How To Stop Package Theft?

Here’s how to prevent package theft: Have packages delivered to your work. Delivering packages to a job increases visibility and reduces the chances that your packages might be swiped unexpectedly. Schedule deliveries for times you will be home. This keeps packages from sitting unattended for long periods of time. Buddy up with a neighbor.
Not on my porch: How to avoid package theft

  1. Ship it to work. Keep your package off the porch in the first place.
  2. Enlist a neighbor’s help.
  3. Require a signature.
  4. Be proactive.
  5. Take advantage of alternative delivery options and alerts.
  6. Get technical.
  7. Keep your porch clear and visible.
  8. Ask for your box to be nondescript.

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How can I Stop my package from being stolen?

It’s so frustrating. One of the best ways to stop package theft in the first place, is to have your package delivered to your office or friends’ houses that you trust, leaving no opportunities for the porch pirates. 4. Get Amazon Key for Your Package Delivery

How to avoid package theft when going away for holiday?

Finally going away for holiday, you can place a hold on your package to prevent package theft. Many delivery companies such as USPS and FedEx offer a free service to uphold your package at their terminals or delivery centers for a period of time.

How can I prevent package theft and reduce crime?

If you want to learn how to prevent package theft and reduce crime in your community, it may be a good idea for your community to invest in a parcel delivery system such as smart parcel lockers.

What happens if you get caught stealing a package?

Because package thieves will be charged with theft, property crime or other offenses once caught, for example, If a porch poacher steals USPS package, he or she is subject to serious criminal consequences including federal prison time and fines. 3. Have Packages Delivered to Your Workplace/Office

Can the landlord do anything to help prevent package theft?

Use the petition to put the landlord on notice about security breaches and the safety hazard the thefts expose. A tenant who encounters someone stealing packages could be harmed — and the letter should point out this risk.

How to prevent ‘porch pirates’ from stealing your packages?

  • Get a P.O. Box at Your Local Post Office.
  • Use Lockers. You’re not the only one who has been thinking about how to keep your packages safe.
  • Set Up Notifications to Track Your Package.
  • Install a Security Camera.
  • Get Your Packages Delivered to Your Office.
  • Require a Signature on Delivery.
  • Reschedule Delivery or Ask for a Package Hold When on Vacation.
  • How to deter package thieves?

  • Tell package thieves to buzz off using the two-way audio in Cove’s video doorbell camera.
  • Know when someone approaches your porch with a motion sensor that alerts you to sneaky package poachers
  • Catch porch pirates in the act with alerts from a Cove outdoor security camera.
  • How to Prevent Package Theft

    • Packages were stolen from the homes of 36 percent of individuals in the United States in 2020, contributing to the rising number of package theft statistics worldwide as a result of the growth in online shopping in recent years.
    • While someone may look to be a pleasant neighbor strolling down the walkway, before you know it, they’ve made their way up to your front door and vanished with the gift.
    • Not only is this frustrating, but you’ve also lost a product that you’ve been looking forward to, as well as the money that you paid on it.
    • After hearing so many tales of package theft in the news, you may be wondering how you can avoid having your shipment stolen from your home.

    Package Theft: How Common Is It?

    • Package theft has increased in recent years, despite the fact that it was previously considered to be a minor problem.
    • Every every day, more than 1.7 million parcels are stolen from people’s front doorsteps, according to the Postal Service.
    • Those who have purchased a stolen product have suffered a total loss of $1.25 million as a result of this theft.
    • Having our items delivered to our front doors is something that many of us take for granted, but with an increase in the frequency of package thefts, we must take steps to prevent package theft from taking place.
    • You may prevent yourself from being a victim of package thieves by following these helpful hints and suggestions.

    Opt For Pick-Up Instead of Drop-Off

    • You should expect the postal service to drop a package at your front door unless you specifically request differently when you place an order and wait for it to come.
    • If you want to avoid being the victim of a porch pirate, one of the first things you should do is have your parcels held at the Post Office or an Amazon Locker.
    • Once the parcel has been delivered, you will receive an email or text message telling you that it is ready for pick up at the post office.
    • This is a more secure method of ensuring the safety of your delivery since once you get at the post office, you will be required to provide identification before the parcel can be handed over to them.
    • You may also inquire at your local post office about the P.O.
    1. box services that they provide to residents of the region.
    2. All of your mail will be delivered to this post office box, and you can be certain that it will be kept safe and secure until you are able to pick up your things yourself.

    Install Security Cameras

    • You’ve probably seen recordings of individuals doing amusing things when they’re unaware that they’re being recorded.
    • This has been the case with motion actuated doorbell cameras in recent years, as well.
    • While these recordings are amusing to watch in retrospect, a security camera may also capture a delivery person approaching the front door or someone attempting to steal your products.
    • Individuals who are aware that they are being watched by a camera are less likely to steal your shipment.
    • If, on the other hand, your package is stolen, you will still have photographic proof to submit to police officials in order to assist them in tracking down the individual who is guilty.
    1. In the meanwhile, you may utilize a variety of security systems to keep your belongings safe until you are able to remove them from your front porch.

    Sign Up for Delivery Updates

    • There’s nothing more thrilling than arriving home and discovering the gift you’ve been anticipating waiting for you just outside your door.
    • However, there are occasions when you get home and expect your box to be waiting for you, but it isn’t there at all.
    • Using SMS and email notifications after you’ve purchased your products is another strategy to keep your packages from being stolen from your doorstep.
    • Depending on whatever delivery service you choose, you will be presented with a variety of notifications that you may choose from, including: Change in delivery schedule
    • Current status
    • Item delivered
    • Delay

    Having these notifications will allow you to know when your item has been delivered to your house, eliminating the need to estimate when your delivery will arrive. Package theft may have taken place if you receive a delivery notification but are unable to locate the item when you arrive at your destination.

    Select Additional Safety Features

    • Some delivery services provide you with the option of include additional features in all of your deliveries.
    • Consider the following scenario: you want a parcel delivered to your home, but you want someone to sign for it.
    • If there is no one there to sign for the box, it will be returned to the post office, and an attempt will be made to deliver it the following day if necessary.
    • This guarantees that the item may be picked up by someone at your residence and that it is not left unattended for an extended length of time.

    Package Guards

    • Using package guards to prevent someone from stealing anything that does not belong to them is a novel technique to curb theft.
    • The guard is a technologically advanced equipment that is installed on your front porch.
    • When your package delivery come, you will receive an email notification to let you know it has arrived.
    • A second message will be sent to you when someone picks up the box from the porch, and if the guard is removed without first entering the required disarming code, the system will begin to sound a loud alarm to alert you.
    • What we believe is that a loud screaming siren will prevent thieves from continuing to steal your shipments is something we can’t put our finger on.

    Connect With Your Neighbors

    • In the event that you are going to be away for a prolonged amount of time or will be at work for a longer period of time than you thought, we propose that you chat with your neighbors about picking up your items from your house.
    • If your neighbor is agreeable, they might store the box at their residence until you arrive to pick it up.
    • One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is to notify your neighbor that the shipment has been delivered securely.
    • They will not have to spend the entire day hunting for a box in this manner.

    Pay for Insurance

    • If you’re ordering a large number of things or valuable items, you may want to consider paying the extra money for package insurance, if the firm provides it at no additional cost.
    • Item insurance provides protection for you and your purchase in the event that your package is lost, damaged, or stolen while in route.
    • We recommend that you go to the website of the company that will be delivering your package and go through the insurance coverage that they provide before making your decision.
    • If a shipment is stolen or becomes lost in route, you have a limited period of time to notify it and have the delivery company retrieve your item from the wrongdoer.
    • Even though you’ve done everything you can to keep a porch pirate at bay, there are times when they manage to steal your gift despite your efforts.

    What Should You Do?

    • Several steps you may take to ensure that your package is not stolen from your porch will help to prevent it from occurring again and will assist you in obtaining your box.
    • The very first thing you should do is call the appropriate authorities and inform them of what has occurred.
    • As previously indicated, if you have video evidence of the individual in question taking your package, you should also supply them with that evidence.
    • It will assist them in putting a face to the individual who they are looking for in their investigation.
    • Next, you must contact the individual who sold you the stolen property.
    1. Most vendors are understanding of the fact that things happen and will work with consumers by offering a modest refund or resending the item if the item is defective.
    2. Finally, you should register a claim with the delivery service that brought your products to your door.
    3. Make careful to read the fine print before submitting your claim because certain services may need you to wait up to 48 hours before submitting your claim, so be sure to do your research first.

    When you do this, you give the delivery enough time to arrive if the system was updated prematurely or there was a delay that you were not informed of.Following the filing of the claim, the delivery service will launch an inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the incident.However, it is wise to be prepared since an investigation does not necessarily imply that they will be able to retrieve the missing parcel or that they will discover who has taken it away from you.This is why you must take the suggestions we’ve offered above carefully in order to better protect yourself against package thefts.

    How to Prevent Package Theft?

    • Package theft is on the rise, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit back and hope you don’t become a victim.
    • Numerous measures may be taken to assist preserve all goods that are delivered to your home, especially during the Christmas season.
    • Here are a few suggestions.
    • For example, you may sign up for delivery notifications, which will tell you of the current status of your product as well as when it will be delivered.
    • Additionally, installing a security system will allow you to capture criminals in the act if they are caught.
    1. ADT is one of the most well-known and respected security companies in the world.
    2. Please get in touch with us for a free quote.
    3. We have home security systems, doorbell cameras, and outdoor security cameras that can assist you in protecting yourself against parcel theft right now!

    8 Effective Ways to Prevent Packages from Being Stolen during Holiday

    • Are you fed up with your UPS shipments being stolen from your front door or porch on a consistent basis?
    • Or are you fed up with the time-consuming and inconvenient process of locating a misplaced FedEx package?
    • If you’re fed up with dealing with repetitive and futile USPS delivery complaints, you’re not alone.
    • You are not alone in your feelings.
    • According to a news article from USA TODAY, over one-third of Americans (which is astounding) were victims of package theft in 2017.
    1. Furthermore, Amazon parcel theft is a widespread problem, particularly during the Christmas season.
    2. How can you keep your Amazon, UPS, FedEx, USPS, or eBay parcels from being taken from your front door and how can you prevent package theft from occurring?
    3. As a result, here are some INCREDIBLE package theft solutions to help you keep your packages safe and secure from being stolen from your front door or porch, especially after Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

    Prepare, set, and save!A large selection means a large SAVING.Get your hands on Reolink security cameras and systems as soon as possible before the greatest deals are gone!

    Alarming Package Theft Facts You Should Know

    • Listed below are some of the frightening parcel theft facts and statistics you should be aware of in order to avoid becoming the next victim of package theft before we get into the specifics of how to prevent package theft. According to a poll, over 26 million Americans had their holiday parcels stolen from their front porch or doorstep in 2017.
    • During the day, when most people are at work or school, the majority of Amazon package thefts occur
    • the top ten cities in the United States with the highest number of Amazon package thefts are San Francisco, Seattle, Minneapolis, Boston, Portland, Washington, Oakland, Baltimore, Atlanta and Sacramento.
    • For each stolen shipment, parcel theft victims had to spend around $200 to replace it.

    How to Prevent Package Theft: Top 8 Tested Ways

    If your shipments are often being stolen or misplaced, it is past time for you to take action to prevent parcel theft. Here are the top 8 methods that have been demonstrated to be effective by homeowners to ensure package delivery.

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    1. Use Smart Package Lockers or Convenience Store

    • Using Amazon Locker can help you avoid having your Amazon box stolen from your front doorstep.
    • Amazon Locker is a service that allows you to pick up your delivery at specified places around the country by providing you with a unique code that you may enter into the machine to receive your box.
    • (See how to locate an Amazon Locker in your area.) When it comes to storing your Amazon parcel, Amazon locker will be the most secure and easiest option available.
    • If your neighborhood does not have an Amazon Locker and you are a frequent online shopper, you can utilize The UPS Store to ship your packages.
    • Alternatively, you may check the availability of lockers in nearby convenience stores, Kiosks, or purchase your own digital locker such as BoxLock to avoid package theft, or share a locker with your neighbors or friends to save money on shipping costs.

    2. Install Security Cameras to Prevent Package Theft

    • Security cameras aimed towards your front entrance, hallway, or driveway are preferable than having none at all, according to experts.
    • The presence of a security camera, particularly a conspicuous HD security camera such as the RLC-410 bullet security camera on the front door, will act as a significant deterrent to thieves and will aid in the prevention of parcel theft.
    • The video below shows a parcel theft that was caught on the RLC-410.
    • The package thief was apprehended rather quickly as a result of the surveillance video evidence.
    • With the Reolink RLC-410PoE Bullet IP Security Camera with Audio, you can keep track of everything.
    1. Mobile Remote Access & Control, 5MP/4MP Super HD, Outdoor/Indoor Protection, 100ft Infrared Night Vision, Audio Recording, Outdoor/Indoor Protection Purchase security cameras with a resolution of at least 1440p.
    2. When package theft occurs, optical zoom and high-resolution surveillance cameras, such as the Reolink RLC-511 5MP Super HD front door security camera, can provide a certain identification of the perpetrator.
    3. You might wonder what would happen if some robbers took the abandoned parcels while the surveillance camera was still recording.

    So, what can we do to prevent them from taking your parcel?Investing in a front door security camera with a built-in siren, high-definition resolution, and motion sensor, such as the Reolink Argus 2 wire-free security camera, is an excellent choice for securing package delivery.Transcription of a video: Motion-activated security camera Argus 2 will record and deliver quick push alerts to your phone whenever the postman approaches your front door.So that you may be notified when your items come and also instruct the delivery guy to leave your package in an unnoticed location, the two-way audio feature is included.A wire-free starlight camera from Reolink, the Argus 2100 is rechargeable battery and solar powered, and it provides outdoor and indoor protection in 1080 full HD with starlight night vision, two-way audio, and live viewing from any location at all time.Front door security cameras allow you to monitor your front porch from a distance when you are unable to fetch your item, when it is being rerouted, when it is being rescheduled, or when it is required signature delivery without the presence of notifications or a trusted neighbor.

    It also serves as an excellent deterrence against parcel theft.Once apprehended, package thieves will be prosecuted with theft, property crime, or other crimes.For example, if a porch poacher takes a United States Postal Service package, he or she would face substantial criminal repercussions, including federal jail time and fines.

    3. Have Packages Delivered to Your Workplace/Office

    1. A number of people have expressed concern about package thieves or bad neighbors sneaking around the neighborhood and looting drop-off deliveries, irresponsible mailman or carriers leaving packages on the front door without even knocking or ringing the door, pre-signing packages without receiving your permission, or delaying home delivery by sending notifications too early.
    2. It’s quite annoying.
    3. It is one of the most effective strategies to prevent package theft from occurring in the first place to have your delivery delivered to your place of business or to trusted friends’ homes, so eliminating any opportunity for porch pirates.

    4. Get Amazon Key for Your Package Delivery

    1. For package delivery security, you may consider using Amazon Key, which is a smart lock and security camera that allows delivery providers to store products just inside your front door, rather than outside it.
    2. Of course, if you are OK with the idea of allowing strangers inside your home.
    3. Another option is to have the product delivered into your car, which is known as in-car delivery, and to do so using Amazon Key to avoid package theft.

    5. Require Signature on Delivery to Stop Package Theft

    1. Numerous customers express dissatisfaction with the delivery guy for signing prohibited shipments and leaving them wide open on the porch or doorstep, making them appealing targets for package snatchers.
    2. Request signature delivery to protect your product from being taken from the front porch, side door, rear porch, or garage area of your residence.
    3. If your shipment is delivered by UPS, DHL, or FedEx, contact the sender and request a signature on the delivery confirmation form.

    Couriers shall adhere to the signature-required delivery policy to the letter.What if I told you something you already knew?Due to delivery firms’ failure to adhere to the procedure, if a package that requires your signature is left unattended or even worse, is lost, they may be subject to legal action, and you may be entitled to a full refund or replacement.

    6. Reroute or Reschedule Delivery to Prevent Package Theft

    1. It is possible to track shipping information on a package tracking app or purchase information in advance if you are unsure whether or not you will be home from vacation when the delivery truck comes up to your front door to accept your box when it arrives.
    2. Make a phone call to the delivery person, or ask your neighbors or friends to assist you in receiving the box, to avoid it from being stolen.
    3. In exchange for a charge, both UPS and FedEx have web applications that allow you to redirect packages to a different location and reschedule package deliveries at your leisure.

    Examples include FedEx’s Delivery Manager and UPS My Choice premium membership, which costs $40 per year.If you are utilizing a different delivery provider, you will be able to get online package tracking information as well.It is reassuring to be able to notify the driver in advance of when your shipment is expected to arrive.

    7. Require Vacation Package Hold to Secure Package Delivery

    1. Finally, if you’re heading away for the holidays, you may put a hold on your shipment to protect it from being stolen.
    2. The United States Postal Service and FedEx, among others, provide a free service to store your item at their terminals or delivery facilities for a specified amount of time if you request it.
    3. Click here to view free FedEx delivery alternatives online, and here to use the free USPS mail holding service to ask for a package holiday hold online without having to worry about a missing parcel or a box being stolen off the doorstep When packages are rescheduled or delivered to a UPS retail site through UPS My Choice, UPS will charge a $5 fee for each delivery.

    8. Insure Your Upcoming Packages

    1. I’m sure you don’t want to go through all of the hassle of trying to track down your misplaced parcel after a wonderful vacation.
    2. Consequently, insuring your valuable holiday cargo, such as a Halloween costume, Thanksgiving gifts, or Christmas goods, in the first place will ensure that you are reimbursed if, for some reason, your delivery is stolen or lost before you get a chance to receive it.
    3. You may also learn more about what to do if your shipment is stolen by visiting this page.

    Your Ideas Are Wanted

    Do you ever become a victim of Amazon package theft? If so, what happened? What are some of the effective methods you employ to keep packages from being stolen? Please share your views and ideas with us in the comments section below; we look forward to hearing from you.

    How to Prevent Package Theft

    1. Multifamily Time: 8 Min.
    2. Read Written by: Parcel Pending (not verified).
    3. Do you know what’s the scariest part?

    The fact that about 23 million Americans have had at least one parcel stolen from their front porches or mailboxes1 is a source of concern.If you turn on your local news channel, you’ll almost certainly see video evidence of what are known as ″porch pirates,″ or package thieves, who are taking goods from people’s doorsteps all across the country.Considering that 77 percent of consumers increasingly prefer to have their online purchases delivered to their homes2, and that 2013 is on track to be a record year for online Christmas shopping3, the package theft problem isn’t going away anytime soon, according to the National Retail Federation.porch theft is a widespread crime since porch pirates do not need to be very skilled because most packages are placed on a resident’s porch in plain sight, making it a relatively easy crime to do.The use of a parcel delivery system such as smart parcel lockers may be a good option if you want to understand how to dissuade package thieves, prevent package theft, and minimize crime in your neighborhood.Continue reading to learn about some crucial package theft statistics, as well as package theft prevention tactics, as well as the advantages of employing a smart parcel locker to successfully prevent package theft by a porch pirate in your neighborhood.

    Package Theft Statistics

    Here are the top five terrifying facts regarding package mail theft, as well as information on how to avoid it:

    1. It happens more frequently than you may expect. A significant problem exists in the United States
    2. from March to July 2020, one in every five Americans claimed a package had been taken from their porch. Package theft happens most frequently in apartment buildings and communities, accounting for 40% of all reported incidents. Porch piracy causes an average loss of $106 to a package theft victim, with 30 percent of those who suffer a loss saying that they did not get any financial recompense for their loss. And, sadly, less than half of all Americans report that their thief was apprehended by the authorities. 4
    3. Consumers will go to considerable efforts to guarantee that their items are delivered safely to their destinations. According to a Shorr Packaging Corp. poll conducted in 2017, 53 percent of respondents stated they modified their plans so that they could be home to accept a box from a delivery person, even though the delivery instructions did not specify that a signature be obtained upon delivery. Additionally, according to the poll results, 20 percent of consumers will leave work early if they anticipate receiving a delivery5. In certain circumstances, enlisting the assistance of a trusted neighbor might be beneficial since they are able to check for and receive deliveries on your behalf. The availability of this delivery option, however, is not universally available to all communities or consumers
    4. some individuals avoid online purchasing completely due to concerns about package theft. According to the results of the poll conducted by Shorr Packaging, 41 percent of respondents said they had delayed making some purchases from online shops because they were concerned about porch pirating or package theft. BOPIS (Buy Online, Pickup in Store) is becoming a more popular method of avoiding the worry of porch pirates completely. It provides consumers with the ease of online purchasing while also allowing them to pick up their shipments at their leisure – frequently from an in-store locker, such as an Amazon lock for an Amazon delivery – on their own schedules
    5. Package theft reaches an all-time high over the holiday season. Nothing can be said about how many more deliveries there are during the holiday season, and how much more package theft there is throughout the holiday season. During the Christmas season, apartment buildings may receive as many as 486 package delivery each week6, according to the National Apartment Association. Due to the fact that the number of packages received by property managers regularly increases from 150 to 270 parcels per week during the holidays – an 81 percent increase even during ″normal″ times7 – it is crucial for property managers to be aware of this. Furthermore, increased package delivery are generally accompanied by increased package theft
    6. neighborhood watch programs and home security cameras are not effective deterrents. The sad fact is that having a neighborhood watch, a home security camera on your front porch, or a home security system will not prevent suspicious activity or Christmas package theft. When footage of suspicious activity is handed over to law enforcement, a video doorbell camera, a home security camera, or a home security system can serve as a partial deterrent for porch pirates. However, when footage of suspicious activity is handed over to law enforcement, it is rare that leads about the porch piracy are provided for police to follow. Additionally, a lock box on your porch can be expensive, difficult to install, take up valuable porch area, and may even become a stumbling block to your door

    Smart Parcel Lockers: the Best Tool for Package Theft Prevention

    If you’re wondering how to keep packages from being stolen, smart lockers are the solution.The most effective apartment solution for communities concerned about package theft is to invest in a parcel locker with a smart lock.Residents and multifamily community managers can benefit from parcel lockers, which are electronic smart lockers that can accept deliveries from a delivery company while also providing recipients with delivery alerts.They also allow for easy, contact-free and self-service pick-up around the clock, making them a secure solution for both.Nobody, whether they are a property manager or a member of the community, wants to deal with lost or stolen parcels, especially over the holidays.Unfortunately, these things do happen from time to time, and as a general rule, a seller is liable for a delivery until it is received by the buyer and the delivery provider records the box as ″delivered″ or ″notice left″ on their system.

    1. When it comes to the secure delivery of parcels and online orders, smart home lockers provide peace of mind for all parties involved.
    2. Consumers are able to get what they requested in a safe and convenient manner, businesses are relieved of the burden of replacing or refunding lost products, and property managers are relieved of the burden of liabilities associated with shipments stolen in or near the community.
    3. Using modern software and hardware technologies, today’s parcel lockers enable a smooth package delivery process for every delivery driver.
    4. Drivers can interact with the lockers using their existing handheld devices to assign a delivery to the most appropriate-sized locker and quickly confirm delivery with their respective shipping company.
    5. When the box is delivered, a secure access code is promptly texted or emailed to the receiver, who can then input it into the locker kiosk to unlock the right door and get their package anytime they want — 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

    The ability to have perfect security when an item is delivered straight to your door is practically hard to achieve.Sadly, it is possible for it to be stolen at any time, leaving you without your shipment and in certain situations, with no option to obtain a refund from the company.When you use a parcel delivery system, such as a smart parcel locker, on the other hand, you can be certain that your packages will arrive safely and out of harm’s way.

    Other Tools for Theft Prevention

    Delivery Manager allows recipients to reroute their package delivery to a local FedEx office, Walgreens store, or other place using their email address and password.Having a tracking number is vital because, while it is true that you may monitor packages, package tracking alone will not prevent package theft; it will only notify you when a package delivery arrives at your home.UPS My Choice allows a receiver to choose where an item should be delivered, such as on a neighbor’s doorstep, on the side of the home, on the back porch, or at the back door, and the delivery person will follow those directions.

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    Preventing Package Theft with Smart Parcel Lockers from Parcel Pending

    • Parcel Pending provides a comprehensive range of apartment solutions that make it simple and secure to deliver and retrieve goods as well as online purchases from a variety of locations. Our electronic lockers assist property managers in improving the entire experience of their tenants, saving critical staff time, increasing resident retention, and, most significantly, preventing parcel theft from occurring. Among the other advantages are: To pick up your order without having to make contact with anyone, simply scan the barcode in the delivery notice or press a button on the mobile app.
    • It is more efficient since it streamlines the delivery process
    • adaptable solutions decrease the amount of space required to accept deliveries.
    • Advanced: The API’s flexibility enables for smooth connection with property management software applications.
    • Weatherproof: Long-lasting lockers protect parcels from the elements, including the sun, rain, wind, and snow.
    • Accessible: Multi-sized lockers accommodate the majority of package sizes
    • ADA compliance ensures that any user may use the lockers.
    • Multiple locker sizes are available to accommodate the majority of items.
    • Delivery notifications, package management, and delivery retrieval are all made possible through the use of a smartphone.
    • Customizable: Custom setups, color choices, and wraps to complement the aesthetics of the property or the company’s logo

    Additional Package Theft Prevention Tips

    • Listed below are some more suggestions to help keep crooks at bay and avoid parcel theft throughout the year: Specify your delivery instructions. Instructions for the delivery person should include placing packages on your back porch, at the side of the home, or behind benches, plants, or columns on your front porch in order to keep them hidden from porch pirates.
    • Choose a signature delivery option. To help avoid package theft, choose ″signature needed″ so that you or someone else must be there to sign for your product when it arrives.
    • Packages can be delivered to your place of business. If you want a more safe delivery option, have things delivered to your place of employment rather than your house. This will prevent package thieves from carrying out their best set schemes.
    • Sign up to get delivery notifications. Install delivery notifications on your phone or computer, so that you can follow your box in real time and pick it up as soon as the delivery person leaves it on your doorstep — before porch pirates can get their hands on it
    • Enlist the assistance of a reliable neighbor. Request that a trusted neighbor keep an eye out for your shipment and, if feasible, pick it up as soon as it arrives. In order for your neighbor to be able to keep track of your delivery, give them an approximate delivery date and time
    • When shopping, keep your items hidden from view. Don’t leave your shopping bags in your car while you’re in the mall because they might be stolen. Make a habit of locking your purchases in the trunk of your vehicle.
    • When making online purchases, utilize a credit card. If crooks were to obtain your credit card number and personal information, you would be considerably more protected if you used your debit card. A debit card, on the other hand, is directly connected to your bank account, placing your money at danger.

    What to Do if You Suspect Your Package Was Stolen

    • If you have reason to believe that a package thief has stolen your shipment, you should take the following steps: Whether your box was delivered in an inconspicuous location, such as in the garage, on the back porch, or at the back door, look around your property to check if the delivery person did so.
    • Inquire with your neighbors to see whether they witnessed a delivery person dropping off your box or if the delivery driver delivered the package to them by mistake.
    • Make contact with the shipping firm to ensure that the goods was delivered correctly. It it your fault, you have the right to make a complaint with the delivery company.
    • You should file a police report with your local law enforcement agency.

    We understand that package theft might be a frightening prospect, but community managers can rest certain that Parcel Pending’s safe package delivery box will assist them in combating the growing trend of porch pirates.Residents may benefit from the use of Parcel Pending to make receiving those special holiday packages safer and more secure while maintaining their convenience.Learn more about our apartment package lockers and what they can achieve for your multifamily complex by visiting our website.Sources:

    Nick DiUlio is a writer who lives in New York City.Insurance Quotes are available.The most dangerous holiday risks – from ‘porch pirates’ to tree fires – as well as ways to avoid them are discussed.(2015, December 2) The second of December is a holiday.Survey results revealed that the majority of American shoppers want retailers to close on Thanksgiving Day, according to Accenture.Available through Deloitte & Touche LLP.

    1. The 14th of September in the year 2021.
    2. According to Deloitte, holiday retail sales are expected to grow by 7-9 percent.
    3. provided the information.
    4. (Saturday, July 9, 2020).
    5. According to a recent survey, one in every five Americans has been a victim of porch pirates after the implementation of COVID-19 stay-at-home orders.

    The information was obtained from:Shorr Packaging Corporation.Porch pirates, shopping habits, and privacy are all topics covered in the 2017 Package Theft Report.(2017).The parcel is still being processed.

    After the pandemic has passed, post-holiday shopping is expected to result in record package volumes on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Prime Day.(Thursday, September 4, 2020) The National Multifamily Housing Council is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of multifamily housing.(Thursday, November 14th, 2018).Special Delivery: The 2018 NHMC/Kingsley Package Delivery Report is now available.This information was obtained from:

    6 Smart Ways to Stop Porch Pirates and Keep Your Package Deliveries Safe

    You receive an email notification indicating your delivery has arrived, but when you go home, your front door is empty.This has occurred to practically everyone.Because’s because package theft occurs at a very high rate: according to experts at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1.7 million items are stolen every day, at a cost of roughly $9 billion per year.The reason for this is that And many times, even if they’re caught on video, the porch pirates get away with it since it’s a low-level offense that doesn’t attract the attention of law enforcement authorities.Try these suggestions to help lessen the likelihood that your box will vanish without a trace.They will go a long way toward repelling the porch pirates.

    Related Items

    1 Have important packages delivered where someone will be

    If you’re back at work, or if you have a friend or neighbor who is available throughout the day, this may be the most convenient option available to you.The box will be carried inside as soon as possible, preventing the package from being left outside to lure a would-be thief.If you prefer, you may rent a locker at a site like the UPS Store or an Amazon Locker location, where your parcels will be safely stored until you have the opportunity to pick them up.

    2 Track and trace important packages

    If someone steals a bag of dog treats, you might not be very upset, but if someone steals a package of high-ticket things, you might be a little more upset.It’s simple to sign up for Fed Ex, UPS, and the US Postal Service alerts, which will allow you to get SMS as your goods advance.When they come, you may either notify a neighbor to take them in or immediately return home to bring them inside yourself.(Spending more time on your porch increases the likelihood that it will disappear.)

    3 Have delivery people put them somewhere safer

    You can leave a note instructing your delivery personnel to drop your items over your fence, carry them to your backyard, or otherwise place them out of sight while they are being delivered.Some delivery personnel may not notice or comply with your request, which is understandable.If you do the majority of your shopping on Amazon, you can sign up for Amazon Key, which allows you to provide delivery workers entry to your garage while also keeping an eye on what’s going on through a video feed.

    4 Get a package safe

    It is possible to protect your packages from theft using a variety of methods ranging from simple bag-like bins that attach to your door and allow your delivery people to lock in your goodies to more elaborate package protection structures that hold your deliveries and keep them safe from the elements.

    5 Install security cameras and video doorbells

    In certain cases, security cameras and video doorbells can be effective deterrents (but we’ve all seen enough porch pirate movies to know that even the most desperate thieves will not be deterred). Another advantage of using a Ring cam or doorbell is that you will most likely know exactly when your delivery has been delivered, allowing you to go pick it up.

    6 Pick it up at the store

    In the event that you’re a frequent target of porch pirates, it could be time to locate a medium ground: While you may still escape the Christmas shopping crowds and queues by picking up your items in-store (or in a parking lot), you will often receive your items within a few hours of ordering.

    Tips for Preventing Package Theft and Avoiding Porch Pirates

    Every year, it seems as though the holiday season sneaks up on us.There will be lots of parcels sent to your door as a result of all the holiday shopping you’ll be doing.After all, it is the season of giving that we are celebrating.Unfortunately, parcel theft is a common occurrence throughout the Christmas season.Even if the postal office did its job properly, porch pirates may simply steal your valuable parcels from your doorstep.In case you’re wondering how widespread parcel theft is over the Christmas season, the truth is that it’s rather prevalent.

    1. A neighborhood criminal has stolen Christmas gifts straight off the porch of 25.8 million Americans, according to Insurance Quotes (that’s 8 percent of the population!) Mark Rober, a former NASA engineer, took inspiration in the techniques of Home Alone hero Kevin McAllister in his film Home Alone 2.
    2. Cellophane was wrapped over an Apple HomePod box to construct a fake package, which he then delivered.
    3. It has GPS tracking integrated into it, which was quite convenient.
    4. The inclusion of implanted cell phones that record video would enable him to track down the thief’s position in this manner.
    5. and the results were really stunning.

    Unfortunately, none of us possesses engineering abilities on the level of NASA.Is this a sign that there’s nothing further we can do to combat porch pirates in the future?Without a doubt, this is not the case!Some suggestions on how to avoid having your shipments stolen as well as what to do if one of your parcels is taken by porch pirates will be discussed.

    Tips to Avoid Package Theft

    Avoid holiday hassles by following these simple guidelines. Make it practically difficult for a burglar to take your shipments by following these simple precautions.

    1. Get a P.O. Box at Your Local Post Office

    A Post Office Box (P.O. Box) can be obtained from your local post office. Your shipments will be handled and stored by specialists in a secure environment.

    2. Use Lockers

    • Nobody else has been thinking about how to keep their shipments secure, and you’re not alone in your concerns. Package security has become a lucrative industry for major postal organizations, businesses, and even convenience shops. Some even provide the option to rent lockers. You may have your delivery delivered to a certain place and then pick it up whenever it is convenient for you. Listed below are a few businesses that provide this service: 7-Eleven, Amazon Lockers, UPS Lockers, and other convenience stores

    3. Set Up Notifications to Track Your Package

    The majority of delivery firms include the option of receiving cellphone alerts during the delivery procedure.Set them up so that you’ll be the first to know when a shipment is delivered to your door.That’s a piece of knowledge that even the most cunning package thieves will be unable to get.If you’re there to receive your delivery as soon as it comes at your front door, no one will be able to take it from you.

    4. Install a Security Camera

    There are hundreds of different home security systems available, all of which are simple to install and use trustworthy technology to protect your house.Porch pirates will be deterred by a clearly visible camera.In the event that your shipment is stolen, you will have plenty of proof to use in retaliatory measures.Ring peephole cameras are little cameras that affix to the peephole of your front door and perform the job.They are also suitable for apartment living because they do not necessitate any complicated installation.

    5. Get Your Packages Delivered to Your Office

    We understand that your house isn’t exactly where your desk is. Having a delivery delivered to your place of business, on the other hand, can be just as handy. Alternatively, if you are more likely to be at work during delivery hours, you might have it delivered to that location instead.

    6. Require a Signature on Delivery

    In order to provide customers with peace of mind, UPS and FedEx demand signatures.Occasionally, the shipper will specify that they must get a signature before the package may be delivered.However, you are under no obligation to accept their conclusion.Adding delivery protection features is something you can do yourself.Please keep in mind that this will almost certainly result in extra costs.If you get a large number of parcels, the cost of these fees may mount up, but it is well worth it when making large purchases.

    7. Reschedule Delivery or Ask for a Package Hold When on Vacation

    Vacation hold services are provided by both UPS and FedEx. FedEx provides a 14-day free trial period. Package storage is provided by UPS for a period of seven days at no cost. To request a FedEx hold, just download the FedEx Delivery Management App from the App Store. To place a hold on your package with UPS, go into your UPS InfoNotice account online.

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    8. Try Smart Locks

    Smart locks allow you to enter your home without having to use a key.They provide you the ability to let someone inside your home while you are gone.Check-in is also made possible through the use of live video and two-way audio.In terms of delivery, this implies that you will be able to have things delivered to your doorstep at no additional price.This Amazon Smart Lock is controlled using a smartphone application, which allows you to manage all of its capabilities when away from home.However, if you want to change the lock on your doors, you will need to get permission from your landlord first.

    1. As a result, before looking at this option, be certain that you have received approval.

    9. Get a Package Guard

    Package guards may appear to be frisbees, but don’t underestimate their abilities.You’ll receive notifications when your shipment has arrived on your porch, thanks to this smart device.This gadget is equipped with an alarm that will ring if your delivery is picked up by someone other than you without your consent.Despite the fact that it is not as effective as a glitter bomb, this is a practical and straightforward technique to dissuade package theft.

    10. Insure Your Packages

    If something goes wrong, package insurance can come to your rescue.However, before acquiring this additional layer of security, keep in mind that if your delivery is valued at less than $100, it is probable that you are already protected.This is something that UPS and FedEx do.The United States Postal Service, on the other hand, only provides this low-value coverage on Express Mail packages.If you are getting something valued at more than $100, you may want to consider purchasing additional coverage.If someone takes your shipment within 60 days of receiving it from FedEx or within nine months of receiving it from UPS, you’ll be required to file a claim.

    11. Ask Your Neighbors to Grab Your Packages

    Talking to your next-door neighbor can simply be the solution you’re looking for at no cost. If you’re going to be out and about for the majority of the time, ask them to keep a look out for any deliveries on your behalf. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that someone is keeping your packages secure until you get a chance to pick them up.

    What Do You Do If Someone Steals Your Package?

    If you are the unfortunate victim of package theft, there are a few procedures you should take to have the situation resolved as quickly as possible. First and foremost, be certain that you are communicating with the appropriate individuals.

    Contact the Sender

    First and foremost, get in touch with the sender. In many cases, businesses are understanding and have customer service policies in place to deal with such occurrences. It’s possible that they’ll simply send a replacement.

    USPS Stolen Packages

    If the parcel was stolen while being delivered by the United States Postal Service, submit a claim with them.You’ll need to bring your tracking number as well as proof of insurance with you.You’ll also need to provide evidence of the item’s worth.If you have video or photographic evidence that someone took the shipment, please send it.The United States Postal Service is unlikely to issue a refund to you, which is why contacting the vendor for a replacement is your best option.

    UPS Stolen Packages

    When it comes to different sorts of orders, UPS has varied methods.When it comes to domestic shipping, patience is required.Before making a claim, you’ll need to wait for a 24-hour time to elapse.When shipping internationally, you will not have the option to register a claim.UPS will conduct an investigation into the claim you submitted.There are no promises, however, that the perpetrator will be identified or that a refund will be issued.

    Amazon Stolen Packages

    If Amazon’s tracking system indicates that your shipment has been delivered, but it has not been located, you may request a refund quickly and simply.If you want to contact Amazon, you’ll have to wait 36 hours.If your delivery is delivered late, you will be given a credit to compensate for the inconvenience.Even with third-party merchants, they take care of the specifics so that you don’t have to worry about them.

    FedEx Stolen Packages

    FedEx offers a web-based site for reporting misplaced shipments. Similarly to their delivery services, they are prompt in resolving claims for misdirected packages. That is, if you file within 60 calendar days after receiving the order and have the order’s specifics on hand.

    File a Police Report

    If you have reason to believe your shipment was stolen, it is critical that you file a police complaint.This is not only beneficial to you, but it is also beneficial to the entire community.After receiving a large number of such allegations, the police department may launch a more thorough investigation to determine who is stealing parcels from porches in your neighborhood.It’s better to be cautious than sorry in this situation.Consider putting some of these strategies into action instead of waiting for a porch pirate to steal your holiday gifts before you get home.They may be able to assist you in avoiding being a theft victim.

    1. A wide variety of choices are accessible to buyers, all of which can contribute to the elimination of porch piracy.

    Package Theft: 3 Ways to Prevent It at Your Apartment Building

    • Package theft is a frequent problem that is a major source of concern for apartment dwellers. And it isn’t only buildings in cities or metropolitan regions that are susceptible to theft
    • apartments all throughout the country are victimized on a daily basis by theft. As a property manager or owner, you want an effective package management system to keep your tenants’ deliveries safe and to prevent theft from taking place. Continue reading to discover more about the prevalence of package theft as well as what you can do to address the problem. In addition, we’ll look at the top three package theft solutions for apartment complexes in this section. The following topics are covered in this post: package theft statistics for 2021
    • What is the prevalence of parcel theft?
    • Three strategies to avoid package theft
    • How to stop package theft with a package room
    • Three ways to prevent package theft with a package room

    Package theft statistics for 2021

    The fact that this problem exists, regardless of whether you’ve ever had a package stolen, is critical to understanding it’s scope. For the year 2021, here are 10 startling parcel theft statistics to be aware of:

    1. Approximately two out of every five Americans — and one out of every three millennials — have been the victim of package theft.
    2. The number of persons who reported a stolen parcel during COVID-19 in 2020 was 29 percent.
    3. California is the state with the highest rate of parcel theft out of all 50 states. Package theft, on the other hand, is more prevalent in the Northeast than in any other region of the United States.
    4. Approximately 53% of respondents admit that they have altered their plans at least once in order to ensure that they are at home when a product is delivered.
    5. According to the survey, 41% of respondents have opted not to purchase goods from an online merchant because they are concerned about package theft.
    6. In the four years since 2014, the package delivery sector has experienced annual growth of at least 5%.
    7. Package theft, according to 33 percent of respondents, occurs because of the locations where items are left off and how simple it is for anyone to pick them up.
    8. Across the country, parcel theft rates are growing
    9. in fact, the Los Angeles Police Department has documented a 600 percent rise in package theft in the city of Los Angeles since 2010.
    10. Package theft incidences in multifamily complexes and apartment buildings account for around 40% of all reported instances.
    11. Parcel delivery — and, consequently, package theft — skyrockets during the holiday shopping season. When it comes to Christmas shopping, 55 percent of Americans believe they spent more money on parcels in 2020 than they did in 2019. Furthermore, 55 percent of respondents reported that a parcel was taken during the 2019 holiday season.

    How common is package theft?

    A frequent problem that affects multifamily buildings of all kinds across the country, package theft is a problem that requires immediate attention. Theft of packages affects about two out of every five Americans on an annual basis. And as the cost of internet purchasing rises, so does the incidence of parcel theft.

    3 ways to prevent package theft

    A staggering 80 percent of Americans buy online on a regular basis, and analysts predict that the number of people who shop online will only grow in the future.In addition, 41 percent of Americans receive three to five package delivery every month, according to the Census Bureau.If you reside in a 100-unit apartment complex, it means you may receive up to 500 parcels every month.Your building is in charge of receiving a large number of package deliveries.In order to keep those shipments safe, you’ll need a dependable method of storage.By investing in package theft prevention systems, you will improve the resident experience, increase retention rates, and give peace of mind for your residents, all of which will benefit your business.

    1. The following are the top three strategies to keep packages from being stolen from your apartment building:
    1. Install a dependable access control system
    2. make a financial investment in a delivery management system.
    3. Install surveillance cameras

    1. Install a reliable access control system

    Preventing package theft begins with making sure that parcels are not left outdoors on a porch or stoop, but rather inside the building altogether.Consequently, you’ll want a method of allowing delivery carriers to enter your building.A sophisticated, cloud-based video intercom system is the most effective method of gaining access to a property.Carriers may drop parcels behind your building’s secured front door in a variety of ways thanks to today’s video intercom systems.They also feature a built-in camera, which takes a time- and date-stamped snapshot of everybody who enters the facility for further security every time someone enters the premises.

    Benefits of a video intercom for courier access

    When a video intercom is installed at the entrance to your house, couriers can get entry by entering a unique code.Following their entry inside the facility, couriers can place parcels anywhere within the structure, out of sight of would-be porch pirates.Alternatively, if a courier does not have an access code, he or she might just phone the person to whom the package is being delivered.The installation of a video intercom system that includes a mobile app is in your best interests since it will allow homeowners to accept calls and open the door directly from their smartphones.Residents will be able to allow access to delivery carriers even if they are not present at their residence.You may also include a button on your intercom that allows you to call the building’s employees.

    1. In this way, if everything else fails, couriers can seek admission to the premises from the appropriate personnel to complete their delivery.
    2. For the final step, be sure you select a video intercom that includes two delivery-friendly features: delivery PINS and delivery passes.

    Delivery PINs

    Delivery PINs are one-of-a-kind PIN codes that are assigned by property personnel to each courier.Couriers must input their PIN at the video intercom in order to obtain entry immediately.Delivery PINs help to speed the delivery process by guaranteeing that carriers may access the building promptly – without having to contact residents or building personnel.PIN numbers can be assigned, updated, or revoked by any member of the staff at any time.

    Delivery passes

    A delivery pass is a six-digit number that residents can only use once and that they can transmit to delivery carriers to allow them entry to their property.In order to use the mobile app, residents just simply establish a pass and copy and paste the code into a specific instructions section on the check-out form.Encourage your tenants to take use of your video intercom system’s delivery pass feature if you have one.Delivery permits are simple to use, ensuring that Amazon couriers, food delivery drivers, and other carriers have access to the facility.

    2. Invest in a delivery management solution

    If you have a video intercom system installed at your front entrance, your building may still be vulnerable to package theft even if you have taken precautions.Couriers are forced to leave packages in a vestibule or lobby since they do not have a safe location to keep them.Though more secure than the front porch, it is still not up to the standards that may be expected.As a result, in addition to your video intercom, you should consider investing in a delivery management solution.The use of a delivery management solution will free up time for property employees while also ensuring that items are delivered to a safe location where occupants may pick them up when they arrive.The two most effective delivery management strategies are as follows:

    1. A package room
    2. A package locker

    Package room

    • An apartment building’s package room serves as a safe location where couriers can drop off items and occupants may pick them up. You’ll need the following items to set up a package room: At the entrance, there is a video intercom system. Delivery couriers can use the same PIN number to get entry to the package room as they did for gaining admission to the residence.
    • Shelves. In order to keep shipments orderly, install shelves in your package room.

    After arriving to the package room with their delivery PIN in hand, the courier will enter the room and check to see which tenants have received parcels.Then they just put the goods on the shelf for the inhabitants to pick up at their leisure.When a package is delivered to a resident, they will receive an automatic notice.They have access to the room at any time of day or night to pick up deliveries.Take a look at how the ButterflyMX packaging room operates:

    Package locker

    A package locker is a storage facility with many compartments where couriers may safely drop off parcels once they have completed their deliveries.Most package lockers need personnel to provide a unique code to each courier, which is often done by hand.Couriers use the code to open locker compartments and deposit things inside one by one as they work their way around the facility.Then, homeowners may pick up their items by inputting a PIN number to open the appropriate compartment in the package delivery system.

    Why package rooms are better than package lockers

    • Both package rooms and package lockers will assist to speed delivery while also reducing the likelihood of package theft. A package room, on the other hand, is a superior and more efficient solution. The reason behind this is as follows: Package lockers take up a lot of

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