How To Get A Job At Ups Package Handler?

To get a job at UPS, search their website for vacancies in your area. For a package handling and driving position, you’ll need to be in physical shape, since the job involves a lot of lifting. If you’re not physically active, hit the gym and work on your strength training so you can pass the physical exam.

Is UPS package handling a good job?

OP, paragraphs are your friends. Honestly UPS package handling is kinda like one of the ‘I need any sort of money now (no dude, like right this instant) and want minimal hoops to jump through to get going’ sort of job. It’s not super glamorous,is pretty demanding and the structure of things can suck.

Is it worth it to work as a package handler?

They give you good pay but remember only 3 hours, not worth it for a package handler unless looking to be a driver, but there’s a long list of people that want to do that. Good luck! Was this review helpful?

Is it safe to work at UPS?

UPS is committed to providing a safe working environment for UPSers everywhere. LEARN MORE This site functions best with JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to experience all that this site has to offer.

What is a typical workday like for a package handler?

A typical workday will be loading massive amounts of packages throughout your shift. The packages will slide down from metal slides and onto conveyor rollers inside trailers. The conveyors do not roll much if at all.

How hard is being a package handler?

Good benefits but very demanding

Part-time as a package handler will get you access to great benefits that very few places offer for part-time workers. But the job is very demanding physically and fast-paced. Often unreasonably so. You need to be able to see a wall of packages coming at you and be able to keep moving.

Do you need a resume for UPS package handler?

Those looking to work as package handlers must show evidence of the following on their resumes – physical fitness, ability to lift and parcel all types of items, stamina, the ability to work independently, basic computer operation knowledge and communication skills.

How do I get into UPS?

To become a UPS package delivery driver, you typically need to work for 2-3 years at a lower position at UPS, then move on to a driver position. Unless you have a lot of experience as a driver in another company, expect to start from the bottom as a package handler, as most of the new hires do.

Can you work 2 shifts at UPS?

2 answers. Yes you would be able to. They basically let you work as many shifts as you want (or as your body will allow, because of how physically demanding the job is).

What do UPS package handlers wear?

Dress code is pretty relaxed. You cannot wear anything offensive or show too much skin. No dress code,must dress with safety in mind,work shoes,and yes hat can be worn.

How long does it take to get hired by UPS?

3 answers. It takes only a few days to get hired and about 6 months for benefits. Quickly, and fast the process is quick and interview is only couple minutes and you don’t have to have a lot of work ethics in order to get a job.

What skills do you need to be a package handler?

Package Handler Responsibilities

  • Ability to lift items weighing as much as 75 lbs.
  • Willingness to perform repetitive tasks.
  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Knowledge of tools and equipment needed to perform duties.
  • Ability to comprehend and follow instructions.
  • Communicates clearly and concisely.
  • Valid Driver’s License.
  • Can a woman be a package handler at UPS?

    Yes women do work as package handlers. I myself was a female package handler as well as my other co workers. We were all women. Yes, UPS is a very diverse company.

    Does UPS orientation mean you got the job?

    Orientation does not mean you got the job. It means you can be selected at random to come in to work. If you have not yet received any notice that you are hired it is best to call HR to see the status of your application.

    How long is UPS package handler orientation?

    4. Orientation. Orientation takes up to five hours and is usually conducted by a member of human resources in a classroom setting with other new hires in attendance.

    What should I wear to UPS orientation?

    What to wear to the Orientation? Casual attire. Avoid wearing hats, ear buds, etc.

    Does UPS give overtime?

    If you’re desperate for work or you need health insurance for yourself and your family, UPS might be a good option for you. The pay is barely adequate, but overtime is guaranteed during the holidays and usually available all year.

    Does UPS pay double overtime?

    The overtime rate shall be one and one half (1 1/2) times the regular straight time rate. However, the rate of double (2) time shall be paid for all work performed on Sundays.

    Can you pick up extra shifts at UPS?

    You can pick up extra shifts. Yes, probably 40+ weekly.

    What do you do as package handler at UPS?

    UPS Package Handler Part time (Current Employee) – Compton – November 3, 2021. This job is as they advertise it, a paid workout. The benefits are amazing but don’t expect to do much upward movement without working there for at least a year moving heavy boxes. Management is pretty shady and overworked so you don’t even register as a person

    What are the benefits of working at UPS?

    – Medical care and hospitalization – Behavioral health – Pharmacy and prescription drugs – Dental care – Vision care – Hearing care – Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

    How much does package handler at ups make?

    UPS has raised its starting rate to $14 per hour for part-time package handlers as part of the company’s five-year plan to reach a rate of $15.50 per hour by 2022. The company’s starting rate in 2018 was $13 an hour. In this regard, what does a package handler for UPS do? UPS Package Handler Job Duties Load packages into delivery trucks.

    What kind of hours do UPS package handler work?

    The first option is to set up a foreign entity in that specific cou(Continue reading) UPS package handlers are typically hired as part-time personnel and work three to four hours each day, five days per week, excluding weekends and holidays.

    r/jobs – I dont recommend anyone to work as a package handler at UPS

    Aside from the fact that it is difficult, there are other disadvantages to it that I would like to point out.My first month with UPS has passed, and I can see why they have so many employees arriving and departing on a regular basis.Every week, we bring on new employees who never stick around.I meet around 12 new individuals a week at the cornerstone, where they instruct you on how to use the equipment.

    Usually, only around 2 or 3 of the 12 end up remaining.Now for the bad news: the entire interview process takes roughly a week, which is excessive for the position.Consider the following scenario: you are invited to an interview on Monday morning, but the procedure will not be completed until Thursday.

    A second two-minute interview is held on Tuesday, and it is almost identical to the one held on Monday.On Wednesday, you are taken on a tour of the facility, during which you are intimidated by how ″hard″ it is, and on Thursday morning, they want you back to sign the union paperwork and to begin your break.After that, you go through a full week of training, during which time they go over a lot of safety procedures.This is essentially week 2.They will have you working on the floors with someone who will train you by the third week.

    They want your pph (packages per hour scanned) to reach 300-400, which no one can really do.I have seen the pph of all other new recruits at my location, and they are all between 220-250 pph, which is impossible to achieve.Every day, your boss, supervisor, and trainer will all advise you to move faster, which is really inconvenient because you now have three people telling you the same thing.

    It’s like I’m a newbie, so please be patient with me.At first, the task is difficult, but after a week, you gradually become more accustomed to it.Another unfavorable point I’d want to make is that they won’t allow you remain longer than your allotted 5 hours.

    • I occasionally work from 11:30 p.m.
    • to 2 a.m.
    • (I was assigned to the graveyard shift), which is complete bullshit because they falsely advertise that it is part time when it is simply the hours they require you to work.
    • My paychecks are extremely cheap, ranging from 116 to 136 dollars per week for a labor job that is really difficult and does not provide you with your full working hours.
    1. Because they misled to you about conducting mass mail, they have you working on your own.
    2. Cornerstone training instructs you to work in a group with a partner when building bulk, but they really have you working alone, and a lot of this gear is more than 70 pounds in weight.
    3. Your scanner, which is used to scan the packages, will occasionally just turn off in the middle of your flow, resulting in not only a decrease in pph, but also an increase in the number of packages exiting the flow.
    4. Although you must remain at your work even if there isn’t much activity, with UPS, if there isn’t much activity, you will be asked to leave in order to finish your hours.
    5. When it comes to their employees and even the machinery that they utilize, they are rather inexpensive for a large firm that generates profits.
    • I’ve just been on the floors for two weeks, and people are complaining that I scan at 200-220 pages per minute whereas other new recruits who have been there much longer than me scan at 220-260 pages per minute.
    • It’s complete and utter nonsense.
    • When you have a 10 minute break, there will be just enough time to regain your breath, guzzle some water, and eat something that isn’t too heavy.
    • They are just concerned about numbers.
    • Perhaps if they had given me my 5 hours, UPS wouldn’t have been so horrible, but the worst part is that not only is the pay shit, but you also don’t receive a lot of work hours to compensate for it.

    It’s almost like if I’m working at McDonald’s.I’d want to add that we treat a lot of the parcels we receive as trash since we don’t have time to put them together perfectly because they require you to scan a box every 7-8 seconds, therefore we treat them as such.That may sound simple, but we receive a variety of deliveries, ranging from tiny light ones to large light ones, small heavy and large heavy, and finally huge parcels.It takes time for them to pick up and move the materials to construct a wall.

    • Perhaps the job would be less stressful if the employer didn’t have to provide a specific number of scans to be completed each day in advance.
    • Working for UPS is not something I would recommend to anybody who is interested in doing so since it is difficult, stressful at times, and requires you to work such crappy hours that it isn’t even considered part time when you are only required to work for 4 hours or less.
    • Now I have to get ready to go to work since this week’s schedule doesn’t start at 11:30 a.m., but at 11:50 a.m.
    • Instead, it starts at 11:50 a.m.
    • When it comes to the hours you work for UPS, they deceive you.

    Not a bad to place to work if you have reasonable expectations.

    If you have fair expectations of your workplace, it is not an awful place to work.Because there was a scarcity of handlers at the time I worked there, the compensation was competitive.Even though I didn’t stay for very long, the weekly compensation was a nice perk.I applied to work as an unloader, but was instead assigned to sorting.

    Employees that had been there for a long time really got on my nerves, which made the job less enjoyable for me personally.It seemed like everyone was taking their sweet time and refusing to assist while I was backed up, which was the exact opposite of what I did.People who utilized the ″Union card″ turned me off as a team player, and I eventually left the company.

    Having worked there for two weeks, the supervisor requested me to take over as his replacement since he was being promoted.Again, I had a good time working out and putting in the hours, but the union thing drove me insane.Perhaps if you didn’t care about helping others and preferred to work with the bare minimum of effort, this might be a better option for you.My supervisor, on the other hand, was fantastic and a tireless worker.


    Pay, hours, perks, time passed quickly, and safety was taken carefully.


    Coworkers do not operate as a team, and there is just one ten-minute break.

    Package Handlers

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    How to Become A Package Handler UPS: Step by Step Guide And Career Paths

    On this page you can find information about Continue to the next section.

    What is a Package Handler UPS

    This group of individuals is critical to the success of a company’s package delivery services.He or she unloads and loads delivery trucks when they arrive at the processing center and prepares them for departure from the facility.According to their planned destinations, he or she sorts and arranges parcels before loading them onto the appropriate delivery trucks.Aside from that, he or she must adhere to the company’s standards and rules when it comes to handling shipments in a safe manner at all times.

    Furthermore, he or she runs a variety of mechanical equipment to assist in the transportation of huge shipments.If you want to be a successful package handler with UPS, you must be comfortable working in a continuously changing environment.Candidates must possess a high school diploma or an equivalent qualification.

    You must be a team player with strong organizational and communication abilities.You must be detail-oriented, adaptable, and able to work long hours in order to succeed.Aside from that, you must be capable of lifting and carrying hefty things.This individual makes around $35,422 per year.Your annual pay ranges between $25,000 and $50,000.

    When it comes to working as a UPS Package Handler, there is more to it than meets the eye.You might not be aware that they earn an average of $16.46 an hour, for example.That works up to $34,235 each year!

    It is anticipated that the profession would increase by 4 percent between 2018 and 2028, creating 156,200 new work opportunities across the United States.

    What Does a Package Handler UPS Do

    Many Package Handlers UPS are required to possess particular abilities in order to carry out their jobs effectively. Through a review of resumes, we were able to identify the abilities that were most frequently seen in candidates for this position. We noticed that many resumes claimed customer-service abilities, hand–eye coordination skills, and listening skills among their qualifications.

    How To Become a Package Handler UPS

    In order to become a Package Handler with UPS, one of the first things you should evaluate is how much schooling you will require in order to do so.A bachelor’s degree is held by 12.4 percent of Package Handlers at UPS, according to our research.Regarding higher education, we discovered that 0.5 percent of Package Handlers UPS had master’s degrees, which is a little percentage.Despite the fact that some Package Handlers UPS have a college degree, it is feasible to become one with simply a high school diploma or General Education Development (GED).

    When exploring how to become a Package Handler with UPS, selecting the appropriate major is always a critical first step.When we looked into the most prevalent majors for Package Handlers at UPS, we discovered that they were most likely to have earned a High School Diploma or an Associate Degree in their field.Bachelor’s Degrees and Diplomas are two more types of degrees that we frequently find on Package Handler UPS resumes.

    It’s possible that your previous work experience will be beneficial to your future career as a UPS Package Handler.In fact, prior expertise in a capacity such as Cashier is required for many Package Handler UPS positions.Moreover, many Package Handlers at UPS have previous work experience in positions such as Sales Associate or Crew Member.

    Package Handler UPS Career Paths

    As your career progresses, you may realize that you are taking on additional duties or that you have taken on a leadership role.A Package Handler UPS may use our career map to define their professional goals as they advance through the career progression.If they start off as a Warehouse Worker, they might rise to a title such as Technician, and then finally finish up with the title Operations Manager, as an illustration.

    Top Careers Before Package Handler UPS

    Top Careers After Package Handler UPS

    Package Handler UPS Jobs You Might Like

    What is the right job for my career path?

    Tell us about your ambitions, and we’ll match you with the ideal employment to help you achieve them. Make Your Dream Resume a Reality Our resume building tool will guide you through the process of generating a stand-out Package Handler UPS resume that will wow employers.

    Average Salary for a Package Handler UPS

    Earn an average pay of $34,235 per year or $16 per hour in the United States of America.The top ten percent of earners earn more than $49,000 a year, while the poorest ten percent earn less than $23,000.Find out what your salary is worth.How much money should you expect to make as a UPS Package Handler?

    If you want to obtain an idea of how much you should be making, you may use Zippia’s Salary Calculator.

    Calculate your salary

    Make use of Zippia’s Salary Calculator to evaluate how your income compares to the market.

    Package Handler UPS Demographics

    Package Handler UPS Gender Statistics

    Package Handler UPS Ethnicity Statistics

    African-American or African-American-looking

    Package Handler UPS Foreign Languages Spoken Statistics

    Find the most suitable Package Handler UPS position for you.

    Package Handler UPS Jobs You Might Like

    • Package Handler UPS Jobs with High Paying Salaries – $49K and Up Look for jobs in your neighborhood in the United States.
    • Package Handler UPS Jobs for Entry Level Personnel
    • There is little to no prior experience necessary.
    • Job Opportunities with UPS as a Package Handler on a Part-Time Basis
    • Part-Time Positions Available Immediately
    • Package Handler UPS jobs have been added within the past 7 days and are now available for hire.
    • Package Handler UPS Jobs without a DegreeSearch for UPS jobs that do not require a bachelor’s degree.

    More Package Handler UPS Demographics may be found here. Make Your Dream Resume a Reality Our resume building tool will guide you through the process of generating a stand-out Package Handler UPS resume that will wow employers. Find the most suitable Package Handler UPS position for you.

    Package Handler UPS Jobs You Might Like

    • Package Handler UPS Jobs with High Paying Salaries – $49K and Up Look for jobs in your neighborhood in the United States.
    • Package Handler UPS Jobs for Entry Level Personnel
    • There is little to no prior experience necessary.
    • Job Opportunities with UPS as a Package Handler on a Part-Time Basis
    • Part-Time Positions Available Immediately
    • Package Handler UPS jobs have been added within the past 7 days and are now available for hire.
    • Package Handler UPS Jobs without a DegreeSearch for UPS jobs that do not require a bachelor’s degree.

    Online Courses For Package Handler UPS That You May Like

    Certification in Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) HACCP System (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System) for ISO 22000.Angular Material Masterclass & FREE E-Book Available!Construction of Angular 13 applications with Angular Material is covered in detail in this practical guide.Logistics, supply chain management, and customer service fundamentals Learn the fundamentals of logistics, supply chain management, and customer service.

    Three courses in one.More information may be found at UPS Package Handler Training Courses

    Top Skills For a Package Handler UPS

    The skills portion of your resume might be just as significant as the experience section, so you want it to be a true representation of your abilities.Fortunately, we’ve identified all of the talents you’ll require, so even if you don’t yet possess these abilities, you’ll be aware of what you need to improve.When we looked at all of the applications we received, 21.4 percent of Package Handlers UPS had Tractor Trailer on their CV.However, soft skills like as customer service and hand–eye coordination are also vital.

    How Do Package Handler UPS Rate Their Jobs?

    Working as a Package Handler for the United Parcel Service? Please feel free to share your experience anonymously. Do you work as a UPS Package Handler? If so, please provide a title for your review. Please rate your experience working as a UPS Package Handler. It’s completely anonymous and will just take a minute of your time.

    Top Package Handler UPS Employers

    Package Handler UPS Videos

    Working as a package handler for UPSFedex is a rewarding experience.

    Warehouse Worker – Package Handler at United Parcel Service (UPS)

    Hourly wages range from $22 to $24 depending on the shift.PACE and the Chicago CTA will provide free transportation on ALL shifts!Sunrise to Sunset Shift (3:30 AM – 9:30 AM) HANDLER OF PACKAGING IN A STORAGE FACILITY People to work as part-time Package Handlers at our Hodgkins, Illinois plant on the Sunrise shift from about 4:30 AM to 9:30 AM and the Night shift from roughly 10:00 PM to 3:00 AM are being sought for the Sunrise and Night shifts, respectively.This is a physically demanding and fast-paced profession that requires constant lifting, lowering, and sliding of parcels that normally weigh 25-35 lbs.

    but can weigh up to 70 lbs.In most cases, part-time employees work 3 12 – 4 hours a day during the week (Monday through Friday), and they are not required to work on weekends or certain holidays.Package Handlers are compensated with a competitive hourly wage as well as a comprehensive benefits package.

    Please keep in mind that these positions are only available on a part-time basis, requiring around 17 1/2 to 20 hours per week.Students enrolled in an accredited college, university, trade or technical school are eligible to apply for an educational aid program through UPS, which might give them with up to $25,000 in funding to cover tuition, books, and other expenses.If you meet the requirements, you will be able to participate in the program on your first day of employment with UPS.Employees that work on the Sunrise and Night Sorting at our Hodgkins factory can also take advantage of additional educational opportunities at our location.It is a collaboration initiative between the UPS Hodgkins facility and seven member universities that is known as the Chicagoland Regional College Program (CRCP).

    On the website, you may find out more information about the CRCP program.A bus will be provided by UPS to take attendees from Gary, Indiana to the Hodgkins, Illinois location.In addition, UPS is an equal opportunity employer.

    UPS does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, veteran status, disability, age, sexual orientation, or gender identity, or any other protected characteristic under applicable federal, state, or local laws.

    Ups Package Handler Resume Samples

    An UPS Package Handler is a person who works for the UPS delivery firm and is in charge of packaging things.Packaging the things according to the size and volume of the product in order to keep it safe until it is delivered to the client is outlined in the job description.Job duties include: Using manual tools and semi-automated instruments to pack things, building cartons in the right form and size, completing essential paperwork, marking the cartons properly, and carefully sealing the products are the most typical work tasks described on the Ups Package Handler Resume.When applying for package handling jobs, applicants must demonstrate on their resumes that they have the following qualifications: physical fitness, the ability to lift and package various types of items, stamina, the ability to work independently, basic computer operation knowledge, and communication skills.

    Most jobs do not require formal education beyond a high school certificate as a minimum requirement.

    1. Home
    2. Resume Samples
    3. Logistics
    4. Ups Package Handler

    UPS Package Handler – Part Time Resume

    An very driven UPS Package Handler with a pleasant attitude that is currently looking for full-time work is our goal.Looking for a challenging position that will allow me to further develop my present skills and talents, as well as to advance my personal and professional development and broaden my horizons.Warehouse Worker, Teamwork, Coordination, Organization, and Planning are some of the abilities.Description:

    1. Organizes orders by processing requests and supply orders
    2. pulling materials
    3. packaging boxes
    4. and putting items in the delivery area.
    5. Driving a truck or van to and from suppliers is how you complete your deliveries.
    6. Maintains a vehicle or van by fulfilling preventive maintenance needs, scheduling repairs, and doing general maintenance.
    7. Maintains inventory management by collecting stock location orders and printing requests
    8. maintains inventory control
    9. Maintains high-quality service by adhering to organizational guidelines
    10. The ability to maintain a safe and clean work environment by maintaining shelves, pallet areas, and workstations in good order. cleaning and keeping a sanitary shipping supply area
    11. according to established processes, rules, and restrictions
    12. Completes reports by inputting all of the necessary information
    13. and

    Experience between 2 and 5 years in junior high school level education

    UPS Package Handler – Contract Resume

    Summarized, I am a highly driven and hardworking UPS Package Handler with a demonstrated ability to perform.In search of a position with a forward-thinking firm where my skills and abilities can contribute to the growth and success of the organization.Possess good analytical and problem-solving abilities, as well as the capacity to make well-informed judgments.Time Management, Reporting Skills, Inventory Control, and Documentation Skills are all necessary.


    1. Loading and unloading shipments should be done swiftly and effectively.
    2. Cleaning the warehouse, preparing for delivery, and organizing shipments by scanning them in and sorting them out are all important tasks.
    3. Organize items and materials by moving them by hand or using basic material handling equipment.
    4. Handle fragile, risky, and/or hazardous items in a safe manner
    5. Shipping and receiving materials, loading product from the truck into the line as needed, withdrawing merchandise from the line onto specified pallets, and lifting the pallets onto the sales floor using a power jack to the right department for stocking were all part of the job description.
    6. Utilized a forklift in the warehouse area to transport products or supplies to their proper locations.
    7. Moved product to the right container for sorting or storage and aided with stocking several departments with supplies

    Experience Education at the senior level for 7-10 years Currently enrolled as a social work student

    UPS Package Handler – Temp Resume

    Looking for difficult jobs in the areas of Material Management, Inventory Management, and Logistics Operations.Objective: It is my ambition to earn a responsible job in a highly professionally managed firm, where I may utilize & gain skill and experience while working in a team setting with continuous growth and contributing to the organization’s key objectives.Critical Thinking, Time Management, Space Saving, Active Listening, Monitoring, Judgment, and Decision Making are some of the abilities required.Description:

    1. To transport freight, stock, or other goods between storage or manufacturing locations, loading docks, delivery vehicles, ships, or containers, either by hand or with the use of trucks, tractors, or other machinery
    2. Read work orders or listen to spoken instructions in order to establish job assignments, as well as material and equipment requirements.
    3. Containers should be labeled with identifying tags or marked with identification information.
    4. Maintain equipment storage locations to ensure that inventory is kept safe.
    5. Utilize daily production sheets or labor tickets to keep track of the number of units handled or transferred
    6. The responsibility for loading and unloading items into and off of suitable trailers in a safe and efficient way. This includes scanning and lifting packages up to 100 pounds in weight, carrying them, pushing them, and dragging them.
    7. It is necessary to read labels, verify figures, and follow job instructions while meeting or exceeding productivity goals.
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    Experience between 2 and 5 years in junior high school level education

    UPS Package Handler Resume

    UPS Package Handler with a purpose of creating and promoting an effective warm and customer-oriented work environment with characteristics that will bring colleagues together as a team and also successfully increase the output of customer sales is described as follows: To fulfill the organization’s purposes and objectives via unwavering dedication, devotion, professionalism, and a spirit of cooperation among all members.Teamwork, coordination, organization, and planning are some of the abilities required.Description:

    1. Packages that have been sorted and unloaded are being handled by the United Parcel Service.
    2. While physically operating at high capacity, I was able to maintain a happy work atmosphere.
    3. I took the necessary precautions to manage and transfer packages in a safe and organized way.
    4. Printing mailing labels, scheduling pick-ups, and ensuring that each shipment has the appropriate postage are all responsibilities.
    5. Cleaning activities such as sweeping, unpacking, and ″de-trashing″ of vehicles and/or packages
    6. general housekeeping tasks
    7. Attend compulsory safety meetings and report management as soon as possible if harmful working circumstances are discovered.
    8. In charge of warehouse duties, which include the physical loading, unloading, and/or sorting of packages of varying sizes and weights with the aid of hand tools. This includes lifting, pushing, and pulling packages, carrying packages, scanning packages, placing packages, and other physical bending, twisting, and kneeling.

    Experience Grades 7-10 Years of Education Senior High School Level

    Junior UPS Package Handler Resume

    The goal is to become a skilled Junior UPS Package Handler.Ability to work successfully on one’s alone or in a group environment in order to inspire and motivate others.Inherent capacity to communicate well with others and accept problems assertively, which instills confidence and builds a general sense of trust in the community The following skills are required: radius, radio frequency technology (RF technology), forklift operator, teamwork, spatial awareness, deductive reasoning, and problem-solving.Description:

    1. Picks of a large size with a cherry picker lift. Orders were accurately selected from a list and secured for shipment to the shipping line.
    2. Restock things in the warehouse by moving them from one area to another.
    3. Contributed to the consolidation of warehouse inventory with received commodities
    4. We are a part of a group of accomplished individuals that are continually carrying out their responsibilities
    5. Found and, when feasible, corrected inventory issues that might cause problems in a warehouse
    6. At job sites, participants in the correct offloading of items to the roof by repetitive lifting or the use of a conveyor are required.
    7. Customers are assisted in loading their automobiles.
    8. Count and check arriving orders and shipments, as well as personally unload them
    9. Ensure that inventory is stored in the appropriate/designated storage spaces in the warehouse.

    Level of experience: 2-5 years Education and Business Management for Juniors

    Associate UPS Package Handler Resume

    Headline: A resourceful and quick-thinking Associate UPS Package Handler with five years of experience in warehouse and inventory management is seeking a new opportunity.Strong leadership abilities are put to use to increase the efficiency and accuracy of shipping and receiving.In addition to shipping and inspection, I have a great deal of expertise in high-volume warehouse operations, which includes logistics, distribution, and inventory management.Shipment by a professional warehouse operations, shipping, and logistics are all areas of expertise.

    Skills: Quick learner, warehouse experience, inspection, shipping and receiving, and excellent customer service.Description:

    1. Loaded items weighing up to 75 pounds into trailers in preparation for delivery
    2. spoke with floor supervisors to establish inventory placement
    3. and
    4. Hand trucks and pallet jacks were used to unload merchandise from trucks
    5. a total of four trailers were unloaded every shift. Skills Used Loaded items weighing up to 75 pounds into trailers in preparation for delivery
    6. spoke with floor supervisors to establish inventory placement
    7. and
    8. Hand trucks and pallet jacks were used to unload the merchandise off the vehicles.
    9. Check for damage in the material that has been delivered to the jobsite.
    10. Make arrangements for on-site delivery of supplies in order to keep production schedules on track. Maintain the current status and placement of all materials.

    Experience 5-7 years of experience at the executive level High school diploma

    Lead UPS Package Handler Resume

    Summary: Experienced UPS Package Handler with a proven track record of managing all aspects of the company’s operations and maintaining inventory records.Have a thorough understanding of retail and warehouse systems.Excellent interpersonal, analytical, and negotiating abilities, as well as a demonstrated track record of delivering substantial cost reductions over the course of a professional career.Experience with forklifts, inventory control, documentation skills, and equipment maintenance are all desirable.


    1. Transportation of packaged goods by trailer, belt, roller, and chute
    2. loading and unloading of packages from vehicles.
    3. Loaded package trucks delivered to their destinations on a regular basis and on schedule
    4. Pushed carts bearing ″bulk freight,″ which is comprised of items that are too heavy to be transported by belts, rollers, and chutes
    5. Compliance with business, state, and federal rules, particularly as they pertain to OSHA and DOT, in order to ensure the safety of all employees
    6. and
    7. Inspection of equipment, documentation, and loaded merchandise before each journey to confirm that the order is accurate.
    8. Unload items in a safe manner and transport it to the designated place as requested by the client
    9. Pull items for the day’s installation jobs that have been planned. All parts in inventory are tracked and transferred electronically

    Experience 7-10 years of experience in a senior education diploma program

    UPS Package Handler/Manager Resume

    Objectives: To contribute to the success of the team in a growing and professionally managed firm.Contribute actively to the growth and success of the organization and, as a result, attain professional excellence.We look forward to a difficult career at a firm where one may realize and maximize one’s potential to make a significant contribution to the success of the company while also growing along with it.Skills: Forklift Operator, CPR Certification, Data Entry Skills, Dependability, and Teamwork Description:

    1. Maintaining proper stock records and a timetable was essential. Special orders and after-hours, urgent shipping activities were under my supervision.
    2. Products were unloaded, picked, staged, and loaded into shipping containers. At the warehouse, we used a gas forklift to load a trailer.
    3. Verified and documented the quantity and quality of the shipment that was received.
    4. I worked at a breakneck rate in order to fulfill strict deadlines. Inventory of warehouse goods was carried out on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis.
    5. Inspection of equipment, documentation, and loaded merchandise before each journey to confirm that the order is accurate.
    6. Unload items in a safe manner and transport it to the designated place as requested by the client
    7. Ability to deliver educated and courteous customer service to customers, including the ability to satisfy quality standards for services and to assess customer satisfaction
    8. Constantly seeking new and improved methods to meet and exceed client expectations

    Experience 7-10 years of senior education at the high school level or an equivalent qualification

    UPS Package Handler – Part Time Resume

    To provide exceptional customer service in order to make the consumer feel important and appreciated.In order to ring up purchases, operate the cash register.Accept payments in cash, credit cards, and checks, and verify that all parties are in possession of valid identification.Every day, check the cash drawer balance.

    Assist with the organization of the sales floor Organize and clean the shelves of items.Assist consumers in identifying items and performing pricing checks on a regular basis Safe work practices, a strong work ethic, and a positive mindset are all essential.Comply with all written and spoken directions.

    Critical Thinking, Time Management, Space Saving, and Active Listening are some of the abilities required.Description:

    1. Scanning shipments, loading and unloading cargo terminals, and other related tasks Receiving and unloading lorries of commodities
    2. Removing products off the racks and packaging them for shipping
    3. Fill out requisitions, work orders, or requests for materials, tools, or other stock items
    4. maintain inventory of stock goods.
    5. Sort the materials according to their size, kind, style, and color, for example.
    6. Recognizing the importance of hard work and understanding what it needed to do a project effectively in the shortest period of time
    7. In a fast-paced, physically demanding atmosphere, I stacked products in exacting order on huge trucks headed for delivery.
    8. Obey all applicable safety standards and state laws controlling vehicle operation, and make certain that passengers follow all applicable safety requirements and state laws
    9. When operating a vehicle, adhere to the company’s safety procedures.

    Experience Junior Education Diploma at the Level of 2-5 Years

    UPS Package Handler Resume

    Objective: To pursue more demanding and responsibility assignments that will allow me to put my abilities and skills to use for the benefit of the business as well as the fulfillment of my personal goals and ambitions.To build a successful career in a forward-thinking organization where mutual growth is an important component of future success.Typing, Internet research, Microsoft office, Word, Windows, sales, and customer service are some of the skills you’ll need.Description:

    1. Goods are shrink-wrapped before being loaded into trucks. Identifying and obtaining inventory and items from the warehouse
    2. Assuring that all pallets in storage have the proper labels on them. Cleaning all warehouse rooms and containers on a regular basis
    3. Ground level or elevated platforms are used for loading and unloading trucks.
    4. Matching invoice amounts and products being shipped to the numbers and things being shipped on the invoice
    5. Observes safety, food safety, quality, and legal compliance requirements
    6. All work must be completed in compliance with the facility’s environmental, health, and safety standards, rules, laws, and procedures.
    7. Document all finished work in accordance with the supervisor’s specifications
    8. Observance of all additional responsibilities as prescribed

    Associates with 0-2 years of experience at the entry-level education level

    Table of Contents


    Is It Hard to Get a Job at UPS? [Advice & Tips]

    Even though working for UPS might be a physically tough job, it can also be a very rewarding one as well.The majority of individuals aspire to work in a driver’s role, more especially in RPCD and feeders, but getting there may not be as straightforward as you may believe.Is It Difficult to Land a Job at UPS?Even while it is not particularly difficult to obtain an entry-level UPS employment, achieving a decent position, such as a regular UPS driver or RPCD, is difficult.

    Typically, you must begin at the bottom and work your way up, signing bid lists along the way.Eventually, you will reach your desired position.Hiring are made at different levels depending on the area, and while UPS does employ from outside sources, notably for driver positions, promotions are largely based on seniority and internal hires.

    At UPS, seniority is one factor that determines whether or not someone may be promoted.Unless you have a lot of previous experience driving for other firms, all you need to do to acquire a driver position is start at the bottom of this page, work hard, and be patient, and you’ll eventually get there.

    Is It Hard to Get Hired at UPS?

    Even if getting a job as a package handler appears to be straightforward, you must still go through the UPS employment procedure.Obtaining employment as a driver or in management is far more challenging.To get employed as a normal UPS driver, you must either have some seniority at the firm by working for a few years, or you must be an experienced driver from another company in order to be recruited immediately.Getting a job as a driver is more challenging, but it is possible; nonetheless, you will still need to prove yourself and wow the management team in order to get hired.

    Numerous UPS drivers began at the bottom and worked their way up the ranks.

    What is the UPS hiring process?

    The UPS hiring process is a method of obtaining employment with UPS that begins with completing recruiting forms on the UPS website’s Careers section.Following that, human resources representatives will contact suitable candidates to schedule interviews.A tour of the facility as well as an interview with managers will take place during this time.This interview is generally sufficient to establish whether or not you will be employed as a UPS delivery driver.

    The next day, if you’ve been selected, you’ll be invited to an orientation session that might last up to five hours, during which you’ll view training films and learn about correct lifting methods and techniques.You may compare your recruiting process with those of similar organizations by looking at the FedEx hiring process or the UPS hiring process.

    How long is the UPS hiring process?

    Each hub has its own hiring process that is unique to them.Typically, the entire procedure, including the tour and the interview, may be finished in less than a week.The sole conceivable reason for a delay is due to background checks, which are often performed only after you have been admitted to the program.In any event, try to be as patient as possible.

    As long as your application is displayed as green (active) on the site, you should be in fine shape.If they’re doing a background check, all you have to do is wait for the results of the background check to come back and you’ll be on your way to working with UPS.Many organizations take a long time to respond to job applicants after they submit an application.

    How do you know if you get hired at UPS?

    If you were invited to participate in a second round of the application process, you were hired.The second section of the application enables the firm to do a background check on the applicant.Once everything has been cleared, they will contact you to organize a time for you to attend an orientation.As long as the background check comes back clean, you’ll be hired.

    Background checks typically take between 2 and 4 days, but can take up to two weeks.

    Is It Hard to Get a UPS Driver Job?

    If you are an outsider looking in, your chances of becoming a UPS driver are slim, however if you are an insider looking in, your chances of becoming one are rather strong.In other words, if you’ve been working with UPS for a few years, you’re already miles ahead of the competition when it comes to being a regular UPS driver.The corporation prefers to promote from within rather than employ from the outside, and it takes several years of hard effort to get to the position of driver.Once you obtain employment as a UPS driver, or ″become qualified″ as one, you will still be required to put in the necessary time and effort to advance to an RPCD position, which is a normal UPS driver position.

    See also:  What Manhattan Zip Code?

    Make yourself known to the upper management team.There are several examples of outside recruits who have succeeded in this manner.Keep in mind that in UPS, seniority is a factor.

    Most drivers begin at the bottom of the ladder, and you must show yourself and work your way up, just like you would in any other profession.If you are in the 22.4s class of UPS drivers, you can get to a driving job rather quickly, but you will have to wait a little longer to attain the highest pay level.It is a full-time position, however it is distinct from being a full-time driver in that it is essentially a lower tier of a cover driver, rather than the other way around.However, even if you have a 22.4, you will be paid far more than most other professions in similar entry-level occupations that do not require a degree.It has become extremely difficult to find UPS drivers, and some hubs would recruit more outsiders than they will insiders for driver positions.

    For UPS insiders, it may take up to 3 to 4 years of seniority before they are promoted to the position of ordinary driver.If you have previous driving experience with any other organization, there is a good probability that you will be hired for a position comparable to your previous position with UPS.

    How to Become a UPS Delivery Driver

    • There are a variety of routes that one can take to become a delivery driver. You can begin as a driver helper during the Christmas season, as a seasonal driver, or as a preloader and work your way up the company’s hierarchy. The following are the steps to get a driver employment with UPS: Part-time positions in preload as package handlers, or anything else that will lead to a driver position, are available.
    • Then attempt to get ″qualified as a driver,″ which will need 30 days of hard labor. It will take a lot of effort to get here, and it will be taxing, so prepare yourself accordingly. Only approximately 30% of new recruits will meet the qualifications
    • After that, you’ll be an official UPS driver, although it will take some time until you become a regular driver for the company. Despite the long periods of waiting, you will eventually begin driving one or two days every other week.
    • Prepare for the fact that seniority will always give you the upper hand, and sign as many bid lists as you can in order to accrue as many driving hours as possible.
    • It is now time to increase your seniority and strive towards becoming an RPCD, which is a regular package car driver with your own bid route, as soon as possible. Afterwards, you’ll be able to select your own pace
    • after that, UPS Feeder is the best option if you’ve completed one year of safe driving. It’s certainly the best position in the organization for hourly employees
    • it’s also the most stressful.

    One smart option is to try to work as a seasonal driver during the busiest times of the year.This will be an excellent learning experience for anyone interested in a permanent driving employment.Once you reach a certain level of success, most UPS drivers will tell you that the perks are excellent and the job stability is robust.Take your time and enjoy life when you do become a full-time driver; go sailing or anything like when you get the opportunity.

    Alternatively, use some time to educating yourself on financial matters so that you can make investments in your future.

    Is It Hard to Get a Job as a Package Handler at UPS?

    Getting a job as a package handler is not difficult, and it serves as an excellent entry point for the majority of new UPS employees.Although the job might be grueling, it is the only route to advance to a driver position, which is what the majority of UPS hourly employees desire.In many regions, a package handler earns the same wage as most entry-level retail or restaurant professions, but it is a physically hard work.You’ll be loading three to four trucks each with 300 or more parts, which will test your mettle to the utmost.

    One piece of sound advise I received was to attempt to maintain a healthy physical fitness level and to just enjoy the present time.In terms of money, UPS as a corporation has a lot of it and is prepared to spend it, but they will make you work for it, just as most other firms do.If you keep a positive mindset, remain around, sign bid lists, and quit counting down the days, you’ll ultimately get where you want to go in your career.

    UPS Package Delivery Driver Requirements

    To advance to the role of UPS package delivery driver, you will normally need to work for the company for 2-3 years in a lower-level position before being promoted to a driver position.If you don’t have a lot of previous driving experience, you should expect to start at the bottom as a package handler, which is what the majority of new workers will encounter.It is not something that can be obtained by just walking in.Try working as a seasonal driver throughout the summer or winter months and see how it works for you.

    If this is the job for you, put in the effort, think strategically, and cross your fingers.Perhaps you will be given the opportunity to work full time.

    How Hard Is It to Become a UPS Driver Helper?

    A UPS driver’s assistant is a seasonal position that is most typically available during the winter months.Anyone can acquire this job, and getting it is not a difficult task.Any human being with a pulse may be hired by UPS, and there is no drug test required for part-time package handlers, and the same is true for UPS driver assistance positions.A physically tough work, as you may imagine.

    Additionally, it will be quite chilly throughout the winter months, so make sure you dress in layers and in layers of garments to keep warm.When compared to the majority of other entry-level positions, the salary is reasonable.Your UPS driver assistance job will most likely consist of daily shifts, which means you’ll be able to finish your work on schedule and get home at a fair hour, depending on your pace.

    What exactly does a UPS driver assister do?As a driver’s assistant, you’ll be delivering items alongside a driver to assist him with his duties.You’ll be responsible for loading and unloading trucks, collecting payments, distributing paperwork, and maintaining order in the vehicle.It is common for the driver to depart with a hand cart full of things to deliver as he continues his journey in another direction.You’ll meet up at a designated pickup location.

    In the event that he delivers first, he will come your way to assist you.

    Is It Hard to Get a UPS Management Job?

    Getting a management position at UPS is mostly determined by seniority and internal promotions; however, there is a path to management that may be taken from the outside, but it is significantly more difficult.As soon as you apply, send in a letter of intent to join management so that you can get your career moving in the proper way.You will most likely begin as a part-time supervisor and work your way up the ladder.If you have previous managerial expertise, you are not required to begin as a package handler or a driver at the beginning of your career.

    It takes no more time to rise through the ranks of a driver than it does to get through the ranks of a package handler.Management has its own version of a career ladder that is distinct from the one that is used for hourly employees to advance.To go from package handler to management, however, you must first proclaim your plan to do so as soon as feasible, as a long-term objective, and then work toward that goal.

    Is It Hard to Become a UPS Pilot?

    To become a UPS pilot, you must have a few years of flight experience, preferably in the military or with a cargo airline.There are criteria for the position that are both regulation and specific to each airline.It is difficult and demanding, and it necessitates at least 1,000 hours of Pilot in Command experience.You may begin your training with Ameriflight, which is a flight path school designed specifically for people who want to become a UPS pilot.

    You’ll need to get your first qualifications first, and then you’ll be able to see where it takes you.Keep in mind that qualifications may be quite expensive, often exceeding $10,000.If you can save that much money by working at your current job while still pursuing your dream of becoming a UPS pilot, you should go for it because it is absolutely achievable.

    Related Questions

    Do UPS workers make good money?

    In the United States, UPS drivers earn anything from $20 to $39 an hour and can earn up to $100,000 in a year. For a driver, the starting compensation is often around $20 per hour. Package handlers are paid between $14.50 and $18 per hour.

    When do UPS seasonal jobs start?

    UPS’s seasonal recruiting began in October 2021 and will continue through January 2022, according to the company. UPS is now on the lookout for 100,000 additional seasonal employees for the upcoming Christmas shipping season.

    I went to an interview and did orientation and no one has called me or anything. I even bought my shoes to work. If you do orientation does this mean you are hired even though it’s on call?

    1. The question was answered on August 27, 2019. After the interview, you will be subjected to a background check, and if you pass, you will be given the position. No employer will need you to do all of the hiring paperwork for no reason. I have worked for UPS twice during the seasonal season, and this is how it works. Just keep calling
    2. it will eventually pay off.
    3. Answered on the 24th of January, 2019.
    4. I’m in the same boat as you, to be honest. They should have done something more normal and less ″giving your hopes up type feel,″ such as giving a yes or no answer after the interview, rather than ″oh yes, you have to come here at 4am and stay here for hours and fill out a ton of paper work.″ ″Oh yes, you have to come here at 4am and stay here for hours and fill out a ton of paper work,″ I said. What do you mean? Excuse me, but I’d want to know whether or not I’ll be offered a position right away and without any ambiguity
    5. The question was answered on November 29, 2018.
    6. I texted and called to make sure I had sold myself properly. I inquired as to when I could begin and whether I could begin before the following Friday, and they responded that I could begin the following day.
    7. I was tenacious in my pursuit
    8. The question was answered on October 24, 2018.
    9. It’s the same for me. However, I have not heard back from them despite attending orientation. I’ve emailed the human resources guy, and all he says is ″they will get in touch with you,″ which hasn’t happened yet.
    10. Answered on the 12th of March, 2018.
    11. This was a problem I encountered with a corporation as well. I was taken through drug testing, and they even took me to orientation, telling me that they would contact me after orientation. This is something I’ve never heard of before. When a corporation invests in you and sends you to orientation, this is typically referred to as a ″green light.″ To my ears, this seems like poor management. OBV something happened that they didn’t like, or else they wouldn’t have dismissed me as quickly as they did. I’ll call you back to let you know they’re no longer interested. This type of treatment should not be tolerated. In any case, we are either employing you or we aren’t hiring you! It’s not difficult! I’m going to phone their human resources department and see if I can find out what happened. In addition, I should be compensated for my time spent in the orientation class, as I essentially wasted it.

    Related questions (more answers below):

    1. On February 10, 2017, a Team Member (former employee) from Durham, North Carolina responded. Orientation does not imply that you have been hired. It implies that you may be chosen at random to report to work
    2. nonetheless,
    3. On February 9, 2017, Loader/Unloader (Former Employee) – Dallas, TXI received an answer.
    4. If you have not yet received notification that you have been employed, it is recommended to contact Human Resources to inquire about the status of your application.
    5. On January 12, 2017, a delivery driver assistant (seasonal) (former employee), based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, responded to a question.
    6. The firm was and continues to be excellent. Individually, the work atmosphere was second to none in terms of the quality of the experience. I found the experience to be professional, kind, and reasonably flexible to my scheduling requirements. The employees even had a sense of humor! In terms of manpower, anyone interested in working for UPS should be aware that the company may only hire a certain number of driver helpers per day, such as x20 or x30, or whatever number of helpers it requires for the holiday season. It follows that if you do not receive a call to work on a given day, it is likely that they have hired all of the help they require for that particular day. The following associate must consistently call in for work in the morning, and they may also get phone calls from drivers who may require the additional assistance on a particular day. Please be patient. Pray
    7. The question was answered on January 10, 2017 by a Supervisor (current employee) in Chicago, Illinois
    8. It does not, in fact
    9. On January 5, 2017, a driver (current employee) in Commerce City, Colorado 80022 responded.
    10. Their response time is terrible, and they don’t give you enough time to notify the other firm, as I requested that they do in my request. Your employer calls you out of the blue and tells you that you must report to work. the worst firm that ever existed

    The Hiring Process at UPS: Application

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