What Is The Zip Code For Nigeria?

In Nigeria there are no ZIP codes, ZIP codes are only used and available in the United States of America.

What is the valid ZIP code for Nigeria?

Show me the Nigeria zip code Whenever you are prompted to fill in the zip code for Nigeria; Ekiti state zip code or zip code for Lagos, you don’t need any Nigeria zip code finder. What you should use are: 110001, 23401 or 00176.

What is Nigeria zip code 2020?

Please note that Zip code for Nigeria is 23401, just in case you are being asked to fill any form and you are required to put in Nigeria’s zip code.

What is Oyo State ZIP code?

Oyo is a town in Oyo State, Nigeria. It is carved out of two Local Government Areas (LGAs), they are: Oyo East and Oyo West LGAs. Areas within the aforementioned locations make use of varying postal or zip codes.

Ahipa / isale oyo.

Location Postcode
Isale Oyo 211251
Koloko 211251
Koso 211251
Ode Moje 211251

What ZIP code is Nigeria 2021?

There is no general postal code for Nigeria as a country, rather postal codes are divided into regions, states and cities. The postal code for Lagos which is Nigeria’s commercial nerve is 100001 for mainland and 101001 for Island. The postal code for Nigeria’s capital, Abuja is 900001.

What is USA ZIP code?

US ZIP codes are a type of postal code used within the United States to help the United States Postal Service (USPS) route mail more efficiently.

What is Ogun state ZIP code?

By postal code

LGA District / Area Postal code
Ogun Waterside Ijebu Manuwa 122107
Ogun Waterside Iwopin 122106
Ogun Waterside Ode Omi 122105
Remo North Isala 121104

What is the zip code for eleyele Ibadan?

Ijokodo-eleyele, Ibadan, Ibadan, Ibadan, Oyo is located in Nigeria. Its zip code is 200283.

What is Ibadan city code?

Ibadan Area Codes, Nigeria

Country Town/City Area Code
Nigeria Ibadan +234 2

Nigeria Postal codes and States Zip Codes 2021 Updated List

  • Thank you for visiting the Nigeria Postal Service – Postcode Lookup System.
  • The Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) has arranged the postal codes of major cities and areas in the country in a chronological order.
  • In contrast to some nations where postal/zip codes are often represented by a number of alphabets, Nigeria zip codes are represented by simply six digits, regardless of the area.
  • The National Institute of Postal Administration (NIPOST) divides the nation into nine areas, and those regions decide the first digit of the six-digit code; the remaining three digits of the code are selected by your local post office.
  • Contrary to popular belief, the Nigerian Postal Service has a well-organized system of zip codes.
  • The country is split into nine regions, with each region code being the first digit of the zip code.
  • See below for a list of all of Nigeria’s states, as well as their Local Government Areas and Zip Codes.


North Central

  • Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory, Benue State, Kogi State, Kwara State, Nasarawa State, Niger State, Plateau State

North East

  • Adamawa State, Bauchi State, Borno State, Gombe State, Taraba State, and Yobe State are some of the states of Nigeria.

North West

  • Jigawa State, Kaduna State, Kano State, Katsina State, Kebbi State, Sokoto State, and Zamfara State are among the states affected.

South East

  • Abia State, Anambra State, Ebonyi State, Enugu State, and Imo State are the states involved.

South South

  • Akwa Ibom State, Bayelsa State, Cross River State, Delta State, Edo State, and Rivers State are among the states represented.

South West

  • Ekiti State, Lagos State, Ogun State, Ondo State, Osun State, and Oyo State are among the states in Nigeria.

States & Postal Codes

The following is a list of the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), as well as the principal postal codes that correspond to each of them.

Nigeria Postal Codes (Zip Codes)

  • Advertising – A postal code is a series of numbers that are appended to a postal address in order to facilitate sorting and delivery of mail more efficiently.
  • In Nigeria, a postal code is used to divide the nation into distinct postcode zones, which are referred to as district postal codes.
  • Nigeria’s postal code consists of six digits in length.
  • The first three digits reflect the dispatch section of the number, while the final three digits constitute the delivery portion of the number.
  • If you have ever been curious about what a postal code or ZIP code is, we will provide you with the answer today.
  • Throughout this article, we’ll look at the history of the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) and its activities, as well as the makeup of Nigeria postal codes and the country’s mail delivery system.
  • In addition, we will clarify whether or not there is a distinction between a postal code and a zip code, list all of the postal codes in Nigeria, explain how to address a letter using a postal code, and provide an overview of the Nigerian Postal Service’s postcode Lookup system.
  • Let’s get this party started right immediately.

History of the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST)

  • The history of the Nigerian postal service may be traced back to the year 1852, when the British government established the country’s first post office.
  • By 1898, the British Post Office had established offices at Badagry, Epe, Ikorodu, Ijebu-Ode, Ibadan, and Abeokuta, among other locations.
  • Nigeria had 1,000 Postal agencies, 10 sub Post offices, and 176 Post Offices when it gained independence in 1960, up from 27 Post Offices when it gained independence in 1906.
  • NIPOST was administered by the government as a Department from the time of independence till January 1, 1985.
  • Following that day, the Nigeria Postal Service (NIPOST) became a Department of the Nigerian Telecommunications Limited (NITEL).
  • NIPOST was elevated to the status of Extra-Ministerial Department in 1987 by Decree No.
  • 18 of that year.
  • According to Wikipedia, NIPOST employs more than 20,000 people and operates more than 5, 000 offices around the country.

Functions of NIPOST

  • Some of the responsibilities of NIPOST include: providing private mailboxes and private mail bags
  • receiving posted letters, sorting them, and delivering them on schedule to recipients both locally and internationally
  • and providing private mailbags and private mail boxes.
  • Federal government revenue is generated through stamp sales and the collection of stamp duty.
  • Providing rural regions without a post office with an authorization from the Postal Agency
  • Bulk mailing services for events such as annual general meetings, newsletters, and enquiry slips
  • Carry out EMS Global Speed Post as well as Special Parcel Service delivery

Composition of the Nigeria Postal Codes (zip codes)

  • Nigeria is divided into nine postcode zones, according to the postcode system of division.
  • Each postcode zone is represented by the digits one to nine, with the first digit of the postal code being the number one.
  • Examples include the states of Lagos and Ogun at the top of the list, and the states of Abuja, Niger, Nasarawa and Benue at the bottom.
  • In addition, a postcode zone is subdivided into postcode areas, each of which is denoted by a unique postcode.
  • There are no areas in the nation where the Nigeria postcode does not extend entirely.

NIPOST Mail-delivery system

  • The National Postal Service (NPOST) distributes mail in three ways that are both appropriate and efficient thanks to the usage of postal codes. This system contains the following components: delivery of mail at post offices and postal facilities (into mailboxes and private mail bags)
  • delivery of mail to big cities by Postmen
  • distribution of letters to rural regions
  • and distribution of letters to remote places.

Nigeria postal codes or zip codes; is there a difference?

  • The zip code is the same as the postal code in most cases.
  • The United States of America uses a ZIP code instead of a postal code to identify its residents.
  • However, zip codes, like Nigeria’s postal code, are particular digits that allow for easier sorting and delivery of mails in both countries.
  • Also, if you’re curious in what Zip stands for, here’s a breakdown of what each letter represents.
  • The letters ″Z″ and ″I″ stand for zone, ″P″ stands for plan, and the letters ″Z″ and ″I″ stand for improvement.
  • So, the next time you are online and filling out a form, keep in mind that the postal code in Nigeria is the same as the ZIP code in the United States of America.
  • Do not use the Nigerian country code 234 or any imaginary digits while dialing.
  • rather than this, find out what the specific Postal code is for your state and use it.

What is Nigeria Postal Code (Zip Code)?

Nigeria does not have a single postal code that applies to the whole country; rather, postal codes are separated by regions, states, and cities. It is 100001 for the mainland and 101001 for the island if you want to mail something to Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial nerve center. The postal code for Nigeria’s capital, Abuja, is 900001. The country’s currency is the naira.

List of Nigeria postal codes (zip codes) for each State

Here is a list of postal codes that have been assigned to each of the 36 states of the federation, as well as the Federal Capital Territory of Abuja, Nigeria.

How to use Nigeria postal codes (zip codes) to address a Letter

  • When you send a letter, be sure to include the postcodes for each state listed above in the body of the letter.
  • Using the codes 100001 and 101001, for example, you may send a letter to Lagos Mainland and a letter to Lagos Island at the same time.
  • It should be noted that in each state, the sites were further subdivided into local government regions and streets.
  • A mail addressed to Anthony Village in Lagos would have a different postal code than a letter addressed to Ikoyi in Lagos.
  • Please see the following samples of a letter to the managing director of a firm based on the Lagos Mainland and Lagos Island.
  • The Managing Director is in the business of making money.
  • The N.G.
  • Limited is located at P.O.
  • Box 10345 in Anthony Village in the city of Lagos, Nigeria.
  • The Managing Director is in the business of making money.

N.G.Limited is located at P.O.Box 10345, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria.

Nigeria postal service post lookup system

  • It is preferable to be familiar with the postal codes for each section of the state or nation to which you are sending a letter so that your letter may be delivered as quickly as possible to the intended recipient.
  • You should memorize your state’s postal code or utilize the Nigerian Postal Service Post Lookup System instead of not including any postal codes if you don’t know what they are for each location.
  • You may use the website to drill down and get the postcode of any location you want to look up.
  • The Rural Location, Urban Location, and Postal Facility, as well as the Town, Area, and Street, may all be found here.

Lagos postal code (Zip Code)

The postal code (Zip code) for Lagos is 100001 for the Lagos Mainland and 101001 for Lagos Island, with the Mainland being the most populous.

Abuja postal code (Zip code)

Abuja’s postal code (also known as a ZIP code) is 900001.


  • In this page, we provided you with a list of the postal codes used in Nigeria (zip codes).
  • You also learned that a ZIP code is another term for a postal code, as well as the history of NIPOST and the duties of the organization.
  • In addition, we looked at the components of the Nigeria postal code and mail delivery system, how to address a letter using a postal code, and the introduction to the Nigerian postal service’s postcode lookup system, among other things.
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Nigeria ZIP Codes: All Nigeria postal Codes including Lagos Postal Codes

  • Need a thorough list of Nigeria’s zip codes?
  • Look no further.
  • If you answered yes, please read this article through to the end.
  • The Nigeria postal code, also known as the postcode, is a specific indicator or series of digits that one uses to collect parcels or transport mail and other goods to the correct location.
  • So if you plan on purchasing or placing an order online in the near future, or if you want to know all of Nigeria’s postal codes, including those for Lagos, continue reading!

Brief facts about Nigeria Zip Codes or Postcodes

  • When filling out an online job application or any other form, it’s common to see a mandatory field for Zip code on the form.
  • This is standard procedure in order to ensure appropriate identification.
  • Many individuals, however, are accustomed to using +234 as their Nigeria zip code, which is incorrect.
  • The international dialing code is the +234 that many Nigerians used to use as their zip code when calling from outside the country.
  • And it serves the goal of indicating that the call is coming from a Nigerian user.
  • While post codes were utilized in Nigeria, Post Code is a term that may be found in certain other jurisdictions.
  • Despite the fact that the codes have different names, they fulfill the same function.
  • As a result, anytime you are asked to provide your zip code, postal code, or postcode, you should enter one of the Nigeria zip codes that will be detailed further below.
  • Furthermore, these zip codes are separate from one another; each state has its own that is distinct from the others.
  • For example, the zip code for Oyo state is very different from the zip code for Kano state.

On that point, you don’t truly require the assistance of a zip code finder to do your task.This article should prove to be beneficial.In other words, when someone asks for a Nigeria zip code list, what you should provide is a list of all Nigeria postal codes for the various states of the country.

  1. In a similar vein, be aware that if you are placing a purchase on AliExpress or planning to visit any online marketplace such as eBay, Amazon, or the like in the near future, you will be required to enter your zip code.
  2. Consequently, included below are the postal codes or Nigeria Zip codes that you may use to get items delivered to any location in the country.
  3. Abiodun County, Abia State, 440001 Adamawa State, 640001 Akwa Ibom State, 52001 Anambra State, 740001 Bauchi State, 970001, Borno State, 600001 Cross River State, 540001 Delta State, 320001 Ebonyi State, 840001 Ebonyi State, 840001 In Edo, the zip code is 300001; in Ekiti, it is 360001; in Enugu, it is 400001; and in Gombe, it is 760001.
  4. 460001 is the zip code for Imo State.
  5. 720001 is the zip code for Jigawa.
  • 700001 is the zip code for Kaduna.
  • Kano Zip Code: 800001 Katsina Zip Code: 820001 Kano City: 800001 Kebbi has the zip code 860001.
  • 260001 is the zip code for Kogi.
  • 240001 is the zip code for Kwara.
  • Lagos’s major landmass Lagos Island Zip Code – 101001 Nasarawa Zip Code – 962001 Niger Zip Code – 920001 Lagos Zip Code – 100001 Lagos Island Zip Code – 101001 The zip code for Ogun is 110001.
  • 340001 is the zip code for Ondo State.
  • 230001 is the zip code for Osun.
  • Oyo Zip Code – 200001 Plateau Zip Code – 930001 Rivers Zip Code – 500001 Sokoto Zip Code – 840001 Oyo Zip Code – 200001 Plateau Zip Code – 930001 660001 is the zip code for Taraba.
  • 860001 Yobe State Zip Code 320001 Zamfara State Zip Code 860001
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Analysis of the Nigeria Zip Codes

  • It’s critical that you remember the following points as a result of the above.
  • The ZIP code is an abbreviation for Zone Improvement Plancode.
  • In addition to being well recognized Nigeria post codes, it is made up of six-digit unique numbers.
  • When you look at the first three numbers, you’re looking at the regional group of numbers, which is the way the outgoing districts are sorted.
  • In contrast, the following three numbers denote the delivery location, which might be either an urban area or a specific post office.
  • At the same time, it is critical that we emphasize the need of exercising caution when entering the postcode.
  • The erroneous Zip code, whether chosen or written incorrectly, might result in a delivery delay.
  • Aside from that, unlike what is available in certain nations, the postal/zip codes in Nigeria do not comprise alphabets or numbers.
  • Regardless of where you live, they are simply 6 digits long and have no special characters.
  • More specifically, the NIPOST divides the nation into nine distinct areas, and it is each region that determines the first three digits of the six-digit postal code used in the country.

The last three numbers code at the end of a postcode are frequently decided by the post office where the address is located.Take, for example, the postal code of Lagos State, which is 100001: the first three digits of which represent the state, and the rest of which represent the postal code.Moreover, in each area, the final three digits 001 reflect the head of the department in question.

  1. In other words, every state has a central post office that is supported by a network of regional offices.
  2. If you want to send a parcel to a specific post office other than the headquarters, i.e.
  3. to another subsidiary department in the same location, you’ll have to figure out what combination of departments you’ll need to use.

The Six Geopolitical Zones and Their Postal Code

  • In Nigeria, there are six Geopolitical Zones, each of which having up to six or seven states under its jurisdiction.
  • In other words, the first three digits of the codes for these two states will be the same.
  • North Central (sometimes spelled North Central) This zone, also known as the middle belt, is located in the north central region of the country and is dominated by the Tiv ethnic group.
  • The following states are included in this zone: Abuja (F.C.T) Benue State is a state in Nigeria.
  • Kogi State is a state in Nigeria.
  • Kwara State is a state in Nigeria.
  • Nassarawa State is a state in Nigeria.
  • Niger State is located in Africa.
  • Plateau State’s North-Eastern Region Adamawa State is included in the North East area.
  • Bauchi State is located in the northwestern part of the country.

Borno State is a state in Nigeria.Gombe State is a state in Africa.Taraba State is a state in Nigeria.

  1. Yobe State is located in the northwestern part of the state.
  2. Individuals who live in this region are often located in the extreme northern reaches of the country.
  3. The states are as follows: Jigawa State Kaduna State is located in Nigeria.
  4. Kano State is a state in Nigeria.
  5. Katsina State is a state in Nigeria.
  • Kebbi State is located in Nigeria.
  • Sokoto State is a state in Nigeria.
  • South-Eastern Region of Zamfara State The Ibos are the majority of the people that live in this region.
  • Abia State is a state in Nigeria.
  • Anambra State is a state in Nigeria.
  • State of Ebonyi Enugu State is a state in Nigeria.
  • Imo State is a state in Nigeria.
  • Akwa Ibom South South Akwa State of Ibom Bayelsa State is located in the northwestern part of the country.
  • Delta State is located in the Cross River State.
  • Edo State is a state in Nigeria.
  • Rivers State is located in the South West of the country.
  • The last geopolitical zone on this list is the South West, which is controlled by the Yoruba people.
  • It is the final zone on this list.
  1. There are six states in this region, and they are as follows: Ekiti State Lagos State is located in Nigeria.
  2. Ogun State is a state in Nigeria.
  3. Ondo State is a state in Nigeria.
  4. Osun State and Oyo State in Concluding Remarks You are not need to memorize the entire list of Nigeria Zip Codes, despite the fact that it is quite useful in many situations.
  1. Knowing the name of your native state from memory is sufficient.
  2. Furthermore, by coming down to Atlanticride, you are indicating that you have faith in us and our knowledge, and that you will return if additional information is required.


  • A issue that has been on the minds of many Nigerians throughout the years is whether or not advertisements are allowed.
  • Because of the importance of this issue in the sending and receiving of parcels, mail, and commodities, it is necessary to have enough understanding of it.
  • It can be the difference between obtaining your shipments, goods, and mail and not receiving them at all if you provide the erroneous ZIP code while placing your order.
  • But first and foremost, what precisely is a ZIP code?
  • ZIP is an abbreviation for Zone Improvement Plan.
  • Many Nigerians are completely unaware of the distinction between a Zip Code and a postal code in the United States.
  • The ZIP Code is a postal code that is only used in the United States of America for the purpose of mailing services.
  • However, outside of the United States, some countries, notably Nigeria, use the postal code instead of the country name.
  • The postal code in Nigeria may be thought of as the country’s counterpart of the United States Postal Code (ZIP Code).
  • There are many other nations outside of the United States that utilize the postal code for the same objectives that the ZIP Code in Nigeria is used for, thus this does not simply relate to Nigeria alone.

What Does the Number +234 Mean?

  • Nigerians have a common misconception that the country’s ZIP code is +234; however, this is not correct.
  • The dialing code for Nigeria is +234 (plus two digits).
  • Due to the fact that callers from outside Nigeria must provide the +234 code before the Nigerian phone number, this allows them to make calls to Nigerian phone numbers without difficulty.
  • In the absence of this, dialling a local phone number located outside of Nigeria’s borders will not be sent through.
  • The ZIP Code in Nigeria is abbreviated as NZZ.
  • The postal code is Nigeria’s counterpart of the United States Postal Code.
  • Many Nigerians may be surprised to learn the postal code because the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) is widely considered as non-operational at this time.
  • It is important to note that the Nigerian Postal Service continues to play an important part in how we send and receive products and parcels around the country, despite its decreased popularity in recent years.
  • Nigerian ZIP or Postal Codes are normally comprised of six digits and are used to identify a location.
  • Depending on where you live, these six digits may be different.
  • Each state has its own ZIP/Postal Code that is completely distinct from the others.
  • Whenever a ZIP Code is required, the corresponding codes must be provided.
  • All of Nigeria’s states have their own ZIP Codes that are distinct from one another, however Lagos is the only state that has two ZIP Codes/Postal Codes.
  • These are divided into two groups, one representing Lagos Mainland and the other representing Lagos Island.
  • Is it the same thing to have a ZIP code and a postal code?
  • Yes, without a doubt! In countries other than the United States of America, the Postal Code is used in place of the Zip Code. The postal code can be substituted for the ZIP Code in some cases. All of Nigeria’s states have their own ZIP/Postal Codes, which are distinguished from one another. The following are examples of such items: ZIP/Postal Codes for the United States 900001
  • Abia Postal Code 440001
  • Adamawa Postal Code 640001
  • Akwa Ibom Postal Code 520001
  • Anambra Postal Code 420001
  • Bauchi Postal Code 740001
  • Borno Postal Code 600001
  • Delta Postal Code 460001
  • Jigawa Postal Code 720001
  • Kano Postal Code 700001
  • Kaduna Postal Code 800001
  • Kebbi Postal Code 860001
  • Kog

The following are the different states, each with their own ZIP/Postal Code. These may be utilized in mailing since they make the process of distributing goods, shipments, and services much more convenient and efficient.

How Nigeria’s ZIP / Postal Codes Work

  • NIPOST has established a mechanism for establishing and distributing ZIP/Postal Codes to states that is both efficient and cost-effective for the country.
  • The nation has been split into nine divisions or areas, which correspond to the nine states.
  • The initial digit of the Code is represented by this digit.
  • In other words, the codes are numbered from 1 to 9 in accordance with the numerical pattern that has been assigned.
  • Due to the fact that the whole ZIP/Postal Code contains the number 6, the second and third numbers of the postal codes signify the dispatch location for any incoming mail category.
  • NIPOST created an effective system of mail delivery that is still in use today in the delivery of products and services to their intended destinations.
  • For the Purpose of Clarity It is important to note that if a ZIP code is required for any business, it is important not to be misled by misrepresenting the ZIP/Postal Code with Nigeria’s dialing code +234.
  • Knowing what to do in the event of the loss or misplacement of goods, shipments, or services meant for certain areas may spare you a great deal of heartache and disappointment in the future.
  • Finally, I’d want to say With the preceding information, it is thought that the issue of what Nigeria’s ZIP code is has been satisfactorily addressed.
  • Furthermore, the commonly held idea among Nigerians that the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) has ceased operations is untrue, since the organization is still very much in operation, supervising the mailing and parcel services industries in the country.

A Complete List of Nigeria Postal Codes For The 36 States

  • There is a need to make it easy for the second party that need your address to discover your location when providing your address for both official and unofficial purposes, which is why the postal code is so important when submitting your address for both official and unofficial purposes.
  • Postal code, ZIP code, and other similar terms are commonly used to refer to a string of codes that have been used to designate distinct landmasses throughout history, including the United States.
  • Nigeria, like many other nations across the world, has around 37 postal codes to correspond to its 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory of Abuja.

What is a Postal Code?

  • In the United States, postal codes are strings of numbers or letters, or a mix of the two, separated by punctuation and/or space.
  • The quantity of them varies from one country to the next.
  • Nigeria’s postal codes are made up of six-digit digits, which are used to identify addresses.
  • These numerals denote a variety of different things.
  • Following the Nigerian Postal Service’s (NIPOST) classification, the country is divided into nine areas, with the codes of each region representing the initial number of postal codes.
  • The dispatch district is created by combining the first, second, and third numbers, which makes it simple to filter through the incoming mail stream.
  • Aside from that, the following three numbers indicate where the delivery will take place, which might be either a town, a village, or any other area.
  • Every area also has something known as the major post head office, which is a government-run institution.
  • It is similar to the headquarters, and its postal code is frequently followed by the number 0001.

What is a Postal Code Used For?

  • Websites that typically seek postal codes will also gather the actual address of the user or client as part of their normal operation. Activities like as domain name registration, online shopping, and other similar activities are examples of such activities.
  • Items ordered online are delivered to the customer.
  • In order to fill out the majority of online job applications
  • in order to fill out forms for the majority of official reasons
  • in order to post letters and hard copy documents

It will be difficult to ship products from one area to another without a postal code, especially when sending items from overseas to Nigeria. That is why the vast majority of online retailers do not make the error of removing postal codes from their e-commerce websites.

What is a ZIP Code?

The ZIP code, also known as Zone Improvement Codes, is a type of postal code that is exclusively accessible and used in the United States of America. In other nations, they serve the same purpose that the postal code does in this country. Consequently, Nigeria postal codes are equivalent to what American ZIP codes are to Americans in terms of importance to them.

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What is the Major Difference Between ZIP Code and Postal Code?

  • The most significant distinction between these two codes is the nation in which they are used.
  • While every other country uses a postal code to identify a physical address, the ZIP code is solely utilized in the United States for the same purpose.
  • The United States, on the other hand, does not regard the postal code of other nations to be equivalent to their own ZIP code.
  • When the United States Postal Service (USPS) wants to process the delivery of products to other nations, they use distinct codes for each of those countries.
  • Regardless, because they all fulfill the same job, people treat postal codes from other nations as if they were the same as the ZIP code from the United States of America.
  • The ZIP code for Nigeria is 00176-000.

The 36 States of Nigeria and Their Postal Code

  • Nigeria does not have a single postal code; rather, each state has its own postal code that is distinct from the other states in the country.
  • One of the most essential things NIPOST accomplished was to give each region a distinct identity, beginning with the most populous states and progressing to the least populous.
  • They didn’t stop at the state level; they went on to provide most settlements, whether small and large, with an identification number to aid in their identification in the event of an emergency.
  • The following is a list of all of Nigeria’s postal codes, organized by state.
S/N States and the FCT Postal Code
1 Abia 440001
2 Adamawa 640001
3 Akwa Ibom 520001
4 Anambra 420001
5 Bauchi 740001
6 Bayelsa 561001
7 Benue 970001
8 Bornu 600001
9 Cross River 540001
10 Delta 320001
11 Ebonyi 840001
12 Edo 300001
13 Ekiti 360001
14 Enugu 400001
15 Gombe 760001
16 Imo 460001
17 Jigawa 720001
18 Kaduna 700001
19 Kano 800001
20 Katsina 820001
21 Kebbi 860001
22 Kogi 260001
23 Kwara 240001
24 Lagos 100001
25 Nassarawa 962001
26 Niger 920001
27 Ogun 110001
28 Ondo 340001
29 Osun 230001
30 Oyo 200001
31 Plateau 930001
32 Rivers 500001
33 Sokoto 840001
34 Taraba 660001
35 Yobe 320001
36 Zamfara 860001
37 Abuja (Federal Capital Territory) 900001
  • The codes mentioned above are the individual codes for each of the 50 states that make up the United States of America.
  • These methods cannot be utilized to determine a person’s precise location.
  • It makes no difference whether they are referred to as Nigerian Zip code, Nigeria postal code, or even postal code; they all pertain to the same thing, so don’t be misled by the terminology.
  • As a result, in order to be certain of the postal code associated with your precise location, you must go to the site of postcode.com.ng.
  • The information you receive directly from that website may be the information you are looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions on Nigeria Postal Codes

1. Is there a place with 23401 Code as its postal code in Nigeria?

The postal code 23401 is not used by any of the 36 states that make up the United States of America stated above. However, study and experience have revealed that the postal codes 23401, 110001, and 00176 may all be used to identify the nation. Any one of these will suffice as a ZIP code in most cases.

2. Does Nigeria as a country have a ZIP code?

It has already been stated that ZIP code nomenclature is solely utilized inside the United States. Every other country has a postal code, including the United States. As a result, Nigeria does not have a ZIP code, but rather a postal code that varies from state to state based on the size of the country.

3. Is Nigeria’s International Dialing Number Same as ZIP Code?

The majority of people believe that the national dialing code, +234, is the same as a ZIP code. It has been recommended that people refrain from using the international dialing code +234, which is specifically reserved for Nigerians, as a ZIP code.

4. How Do I Know My Postal Code?

  • As previously stated, NIPOST has completed the monumental process of giving a postal code to each and every town, local municipality, and hamlet in the country. Visit the home page of the postcode.com.ng website in order to obtain your postal code
  • Please do a search for the state in which you are now situated and click on it.
  • Locate and pick your local government area by performing a search for it.
  • The next step would be to look for and pick your hometown
  • after that,
  • You are suggested to locate the nearest NIPOST office or post office if you do not have access to the internet in order to validate the postal code of your address if you do not.
  • Not only will the information from either the web or the post office spare you from unneeded worry, but it will also assist you in obtaining the proper postal code.
  • Perhaps it will also assist you in having any item you have bought online delivered to you at the appropriate time and at the appropriate place.

What is Nigeria’s ZIP code? Clear the Confusion Now!

  • What is the ZIP code for Nigeria?
  • Now is the time to clear the confusion!
  • If you’ve been perplexed about what the right Nigeria ZIP code is for a long time, this piece is for you since it provides some explanation.
  • For your knowledge, ZIP (Zone Improvement Plan) codes are only applicable in the United States.
  • Postal codes from foreign nations are not considered ″ZIP″ codes in the United States.
  • Postal codes are used in all other nations save the United States.
  • ZIP codes in the United States, on the other hand, are used for the same objectives as postal codes in other nations – namely, for mailing purposes.
  • As a result, ZIP codes refer to the United States, whilst postal codes refer to other nations, including Nigeria.
  • It should be noted, however, that the USPS (United States Postal Service) has codes for foreign nations that are utilized when processing deliveries.
  • These codes are the same as the ZIP codes that are used in the United States.

Nigeria’s international dialing code is 00176-0000.How do you go about filling out forms that ask for your ZIP code?Filling out an online form where you’re needed to provide your ZIP code is as simple as typing 110001 or 23401 in the appropriate field.

  1. Both codes may be rejected by some websites.
  2. In such a circumstance, attempt the number 00176.
  3. At the very least, one of these programs should be functional.
  4. Please don’t make the same mistake…
  5. Never use the ZIP code 234 for Nigeria unless you are certain that it is correct.
  • This is Nigeria’s international phone dialling code.
  • (Whenever a ZIP code is necessary, just enter 110001, 23401, or 00176 as the value.) If you find this post to be useful, please forward it along to others.

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Lagos Zip Code: Complete & Correct Postal Code for all Lagos towns, LGAs

  • This 6-digit number is issued by NIPOST to all of the places inside the city of Lagos.
  • Some people refer to it as the Lagos postal code or Lagos zipcode.
  • Every place, including the head post office in Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria, and every other location, has a postal code.
  • Because every place inside Lagos State has a unique postcode that is distinct from the one allocated to the state’s headquarters, it is critical to use the postcode that is particular to your location rather than the one issued to the headquarters.
  • In other words, you shouldn’t be looking for the postcode of Lagos State, but rather the postcode of the region or town where you live.
  • Lagos State is divided into twenty (20) Local Government Areas (LGAs), with four of those LGAs being under the non-metropolitan Lagos State classification and the remaining sixteen falling within the city of Lagos classification.
  • Our Lagos zip code will be organized in accordance with the four non-metropolitan Lagos and the Metropolitan Lagos areas of the city.

Non-metropolitan Lagos State zip code:

Badagry LGA, Lagos State Zip Codes.

Badagry – 103101

  • Badagry is home to the following places, all of which use the zip code 103101 as their postal address: aivoji beach, ajido, akarakunmo, alakoto meji, apa, aeri owode, asipa beach, dadi esepe, dado, farasime, ganyingbo oke, ganyingbo oke, ganyingbo Oke, Ganyingbo Oke, Ganyingbo Oke, Ganyingbo Oke, The names of the beaches are Topa, Garafa, Gbaji, Genme, Ibereko, Ibeye, Ibuku, Idale, Ijotun, Ilado, Ilagbo Badagry, Imeke, Ipako, Ipara, Iragbo, Irosu.
  • The names of the towns are Morogbo, Okio Afo, Okogbo, Okun Padre, Povita, Ropoju, Si

Other areas in Badagry LGA:

Ajara Agamathem Vetho/ Ibereko – 103211. Ajara Agamathem Vetho/ Ibereko – 103211. Sango – Asago Sango – 103241 Ascon 103242 is a number. The postal code for Bereks/Surulere is 103251. Seme Badagry’s telephone number is 103261.

Epe LGA, Lagos State Zip Codes

Agbowa – 106104

The town of Agbowa is home to the following places, all of which use the zip number 106104 as their postal code. Ikosi Beach, Ikosi, Ikosi Beach, Imagba, Itoikin, Magun, Mubeju, Odo Ayandolu, Oke Oso, Oko Abe, Orepete, Orugbo, Otta Ikosi are some of the names for the island of Ikosi in Nigeria. Other names for the island include Ado (Agbowa), Agbowa, Ago Hausa, Ago Owu, Ajeb

Ejinrin – 106102.

Ejinrin is comprised of the following communities, all of which share the postcode 106102: Abaruwa, Bodun, Egan Senyindo, Ejinrin, Eleju, Esemeoke, Igbodu, Igbodu Ejunrin, Igboku, Itoikin, Iwoye, Jimaire, Ketu, Ketu Ejinrin, Ladekan, Mafo, Mala

Epe – 106101.

  • Epe district contains the following places, all of which use the postal code 106101 as their postal address: Abule Alagbon, Abule Fowoseye, Abule Ligali, Abule Pamo, Abule Soko, Afero, Agidi (Agogoigi), Ajaganbari (Ajebandele), Akata (Apala), Araga (Araromi), Apala (Apala), Araga (Araromi), Araga (Araromi), Araga (Araga), Araga (Araromi), Araga Asipo Epe, Ayesan, Bodun, Bolorunpelu, Boluduro, Ebute Agbejoye, Ebute Asagun, Ebute Imosan, Ebute Kosu, Emina Pry School, Ebute Agbejoye, Ebute Asagun, Ebute Imosan, Ebute Kosu, Emina Pry School, Emina Pry School, Emina Pry School Ita Oke, Ita Oko Ilana, Jagun, Kula, Ladaba, Ladega, Mafogunde Kekere, Mafogunde Nla, Mafogunde Orogbo, Iba Onigbado, Ibon, Idaso, Idi Afon, Idi Orogbo, Idomu, Igbo Apawa, Ijayo, Ilamija, Ilamija Oke, Ilamija

Erodo – 106103

  • Erodo is comprised of the following neighborhoods, each of which has the zip code 106103: Idols such as Aba Alaiye, Agodo Tagelu, Agodo Towolo I and II, and others have been created.
  • The names Ajegbende, Dagbayan, Egan, Eganringan, Egbe, Emulu, Eredo, Erimope, Ese Ebute, Gunupa, Ibonwon, Ibowon, Idimu, Igboiye, Igbonla, Igboye, Iji, Ijoyin, Ilara, Imagba, Imeru, Imokun, Ipala, Iraye Oke Okotto, Ole Odo, Ololo, Orile Ejo, Orita Eri, Orita Kan, Orugbo, Talara Efomi (Talara Oke), Talara Oke (Talara Oke), Talara Oke (Talara Oke), Talara Oke (Talara Oke), Talara Oke (Talara Oke), Talara Oke (Talara Oke), Talara Oke (Talara Oke),

Ibeju-Lekki LGA Lagos State Zip Codes

Ibeju – 105101

  • Ibeju is comprised of the following communities, all of which make use of the area code 105101: Aba Igbekele, Aba Oriyabrin, Abegede, Abijo, Abule Panu, Adeba, Agbowa Onibeju, Aiyeteju Ofiran, Ajegbenwa, Ajibade, Akodo, Arapagi, Arapagi Ojoko, Araromi, Ar gbogije Ibeju, Iba, Iba Oloja, Iba Onigangan, Ibeju, Iberekodo, Idado, Idi Orogbo, Idiori, Igando, Igando, Oloja, Igando Orudu, Ilado, Ilado Imagbon Alade, Ilado Imagbon Segun, Imalefalafia, Imegun (Ibehu), Onibeju, Mosayo, Moseju, Mosere Ikoga, Mushiri Kogo, Oko Oba, Okunegun, Okunsolu, Okunto, Olumofin, Pakere, Sapati, Solu Alade, Tagbati, Tagbawoyi, Talano Oke and Yaba Ibeju are some of the names for this place in Nigeria: Ogodi, Ogogoro, Oguntedo, O

Lekki —105102

Lekki is made up of the following places, all of which use the zip code 105102 as their postal address: Ogogoro, Poka, Okegelu, Siriwon, Oko Oba, Tiye, Okun Folu, Okun Oriyanrin, Okunalye, Okunise, Olomowewe, Oniganrigan, Oniyanrin, Origanringan, Osokoro, Mafogunde, Osoroko, Mogido, Otolu, Abaketa, Ikegun, O

Ikorodu LGA, Lagos State zip code

Ikorodu rural areas  – 104101.

In the Ikorodu rural areas, the following locations make use of the 104101 code: Abe Abo, Abule Ajeregun, and more localities that are not included above.

Irepodun – 104102.

Abule Ajebo, Abule Eko, Abule Odudu, Abule Oguro, Abule Onipepeye, and Abule Onipepeye are all located in Irepodun, and they all use the same zip code 104102.

Metropolitan Lagos zip codes:

The zip codes listed below are applicable to the municipalities listed below as well as all of the streets inside those towns. For further information, please select your specific town from the drop-down menu.

Lagos State Postal and Zip Codes Full List

  • Lagos State is split into five administrative divisions, which are further subdivided into twenty local government areas, or LGAs, which are all located inside the state of Lagos.
  • The following is a list of postal codes for several locations in Lagos state that are comparable in terms of the streets inside them, as seen in the table below.
  • When you’re ready to begin your search, look for the exact region ZIP code for Lagos, such as ″Lagos postal code for Lekki,″ or something similar.
  • Many of the current 20 Lagos State Local Government areas were divided for administrative purposes into Local Council Development Areas in 2003, resulting in a significant reduction in the number of extant local government areas.
  • Local Government Areas: Please see the list below for their postal codes.
  • Agege Ajah Ajeromi is the L.G.A.
  • for L.G.A.
  • Ifelodun L.G.A.
  • is an acronym for Local Government Authority.
  • Alimosho L.G.

A is an acronym that stands for Alimosho L.G A.Amuwo Odofin L.G.A.is a limited liability company.

  1. Apapa L.G.
  2. A is an acronym for Local Government Apapa.
  3. L.G.A.
  4. Badagry is a local government association.
  5. Badargry Epe L.G.A.
  • is an acronym that stands for Badargry Epe L.G.A.
  • Eti Osa L.G.A.
  • is an acronym that stands for Eti Osa L.G.A.
  • Ibeju L.G.A.
  • is an acronym that stands for Local Government Authority.
  • L.G.
  • A.
  • Ikeja Ikorodu Local Government Area L.G.A.
  • Kosofe is a Nigerian politician.
  • Lagos Lagos Island is a popular tourist destination.
  • Nigeria’s L.G.A.
  • (Lagos Mainland) Phase 1 of the L.G.
  • ALekki project The following is a list of towns and villages in Lagos State.
  1. lkorodu L.G.
  2. A.
  3. Mushin Ojo L.G.A.
  4. is an abbreviation for Ojo L.G.A.
  1. Oshodi-Isolo L.G.
  2. A Shomolu L.G.
  3. A Surulere L.G.
  4. Oshodi-Isolo L.G.
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A Surulere L.G.ASurulere postal code: 101283Ikeja ZIP code: 100271 (streets 154)Abarenji postal code: 100269Ikorodu postal code: 104101Ajah postal code: 101245Asurulere postal code: 101283Ikeja ZIP code: 100271 (streets 154) Postal code for Victoria Island is 101241 (streets 84) 101212 is the ZIP code for Yaba (streets 87) Abarenji: 100269Agarawu: 101229Abule: 100269Abule: 100269 Ijesha’s number is 101213.Adeniji Adele’s phone number is 101226.Ahmadia, Pakistan: 100331 Alakija Old Ojo number is 102262.

Amukoko Alaba Oro’s phone number is 102212.Amukoko North’s zip code is 102215.Amukoko West’s zip code is 102213.

Amukoko East phone number: 102214 101254 Apapa West, Apapa, Nigeria 101252 Apapa North (Apapa, Nigeria) 101253 Apapa South, Nigeria Atunrase Estate Gbagada is located at 100235.Ayodele Street is located at 100233.Abule Egba’s phone number is 100276.Alagbado number: 100314 Allen’s number is 100281.

  1. Anthony’s number is 100282.
  2. Bakare Faro’s phone number is 102216.
  3. Bungalow Estate number is 100264.
  4. Balogun’s phone number is 100267.
  1. Bode Thomas’ phone number is 101211.
  2. Alakuko’s number is 100271.
  3. Alapere Ketu’s identification number is 100244.

Captain’s number is 100341.Domepu’s number is 100273; Egan’s number is 100268.Alimosho’s number is 100275, while Akesan’s number is 100268.Egbe: 100265 Egbe: 100265 Egbe: 100265 Fadeyi’s phone number is 100252.Festac Community II has the following ID: 102312.

  1. Festac Community III has the ID number 102313.
  2. Gbagada: 100234Festac Community IV: 102314Festac Community IV: 102314Gbagada: 100234 Idi Oro: 100254 Idi Oro: 100254 Idumagbo number is 101228.
  3. Idumu number: 100276 Ifako Agege’s phone number is 100215; Ijaye’s number is 100311; and Igando’s number is 100267.

Ijedodo: 100269 Ijedodo: 100269 Ijesgatedo: 101282 Ijesgatedo: 101282 102221 Ijora Badia East, Ijora Badia West Ijora Badia Central Phone Number: 102222 Ijora Badia North phone number: 102224 102223 Ijora Badia West, Ijora Badia East Iju Isaga’s phone number is 100216.Ijora Oloye’s phone number is 101255.Ikata number: 100281 Iju Water Works: 102216Ikosi: 100246Iju Water Works: 102216 100282 is the postal code for Ikeja (Oba Akran) Ikotun identifier: 100265 Ikoyi’s phone number is 101233.Ipaja number: 100278 Ilupeju’s phone number is 100252.102266 is the identification number.

Isale Eko’s phone number is 101226.Isheri Oke’s phone number is 100214.Isheri Osun’s phone number is 100266.Itafaji’s phone number is 101225.Itire number: 100281 Ikosi number is 100246.Jibowu’s number is 100252.

  1. Ketu Mile 12 is 100247 meters.
  2. Ketu is represented by the number 100243.
  3. The Ketu Orisigun number is 100245.
  4. Kirikiri’s phone number is 102273.
  5. Kirikiri Industrial is located at 102272 Kirikiri Road.
  6. Lawanson’s phone number is 100254.
  1. Lafiaji’s phone number is 101223 Postal code for Lekki is 105102.
  2. Makoko’s extension number is 101244.
  3. Magodo’s number is 100248.
  • Maryland: 100211Marina: 100221 Maryland: 100211 Massy’s phone number is 101225.
  • Mende’s number is 100211, while Meiran’s number is 100361.
  • Mushin’s phone number is 100253.
  • Obonikoro number is 100232.
  • Obalende: 101232 Obalende: 101232 Obalende: 101232 Ogba Aguda’s telephone number is 100218.

Offin number: 101227 Ogudu’s phone number is 100242.Ojokoro’s phone number is 100313 Okepopo number is 101224.Oko Oba Agege is 100284 years old.Olota number is 100341.

Olute/Navy Town Zip Code: 102341 Onike’s number is 100213; Onikan’s number is 101231 Opebi identifier: 100281.Oya Estate’s telephone number is 100274.Sari Granum Olire North phone number: 102232.The following number is for Sari Iganmu Olire South: 102231.

Site C’s identification number is 102263.Sangisa’s number is 100248.Shogunle’s phone number is 100261.Shomolu Pedro’s phone number is 100233.

Tejusho’s phone number is 101211.Oje Suberu: 100351 Suberu: 100351 The postal code for Lagos Island is 101223.

Abuja Zip Code: Most Complete & Correct FCT Abuja Postal Code

  • There are five administrative divisions in Lagos State.
  • Each division is further split into 20 local government areas, often known as local government areas of Lagos State (LGAs).
  • There are several locations in Lagos state that have similar postal codes to each other, and there are several streets inside those districts that are similar to each other.
  • Search for the exact area ZIP code for Lagos in your search engine, for example, ″Lagos postal code for Lekki″ when you wish to conduct your search.
  • When the Lagos State Local Government Areas were divided into Local Council Development Areas for administrative purposes in 2003, several of the original 20 Local Government Areas were renamed to reflect this change.
  • Look at the list of postal codes below for further information.Local Government Districts: Agege Ajah Ajeromi is the L.G.A.
  • for L.G.
  • A.
  • L.G.A.
  • Ifelodun The Alimosho Group of Companies (Alimosho L.G.

A) is a Nigerian multinational corporation.Loyalty and Goodwill Association of Amuwo Odofin The L.G.A.Apapa Group of Companies L.G.A.

  1. Badagry Abadgry Epe L.G.A.
  2. is an acronym for Badargry Epe Limited Liability Company (Ltd).
  3. ETI OSA LGA is an abbreviation for Eti Osa Limited General Authority (Eti Osa LGA).
  4. L.G.A.
  5. Ibeju Ikeja L.G.
  • A is an acronym for Local Government Authority.
  • L.G.A.
  • Ikorodu L.G.A.
  • Kosofe Lagos Itinerary for the Island of Lagos Nigeria’s L.G.A.
  • (Lower Gulf) Phase 1 of L.G.
  • ALekki Localities in the state of Lagos are listed below.
  • is an abbreviation for Lagos Governor’s Association.
  • The Local Government Areas of Oshodi-Isolo, Shomolu, and Surulere are represented by the Local Government Association of Oshodi-Isolo, Shomolu, and Surulere Postal code: 101283Ikeja ZIP code: 100271 (streets 154)Abarenji postal code: 100269Ikorodu postal code: 104101Ajah postal code: 101245Asurulere postal code: 101283Ikeja ZIP code: 100271 (streets 154)Abarenji postal code: 100269Abarenji postal code: 100269 postal code 101241 for Victoria Island (streets 84) 10012 Yaba, California ZIP code (streets 87) Abule: 100269Agarawu: 101229Abarenji: 100269Agarawu: 101229Abule: 100269Abule: 100269Abule: 100269 Abule ID: 1001213 Ijesha: Id: 101226 Adeniji Adele Number for Ahmadiyya is 100331.
  • The Alakija Old Ojo has the number 102262.
  • Amukoko Alaba Oro’s phone number is 02221 (international).
  • North: 102215 (Amukoko North) Tentatively assigned number: 102213 for Amukoko West the number 102214 for Amukoko East; 101254 Apapa West, Lagos, Nigeria 101252 Apapa North (Apapa, Nigeria).
  • Number 101253 for Apapa South In Gbagada, Atunrase Estate has a telephone number of 100235.
  1. Address: 100233 Ayodele Street The number to call is 100276.
  2. Abule Egba: Alagbado number is 100314 in this case.
  3. The number is 100281 for Allen.
  4. The number is 100282 for Anthony.
  1. No.
  2. 102216 for Bakare Faro House Number: 100264; Bungalow Estate 100267 Balogun, Ogun State, Nigeria Telephone: 101211; Bode Thomas: No.
  3. 100271 for Alakuko Alapere Ketu’s identification number is 100244; 1100341 (Captain) The following are the Domepu and Egan numbers: 100273 and 100268 respectively Alimosho’s number is 100275, while Akesan’s number is 100268 (in Japanese).
  4. Gbe: 100265 Egbe is an abbreviation for Egbe.

The number 100252 is assigned to Fadeyi.Id: 102312 for Festac Community II Community III of the Festac Corporation (ID: 102313).102314Gbagada: 100234Festac Community IV: 102314 Idi Oro’s phone number is 100254.The following is the Idumagbo number: 101228: No.

100276 in Idumu Ifako Agege has the following phone numbers: 100215Ijaye has the following phone numbers: 100311Igando has the following phone numbers: 100267 Ifako Agege has the following phone numbers: ID: 100269 (Ijedodo) ID: 101282 Ijesgatedo: 101282 Ijesgatedo The following is the Ijora Badia East zip code: 102221.No.102222 for Ijora Badia Central Adress: 102224, Ijora Badia North 102223 Ijora Badia West, Ijora Badia West the number 100216 is the number of the iju isaga.

Number to call: 101255.Ijora Oloye: 100281 is the Ikata number for this item.It is possible to reach Iju Water Works at 102216 and Ikosi at 100246.postal code 100282 for the Ikeja neighborhood (Oba Akran) No.

  1. 100265 in Ikotun.
  2. No.
  3. 101233, Ikoyi, Lagos No.
  4. 100278 in Ipaja Id: 100252 Ilupeju : 102266 is the identification number for this document.
  1. No.
  2. 101226 for Isale Eko No.
  3. 100214 is for Isheri Oke.

Adress: 100266 Isheri Osun There are 101225 Itafajis in the world!Number of people who use it: 100281 No.100246 for Ikosi Jibowu’s phone number is 100252.KM 12: 100247 (Ketu Mile 12).The number 100243 represents the planet Ketu (the planet of the sun).

  1. 00245 is the Ketu Orisigun.
  2. Kirikiri’s phone number is +44 (0)10273.
  3. The following number is assigned to Kirikiri Industrial: 102272.

Lawanson’s telephone number is 100254.No.101223 in Lafiaji: Address in Lekki: 105102 postal code Extending Makoko to 101244 the number 100248 is the Magodo Baltimore, Maryland 100211; Marina, Maryland 100221 101225 (Massy) The following are Mende’s and Meiran’s numbers: 100211 and 100361, respectively.The number 100253 is assigned to Mushin.The number 100232 is the Obonikoro’s.

011223; Obalende: 101232; Obalende: 101232; 100218 Ogba Aguda, Ogba Aguda, Nigeria 101227 is the offin number.The number 100242 is assigned to Ogudu.No.100313 for Ojokoro No.101224 in Okepopo.The agege of Oko Oba is 100284 years old.

  1. The number 100341 is the Olota.
  2. Town code: 102341 for Olute/Navy.
  3. In this case, Onike is 100213 and In this case, Onikan is 101231 No.
  4. 100281 on Opebi No.
  5. 100274 in the Oya Estate In the northern part of Sari Granum Olire, the area code is 102223.
  6. The following number is for Sari Iganmu Olire South: 102231 No.
  1. 102263 for Site C No.
  2. 100248 in Sangisa The number 100261 is assigned to Shogunle.
  3. Adress: 100233, Shomolu Pedro 101211 is the Tejusho code.
  • The following number is assigned to Suberu Oje: 100351.
  • Code for Lagos Island is 101223 (in the United States).
  1. Abuja municipal
  2. Abaji
  3. Bwari
  4. Gwagwalada
  5. Kuje
  6. Kwali
  • This page contains information about the zip codes in and around the city of Abuja (AMAC): 1. Central business district, Abuja zip code: 900211
  • 2. Asokoro district, Abuja zip code: 900231
  • 3. Asokoro district, Abuja zip code: 900231
  • 3rd zip code in Abuja is Garki.
  • 4. Gwarimpa, Abuja zip code: 900108
  • 5. Karu, Abuja zip code: 900110
  • 6. Maitama, Abuja zip code: 900271
  • 7. Gwarimpa, Abuja zip code: 900108
  • 8. Gwarimpa, Abuja zip code: 900108
  • 9. Gwarimpa, Abuja zip code: 900108
  • 10. Gwarimpa, Abuja zip code: 900108
  • 11. Gwarimpa,
  • 7. Nyanya, Abuja, Nigeria
  • zip code: 900103
  • 8. Three Arms Zone, Abuja zip code: 900211
  • 9. Wuse, Abuja zip code: 900211
  • 10. Wuse, Abuja zip code:
  • Gui, Abuja zip code 900105
  • Gwagwa, Abuja zip code 900106
  • Kabusa, Abuja zip code 900107
  • Orozo, Abuja zip code 900109
  • Gui, Abuja zip code 900105
  • Gwagwa, Abuja zip code 900106
  • Kabusa, Abuja zip code 900107
  • Orozo, Abuja zip code 900109
  • Gui, Abuja zip code 900105
  • Gwagwa, Abuja zip code 900
  • Listed below are the zip codes for the following other FCT Area Councils: 1. Abaji
  • 2. Bwari
  • 3. Gwagwalada
  • 4. Kuje
  • 5. Kwali
  • 1. Abaji
  • 2. Bwari
  • 3. Gwagwalada
  • 1. Gwagwalada
  • 1. Gwagwalada
  • 1. Gwagwalada
  • 1. Gwagwalada
  • 1. Gwagwalada
  • 1. Gwagwalada
  • 1. Gwagwalada
  • 1. Gwagwalada
  • 1. Gwagwalad

Here are the zip codes for the city of Abuja (AMAC):

The city of Abuja, also known as the Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC), is made up of the following districts: the central business district, Asokoro, Garki, Gwarimpa, Karu, Wuse, Maitama, Nyanya, Three arms zone, Orozo, Kabusa, Gwagwa, and Gui. The city of Abuja, also known as the Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC), is made up of the following districts:

1. Central business district, Abuja zip code: 900211

Abuja Municipal is home to the city’s central business district.. It consists of a number of locations that all share the same six-digit postal code — 900211 — and are connected by a highway.

2. Asokoro district, Abuja zip code: 900231

Asokoro is a district of the capital that is comprised of a number of different neighborhoods and streets. All of the streets in Asokoro have the postal code 900231 as part of its address system.

3. Garki, Abuja zip code:

  • Garki is a district in the Abuja Metropolitan Area. It is made up of a number of distinct areas that are identified by different postal codes. The following are the locations in Garki: 900241 is the area code for Area 1. Area 1 — 900241: Area 1, Garki is comprised of a number of streets and locations that all use the postcode 900241
  • Area 2 — 900242: Area 2, Garki is comprised of a number of streets that all use the postcode 900242
  • Area 3 — 900243: Area 3, Garki is comprised of a number of streets that all use the postcode 900243
  • Area 4 — 900244: Area 4, Garki is
  • Area 3 — telephone number 900243: Area 3, Garki, is made up of a number of streets that are all connected by the number 900243.
  • Area 7 — 900244: Garki’s Area 7 has a number of localities that share the same six-digit postal code: 900244
  • 910245: The Garki region in Area 8 is composed of various places that have the same code: 910245 900245
  • Area 10 — 900246: The postal code 900246 is used by all of the locations in Area 10, Garki
  • 900245 is used by all of the locations in Area 10, Garki
  • 900245 is used by all of the locations in Area 10, Garki
  • 900245 is used by all of the locations in Area 10, Garki
  • 900245 is used by all of the locations in Area 10, Garki
  • 900245 is used by all of the locations in Area 10, Garki
  • 9002
  • Area 11 — 900247: The number 900247 is used by all of the streets in Area 11, Garki.
  • Abacha Barracks, Apo, Damagaza, Dantata, Durumi I, Durumi II, Durumi III, Dutse, Garki Village, Gudu, Guzape, Kobi, Kurumduma, NEPA Village, Wumba are some of the rural communities in Garki. They all use the zip code 900104 as their postal address.

4.Gwarimpa, Abuja zip code: 900108

In Gwarimpa, Abuja, there are several streets that include: Gwarinpa Life Camp, Gwarinpa Village, Gwarinpa Federal Housing, Kado Federal Housing, Kado Village, Katampe, Kuchigoro, Mabushi, Utako, and others. Their zip code is 900108, and they all live in the same neighborhood.

5. Karu, Abuja zip code: 900110

The following neighborhoods are lo

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