What Is The Wealthiest Zip Code In The United States?

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Rank Zip code Location
1 94027 Atherton, Calif.
2 02199 Boston
3 11962 Sagaponack, N.Y.
4 94957 Ross, Calif.

94027 — Atherton,California

What is the richest zip code in America?

A 216-acre island off the southern coast of Miami Beach is the richest zip code in America, according to a new report. Bloomberg analyzed 2015 Internal Revenue Service data from across the country, and Fisher Island (zip code 33109) came out on top with an average income of $2.5 million.

Is Fisher Island the richest zip code in America?

Bloomberg analyzed 2015 Internal Revenue Service data from across the country, and Fisher Island (zip code 33109) came out on top with an average income of $2.5 million. In fact, its average income beat the second-place zip code of Atherton, California by more than $1 million.

Is 90210 the wealthiest zip code in America?

90210, the famed zip code to Beverly Hills, California, is among the wealthiest zip codes in the country, but it’s not the top of the list.

Where are the most expensive zip codes in the world?

Alongside the slightly less expensive Newport Coast, Newport Beach is one of the most expensive zip codes in the world. The people here are among the wealthiest in the world paying an average of $2.88 million per home.

What are the 10 richest zip codes in the US?

The 10 most expensive ZIP codes in the US in 2021

  1. Atherton, California (94027)
  2. Boston, Massachusetts (02199)
  3. Sagaponack, New York (11962)
  4. Ross, California (94957)
  5. Miami Beach, Florida (33109)
  6. Beverly Hills, California (90210)
  7. Santa Barbara, California (93108)
  8. Santa Monica, California (90402)

What is the poorest zip code in the US?

10 poorest zip codes in America

  1. Zip code: 15929 │ East Wheatfield, Pennsylvania.
  2. Zip code: 97414 │ Broadbent, Oregon.
  3. Zip code: 44503 │ Youngstown, Ohio.
  4. Zip code: 86029 │ Sun Valley, Arizona.
  5. Zip code: 16501 │ Erie, Pennsylvania.
  6. Zip code: 62523 │ Decatur, Illinois.
  7. Zip code: 44702 │ Canton, Ohio.

What is the richest street in America?

Indian Creek Island Road, FL: $21.48 Million Median Home Value. At least that’s how South Florida real estate agent Cory Waldman describes Indian Creek Island Rd., which took the top spot for the richest street in the most expensive neighborhood in America.

What is the zip code for Fisher Island Florida?

Located just minutes off the coast of Miami, Fisher Island (zip code 33109) has some wealthy residents, with the average income there a whopping $2.5 million in 2015, according to a Bloomberg analysis of 2015 Internal Revenue Service data.

How wealthy is Loudoun?

Incomes are so high in Loudoun that even after adjusting for a cost of living 12.3% above the national average, it remains the richest county in the U.S. by a wide margin.

What is the richest zip code in the world?

Atherton 94027 in Silicon Valley, California

Silicon Valley suburb Atherton’s 94027 is the most expensive zip code in the world. It has won the position for the fourth time in a row and the average cost of a house in the area is $7 million.

Is 86503 a poor zip code?

ZIP code 86503 is located in northeast Arizona and covers an extremely large land area compared to other ZIP codes in the United States. It also has a slightly less than average population density. The people living in ZIP code 86503 are primarily American Indian or Alaskan Native.


Male 5,255 49%
Female 5,459 51%

What city has the most billionaires?


City Country Billionaires
Beijing China 100
New York City United States 99
Hong Kong China 80
Moscow Russia 79

What is the most expensive address in the world?

The Most Expensive Streets In the World

Rank Street Name Yearly Cost Per Square Foot (USD)
1 Fifth Avenue 3500
2 Causeway Bay 2399
3 Avenue des Champs Elysees 1372
4 New Bond Street 1321

What is the richest suburb in the world?

Atherton, California (94027)

A bastion of Silicon Valley movers and shakers, homes in this exclusive California enclave can soar above $20 million. It’s currently ranked as the most expensive neighborhood in the United States, with a pricey median home price of $9.69 million.

What is the richest island in Florida?

33109 belongs to Fisher Island, Miami Beach’s remote island only accessible by boat and ferry. The 216-acre island is filled with some of the wealthiest, with an average income per household of $2.2 Million according to Bloomberg.

What is the most exclusive island in Florida?

America’s most expensive zip code is actually 33109 — Fisher Island, just south of Miami, Florida. Fisher Island is so exclusive, you can only reach it by ferry or private boat. The private island is home (in some cases, a second or third home) to some of America’s elite.

Who lives on Indian Creek island?

Among the people with rather un-humble abodes there include former Sears CEO Eddie Lampert; investor Carl Icahn; Jamie Galinski Baca, a Colombian banking magnate worth a reported $3.6 billion; Robert Diener, the co-founder of Hotels.com; Rakesh Gangwal, the former CEO of U.S. Airways, and Mary Stephens Shula, the widow

What city in the US has the most ZIP codes?

  • 84121 (Cottonwood Heights)
  • 84105 (Salt Lake City)
  • 84093 (Sandy)
  • 84095 (South Jordan)
  • 84103 (Salt Lake City)
  • 84109 (Millcreek)
  • 84124 (Holladay)
  • 84020 (Draper)
  • 84092 (Sandy)
  • 84108 (Salt Lake City) Show full articles without ‘Continue Reading’ button for 24 hours.
  • What are the lowest ZIP codes in the US?

  • 94027 – Atherton,CA: Median Home Price:$9,686,154
  • 33462 – Manalapan,FL: Median Home Price:$8,368,431
  • 94022 – Los Altos Hills,CA: Median Home Price:$7,755,000
  • 94301 – Palo Alto,CA: Median Home Price:$7,016,631
  • 94957 – Ross,CA: Median Home Price:$6,939,423
  • 11962 – Sagaponack,NY: Median Home Price:$6,852,692
  • An Island off the Coast of Miami Has the Richest Zip Code in the Country

    1. According to a recent analysis, a 216-acre island off the southern tip of Miami Beach is home to the wealthiest zip code in the United States.
    2. The Internal Revenue Service data from 2015 was evaluated by Bloomberg and Fisher Island (zip code 33109) was found to have the highest average income in the country, with an average of $2.5 million.
    3. In fact, the average income in this zip code was more than $1 million more than the average income in the second-place zip code of Atherton, California.

    Previously owned by William K.Vanderbilt II and now home to the Fisher Island Club, which offers rooms starting at around $900 per night, the island is so exclusive that it can only be reached by helicopter, private boat, or ferry.The island was once privately owned by William K.

    Vanderbilt II and was once privately owned by William K.Vanderbilt II.The top ten zip codes on the list may be found by scrolling down.

    Fisher Island, Miami Beach, Florida (phone: 1 33109) Atherton, California (zip code 94027) The cities of 3 33480 in Palm Beach, Florida, 4 94301 in Palo Alto, California, 5 10577 in Harrison, New York, and 6 19035 in Gladwyne, Pennsylvania are listed here.Century City, Los Angeles, California (zip code 90067) 9 60043: Kenilworth, Illinois 10 94111: San Francisco, California 8 02493: Weston, Massachusetts 9 60043: Kenilworth, Illinois This material was generated and maintained by a third party and imported onto this website in order to assist users in providing their email addresses for further consideration.You may be able to discover further information on this and other related items at the website piano.io.

    The 15 Wealthiest Zip Codes in the United States

    1. True or not, the most well-known zip code in the United States does not correspond to the wealthiest region in the country.
    2. 90210, the iconic zip code for Beverly Hills, California, is one of the wealthiest zip codes in the country, although it is not the wealthiest zip code in the country.
    3. In reality, it ranks only third in terms of overall wealth among the countries studied.

    According to Propertyshark.com, a real estate website that calculates which zip codes are the wealthiest on an annual basis to determine which are the most prosperous, there are 15 zip codes that are much wealthier than any other.Every year, the data are generated from the median sales price of properties in the region, and the figures for 2016 show that these are the top 15 wealthiest zip codes in the United States.Getty Images provided the image.

    Portola Valley, California (zip code 94028) Homes in this area sell for an astonishing $2,550,000 on average, according to the local real estate market.It is located in San Mateo County and is one of the most affluent areas in all of California, with a median household income of $75,000 a year.Amazing sites such as Stanford University, as well as breathtaking landscape, may all be found in this part of California.

    A property in this area may give you with an uninterrupted view of the valley or a view of the mountains, depending on your preferences.There are a few things that can be stated about the homes in this area: they are well-built, luxurious, and in great demand.Los Altos, California — Photo courtesy of Zillow 94024 It is one of a few of California cities that have made the cut.The average price of a property in this area is $2,602,500.It should come as no surprise that residences in this area are among the most costly in the country due to their location on the San Francisco Peninsula.

    This is an affluent zip code because, in the world of business, location is everything.Because it is so close to San Francisco, the gorgeous bay, and the ocean, there are unlimited possibilities here, but it will take a lot of money to make them a reality because of the location.Water Mill, New York – Photo courtesy of zillow 11976 In order to acquire a property in this area, you must have an average of $2,675,000 in your bank account.The fact that Water Mill is a part of Southampton is one of the things that makes it so popular.

    1. Even though it is one of the most affluent destinations on the east coast, this portion of the Hamptons does not have a significant number of year-round inhabitants.
    2. Several of the most expensive residences in this zip code are vacation homes or rentals, which explains their high price.
    3. When you think about it, this is the area where the very first watermill was built, back in the mid-17th century, which gives the place its name.
    4. Los Altos, California — Photo courtesy of zillow 94022 Another zip code in the same city, this one has an average property price of $2,756,500, which is higher than the previous one.
    5. There are multiple zip codes in this area that are all in the same spot.
    6. Many people who work in the technology business, the computer industry, and the social media industry choose to live in this upmarket neighborhood of San Francisco because it is so aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

    Northern California has a higher concentration of millionaires than any other region in the globe, which explains why so many of the properties in this region are so expensive.Picture taken at Newport Coast, California, by Zillow 92657 In this beautiful seaside city, you may find some of the most magnificent real estate in the whole globe.The average price of a property in this area is a mind-boggling $2,780,000 dollars.

    1. Located along the Pacific Coast Highway, Newport Coast is a coastal community where many of the houses enjoy breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean.
    2. Whether they are situated immediately on the lake or high up on a hill, they are just spectacular.
    3. These homes, which are large and contemporary, are not inexpensively constructed; nevertheless, you are paying for the view and location in this case.
    • Shelter Island Heights, New York – Zillow 11965 – Shelter Island Heights, New York The median price of a property in this neighborhood is $2,797,500.
    • Having a population of just more than 1,000 people, it may be one of the smallest neighborhoods on the list, if not the smallest.
    • While just 5.6 square miles in size, the residences here are so spectacular, and the views of the city and lake are so breathtaking, that many are ready to pay a premium to name this place their permanent residence.
    • It is not inexpensive to live in this area, regardless of whether someone is purchasing an empty lot or demolishing an older home to make room for something more contemporary.
    • Photo courtesy of zillow 10007 – New York, NY In order to reside in this area, you will need to put down an average of $2.8 million on a property.

    The cost of a home in New York City is not inexpensive, and they are priced at a premium for a reason.The luxury apartments, condominiums, and brownstones available here are equipped with some of the most incredible facilities available anywhere on the planet, as well as the greatest location and some of the most incredible views possible.The cost of living in the city is not cheap, but it is something that shouldn’t be missed at any costs if at all feasible.

    1. New Port Beach, California – Photo courtesy of Zillow 92662 Newport Beach, together with the somewhat less costly Newport Coast, is one of the most expensive zip codes in the world, ranking second only to New York City.
    2. The individuals who live here are among the wealthiest in the world, with an average house value of $2.88 million dollars per property.
    3. With breathtaking views of the beach, impeccable landscaping, and pleasant weather throughout the year, there is nothing not to enjoy about living in this area.
    4. The lake becomes a second home for many, and with all of the high-end shopping, dining, and entertainment options available, it’s no surprise that so many people are drawn to it.
    5. Bridgehampton, New York — Photo courtesy of Zillow 11932 Living in Bridgehampton entails an average annual expenditure of $2.957 million per property.
    6. There are a lot of waterfront properties here, but they are not the residences you’ll be receiving for this price.
    1. Something in this price range is inland, smaller, and not quite as extravagant as the mansions owned by billionaires, actors, and actresses, and some of the world’s most successful business people, which are situated on enormous parcels of land by the coast.
    2. This is where the affluent and famous come to relax on their vacations, and it is one of the wealthiest little villages on the face of the planet.
    3. Santa Monica, California – Photo courtesy of Zillow 90402 Santa Monica is a beautiful city, but it is not inexpensive.
    4. Because of the location, the average home here costs $3 million, which is more than the national average.
    5. With the ocean as your backyard, you’ll have to pay a premium to enjoy the views that most people can only dream of.
    1. It’s close enough to Los Angeles that inhabitants can enjoy the city without having to live in the thick of all the insane traffic, but it’s still close enough to everything else.
    2. Seeing a star in this city is nearly a regular event, since it is one of the most famous cities in the world.
    3. Zillow 94301 in Palo Alto, California provided the photo for this post.
    4. It costs a lot of money to live in Palo Alto, which is the home of most of the country’s top computer gurus and is also a beautiful place to be.
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    An astonishing $3.150 million is spent on the average price of a property in this region.In exchange for your money, you’ll get access to some of the state’s most beautiful locations, neighbors who probably invented your phone and made it possible for you to share a photo of your breakfast with your 599 closest friends that morning, and real estate that continues to appreciate in value as the days go by.Photo courtesy of Zillow 10013 – New York, NY Everyone is aware that real estate in New York City is in high demand, which is why two zip codes in the city made the cut for inclusion on the list.This is a highly sought-after residence, and only the wealthiest of the wealthy can afford to live here comfortably.A new home in the city has an average price of $3.4 million, according to real estate data.This is for a reasonably large property with a wonderful view, but it does not have any particularly noteworthy features.

    You’ll have to search elsewhere for that, and you’ll have to do so with a far higher money.Beverly Hills, California — Photo courtesy of Zillow 90210 Thanks to one of the most successful television programs of all time, everyone is familiar with the zip code in this post!Beverly Hills is one of the world’s wealthiest zip codes, and it takes a lot of money to own a home in this neighborhood.Even a small property will cost millions of dollars, which is why the average home price in this area is $3,517,500.The vistas, the proximity to the city and the beach, and the fact that the weather is consistently pleasant make this one of the most sought-after destinations on the planet….Atherton, California — Photo courtesy of Zillow 94027 Atherton, California, is a lovely community that is adjacent to both Palo Alto and Redwood City.

    • It is a high-end zip code for individuals who have achieved success.
    • In addition to a number of well-known businessmen and ladies who have chosen to live here in their large houses, you’ll discover that it’s a calm community that is close enough to the city to appear beautiful, yet far enough away to provide a feeling of community.
    • Home prices in Atherton average $5.9 million, making it the second most expensive zip code in the US in terms of average price of a home.
    • Sagaponack, New York — Photo courtesy of Zillow 11962 It’s one of the most picturesque little towns in the country, but it’s also one that requires a substantial financial investment to call home.
    • Southampton is home to some of the most gorgeous summer houses in the world, as well as stunning ocean vistas and some of the most creative architectural designs the world has to offer.
    • Sagaponack is the place where everyone wants to reside, and it is also the place where many of the world’s most famous and wealthy individuals have summer vacation houses where they spend their summers.
    • Image courtesy of Zillow

    The 20 Richest Zip Codes in the United States

    1. When it comes to deciding where to live, one of the most important factors to consider is the cost of living.
    2. In many situations, folks are looking for a place that is within their budget.
    3. Others, on the other hand, choose to reside in exclusive neighborhoods with high property values.

    Typically, this is due to the fact that the most costly regions tend to have the nicest houses and a higher level of living.So, if you have the financial means, why not live somewhere that provides you with a desirable lifestyle as well as a magnificent piece of real estate?Lists of wealthiest neighborhoods are rated according to the median property price in each neighborhood.

    According to this information, the following are the 20 wealthiest zip codes in the United States.

    20. Los Gatos, California, 95030

    1. The zip code 95030 in Los Gatos, California, barely makes it onto the list of the top 20 wealthiest zip codes in the United States.
    2. Los Gatos is located in Santa Clara County and has a typical listing price of $2,630,000 for residential homes.
    3. Some of the things that contribute to this being a fantastic location to live are the highly ranked schools, the variety of outdoor activities, the nightlife, and the activities available in the surrounding region.

    19. New York City, New York, 10282

    1. A total of three New York City zip codes are included in this list, with 10282 being the most affordable even though it has a typical home listing price of a whopping $2,660,000 (according to Zillow).
    2. As a result, it is by no means a budget-friendly solution.
    3. Despite the high expense of living in most regions of New York City, it does not deter people from settling in the city, which has a population of about 8.5 million people.

    The city has a dense metropolitan feel to it, as well as a bustling atmosphere.

    18. Palo Alto, California, 94306

    1. The zip code 94306 in Palo Alto, California, is the less expensive of the two that are featured in this list.
    2. Despite the fact that it is the less expensive of the two places, the median home price is still high, at $2,751,000, despite its lower cost.
    3. Located in the northern quadrant of Santa Clara County in the San Francisco Bay Area, Palo Alto is a charter city with a population of almost 67 thousand inhabitants.

    This town offers a thriving nightlife, outstanding schools, a diversified culture, and job employment prospects in a variety of industries, among other things.

    17. Stinson Beach, California, 94970

    1. Stinson Beach is a census-designated place on the California coast that is located in Marin County.
    2. This neighborhood, which is near to Bolinas, has a population of less than a thousand people.
    3. The beach is also only 20 miles away from San Francisco, according to Stinson Beach Online.

    As a result, it is a good location for those who seek a tranquil home life but who also need to be able to travel into the city for work without difficulty.The fact that it is not only bordered by a beach but also surrounded by gorgeous scenery makes it an excellent spot to live if you appreciate the outdoors.Approximately $2.8 million is the median sale price for real estate in this area.

    16. Corona Del Mar, California, 92625

    1. In order to purchase a property in Corona Del Mar, you should expect to pay at least $2.8 million, which is the typical transaction price for properties in this neighborhood.
    2. Corona Del Mar is a beachfront neighborhood in the city of Newport Beach, in the county of Orange in the state of California.
    3. It is a fantastic area to live if you wish to experience the beach lifestyle to its full extent.

    Being only 38 miles away from Los Angeles, it is a convenient location for individuals that commute to the city for their jobs.Aside from the fact that there is almost no crime in this neighborhood, the schools are great, and there are several activities to participate in both during the day and at night.

    15. Newport Beach, California, 92662

    1. In this list of the most expensive zip codes in the United States (excluding Corona Del Mar), there are two Newport Beach zip codes to consider, with 92662 being the less costly of the two options.
    2. But it does not rule out the possibility of finding affordable housing in the area, where the typical house price is still $2.9 million.
    3. Its close proximity to Los Angeles makes it desirable to individuals who work in the city but like to enjoy a more relaxed beach lifestyle on the weekends.

    14. Newport Beach California, 92661

    1. The zip code 92661 in Newport Beach, California, is the most costly in the city.
    2. Due to the high median sale price of $3.14 million in this zip code, you can expect to pay more than two hundred thousand dollars extra for a home in this neighborhood.
    3. Many advantages of living in this Californian town may be attributed to its location.

    People of all ages may participate in numerous activities because of the superb public schools, thriving nightlife, and diverse culture of the area, according to Niche.In addition, because of the low crime rates, it is considered a safe location to reside.

    13. Los Altos, California, 94024

    1. There are two zip code regions in Los Altos included in this list, with 94024 being the least expensive of the two.
    2. Despite the fact that it is the less expensive of the two locations, the typical listing price is still $3.15 million in this one.
    3. Los Altos is a city in Santa Clara County, California, that is a suburb of San Jose and has a population of more than 30 thousand people.

    Although property values and living expenses are high in this location, this is due to the fact that there is so much to see and do.Highly regarded educational institutions, low crime rates, a plethora of activities for all ages, excellent transportation connections, and a diverse variety of work options are all available.

    12. Medina, Washington, 98039

    1. If you want to reside in Medina, Washington, you may expect to spend a premium price for a home because the area is expensive.
    2. The median home selling price in the 98039 zip code is $3.2 million, according to Zillow.
    3. Medina is a suburb of Seattle that has a country air to it, owing to its small population of just over three thousand people and the abundance of open space in the area.
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    There are enough work opportunities, activities, and facilities in the city to make it a perfect alternative for individuals who like to live somewhere calmer and with a slower pace of life while yet being close enough to enjoy the city’s amenities and career prospects.Affluent families will find it appealing because the schools are outstanding and there are several activities available for them to participate in.

    11. Portola Valley, California, 94028

    1. Portola Valley in San Mateo County in California has a typical sale price of $3.3 million for homes that are currently on the market.
    2. Portola Valley is an incorporated town that was created in 1964 and has a population of less than 5,000 people.
    3. It is located in the Santa Clara Valley.

    The residents of this town may take use of a variety of magnificent outdoor places that are available to them.

    10. Ross, California, 94957

    1. It is estimated that the median sale price for a house in the 94957 zip code in Ross, California, is $3.35 million, according to The Robb Report.
    2. Marin County includes the town of Ross, which is located north of San Francisco and adjacent to the city of San Rafael.
    3. Ross is a tiny incorporated town in Marin County.

    In 2011, there were 2,442 people living in this town.With several open places and things to enjoy, as well as its proximity to the city, this town is a desirable location.In addition to having low crime rates, the region also has public schools that are well regarded by residents.

    9. Los Altos, California, 94022

    The most expensive zip code in Los Altos mentioned is 94022, and real estate in this region has a typical sale price of $3.45 million, according to Zillow.

    8. New York City, New York, 10013

    The zip code 100013 is the second most costly in New York City, behind the one for Manhattan. It is estimated that the median sale price for real estate in this zip code is around $3,315,000, so if you choose to reside in this area, you can expect to pay approximately $3,315,000.

    7. Palo Alto, California, 94301

    1. The more costly of the two Palo Alto zip codes on this list is 94301, which is the more expensive of the two.
    2. It will cost you around $3,522,000 to purchase a property in this area, according to the median sales price in the area.
    3. One of the many reasons that this is such a wonderful location to live is because of the breathtaking surroundings.

    Rancho San Antonio Preserve and Redwood Grove Nature Preserve are just a couple of the recreational places available in this neighborhood.

    6. Boston, Massachusetts, 02199

    1. The zip code 02199, which is located in the city of Boston, Massachusetts, is ranked sixth on this list.
    2. The median sale price for a home in this zip code region is $3,669,000, according to Zillow.
    3. Massachusetts’s largest city, Boston, with a population of almost 680 thousand people.

    In this metropolis, the neighborhoods are quite diverse, and the 02199 neighborhood is considered to be one of the most exclusive and costly areas in the city.

    5. New York City, New York, 10007

    1. In terms of price, 10007 is the most costly of the three zip codes in New York City that are featured in the list.
    2. It is estimated that the median sale price in the 10007 zip code is $3.9 million.
    3. Despite the fact that New York City is frequently ranked as one of the most expensive places in which to live in the United States, people come to the city for its distinct feel, the range of work opportunities, the food scene, and the retail opportunities.

    The zip code 10007 is located in the city’s Tribeca area, which is near to the Financial District and the World Trade Center, among other attractions.

    4. Beverly Hills, California, 90210

    1. ″Beverly Hills, 90210,″ a television series that portrayed the lives and relationships of a group of young people from rich families who resided in this pricey and celebrity-studded neighborhood, made the 90210 zip code famous.
    2. Properties in this zip code had a typical sale price of $4.08 million, which is above the national average.
    3. This Los Angeles suburb has a population of more than 34 thousand people and has a mix of urban and suburban characteristics.

    There are several outdoor activities and well ranked schools in this neighbourhood, which makes it a popular choice among families.Young professionals, on the other hand, are drawn to the neighborhood because of its vibrant atmosphere.Beverly Hills also draws retirees because of the wide variety of recreational opportunities available.

    The numerous beneficial characteristics of the area more than compensate for the high expense of living.

    3. Santa Monica, California, 90402

    1. Properties in the 90402 zip code of Santa Monica, California, had a typical sale price of $4.154 million, according to a recent report.
    2. In the city of Santa Monica, which is located in the county of Los Angeles, there are more than 92 thousand people.
    3. Despite the fact that property prices and living expenses are expensive, the neighborhood provides a superb quality of life.

    If you prefer living in a busy environment, you will enjoy the active nightlife, pubs, and restaurants that this town has to offer.However, because there are several parks and outdoor areas to explore, it will also appeal to those who want an active outdoor lifestyle.Other favorable aspects of the town are the variety of the population and the high quality of education provided by the public schools.

    2. Sagaponack, New York, 11962

    The zip code 11962 in Sagaponack, New York, is the second most costly in the United States, coming in at number two.It is estimated that the median property value in this area is a stunning $4.3 million.Sagaponack is a small town in Suffolk County, New York, with a population of about 260 people.Due to the small population, the location is even more exclusive than usual.

    In spite of the fact that the location has a rural and isolated atmosphere, it is within walking distance of several services and facilities such restaurants and coffee shops.As a result, it is an excellent choice for folks who desire the best of both worlds.It will also appeal to people who like an active outdoor lifestyle due to its location on the East End of Long Island and the abundance of beautiful outdoor areas that surround the area.

    1. Atherton, California, 94027

    According to Business Insider, the wealthiest zip code in the United States is 94027, which is located in the city of Atherton in the California state.Because the median home price in this elite neighborhood is $7,050,000, you may expect to pay astronomical sums of money to live there.It is a wealthy region, as seen by the average household income in Atherton being more over half a million dollars.Atherton is an incorporated town in San Mateo County, California, with a population of over 7,000 people.

    It is the county seat of the county.Known for its parks, lovely outdoor areas, and vineyards, it is a popular tourist destination.This town is known for its outstanding schools, many career opportunities, and diversified population.

    100 richest zip codes in the United States

    What are the wealthiest cities in the U.S.? The table shows the 100 wealthiest zip codes in the United States based on IRS figures for Adjusted Gross Income. This table includes only zip codes where more than 10,000 returns were filed Filter by number of returns filed: All | 1,000+ | 3,000+ | 5,000+ | 10,000+ | 20,000+ Other tables: Highest federal tax | High salaries | Highest income | Lowest income
    Zip Number of Adjusted Income per No. of Salaries Salary
    State City Code Returns Gross Income Return Returns and Wages per Return
    CONNECTICUT Greenwich 06830 12,515 3,372,995 $269,516 9,000 1,859,282 $206,587
    CALIFORNIA Beverly Hills 90210 10,480 3,162,173 $301,734 6,371 1,232,310 $193,425
    ILLINOIS Lake Forest 60045 10,185 2,802,054 $275,116 7,012 1,339,447 $191,022
    CONNECTICUT Westport 06880 13,278 2,720,166 $204,863 9,218 1,653,908 $179,422
    NEW YORK New York 10022 21,670 5,469,333 $252,392 15,627 2,726,763 $174,490
    ILLINOIS Winnetka 60093 10,517 3,129,300 $297,547 7,106 1,236,715 $174,038
    NEW JERSEY Summit 07901 10,756 1,977,789 $183,878 8,226 1,334,096 $162,180
    GEORGIA Atlanta 30327 11,481 2,702,336 $235,375 7,772 1,234,491 $158,838
    TEXAS Austin 78746 12,215 2,452,417 $200,771 9,212 1,441,032 $156,430
    CALIFORNIA Pacific Palisades 90272 11,319 2,305,152 $203,653 7,137 1,112,341 $155,856
    TEXAS Houston 77024 17,111 3,561,753 $208,156 11,477 1,719,880 $149,854
    CALIFORNIA Saratoga 95070 15,576 2,961,579 $190,137 11,231 1,645,142 $146,482
    NEW YORK New York 10021 56,833 12,098,604 $212,880 42,983 6,190,286 $144,017
    NEW YORK Scarsdale 10583 19,908 3,663,496 $184,021 13,658 1,936,321 $141,772
    TEXAS Dallas 75225 11,331 2,276,633 $200,921 7,264 1,029,159 $141,679
    TEXAS Dallas 75205 10,982 2,229,410 $203,006 7,984 1,077,543 $134,963
    NEW YORK New York 10028 27,231 4,892,476 $179,666 21,273 2,780,134 $130,688
    TEXAS Houston 77005 10,883 1,746,163 $160,449 8,156 1,059,585 $129,915
    CALIFORNIA Los Altos 94024 10,981 1,941,190 $176,777 7,884 1,003,422 $127,273
    WASHINGTON Redmond 98053 13,166 1,809,771 $137,458 11,441 1,430,584 $125,040
    NEW YORK Bronxville 10708 11,376 1,668,231 $146,645 8,445 1,042,391 $123,433
    CALIFORNIA Palos Verdes Peninsula 90274 14,547 2,282,635 $156,914 9,492 1,170,272 $123,290
    NEW YORK New York 10128 31,656 5,463,816 $172,600 25,694 3,119,112 $121,395
    CONNECTICUT Ridgefield 06877 11,407 1,506,090 $132,032 8,739 1,054,702 $120,689
    NEW JERSEY Ridgewood 07450 11,941 1,646,367 $137,875 9,062 1,093,098 $120,624
    NEW JERSEY Basking Ridge 07920 11,637 1,488,565 $127,917 9,212 1,105,355 $119,991
    NEW YORK New York 10023 35,054 4,934,737 $140,775 27,611 3,303,720 $119,652
    CALIFORNIA Los Angeles 90049 19,664 3,203,185 $162,896 13,649 1,607,222 $117,754
    ILLINOIS Barrington 60010 20,886 3,403,540 $162,958 16,408 1,921,980 $117,137
    MARYLAND Potomac 20854 23,656 3,853,859 $162,913 17,485 2,038,838 $116,605
    ILLINOIS Hinsdale 60521 20,264 3,490,527 $172,253 15,143 1,754,515 $115,863
    NEW YORK New York 10017 12,898 2,525,912 $195,837 8,846 1,007,919 $113,941
    TEXAS Plano 75093 19,037 2,553,093 $134,112 16,196 1,824,569 $112,656
    VIRGINIA Mclean 22102 10,309 1,553,280 $150,672 8,065 901,394 $111,766
    WASHINGTON Mercer Island 98040 11,614 1,818,661 $156,592 8,023 891,154 $111,075
    NEW YORK New York 10024 33,724 4,930,358 $146,197 26,773 2,954,406 $110,350
    NEW JERSEY Princeton 08540 17,670 2,451,673 $138,748 13,632 1,490,079 $109,307
    CALIFORNIA Calabasas 91302 10,773 1,454,940 $135,054 8,014 867,250 $108,217
    ILLINOIS Chicago 60611 14,967 3,105,056 $207,460 11,715 1,266,776 $108,133
    FLORIDA Boca Raton 33496 10,086 1,802,136 $178,677 6,046 650,786 $107,639
    CALIFORNIA Newport Beach 92660 15,009 2,270,935 $151,305 10,195 1,074,765 $105,421
    CONNECTICUT Fairfield 06430 15,710 1,917,815 $122,076 12,026 1,267,305 $105,380
    WASHINGTON Issaquah 98029 10,405 1,280,310 $123,048 8,415 879,054 $104,463
    GEORGIA Atlanta 30305 14,265 1,992,461 $139,675 8,887 918,376 $103,339
    ILLINOIS Wilmette 60091 13,915 1,871,096 $134,466 9,632 991,473 $102,935
    VIRGINIA Mclean 22101 14,433 2,025,981 $140,371 10,106 1,035,509 $102,465
    ILLINOIS Highland Park 60035 15,587 2,688,181 $172,463 11,338 1,147,000 $101,164
    NEW JERSEY Westfield 07090 15,009 1,638,608 $109,175 11,461 1,151,735 $100,492
    CALIFORNIA Redwood City 94062 13,184 2,040,789 $154,793 10,022 1,004,002 $100,180
    MARYLAND Chevy Chase 20815 14,927 2,070,884 $138,734 9,796 977,262 $99,761
    CALIFORNIA Trabuco Canyon 92679 11,425 1,294,651 $113,317 9,867 980,922 $99,414
    MASSACHUSETTS Boston 02116 10,304 1,633,589 $158,539 8,996 887,255 $98,628
    CALIFORNIA Manhattan Beach 90266 18,181 2,129,675 $117,137 14,092 1,385,009 $98,283
    WASHINGTON Bellevue 98004 11,914 1,593,524 $133,752 8,558 836,824 $97,783
    MARYLAND Bethesda 20817 17,390 2,275,233 $130,836 11,900 1,163,283 $97,755
    NEW YORK Garden City 11530 14,064 1,695,047 $120,524 10,103 986,656 $97,660
    PENNSYLVANIA Bryn Mawr 19010 10,347 1,531,580 $148,022 7,206 703,158 $97,580
    MISSOURI Saint Louis 63141 10,747 1,475,575 $137,301 7,962 760,492 $95,515
    VIRGINIA Vienna 22182 11,102 1,246,203 $112,250 9,201 875,033 $95,102
    PENNSYLVANIA Wayne 19087 16,133 2,043,147 $126,644 12,334 1,164,793 $94,438
    CALIFORNIA San Francisco 94123 16,052 2,024,400 $126,115 12,742 1,195,623 $93,833
    WASHINGTON Woodinville 98072 16,386 1,891,576 $115,439 14,110 1,317,535 $93,376
    GEORGIA Duluth 30097 10,318 1,192,442 $115,569 9,010 835,522 $92,733
    CALIFORNIA Burlingame 94010 20,965 2,731,827 $130,304 15,322 1,417,893 $92,540
    CALIFORNIA Los Gatos 95032 11,452 1,314,567 $114,789 9,009 820,666 $91,094
    NEW YORK New York 10019 22,053 2,975,339 $134,918 18,093 1,635,604 $90,400
    NEW YORK Syosset 11791 12,804 1,511,880 $118,079 9,637 867,876 $90,057
    ILLINOIS Naperville 60564 11,810 1,134,742 $96,083 10,583 952,935 $90,044
    CALIFORNIA San Jose 95120 17,466 1,798,610 $102,978 14,319 1,286,536 $89,848
    CALIFORNIA Lafayette 94549 13,660 1,695,567 $124,126 9,790 877,281 $89,610
    TEXAS Spring 77381 15,054 1,464,964 $97,314 12,700 1,134,507 $89,331
    MINNESOTA Eden Prairie 55347 11,514 1,225,233 $106,412 10,150 906,194 $89,280
    NEW YORK New York 10036 14,015 2,178,111 $155,413 11,285 1,007,184 $89,250
    CALIFORNIA Menlo Park 94025 18,987 2,491,480 $131,220 14,431 1,285,565 $89,084
    CALIFORNIA Los Angeles 90024 15,647 1,825,235 $116,651 11,093 987,280 $89,000
    FLORIDA Miami 33156 13,774 2,006,672 $145,685 10,346 919,141 $88,840
    ILLINOIS Northbrook 60062 21,429 2,733,803 $127,575 15,393 1,366,574 $88,779
    NEW YORK Port Washington 11050 14,344 1,656,886 $115,511 10,910 968,084 $88,734
    TEXAS Dallas 75230 13,735 1,553,940 $113,137 9,922 880,238 $88,716
    WASHINGTON Bellevue 98006 16,811 1,805,611 $107,407 13,625 1,206,504 $88,551
    CALIFORNIA Mill Valley 94941 15,508 1,811,446 $116,807 10,849 958,694 $88,367
    TENNESSEE Brentwood 37027 17,317 1,907,205 $110,135 13,926 1,227,254 $88,127
    ILLINOIS Deerfield 60015 13,884 1,933,935 $139,292 10,757 944,299 $87,785
    TEXAS Coppell 75019 14,107 1,352,867 $95,900 12,655 1,109,658 $87,685
    ILLINOIS Lake Zurich 60047 16,664 1,897,565 $113,872 14,231 1,246,527 $87,592
    NEW JERSEY Livingston 07039 14,217 1,615,781 $113,651 10,574 924,061 $87,390
    FLORIDA Ponte Vedra Beach 32082 13,011 1,579,333 $121,384 10,052 876,169 $87,164
    CALIFORNIA Laguna Beach 92651 13,101 1,703,828 $130,053 9,263 798,972 $86,254
    TEXAS Sugar Land 77479 20,459 1,950,200 $95,322 17,560 1,505,829 $85,753
    TEXAS Plano 75025 13,873 1,253,395 $90,348 12,610 1,074,830 $85,236
    GEORGIA Alpharetta 30022 19,788 2,072,690 $104,745 17,371 1,478,940 $85,138
    NEW JERSEY Morristown 07960 20,012 2,142,392 $107,055 16,265 1,383,983 $85,090
    WASHINGTON Seattle 98112 11,748 1,402,987 $119,423 9,359 796,018 $85,054
    MASSACHUSETTS Winchester 01890 10,567 1,152,559 $109,072 8,000 680,362 $85,045
    WASHINGTON Redmond 98052 24,485 2,271,255 $92,761 21,451 1,808,058 $84,288
    CALIFORNIA San Diego 92130 11,209 1,150,076 $102,603 9,049 761,596 $84,164
    PENNSYLVANIA Malvern 19355 11,146 1,159,932 $104,067 9,015 758,247 $84,109
    INDIANA Carmel 46032 15,181 1,556,190 $102,509 12,645 1,061,896 $83,978
    NEW JERSEY Randolph 07869 11,299 984,905 $87,167 9,412 787,057 $83,623
    ILLINOIS Libertyville 60048 14,330 1,444,757 $100,820 11,947 997,295 $83,477
    All data from the IRS

    What are the wealthiest zip codes in America?

    It’s not about 90210 anymore. These are the wealthiest ZIP codes in the United States.

    1. 3 Ways to Earn Huge Returns Without Investing in the Stock Market.
    2. 33109 (Fisher Island, Florida).
    3. 94027 (Atherton, California).
    4. 33480 (Palm Beach, Florida).
    5. 94301 (Palo Alto, California).
    6. 90067 (Century City, California).
    7. 10577 (Purchase, New York).
    8. 33480 (Palm Beach, Florida

    Similarly What is the wealthiest ZIP code in the state of Illinois?

    List of 25 Wealthiest Zipcodes in Illinois
    Rank Zipcode Zip Name
    1 60043 Kenilworth
    2 60603 Chicago
    3 60604 Chicago

    So, what is the most impoverished zip code in the United States? The ten most impoverished zip codes in the United States

    1. .
    2. Zip code: 62523 Decatur, Illinois..
    3. Zip code: 44702 Canton, Ohio.

    What zip code has the most billionaires?

    List of 50 Wealthiest Zipcodes in the United States
    Rank ZIP Code County
    1 33109 Miami-Dade
    2 94104 San Francisco
    3 94027 San Mateo

    What’s the most expensive ZIP code in the world?

    Atherton, California 94027 is located in Silicon Valley. Consider a Silicon Valley suburb as a potential investment. The zip code 94027 in Atherton, California, is the most costly in the world. In fact, it has earned this position for the fourth time in a row, and the average price of a home in the region is $7 million dollars.

    What is the wealthiest Chicago suburb?

    • The 10 Wealthiest Suburbs in the City of Chicago Oak Brook is a neighborhood in Oak Brook, Illinois. Oak Brook, historically known as Fullersburg, is located 19 miles west of Chicago’s central business district. .
    • Highland Park, to name a few. In Highland Park, more than 55 percent of households earn at least $100,000 per year, with 28 percent earning more than $200,000 per year in income. Hinsdale is located in the city of Long Grove..
    • Wilmette is located in the city of Hawthorn Woods is located in the city of Long Grove.

    What is the richest suburb in America?

    1. The city of Atherton in California. Atherton, California, is the richest location in America for the fourth year in a row, because to the presence of tech billionaires such as Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg and Google’s Eric Schmidt, as well as its proximity to Palo Alto and San Francisco.

    What is the wealthiest city in us?

    • 1. The San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara metropolitan area in California The median household income in the United States is $130,865. The median home value in the United States is $1,116,400.

    What US state has the most poverty?

    States, federal districts, and territories are all included.

    Rank State 2019 Poverty rate (percent of persons in poverty)
    United States 10.5%
    1 New Hampshire 7.3 %
    2 Utah 8.9%
    3 Maryland 9.0%

    What zip code is 90210?

    ZIP Code 90210

    Post Office City: Beverly Hills, CA (View All Cities)
    Neighborhood: Beverly Crest
    County: Los Angeles County
    Timezone: Pacific (2:59am)
    Area code: 310 (Area Code Map)

    What is the richest state in the United States?

    • According to data, this is the wealthiest state in the United States: New Hampshire.
    • Washington.
    • Connecticut.
    • California. Hawaii has a median household income of $80,440 dollars. New Jersey has a median household income of $83,102 dollars. Massachusetts has the highest median household income at $85,751. Maryland has the highest median household income at $85,843. The median household income is $86,738 dollars.

    Which US state is home to the wealthiest zip code?

    Massachusetts has the highest median property prices in the United States, according to the National Association of Realtors.

    What is the wealthiest county in America?

    Loudoun County, Virginia is the first. Loudoun County’s incomes are so high that even after accounting for a cost of living that is 12.3 percent higher than the national average, it remains the wealthiest county in the United States by a wide margin.

    What is the most exclusive neighborhood in the US?

    1. The county of Loudoun in Virginia After correcting for a cost of living that is 12.3 percent higher than the national average, Loudoun County remains the wealthiest county in the country by a wide margin, according to the Census Bureau.

    What is the most expensive neighborhood in the United States?

    The affluent Silicon Valley suburb of Atherton, California, was by far the most expensive neighborhood in the United States in 2011. Atherton, California, has been named the most expensive ZIP code in the US for the fourth year in a straight, thanks to a median transaction price of $7 million.

    Where is the most expensive neighborhood in the world?

    The most expensive street in the world is New York City’s 57th Street on Billionaires’ Row, which had 41 transactions above $25 million in the previous five years. Mount Nicholson Road in Hong Kong came in second with 35 ultra-prime sales, putting it in second position overall.

    Is Oak Brook rich?

    OAK BROOK, ILLINOIS (AP) – Oak Brook was included on a list of the top 100 wealthiest municipalities in the United States compiled by Bloomberg, which was released recently. … Oak Brook’s yearly household income of $222,138 placed the town above other affluent localities such as Beverly Hills, California, and Lexington, Massachusetts, according to the United States Census Bureau.

    What is the nicest suburb in Chicago?

    The 11 Most Beautiful Suburbs in Chicago

    1. Buffalo Grove is a neighborhood in Buffalo, Illinois. As a result of its family-friendly, pleasant, and diversified ambiance, Buffalo Grove (BG) is a town in the counties of Cook and Lake in the state of Illinois.
    2. Naperville. In DuPage County, there is a densely populated, safe, and prosperous city. It includes Clarendon Hills, Long Grove, Hinsdale, South Barrington, Winnetka, and Western Springs. It also includes Clarendon Hills, Long Grove, Hinsdale, and Western Springs.

    Is Lake Forest IL rich?

    North Shore neighborhood of Chicago, Lake Forest is a rich community that is committed to the arts and open space. In the northern suburb of Chicago, Lake Forest is located south of Waukegan along the shores of Lake Michigan. In 1857, it was built around Lake Forest College, making it one of the first college towns in the country.

    What city has the most billionaires?

    What cities have the highest concentration of billionaires?

    Rank City Number of Billionaires
    1 Beijing 100
    2 New York City 99
    3 Hong Kong 80
    4 Moscow 79

    14 avr. 2021

    What is the richest small town in America?

    Small Cities with the Highest Affluence: 50,000 to 100,000 Residents

    Rank City Population (2019)
    1 Sammamish 64,674
    2 Cupertino 60,257
    3 Bethesda 63,195
    4 San Ramon 75,648

    16 mars 2021

    What US city has the most millionaires?

    Despite the fact that New York City is by far the nation’s most populous wealthy metropolitan region, the Empire State does not even appear on this list – but its neighbor does. Connecticut has a greater per-capita rate of millionaire households than all but two other states, according to the Census Bureau.

    What is the poorest city in the US 2021?

    This data indicates that with a median income of $27,838 dollars, Detroit, Michigan is the most impoverished city in the United States. It is estimated that 37.9 percent of the population lives in poverty in Detroit, and that the jobless rate is 19.8 percent, the highest in the country and more than five times greater than the national unemployment rate.

    What state has the lowest household income?

    These are the states with the lowest median household earnings.

    1. Mississippi. The median household income in 2019 is $45,792, and the population is 2.97 million (2020) 19..
    2. the state of West Virginia. The median family income in 2019 is $48,850, and the population is 1.78 million (2020) Arkansas is number 19 on the list. The median household income is $48,952 dollars (2019) In 2020, the population is expected to reach 3.03 million people.

    The 10 most expensive ZIP codes in the US in 2021

    The 94027 ZIP code in Atherton, California, has retained its distinction as the most expensive ZIP code in the United States for the fifth consecutive year.According to statistics from Property Shark, which monitored residential transactions in the United States between January 1, 2021, and October 22, 2021, the Bay Area suburb is by far the most expensive area to live in the country in 2021, with a typical sale price of $7.47 million.According to Property Shark, the typical sale price in Atherton, California, which is home to NBA champion Steph Curry and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, increased by 7 percent year over year in 2017.That amount is about $2 million greater than the median sale value of $5.5 million in Boston’s 02199 ZIP code for the previous 11 months, which was the runner-up.

    The top ten most expensive ZIP codes all had median selling values of at least $4 million, with six of them being in California, according to Zillow.On fact, 70 percent of the 127 most expensive ZIP codes in Property Shark’s ranking are situated in California, with 17 being placed in New York.This year was the first time that no ZIP code in New York City made the top 20 list of most popular ZIP codes.

    The following are the top ten most expensive ZIP codes in the United States, as measured by median house selling prices:

    10. Medina, Washington (98039)

    In 2021, the median house sale price will be $4,000,000.

    9. Los Altos, California (94022)

    Approximately $4,000,000 will be the average house sale price in 2021.

    8. Santa Monica, California (90402)

    In 2021, the median house sale price will be $4,058,000. Santa Monica beach and the Pacific Coast Highway may be seen in the distance. Photo courtesy of Ed-Ni-Photo | iStock | Getty Images

    7. Santa Barbara, California (93108)

    In 2021, the median house sale price will be $4,103,000 dollars.

    6. Beverly Hills, California (90210)

    A median house selling price of $4,103,000 in the year 2021

    5. Miami Beach, Florida (33109)

    In 2021, the median house sale price will be $4,475,000. Fisher Island in Miami, where the typical house sale price in 2021 was $4,475,000, was the most expensive. Photographs courtesy of Getty Images

    4. Ross, California (94957)

    In 2021, the median house sale price will be $4,583,000.

    3. Sagaponack, New York (11962)

    House prices are expected to reach $4,583,000 in 2021 on the average.

    2. Boston, Massachusetts (02199)

    In 2021, the median house selling price will be $5,500,000. With the skyline of downtown Boston visible in the backdrop, this is a vista of the Charles River. Getty Images | Boston Globe | Boston Globe | Boston Globe

    10 poorest zip codes in America

    • A median price of $5,500,000 for a single-family house in 2021 With the cityscape of downtown Boston as a backdrop, this is a picture of the Charles River. Image courtesy of Getty Images and the Boston Globe

    In addition, read the paper below, which discusses the findings, trends, and rating criteria that were employed. (Photos courtesy of Shutterstock)

    10. Zip code: 79901 │ El Paso, Texas.

    The median household income in the United States is $13,110. The average household income is $21,601 dollars. 0.5 percent of households with annual incomes of $150,000 or more: Households with an annual income of $25,000 or less: 79.1 percent

    9. Zip code: 3

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