What Is Athens Ohio Zip Code?

Search by Map. Interactive map of zip codes in the US, Athens (OH). Just click on the location you desire for a postal code/address for your mails destination. You can also enlarge the map to see the boundaries of US zip codes. United States, Athens. Latitude : 39.3289242.

What area code is 45701?

ZIP Code 45701

Post Office City: Athens, OH (View All Cities)
County: Athens County
Timezone: Eastern (11:40pm)
Area code: 740 (Area Code Map)
Coordinates: 39.3, -82.1 ZIP (~11 mile radius)

What is Athens Ohio known for?

Athens (Ohio) – Wikitravel. Athens is a medium city with a major university (population 26,000 -2010) and county seat of Athens County(population 68,000 2010 Southeast Ohio, best known for being home to Ohio University 22,000 students. The university was the first founded west of the Appalachian Mountains in 1804.

Is Athens Ohio poor?

With the lowest median income in Ohio, Athens is also the only county in the state with a poverty rate above 30%. Currently, 4.6% of the county’s labor force is out of a job, a higher unemployment rate than the 4.2% state and 4.1% U.S. rates.

What number is Athens County?

Athens County is a county in southeastern Ohio. As of the 2020 census, the population was 62,431. Its county seat is Athens. The county was formed in 1805 from Washington County.

Athens County, Ohio.

Athens County
Land 504 sq mi (1,310 km2)
Water 4.8 sq mi (12 km2) 1.0%%
Population (2020)
Total 62,431

What township is Athens Ohio?

Athens Township is one of the fourteen townships of Athens County, Ohio, United States. The 2010 census found 30,473 people in the township.

Athens Township, Athens County, Ohio
Land 36.6 sq mi (94.7 km2)
Water 0.5 sq mi (1.2 km2)
Elevation 636 ft (194 m)
Population (2010)

Is Athens Ohio safe?

The good news is that yes, Athens is a safe place to live. The crime rates are low and people tend to look out for one another. In many ways, Athens is like a typical small town without much crime. Whether you live in student rentals in Athens Ohio or live in a traditional neighborhood, you can feel safe.

Is Athens Ohio a safe place to live?

The chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime in Athens is 1 in 39. Based on FBI crime data, Athens is not one of the safest communities in America. Relative to Ohio, Athens has a crime rate that is higher than 88% of the state’s cities and towns of all sizes.

Is Athens Ohio nice?

Athens is a nice town for the most part. However, there are issues with local government and police that can be difficult if you intend on living here when you aren’t a student. Athens is a college town, but it is also a family town. There are a lot of activities that go on in Athens, Ohio.

What is the ZIP code for Athens Ohio?

Zip code 45701 is primarily located in Athens County. The official US Postal Service name for 45701 is ATHENS, Ohio. Portions of zip code 45701 are contained within or border the city limits of Athens, OH, The Plains, OH, and Chauncey, OH.

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    ZIP Code 45701 Map, Demographics, More for Athens, OH

    Post Office City: Athens, OH (View All Cities)
    County: Athens County
    Timezone: Eastern (12:29pm)
    Area code: 740 (Area Code Map)
    Coordinates: 39.3, -82.1ZIP (~11 mile radius)

    Cities in ZIP code 45701

    A list of cities that the United States Postal Service accepts for ZIP code 45701 is shown below.It is possible that the desired city is not the same as the city in which the ZIP code is situated.The city for zip code 45701 is often the same as the name of the major post office.

    Always mention the preferred or acceptable cities in the body of your package or letter when shipping it.If you choose a city from the list of prohibited cities, you may experience delays.Athens, Ohio is the primary or preferred location.

    Stats and Demographics for the 45701 ZIP Code

    When compared to other ZIP codes in the United States, ZIP code 45701 is located in southern Ohio and covers a somewhat greater than average land area compared to other ZIP codes in the country.It also has a population density that is somewhat lower than the national average.The majority of the population of ZIP code 45701 is composed of white people.

    The number of young adults is extraordinarily great, but the number of middle-aged people is quite tiny, as seen in the chart below.There are also a disproportionately large number of single adults and a disproportionately small number of families in the population.If you compare the 45701 ZIP code to other regions in the country, the percentage of children under the age of 18 living there is quite low.

    Population 34,122
    Population Density 230 people per sq mi
    Housing Units 12,233
    Median Home Value $151,800
    Land Area 148.25 sq mi
    Water Area 1.87 sq mi
    Occupied Housing Units 11,257
    Median Household Income $29,172

    Estimated Population over Time

    Total Population by Age

    Median Age: 22 Male Median Age: 23 Female Median Age: 22
    Male Female Total
    Under 5 507 463 970
    5-9 502 485 987
    10-14 470 468 938
    15-19 2,700 3,282 5,982
    20-24 6,105 5,557 11,662
    25-29 1,219 1,083 2,302
    30-34 772 716 1,488
    35-39 642 550 1,192
    40-44 561 576 1,137
    45-49 637 612 1,249
    50-54 618 661 1,279
    55-59 681 701 1,382
    60-64 586 582 1,168
    65-69 388 371 759
    70-74 256 312 568
    75-79 191 251 442
    80-84 137 197 334
    85 Plus 92 191 283


     Male 17,064 50%
     Female 17,058 50%


     White 30,239 88.6%
     Black Or African American 1,237 3.6%
     American Indian Or Alaskan Native 59 0.2%
     Asian 1,649 4.8%
     Native Hawaiian & Other Pacific Islander 10 0.0%
     Other Race 175 0.5%
     Two Or More Races 753 2.2%

    Head of Household by Age

    Owner Renter Total
    15-24 77 3,305 3,382
    25-34 492 1,449 1,941
    35-44 763 544 1,307
    45-54 1,092 392 1,484
    55-64 1,303 258 1,561
    65-74 757 94 851
    75-84 451 72 523
    85 Plus 168 40 208

    Families vs Singles

     Husband Wife Family Households 3,658 32%
     Single Guardian 1,032 9%
     Singles 3,492 31%
     Singles With Roommate 3,075 27%

    Households with Kids

    Average Household Size: 2
     Households without Kids 9,200 82%
     Households with Kids 2,057 18%

    Children by Age

    Male Female Total
    1 101 89 190
    2 97 101 198
    3 107 95 202
    4 85 84 169
    5 100 102 202
    6 114 113 227
    7 91 83 174
    8 119 80 199
    9 78 107 185
    10 96 88 184
    11 100 78 178
    12 84 100 184
    13 91 108 199
    14 99 94 193
    15 102 89 191
    16 105 110 215
    17 125 112 237
    18 590 957 1,547
    19 1,778 2,014 3,792
    20 1,766 1,787 3,553

    Real Estate and Housing

    The number of vacant housing units in ZIP code 45701 is a tiny fraction.In addition, according to the Census, there are one or more correctional facilities, nursing homes, and universities in the surrounding area.Households are rented to the greatest extent possible.

    Homes in ZIP code 45701 were largely constructed between 1939 and 1970, with a few exceptions.According to the most recent 45701 real estate statistics, the median house value of $151,800 is somewhat lower than the national average when compared to the rest of the nation.It is also unusually high when compared to other ZIP codes in the area.As a result, you will have a harder time finding low-cost housing in 45701.The most prevalent types of rentals in 45701 are 3+ bedrooms.The average rent for a three-bedroom apartment is $500-$749 per month, including utilities.

    1. Two-bedroom apartments are also prevalent, with rent ranging from $750-$999 per month.
    2. The prices of rental property in the ZIP code 45701 range from apartments to townhouses to single-family homes that serve as primary residences.
    3. Find out more about the house values in Athens, OH by visiting this page.

    Housing Type

     In Occupied Housing Units 26,009 76.2%
     Correctional Facility For Adults 10 0.0%
     Juvenile Facilities 23 0.1%
     Nursing Facilities 54 0.2%
     Other Institutional 75 0.2%
     College Student Housing 7,870 23.1%
     Military Quarters 0.0%
     Other Noninstitutional 81 0.2%

    Housing Occupancy

     Owned Households With A Mortgage 3,093 25%
     Owned Households Free & Clear 2,010 16%
     Renter Occupied Households 6,154 50%
     Households Vacant 976 8%

    Vacancy Reasons

     For Rent 362 37.1%
     Rented & Unoccupied 19 1.9%
     For Sale Only 116 11.9%
     Sold & Unoccupied 25 2.6%
     For Season Recreational Or Occasional Use 145 14.9%
     For Migrant Workers 1 0.1%
     Vacant For Other Reasons 308 31.6%

    Owner Occupied Home Values

    Rental Properties by Number of Rooms

    Rental Properties by Number of Rooms

     Studio Apartment 221 4%
     1 Bedroom 1,502 26%
     2 Bedroom 1,838 32%
     3+ Bedroom 2,244 39%

    Cost of Monthly Rent Including Utilities

    Cost of a Studio Apartment

    Employment, Income, Earnings, and Work

    When compared to the rest of the country, the typical household income in the state is $29,172.It is also compared to ZIP codes in the surrounding area.Even if money isn’t everything, inhabitants of ZIP code 45701 earn much less than their counterparts in other regions of town.

    Similarly to most other sections of the country, cars are the most popular mode of transportation to and from places of employment.The zip code 45701 is particularly hospitable to walkers and bicyclists, and the percentage of persons who use these modes of transportation to travel to work is among the highest in the United States.In most sections of the nation, the vast majority of commuters arrive at their places of employment in less than half an hour.These shorter travel times are enjoyed by a greater number of people in 45701 than in almost any other ZIP code.When compared to the rest of the United States, employees who have to travel more than 45 minutes to their place of job are quite rare in this region.

    Employment Status

     Worked Full-time with Earnings 6,634 21%
     Worked Part-time with Earnings 16,197 52%
     No Earnings 8,057 26%

    Average Household Income over Time

    Annual Individual Earnings

    Sources of Household Income

    Percent of Households Receiving Income

    Average Income per Household by Income Source

    * Only taxable income is included in this calculation.

    Household Investment Income

    Percent of Households Receiving Investment Income

    Average Income per Household by Income Source

    There is no reporting of non-taxable income.

    Household Retirement Income

    Percent of Households Receiving Retirement Income

    Average Income per Household by Income Source

    * Only taxable income is included in the calculation.

    Source of Earnings

     Worked Full-time with Earnings 6,634 21%
     Worked Part-time with Earnings 16,197 52%
     No Earnings 8,057 26%

    Means Of Transportation To Work for Workers 16 and Over

    Means Of Transportation To Work for Workers 16 and Over

     Car, truck, or van 9,548 65.7%
     Public transportation 198 1.4%
     Taxicab 44 0.3%
     Motorcycle 24 0.2%
     Bicycle, Walked, or Other Means 3,854 26.5%
     Worked at Home 860 5.9%

    Travel Time to Work (In Minutes)

    Schools and Education

    The ZIP code has one of the highest percentages of persons who went to college of any ZIP code in the country.

    Educational Attainment For The Population 25 Years And Over

    Educational Attainment For The Population 25 Years And Over

     Less than High School Diploma 763 6%
     High School Graduate 5,349 39%
     Associate’s degree 1,061 8%
     Bachelor’s degree 2,619 19%
     Master’s degree 2,702 20%
     Professional school degree 239 2%
     Doctorate degree 1,039 8%

    School Enrollment (Ages 3 to 17)

    School Enrollment (Ages 3 to 17)

     Enrolled in Public School 2,218 82.1%
     Enrolled in Private School 143 5.3%
     Not Enrolled in School 341 12.6%

    Schools in ZIP Code 45701

    The Athens City School District serves the residents of ZIP code 45701.With postal addresses in ZIP code 45701, there are 4 separate elementary schools and high schools with mailing addresses in this area.East Elementary School is located at 3 Wallace Drive in Athens, Ohio 45701.

    The West Elementary School is located at 41 Central Avenue, in Athens, Ohio, and serves students in the primary and elementary grades.Primary/Elementary School District: Athens City School District Grade Level: Primary/Elementary Athens Middle School is located at 51 W State St – 55 in Athens, Ohio.The Athens City School District is in charge of the middle and secondary grades.

    Athens (Ohio) – Wikitravel

    Athens is a medium city with a major university (population 26,000 -2010) and county seat of Athens County(population 68,000 2010 Southeast Ohio, best known for being home to Ohio University 22,000 students.The university was the first founded west of the Appalachian Mountains in 1804.

    Get in

    By plane

    Port Columbus International Airport (CMH) is roughly 70 miles from Columbus and may be reached by US-33.

    By car

    Athens is the point where State Route 33 and State Route 50 meet.

    By Shuttle

    Many of the local taxi firms in Athens also provide a shuttle service to and from the airport. Bus service from Columbus and the Columbus International Airport. www.gobus.com

    Get around

    By foot

    • Athens is a small town that can be easily traversed by foot.

    By Taxi

    • There are several taxi firms that serve Athens, each with a simple phone number to remember: (740)-594-7433 is one such number (RIDE) Has been providing services in Athens for more than a decade. Aveos and Limos from 2007-2008 are among the vehicles available. Excellent customer service
    • The number is (740) 594-4686. (GOTO) GOTO provides a quick service, however it only has minivans, which are in extremely bad condition


    • Ohio University

    Arts and Culture

    • The Ohio University School of Theatre is located in Columbus, Ohio. The theater presents six mainstage performances each year, as well as a series of Lab Shows
    • and the Seabury Quinn, Jr. Playwrights’ Festival takes place every other year. Every year, towards the end of May, a graduate playwrights’ festival is held in Los Angeles. Graduate work is presented in the form of readings, staged readings, and complete productions.
    • Madness at Midnight Every Friday at Midnight in the Hahne Theater, which is located in the School of Theatre. Each week, the graduating playwrights compose a ten-minute play based on a topic that they are given on Monday
    • the Lost Flamingo Company is one such example of such an endeavor. This is the student-run theater group at Ohio University. Each year, the theater presents nine to twelve productions, including the Rocky Horror Picture Show (Fall Quarter), The Vagina Monologues (Winter Quarter), and Short Stack, a collection of 10-minute plays written by Ohio University students (Spring Quarter)
    • Comedy for the Masses (Spring Quarter)
    • and The Vagina Monologues (Winter Quarter). The student sketch comedy organization at Ohio University is called Sketch Comedy. In addition to an annual Stand-Up Showcase, there are six concerts every year at this venue. Founded in 2001, in part by Michael Busch (the original Sprint man from the Alltel ads), the company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas.
    • The 48-Hour Shootout is a competition between two teams of three people. Student teams are allowed two days to compose, film, and edit a short film based on a line of speech, an object, and a genre in this yearly competition sponsored by the School of Telecommunications.


    1. The University of Oklahoma Bobcats compete in NCAA Division I-A College Athletics as members of the Mid-American Conference.
    2. Consider joining the Ohio University Fencing Club if you are proficient in the sport of fencing.


    • The date of the Halloween Block Party is subject to change. The annual Halloween block party is unquestionably the most important and entertaining event of the year. There are several imaginative outfits to choose from, as well as plenty of wickedness to partake in.
    • Moms Weekend is held every year around the time of Easter or Mother’s Day. The dates vary.
    • The mothers of the students arrive in town, and they intend to have a good time.
    • When it comes to chaos, it might be compared to a Halloween block party at times.
    • The campus is also very attractive at this time of year.


    • Wayne National Forest
    • Athens Skate Park, 701 East State Street, phone: +1 740-592-3325
    • Wayne National Forest
    • Wayne National Forest (email: mailto:),. Open from sunrise to sunset. The skate park is 18,000 square feet in size. Only skateboards and inline skates are permitted. Free


    It’s possible that Companion Plants is one of the best plant stores in the entire country.This incredibly difficult to locate but brilliantly kept secret, which has a remarkable assortment of plants from all over the world, is a compelling incentive in and of itself to visit Athens.Wonderfully nice and helpful personnel, and a must-visit for anybody interested in plants.

    Directions and operating hours may be found on their website.


    • When school is not in session, it is common for eateries to close or to cease buying fresh produce. As a result, throughout the summer months and during school holidays, you should expect lesser quality and less availability. Miller’s Chicken is located at 235 West State St. For more over 60 years, the company has been family owned and run. Casa Nueva is located at 4 W. State St.,. The restaurant serves excellent ″Mexican″ (non-authentic) cuisine, as well as vegan and vegetarian alternatives, and is committed to utilizing local resources. Worker-owned since 1984, Lam’s Garden is located at 934 East State Street in Columbus and may be reached at (740) 594-4424 for takeaway. Lui Lui’s 8 Station St. has excellent American Chinese cuisine, including the tastiest General Tso’s Chicken on the face of the planet. The Oak Room, 14 Station St., is a decent Asian and American fusion restaurant. Dinners are pricey, despite the fact that it is a nice tiny pub with decent cuisine for lunch. In spite of its small size, it has a good assortment of local microbrews and premium beers on tap
    • O’Betty’s Red Hot Chili Peppers 15 West State Street Court Street Diner, located at 18 N. Court St., is a hot dog establishment with a burlesque motif. Greasy spoon eatery, which is the only place in Athens that offers Cherry Kool-Aid
    • Peking Express, which is located at 5 N. Court St. This restaurant, which is popular among residents and college students as ″$3.95 Chinese,″ is just that: a massive pile of Chinese food that used to cost $3.95, but now costs roughly $4.50
    • Avalanche Pizza 329 E. State St. Pizza that is inexpensive and has won international awards. Insanely good pricing (particularly if you pick up your pizza rather than having it delivered), as well as an absurd number of topping options and speciality pizzas
    • Bagel Street Deli is located at 23 S. Court Street. There are approximately 200 different bagel sandwiches and other meals to choose from at this charming deli, ranging from vegan to ultra-carnivore. Tin foil sculptures and chalk autographs of previous guests adorn the walls of the establishment. The annual Pickle Fest (pickle eating competition) is held here.
    • Donkey Coffee is located at 17 1/2 West Washington St. In an article published in Ohio Magazine, the Best Coffeehouse in the state was named. Features relaxing music, excellent coffee, board games, open mic evenings, poetry nights, and local art, as well as being open 24 hours a day during finals week
    • Souvlaki’s Restaurant and Deli is a Greek restaurant and deli. 9 West State Street Gyros and baklava served into the wee hours of the morning
    • Big Mamma’s Burritos S. Court St., No. 10 For those who despise Chipotle, there is a local alternative. There are several burrito and salsa alternatives. Chipotle Ranch is a popular choice among customers.
    • Burrito Buggy is a vehicle that transports burritos. A burrito stand located at the corner of Court St. and Union St. that serves delicious burritos. It’s a dazzling display of orange, yellow, and purple
    • you won’t be able to miss it.
    • DP Dough is located at 374 Richland Avenue. On weekends, the restaurant is open until 3 a.m. and serves more than forty different varieties of calzones. Some of the greatest inebriated cuisine in Athens can be found here.
    • The Grand China Buffet is located at 1002 East State Street. Amazingly good buffet with servers that gaze at you in an attempt to make you wish for your own death at every opportunity
    • Hungry Howie’s Pizza is a family-owned and operated business. 235 West Union Street This Hungry Howie’s is not just a nationwide franchise, but it is also the only one with an official bus and $5 mediums being served on the sidewalk
    • Stephen’s End of Court St. Zoe, 24 1/2 East State Street, 740-592-4443, is a fantastic restaurant with a continually changing cuisine that is worth visiting. Zoe is a New American restaurant with a modern setting that serves New American food. The constantly changing a la carte menu offers a variety of meat, fish, poultry, and vegetarian alternatives, all of which are sourced from fresh, seasonal ingredients. Tuesday evenings are wine night, and Friday evenings are prime rib night. Please join us! Reservations are highly suggested, but are not mandatory. In Athens, the Village Bakery & Cafe is located at 268 E. State St., and the phone number is 740-594-7311. Our mission at Village Bakery & Cafe is to support our local community while also providing outstanding dining experiences through the use of locally grown organic veggies, non-GMO meats, and free-range eggs. For breakfast, we serve delicious Fair Trade organic coffee and herbal Sage teas. For lunch, we bake with organic dairy, flour, and sugar to create a unique variety of freshly baked handcrafted loaves, flaky quiches, sweet and savory pastries, breakfast pizza, and a selection of delectable soups, salads, and sandwiches for you to choose from. You’ll be enticed by delectable cookies, brownies, tarts, and cakes as a dessert. Individual omelettes, French toast, and sides of locally sourced sausages, ham, polenta, and home fries are all available on our brunch menu on Sunday mornings. 740-249-4286
    • Fluff Bakery is located at 8 North Court St. in Athens, Ohio 45701. Sandwiches and freshly baked products are available. edit


    • Court Street, which is located near Ohio University’s College Green, is home to a large number of bars. The Union is a group of people who work together to achieve a common goal. A dive bar located at 18 W. Union St. that was named one of the top dive bars in America by Maxim Magazine. The bar serves $1 Pabst Blue Ribbon, as well as live indie rock music played at changing decibels and Dance or Die, a monthly dance event. It was closed, and the cockroaches stormed out of the building in protest. After a fire in 2015, the building was completely rebuilt. The rooftop terrace and smoking area is a welcome respite from the often claustrophobic inside of the building.
    • The Smiling Skull Saloon (108 W. Union St.) is a motorcycle bar that is popular in Athens. A fantastic jukebox including songs by Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, and The Clash. Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Drinks are quite reasonably priced, and the establishment is almost always devoid of frat and sorority types. The ″Black and Tans″ are two dollars on Tuesdays! Your (well-behaved) dog is permitted to accompany you into the house.
    • Cat’s Den, located at 110 W. Union St., is a neighborhood bar. On most evenings, this is a good place to get away from the student crowd.
    • Jackie O’s, 24 W. Union St., Athens, GA – Jackie O’s is the only microbrewery in the city, and it has live music, cuisine, and an outside terrace.
    • This is a fantastic alternative to the traditional Athens nightlife scene.
    • Power Hour is held every day from 8 to 9 p.m., during which various beers are half-off
    • 23 W. Union St. – Buffalo Wild Wings serves wings and beers while also showing sports on TVs and hosting trivia games. There’s also a wall devoted to those who have eaten 12 Blazin’ wings in five minutes. When there’s a crowd, it ″feels″ a little more like a neighborhood establishment.
    • The J Bar, located at 41 N. Court St., is home to the trademark cocktail, the Junction Punch. Gin is most likely a component, and one shot is more than plenty
    • nonetheless,
    • The Pub 39 N. Court St. – This establishment is well-known for its Beer Cheese Soup, Aquarium Night (when beer is served in ridiculously large glasses), and for being quite busy on weekends.
    • Pigskin Bar and Grill is a bar and grill that specializes on barbecue. This bar is well-known for serving The Black Widow, a unique dark purple concoction that should not be missed by any tourist to Athens.
    • ″Dive bar″ Pawpurr’s 37 N. Court St. has a modest (and generally underutilized) dance floor
    • it is located in the heart of downtown.
    • Crystal 34 N. Court St. – Easily the best frat/sorority bar in the city
    • The C.I. is located at 32 N. Court St., which is known as The Hockey Bar. Weekends are crowded with everyone from college students to locals.
    • Red Brick Sports Pub is located at 14 N. Court St. A large number of flat-screen televisions and a somewhat comprehensive menu
    • Cat’s Eye is located at 12 N. Court St. A mixture of residents and college students
    • In Athens, Lucky’s 11 N. Court St. is known as ″The Official Steelers Bar.″ Daily specials that are excellent
    • Tony’s Tavern, located at 7 W. State St., is referred to as a ″townie bar.″ Tony’s is well-known for its ‘Hot Nuts’ shot, which is a specialty of the establishment. In addition to daily discounts, there is a laid-back, friendly dive bar vibe at Killian’s. On Friday night, Tony’s happy hour will be taking place (with free food! )
    • Four-story building at 4 W. State St. – Casa Nueva and Cantina. Excellent meals, as well as a warm and welcoming bar. In addition to being the nation’s oldest co-op restaurant, Broney’s 7 W. Carpenter St. is the city’s newest bar and is located at the very end of Court Street. Although it is rather sterile when compared to the other pubs in town, Courtside is a sports bar with a beer garden that is great for day drinking on a spring day.




    • Burr Oak State Park Lodge

    Bed & Breakfast

    Get out

    • Burr Oak State Park and Resort Lodge is located in Athens County, north of Glouster and east/adjacent to the Wayne National Forest off of Route 13, north of Glouster and east/adjacent to the Wayne National Forest. A range of overnight accommodations are available, including a lodge (which closed in January 2012), cottages, and a campsite. 60 guest rooms, five conference rooms, a dining room, a full-service lounge, a gift shop, a swimming beach with volleyball nets, tennis courts, playground equipment, a boat launch ramp, and a heated indoor pool are all available at the lodge. Cottages: 30 family cottages with air conditioning, cable television, beds six people, bath/shower, living room, full kitchen, dining area, and a screened porch are available for rent. All of the necessary linens, towels, cooking and dining equipment are provided. Camping facilities include 100 non-electric campsites with showers and flush toilets, twenty-one rustic sites, and pet camping facilities. Fishing, hunting, swimming, beach, bathhouse, showers, changing booths, snack bar, twenty-eight miles of hiking trails, Burr Oak Backpack Trail, horseshoe court, and playground are some of the activities available.
    • Lake Hope State Park is located around 20 miles west of Athens in eastern Vinton County. Lake Hope State Park is located fully inside the 26,824-acre Zaleski State Forest and is bordered by a portion of the Wayne National Forest on three sides. The dining lodge was completely destroyed by fire in 2006. In the process of being reconstructed. There are 72 cottages, all of which are equipped with linens and towels, full kitchens with microwave ovens, central heating and air conditioning, outdoor grills, and fire rings. Pet camping is available, as are heated showerhouses, pit latrines, trash disposal, laundry facilities, picnic tables, fire rings, forty-six sites with electric hookups, three Rent-A-Camp units, one camper cabin, and one Rent-A-Tepee rental. Only electric-powered boats are permitted on the 120-acre lake, and canoes, kayaks, and rowboats are available for hire. A swimming beach, beachhouse, sun deck, restrooms, and a concession building are available at Stouds Run State Park, which is located on Dow Lake in Athens County, east of Athens on Route 690 and within the Wayne National Forest. Other amenities include fishing, hunting, seventeen miles of hiking trails, a 21-mile backpack trail with primitive campsites, thirty-three miles of bridle trail, and a 23-mile singletrack bike trail. The park offers 75 non-electric campsites with picnic tables and fire rings
    • pet camping
    • three Rent-A-Camp sites
    • boating, fishing, and hunting
    • fifteen miles of hiking trails
    • birdwatching
    • nature study
    • an 8-1/2-mile bridle trail
    • a 900-foot sand beach
    • change booths
    • drinking water
    • restrooms
    • scuba diving with proper equipment
    • picnic tables
    • cooking grates
    • three shelterhouses
    • a basketball court
    • playground equipment
    • boat rentals
    Go to Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh or West Virginia.

    Is Athens Ohio a Safe Place to Live?

    One of the most important aspects of feeling at ease in your new home is also feeling safe in your surroundings.Many individuals are curious as to whether Athens is a safe city in which to live.Furthermore, people are interested in whether some neighborhoods are safer than others.

    To summarize, Athens is a safe place to live, and this is wonderful news for everyone.The crime rate is low, and people are generally concerned about one another’s well-being.In many aspects, Athens resembles a normal little town with a low level of criminal activity.Whether you reside in student housing in Athens, Ohio, or in a more typical area, you can be assured that you are safe.Athens, in contrast to most small towns, has a significant police presence on the streets.The Athens City Police Department provides coverage for the whole city and performs an outstanding job.

    1. The Ohio University Police Department, on the other hand, keeps an eye on the whole campus community.
    2. Both of those units collaborate with one another in order to maintain public safety in the city.
    3. Aside from that, the Athens County Sheriff’s Office is headquartered in the city of Athens as well.

    Photo courtesy of WOUB.org In the uptown Athens region, as well as across the rest of the city, you will frequently encounter police officers.You’ll also notice neighbors in their yards keeping an eye on one another’s well-being.On a regular basis, you’ll observe individuals walking or jogging about the city center.In addition, you will observe events sponsored by the city and institution that promote safety and security.

    Be Sure to Take Safety Precautions

    While you might feel comfortable in Athens, it is still a good idea to take steps to ensure your safety.This is true regardless of where you reside on the planet.Consider locking your door when you leave your Athens Ohio apartment for the day; this will prevent intruders from breaking in.

    It’s also a good idea to keep the doors of your automobile locked.Also, if you’re heading to your Athens flat or house at night, stroll with someone else to keep you company.If you don’t have somebody to walk with, Ohio University offers transportation services so that you don’t have to walk alone on campus.In reality, Ohio University and the city of Athens provide a wide range of safety services for students and people in the surrounding area.For example, the University offers a Bobcat Safe App, which provides students with emergency information in the event of a disaster.Other features of the app, such as a ″walk with a buddy″ program, are also available to users.

    1. Additionally, the Ohio University website provides additional safety recommendations for Athens, Ohio.
    2. Athens, like every other city, has its share of criminal activity.
    3. However, while you are in Athens for an extended period of time, you should feel safe and comfortable.

    If you live in Athens Ohio apartments or in the resident halls, you should be aware of this.Athens is an excellent place to call home.Make sure to follow a few safety measures, and we hope you have a pleasant stay in this unique setting.For more information on the top rentals in Athens, Ohio, get in touch with one of our leasing representatives now.

    Athens, OH Crime Rates and Statistics

    The crime rate in Athens is much higher than the national average throughout all towns in America, from the largest to the smallest, despite the fact that it is not among the localities with the highest crime rates (26 crimes per thousand population).In Athens, the likelihood of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime is one in every 39 people.According to FBI crime statistics, Athens is not one of the safest cities in the United States.

    In comparison to other Ohio cities and towns of all sizes, Athens has a crime rate that is greater than 88 percent of the state’s cities and towns of all sizes.It is important to note that when comparing Athens to other municipalities with a comparable population, the crime rate (violent and property offenses combined) is significantly higher than the national average.Regardless of how Athens does in comparison to all communities in America of all sizes, when NeighborhoodScout compares it to areas with comparable population numbers, its crime rate per thousand people stands out as being greater than the majority of the other communities.After that, let’s look at how Athens does particularly in terms of violent crimes, and then how it does specifically in terms of property crimes.This is essential because understanding whether violent crime or property crime (or both) are the primary contributors to the overall rate of crime in Athens can shed more light on the overall rate of crime in Athens and, in turn, help to reduce the overall rate of crime.According to NeighborhoodScout, the violent crime rate in Athens is significantly lower than the national average for all municipalities of all population sizes, which is significantly lower than the national average.

    1. Violence-related offenses such as assault, rape, murder, and armed robbery are less common in Athens than they are in the rest of the United States.
    2. It is one in 1136 that someone in this city would become a victim of a violent crime, which corresponds to a violent crime rate of one per thousand residents.
    3. According to the findings of NeighborhoodScout’s investigation, the rate of property crime in Athens is 25 per thousand people.

    Comparing Athens to all other localities in America of all population sizes, this places the city at a higher risk of becoming a victim of a property crime than the national average.Motor vehicle theft, arson, larceny, and burglary are examples of property crimes.If you live in Athens, you have a one in 40 chance of becoming a victim of one of these crimes.

    Crime Index

    (100 is safest)

    Athens Annual Crimes

      Violent Property Total
    Number of Crimes 21 597 618
    Crime Rate (per 1,000 residents) 0.88 25.03 25.91

    Violent Crime Comparison (per 1,000 residents)

    My Chances of Becoming a Victim of a Violent Crime


    Population: 23,849
    Murder Rape Robbery Assault
    Report Total 3 7 11
    Rate per 1,000 0.00 0.13 0.29 0.46

    United States VIOLENT CRIMES

    Population: 331,449,281
    Murder Rape Robbery Assault
    Report Total 21,570 126,430 243,600 921,505
    Rate per 1,000 0.07 0.38 0.73 2.78

    Property Crime Comparison (per 1,000 residents)

    My Chances of Becoming a Victim of a Property Crime

    Athens Property CRIMES

    Population: 23,849
    burglary theft motor vehicle theft
    Report Total 91 487 19
    Rate per 1,000 3.82 20.42 0.80

    United States Property CRIMES

    Population: 331,449,281
    burglary theft motor vehicle theft
    Report Total 1,035,314 4,606,324 810,400
    Rate per 1,000 3.12 13.90 2.45

    Athens, OH Reviews

    It is a tiny college town, and Athens is one of them.This town offers a diverse range of activities, including a thriving local business community, a thriving farmers market, and a thriving art scene.Because it is a college town, it has a thriving nightlife.

    It also has a vibrant community that is represented by its library, local businesses, recreation center, and college-sponsored programs.Overall, it’s a lovely environment to grow up and/or establish a family, especially for children.There aren’t many jobs outside of college or in the low grade food industry, but housing is in high demand due to the large number of college students and landlords who are interested in renting out their properties to college students.If you discover a job within the institution or a property outside of the campus, act quickly because these properties are generally sold quickly.It’s an incredible tiny town with a fantastic downtown and wonderful people all throughout.Athens, Ohio, is a hidden treasure in the heart of southern Ohio.

    1. It is true that it is a college town, but it does not take away from the appeal of the city as a whole.
    2. There is always something new to discover in this area, which is surrounded by woodland and mountains.
    3. Whatever your interests are, whether hiking, paddleboarding, or simply resting at a local coffee shop, there is something for everyone here.

    The cuisine is quite diversified and will satisfy any appetite you may have at any time.Your interactions with other people are guaranteed to result in a smile on your face, and you will find yourself smiling right along with them!There are occasional rainy days down here in Athens, but it never seems to put a damper on the festivities.From the many great sports teams, you can go see at Ohio University to the two movie theaters we have locally there is something fun to do 24/7.I love Athens, OH.

    • Start Your Review of Athens This is a nice little college town in rural southeast Ohio.
    • It has nice campus life at Ohio University, and plenty of options for shopping and dining on and off campus.
    • This town is also conveniently in driving distance of other major cities such as Columbus, Marietta, and Lancaster!
    • Athens is a small college town that offers a fair amount of cultural events throughout the year.

    Residents in the city of Athens are mostly liberal minded and there is a high value placed on sustainable food production throughout the county and city and many residents fervently support local businesses.There are many outdoor activities available in the area, hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, kayaking and fishing to name a few.Athens is a nice town for the most part.

    However, there are issues with local government and police that can be difficult if you intend on living here when you aren’t a student.Athens is a college town, but it is also a family town.There are a lot of activities that go on in Athens, Ohio.The Halloween block party (it didn’t happen this year due to covid) that people travel from miles to attend.

    • There is also college football, hockey, and it’s one of the most haunted places in Ohio with the old mental asylum.
    • Ohio University is in Athens so I love it, that is where I go to school and it is very safe and state street as all of the stores for all of your needs.
    • Athens is located in the most gorgeous area in South East Ohio and has some of the best hiking trails.
    • Since moving here, however,I noticed that locals are generally cold, distant, or unfriendly.
    • The dining options are great considering how small this town is!
    • My experiences with Ohio University have been nothing but wonderful thus far.
    1. I would absolutely recommend having a weekend getaway in the area, go camping, or visit for the day.
    2. I would not recommend living here long term, though.
    3. The atmosphere in Athens is wonderful.
    4. It is a community where you can easily feel at home.
    5. The local food and culture make this a great small town, but there are still limited opportunities here.
    6. Its an amazing place to be.

    I have lived here almost two years and it is such a beautiful place to live.Athens is so down to earth and very friendly.Everyone is friendly here.There are amazing hiking trails around and beautiful lakes to swim in.

    Athens is a great blue bubble located in southeast Ohio.I’ve lived here since I was three.Schools are better than any others in the area.Athens is a scenic and unique town in southeastern Ohio.A few of the town’s main attractions consist of Ohio University’s beautiful main campus, The Ridges (the former mental health asylum turned art museum), and Strouds Run State Park and its various trails and paths.

    The city has a good number of local boutiques, shops and markets, both on and off campus, that are only a walk or a short drive away.For the university alone, there are many people who are drawn to this city.A

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