How To Find Out What’S Inside A Package Without Opening It?

It works like this: An Amazon package has arrived, and you need to know what’s inside. Just tap the camera button in the Amazon app on iPhone, and select the Package X-Ray feature. Then use it to scan the barcode on the package, and it will display exactly which items are inside, all without opening it.

How do I find out what package is installed on my computer?

1 drop to a command prompt (Menu > Applications > Accessories > Terminal) 2 enter dpkg-query –search ‘command’ where ‘command’ is the command whose owning package you’re trying to find. More

How do I find the owner of a package?

Now for a completely different approach. Go to and follow your nose. In particular, scroll down to ‘Search the contents of packages’ and enter the file name or system command. enter dpkg-query –search ‘command’ where ‘command’ is the command whose owning package you’re trying to find.

How to get the correct package name of a command?

there is another one method, maybe a little silly, but faster than previous ones 🙂 just mistype a command and you will get correct command name and package it came from. Show activity on this post.

How to decompile packages from NuGet cache?

Another solution would be to use DotPeek. It has an option to decompile packages from NuGet directly and NuGet caches. Thanks for contributing an answer to Stack Overflow!

How do I know what’s in my UPS package?

  1. 1 Check the label. Check the label if you have already received the package.
  2. 2 Track the package. Track the package if you have not received it yet.
  3. 3 Call UPS at 1-800-742-5877. Call UPS at 1-800-742-5877 (1-800-PICK-UPS) with your tracking number or label information to get the information you need.

How do I find out what’s inside my Amazon package?

To get a quick look inside your packages, simply open the latest version of the Amazon app and tap the camera icon located near the ‘What are you looking for’ search box. Once the camera is open, select the ‘Package X-ray’ button and hold the camera frame over the barcode located on the side of the box.

Can you track UPS ground packages?

You can track any UPS order directly on the UPS website and find out exactly when your package will arrive. On the Tracking Details page, you’ll find information on where your package has been picked up and scanned, as well as the expected delivery date and time.

Can I call UPS to see where my package is?

Please visit our Customer Help and Support Center or call 1-888-742-5877.

How can I find out what someone ordered from Amazon?

How can I track a package that someone else bought for me on Amazon? You need to ask the person who bought the goods for you a tracking number or Amazon order number. Then you can safely track your package by entering Amazon order number or tracking number into search field above.

How long is UPS ground tracking?

UPS® Ground gives you cost-effective, guaranteed ground delivery within one to five business days. You also get free tracking information for your shipment, 24/7.

Can you stop a UPS truck to get your package?

The UPS has an important feature called UPS Delivery Intercept, which will basically allow you to intercept the package delivery schedule, in the case where you need to make some change to a package before it is delivered.

Can you intercept a UPS package?

With UPS Delivery Intercept®, you can request that we cancel or reroute a shipment you’ve sent, prior to delivery, with one of our four options.

How do I find out what is inside an Amazon package?

Only problem is that there are now 15 boxes of Amazon packages in front of your door and you don’t know what gifts are what. You’re in luck! The Amazon app has a feature called Package X-Ray that allows you to take a picture of the packing slip and let you know what is inside.

How to know what’s Inside Your Amazon boxes before opening them?

Amazon rolled out an update for its iOS app last week which allows users to know what’s inside their incoming Amazon boxes before opening them. To use this latest feature on the app, simply tap your iPhone’s camera icon besides the search box. Doing this will open up a number of options, from which you need to select the “ Package X-Ray ” button.

What is the GUID of a package?

Each package has a unique identifier, the GUID. As an example, you will find ID for our demo Package. This identifier is generated at creation and can be generated at any time, on demand. This identifier is used for logging and some other available functions.

What is the difference between packages and projects?

Packages and projects are not stored the same way. The former is stored either in msdb database or on filesystem while the latter is stored in a SQL Server database called the SSIS Catalog. You can find a comparison on MSDN : Deploy Integration Services (SSIS) Projects and Packages.

Amazon App Adds ‘Package X-Ray’ Feature To See What’s Inside Boxes

  1. Due to the approaching Christmas season, the shopping season is ready to get underway in full force.
  2. Like the majority of people these days, you probably do the majority of your shopping online, most likely from a store known as Amazon, which means that you will get a large number of parcels in a relatively short amount of time.
  3. Amazon has upgraded its iOS app to include a new ″Package X-Ray″ function that lets customers to examine what’s inside a certain package using the iPhone’s camera to assist them in this process.
  4. It operates in the following way: You’ve received a parcel from Amazon, and you’re curious as to what’s inside.
  5. Select the Package X-Ray option in the Amazon app on your iPhone by tapping the camera button on the screen.
  6. Then, using it to scan the barcode on the packaging, it will show you exactly which things are included within it without you having to open it.

While this may not appear to be particularly beneficial given that you are the one who placed the purchase and should thus be aware of what things are on their way, it is a different story around the holidays.Even when ordering many things at the same time, they do not always arrive at the same time.As a result, there are times when it is necessary to keep a certain parcel concealed from prying eyes, or to know what is inside a package in a hurry.When it comes to wrapping time, the Package X-Ray may be really beneficial.Do you need to figure out which parcels include all of the items you bought for your significant other?Finally, you can locate them without having to hack into every single package that has been sent.

Fortunately, Amazon has made an astute decision in terms of adding this functionality.Package X-Ray will identify if a box is from an order that you did not place since you must be logged in to the Amazon app in order for it to work.This implies that family members will not be able to use the app to peek into a delivery that is not intended for them, and burglars will not be able to scan packages left on doorsteps in search of valuable goods to steal.SOURCE Amazon

Finding out what package a command came from

  1. Open a terminal window and run the following commands to see whether they work: dpkg -S ‘command name’ (for example, dpkg -S /bin/ls) is a command-line option.
  2. Coreutils: /bin/ls is an example of output.
  3. Additionally, you may receive comprehensive status information on the coreutils package by using the following command: dpkg -S coreutils Here’s an example of the output: coreutils is a software package.
  4. Yes, that is very necessary.
  5. Install went smoothly, and it was installed.
  6. necessary as a matter of urgency Section: utilitarian Installed-Size (inches): 9040 Ubuntu Core Developers are in charge of maintaining this package.

i386 is the processor architecture.5.97-5.3ubuntu3 is the current version.libc6 (>= 2.6-1), libselinux1 (>= 2.0.15), textutils, shellutils, fileutils, stat, debianutils (= 2.2.11-1), libselinux1 (>= 2.0.15), textutils, shellutils, fileutils, stat, Conflicts of interest: stat Description: The GNU core utilities are a collection of programs that are essential to the operation of the GNU operating system.This package includes the fundamental system utilities that are required.In particular, the following items are included in this package: basename chgrp chmod chown chroot cksum cat chgrp chmod chown chroot cksum dir dircolors comm cp csplit cut date dd df dir dircolors dd df dir dircolors name of dirname of echo of environment and expansion of expr Factor false fmt fold groups are a kind of fold group.hostid id install join link head hostid id the command line is as follows: ln logname ls md5sum create directory mkfifo create shortcut mknod create shortcut mv lovely nohup od paste pathchk pinky pr printenv printf ptx pwd pathchk pinky pr printenv printf ptx pwd link to this page rm sha1sum seq shred rmdir sha1sum seq shred sleep sort split stat stty sum sleep sort split sync tac tail tee test touch tr true tsort tty uname unexpand uniq unlink users vdir wc whoami whoami whoami whoami yes Michael Stone is the original maintainer of this site.

Windows Users:

  1. As Jonathon Rossi pointed out,.nupkg files are just ZIP archives, allowing you to examine the contents of the archive.
  2. To get around this, on a Windows PC, just change the file extension from.nupkg, and then utilize Windows’ File Explorer to take use of the existing file association (CompressedFolder) files to get around the problem.
  3. Associated.nupkg with your system’s CompressedFolder tool can be ″permanently″ associated with your system’s CompressedFolder utility.
  4. However, at the absolute least, this would ruin the IconCache.db database, and the traditional way for restoring it does not work for me, so I will not recommend it (deleting the IconCache.db and rebooting).
  5. As a result, if you are concerned about seeing the right file icon in File Explorer, I would advise avoiding associating.nupkg with CompressedFolder.
  6. If you want a more long-term solution for opening.nupkg files without altering their extension, keep this in mind when looking for a solution.

You may simply associate a file with a folder by using the command prompt (cmd), as seen below: All of these files will now be represented by the same icon as any other CompressedFolder on your file system, and their extensions may be left as they now are (as.nupkg).For this association to be undone, run the assoc command for the.nupkg again, but this time leave the RHS blank: Running assoc.nupkg without the equals sign (=) will allow you to confirm the current file association at any time.

How do I figure out what package something is in without resorting to Google?

  1. Alternatively, you may use the apt collection of commands, or the aptitude package, which I suggest above apt.
  2. Here is the list of items to look over.
  3. APT To look for anything that is comparable to the command you are looking for: Apt-cache search X, for example, apt-cache search cheese will return all results relating to the cheese keyword.
  4. You would run apt-cache show cheese to see what dependencies and other items it has installed.
  5. Of course, the command to run to install cheese would be apt-get install cheese.
  6. APTITUDE To search, type aptitude search cheese, which will return a more aesthetically pleasing result than appropriate To demonstrate: aptitude display cheese, which will again demonstrate a more pleasant and friendlier list.

To install it, type aptitude install cheese on the command line.Once again, much nicer.Aside from that, aptitude provides more relevant information to what you’re searching for, for example: apt-cache search phi instead of aptitude search phi; apt-cache search phi instead of aptitude search sphi; apt-cache search phi instead of aptitude search sphi; If you prefer a graphical user interface, I recommend Synaptic Package Manager or a more straightforward Software Center.In Synaptic, you may search for anything that is similar to what you are searching for, and it will show you what matches your search criteria.

What’s Inside That Package?

  1. CBS News / December 20, 2002 / 2:06 PM / Andy Rooney, a CBS News journalist, provides a weekly analysis.
  2. Everyone enjoys opening a present, but we’ve taken the act of opening a package too far.
  3. It is never more obvious than during the holiday season.
  4. Is it really essential to wrap anything and place it in a box?
  5. Is it really required to place the wrapped box in another box and wrap it as well?
  6. To demonstrate my argument, I’m going to do something I despise – I’m going to tell a member of my family what I’m buying him for Christmas, just to prove my point.

I purchased a new camera for Brian in New York and had it sent to Connecticut in order to avoid paying sales tax.Here’s how the box looked when it arrived.You’ll need some sort of tool for this.I keep a penknife in a drawer for emergencies.Those that carry pocketknives in their pockets have my admiration, but I’m not one of them.Because it’s fragile, they had to wrap it in this abomination.

You know what I’m talking about – this is one of the worst innovations of the twentieth century.I assume this is done so that the delivery personnel may hurl the parcels without breaking them.It’s nearly hard to unpack without getting this stuff all over yourself and the rest of the room as you go.This is what you should do.I really don’t want to open this since I’m going to have to wrap it up and give it to Brian again later.

After all is said and done, we enter the room and discover that everything has already been packed in its own box.And you have to get involved in that.Here are the steps to take: Do not use this camera until you have thoroughly read the instructions on this page.

And then there’s all the wires and batteries and other bits and pieces, all of it.Everything is connected to something, and everything that is connected to this will not be connected to anything else.Of course, it comes packaged in its own foam packaging.Here’s the camera, which is in another foam thing that it’s been placed in.

It’s similar to gold mining.It’s right here.It looks like this is what they sent.And this is what they submitted as evidence.Take a look at the contrast.In other words, was all of that packing truly necessary?

  1. It’s a pretty great tiny point-and-shoot.
  2. Hold on a second!
  3. This is not what I had requested!
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r/nbatopshot – See what’s inside the pack before opening it? since blockchain is public

  1. Level 1Do the packets themselves exist on the blockchain in their current form?
  2. I believe packs are more of a normal database issue because neither the purchasing of packs nor the seconds you receive from them are recorded as sales on CryptoSlam’s website.
  3. a second-grade education In other words, you’re telling me that the pack is equivalent to air resting on your account, and that when you open it, the seconds move to your account.
  4. or did I misunderstand something?
  5. 1st grade As the number of unopened packs continues to decline, I feel this is a possibility.
  6. You simply know that there is a 1/5 chance of getting a Lebron moment if there are 200 Lebron moments remaining in unopened packs, but there are 1000 packs available.

1st grade However, without witnessing the moment, it would be difficult to determine which player an ID number represents in a given pack if you only had the ID number.1st grade You will not be able to see exactly what is in a given unopened pack, but you will be able to approximate how much is remaining in packs by looking at the contents of packs that have previously been retrieved.We know that 1021 LeBron all-star moments are still in packets if 1000 LeBron all-star moments have been withdrawn since the year 2021 was coined.It might be possible to assess which moments are most likely to be pulled if this was compared to other all-star moments.Although I am not familiar with the technicalities, I have the impression that top shot is a wholly-owned retail company.FLOW may make the minting process easier, but it does not have a decentralized feel to it.

If someone has any further information, please feel free to correct me.a second-grade education At the moment, yes, it is centralized.

How to Determine the Origin of a UPS Package

  1. The unexpected arrival of a box, or the discovery that a parcel that is already in transit has been misplaced, can be upsetting experiences.
  2. If the shipment is transported by UPS, you will be able to track out the location of the delivery fairly easy.
  3. It will just take a few minutes of your time to complete this task.
  4. You may then get in touch with the sender to find out where the box is, or why it was delivered to you in the first place, if you have this information.

1 Check the label

If you believe you have already received the shipment, look at the label. Locate your address on the box and look immediately above it, to the left, for the return address. There is a bar code, a tracking number, and the address of the sender on this label.

2 Track the package

If you have not yet received your package, you can track it down. Go to and choose your desired location. Enter your tracking number in the ″Track″ box at the upper left corner of the page and hit ″Track.″ The tracking information will show you where the shipment was despatched from and when it was delivered.

3 Call UPS at 1-800-742-5877

You can obtain the information you want by calling UPS at 1-800-742-5877 (1-800-PICK-UPS) and providing your tracking number or label information.

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Amazon adds ‘Package X-ray’ to its app to let you see inside each box

  1. Amazon is granting its customers the ability to see through x-ray vision.
  2. With the help of a new tool dubbed Package X-ray, iOS users will be able to look inside each box they get from the e-commerce giant.
  3. Users only need to scan a barcode on the side of the box using the Amazon app’s camera, and all of the items included within the package are shown.
  4. Videos can be found farther down the page.
  5. With a new tool dubbed Package X-ray, Amazon is allowing iOS users to see inside each box they receive from the company.
  6. Using the Amazon app’s camera icon, users may scan a barcode on the side of the box and all of the goods inside will be displayed on the screen.


  1. Users must ensure that they have the most recent version of the Amazon app.
  2. Then, at the top of the page, click on the camera symbol to take a picture.
  3. To use the ‘Package X-ray’ feature, open the camera and place the camera frame over the barcode on the side of the package.
  4. Any thing within will be displayed on the screen, and viewers will be able to click on each item to learn more about it.
  5. The new function was included in the company’s most recent update, which was issued on Wednesday.
  6. In order to obtain a quick glimpse inside your parcels, simply open the most recent version of the Amazon mobile app and select the camera icon, which can be found near the search box labeled ″What are you searching for.″ Then, after the camera is open, press the ‘Pakage X-ray’ button while holding a camera frame over the barcode that is printed on the box’s side.

After that, all of the timings will be shown on the screen for you to examine.Your smartphone’s screen displays things that may be selected and clicked to bring up the item’s Amazon listing.Also included is a list of everything that has been placed in the box, which is similar to the way the app displays ‘Your Orders.’ But this technology is intended to only function for the individual who placed the purchase, preventing any snoopers from sneaking a peek at the contents of the delivery.You only need to launch the most recent version of the Amazon app and hit the camera icon, which can be found under the search box labeled ″What are you looking for.″ Once the camera is open, press the ‘Package X-ray’ button to begin scanning the package.The company’s major statement, which revealed that it will give members more than 35 days of Black Friday deals, including the introduction of the new function.Over 1,000 employees work at the firm’s 550,000 sq ft warehouse in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, to keep up with the traffic throughout the Christmas season.

On November 27, last year, executives said that they had the biggest Black Friday in history, selling more than 7.4 million goods at a rate of almost 86 things per second.After that, place the camera over the barcode on the side of the box that is intended to expose the information contained within the box and press the button.All of the times will then be displayed on the screen at the same time for your convenience.In order to keep up with rising demand, the company employed an additional 15,000 temporary employees throughout its UK distribution hubs last year.This year, they have added an extra 20,000 seasonal and 3,500 permanent employees throughout their offices, and they kicked off their biggest ever sale on Monday with their first day of business.

The sales, which include discounts of up to 80 percent off select products, will continue until Black Friday next week.Amazon made a significant announcement this morning, announcing that its members will have access to more than 35 days of Black Friday deals, including this one.All of the times will then be displayed on the screen at the same time for your convenience.

The products that are presented on the screen are clickable, allowing you to navigate to the item’s page on Amazon’s website.Users may also see a list of everything that is in the box, similar to how the ‘Your Orders’ section is shown in the application.Additionally, Amazon has reduced the cost of its Prime subscription program, which goes hand in hand with the reductions on popular products.″In response to positive customer feedback on Black Friday deals, we are introducing The Black Friday Sale – 12 days of fantastic deals on must-have gifts and products, saving our customers millions of pounds,″ said Doug Gurr, Amazon’s UK country manager: ″We are saving our customers millions of pounds.″ We’re also excited to have over a thousand small companies participating in our Black Friday Sale, which will extend the variety available to our customers while also allowing those businesses to increase their sales in the run-up to Christmas.’

How to track a UPS order, leave instructions for delivery, or find a missing package

  • If you place an order with UPS, you may track it immediately on the UPS website and find out when your shipment will arrive.
  • There is information about where your shipment has been picked up and scanned, as well as the predicted arrival date and time, on your Tracking Details page.
  • You may register an online claim for packages that have been lost or damaged.
  • Visit Business Insider’s Tech Reference library to read more stories related to technology.

You may monitor your shipment directly on the UPS website if your order is being delivered by them. Also available are the options of receiving package updates, managing incoming parcels, and filing a claim in the event that your package has been lost or damaged. Here’s how to go about it.

How to track a UPS order on the UPS website

  1. 1.
  2. Go to the UPS website and log in.
  3. 2.
  4. Select the ″Quick Start″ tab from the drop-down menu.
  5. Then, under ″Track,″ enter your tracking number in the field provided, and then click the arrow symbol.
  6. On the Tracking page, you may also search for your shipment using a reference number, which you can get by choosing ″Track by Reference Number.″ 4.

Verify the current status of your shipment.You may see the status of your cargo in either an overview or a detailed view from this page.

How to track a UPS order using UPS My Choice

  1. Members of UPS My Choice have the ability to make further modifications to a delivery.
  2. Membership is completely free, and it provides basic services such as delivery alerts, ″leave at″ instructions, and the ability to leave your parcel with a friend or relative.
  3. The ability to have your item delivered on a different day or to a different address is available on demand for a price; however, a paid premium membership offers access to all of the advanced services.
  4. 1.
  5. Go to the UPS website and log in.
  6. 2.

Select the ″UPS My Choice″ option, then select ″Track and Manage Home Deliveries″ from the drop-down menu.3.Register for UPS My Choice or log in to your account to complete the process.Select the tracking number of a shipment from the ″My Delivery Planner″ area to obtain tracking information.5.Verify the current status of your shipment.

How to contact UPS for package issues

  1. 1.
  2. Go to the UPS website and log in.
  3. The ″Help and Support Center″ link can be found by scrolling down to the ″Customer Service″ section.
  4. 2.
  5. Fill out the chat box with your question for the UPS Virtual Assistant, then click ″Ask Now.″ Alternative options include going to the ″Claims Assistance″ website.
  6. 4.

File a claim for a parcel that has been lost or damaged.Lost packages are defined as those that have not been delivered within 24 hours of the scheduled delivery date and time by UPS.

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Can I Pick Up A Package From UPS Before Delivery

  1. It’s possible that you’re waiting for a box from UPS and aren’t interested in being patient enough to wait for it to be brought to you.
  2. If this is the case, you could question if it’s possible for you to pick up the package yourself before it’s delivered to you.
  3. While you may believe that by making things more easy for yourself, you are benefiting the UPS, in truth, you are making it more difficult for them.
  4. In this post, we will discuss the circumstances under which it is permissible to pick up a package from UPS before it is officially delivered.
  5. The first thing to consider is that the UPS driver will be on the road at 8 a.m.
  6. the next morning.

This implies that if you want to have any chance at all of getting in touch with UPS and having them prevent your box from being loaded onto the truck, you would need to do so before 8 a.m.Drivers will be on the road until 8 a.m., waiting for all of the day’s shipments to arrive at the facility, which will include both ground and air packages.It implies that if you request that they keep your shipment after 8 a.m., then they will simply not deliver it to you and instead will return it to the UPS facility.But if your request to hold the box came in before 8AM, the product would be removed and held in order to be picked up when the customer service counter opened up at 8AM the following day.Because the time for that varies, make sure you conduct your research online or phone in to find out.

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Getting Your Package On The Road

  1. Occasionally, you may be able to request an on-road pickup of your item if you call in after the driver has already left the facility and do not want to wait until he or she has completed his or her route for the day so that you may pick up the package in the evening.
  2. Your request may be approved or rejected depending on who you speak with and how well you communicate.
  3. Possible reasons for declining your request include the driver’s safety and the safety of the passengers.
  4. Try to establish a rapport with the person who is dealing with you over the phone, and if you are speaking with the appropriate person, you may be able to arrange for you to pick up the package in this manner.
  5. Another thing to consider is that they may be able to arrange for your shipment to be delivered to you earlier than anticipated if you call beforehand.

Tracking Your Package With UPS MyChoice

  1. UPS introduced a new tracking system a few years ago that would allow you to follow products that have been transported by UPS Air Service on a map in real time.
  2. Once every three minutes, the location of the delivery truck is updated on the website.
  3. So what you may try to do is locate the site where the item is being held and attempt to track down the driver who is responsible for it.
  4. Although you should use caution when taking this strategy, keep in mind that the driver will require some means of determining whether or not you are the legitimate owner of the parcel in question.
  5. Aside from that, drivers are usually working under strict time constraints, and every second counts depending on the sort of products they are transporting.
  6. And last, just because the tracking map refers to a package that is being transported in a specific vehicle does not always imply that the cargo is in fact being transported in that truck.

However, the manner in which the goods are scanned is not dependent on whether or not they made it to the vehicle in question.Due to the fact that scanning occurs earlier in the process, it is possible that the product you are attempting to obtain is not in the delivery vehicle that is depicted on the map.

Picking Up The Package From A UPS Store

  1. This is something that you will want to pay close attention to, especially if you are unfamiliar with the United Parcel Services.
  2. When you attempt to contact UPS to request that your shipment be held, you are not contacting the UPS Store, but rather the local facility that is in possession of your package.
  3. The UPS Store is a small business owned and operated by an individual entrepreneur and has nothing to do with the package delivery that you are awaiting.
  4. In the event that you are a member of UPS-MyChoice, you can choose to have your items routed to any UPS Access Point within your delivery zone.
  5. Access Points include not only the UPS Store, but also a slew of additional pack & ship establishments.
  6. Grocery stores, petrol stations, and other businesses are sometimes included in delivery zones of this nature.

UPS Delivery Intercept

This function, known as UPS Delivery Intercept, is extremely useful in the event that you need to make a modification to a package before it is delivered. It allows you to intercept the package delivery schedule and make the necessary changes before the box is delivered. A few of the modifications that UPS customers can make using the UPS Delivery Intercept system are detailed below.

Getting A Package At A Virtual Address

  1. If you want to ensure that your product will be delivered safely to a location where porch pirates will not be able to get it as well as a location where rain and other weather conditions will not be able to reach it, you might consider using a virtual address.
  2. Virtual addresses are warehouse sites that have on-site workers and security monitoring systems that are monitored around the clock.
  3. There are tens of thousands of consumers that rely on these mail processing facilities, which are approved by the United States Postal Service (USPS).
  4. Any shipment that comes in your name will be placed in your safe mailbox, and you will get a picture of the parcel in your virtual mailbox after it has been received.
  5. Once you have viewed the product that has been sent to you online, you may choose to have it shipped to you at a discounted rate of up to 80% off retail prices, or you can choose to pick it up yourself at the virtual address location in person.
  6. More and more individuals are choosing virtual address solutions for their mail and shipments, for a variety of reasons, including more security, lower costs, and a more simplified procedure in general.

There’s no need to track down your UPS driver anymore; a virtual address will take care of everything for you.Since 1999, US Global Mail has been the world’s leading provider of virtual addresses.For additional information, as well as to get started for free, visit this website.

r/UPS – Does UPS see what’s inside my Amazon package with the QR Code when I’m returning?

  1. Thank you for your time.
  2. I needed to return an item to Amazon, and they offered me the free option of returning with the QR code that a UPS person will scan.
  3. Is it possible for the UPS employee to see what’s inside the box once it has been scanned, or is it simply a barcode?
  4. This discussion has been closed.
  5. No new comments or votes may be submitted, and no new votes can be cast.
  6. 1st grade Most likely, it just informs them of where Amazon facility the item has been returned to.

Yes, that employee will be able to witness the enormous dildo you’re bringing back.Relax, no one will be able to see what’s inside until something bursts open.1st grade I work as a clerk for UPS, and I occasionally work in the customer service center, where I have noticed that the computer does not prompt any information about the things being returned.However, it is my understanding that, if a return service call tag is issued and the driver arrives to your address with a preprinted label, the label would include ″merchandise description.″ If ups receives this information from amazon, it will be located at the bottom of the shipping label.To be quite honest, I never glanced at the label to see if it was on the ones that were printed out with a QR code or not.I do know for a certainty that it does not appear on the computer, though.

All it does is provide a pop-up window with the destination and from addresses verified.If this is the case, request to see the label before it is delivered, and you will know for sure.Sorry for not being of much assistance.a second-grade education Thank you very much!This was quite beneficial!

r/boardgames – PSA: Make sure to request a box when ordering from Amazon.

  • After seeing that the price of Suburbia had dropped dramatically, I decided to get it from Amazon (US). I received it today, and it did not arrive with any wrapping. The shipping label was adhered straight to the shrinkwrapping material without any further steps. It should come as no surprise that the box is in poor condition. Every corner and seam has been shredded or crushed, and one of the seams has been split in half. I’m unable to swap it since it is now out of stock. Since then, I’ve discovered that you must specifically request an outside box on several things. This was something I didn’t even consider when I purchased the item because I had no clue they would ship an item without a box to begin with. Just a word of caution to anyone who plan on purchasing their games through Amazon. (I’ve heard that this is also standard behavior on In addition, I discovered another technique to know that they will not be packaging it in a cardboard box. The item description will state ″The contents of this item will be clearly labeled on the box. To take care of it, tick the Ship in Amazon box on the checkout page before proceeding.″ I would never have thought to seek for something like this. The identical game is being offered by Coolstuffinc on Amazon, and the description of the game claims, ″This item’s packaging will identify what is inside and cannot be concealed.″ In addition, it specifies that the game ″ships from and is marketed by CoolStuffIncgames in easily-open packaging.″ In this case, it is possible that the item may ship without an outer container, and there will be no option to modify this. Second edit: In order to further clarify various points about which people have expressed interest, I’ve included the following: Because I utilized Prime, it isn’t a question of whether to use Prime or not.
  • As you can see in this image, it was not Coolstuff that distributed the game, despite the fact that their entry for the game had identical phrasing
  • rather, it was Amazon itself, who sold and sent the game (although an organization named Publisher Services Inc was involved in some way). It was not purchased through the Amazon Marketplace. It is not a third-party vendor
  • I have just updated the album with a few of additional photographs. This image depicts the game Rococo (″Sold by the BT Group and Fulfilled by Amazon in easy-to-open packaging″). When you’re checking out, be sure to tick this box to guarantee that it doesn’t come in a cardboard box by accident. Listed below are two forum threads: one with a single occurrence and another with a few more
  • I am unable to obtain a replacement because the item is currently out of stock (as previously stated)
  • however, I have already contacted with customer support and am receiving a refund for the item. I’m going to have to mail back my damaged copy. My refund and game have been denied
  • I am unable to obtain a replacement because the game is now out of stock. I inquired about this option with customer assistance, but was turned down

Folks have apparently seen this before, but many more are astonished, so I’m pleased I said something to possibly save some people from having their hopes dashed in the future! –

r/mtgfinance – Decided to film opening my amazon package today. guess what?

  1. I find it incredible that they ship treasures worth more than $200 in a bubble mailer while sending unbreakable goods in boxes.
  2. level 2Do you also have your orders of packing peanuts transported in Pelican cases when you place them?
  3. level 2When it comes to steelbooks, they prefer to smack them around with a hammer before shoving them into a bubble mailer.
  4. I got a single M21 collectors pack from Amazon only as a birthday present for myself.
  5. level 2 The package arrived in a bubble mailer with one of the corners of the package twisted 45 degrees.
  6. I was able to acquire a refund despite the fact that they first informed me there would be no reimbursements.

level 2I recently purchased a package of AA batteries, which arrived in a box that was roughly the size of a vinyl record in both length and width and about 6 inches deep.level 2I’ve had a dual come in through PWE/Toploader, but I’ve also had a $5 common come in via bubble mailer, bubble wrap, enclosed in cardboard, toploader, and several other methods of delivery.It is entirely dependent on the vendor.a second-grade education Last year, the Reddit community panned the Secret Lair fetchlands collection packaging, and this year, the same thing is happening.Then the same group of people voted in favor of the smaller, flimsier envelopes that were introduced this year for Secret Lair treasures.level 2Yeah, that’s right!

I received a set booster box for Mirror’s Edge 2 last week, and it was not even packaged in a bubble mailer.They just slapped the shipping label on the outside of the package without thinking.Fortunately, the box was not broken, and the packets had not been tampered with, as a result, I received a rather excellent box.level 2I recently purchased some oven mitts, which arrived in a giant cardboard box with a handle on it.They could have easily been mailed in a bubble envelope had they been smaller.

Consider myself perplexed.level 2My funkos usually arrive in a state of disarray.level 1Fuck, as soon as you heard the crunch of the plastic wrap, you knew what was going on.

Of course, there was the non-wizards wrap that gave it away, but it was also the crumple, crunch, crackling sound that did.Heated shrinking wrap for your most costly foils at the lowest possible price in the globe.a second-grade education Yup.It occurred to me when reading the TSR discussion the other day, but I assumed it was due to the microphone being too sensitive.

a second-grade education Shame.The sound of the plastic wrap will quickly alert you to the situation.Could it be that the entire direct to consumer pipeline through Amazon is ineffective and that they should revert to the LGS model?level 2Wait, does magic come in a special box with a special wrapping?level 1This is incredible information; I’m curious as to how prevalent the hoax is at this stage.Who has a suss box of Throne from when Zendikar was released late the year?

  1. level 2The most insane thing is that it might be only one or two persons who have now gained an incredible fortune by slipping these boxes away while at work, taking the valuable contents, and re-sealing them.
  2. The fact that so many people are reporting it makes me believe that Amazon has cameras all over their warehouses and will eventually discover out who is responsible.
  3. OMG, this is on a whole other level.
  4. It’s unraveling as if it were some sort of plot.
  5. I’m overjoyed that I’m here to take part in BoostieGate.
  6. Much though I do not purchase cards, I have become completely engrossed in this drama (for genuine, though, it is a pain for the individuals who are discovering this information and even more so for the others who will not find out for years).
See also:  Why Is My Amazon Package Undeliverable?

How To Know What’s In A Package Without Opening It?

Here’s how it works: You’ve received an Amazon package, and you’re curious about what’s inside. Select the Package X-Ray option in the Amazon app on your iPhone by tapping the camera button on the screen. Then, using it to scan the barcode on the packaging, it will show you exactly which things are included within it without you having to open it. 20th of November, 2016

How do I find out what’s inside my Amazon package?

In order to obtain a quick glimpse inside your parcels, simply open the most recent version of the Amazon mobile app and select the camera icon, which can be found near the search box labeled ″What are you searching for.″ Then, after the camera is open, press the ‘Pakage X-ray’ button while holding a camera frame over the barcode that is printed on the box’s side.

How do you open a sealed box?

In the case of a vacuum-sealed metal lid and glass container, you may spare yourself the aggravation by running the lid under hot water for around 30 seconds. Given that metal expands at a higher rate than glass, the metal lid will loosen just enough for you to be able to break the seal.

Does Amazon show what you ordered on the box?

The contents of the parcel will remain a mystery because there is no hint of what is inside the package. The only thing that will be shown will be the addressee and the address itself.

How does USPS know when a package is delivered?

Users get email notifications providing grayscale photos of the exterior, address side of inbound letter-sized mailpieces that are scheduled to arrive shortly…. Informed Delivery will automatically display the status of most USPS domestic parcels related to the address associated with a USPS account on the Informed Delivery dashboard.

What should you do with your undelivered packages?

What should you do if your shipment has not been delivered? If you were expecting a delivery to arrive at your address but it never arrived, you should make a search request or file a claim as soon as possible. Most courier firms will take orders for delivery within 7 days, so be sure you don’t have to wait much longer than that.

How do you open a box without ripping it?

How do you open a box quickly?

How do you open a package and seal it back up?

Do Amazon drivers know what is in the package?

There is no way for the Amazon delivery guy to know what is inside the box.

How do I discreetly order a package?


  1. Put the item in the name of someone else, such as a neighbor or a made-up person.
  2. Always be prepared to provide an explanation for your thing..
  3. Set a reminder so you don’t forget to go back and acquire the item.

Do mail carriers know what’s in your package?

Professionals with years of experience, such as your postal carrier, are aware that something exciting is waiting for them in the mailbox. The return address serves as the giveaway. Mail carriers are familiar with the locations of major sex toy and alcohol wholesalers, and they are aware that if you get unmarked goods from such locations, it is likely that you have placed an order.

Can I call USPS to see where my package is?

You may get more information about USPS Text Tracking by calling the following phone number: 1-800-222-1811. If you need assistance from your mobile device, dial one of the following buttons: HELP, INFO, or AIDE.

Does USPS scan packages for drugs?

Postal inspectors can examine parcels for narcotics such as marijuana and other substances, according to the USPS. If a postal worker or inspector believes that a box includes something unlawful, he or she must acquire a search warrant from the court system to check it.

Can a USPS package arrive without being scanned?

If there has been no follow-up scan the day after arriving at your local Post OfficeTM facility AND no delivery has happened, a service request may be issued by email to your local Post OfficeTM facility for follow-up in order to save time and prevent duplication of effort. Within 2-3 business days, you will be provided with a confirmation number and a contact person.

Who pays refused package?

  1. When a package is refused at the point of delivery by the United States Postal Service, does the sender bear the cost of return shipping?
  2. – Quora.
  3. If the original sender utilized ground shipping, the original sender is responsible for the return shipping.
  4. Postage for priority mail and first class mail is included in the price of the return.
  5. If a consumer declines to pay, they will not be charged unless they have opened the package.

Where do disposed packages go?

The postal agency disposes of the parcel in a landfill. To put it another way, once an item has been disposed of, it cannot be re-delivered to an alternate or forwarding address. I hope this has provided an answer to your query.

What does undeliverable mean?

Undeliverable is defined as follows: not able to be delivered because of technical difficulties: The delivery of a shipment is not possible since it was not delivered due to technical difficulties. an email message that was returned as undeliverable

How do you open a pop vinyl without damaging the box?

How do you open a box safely?

How do you Uncrease a box?

How do you open a shipping box?

What is the correct way to open a box with a cutting tool?

How do you open and close a cardboard box?

How do you open a sealed envelope without destroying it?

A tongue depressor or butter knife, for example, or a penknife used with care can be used to make a smooth, blunt cut. However, if you are lucky, it will become slack enough to be lifted without tearing when you lift your finger on the flap. Seal the envelope once more when you’ve finished.

Does putting an envelope in the freezer work?

When an envelope becomes wrinkled, it is an unmistakable indication that it has been tampered with. Place the envelope in the freezer for a few hours to keep it fresh. If the glue is exposed to extremely low temperatures such as those found in the freezer, it will lose its adhesion. For as long as you need to, you may store it in the refrigerator freezer.

How do you tell if a letter has been steamed open?

Examine the area where the flap of the envelope has been attached to the body of the envelope. Whether or not the seam has been steamed open is determined by whether or not there is a line of adhesive beyond the flap.

Do delivery drivers steal packages?

While it is always possible that a delivery person will take your product, the chances of this happening are quite minimal. While there are dishonest persons in any profession, delivery businesses such as Amazon, the United States Postal Service, UPS, and FedEx have a strong interest in preventing items from being stolen.

Are Amazon packages discreet?

We make it a top point to dispatch all orders in private and discrete standard packaging, since this is important to our customers. Unless otherwise specified, all products are supplied in basic, unmarked packaging that does not reveal the contents of the package. We hope this has allayed any fears about your personal information.

How much does an Amazon driver make a year?

In the United States, the national average compensation for an Amazon Delivery Driver is $36,462 per year.

How can I buy something without my parents knowing?

Consider obtaining permission from a friend to have your buy delivered to his or her home in order to reduce the likelihood of your parents discovering your transaction. In this scenario, when ordering, put the name and address of the person who will be receiving the item on your behalf, but keep your email address as the default.

What makes a package look suspicious?

Things to Keep an Eye Out For Suspicious packages or goods may have protruding wires, aluminum foil, or oil stains evident, as well as emitting a strange stench, among other characteristics. It is possible that suspicious goods or items have an excessive amount of postage. Letter bombs may have a stiff feel to them, as well as an uneven or lopsided appearance.

How can I order pizza without my parents knowing?

  1. When placing your order, inquire as to what you should get for them and place separate orders for them.
  2. Then, if the total is $15, you may ask for a donation of some money to help cover the expense.
  3. Explain that you are sorry, Mom, but you only have $10.
  4. Would you mind giving me $5 for the extra I ordered just to be nice?
  5. Then you are making a contribution – but not paying for the entire order of pizza.

50 Ways to Open a Christmas Gift

Smart Ways To Sneak a Peek at Your Christmas Presents Before Xmas Without Getting Caught

  1. How to figure out what’s inside a UPS box without having to open it package x ray scannerpackage x ray application without having to open the packaging, find out what is inside package x ray amazon is no longer available without having to open the package, find out what’s inside an Amazon delivery android how to use the package x rayfeature of the package x ray More articles in the FAQs category may be found here.

Amazon Just Found a Way to Let You See Inside the Box Without Opening It (AMZN)

  1. The act of purchasing anything from, Inc.
  2. (NASDAQ:AMZN) is becoming more and more popular among individuals who consider it to be an exciting, if not one of the finest things that they can do when surfing the internet.
  3. In the event that you are one of these people and you just want to know everything about your order, the e-commerce giant has recently provided another tool for you to learn more about your goods.
  4. Earlier this week, Amazon released an update for its iOS app that lets customers to see what’s inside their incoming Amazon boxes before they open them.
  5. To use this additional function, simply hit the camera symbol on your iPhone’s screen, which is located next to the search box.
  6. By doing so, you will be presented with a variety of alternatives, from which you will need to pick the ″Package X-Ray″ option.

Simply place the camera frame over the barcode on the box, and the contents will be displayed on your screen.People who are anxious with their purchases placed on the internet may be thinking that they will now be able to view the interior of the boxes using x-ray vision, which is a pretty amazing feature that should be a godsend for those who are impatient with their orders placed on the website.Unfortunately, despite its name, this function does not allow you to see the real things that are included within your Amazon boxes.Instead, the app provides you with information on the objects included within the package.Additionally, you will be provided with a visual representation of these things that will link you back to the product page on the website.If you are under the impression that you can now peer into other people’s boxes, you are mistaken; this feature is only available for boxes that are associated with your own Amazon account.

So, what’s the purpose of participating if I’m not going to be able to view my actual items?Actually, this function may be rather beneficial for a variety of reasons, as you will see below.Because Amazon does not deliver all of your things at the same time, you will be able to tell which boxes contain which items if you utilize this function.This also helps you to know what to expect when a certain package is delivered to your door.Furthermore, you will not be required to hunt for specific tracking numbers as a result of this.

Simply open the box from which you wish to receive an update and you should be able to see the current delivery status of the item(s) that you have bought.You will also be able to see the most recent information or reviews on the goods you have purchased without having to conduct a manual search, owing to the visual connections to their Amazon product pages that have been added.With the arrival of Cyber Monday and Black Friday, the online store will be able to better serve its customers, who will be taking advantage of the massive discounts and promotions that the website will be offering at this time of year.

While this can be a very useful tool for iOS users, Amazon shoppers on Android are, sadly, left out of the loop on this particular occasion.According to the latest information, there have been no announcements suggesting that this capability would be made accessible on the Google-platform.

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