How Much Does A Warehouse Package Handler Make At Fedex?

A FedEx package handler typically begins by earning roughly $9.00 an hour, depending on his/her precious experience. With hard work, experience and dedication, their pay may rise to $13.00 an hour. FedEx package handler position offers both full-time and part-time jobs.
Average FedEx Ground Package Handler hourly pay in the United States is approximately $17.26, which is 13% above the national average.
How Much Does A Warehouse Package Handler Make At Fedex? FedEx Ground Package Handlers in the United States typically earn $16 per hour. There is a 9% difference between the national average and this number.

How much does FedEx pay package handler?

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  • What are the duties of a FedEx package handler?

  • Sorting deliveries and ensuring they are properly routed
  • Loading parcels into FedEx ground vehicles
  • Adhering to safe package handling practices at all times
  • Scanning parcels to ensure they are appropriately tracked
  • Working with management to resolve any safety-related issues
  • What does FedEx pay starting?

    © Joe Rondone/The Commercial Appeal Employees sort packages inside FedEx’s superhub at the Memphis International Airport on Tuesday, November 20, 2018. The premium will introduce starting pay ranging from $17 to $20 an hour for these employees. FedEx has not yet set an end date for the premium. Start the day smarter.

    FedEx Package Handler – Job Description & Salary

    • A FedEx package handler is someone who performs a variety of jobs in a warehouse setting, according to the company’s job description and pay scale.
    • The primary responsibilities of package handlers include ensuring that commodities are delivered and transferred successfully to their designated destinations.
    • Package handlers are required to undertake hard work and must be physically fit in order to lift shipments weighing between 50 and 100 pounds.

    This is a position that is considered entry-level.As a starting point, candidates may choose to work part-time during the evenings or throughout the day.It is customary for promotions to entail increasing the amount of work completed, working longer daylight shifts, and acquiring additional hours.

    FedEx- Job Description

    • It is your responsibility to physically load and unload items by hand in an efficient and safe way. This includes putting, pushing, lifting, carrying, and tugging the item.
    • It is possible to cycle package handlers via a variety of jobs, such as Quality Assurance, Unloader, Loader, Facer, Scan Weight and Key, and so on.
    • Using safe package movement and handling procedures to assist employees and reduce the likelihood of accidents
    • Communicating with coworkers and managers is essential. A FedEx package handler must be well-liked and have excellent interpersonal skills.

    Job Duties

    • The process of sorting packages and loading them into sorting machines that transport the items to loading ports.
    • As well as ensuring the secure and timely delivery of commodities and shipments to their final destination
    • Managing items and documentation in a high-volume warehousing environment
    • Delivering and receiving shipments and deliveries from one location to another in accordance with supervisory instructions
    • Communicate well with coworkers, managers, and the rest of the team
    • Knows how to work with both automated and hand packing machines.
    • Moving and storing resources and merchandise are two examples.
    • Assistance in unloading vehicles and demonstrating collaboration with other personnel are essential.
    • Managing inventory control methods and cycle counting to guarantee that shipments and packages are handled safely
    • Loading large products onto a conveyor belt or into delivery vans is time-consuming.
    • You can be asked to pick up and deliver things in a timely way to their specified location as well.

    Job Requirements

    • Prior starting employment, the candidate must pass a physical examination to confirm that he or she is physically fit.
    • As FedEx delivery carriers, applicants must pass drug tests and background checks in order to be hired.
    • Applicants will be subjected to testing to determine whether or not they have the ability to adhere to workplace safety laws.
    • To be considered for employment, you must be at least 16 years old to fulfill the minimum age requirement.
    • The individual must be in good physical condition and possess the strength and capacity to lift up to 75 pounds.
    • Must be dependable and capable of functioning under the direction of the employer in terms of how the packages are to be transported
    • To be successful in a loud setting, one must have patience and excellent communication skills.
    • Work throughout peak seasons of the year, when it is critical to achieve delivery dates, and you must be able to handle the stress of the job.
    • Trucks, hydraulic conveyor belts, forklifts, and other heavy gear needed to transport packages from one location to another must be operated safely and efficiently
    • Having a thorough knowledge and comprehension of how to transport and categorize goods and parcels in accordance with the supervisor’s directions
    • As a result of the physical agility required for packing handling, the applicant must be dexterous and know how to handle with a range of equipment and materials in order to guarantee that the packages have been properly sealed and cushioned for safety reasons.
    • Applicants must have excellent hand-eye coordination in order to be able to select out parcels in accordance with the directions that are given to them.
    • While FedEx package handlers are not required to have official educational qualifications, they must be at least a high school graduate in order to be hired.
    • Supervisory oversight should be reduced or eliminated.
    • Applicants should have a great ability to build a routine and follow instructions
    • Experience in package handling of at least one year is required.
    • The ability to operate independently and use sound judgment is essential.
    • Relocating items to the appropriate bin for storage or storing, as well as aiding with the putting up of merchandise in several areas
    • Ability to operate an Air Trailer digital package tracking system is required.
    • Coordination of client papers and goods with regional, local, and national shipping
    • Being able to detect any hazardous materials that are being delivered in a timely manner
    • It is necessary to keep a professional look at all times.

    Fedex Package Handler Salary

    • FedEx package handlers often start off earning between $9.00 and $10.00 an hour, based on their years of valuable industry expertise.
    • It is possible that their compensation will increase to $13.00 an hour with hard effort, experience, and devotion.
    • FedEx package handling positions are available on a full-time and part-time basis, respectively.

    Candidates, particularly working students, can take use of the flexible work hours available.Employees may also take advantage of the numerous career opportunities that are open to them, as well as extensive benefit packages.The retirement facilities, pension plans, and healthcare options available to FedEx package carriers are common.Employees with longer tenure and seniority are often entitled to greater job benefits.

    Despite the fact that the world of online shopping continues to expand, corporations such as FedEx are rising to the top of the food chain and reaping the benefits of the strong demand for air and ground transportation.Depending on the location, a FedEx package handler may make up to $12 per hour as basic pay, with extra earnings available in the form of cash incentives, profit sharing, stock bonuses, commission sharing, and tipping opportunities.Hourly wages, on the other hand, range from $9 to $16.

    How to Get Started

    • FedEx is a multinational courier delivery service based in the United States. The company is well-known for its overnight shipping services, and it has revolutionized the courier delivery industry by developing a system that can track packages and provide its customers with real-time updates on the location of their packages. This feature, which is extremely useful for tracking down misplaced parcels, has now been adopted by a number of other shipping companies throughout the world. Because of the company’s well-established reputation in the courier services industry, most people are keen to obtain employment as a package handler. The vast majority of FedEx employees begin their careers as part-time package handlers. While there is no formal schooling requirement for this position, candidates must at the very least have a high school diploma and be able to read and write in English. Here’s how you can get started in your professional life: Acquire Knowledge and Experience Candidates for the role of package handler at FedEx must have a year or more of experience in package handling or a similar field in order to be considered. If you want to land a job, gaining experience is essential, so keep your eyes out for openings. Learn More About the Positions That Are Available The moment you have completed all of the job prerequisites and have been deemed qualified to apply, it is time to go on to FedEx’s website and keep an eye out for package handler job openings. Package handlers’ shifts are often brief, making them an excellent option for college students or parents searching for part-time opportunities to supplement their income. Send your CV to [email protected] and wait for a response from someone in the recruiting department. Get Yourself in Shape Because package handling is a physically hard work, it is essential that you are physically healthy before applying for the position. Begin exercising to strengthen your muscles and increase your stamina. Keep your training sessions brief at first, then gradually increase the length of time as you become more accustomed to them. It is critical that you incorporate weight lifting into your fitness routine. In your role as a FedEx package handler, you will be responsible for lifting and transporting heavy parcels from one location to another. Begin by adhering to a brief weight-training regimen, and then progress to lengthier sessions that will assist you in reaching your objectives. Additionally, before you begin, make certain that you are familiar with the appropriate approaches. Speak with your trainer or doctor about your weight training objectives, and they will assist you in developing a healthy weight training regimen. Make sure you get enough of sleep. Exercise and lifting for a couple of hours per week is not easy, so make sure you receive enough of relaxation between sessions. This will assist you in achieving your goals throughout the day. Take a look at the big picture You may advance from one job to another if you put in the effort and attention. Starting off as a package handler may provide you with the opportunity to pursue the job you have always desired. Drivers can be promoted from package handlers if they put their hearts and minds into the job. Concentrate on obtaining a solid education and soaking up as much knowledge as you can from your employment. Additionally, obtain the certificates that will assist you in meeting the requirements for a promotion. A position in administration or management is possible if you are motivated to work your way up the corporate ladder. Learn everything you can about the position. As a package handler, you’ll need to be able to sort parcels swiftly while inflicting the least amount of harm possible. It takes time and effort to master this method. Before applying for a job, it is critical that you research the position online to verify that you are capable of dealing with the pressure. The expectation is that package handlers would operate and communicate in noisy locations, which might be problematic for persons who are sensitive to sound. As a result, it is essential that you learn more about the position before applying. Being a successful FedEx package handler is not an easy road to take, and not everyone is suited for the work due to the physical demands of the position. Before you embark on a new career, weigh the advantages and disadvantages. College students and others seeking for possibilities to earn some additional money can greatly benefit from pursuing this career path in their spare time. For more information, see: How to Write a Dental Assistant Resume That Stands Out
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    • Customer Service Representative: Job Description and Responsibilities

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    Reviews about Pay & Benefits for Package Handler in FedEx Ground

    They still haven’t made full time employee get full time hours

    Portland, OR – Package Handler (Current Employee) (starting March 15, 2022) Even though I was hired as full time, I only got half time hours. Promises were made but were not kept. Management has stated that the facility will open, but it has repeatedly been put back. It is difficult to work in such conditions.


    There are not enough hours available right now.

    Fast paced and very physical

    • Package Handler (current employee) – Cookeville, Tennessee – March 14, 2022 Each duty is basic and does not involve much mental effort; they are all extremely simple, but physically demanding chores that must be completed.
    • As far as I’m aware, they only provide part-time positions, with the possibility of working additional days on occasion.
    • The starting compensation is quite low, especially considering that the job is 3rd shift and that it is extremely physically demanding.

    If you’re in school or doing something similar, it’s absolutely a respectable job.You’ll surely get a solid exercise in, which is a bonus in my opinion.


    Short shifts, straightforward jobs

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    Low pay, Not many hours

    Limited hours, physical work

    Package Handler (current employee) – Lewiston, Idaho – March 13, 2022 The people are wonderful, but when it is not the Christmas season, there are very little hours available, and the labor is quite physically demanding and taxing on your body for just $14 an hour.


    Management, insurance on a part-time basis


    Hours are limited, the labor is physically demanding, and the remuneration is modest.

    Reviews about Pay & Benefits for Warehouse Package Handler in FedEx Ground

    Good job for the Pay

    • Workers in the warehouse handling packages (former employees) – Bloomington, CA – November 4, 2021 I like working here mostly because of the people I worked with; all I had to do was contact with management on a regular basis, and there was always space to advance.
    • There are a few of supervisors that have a tendency to press your buttons; you just have to be aware of this.
    • Know your limitations and don’t push yourself too far.

    The last thing you want to happen on the job is to get wounded.Peak season during the Christmas season is insane; you are actually there until you meet your goal or until they inform you that you are free to depart.However, the only thing that kept me motivated was the money I was earning.Throughout the day, make sure to drink lots of water.

    If you are an introvert, this is an excellent location for you to be.If, on the other hand, you enjoy conversing with others, your supervisors would be your greatest choice.


    Free lunch at least once a month, weekly pay, steady salary increases over time, regular bonuses, and decent compensation are all benefits of working here.


    Short breaks, no regular schedule, labor, sometimes short hours depending on the day’s job, you’re essentially a robot expected to remain moving at all times, and you’re paid accordingly.

    Heavy physical activity short hours

    Former Employee – Warehouse Package Handler – Whitehall, OH (September 22, 2021) Position Description Fedex is the sort of work that you may take up for a short period of time to help you make ends meet.At first, the short work hours and good compensation were a welcome change of pace for me.After a while, however, the labor became monotonous, difficult, and unrewarding as a result of a lack of variety in the tasks performed.The most difficult aspect of the job is the physical strain you place on your body, as well as the extremely dirty air caused by the vehicles that operate within the warehouse (I actually spit up black tar everyday).

    The most enjoyable aspect was working short hours while still being able to pay the expenses.


    Pay is good, and the hours are short.


    Work that is harmful to the body and lungs, as well as being tedious

    Busy hard work

    Fort Worth, Texas – May 7, 2021 – Warehouse package handler (Former Employee) Summertime can be difficult for certain people because they work in extremely difficult circumstances and in a fast-paced environment that requires continual physical exertion.Managers are laid back and will let you get on with your task.They will leave you alone for the rest of the day as long as you remain working.There are no free lunches or benefits for employees who work there.

    There is little possibility for advancement, thus this is best suited as a temporary position.


    Exercise is beneficial, as is a flexible management style.


    Work is really difficult and demanding, and there is no free food provided. The salary is also quite low.

    FEDEX GROUND Warehouse Package Handler Salary

    I’m curious how much a Warehouse Package Handler earns at firms like FEDEX GROUND in the United States.As of February 25, 2022, the average compensation for a Warehouse Package Handler at organizations like FEDEX GROUND in the United States is $36,253, however the range frequently ranges between $31,463 and $41,043, depending on experience.Earning potential might vary greatly based on a variety of essential aspects such as education, certifications, supplementary talents, and the number of years you have worked in your provides more online, real-time salary data than any other website, allowing you to pinpoint your exact wage objective.

    View the Cost of Living in Major Cities for more information about FEDEX GROUND Look through the listings of various businesses in the Transportation Industry.View the salary for Fedex Ground.

    What doesanWarehouse Package Handler do at companies like FEDEX GROUND?

    Auto req ID:332647BR

    Job Summary

    • IMMEDIATE AVAILABILITY! Come for a job, but stay for a future in this industry! FedEx Ground is a part of the rapidly expanding warehousing and transportation industry, which contributes to the movement of goods and people throughout the United States and our economy. Make your mark as a member of a successful team and workplace culture that cares about your identity as a person and your well-being at your job. FedEx Ground Employee Perks and Benefits Wages that are competitive and paid weekly for both full-time and part-time positions
    • Every year, you’ll receive $5,250 in tuition reimbursement with no lifetime limit! Everyone who starts working is eligible for this fantastic perk on the first day of their employment.
    • Employees can accrue up to 5 weeks of paid time off every year through a generous paid time off program.
    • After a brief waiting time, medical, dental, and vision coverage are available
    • Flexible schedule that allows you to maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life
    • Employee discounts on items like as cell phone contracts, gadgets, automobiles, and restaurants are quite valuable.
    • FedEx Ground employees may take advantage of a free professional development program called Purple Pathways.
    • Paid parental leave is available to both mothers and fathers.
    • Employee networks, as well as diversity, equality, and inclusion initiatives, are available to all workers.
    • When working for FedEx Ground, you can anticipate to work in a fast-paced, physically demanding warehouse environment. After all, why pay for a gym membership when you can be paid while working out?
    • Loading, unloading, and sorting products of varying sizes are among the responsibilities of a warehouse worker.
    • FedEx Ground employees who work part-time work one shift per day, whereas full-time FedEx Ground employees work two shifts per day.
    • While shift lengths vary depending on package volume, part-time employees typically work between 3 and 6 hours each day on average.
    • Workers on full-time contracts should anticipate to put in between 6 and 10 hours each week.
    • After 40 hours per week, overtime is paid
    • Individuals with disabilities who meet certain criteria may be eligible for reasonable accommodations.

    4665 South Park Boulevard is the address.City:Ellenwood State:Georgia 30294 is the zip code for this location.Location of the FXG-US/USA/P303/Atlanta Hub: FXG-US/USA/P303/Atlanta Hub Additional information about the location: To begin, you may earn up to $19.50.Positions are available on a part-time and full-time basis.

    3 Ellenwood Locations: 3120 Anvil Block Road, Ellenwood, GA 302944644 South Park Blvd, Ellenwood, GA 302944665 South Park Blvd, Ellenwood, GA 302944644 3120 Anvil Block Road, Ellenwood, GA 302944644 3120 Anvil Block Road, Ellenwood, GA 302944644 3120 Anvil Block Road, Ellenwood, GA 302944644 3120 Anvil Block Road, Ellenwood, GA 302944644 3120 Anvil Block Road, AVAILABLE SHIFTS INCLUDE: Day Sort11:30 a.m.– till the sort is completed Twilight Sort5:30 pm – till the end of the sort Sorting at Midnight11:00 pm – till the sort is completed Preload Sort3:00 a.m.- until the sort is completed Sunrise Sort4:00 a.m.- till the sort is completed PLEASE NOTE: The number of hours of labor is not guaranteed.

    EEO Statement

    We are an equal opportunity / affirmative action employer (minorities, females, people with disabilities, veterans) committed to building a diverse workforce at FedEx Ground. Take a look at Warehouse Package Handler positions available in the United States.

    Understand the total compensation opportunity for Warehouse Package Handler at companies like FEDEX GROUND, base salary plus other pay elements

    Average Total Cash Compensation

    Included are the base rate and yearly incentives.For the FEDEX GROUND Warehouse Package Handler in the United States, total cash compensation comprises base pay and yearly bonuses.Total cash compensation may range anywhere from $31,463 to $41,043, with an average total cash compensation of $36,253.It is important to note that total compensation includes the value of any benefits you receive in addition to your salary, as well as some of the benefits that are most commonly offered as part of a total compensation package.

    These benefits may include bonuses, commissions, paid time off, and insurance.Depending on the industry, region, and other considerations, the total monetary remuneration may be distributed differently..Package Handler * Load and unload packages from the warehouse to the transportation vehicle * Complete job in accordance with corporate standards and procedures * Unbox, analyze, and package products Package Handler * 23 days ago – Spee-Dee Delivery Service is located in Normal, Illinois.Material handling, unloading freight from cars, scanning package barcodes, and sorting parcels by zip code or town are all responsibilities of the Package Handler/Warehouse Maintenance role.

    Jobs in the ZipRecruiter ATS for ZipSearch/ZipAlerts posted 21 days ago.Spee-Dee Delivery Service is located in Saint Cloud, Minnesota.Material handling, unloading freight from cars, scanning package barcodes, sorting packages by zip code/destination, and loading are some of the responsibilities of a Fulfillment Warehouse Package Handler, among other things.

    Jobs in the ZipRecruiter ATS for ZipSearch/ZipAlerts posted 7 days ago.DIGZ Placements is based in San Antonio, Texas.It is the responsibility of a package handler to load and unload items within a warehouse or from delivery trucks.

    1. This position necessitates the movement, lifting, pushing, tugging, scanning, and other related activities.
    2. ZipRecruiter – a couple of days ago The Visible Supply Chain Management Company is based in West Valley City, Utah.
    3. The Package Handler is responsible for providing assistance to the operation through a number of positions and responsibilities.
    4. Visible began as a fulfillment firm with a single warehouse in 1992 and has since evolved to become one of the largest in the world.

    The ZipRecruiter job board was launched 50 days ago.In Gardner, Kansas, the Coleman distribution facility is searching for ordinary warehouse workers to assist with the loading and unloading of vehicles by hand.Benefits |We provide flexible work schedules, performance bonuses, overtime, and other incentives.Pay .Last updated 1 day ago by ZipRecruiter

    Reviews about Pay & Benefits for Package Handler in FedEx

    Impactful and engaging

    Job Description: FedEx Package Handler (Ex-Employee) – Memphis, Tennessee – March 9, 2022 Excellent opportunity with a promising future. Climbing the ladder will take a long time. If you enjoy working late hours, this is the place to be. Quite good firm with many benefits, but it is also very demanding job.

    Not a bad place to start

    Ocala, FL – February 25, 2022 – Package Handler (Current Employee).Starting at the bottom is not a bad place to start, especially if you have just graduated from high school or are still in college.The majority of the managers are pleasant to deal with.It is possible to have a lack of communication at times.

    The majority of coworkers perform their jobs well and are pleasant to be around, however others might be sluggish, just like in any other profession.Work is difficult at first, but you will become accustomed to it.It can also be difficult and time-consuming because you are simply required to stack boxes or unload boxes.If you are interested in advancing your career, there are several chances available to you.


    Flexible working hours and competitive remuneration


    The work might be repetitive, and there are instances when there are not enough hours.

    It is what it is, I mean it’s a warehouse job, it’s going be physical

    The current employee of the position of Sorter/Packer will begin on February 17, 2022 in Lincolnton, North Carolina.It’s not a horrible job; it’s just not something I’d want to do for a lengthy period of time, primarily due of the graveyard and early morning hours, rather than the job itself.As a result of the work schedule, I believe it is mostly a seasonal position or one for 20-something year olds.Because it is just part time, I couldn’t picture somebody supporting a family while working here for a lengthy period of time.


    A brisk pace, and the minutes and hours pass by fast. It provides a reasonable wage for the task you perform.


    Because it is primarily repetitious, but not physically demanding, it is easy to become burnt out.

    Salarissen voor een Package Handler bij FedEx Ground

    • Choose one of the options available. Canada
    • – regio Calgary, Canada
    • – regio Edmonton, Canada
    • – regio Halifax, Canada
    • – regio Kitchener, Canada
    • – regio London, Canada
    • – regio Montreal, Canada
    • – regio Ottawa, Canada
    • – regio Quebec, Canada
    • – regio Saskatoon, Canada
    • – regio Toronto, Canada
    • – regio Vancouver, Canada
    • – regio Victoria, Canada
    • – regio Windsor, Canada
    • – regio Winnipeg, Canada
    • Frankrijk
    • Verenigd Koninkrijk
    • – regio York, Verenigd Koninkrijk
    • Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Abilene, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Akron, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Albany, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Albuquerque, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Allentown, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Altoona, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Amarillo, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Anchorage, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Ann Arbor, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Anniston, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Asheville, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Ashland, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Athens, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Atlanta, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Auburn, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Augusta, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Austin, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Bakersfield, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Baltimore, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Bangor, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Baton Rouge, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Bay City, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Beaumont, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Beckley, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Bemidji, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Bend, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Berlin, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Billings, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Binghamton, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Birmingham, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Bismarck, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Bloomington, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Boise, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Boston, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Boulder, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Bowling Green, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Bozeman, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Brainerd, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Bridgeport, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Brookings, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Buffalo, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Burlington, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Burlington, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Butte, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Cadillac, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Cambridge, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Canton, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Cape Coral, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Casper, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Cedar Rapids, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Chambersburg, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Champaign, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Charleston, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Charleston, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Charlotte, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Chattanooga, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Cheyenne, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Chicago, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Chico, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Chillicothe, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Cincinnati, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Claremont, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Clarksburg, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Cleveland, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio College Station, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Colorado Springs, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Columbia, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Columbia, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Columbia, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Columbus, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Columbus, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Columbus, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Concord, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Cookeville, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Corpus Christi, Verenigde Staten
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    • – regio Dayton, Verenigde Staten
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    • – regio Denver, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Des Moines, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Detroit, Verenigde Staten
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    • – regio Garden City, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Gillette, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Grand Forks, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Grand Island, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Grand Junction, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Grand Rapids, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Great Falls, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Greeley, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Green Bay, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Greensboro, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Greenville, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Greenville, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Greenville, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Gulfport, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Hagerstown, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Harrisburg, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Hartford, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Hastings, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Hattiesburg, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Hays, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Helena, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Hickory, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Homosassa Springs, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Honolulu, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Houston, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Humboldt, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Huntington, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Huntsville, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Idaho Falls, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Indianapolis, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Indianola, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Jackson, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Jacksonville, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Johnson City, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Johnstown, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Jonesboro, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Joplin, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Kalamazoo, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Kalispell, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Kansas City, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Keene, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Kennewick, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Killeen, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Kingsport, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Klamath Falls, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Knoxville, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Kokomo, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio La Crosse, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Lafayette, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Lafayette, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Lake Charles, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Lake Havasu City, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Lakeland, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Lansing, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Laredo, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Las Cruces, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Las Vegas, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Lawrence, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Lawton, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Lebanon, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Lewiston, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Lewiston, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Lincoln, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Little Rock, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Longview, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Los Angeles, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Louisville, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Lubbock, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Lufkin, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Macon, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Madison, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Manchester, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Mankato, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Mansfield, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Marion, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Mason City, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio McAlester, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio McAllen, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio McComb, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Medford, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Memphis, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Meridian, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Miami, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Midland, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Milwaukee, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Minneapolis, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Minot, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Missoula, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Mobile, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Monroe, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Montgomery, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Montrose, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Morgantown, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Moses Lake, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Napa, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Nashville, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio New Castle, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio New Haven, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio New Orleans, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio New York, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Norfolk, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio North Platte, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Oak Harbor, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Ocala, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Ogden, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Ogdensburg, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Oil City, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Oklahoma City, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Omaha, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Orlando, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Oshkosh, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Ottumwa, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Paducah, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Panama City, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Peoria, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Philadelphia, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Phoenix, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Pierre, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Pittsburgh, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Plattsburgh, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Pocatello, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Port Angeles, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Port St Lucie, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Portland, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Portland, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Prescott, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Providence, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Provo, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Pueblo, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Raleigh, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Rapid City, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Reading, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Redding, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Reno, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Richmond, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Riverside, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Roanoke, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Rochester, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Rochester, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Rock Springs, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Rockford, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Rolla, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Roswell, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Sacramento, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Saginaw, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Saint Cloud, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Saint Joseph, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Saint Louis, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Salem, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Salina, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Salt Lake City, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio San Angelo, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio San Antonio, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio San Diego, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio San Francisco, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio San Jose, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio San Juan, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Santa Barbara, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Santa Cruz, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Santa Fe, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Sarasota, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Savannah, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Scottsbluff, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Scranton, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Seattle, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Sevierville, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Seymour, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Sheridan, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Sherman, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Shreveport, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Sidney, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Sierra Vista, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Sikeston, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Sioux City, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Sioux Falls, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio South Bend, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Spartanburg, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Spirit Lake, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Spokane, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Springfield, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Springfield, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Springfield, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio St. George, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Starkville, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Statesboro, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Statesville, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Staunton, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Stockton, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Syracuse, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Tallahassee, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Tampa, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Terre Haute, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Texarkana, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Toledo, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Topeka, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Trenton, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Tucson, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Tulsa, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Tupelo, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Tuscaloosa, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Twin Falls, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Tyler, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Ukiah, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Utica, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Uvalde, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Vernal, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Victoria, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Waco, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Washington, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Waterloo, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Watertown, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Watertown, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Wausau, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Waycross, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Wenatchee, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Wichita Falls, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Wichita, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Williamsport, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Williston, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Willmar, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Wilmington, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Winchester, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Winona, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Winston-Salem, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Worcester, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Yakima, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio York, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Yuma, Verenigde Staten
    • – regio Zanesville, Verenigde Staten
    • Every length of time a person spends on a certain experience Every length of time of experience
    • 0-1 year
    • 1-3 year
    • 4-6 year
    • 7-9 year
    • 10-14 year
    • 15+ year
    • etc.
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    Geen salarissen gerapporteerd.

    It is not possible to assign a salary for Package Handler depending on the location that is chosen and the number of years of experience.

    Loopbanen die populair zijn bij -werkzoekenden

    ISenior HR Business Partner ISenior Operations Administrator ISenior HR Business Partner Office Manager with a lot of responsibility Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of Operations

    Fedex Package Handler Salary in USA – Average Salary

    Average hourly wage per year, month, biweekly, and weekly

    How much does a Fedex Package Handler make in USA?

    Fedex package handler salaries in the United States range from $36,075 per year to $18.50 per hour on average. Beginning salaries for entry-level occupations are $29,750 per year, with the most experienced professionals earning up to $48,972 per year.

    Fedex package handler: salaries per region

    Active jobs with salaries

    FedEx – Package Handler, Warehouse

    If an Orient, Ohio Fedex Ground Ph Us employee works more over 25 hours in a pay period, they will receive an additional $50 each week****. If a full-time package handler works more than 40 hours in a pay period, he or she is considered overtime.

    FedEx – Package Handler, Warehouse

    Lebanon, Ohio is a city in the state of Ohio. The FedEx Ground service in the United States. – Colocation Additional information about the location: Earn up to $17.00 per hour to begin with! Statement on Equal Employment Opportunity FedEx Ground is an equal opportunity employer. /

    FedEx Package Handler

    FedEx Ground PH US. 19/Hagerstown Hub Cavetown, Maryland FedEx Ground PH US Additional Information about the Location:Up to $24.00 to begin with. EVENT FOR HIRING! Tuesday, March 22, 20221:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Fairgrounds.

    FedEx – Package Handler, Warehouse

    They will earn an additional $50/week if they work more over 25 hours in a pay period in Ashville, Ohio FedEx Ground PH US If a full-time package handler works more than 40 hours in a pay period, he or she is considered overtime.

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    FedEx Package Handler

    New Albany is a city in the state of Ohio. FedEx Ground PH US employees who work more over 25 hours in a pay period will get an additional $50 each week****. If a full-time package handler works more than 40 hours in a pay period, he or she is considered overtime.

    FedEx – Package Handler, Warehouse

    We are located in Upland, California, and we are looking for part-time employees. Part-time day – up to $18.00 Part-time morning – up to $18.50 As a result of operational requirements, EEO has the right to adjust all dates and hours.

    FedEx Package Handler

    Wind Gap is a town in Pennsylvania. FedEx Ground PH US. h Valley Hub FedEx Ground PH US. Additional information about the location: Earn up to $19.00 per hour with this position! We are now hiring for all shifts. Both companies provide flexible work schedules.

    FedEx – Package Handler, Warehouse

    Albertville is a city in the state of Minnesota. FedEx Ground PH United States. aul Hub. Detailed location information: Starting salary is up to $22.50/hr with options of working full or part time as well as on weekends or during the week.

    FedEx Package Handler

    Tolland, Connecticut is a town in the state of Connecticut. The P061/Hartford Hub of FedEx Ground in the United States Additional information about the location: Up to a maximum of $19.25 Referral Bonus: A $250 referral bonus is available until April 2, 2022. Terms and conditions apply. We’re doing it.

    FedEx Package Handler

    Tolland, Connecticut is a town in the United States of America. U.S. FedEx Ground (PH) P061/Hartford Hub Details about the location are provided below: It is possible to earn up to $19.25. Up to $250 in referral bonuses are available until April 2, 2022. Referral Bonus: We’re doing it right now!

    FedEx – Package Handler, Warehouse

    Kenton, Kentucky is a city in the U.S. state of Kentucky. FedEx Ground PH United States. ntucky – Center Additional Information about the Location:Earn up to $22.50 per hour to begin with! Every Wednesday, there will be an on-site hiring event! Timings: 4 PM – 6 PM

    FedEx – Package Handler, Warehouse

    Rogers, Minnesota is a city in the state of Minnesota. FedEx Ground PH US. rove – Colocation – FedEx Ground PH US Additional information about the location: Compensation: up to $20.50/hrRate of pay includes:*$2 per hour shift differential pay

    FedEx Package Handler

    FedEx Ground PH US.Hub in Savage, Minnesota FedEx Ground PH US Extra information about the location: Starting compensation is up to $22.50/hr*Full-time and part-time positions are available, as well as flexible and weekend schedules

    FedEx Ground – Package Handlers

    FedEx Ground PH US.Hub in Savage, Minnesota. Additional Location Information:Starting salary is up to $22.50/hr*Full-time, part-time, flexible, and weekend schedules are all options.

    PT Warehouse Package Handler|Jobs in FedEx

    Grove City, Ohio FedEx Ground PH US. 432/Columbus Hub Grove City, Ohio FedEx Ground PH US. Additional information about the location: Earn up to $25.00/hour*The aforementioned rate includes a $2.00 pay differential for working FT **A $2.00 pay differential for working FT

    FedEx – PackageHandler

    FedEx Ground, Park City, Utah. USA/P861/Ogden, Utah. Additional information about the location: **Start earning up to $22.75 right away!** Pay Raising Measures: All Pay augmentation of $3 From October 17th through January 22nd $1.

    FedEx Ground – Package Handlers

    FedEx Ground service in Malden, Massachusetts. Wilmington Colocation Additional information about the location: Starting pay is up to $19.25 per hour, with a $2 ALL pay boost from September 5, 2021 to January 1, 2022.

    FedEx – Package Handler, Warehouse

    The Hickory Hills, Illinois FedEx Ground PH US is located in the Chicago hub Additional information about the location: Obtain a salary of up to $33.02* per hour, which includes an extra $5.52/hour for all full-time employees.

    FedEx – Package Handler – Warehouse

    Leetsdale is a town in Pennsylvania. FedEx Ground (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) Additional information about the location: Starting salary is up to $20.00/hour from October 24th to December 25th, 21. Weekend differential: $1.00/hour from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Friday is a day off.

    FedEx Package Handler – Louisville

    Louisville, Kentucky is a city in the United States of America. P400. Confidential information. Additional location information: $15.00-$15.50 per hourMonday-Friday, 4:00 a.m.-8:00 a.m. Additional location information: Monday through Friday, 5:00 p.m.

    FedEx – Package Handler, Warehouse

    Muncy is a town in Pennsylvania. Information about the position is confidential. Starting at $13.00 per hour**Base rate $12.00-$13.00 per hour Earn a 0.25 percent boost after one month and another 0.25 percent rise after six months.

    FedEx – Package Handler, Warehouse

    Summit, Illinois is a town in the U.S. state of Illinois. 06/McCook Colocation is strictly confidential. Additional information about the location: Hourly rates of up to $26.25***$2.00 / hour increase for AM hours (10:00pm – 10:00am) and beyond.

    FedEx Ground – Package Handlers

    FedEx Ground delivery to Maryville, Illinois. me Can work numerous shifts—full-time availability on a variety of projects Bonus of $50: PH is open on Saturday and Sunday till January 15, 2022EEO Statement FedEx Ground is a ground transportation service.

    FedEx Ground – Package Handlers

    Clickajobs US has a permanent position in Elgin, Texas. *Up to $17.00/hour * The above-mentioned pricing includes: $15.00 base rate Weekend Bonuses of $1 for FT Premium Members Statement on Equal Employment Opportunity FedEx Ground is a type of delivery service.

    FedEx Package Handler

    US Postal Service FedEx Ground PH Clinton, Massachusetts tion Information: Additional information about the location: To begin, you may earn up to $21.50 per hour plus a $2 weekend difference (10 P.M. Friday-10 A.M. Monday).

    FedEx – Package Handler, Warehouse.

    FedEx Ground PH US.P923 Los Angeles, California FedEx Ground PH US.P923 Additional Information about the Location: Starting at up to $15.75 Midnight 10pm – 12am Early Morning: These are the estimated start times.

    FedEx Ground Package Handler Salaries

    • 5th of March, 2022 (updated) CanadaCanada
    • Calgary, Alberta
    • Edmonton, Alberta
    • Halifax, Nova Scotia
    • Kitchener, Ontario
    • London, Ontario
    • Montreal, Quebec
    • Ottawa, Ontario
    • Quebec, Quebec
    • Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
    • Toronto, Ontario
    • Vancouver, British Columbia
    • Victoria, British Columbia
    • Windsor, Ontario
    • Winnipeg, Manitoba
    • France
    • United Kingdom
    • York, United Kingdom Area
    • United States
    • Canada
    • France
    • United Kingdom
    • United States
    • – Abilene, TX, United States Area
    • – Akron, OH, United States Area
    • – Albany, NY, United States Area
    • – Albuquerque, NM, United States Area
    • – Allentown, PA, United States Area
    • – Altoona, PA, United States Area
    • – Amarillo, TX, United States Area
    • – Anchorage, AK, United States Area
    • – Ann Arbor, MI, United States Area
    • – Anniston, AL, United States Area
    • – Asheville, NC, United States Area
    • – Ashland, OH, United States Area
    • – Athens, GA, United States Area
    • – Atlanta, GA, United States Area
    • – Auburn, AL, United States Area
    • – Augusta, GA, United States Area
    • – Austin, TX, United States Area
    • – Bakersfield, CA, United States Area
    • – Baltimore, MD, United States Area
    • – Bangor, ME, United States Area
    • – Baton Rouge, LA, United States Area
    • – Bay City, MI, United States Area
    • – Beaumont, TX, United States Area
    • – Beckley, WV, United States Area
    • – Bemidji, MN, United States Area
    • – Bend, OR, United States Area
    • – Berlin, NH, United States Area
    • – Billings, MT, United States Area
    • – Binghamton, NY, United States Area
    • – Birmingham, AL, United States Area
    • – Bismarck, ND, United States Area
    • – Bloomington, IL, United States Area
    • – Boise, ID, United States Area
    • – Boston, MA, United States Area
    • – Boulder, CO, United States Area
    • – Bowling Green, KY, United States Area
    • – Bozeman, MT, United States Area
    • – Brainerd, MN, United States Area
    • – Bridgeport, CT, United States Area
    • – Brookings, SD, United States Area
    • – Buffalo, NY, United States Area
    • – Burlington, NC, United States Area
    • – Burlington, VT, United States Area
    • – Butte, Montana, United States Area
    • – Cadillac, MI, United States Area
    • – Cambridge, OH, United States Area
    • – Canton, OH, United States Area
    • – Cape Coral, FL, United States Area
    • – Casper, WY, United States Area
    • – Cedar Rapids, IA, United States Area
    • – Chambersburg, PA, United States Area
    • – Champaign, IL, United States Area
    • – Charleston, SC, United States Area
    • – Charleston, WV, United States Area
    • – Charlotte, NC, United States Area
    • – Chattanooga, TN, United States Area
    • – Cheyenne, WY, United States Area
    • – Chicago, IL, United States Area
    • – Chico, CA, United States Area
    • – Chillicothe, OH, United States Area
    • – Cincinnati, OH, United States Area
    • – Claremont, NH, United States Area
    • – Clarksburg, WV, United States Area
    • – Cleveland, OH, United States Area
    • – College Station, TX, United States Area
    • – Colorado Springs, CO, United States Area
    • – Columbia, MO, United States Area
    • – Columbia, SC, United States Area
    • – Columbia, TN, United States Area
    • – Columbus, GA, United States Area
    • – Columbus, MS, United States Area
    • – Columbus, OH, United States Area
    • – Concord, NH, United States Area
    • – Cookeville, TN, United States Area
    • – Corpus Christi, TX, United States Area
    • – Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, United States Area
    • – Danville, IL, United States Area
    • – Davenport, IA, United States Area
    • – Dayton, OH, United States Area
    • – Daytona Beach, FL, United States Area
    • – Denver, CO, United States Area
    • – Des Moines, IA, United States Area
    • – Detroit, MI, United States Area
    • – Dodge City, KS, United States Area
    • – Dothan, AL, United States Area
    • – Dover, DE, United States Area
    • – DuBois, PA, United States Area
    • – Dubuque, IA, United States Area
    • – Duluth, MN, United States Area
    • – Dunn, NC, United States Area
    • – Durant, OK, United States Area
    • – Eau Claire, WI, United States Area
    • – Edwards, CO, United States Area
    • – Effingham, IL, United States Area
    • – El Paso, TX, United States Area
    • – Elizabeth City, NC, United States Area
    • – Elko, NV, United States Area
    • – Elmira, NY, United States Area
    • – Enid, OK, United States Area
    • – Erie, PA, United States Area
    • – Escanaba, MI, United States Area
    • – Eugene, OR, United States Area
    • – Eureka, CA, United States Area
    • – Evansville, IN, United States Area
    • – Fargo, ND, United States Area
    • – Farmington, NM, United States Area
    • – Fayetteville, AR, United States Area
    • – Fayetteville, NC, United States Area
    • – Flagstaff, AZ, United States Area
    • – Florence, AL, United States Area
    • – Florence, SC, United States Area
    • – Fort Collins, CO, United States Area
    • – Fort Morgan, CO, United States Area
    • – Fort Smith, AR, United States Area
    • – Fort Wayne, IN, United States Area
    • – Fresno, CA, United States Area
    • – Gaffney, SC, United States Area
    • – Gainesville, GA, United States Area
    • – Garden City, KS, United States Area
    • – Gillette, WY, United States Area
    • – Grand Forks, ND, United States Area
    • – Grand Island, NE, United States Area
    • – Grand Junction, CO, United States Area
    • – Grand Rapids, MI, United States Area
    • – Great Falls, MT, United States Area
    • – Greeley, CO, United States Area
    • – Green Bay, WI, United States Area
    • – Greensboro, NC, United States Area
    • – Greenville, MS, United States Area
    • – Greenville, NC, United States Area
    • – Greenville, SC, United States Area
    • – Gulfport, MS, United States Area
    • – Hagerstown, MD, United States Area
    • – Harrisburg, PA, United States Area
    • – Hartford, CT, United States Area
    • – Hastings, NE, United States Area
    • – Hattiesburg, MS, United States Area
    • – Hawaiian Islands, United States Area
    • – Hays, KS, United States Area
    • – Helena, MT, United States Area
    • – Hickory, NC, United States Area
    • – Homosassa Springs, FL, United States Area
    • – Houston, TX, United States Area
    • – Humboldt, TN, United States Area
    • – Huntington, WV, United States Area
    • – Huntsville, AL, United States Area
    • – Idaho Falls, ID, United States Area
    • – Indianapolis, IN, United States Area
    • – Indianola, MS, United States Area
    • – Jackson, MS, United States Area
    • – Jacksonville, FL, United States Area
    • – Johnson City, TN, United States Area
    • – Johnstown, PA, United States Area
    • – Jonesboro, AR, United States Area
    • – Joplin, MO, United States Area
    • – Kalamazoo, MI, United States Area
    • – Kalispell, MT, United States Area
    • – Kansas City, MO, United States Area
    • – Keene, NH, United States Area
    • – Kennewick, WA, United States Area
    • – Killeen, TX, United States Area
    • – Kingsport, TN, United States Area
    • – Klamath Falls, OR, United States Area
    • – Knoxville, TN, United States Area
    • – Kokomo, IN, United States Area
    • – La Crosse, WI, United States Area
    • – Lafayette, IN, United States Area
    • – Lafayette, LA, United States Area
    • – Lake Charles, LA, United States Area
    • – Lake Havasu City, AZ, United States Area
    • – Lakeland, FL, United States Area
    • – Lansing, MI, United States Area
    • – Laredo, TX, United States Area
    • – Las Cruces, NM, United States Area
    • – Las Vegas, NV, United States Area
    • – Lawrence, KS, United States Area
    • – Lawton, OK, United States Area
    • – Lebanon, NH, United States Area
    • – Lewiston, ID, United States Area
    • – Lewiston, ME, United States Area
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