What Does A Mail Processor Do At The Post Office?

The Mail Processor is responsible for loading mail items into automated machines. The Mail Processor is responsible for removing non-letter mail peices such as parcels, rolls, and odd shaped items from letter mail. The Mail Processor controls the flow of mail to ensure a steady feed into processing equipment.
A Mail Handler, or a Mail Processor, organizes, handles and distributes mail to Carriers. Their main duties include loading and unloading mail trucks, using machinery to sort through the mail and preparing large mail batches for distribution.
Use machines to sort and prepare mail for distribution.

What is a mail processing clerk?

Mail Processing Clerks (MPCs) work inside Postal facilities and rarely see the public. They process incoming and outgoing mail using automated mail processing equipment or manual methods of sortation and distribution.

What is happening to the Postal Service processing network?

The Postal Service processing network was designed over many years to meet a robust and growing mail market. However, since 2007 the Postal Service has seen a dramatic drop in mail volume. Concurrently, there has been a significant increase in package volume.

What are the different types of mail processing jobs?

Casual Mail Processing Clerk, Mail Processing Assistant, and Clerk Assistant jobs are similar to PSE MPC jobs except that they cannot lead directly into career positions. Employees in these jobs are hired to temporarily supplement the normal workforce on an as-needed basis.

What can the post office do for You?

Everyone knows that the post office specializes in mail delivery, but what many don’t realize is that the post office can help you in a number of other ways.

How much do mail processors make?

  • Any Experience
  • 0-1 Years
  • 1-3 Years
  • 4-6 Years
  • 7-9 Years
  • 10-14 Years
  • 15+Years
  • Mail Processing Clerk (MPC) //PSE MPC //Casual MPC //Mail Processing Assistant //Clerk Assistant

    Test required: Virtual Entry Assessment MP – Virtual Entry Assessment MP – (476) Exam 476 for the Postal Service Mail Processing Clerks (MPCs) are employed by the United States Postal Service and rarely interact with the general public.They sort and distribute incoming and outgoing mail using either automated mail processing equipment or human techniques of sortation and distribution, depending on the circumstances.They also collect, bundle, and transport processed mail from one location to another, and they may be expected to lift and carry bags of letter mail or parcels weighing as much as 70 pounds from one location to another.

    MPC roles are classified into five categories, which are shown below.Postal exam 476 is required for all applicants for all five categories.You will discover job advertising for all five categories on a regular basis, depending on the requirements of local Post Offices around the country.Individual job advertisements give specifics on salaries, perks, and working hours, among other things.The job of Mail Processing Clerk (MPC) is a full-time career post that comes with the well-known entire Postal Benefits package as well.PSE Mail Processing Clerk (PSE MPC) is an entry-level position that has the potential to progress to a higher-level post.

    (PSE is an abbreviation for Postal Support Employee.) When a career MPC post becomes available at a given location, if there are any PSE MPCs employed at that facility, the career position is offered to the most senior PSE MPC.The Postmaster issues an open job ad for a career MPC position if there are no PSE MPCs employed at that location at the time of posting.Workers of the Public Service Employment Agency (PSE) are normally employed for 360-day periods and can be reappointed for an additional 360-day term.Some PSE positions may be eligible for partial benefits either immediately or after the first 360 days of employment.Casual Mail Processing Clerk, Mail Processing Assistant, and Clerk Assistant jobs are comparable to PSE MPC roles, with the exception that they do not lead directly to professional positions in the PSE organization.Employees in these positions are employed on an as-needed basis to complement the regular workforce when it is temporarily understaffed.

    • How to submit an application.

    5 things your post office can do for you besides sending mail

    • The United States Postal Service (USPS) provides a variety of services in addition to sending and receiving mail.
    • You may apply for a passport, obtain a money order, and purchase boxes at your local post office.
    • The United States Postal Service also offers merchandise, such as a $360 messenger bag.
    Loading Something is loading. Everyone knows that the post office specializes in mail delivery, but what many don’t realize is that the post office can help you in a number of other ways. While the post office can ship, track, and deliver practically anything to someone across the country, there are some things they can do that have nothing to do with mail.

    First, the post office can process your passport for you. 

    According to the United States Postal Service, thousands of post offices across the country provide passport services to people who are applying for their first passport or renewing an existing one.It is possible to have your passport photo taken in a post office, if you ask them nicely.Keep in mind that not every USPS office offers this service, so be sure to check the website first before heading in to make your appointment.

    Furthermore, obtaining a passport necessitates the submission of a large amount of documentation, including proof of citizenship, so you should double-check the website to ensure that you have everything you need.

    You can also go to the post office to get a money order. 

    It is possible to obtain a money order from your local post office if you do not wish to visit a financial institution.A money order is similar to a check, but it has the same effect as cash.Sending money through the mail is the most common application for this method.

    It’s crucial to remember that there is a charge, which might range anywhere from $.40 to $1.70 depending on your location.More information may be found at: Thirteen people reveal the one best financial choice they ever made — and how it altered the course of their life for the rest of their lives.

    For business, the post office can help with marketing campaigns. 

    Businesses may send fliers and mailers directly to specified houses via the USPS’s Every Door Direct Mail service, which allows them to target homes based on desired ages, income, and household size. The United States Postal Service (USPS) can also pair your company with a third-party partner that can assist you in designing your flyer.

    You can even buy boxes and other paper goods at your local post office. 

    If you’re planning on shipping something large or perhaps relocating, your local post office is an excellent resource. Boxes of various sizes are available for purchase at most offices, which will assist you with all of your packing needs. In addition, the United States Postal Service provides greeting cards for any occasion and for anybody in your life.

    You can also buy various items like bags, shirts, and memorabilia. 

    • The United States Postal Service also sells a variety of things, ranging from t-shirts for $17.95 to jewelry for $145.00. They even have a messenger bag that costs $360. For additional information, please see INSIDER’s homepage. More information may be found at:
    • In actuality, here’s what happens with letters delivered to Santa in the North Pole
    • What happened when a youngster wrote a letter to his deceased father and received the most touching response from the postman
    • how much you should tip your doorman, hairdresser, nanny, and delivery person over the holidays
    • and more.

    Postal Service Mail Processor Job Description

    Responsibilities include organizing and preparing letters and packages for distribution by a mail carrier. Assist with the loading of mail career trucks. At the end of each shift, unload cars and neatly file away any mail that could not be delivered on time.

    Primary Responsibilities

    • Sorting and preparing mail for distribution is done with the help of machines.
    • When required, sort letters by hand.
    • Organize mail in order to be put onto carrier vehicles
    • Load postal vans and make certain that items are packaged in the order of delivery routes
    • Loading and operating mail processing, sorting, and canceling machinery are essential duties.
    • Mail should be sorted and organized for future delivery.
    • After the route has been finished, unload the trucks.
    • Machines should be repaired.
    • Create bundles and labels for sorted mail, and then route it to specified regions based on the destinations and in accordance with set protocols and timelines
    • Computer scanning devices, such as addressographs, mimeographs, and optical character readers, must be operated.
    • Provide assistance to consumers at teller windows
    • Packages that are damp, rotten, or broken should be repaired.
    • Check all of the items to check that the addresses are clear and accurate
    • Mail should be placed on conveyors for culling and sorting
    • Weighing packages to estimate shipping costs
    • Forklifts and trains must be used in order to transport mail and huge boxes.

    Mail Processing Clerk Job Description

    Brothers91/E+/GettyImages Mail processing clerks are primarily employed by the United States Postal Service as postal support workers (PSEs) (USPS).Sorting and preparing mail for distribution by a postal carrier are the responsibilities of professionals in these roles.Their responsibilities may also include assisting in loading mail on vans, reloading the vehicles at the conclusion of their shift, and filing away mail that was unable to be delivered.

    Job Duties

    • Sorting and preparing mail for distribution, as well as hand-sorting letters, are all responsibilities of a postal processing clerk. PSEs working for the USPS may expect to be confronted with the following tasks on a daily basis: Getting the mail ready to be loaded into carrier vehicles
    • Loading postal vehicles and ensuring that goods are packed in the correct delivery route sequence
    • Involved in loading and running gear for mail processing, sorting, and cancellation
    • The process of sorting and arranging mail that will be delivered
    • After the postal trucks have completed their trips, they are unloaded.
    • Machines in need of repair
    • Create bundles and labels for mail and route it according to its destination as well as stated deadlines and routing methods
    • and
    • Maintaining and operating optical character readers, including scanning equipment, addressographs, and mimeographs
    • Providing assistance to consumers
    • Repairing packages that have been broken or damaged in some other way
    • Verifying if things’ addresses are readable and correct before purchasing them
    • Putting mail on conveyors so that it may be culled and sorted
    • Weighing packages to estimate how much postage will be charged
    • Operation of forklifts and trains for the transportation of big boxes and postal items

    A postal processing clerk’s responsibility is to learn everything there is to know about the complicated process of separating and organizing mail.Whether packages arrive at their destinations in an accurate and timely manner is determined by this procedure, which is heavily reliant on whether mail processing employees have correctly divided and arranged the mail at hand.Furthermore, these experts must endeavor to ensure that their company spaces are adequately stocked with vital supplies, that they give excellent customer service, and that they study and follow safety measures in order to maintain the workplace free of injuries and mishaps.

    PSE Requirements

    • PSE positions with the United States Postal Service normally require candidates to have a high school diploma or an educational equivalent. Applicants are often required to sit for and pass a test to demonstrate their understanding of post office processes. Every employee must pass this exam to demonstrate that they have the knowledge and skills necessary for a mail processing clerk employment. Candidates for mail processing clerk positions must meet the following requirements in order to be considered for a PSE position: they must be 18 years old at the time of appointment, or 16 if they have a high school diploma
    • they must be a citizen, permanent resident, or a citizen of a U.S. territory
    • they must have a high school diploma
    • they must be a U.S. citizen, permanent resident, or a citizen of a U.S. territory
    • they must have a high school
    • Input information about your most recent employment
    • Ability to pass a drug test, physical evaluation, and criminal background check
    • Possession of a clean driving record, if applicable
    • Possession of a valid driver’s license.

    Mail processing clerks should be well-organized and provide outstanding customer care to their customers.

    Earning Potential

    Mail processing clerks employed by the United States Postal Service receive an average annual salary of $42,000, which equates to $15.97 per hour.Professionals in the 90th percentile make up to $59,000 per year, while those in the poorest ten percent of the income distribution earn roughly $31,000 per year.Beginning mail processing clerks may expect to earn slightly more than $35,000 per year, while late-career professionals with more than 20 years of experience can expect to earn slightly less than $55,000 per year.

    According to PayScale, the average yearly income for mid-career individuals with five to ten years of experience is $39,000.

    What is a PSE clerk for the postal service?

    PSE Mail Processing Clerk (PSE MPC) is an entry-level position that has the potential to progress to a higher-level post.(PSE is an abbreviation for Postal Support Employee.) When a career MPC post becomes available at a given location, if there are any PSE MPCs employed at that facility, the career position is offered to the most senior PSE MPC.Employee in the Postal Support Department Is working as a postal processing clerk for the PSE a rewarding job?

    At the very least, you’ll be guaranteed 40 hours, and the money isn’t too awful.You will be expected to be extremely adaptable and work whatever hours and days they demand of you in order to succeed.Although the United States Postal Service is most likely a wonderful place to work, be warned that working as a PSE Mail Processing Clerk is HARD WORK.To put it another way, how much does a PSE clerk make each hour?The average hourly wage for a PSE Clerk in the United States is roughly $15.98, which is approximately 27 percent higher than the national average.What is the average number of hours a PSE mail processing clerk works?

    After 40 hours per week, you’ll be eligible for time and a half.After eight hours in a day, the regulars are given time and a half.Unless you’re working on the flat sorter or in manual labor, the task is highly physically demanding.The majority of PSEs work in automation, operating equipment in groups of two.

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    What Is the Mail Delivery Process?


    From Your Doorstep

    Of course, the process of delivering your mail begins with the opening of your mailbox.Once your envelope has been sealed, addressed, and stamped, the mail carrier will come and pick it up, either at your doorstep or in another postal box that you have designated for this purpose.The postal carrier loads it onto his truck and transports it to the nearest post office to drop it off.

    Almost every town and community in the United States has its own post office, from which the mail is placed into the bigger U.S.Postal Service trucks and transported to a distribution center.Nearly all major metropolitan areas in the United States are within four hours’ driving of a regional distribution center.The use of decentralized hubs speeds up the process significantly.

    At the Distribution Hub

    By the time your mail arrives at the regional distribution center, your handwriting or address label has been read into a computer, which has been converted into a barcode.On the face of the envelope, the barcode is stamped in fluorescent ink, and the stamps are marked through so that they cannot be reused.In a sorting machine, the fluorescent ink on each individual piece of mail is scanned as the envelopes are moved down a conveyor belt.

    A piece of mail is sorted into bins based on where it is going in the country, and then put into trucks or planes for delivery to the regional distribution center in which the target ZIP code is situated, depending on where it is going.

    Out for Delivery

    When a piece of mail reaches its destination region, it is sorted once again into trays labeled with the ZIP codes of the different ZIP codes within that region.Each postal carrier is assigned certain routes and ZIP codes, and their routes and ZIP codes are mapped to provide the greatest possible level of efficiency.The correctly sorted mail is placed onto the truck assigned to the postal code marked on the envelope, and it is the individual mail carrier’s responsibility to guarantee that it is delivered to the correct end-user mailbox.

    What Does a Mail Handler Do?

    When working in the mailroom of a post office, a Mail Handler is responsible for organizing and preparing batches of mail for distribution by Carriers.They’ll use machines and other sorting equipment to arrange mail and transfer bulky parcels throughout the facility.Mail Handlers will also put these products into vehicles, which will then be delivered to various homes and companies by Mail Carriers.

    Mail Handlers may also be employed as a Clerk at the post office’s front desk, where they sell stamps and boxes to customers and answer their inquiries about the products.They will also weigh various parcels to assist consumers in adding the appropriate postage to ensure that the package complies with postal laws and reaches at its destination on time.

    Mail Handler Skills and Qualifications

    • Mail Handlers should be able to do a wide range of tasks in order to do their work successfully. Here are some of the abilities that Mail Handlers must possess in order to be considered for the position: Fitness for hard labor
    • the capacity to carry objects up to 50 pounds
    • knowledge of the English language
    • and the ability to pass a physical examination
    • Saturdays, Sundays, and night shifts are available
    • Maintain a drug-free lifestyle
    • good health

    Mail Handler Salary Expectations

    As a Mail Handler, you can expect to earn an average wage of $17.28 per hour. Salary might vary depending on the current postal pay regulations in effect as well as the candidate’s level of previous experience. Postal workers may be eligible for health insurance coverage under the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program after one year of employment with the federal government.

    Mail Handler Education and Training Requirements

    To be considered for the Mail Handler position, you must have a high school graduation or its equivalent.Mail Handler candidates must pass a postal service exam as well as a test that proves their ability to check names and numbers with speed and accuracy in a short period of time.During their first few weeks on the job, candidates get on-the-job training and have the opportunity to shadow more experienced personnel.

    When students first begin working, they will be able to see and learn about all procedures.Also necessary are citizenship or permanent residency in the United States for mail handlers.They must be at least 18 years old to be considered.Applicants for the position of Mail Handler must pass a drug test and, if required, register with the Selective Service before being hired.

    Mail Handler Experience Requirements

    Because the organization provides on-the-job training, no prior experience is necessary.Candidates for the position of Mail Handler must pass a criminal background check as well as a physical assessment.For opportunities with the United States Postal Service, recruiters do a criminal background check using United States information resources.

    If the Inspection Service is unable to conduct the background check because the candidate’s residence is outside of the United States, the candidate will be disqualified from applying for postal employment.

    Job Description Samples for Similar Positions

    • If this is not the position you are searching for, there are many different job descriptions available on Indeed.com. Mail Carrier, Mail Clerk, and City Carrier Assistant are all terms that can be used to describe someone who delivers mail.

    Frequently asked questions about Mail Handlers

    Who does a Mail Handler report to?

    Mail Room Supervisors are employed by the majority of post offices, and they are responsible for ensuring that the whole post office operates efficiently.If there are any chores to be completed or queries concerning their duty, the Mail Handler will report to the Mail Room Supervisor for assistance.If a Mail Handler is having difficulties with a particular customer, he or she would frequently seek assistance from the Mail Room Supervisor to settle the situation.

    As well as mail room supervisors, mail handlers will receive their training from these individuals.

    What settings do Mail Handlers typically work in?

    Mail Handlers often spend the most of their time in a mail room, where they organize and route the mail according to the needs of the company.They may also be required to labor outside on their feet, loading and unloading different types of postal vehicles.Mail Handlers may also spend a significant amount of their time running huge gear to assist in the organization and transportation of larger goods.

    Some Postal Handlers are also required to work in the front office to assist customers with their inquiries and to resolve any mail difficulties that may arise.When Mail Carriers have a significant number of packages and letters to deliver in a single day, a Mail Handler may accompany them on the road, assisting them in delivering the parcels to the recipients’ homes or places of business.

    What’s the difference between a Mail Handler and a Mail Carrier?

    Postal Handlers and Mail Carriers are both employed by the United States Postal Service and are responsible for a variety of parcels and mail items; however, their roles and responsibilities are somewhat different.Typically, the Mail Handler will sort and prepare the mail in accordance with the needs of the Mail Carrier before loading it onto the vehicle.The Mail Carrier will pick up these materials and deliver them to each individual house or company along the route that they have been assigned.

    They are also in charge of collecting signatures for specific postal items as well as money for letters or parcels that are overdue for their postage due.The Mail Carrier may aid the Mail Handlers in sifting through and preparing the mail items for delivery when the mailroom is overcrowded with packages.In a similar vein, if a Mail Carrier has a large number of packages to deliver, the Mail Handler will assist them along the way.

    What makes a good Mail Handler?

    A superb Mail Handler must be detail-oriented in order to identify crucial addresses or other postal information quickly and accurately organize diverse mail pieces, which will help them save time.Because they’re on their feet all day and transporting heavy parcels, a Mail Handler candidate that stands out should have exceptional physical stamina.In addition, effective communication skills are required, since Mail Handlers must frequently work with other members of their team.

    The abilities they learn in verbal communication are also put to use while they are working with customers at the post office’s front desk.

    What Is a Mail Processor? (With Job Duties and Salary)

    1. Locating Employment
    2. What Is a Mail Processor? (Including Job Duties and Salary)
    3. How to Find Employment
    4. How to Locate Employment
    5. How to Locate Employment
    6. How to Locate Employment

    The Indeed Editorial Team contributed to this article.The date is May 6, 2021.A career at the post office might be an excellent alternative for folks who wish to begin working immediately after graduation from high school.

    There are many different positions available at the post office, all of which provide secure work and competitive income in most cases.A prominent post office job is that of a mail processor, who is responsible for sorting and organizing mail.Throughout this article, we will describe what a mail processor is and examine the defining qualities of a mail processor’s employment, such as their work responsibilities, the steps to become one, and pay information.Related: 30 Postal Interview Questions with Answers and Explanations (with Examples)

    What is a mail processor?

    A postal processor is someone who works for the post office and is in charge of sorting mail.The nature of their employment requires that mail processors spend the most of their time at the rear of the post office, where they concentrate on sorting mail rather than engaging with clients.Because each mail that is sent via the postal system must be processed in order to guarantee that it reaches its intended destination, mail processors are typically present at every post office where they are needed.

    Because they deal with both incoming and outgoing mail, mail processors are often in close collaboration with postal carriers, assisting them in the preparation of the parcels they transport for delivery.

    What does a mail processor do?

    • The primary function of a postal processor is to organize and sort mail. In order to sort mail, a variety of activities, such as reading shipping labels, confirming addresses, and repairing parcels that have been damaged during transit, may be required. A postal processor’s responsibilities include sorting letters by hand according to how they are addressed, using machines and devices to sort huge quantities of mail, and organizing incoming mail in preparation for distribution by mail carriers in the future. A mail processor may also assist with the loading of postal vehicles, ensuring that all items are loaded into the truck in the sequence in which they will be delivered to their destinations. Here are a few more responsibilities that a mail processor could be responsible for: Process and cancel orders with the use of automated technology
    • weigh letters and parcels to determine how much postage they require
    • prepare outgoing mail for delivery by mail carriers
    • Create shipping labels for products that will be sent out
    • Using forklifts and other equipment, move big or oversized items
    • scan packages to acquire information about them
    • do general maintenance on sorting devices.
    • When required, assist clerks in providing customer service.

    Job Requirements at the Post Office are related.

    How to become a mail processor

    Follow these steps to get started on your path to becoming a mail processing specialist:

    1. Earn a high school diploma or GED

    It is extremely vital for prospective mail processors to earn a high school diploma or GED because it is the sole official educational requirement for the profession, which is currently unfilled.As soon as you graduate, you may begin training and looking for job opportunities that you might be interested in applying for in the future.This can help you prepare for employment as a mail processor.

    Potential employers can also verify your age with your high school certificate or GED, if you have one.Postal service employers often mandate that mail processors have reached the age of majority (18 years old).

    2. Apply for a mail processor job

    As soon as you get your high school graduation or GED equivalent, you can begin looking for employment vacancies as a mail processor.The United States Postal Service requires applicants to apply to the exact position they are interested in before they finish the appropriate training or examinations.This is done to ensure that candidates receive the proper preparatory materials for the career they are interested in.

    One of the most effective options for locating mail processing jobs in your area is to visit the United States Postal Service’s website, which provides a list of available employment as well as the ability to begin the application process online.Related: How to Submit an Application for Postal Positions (With FAQs)

    3. Pass a postal exam

    • Before they may be hired for a certain position, all postal employees are required to undergo and pass an assessment administered by the post office. You can begin studying to take Postal Exam 473 as soon as you submit an application for an available position and are invited to participate in an assessment. Postal Exam 473 is required for entry-level positions with the United States Postal Service, including mail processors. The United States Postal Service provides tools to applicants to assist them in studying for the postal exam. These materials contain information on themes covered in the four main areas of the examination and allow candidates to train themselves at their convenience. The test for mail processors is divided into four sections, each of which assesses a different set of abilities relevant to sorting mail swiftly and accurately. The following are the four major sections of Postal Exam 473: Address verification, form completion, coding and memorization, and an inventory of personal qualities and life experiences
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    Important skills for mail processors

    • Working as a mail processor might require a range of abilities, all of which can be beneficial in ensuring that mail is sorted quickly. One talent that any mail processor should possess is meticulous attention to detail, which they will need in order to ensure that each item of mail is properly sorted. Because mail processors may be required to make calculations in order to compute the postage for shipments depending on their weight, they often have high mathematical ability as well. Because mail processors typically deal with large amounts of mail on a daily basis, organizational skills might be vital for them as well. Another set of abilities that a mail processor can find useful are the ones listed below: Problem-solving abilities
    • communication abilities
    • physical strength and stamina
    • experience with word processors
    • knowledge of databases
    • and other qualifications.

    Related: How to Write a Resume for a Post Office Position (With Template and Example)

    Salary and job outlook for mail processors

    For mail processors working in the United States, the national average wage is presently $32,958 per year.Moreover, Indeed reports that mail processors have the opportunity to earn an average of $4,625 in overtime compensation each year in their jobs.The majority of mail processors are eligible for employee benefits such as paid sick leave, health insurance, and participation in referral programs, among other things.

    From 2019 to 2029, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the number of individuals working as mail processors will fall by 18 percent, which is a somewhat significant rate of decline.According to the bureau, this decline might be due to the introduction of automatic sorting systems and other modern technologies, which eliminates the need for a significant number of humans to sort mail.They also point to a rise in the popularity of utilizing email for communication rather than handwritten writing as a means of expressing one’s thoughts.

    Top Jobs – USPS is Hiring – About.usps.com

    According to our application system, the following roles are now available: View our featured positions and learn how to conduct a job search.

    City Carrier Assistant (CCA)

    You will be responsible for delivering and collecting mail on foot or by automobile in a city setting.You also maintain positive relationships with consumers and have a general understanding of postal rules, regulations, and goods applicable to your area of responsibility.The work of a CCA is important to your community since it ensures mail delivery during the week, on weekends and on holidays.

    There are also prospects for advancement within the organization.Depending on the position, CCAs may be entitled for specific perks like as paid time off and health insurance.This profession is great for applicants who appreciate being active outside while still having the opportunity to engage with customers on occasion.

    Job duties include:

    • Separate moderate to large amounts of mail and goods in preparation for delivery by sorting, lifting, and pushing them
    • Deliver mail along the route that has been given to you
    • Customers’ mail is picked up or collected by the company.
    • Postage payable on delivery or other services should be collected.
    • Work both indoors and outdoors in any weather conditions, including rain, snow, cold, and heat.

    Apply today to receive a copy of the job description in its entirety.

    Rural Carrier Associate (RCA)

    During the course of your day, you will deliver and collect packages along routes in rural regions, even on weekends and holidays.You also deliver a number of services to consumers along the path that you have been allocated.Because postal vehicles are not always available, you may be compelled to use your own car.

    As an RCA, you may be eligible for health benefits as well as advancement to a higher level of responsibility.This role is perfect for those who prefer remaining active and working independently outside, with the possibility of interacting with customers on a limited basis.

    Job duties include:

    • Separate moderate to large amounts of mail and goods in preparation for delivery by sorting, lifting, and pushing them
    • Deliver mail along the route that has been given to you
    • Customers’ mail is picked up or collected by the company.
    • Sell stamps, stamped paper, money orders, and other services, among other things.
    • Work both indoors and outdoors in any weather conditions, including rain, snow, cold, and heat.

    Apply today to receive a copy of the job description in its entirety.

    Assistant Rural Carrier (ARC)

    In this position, you will be responsible for delivering and collecting packages along routes in rural locations.You also provide a range of services to consumers along your allocated route, and you may be needed to use your own personal car to complete the job successfully.As an ARC, you have the option of providing assistance to your community on weekends and holidays, or up to seven days per week if that is more convenient for your schedule.

    For those who prefer working outside while still having time to spare during the week, this may be an excellent opportunity for you.

    Job duties include:

    • Separate moderate to large amounts of mail and goods in preparation for delivery by sorting, lifting, and pushing them
    • Deliver mail along the route that has been given to you
    • Customers’ mail is picked up or collected by the company.
    • Work both indoors and outdoors in any weather conditions, including rain, snow, cold, and heat.

    Apply today to receive a copy of the job description in its entirety.

    PSE Mail Processing Clerk

    In this position, you will be responsible for a wide range of clerk responsibilities that are necessary to process mail utilizing automated mail processing equipment or manual ways of sorting and distributing mail to recipients.Benefits such as paid vacation time and health insurance may be available.If you appreciate working in a fast-paced, safe workplace where you have the opportunity to contact with the general public on occasion, this may be the appropriate position for you.

    Job duties include:

    • Mail sorting employing automated equipment for outgoing and/or receiving mail
    • Maintain proper organization of all essential support equipment and supplies in preparation for sorting
    • In the case of non-financial transactions, provide services at a public window.
    • Lifting and carrying moderate to heavy mail and goods, as well as standing for lengthy periods of time

    Apply today to receive a copy of the job description in its entirety.

    PSE Sales & Services/Distribution Associate

    You will be responsible for a wide range of sales and customer service activities in this position.The primary responsibility of this position is to provide services to consumers over the counter in postal outlets.Benefits such as paid vacation time and health insurance may be available.

    If you love interacting with members of the public on a daily basis in order to help your community, this may be a good fit for you.

    Job duties include:

    • In order to give a positive customer experience, employees must greet and interact with customers and offer assistance with items, sales and promotions.
    • Handle and process consumer purchases, refunds, and exchanges of goods and services
    • and
    • Carry out your passport responsibilities
    • Retail lobby should be kept in a clean and appealing condition by putting up and organizing exhibits that are visible to consumers
    • Standing for an extended period of time while interacting with consumers

    Apply today to receive a copy of the job description in its entirety.

    Motor Vehicle Operator (MVO)

    In this position, you will be responsible for operating a postal truck in all weather situations on a regularly planned route to pick up and transport letters and other correspondence.Health insurance and retirement plans may be included in the package.This employment necessitates the possession of a commercial driver’s license.

    If you love operating a vehicle while being supported by a strong team in a safe working environment, this may be the position for you.-

    Job duties include:

    • Moderately to heavily weighted mail and items are picked up, loaded, carried, and delivered.
    • Truck must be operated in accordance with timetables and safety regulations.
    • Examine the condition of the vehicle while it is in use and record any accidents, flaws, or failures that occur
    • Additional responsibilities may be allocated, such as simple mechanical repairs in an emergency situation.

    Apply today to receive a copy of the job description in its entirety.

    Tractor Trailer Operator (TTO)

    In this position, you will be required to operate a heavy-duty tractor-trailer on a regular basis in all weather situations, whether it is for over-the-road transportation, city shuttle service, or trailer spotting.Health insurance and retirement plans may be included in the package.This employment necessitates the possession of a commercial driver’s license.

    The majority of TTO roles have short delivery trips, allowing you to spend more time at home with your family.

    Job duties include:

    • Operate a tractor-trailer for a delivery route that has been assigned according to a schedule
    • Provide pick-up and delivery services for bulk mail at postal and railroad facilities, as well as airports.
    • The tractor-condition trailer’s should be monitored, with any accidents or problems being reported immediately.
    • Moderately to heavily weighted mail and items are picked up, loaded, carried, and delivered.

    Apply today to receive a copy of the job description in its entirety.

    Mail Handler Assistant (MHA)

    You will be responsible for loading, unloading, and moving mail and parcels. You will also be responsible for a variety of other tasks associated with the movement and processing of mail. If you appreciate remaining active while working in a team setting that places a strong emphasis on safety and ergonomics, this job might be a wonderful fit.

    Job duties include:

    • Taking moderate to heavy mail from trucks and sorting equipment and loading, lifting, and transporting it
    • Postal should be separated for distribution, and then loaded into mail trucks for transport
    • Transporting mail to the distribution center while operating machines is required.
    • It is possible to execute a wide range of tasks, such as rewrapping damaged packages and weighing mail.

    Apply today to receive a copy of the job description in its entirety.

    Automotive Technician

    Performing routine and difficult repairs and maintenance on all sorts of motor vehicles in the postal fleet will be part of your responsibilities in this position. You will be responsible for troubleshooting and diagnosing increasingly sophisticated vehicle faults, as well as providing support to subordinates.

    Job duties include:

    • Diagnose vehicles and carry out operational tests on their engines, primary supporting systems, parts, and component parts
    • and
    • Perform a variety of computerized and electronic diagnostic tests with the use of specialist equipment.
    • Handle work orders, prepare and update vehicle records, annotate labor hours, and manage work orders.
    • Vehicle inspections, road calls, and road tests should be carried out visually and auditorily.

    Apply today to receive a copy of the job description in its entirety.

    Lead Automotive Technician

    At this position, you will act as a mentor and leader for lower-level technicians and mechanics in a car repair center. You will also be responsible for physically doing the most difficult repairs and maintenance on all sorts of motor vehicles that are part of the postal fleet, including trucks and buses.

    Job duties include:

    • When dealing with more complicated repairs, provide technical counsel and instructions to mechanics and technicians.
    • Carry out vehicle inspections, identify the need for repairs, allocate and plan tasks for specific staff
    • Diagnose vehicles and carry out operational tests on their engines, primary supporting systems, parts, and component parts
    • and
    • Perform a variety of computerized and electronic diagnostic tests with the use of specialist equipment.

    Apply today to receive a copy of the job description in its entirety.

    Maintenance Mechanic

    Performing preventive, corrective, and predictive maintenance tasks associated with the upkeep and operation of various types of mail processing, buildings and building equipment, customer service and delivery equipment will be your primary responsibility in this position. You will be working independently.

    Job duties include:

    • Maintenance and routine repairs in areas such as plumbing, heating, refrigeration, and air-conditioning are carried out.
    • Preventive maintenance and routine repairs on simple control circuits and other pieces of equipment
    • replace worn or broken components
    • and replace worn or broken parts.
    • Construction of small working equipment includes the following tasks: assembly, installation, replacement, repair, modification, and adjustment.
    • Perform activities relating to dismantling equipment, replacing parts, transferring equipment, and reassembling equipment under the supervision of qualified maintenance staff.

    Apply today to receive a copy of the job description in its entirety.

    Maintenance Mechanic Mail Processing Equipment (MPE)

    In this position, you will be responsible for complicated troubleshooting and maintenance work on a wide range of mail handling equipment.Preventative maintenance inspections of equipment and building facilities will also be part of your job responsibilities.If you have previous expertise performing maintenance on a variety of mechanical and electrical equipment, this position might be a good fit for you.

    Job duties include:

    • Test, diagnose and maintain complicated equipment that demands a complete understanding of the mechanical, electrical, and electronic functioning processes.
    • Observe and test systems and equipment to determine the source of faults and to rectify them in order to achieve optimal system efficiency.
    • Preventative maintenance checks are carried out, and maintenance techniques and practices are reviewed and established as standards.
    • Create work orders and estimate the amount of time and resources required

    Apply today to receive a copy of the job description in its entirety.

    Laborer Custodial

    In this position, you will be responsible for doing physical work in conjunction with the maintenance and cleaning of postal facility buildings and grounds. Assist with the firing of a low-pressure boiler at a facility as well as basic repairs to the structure and its associated equipment.

    Job duties include:

    • Minor maintenance fixes to equipment or the postal facility are carried out or assisted by the employee.
    • Utilize a range of power-driven tools to clean walls and ceilings while suspended from scaffolding.
    • General laborious operations such as constructing furniture or loading and unloading equipment are performed.
    • If the building is smaller, will help the fireman-laborer in lighting the boiler and, if they are absent, will light and clean the boiler.
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    Apply today to receive a copy of the job description in its entirety.

    Electronic Technician

    Using advanced technical knowledge, you will carry out a wide range of diagnostic, preventative maintenance, alignment and calibration, and overhaul tasks on both hardware and software for a wide range of mail processing, customer service, and building equipment and systems, as well as a variety of building systems.This position may be a good fit for you if you want to put your past technical experience to use with the mail operating system.

    Job duties include:

    • Perform complicated testing, diagnosis, and maintenance on electronic-operated equipment and systems
    • and
    • Locate the cause of faults and rectify them in order to ensure optimal system performance.
    • Equipment inspections are carried out in order to determine the quality of the service or maintenance received.
    • Improve service and maintenance activities by making recommendations, and assess equipment failures to ensure that the appropriate level of equipment maintenance is maintained.

    Apply today to receive a copy of the job description in its entirety.

    What Is the Difference Between a Mail Handler and Clerk for USPS?

    Mail handlers and clerks — who are formally referred to as mail processing clerks — are classified as key entry-level professions within the United States Postal Service and perform critical responsibilities in the organization. Despite the fact that their responsibilities are closely similar, there are significant variances between the two roles.

    Mail Handler Responsibilities

    According to the United States Postal Service, the primary function of mail handlers is to load, unload, and transport bulk mail within a facility, therefore easing the processing and delivery of letters, packages, and parcels throughout the system, among other things.Unloading and sorting incoming mail from trucks or conveyors, which is subsequently transported to distribution centers for processing, is the responsibility of mail handlers.Large containers and hefty sacks of mail or goods weighing up to 70 pounds, as well as the capacity to lift and carry them, are essential for this employment.

    Processing Clerk Responsibilities

    As a mail processing clerk, your major responsibility will be to run and maintain the many different types of automated sorting and scanning devices that are utilized in the mail processing and distribution process.In addition, they are responsible for manually sorting mails and parcels as necessary.In addition to organizing and moving processed mail to transit distribution zones, a processing clerk is required to lift and carry big bags and containers, which necessitates the use of lifting and moving equipment.

    Handler and Clerk Job Settings

    Handlers and processing clerks are primarily employed at large processing and distribution centers — such as the United States Postal Service Network Distribution Centers and Sectional Center Facilities — but they are also employed at main and branch office facilities located in major cities and small towns.In addition to their core responsibilities, handlers and processing clerks working in the main and branch offices may be called upon to help the public and participate in customer service activities.

    Postal Service Job Requirements

    Job requirements for both positions range from a minimum age of 18 or 16 for those with a high school diploma to citizenship or permanent resident status, as well as proficiency in English language proficiency, selective service registration, drug screening, criminal background screening, and a review of previous employment and military history, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.A passing score of 70 or higher is required on the USPS Test 473, which is used to assess a candidate’s competency and suitability for mail-handling responsibilities.Handlers must also be able to handle and carry big containers and goods weighing up to 70 pounds without assistance.

    Handler and Clerk Pay Rates

    Pay for USPS mail handler assistants varies depending on the grade and number of years of experience, but the National Postal Mail Handlers Union estimates that starting mail handler assistants at the lowest full-time pay level on Schedule 1 will earn $40,443 per year as of November 2020, the latest available data.The lowest full-time pay level on Schedule 2 is $35,380, which is the minimum wage.The wage of a post office employee varies greatly depending on their level of experience.

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States, postal clerks make an average yearly salary of $48,330.Sorters and processors of mail receive an average yearly salary of $60,140.According to the American Postal Workers Union, the USPS clerk pay scale will see a 1 percent increase in the cost of living in 2020, compared to the current year.

    Permanent vs. Temporary

    Handlers and mail processing clerks can find employment with the United States Postal Service in both permanent and non-career professions.Non-career employment, such as postal support personnel and casual employees, are only available for a short period of time.In most cases, candidates for these roles are employed to assist with high demand times that occur on a seasonal basis, such as Christmas support in the month of December.

    Mail ProcessorSkills and Knowledge

    Importance Skills
    Monitoring – Monitoring/Assessing performance of yourself, other individuals, or organizations to make improvements or take corrective action.
    Coordination – Adjusting actions in relation to others’ actions.
    Reading Comprehension – Understanding written sentences and paragraphs in work related documents.
    Speaking – Talking to others to convey information effectively.
    Critical Thinking – Using logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems.
    Active Listening – Giving full attention to what other people are saying, taking time to understand the points being made, asking questions as appropriate, and not interrupting at inappropriate times.
    Operation Monitoring – Watching gauges, dials, or other indicators to make sure a machine is working properly.
    Judgment and Decision Making – Considering the relative costs and benefits of potential actions to choose the most appropriate one.
    Time Management – Managing one’s own time and the time of others.
    Operation and Control – Controlling operations of equipment or systems.
    Social Perceptiveness – Being aware of others’ reactions and understanding why they react as they do.
    Service Orientation – Actively looking for ways to help people.
    Complex Problem Solving – Identifying complex problems and reviewing related information to develop and evaluate options and implement solutions.

    Hourly wage for U.S. Postal Service (USPS) Mail Sorter

    1. In the United States, how much does a Mail Sorter make an hourly wage at organizations such as the United States Postal Service (USPS)?
    2. As of February 25, 2022, the average hourly salary for a Mail Sorter for firms such as the United States Postal Service (USPS) in the United States is $17, however the range is often between $15 and $19.
    3. Education, certifications, extra talents, and the amount of years you have spent in your career are all crucial considerations to consider when determining your hourly rate.
    4. Salary.com provides more online, real-time salary data than any other website, allowing you to pinpoint your exact wage objective.
    5. View the cost of living in major cities in the United States About the United States Postal Service (USPS) Other businesses in the Education, Government, and Nonprofit sector may be found here.

    What doesaMail Sorter do at companies like U.S. Postal Service (USPS)?

    1. First used by postal services to expedite and automate mail processing, mail sorting systems are now also used by corporations and other mailers to presort mail prior to delivery in order to qualify for postage discounts.
    2. Mail sorting systems were originally developed to help postal services expedite and streamline mail processing.
    3. To give you an example, in the United States, presort discounts can cut the cost of First-Class Mail from $0.42 per piece to as little as $0.324.
    4. Many businesses also employ mail sorters to manage incoming mail, which includes items such as checks, orders, and communication.
    5. As of 04/28/2019, the information came from Wikipedia.
    1. More information may be found on Wikipedia.
    2. Check out the job duties given by users for Mail Sorter.
    3. Examine Mail Sorter positions available in the United States.
    4. Sorting Mail is a job description for a mail sorter.
    5. dnata Providing catering services in San Francisco and Chicago, Illinois Sterling, Virginia – Immediate Mailing Service – We were established in 1986 as a pioneer in the presort mail sector and have since grown to become one of the most well-known companies in transactional document distribution.
    6. We take great pleasure in our work at IMS.

    ZipRecruiter is an applicant tracking system.Employment opportunities for ZipSearch/ZipAlerts – posted 10 days ago Freedom Graphic Systems is located in Milton, Wisconsin.Freedom, a nationwide direct mail company established in Milton, Wisconsin, is one of the largest privately held direct mail marketing providers in the United States, and is one of the largest privately held direct mail marketing providers in the world.

    • What is the point of freedom?
    • As a result of us.
    • 19 days have passed since JobGet was created.
    • JBCPlatform is based in New York, New York.
    • Sorter in the mailroom The sorter removes sorted mail from the sorter and sets it in a tray for delivery to its assigned destination.
    • Once the tray is completely filled, the tray is sent into the conveyor system for strapping and further placement.

    Posted 13 days ago by ZipRecruiter Champion Staffing and Recruiting is located in Louisville, Kentucky.Removes mail pieces from sorting bins, checks bar code integrity, zip code sort accuracy, and appropriate dates, then trays or bundles the pieces that have passed through the sorting process.Prepares tray labels in compliance with United States Postal Service specifications.Upward.net was created 40 days ago.Lyneer Staffing Solutions is located in Levittown, Pennsylvania.Our client is seeking committed Mail Sorters in the Levittown, Pennsylvania area.

    • In this position, you will be responsible for ensuring that all mail is checked for appropriate date, postage, and high-quality barcodes before being deposited.
    • 57 days have passed since ZipRecruiter was founded.
    • HW Staffing Solutions is based in Lawrence, Massachusetts.
    • We are looking for mail insert machine operators with a minimum of three months experience.
    • Will be adding invoices and then removing the paperwork from the sorter when it has been retrieved.

    Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m.to 3:30 p.m.Background .Posted 13 days ago by ZipRecruiter

    About U.S. Postal Service (USPS)

    1. USPS (United States Postal Service; also known as the Post Office, U.S.
    2. Mail, or Postal Service) is an independent agency of the United States federal government that is responsible for providing postal service throughout the United States, including its insular areas and associated states.
    3. It is part of the executive branch of the federal government.
    4. It is one of the few government agencies that is officially allowed under the Constitution of the United States of America.
    5. The origins of the United States Postal Service may be traced back to 1775, during the Second Continental Congress, when Benjamin Franklin was designated the country’s first postmaster general.
    1. The Post Office Department was established in 1792 as a result of the Revolutionary War.
    2. Wikipedia (as of 04/17/2019), with permission.
    3. More information may be found on Wikipedia.


    1. The United States Postal Service (USPS) is a separate federal body that falls under the jurisdiction of the Executive Branch of government.
    2. We’ll talk about the USPS Mail Processing Clerk Job Description in this section.
    3. As one of just a few government institutions sanctioned by the United States Constitution, the United States Postal Service is a unique institution.
    4. The Postal Clause delegated authority to the United States Postal Service to authorize overseas travel.
    5. Many individuals have inquired as to how to seek employment with both the post office and the job center; how to learn more about the postal service; and the many methods of gaining employment with the job center, among other things.
    1. The United States Postal Service is a huge company with a lot of employees.
    2. The agency has a fleet of more than 200,000 commercial vehicles under its control.
    3. According to official figures, the United States Postal Service recruited around 645,000 individuals in 2017.
    4. The massive size of the United States Postal Service has, however, made the process of employing new personnel more difficult.
    5. In spite of the fact that the automated job application is accessible 24 hours a day, it is not very user-friendly.
    6. Many job applicants for the United States Postal Service are turned down because of a minor clerical error that could have been avoided.

    In order to aid you in navigating the USPS employment application procedure and avoiding costly mistakes, the following story has been prepared.Their responsibilities include sorting, measuring, and measuring mail, distributing mail in accordance with established corporate processes and standards, and replenishing the mailroom with bulk polymerization materials.

    Who is USPS Mail Processing Clerk?

    1. Order clerks, also known as processing clerks, are those that help businesses in the completion of services and product orders.
    2. As clients make purchases, processing clerks enter order information into a computer program and assist in ensuring that the items are dispatched appropriately to their destinations.
    3. A wide range of industries, such as clothes and furniture, use people in this type of employment.
    4. Working as a processing clerk is a possibility if you have basic data entry abilities and an inquisitive mind for finding information.
    5. As a mail processing clerk, your major task will be to run and maintain the many types of automatic sorting and scanning systems that are utilized throughout the postal processing and delivery process.
    1. A group of people appears to be in charge of manually sifting letters and emails as and when they are needed.
    2. The other primary tasks of a sorting clerk include arranging and transporting processed mail to transportation distribution locations, which entails the transportation and lugging of heavy bags and boxes on a regular basis.

    Role of USPS Mail Processing Clerk

    1. The employment of a USPS mail processing clerk would include learning nearly all there is to know about either the intricate process of sorting mail or the company’s postal delivery system.
    2. This approach determi

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