taken care of it themselves.
    3. However, once you’ve filed the papers, you’ll feel a great deal less burden on your shoulders.
    1. Keep in mind that you must alter the address for each individual for whom you are receiving mail.

    What If The Return To Sender Message Doesn’t Work?

    1. Occasionally, your ″Return to sender″ message will just not function.
    2. Yes, this is a source of frustration, but it is past time to take action to resolve the situation.
    3. The most effective course of action is to submit the identical request to the United States Postal Service.
    1. They are committed to resolving the situation to the best of their abilities.
    2. Make certain that you write a straightforward and serious-sounding letter to the Post Office in which you express your desire for them to cease sending you needless boxes, packages, and letters.
    3. As a result, the problem should be fully avoided in the future.

    Will You Get a Notification If Your Item Is Returned to Sender?

    Unfortunately, this is not the case. If your mailpiece is returned by the United States Postal Service, you will not get a notice from the postal service.

    How Long Will It Take For Your Returned to Sender Mailpiece to Arrive Back?

    1. This is dependent on the services that were paid for the postal item at the time of purchase.
    2. If the intended receiver is required to be present at the time of delivery, it will take a lengthy time for the item to be returned to the sender once it has been delivered.
    3. In certain instances, the postal carrier will leave a note, and the envelope or parcel will be held at the Post Office for a period of 15 days until it is picked up by the intended receiver.

    Is There A Better Alternative?

    1. Trying to figure out the most efficient and effective manner to return your letter to the sender may be a stressful and difficult endeavor.
    2. However, there is a far superior alternative from which you will undoubtedly gain.
    3. You’re ready to find out what this is, right?
    1. We’re sure you are!
    2. As a result, let us not spend any more time and get right to work.
    3. This type of solution is referred to as a virtual mailbox!
    1. What is a virtual mailbox, and how does it work?
    2. In the next few minutes, we’ll teach you all you need to know and more.
    3. The use of a digital mailbox allows you to see all of your mail before it is delivered to your front step.
    4. It is possible to view the mail scans from the dashboard or app (both of which are simple to use, don’t worry), save them if required, print them, and have them mailed to your door directly from the dashboard or app.

    Taking advantage of this unique opportunity allows you to make the postal service work for you rather than the other way around.It is no longer necessary for you to sit around and wait for mail to arrive!

    How Does It Work?

    1. Fortunately, the digital mailbox system at US Global Mail is exceedingly simple to navigate and utilize.
    2. The design is attractive while being simple enough to be used by anybody, regardless of their degree of IT knowledge.
    3. Simple as purchasing on Amazon or looking through your Instagram feed, you can get started now!
    1. When you join up, you will be provided with an actual postal address in the United States of America to use.
    2. When your postal items arrive at the facility, they will be scanned by our professional handlers.
    3. These photographs are then posted to your dashboard (also known as your virtual mailbox), where you may browse through them as you see fit.
    1. Using this technique, you will have complete control over the products that you get.
    2. You have the option to have them recycled, opened, delivered to you, or shredded.
    3. It is all up to you.
    4. Your wish becomes the command of the mail handler!

    Not to mention the fact that you won’t have to worry about the cost of the item.There are a variety of options from which to pick, ensuring that you never overpay on services that you will never use.Our virtual mailboxes are designed to be useful to you.So, what are you waiting for?Get started now!

    1. No more worrying about returning mail to its sender with a digital box at your home or office.
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    How Do I Refuse a Shipment?

    1. What Is the Process for Refusing a Shipment?
    2. Has your item already been dispatched, but you’ve changed your mind and no longer want it?
    3. We can provide you with information on how to decline a shipment.
    1. Arin’s work was published.
    2. It was last updated more than a week ago.
    3. Unfortunately, once a tracking number is provided to your transaction, it signifies that your product has already shipped and we are unable to prevent it from being delivered.
    1. Keep your tracking order number, however, close at hand.
    2. If your item was shipped by the United States Postal Service, you must maintain the box sealed (if it is opened, we will not be able to accept it).
    3. Simply mark the box with ″return to sender″ and return it to the Post Office, where it will be returned at no expense to the sender.
    4. It is necessary to refuse delivery at the moment of delivery if your item was sent through UPS.

    Customers must notify a delivery person when the UPS driver arrives at their address with a package if they wish to have the order ″returned to sender.″ It is recommended that, if your UPS item has already been dropped off, you take the unopened box to your local UPS hub where you will be given further information on how to ″return to sender.″

    r/UPS – UPS won’t allow me to refuse

    1. Today, I received a box delivered by UPS ground.
    2. According to the UPS website, I am unable to decline a shipment until after the first delivery attempt, or until the box is delivered but not earlier than five days after it is delivered.
    3. It was delivered today, when I was not at home, which was convenient.
    1. The UPS website had no option for refusing, so I phoned the UPS 800 number to request that it be removed.
    2. The lady informed me that she was unable to decline the delivery since the choice did not appear on her computer screen.
    3. She stated that she had also spoken with her boss and that, due to the nature of the item, she was unable to deny it and that she would need to take the matter up with the shipper.
    1. This does not appear to be correct; I was under the impression that I always had the ability to refuse any item as long as I did not open it first.
    2. Now, I’m thinking that I could perform one of the following things:
    1. Please try calling again.
    2. I’ll write a note for the UPS guy and put it outside because I’m expecting a box tomorrow.
    3. Ideally, I’d want to meet the driver in person, but it’s difficult to estimate when he will arrive.
    4. (nvm, being delivered by the United States Postal Service)
    5. Go to a UPS store and make an attempt to deny
    6. Make an attempt to deny at a UPS customer center (which is further away)
    7. Do you have any other suggestions?

    r/tmobile – So how exactly do I refuse the shipment?

    1. I placed an order for an iPhone 6 16GB silver last week on Monday, and it was of course backordered, which was OK because it was to be given as a Christmas present.
    2. I waited until Cyber Monday to order the 64GB iPhone, which took forever because the order kept failing with an error message saying something like ″Duplicate Payments are not accepted″ or something along those lines.
    3. I finally tried it under another line on my account, and it went through without a hitch, so I’m happy with my purchase.
    1. When I came home, I phoned T-Mobile and asked them to cancel the earlier order.
    2. They stated they weren’t sure if it could be canceled or not, but they would try.
    3. I believed that was likely because my credit card hadn’t even been debited when I assumed it was.
    1. After that, my credit card is debited the next day, and the following day, I got shipping confirmation.
    2. I contacted T-Mobile to inquire about the situation, and they advised me to either return the item after it is received or deny the shipment.
    3. What is the best way for me to say no?
    4. Is it sufficient for me to simply not answer the door to sign for it?

    Alternatively, do I instruct the driver to return it?After several attempts to deliver it, they’ll just take it to the UPS shop and leave it there for me to pick up, correct?How can I deny it through UPS My Choice if it is being delivered to me?I was just curious, thank you.

    What happens when you refuse a package from UPS?

    Davidj8580 Jr. Member joined on December 27, 2012 with 162 posts and 90 upvotes. Bowmanville November 15th, 2017 at 8:29 a.m.

    What happens when you refuse a package from UPS?

    1. In spite of the fact that I’d never done it before, I just acquired a baby gate extension from the business that produces it.
    2. They only sell directly to customers and only ship to the United States, but they were ″kind″ enough to allow me to place an order.
    3. What they didn’t tell me was that they were utilizing UPS, which was a big disappointment.
    1. Total cost was $39.99 USD (the extension itself was just $21 USD, with the remainder covering shipping and handling charges.) After conversion, my credit card has been charged a little more than $50 Canadian dollars.
    2. I just received a beautiful email from UPS informing me that I owe them $41.73 CAD in customs duty.
    3. If anyone knows how they came up with a tax charge for practically the full amount that I spent, please let me know.
    1. But there is no way in hell that I am going to pay it.
    2. I can get another one of the same gate for cheaper money if I just remove the extension from the first.
    3. Is it possible to obtain a refund if I decline delivery?
    4. November 15th, 2017 at 8:52 a.m.

    bubble.tea is a seasoned business professional.3rd of June, 2005 1312 upvotes for 28647 posts.PunkeyDoodles Corner is a place where kids can have fun with their drawings.November 15th, 2017 at 8:52

    1. n00b.
    2. It is dependent on the organization.
    3. UPS is powerless to prevent delivery; all you can do is refuse it.
    • It will be returned to you.
    • The Seller, depending on the contractual specifications, may elect to pass the charges on to you (return priority shipping., outstanding fees, etc etc).
    • Without a free return policy, I’d be willing to say goodbye to the seller’s fees and shipping costs in the best-case scenario, as well.
    • The UPS brokerage fee rates are made available to the public.
    • You can look them up on the internet.
    • They’re quite the cash-cow.

    It’s a hard lesson we all need to learn in our online careers.Be thankful you had the luxury of refusing delivery.Can you imagine if it’s something you desperately need?PayTM$154, dead.SDM: $4632 Rakuten: $181.98 100 percent Established: BST; Heat; FB market; Kijiji *BST: FS Mens Shoes & Boots: Lowa, Taft* *Various Szs Vintage: Hartt, Florsheim Imp* Nov 15th, 2017 8:54 am davidj8580 Jr.

    Member Dec 27, 2012 162 posts 90 upvotes Bowmanville Nov 15th, 2017 8:54 am bubble.tea wrote: ↑ lol.n00b.It is dependent on the organization.

    UPS is powerless to prevent delivery; all you can do is refuse it.It will be returned to you.The Seller, depending on the contractual specifications, may elect to pass the charges on to you (return priority shipping., outstanding fees, etc etc).Without a free return policy, I’d be willing to say goodbye to the seller’s fees and shipping costs in the best-case scenario, as well.The UPS brokerage fee rates are made available to the public.

    You can look them up on the internet.They’re quite the cash-cow.It’s a hard lesson we all need to learn in our online careers.

    1. Be thankful you had the luxury of refusing delivery.
    2. Can you imagine if it’s something you desperately need?
    3. I wasn’t given an option on carriers.

    I was informed via an email from UPS after I had sent the seller the payment that it was being shipped through them.I know UPS is ridiculous and never would have used them, if I had been given the option.Nov 15th, 2017 10:04 am aaron158 Deal Addict Nov 25, 2004 3271 posts 1811 upvotes London Nov 15th, 2017 10:04 am refuse the package.when it gets back they should provide u a full refund if they dont then if u paid by paypal file a dispute though there if u paid with a cc then call your cc company and tell them the package was returned to the sender they will do a charge back and u will get the money back.Last edited by aaron158 on Nov 15th, 2017 10:04 am, edited 1 time in total.Nov 15th, 2017 10:47 am hebsie Deal Addict Jul 11, 2011 4366 posts 2543 upvotes Ontario Nov 15th, 2017 10:47 am UPS reps can give you a one time, 50 percent off good-will discount on the brokerage fees.

    1. Call them, be polite, plead ignorance and ask for a break.
    2. hebs Nov 15th, 2017 11:35 am cardle Deal Addict Dec 12, 2010 2140 posts 579 upvotes Toronto Nov 15th, 2017 11:35 am I got caught out last week with DHL.
    3. I signed up for a Secret Santa on an FB group and unfortunately my SS was sending from Asia and put $20US on the customs form.
    4. They couldn’t have marked gift on it the customs formDHL charged me $20.
    5. (nice of them to round it up as well) I paid it but absolutely hated doing it.
    1. Nov 15th, 2017 11:41 am macnut Deal Fanatic Oct 26, 2008 6588 posts 2292 upvotes BC Nov 15th, 2017 11:41 am hebsie has the best advice from all the above.
    2. But in fact it looks to me that UPS have made an error.
    3. The entry prep.
    1. charge for that item, being under $40CDN (actually less than $30CDN), is only $7.
    2. Add on $4.25CDN because you don’t have a credit card on file for them to bill your tax and duty, apply 13 percent tax to everything and we are still under $20 due to UPS.
    3. So how do they come up with $41.73?
    4. Looks like they have included the shipping cost in the value of the item when assigning an entry prep.
    1. charge and applying taxes.
    2. There may have been duty involved too if the item was made in China.
    3. In any case you can query how they came up with that.
    1. May well be an error in there.
    2. See:.
    3. The seller is not expected to have to advise customers ahead of time how their order will be shipped.
    4. They were doing you a favour as they don’t normally ship outside the USA.
    5. If you refuse delivery that seller will never again try and help out a Canuck.
    6. Negotiate with UPS rather than refuse delivery.

    Nov 15th, 2017 12:45 pm bylo Deal Expert Jan 7, 2002 24736 posts 20983 upvotes Waterloo, ON Nov 15th, 2017 12:45 pm davidj8580 wrote: ↑They only sell directly, and to the USA only.I just received a beautiful email from UPS informing me that I owe them $41.73 CAD in customs duty.Is it possible to obtain a refund if I decline delivery?

    • Now you know why this US company only sells to the US.
    • Returning the item will reinforce with them the reasons why they shouldn’t make exceptions.
    • I wasn’t given an option on carriers.
    • I was informed via an email from UPS after I had sent the seller the payment that it was being shipped through them.
    • I know UPS is ridiculous and never would have used them, if I had been given the option.

    No company in the US (or elsewhere) should be compelled to sell to foreign customers.Doing so places an obligation on them to learn about the vagaries of cross-border customs and shipping regulations.They should be free to determine if the anticipated sales revenue from doing so is worth making the effort to offer this service.When they make an exception, as they did for you, unfortunately situations such as what you’re experiencing are to be expected.(By contrast some companies like LL Bean go out of their way to solicit sales from foreign customers.They also invest the time and money it takes to serve them competently by doing things like free shipping, preclearing and collecting duty/HST, arranging for returns to a Canadian address, etc.) Put it another way.

    • You asked them to make an exception as a favour.
    • They complied even though it’s against their policy.
    • They shipped the product using what’s probably their usual carrier for US sales because that was most convenient for them.
    • Things didn’t work out ideally for you and you got taken by UPS’ brokerage fee extortion racket.
    • How is that the company’s responsibility?
    • I’m not trying to blame anyone here.
    • This is just an unanticipated result of someone trying to do their customer a favour in good faith.

    veni, vidi, Visa Nov 15th, 2017 1:49 pm joeyjoejoe Deal Guru May 9, 2006 12347 posts 3017 upvotes Nov 15th, 2017 1:49 pm UPS is scummy.I ordered a camera lens from the US (with duties and taxes paid for to the company) (with duties and taxes paid for to the company).UPS shipped me a box that was completely destroyed.I send it back for a replacement.The second one comes, but now UPS wants to charge me duties and their brokerage fee.Seriously, they brake my Item and then have the audacity to try and charge me after the fact?

    I called their customer service and they refused to budge on the charges.I refused delivery and posted pics of their shady delivery practices on their Twitter page.That got their attention.Magically, 2 days later my camera lens replacement was shipped with all charges removed.It doesn’t help OP, but I needed to rant.

    For OP, the $41.73 charge seems high.I think the item was assessed at over $100.Baby stuff typically has not duty and gets charged the 13 percent taxes only.If you can prove that the cost is between $40-$60, that should reduce the charge down to roughly $23.

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    Before a Delivery Attempt

    1. It’s not always possible to be at home when your packages are delivered.
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    3. We collaborate with local companies to provide you with a secure location where you may pick up your items at a time that is convenient for you and your schedule.
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    Alternatively, you can request that UPS make another delivery attempt – we will make up to three delivery efforts in total. It is possible that your shipment will be returned to the sender after the third delivery attempt.

    Here’s how to get free return shipping from Amazon

    1. Everything about the exhilaration that comes with receiving something you’ve bought from Amazon on your doorstep is unparalleled.
    2. However, if there is a mistake with your purchase – and you need to return or replace it – that exhilaration may quickly turn into a debilitating headache.
    3. Amazon has a variety of options for returning items, including through Kohl’s, Whole Foods, and UPS, among others.
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    1. For more information, read about the benefits of Amazon Prime membership, the best credit cards to use on Amazon, and the company’s ambitions to establish an Instacart-like service in the United States of America.

    Give a reason, not an excuse

    • You should be as honest and specific as possible when describing why you’re returning the merchandise. For example: If at all feasible, Amazon and third-party sellers wish to resell the products (for example, through Amazon Warehouse Deals), so after your box is received, they will check your items against your reason for returning them. Some reasons are eligible for free shipment, while others are not: For example, if you pick ″No longer required,″ you may be charged a restocking fee for the item. Misclassifying a return can have serious effects on your account – Amazon has been known to remove customers who abuse the return procedure – but it can also result in you being forced to pay for shipping expenses in the road anyway. Here is a list of all of the many return reasons that Amazon has for you to pick from: The following is no longer required: You’ve changed your mind and no longer desire the thing
    • Inaccurate information about the website: For example, the object in the photo appears to be a deep royal blue, but it is actually a pale sky blue. A phrase that is similar to but distinct from ″Wrong item was shipped″ (see below)
    • Item that is faulty or does not function: It might be broken or simply not perform the function for which it was intended (for example, a power bank with a faulty USB-C connector)
    • it could also be malfunctioning.
    • Purchased by mistake: You unintentionally clicked on the Buy Now button or failed to remove an item from your shopping basket before proceeding to the checkout page.
    • There is a better pricing available: At example, you’ve discovered the identical item at, say, Walmart for a lower price than you paid for it on Amazon.
    • Product is broken, however the delivery box is in good condition: It is not dented, cut or damaged on the outside
    • nonetheless, the object within has suffered aesthetic or mechanical damage.
    • The item was delivered too late: The item was delivered after the specified delivery time and so missed an important occasion such as a birthday or holiday
    • Parts that are missing or broken: In a similar vein to ″Item was damaged or did not function properly,″ but referring especially to attachments or other accessories that are included with a purchase
    • Both the product and the shipping box are damaged: The shipment was mistreated sometime between the time it was packaged and the time it reached at your door
    • the merchandise came damaged.
    • The following item was sent in error: If you received an entirely different item than what you expected
    • I received an additional item that I did not purchase (there was no need for a refund): You’ve received an unexpected box with your order, and you feel obligated to send it back
    • Purchase was not approved by the client: You were charged for something that was bought on your account by someone else, possibly a child or a friend
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    Items ordered via Alexa always come with free returns, regardless of the reason

    1. Purchase through Alexa if you’re thinking about making a purchase but are concerned about whether or not it will qualify for free return shipping if it doesn’t work out.
    2. Physical item acquired through voice-shopping with Amazon’s digital assistant is always eligible for free returns, no matter what the reason for the purchase.
    3. (The only exception is purchases made through Amazon Pharmacy.) Returning a product purchased using Alexa is simple: simply follow the steps in the Returns Center as you would normally, and Amazon will instantly reimburse any shipping charges that were incurred.
    1. If you return the item to Amazon within 7 days after receiving it, you should receive your refund.

    Don’t just accept the default return shipping method

    1. In the case of Amazon’s return shipping method selection, Kohl’s Drop off may be the default pre-selected choice, but it is not always the option you desire.
    2. If you want to use the UPS Pick-up option, which is the only method to return products without having to leave your house, you’ll need to scroll down and potentially even click a link that says something like ″See additional return choices.″ It should also indicate a fee of $0.00 when you eventually see the choice for UPS pickup (unless you’ve selected one of the few reasons for a return that Amazon charges for, in which case Amazon will subtract around $6 from your refund).
    3. Tap or click UPS Pick-up, then select Confirm Your Return from the drop-down menu.

    Tell Amazon where to send your refund

    1. You’ll have to decide how you want to get your money back: via check, money order, or bank transfer.
    2. In order to receive a credit to your Amazon account as soon as UPS scans your return into its system, the quickest method is to request a credit to your Amazon account.
    3. Of course, you’ll be limited to spending the money on Amazon from that point on.
    1. You can also request that the monies be refunded to your debit or credit card.
    2. However, even though Amazon will provide a refund as soon as UPS receives your returned shipment, it might take another three to five business days for the funds to appear in your account after the refund is issued.
    3. Regardless of whether you opt for a credit or a refund, you’ll still have to figure out how you’re going to return the item.

    All that’s left is packing everything up and setting it out

    1. Keep in mind that Amazon will provide you with specific instructions, which are likely to be as simple as printing a packing slip and include it in the package with your return.
    2. Packing tape the box well and tightly – including over the return label to prevent it from being damaged – and placing the parcel near your front door will ensure that you don’t forget to send it out the next business day.
    3. In order to ensure that you don’t forget, you might want to set a reminder on your phone or with Alexa or Google Assistant.
    1. If you plan a pickup but fail to leave your return outdoors, UPS will leave a note and attempt collection two more times, assuming you haven’t forgotten about it.
    2. Alternatively, the UPS driver may provide you with a pre-paid mailing label that you must affix to the item yourself, after which you must transport the parcel to the nearest UPS Store or UPS Dropoff site.
    3. Wishing you the best of luck and many joyful returns.
    1. For additional information, check out this article on how to protect your home from porch pirates, as well as this list of great Amazon items under $50.

    Best answer

    Refuse delivery in person if it is offered to you. If you are there when the UPS driver comes, you have the option to decline delivery of the package. Additionally, an employee or another representative from your company might decline the shipment on your behalf. Inform the delivery driver that you do not want the package and request that it be returned to the sender on your behalf.

    People also ask

    What happens if my UPS package is not delivered on time?

    UPS InfoNotice will be sent to you if your shipment is not delivered on time by the UPS delivery service. You will need to do the following in order to track your package using it: In the event that a UPS shipment does not arrive by the scheduled delivery date, it is most likely due to one of the following reasons: Is It Possible to Get a Refund If UPS Is Late With Your Order?

    How do I refuse a UPS package?

    Rather of accepting delivery of the package, call UPS at 1-800-PICK-UPS to notify an agent that you are denying delivery of the package and would like it returned to the sender. Make a time for pick-up to take place.

    Can the USPS stop delivery?

    The Postal Service does not promise that the intercept will be successful; thus, the sooner you request the intercept, the greater your chances are of having it successful. Priority Mail Express ensures that most addresses in the United States will be delivered the next day.

    Can I pick up my package from ups myself?

    1. It’s possible that you’re waiting for a box from UPS and aren’t interested in being patient enough to wait for it to be brought to you.
    2. If this is the case, you could question if it’s possible for you to pick up the package yourself before it’s delivered to you.
    3. While you may believe that by making things more easy for yourself, you are benefiting the UPS, in truth, you are making it more difficult for them.

    How do i refuse a UPS package?

    1. I’ve just placed an order for a second case from Onvia because it’s far less expensive and significantly better than the one I purchased from
    2. Their customer service representative has just instructed me to decline their shipment and, after it has been returned, I will receive a reimbursement.
    3. The UPS delivery person always drops down the box, rings the doorbell, and then exits the premises.
    1. He never waits for me to sign anything or for someone to open the door before proceeding.
    2. Furthermore, I have perhaps 5 or 6 UPS items arriving tomorrow (for a PC I’m constructing).
    3. This will further complicate issues.
    1. I’m not going to be at home when he arrives, and neither will you.
    2. What do you all think I should do?

    Take note of the tracking number provided by the CSR/onvia website. Leave a note on the driver’s door stating that you will not accept that tracking number. That’s about the best I can come up with at the moment.

      HRM.good idea.Thanks a bunch Feb 20, 2001 17,653 28 91

    • 4

    Yes, I agree with tweekah’s point of view. That is precisely what you should do. In addition, I don’t know whether it’s too late at this point, but you might try calling ups and seeing if they can send it back without delivering it (I’m not sure if they can do this, but it’s worth a go).

    When that happens, I generally leave a message, but only if you have tracking information and know when the package is expected to arrive. Simply state your dissatisfaction.

      << just say no. >> hmm, wonder where I’ve heard that phrase before!

    • 7
      why not call UPS, ask them what to do?

    • 9

    I’m not sure why this is even being asked as a question. It’s as simple as saying ″I refuse the package″ when they come to your house. It’s as simple as that. UPS will pick up your shipment and return it to you as long as you do not open or sign for it.

    I’m perplexed as to why this is even being considered a question at this point. It’s as simple as saying ″I refuse the box″ when they arrive at your house. Isn’t it simple? The shipment will be returned to UPS if you do not open it or sign for it when it arrives.

    Yes, that’s correct. Unfortunately, UPS never truly waits for me to arrive at the front door. EVERY TIME, they just place a package at the door, ring the doorbell, and walk away. They don’t even bother to wait 5 seconds to check if someone responds to their call. The reason for my difficulty is as follows: Furthermore, I may not even be at home tomorrow.

    1. They aren’t supposed to leave the shipment alone without permission.
    2. It’s for this reason that they have the yellow ″we missed you″ slips.
    3. That becomes a liability for them; what if it is taken away?
    1. Call the UPS headquarters in your area and instruct them not to leave the items or speak with the delivery person.
    2. Why not simply accept the box and mail it back to the sender?
    3. They will cover the cost of shipping.

    I believe you may contact the local UPS delivery point and inform them that you will be picking up the box at their location (which will be identified by the tracking number), and they will unload the package from the truck and keep it for you. You may either stop by at your convenience and deny the shipment, or you can phone them and tell them to refuse the item.

    1. No, th

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