What Is The Zip Code In Tennessee?

Looking for a list of cities, counties or zips in Tennessee?

Rank Zip Code Population
1 37013 97,939
2 37042 77,945
3 37211 75,955
4 37075 65,986

TENNESSEE COUNTIES BY CATEGORY Tennessee Area Codes Putnam Hamblen Clay Hancock Trousdale Grundy Area Code Boundaries 731 /629. Title: areacode.PDF Author: AA07002

How many zip codes are in Tennessee?

Tennessee has a total of 627 active zip codes.

What is the area code for Tennessee?

Tennessee Area Codes

Area codes Selected cities
423 Chattanooga, Johnson City
615 Nashville, Gallatin
731 Jackson
865 Knoxville, Oak Ridge

What is the richest zip code in Tennessee?

10 Richest Tennessee Zip Codes

Rank Zip Code Mean Income
1 37350 $219,922
2 37220 $207,647
3 38139 $200,119
4 37215 $196,456

What ZIP code is Cane Ridge TN?

Cane Ridge Nashville, TN 37013, Neighborhood Profile – NeighborhoodScout.

What is the wealthiest county in Tennessee?

Tennessee counties ranked by per capita income

Rank County Per capita income
1 Williamson $27,925
2 Wilson $27,814
3 Davidson $27,780
4 Knox $27,349

What is considered upper class in Tennessee?

In Nashville, you’ll need to earn $115,609 or more to be considered a “rich” person in the top 20% of the city’s 663,750 residents. The ultra-rich, or the top 5% of earners in Nashville, make way more: $393,014 on average, according to the analysis.

What are the wealthiest towns in Tennessee?

Top 9 Richest Cities In Tennessee

  • City 8: Collierville.
  • City 7: Germantown.
  • City 6: Lookout Mountain.
  • City 5: Nolensville.
  • City 4: Oak Hill.
  • City 3: Brentwood.
  • City 2: Belle Meade.
  • City 1: Forest Hills. – Median household income: $299,069 – Median property value: $853,000.
  • What is the ZIP code for Mountain City TN?

    Zip Code 37683 Located In Mountain city { TN } Tennessee, Carter County – USA. It is primarily located in Carter County and Zip Code Type is the primary. The official US Postal Service name for 37683 is Mountain city, Tennessee { TN }. The Area Code for this Zip Code is 423 and the state FIPS code is 47019.

    What is the country code for Tennessee?

    The remaining indigenous population was eventually removed from Tennessee to what became the state of Oklahoma. The Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) code, which is used by the United States government to uniquely identify counties, is provided with each entry. FIPS codes are five-digit numbers; for Tennessee the codes start with 47 and are completed with the three-digit county code.

    10 Richest Tennessee Zip Codes

    According to the latest recent Census data (from 2019), which includes at least 500 persons and a significant margin of error

    Rank Zip Code Mean Income
    1 37350 $219,922
    2 37220 $207,647
    3 38139 $200,119
    4 37215 $196,456
    5 37027 $195,976
    6 37069 $188,320
    7 37205 $177,404
    8 38120 $160,218
    9 37014 $157,646
    10 38028 $152,171

    With the most recent income data available from the United States Census Bureau, we excluded zip codes with fewer than 500 people as well as those that had margins of error greater than 50 percent of the income estimate.We then sorted the zip codes by mean income to discover Tennessee’s wealthiest zip codes and cities.More income figures for these affluent Tennessee zip codes may be found by clicking on the links in the chart above, or you can learn more about the highest income zip codes in the United States by clicking on the links in the chart above.

    Tennessee Income Statistics

    • The following figures are the most recent income statistics for Tennessee from the United States Census Bureau. They are expressed in 2019 inflation-adjusted dollars and are based on the American Community Survey 5-year estimates for Tennessee. The median household income in Tennessee is $53,320, and the average household income is $74,750
    • the per capita income in Tennessee is $29,859.
    • 4.8 percent of Tennessee households are High Income Households, meaning they earn more than $200,000 a year.

    Median Household Income in Tennessee by Age of Householder

    Householder under 25 years $31,927
    Householder 25 to 44 years $58,508
    Householder 45 to 64 years $62,583
    Householder 65 years and over $40,952

    Looking for a List of Zip Codes with Income?

    If you consider your time to be worth $50 an hour, you may end up wasting hundreds of dollars and countless hours seeking for information.Alternatively, you may collaborate with the data professionals at Cubit to ensure that you receive the most up-to-date demographic information accessible from government data sources.Each and every piece of work we do is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.Get information on all zip codes in your state or the whole United States, including information on median household income.Prices start at $59.

    About the Data

    Sources & Margins of Error

    • All income figures for Tennessee are based on the most recent, comparable income statistics available from the United States Census Bureau and are derived from the American Community Survey 2019 5-year estimates, which are the most recent available. They were obtained on the 10th of December, 2020, and are in USD adjusted for inflation for the year 2019. The following data tables were utilized in the analysis: Inflation-adjusted household income in the past 12 months (in 2019 dollars)
    • B19013 Median household income in the past 12 months (in 2019 dollars)
    • B19301 Per Capita Income in the past 12 months (in 2019 dollars)
    • S1902 Mean Income in the past 12 months (in 2019 dollars)
    • B19049 Median Household Income in the past 12 months (in 2019 dollars) by Age of Householder
    • B19050 Median Household Income in the past 12 months (in 2019 dollars)
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    Margins of error for the income data for Tennessee

    • Median household income is +/-$260
    • average household income is +/-$344
    • per capita income is +/-$160
    • and high-income households are +/-0.1 percent of the total population.
    • In the United States, the median household income is +/-779 for those under 25
    • +/-589 for those between 25 and 44
    • +/456 for those between 45 and 64
    • +/-338 for those 65 and above.

    Top 9 Richest Cities In Tennessee

    There’s no doubting that Tennessee’s beautiful environment of hills, mountains, and agriculture is a vibrant shade of green amidst a sea of other hues.However, if you’re seeking for information on which cities in Tennessee are awash in the other kind of green, we have the information you’re looking for.Whether it’s the Music City suburbs or one of the most popular spots for Oak Ridge’s employees to raise their kids, Tennessee is home to a plethora of communities where the rich have made their permanent residence.What are the nine wealthiest cities in the state of Tennessee?You might be shocked to learn which cities are the most prosperous.ADVICE FROM THE EXPERTS: Have you ever considered relocating to Tennessee?

    Check out our guide to surviving and thriving in The Volunteer State.


    What criteria did we use to determine which cities in Tennessee were the wealthiest?The median household income in Tennessee cities was calculated using data from the United States Census Bureau in 2021.Because the United States Census classifies all inhabitants with annual incomes greater than $250,000 as one group, we also included the average house price, the unemployment rate, the greatest level of education obtained, and the poverty rate.In addition to taking into consideration income, housing price, and other aspects, we took into consideration population.

    City 9: Farragut

    – The median household income is $106,032 dollars.- The median value of a home is $350,300.Farragut is located in Eastern Tennessee, between the cities of Knoxville and Oak Ridge.This suburban city is centered on family, outdoor recreation, and scientific research.What is the point of science?Many of the world-renowned scientists that work at Oak Ridge National Lab are based in Farragut, Tennessee.

    This charming town allows families to take advantage of the infrastructure and culture of Knoxville, as well as the activities and services offered by the University of Tennessee.Despite the fact that this town is home to a wealthy population, don’t be shocked if you see backyard vegetable gardens, chicken coops, and clotheslines in the neighborhood.

    City 8: Collierville

    – The median household income is $113,789 dollars.- Median assessed value of real estate: $300,600 Collierville, located just west of Germantown and beyond, is a gorgeous, pleasant community that is also well-versed in financial security.Located right behind Germantown in terms of median family income, Collierville has a rustic atmosphere that is in stark contrast to its eastern neighbor.This high-class town, which is frequently chosen one of the greatest places to live in Tennessee, has a past that is as diverse as its population.Celebs and business leaders go to Memphis for barbeque and live music, and the city is a popular destination for them.

    City 7: Germantown

    $116,585 is the median annual household income in the United States.- The median value of a home is $331,700.Germantown, Tennessee is located on the outskirts of Memphis, on the eastern fringe of the city.This gorgeous suburb is one of the most desirable places to call ″home″ in the whole state of Tennessee.Despite the fact that it is only a short drive from all of the excitement of Memphis, Germantown feels like it is in an entirely different country.To the contrary, it has the sense of a country, with large yards and nice neighbors, as well as lots of places to sit and watch the lightning bugs flit around in the sky.

    A multitude of parks, natural regions, and historic sites can be found in this prosperous metropolis.Germantown is also home to a diverse range of architectural types, including majestic mansions, old German-inspired buildings, and other architectural gems.

    City 6: Lookout Mountain

    – Median household income is $135,114 dollars per year.- The median value of a home is $534,500.In all of Tennessee, it’s impossible to find a finer view than the one offered by Lookout Mountain.In this little neighborhood of Chattanooga, which lies on the border between Georgia and Tennessee, you’ll find a small gold mine pouring with gold.Lookout Mountain is a gated community perched atop Sunset Rock National Park, offering spectacular views.While the people of Rock City Mountain and the surrounding region may have substantial financial resources, the views from the mountain and the surrounding area are incomparably beautiful.

    City 5: Nolensville

    – The median household income is $148,223 dollars.- The median value of a home is $532,237.There’s a good chance you’ve never gone to Nolensville, Tennessee.If you have, it’s most likely because you stopped by to visit one of the charming eateries or the Amish market on Nolensville Road.And, while this city is everything from snobbish, it does boast a population that earns more than the bulk of the state’s residents combined.Nolensville’s population continues to expand as people of Nashville relocate south to get away from the metropolis.

    Because of this, the population of Nolensville has expanded by 107 percent since the 2010 census, and it’s clear to see why.This city provides peace and quiet, small-town charm, and the convenience of being close to some of Nashville’s most prominent companies and tourist sites.PRO TIP: To ensure that you never miss a listing in Nolensville, create a personalized feed now.

    City 4: Oak Hill

    – Median household income is $255,163 dollars per year.- Median assessed value of real estate: $719,200 Oak Hill is a bit of heaven tucked away in the heart of the Nashville metro region.Historically, rich individuals have resided in this small community, including Andrew Jackson’s legal partner, John Overton, who established a residence in the neighborhood in 1789.John Overton was a thoroughbred horse breeder, and his farm stayed in the Overton family until just before World War II.While Oak Hill is only a few minutes away from the heart of Nashville, it is also home to Radnor Park, one of the city’s most beautiful and untouched natural areas.Many country musicians and other celebrities are supposed to dwell in and around the hills that surround the gorgeous park, according to reports.

    PRO TIP: Take a look at the properties for sale in Oak Hill.

    City 3: Brentwood

    – The median household income is $219,628 dollars.- Median assessed value of real estate: $719,200 Brentwood has long been a haven for the rich who want to be close to the city’s attractions while having a little more space in their homes and on their land.Brentwood is a medium-sized city that is seeing exponential expansion year after year.Brentwood citizens are down to earth, despite the fact that their city is one of the wealthiest in Tennessee.And the people of this rich metropolis don’t spend their time locked up in their expansive houses; instead, they take advantage of the wide greenway paths and parks that are spread across the city.PRO TIP: Find out more about The Governors Club, which is located in Brentwood’s most elite area.

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    City 2: Belle Meade

    – Median household income is $220,417 dollars per year – Median assessed value of real estate: $860,000 Belle Meade embodies the best of the South, including its charm, friendliness, and grandiosity.There is no surprise that this area of Nashville has a long history of riches, and it is sometimes referred to as ″Nashville’s coin purse.″ Before it became home to 2,400 people, Belle Meade was the estate of John Harding, a southern plantation owner who allowed the upper crust of society to enjoy his ″Belle Meade,″ which translates as ″beautiful meadow.″ Large yards, green areas, and attractive locations are still present in this metropolis, and people come from near and far to view and experience them for themselves.PRO TIP: Keep up with the most recent postings in Belle Meade.

    City 1: Forest Hills

    – The median household income is $299,069 dollars.- Median assessed value of real estate: $853,000 Forest Hills is a Nashville suburb that is nestled in the southwest portion of the city.With a population of little under 5,000 people, this attractive hamlet boasts a significant percentage of citizens who are well-to-do.This is a mainly residential neighborhood with no commercial establishments.It has also prevented high-density development, which is one of the reasons for the high median household income in the area.Why do those who can afford to do so choose to live in Forest Hills?

    This city is only a short distance from all Nashville has to offer, yet it has breathtaking vistas and plenty of acreage for added seclusion.RECOMMENDATION: Take a look at the properties for sale in Forest Hills.

    Our Final Thoughts

    Tennessee may be known as the Volunteer State, but it might easily be renamed ″The Diamond Studded State″ because of the vast amounts of riches that exist there.It is expected that as more Fortune 500 businesses migrate, this list will become more competitive and dynamic as a result.While these cities may be the most prosperous in Tennessee, there is no list long enough to reflect the wealth of natural beauty and cultural diversity that can be found throughout the state.Do you want to know what it’s like to live in some of Tennessee’s most popular cities, suburbs, and towns?Look no further.Check out our guide to surviving and thriving in The Volunteer State.

    Postal Codes Tennessee, United States

    AK, AL, AR, CA, CO, CT, District of Columbia, DE, FL, GA, Hawai’i, Iowa, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, KY, LA, MA, MD, ME, MI, MN MO, MS Montana, NE, NH, NJ, NM, NV, NY, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI South Carolina, South Dakota, TN, TX The following counties are included in this list: Anderson, Bedford, Benton, Bledsoe, Blount; Bradley; Campbell; Cannon; Carroll; Carter; Cheatham; Chester; Claiborne; Clay; Cocke; Coffee; Crockett; Cumberland; Jackson; Davidson; Decatur; DeKalb; Dickson; Dyer; Fayette; Fentress; Franklin; Gibson; Giles; Grainger; Greene; Grundy; Hamblen; Hamilton; Han

    CI Gateway Zip Code List

    Zip Code City County
    37010 Adams Robertson County
    37011 Antioch Davidson County
    37012 Alexandria De Kalb County
    37013 Antioch Davidson County
    37014 Arrington Williamson County
    37015 Ashland City Cheatham County
    37016 Auburntown Cannon County
    37018 Beechgrove Coffee County
    37019 Belfast Marshall County
    37020 Bell Buckle Bedford County
    37022 Rock Bridge Sumner County
    37022 Bethpage Sumner County
    37023 Big Rock Stewart County
    37024 Brentwood Williamson County
    37025 Bon Aqua Hickman County
    37026 Bradyville Cannon County
    37027 Brentwood Williamson County
    37028 Bumpus Mills Stewart County
    37029 Burns Dickson County
    37030 Carthage Smith County
    37030 Defeated Smith County
    37031 Castalian Springs Sumner County
    37032 Cedar Hill Robertson County
    37033 Centerville Hickman County
    37034 Chapel Hill Marshall County
    37035 Chapmansboro Cheatham County
    37036 Charlotte Dickson County
    37037 Christiana Rutherford County
    37040 Clarksville Montgomery County
    37041 Clarksville Montgomery County
    37042 Clarksville Montgomery County
    37043 Clarksville Montgomery County
    37044 Clarksville Montgomery County
    37046 College Grove Williamson County
    37047 Cornersville Marshall County
    37048 Cottontown Sumner County
    37049 Cross Plains Robertson County
    37050 Cumberland City Stewart County
    37051 Cumberland Furnace Dickson County
    37052 Cunningham Montgomery County
    37055 Dickson Dickson County
    37056 Dickson Dickson County
    37057 Dixon Springs Smith County
    37058 Dover Stewart County
    37059 Dowelltown De Kalb County
    37060 Eagleville Rutherford County
    37061 Erin Houston County
    37062 Fairview Williamson County
    37063 Fosterville Rutherford County
    37064 Franklin Williamson County
    37065 Franklin Williamson County
    37066 Gallatin Sumner County
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    Zip Code City County
    37067 Franklin Williamson County
    37068 Franklin Williamson County
    37069 Franklin Williamson County
    37070 Goodlettsville Davidson County
    37071 Gladeville Wilson County
    37072 Goodlettsville Davidson County
    37073 Greenbrier Robertson County
    37074 Hartsville Trousdale County
    37075 Hendersonville Sumner County
    37076 Hermitage Davidson County
    37077 Hendersonville Sumner County
    37078 Hurricane Mills Humphreys County
    37079 Indian Mound Stewart County
    37080 Joelton Davidson County
    37082 Kingston Spgs Cheatham County
    37082 Kingston Springs Cheatham County
    37083 Lafayette Macon County
    37085 Lascassas Rutherford County
    37086 La Vergne Rutherford County
    37087 Lebanon Wilson County
    37088 Lebanon Wilson County
    37090 Lebanon Wilson County
    37091 Lewisburg Marshall County
    37095 Gassaway De Kalb County
    37095 Liberty De Kalb County
    37096 Flatwoods Perry County
    37096 Linden Perry County
    37097 Lobelville Perry County
    37098 Wrigley Hickman County
    37098 Lyles Hickman County

    Tennessee Area Codes: List, Map, and Phone Lookup

    Tennesseans can call any of the seven current area codes in the state.The area codes for each of these cities are mentioned below.Wirefly provides two listings of area codes in Tennessee, both of which may be found on their website.The first table below lists the most populous cities in Tennessee, along with the area codes that correspond to each of those cities.The following table lists all of the Tennessee state area codes, listed by number and with the names of the cities in which they are utilized.

    Area Codes for the Largest Cities in Tennessee

    • Apison423
    • Arlington901
    • Bakewell423
    • Chattanooga423
    • Christiana615,931
    • Collierville901
    • Cordova901
    • Eagleville615
    • Germantown901
    • Goodlettsville615,629
    • Harrison423
    • Heiskell865
    • Hixson423
    • Knoxville865
    • La Vergne615
    • Madison615,629
    • Mascot865
    • Memphis901
    • Millington901
    • Murfreesboro

    All Area Codes in Tennessee

    • 423 is the area code. Eastern Standard Time Zone (GMT -05:00) General Purpose Code (also known as Area Code) Overlay: Date: 22nd of November, 1994 Among the towns and cities in the state are Morristown, Jacksboro, Caryville, La Follette, Johnson City, Etowah, Kingsport, Chattanooga, Tellico Plains, Blountville, Unicoi, Englewood, Oneida, Benton, Bristol, Copperhill, Turtletown, Farner, Church Hill, Mount Carmel, Jasper, South Pittsburg, Sequatchie, Cleveland, Harrogate, Cumberland Gap, Speedwell, Athen
    • The area code is 615. Time Zone: Central Standard Time (GMT -06:00) General Purpose Code (also known as Area Code) 629 is the overlay number. The date is January 1, 1954. Nashville, Murfreesboro, Greenbrier, Gallatin, Springfield, La Vergne, Smithville, Cunningham, Smyrna, Brentwood, Dickson, Unionville, Christiana, Bell Buckle, Lebanon, Franklin, Watertown, Goodlettsville, Old Hickory, Columbia, Spring Hill, Thompsons Station, Hartsville, Ashland City, Pleasant View, White Bluff, Hendersonville, Fairview, Clarksville, Adams, Eagleville, Carthage, Nolensville,
    • 629 is the area code. Time Zone: Central Standard Time (GMT -06:00) General Purpose Code (also known as Area Code) 615,629 in the overlay Date: 23rd of October, 2013. Hendersonville
    • \sGoodlettsville
    • \sMadison
    • \sMurfreesboro
    • \sNashville
    • \sFairview
    • \sArrington
    • \sDavidson
    • \sSmyrna
    • The area code is 731. Time Zone: Central Standard Time (GMT -06:00) General Purpose Code (also known as Area Code) Overlay: Date: August 17, 2000 Trenton, Big Sandy, Bells, Oakfield, Jackson, Rutherford, Scotts Hill, Mc Kenzie, Alamo, Huntingdon, Bolivar, Camden, Cedar Grove, Ripley, Humboldt, Dukedom, South Fulton, Martin, Halls, Paris, Dover, Springville, Buchanan, Greenfield, Grand Junction, Milan, Michie, Ramer, Guys, Henry, Selmer, Union City, Puryear, Medina, Lexington, Decaturville
    • The area code is 865. Eastern Standard Time Zone (GMT -05:00) General Purpose Code (also known as Area Code) Overlay: Date: 15th of April, 1999 Knoxville, Loudon, Sweetwater, Hartford, Oak Ridge, Kingston, Greenback, Maryville, Harriman, Rockwood, Clinton, Jefferson City, Gatlinburg, Lenoir City, Sharps Chapel, Pigeon Forge, Sevierville, Rutledge, Newport, Parrottsville, Bybee, Dandridge, Morristown, Rocky Top, Powell, New Market, Talbott, Heiskell, Oliver Springs, Townsend, Mascot
    • Andersonville, Briceville,
    • The area code is 901. Time Zone: Central Standard Time (GMT -06:00) General Purpose Code (also known as Area Code) Overlay: The date is January 1, 1947. Memphis, Moscow, Williston, Collierville, Whiteville, Somerville, Oakland, Munford, Arlington, Grand Junction, Hickory Valley, Saulsbury, Mason, Shelby, Covington, Fayette, Germantown, Millington, Henderson, Cordova, Atoka, and Drummonds are all located in the state of Tennessee.
    • The area code is 931. Time Zone: Central Standard Time (GMT -06:00) General Purpose Code (also known as Area Code) Overlay: Date: 15th of August, 1997 The following cities and towns are included: Crossville
    • Lawrenceburg
    • Shelbyville
    • Clarksville
    • Pulaski
    • Waverly
    • Mc Ewen
    • Vanleer
    • Clifton
    • Gainesboro
    • Columbia
    • Centerville
    • Tullahoma
    • Arnold Afb
    • Wartrace
    • Bell Buckle
    • Fayetteville
    • Lynchburg
    • Hohenwald
    • Dover
    • Sparta
    • Doyle
    • Walling
    • Manchester
    • Winchester
    • Cookeville
    • Baxter
    • Leoma
    • E

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