Postal Code System of Mauritania

With the help of Google Maps API, Mauritania now can directly use the Global Postal Code Systemtm. On the following NAC Enhanced Google Maps, almost everybody in Mauritania can find the Global Postal Code (i.e. the Universal Address) of their house or building through a few steps of panning/zooming/clicking the high resolution satellite image map. You can use either an eight character code (the blue rectangular area after you click your home on the map) if it can already uniquely identify your house/building, otherwise a ten character code (the blue drop location identifying roughly every square meter on the earth surface) as your Global Postal Code. With the Global Postal Code, all mail can be sorted from the world level to the final mailboxes automatically on all mail sorting equipment provided that the mail sorting equipment has installed a Global Postal Code based mail sorting program. For information about such mail sorting software, please contact NAC Geographic Products Inc.

Use Global Postal Code
When you write a letter, you can add the Global Postal Code as part of the mailing address such as:

  4168 Finch Ave. E.
  Toronto, ON M1W 2N8
  NAC: 8CRB Q90H

That is, at the bottom of the current mailing address, add an extra line starting with “NAC: ” followed by the Global Postal Code. If a sorting machine knows the code, it can use the code to sort your mail automatically for either local or international delivery. Therefore, people can start using the code on mail now without the need to wait until all mail sorting equipment is able to sort mail based on the Global Postal Code.

Get Global Postal Code
Use the mouse to pan/zoom the map to the area and click a location to get its NAC on the top of the map. You can also input a street address and click “Get Map” which will show the NAC on the map. Note, country name if other than US is required in the address. Currently, it supports addresses from Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Spain, United States and many other countries.

Postal codes were first introduced in Germany in 1941, followed by Argentina in 1958, United Kingdom in 1959 and United States in 1963. Now there are more than 117 countries in the world having their own postal code systems. The purpose of postal codes is to sort mail more efficiently, reliably and automatically. But the great potential of postal codes has not been liberated yet. First, most postal codes are not assigned to the final mail boxes so that all mail still requires manual work to sort to the final mail boxes. On the other hand, as the world is getting more globalized and the volume of international mail is increasing rapidly, national postal codes can’t help automatical mail sorting and all international mail is still mainly being sorted manually which is a practice too expensive to continue.

Therefore, a stable, politically neutral and language independent global postal code system with a complete coverage of all areas in the world and unlimited number of codes to customize to new development and redevelopment of populated areas is urgently demanded, which leads to the birth of the Natural Area Coding System (the Global Postal Code System, the Universal Address System, the Universal Map Grids System and the Universal Property Identifier System). The new system unifies all the representations of geographic coordinates, area codes, addresses, postal codes, map grids and property identifiers in the world and makes all geographic products and services directly related and their information easily exchanged. It can be used not only for both national and internation postal services, but also for couriers, taxis, emergency services, online location based services, GPS navigation systems, geographic information systems, and many others.

Now all countries no matter whether they have their own postal code systems can directly use the Global Postal Code System to sort all mail automatically. Countries without national postal code systems may feel comfortable in adopting the Global Postal Code System and skip the stage for using national postal code systems.

Here is a list of the NAC of cities of Mauritania and their corresponding map links: