What Was The Package In Trapped In The Closet?

Kelly’s bonkers hip-hopera series, Trapped in the Closet, ended with a series of phone calls, between pastor Chuck and nosy neighbor Rosy and our philandering protagonist Sylvester and stuttering Pimp Lucius and big Southern belle Bridget and many more, discussing “The Package,” which may or may not, but definitely is
The Package | Trapped in the Closet | Fandom. The Package, as refered to in chapters 20, 21 and 22 is unknown at this time, but it is suspected to be AIDS/HIV But it could be cancer. Seeing that Chuck is in the hospital and seems to have his head shaven.

What is trapped in the closet the Big Package?

Trapped in the Closet: The BIG Package features the first 22 chapters of R. Kelly’s epic hip-hopera. Join Sylvester, Cathy, Rufus, Chuck, Twan and the others in a tale of sex and suspicion that you have to see to believe! Trapped in the Closet: The BIG Package features the first 22 chapters of R. Kelly’s epic hip-hopera.

What chapter does R Kelly get trapped in the closet?

^ ‘R. Kelly – Trapped In The Closet Chapter 6’. YouTube. Archived from the original on 2011-11-21. Retrieved 2013-10-26. ^ ‘R. Kelly – Trapped In The Closet Chapter 13’.

How many chapters are in trapped in the closet?

The first five chapters of Trapped in the Closet originally appeared as the final tracks on Kelly’s album TP.3 Reloaded. R. Kelly wrote and produced all five chapters, and they were recorded by Andy Gallas. The first chapter was released as the lead single from the album in 2005 by Jive Records.

Who wrote Trapped in the closet by R Kelly?

The music follows a distinct E major pattern, and most chapters feature the same melodic theme. The first five chapters of Trapped in the Closet originally appeared as the final tracks on Kelly’s album TP.3 Reloaded. R. Kelly wrote and produced all five chapters, and they were recorded by Andy Gallas.

What happened to Chuck from Trapped in the Closet?

“Trapped” fans will recall that Chuck’s last appearance was way back in Chapter 18, when he tearfully admitted to his lover, Rufus, that he was in a hospital. So much has happened since that sad day: the mysterious Package was introduced, and Sylvester has established an uneasy agreement with Joey.

Is R Kelly Trapped in the Closet based on a true story?

Directed by the Piped Piper of R&B himself and Jim Swaffield, Trapped in the Closet was based on a story of a love triangle between Cathy (LeShay Tomlinson), her husband Rufus (Rolando Boyce) and Sylvester (R. Kelly).

Is Trapped in the Closet finished?

Kelly: ‘There Is No End’ to ‘Trapped in the Closet’

How much money did R Kelly make from Trapped in the Closet?

Trapped in the Closet is an opera by American R&B singer R. Kelly, with 33 ‘chapters’ released from 2005 to 2012.

Trapped in the Closet
Budget $3 million (22 chapters) $750,000 (The Next Installment)

Why was Trapped in the Closet removed from Youtube?

The pages have been removed due to the “creator is participating in abuse or violence, demonstrating cruelty, or participating in fraudulent/deceptive behavior leading to real-world harm.”

Who was Twan in Trapped in the Closet?

Kelly’s now-legendary R&B opera ‘Trapped in the Closet’. Chapter 24 features an encounter between Sylvester (R. Kelly), his brother-in-law Twan (Eric Lane), and Pimp Lucius (also R. Kelly), who is accompanied by a gaggle of prostitutes

How many episodes of Trapped in the Closet are there?

Ranking All 33 Episodes of R. Kelly’s “Trapped in the Closet” | Complex.

Is there a Trapped in the Closet 23?

This set of chapters picks up where the original Trapped in the Closet left off. These chapters allude to mysterious phone calls all of the cast members have been receiving.

Trapped in the Closet: Chapters 23–33
Written by R. Kelly
Based on Trapped in the Closet by R. Kelly
Produced by R. Kelly

What is trapped in the drive thru based on?

‘Trapped in the Drive-Thru’ is the eleventh song from ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic’s twelfth studio album Straight Outta Lynwood, which was released on September 26, 2006. This song is a parody of Trapped in the Closet by R. Kelly.

What is trapped in the closet the Big Package?

Trapped in the Closet: The BIG Package features the first 22 chapters of R. Kelly’s epic hip-hopera. Join Sylvester, Cathy, Rufus, Chuck, Twan and the others in a tale of sex and suspicion that you have to see to believe! Trapped in the Closet: The BIG Package features the first 22 chapters of R. Kelly’s epic hip-hopera.

How many chapters are in trapped in the closet?

Trapped in the Closet: The BIG Package features the first 22 chapters of R. Kelly’s epic hip-hopera. Join Sylvester, Cathy, Rufus, Chuck, Twan and the others in a tale of sex and suspicion that you have to see to believe!

What chapter does R Kelly get trapped in the closet?

^ ‘R. Kelly – Trapped In The Closet Chapter 6’. YouTube. Archived from the original on 2011-11-21. Retrieved 2013-10-26. ^ ‘R. Kelly – Trapped In The Closet Chapter 13’.

Who wrote Trapped in the closet by R Kelly?

The music follows a distinct E major pattern, and most chapters feature the same melodic theme. The first five chapters of Trapped in the Closet originally appeared as the final tracks on Kelly’s album TP.3 Reloaded. R. Kelly wrote and produced all five chapters, and they were recorded by Andy Gallas.

What Was The Package In Trapped In The Closet

The final chapter of Trapped before this round was devoted to a series of frantic phone calls regarding ″the parcel,″ which was later found to be HIV/AIDS after some Googling was done.

What happened to Chuck from Trapped in the Closet?

Those who have read ″Trapped″ will recall that Chuck’s last appearance was in Chapter 18, when he broke down and confessed to Rufus that he had been admitted to the hospital by his sweetheart. Several things have transpired since that tragic day, including the introduction of the enigmatic Package and Sylvester’s establishment of an uneasy truce with Joey.

How many parts are there to trapped in the closet?

I’m stuck in the closet/at the movies.

Will R Kelly ever finish trapped in the closet?

According to Rolling Stone, Kelly says ″There Is No End″ to her song ″Trapped in the Closet.″

Is there a trapped in the closet 23 33?

Chapters 23–33 (also known as Trapped in the Closet: The Next Part) is a 2012 series of music videos that serves as the third installment of the Trapped in the Closet series by R&B musician R. Kelly. It is the third installment of the Trapped in the Closet series. This collection of chapters continues the story where the first book, Trapped in the Closet, left off.

Who is Chuck and Rufus?

Chuck’s true identity is not revealed until Chapter 2, when it is revealed that he is the pastor’s boyfriend. Despite the fact that he had dropped Rufus off at his apartment and then departed, Rufus contacted Chuck to come back so that he could confess his secret. Chuck made his way back to the apartment as soon as he could, and he ultimately made it there.

Who is Rufus from Trapped in the Closet?

Rufus’s physical characteristics Rolando Boyce portrays the character in his first appearance in Chapter 1.

How long is the full trapped in the closet?

  1. Getting Stuck in the Closet 91 minutes are allotted for the film (The Big Package) Chapters 1–12 take 43 minutes to read.
  2. Chapters 13–22 are 48 minutes in length.
  3. 42 minutes is the time allotted for today’s session (The Next Installment) Chapters 23–33 are 42 minutes in length.
  4. Country: United States of America English is the language used and the budget is $3 million (22 chapters) $750,000 is the maximum amount that can be borrowed (The Next Installment).

How long is all of Trapped in the Closet?

″Trapped in the Closet″ follows the exploits of corrupt police officers, criminals, prostitutes, and even a midget dancer who goes by the stage name ″Big Man″ throughout the course of its thirty-three song-length ″chapters.″ It is 91 minutes long and has a repeating tune that repeats over and over.

Is trapped in the closet on prime video?

Prime Video has the following episodes: R. Kelly – Trapped in the Closet: Chapters 23-33

Was Ron Isley in Trapped in the Closet?

″Big,″ alias Ron Isley, is most known for his work with Kells on the 33 chapters of the amusing R&B opera ″Trapped in the Closet,″ in which the two collaborated. (TITC’s videos and songs have completely changed the genre of videos that are the most like a daily soap drama. Isley played the gangsterish person who was having an affair with Kells’s girl.) The 4th of December, 2013.

How many trapped in the closet by R Kelly are there?

I’m stuck in the closet/at the movies.

When did R Kelly make in the closet?

TP. 3 Reloaded (Chapter 1 of 5)″ is an R&B song written and produced by R. Kelly for his tenth studio album, Trapped in the Closet (Chapter 1 of 5)″. It was released as the album’s lead single in early 2005, along with the track ″Sex in the Kitchen,″ as the album’s first single.

How can I watch Trapped in the Closet?

Choose from a variety of subscription streaming options. Netflix. Max from HBO. Showtime. Starz. CBS All Access is a subscription service provided by CBS. Hulu. Amazon Prime Video is a subscription-based video service.

Why was Rufus in the hospital in Trapped in the Closet?

Chuck, on the other hand, has it and is in the hospital. As a result of Chuck’s relationship with Rufus, which included Cathy, Sylvester, Gwendolyn, James (although with a condom), Bridget, Big Man, and one of Pimp Lucius’ prostitutes, it’s possible that they’re all infected with the virus as well. The 24th of November, 2012.

What episode is trapped in the closet American Dad?

The seventeenth episode of American Dad season twelve.

Is R Kelly really illiterate?

On Wednesday, a lawyer for R Kelly claimed the singer’s inability to reply to a lawsuit was due to his illiteracy in front of a judge. The case, however, was resurrected when one of Kelly’s attorneys indicated that the singer was in jail when the lawsuit paperwork were served and did not react because he is unable to read.

When did in the closet come out?


Who sang in the closet?

Michael Jackson.

What does it mean to be in a closet?

A person who is hiding his or her sexual orientation is referred to as being ″in the closet″ in English. When we look at this sentence, we may learn a great deal about the situation that it portrays.

Who is Mr Big in the Isley Brothers?

Ronald Isley aka Mr. Biggs | Ronald Isley, The Isley Brothers, Music Legends | Ronald Isley, The Isley Brothers, Music Legends

How old is Ron Isley now?

80 years (May 21, 1941).

Are Kelly and the Isley Brothers?

O’Kelly ″Kelly″ Isley Jr. (December 25, 1937 – March 31, 1986) was an American vocalist and one of the founding members of the family group The Isley Brothers. He was born in Los Angeles, California, and raised in New York City.

What is R Kelly’s real name?

Chicago, Illinois, United States Robert Sylvester Kelly (born January 8, 1967) is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer who is best known for his work with the band The Black Crowes.

Who is R Kelly’s wife?

R. Kelly/Wife.

What is R Kelly’s net worth 2019?

While R. Kelly was worth at least $100 million during the height of his fame, he was allegedly worth less than one percent of that sum at the end of 2019. Where did his millions of dollars disappear to? According to Celebrity Net Worth, Kelly’s net worth is now a minus $2 million at the time of writing.

Who is Roxanne in R Kelly Trapped in the Closet?

Career. Ringor made his screen debut in the film Love & Basketball. Throughout the years, she has been in a variety of films and television shows, including R. Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet, the Wendy Williams biography Queen of Media, the television series Moonlight, and recurrent parts on The Young and the Restless and General Hospital.

What is the best episode of American Dad?

  1. The 25 Best Episodes of ″American Dad″ The Pleasure of Rapture (Season 5, Episode 9) Roger and the cops (Season 5, Episode 14) I’m stranded in space (Season 8, Episode 18) Blood Screams to the Heavens (Season 8, Episode 10) The Fart-Break Hotel is located in the heart of Fart-Break City (Season 6, Episode 9) Great Space Roaster (also known as the Great Space Roaster) (Season 6, Episode 18) The Two Hundred and One (Season 12, Episode 10).

What happens to Terry in American Dad?

While Terry and Mike Barker were fan favorites, Terry was ultimately written out of the series following Mike Barker’s departure from the show in season ten. Later in the season, it was revealed that Terry had left Greg to accompany rock band 311 on tour, which was clarified in American Dad! season 11.

Can Scott Grimes sing?

Scott Christopher Grimes (born July 9, 1971) is an American actor and musician who has appeared in a number of films and television shows. The soft rock hit ″Sunset Blvd,″ which Grimes co-wrote and sang, spent many weeks on the Billboard Hot 100, and for being one of the four vocalists in Russell Crowe’s band Indoor Garden Party are among her most well-known accomplishments as a singer.

The Many Mysteries of the New Trapped in the Closet

  1. The French philosopher Voltaire once observed, ″Judge a man by his questions, not by his answers.
  2. Keeping this remark in mind while seeing Trapped in the Closet: Chapters 23–33 on IFC on Friday night was especially beneficial, given that the presentation was primarily comprised of questions rather than solutions.
  3. There are no loose ends in this part of R.
  4. Kelly’s melodically repetitious opera, which concludes with a bang.
  5. It was simply another tangle of loose ends.
  • As if we were seeing someone make an extremely bad rug, and the man who created it spent the entire time gazing at the camera and making a face like, ″I can’t believe this rug I just made!″ Instead, assess me on the basis of the following question: what did I just watch?
  • It is unlikely that this list will make any sense to you if you haven’t already viewed chapters 1-22.
  • On the other hand, if you’ve seen chapters 1-22, you’re probably in the same situation as I am.
  • Nonetheless, in this unrecoverable scenario, I’ll try to summarize what happened as best I can: Everyone had sex with everyone, to put it mildly.
  • There is also a church in the area.
  • In addition, there are some elderly folks who are amusing.
  • In addition, there are some gay persons.
  • R.
  • Kelly is represented by a large number of persons.
  • It all begins with secrecy and ends with a rumor, and the rumor is that everyone is infected with AIDS.
  • It’s the same as renting a house!
  1. Here are the questions I had before I started, and I believe they were all legitimate in their approach.
  2. However, it appears that this is not the case.
  3. Who are the new characters going to be?
  4. This is at the very least measurable, if not sensible.
  5. Among them are a blind Asian hipster prostitute, the therapist (more on that later), several henchmen, and the most dramatic new introduction: the therapist’s son.
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Beeno.He is played by R.Kelly, and his gangster character has been given the nickname Beeno, which is wonderfully suitable given that his facial hair has the appearance of a fart: It’s light brown and feathery, and it comes to a point at the bottom.In addition to having a grill that converts all of his teeth into fangs, and two scars on his neck that immediately make you think vampire, it turns out that Joey the Italian is the one who gave them to him.I haven’t ruled out the possibility of a vampire.

Which of the two does Rufus prefer: Chuck or Cathy?Doctor William T.Perry (also portrayed by Kelly) is the new marriage counselor who Rufus and Cathy have sought advice from.Tyler Perry (whom Kelly plainly regards as a genius) may have been referenced in the name.Perry’s counsel to the pair is completely perplexing.

  1. He persuades Cathy to give Rufus another opportunity, despite the fact that Rufus claims he is still in love with Chuck in his therapy sessions.
  2. Girl.
  3. Your hubby is a homosexual.
  • In the meantime, while we’re on the subject, what caused both Rufus and Tina to become anti-gay in this episode?
  • When you consider that R.
  • Kelly is so concerned with homosexual culture while yet being so unhip about it, you have to wonder why.

″What Are You Doing in Trapped In The Closet Anyway, Will Oldham?″ asks Will Oldham, a.k.a.Bonnie Prince Billie, in the film Trapped In The Closet.Does he repeat his role as the cop?Nope.

  • However, it’s possible that he’ll appear in future episodes as Larry, the host of the live chat show about Trapped’s ensemble that was hinted to at the conclusion of Episode 33.
  • (Oh, who am I kidding?
  • It’s almost certainly going to be R.
  • Kelly once more.) As it turns out, the final ″cliffhanger″ of this entire saga is that they’re all currently appearing on a television show.
  • Yes, R.
  • Kelly determined that this narrative was so compelling that it deserved to be its own television program within a television show.

It’s what I’d call a plot twist, although I’m not sure what a plot is any longer.Is AIDS a disease that affects everyone?The final chapter of Trapped before this round was devoted to a series of frantic phone calls regarding ″the parcel,″ which was later found to be HIV/AIDS after some Googling was done.A weighty story aspect to include in the same universe as someone who pees in his trousers and then faints, but that is the world we live in.Chuck, on the other hand, has it and is in the hospital.As a result of Chuck’s relationship with Rufus, which included Cathy, Sylvester, Gwendolyn, James (although with a condom), Bridget, Big Man, and one of Pimp Lucius’ prostitutes, it’s possible that they’re all infected with the virus as well.

  • Suspense!
  • I was really expecting for a pay-off here because the AIDS revelation was the only major cliffhanger Kells managed to pull off throughout chapters 1-22.
  • And I had cause to be hopeful; Chapter 23, like Chapter 22 before it, depicts our heroes getting unusual phone calls — might it be related to the package?
  • No, it isn’t, and it never will be.
  • In fact, despite the fact that episode 23 closes with the query ″Where are you, Chuck?″ we don’t see him at all, and no one else mentions AIDS throughout the show, with the exception of Rufus, who is asked, ″Does Chuck have AIDS?″ by the reality TV team.
  • Is that what you mean by ‘the package’?″ But that’s the end of it!

No one is subjected to testing.It’s not something that anyone speaks about.Perhaps that will be the subject of the forthcoming premiere episode of The Larry Show?If I ignored Voltaire and assessed Trapped in the Closet chapters 23-33, I would come to the conclusion that Depending on how effectively R.Kelly answered these questions, I’d be really dissatisfied with her.

Trapped is jam-packed with ″cliffhangers″ and ″plot twists″ that are designed to be so stunning that even the narrator has to take a step back and say, ″Whoa,″ from time to time.And you know something is perplexing when even the omniscient narrator is baffled by what is happening.However, these twists and turns are frequently minor disclosures, such as ″Surprise!These two people are acquainted!″ Alternatively, ″Surprise!Rufus is still madly in love with his homosexual boyfriend!″ Why wouldn’t he be, really?

According to what I recall, he’s a cute dude.And why does R.Kelly leave it up to us to recall the names of the characters who have disappeared without a trace?

The narrator asks, ″Where are you, Chuck?″ in response to the question.And, Gwen and Bridget, where have you gone?They were heavily advertised in the opening preview chapter, yet they were nowhere to be discovered.Is everyone dead as a result of AIDS?

No more putting these items aside for The Larry Show’s sweeps week!Kelly does not provide answers to any of these critical problems, but he does provide answers to some other questions that no one in their right mind would think to ask.You’ll be asked things like: Kells, would you ever dress up as an old man who has an unattractive beard and wear the worst fat suit ever made, and threaten to show your genitals to an elderly lady?Would you ever dress up as a balding man who has an unattractive beard and wear the worst fat suit ever made?Yes, it is correct!

  1. The Mysteries of Being Trapped in a Closet are many.

Trapped in the Closet – Wikipedia

  1. Trapped in the Closet is the second episode of the second season of the Comedy Central television series South Park, which premiered in September.
  2. On the 16th of November, 2005, the project was completed without delay.
  3. The story of the episode revolves around the character Stan Marsh.
  4. Tom Cruise, who is now in the midst of the aflevering and is expected to be herhaald, would have been directed to halt the promotion of the film Mission: Impossible III if the aflevering were to take place.
  5. As a result, the delivery was not acknowledged.
  • The delivery was originally scheduled on 15 March 2006, however the delivery of Chef’s Chocolate Salty Balls was delayed until the following day.
  • A spokesperson for Comedy Central has confirmed that the alteration has been made as an insult to actor Isaac Hayes, who has stated that he would halt filming due to the aflevering’s timing and the insprinkling of the stem of Chef (Hayes was een aanhanger Scientology).
  • The show has been airing on Comedy Central for a few weeks now, and the show’s archive can be accessed on the channel’s website, which is also available in English.
  • Trapped in the Closet was nominated for an Emmy Award in July 2006, in the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program (for programs lasting less than one hour) category, but was disqualified due to a conflict with a Simpsons episode airing at the time.
  • In addition to being listed on the list of ″10 South Parks that changed the world,″ the episode is ranked number 17 on the list of ″TV’s Top 100 Episodes of All Time″ by TV Guide.


  1. Reading Recommendation: The following text contains information on the events that took place and how they came to be.
  2. Stan Marsh does not want any money given to him since he is saving up for a new bicycle.
  3. The result is that Stan is required to take a free personal integrity exam, which is administered by Scientologen on the street.
  4. Following the completion of a lengthy questionnaire, Stan is informed that he is extremely depressed and, as a result, is an excellent candidate for the Scientology organization.
  5. They are offering to assist him in exchange for $240.
  • In order to get rid of his depression, Stan goes to his parents and asks for money.
  • His father suggests that he use the money he had saved for a new bicycle, which Stan agrees with.
  • Following his payment, Stan is taken to an auditing room, where he is tested for his thetan level with the use of an electronic meter.
  • Stan possesses a really high score.
  • The results are sent to the headquarters of the Scientology organization in Los Angeles by the Scientologists.
  • Stan must be a reincarnation of L.
  • Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, and a practicing professional, according to the organization’s executive director, because to the length of his leaching session.
  • Towards the end of the night, an extensive group of scientists and scientists-in-training, including John Travolta, arrive to Stan’s house to see Hubbard’s ″second coming.″ The Scientology representative arrives in a helicopter and engages in a conversation with Stan’s father and mother.
  • They immediately turn their backs on him, and even though the president informs them that ‘we do not ask him to do anything with us, but rather to assist us,’ they continue to turn their backs on him.
  • Randy directs Stan to his hotel room, where he meets Tom Cruise for the first time.
  • Cruise inquires of Stan as to whether or not he is one of Cruise’s actors.
  1. When Stan Tom Cruise admits that his actors aren’t quite as good as those of others, Tom Cruise retreats to the corner of the slaapkamer of Stan, claiming that he is ″a storage in the ogen of the profeet.″ Even though Nicole Kidman, John Travolta, and R.
  2. Kelly have all expressed an interest in attending, he refuses to enter despite the presence of these celebrities.
  3. Beneden is attempting to persuade the Scientology president Stan’s parents to let their son to come live with them at their home.
  4. They want to reveal to Stan the greatest secret of their lives.
  5. Randy inquires of his son, Stan, as to whether or not he wishes to be acquainted with this information.

Stan responds affirmatively.He is shown a condensed version of the story of Xenu, which is based on the official Scientology Operating Thetan III-document.This is accompanied by a note written on the screen that reads: ″This is what Scientologists truly believe.″ As soon as the voorzitter is finished with the story, he asks Stan to continue writing in the place where L.Ron had stopped talking.Stan begins to write right away, despite his apprehension.

To the chagrin of his friends Kyle Broflovski, Kenny McCormick, and Eric Cartman, he resigns.Kyle shatters his friendship with Stan, and Cartman declares that he will not only say that Kyle has more talent than Stan, but that he also has more talent than Stan.In the letter, Stan expresses gratitude to the Scientology president, whom he regards as trustworthy.However, when Stan declares that Scientologists would no longer be required to pay in order to attend services at the Church of Scientology, the head of the organization does not agree.Stan is asked by the president if he knows what he is talking about when it comes to the entire Scientology organization.

  1. On the other hand, he believes that the church is nothing more than an opportunity to make money.
  2. Stan snaps his fingers and gets to work.
  3. Stan introduces himself to his subordinates, to whom he will demonstrate his new works.
  • He is introduced to them from outside.
  • Stan claims that he is not the reincarnation of L.
  • Ron Hubbard and that Scientology is a massive worldwide oplichterij based on lies and misinformation.

They are enraged and determined to see him through to the finish of the game.When Tom Cruise sees Stan’s casket, he immediately decides that Stan must be klagen.Stan doesn’t seem to be interested in anything.The names ″John Smith″ and ″Jane Smith″ are the only ones that appear in the credits, a reference to Tom Cruise and the Scientology Kerk, respectively.


Chuck had a romantic relationship with Pastor Rufus.

Trapped in the Closet

Chapter 2

  1. The fact that it is a male has me completely perplexed!
  2. ―Sylvester Chuck’s true identity is not revealed until Chapter 2, when it is revealed that he is the pastor’s boyfriend.
  3. Despite the fact that he had dropped Rufus off at his apartment and then departed, Rufus contacted Chuck to come back so that he could confess his secret.
  4. Chuck made his way back to the apartment as soon as he could, and he ultimately made it there.
  5. Because he was a male and Rufus’ lover, he astonished both Rufus’ wife Cathy and Cathy’s lover Sylvester by showing up.

Chapter 3

  1. When Cathy and Rufus are arguing in Chapter 3, Chuck waits in the background to observe.
  2. Chuck, on the other hand, decides to intercede and introduces himself.
  3. He informs the others that he has been seeing Rufus for almost a year, but Sylvester prevents him from divulging any additional information about their relationship.
  4. Chuck then begins to dispute with Cathy as a result of this.
  5. Sylvester becomes enraged by the scenario and discharges his gun into the ceiling, scaring Chuck, Rufus, and Cathy to the ground.
  • Later, Sylvester rushes out the door after making a phone call to his family.

Chapter 12

  1. ″Bitch, who do you think you’re pretending to be?
  2. I have the right to fall in love with whoever I want!″ Cathy receives a call from Chuck.
  3. The events that transpired in the house are discussed in Chapter 12 as Chuck, Rufus, and Cathy get to their feet.
  4. Chapter 12: Chuck approaches Rufus and inquires as to what was going on, and Rufus accuses Cathy of almost having them shot.
  5. Cathy then makes a statement about Chuck’s homosexuality, claiming that she may have contracted a sexually transmitted illness as a result of his actions.
  • With a razor blade he had hidden under his jacket, Chuck threatens to sever the relationship between them.
  • Rufus catches up with him and holds him back while he and Cathy yell at one another in the background.
  • Rufus puts an end to the ranting, and the two of them begin to stare each other down instead.
  • They are interrupted in the middle of their discussion by Cathy receiving a phone call from Sylvester’s wife, Gwendolyn.
  • This results in the debate never being completed, and Chuck leaving the room.

Chapter 18

  1. ″Because I’m in the hospital!″ says the author.
  2. ‘Chuck to Rufus,’ says the narrator.
  3. Rufus receives a phone call from Chuck when he is at church in Chapter 18, and the two get into an argument over the phone.
  4. Chuck misses Rufus since Rufus has been neglecting him as a result of Cathy’s actions against him.
  5. Chuck is well aware of this and informs Rufus that he never mentioned Kathy when they were having sexual relations.
  • Cathy then walks into Rufus’s office, and Rufus believes he has successfully disconnected the phone; nevertheless, he has inadvertently activated the speaker phone, allowing Cathy to hear Chuck on the other end of the line.
  • They got into an altercation and began calling one other names, but Rufus intervened and ordered Cathy to leave the building.
  • Rufus then requested permission from Chuck to see him, but Chuck declined.
  • He was disturbed by Rufus’s decision to discontinue their connection, and he confided in Rufus that he had been admitted to the hospital for observation.
  • As of Chapter 20, it is presumed that Chuck has passed away.
  • Chuck is supposedly hospitalized as a result of ″The Package,″ which is the rumored reason for this.
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Behind the scenes

Because Chuck was in the hospital in Chapter 18, and because Randolph claims Chuck was in the hospital as a result of ″The Package,″ it is possible that Chuck was the source of ″The Package.″ We are still baffled as to why he was in here.


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  • Trapped in the Closet: Chapter 12.5 (only mentioned)
  • Trapped in the Closet: Chapter 18
  • Trapped in the Closet: Chapter 20 (Flashback)
  • Trapped in the Closet: Chapter 21 (Flashback)
  • Chapter 22 (which is just referenced) is referred to as ″Trapped in the Closet.″
Trapped in the Closet characters
Major characters
Sylvester | Cathy | Rufus | Chuck | James | Gwendolyn | Twan | Bridget | Big Man | Tina | Roxanne | Rose | Randolph | Pimp Luscious | Joey
Minor characters
The Narrator | Joe | Reverend James Moseley | Bishop Craig | Myrna | Odale | Joey’s goons | Peace Within Choir
  1. Trapped in the closet: chapters 2 and 3
  2. trapped in the closet: chapters 12 and 18
  3. trapped in the closet: chapters 2 and 3
  4. and trapped in the closet

Thorpe’s Notes: R. Kelly’s Trapped In The Closet

  1. Characters in the story: A foreign woman’s home, where the story’s narrator has awoken and must cope with her enraged husband, is described by R.
  2. Kelly as follows: Cathy: The unfaithful lady who R.
  3. Kelly finds himself confined in her closet when he discovers her infidelity.
  4. Rufus is Cathy’s husband, and he is having an extramarital affair with Chuck at the moment.
  5. Chuck:long-time Rufus’s secret admirer R.
  • Kelly’s Wife: The wife of the narrator, who tries to conceal her own unfaithfulness by engaging in raucous sex with her husband.
  • R.
  • Kelly’s wife’s secret lover is revealed to be a police officer.
  • Theoretical and Practical Considerations On Trapped in the Closet, you’ll find explanatory comments as well as textual insights in the parts that follow.
  • The chapters are individually summarized, and there includes useful commentary that clarifies literary motifs and aesthetic characteristics throughout the tale.
  • If you are considering reading Trapped in the Closet, please bear in mind that there is no one correct interpretation of a complex piece of literature like this one.
  • As a result, your personal interpretation of the themes and events in the work may differ from that offered here.
  • Brief Synopsis of Chapter 1The narrator awakens in a bed that he is unfamiliar with.
  • After hearing Cathy’s voice cry out to him, he is taken aback by the realization that he is in the bed of someone who is not his wife.
  • He attempts to piece together the events of the previous night, and he comes to the conclusion that he left a club with Cathy with the intention of simply staying with her for a short period of time, but he ended up falling asleep with her instead.
  • In an attempt to keep R.
  1. Kelly from leaving, Cathy forces him to put on his clothes and pack his possessions before returning home.
  2. R.
  3. Kelly informs her that he has a wife at home and begs her to allow him to go so that he may avoid getting into any problems.
  4. She notifies him that her husband is on his way home, and that he will not be able to escape without being spotted.
  5. After trying to think of a way out of the flat, R.

Kelly concludes that there is no safe method to get out of the building at this time.He chooses to conceal himself in the closet in the hopes that Cathy’s husband will not see him there.The moment Rufus walks into the room, Cathy pretends that nothing weird is taking place; she attempts to divert Rufus’ attention with sexual approaches, but R.Kelly’s mobile phone rings, alerting Rufus that something unusual is taking place in his apartment.He investigates the flat, checking under furniture and in the toilet, until he comes upon the closet.

Rufus: R.Kelly prepares himself for a confrontation with Rufus by drawing his pistol.As the tale comes to a close, Rufus is ready to encounter R.Kelly as he opens the closet door.CommentaryWe are immediately introduced to the issue of R.

  1. Kelly’s conflicted sentiments about adultery, which we will discuss further below.
  2. Despite his reprimands to himself for being dumb and allowing him to fall asleep at the residence of his paramour, he appears to be more worried with the possibility of being discovered than he is with his own emotions of guilt about his own adultery.
  3. When Cathy confronts him about his wife, it is only in an attempt to make her realize that he must go immediately that he admits to having a wife.
  • After first believing that Cathy wants R.
  • Kelly to stay despite his gruff treatment of her, we quickly realize that she is merely attempting to keep him from walking out the door for fear of being caught by her husband, Rufus.
  • Her resolve to conceal R.

Kelly and to divert and deceive her spouse is motivated as much by her own self-preservation as it is by the protection of R.Kelly.It is implied by R.Kelly that Cathy’s dishonesty ″deserves an Academy Award,″ meaning that she is an accomplished liar.

  • The concept of deceit is prevalent throughout this and the next chapters.
  • To get Rufus to leave the flat, R.
  • Kelly is prepared to threaten him with a pistol by the conclusion of the chapter.
  • R.
  • Kelly is shown throughout the tale as a careless and thuggish individual who has found himself adrift in a sea of problems that he has created for himself.
  • He has a reputation for being remorseless, and whatever regrets he does have arise not from the fact that he has wounded people, but rather from the fact that he has placed himself in dangerous circumstances.

The fact that Kelly thinks he is due favors by God despite the fact that he conducts carelessly and without consideration for the sentiments of others is demonstrated by his pleading with God not to allow Rufus to open the closet without offering any repentance for his offenses.The following are examples of difficult words and phrases: Beretta: This is a brand of pistol that is made in the United States.This sound is used by Cathy to signal to R.Kelly that he should keep his mouth shut.Things are about to get interesting: It is inevitable that bad things will happen.Her deceit of her husband is worthy of an Academy Award, according to R.

  • Kelly, who is suggesting that Cathy deserves an Academy Award.
  • Set the vibrating mode: Silencing a cell phone so that it vibrates instead of ringing is a common practice.
  • Summary of Chapter 2Rufus unlocks the closet door, allowing R.
  • Kelly to be seen.
  • The fact that Rufus’ wife has been unfaithful to him is swiftly discovered, despite his wife’s attempts to explain that it was all just a misunderstanding on her part.
  • Rufus is enraged, and he threatens to kill R.

Kelly if the singer does not have a pistol in his possession.Rufus’ mobile phone rings, but he doesn’t answer it because he’s still talking to R.Kelly.Rufus adds that he is a pastor, prompting R.Kelly to recommend that they deal with the matter as if they were Christians, which Rufus agrees with.

Rufus, on the other hand, is still enraged; his wife wants to repent, but he refuses her apologies and declares that no one will be allowed to leave until he exposes a mystery.If someone calls Rufus’s phone, he answers it and instructs the person on the other end to come back to his flat right away.He informs his wife that he does not wish to be the only one who has been betrayed, and as a result, he intends to reveal his own adultery.Rufus’s phone rings, and the person on the other end of the line informs him that they are in the basement.Despite R.

Kelly’s threats to shoot Rufus if he doesn’t allow him to go, Rufus says that there is a terrible fact that he must divulge before anybody would be allowed to leave.The rapper R.Kelly declares that he will count to four before beginning to shoot; Rufus and Cathy plead for their life as he begins to count.

During the fourth round of counting, Kelly is stopped by the entrance of a guy.R.Kelly is taken aback when he discovers that Rufus’s lover is not a woman, but that he is having a gay relationship with him.After all, the titled actual closet has already been eliminated, and we can understand that the title of this tale speaks to bigger concepts than the eponymous literal closet.

In addition to Cathy and R.Kelly, Rufus was also ″stuck in the closet″; he was secretly engaged in a gay romance with another guy, but he has revealed his relationship to them in order for them to realize that their adultery would not make a fool of him.A second interpretation is that ″the closet″ represents all of the sneaking and deceit carried out by the many adulterous characters: the closet is what keeps R.Kelly and Rufus’s adulterous affairs secret from the public.The chapter begins with one of the most eloquent expositions of the themes of deception and adultery that can be found in the tale.

  1. Rufus looks at R.
  2. Kelly ″as if he were looking in a mirror,″ according to the singer.
  3. Rufus views himself as R.
  4. Kelly describes him: cunning, unfaithful, and cocky.
  5. Rufus’s resentment of R.
  6. Kelly is most likely not motivated by the fact that he had connections with his wife, but rather by Rufus’s own concerns about himself.
  • In R.
  • Kelly, he sees an unflattering image of himself.
  • In Chapter Two, R.
  • Kelly’s tense relationship with God is further explored in greater depth.
  • Upon learning that his friend Rufus has the position of pastor, R.
  • Kelly tries yet again to wriggle his way out of a sticky situation by appealing to his erratic religion.

While he recommends that he and Rufus work out the matter ″Christian-style,″ he appears to be completely ignorant of the irony of his comment, given that he has just committed adultery and is presently holding a pistol to the head of a pastor’s house of worship.In this chapter, we learn very little about Cathy’s character and demeanor.She appears to be overwhelmed by the circumstances, and her ability for deception fails her when she is confronted with her husband’s rage and R.Kelly’s unwarranted physical threats, both of which are unnecessary.

  • Glossary: Bogus nonsense: Unpleasant enterprise.
  • Mack shit: The falsehoods of a womanizer who isn’t honest.
  • Nigga: A negro.
  • During the third chapter’s summary, R.
  • Kelly looks at Rufus with astonishment, initially refusing to believe that he is actually Rufus’ secret lover.

R.Kelly tells everyone that they are all insane and that he is leaving the country.Cathy attempts to urge him to remain, but he refuses, claiming that he has nothing to do with the current situation and that he needs to return home immediately.

After convincing him to remain, Cathy points out that the narrative of how this affair came about would be an intriguing one to hear.In exchange for three minutes of her time, Kelly offers to listen to Rufus and Chuck explain themselves.In an outburst directed towards Rufus, she questions how he could do such a horrible thing to her, but he responds by reminding her that she has lied to him and has been an unfaithful partner as well.In her defense, Cathy asserts that having a gay affair is far more unexpected and cruel than having an affair with another guy, but Rufus maintains that she has no right to criticize him because she concealed a man with a gun in their closet to begin with.

  • R.
  • Kelly gets fed up with all of the squabbling and demands an answer.
  • Chuck reveals that he and Rufus have been having a covert affair for a year, and that they have been sleeping in hotels and doing all they can to avoid being discovered.
  • When R.
  • Kelly finds out, Cathy and Rufus explode into yet another dispute, which irritates and perplexes him even more.

He shoots a shot into the air to bring them to a halt and declares that he can’t take any more of their fighting any longer.He dials his home phone number from his cell phone and is surprised to hear a man’s voice on the other end of the line.Commentary Following their decision to come ″out of the closet,″ R.Kelly, Rufus, and Chuck find themselves embroiled in a quarrel that devolved into violence.R.Kelly appears to be torn in this chapter; his first reaction is to go, but Cathy is able to persuade him to stay by appealing to his curiosity.

R.Kelly is a complicated character.In the same way that Rufus recognized aspects of himself in R.Kelly, R.

Kelly recognizes connections between Rufus and Chuck’s romance and his own personal circumstances.R.Kelly is both repelled and attracted by Rufus and Chuck’s affair.While he initially agreed to stay in the hopes of witnessing an interesting dramatic spectacle, he became increasingly agitated as Rufus and Cathy began to fight and he eventually decided to leave.It soon becomes apparent that R.

  • Kelly has an odd aversion to confrontation.
  • Despite the fact that he has the ability to leave at any time (because he has a gun and has nothing to gain by remaining), he appears to be in Rufus and Cathy’s apartment solely to serve as a mediator.
  • He frequently orders them to cease fighting, despite the fact that his involvement in their problems is completely irrelevant.

This provides crucial insight into R.Kelly’s character: the combination of habitual infidelity and an extreme distaste for arguments among couples suggests that he was the product of a dysfunctional family, most likely involving an abusive and unfaithful father, as evidenced by his extreme distaste for arguments among couples.This could explain why R.Kelly feels the need to be in complete command at all times.

The fact that R.Kelly is a self-confessed Casanova does not obscure his dislike of being played.His feelings are wounded when it is revealed that Cathy didn’t use her true name when she courted him at the nightclub, despite the fact that this has no relevance on his current predicament.Despite the fact that he is unfaithful himself, he is taken aback when, towards the conclusion of the chapter, a guy answers the phone at his residence.

Deep shit: A difficult situation in which to find yourself.Your entire ass is insane: Your entire ass is insane.Please, Bitch, if you don’t mind: When a lady says anything that makes you believe her, use the phrase ″disbelief.″ Club hopping is defined as the act of going to nightclubs in search of sexual encounters or cheap pleasures.I’ma: I’m going to do it.

  • Chapter 4: Getting Things Done Summary R.
  • Kelly is rushing home to look into his wife’s alleged adultery, which he believes to be true.
  • His enraged stewing is interrupted when he is pulled over by a police officer, who warns him that he is driving at an excessively high rate of speed in a zone with a speed restriction of only sixty miles per hour.
  • He attempts to explain to the police officer that it is an emergency, but the officer is unyielding in his refusal to accept any explanation.
  • R.
  • Kelly storms into his home and confronts his wife, but his anxieties are allayed when she informs him that her brother Twan is paying a surprise visit.
  • His apology for the miscommunication is accepted, and they exchange pleasantries before retiring to their bed to participate in marital pleasure.

R.Kelly experiences a cramp in his leg just as his wife is about to achieve the pinnacle of her physical enjoyment, and he is forced to interrupt the performance.The prophylactic has been left in the bed after the covering has been turned back.

Annotation: The early driving scene and the later love scene comprise the majority of Chapter Four; as a result, there is less tension and conflict in Chapter Four, which serves as an important interlude between the high conflict of Chapter Three and the shocking resolution provided by Chapter Four.Commentary: Two new characters are introduced in Chapter Four: a police officer who stops R.Kelly while he is driving home and R.Kelly’s wife, who at first appears to be a calm and faithful counterpoint to R.

  1. Kelly’s tightly-wound mania.
  2. R.
  3. Kelly’s wife is introduced in Chapter Four as a calm and faithful counterpoint to his tightly-wound mania.

In Chapter Four, R.Kelly is given the opportunity to demonstrate the narrative writing skills that made him famous; he has always had a penchant for writing romantic and sensual scenes, and the love scene between the narrator and his wife depicted in this chapter can be considered among his best work: When she looked at me, she urged, ″Go deeper please,″ and that’s when I started to go wild, / it seemed like I was trying to give her a kid,″ the song continues.Glossary: In literature, the climax represents the pinnacle of a woman’s physical experience.

a rubber covering for the male genitalia that protects against the transfer of sperm and illness.Chapter 5SummaryR.Kelly confronts his wife about the prophylactic he found on the bed.His words are scathing and threatening to her, and then he takes his pistol once again and inquires as to whether the man she had been with is still there in the house.

  1. Although she acknowledges that she did have a male there, she claims that he left shortly after R.
  2. Kelly placed the call.
  3. During the course of R.
  4. Kelly’s diatribe against his wife, she interrupts him to inform him that she is aware of his adultery and unleashes a scathing counter-attack.
  5. R.
  1. Kelly threatens her violently until she agrees to tell him the identity of the man who has just left the scene.
  2. R.
  3. Kelly was stopped by a police officer in Chapter Four, and she explains that a friend of hers knows a guy named Chuck, who is friends with a guy named Rufus, whose wife Cathy introduced her to the guy with whom she was having an affair: the same police officer who stopped R.
  4. Kelly in Chapter Four.
  5. Commentary When you get to chapter five, you can see all of the ironic foundations that have been supporting the plot all along.

According to the evidence shown in the film, not only was R.Kelly’s wife aware of his marital infidelity, but she was also involved in an extramarital affair with someone who knew Cathy, the lady with whom the singer was having an affair.Finally, the subject of warped religious faith comes full circle at the conclusion, with R.Kelly’s wife reciting a list of friends-of-friends in what appears to be a biblical lineage of her husband’s pals.Once all of the pieces of the jigsaw are in place, the story’s underlying morality tale comes to light as well.Despite the fact that all four of the married people in the novel are unhappy with their wives for their infidelity, they are also all unfaithful to one another.

  • It depicts a vicious spiral of retribution and distrust, in which adultery breeds further infidelity, as well as a vicious circle of retaliation.
  • Although they are married, the main protagonists are still ″stuck″ in the ″closet″ of their own guilty consciences and dissatisfied romantic relationships.
  • Baby, you’re going to be out of breath: I’m going to beat the living daylights out of you till you’re dead.

Review of the CliffsNotes version: It is possible that students will benefit from this review section by testing their own knowledge and understanding of the events and themes presented in the novel Trapped in the Closet.In addition, we are confident that students who have a deep enough understanding of the source material to answer these questions will be able to understand a large portion of the body of critical writing about Trapped in the Closet, and may even be able to contribute meaningfully to that body of writing.Answers to Q&A1.

What is the name that Cathy gives to R.Kelly when she first meets him at the club?Charles, Terrence, Russell, and Mary are the names of the people on the list.2.Which of the following locations does Rufus examine while he is on the lookout for R Kelly?a.

Underneath the dresser b.In the space between two adjacent walls House of R.Kelly is wedged between the neighbors’ brownstone and the window on the third floor.3.

  • What is the primary plot function of Chuck and Rufus’s courtship and relationship?
  • a.
  • To demonstrate the rampant infiltration of sodomites into our culture b.
  • To legalize homosexuality among African-Americans c.
  • To explore R.
  • Kelly’s bi-curious desires d.
  1. To accomplish all of the foregoing 4.
  2. Why isn’t R.
  3. Kelly just leaving Cathy’s house like everyone else?
  4. In spite of the fact that he is constantly telling Chuck and Rufus to shut up, a.
  5. He is curious about Chuck and Rufus b.

He wishes to witness the fight between Cathy and Chuck even though he is constantly telling them to stop c.He is intimidated by Chuck physically despite the fact that Chuck is carrying a gun d.For whatever reason 5.Who is still alive at the conclusion of the text?

a.There is no one.a.Rufus and R.Kelly’s wife b.R.

Kelly c.R.Kelly d.R.

Kelly et al.1: d 2: a 3: b 4: d 5: d 1: d 2: a 3: b 4: d 1: d 1: d 1: d 1: d 1: d 1: d 1: d 1: d 1: d 1: d 1: d Each of the following lines was spoken by a different character.1.″You’re absolutely correct, nigger; I was there.″ 2.

  • ″There is something wrong with the condition of Denmark.″ 3.
  • ″Please, God, do not allow this man to open the closet door.″ ″Please don’t give me that mack stuff,″ says the narrator.
  • 5.
  • ″Oh my goodness, I’m on the verge of reaching a climax.″ Answers: 1: The wife of R.
  • Kelly, who appears in Chapter 5.
  • 2.
  • Marcellus in Act 1, Scene 4.
  • 3.
  • R.
  • Kelly, who appears in Chapter 1.
  • 4.

Insert Chapter 2 into the mix.5.The wife of R.Kelly in Chapter 4.

  1. Questions for writing an essay: 1.
  2. What is Chuck’s motivation for looking for R.
  3. Kelly under the bed?
  4. What do you think the dresser will be in terms of size?
  • 2.
  • What does R.
  • Kelly mean when he says, ″a tear dropped out of my eye,″ in Chapter 4?
  • 3.
  • Who is Tina, and how does she fit into the story when R.
  1. Kelly’s wife is describing the string of friends that led to the police officer?
  2. Dr.
  3. David Thorpe (@Arr) is a physician in the United Kingdom.

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7 Things You Need To Know About The New ‘Trapped In The Closet’ Chapters

  1. What happened to us?
  2. Oh, and there’s ″The Package.″ Almost seven years ago (!) the final chapter of R.
  3. Kelly’s bonkers hip-hop opera series Trapped in the Closet came to an end with a series of phone calls, between pastor Chuck and nosy neighbor Rosy, and our lovelorn protagonist Sylvester and stuttering Pimp Lucius and big Southern belle Bridget and many more, discussing ″The Package,″ which could be HIV or it could not.
  4. There’s also a midget in the mix.
  5. The chapter came to a close with the voices gradually fading away and being replaced onscreen by a tease for the next chapter: ″To Be Continued…″ This Friday, IFC will do exactly that, presenting the second volume of Kelly’s indisputable masterwork, which will be shown live.
  • Is it fantastic?
  • Yes.
  • Is it preferable to standing in line for season five of CHiPs to be released on DVD on Black Friday?
  • Yes.
  • Is it going to be the most significant event of the entire holiday period?
  • Yes.
  • How do I find out?
  • The Adventures of Sylvester and Twan: Chapters 1 and 2 were screened in New York’s Sunshine Theater last night, and not only did we get an early peek at the upcoming series, but R.
  • Kelly was also in attendance and addressed questions about it.
  • When the original Trapped came out, Kelly was still mired in his underage water sports incident, so it goes without saying that he is in a lot better mood now than he was all those years ago.) While waiting in line to go into the cinema, a homeless lady came to a halt, glanced at a series of R.
  • Kelly posters that Sunshine had put outside, took a moment to collect her thoughts, and then stated to no one, but to everyone, ″What a scary looking movie.″ Sunshine was ecstatic.
  1. That was the type of night it had been.
  2. One, the additional chapters are every bit as good and as wacky (and, to use a phrase Kelly frequently used, ″silly″) as the original 22 chapters (he also defined himself as an astronaut, and Trapped is an extraterrestrial), if not more so.
  3. This time, however, they are presented in a different context, with Sylvester, Pimp Lucius, Rosie, and the rest of the cast being interviewed on a mystery Jerry Springer-style television show.
  4. It also contains an incredible minute-long sequence in which Kelly gives directions.
  5. 2.

Look forward to more information about Sylvester’s relationship with Pimp Lucius (including the pimp’s surprise parents), Rosie and Randolph’s marital problems, Tina and Roxanne’s relationship, Sylvester and Twan’s business dealings, a new gangster character with shark-like metal teeth and a DMX-inspired rasp named Beeno, and, perhaps most importantly, a therapy session between Rufus and his wife, Cathy.However, there is no Sgt.James, as represented by Michael K.Williams.3.

How many chapters does Kelly want to write for Trapped?In a statement, he stated, ″I want everyone to know that I’ve got 85 chapters of Trapped in the Closet waiting in the studio for y’all.″ ″The chapters that are coming – the show, as we like to call it – will outperform any chapter that you have ever seen,″ says the cast.Please, no more of that dreadful green screen.4.Trapped in the Closet is being made into a Broadway musical, with Kelly as the lead actress.

  1. YES.
  2. A former prostitute has been named the winner of the Outstanding Nervous Eye Twitch by a former prostitute award.
  3. He’s presently working out the mechanics of the project, such as how many roles he can portray.
  • Will he be traveling with the show?, and so on — but Big Man will soon be rubbing kneecaps with the girls from Chicago in no time at all.
  • 5.
  • Kelly’s stepfather, who also stutters, serves as an inspiration for Pimp Lucius.

There has been no word about the blind prostitute.Trapped aspired to include Tyrese Gibson (Fast Five and Transformers fame), but Kelly turned him down since he only wants to cast performers who are relatively unknown in the series.7 – R.KELLY ENDED THE Q&A BY SINGING A VERSE FROM ″I BELIEVE I CAN FLY″ AND I’M PRETTY SURE AT LEAST 29 VAGINAS MELTED AND EVERY MAN THERE FELT UNCOMFORTABLE FOR 30 MINUTES KNOWING THAT THEY’LL NEVER BE AS SMOOTH AS KELLY’S VOICE AND HE WORE RED LEATHER GLOVE soulacoaster

R. Kelly’s ‘Trapped In The Closet’: Chapter 23 Recap

  1. What happened to Chuck?
  2. Thank you for visiting Billboard.com’s ″Trapped in the Closet″ review series, in which we will discuss each new episode of R.
  3. Kelly’s fantasy world of sex, deception, and singing.
  4. This is the first chapter.
  5. By now, the whole globe has consumed Robert’s first 22 episodes of ″Trapped″ (which aired from 2005 to 2007), savoring the lyrical tribulations of Sylvester, Rufus, Rosie The Nosey Neighbor, Twan, Roxanne, and, of course, Pimp Lucius’s plight.
  • But then there’s the matter of five years of unresolved questions.
  • How long will it take for these well-loved characters to achieve happiness on the chaotic streets of Chicago?
  • What will the appearance of Bridget and Big Man’s love kid be like?
  • And what, for the love of God, is ″The Package″?
  • R&B and humanity fans have been begging Kellz to give them more, and now he has done so gracefully by providing it.
  • Chapter 23 of ″Trapped in the Closet″ was released online on Wednesday (Oct.
  • 17), and R.
  • Kelly has confirmed that a total of 20 additional chapters have been filmed in preparation for the show’s continuation on IFC beginning Nov.
  • 23.
  • In addition, the mastermind recently told TIME that ″’Trapped in the Closet’ will be with us for the rest of our lives.″ ″I’ve got something like a hundred chapters left to write.″ There are a hundred chapters!
  • Forever!
  1. We no longer have to pray that our forefathers will be denied access to meticulously designed hip-hoperas hundreds of years and civilizations in the future.
  2. Every second that passes, our future appears to be getting brighter.
  3. But, for the time being, let’s stick to the present: Chapter 23.


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