How Do I Know If I Need To Sign For A Fedex Package?

When do you have to sign for a package with FedEx? You only have to sign for a package if required by sender or by FedEx policy. To find out if your shipment requires a signature, you can look on the tracking information that is emailed from the sender or enter in the shipment’s tracking number on

How do I know if a FedEx package requires a signature?

To see if your package requires a signature, go to FedEx® Tracking to track the status of your package. If a signature is required, a reference can be seen in the Shipment Facts section located at the bottom of the tracking screen. Originally Answered: How do I know if I need to sign for a FedEx package?

How do I sign for FedEx Home Delivery?

For FedEx Home Delivery shipments, print a form to sign and attach to your front door. This option does not apply to packages with Direct Signature Required (someone at the delivery address) or Adult Signature Required (someone at least 21 years old at the delivery address). This option applies to eligible US domestic and US inbound shipments.

Can You track a FedEx shipment using an address?

You can still track a FedEx shipment using the address, but you’ll have to contact FedEx. There are also services you can sign up for that will track your packages on an ongoing basis. If you need to track packages, typically you’ll use the tracking number assigned to the shipment.

What happens if no one is home to sign for FedEx?

Direct Signature Required: FedEx obtains a signature from someone at the delivery address. If no one is at the address, we reattempt delivery. If no eligible is at the address, we reattempt delivery. What happens if I’m not home to sign for a package FedEx?

How to ship a package?

  • We can come to you (for an additional fee) Schedule a pickup.
  • Drop it off at a UPS location. Be sure to bring your identification.
  • Hand the labeled package to your friendly neighborhood driver.
  • Can FedEx leave my package at my door?

    Will FedEx leave my package at the door? If a delivery attempt is made and no one is there to sign for the package, the driver will leave a door tag at the recipient’s door. To avoid missed deliveries, sign up for FedEx Delivery Manager to request to hold your package at a FedEx location for you to pick up.

    When does FedEx require a signature?

  • No signature required. There are many shipments FedEx delivers that do not require a signature from the recipient.
  • Indirect signature required. FedEx will obtain a signature from someone at the delivery address or from somebody nearby,such as a neighbor or building manager.
  • Adult signature required.
  • Direct signature required.
  • How to Track a FedEx Package Without a Tracking Number

    How to Track a FedEx Package Even if You Don’t Have a Tracking No.Photograph courtesy of Jorge Villalba/iStock/Getty Images.In the event that you have received a tracking number for your FedEx shipment, you may monitor it through the FedEx website with relative ease.However, if you misplace your tracking number or just do not know what it is, tracing your product along its journey will be a little more difficult to do.Instead of contacting customer care to obtain FedEx tracking by address, you may set up a long-term solution that will automatically alert you when your shipment is scheduled to arrive.

    Track Package Without Tracking Number

    In the event that you need to trace the progress of your FedEx cargo, a tracking number is quite useful.In such case, you can enter the tracking ID into the tracking ID box on the FedEx web site.You do not, however, need to have a tracking number in order to receive an update on your item.The information you have on hand, such as an order number or reference number, may be used to track your shipment.What happens if you don’t have any of those things?However, you will not be able to obtain this information online.

    FedEx tracking by address is accessible.For this, you’ll need to contact FedEx customer care during regular business hours and ask for a representative to provide you with an anticipated arrival time for your shipment.

    Track Incoming Shipments

    Long-term solution that will allow you to know exactly when an item will arrive at your location has been developed and is available.FedEx Delivery Manager keeps track of your goods and sends you notifications when something is due to arrive.You may sign up by simply completing an online registration form.FedEx Delivery Manager will allow you to control your deliveries in addition to receiving delivery notifications.When a box is delivered to your rear door instead of your front porch, you may log in and change your delivery preferences.Whether you have a FedEx lost tracking number or the sender did not supply you with one, you will be able to see when your items will arrive once you have joined up for the service.

    Track Outgoing Shipments

    A method for tracking all of your packages on an ongoing basis is undoubtedly something you’d like if you’re in the industry.Due to the fact that you will not have time to keep track of tracking numbers or run FedEx tracking by address, it is critical to have a system in place that you can rely on.FedEx InSight is intended for clients who already have an account number with the corporation, and as a result, it requires a greater level of commitment than FedEx Delivery Manager.InSight will send you email alerts when a shipment is delivered or delayed, and it will also provide you the option to examine the current status of any delivery.In the event that you are not dealing with a FedEx lost tracking number, you can still enter the information and receive status updates.The best part is that you can export the data as reports, which you can then utilize in other programs.

    FedEx Package Holding

    One of the most frustrating aspects of package delivery is that it usually occurs during regular business hours, when the majority of people are not at home.This means that on top of tracking packages that require a signature and traveling out of your way to pick them up, you may now have to worry about someone taking them from your possession.FedEx now allows you to reroute your items to a secondary site, which is likely to have more flexible hours than FedEx’s delivery vans, allowing you to save money on shipping.First and foremost, you must register for FedEx Delivery Manager in order to take benefit of this service.After that, you may log in and route any packages to a location near you that is available for pickup.Walgreens, Albertsons, and FedEx Office are just a few of the businesses that will be participating.

    If you use a service like this, you won’t have to worry about misplacing your tracking number since you’ll always be able to check in and view all of the goods that are being delivered to you on a regular basis.

    Do all FedEx packages require signature?

    FedEx demands a signature on all delivery as part of their service standard. It is possible to ask FedEx to leave your delivery without requiring a signature in certain conditions. Please keep in mind that FedEx will only leave a package unattended if they believe it is in their best interests to do so.

    How do I know if my package requires a signature?

    What is the best way to determine whether a UPS package delivery requires a signature? You will receive an email with tracking information, which will include a note indicating whether or not your package requires a signature. Examine the UPS tracking page to be sure there is no information in the email indicating that a signature is required for delivery.

    Can you refuse to sign for a FedEx package?

    If a signature is necessary, refuse to accept a delivery that requires a signature by informing the driver that you do not want the package and refusing to sign to accept it. The denial of deliveries may usually be handled by a receptionist or gatekeeper at most firms. Remember, if you are refusing to accept the shipment, do not sign the acknowledgment of receipt.

    What is FedEx direct signature required?

    FedEx requires a direct signature from someone at the delivery address in order to complete the delivery. If there is no one at the address, we will attempt delivery again. If no one who qualifies is present at the address, we will attempt delivery again.

    What happens if I’m not home to sign for a package FedEx?

    Even if you are not there to accept delivery of your box, a doortag will be placed at your door, and the driver may return to make another try. Sign up for FedEx Delivery Manager to ensure that your packages are delivered on time. You will be able to sign electronically and provide specific delivery instructions using this service.

    What happens if I’m not there to sign for a package ups?

    Alternatively, if you want, you may have the parcel delivered to a different place where someone can sign on your behalf instead. If the sender has stated that an adult signature is necessary, you will not be able to request delivery release online unless the sender has specified otherwise. You can, on the other hand, refer it to a UPS customer service center.

    What delivery requires a signature?

    • Services That Qualify for UPS Signature on Delivery Confirmation Form Domestic services that are required: UPS Next Day Air is a service that delivers packages the next day.
    • UPS Next Day Air Saver is a service provided by UPS.
    • UPS 2nd Day Air (A.M.) Service UPS 2nd Day Air is a service that delivers packages the next day.
    • UPS 3 Day Select service is available.
    • Services provided on a global scale: UPS Worldwide Express Plus is a service provided by UPS.
    • UPS Worldwide Express is a shipping company that delivers packages all over the world.
    • UPS Worldwide Saver is a service that allows you to save money on shipping worldwide.
    • UPS Worldwide Expedited is a service provided by UPS.
    • UPS Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

    Will USPS leave package without signature?

    While a package is being delivered, the Mobile Delivery Device (MDD) will notify USPS Carriers that it has an electronic signature affixed to it and that it may be delivered without the need for a physical signature from the receiver.

    Is it illegal to sign for someone else’s package?

    It is not against the law. You’ve been given authorization to sign for the package. The majority of what you are doing is signing it so that the post office knows it has been delivered. Just make sure you’re signing your own name for things like this in the future; it’s important to be able to tell who signed for anything for identification purposes.

    What happens if you reject a FedEx package?

    If the contents are such that the shipper and the receiver have come to an agreement that there will be no returns or refunds, denying it or ordering Fedex not to deliver it does not relieve the recipient of their commitment to the shipper under the terms of the agreement. Fedex, on the other hand, is unconcerned and will stop the shipment if asked.

    Can you pick up FedEx packages from facility?

    Even after a shipment has been dispatched, you can request that we keep it at a convenient place for your convenience. There is no need to wait for a delivery attempt when there are several shipments. It’s as simple as entering your tracking number online or calling 1.800. GoFedEx 1.800 is the number to dial.

    Can someone else pickup my FedEx package?

    To pick up your box, go to the FedEx Office with your picture ID and the letter allowing another person to pick up the package. After that, a phone call may be placed to FedEx to authorize it.

    What is the difference between direct and indirect signature with FedEx?

    • It is necessary to sign directly (DSR) Someone at the recipient’s address may be required to sign for the package.
    • If no one is present at the address, FedEx will make another effort to deliver the package.
    • FedEx may release the box if an indirect signature is necessary (ISR).
    • FedEx may release the shipment one of three ways: Obtaining a signature from someone who will be present at the delivery location.

    Does FedEx charge extra for signature?

    FedEx charges for the following services: United States Express Package, United States Ground, International Ground, and Express Services: $4.50 for each box (Indirect Signature Required) $4.50 for each box (Direct Signature Required) $4.50 for each box (Adult Signature Required)

    Do you have to be 21 to sign for a FedEx package?

    According to FedEx’s website, Adult Signature Requisite: FedEx requires a signature from someone who is at least 21 years old (and who possesses the required government-issued picture ID) at the delivery address in order to complete the delivery.

    How to Sign For a Package Online (So You Don’t Have to Wait at Home)

    • You are not need to be at home to sign for a shipment, even if you have a box on its way to you that requires your approval.
    • A large number of items may be signed for online by UPS and FedEx, and the United States Postal Service also allows you to authorize deliveries that would otherwise not be made if you weren’t present in person.
    • The services listed below are the same ones that allow you to examine USPS, UPS, and FedEx items before they are delivered to your home or workplace.
    • Moreover, they’re all completely free, but UPS and FedEx do charge for some additional capabilities, such as the option to arrange delivery at a specified time of day.


    • UPS My Choice, a free service provided by the company, provides this functionality.
    • If you don’t already have a UPS My Choice account, get one now, then login in and click the arriving package icon on your dashboard to get things started.
    • You may also sign for items using the UPS app, which is available for iPhone and Android devices.
    • When you sign into the app, tap on a shipment to see the delivery choices available for it.
    • The ″Sign″ button will appear if you are able to sign for the box while it is being delivered.
    • You will not see that choice if your shipment does not require a signature or if you do not have the ability to sign for it online.
    • For example, the sender may have specified that it must be signed for by an adult over the age of 21 who lives at the address.
    • The ″Provide Delivery Instructions″ button may be found on the right side of the details screen if the item does not require a signature but you are afraid that UPS will not leave it for you.
    • Select a place where you’d want UPS to leave the parcel by clicking the ″Leave At″ box and typing in the address.

    Tell them to leave it at the rear door, on the deck, or with a door person or management office at your home, to name a few possibilities.Additionally, if you want the UPS delivery person to enter through a secure gate or door, you can supply a security code to them.


    • If you have signed up for the FedEx Delivery Manager service, you will be able to sign for items online.
    • Select one of the inbound parcels from your dashboard by going to the Delivery Manager page and clicking it.
    • If you haven’t already, you may sign up for FedEx services on the company’s website.
    • It is also accessible in the FedEx Delivery Manager app for iPhone and Android, which can be downloaded from the App Store.
    • Sign into the app using your account information, and then touch an arriving item to see its available alternatives.
    • To sign for a package online, select the ″Sign for a Package″ option from the drop-down menu.
    • If it’s grayed out, it means that the box either doesn’t require a signature or that FedEx requires you to sign for it in person before it can be delivered.
    • Example: If the sender specifies that a ″adult signature is necessary,″ FedEx will demand a person over the age of 21 to sign for the delivery in person.
    • This option is used for deliveries that contain alcoholic beverages, for instance.

    Other package choices are available to you here, such as providing FedEx with delivery directions for where all parcels should be left or instructing FedEx to keep the box at a place where you may pick it up.While you may offer delivery instructions for shipments here by clicking ″Provide Delivery Instructions,″ keep in mind that these instructions will be applied to all other incoming items in the future as well as the packages you have already received.

    US Postal Service

    • Sign up for the free USPS Informed Delivery service if you want to authorize the release of a parcel from the United States Postal Service.
    • On your dashboard, choose a shipment that is scheduled to arrive.
    • If you haven’t already, you may sign up for it online.
    • However, you will need to wait for the United States Postal Service to send you a code in the mail before you can access your account.
    • With the USPS Informed Delivery app for iPhone or Android, you may also complete this process on your phone.
    • Sign into the app and select a bundle to see the choices associated with it.
    • Here, you may add delivery instructions by clicking ″Add Delivery Instructions.″ If you notice the message ″Note: DI not available for this shipment,″ it means that either the package does not require a signature or that you must present a signature in person to complete the transaction.
    • For example, the USPS Informed Delivery FAQ states that delivery instructions may not be accessible for a variety of reasons, including when the item is insured for more than $500, needs an in-person signature, or was delivered as Registered Mail.
    • While many packages will be ineligible for delivery instructions, delivery instructions are still a convenient way to tell the United States Postal Service to leave a package at your address that they would otherwise only hand to you in person, as the US Postal Service’s social media team has pointed out on its website.

    When you click the ″Select One″ box, you will be able to instruct USPS on what to do with your shipment.Consider having them leave it on your back porch or handing it over to a neighbor who you have designated as a safety deposit box (or both).Front door, back door, side door, on the porch, Neighbor (address required), Other (further instructions necessary), and garage are all available as options for delivery.For some UPS and FedEx deliveries, you may also be able to prepare a handwritten letter instructing UPS or FedEx to leave the box in a specific area (or with a neighbor), sign it, and leave it taped to your front door on the day the delivery is scheduled to take place.However, if UPS or FedEx would accept a physical note in this manner, you should be able to sign for the shipment online in the same manner as well.Photograph courtesy of wavebreakmedia/

    How to Sign for a Package Online if You Know You’ll Be Away

    • What’s the number of times it’s happened to you that you weren’t home when a delivery was delivered to your house?
    • Most of the time, this is not a problem when the package does not require your signature.
    • You must, however, be present at your residence while the package is being delivered if the person or company from whom you ordered it requires you to sign for it.
    • Fortunately, some delivery services allow you to sign for your package online, allowing you to leave your residence and go about your business.
    • UPS, FedEx, and the United States Postal Service are examples of such services.
    • The following instructions will demonstrate how to sign for a shipment online utilizing a variety of shipping providers.
    • We will also address some of the questions you may have concerning electronic signatures that you may have.
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    How to Sign for a Package Online Using UPS

    • UPS (United Parcel Service) is one of the world’s major shipping and delivery companies, with operations in more than 200 countries.
    • UPS offers a special service called ″USP My Choice″ that allows you to have complete control over your deliveries.
    • If you sign up for this option, you will be able to not only sign for goods online, but you will also be able to personalize the specifications of your shipment.
    • In other words, you may keep track of your orders, receive customized notifications when your order’s status changes, and even modify the delivery route of your products if necessary.
    • You will not be charged for this service, and all you need to do is register for an account on their website.
    • You can even use your phone to download the mobile version of the program, which is compatible with both iPhones and Android devices, to your computer.
    • Keep in mind that not all shipments are required to have a signature attached to them.
    • If you are needed to sign for the box, it is determined by the firm or individual from whom you purchased the item.
    • Some firms will only take signatures for pricey items if you are 21 years old or older, according to the company.

    This is how you may determine whether your package requires a signature or whether it does not:

    1. Access your UPS My Choice account by clicking here.
    2. On your dashboard, you can see the bundle you ordered
    3. Examine the available delivery alternatives
    • Unless otherwise specified, if you see the ″Sign″ option, the package does require your signature.
    • That being the case, simply input all of your information and you’ll be all set.
    • If the ″Sign″ option isn’t available, you won’t be required to sign for your delivery.
    • You may also select the precise location where you want your delivery to be delivered at this stage.
    • Here’s how to go about it:
    1. Visit UPS My Choice for more information.
    2. Select your order by clicking on it.
    3. To provide delivery instructions, go to the ″View Details″ page and pick the ″Provide Delivery Instructions″ button.
    4. Choose the location where you want your product to be delivered under ″Leave at″ (front door, rear door, porch, garage, deck, etc.). If you like, you may even include a security code.
    5. Once you have completed all of the delivery instructions, click ″OK.″

    Another alternative is to reroute the shipment to a different place so that someone else may accept responsibility for it. If an adult is required to sign for your shipment, you will not be able to request delivery release online if this is the case. What you can do instead is have your delivery sent to a UPS customer facility, where you may personally pick up your box.

    How to Sign for a Package Online Using FedEx

    • FedEx is another another postal service that allows you to electronically sign for a parcel.
    • The FedEx Delivery Manager, in fact, allows you to redirect your orders and monitor your goods, and they even provide the option of holding your delivery for an additional 14 days at no additional cost.
    • Indirect signatures, adult signatures, and direct signatures are all examples of the sorts of signatures that may be required for your product.
    • It is possible to sign it even if you know you will not be present.
    • There are three alternatives.
    • The first is to divert your item to a FedEx site for a period of two weeks at the very least.
    • The second option is to redirect your purchase to a different place, or you may choose to modify the day on which it is delivered.
    • Keep in mind that there is an additional price for this service.
    • The third and last option is to have your shipment signed electronically rather than physically.

    FedEx Delivery Manager is a website that allows you to track your packages, and the FedEx mobile app, which is available for both Android and iPhone smartphones, allows you to track your packages.Keep in mind, however, that electronic signatures are only permitted in situations when an indirect signature is required.If your package need the signature of an adult or a direct signature, you must personally sign it.Follow the procedures outlined below to sign for a package online:

    1. Navigate to the FedEx website using your browser.
    2. To register or log in, click here.
    3. Select the ″Delivery Manager″ tab from the drop-down menu.
    4. Go to your dashboard to view a list of all of your recent orders.
    5. Find out what your order is
    6. Select the ″Sign for a Package″ option and complete the form with all of the required information.
    • If the box is grayed out, it indicates that the parcel does not need to be signed, or that you must sign it in person at the post office.
    • The ″Provide Delivery Instructions″ page, where you can describe any unique delivery requirements you might have, is another option at this stage.
    • You have the ability to schedule your delivery, amend your mailing address, and have it held at a FedEx distribution center.

    How to Sign for a Package Online Using USPS

    • The electronic signature option is also available through the United States Postal Service, or USPS.
    • To begin, you must register with the United States Postal Service Electronic Signature Online website.
    • You will see the option to ″Apply your USPS Electronic Signature Online″ next to any parcel that is presently on its way to you every time you check on it in the USPS tracking system.
    • If the signature is not visible, it signifies that you will be needed to sign it in person.
    • A confirmation notice will appear on your screen once you have signed for the delivery, stating that ″Your USPS Electronic Online Signature has been applied.″ Additionally, the United States Postal Service allows you to authorize a delivery even if you are not there to receive it.
    • Informed delivery can be conducted on the United States Postal Service’s Informed Delivery service page or using the USPS mobile app, which is accessible for both Android and iPhone smartphones.
    • Creating an account is also required, so if you don’t have one now, go ahead and get one right away.
    • What you need to do next is as follows:
    1. Visit the United States Postal Program’s Informed Delivery service.
    2. Obtain access to your account
    3. On the dashboard, look for the bundle that you bought
    4. ″Add Delivery Instructions″ is the next step.
    5. Select the location on your home where you want your delivery delivered from the ″Select one″ drop-down menu
    6. for example, the front or backyard.
    • The message ″Note: DI not available for this delivery″ suggests that you either do not need to sign the package when it arrives, or that you must do so in person when the box is delivered to your location.
    • Packages with a value greater than $500 must be signed in person by the recipient.
    • You can indicate that the product should be delivered to your location even if you are not there at the time of delivery at this stage.

    Additional FAQs

    How do I provide my signature electronically?

    • Depending on the device that you are using, the method by which you submit your electronic signature will differ.
    • As an example, if you are applying for an electronic signature on a document using your computer, you may sign your name using your computer’s mouse or a laptop mouse pad.
    • If, on the other hand, you are using a mobile device or a tablet, you may write your signature on the screen using your finger or a pen by touching the screen.
    • This alternative is far less annoying, not to mention simpler.

    Are electronic signatures safe to use?

    • This is a frequently asked question, and the answer is yes in most cases.
    • Digital signatures are believed to be safe, and they are employed by a large number of businesses and services, both in the private and public sectors, to protect their customers’ information.
    • The reason why electronic signatures are considered to be safe is that it is extremely difficult to forge an electronic signature.
    • For example, when it comes to delivery services, certain companies go the additional mile to ensure that your identification is verified.
    • For example, the United States Postal Service (USPS) needs you to show that it is indeed your signature, either by a code delivered to your phone or through in-person identification verification at a post office.
    • People also have a tendency to believe that electronic signatures are not legally enforceable.
    • This isn’t the case at all.
    • That something is legally binding just because it was signed electronically as opposed to physically does not imply that it is less legally binding.

    Sign Your Packages Online and Feel Free to Step Out

    • You should now understand how to sign for a shipment online utilizing a variety of delivery providers.
    • This function is particularly convenient since it allows you to leave your house with the confidence that your shipment will be ready for you when you return.
    • These delivery services provide you with a variety of useful alternatives; all you have to do is figure out which one is the most convenient for you.
    • Have you ever signed for a shipment that you received through the internet?
    • Are any of the delivery services listed in this article anything you’ve used?
    • Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

    How Do I Get FedEx to Leave a Package if I’m Not Here to Sign for It?

    • Image courtesy of Getty Images News/Getty Images.
    • Joe Raedle When you have FedEx deliver products to your house, it is a simple method to receive what you need quickly and without difficulty.
    • However, arriving home to a door tag for a missed delivery might be annoying.
    • Unless you never leave your house or have a building management who would receive your FedEx cargo, you should be prepared for the chance of missing a package that you had been looking forward to receiving.
    • There are a few options for notifying FedEx of what to do with your products if you are not there to accept delivery of your shipment.
    • A signature requirement, on the other hand, may prevent the firm from leaving a package at your door, even if you specifically request that it do so.
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    TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read)

    FedEx’s Delivery Manager web-based application allows you to choose where and when an item should be left once it has been delivered. Deliveries may be signed for online using the FedEx Delivery Manager. You can also request to have parcels held at a more convenient location, offer delivery instructions, request a vacation hold, and receive alerts when shipments are delivered to you.

    Reasons Not To Leave a FedEx Package at Your Front Door

    • FedEx is not permitted to leave a package at your door under certain situations, notwithstanding your desire or request that they do so.
    • Among these are a signature requirement imposed by the sender of your shipment, money required upon delivery, the presence of hazardous materials in the box, and other special security reasons or limitations.
    • If any of these circumstances apply to your package delivery, you may find that you have little control over the situation and that it is often safer to pick up the product.

    Delivery Signature Options

    • As long as you know who sent the box, you can instruct him or her to use the ″Deliver without Signature″ option when shipping the package to you.
    • You are unable to authorize this sort of release; only the sender has the authority to do so.
    • If requested by the sender, the driver will drop your package in a letterbox at your residence, with a neighbor, or at a discreet location out of sight if no one is home.
    • You will not be required to sign.

    Signing the FedEx Door Tag

    • In most cases, if you miss the initial delivery, you won’t have to make arrangements for a second delivery.
    • FedEx will attempt to redeliver your shipment on the next business day if it has not been delivered previously.
    • The driver will leave you a door tag indicating if she will attempt delivery again or whether this is the final time she attempted delivery.
    • What occurs next is dependent on how the item was delivered by the sender.
    • Alternatively, if the sender demands a signature to serve as evidence of delivery but does not require you to be present to take the box, you can just sign the door tag form to serve as an indirect signature.
    • FedEx will be given authorization to leave the shipment at your address if you complete this step.
    • If the sender does require you to be there, you will need to make arrangements to pick up the box at the FedEx site shown on the door tag.
    • If the sender does not require you to be present, you will need to make other arrangements.

    Sign Up for FedEx Delivery Manager

    • Using the FedEx Delivery Manager service, individuals and small companies may minimize missed deliveries by registering well in advance of planned drop-offs.
    • For more information, visit FedEx Delivery Manager.
    • This service allows you to personalize your delivery options and follow the status of your delivery so that you know exactly what to anticipate and when it will arrive.
    • It allows you to arrange the day and time of delivery – or a mix of day and time – and provides you with FedEx tracking updates through either the web-based portal or the FedEx mobile app, depending on your preferences.
    • To make use of the service, you do not need to download the mobile app; all you need is the tracking number.
    • Signing up is completely free, as are the majority of Delivery Manager services.
    • However, certain demands, such as asking delivery to another U.S.
    • address or requesting delivery on a specific day or time, may incur a $5 cost at the very least.
    • Delivery fees vary depending on where you reside, and the system will inform you the precise amount you will be charged when you request or arrange delivery.

    Consider the cost of redirecting your shipment to a more convenient location where you or someone else can sign for it.This service begins at $5 per package.If FedEx has to transport a product more than 150 miles away from its intended delivery destination, rerouting fees can run from $13 to $30 per item, depending on the size.

    FedEx signature requirements and delivery options

    • If a shipment requires either an indirect, direct, or adult signature and a delivery attempt is made but no one is present to sign for the box, the driver will leave a door tag at the recipient’s door, indicating that the parcel has been delivered successfully.
    • If a signature is not required, the package will be left at the door of the intended recipient.
    • It is customary for the driver to attempt to deliver the product up to three times when a signature is requested.
    • If a label has been affixed to the reverse of the tag, it indicates that the driver was unable to leave the box owing to signature requirements or that the product was deemed unsafe for delivery..
    • FedEx may no longer automatically reattempt delivery in those circumstances, and the box will be transferred to a FedEx site near you where it will be kept until you are able to pick it up.
    • It is written on the door tag that the pickup location address, business hours, and the time when the parcel will be available are all listed.
    • For pick-up, the door badge as well as a government-issued picture ID are required.
    • Please contact 1.800.463.3339 if you would want FedEx to reattempt a delivery.
    • Sign up for FedEx Delivery Manager to request that your box be held at a FedEx facility until you can pick it up.

    This will help you avoid missing deliveries.You should follow the directions on the door tag if you have previously missed a delivery and have received a door tag to guarantee that your delivery is made on the next try.It is possible to sign electronically using the FedEx Delivery Manager app or on if your cargo requires an indirect signature; however, you will be unable to sign electronically for parcels needing an adult or direct signature.In order to meet the adult or direct signature criteria, you must sign in person.Using FedEx Delivery Manager, if you know ahead of time that you will not be there to sign for your delivery, you can select one of the choices listed below while using FedEx Delivery Manager: For no additional fee, you can have your box held at a FedEx facility for up to 10 days for FedEx Ground shipments and up to 5 days for FedEx Express shipments if you choose this option.

    You can either reroute your product to a different address or set a different delivery time. There will be a charge for this service.

    If the signature requested is an indirect signature, you can sign for the shipment electronically using your phone or your computer. Electronic signatures are not permitted on deliveries that need the signature of an adult or a direct recipient.

    • If you are not home when we attempt to deliver your item that requires a signature, we will leave a door tag with the important information you need regarding your package pickup or delivery.
    • After receiving a doortag, you will need to choose one of the following options: Install the FedEx®Mobile app on your smartphone and scan the barcode on your door tag.
    • You will be provided with particular information on your missing cargo as well as your potential delivery choices in a timely manner.

    Find out where your doortag is by going online and inputting the tracking number that is printed on the bottom of it.

    48773 will get a text message containing the phrase follow and your door tag number (which may be found at the bottom of the doortag) (ex: follow DT999999999999).

    Sign the form on the back and attach it to your door tag (if eligible). If you are given the opportunity to fill out a form and have your signature placed on a door tag, you can do so by following the instructions on the form and signing it as instructed. This will permit delivery the next working day. This is only applicable for signatures obtained through indirect means.

    Some doortags will have a label attached to the back of them if the driver was unable to leave the box owing to signature requirements or package safety concerns, for example. If this occurs, FedEx may no longer automatically reattempt delivery, and the item will be sent to a FedEx station near you where it will be kept until you are able to retrieve it.

    What To Do When You Can’t Sign For A FedEx Package In Person

    • The majority of shipments from Shows To Go Backdrops are delivered with a signature required.
    • FedEx requires signatures on all packages with a value of $500 or more, according to the company.
    • Customers frequently request that we ″waive″ or eliminate the necessity for a signature.
    • The sender cannot ″waive″ the signature requirement for high-value products, which is unfortunate because FedEx does not allow this.
    • The good news is that FedEx offers a variety of choices for those who will be unable to accept a ″signature needed″ cargo in person.
    • These options include signing for the item in advance online or using the FedEx app.
    • But first things first.

    Don’t Sign In Advance If You Don’t Have To

    • Every day at our office, we receive calls from clients who are in ″panic mode″ because FedEx tracking indicated that their package has been delivered, but they have not yet been alerted by anybody in their receiving department.
    • Even worse, consumers may have their item dropshipped to a hotel or event site, and they are unable to locate any employees who are familiar with the location.
    • If an item is delivered to a building where a signature is required, you will be able to view the name of the person who accepted the delivery as well as the time the box was received.
    • It is possible to obtain this information if you track your item using FedEx online or the FedEx app and the status of your box is ″DELIVERED.″ If your package goes missing at a hotel, huge office building, or exposition center, a name and the time of delivery are generally sufficient to track it down.

    The Low Tech Pen and Paper Approach

    • It is normally sufficient to just leave a note for the FedEx delivery driver granting permission to leave the item when you know a FedEx shipment is on its way that requires a signature.
    • The note must include the tracking number, the delivery address, as well as the name and signature of the person who is signing it, among other things.
    • It’s also a good idea to provide your cell phone number.
    • Something along the lines of the following works well: MARK THE DATE ON YOUR CALENDAR: (Date of Delivery) TRACKING NUMBER 1ZAITJGL837381437 IN CONNECTION WITH The FedEx delivery person has my permission to place this package on my front doorstep.
    • (SIGNED) Perhaps you should contact FedEx and request that they include a note in the delivery information stating that you will be leaving a signed release.
    • FedEx customer care may be reached at (800)463-3339.
    • It’s likely that you’ll find your package ready for you when you return.
    • ″That’s why you always leave a note!″ says the author.
    • – George Bluth, Sr.

    and George Bluth, Jr.

    If You Can Spare An Extra Day – Sign The Door Tag

    • FedEx will try delivery as normal if you have not signed for the package ahead of time or made alternative arrangements for delivery.
    • If no one is available to sign for the box, the delivery company will leave a door tag stating that they made an unsuccessful delivery attempt.
    • FedEx will attempt to deliver your shipment once again – often the following day.
    • To ensure that you don’t miss the redelivery attempt, sign your door tag in the location provided on the tag and set it back where the FedEx driver dropped it off.
    • After the next delivery attempt, your backdrop package should be ready for you to pick it up.
    • If you need any further information about controlling your FedEx delivery, you can visit or call the FedEx customer support line at (800)463-3339.

    FedEx Delivery Signature Options

    • When shippers demand a signature upon delivery, FedEx offers three different choices for them.
    • Each delivery option has a different set of charges and restrictions than the others.
    • Indirect signatures are required, as are direct signatures, and adult signatures are also required.
    • Indirect Signature Required, on the other hand, is only available to residents at residential addresses.
    • It is possible that Indirect Signature Required will not be charged for destinations other than the United States and Canada.
    • Estimated reading time:4 minutes A FedEx driver will leave a door tag at the recipient’s door when no one signs for the item.
    • When a signature is necessary, the delivery driver will normally try to deliver the product three times.
    • The sender will discover evidence of delivery comprising a picture of the scanned signature on the FedEx tracking page.

    FedEx Adult Signature Required

    • When FedEx delivers to a location, it will demand a signature from someone who is at least 21 years old (or 19 years old for deliveries to Canada) (government-issued photo identification required). It is necessary to present government-issued picture identification or other identification that is typically accepted by local authorities.
    • Unless there is an eligible receiver present at the delivery address, FedEx may reattempt delivery
    • however, if an Adult Signature requirement is in place, FedEx may not reroute items.
    • To make matters worse, any shipments of firearms must be shipped with the Adult Signature Required Delivery Signature Option.

    FedEx Direct Signature Required

    • A physical signature on the delivery receipt is required from someone who lives at the recipient’s address.
    • Rather than reaching the particular receiver, direct signature deliveries are performed to the address shown on the mailing label.
    • FedEx may reattempt delivery if no one is accessible at the address where the package was first delivered.
    • FedEx Delivery Signature Option with FedExDirect Signature Required is automatically applied to items with a stated value equal to or higher than $500 when shipped through FedExDirect.
    • These packages, on the other hand, will not be subject to the Direct Signature Required costs.

    FedEx Indirect Signature Required

    FedEx will want a signature from someone who is present at the delivery place or who is close by. Neighbors, the front desk, and the building management are all examples of this. Additionally, the receiver has the option to request package release without anybody being present at the time of delivery. Depending on the method used, FedEx will get a signature in one of three ways:

    1. Someone at the delivery address
    2. or a neighbor, building manager, or somebody at a nearby address
    3. or, alternatively, the receiver can sign a FedEx door tag or use FedEx Delivery Manager to allow the release of the item even if no one is at the delivery address.

    FedEx reserves the right to retry delivery if the first attempt fails. Additional options include having the delivery delivered electronically by phone or computer to the recipient.

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    FedEx No Signature Required

    Finally, many FedEx packages do not need the presence of a signature from the recipient. Most of the time, FedEx will make an attempt to obtain a signature at the designated delivery address. FedEx, on the other hand, will leave the item in a secure location without collecting a signature if no one is there to sign for it.

    March 23, 2020 – September 15, 2021: COVID19 FedEx Delivery Signature Options Suspension

    • From March 2020 through September 2021, FedEx signature standards were revised for all shipments, with the exception of those requiring an adult signature.
    • This approach was created with the goal of reducing physical encounters to a minimum.
    • Instead of requiring a physical signature, customers will only ask for the recipient’s name.
    • Given that FedEx is still collecting recipient information, fees for these services will continue to be applied in the future.
    • Brian Gibbs is the founder and president of Refund Retriever.
    • Refund Retriever was started in 2006 by Brian Gibbs, who was running his first eBay-based business at the time and was frustrated by the inefficiencies of other shipment auditing businesses.
    • The auditing of FedEx and UPS parcel invoices is the major emphasis of Refund Retriever.
    • After earning his bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M University in 2001, he went on to earn his JD and MBA from the University of Houston in 2004.
    • He has been published in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, and a variety of other media, where he has spoken on package auditing, shipping, e-commerce, and other topics.

    Call (800) 441-8085 for additional information or to find out more about the program.

    How to Ship a Package at the Post Office

    • Article to be downloaded article to be downloaded For mailing packages to clients or friends, the United States Postal Service may be an extremely dependable and cost-effective choice.
    • Despite the fact that mailing a parcel from the post office appears to be a hard and perplexing procedure, it is actually rather simple if you are aware of your shipping options and know how to properly prepare your item for shipment.
    1. 1 Use Retail Ground for the most cost-effective shipping method available. Retail Ground, formerly known as Standard Post, is the least expensive method of shipping an item by the United States Postal Service. However, it is also the most inefficient, with a delivery time ranging between 2 and 8 working days. The Retail Ground service is an excellent choice if speed is not a major consideration for your package. If you are shipping a box via Retail Ground, it may take up to 14 business days to receive it
    2. the maximum weight for goods sent by Retail Ground is 70 pounds (32 kg)
    • 2 Priority Mail is a flat-rate service that charges the same amount regardless of the weight of the item. Predictable delivery time for Priority Mail is 1-3 days. It also includes free tracking information. This shipping option provides a large number of ″flat rate″ boxes, which means that as long as the product fits inside of the standard box provided by the United States Postal Service, the weight of the shipment does not matter. This might save you the time and effort of weighing the product and ensuring sure you have enough postage to send it. Priority Mail is a service that allows you to send items weighing up to 70 pounds (32 kg). All of the boxes and envelopes for Priority Mail are provided at no cost. You may either request that they be mailed to your home or workplace, or you can go to the post office and pick up what you need there.
    • A cardboard envelope measuring 12.5 inches (32 cm) by 9.5 inches (24 cm) is available as an option for Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes. A padded flat rate envelope is a waterproof envelope that measures 12.5 inches (32 centimeters) by 9.5 inches (24 centimeters). Tiny Flat Rate Box: A small, cardboard box with dimensions of 8 in (20 cm) x 5 in (13 cm) x 1.75 in (4.4 cm) is used for shipping. Middle-sized flat-rate boxes are defined as a box with dimensions of 11.25 in (28.6 cm) x 8.75 in (22.2 cm) x 6 in (15 cm) or 14 in (36 cm) x 12 in (30 cm) with an internal height of 3.5 in (8.9 cm). Large Flat Rate Box: This is the largest flat rate box available, measuring 12.25 in (31.1 cm) x 12.25 in (31.1 cm) x 6 in (15 cm) in size. Advertisement
    • 3 Use Express Mail to ensure the quickest possible arrival time. The Priority Mail Express delivery option is the most costly, but it is also the quickest and comes with a money-back guarantee, making it an excellent choice. It is the United States Postal Service’s equivalent of next-day delivery, and it takes 1-2 business days to arrive. You may also send anything that fits into flat rate boxes as long as the shipment weighs less than 70 pounds (32 kg), which is available on the website. Express Mail also offers an accelerated delivery option that will have your goods delivered by 3 p.m. on the same day. the following day
    • Aside from that, Express Mail offers insurance coverage of up to $100, a signature confirmation of arrival, and tracking information.
    • It is important to note that Priority Mail Express frequently requires a separate pick-up and drop-off time in order to get at its destination on time. For confirmation of the drop-off time, call or check online with your local post office.
    • 4 When shipping envelopes that weigh less than 13 ounces (370 g), First-Class Mail is the best option. The First-Class Mail shipping service is a cost-effective solution to send a lightweight parcel swiftly and at a reasonable cost. Packages are delivered within 1-3 business days, and the United States Postal Service (USPS) provides insurance against loss or damage for products up to $5,000. Additional services such as delivery confirmation, which allows you to track your product as it travels to its destination, are also available. Because of their modest weight and durability, padded envelopes are recommended for First-Class Mail.
    • A lightweight package sent through First-Class Mail must not exceed 15 inches (38 cm) by 12 inches (30 cm) in size
    • otherwise, your package will be charged at the next higher pricing or shipping category.
    • Your package must be at least 14 inches (0.64 cm) thick in order to be accepted. If your package does not meet the required dimensions, the USPS may either return it or automatically increase the shipment and charge the client.
    • 5 Use Media Mail to send books, CDs, and other types of media. A cost-effective way to transmit media such as sound and video recordings on a disk, manuscripts, sheet music, printed instructional charts, medical binders, and computer-readable media across the country is through the United States Postal Service’s Media Mail service. Game consoles and computer hard drives are not eligible for discounted Media Mail rates.
    • It is possible to send media mail with a maximum weight of 70 pounds (32 kg).
    • Request confirmation from a postal worker that your things qualify for Media Mail before you box them up and send them from the post office.
    1. 1 Place your package in a box or envelope and secure it with tape or a zip tie. Incorporate the item or things into the box or envelope, and, if required, cushion the contents with cushioning materials (such as bubble wrap, newspaper, or packing peanuts). Seal the envelope or tape the box tight using packing tape to ensure that it shuts flat on all sides. The top and bottom of the box should be reinforced with tape to ensure that it does not open while in transit. For retail ground and first class mail, you can use any strong cardboard box that you have on hand. You are not required to utilize the Priority Mail box provided by the United States Postal Service.
    2. Use a box that is large enough to accommodate your shipment while still allowing you to add any additional padding material if necessary.
    3. Otherwise, you can scratch off any stickers or logos on your box that are not the USPS emblem for Priority Mail boxes with a marker or cover them with your postage label.
    4. Make certain that your box does not have any loose items hanging from it, such as twine, string, or tape, because these items might become entangled in the sorting machinery.
    • 2 Make sure you correctly address the package.
    • You may either use label stickers or put the address directly on the package itself to make it more visible.
    • Make sure to include a return address as well as the zip codes in your letter.
    • When printing an address, choose ink that will not smear so that the address stays readable as it travels to its destination.
    • If you’re writing the address directly on the package, a permanent marker is recommended.
    • 3 Take your package to the post office so that it may be measured and weighed.
    • Before you can ship your item, you must first pay for the appropriate postage, which means you must take precise measurements of the box’s size and weight.
    • When you bring your item to the retail counter of your local post office, a postal worker will weigh and measure it to calculate how much postage it needed.
    • They will also get the opportunity to check the package to ensure that it has been properly prepared.
    • When the postal worker is calculating the necessary postage, be careful to inquire about the cost of confirmation numbers, since they may incur an additional charge depending on your shipping methods.
    • Tip: You may pay for your flat rate Priority and Priority Express Mail postage online and have it attached to your package so that you can bring the cargo to the post office ready to be scanned and processed. Make your payment at and print the labels so you may stick them on your delivery.
    • 4 Prepare and attach the postage to the parcel. Having your cargo weighed and measured is the first step in purchasing the postage necessary to get it sent. Postage should be applied on the package in a prominent and easily accessible area. A barcode will be printed on the shipping label, and this barcode will be scanned when the package is processed along the way to delivery, so make sure the label is easy to locate and scan. A postal worker may also provide you with the cost of shipping for a variety of ways, allowing you to evaluate and select the most cost-effective choice for your shipping requirements.
    • If you purchased your package from the post office, the postal worker will frequently add the postage for you
    • otherwise, you will have to do it yourself.
    • Postage is always placed at the top-right corner of an envelope, however the location of the postage might differ for parcels.
    • In the event that you printed your own postage on standard paper, wrap the paper completely with transparent tape to ensure that it does not become too moist to see or scan
    • Provide the postal worker at the retail desk with your box in step 5. It is possible to validate that the item has been correctly packed and that the relevant postage has been applied by the postal worker behind the counter. After that, they will scan the package and prepare it for distribution. They may also be able to give you with a confirmation or receipt for your purchase.
    • 6 If you want to trace your package, get a tracking number. Tracking information allows you to keep track of your package while it is in transit. This is a useful function if you need to check on the status of a product or make sure that it has been delivered successfully. It may be more expensive to obtain tracking information for a parcel being shipped through First-Class Mail or Retail Ground, but knowing where your package is at all times can provide you with piece of mind. Getting tracking information is included for free with Priority Mail, Priority Express, and First-Class Mail. If you need to verify that your shipment was received by someone, you can get a signature confirmation from the Postal Service.
    • Question Add a new question Question Is it necessary for me to utilize a box? A padded envelope can be used to mail a small, non-fragile object.
    • Question Will they come and get it? If you arrange a pick-up at, your carrier will come to your location and pick up your item for delivery. Will it be possible to utilize a cardboard box with U-Haul branding all over it? The answer is yes, so long as the postal and return addresses are plainly visible. Is it possible for me to pay in cash? Is it true?
    • Question Is it possible for me to take my item to my local post office and have it packaged and wrapped, or do I have to do it myself? In order to protect their customers’ purchases, the Postal Service does not bundle or wrap them.
    • Question Do I need to provide a return address? If you don’t, it’s to your favor, especially if the product is unable to be delivered for whatever reason. Should the shipping label be placed on the side of the box or on the top? If at all feasible, both. If you just have one label, place it on the top surface of the container.
    • Question Is it okay if I use scotch tape to make the address label? Is it true?
    • Question Is it necessary to provide identification while shipping a package? No, you do not need to provide identification in order to mail an item. Is it possible to pay using a credit card? Yes.

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