How To Ship A Package To Germany?

Fast Shipping to Germany Ship your packages via DHL Express or FedEx or USPS. Shipments will arrive to you within 1 to 3 business days depending on the carrier you choose.
⁵ Price includes VAT. When booking these services, the transport fee of parcels up to 10 kg to Germany and EU will be subject to VAT and will increase by the legal VAT. ⁶ For parcels exceeding 10 kg or a combined length and girth of 300 cm, the following services are subject to VAT: sender’s instructions EUR 11.60 (including VAT).

How long does it take to ship from the US to Germany?

Most shipping services for parcels from the United States to Germany take approximately 7 to 12 business days to arrive at their destination. Economy shipping prices may lead to even longer transportation times. Can I get accurate parcel tracking information when shipping from the US to Germany?

What is the best way to ship to Germany?

Courier services that offer the greatest savings for shipping to Germany include economy shipping services with longer transit times and package drop-off services, where you drop off your package at your local Post Office or FedEx drop-off shop.

Will my package go through customs when shipping to Germany?

While your package will go through customs when shipping to Germany from the US, you do not have to worry about any issues as long as you are not sending items that are not allowed by law. How long will it take to ship a parcel from the US to Germany?

What are the different types of shipping from the US to Germany?

Shipping items from the United States to Germany falls into the following two categories: bulk shipping and small-item shipping. If you need to ship two rooms’ worth of furniture and clothing overseas, you’ll require bulk shipping. Transporting an item that weighs less than 150 pounds is considered small-item shipping.

How much does it cost to ship a package to Germany?

Shipping to Germany: USPS vs. UPS. vs. FedEx vs. DHL

Service Price
USPS First-Class International Service Depends on postage pricing
UPS Worldwide Expedited $137.40
UPS Worldwide Saver $100.84
FedEx International Priority $65.20 (lowest rate)

What is the cheapest way to ship to Germany?

The cheapest way to ship to Germany

  1. Light Packet offers the cheapest shipping to Germany and is ideal for sending small and light items (up to 4lbs) that don’t require a fast transit time.
  2. EU Parcel also offers cost-effective delivery to Germany, with a greater weight limit than the light packet service (up to 65lbs).

Do I have to pay customs for package from US to Germany?

When do I have to pay customs charges? How much are these fees? Almost all goods – excluding the obviously illegal – can be imported into Germany. Non-EU citizens arriving by sea or air may bring in a total of €430 worth of goods, excluding specific restrictions on alcohol and tobacco.

How can I send a courier to Germany?

Below is the Latest Courier Price List for Germany with Estimated Delivery Time. If you want to send International Courier to Germany, you should Book Online or call at +91-9718661166.

Best International Courier Service from India to germany.

Weight Estimate Time Courier to GERMANY Cost
.5 KG 5-6 Days Rs.2269
1 KG 5-6 Days Rs.2573
1.5 KG 5-6 Days Rs.2799
2 KG 5-6 Days Rs.3123

How do I figure out shipping costs?

How to Use the USPS Shipping Calculator

  1. Navigate to the USPS Postage Price Calculator page.
  2. Enter the details of your letter or package.
  3. Select the shipment type.
  4. Compare shipping options.
  5. Add Extra Services.
  6. Hit “Continue” for your result.
  7. Pay for shipping and print postage for your shipment.

What Cannot be shipped to Germany?

Here’s the APO’s list of prohibited items for shipment to Germany.

  • Animal products.
  • Perishable items.
  • Plant products.
  • Coffee, alcohol & tobacco products.
  • Kinder Surprise Eggs.
  • Nutritional supplements.
  • Prescription medication & recreational drugs.
  • Firearms.
  • Is FedEx cheaper than DHL?

    Shipping Rates: Although DHL and FedEx both charge higher rates for same-day delivery services, DHL rates are typically cheaper for domestic shipments, ultimately. When it comes to choosing between DHL international shipping rates and FedEx international shipping rates, DHL rates are also generally more affordable.

    How much are German customs fees?

    Things To Know When Shipping To Germany

    The import tax charged on a shipment will be 19% on the full value of your items.

    How does customs work in Germany?

    Customs Duties and Taxes on Imports

    Germany is party to the European Union’s Common Customs Tariff, therefore preferential rates apply to imports from countries which the EU has signed agreements with. Duties range from 0-17%, with the general tariff averaging 4.2%.

    How do I avoid custom charges?

    You can claim relief from duty on:

    1. your personal items when you move to the UK.
    2. your personal items when you visit the UK.
    3. wedding gifts.
    4. personal items you have inherited.
    5. your personal items, clothing and educational materials when you are studying in the UK.
    6. your trophies or awards.

    Can we send parcel through post office to Germany?

    International Air Parcel can be booked in all the Departmental Post offices across the country.

    ​ Compensation policy for International Air Parcel.

    S.No. 76
    Country/Territory Germany
    Tariff (in INR) First 250 gms 1300
    Additional 250 gms or P art 80

    Which courier is best for Germany?

    Top 5 delivery companies in Germany

  • Deutsche Post DHL.
  • Hermes.
  • DPD.
  • GLS.
  • UPS.
  • How long does it take to send a parcel to Germany?

    How Long Does it Take to Send Parcel to Germany? Parcel delivery to Germany can usually take anywhere from 1-4 working days, depending on the courier service you choose. However, please note that shipping to Germany is operating as usual, however, there may be delays due to Coronavirus.

    What are the shipping rates to Germany?

    Shipping Rates from Germany to the United States: Express. Avg price for door-to-door shipping for a load of 50 kg/0.2 cbm: $416. Shipping freight under 100 kg from Germany to the United States is cheaper– and faster– by express. Around the 100 kg mark, air freight becomes the cheaper option:

    What to pack for a trip to Germany?

    Germany Travel Packing List. As a summary, here is our ultimate travel packing list for Germany: Suitcase/travel backpack; 3-4 t-shirts; 2-3 blouses or shirts; 1 dress/elegant shirt; 1 cardigan/sweater; 1 lightweight jacket; 1 pair of dark wash jeans; 1 pair of trousers/capris; 1 pair of shorts; 1-2 skirts; 1 pair of long underwear/wool

    How to ship a package to Germany?

    Shipping high-value items through an air carrier is one of the most common mistakes that people make when shipping packages to Germany from the United States. If you’ve insured a package that’s valued over $500, the German customs agent will reject the package.

    Cheap International Shipping to Germany from USA

    Express shipping to Germany is available at the most competitive rates. We make international shipping considerably simpler by taking care of everything for you, from filling out the customs form to packing your product for worldwide shipping to Germany and beyond.

    Forward packages from the USA to Germany

    ShipW can handle everything from envelopes to parcels, cartons, freight, and other large packages and commodities. ShipW has more than 7,900 shipments to Germany under its belt after five years in business. 1

    Get your US address

    Create an account with us and we’ll provide you with a US mailing address right away. Your US mailing address may be found in your account dashboard.. 2

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    Estimate your shipping cost to Germany right now

    Why ShipW?

    You may choose from thousands of retailers in the United States and have everything shipped to your delivery location in the United States. All of your packages will be consolidated and forwarded to you straight from anywhere in Germany!

    Fast Shipping to Germany

    Send your items by DHL Express, FedEx, or the United States Postal Service. Depending on the carrier you pick, your packages will reach to you between 1 to 3 business days.

    Cheap Shipping to Germany

    Every day, the number of people who use our shipping services to Germany increases. As a result, our fares to Germany will always be among the most competitive available on the market.

    Shop in USA from Germany

    Have you ever had a strong desire for a product that was not accessible in your home country?Thousands of U.S.businesses are now available for online shopping, with items delivered to any location in Germany.Germany is famed for its undulating hills as well as for its incredible technological and scientific advancements.Germany, with its approximately 82 million residents, is the most populous country in the European Union and a fantastic market for you to develop into.Shipping to Germany has become more convenient as a result of our low-cost shipping tactics.

    • Shipping from the United States to Germany can be complicated.
    • You will be guided through every step of the process by our highly qualified personnel, who will assist you in developing the most effective shipping plan for your present position and budget requirements.

    How Much Does it Cost to Ship to Germany?

    The answer to that question is dependent on a number of factors, including what you are sending and how fast you need it delivered to Germany.Additionally, you will be required to pay an import tax.The amount of this tax you are charged varies based on what you are sending, how much it is worth, and whether or not you intend to resale the item you shipped.Example: If you sent all of your personal belongings, you would pay less in taxes than someone bringing in merchandise to be sold on the open market.Luxurious things may also be subject to an additional tax.If you want to prevent any delays, make sure that all of this information is properly specified on your customs invoice.

    • Customs delays are a fact of life in the international shipping industry, and sadly, there are many instances in which you have little influence over the outcome of the scenario.
    • Customs hold-ups can convert an overnight cargo into a package that arrives a week late.
    • The greatest method to prevent becoming stranded in a scenario like this is to always send your shipments ahead of time as much as possible.
    • You must allow for any customs delays, and you must ensure that the customs invoice is correctly filled out and submitted.
    • Customs will also check your box for any proof of the presence of illegal drugs or goods that are forbidden.
    • Always double-check the website of the German Customs Department to ensure that you are not infringing on any of their specific shipping restrictions.

    Shipping to Germany – The Best Courier to Germany

    Sending a parcel to Germany is straightforward if you know what you’re doing. Allow us to assist you in navigating the complexity of international shipping. How to utilize your prospects in order to obtain the most cost-effective shipping method accessible will be demonstrated.

    Register your free account and forward packages from the USA

    Over 3,500 customers in 200 countries use our services. You are in good hands.


    Shipping to Germany from the US l Get Lowest Rates l AEC Parcel

    • Please pick one of the suggested mailing addresses TO (Select destination country) Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Ukraine, Russian Federation, Belarus, Romania, Bulgaria, Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Croatia (Hrvatska), Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Spain, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Hungary, United Kingdom, Italy, Moldova, Republic of
    • Greece
    • Serbia
    • Montenegro
    • Moldova, Republic of

    Please pick a nation from the drop-down menu.Because of the awful events unfolding in Ukraine, AEC Parcel Service wishes to do all in its power to assist people who are suffering as a result of the war in the country.Currently, we are able to send goods into Germany or Ukraine from the United States and Canada.In order to send humanitarian supplies to Germany, Ukraine, and any other EU destination, we provide air and sea transportation services.Having the ability to transport, cross the border, pass customs, and distribute humanitarian supplies to any area in Germany or the western half of Ukraine.Our customs and distribution center is located in the Ukrainian city of Lviv.

    • We are able to put you in touch with a variety of humanitarian groups that we have personally verified and with whom we have direct contact.
    • We are now collaborating with the Red Cross through direct contact, as well as with the Ukrainian Red Cross, and the list of collaborators is expanding.
    • In order to contribute to the transportation of humanitarian supplies to Ukraine, we are providing discounts to customers who ship humanitarian supplies directly to Ukraine.
    • Currently, we have warehouses in the United States and Canada where we can aggregate and transport orders from the following locations: Chicago (Illinois) Miami-Dade County, Florida Los Angeles, CaliforniaNewark, New JerseySeattle, Washington Houston, Texas (TX) Toronto, Ontario, Canada If you require assistance in delivering goods or relief shipments to disaster-stricken areas in Europe or Ukraine, please contact our customer care team at +1 312 626 6661 or at and, for big shipments, please contact Tadas at 708-557-5537 or at

    Shipping to Germany from the USA & Canada

    Please choose a nation from the list provided.Because of the awful events unfolding in Ukraine, AEC Parcel Service wishes to do everything in its power to assist individuals who are suffering as a result of the war in the country of their birth.Export cargo from the United States and Canada can be delivered in Germany or Ukraine.In order to send humanitarian supplies to Germany, Ukraine, and any other EU country, we provide air and sea transportation services.Having the ability to transport, cross the border, pass customs, and distribute supplies to any area in Germany or the western section of Ukraine is a plus.Ukraine is home to our customs and distribution hub.

    • We are able to put you in touch with a variety of humanitarian groups that we have personally verified and with whom we have direct contact and collaboration agreements.
    • Our collaboration with the Red Cross includes direct interaction as well as the Ukrainian Red Cross.
    • The list of organizations with whom we are collaborating is expanding.
    • In order to contribute to the delivery of humanitarian aid to Ukraine, we are giving discounts to customers who ship humanitarian aid directly to the country from the United Kingdom.
    • Warehouses in the United States and Canada from which we may combine and ship orders are located at the locations listed below.
    • Chicago (Illinois), United States In the city of Miami, Florida, City of Los Angeles (CA); City of Newark (NJ); City of Seattle (WA); The city of Houston, Texas, is located in the United States.
    1. Canadian city of Toronto If you require assistance in delivering goods or humanitarian aid to impacted areas in Europe or Ukraine, please contact our customer care team at +1 312 626 6661 or at and, for big shipments, please contact Tadas at 708-557-5537 or at.
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    What else do you need to know when shipping to Germany.

    Do I need to deal with customs when shipping to Germany from the US?

    Despite the fact that your box will go through customs when you ship to Germany from the United States, you shouldn’t be concerned about any complications as long as you aren’t sending anything that is prohibited by law.

    How long will it take to ship a parcel from the US to Germany?

    Shipping services for packages sent from the United States to Germany often reach at their destination between 7 to 12 business days, depending on the service provider. The use of low-cost shipping may result in even longer transportation times overall.

    Can I get accurate parcel tracking information when shipping from the US to Germany?

    • When you use AEC Parcel Services, you will be notified as soon as your shipment to Germany is picked up from the drop-off point and the international process is initiated. You will also be notified once the package has been delivered to its intended location. There are a variety of factors that impact the cost of transporting goods to Germany from the United States. The cost of shipping is determined by a variety of factors, including package size, delivery time periods, and even the courier service you choose. Our smart rate calculator, on the other hand, will provide you with an instant estimate of a shipping cost that is within your budget. Sending internationally is a little more difficult than shipping domestically. Among the responsibilities are customs declaration and adherence to the unique shipping requirements of the destination country. Shipping from the United States to Germany becomes a hassle almost overnight. AEC Parcel Service, on the other hand, is not like that at all. Once you have decided to use us for international package delivery, you will no longer have to be concerned. The greatest of our professionals would be delighted to walk you through the process of sending parcels over the world. We make international shipping clear and reasonable for each and every client. In general, there are two factors that determine the success of a parcel delivery from one nation to another: the time it takes and the cost. It is the combination of the contents and the monetary worth of a packaged object. Each nation has its own set of laws and limits regarding the types of packages that are permitted to traverse borders. Every sender should familiarize himself or herself with these guidelines before organizing a shipment. But first and foremost, you must locate a dependable courier service that can satisfy your requirements. You can be confident that your cargo will arrive to its destination in Germany swiftly and smoothly when you use AEC Parcel Service. Shipping to Germany from the United States will be quick and straightforward if you use AEC Parcel Service. We provide a wide range of benefits and are here to assist you at every stage of the process. To make an order for package shipment to Germany, please visit our website. Follow this simple instructions to navigate our website: 1. Go to our rate calculator and enter your information. Make sure to key in your zip code, choose the nation to which you intend to send, and enter the weight and dimensions of your item in the appropriate fields. A drop-down menu will appear, displaying the names of the available agents as well as their anticipated delivery costs. There are some sites where you can obtain a free pickup option. 2. The following step is to determine which agent is the best appropriate for your needs. Then, on our drop-off locations list, look for the agent’s phone number to contact him or her. Make sure you get in touch with the agent and work out the specifics of the drop-off. 3. Deliver your package to the agent on the day and time that have been set. Your package will be weighed and measured by the agent in order to determine the shipping cost. You will be required to submit extra information by completing a customs declaration form while waiting for your shipment to arrive. 4. Once the payment has been received, the agent will provide you the receipt as well as a copy of the declaration documents. Don’t forget to utilize the tracking number supplied to keep track of your shipment as it travels through the mail system. When shipping to Germany from the United States, you must ensure that your package is correctly packed to avoid any difficulties. Make certain that the packaging is sturdy and that it is well packed. For external packing, choose a cardboard box with a rectangular shape. Also, make sure you have adequate cushioning materials for the inside packaging. You may use bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or whatever else you have on hand to protect your items (i.e. crumpled paper). If you’re sending a package to Germany, make sure you double-check that you’ve written down the proper postal address. It serves the same purpose as your parcel’s identification number. Furthermore, if you’re shipping fragile items, you can find additional helpful tips and tricks on how to pack them on our blog. Certain objects, including as weapons and explosives, cash, credit cards, and debit cards, tableware, and knives, will not be permitted for import into Germany. These include:
    • Smoking items such as cigarettes and other tobacco products
    • ivory and furs

    More information regarding German customs laws may be found online, as can a list of additional forbidden commodities that are not permitted to be shipped by the United States postal service. You can make the process of sending a package to Germany go considerably more smoothly and quickly if you follow all of the essential laws and regulations at every step of the journey.


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    • 14th of July, 2020 Other firms charge for pick-up service, however with AEC it is complimentary!
    1. Moreover, they bring packages right to your doorstep.
    2. Other businesses just leave their packages in the post.
    Drop off locations

    Shipping to Germany

    If you have a package to ship to Germany from the United States, Parcel Monkey will assist you in finding the most cost-effective shipping method to Germany in seconds.Use our shipping calculator to ship to cities such as Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne, and more, and we’ll find you discounted rates from multiple international shipping companies, allowing you to compare prices and book a fully tracked courier to Germany at a low cost.To learn more about shipping to Germany, click here.Get a free, no-obligation quotation.

    How much is shipping to Germany?

    The cost of shipping to Germany varies based on the size and weight of your shipment, as well as how fast you want it to be delivered.However, because of the large volume of goods we send to Europe, we are able to negotiate lower prices with leading international couriers such as DHL and USPS, resulting in our postage rates to Germany being among the most competitive in the industry.Request a free quotation right now.

    The cheapest way to ship to Germany

    Economy shipping services with longer transit times and package drop-off services, where you drop off your package at your local Post Office or FedEx drop-off shop, are two of the courier services that offer the best value for money when shipping to Germany.Economy shipping services with longer transit times and package drop-off services are among the courier services that offer the best value for money when shipping to Germany.Using Parcel Monkey, you may arrange economy and expedited delivery services, with the option of drop-off or courier collection services.Here are some samples of our inexpensive courier services from the United States to Germany:

    Economy shipping to Germany

    • Light Packet shipping to Germany is the most affordable option for mailing tiny and lightweight products (up to 4lbs) that do not require a quick delivery time. It will take 10-16 working days for a courier to collect your package from your home or place of work and deliver it to Germany. EU Parcel also provides cost-effective shipping to Germany, with a bigger weight restriction than the light packet service. Full tracking is available from the time of shipment until delivery (up to 65lbs). The delivery time to Germany is between 4 and 14 business days, including tracking.

    Express shipping to Germany

    • With a travel time of 1-2 business days, DHL Express is the most expedient method of shipping to Germany from the United States. This is a premium service that includes complete tracking from pickup to delivery, as well as a courier pickup from your home or place of business.
    • Shipping to Germany in 1-3 business days is possible with our own-brand International Priority Drop Off service, which is managed by FedEx. This service, which is fully monitored and available as a courier collection for a nominal additional fee, provides excellent value for rapid shipping to Germany from the United States. Request a quote

    USPS shipping to Germany

    If you’d like to ship a box to Germany via the United States Postal Service, you may book reduced USPS services using our shipping calculator.We provide three different shipping options for lightweight items (up to 2 pounds): USPS First Class Package International, USPS Priority Mail International, and USPS Priority Mail Express International.Simply print and attach your mailing labels at home, then drop your item off at your local Post Office to complete the process.Compared to the Post Office, our USPS rates to Germany are far less expensive, yet you’ll receive precisely the same quality of service, complete with full USPS tracking.Request a shipping estimate.

    German customs – shipping advice

    When you ship a box from the United States to Germany, you will be required to submit a customs declaration form detailing the contents of your shipment as well as the value of the things you are shipping to Germany.However, this will be taken care of during the Parcel Monkey booking process, and all you will need to do is print and attach the completed customs form to your parcel once it has been shipped.Due to the fact that German customs will inspect parcels to confirm that things have been reported correctly, please make certain that you offer an exact description and value for your purchases.For additional information on getting your cargo through customs without incident, please see our customs guide.

    Will I pay customs duty on packages to Germany from the USA? 

    Depending on the amount of the item you’re shipping, your box may be subject to customs duties, which will be payable by the receiver when the package arrives in Germany.Please make sure the recipient is aware of this before sending the product.Gifts delivered to Germany may be eligible for duty-free entry if the value of the gift is less than 45 Euros and certain other requirements are satisfied.Learn more about the tariffs and taxes that apply when shipping a gift to Germany.Calculate the cost of shipping

    Customs Information

    Whenever you ship something to Germany, you will be required to submit a customs declaration form.When your package arrives in Germany, it may be subject to customs and import duties and taxes.Please ensure that you provide the recipient’s contact information so that German Customs can contact them to collect payment.German Customs has further information about customs duties and exporting to Germany, and you can find it on their website.

    Prohibited items

    • Propaganda of a violent and/or aggressive character, whether in the form of printed material, cinema, audio, CD, DVD, or cassettes
    • Carcinogenic compounds of a certain kind
    • Particularly perishable food goods (if the cargo weighs at least 20kg)
    • Offense weapons, counterfeit coins and banknotes, counterfeit or pirated products, counterfeit or pirated goods displaying false origin declarations, counterfeit or pirated goods infringing on a copyright are all prohibited.
    • Merchandise that infringes on a trademark
    • Green and black teas from the People’s Republic of China
    • Material that is indecent or obscene
    • Seeds or beans originating in Egypt

    View our complete list of forbidden items..

    Frequently Asked Questions

    View our complete list of forbidden items..

    Do you offer door to door delivery?

    The Parcel Monkey marketplace makes use of a shipping calculator to determine the most cost-effective way to transport your things from point A to point B using a variety of different carriers.With full tracking available on practically all of our delivery services, you can keep track of your product from the minute it leaves your possession until it reaches its destination.We always recommend that you provide the contact information for the receiver so that the courier may contact them if there is a problem with the delivery.Some of our courier services are delivered to a local Post Office, where the receiver will be required to pick up the box, such as DHL eCommerce to some distant places, hence it is necessary to include a working contact number when submitting your order.Items transported through Parcel Monkey are also shipped DDU, therefore it is possible that Customs will need payment from the receiver prior to delivering the package to them.If you want assistance with the completion of any Customs Documents, we can provide it.

    • If you would like to learn more about what a courier is and how to select the most appropriate service for your shipment, we can assist you.

    Can I add protection cover to my order?

    When you place an order through the Parcel Monkey marketplace, you will have the option to add protection coverage to your item during the booking process.We guarantee that you will be compensated if your item is lost or damaged as long as it does not include any banned items, has been packaged properly, and you complete our Claims Procedure.Some of our services do not include any form of protection, while others do, and some even provide free protection up to a particular dollar amount.When you receive a shipping quote from our shipping calculator, you will be able to see this information.Please double-check that the item does not appear on the list of prohibited items, as doing so will render it void.Keep in mind that your shipment will be shipped by international carriers and will most likely be processed by a variety of customs and airport agencies.

    • Be careful to package the item securely so that it is properly secured and cannot move about in the box.
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    How long will it take for my package to be delivered?

    Take the time to assess how fast you need your product to arrive before deciding on a shipping method.The shipment destination and the courier service you select from the Parcel Monkey marketplace are the two most important things to consider when estimating transit timeframes.When you select a courier from our marketplace, we will provide an anticipated delivery time, which is supplied by the couriers themselves as they handle the goods in their possession or custody.You can see how long it will take for the package to arrive with the recipient, and we recommend that you share this tracking information with the recipient so that they are aware of when the package is expected to arrive.Always provide the recipient’s contact information when making a reservation in case the delivery courier wants to get in touch with them.If you’re wanting to save money, you may pick slower economic services such as DHL eCommerce, or you can choose a faster Express option that gets the box delivered more quickly, such as our 2-5 day International Drop Off service provided by FedEx, which is also available as a Pickup.

    Shipping from the USA to Germany: Procedure, Costs, and Customs

    Disclaimer: This post may include links to items and services offered by one or more of ExpatDen’s affiliates and sponsors.If you choose to click on those links, we may get a commission.Despite the fact that this may have an impact on how they appear in this post, we make every effort to ensure that our readers have access to the finest available products and services for their particular needs.Making the decision to relocate from the United States to Germany may be a thrilling journey.Whatever your reason for coming, whether it’s for work or simply to immerse yourself in the culture and language for a few years, you’re sure to have a great time.While traveling around your host nation and its surrounding region, you may find yourself unable to bear the thought of leaving specific belongings behind.

    • You don’t have to anymore, thanks to sophisticated transit networks.
    • Small-item shipping and bulk shipping are the two types of international shipping that are available from the United States to Germany.
    • Using bulk shipping will be necessary if you need to move two rooms’ worth of furniture and apparel across the world.
    • Small-item shipment refers to the transportation of an object that weighs less than 150 pounds.
    • Here are a few things to keep in mind while exporting personal belongings to Germany, as well as some practical suggestions to make the process go as smoothly as possible.

    Writing Germany Address

    The address for Germany is different from that of the United States.In order to properly format a home number, the street name must come first, followed by the postal code and the city.A typical address in Germany can be found here as an example.Name of the recipient, street address, and house number Germany’s postal code and city For example, if you wish to write a letter to your buddy, John Smith, who lives on Mittelweg street in Humburg, you would use the following syntax: His address is 177 Main Street.His mailing address will look something like this: John Smith is a fictional character created by author John Smith.HamburgGermany17720148 Mittelweg 17720148 HamburgGermany Please keep in mind that the street name is placed on the same line as the house number, and that the postal code and city are also included on the same line.

    Bulk Shipping to Germany

    There are two primary methods for transporting large quantities of personal possessions from the United States to Germany.You may employ an international moving company to pack up your belongings, transport them to their new location in Germany, and unpack the things once they have arrived.They will visit to your home to examine the amount of your belongings and provide you with an estimate for the all-inclusive service they will provide.Customs and dock agents will not require you to fill out any papers, thus you won’t have to.You will, however, be charged a hefty sum in exchange for this convenience.In order to send their commodities in bulk to Germany by sea, the majority of expats employ Less Than Container Load (LCL) freight forwarders.

    • Cargo containers of 20 or 40 feet in length are used by ocean-going freight forwarders.
    • Freight forwarders who specialize in LCL freight forwarding generate money by filling half-empty freight containers with home products like yours.
    • As a result, they are able to offer you reduced worldwide delivery.
    • This section of the book focuses on the considerations that you should keep in mind while transporting home items to Germany in bulk using LCL freight forwarding companies.

    Paperwork Needed

    The bill of lading is one of the most crucial papers that you’ll come across during your bulk shipping trip, and it should not be overlooked.In the case of a bill of lading, it is the document that confirms that you have entered into a contract with a shipping line for the transportation of your products to a German port.During the time that your consignment is in transit to a German port before being picked up, the bill of lading serves as the title to your products.Whenever you produce the bill of lading to the shipping company during cargo pick-up, the company will accept the document as confirmation that your products were delivered in accordance with the conditions of your contract.In fact, if you don’t have the bill of lading and aren’t designated as the consignee on the document, the carrier will refuse to deliver the shipment to you.Listed below are some of the items that you should expect to find on a bill of lading: BILL OF LADING NUMBER -Freight forwarder’s name -Consignor’s name -Cargo type -Name of shipping line Germany makes every effort to make it as simple as possible for foreigners to migrate to its borders.

    • You must, however, adhere to the procedure in order to avoid incurring hefty fines and penalties.
    • Germany’s government permits you to relocate your household items and automobile without having to pay any value-added tax (VAT) (VAT).
    • German Value Added Tax (VAT) is charged on items that are imported into the nation for the purpose of commercial trade.
    • Customs will require you to complete the 0350 Form in order to establish that your products are being brought into the nation as part of a transfer of residency.
    • Form 0350 allows you to list all of the home products that you intend to bring into the nation in an itemized fashion.
    • It is necessary to indicate that the products have been in your possession and have been used as household objects for at least six months previous to your relocation to Germany in order to complete the form.
    1. It will also be required of you that you would not sell your home belongings within a year of your relocation to Germany.
    2. In order to guarantee that the things you’re bringing into the nation are actually for non-commercial purposes, the government has implemented certain regulations.
    3. If you have products that have been in your possession for at least six months before arriving to Germany, you will most likely be required to give copies of your receipts as proof that you have held them for that period.
    4. If you are detected selling the products before a year has elapsed, you will be required to pay VAT and other import costs, as well as face the possibility of facing criminal prosecution.
    5. It is required that you file a Certificate of Registration with the local administration or police precinct in order to conduct business at German shipping port terminals.
    • This certificate informs the German government of your residence or physical address while you are in the country.
    • It must be finished within 14 days of moving into the new dwelling, and it is the responsibility of everyone in the household.


    Household possessions being misplaced, stolen, or destroyed during an overseas transfer is nothing new to anybody who has moved internationally.You may reduce the likelihood of any of these horror stories happening to you by preparing and packing your items appropriately.Advertisement Because LCL box shipments are so large, your personal belongings will have to share container space with other packaged commodities.Because you are sharing shipping container space, you must be extra cautious while marking your items and preserving them with adequate packaging.Always put your items in boxes that have been particularly built for export in shipping containers, rather than in bags, plastic totes, or luggage, to ensure that they arrive safely.Following the acquisition of a sufficient number of acceptable boxes for your shipment, you will need to produce labels for each box.

    • The names of the shipper, consignee, and freight forwarder should all be clearly shown on the label.
    • It should also include the name of the destination country and the booking reference number.
    • Each box should be labeled with a number.
    • Assuming you have 20 boxes to ship, the first box label should read ″box1 of 20,″ and the rest of the boxes should be labeled in a similar manner.
    • In the event that you have breakable products in your shipment, you’ll want to mark them as fragile.
    • Take the time to wrap fragile things in bubble wrap before placing them in boxes.
    1. This will provide an additional layer of protection.

    Costs, Taxes, and Fees

    LCL bulk shipping projects are calculated by shipping firms depending on the cubic meter volume of the cargo being sent.The smallest load rate is one cubic meter per minute.If the total volume of your home items in your shipping container is less than one cubic meter, you will not be eligible for a discount.You will be charged for each cubic meter of space that you occupy.You should be aware of the terms and conditions of any freight forwarding quote you get from a freight forwarding company.It is necessary to include expenditures connected with the following aspects of the shipping journey: the pick-up point; the point of origin; the major leg; and the point of destination.

    • As part of the shipping service, a freight forwarder will pick up your package and bring it to a container freight station in a timely manner.
    • If you transport your items to the station, some firms may reimburse you for the cost of the transportation.
    • If you were not planning on transporting the products to the station yourself, make certain that you see a pick-up cost included in your price.
    • Freight forwarders place your items into shipping containers that are half-empty when they arrive at the container freight terminal.
    • When moving big products about at the station or consolidating boxes within cargo containers, they frequently have to employ heavy machinery to do so.
    • The high charge that you’ll see is directly proportional to the amount of effort and equipment that is required to execute the task successfully.
    1. The longest and most difficult leg is the journey across the ocean.
    2. You’ll only be charged for the amount of space in your container.
    3. When your products reach in their final destination country, freight forwarders must unload containers in order to prepare boxes for pickup or delivery by the customer.
    4. This also necessitates the use of large machinery and extensive physical work.
    5. You may use this form to get shipping quotations from various shipping firms.
    • Even if you lose or damage most of your home things, it is possible to replace them; nevertheless, doing so might be expensive if you have a large number of high-end products.
    • A shipping container that has fallen overboard or your items that have been damaged within a shipping container can be covered by cargo insurance, allowing you to recover more quickly.
    • While the German government permits you to transport your automobile as part of a move into the nation, you will not be free from the country’s Vehicle Tax Act if you do so as part of the move.
    • A vehicle tax declaration must be completed and submitted to the customs office when picking up your merchandise.
    • You will be given a bill, and you will be required to pay it on the spot by the agent.
    • Once the tax bill has been paid in full, the agent will provide you a tax card as confirmation of your payment.

    Shipping Times to Germany From Popular Ports of Origin

    Shipping your household goods by water might take three or more weeks, depending on the distance traveled.You’ll need to furnish your freight forwarder with the location of your port of origin and destination in order to receive a more accurate estimate of shipping timings.Even though Germany has a plethora of ports along its seacoasts and rivers, the ports of Hamburg, Wilhelmshaven, and Bremen are the most often utilized for container freight shipment of commercial and residential items.The Port of Hamburg is the primary port for the importation of home goods from the United States into Germany..It is located in a vast river basin harbor on the Elbe River, and it is manned by a representative from the United States.Despite the fact that Hamburg is one of Germany’s main container terminal ports, the Port of Wilhelmshaven is the country’s only deep water port, according to official statistics.

    • It is located between the rivers Ems and Weser, and its facilities are well prepared to handle bulk cargo as well as containerized freight.
    • The Port of Bremen is a medium-sized port that is located near the mouth of the River Weser in Germany.
    • It has a representative from the United States on site.
    • Please see the table below for some samples of shipping times from key cities in the United States to prominent German ports.
    • Transit times are shortest in cities in the United States that are near to seaports.
    • Shipping to and from Hamburg Shipping to Wilhelmshaven is available.
    1. Shipping to Bremen is available.
    2. These shipping time predictions are based on an algorithm created by Sea Rates and are subject to change.
    3. Using the calculator tool, you may evaluate data from a range of open sources, shipping companies, and government organizations.
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    Common Mistakes

    Many people employ the services of a freight forwarding consultant to assist them in navigating the complicated world of international shipping. But there are a few blunders that nearly always trip up people who are unfamiliar with the process of exporting products from the United States to Germany. Here are a few examples of them.

    Confusing LCL and FCL Freight Forwarding Services

    Depending on your freight forwarder’s shipping services, you may be able to get LCL and full container load (FCL) prices.If you believe that your family has enough household items to fill a whole 20-foot container, you may make the mistake of selecting an FCL cargo rather than an LCL shipment while shipping your belongings.An LCL cargo will almost always be more cost-effective than a full container shipping.

    Trying to Ship Restricted Items

    1. Obviously, throwing food out is a bad idea, but when it comes to moving home items from the United States to Germany, it may be time to toss out those pre-packaged pantry staples.
    2. Items such as food, wine, and medications are listed on a list of restricted items that must be imported into Germany in accordance with particular restrictions in order to be sold.
    3. Getting caught shipping these products into Germany the incorrect manner might result in penalties, the destruction of your belongings, and criminal charges if you are detected by the authorities.

    Shipping Vehicles or Vehicle Parts That Contain Fuel

    1. It is not possible for LCL freight forwarders to send autos with your other home items.
    2. Once you’ve found a shipper for your vehicle, you’ll need to be certain that all of the fuel, oil, and other fluids have been removed from the vehicle before it is transported.
    3. The transportation of automobile components, including as motors and transmissions, from the United States to Germany for personal use is not prohibited by any laws.
    4. LCL shippers can carry automobile parts from the United States to Germany without violating any laws.
    5. If you want to go this way, keep in mind that you will need to drain any liquids from the auto parts before shipping them.

    It is still possible that you will be asked to identify the things as dangerous.

    Palletizing Without a Fumigation Certificate

    1. You may be able to save money by arranging your home belongings in the shipping container yourself, if your freight forwarder permits it.
    2. When you utilize your own pallets, you’ll want to be sure that they’ve been treated for pests before using them in your project.
    3. The pest control treatment must be completed before you can receive a fumigation certificate to verify that they are no longer a threat.

    Small-Item Shipping to Germany

    It happens to the best of us: we’re getting set to relocate to Germany and we forget to include a vital item in our bulk-item shipment. The procedures and documentation necessary for small-item shipment are distinct from those required for LCL (less than container load) shipping.

    Paperwork Needed

    1. It is possible to ship small items from the United States to Germany via sea or air transport.
    2. They are most frequently carried by air, as it is significantly faster than a sea cruise in terms of speed.
    3. When sending a shipment from the United States to Germany, you will be required to complete customs papers in Germany.
    4. Your contact information is contained within a customs declaration form.
    5. This serves to identify you as the sender of the package.

    The paperwork also includes the recipient’s name, address, and phone number, in addition to the parcel’s tracking number.On the customs form, you’ll need to include a list of the items that are included in the box.If you’re sending the box as a present to someone, mark the package with the words ″private geschenksendung″ on the outside.The customs official will treat it as though it were a present for someone special.When you ship the box, make sure that the customs declaration form is attached to the outside of the package so that it is visible to customs officials during the shipping process.

    1. The PS Form 2976-E Customs Declaration Envelope will be used to transport and preserve your customs declaration form if you are sending your package through the United States Postal Service.

    Costs, Taxes, and Fees

    1. Shipping prices for large packages are calculated on the basis of volume; shipping costs for smaller packages are calculated on the basis of weight.
    2. Air carriers distinguish their services by offering cheaper charges for shipments that must be delivered within 10 days or more after the time of purchase.
    3. If you require your shipment to arrive at its German destination earlier than expected, you will be charged a surcharge.
    4. Other factors that influence the cost of sending personal belongings to Germany are the dimensional weight of the shipment and the amount of fuel used.
    5. The dimensional weight of a parcel is computed by dividing the cubic size of the parcel in centimeters by 5,000.

    Customer billing is done by billable weight, which is established by comparing the true weight of a parcel with its dimensional weight in certain cases, and by dimensional weight in others.The billable weight is the one that is the bigger of the two.You may also be subject to a fuel fee, which varies according on your carrier.


    Shipping packages from the United States to Germany is made simple by a plethora of firms available online. Many of companies provide shipping services that are really door-to-door, allowing you to trace your shipment at every stage of its trip. Here is a list of the best small-item package shipping firms that ship from anywhere in the United States to anyplace in Germany.

    Common Mistakes

    1. A typical error individuals make when sending products from the United States to Germany is delivering high-value items using an air carrier.
    2. This is one of the most common blunders people make when shipping things to Germany from the United States.
    3. If you have insured a box with a value greater than $500, the German customs official will refuse to accept the shipment.
    4. Advertisement When it comes to sending small-item packages to Germany, attempting to export forbidden products continues to be a problem.
    5. It is not uncommon for people to make the mistake of attempting to import forbidden materials via German customs, such as seeds, guns, and ammunition.

    Now, on to You

    1. The burden of relocating one’s personal things from one continent to another might suffocate the exhilaration that comes with discovering a new culture.
    2. Making a plan ahead of time will help to reduce your nervousness and free up time in your calendar to arrange a few enjoyable things to do during your first few weeks in the city.
    3. It all starts with selecting the most appropriate shipping business.
    4. Look for a company that has a positive reputation among other expats in your new neighborhood.

    The Cheapest Way to Send a Parcel to Germany

    • Important Points: When sending a 5-pound box from the United States to Germany, DHL Express Worldwide is one of the fastest shipping options available, and it typically takes 1-4 days to get your product delivered
    • When sending the same 5-pound box from the United States to Germany through economy shipping services, it can take up to 16 days
    • FedEx, USPS, UPS, DHL, and other major carriers can transport your goods to Germany.
    1. In addition to being Europe’s largest economy, Germany is a significant market for ecommerce.
    2. According to a RetailX research, 85 percent of the country’s population of 81.1 million people reported doing their shopping online in the year 2020.
    3. That’s definitely nothing to scoff at — and it provides online retailers a very strong incentive to find out the fastest and most cost-effective way to send their products to the country of their choice.
    4. The length of time it takes to ship to Germany from the United States and Europe, which courier is the most cost-effective, DHL expert tips, and how current events such as COVID are effecting shipping are all covered in this article.
    5. In addition, we’ll discuss how providing your clients with a multi-carrier shipping option might help them save money when shipping to Germany via your company.

    Table of Contents

    1. 01 Shipping to Germany: The Fundamentals 02 How long does it take to ship to Germany from the United States?
    2. The Cost of Shipping to Germany, Part 3: How Much Does It Cost?
    3. 04 Do FedEx, UPS, or the United States Postal Service ship to Germany?
    4. 05 What is the most cost-effective shipping method from the United States to Germany?
    5. 06 What is the most cost-effective shipping option from the United Kingdom to Germany?

    Shipping Tips and Mistakes to Avoid in Germany on July 12th 08 Easyship demonstrates how to send a package to Germany.

    Shipping to Germany: Basics

    1. Shipping items across borders may be difficult at times, and Germany is no exception in this regard.
    2. However, this does not have to be the case!
    3. It’s possible to locate the cheapest way to mail products to Germany and negotiate the costs and complexities of international shipping when catering to consumers in that country with a little forethought and preparation.
    4. Here, we’ll go through the most crucial facts you should know about the subject.

    How Long Does Shipping to Germany take?

    1. When determining the most cost-effective method of delivering a cargo from the United States to Germany or from inside Europe, the first thing you must consider is the delivery time frame.
    2. In order for your product to reach in a timely manner, the transit time must be calculated.
    3. This has everything to do with the shipping service you pick and the courier service you choose.
    4. Expedited shipping services to Germany – or any other nation – are generally more expedient than economy shipping services in most cases.
    5. For example, when delivering a 5lb box from the United States to Germany, DHL Express Worldwide is one of the quickest shipping options available.

    It will take between 1-4 days for your package to be delivered.When sending the identical goods using budget shipping services, however, the delivery time might be as long as 16 days.For example, when delivering a box from the United States to Germany, APC ePMI drop-off is among the most affordable shipping options.However, it will take around 10-15 working days for your product to be delivered.As a result, shipping times to Germany will vary based on the courier provider you employ and the service choice you select.

    How Much Does It Cost to Ship to Germany?

    • Choosing the most cost-effective method of shipping a product to Germany is not as simple as checking a few boxes and being done with it. When evaluating the cost of shipping a package from the United States or the United Kingdom to Germany, a number of factors must be considered. They are as follows: Box weight: The greater the weight of your package, the more money you will have to spend to get it transported to its final location. Because of the weight difference between a flatscreen TV and an iPhone, you will pay more when shipping a flatscreen TV from the United States to Germany than when shipping an iPhone from the United States to Germany.
    • Dimensions of the package: When establishing the delivery cost of your shipment, the dimensional weight of your product is also taken into consideration. Packages with atypical forms or dimensions are subject to higher fees than packages with standard shapes and dimensions. You may avoid dimensional costs by making your shipment as little as feasible in terms of dimensions.
    • Delivery time: Expedited delivery is more expensive than economy shipping because of the higher shipping rates. This means that you or your customer will have to specify how quickly you want the delivery delivered to your location. If your consumers are prepared to wait for extended periods of time, you may ship to Germany using the most cost-effective method possible. If this is the case, you may be forced to employ expedited services, which would incur additional costs.

    Things to Consider

    • Other than shipping time and cost, there are a few other factors to consider in your search for the most cost-effective method of delivering your items to Germany. Here’s a brief review of the most significant of them all. Customs: When shipping from the United States to Germany, you should be aware that you will be required to submit a customs declaration form outlining the contents of your shipment in detail. Easyship can guide you through the customs declaration procedure by providing you with automatically created customs forms.
    • Items that are restricted or forbidden include: Items that are restricted or forbidden in Germany will be listed in the same way as they are in any other nation, including the United States. To avoid violating the country’s protocols and getting yourself into difficulty with the German authorities, you must be informed of the rules and regulations.
    • Items that are fragile: If you are mailing fragile items to Germany, you must notify your courier by affixing a warning sign to ensure that your items are handled with the utmost care. This may result in more expenses, but it is preferable than having your things damaged, causing your customers frustration, and incurring the expense of having to replace them altogether.

    Does FedEx, UPS, or USPS Ship to Germany?

    • Yes! All of the main courier companies offer speedy and cost-effective shipping services from the United States to Germany. So, whether you are searching for speedy shipping services or the most cost-effective way to transport a package from the United States to Germany, you will be able to discover a service that meets your shipping demands with each of these couriers without breaking the budget. The following are the many services that each of them provides from the United States to Germany: USPS Priority Mail International: It is possible that your product may be delivered within 8-15 days if you use this service.
    • Priority Mail Express International: It is possible that your shipment will not be delivered for 4 days or more if you choose this service.
    • The UPS Expedited service guarantees that packages will be delivered within four days after the shipment’s booking.
    • UPS Saver: Your packages will arrive within two days after scheduling the shipping if you use this service.
    • Upon booking a shipping with UPS Express, packages are delivered within 2 days after the booking.
    • UPS Worldwide Express Plus: Your packages will arrive within 2 days after placing your order for the shipment through UPS.
    • FedEx International Economy: It is possible that your shipment will not be delivered for up to 6 days if you choose this service.
    • If you choose FedEx International Priority, your packages will be delivered within 2 days
    • if you choose FedEx International First, your

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