How To Build A Package Drop Box?

Design and determine needed measurements (or use ours) To start,decide where you’ll keep your package drop box.

How do you make a package drop box?

Assemble two rectangles, then connect them with three 19 1/4” two-by-two pieces and one 19 1/4” one-by-two. The one-by-two will be at the top and laid flat to act as the top front edge of the package drop box. The package drop box will have two doors: one smaller door at the top and a larger one below.

What are the best extra large parcel drop boxes?

Best Extra Large Parcel Drop Boxes Reviews & Recommendations for 2021 1 Keter Package Delivery Box 2 Box Sentinel 3 RTS Home Accents Premium Horizontal Delivery Box 4 Cosco Outdoor Living BoxGuard 5 Winbest Large Steel Parcel Box

How to prevent theft with a parcel drop box?

One way to help prevent theft is to use a secure lock box. Here’s how to create a DIY parcel drop box to keep your packages safe. Don’t leave your packages exposed like this! So, what are you trying to accomplish if you decide to build a package drop box? As we see it, there are three main goals: Security.

How many doors does a package drop box have?

The package drop box will have two doors: one smaller door at the top and a larger one below. For this step, you’ll use your remaining 19 1/4” two-by-twos and the one-by-two of the same length.

How do package drop boxes work?

Parcel Drop Boxes

A door is opened so your package can be placed in the lock box, and when the door is closed, the package drops into another compartment. Opening the door again will not expose the package stored inside the lockbox.

How can I hide a porch package?

Creative ways to keep your packages safe from porch thieves:

  1. Use a storage locker.
  2. Buy a package locker.
  3. Have packages delivered in a hideaway.
  4. Send packages to the office.
  5. Amazon Key.
  6. Work with your neighbors.
  7. Have your packages held.
  8. Request signature confirmation.

How big of a box will fit in a UPS drop box?

Its total size must not exceed 130 in/330 cm in length and girth combined. It has a value of less than US$5000 if delivered or shipped to a UPS Access Point location or a value up to US$1000 if dropped off for shipment as a pre-paid shipment.

How do you secure a parcel?

Fill out containers with cushioning material like bubble-wrap or polystyrene chips (available from most Post Office® branches). Write a return address on the item. Put a contact name, address and telephone number inside. Seal securely with nylon or vinyl tape along all edges and openings.

How do I make a parcel?

How to package and prepare your parcel for shipping

  1. Choose the right box. Use a new rigid corrugated double wall cardboard box and choose the right size for the content.
  2. Pack your items.
  3. Shipping label.
  4. Seal the box.
  5. Place your label safely and visibly.

How do porch delivery boxes work?

These boxes typically work just like a FedEx, UPS, or U.S. Postal Service drop box, with an opening at the top for couriers to deposit packages that fall into a secure compartment at the bottom. They can even be bolted to your porch or weighed down with sand or weights.

How do I stop my package from being stolen?

How to Prevent Package Theft: Top 8 Tested Ways

  1. Use Smart Package Lockers or Convenience Store.
  2. Install Security Cameras to Prevent Package Theft.
  3. Have Packages Delivered to Your Workplace/Office.
  4. Get Amazon Key for Your Package Delivery.
  5. Require Signature on Delivery to Stop Package Theft.

Do package lock boxes work?

Parcel Boxes secure your deliveries better than deterrents like security cameras and alarms, and parcel boxes are also more convenient than delaying deliveries or having them sent to alternative locations for pickup. These lockable boxes tend to be an effective option for those who have space near their doorway.

How can I stop my neighbor from stealing my package?

Apply a Motion-Activated Sprinkler or Alarm System. Motion-activated sprinklers and alarm systems will be triggered when some unwanted visitors break in your home. Quite similar to the security cameras, such tools will deter neighbors who steal your newspapers, mails, fruits and firewood to a large extent.

Is Amazon supposed to put packages in mailbox?

If you purchase more than one item from Amazon, be it this item plus any other item, depending on the items purchased your order will ship in a shipping envelope or box. If your mailbox is large enough to hold a shipping box, then it will come to your mailbox.

How often are packages stolen?

Nearly 4 in 10 shoppers have had a package stolen before it could be delivered, according to a study commissioned by ValuePenguin. While the number of deliveries ticks upward during the holidays, this data reminds consumers that package theft is a pervasive issue throughout the entire year.

How big of a box will fit in a UPS drop box?

Its total size must not exceed 130 in/330 cm in length and girth combined. It has a value of less than US$5000 if delivered or shipped to a UPS Access Point location or a value up to US$1000 if dropped off for shipment as a pre-paid shipment.

How do you find a drop box?

“Drop boxes were introduced as an emergency measure during the asking for ballot audits and even at one point asking Raffensperger to “find” him more that 11,000 votes to beat Biden. Both Raffensperger and Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp have maintained

How to make DIY storage boxes?

  • Glue the support corners in.
  • Attach small hinges.
  • Round lid corners with jigsaw.
  • Make 2 segments/arcs on the sides of the box for lifting. when using the jigsaw use special blade for cutting angles.
  • Attach 2 straps to the inner box lid as support,glue,screw and close with hard wood plugs.
  • Be creative my baby sure is.
  • How big is a drop box?

    Our drop box in this size is 10ft. long, 7.5ft. wide and 3.5ft tall, and is used for dirt, rock, concrete and other heavy materials only. 20 Yard Drop Boxes hold 20 cubic yards of junk. Our 20 yard drop box is 16ft. long, 7.5ft. wide and 4.5ft. tall.

    How to Make a DIY Package Drop Box

    • We’re well into the Christmas season, and if you’re anything like us, you’ve most likely already begun purchasing gifts for your loved ones online (or expecting your own presents in the mail from faraway relatives).
    • Unfortunately, however, it’s very simple for parcels to go missing when they’re left on a porch unattended—this has even occurred to members of our family!
    • I had placed a gift on my nephew’s front porch for him, but when he returned home, the gift had vanished (and he lost other packages the same way that year).

    Porch pirates is a term used by my neighbors to describe these contemporary robbers.It was my intention not to let my nephew—or anybody else—go through that ordeal again, so I devised a method of securing parcels brought to any home’s front door.To keep your goods secure over the Christmas season, we’re putting together a package drop box with a locking mechanism today!

    It may be customized to fit whatever amount of space you have available on your porch, and you can even include a sign for the delivery person to flip after they’ve dropped off their package.Because the Christmas season is typically hectic, cross ″worrying about your shipments″ off of your to-do list as soon as possible.

    Step 1: Design and determine needed measurements (or use ours)

    • To begin, choose a location where you will store your parcel drop box.
    • Take measurements of the available space, and then calculate the dimensions of your box appropriately.
    • Our package drop box is designed to accommodate envelopes and a variety of box sizes with ease; however, if you wish to accommodate even more parcels, you may expand the height of the box.

    Our box, which measures 23 3/4″ wide by 35″ tall by 21″ deep, was custom-built for a specific location.

    Step 2: Cut lumber and plywood

    Once you’ve decided your dimensions, you may begin cutting your timber and plywood to fit your project. For our measurements, please refer to our helpful cutting guide.

    Step 3: Assemble box frame

    • Following that, construct the box frame using three-inch screws.
    • The height of our box frame will be 34 1/4 inches.
    • More than one screw will be used in each joint, so offset them and, before sinking another screw into the same joint, examine it and offset it in a different direction so the screws do not collide with one another.

    As the uprights, four 34″ two-by-twos should suffice.For the sides, four 17″ two-by-twos should enough.Construct two rectangles, then join them with three two-by-two pieces and one one-by-two piece each measuring 19 1/4″ in width.

    The one-by-two will be placed at the top of the box and positioned flat so that it will serve as the top front edge of the box.

    Step 4: Add door divider to package drop box

    • The package drop box will feature two doors: a smaller one at the top and a larger one at the bottom of the structure.
    • This phase will require the usage of your remaining 19 1/4″ two-by-twos as well as the one-by-two of the same length.
    • Installation Instructions: Install the one-by-twos parallel to the two-by-twos, but offset them by 3/4″.

    Screw these two combined parts into position at a location 7 1/4″ down from the crosspiece above, using two screws at each end to ensure that it is securely fastened in place.In order for the one-by-2 to hang below the two-by-2 on the rear side, it will be stepped down.This will split the front such that there will be an aperture above that is 7 1/4″ high and an opening below that is approximately 25″ high on either side.

    Step 5: Add middle section to package drop box

    • Install two 17-inch two-by-two sections front to back such that the tops of these pieces are 16 inches below the top of the box frame’s frame.
    • Connect these sections together with a cross brace and place it 7″ from the inner of the front upright’s interior.
    • In each end of the cross brace, drive screws into the cross brace, aligning them so that the cross brace revolves on the screws as if the screws were axles.

    Step 6: Build internal slide shelf

    • You will now construct a ramp to allow parcels to slide down once they have been positioned within the little door hole.
    • The plywood measuring 13″ x 19″ and 1″ screws should be used to attach the plywood to both one by twos of the door divider piece in the step above and to the crosspiece near the middle of the box frame—but first, make sure to tilt the crosspiece to an angle that corresponds with the slope of the shelf.

    Step 7: Screw on plywood sides and mount top piece

    Screw the sides of the box into place with 1 1/4″ screws so that the top edges of the box frame are flush with the top of the box frame. The top piece should be attached to the box frame by screwing it in place. Make sure there is enough overhang in the rear to accommodate the thickness of the plywood you’re using.

    Step 8: Mount upper door

    Place the pull for the top door in the desired location, mark the location with a pencil, drill pilot holes for the mounting screws, and screw the pull into place. Attach two cabinet hinges to the one-by-two crosspiece at the top of the box frame, being sure to position them as far up as possible on the crosspiece. Attach the upper door to the opposite side of both hinges at this point.

    Step 9: Mount lower, swinging door

    • Remove an inch or two off the height of the lower door and cut a continuous hinge to match the length of the lower door.
    • Mount one side of the hinge to the outer edge of the box frame using two screws on either side of the hinge.
    • Hold the door in position, note the location, and fasten it with two screws to the wall.

    Take a moment to pause, inspect the alignment of the swinging door, and make any required adjustments.As soon as you’ve got it in the appropriate position, drill through the hinge wings and into the box frame and door with the remainder of the screws.

    Step 10: Install catches

    • To secure your package drop box, you can use a hasp and padlock, a keyed cabinet lock, or a range of other types of security measures.
    • A magnetic child-safety cabinet lock was used, which means the bottom door cannot be opened visually and there is no handle to pull it with force.
    • To unlock the latch, a magnetic ″key″ must be inserted into the lock.

    All you have to do is hold the ″key″ in the proper location on the door, and it will release and allow the door to open fully.

    Step 11: Install bottom mounting plates

    • Attaching your package drop box to either wood or concrete is an option, and depending on which technique you choose, you may want to prepare the mounting plates before securing them to the box frame to prevent them from falling off.
    • When securing the two-by-four mounting plates that were constructed, use two screws at each ends of each board and put the boards into place crossways between the bottom framework of the box frame.
    • Depending on the type of material used to construct your porch, the following are some alternatives for attaching your package drop box: (1) Attaching the mounting plate to the wood: Drill a lag screw through the top of the mounting plate and into the wood below it.

    (2) Attaching to concrete: Insert a concrete anchor into a hole in the concrete that has been drilled.Drill a hole in the mounting location large enough to take the threaded bolt end that will protrude from the concrete, and fix it with a washer and nut to secure it in place.(3) Attaching the mounting plates to wood or concrete: Use a construction adhesive to attach the mounting plates to your deck, porch, steps, or other wooden or concrete structure.

    Step 12: Attach the back

    Finally, screw the rear piece of plywood into place, making sure that the top edge of the plywood is tucked up under the lid’s overhang.

    Step 13: Paint or stain your drop box

    • We painted our drop box to match the siding of its new house to give it a cohesive look.
    • A two-sided ″empty″ and ″occupied″ sign may be attached to the top of the package drop box if you want the delivery person to notify you when they have dropped off an item for you.
    • That’s all there is to it!

    Take pleasure in your new, one-of-a-kind package drop box, which will keep your packages secure and dry over the Christmas season and for the rest of the year to come.Makeover the remainder of your porch with a fresh coat of paint on your front door, some homemade wooden lanterns, or by putting up your Christmas lights..

    The 5 Best Extra Large Parcel Drop Boxes 2022

    • Because it’s big, weather resistant, and most importantly – the vast majority of carriers regularly utilize it – the Keter Package Delivery Box is our favorite extra large delivery box (parcel box).
    • The majority of thefts are the result of a window of opportunity.
    • Parcel boxes provide two levels of protection for your items.
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    First and foremost, they are difficult to obtain admission into.Yet a second reason is that many porch pirates will not even consider taking your gifts if they do not see them out in the open on your porch.In today’s world, the only drawback of delivery boxes is that they are typically rather tiny.

    The majority of individuals only receive a few items at a time, and they only receive little boxes and correspondence.If you get a big number of parcels or ones that are very enormous, you’ll need to invest in one of these extra-large parcel drop boxes.


    Keter Package Delivery Box

    SummaryAn eye-catching box with a lockable storage section inside the lid. Pros: The space is large and appealing, and everything is clearly labeled. Cons: The build is a tad flimsy at times.


    Summary: A heavy-duty keycode box composed of aluminum and stainless steel that is both secure and durable. Exceptionally well-secure and built in the United States of America. Cons It has an industrial feel about it.


    RTS Home Accents Parcelwirx

    Summary: A basic trunk box that can handle huge parcels is described above. Advantages: A straightforward design with a global appeal. A basic latch is used for security, which is a drawback.

    Best Extra Large Parcel Drop Boxes Reviews & Recommendations for 2021

    • The Keter Package Delivery Box, Box Sentinel, RTS Home Accents Premium Horizontal Delivery Box, Cosco Outdoor Living BoxGuard, Winbest Large Steel Parcel Box, and the RTS Home Accents Premium Horizontal Delivery Box are all excellent choices.

    The Best Overall: Keter Package Delivery Box

    • Keter is the source of the image.
    • With an appealing, timeless appearance and the ability to receive deliveries without the need of a code or key, the Keter Package Delivery Box is a great choice for package delivery.
    • Packages are placed in the upper bin and then dropped into the box, where they will remain secure until a key is used to unlock the box and remove the packages from it.

    In terms of interior measurements, this box is 19.7 inches broad by 25.7 inches deep.Despite the fact that it is equipped with a specific bin system, it is built to withstand water and other adverse weather conditions.It is especially well-protected as a result of the lock.

    Furthermore, it is not required to have any certain sort of installation.It’s just that it works.The fact that the Keter Package Delivery Box is both visually appealing and useful is most likely its most appealing feature.It is a bit more expensive than some of the alternatives, but it more than makes up for it in terms of aesthetics and usability.


    It is simple to use and install. Can accept packages without the need of a code or a key. Water and weather resistance are included.


    It is a little more costly than the alternatives.

    The Runner up: the Box Sentinel

    • Image courtesy of the MB Sentinel This is unquestionably one of the hardest and most serious all-around alternatives available for customers who want to ensure that their shipments are completely safe throughout transit.
    • This box, which is made of aluminum and stainless steel, will beat anyone who tries to break through the door.
    • In order to get entry, the carrier will have a secret code that you will need to input.

    The only drawback is that it requires a code to be entered, which means you will need to get in touch with your service provider.This box, which is large enough to accommodate virtually all parcels received through Amazon, not only protects items from the weather and criminals, but it may also aid in the preservation of food delivery during the summer heat.Last but not least, this is a highly advanced product that has been designed to be incredibly resilient.

    You can read the rest of our Box Sentinel review here.


    Stainless steel and aluminum are used to construct this big box, which is meant to accommodate Amazon parcels. It is possible to keep food delivery secure.


    A specific code is required by the carrier.

    Best for the Money: RTS Home Accents Parcelwirx Premium Horizontal Delivery Drop Box

    • ParcelWirx is the source of this image.
    • When you use the RTS House Accents Premium Horizontal Delivery Box, you can ensure that your products are delivered safely while also adding a distinctive touch of décor to your home.
    • Outside, this Horizontal Delivery Box is inconspicuous, yet it has the ability to hold larger products on the inside.

    A hinged lid swings outward and upward, and it may be locked with either a smart lock or a standard lock, depending on the situation.The Horizontal Delivery Box is made of durable materials and has a strong finish that makes it resistant to weather and age.It is also appealing enough to be mistaken for typical décor.

    Its interior measures 33.5 by 18 by 23.2 inches, which is more than enough space for virtually any package to fit inside.However, there are several disadvantages, the most prominent of which is the fact that someone must know the code or have the key in order to have access to it.This is in contrast to other drop box-style devices, which do not require a key or code in order to make actual deliveries.


    A straightforward hinged lid that accepts either a smart lock or a standard lock. Made with high-quality materials.


    To get entry, a code or key must be used.

    The Most Affordable: Cosco Outdoor Living BoxGuard

    • A heavy-duty secured box, the Cosco Outdoor BoxGuard is clearly labelled to let delivery professionals know where to place supplies and parcels.
    • Source: Cosco Outdoor BoxGuard It’s available in either grey or brown, depending on your preferences, however one minor drawback is that it has a more industrial appearance than some of the other possibilities.
    • In addition to the aesthetic appeal provided by the angled roof, it is one of the most cost-effective porch locker alternatives available.

    It comes with a unique hinge that provides enough tension to keep the lid open even when the box is not being used, making it simpler for someone to load big things into it.This box may be used to direct anybody who makes deliveries to you to store parcels in it for safety and to keep your things out of the reach of inquisitive eyes.And the box doesn’t simply keep out burglars; it also keeps out animals and bad weather.

    This box has a capacity of 6.3 cubic feet, which means it can accommodate many parcels or simply a few days’ worth of mail if you have a propensity to be absent from home.All in a small and weather-resistant package, that’s more than 40 gallons of storage capacity.


    The storage capacity is over 40 gallons, and the lid is held open by a hinge. Roof with an appealing angled pitch.


    As a whole, it’s not as appealing as some of the other possibilities.

    The Best Commercial: Winbest Large Steel Parcel Box

    • Winbest is the source of this image.
    • Are you looking for a business solution to your problem?
    • If you’re searching for a heavy-duty solution, the Winbest Large Steel Parcel Box is just what you’ve been looking for.

    It is intended to be the most dependable means of storing huge numbers of packets, albeit it is rather limited in terms of capacity for bigger packages.The box’s dimensions are 10.5 by 15.4 by 41.5 inches, which means it’s best suited for big quantities of goods rather than very large ones, as shown by the measurements.For those who choose to attach it, mounting hardware is available, and a particular tamper-resistant slot prevents parcels from being taken out after they have been placed in.

    As a result, folks will have a fantastic spot to store anything they require as a result of this.


    • It is a sturdy, commercial-grade component that can be installed. Tamper-resistant.


    Commercial properties are preferable than residential properties.

    Finding the Right Large Porch Box

    • To begin, choose if you require a box with a volume or a package size.
    • Some people receive a large number of modest packages and must be able to accept each and every one of them.
    • Other folks will occasionally receive a huge shipment and will want additional room to accommodate it.

    There’s also the question of how to use it.Some need a key or an access code, whilst others may simply have items dropped off in the style of the United States Postal Service.The price of large porch lockers varies based on their size and level of protection.

    Depending on the size and level of protection you want, the cost might range from less than a hundred dollars to about a thousand dollars.There’s also the matter of design, of course.It is possible that various designs will be more appealing for your setting if you are using your locker for home or business purposes.The Keter Package Delivery Box is the greatest overall extra-large parcel drop box available on the market right now, since it has an appealing, timeless appearance as well as the ability to accept goods without the need of a code or key.The RTS Home Accents Parcelwirx Premium Horizontal Delivery Drop Box is the greatest extra-large parcel dropbox for the money when it comes to value for money.It is constructed of durable materials and has a high-quality finish.

    The five alternatives listed above are all excellent possibilities, depending on your specific requirements….Selecting a porch locker box now will provide you with immediate peace of mind and will ensure that your shipments are properly safeguarded.

    How to Create a DIY Parcel Drop Box

    • If you’ve ever ordered something online, you’re probably aware that delivery can be difficult.
    • Sure, the delivery firm will put the products on your porch—but will they still be there when you return home from your day job?
    • It’s no secret that package theft has become a major problem, as thieves view boxes left on porches as an easy chance to steal someone else’s belongings.

    Using a safe lock box can assist to reduce the likelihood of theft.The following instructions will show you how to make a DIY parcel drop box to keep your shipments is the time to shop

    The Goal

    • Don’t leave your things out in the open in this manner! So, what exactly are you hoping to accomplish by constructing a package drop box? According to our assessment, there are three primary objectives: Security. It goes without saying that this is at the top of the list, given the entire goal is to prevent theft. When it comes to ensuring that the drop box meets your demands, it must keep prospective burglars out until you return home. It needs to be durable enough to survive damage, and it needs to be fastened in such a way that criminals are unable to simply walk away with the entire thing.
    • Aesthetics. You don’t want to display a large, unsightly box on your front door. Your neighbors may object to the sight of an unsightly box in front of your home, and you will become bored of seeing an unsightly box in front of your home. One of the most difficult aspects of designing and building your own solution is creating something that is both visually appealing and durable enough to be displayed on your doorstep with pride. The construction of a drop box that will be demolished in a year or two is completely pointless. Both the materials and the construction must be designed for long-term performance
    • otherwise, the project will fail.

    You can immediately sense the seriousness of the task when you look at the three objectives that have been created. It is essential that you design something that will keep your parcels secure, looks beautiful on the porch, and is made to last if you are going to be satisfied with the final outcome. Do you still want to take on the challenge? Let’s keep moving forward!

    The Build

    • The PARCELBIN package lock box is presented here for reference purposes only. The stages involved in designing and constructing your drop box will be broken down into a number of sub-parts. You’ll need to create your own blueprints ultimately, taking into consideration factors such as the amount of space you have available, the size of the goods you regularly have delivered, your budget for the work, and other factors. As a result of this part, we can provide you with a guidance on some of the most important aspects of making a valuable lock box: Make use of materials that are appropriate for the outdoors. This is a critical step if you want the box to last for many years to come. Even if it is going to be placed beneath a covered porch, it should be constructed of materials that are resistant to the elements. Although a roof will keep the box from being directly impacted by rain, there will still be moisture in the air at certain times of the year. If you choose materials that aren’t suited for outdoor use, the moisture will soak into the materials, and the state of your box will quickly degrade (optional). Your goods will need to be placed inside the box by the delivery person, so make sure they are easily accessible. Instead of a lockable door, you may try putting a slot at the top of the box to keep everything safe from prying eyes. If this is the case, you will need to make certain that packages can be readily placed in, but not removed from, the container. A design that is akin to a library drop-off hatch is one that is highly effective. Upon opening, a product is put into the holder, which prevents the space below from being accessible. When the hatch is closed, the package is dropped into the protected compartment, which is secured by a locking mechanism. As a side note, dropping shipments might result in property damage, and opening hatches could be less secure. You will need to build a lockable door in order to be able to access your shipments, regardless of which option you choose. Regardless of whether it is a key lock or a combination lock, you will be able to unlock it to receive your delivery as soon as you return to your house. For those who do not want to use the hatch design, a code or key may simply be supplied with the delivery business, allowing them to access the box for drop-offs as needed.

    Some Drawbacks Of DIY

    • As should be obvious by now, constructing your own parcel drop box is not a simple undertaking. When contemplating creating your own box, there are some significant disadvantages to consider. These include: The level of protection. However, even if you construct a box with a secure front entrance, the total unit may not be strong enough to repel a determined burglar. It will, without a doubt, be preferable than doing nothing, but it may not be sufficient to prevent package theft in the long run.
    • Time and effort are required. Simply said, this is a job that will require a significant amount of time and effort to complete. You may either do the job yourself or you can get something that has already been built specifically for this particular activity.
    • Getting through the HOA is a challenge. It’s possible that your homeowners’ association will refuse to allow your DIY parcel box to be placed on your front porch or in another prominent area if you reside in a gated community with a HOA.
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    While you may prefer to do things yourself in most of your attempts, developing a solution that is long-lasting, dependable, and safe may be a difficult undertaking. In order to keep your goods safe, it may be wise to look for a reliable alternative.

    Consider The PARCELBIN

    • When you choose a PARCELBIN instead of a DIY lock box, you can be assured that all of your worries about a DIY lock box will be handled.
    • This industry-leading package drop box is constructed to a high level of quality, which helps to keep criminals from stealing your valuable products.
    • In addition to its extremely solid and long-lasting construction, it is also aesthetically pleasing.

    You should have no problems getting clearance from your HOA.Furthermore, choosing a dependable prefabricated model will save you a significant amount of time and labor.PARCELBIN is a high-quality drop box that will keep your parcels secure until you come to pick them up from the drop box.

    And you won’t have to do a single thing yourself!

    Introduction: Parcel Drop Box for $55

    • Shopping online and purchasing electrical components from China are two of my favorite pastimes.
    • My packages are being taken advantage of.
    • Canada Post charges $30 per month for a personal mailbox, which is too expensive.

    I made the decision to build a wooden drop box.Please feel free to make any necessary adjustments to the specifications because my door and opening have some gaps.I had some extra drawers that I used for the top and bottom of the bed.

    I’ve included an instructable that displays a standard cover and bottom.To find out if your postal delivery service will accept your package, call them!Here in Toronto, Canada, the winter season is rapidly approaching.I’ll keep you posted on how well this box is holding up in our extreme weather conditions.

    Step 1: Dimensions

    The box is 16 inches by 18 inches by 33 inches.

    Step 2: Materials

    • Because my dropbox is located on a porch that is protected from the elements, I choose not to use water-resistant material in order to save money.
    • The majority of the supplies were purchased at Home Depot for the sake of convenience, however they are pricey; I would recommend visiting hardware or dollar stores for lower pricing.
    • (144in x 33in) Wood (cedar if you want a water-resistant wood) (a sheet of cedar from Home Depot costs $55) (I spent $20 on the cheapest sheet wood I could find.) (4) eye screws ($3), making certain that the holes are large enough to accommodate the rod.

    (1) 18-inch rod with a lot of strength ($5) (3 dollars) twelve one-inch corner braces (4) door hinge, making certain that screws extend into the wood ($2) a hinge lock for $3 (one hinge lock) (1) handle/strap (costs one dollar) (26) long screws ($7) are required to fasten the panels.(24) tiny screws are used to hold the corner bracing in place.($3) a) A bicycle lock ($4) (1) a water-resistant padlock ($4) Drillsaw, optional(1) plastic container ($2), and other tools

    Step 3: Wood Wood Wood and Making Opener

    The opener is made of two pieces of wood that have been joined at a 90-degree angle. On the interior of the opener, the two pieces of wood are braced together with three corner bracing. On the exterior of the opener, there are three corner braces. On the outside of the opener, there are five eye screws.

    Step 4: Putting Rod and Opener in the Box

    • For some reason, I made the error of drilling through both side panels to insert the rod.
    • Now I’m in need of nuts to hold the rod in place.
    • People may also remove the rod by unscrewing the screws and pulling it out.

    Another option is to drill halfway into the side panel from the inside and insert the rod via the two holes that are already there.In other words, attach the back panel and side panel together with screwdrivers.2.

    Insert the rod into the hole.3.Put the rod through the eye screws on the opener and tighten it.4.Attach the second side panel to the rear panel using the screws provided.

    Step 5: Adding the Blocker

    Attach the blocker to the corner bracing by screwing it on at an upward angle. For each side, I inserted one corner brace at the top and two at the bottom, one at the top and two at the bottom.

    Step 6: Putting on the Door, Hinge, Latch, Bike Lock and Strap

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    Diy Large Parcel Drop Box Ideas

    • Ideas for Diy Large Parcel Drop Boxes.
    • More ideas about parcel drop box, modern mailbox, and newspaper delivery may be found on Pinterest.
    • A porch box® is a safe parcel drop box for home usage that is great for keeping numerous shipments and bulky objects.

    Visit for more information.Lockable solid wood parcel safe drop box in a variety of sizes.The keter package delivery box is the greatest overall extra big parcel drop box available on the market right now, since it has an elegant, timeless appearance as well as a variety of useful functions.

    The top of the staircase has a modest access door.

    Diy Large Parcel Drop Box.

    For further information, please see this website: A parcel drop box is a type of mailbox that is especially intended for the purpose of accepting packages. 20 creative ideas for making a homemade package box. Architectural Mailboxes 6900B Elephantrunk Parcel Drop Box Black.

    More ideas about parcel drop box, modern mailbox, and newspaper delivery may be found on Pinterest. More ideas about drop box ideas, parcel drop box, and parcel box may be found on Pinterest. This gallery contains some of the most popular parcel drop door images on the internet.

    Unlike Most Locking Parcel Box And Diy Parcel Drop Box Kits You Might Have Seen On The Market, Our Product Is Not Complicated To Set Up.

    On Pinterest, you’ll find the 18 greatest parcel drop box diy pics. 4.5 out of 5 stars for this product. It has been presented by an executive in the most appropriate field. A Porch Box® Is A Secure Parcel Drop Box For Home Use That Is Ideal For Storing Multiple Parcels And Large Items.

    This may be really aggravating to deal with. We were able to identify it because of an obedient source. As soon as the shelf is turned 90 degrees and the top of the shelf is raised open as if a box were to be put, attach the chain to the opposite sides of the shelf.

    4.8 Out Of 5 Stars.

    More ideas about parcel drop box, mailbox design, and parcel box may be found on Pinterest. We decided to build a wonderful shelter in the ″safe zone″ for our larger postal shipments, so that everyone may be pleased at the same time! Other companies bring the delivery but leave it in the yard where the dogs can’t get to it, while others don’t deliver the package at all.

    How to Choose the Best Package Drop-Off Solution — Prevent Package Theft

    • RALPH GOODMAN is the author of this piece.
    • There are several security alternatives available for securing shipments, but not every one of them will be effective for your needs and requirements.
    • Security, convenience, and even cost are all factors that must be considered while weighing the pros and cons of each option.

    Make sure you are aware of the possible challenges and selling points of these package theft solutions before deciding on the most appropriate choice for safe package drop-off.A parcel drop box, often known as a parcel box, is the most widely acceptable alternative for safe package drop off.These goods function in a similar way to package drop-off slots that you would discover at your local post office or book drop-off slots that you may encounter at your local library.

    It is necessary to open a door in order to deposit your package in the lock box; nevertheless, when the door is closed, the parcel falls into another compartment.Opening the door a second time will not reveal the package that has been hidden within the lockbox.If you purchase your parcel box online, you will need to find an other method of safeguarding your parcel box from a porch pirate, as there will be nothing to cover your parcel box during the first delivery period.Additionally, after the drop box is established, you will be preventing the typical grab-and-run crime, but more severe thieves may target the parcel box itself.Make certain that your parcel drop box is constructed of heavy-duty metal and has a safe lock.It is the last thing you should be concerned about if you are utilizing a secure drop box: whether or not the delivery person will utilize it correctly or at all.

    Utilizing a product with an intuitive design that is really evident is the most effective strategy to avoid misunderstanding.For example, the ElephantrunkTM Parcel Drop Box is an excellent example of a product that fits this definition.Despite this, you will need to examine the risks associated with misuse and carelessness on the part of the delivery person or company.


    • Prevent simple grab-and-run thefts from occurring
    • It is more handy than using a PO box.
    • When compared to Amazon Lockers, which must be sold or fulfilled by Amazon, Universal Use is preferable.
    • In this case, there is no evidence of the presence of a package for criminals.


    • The parcel box may still be subject to theft, thus it must be resistant to prying, cutting, lock picking, lock drilling, and other forms of theft.
    • An absent-minded delivery person can overlook or disregard the drop box connection, as demonstrated by the delivery guy in the video below, who didn’t appear to notice the customer’s Elephantrunk:
    • and
    • When a smart lock is used to prevent package theft, it is an electronic door lock that connects with other Bluetooth or WiFi-enabled devices.
    • Smart locks may be utilized in a variety of ways to keep packages safe.
    • First and foremost, you may make use of the Amazon Key service to have delivery people enter inside your home and place your product within it.

    This provides you with the greatest amount of convenience, and you will have the complete protection of your own house to secure your delivery.In order to target you, someone must be willing to conduct a burglary and break into your home, as well as have a reasonable suspicion that you have a package hidden inside.You haven’t solved the problem of how non-Amazon packages will be delivered safely, even if you’re utilizing Amazon Key in that instance.

    You will also require more than a smart lock because Amazon demands you to purchase a security camera as part of your purchase.Even yet, there are a variety of smart lock options available, including smart padlocks such as the BoxLockTM, that may be used to secure shipments.Typically, these sorts of devices may be left locked, and they will only unlock when the correct barcode for an anticipated shipment is scanned.A smart padlock outperforms a normal padlock, which you will have to keep unlocked until the delivery person has left the box in its original location.With a smart padlock, you can receive many shipments on the same day, and the locked status of your padlock will not give away the fact that something is contained within them.In order for smart padlocks and smart door locks to be utilized, the delivery person will need to be more knowledgeable, and any hiccups in the performance of these items will result in them being left unused.


    • This method has the potential to provide greater security because it gives burglars no evidence that an item has been delivered.
    • The use of WiFi technology allows you to track delivery in real time.
    • It is more handy than using a PO box.


    • For delivery personnel, this choice is more difficult to comprehend and use than alternative options
    • A delivery worker who is absent-minded may fail to pay attention to the locks.
    • This allows for easier access to your property by delivery staff.
    • There are a number of services and drop-off places that will accept parcels in a safe and secure manner.
    • Because your packages will not be delivered to your residence, you will be required to visit the distinct physical place you have rented once an item has been delivered.
    • You will also be making payments on a continuing basis, perhaps every month or on some other regular basis.

    With a Post Office Box (also known as a PO Box), everything that would normally be sent to your house can instead be delivered to this address.If the product you receive is too large to fit in your PO box, it will be stored at a safe place other than your home or office.If you utilize a service such as an Amazon Locker, only deliveries fulfilled by Amazon or items sold by Amazon will be delivered to the lockers in question.


    • There will be a business in charge of keeping an eye on and protecting the packages that have been delivered.
    • For crimes of opportunity, such as snatch and grab thefts, there is no alternative.
    • The fact that an item has been delivered is not indicated in any way.


    • This option may limit the types of products that may be safely kept
    • nevertheless,
    • In order to maintain this level of security, you must make on-going installment payments.
    • Packages will not be delivered to your residence
    • Other means of protection, such as surveillance, can be used to monitor your home deliveries, but security cameras will not deter package thieves from stealing your packages.
    • The best they will do is provide proof of a crime, but you will still have to apprehend the porch pirates before they get away in order to bring them to justice in the first instance.
    • Preventative measures are always preferable than documentation when it comes to protecting your goods from thieves.

    Don’t expose your deliveries to risk by not selecting the most appropriate package drop-off option for your requirements.He works as a security expert and as a main writer for the Lock Blog, which is the most popular locksmith blog on the Internet.The Lock Blog is an excellent resource for anybody interested in learning more about locks, safety, and security.

    They provide suggestions, guidance, and how-for to’s customers, homeowners, locksmiths, and security specialists, as well as for other professionals.Ralph has been frequently published on websites such as Business Insider, Zillow, Bluetooth,, CIO, and Safewise, among many others.

    How to Protect Your Holiday Packages From “Porch Pirates”

    • Isn’t it true that more than 23 million people in the United States have had a package stolen from their mailbox or porch?
    • With the Christmas season rapidly approaching, and with more people opting to purchase online this year, it is possible that porch thieves may have a very busy year.
    • You may be as creative as this guy, who came up with a humorous technique to retaliate against porch pirates by throwing a glitter bomb at them, to keep goods from being stolen.
    See also:  How To Find Which Post Office Has My Package?

    However, if you do not have the opportunity to put his brilliant idea into action, you may utilize our suggestions to keep your belongings secure over the Christmas season.

    Creative ways to keep your packages safe from porch thieves:

    Use a storage locker.

    The ability to pick one of their storage lockers as a delivery option is available from several stores, such as Amazon and Walmart. It helps to keep your products safe by forcing you to pick them up from the merchant. Once this is done, you will only be able to access your things by scanning a barcode or entering a code.

    Install a security camera.

    When it comes to porch thieves, they are animals of opportunity, since they are looking for easy pickings. By installing a security camera, you are sending a message to intruders that everything they attempt will be captured on video and turned over to the authorities. Some burglars will be deterred from entering unmonitored porches as a result of this.

    Buy a package locker.

    It is possible to have a package locker placed adjacent to your mailbox instead of having packages delivered to your mailbox or porch. In order to obtain your things, they will require key access.

    Have packages delivered in a hideaway.

    In the form of outdoor furniture, a hideaway is something that a delivery person may use to keep stuff. Porch pirates will not be able to notice your packages if they are out in the open. Furthermore, because your things are protected from the elements, they will not be damaged by the weather.

    Send packages to the office.

    If you are unable to receive the delivery at your residence, it might be diverted to your place of business.

    Amazon Key.

    If Amazon Key is accessible in your location, it is a wise option to make use of. You may have packages delivered to your garage, house, or vehicle with this service. It guarantees contactless delivery, which means you don’t have to be there to receive your packages. The best part is that it prevents porch robbers from taking advantage of your generosity.

    Work with your neighbors.

    • Working with your neighbors will help you reduce package theft because there are so many items stolen every year.
    • If you know you won’t be home when a box arrives and you’re expecting it, ask your neighbors to keep an eye out for it.
    • Afterwards, when the delivery is made, instruct them to carry the things into the house until you arrive.

    Offer to do the same for them, and you and your colleagues may work together to prevent package theft in your community.

    Have your packages held.

    Another option is to have your shipments delivered to a UPS or FedEx location near your home or office. After that, you’ll be able to pick them up when they come. When the delivery company receives your shipment, they will send you a text or email to let you know that it has been received (s).

    Request signature confirmation.

    You may also ask for a signature confirmation from the delivery company, which would allow you to pick up the package yourself. Alternatively, if you are not at home on the day your item is stolen, you can use this as proof when you submit a police complaint or attempt to obtain a refund from the delivery service.

    Use your leasing center.

    If you are a tenant, you can have your shipments delivered to the leasing office rather than your home. It makes certain that your shipments are kept safe while you are away from home.

    Choose your delivery time.

    Some shippers provide you the option of selecting a delivery window on the day you anticipate to receive a product. You’ll be able to be there when your package is delivered this way.

    Use the Package Guard.

    Do you want to frighten the living daylights out of a porch pirate? The Package Guard is the ideal solution for you. The delivery person is instructed to set your package on the gadget, which is how it works. A high-pitched alarm is activated if someone attempts to grab the box, which sends an alert to your phone through the app.

    What to do when your package is stolen:

    If you attempted to secure packages on your porch but still had your belongings taken, you will want to follow the measures outlined below.

    Track your package.

    To begin, you must track your shipment to discover where it was last reported to have been delivered. It is possible that the products were misdirected by the delivery provider. Also, if the package’s tracking information indicates that it has arrived at your residence, but you have no proof to support this, porch thieves are likely to have stolen it.

    File a police report

    • In order to report the stolen parcel, you need contact your local police station.
    • It is important that you offer them with any video or textual documentation (signature confirmation) that you have at the time of the interview.
    • An official police report provides local law enforcement with a solid basis upon which to build in the event that a pattern of stolen shipments is discovered in the region.

    The information will also be useful when you file your insurance claim and request a reimbursement.

    Notify the delivery company

    • Due to the fact that package theft is becoming an all-too-common occurrence, many senders have put in place measures to assist you in the event that you become a victim.
    • Amazon allows you to report a missing shipment on its website, and the company will reorder a replacement for you as soon as possible.
    • However, you might want to think about having the replacement shipped to a package locker to avoid this happening again in the near future.

    If you have received a package by the USPS, FedEx, or UPS, you will want to make a claim.Consider having them hold your product in a local facility for you to pick up when the store re-ships it, similar to how Amazon does it.

    Inform the company where you ordered the product

    It is necessary for you to notify the shop or firm from whence you purchased your things. While some merchants may ask you to wait for a decision from the delivery business, many others may offer you with ideas or even phone the shipping company on your behalf to track down a parcel.

    The bottom line

    • Porch pirates will have a plethora of possibilities to steal goods from porches and mailboxes as the holiday season draws closer.
    • Following these recommendations can assist you in securing packages on the porch in a safe and discrete manner.
    • Also, if your box is stolen, our tips can assist you in filing a successful claim, allowing you to obtain a refund or your goods sooner rather than later.

    What packages are eligible for delivery to or drop off at a UPS Access Point™ location?: UPS

    • If you need more specific instructions for your country, consult the local UPS Rate and Service guide or the UPS Tariff/Terms and Conditions of Service. Except as specifically stated differently in such papers, the following standards must be met. It must weigh less than 44 pounds/20 kilograms
    • its longest side must not surpass 38 inches/97 centimeters in length
    • and its entire length and circumference combined must not exceed 130 inches/330 centimeters.
    • This item has a value of less than US$5000 if delivered or shipped to a UPS Access Point location, or a value of up to US$1000 if dropped off for shipment as a pre-paid shipment
    • Its contents must not be identified as a restricted article by the applicable UPS Rate and Service Guide or the applicable UPS Tariff/Terms and Conditions of Service
    • Its contents must not be identified as a restricted article by the applicable UPS Tariff/Terms and Conditions of Service. Packages containing weapons, ammunition, or hazardous products that require shipping paperwork, for example, are ineligible for this discount.
    • Refer to the local UPS Rate and Service Guide or the UPS Tariff/Terms and Conditions of Service for complete instructions specific to each country’s requirements.
    • The following requirements apply, unless specifically stated otherwise in those publications.
    • Its weight must be less than 44 pounds/20 kilograms; the length of its longest side must not exceed 38 inches/97 centimeters; and the entire length and circumference combined must not exceed 130 inches/330 centimeters.

    a value of less than US$5000 if delivered or shipped to a UPS Access Point location, or a value up to US$1000 if dropped off as a pre-paid shipment; the contents of the package are not identified as a restricted article by the applicable UPS Rate and Service Guide or the applicable UPS Tariff/Terms and Conditions of Service Packages containing guns, ammunition, or hazardous chemicals that require shipping paperwork, for example, are ineligible for this program.

    How to Securely Wrap a Parcel

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    Making sure your items are safe and secure is easy. Simply wrap, pack and address them correctly.

    • More information, including guides and insights Our guides and insights provide the most up-to-date business advice, tips, and ideas.
    • We can assist you with everything from case studies to how-to manuals.
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    Find the perfect technology to assist you in streamlining your shipping process, as well as learn what your consumers want from their delivery.

    General advice for wrapping and packaging your mail

    • When dealing with sharp edges or strange forms, use cushioned envelopes.
    • Make certain that any outside containers are robust enough to hold the materials they contain.
    • Fragile goods should not be allowed to come into contact with one another or with the container’s side.
    • Fill up the gaps between containers with cushioning material such as bubble wrap or polystyrene chips (available at most Post Office® locations)
    • Make a note of the item’s return address
    • Include your contact information, such as your name, address, and phone number.
    • Tape all edges and apertures shut using nylon or vinyl tape to provide a tight seal.
    • Any sharp edges from staples or metal fastenings should be flattened and covered with tape.
    • If required, use a ‘FRAGILE’ sticker to indicate that the item is fragile.

    Guidance on wrapping and packaging specific items

    • Please review our forbidden and restricted information, as well as our Country guidelines, to ensure that your item may be shipped through the mail, as well as any unique requirements, such as wrapping and packing recommendations. Aerosols, alcohol, batteries, crackers, electronic devices, lighters, liquids, matches, medications, nail polish, paintings, perfumes, and perishable things are examples of prohibited and restricted items, although they are not exhaustive. articles for the blind ″Articles for the Blind″ must be written or printed on the front cover, or they must be identified by a label.
    • Write the sender’s name and address on the outside of the package in large letters
    • The contents of all mail sent through this service must be visible through the packaging, and the package must be left open or easily opened and resealed. All mail sent through this service must be visible through the packaging.
    • Please double-check our forbidden and restricted information, Country recommendations, and any other special requirements, such as wrapping and packing instructions, to ensure that your item may be shipped through the mail. Products that are prohibited or restricted include, but are not limited to, aerosols, alcohol, batteries, crackers, electrical items, lighters, liquids, matches, medications, nail polish, paints, perfumes, and perishables, amongst other things. Articles for the Blind ″Articles for the Blind″ must be written, printed, or placed on a label on the front cover in order to be considered.
    • Outer wrapping should clearly display the sender’s name and address.
    • All mail sent through this service is subject to scrutiny, and as a result, it must be left open, be simple to open and reseal, or the contents must be clearly visible through the packaging.
    • Cameras and projectors are available. If you’re delivering batteries with or attached to your item, check out for more information. Remove any lenses or other parts you may have, and if feasible, utilize the packaging from the original shop
    • Place the item in a hard container and surround it with a minimum of 5cm of cushion material.
    • Projectors and cameras When mailing batteries, check out for more information on what you may and cannot send. Any lenses or other parts should be removed and stored in the packaging provided by the original merchant.
    • Place the item in a hard container with at least 5cm of cushion material around it.
    • Cameras and projectors are used. If you’re delivering batteries with or attached to your item, you should also check out for further information. Remove any lenses or other parts you may have, and if feasible, utilize the packaging from the original shop.
    • Place the object in a hard container and surround it with a minimum of 5cm of cushion material.
    • Items that are electronic in nature Before shipping batteries in or with any electrical equipment, please review our forbidden and restricted items list.
    • Ensure that tiny objects such as iPods, MP3 players, eBook readers, GPS units, and other similar devices are protected with a minimum of 1cm of cushioning, such as bubble wrap.
    • If you are shipping medium to large devices such as iPads, computers, flat screen TVs, printers, blue ray players, etc., wrap them in a minimum of 5cm of cushioning such as bubble wrap, polystyrene chips, or polyblocks to keep them safe from impacts or vibration.
    • Make certain that the pins/plugs are covered with 1cm of padding to prevent harm to the contents and outside pack

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