How To Make My Amazon Package Come Faster?

To change this order shipping time and make it faster, go to the order you want to speed up. Click “Change shipping speed” and this page will come up. Congratulations, the order will now be delivered in four days.
The place of origin and the destination make a big difference in the delivery time, but there are a few easy things you can do as a sender that will help get your packages there faster. Use a sturdy box (or envelope) with packing or strapping tape on all the seams.

How do I get my order from Amazon faster?

Mostly Amazon orders are delivered well ahead of their promised delivery time. However, I would suggest contacting the seller directly if its not an FBA order. It really does help in getting your order faster.

What to do if Amazon says package will arrive by 10pm?

I have an Amazon package that says arriving today by 10pm but it’s three states away and hasn’t updated since yesterday at 6pm. There’s not really much you can do. And it also depends on who is handling “the last mile” portion (delivery to your door).

Is it more cost effective for Amazon to send packages separately?

It’s more cost effective for amazon to send you both packages separately. What are the biggest money secrets that rich people keep from us? Here are the five biggest secrets they never share. Can you combine orders on Amazon? (Updated 2021)

How does Amazon deliver packages so quickly?

How does Amazon deliver their packages so quickly? Some claim that they use a fleet of unmanned drone aircraft to deliver their packages. They don’t – or at least not yet! (see Amazon Prime Air proposal) But what they do have is a network of huge distribution warehouses, strategically placed across the US.

How can Amazon ship so fast?

How Can Amazon Ship So Fast? Anyone can send a package from one side of the country to the other, that’s easy. The problem is the last mile. To get packages to consumers, ASAP, you need huge warehouses close to wherever your customers happen to be (everywhere).

How do I get free shipping on Amazon Prime?

Prime members in eligible areas have over 1 million items to choose from. Simply use the FREE Same-Day Delivery (or FREE One-Day Shipping) search filter (usually at the top of the left sidebar), and look for Prime FREE Same-Day Delivery or Prime FREE One-Day Shipping on items as you shop.

How fast can I get Amazon Prime delivered?

Prime members get fast and free delivery on millions of items, as well as discounts on a variety of additional shipping options. Visit the Prime Delivery page to learn more about the delivery benefits of Prime. 2. I heard Prime members in some areas can get items delivered in one day or even the same day. Where is that available?

How to Mail Packages Faster

Article to be downloaded article to be downloaded Why does it take the United States Postal Service weeks to deliver certain items while others are delivered across the country in a matter of days for others?The distance between the point of origin and the point of destination has a significant impact on delivery time, but there are a few simple things you can do as a sender to get your shipments arrive as quickly as possible.


  1. Prepare a strong box (or envelope) by taping all of the seams using packing or strapping tape. If the envelope or box opens while in transit, the Post Office will have to reassemble it, which will take much longer.
  2. 2Print your return address as well as the address of the person who will receive the package. Advertisement
  3. 3Insert the nine-digit ZIP Code into the box. Go to (and seek up the address of the person who will be receiving the package). The 9-digit ZIP code gives the specific location to whom you are delivering, and it can reduce delivery time even when using less expensive postal options, such as Media Mail.
  4. 4Cover the address with transparent packing tape to ensure that it is not seen by others. In this method, if the address becomes wet, it will not smear.
  5. 5Determine the shipment timeframe. Find out how long the various modes of transportation are expected to take. Consult with a post office employee about the shipping speeds available and select the one that best matches your schedule and financial requirements. In some cases, depending on what you’re mailing, you may be able to use Media Mail (for books and media, but don’t include any personal notes or cards)
  6. Parcel Post (usually not enough of a savings to make the long delivery time worthwhile)
  7. First Class
  8. Priority Mail
  9. or Express Mail.
  10. 6 Create a mailing label at the Post Office. Don’t rely solely on stamps. Inquire with the Post Office about printing a postage label. If you wish to use brightly colored postage stamps on the parcel, don’t use the entire amount of postage that is required. If you have used up all of your stamps, the clerk can still print a label with no value
  11. the bar-coded label will aid in routing the item more efficiently.
  12. You could find an automated kiosk in a larger Post Office, where you can enter your information into a computer and then pay with your credit or debit card.
  13. Then, after following the on-screen directions to purchase a postage label, place the addressed and postage-paid package in the trash can.

7 What is the cut-off time for dropping things off?Make a note of the time your mail is picked up at your Post Office and refer to it when you need to mail a package; in larger cities, different Post Office outlets may have later pick-up times.It is possible that the major Post Office downtown will take up your mail as early as 6 p.m.

if your tiny local post office collects it at 5 p.m., and it may be worth the journey downtown depending on how quickly you need the shipment to arrive.Advertisement

  • Question Add a new question Question Do the dimensions of the package matter if I’m sending something to England via the post office? Yes, the amount of weight matters.
  • Concerning the Question What is the approximate cost of shipping items? It is dependent on how large and heavy it is, as well as the distance it must go. If the item is fragile and you need to insure it, the cost will be increased as well.
  • Is there a limit to the size of the box that may be sent by the postal service? There are no restrictions on the size of the package that you desire to send. Just bear in mind that most shops charge by weight, and larger gifts tend to weigh more than smaller ones. Is it mandatory to use a zip code with nine digits? No. Nine-digit numbers allow the Postal Service to process automated mail more quickly and conveniently by providing a convenience for customers. It is unlikely that it would have an impact on the delivery of the letter you send. Will a little parcel with stamps be accepted? Yes.
  • Inquire about something There are 200 characters remaining. Include your email address so that you may be notified when this question has been resolved. Advertisement submissions are welcome. Be pleasant with all of your Post Office clerks and express your gratitude for their assistance. They, like everyone else, will be more helpful and willing with recommendations if they believe they are being acknowledged. If you go during a week with a holiday (when they’re only open 4 days instead of 5 that week), if you go at lunchtime, or if you go before Valentine’s Day, tax day, or Christmas, don’t complain about lengthy lines. We are all aware that the Post Office is quite busy at the moment.
  • If you are shipping to a foreign nation, inquire with the cashier about the available alternatives.
  • You may not be aware that you may ship boxes or bags of books weighing up to 66 pounds to another nation at significant savings by using the ″″ service.
  • Make a friend out of a foe.
  • Find out which clerk at your local Post Office is the most knowledgable and helpful by conducting some research.
  • If you send out a lot of letters, it is worthwhile to be patient and wait for that individual.
  • Simply wave to the folks in front of you in line when each station opens (saying something like ″I’m waiting for Dave,″ for example) until your favorite cashier becomes available.
  • Make sure you’re prepared.
  • Don’t expect a clerk to tape up your box or assist you with simple tasks that you should have completed beforehand, such as addressing the box, before you arrive.
  • The cashier, as well as the individuals behind you in line, will appreciate it.
  • Postage may be printed at home.
  • In the event that you have a PayPal account and don’t have the time to stand in line at the Post Office, you may quickly print labels from your PayPal account by visiting this page:
  • You have the option of specifying the service level, the mail date, and the delivery confirmation. One penny more for a tracking number brings the total to 14 cents. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can use the USPS Click-N-Ship link to complete the transaction.

Thank you for submitting a suggestion for consideration!Advertisement A large part of the delivery time is out of your control, as well as out of the control of the person who is sending the goods.It’s not the sender’s responsibility if anything arrives later than expected; don’t be quick to blame your buddy or the online seller if they shipped a product on time and in the manner you requested, but it took longer than normal to arrive – it’s not their fault.


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Amazon Prime to Get Faster Deliveries With One-day Shipping Pledge

Amazon is attempting to expedite delivery times for Prime subscribers throughout the world.During an earnings call on Thursday, Amazon’s chief financial officer, Brian Olsavsky, stated that the firm is presently investing around $800 million to create the infrastructure necessary to deliver orders to customers in one business day rather than the current two-day turnaround time.In the call, Olsavsky stated that the company is ″currently working on evolving our Prime free two-day shipping program to become a free one-day shipping program.″ He added that the added convenience could increase Prime membership numbers and encourage customers to make more purchases on the shopping website.

Although Amazon currently provides some Prime members with one-day shipping, and in some cases, a two-hour delivery service dubbed Prime Now, the service is only offered in a few locations and only applies to a restricted variety of products.Its long-standing two-day unlimited shipping guarantee applies to the whole Prime membership base, and it is this that the firm wishes to lower to a single day, though Olsavsky suggested that several of the company’s delivery time frames may ultimately be combined into a single one.As the executive explained during the conference call, ″We’ve been offering faster-than-two-day shipping for Prime members for years — one day, same day, even down to two-hour delivery for Prime Now — so we’re going to continue to offer same day and Prime Now evolving into, or evolving into, a free one-day offer.″ As an additional point of clarification, the firm has already begun working toward its goal of even quicker delivery by gradually extending the number of zip codes that are eligible for one-day shipment.The company’s CEO, Olsavsky, stated on the earnings call that the company expects to make steady progress rapidly and throughout the year, while he acknowledged that it will take ″a significant period of time″ to reach worldwide one-day shipping.Amazon thinks that one-day shipping for Prime members would help it gain a competitive advantage over competitors like as Walmart, which already offers free two-day shipping on millions of goods to customers.Another source of pressure comes from retailers like as Target, which last year began offering same-day delivery on major products purchased in-store.

Amazon Prime costs $120 a year — or $13 a month — and provides a bevy of features in addition to free delivery, including access to Amazon’s selection of streaming video material, audio tracks, and ebooks.Amazon Prime is available in both English and Spanish.However, it is not suitable for everyone, and if you have completed your free trial or are a long-time member who wishes to terminate your membership, here is how to cancel your subscription.

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How Amazon automatically tracks and fires warehouse workers for ‘productivity’

  • It is Amazon’s fulfillment centers that power its business.
  • These huge warehouses are where staff track, pack, sort, and shuffle each item before sending it on its way to the customer’s door.
  • Critics claim that fulfillment center employees work in difficult conditions: they are pressured to ″make rate,″ with some packing hundreds of boxes per hour, and they risk losing their jobs if they don’t move quickly enough, they claim.
  • According to Stacy Mitchell, co-director of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance and a notable Amazon critic, ″you always have someone right behind you who’s ready to grab your job.″ According to documents obtained by The Verge, such ″productivity firings″ are considerably more regular than the general public is aware.
  • In a signed letter last year, an attorney for Amazon claimed that the corporation dismissed ″hundreds″ of employees at a single location between August 2017 and September 2018 for failing to fulfill productivity requirements.
  • The letter was signed by an attorney representing Amazon.
  • According to a corporate spokeswoman, over 300 full-time workers were dismissed for inefficiency throughout that period.
  • In terms of number of people, the amount constitutes a significant fraction of the facility’s total workforce: according to a spokeswoman, the identified fulfillment center in Baltimore now employs around 2,500 full-time employees.
  • Assuming the percentage remains constant, it would imply that Amazon fired more than 10 percent of its employees each year merely for reasons of productivity, according to the data.
  • The figures are much more startling when taken as a whole for North America.

Given that Amazon runs more than 75 fulfillment facilities with more than 125,000 full-time employees, it is reasonable to assume that thousands of employees lose their employment with the firm each year as a result of the company’s inability to move goods rapidly enough.In addition, the records demonstrate a highly automated tracking and termination procedure.Specifically, the letter states that ″Amazon’s technology records the rates of each individual associate’s productivity″ and that ″automated generation of any quality or productivity warnings or terminations involving quality or productivity without input from supervisors.″ It is possible for supervisors to overrule the procedure, according to Amazon.The system, according to its critics, is a machine that only sees statistics and not individuals.

  1. The fact that workers are treated as if they are robots, according to Mitchell, is one of the most common complaints he hears.
  2. ″These automated systems watch and supervise their every move,″ he adds.
  3. ″They’re being watched and overseen by robots,″ says the author.
  • The technology goes so far as to keep track of ″time off task,″ which the corporation refers to as TOT in its communications.
  • If employees are absent from scanning shipments for an extended period of time, the system automatically issues warnings, and the employee may be terminated as a result.
  • Some facility employees have stated that they avoid taking toilet breaks in order to maintain their time within expectations.
  • Amazon claims that retraining is an important part of the process of bringing employees up to standard, and that it only alters rates when more than 75 percent of employees at a location are fulfilling targets.
  • A training plan is put in place for the worst 5 percent of the firm’s workforce, according to the corporation.
  • A system of appeals is also included in the process of terminating a contract.

″Approximately 300 workers were terminated in Baltimore as a result of poor productivity during this time period,″ according to an Amazon spokeswoman.″In general, the number of employee terminations at this site, as well as across North America, has fallen during the previous two years.″ Neither Amazon nor its affiliates provided information on the current rate of terminations.As part of a labor dispute with a former employee at the Baltimore site, who claimed they had been fired for participating in legally protected behavior and filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board, Amazon provided the information.

  1. Amazon reacted in a letter to the board of directors, stating that the employee had been fired instead for failing to meet productivity standards, which the business claimed was a typical occurrence.
  2. As additional evidence, the business provided a list of terminations at the Baltimore location, which Amazon refers to as BWI2 in its documentation.
  3. After filing a Freedom of Information Act request, The Verge was able to get the letter and supporting materials.
  4. According to the company’s counsel, ″Amazon frequently dismisses fulfillment center personnel for failing to reach the established productivity rates on a continuous basis.″ Amazon terminated the employee ″for the same reason it has terminated hundreds of other employees without regard to any purported protected coordinated activity,″ according to the attorney’s statement.
  5. It was finally decided that the former employee’s accusation should be dropped.
  6. While the names on the termination list filed by the company have been redacted, it contains more than 900 entries, as well as the names of each employee’s supervisor and the reason for their dismissal, according to the New York Times.
  1. Everyone on this list was terminated either for ″productivity″ or for a category of offense known as ″productivity trend,″ which was a longer series of inefficiency issues.
  2. Amazon stated that a clerical error resulted in an overly wide list of performance issues being reported, which included other issues, and that it is working with the board to correct the error.
  3. The letter also goes into further depth about Amazon’s stringent criteria.
  4. Specifically, the memo states that ″associates must be meticulous and efficient in processing each order.″ The corporation has devised ″a unique productivity metric″ in order to guarantee that efficiency continues to be maintained.
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Amazon claims that those objectives are established objectively and that they are based on factors such as consumer demand and geographic location.Workers have, on occasion, resisted the company’s demands for increased output.When East African immigrant employees at a Minnesota factory staged demonstrations last year, they said they were denied enough break time, which included opportunities for prayer.In response, Amazon has continued to emphasize the advantages of working for the firm, citing hourly pay rates and programs such as maternity leave as examples.The records, on the other hand, make it plain that those employees who fail to fulfill productivity criteria would be denied the perks of a job altogether.

Make a Man Orgasm – 3 Ways to Make Your Man Ejaculate Fast

  • On October 20, 2010, Michael Harradine submitted a submission.
  • It’s fantastic to be able to make a man orgasm at your command, as this gives you complete control over how long sex lasts.
  • You are well aware that having complete control over your guy offers you the ability to do everything you set your mind to.
  • A man’s mind operates in a different way than a woman’s; after all, a woman must be comfortable in order to have sex.
  • A man must have sex in order to feel good!
  • They are diametrically opposed to one another.
  • If you don’t please your guy properly, or if you don’t know how to make him feel good, what will he do as a result of your failure to please him?
  • You’ll almost certainly discover it somewhere else, and you want to prevent that at all costs, don’t you?
  • Here are three methods for getting your partner to ejaculate.
  • 1.

One of the most effective ways to make a guy ejaculate quickly is to adopt particular sex positions that cause him to ejaculate quickly.There are two locations that consistently produce the desired results.One is you on your hands and knees; the combination of seeing your body in this posture and how it feels on the inside causes most men to only last a few seconds in this position.2.

  1. Another technique to make a man orgasm is to dress up for him.
  2. Because men are highly visual when it comes to sex, dressing up for him is a certain way to get his attention.
  3. If you go up to his bed before him and get ready, when he cones up and pulls back the blankets, his eyes will shoot out, he will be hard in seconds, and he will ejaculate immediately.
  • If you know a man who enjoys watching porn, you can guess what his expectations are.
  • How many adult videos have you seen where the woman is dressed in a bathrobe and pyjamas?
  • So the idea is that anticipation is essential.
  • 3.
  • This is the most effective method of inducing a man’s orgasm, and it may be accomplished in as little as thirty seconds.
  • Is fellatio (oral), and when done properly with this small tip, it will bring any guy to his knees.

All you have to do now is keep the sucks brief and to the point; don’t attempt to take him deep; instead, suck the very tip of his penis, which is the most sensitive area of his penis, as quickly as possible.You will be shocked at how quickly you can induce orgasm in a man if you follow these instructions.There are several other methods and strategies, but fellatio will ring his bell (excuse the pun) louder than any other of them.

  1. Consequently, whether your guy has difficulty ejaculating or if you just want to make a man climax more quickly, fellatio is the technique that you must perfect.
  2. It’s hard to imagine having your boyfriend practically beg you on his knees for more personal activity on his part.
  3. Once you have mastered the techniques outlined above and are able to manage your man’s most inner sexual cravings, guess what happens?
  4. He has no plans to travel anywhere!
  5. What will occupy his thoughts during the day?
  6. Simple.
  1. with the anticipation of what is going to happen as he enters through the door to see his lady So that leaves you with one task at hand (besides from eating and drinking), which is to be attractive while also learning the new talents you’ll need.
  2. You are aware that there are a variety of options for learning the new abilities you desire.
  3. Perhaps you might consult a friend?
  4. Yet admitting your shortcomings to someone you know could be a little humiliating, don’t you think?

You could spend the entire night on Google searching for free information on the issue, but you’d be missing out on everything else, and what would your boyfriend be doing while you’re doing this ″research″?By reading the tutorial provided at the website provided below, you will be certain to learn something new, and you will learn it quickly.There is really no better or faster method to learn everything you need to know in order to get complete and total control over your partner right now.I really recommend that you read BLOW BY BLOW, which is an incredible tutorial on How To GIVE A GUY HEAD that covers all of these and more, much more.this is a comprehensive tutorial about fellatio The following is the source of the article:

How to Make Time Pass Faster

Article to be downloaded article to be downloaded We all have to wait for something (or someone) at some point in our lives, yet very few individuals would ever rank ″Waiting″ as one of their favorite activities. Our time-saving tips can help you get through any unexpected delay, whether it’s a few minutes or several weeks or months. Read on to learn more about how to make time go quicker.

  1. 1 Immerse yourself in a fantastic book. Whether you are waiting in line, waiting for your date to finish getting dressed, or anxiously anticipating an important day, finding a technique to divert your attention will help the time pass more quickly. When you read, you become absorbed in the tale or the subject matter, making it simpler to divert your attention away from the time you are waiting. Similarly, if you’re tossing and turning in anticipation of an approaching trip or big date, reading a book is a terrific method to feed your mind while also distracting it!
  • 2 Keep alternative distractions easily available in case one is required.
  • Identify additional things that will keep you occupied if time appears to be dragging on and you don’t have a book or magazine handy (or if you’re just not in the mood to read today).
  • Movies, catching up on the newest hot television series, playing video games, and crocheting are all excellent methods to divert your attention away from your work.
  • Promotional material
  • 3 Make some physical movement, preferably outside. If you have the opportunity to get away, consider taking a stroll or going for a run to divert yourself. It is possible to cope with annoyance and impatience better if you get some fresh air and change of environment. You may not be allowed to leave the building while waiting for a flight or an appointment, but you may be able to get in a quick stroll while waiting. There is no reason to remain parked in the waiting area outside your gate at the airport, provided that signs with flight information are posted at regular intervals around the facility. Moving your body and extending your limbs can help you deal with the waiting
  • nevertheless, it is not recommended.
  • 4 Turn on some music.
  • Music can have a dramatic influence on our moods, so if you’re searching for methods to divert yourself or keep your anxiety levels down while you’re waiting, have a decent set-list ready in advance.
  • Combine this step with the previous one (move your body) if you’re concerned about remaining focused on what you’re waiting for (for example, if you have an important job interview in the morning), put your earbuds in while you’re moving your body.
  • When you’re attempting to sing along with your favorite song, it’s difficult to be concerned about the time.
  • 5 people are paying attention. When confronted with a lengthy or unexpected wait, there’s nothing wrong with burying your nose in a good book or using your phone as a means of distracting yourself. Keep in mind, though, that you may already be enjoying a readily available source of entertainment right in front of you: simply glance up and take note of all of the intriguing personalities in your immediate vicinity. You can listen in on conversations without being overbearing or invasive if you do it discreetly. However, do not inquire about their personal life. If you do, you might find yourself in a lot of difficulty and controversy.
  • Create backstories for the individuals you see: jot them down for your own pleasure or send a text message to a buddy with your insights
  • 6 Make the most of the time you have. Take into consideration that the time you will be required to wait is an unexpected gift of time that can be put to good use rather than something to be endured. We understand that it is easier said than done! It is, without a doubt, inconvenient to be forced to wait at the doctor’s office 45 minutes after your scheduled appointment time. Instead of wallowing in self-pity and checking your watch every few seconds, make every effort to complete other chores on your to-do list.
  • Organize your email inbox, write thank-you letters (bring a few blank notecards in your purse), file your nails, journal, or do whatever else you want with the time you have to kill while you’re waiting
  • 7 Partially break up the time into small intervals. Possibly, you’re feeling overwhelmed by the thought of finishing a lengthy, demanding workout or an equally lengthy and difficult exam. If time seems to be dragging on and the conclusion of your suffering appears to be a long way off, try the mental technique of breaking down your work or waiting period into smaller, more manageable pieces of time. This may assist in making the time pass more quickly. Take, for example, a demanding running session consisting of twelve hard 400s (for those unfamiliar with track, this is a challenging running workout consisting of one lap around the quarter-mile track
  • if you’re running it hard, you’re virtually sprinting). If you think about it, instead of counting down from twelve, the workout is divided into four sets of three reps each. Your initial attention will be on the first set, which you will complete in three laps if you are lucky. Hopefully, by the time you’ve completed that, you’ll only have three sets remaining
  • perhaps you’re dreading the prospect of sitting for a really tough standardized exam that will take the entire day. Avoid thinking about the six-hour testing session as a whole
  • instead, concentrate on getting through the individual components: the quantitative reasoning section
  • language sections
  • writing sections
  • and so forth.
  • 8 Put your wristwatch or alarm clock aside. We’ve all played this game at some point when attempting to cope with excruciatingly lengthy waiting times: ″I’m not going to look at the clock until half an hour has passed,″ only to peek at the clock and discover that only five minutes have elapsed. In situations where you’re attempting to make time pass more quickly (such as dealing with a lengthy flight delay or getting through a difficult day at work), obsessing over the clock will simply serve to increase your aggravation and ennui.
  • If at all possible, keep your watch or clock out of sight while driving. If you really must be ready at a specific time, set an alarm and decide not to look at your watch until the alarm goes off.
  • 9 Maintain your cool, literally!
  • According to recent research, our body temperature appears to have an influence on our sense of time: the hotter we are, the more our impression of time slows down.
  • When we’re colder, on the other hand, time seems to go a little faster (a little bit).
  • Although it is not certain that removing your sweater will cause time to pass more quickly, it surely won’t harm to try it.
  • 10 Take a few deep breaths and drift off to sleep.
  • When you were a youngster, do you remember how dreadful and tiresome lengthy car journeys might be?
  • But do you remember how exciting it was to fall asleep and wake up just as your parents pulled into the parking lot at your destination?
  • Sleeping, of course, helps time pass more quickly, so if you’re able to take a brief nap or get to bed sooner, you’ll be able to reduce the amount of time you spend aware waiting.
  • To fall asleep more easily when you’re nervous about tomorrow’s plans (or excited about what awaiting you), try meditation or relaxation techniques to help you unwind.
  1. 1 Maintain your focus on the goal. Having to wait is never pleasant, but when we’re forced to wait for days, weeks, or even months on end, it may be very tough to cope with the stress of the situation. Even though it may feel as if time has come to a complete stop when we are forced to wait for something we do not want to, it is really beneficial to remind yourself of what it is that you are waiting for or working towards. For example, you may be trying to get through the day-to-day grind of a bad summer job in order to pay for college tuition and other expenses. When you’re trapped in a job you despise, the summer might feel like an eternity, but reminding yourself on a daily basis of why you’ve chosen this can help you get through it
  2. Consider wearing a pin with your school’s symbol or carrying a copy of your autumn course schedule in your pocket at work as inspiration.
  • Remember that wonderful things do come to those who patiently await them.
  • Of course, we want what we want when we want it, but putting in the effort and waiting for something to come along adds value to the experience of waiting.
  • Despite the fact that you’d benefit from receiving a new computer right away, you’ll be even more grateful if you wait a little longer to get your hands on one.
  • However, waiting (and being trapped with your old clunker for so long) will make your new computer seem so much more fantastic by comparison when you eventually get your hands on it whenever you’ve managed to get your hands on one.
  • 3 Engage in a recreational activity. When time seems to be crawling to a halt, we are better equipped to manage if we can find ways to divert our attention away from the situation. In the case of a prolonged wait period, it is even more critical to try to occupy the time by engaging in activities or reading. One of the most effective methods to pass the time during a long wait is to engage in a pastime that allows you to improve your abilities and explore your interests. Consider the scenario in which you have been separated from a loved one and are facing many more lonely weeks before you may be reunited. Spending some of your time preparing for their return is wonderful, but if all you do is think about a distant day in the future, your current feelings of loneliness and impatience will surely worsen, and may even become unbearable
  • Now is an excellent time to begin training for a marathon, learn to garden or do woodworking, or bake the perfect loaf of bread, among other things.
  • 4 Make every effort to maintain a pleasant attitude. In the case of anything with an unclear conclusion, such as exam results or the outcome of a medical test, there are several compelling arguments in favor of maintaining an optimistic attitude and looking to the future with a degree of optimism. For example, if you are able to retain a good attitude about your circumstance, you may be able to lower your chance of developing hypertension and speed up the healing process.
  • There is evidence to suggest that unpleasant emotions might cause our impression of time to slow down. When we’re unhappy, nervous, or bored, our attention is more focused on what we’re going through, and as a result, it will appear like time is flowing more slowly.
  • 5 Give yourself permission to experience moments of doubt or pessimism. If you can retain a good attitude throughout long delays and periods of uncertainty, you will be better equipped to deal with these situations. However, it is only natural to feel sad and pessimistic about your condition from time to time. In the event that you put too much pressure on yourself to have an optimistic view all of the time, you’ll merely become more dissatisfied with yourself when you are unable to maintain a consistent positive attitude. The ability to maintain a (somewhat) negative view might actually be advantageous in some situations. Even if you wind up obtaining a terrible grade on the exam, you will not be taken completely by surprise
  • instead, you will be prepared.
  • Spending some time visualizing the worst-case scenario will help you better prepare for what is, hopefully, an improbable occurrence in the future. If the worst case scenario occurs, you may be more equipped to deal with the situation.
  • 6 Go with the flow of things.
  • It is important to maintain a sense of balance throughout this waiting game: try your best to remain optimistic, but also be prepared to give yourself a breather and not battle too hard against your negative ideas.
  • According to some study, when we exert excessive effort to self-regulate our emotions, our experience of time is significantly impacted.
  • According to one recent study, individuals who were instructed to maintain emotional neutrality while watching portions from a tear-jerker perceived the tape to be much longer than those who were not instructed to maintain emotional neutrality.
  • 7 Keep your attention on others. It is a great way to pass the time during a long waiting period if you direct your attention outside and look for methods to assist others. Not only are you assisting yourself by engaging in an activity that allows the time to pass more quickly, but you are also having a beneficial influence on the lives of others. Volunteer at your local soup kitchen, instruct neighborhood youngsters, or assist your elderly neighbor with her yardwork—there are countless opportunities to put your talents and abilities to use to benefit individuals in your local community.
  • One of the most efficient strategies to obtain pleasure and fulfillment in your own life is to avoid explicitly pursuing your own happiness and instead strive to make the happiness of others.
  • Being pleased and loving what you are doing can, in turn, assist you in your own journey to learn to be more patient. Some people believe that time flies while you’re having fun, and some studies has found that our perceptions of time do indeed speed up when we’re having a good time.
  • 8 Be fully present in the moment. Despite the fact that it is vital to set objectives for ourselves that we must strive for (and patiently await), and although we are sometimes compelled to endure difficult times, it is equally crucial not to let your life pass you by while you are making plans for the future. Make a list of everything that is going well in your life, as well as your sources of happiness. Keeping a good view and keeping things in perspective will assist you in staying motivated.
  • Make sure to take advantage of any opportunities to have a good time that come your way.
  • Question Add a new question Question Is watching television going to make the time go faster? Certainly! Many individuals watch television in order to help pass the time. Make sure, though, that it is something you love doing, or else time may seem to pass more slowly.
  • Concerning the Question My birthday is less than a month from now. How can I make the time go by faster? I don’t care for books, my pals are all busy, and I’m unable to go shopping right now. Do jigsaw puzzles have any benefit? What can I do to help? Puzzles are great for when you’re bored and have nothing else to do for a few hours, but they won’t keep you occupied for a whole month if you’re not careful. Make a list of as many things as you can think of, and then you can just keep moving down the list to keep yourself occupied while you’re waiting.
  • Concerning the Question How can I keep my enthusiasm under control while I’m waiting to go on vacation? If your vacation is a long way off, you might want to start thinking about what you would like to do. This might help you acquire a clearer brain and feel calmer about the encounter. Talk to a close friend or write in a notebook about your feelings. You may even do a drawing to express how happy you are. If your vacation is approaching quickly, you might repeat these activities on a more frequent basis. Excitement may also lead to an increase in stress levels, therefore engaging in stress-relieving activities on a regular basis might be beneficial. From engaging in some physical exercise every day to utilizing a stress ball or just drinking herbal tea, there are several options to choose from.
  • Concerning the Question I can’t help but wish I could be a teenager again
  • how can I make time pass more quickly? As a child, you only have a limited amount of time. Don’t waste time wishing you were a year or two older. Make an effort to recall all of the enjoyable things of being a child. Take advantage of your freedom while you can! When you’re young, you’ll most likely have to work and your classes will be much more difficult, causing you to be stressed out most of the time. Do you have any suggestions on how I might make a day go by a bit faster without being too fast? Engage in activities that you find enjoyable, such as watching television or playing with friends. You may also walk outside and take in the fresh air, among other things.
  • Concerning the Question What can I do to hasten the arrival of Christmas when it is just a week away? Watch as many movies and YouTube videos as you like, or pick up a book that you haven’t read in a long time and dive into it headfirst. Make some Christmas crafts or have a tiny dance party with your headphones in while listening to Christmas music. Sometimes, though, you just have to be patient.
  • Question If I am unable to use technology, such as watching television, playing games on my phone, or using a computer, what should I do? Consider reading a book or participating in some craft activity. Instead than sitting around waiting, engage in some outside activities such as sports or other games.
  • Question How can I make the time pass more quickly while I’m waiting for my Mother, who is due to arrive in four and a half hours? It is dependent on your location. If you’re at home, you may watch television or read a book, or you could make something. If you’re at her place of employment, do your research, write, and mingle with the other employees. If you require companionship, request that she make arrangements for you to stay at a friend’s house until she is able to pick you up. What can I do to keep myself entertained while I’m waiting for my friend to show up? Make an effort not to think about all of the exciting things you’ll be doing with your friend when they come. Because of this, you will look forward to their arrival even more, which will make the waiting period appear more longer. Consider doing anything else to divert your attention, such as playing games on your phone or tablet, reading a book, watching a cartoon, or sketching something. It’s the day before my birthday, and I’m feeling particularly drained. I hope time would hurry up and allow me to go to my bed. Spend some time with a pal. Inform your pal that your birthday is approaching and that you are quite delighted. They will assist you in diverting your attention away from your impatience and onto some enjoyable activities to pass the time.
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  • When taking a standardized test that will take 6 hours to finish, for example, concentrate on completing one specific section at a time, such as writing or arithmetic.
  • Keeping your phone or watch concealed when you want time to pass more quickly at work can prevent you from being tempted to check the time, which will only make you feel more agitated.
  • Take up a new interest, such as photography, or give your time to help others to help pass the time during extended periods of inactivity.
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22 Tips Every Amazon Addict Should Know

  • There was a time when internet buying seemed ludicrous, if not downright hazardous.
  • People were apprehensive about entering their credit card details into a browser window, hidden fees were the norm, and scams and fraud were front of mind for many people.
  • Of course, these days, online shopping has become a way of life, owing in large part to the efforts of one internet behemoth: Amazon.
  • Whether you like it or not, the Seattle-based corporation has established internet shopping as a popular activity.
  • Amazon sells practically anything, delivers your purchases quickly (particularly if you’re a member of Amazon Prime), provides services such as streaming video and music, and manufactures a whole range of tablets, e-book readers, smart speakers, and displays, among other things.
  • Its online and app alternatives enable customers to purchase on any platform, and AWS is responsible for at least a third of all web traffic.
  • It currently now owns a large number of brick-and-mortar businesses, including Whole Foods, among others.
  • Consider the following strategies to make the most of Prime Day, Amazon’s equivalent of Black Friday, which takes place on June 21 and 22.

1. Get Amazon Prime for Free (or Cheaper)

  • Amazon Prime is available for a free 30-day trial period.
  • Utilize it during the holidays or on Prime Day to take advantage of free delivery, then cancel your subscription before you are charged.
  • Please keep in mind that you only receive one free trial per Amazon account, so you won’t be able to repeat the process.
  • Amazon is confident that you will be captivated by all of the extras that a Prime membership provides that you will not want to let it go, but how much you purchase will determine whether or not you will keep it.
  • Fortunately, you will not be required to pay $119.
  • With Prime Student, you’ll get Prime for free for the first six months, and then it’ll be half price ($59 a year or $6.49 per month if you plan to quit early) for the rest of the time.
  • Adult Prime members who become parents can join up for Amazon Family, which is a subscription service (previously called Amazon Mom).
  • This does not result in any significant savings on the price of Prime, but it does provide parents with special benefits such as 20 percent off diapers and baby food subscriptions.
  • Those receiving government assistance, on the other hand, may subscribe to Prime for $5.99 per month.
  • It applies to programs like as WIC and SNAP (see the complete list here); you just need to re-apply for benefits every 12 months.
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2. Smile for Charity

  • When you buy with AmazonSmile, you are helping others.
  • 0.5 percent of the purchase price of qualifying items you purchase will be donated to the charity of your choosing once the program is active.
  • (AmazonSmile contributes to the success of over a million 501(c)(3) public charities.) You receive no tax benefit, but you still receive the items you ordered, as well as the benefit of your preferred charity.
  • You can change your charitable organization at any time.
  • When you shop, visit to rather than on your desktop or mobile browsers to support Amazon Smile.
  • Additionally, the AmazonAssistant Chrome or Firefox plugin may remind you or require you to use Smile when you browse to Amazon on your computer’s desktop.
  • On the mobile app, pick AmazonSmile from the hamburger menu at the bottom right of the screen and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • However, you must enable notifications for AmazonSmile on your mobile device for some reason, but you may already be receiving alerts about shipments in this case.) As of February 2021, more than $266 million had been donated to organizations throughout the world through the initiative.

3. Prime With a Partner

  • In the event that you pay for Amazon Prime, the cost can be shared with one other adult member of your home, as well as up to four children who live in the same household.
  • Even better, the children do not require Amazon accounts.
  • The following is a clever approach to purchase for holiday gifts while keeping them a secret from your partner or children, while still taking advantage of free shipping offers.
  • To get started, go to the Amazon Household website and select Add Adult/Teen/Child from the drop-down menu.
  • In order to proceed, you’ll need their email address, which they’ve already used on Amazon, as well as their payment or debit card details.
  • Make sure everything is organized by going to Manage Your Content and Devices > Preferences tab > Households and Family Library tab > Manage Your Household.
  • Aside from Amazon Video, which is available to all connected members, other Amazon Prime benefits include Prime Early Access (which provides 30-minute early access to time-limited Lightning Deals) and the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, among other things.
  • All adults have access to Amazon Kids+ parental controls, which cost $2.99 per month (to begin with) and are designed to prevent children from getting into things they shouldn’t.
  • It is a component of Amazon Household, and it lets youngsters aged 13-17 to shop with a little more freedom.
  • However, it also allows their parents or guardians to authorize their purchases before they are charged to their credit/debit card.

4. You’ve Got to Filter

  •’s laptop search filters are a good example of this.
  • On Amazon, there are tens of thousands of things to choose from.
  • A barebones search term will rapidly get you buried in the weeds, with far too many possibilities to pick from, so be cautious while searching.
  • Make a 180-degree turn to the left on your desktop and begin clicking the boxes to narrow down your options.
  • Of course, start with Prime so you can be confident that you’ll receive the unit with (hopefully) the greatest shipping choices and, at the very least, the best return options (such as a short trip to Kohl’s, where they’ll even pack and send it for you) available.
  • Continue to narrow things down by checking for daily bargains, but also by rating (if you trust the source), by brand, and even more detailed depending on the product category you are interested in.
  • When I searched for ″computers,″ I was able to filter down the RAM capacity, graphics processor, kind of display, weight, and even whether the laptop was new or used (you can find some amazing prices on refurbished laptops).
  • Additionally, this allows you to skip through the ″featured″ listings, which are essentially simply advertisements.

5. Prime-ary Gift

  • You may give Amazon Prime as a present in one-year ($119) or three-month ($39) increments to anyone who has an email address, even if your most valued family member has become an Amazon junkie outside of the immediate home.
  • The gift membership includes all of the features of a regular membership, including two-day delivery, streaming video and music, borrowing books on Kindle, and so on.
  • A gift card to Amazon can be exchanged for the amount you paid if the recipient is a current Amazon Prime member.

6. Where’s the Warehouse?

  • I’m curious what happens to all of the things that are inevitably returned to Amazon.
  • Those hidden jewels that are no longer ″fresh,″ yet are nonetheless excellent?
  • They may usually be found on the Amazon Warehouse Deals website, which provides ″great discounts on open-box, like-new, and pre-owned products″—also known as refurbished products—at a discount.
  • What’s more, in most cases, they are still eligible for Amazon Prime delivery and return privileges.
  • Similarly, you may get bargains at the Amazon Outlet shop, which is extremely impossible to find.

7. Today’s Deals on Amazon

  • The Today’s Bargains link at the top of each Amazon page will take you to the greatest deals on new goods available on Amazon.
  • There are various Deals of the Day, as well as time-limited Lightning Deals, available in this area (where you only get hours or just minutes to snag a product on sale).
  • Occasionally, there isn’t much notice, but if you use the Amazon mobile applications, you can access Today’s Deals by tapping the hamburger menu and selecting Today’s Deals from the drop-down menu.

8. Clip Some Coupons

  • On Amazon’s Coupons website, you can find a constantly changing selection of coupon offers.
  • Clip anything and anything you think you would wish to use; the majority of the items are domestic products and electronics, but you can look for other items under categories such as Toys and Jewelry.
  • Upon completion of the transaction, the automated savings of around 5-15 percent will be added to your account.
  • As long as you do not make a purchase, the coupon will not be used and will ultimately become invalid and expired.

9. Track Amazon Prices

  • Image courtesy of Shutterstock Amazon isn’t going to go out of its way to notify you when a product you’re interested in is significantly reduced in price (though if you check your Wish List a lot, it does indicate how much the price has dropped since you added it).
  • Fortunately, there are a plethora of third-party tools for tracking pricing, most of which are accessible through a browser extension.
  • CamelCamelCamel, for example, keeps track of a large number of items and communicates with customers via email and Twitter.
  • Configure it on your browser using the Camelizer add-on tool, which is available for Chrome, Edge, Opera, Safari, and Firefox users.
  • Amazon bargains are displayed in the Amazon window by Honey, CapitalOne Shopping, and RetailMeNot’s Deal Finder, which are all browser add-ons that showcase discounts on Amazon before you buy.
  • They also bring up bargains on the majority of other internet businesses.
  • (Please note that RetailMeNot is owned by Ziff Davis, the publisher of PC Magazine.)

10. Same-Day Delivery = Joy

  • For a limited number of things, you can obtain same-day delivery in some cities.
  • In those areas, Prime members can take advantage of free same-day delivery on qualifying orders of $35 or more.
  • Order by midday on any day of the week, and your product will be delivered by 10 p.m.
  • the following day.
  • If you place your order in the afternoon or evening, you will receive free one-day delivery.
  • Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Market also provide one-hour pickup and two-hour food delivery services, respectively.

11. Whole Foods Discounts

  • Whole Foods Market is located in Houston, Texas.
  • (Image courtesy of Whole Foods) Do you enjoy shopping at Whole Foods Market but despise the prices?
  • The chain, which is owned by Amazon, offers a Prime benefit that entitles you to 10 percent off sale products, as well as additional weekly discounts.
  • Use the Whole Foods Market app at checkout to take advantage of the discounts; the app will also display what is currently on offer.
  • If you have the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card, you may get 5 percent back on your purchases at Whole Foods Market.

12. The Card(s) That Pay You Back

  • Image courtesy of Getty Images Amazon offers a variety of gift cards that make it worthwhile to purchase there.
  • On acceptance of the aforementioned Prime Rewards Visa Card, you will receive a $150 Amazon gift card, after which Prime members will receive 5 percent back on Amazon and Whole Foods purchases, 2 percent back in restaurants, drugstores, and petrol stations, and 1 percent back on all other transactions.
  • While not a Prime member, you may still apply for the card and receive 3 percent back on purchases made on Amazon or at Whole Foods Market.
  • Are you planning a trip abroad?
  • There are no costs associated with international transactions.
  • Additionally, there is no yearly charge.
  • You may tap your card if you see the contactless sign on the point-of-sale terminal at checkout, which looks like a Wi-Fi antenna symbol flipped on its side.
  • There is no need to swipe, insert, or even use your phone to pay with the card; simply tap it.
  • Because making a ″buy″ on Amazon with the money you’ve earned does not result in you earning any more money, it’s preferable to redeem them for gift cards or cashback through Chase in order to avoid losing even a small part of your earnings.
  • Other credit cards, such as American Express, Discover, CapitalOne, Citi, and others, can be linked to your Amazon account and used to earn Shop With Points as well.

13. Subscribe to Products

  • Your first thought may be that a subscription is for something amusing, such as a magazine or a streaming video service, where you receive fresh and diverse content on a regular basis.
  • With Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program, you’ll receive the same products over and over again, but they’ll be items you’ll always need: detergent, cat litter, dog food, razor blades, toilet paper, and other true necessities, such as Slim Jim sandwiches.
  • Purchase five or more goods each month and you will receive a discount of up to 15 percent on products that meet the criteria.
  • You have the option to cancel at any time; there is no year-long commitment that will force you to purchase, for example, the same size diapers for the entire year.
  • Examine the product page for each and every qualifying item.

14. Ask Alexa to Place an Order

  • People who are deeply immersed in the Amazon ecosystem are likely to own a smart speaker these days, making it the most convenient to purchase or re-order products through speech using an Echo device or devices.
  • ″Alexa, re-order,″ and she’ll lead you through the process of placing a new order.
  • Make sure your Alexa app is configured to need a confirmation code before making a purchase to prevent family, friends, and foes from exploiting the purchase-by-voice function.

15. Get Refunds on Lost Items, Late Deliveries

  • Image courtesy of Getty Images Amazon Prime members receive two-day shipping, and many products are shipped on a guaranteed delivery date if you buy by a specified time of day or night.
  • Delays, however, do occur, particularly during a pandemic.
  • If you paid extra for fast shipping and your product does not arrive by the scheduled delivery date, Amazon claims it will reimburse you for the additional shipping fees.
  • In the meanwhile, if an order has been marked as delivered but you are unable to locate it, contact Amazon customer care at 1-888-280-4331.
  • You will be guided through the order by an automated system, which will then offer to resend the transaction or give a refund without asking any further questions.
  • Uncertainty surrounds the number of refunds Amazon will provide in a particular period of time.
  • If you make several lost-item reimbursement requests, your account will most certainly be blacklisted, so don’t get yourself into any trouble.

16. Pick a Day, Any Day

  • Image courtesy of Amazon Does Amazon send you many parcels every day of the week, or do you just get one delivery every few days?
  • That’s excellent if you need those products right now, but if you’d prefer not to have to keep an eye on your front door, choose an Amazon Day.
  • The option to choose a single day of the week for delivery is available throughout the checkout process.
  • This day will be your default delivery day for Amazon shipments in the future.
  • Alter your shipping address whenever you check out to obtain a faster turnaround; otherwise, everything you purchased in the previous six days will be delivered on the same day you placed your order (in theory).

17. Trade in Tech for Amazon Money

  • There are several sites where you can trade in obsolete technology such as phones and tablets, and Amazon is one of them.
  • Naturally, it may be utilized to earn money that can be spent on other items at Amazon (you get an Amazon code, not cash).
  • It is not necessary for the initial product to originate from Amazon in order to be eligible.
  • Cell phones and gaming equipment/titles are among the trade-in item categories accepted by Amazon.
  • Trade-in item categories include e-readers, tablets, streaming media players, speakers, home security systems, and wireless routers, all of which may be used to upgrade to new Amazon-specific goods.
  • The portal also provides information on where to find locations where you may trade in Amazon-specific items, which is referred to as the Amazon Recycling Program.

18. Fill the Cart With Low-Cost Items

  • If you don’t have Prime, the free delivery threshold is $35 for non-Prime customers.
  • What do you do if you just need a $20 item to complete your project?
  • Find some fillers and add-ons to round out your meal.
  • Amazon advertises a large number of lower-priced products that can only be purchased at a discount if you have at least $25 worth of other things in yo

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