How To Package Candles?

Wrap each candle individually in packing paper and cover them with thermal bubble wrap. If the candles are in the original packaging, keep them in it. Get a cardboard box of corresponding size. Fill the bottom with plenty of frozen packing peanuts and add cold packs around the candles. Put the candles in the box.
Candles should all be individually wrapped, ideally using tissue or wax paper. This will protect the surface of the candle as well as isolating any scents and preventing them from mingling during shipping. For fragile candles in particular, an additional layer of bubble wrap is highly advisable.
Wave sage or incense smoke over your candle with a feather or by hand.

How do you package candles for shipping?

One of the most important aspects of shipping your candles is wrapping them. Wrapping them properly will make sure that your candles do not get damaged or broken while in the mail. How do you wrap candles for shipping? Wrap the candles individually in packing paper, then wrap individually again in bubble wrap.

How do you pack candles so they don’t melt?

How Do You Pack A Candle So They Don’t Melt? Place frozen gel packs in with your candles if you are worried that they might melt during shipping. Oil-based candles like soy and palm have a very low melting point. Ship your candles on Monday to avoid the candle spending the weekend in a hot warehouse.

Can you mail candles?

USPS recommends at least 2 inches of cushioning between the item and the walls of the box. So be sure to adequately package your candles for shipping. Not only can you mail candles, several candle subscription companies actually exist. They will charge you a monthly fee in order to mail you candles on a recurring basis.

How much does it cost to ship a 16 oz candle?

It costs approximately $8.80 to ship one 16 oz candle Priority Mail from New York City to Los Angeles. This price was calculated using a 5″x5″x6″ box weighing a total of approximately 19 ounces for the candle and all packaging materials included.

How to make, decorate and package pillar candles?

  • Bedazzle your candles with plastic jewels. Buy rhinestones or plastic jewels at a craft store and use super glue to attach them to your candle.
  • Ring your candle with cinnamon sticks for a homey look and sweet scent. Buy enough cinnamon sticks to surround the candle.
  • Use a ribbon to tie flowers onto your candle.
  • How to package and label handmade candles?

  • Your Website. The best place to be in this modern age is online.
  • An Ecommerce Platform. Marketplaces like Etsy and Amazon Handmade are great introductory tools.
  • Farmer’s Markets. Most cities have local outdoor shops and markets that meet on a weekly or monthly basis.
  • Pop-Ups&Craft Fairs.
  • Boutiques.
  • Your Own Brick-And-Mortar.
  • How to create personalized candles?

  • You Will Need a Computer,a Printer,a Candle,Scissors,Tracing Paper,Wax Paper,an Oven Mit,and a Hair Dryer.
  • Come Up With a Design. The first thing you will need to do is come up with an idea of what you want to put on the candle.
  • Printing the Design.
  • Cut Out Your Design.
  • Applying Your Design.
  • Add Some Heat.
  • Decorate It If You Want To.
  • Burning.
  • How to Ship Candles Internationally without Melting


    FAQ about shipping candles internationally with courier companies

    Can I ship candles internationally? Is it allowed?

    Yes, it is possible. Candles are not considered a restricted item and may be shipped internationally through mail or courier. Simply ensure that the candles are carefully packaged so that they do not melt or shatter during transportation.

    How do I keep soy or paraffin candles from melting when shipping overseas in the summer?
    1. We recommend using our Express Shipping Service to ensure that your candles do not melt while being shipped internationally.
    2. We can have your package delivered within 24 hours in Europe and 48-72 hours globally with our Express Shipping Service.
    3. Ship the candles in a container made of glass, wood, or tin to keep their shape, especially if you’re delivering them during the summer months when the weather is hot.
    • If the candles do not arrive in a container like this, we recommend freezing the packing peanuts before sending them, or wrapping them in extra cold packs or thermal bubble wrap to keep them cool while in transit.

    How much does it cost to ship a candle internationally?

    Shipping candles abroad is expensive due to the distance between the pick-up and delivery locations, the weight and size of the item, the urgency of the shipment, as well as the kind of transport service used. Enter your shipping details in the booking tool below to receive a price for shipping your candles to any place in the United States or internationally.

    What is the cheapest way to ship a candle by courier?

    Our Standard Service is the most cost-effective method of shipping candles abroad by courier service. If you are shipping within the European Union, this option is accessible to you. If you need to transport candles to a destination outside of the European Union, we provide an Express Shipping Service.

    How can I ship candles in bulk as an ecommerce?
    1. In the event that you are sending candles as part of an ecommerce transaction and intend to carry a significant number of candles by courier, we propose our Van Delivery Service.
    2. You will have a complete truck dedicated to your consignment, which will be transported directly from the point of pickup to the point of delivery.
    3. If you are carrying or delivering candles in quantity to a single consumer, this is the most convenient option to use because it requires the least amount of packaging and labeling on your part.
    • Get a price right now using our booking tool, which is located below.
    How do I pack candles for moving or transporting?

    If you are moving or relocating, you can follow our packing rules for candles, which are listed above. Consider arranging a relocation or removal service with Eurosender to save yourself the stress of transporting your personal belongings yourself. We will carry your belongings safely to your new residence.

    How To Ship Candles (And Package Them)

    1. Consider sending a candle to someone you know for the holidays.
    2. Have you considered starting a candle-making business?
    3. Not only do candles make a wonderful present, whether it is for yourself or a loved one, but they may also be a lucrative business venture.
    • Check out the rules, laws, and regulations to understand how you may transport candles safely to your customers.
    • What is the best way to transport candles?
    • The cheapest method of shipping candles is through the United States Postal Service cubic shipping.
    • Candles can be shipped using the United States Postal Service, FedEx, and UPS.
    1. They are all involved in the shipping and delivery of candles.
    2. The United States Postal Service advises at least 2 inches of padding between the item and the box walls.
    3. As a result, be certain that your candles are properly packaged for transportation.
    4. Not only is it possible to ship candles, but there are also various candle subscription companies that operate.

    To ensure that candles are delivered on a regular basis, they will charge you a monthly subscription fee.

    Wrapping Candles For Shipping

    1. Wrapping your candles is one of the most crucial components of shipping your candles successfully.
    2. Wrapping them carefully will ensure that your candles do not become damaged or shattered while in the mail delivery process.
    3. What is the best way to package candles for shipping?
    • Cover each candle in packing paper, then wrap each candle in bubble wrap again to protect them from damage.
    • Bubble wrap should then be used to encircle all of the candles to prevent them from colliding with one another during delivery.
    • The person who will be getting the candle would prefer to spend a few minutes unwrapping candles rather than opening a box and finding shattered candles.
    • This photograph shows that the candle is packaged with paper that has been wrapped around the inside container.
    1. The interior box was filled with shredded paper, which served as a protective cushion for the candle.
    2. The candle was supplied without an inner box, as seen by the fact that the box the candles were shipped in was packed with shredded paper in the photo above.
    3. It everything boils down to personal choice and aesthetics.
    4. It goes without saying that the more high-end of a product you are promoting, the more intricate your delivery system needs to be.

    Candles Melting During Shipping

    1. This is an important aspect of candlemaking and selling candles online that is sometimes disregarded.
    2. When and where you send your candles must be taken into consideration.
    3. Will candles melt if they are sent in the mail?
    • Candles will melt if they are sent in the mail.
    • Soy wax may be melted at temperatures as low as 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • Temperatures in vehicles may exceed 120°F in less than 90 minutes during the summer months in some cases.
    • This can cause the candle to lose its form or to distort the pattern on the candle’s surface.
    1. The good news is that there are precautions you can do to assist prevent your candles from melting while in the mail.
    2. What is the best way to pack candles so that they don’t melt?
    3. If you are concerned that your candles will melt during delivery, include frozen gel packs in the box with your candles.
    4. Candles made from vegetable oils, such as soy and palm, have an extremely low melting point.

    Send your candles out on Monday to avoid the candle spending the weekend in a sweltering warehouse on Friday and Saturday.These gel packets are available on both Amazon and Uline, among other online retailers.Additionally, if you are delivering container candles, be certain that the lids are securely affixed to the container before packaging the candles for shipment.If the candle does become hot and begin to melt, a few bits of tap may be sufficient to prevent a sloppy mess.

    Candle Packaging Technique

    1. When it comes to packaging your candles, there are a few things you can do to assist guarantee that they arrive safely.
    2. As long as you take the time to ensure that everything is done correctly, your clients will always receive their purchase in one piece.
    3. What is the best way to box candles for shipping?
    • Place the candles in a thick corrugated cardboard box to protect them from damage.
    • Crumbled newspaper should be used to fill up the gaps left by the other items in the box.
    • Make certain that there is at least 2 inches of padding between the candles and the edges of the box before lighting them.
    • Even if you shake the box, there should be no movement within.
    1. If you are beginning a business and will be mailing a large number of candles, a firm such as Uline can provide you with extremely low-cost shipping materials.
    2. Purchasing packaging materials from a source such as Uline will only cost you a few dollars each shipment, if you do your research.

    Save Money Shipping Candles

    1. When it comes to delivering your candles, you have a few alternatives to choose from.
    2. If you shop about and look at the numerous programs offered by the United States Postal Service, you might get the best deals.
    3. What is the most cost-effective method of shipping candles?
    • The cubic shipping option provided by the United States Postal Service is the most cost-effective method of transporting candles.
    • The price of cubic shipping is determined by the form of the shipment rather than its weight.
    • Alternatively, you might wrap your candle in bubble wrap and ship it in a flat cost envelope.
    • When shipping candles, you may expect to spend between $8 and $15.
    1. It is less expensive to transport more candles at a time since the cost per candle decreases.
    2. Shipment of one candle, for example, may cost you $8.00, while shipping two candles might cost you $12.00.
    3. As a result, you’ll have a better understanding of how much you should charge for shipping based on the quantity of your customer’s order.

    Candle Shipping Tips

    Before sending your candles, there are a few things to consider.

    Compare Prices

    Always shop around for boxes if you’re in the market for them. Uline is one of the companies in the sector, as I mentioned previously, but they are not the only one. Profitability increases according to how much money you are able to save. This is also true for shipping, and it is recommended.

    Don’t Forget Aesthetics

    1. When purchasing your boxes and packing materials, don’t forget to consider the aesthetics of the product.
    2. Candles are generally fairly lovely, bright, and aromatic, so consider using something other than the traditional dull brown packing paper and bubble-wrap to protect them.
    3. Try to pick something that complements your firm’s image; for example, if your organization is all about luxury or all about art and varied colors, brown packing paper and foam peanuts may be detrimental to your image.

    Think Ahead

    1. If you are just starting off, this is the best time to arrange things out in advance of your arrival.
    2. Prices for different-shaped boxes should be checked with the USPS to discover which one offers the greatest value.
    3. Then you can check what sort of candles you can fit into that container.
    • It is possible that you can save as little as $0.50 each box, which could add up to thousands of dollars in savings for your company over time.
    • At this point, you should also make a decision about the sort of wax you will be employing.
    • If you’re sending candles to Texas in July, you might want to consider using a combination of waxes rather than 100 percent soy.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Is it possible to send a candle through the mail?
    2. Candles can be sent to a recipient via the mail.
    3. It is extremely vital to ensure that candles are properly wrapped before shipping them over the mail.
    • Make certain that the candles are properly covered and cushioned.
    • In addition, make sure the box is large enough to allow for a few inches of space between the candle and the edge of the box during the lighting process.
    • Is it possible to transport candles through the United States Postal Service?
    • Candles can be shipped using the United States Postal Service.
    1. The United States Postal Service (USPS) is one of the most cheap solutions for mailing candles.
    2. Candles under a particular size and weight limit can be shipped anywhere in the lower 48 states of the continental United States for between $4 and $9 dollars each package.
    3. Is it true that the post office looks through your packages?
    4. The post office has the authority to investigate your parcels.

    However, unless they have a reasonable suspicion that you are transporting something unlawful, they are unlikely to investigate into them.Although you should always arrange your shipping label such that they can easily open the item if necessary, this isn’t always possible.How much does it cost to send a candle across the country?First Class Mail costs roughly $5.68 to mail one 8 oz candle from New York City to Los Angeles, based on current rates.

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    Using a box of 4′′x4′ by 6′, a total weight of 12 ounces for the candle and all packing materials was used to arrive at the final pricing.How much does it cost to transport a 16 oz candle in the United States?One 16 oz candle sent Priority Mail from New York City to Los Angeles will cost around $8.80.In order to determine the price, we used a box measuring 5 5 6 inches in size and weight 19 ounces in total, which contained the candle and all packaging materials.


    1. Everything is rather basic when it comes to shipping candles and making plans to ship candles.
    2. It’s only a matter of remembering to plan ahead.
    3. Make contact with many shipping supply providers as well as at least two shipping firms and compare pricing.
    • Alternatively, you may read my post on How To Keep Soy Candles From Melting During Delivery for a more in-depth advice on how to prevent your candles from melting during shipping.
    • In order to send candles safely, it is essential that the box is solid enough and that there is enough space for cushioning.
    • It is also essential that the candle be wrapped tightly in bubble wrap to prevent the candle from breaking.
    • You may rest assured that your candle will arrive in perfect condition if you use a sturdy box and sufficient packing materials.
    1. It is usually preferable to utilize too much packing rather than not enough wrapping in a given situation.

    How to Ship Candles in 2021 (+ Packing Tips)

    • Consider the following points: Because candles are delicate, you may wish to ship them in a fragile packaging
    • You may avoid moving your candles during shipment by wrapping them in bubble wrap and packing them in an appropriately-sized box.
    • Giving your package a personal touch is a simple approach to provide your clients with a more delightful shopping experience.
    1. Having trouble figuring out how to transport candles?
    2. You’ve arrived to the correct location.
    3. Considering that candles are intended to provide relaxation, why should shipping candles be any different?
    • Candles are simple to ship since they are uniform in size and weight, and they are light in weight.
    • Furthermore, if your box becomes too hefty, you may choose for Flat Rate delivery to save a few dollars.
    • Easyship, on the other hand, saves eCommerce companies both time and money when it comes to delivering candles.
    • You may save up to 89 percent off the retail price of delivering candles with any courier service in the world.
    1. This post will teach you how to transport candles without causing hardship to your customers.
    2. Let’s get this party started.

    Table of Contents

    What is the cost of shipping candles? 01 What is the cost of shipping candles? 02 How to Ship Candles in a Safe and Secure Package 03 Do FedEx, the United States Postal Service, and UPS ship candles? 04 3 Shipping Suggestions for Candles Ship candles with ease using Easyship. 06 Frequently Asked Questions About Shipping Candles

    How Much Does It Cost to Ship Candles?

    • There is no set price for sending candles, just as there is no set price for shipping anything else. What matters is that the cost of shipping is determined by the following elements, regardless of what you are shipping: Package weight, shipping distance, package size, delivery speed, and courier service are all factors to consider.
    1. Because of the fragile nature of candles, you may wish to ship them in a fragile packaging to protect them from damage.
    2. Your courier, on the other hand, will charge you for extra handling fees if you do so.
    3. You may also choose flat rate shipping, which is available from the leading domestic carriers, including the United States Postal Service, FedEx, and UPS.
    • Instead, depending on the courier, you’ll be paid a flat fixed price for any delivery that weighs less than a specified amount.
    • Because candles are heavy, employing flat rate shipping may be advantageous in some situations.
    • Consider the following scenario, which was created using our Free Shipping Rates Calculator.
    • Below you can see the cost of shipping a 5-pound bundle of candles from New York to the United Kingdom in pounds and cents.
    1. Here, we can see that the lowest delivery choice is DHL eCommerce Parcel Direct, which costs $46.34 in total.
    2. The greatest value and fastest delivery choice, on the other hand, was DHL Express Worldwide, which cost $68.23.
    3. With this option, you can expect your candle shipment to arrive in 1-2 business days and include good monitoring features.
    4. Examine the transportation of a 10-pound package of candles from New York City to the United Kingdom in the next section.

    In this particular situation, DHL eCommerce Parcel Direct offers the most affordable delivery option at $63.84.In a similar vein to the 5-pound box example, DHL Express Worldwide is the quickest and most cost-effective delivery choice at a cost of $82.67 per shipment.It takes 1-2 business days to get your order if you choose this option, which offers good tracking features.In addition, let us consider the case of a 20-pound item being shipped from New York to the United Kingdom.

    We can see that the lowest delivery option is DHL eCommerce Parcel Direct, which costs $92.12 in total.The fastest and most cost-effective choice, however, is DHL Express Worldwide, which charges $121.29 per shipment.As an added bonus, this option offers good monitoring services and arrives within 1-2 business days.

    How to Package Candles for Shipping

    If you’re an experienced eCommerce professional, it’s necessary to take extra care while sending candles to customers. Here are some suggestions for properly packing candles so that they arrive in good condition.

    Secure Your Candles

    1. Despite the fact that the majority of candles are packaged in glass or tin containers, you should still use additional padding.
    2. By wrapping your candles in bubble wrap and shipping them in a box that is the proper size, you may avoid their moving during transit.
    3. It is possible that excessive moving during shipping can shatter the wax or cause the package to break.
    • No matter what form of packaging you choose to transport candles, make sure to add ″Fragile″ labels on all of the packages as well.

    Guard Against Extreme Temperatures

    1. It’s important to consider the weather conditions while transporting candles.
    2. Candles can become brittle when exposed to high heat.
    3. Consider delivering candles in gel packs that have been chilled.
    • This will help to keep your candles cold and prevent them from melting.
    • It is possible to prevent candles from melting by lining them with Styrofoam.
    • Another option for keeping candles cold while in transportation is to purchase insulated packaging.
    • However, the additional packing might result in an increase in packaging costs.
    1. After all, who wants their candles to be melted?
    2. If you are concerned about the harsh temperatures over a long period of time, you may also choose expedited shipment as an option.

    Choose the Right Box

    1. The United States Postal Service recommended that you leave at least two inches of padding between the item and the box walls.
    2. This is due to the fact that too tight packing might result in breakage.
    3. Select a box that is snugly fitting.
    • When you shake the box, the candles shouldn’t move around too much.
    • As previously indicated, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, or paper should be used to cushion the box and keep it secure.
    • Alternatively, single candles can be mailed in flat rate envelopes, provided that the box fits within.

    Do FedEx, USPS, and UPS Ship Candles?

    Yes, major courier companies such as FedEx, UPS, and the United States Postal Service ship candles. Here is a list of the candle-shipping services provided by these main courier companies. As a result, you will understand how to transport candles using major courier providers.

    How to Ship Candles with USPS

    • Sending tiny, lightweight things like candles through the USPS is a cost-effective option. If you opt to utilize the United States Postal Service, consider Priority Mail Cubic. Priority Mail Cubic rates are determined only by the size of the package, not than its weight. Just make sure that the overall weight of your shipment does not surpass 20 pounds before shipping it off. For big shipments of candles, on the other hand, you may use the USPS Flat Rate service. Flat Rate shipping charges a single flat rate for any delivery weighing less than 70 pounds, making it a cost-effective method of transporting bulky things across long distances. The United States Postal Service also provides various shipping services, such as Priority Mail Express (guaranteed arrival within 1 to 2 days), Priority Mail (1-3 business days), and First-Class Package Service (1-3 business days).

    How to Ship Candles with FedEx

    • FedEx provides express shipping services to ensure that shipping candles reaches its destination without being damaged. As a result, your candle shipment will not be kept in hot or humid environments for extended periods of time, which will cause them to overheat and melt. You may also choose FedEx Flat Rate shipping if you like. As long as your shipment weighs less than 50 pounds, you’re OK to go. FedEx offers you to select one of their 12 flat rate boxes, which gives you the assurance that your candles will fit inside the box when it arrives. Here are some of the additional shipping services offered by FedEx. FedEx Priority Overnight (delivery the next business day)
    • FedEx 2Day (2 business days)
    • FedEx Express Saver (3 business days)
    • FedEx Priority Overnight (delivery the next business day).

    How to Ship Candles with UPS

    • Shippers of candles can choose from a number of cost-effective and dependable options provided by UPS. UPS, like the other carriers mentioned above, provides express shipping options to ensure that your candles get at their destination securely and without the risk of melting. Are you looking for flat cost shipping? It’s not an issue. UPS Simple Charge allows you to ship anywhere in the United States for a flat rate using your own packaging. UPS Simple Rate is also applicable to shipments of diverse shapes and sizes weighing up to 50 pounds, according to UPS. Here are a few of the other shipping services that UPS provides. UPS Ground Shipping (delivery in 1-5 business days)
    • UPS Next Day Air Shipping (guaranteed next-day delivery)
    • UPS 2nd Day Air (guaranteed 2nd Day Air)
    • UPS 3rd Day Air (guaranteed 3rd Day Air)
    • UPS 4th Day Air (guaranteed 4th Day Air).

    To get the most affordable shipping rates for candles, check the costs charged by each courier based on the weight of the item. With the help of our free shipping rate calculator, you can make the process of comparing rates much easier. Alternatively, you may examine all of the courier sites one by one to get the best pricing.

    3 Tips for Shipping Candles

    These pointers can assist you in comprehending the process of shipping candles. Let’s get this party started.

    Compare Prices

    If you are concerned about severe temperatures melting candles while they are in route, consider using expedited shipping services. With Easyship, you’ll have access to the world’s largest courier network, which is a huge advantage. As a result of linking your own courier account, you’ll be able to take advantage of our pre-negotiated lower shipping prices.

    Consider Custom Branding

    1. The importance of presentation cannot be overstated.
    2. Who would want to get candles in a basic, uninteresting box?
    3. That is not the case with me.
    • Incorporating a personal touch into your packaging is a simple approach to ensure that your clients have a positive shopping experience.
    • It is simple to add that personal touch by wrapping candles in beautiful paper or by wrapping candles in ribbon.
    • You may even purchase branded boxes to make the unwrapping process that much more enjoyable.
    • Easyship, on the other hand, allows you customized branding.
    1. Customize your tracking notifications, landing pages, and packing slips by include your brand and promotional materials.
    2. You will be able to give a delivery experience that will wow buyers and encourage them to do business with you again.

    Consider Shipping Insurance

    1. Shipping insurance provides protection against the loss, theft, or damage of shipments during transit.
    2. Approximately 5-15 percent of all shipments have one or more of these frequent delivery concerns.
    3. Despite the fact that large delivery services are often dependable, there is still a danger that your shipment will be misplaced or damaged.
    • Shipping insurance may be purchased directly from your carrier or via Easyship.
    • To the contrary of courier services, Easyship makes use of third-party shipping insurance, which pays out more claims than the US Postal Service, UPS, or FedEx.

    Shipping Candles with Easyship

    1. Shipping candles may be a relaxing activity that is also quite economical.
    2. Easyship provides you with immediate access to all shipping costs from carriers such as USPS, saving you up to 89 percent off retail prices.
    3. You’ll also get access to more than 250 global shipping solutions, as well as shipping insurance and other benefits.
    • To try Easyship for free, simply register for a free account on the website.
    • To get started, just create a free Easyship account and let us assist you in growing your eCommerce business.

    Shipping Candles FAQ

    • The process of shipping candles may be a relaxing one, as well as being reasonably priced. You get immediate access to all shipping costs from carriers such as the United States Postal Service for up to 89 percent off retail. You’ll also get access to more than 250 global shipping solutions, as well as shipping insurance and other valuable services and benefits. Simply up for a free account and use Easyship risk-free. To get started, just create a free Easyship account and let us assist you in scaling your eCommerce business.

    How to Package Candles (Safe List, Tips, Costs and Brand)

    1. The moment we begin to think about candle packaging, we are thrust into a world of possibilities, inspirations, and amazing crafts that may help us make our product stand out.
    2. If you are a hobbyist candle maker and your ultimate objective is to give candles as Christmas gifts, or if you are running a candle business as a side or full-time business, packing a candle is an important step in the process.
    3. Discover what it takes to package a candle securely, cost-effectively, and with flair in order to provide a one-of-a kind experience for the client or friend.
    • In general, the most delicate varieties of candles (taper, pillar, and floating candles) must be individually wrapped, first in wax paper, then in a few layers of bubble wrap, before being placed in a container.
    • Furthermore, it is required to fill the container with foam, wood wool, or packing peanuts in order to prevent the candles from moving around within.
    • You will notice that it is not a tough task, but rather a precise one.
    • We aim to make the customer’s unpacking experience more enjoyable without giving them a nasty surprise as a result of damage caused by insufficient wrapping.
    1. In the sections below, we’ve produced a comprehensive tutorial on how to package candles in a stylish manner, so enhancing both your brand and your customers’ experience.
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    The Art of Packaging Candles

    1. Homemade candle production includes a number of optional activities that are not so closely associated with the actual process of working with wax, wicks, and essential oils, but are instead associated with the use of boxes, cards, tissues, foam, and ribbons.
    2. Packaging candles is an art form in and of itself, and it can quickly become a competitive advantage depending on how you choose to package your candles.
    3. It is important to consider not just the obvious aesthetic consequence, but also if it is more cost-effective or enhances the consumer experience.
    • In a recent piece, we discussed how we devote 10 percent of the customer-facing pricing of our candles to packaging costs.
    • Think about it: if you could come up with a ″smarter″ way to package your candles, or even better, create candles that are easier to package, and eventually reduce that 10 percent threshold: that would mean higher margins or more affordable pricing for your customers – it would be a win-win situation!
    • The table below lists the most common candles that you may make from the comfort of your own home.
    • By combining these candles with packaging materials, you can create unique branded results that you can sell or give as gifts.
    1. Before you begin thinking about packaging, it is important to evaluate the sort of candles you want to make.
    2. Depending on the type of candles you make, you will require a suitable number of packaging materials to use to wrap them.

    Packaging Taper & Pillar Candles

    1. Taper and pillar candles are the most delicate candles you can make, and they are also the most expensive.
    2. Except for a thin layer of ticker wax on the outside, they don’t have any exterior protection, which makes it difficult to move or carry them about, and it also makes them more susceptible to shatter or fracture if improperly wrapped.
    3. TAKE ADVANCE OF OUR RECOMMENDED RESOURCES FOR AMAZING DEALS Follow these procedures for each candle to ensure the finest possible packaging for these delicate candles:
    1. Dust and dirt can be avoided by wrapping the candle in a layer of wax paper.
    2. A large layer of bubble wrap should be used to protect the candle from small impacts.
    3. Place the candle in a cardboard box once it has been wrapped
    4. Fill up all of the empty area surrounding the candle with foam, wood wool, or packing peanuts to keep it from falling out of the box.

    Packaging Container Candles

    1. Glassware, metal & tin, and ceramic containers are the most frequent types of candle containers.
    2. Metal and tin containers are the most convenient to package since they are significantly more resistant to damage than the others.
    3. When shipping metal and tin candles, it is sufficient to place them in a box with some filler (foam, wood wool, or packing peanuts) all around them to prevent the candles from migrating into the box during transportation.
    • To protect porcelain and glass jars and bowls, we would need multiple layers of bubble wrap on top of each other.
    • Using the same method as before, we would individually wrap them and place them in a box with the customary fillers all around them.

    5 Tips to Package a Candle with Style

    We mostly package container candles, which is what we do best. We’ve developed a priority checklist and method to make the chore of packaging enjoyable and efficient for everyone involved. Here are some suggestions to help you spice up the packing process and make it a little more personalized.

    1. Constant Packaging Material Collection

    Most of the candles we package are in container form. Using a priority checklist and a systematic approach, we have created a task that is enjoyable and efficient. The following are some suggestions for making the packaging process a little more interesting and personalized.

    2. Divide & Conquer

    • We have finished making our lovely candles, and now we must wrap them and package them in order to transport them to friends and clients. First, we should sort them out and separate the stages so that we don’t start out inefficiently. We use the larger table in our living room: on one side, we place all of the candles we intend to ship
    • in the middle, we prepare all of the wrappers (wax sheets and bubble wrap) with transparent tape and scissors, as well as a strip of stickers
    • on the other side, we place the boxes and close them with a basket full of fillers (wood wool and peanuts)
    • on the other side, we place the boxes and close them with a basket full of fillers (wood wool and peanuts

    When we have everything organized, we continue from one side to the other in the following manner:

    1. Stickers with our emblem and a label identifying the smells we utilized are applied to the containers of our container candles.
    2. We only wrap them in bubble wrap if they are in glass jars or terracotta pots
    3. otherwise, we don’t.
    4. We set them in the boxes and, at the same time, we take a handful of fillers and insert them in the appropriate positions to ensure that the candle does not move
    5. and
    6. We shut the boxes and write some initials at the bottom of each one to help us remember whose candle is in which box.

    3. A Personal Touch

    1. Personalization is vital in candle production, and it should be included into every stage, from the container to the essential oils you choose to the composition of the candle wax itself.
    2. Another location where you can put your unique stamp on a product and make your brand more memorable to the buyer is on the box.
    3. If you want to personalize each box, you might include a little note inside each one, or you could use aromatic potpourri instead of traditional fillers such as foam or wood wool.
    • If the sky’s the limit—or, in this case, perhaps the box—then everything is possible!
    • For inspiration, consider what would be a good ″a moment that you would love to have personally″ and include that into your unique touch.

    4. Stickers for the Win

    1. Stickers and sticky labels may be used to solve a variety of minor problems and are incredibly inexpensive to produce.
    2. You may either purchase them online or print them on your own.
    3. If you use container candles, you may put stickers at the bottom of the container to indicate safety usage and regulation, and you can use minimum labels to identify the candle or to exhibit its aroma.
    • Some stickers are now available that are also readily detachable, which is a true lifesaver for those with shaky hands.

    5. An Essence of Your Choice

    1. Consider the following scenario: you open a box and, even before you touch the candle, you are greeted with the scent of a mild but pleasant aroma.
    2. It is as straightforward as it appears (and smells).
    3. We like to add several drops of essential oils on the box fillers in between the candles and the box, the same essential oils that we used for the candle that was wrapped.
    • Because our friends were blown away by such a simple thing, we decided to include it in every candle box – if only for a split second – to improve the overall customer experience.

    Candle Packaging: a Formula to Manage your Budget

    1. In order to assess the budget we have for the packaging material of a certain batch of candles, we typically assign 10% of the client-facing candle price.
    2. In order to keep costs down, we produce small batches of candles.
    3. We typically produce 50 to 100 ″very large″ (200g/7.2oz) candles per batch, with a client-facing pricing of roughly 20£ (28.30$).
    • 10 percent is 2 pounds (2.83 dollars), which indicates that our typical packing budget ranges from 100 pounds (141.50 dollars) to 200 pounds (283 dollars).
    • Having such a large cut each batch allows us to buy in bulk and reuse them for subsequent batches, preventing us from running out of materials.
    • We also collected and saved a lot of fillers from our purchases, which we repurposed in our gifts if they were of a good quality, of course!
    • Usually, we wind up paying far less than the 10% budgeted and end up with a larger profit margin when we sell our candles.
    1. The 10 percent figure is a decent indicator of the initial investments required by early-stage candle manufacturers who begin without a lot of raw materials.
    2. Having a set budget for each batch allows you to keep track of your investment and determine when you can break even on your sales when you sell your candle products.
    3. Alternatively, if you are interested in learning more about these financial tactics, percentages, and figures, you might be interested in (Wrap it Up and Make your Brand Stand Out).
    1. Package design is an important aspect of your branding strategy since it is the very first point of contact that buyers have with your product, and their experience with it begins with its unpacking.
    2. Concentrate on creating your packaging become a business card for your brand.
    3. You can experiment with brightly colored boxes or a more minimalist design that is inspired by your brand’s concept.
    • You might use scented fillers to pique the interest of your consumers, or you could send them a heartfelt handwritten message to thank them and help them feel more connected to you.
    • In the candle industry, packaging is the means through which you establish a relationship with your clients.
    • What we want as candle producers is to develop this connection and transform these new customers into repeat customers, therefore increasing our retention rate.
    • Each candle may contain a different flavor, a different color, an unique gift, or a surprise within.
    1. Find that one-of-a-kind touch that will give your brand a lift.
    2. For example, we enjoy spending time going through Pinterest’s feed and seeing what individuals all around the world come up with!
    3. When your brand is distinct, it is essential to look around you and be inspired, picking ideas like cherries and turning them into your own, without duplicating them but rather adding your own touch and sense to them.
    4. It is the beauty of candle making that it develops from raw materials relaxing experiences that allow you to speak and connect with others from a variety of cultural and linguistic origins and backgrounds!

    Take a look at our Pinterest page about candle making packaging for some design inspiration!

    How to Package and Ship Candles

    1. First impressions count, and the packaging and delivery of your candle to a consumer represents the final cost of your product as well.
    2. Packaging for your candles is just as crucial as assessing the performance of your candles in terms of quality control measures.
    3. Creating a buffer within the box and minimizing movement are the most important aspects of candle packing for shipping.
    • Test packets should be created for each kind of candle, using a variety of numbers, sizes, weights, and shipping locations to ensure that the candle performs as expected.
    • To protect the candle within the box, wrap it in bubble wrap and stuff it with shipping peanuts.
    • The test packs will be used to evaluate the most cost-effective manner of packaging and shipping candles.
    • This post contains affiliate links for your convenience; please see our whole earnings disclosure for more information.
    1. For many years, I sold candles at craft exhibitions and farmers’ markets in glass containers, which I made myself.
    2. As I began selling on the internet, it became clear that moving to tin made more sense.
    3. Tin candles burn more slowly and are less brittle than glass candles.
    4. Glass candles weigh far more than tin candles, and as a result, they are more expensive to ship.

    They are both packed in a similar manner.The difference is the possibility of injury.Shipping candles is typically priced according on the weight, followed by size and ultimately distance traveled between points.

    How to Ship Candles

    If you want to transport handcrafted candles from your house, you’ll need the following supplies:

    1. The following items are required: Shipping boxes
    2. Shipping tape and bubble wrap
    3. Shipping scales
    4. Shipping labeling
    5. Access to shipping websites.
    6. Possibility of purchasing postal (for a cost)
    7. Access to a post office, UPS Store, or FedEx facility as an alternative
    1. To begin, cover the candle with bubble wrap that is at least 1 inch thick and wraps around the entire candle from top to bottom.
    2. Repeat the process for each candle.
    3. They should not be nested together.
    • The vibration will cause the glass to shatter.
    • If you are transporting a large number of candles, cell packs (dividers) will assist you in preventing them from colliding with one another throughout their journey.
    • Second, choose a box that is approximately the same size as the candle that has been wrapped.
    • Choose a package that will fit snugly in your hand.
    1. When you shake the box, the candles should not move around in it at all.
    2. Packing peanuts, bits of bubble wrap, or sheets of paper can be used to fill holes or spaces.
    3. When compared to paper, bubble wrap provides a superior cushion while without adding weight to the package.
    4. You want to complete this stage while maintaining a professional appearance.

    Don’t skimp on the candle display in order to save money on packaging.The use of shredded crinkle paper in the shape of Easter grass might be a good alternative to plastic.Using materials that may be composted or repurposed, construct a nest for the candle to rest in.Because some of my clients expressed dissatisfaction with the mess, I advise caution.

    Single candles can be mailed by the United States Postal Service in flat rate envelopes as long as the box can fit inside.In addition, I have seen candles packaged with cardboard wrapped around bubble wrap and then sealed in a Tyvek (priority postal) envelope, but it appears to be a hazardous practice to me.Third, wrap both ends of the box with packaging tape to keep it closed.Regular scotch tape or masking tape should not be used.Because the box will not stay together, and the candles will fall out if it is torn apart.

    How much does it cost to ship candles and how can I ship candles cheaper?

    1. I was very taken aback the first time I mailed a candle!
    2. My jelly jar candles carry 7.5 ounces of wax, yet they weigh 14 ounces when the jar is taken into consideration.
    3. The total cost of shipping a candle includes the cost of packing the candle.
    • I had a difficult time getting a candle packaged for less than a pound.
    • Each and every item that goes into the package adds up – business cards, candle care cards, candle gift boxes, and so on.
    1. Rule 1: weight
    2. Rule 2: size
    3. Rule 3: distance
    1. First-Class mail is the most cost-effective method of shipping a candle.
    2. First class shipping, on the other hand, requires that the shipment weigh less than 1 pound.
    3. It is not possible to ship First-Class packages of candles in the free priority or flat rate packing boxes that are given by the post office.
    • You will be responsible for providing the boxes (poly bags) at your own.
    • One method of lowering the cost of transporting candles is to utilize tin containers rather than glass jars for the containers.
    • A jelly jar weights around 7 ounces when it is empty.
    • Empty, a tin of the same size weighs around 1 ounce.
    1. This might be a challenging decision to make since the candle vessel you pick will have a significant impact on your branding.
    2. However, bear in mind that the price is also a factor in a customer’s decision to acquire anything from you.
    3. In general, shipping tin candles is less expensive than shipping other types of candles and is less difficult to fulfill the First-Class USPS shipping standard.
    4. Priority mail is used for parcels weighing more than 1 pound.
    See also:  How Do I Know If Fedex Lost My Package?

    The fee is determined by the United States Postal Service based on the weight, size, and distance traveled.Priority mail, as opposed to first-class mail, which is given by a postal service, can be provided via services such as Pirate Ship.They will transport your candles in a box that is the same size as your order.The smallest package that they will accept is 6″ x 6″ x 6″ in size.

    It is possible that they have negotiated a lower cost and that you can save money by going via them.Using this method may be more cost-effective if your delivery weighs only a bit more than one pound.Flat Rate Boxes enable you to transport bigger or longer packages for a fixed price.A medium flat rate box can store many heavy candles that can be shipped across the nation at a lower cost than priority mail in some cases.This is referred to as the distance factor.

    1. If I need to transport a candle from Michigan to Kentucky, the shipping cost is likely to be around $8.
    2. The identical box shipped from Michigan to California might cost up to $14 in shipping charges.
    3. The fact that the boxes are free and can be obtained online at after making an account is a significant advantage of delivering candles through the United States Postal Service.
    1. They will deliver to your location.
    2. Despite the fact that UPS will accept practically any secure box, the shipment material given by the United States Postal Service cannot be utilized by any other carrier.
    3. UPS, FedEx, and United Parcel Service are some of the other shipping options (UPS).
    4. UPS may sometimes send items that are too large to fit in a flat rate box, such as those weighing more than 3 pounds, at a lower cost.

    Testing candle packaging is similar to experimenting with different wicks to see which one performs best.You won’t know unless you put yourself through the test.To find out how much it will cost to send any combination of items, go to the shipping service’s website and create a package to ship.This will provide you with the best rates, which you can then compare.Each service’s website has a wealth of information to assist you on your journey.

    Another advantage of using the United States Postal Service is that they give free mailing envelopes and boxes for sending flat rate or priority mail.The pricing of your candles must include the cost of packing as well as the cost of delivery.It all adds up in the end.Another element to consider when selling candles online is the consumer’s frame of mind.

    Others will purchase a candle if it comes with free delivery; nevertheless, if the shipment is too expensive, they will pass on purchasing the candle.Shipping costs must be covered by someone.If that fee is included in your price, it is critical to understand what that cost is.The United States Postal Service raises the price usually twice a year.

    As a result, you should consider examining your price as well.

    How to ship candles that are not in containers or pillar candles

    1. Many of us produce pillar candles, which must be safeguarded in the same way as candles in glass vessels must be protected.
    2. They will break just as readily as a piece of broken glass does.
    3. Before wrapping them in bubble wrap, they should be wrapped in a poly wrapper (shrink wrapped) to protect the candle from being damaged during shipping.
    • I also don’t use paper to wrap it up.
    • Paper will absorb the scent from the candle over time, thus I do not use it in any of my creations that use fragrance oil (including candles) (or essential oil).
    • It might also stick on an unwrapped candle, causing a smear of wax.

    How to ship candles in the heat so they don’t melt

    1. The majority of the time, the bubble wrap acts as an insulator between the candle and the container.
    2. If possible, choose an expedited service to ensure that the shipment does not wait in a truck or staging facility for days at a time.
    3. Candles should not be frozen.
    • When wax is frozen, it becomes brittle and more prone to cracking.
    • They will not be able to remain frozen for an extended period of time to make an impact.
    • Include cold packs that are specifically developed for this purpose in the packing.
    • When the weather is really hot, I’ve coated boxes with Styrofoam to serve as an additional insulation.
    1. It is also possible to get insulated packing material from them.
    2. This has the potential to increase the cost of packing.
    3. Some people, particularly in our southern areas, will not take the chance of shipping candles during the warm months.

    Shipping candles outside of the lower United States or Overseas.

    No, I do not. Simply put, the expense is not justified.

    Shipping from Etsy, Poshmark, Macari, or eBay

    1. Service providers such as Etsy may take a commission, but they might also provide a lower shipping fee to compensate for the higher expense of delivering heavier candles.
    2. It is worthwhile to look into calculating the total cost of your candles utilizing a company that offers a more affordable delivery service through flat-rate pricing in order to save money.
    3. The real cost of packing material to you would be the same as before.
    • The shipping costs would be saved, which would result in a savings.

    How to Start a Candle Making Business

    Having the ability to earn an additional $1000 or more each month may be life-changing for most individuals, and candle manufacturing makes it quite simple to do so. This company has the potential to succeed with hard work and dedication. The date is February 18, 2022.

    Candle Glass Packaging Guide – Glassnow Blog

    1. The candle industry is thriving, with annual retail sales of roughly $2 billion believed to be in the billions.
    2. With such high sales figures comes tough rivalry in the marketplace.
    3. What distinguishes a candle producer from the competition?
    • Candle packaging that is one-of-a-kind, from the label to the container, will distinguish your candle line from the competition.
    • We recommend first picking on the most appropriate container for your candles, and then moving on to label design.
    • When looking for the ideal vessel for both pillar and poured candles, three considerations should be kept in mind: form, color, and size.
    • A collection of glass candle jars from Glassnow.
    1. Glass candle jars in traditional shapes and designs are available in a variety of sizes and prices in our glass candle container collection.
    2. When it comes to candle producers that are searching for a glass jar to pour their candles into, the Glassnow candle line provides several alternatives to choose from.
    3. From 2.5 oz colorful glass jars excellent for votives to 26 oz jars perfect for big scented candles, our selection of recycled candle containers has something for everyone.
    4. We urge you to go through the options for expanding your candle selection in the sections below and on our website.

    Jars that are round in shape Our spherical candle jars are suitable for both pillar candles and poured candles and are available in a variety of sizes.The types available range from the traditional 26 oz Verona Jar to the elegant 6 oz Round Glass Container with Frosted Edge.Here are a handful of the newest and most popular styles in our collection of round glass jars.Calypso Jar with a capacity of 16 ounces The Calypso Collection is comprised of an elegant 16 oz.

    recycled glass jar that is available in a variety of vibrant and classic colors.As a home décor item and storage container, it is perfect for packing pillar and poured candles, as well as for retailing as home décor.In the transparent variant, your spring candle colors will be showcased to their best advantage, while the darker jar colours make an excellent receptacle for your fall scented candles.Various closures are available, including tapered corks and bamboo caps.(C6182) Candle Container – 6 oz Round with Frosting This stunning vessel has a delightful frosted surface that is ideal for pouring candles.

    1. Consider the flicker of a flame glinting through the matte glass of the container while you read this.
    2. (C7536F10) Jars that are square in shape Our selection of square glass jars is great for packing candles of all types, including pillar and poured candles.
    3. Additionally, we’ve added some modern and retro styles to our traditional square jars to give you a more diverse range from which to pick.
    1. In addition to the Acropolis Jar (which is available in 11 and 20 oz sizes) and the 8.5 oz Square Glass Jar (seen below), our 8.5 oz Square Candle Container has long been a client favorite (see below).
    2. Acropolis Glass Jars are available in 11 oz and 20 oz sizes.
    3. This transparent glass jar with a glass lid has a fine clarity while yet being environmentally sustainable.
    4. It’s perfect for keeping the smell of your scented candle.

    C7547-GL |11oz.C7548-GL |20 oz.C7547-GL 8.5 oz Glass Candle Jar available in nine different colors.

    Our 8.5 oz glass jar is distinguished by its classic lines and wide mouth design.It is available in nine different colours.Combine your scented candles with a cork or bamboo top to keep the smell of your candles fresh.(C6154) Square Candle Glass Container in Clear + 9 Colorways (8.5 oz total).

    This square glass jar is a popular option in candle containers, and it comes in a vibrant spectrum of 5 vivid colors and 4 dramatic tones to choose from.(C7527) Votives made of glass in a variety of colors Our Glass Votive Containers are available in two sizes: 2.5 oz and 8.5 oz, and they are designed to hold votive candles.There are 11 different hues to choose from: clear, frosted and 11 different shades of lime, red, fuchsia, orange, aqua, cobalt, violet and lilac as well as vintage green, dark amber and whiskey.Containers for Candles in a Variety of Colors Many of our goods, such as the votives seen above, are available in comparable hues.

    While the clear version of each product is shown on our main candle container page, you can discover the color variations of each product (if they are available) on the individual product page.Take a look at the image below…Make Sure to Include Lids and Other Accessories with Your Containers!

    • Their addition to our glass candle containers, which also have bamboo lids and tapering corks, completes the look.
    • Start searching our candle container selection today to find the perfect container for your candles!
    • Resources for Candles For more information on how to effectively promote your brand, check out our blog on the top 10 candle business marketing tips.
    • Visit the website of the National Candle Association for further statistics, numbers, and useful industry information for candlemakers.

    How to pack candles for moving

    1. Candles add comfort, warmth, and flair to a room, as well as assisting in the creation of the right environment in a house.
    2. Because of this, it’s only natural to want to bring your candle collection along with you when you’re moving and utilize those pillar candles and tealights to make your new home attractive, snug, and homey.
    3. Even so, you’re unlikely to give your candles much attention until the time comes to really pack your possessions for moving and you suddenly realize that you have no idea what to do with your beautiful lights when you arrive.
    • Candles, which are made of fragile wax and often housed in glass or tin, are susceptible to breaking or melting during a move; thus, great care must be taken to ensure that they arrive at your new home intact and in excellent shape.
    • Follow these moving candle packing tips to ensure your cherished candles arrive in perfect condition during your move process.

    General tips for packing candles for moving

    1. Candles come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials, but they all have one thing in common: they are quickly melted when exposed to heat.
    2. You must take every precaution to ensure that your candles do not soften, change their form, or liquefy throughout the transfer process.
    3. You must also ensure that they do not stain any of your other belongings if they do melt, regardless of your attempts to prevent it.
    • Oh, and you’ll want to make sure that none of your candles are damaged in the process of moving.

    Step 1. Sort your candles

    The first thing you should do before you begin packing your candles is to categorize them by size and kind so that you can keep similar-looking candles together and pack them in the most appropriate manner. Later in this piece, you’ll discover particular packaging suggestions for different types of candles.

    Step 2. Wrap each candle individually

    1. The candles must then be individually wrapped in tissue paper, wax paper, bubble wrap, or another suitable covering before being placed in their final position.
    2. This will preserve the surface of the candles, will prevent them from melting into one another, and will prevent their aromas from blending together when burned together.
    3. The temptation to wrap all candles of the same type together may be strong; nevertheless, doing so is a very terrible idea since if the candles melt, they will get fused together and damaged as a result.
    • You should put down a big amount of packing material (waxe paper or bubble warp, for example) onto an even surface and roll it inwards, ensuring that the candl

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