What Is A Branding Package?

Branding Package vs Separate Branded Items. Let’s define what is a branding package, before analyzing its key components. A branding package is a collection of digital, printed, or physical resources used to create a uniform image of a brand. It consists of separate branded items united with the same style and ideas.
A branding package is a series of assets that establish uniformity for your brand. This includes everything from a series of responsive logo variations to a color palette, typography, messaging, graphic elements, and style guides. These assets unite a style and ideology through consistency.

Why does my business need a branding package?

Here’s a couple of different reasons that your business needs a branding package: 1. A brand package creates a unified message across your company’s various channels

What does a brand identity package include?

An average brand identity package includes some or all of the following: The most basic branding package will have a personalized logo, business cards and letterhead. There’s also a piece of paper (or, nowadays, a PDF) called a branding standards document. So what is a branding standards document, and why do you need one?

What does branding package include?

A branding package is all the separate branded resources a company uses to help create a unified experience for their customer. This can include anything from print to online and physical assets, such as a logo, brand colors, and even the font you use on your website.

How do you create a branding package?

How to Build a Brand Identity

  1. Step 1: Know Your Foundation.
  2. Step 2: Assess Your Current Identity.
  3. Step 3: Audit Your Competition.
  4. Step 4: Hone In on a Visual Direction.
  5. Step 5: Write Your Branding Brief.
  6. Step 6: Design Your Logo.
  7. Step 8: Choose Your Typography.
  8. Step 9: Design Additional Elements.

What is a branding item?

Product branding is the application of branding strategy principles to a specific item or product. It’s the associating of a symbol, name, and design with a product to create a recognizable identity for that item. Product branding can be deeply complex, with focus groups, multiple rounds of designs, and so forth.

What comes in a logo package?

Step 2: Set Logo Components

Logo Package Express allows you to set up to three of those pieces: the logo mark (typically a graphic, icon, or symbol) the logotype (the name of the company or organization) and the tagline (the slogan).

What should be included in a logo package?

Logo Package Folder Structure

The logo variations folder will include all the different arrangements of your logo. The next section divides your files into digital and print purposes. Your colour variations folder will include the colour options available. Finally, the relevant file types your client will need.

What are the 4 steps of branding?

If you are part of a marketing team tasked with building your company’s brand, you can follow these four steps:

  • Determine your target audience.
  • Position your product and business.
  • Define your company’s personality.
  • Choose a logo and slogan.
  • What should be included in branding?

    What should brand guidelines include?

    1. Information about your brand’s history, mission, values, and vision.
    2. Guidelines on logo usage including color palette, file format(s), minimum and maximum sizes, contexts, spacing, and usage permissions e.g where it should and shouldn’t appear.

    What is branding identity?

    Brand identity is the visible elements of a brand, such as color, design, and logo, that identify and distinguish the brand in consumers’ minds. Brand identity is distinct from brand image.

    What is a product packaging?

    Packaging is the act of designing and creating the container and wrapper for the product. Package is the cover of the product that is used for storing, handling and protecting the product from external factors like sunlight, moisture, breakage etc.

    What is product branding and examples?

    Product brands refer to the individual products of a company and are the foundation of its brand world. They are at the lowest and most granular hierarchy level of the brand architecture. Examples of well-known product brands are Coca-Cola, Nutella, and Ariel.

    How do you brand a product name?

    10 Tips for Product Naming Success

    1. Be Descriptive.
    2. Use Real Words with a Twist.
    3. Add a Prefix or Suffix.
    4. Create a Compound Word.
    5. Make up a Word.
    6. Change Spellings.
    7. Tweak and Blend Words.
    8. Use a Place or Person’s Name.

    How many logos should a brand have?

    A brand identity designer should design you at least four non-negotiable logo variations to help your brand show up and look consistent no matter where you place it. Let’s take a look at each of the different logo variations your brand needs.

    What format should logos be in?

    A logo should always be designed in a vector format. Why? Vector images can be scaled (make larger and smaller) without diminishing the quality because they are created with points, lines, and curves. Vector files are the original source files that can be edited by design applications.

    What makes good branding?

  • Establishing Identity. The most important part of branding is establishing the identity that is being branded.
  • Logo as Visual Anchor. The foundation of a good branding package is to have a strong,effective logo.
  • Fonts and Colors Matter!
  • A few examples.
  • What services are included in branding?

  • Logo design. Logo and brand design are tightly intertwined since any logo is an inherent part of visual brand identity.
  • Color palette. If you are just launching a company or still haven’t selected your brand colors,ask to add this option to your branding kit.
  • Email templates.
  • Website.
  • Typography.
  • Letterhead.
  • Brochures.
  • Business cards.
  • Package design.
  • What are disadvantages of branding?

  • Discourages from Trying other Products. Brand loyalty discourages the consumer from trying out other new brands which possibly be more satisfying.
  • Leads to Monopoly. It leads to some kind of monopoly known as brand Monopoly.
  • Create Confusion.
  • Commands Premium.
  • Substandard Goods.
  • Imposes Responsibility.
  • Some Products Do Not Lend Themselves to Branding.
  • What are the four branding strategies?

  • Define Your Brand Identity. Before you select the proper brand strategies for your business,you should define your brand identity.
  • Determine Your Brand Objectives.
  • Define Your Brand’s Audience.
  • Consider Your Industry.
  • Branding Package: What Elements It Includes and Why?- The Coder

    • Make an association between your favorite brand and something.
    • What is the first thing that springs to mind?
    • A logo, package branding, colors, or maybe an exquisite typeface used for a company’s name are all examples of visual branding.

    The majority of these branding components may be found in a conventional branding kit.However, in the majority of situations, branding packages are not static and may be simply changed to meet your specific requirements.Design professionals will provide recommendations to you after conducting an interview on how to utilize visual branding for your product marketing and what can be branded.

    Despite the fact that brand package alternatives are virtually limitless, some branding aspects are utilized more frequently than others.Consider these while developing your marketing plan to ensure that you get the most out of it.We’ll tell you what’s included in a branding package to aid you with this and to demonstrate the range of possibilities available to you in the process.Following a thorough examination of the various branding aspects, you will be better prepared to fulfill your own requirements.In any case, it is preferable to do an individual study prior to engaging a design studio in order to establish the visual branding you desire.

    This will improve the effectiveness of future collaboration.

    Branding Package vs Separate Branded Items

    • First, let us define what a branding package is, and then we’ll look at the many components that make it up. A branding package is a collection of digital, printed, or physical resources that are used to create a unified picture of a company across all mediums. It is made up of variously branded objects that are all unified by a same style and set of concepts. There are numerous frequent scenarios in which businesses may purchase large-scale design services in bulk. Typically, they do this in order to: enter the market
    • launch a large-scale marketing campaign
    • rebrand their current image
    • or expand their product line.
    • Such branding lays the path for significant marketing shifts and equips a firm with all it needs to conduct effective brand marketing campaigns.
    • However, keep in mind that a branding package is not necessarily a fixed collection of services that you are obligated to purchase.
    • First and foremost, it is about having a complete strategy to your branding and incorporating it into all of your goods and interactions with consumers and prospects.

    Top 10 Services Included in a Branding Package. Who Needs Them?

    1 Logo design

    • Logo and brand design are inextricably linked since every logo is a fundamental component of a company’s visual brand identification.
    • Aside from that, a comprehensive branding package nearly always includes logo design as one of its core services.
    • Logo design is an excellent approach to distinguish your firm from those of its rivals and to create the groundwork for future marketing success for your business.

    A logo will establish a strong relationship between your firm and its products and services from the very beginning.As a result, make sure you spend in the quality and design of the product.Also, keep in mind that there are several various sorts of logos to select from.

    You’ll have to come up with the most appropriate solution for your situation.There is no substitute for a logo, regardless of whether you purchase the entire branding package or just one piece of it on its own.Ideally, the logo design should be completed before any new company venture, major or little, is launched.01Logo design for a catering firm in San Francisco

    2 Color palette

    • If you are just starting a business or haven’t decided on your company’s brand colors yet, request that this option be included in your branding kit.
    • The color palette you choose has a huge impact on the impression and image of your company.
    • Furthermore, this branding package service is required for any firm that is interested in long-term development and high-quality marketing campaigns.

    Keep in mind that color choosing is a critical stage in visual branding, so be sure you delegate this responsibility to experts.Color Palette No.02

    3 Email templates

    • Nowadays, an enormous amount of company transactions take place online.
    • Because of this, it is nearly hard to maintain a dominant market position if you do not employ email marketing as one of your marketing platforms.
    • This is especially true for people who work in the field of e-business.

    Every online store’s branding kit would be inadequate if it did not include branded email templates as well.They enhance the effectiveness of your newsletters as promotional tools by encouraging subscribers to take action on the information included inside them.As a result, if you send a large number of B2C or B2B emails and need to mark them, don’t be afraid to choose this branding package option instead.

    03 Every online store’s branding kit would be inadequate if it did not include customized email templates.

    4 Website

    • We understand that websites aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about corporate branding packages.
    • However, if you’re fortunate enough to come across a competent design business, it may be able to provide you with website design as part of a branding package.
    • Furthermore, it is beneficial to include certain branding features on your official web page in order to promote your company’s brand online.

    Even the most well-known offline leaders must seek to improve their online presence in order to broaden their target audience and market their respective offerings.As a result, every firm that wants to succeed must have a website that is attractive, convenient, and informative.Consider the website of a food supplier developed by The Coder to observe how it incorporates numerous branding components while also promoting the services.

    04 Designing a website from the ground up

    5 Typography

    • If we’re being honest, typography isn’t the most popular branding aspect, and many businesses prefer to overlook it.
    • The majority of people feel that font choosing is simple and does not need deliberative deliberation.
    • Typography is a powerful tool that only specialists understand, and its influence on the overall perception of a brand is limited.

    As a result, typography is a crucial component of a whole branding package, serving as a complement to the other elements.A tiny firm, in contrast to a major corporation, may get by without using bespoke typefaces.Particularly if it does not make extensive use of titles or textual material.

    However, designing unique typefaces is preferable for creating a smooth holistic branding experience.05 Typography is one of the most important branding components.

    6 Letterhead

    • If you send a lot of email attachments or utilize direct mail marketing, you should create a letterhead that is unique to your company.
    • Increase response rates and make your message more memorable by using this package branding feature in your package design.
    • It is customary for the company’s name and address to be shown at the top of the page in the company’s brand colors.

    When designing a letterhead, it’s critical to adhere to your company’s branding guidelines and employ the appropriate proportions for the header and blank space.06 Letterhead design for a catering firm in San Francisco

    7 Brochures

    • Brochures are not included in all branding packages, and this is understandable given their purpose.
    • Consequently, if you want to start a direct mail campaign or send printed marketing materials through any other means, you should speak directly with your design agency about your goals and objectives beforehand.
    • The logo, tagline, services, benefits, and contact information of a firm are often included in a company’s brochure.

    This is an excellent combination that meets the informational requirements of a typical target audience.The expertise of professional designers will assist you in creating a brochure that attracts attention and showcases your business in the most appealing manner.Additionally, this strategy is typically preferred by medium-sized and small businesses that operate locally and rely on offline marketing.

    Group 188 (Mask) 07

    8 Business cards

    • Business cards are included in the majority of company identification packages.
    • They are simple to create and inexpensive to print, yet they play a significant part in establishing your visual brand identity.
    • If you employ a large number of employees and want a standardized business card design, the firm will give you with a customisable template that you may use.
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    The size of your firm and the kind of the services it provides have no bearing on the need to distribute business cards.Everyone should be able to quickly and simply exchange their contact information with one another.It is therefore preferable to purchase business card design in conjunction with other branding materials.

    08 Design of business cards for a catering firm in San Francisco

    9 Package design

    • In some circumstances, a branding package’s effectiveness is highly dependent on the effectiveness of a product package (sounds hard, right?) Let’s be clear about what we’re talking about.
    • Package design refers to the overall appearance of all items that end consumers view in a store or on the internet.
    • Want to see an example?

    Concierge Catering has commissioned the Coder to develop its logo, which includes packaging design.To see the final outcome, please visit this page.The decision-making process is heavily influenced by the packages that are offered.

    Furthermore, consumers frequently purchase items only on the basis of their appearance.As a result, if you own a firm that manufactures any type of mass-market goods, you should outsource the packaging of your product to specialists.This will prove to be a prudent investment in the development of your company, as well as a fantastic method to distinguish yourself from your competition.09 Packaging design for a catering firm in San Francisco

    10 Style guides

    • A style guide is a thorough rulebook that contains all of the criteria associated with your company’s brand.
    • It will include, in particular, your purpose, vision, core values, corporate voice, logo, typography, and guiding principles, among other things.
    • Marketers, graphic designers, web developers, sales teams, and anybody else who is responsible for presenting a consistent vision of your brand to your target audience will find style guidelines to be quite useful.

    Branding packages of this nature are best suited for significant market participants that are interested in developing a comprehensive marketing strategy.The things on this list are not canonical nor exclusive in any way.Furthermore, they aren’t required to be included in every branding package as a general rule.

    This is a foundation upon which you may build your understanding of how visual branding might benefit your marketing effort.When it comes to branding packages, it’s sometimes even preferable to choose for individual branded things rather than a branded bundle.If you pick a design agency that is adaptable and open to dialogue, you should have no difficulties in this regard.You will be able to choose the necessary branding aspects for your project and locate the most cost-effective option for your needs.In addition to all of these branding package components, the Coder provides much more.

    Please contact us to discuss the pricing of a branding package for your company.10A style guide is a complete rulebook that contains all standards pertaining to your company’s image.

    The Branding Package: How To Build One For Your Company

    • HomeDesign What is a brand identity package, and how does it work? I thought I’d take the time to clarify what a branding package is and how it may benefit you. Generally speaking, a brand is a combination of a firm’s name, slogan, and logo that is used to aid in the identification of a company or its products by a potential consumer. Your company’s branding should be able to do the following: Deliver your company’s message or explain its goods
    • connect your products and services with customers
    • build user loyalty
    • and persuade people to buy your stuff.

    So what’s in a branding package?

    • A large number of distinct products are included in branding packages. In most cases, a brand identity package will comprise any or all of the following components: Company letterhead, business cards, flyers, folded brochures, email templates, and convention exhibits are all available.
    • A customised logo, business cards, and letterhead will be included in the most basic branding package you may choose. A branding standards document is a piece of paper (or, today, a PDF) that outlines the guidelines for a company’s branding. So, what exactly is a branding standards document, and why do you need one in your organization? Here’s how it works: Establishing branding standards documents clarifies how the many aspects of your brand package communicate your company’s message in a clear and meaningful manner. Make sure that your staff and others adhere to the branding guidelines document that you created for your company. This ensures that your brand is clearly defined to everyone, from vendors to shareholders to the general public. Branding standards papers often include standards for the following: the different parts of your logo and how they should be used
    • the different aspects of your logo and how they should be used
    • the different elements of your logo and how they should be used
    • Typography (which typefaces your logo use, as well as how and where they are employed)
    • What color palette your logo employs, as well as what elements of the logo those colors are employed for are important considerations.
    • Any legal requirements for utilizing the logo
    • any restrictions on its use.

    So, what does a typical brand standards handbook look like in practice? Take a look at this HubSpot post on brand standards papers, which has 21 excellent examples of these documents.

    Why do I need a brand package?

    • You could be asking yourself, ″Why do I need a branding package in the first place?″ Have you ever considered the impact your company has on the community it serves?
    • Branding packages aid in the advancement of your company by establishing the image and impression that you desire.
    • A branding package is necessary for a variety of reasons.

    Here are a few examples: 1.A brand package ensures that your company’s message is consistent across all of its communication platforms.No matter what you’re doing, whether it’s redesigning your company’s website, posting to social media, participating in a trade show, or handing out promotional materials, having a business branding package ensures that you send out a consistent message no matter who you’re interacting with or what channel you’re using to communicate with them.

    Because of the consistency of your messaging, your company becomes associated with your message, which encourages individuals in your niche to do business with you.In the case of an exhibitor at a trade show, it is critical to maintain your brand identification consistent across all channels to ensure that attendees are not confused about who you are or what your company does.In order for customers to remember your company and the services it provides when you distribute promotional products such as tote bags or personalized can coolers, it is critical that your branding be consistent throughout all promotional handouts, marketing paperwork, and other marketing materials.2.Branding packages assist you in distinguishing yourself from your rivals.

    Create a bundle that represents your company’s brand identity.Because of this, potential clients will have an easier time distinguishing you from the crowd of competitors.By implementing a consistent branding strategy throughout the organization, it may assist shape and positively impact the company’s reputation throughout the community, particularly with regard to vendors, shareholders, and future consumers, among other things.Would you want to learn more about creating a brand package for your business?Check out this Canva lesson on creating a branding package for more information.

    About Author

    What is a Branding Package, and How Much Do They Cost?

    • Investing in branding packages is a cost-efficient and successful marketing strategy that provides you with the tools you need to make your company stand out. Let us give you a fast summary of what most branding packages nowadays have to offer – and we’ll also help you figure out how much it will cost you in the process. What is a branding package? What is included in a branding package? How much does a branding package cost? What is the difference between a branding package and a marketing package?
    • Can you tell me how much Two Wolves charges for a branding package?
    • How can you distinguish yourself as ″The Choice″ for a potential consumer when you are up against a slew of other businesses?
    • It all begins with your company’s branding.
    • Your brand begins with your one-of-a-kind service or product and the manner in which you give it.

    However, you must also take into consideration how you convey your brand, both aesthetically and through your messaging.Whether you’re rebuilding your company’s website, posting to social media, or attending a trade event, having great branding ensures that you send a consistent message no matter who you’re connecting with or via whatever channel you’re communicating with them.Customers and trade partners in your niche will want to do business with you as soon as you begin spreading a coherent message and image, and your company will become associated with your message, product, or service as you promote your message and image.

    You get to the top of the rankings and defeat your competitors.Your company’s branding will survive and outperform its competition if you make the necessary investments.Do you want to see some proof?For a more in-depth look, check out this report from McKinsey.And a smart place to start is by having a branding package built just for your company’s requirements.

    What is a branding package?

    • A branding package is a collection of assets that work together to build consistency for your brand. A responsive logo design, color palette, typography, messaging, visual elements, and style guidelines are just a few of the components of this project. Through consistency, these elements help to bring a style and a philosophy together. Taking a holistic approach to your branding will ensure that you are remembered and that your consumers are delighted every time they connect with you. Branding services will be provided by a branding agency or a design studio. There are three major occasions when a company may require a branding package: the launch of the company, the expansion of the company, and the expansion of the company’s market share. A fresh new firm or startup
    • the commencement of a marketing campaign
    • the launch of a new product
    • Incorporating a new brand into an established firm

    Do you require a branding package for your company? Let’s have a conversation. ‍

    What is included in a branding package?

    Now, let’s take a look at each component of a branding package in detail.


    • If you’re a fresh new firm or startup, this is the time when a design team will dive into your operations and provide recommendations. It is likely that they will ask questions such as: Who is your ideal audience or target market?
    • What problem do you want to solve for them with your service or product?
    • What makes you unique in comparison to your competitors?
    • These are just a few instances to give you an idea of what I’m talking about.
    • The results of a formal survey will be far more in-depth.
    • The purpose of this exercise is to assist in the collection of sufficient information to begin developing prospective mission statements, value propositions, taglines, and other marketing messages.

    Clearly stating WHO you are speaking with, HOW you will assist them, and WHY you are doing it in the first place.If you are a well-established company, you can expect to be asked these questions as well as a thorough examination of your present branding.It is the goal of a design team to determine what is currently working and what is not working in order to get to the heart of why you have opted to rebrand in the first place.


    • The logo is the most visible part of your branding since it is the most forward-looking.
    • As a result, a fantastic modern logo will be your most potent tool when it comes to developing your visual identity, and it will be a major emphasis of any branding firm you choose.
    • And in order to do it correctly, you must strike a balance between a number of key concepts.

    We create what we like to refer to as a SMART LogoTM.Simple.At a glance, your logo must be immediately distinguishable from the competition.

    (This is where the logo’s simplicity is most apparent.) Memorable.Logos that are memorable are simple to recall.You want your brand to be the first thing that comes to mind when customers are looking for the product or service you provide.Appropriate.The look should be appropriate for the company.

    It is inappropriate to associate a construction firm with the same emotions as an ice cream shop, for example.Responsive.Your logo must be adaptive and adjustable to meet the demands of any situation.Timeless.Don’t go along with the crowd.It is critical to consider the long term here, so that your logo does not appear antiquated in five years.

    Coca-Cola is an excellent example; it has remained virtually unchanged for more than 130 years.In most cases, when we put up a branding package, we’ll put together many variants of the brandmark, including a wordmark and, if necessary, a lettermark.These choices help you to make your logo responsive so that it may be utilized across a variety of digital and physical mediums.Check out our post on modern logo design if you want to take a deeper dive into the world of logos.‍


    Using the facts gathered during the discovery phase, it is possible to develop messaging to help your brand position itself. Mission statements, value propositions, taglines, and words that are synonymous with your brand are all examples of messaging. ‍

    What is a mission statement?

    • A mission statement describes the line of business that a firm is in, as well as the reason for its existence and the purpose that it serves.
    • It is possible to persuade individuals to become involved in an organization by using a statement of purpose to make them enthused about the firm.
    • Customers and staff alike will benefit from this arrangement.

    As an illustration, consider the following passage from Apple’s initial mission statement.″Apple is committed to the empowerment of man—to making personal computing available to each and every individual in order to assist in changing the way we think, work, learn, and communicate,″ the company says.‍

    What is a value proposition?

    • It combines many features with a strong mission statement, but it is considerably shorter and more succinct in nature.
    • It should be no more than 2-3 sentences in length.
    • Consider it your ″elevator pitch″ for the job.
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    A value proposition is a statement that describes your company’s position within your industry and explains to customers why they should invest in your product rather than one of your rivals’ products.Value propositions are frequently shown on the homepage of a company’s website.It should be immediately apparent and set the tone for a potential customer’s experience.

    An example from Apple: ″Why there is nothing quite like an iPhone,″ the company explains.‍

    What is a tagline?

    • A tagline is a catchphrase or a slogan that is used in marketing materials to attract attention.
    • It serves as your company’s motto, conveying to others who you are and what you believe in.
    • Now that you’ve reduced your mission statement and value proposition to a few lines, you can go on to the next step.

    The goal of a tagline is to produce a distinctive phrase that people will remember.Customers will be able to recognize your brand and message as a result of this.Another example from Apple is as follows: ″Think Outside the Box.″ The fact that this is directly tied to their value proposition is worth noting.

    Color Palette

    • An example of a color palette is a collection of colors used by designers when creating a branding package for their clients.
    • When applied effectively, color palettes serve as the foundation for your brand’s visual identity, aid in maintaining consistency, and enhance the visually pleasant and pleasurable nature of your visual identity.
    • When setting out a color palette for a company, designers will take color theory and color psychology into consideration, as well as the brand messaging, when making judgments on which colors to include and which colors to exclude.

    Is it important for the brand to reflect a sense of progress?Perhaps the color green should be the dominant accent color.Reliability?

    It’s possible that blue will work.Energy?Orange.Consider the color magenta, which is used by T-Mobile.The color of John Deere’s fescue.

    Popeye’s Chicken is a bright orange color.These hues have become iconic with the company and appear in all of its marketing materials.


    • Typography is a collection of typefaces that you have used.
    • This can include existing typefaces that are utilized under certain restrictions such as precise size, line weights, and hierarchical structure.
    • In contrast to the body material of a website, headlines on a website are written in a separate typeface.

    Custom typography may be made for you, depending on your budget.A designer will develop a whole alphabet and number system from the ground up.It’s expensive, but it’s a highly effective approach to distinguish your company from the competition.

    Each typeface—script, serif, sans serif, and so on—can elicit a particular emotional response, just as different colors elicit different responses.In order to do this, it is essential that you choose your font with care and consideration.

    Graphic Elements

    Shapes, patterns, lines, and mockups are all examples of graphic components that help to complete your brand’s themes. They are utilized for ornamental purposes on packaging or websites, as well as for displaying prototypes of your logo to potential customers. Sometimes you’ll want to see how your brand new logo appears on the side of a work truck or on a real box before committing to it.

    Brand Style Guides

    • In short, a style guide is a thorough rulebook that contains all criteria pertaining to your brand.
    • This includes your objective and messaging as well as your logo, font, and color palette, as well as guidelines on how and when to utilize each of these assets.
    • In-house marketing and design teams, as well as outside suppliers printing or developing marketing materials, employ brand style guides to ensure consistency across all marketing materials.

    Brand Style Guides help you ensure that your branding is consistent across all of your marketing platforms.Isn’t that what the game is all about anyway?Are you looking for a branding package to help you promote your company?

    Let’s have a conversation.‍

    What does a branding package cost?

    Price ranges might be quite varied depending on who you are working with. Consequently, let us break down the pricing ranges we’ve encountered and what you may expect at each of these levels. ‍

    Branding packages from 1K-5K

    Depending on who you deal with, pricing might vary significantly. Consequently, let us break down the pricing ranges we’ve encountered and what you may expect at each of these levels of sophistication. ‍

    Branding packages from 5K-30K

    • Expect to be collaborating with a capable small studio or mid-sized advertising agency.
    • Experiential designers and copywriters will be working with you to create distinctive visual identities and compelling messaging.
    • Interviews and thorough questionnaires will be used to gather information throughout the exploration phase.

    You will be a part of the process and will have an impact on the final outcome.A bespoke website will almost certainly be included with your branding package if the company is on the upper end of the cost scale.You can obtain high-quality work at this pricing bracket, but it will cost you far less than going to a large design agency.

    However, while small studios have lower overhead than major agencies, they are typically started by or employ designers, strategists, and copywriters who have left the corporate world to start their own businesses.‍

    Branding packages from 30K-99K+

    • Expect to see huge design companies with a long list of satisfied clients.
    • You’ll be working with highly talented brand strategists who will have a team of designers and writers working under them at any given time.
    • A thorough brand strategy will be developed, based on extensive research, and will be utilized to impact all aspects of your branding.

    These agencies are skilled, but they are also expensive.The quality will be excellent, but the cost may be prohibitively expensive for a new or nascent firm.‍

    How much do Two Wolves charge for a branding package?

    • Two Wolves is a small and nimble design agency based in New York City.
    • Our branding packages typically vary from $5k to $30k in price, depending on the amount of the work involved.
    • We only work with a small number of clients.

    We check to see whether we’re a good match for one another.It is via this method that you can be assured that you will always be happy with the job.We make certain that our work always meets or exceeds your expectations, resulting in no wasted time or money on your part.

    We are also well-connected with other designers and studios, so if we aren’t the ideal fit for your project, we will know someone who is.We’ll be happy to introduce you to everyone.It ensures that everyone is in the greatest possible environment.If we do work together, our light burden will be beneficial to you.There will be no split-focus.

    Communication in a timely manner.The deadlines were satisfied.We are completely devoted to your company’s success.We respect you, your company, and your aspirations.When you achieve success, we achieve success.As a small and nimble design studio, we firmly believe this to be the case.

    Need a branding package for your business?

    Please get in touch with us if you are interested in collaborating with us. We like meeting new individuals and assisting other businesses in their endeavors. Alternatively, you may send us an email or use our contact form, and we will respond to you within 24 hours. creativitywithoutbounds

    Branding Package: What to Include, Costs, and Examples

    • In order to make a statement for your company, you must have a branding package prepared.
    • Your brand is your company’s trademark, and it represents your promise to your consumers that you will supply them with nothing but the finest of what you have to offer.
    • It is the collection of digital and physical materials that you generate in order to define and establish your brand image that constitutes a branding package.

    What Should You Include in a Branding Package?

    • When you purchase a branding package for your company, you would expect to receive a logo and a style guide.
    • Keep in mind that a full branding package includes much more than just these two elements.
    • A reputable design business that will assist you in developing a complete branding identity package will provide you with more.

    When you pay for a comprehensive branding identity package, you should expect to receive the following benefits:

    The General Assets of a Branding Package

    The following are the fundamentals of a branding package:

    A Logo

    • Your logo is the first and most important branding investment you will make. It serves as the public face of your firm, as well as its foundation and cornerstone. This is the image that your consumers will have in their minds when they think of you. Make care to make it as distinctly yours and as memorable as you possibly can. This is the initial asset, and it will serve as a model for the rest of the assets to come. Before going on to the other assets, you must complete this one more step. Make certain that you get the following things properly the first time: Make a decision on the color, the backdrop, and the size of the logo and complete it
    • the logo treatment
    • The font/typography – pick the font type that best represents your company’s image
    • this may seem simple, but it is a difficult task that takes meticulous preparation
    • Choose your brand colors and make sure that you apply them consistently across your marketing materials.
    • Determine the personality, attitude, and surroundings of your logo images, which will reflect your brand (optimistic, vibrant, or elegant) using the picture standards.

    What you can expect:

    • When you hire a logo designer, you can expect to receive the following items as part of the package: There should be at least 3 to 5 topics from which to pick
    • A major logo that will act as your principal means of identification
    • and
    • Versions of your primary logo that are comparable to your primary logo
    • A guide to your logo that outlines how it might be used in various situations

    You should be presented with a variety of concepts and the related significance behind each design by the logo designer. Customers and stockholders must then offer feedback and make comments on each design, which is subsequently submitted to the designer. It is in this manner that the procedure is fluid and flawless.

    Style Guide

    • After your logo has been developed, you’ll need a style guide to ensure that it is used consistently across all platforms on which it appears.
    • An organization’s style guide, which is also known as brand guidelines or branding standards, is the resource that everyone will go to while working with the company’s branding.
    • Consider this to be a bible from which everyone involved in your branding will draw inspiration.

    These are the branding guidelines that you will provide to designers, marketers, advertisers, and web developers in order to guarantee that your company’s image is consistent throughout all mediums and across all platforms.

    What you can expect:

    • A brand style guide will often include the following elements: Brand positioning is a condensed version of your company’s vision, goal, and core values.
    • Logo guidelines – a list of the features of your logo and the manner in which they are to be utilized
    • Textual typography is defined as the collection of fonts, font sizes, and other font-related features.
    • Color palette – the colors that you have selected for your brand
    • The use of photographs to establish tones and other image modifications is exemplified by the following examples:
    • In this section, you’ll discover information about iconography, which is useful if you decide to utilize symbols to represent your business.
    • Collaterals – here is a list of all of the things on which your branding will appear (presentations, letterhead, and so on).

    The Digital Assets of a Branding Package

    This is a list of the digital assets that should be included with your branding package, if applicable.

    Email Templates

    Email templates, whether for communication or marketing purposes, must also be consistent with your company’s corporate identity. Including this in your branding bundle demonstrates consistency and the ability to stay on brand at all times. That being said, while building email designs, it is critical to use your brand’s assets such as logos, colors, font, icons, and other elements.

    What you can expect:

    Before you begin building an email template, be certain that your design partner has access to your style guide. You might expect to receive a few samples from which to chose.

    Business Cards

    • Business cards are still a powerful marketing tool, despite the fact that many people believe that they are no longer necessary.
    • They’re simple to distribute and will remain in the possession of the recipient for a long time after an advertisement banner has been removed.
    • Because your designer will be dealing with a limited amount of space, it is critical that the business card format be clear and straightforward.

    What you can expect:

    Please make sure that your design partner is aware of all of the information you require to be printed on your business cards. Provide them with a copy of the style guide to use as a reference. They may be able to assist you with the printing of the cards as well as provide you with an estimate of the expenses involved in the process.

    Social Media Graphics

    • It’s usually a good idea to have templates and other visuals on hand for usage across all of your social media channels.
    • Having these will help to guarantee that your marketing initiatives and tactics are aligned with your company’s branding identity and image.
    • Determine which platforms you intend to utilize and enlist the help of a design partner to produce the templates and other design assets you’ll need for them.

    What you can expect:

    While your design partner should already be familiar with your style guide, be prepared to answer any questions from them or provide further information about your campaigns. Your designer can refer to the ″Collaterals″ section of the style guide to verify that the size and format of all channels and assets are consistent across the board.


    Websites may be included in certain branding packages. After all, your website serves as your digital storefront, and it may serve to present your brand to your target audience while they explore the web. And if you want your visitors to spend more time on your site and eventually become customers, a well-designed website that is suited to their needs will do the trick.

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    What you can expect:

    • Your design partner will rely on your style guide to guarantee that the colors and fonts associated with your brand are consistent throughout your website.
    • Additionally, because your website will be unique to your business, it may take some time to develop.
    • Creating unique photos for your website is one approach to distinguish it from the competition.

    Your designer, on the other hand, must include relevancy into all of your images.

    Other Print Assets

    • These will be determined by the requirements of your organization. Included in this category are, but are not limited to, the following: Letterheads, envelopes, flyers, brochures, media kits, thank you cards, event branding, signage, and packaging designs are all examples of what we do.

    What you can expect:

    Remember that your design partner will ask for further information on them, so pay close attention to the specifics. Prepare a list of sizes, events, sorts of campaigns, and a variety of other considerations so that you don’t overlook or omit anything important.

    How Much Does a Full Branding Package Cost?

    • In the same way that every brand has unique requirements, every design partner costs differently.
    • It may range anywhere from $5 to hundreds of thousands of dollars, like in the case of the BBC logo makeover, which cost $1,800,000 to complete!
    • The prices charged by the designers you find will also vary.

    When compared to a large design studio, a freelance graphic designer will price far less.More information on the differences may be found in this article.We’ve put up the following list to give you an idea of the approximate range of costs for a comprehensive branding package: Because each branding package is unique, these figures should only be considered estimations.

    In addition, as you can see from the logo creation estimate above, the price may have an impact on the quality of the design.While a $5 logo may be enough for the task at hand, it does not imply that the design you receive is the finest possible for your company.The opposite is true as well: a low price does not always indicate a low level of quality.Find an excellent design partner with a little research or by reading through the rest of this post………………………………………………….

    Best Branding Package Examples

    The following are a few examples of outstanding branding kits to get you started:

    Kosan Gas

    The Kosan Gas branding package is a study in simplicity, with orange as the primary brand color and no other colors used. It has a unified appearance that is impactful, sleek, and one-of-a-kind. Everything, from their petrol tanks to their coffee cups, is uniform and well-coordinated with one another.

    Mareiner Holz

    • Mareiner Holz, a wood finishing firm based in Germany, features a corporate branding package that is worth studying.
    • They are a totally sustainable organization, and this is reflected in their branding to a significant degree.
    • The notion is one of calmness, tranquillity, and getting more in touch with one’s natural surroundings.

    The colors are likewise muted and neutral, consisting solely of black, white, and various tones of grey and brown, among other things.

    Internationale Spieltage SPIEL

    Spiel, an annual board game trade expo hosted in Essen, Germany, features a brand identity package that is bright, colorful, and energetic. The design is cheerful and edgy, while yet being extremely clean and straightforward. The balance between the colors and the white spaces is exquisitely executed, resulting in a piece that is really visually pleasing.

    Austrian Biologist Association

    The Austrian Biologist Association’s branding package is distinguished by a beautiful combination of hand-drawn pictures and striking colors. The backdrop is white, with a splash of green for the company’s name and a dash of vivid red to serve as an emphasis.

    Tavares Duayer Arquitetura

    Branding is extremely important to the architecture business Tavares Duayer Arquitetura, which has an outstanding package. Even if their color palette has more color than the other palettes on our list, it is nonetheless cohesive, charming, and alluring. The wonderful tones of yellow, grey, and brown work together to create a harmonious whole.

    Penji and Your Branding Package

    As previously said, your money should not stand in the way of implementing a comprehensive branding strategy that generates cash.A design partner may assist you in accomplishing all of the aforementioned tasks while remaining within your budget.Penji is a graphic design service that provides you with all of the branding materials you want for a fraction of the cost.The services we provide include logo design, site and app design (including HTML email templates), letterhead design, business card design, and just about anything else you would want for a comprehensive branding package.You’ll be pleased with our pricing as well.

    For a single monthly fee, you may order as many design elements as you want, as often as you want.Get your logo today, then order a flyer or package design later on, and you’ll still only be charged one amount per month.Check out our demonstration video by clicking here.Alternatively, don’t spend any time and put our designers to work right away!

    To get started, simply register here.Originally published on October 18, 2021.

    About the author

    Celeste Zosimo Cel has worked as a conventional animator for more than 15 years in the Los Angeles area. She also holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in Advertising, and she currently works as a Content Writer.

    What is a Branding Package? Airbnb case study included

    The branding bundle will assist you in providing your customers with a consistent experience. Align your logo, colors, font, photographs, emails, website, and other elements, and you will be more easily identified. The example of Airbnb is provided.

    1. The following questions are answered: What is a branding package? Why do I require a branding package?
    2. What exactly is included in a branding package?
    3. Components that make up a branding package in general
    1. Logo, brand colors, brand guide, typography, and image guidelines are all included.
    1. Digital Components
    1. Website
    2. Email Templates
    3. Social Media Presence
    4. Graphics
    1. Physical Aspects of a Branding Package
    1. Packaging
    2. Company Merch
    1. Print Aspects of a Branding Package
    1. Brochures and Signage
    2. Business cards
    1. Examples of a great branding package
    1. Glossier
    2. UPS
    3. Spotify
    1. Making Use of a Corporate Branding Package in Your Organization
    2. Final Thoughts

    Most likely, if you’ve visited anywhere in the previous few years, you’ve taken use of Airbnb.It’s possible that you’ve purchased an airline ticket to France and begun planning your accommodations.Perhaps you had joined up for their newsletter a while back but had never taken the plunge and booked a room with them prior to now.In this instance, though, when considering how to get the most reasonably priced flat in the heart of Paris, their name immediately sprang to mind.So you decided to have a look around their website to see what they had to offer.

    When you locate the perfect small studio a few blocks away from The Louvre, you reserve it immediately.After that, you will receive an email confirmation with all of the information you need to complete your reservation.But, did you notice that the branding package from Airbnb was following you throughout your whole encounter with the company?That’s the secret to a successful branding package: it’s present without being intrusive or obvious.

    What is a branding package?

    When a firm employs a branding package, it refers to all of the many branded resources that they use to assist their customers have a more united experience.Everything from print to online to physical assets like as a logo, brand colors, and even the typeface you use on your website can be included in this category.All of these are regarded to be essential components of a comprehensive branding package.This collection of distinct items will be brought together by using the same underlying style and concept as the rest of the branding package.Consider the situation from the perspective of the Airbnb example that we presented previously.

    Perhaps a buddy introduced you to them before you decided to join up for their email.You looked them up on the internet and discovered their Instagram account.Did you see the logo on their website?That is a component of a brand’s overall package.

    After that, you went to their website to learn more.You may have noticed that the layout of the website generates a quiet, calming, but motivating atmosphere.This is intentional.This is similar to the sensation you could get while taking time off to travel somewhere for a holiday.That is also a valuable element in the brand bundle.What do you think of the typeface and colors used in the confirmation email you received after completing your reservation?

    It is the combination of all of these factors that forms your branding bundle.

    Why do I need a branding package?

    When it comes to marketing, branding is the process through which a firm develops its brand name and general design in order to make it simpler for consumers to recognize and remember them.Creating a distinct consumer experience that distinguishes them from the competition when selling a comparable product is a critical component of how businesses achieve success.It is critical to be consistent and explicit in your communication about what you are delivering in order to establish trust.Your client should be able to easily connect with your firm and grasp the narrative behind the brand no matter where they are looking, whether it’s in a brochure, on social media, or in an email marketing campaign.As a result, the following phase in your branding journey would be the creation of a corporate brand package.

    You’ll want to gather all of the small details that make up your branding and make sure they’re all consistent throughout your company’s operations.Consider Nike’s swoosh emblem or its ″Just Do It″ tagline, for example.They both make reference to Nike’s history of athletics and strength, and they are immediately distinguishable as being a member of the Nike family of products.One other notable example is T-decision Mobile’s to choose a vibrant magenta as their corporate identity color.

    The fact that they are not a common choice is precisely what distinguishes them from every other phone service provider company on the market today.

    What does a branding package include?

    Let’s take a closer look at what a corporate branding package consists of and what each component of it entails in detail. This is not a complete list, and each package may differ somewhat from the others depending on your company’s specific requirements.

    General components of a branding package


    It includes the design of your brand logo as well as the treatment of your logo.The design should be adaptable enough to be utilized across several platforms, including social media, a website, print, and email marketing.Each platform has its own set of requirements for the use of logos and the uploading of logos.A thorough logo treatment will ensure that you are prepared to adapt your logo to each platform, resulting in a logo that is clear and easy to view and use across all platforms.

    Brand Colors

    Colors may elicit emotional responses and aid in the transmission of a company’s message and concept. Because it will be utilized across several platforms to help unify the brand’s message in the customer’s eyes, choosing a color palette is an important component of creating a brand package for a company.

    Brand Guide

    In essence, this document serves as a guide to help everyone in the organization realize the importance of communicating to customers a consistent vision of the brand. Color and font choices will be made by graphic designers, web engineers will understand how the website should appear, and community managers will utilize the guide to create a consistent social media feed.


    While you would believe that typography is limited to the main typeface used in your logo, it actually encompasses a far broader range of concepts. When it comes to publishing articles, designing your blog, and even the look and feel of the material on your website, typographic principles are important to follow.

    Image guidelines

    There are several rules to follow when it comes to understanding what kind of graphics should be utilized to represent your company.By focusing on certain keywords and phrases, you may narrow down your search to only what is relevant and eliminate the irrelevant results.Take, for example, the mood: is it joyous or serious, professional or casual?Should the pictures be set to a specific resolution?Perhaps they should be set against a white background, or perhaps they should be situated in nature.

    What color should be used for the treatment?Does it intend for all of the photographs to be black and white with a special focus on only one aspect, which will be emphasized in the primary brand’s color, to be used throughout the campaign?The more descriptive you are, the easier it will be for others to comprehend.

    Digital Components


    Packages for branding might involve the building of a bespoke landing page, website banners, and even pop-up advertisements on websites. If you want to build a holistic idea, you’ll want to incorporate your logo and brand palette into the design as well as your typography and picture standards.

    Email Templates

    Email templates are an important part of any e-commerce company since they help to generate brand coherence in the eyes of the consumer, which is important.Whether it’s through a weekly newsletter that includes your brand’s letterhead, a media kit that showcases the correct image guidelines, or, more recently, messages aimed at influencers that use the correct typography, all of these elements contribute to the development of a holistic brand view of your company.From the actual setup of your social media presence (think grid design, a brand hashtag, the language in your bio, and even a cover photo) to the real upkeep of your pages, everything falls under this category.


    Graphics that are included in a branding package are visual designs that are made with the goal of being consistent with your comp

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