How To Package Homemade Soap?

One easy way to package your soap is to drop it in an appropriately sized box. Many companies sell soapboxes, and you can just add your own label and/or graphics to it. You can also use a custom box with a die-cut cutout in it.

What do you use to package your soap?

some of my own soap packaging ideas, using a soap dish, fun ribbon, scrapbook paper and lace! Wax seals make for a unique and personalized way to package your goods. Washi tape adds a fun touch to these kraft paper-wrapped packages.

How to give homemade soap as a holiday gift?

To give your homemade soaps as handmade holiday gifts, you may want to use a simple, round handmade with love sticker for your round soap bars. I also love this twist on using paper as one of the ways to package soap. Instead, The Humble Soaper uses breathable, gauze-like fabric as a unique way to wrap her homemade soaps.

Why do you need soap packaging ideas?

These soap packaging ideas will help your homemade soaps get the attention they so readily deserve, whether you’re giving them as gifts, or making homemade soaps to sell. You spend a lot of time learning the craft of soap making.

How do you Wrap Your homemade soaps?

Instead, The Humble Soaper uses breathable, gauze-like fabric as a unique way to wrap her homemade soaps. Rather than folding the fabric into the center of the soap bar, she instead ties the fabric on top as illustrated by this example of her natural round soap bars. Soaps boxes are one of the easiest ways to package soap.

What kind of paper do you wrap soap in?

You can easily use wrapping paper, tissue paper or scrapbook paper to add some interest and color to your soap packaging.

How do I package my bar soap?

You can either tightly wrap your soap in foodservice film, then wrap a piece of washi tape around the diameter of the bar. Or, you can cut brown paper to fit the diameter of your soap. Then wrap the paper around the diameter. Tape the paper closed.

How do you pack soap without plastic?

Packaging paper or tissue paper, with stickers or hemp twine to keep it together. Simple, printed paper (such as our 100% Recycled Office Paper), cut and wrapped around your soap. Custom sized retail boxes, if you need your soaps to be fully covered.

Can you wrap soap in parchment paper?

If your soap is fully cured, it’s perfectly fine to wrap the bars in paper. It could be brown parchment paper, gift wrapping paper, tissue paper, handmade paper, or even baking paper. Wrapping up bars of soap in paper makes each one like a mini- gift. Literally any paper will do too!

Can I wrap soap in wax paper?

Wax Paper (or other kinds of paper)

Basically, what you should do in this case is treat the bar of soap like a present that needs to be wrapped. Cut a piece of paper to the correct size, wrap each bar, and simply finish it off with a nice label or sticker to hold everything together.

How do you stop homemade soap from sweating?

There are 5 ways to prevent it so try it by:

  1. Wrapping your Soap in Plastic.
  2. Purchasing a low sweat soap base.
  3. Preparing an airtight drying container.
  4. Running a fan over the soap continually after the soap is unmoulded.
  5. Getting a dehumidifier in your soaping room.
  6. Don’t over boil your soap and stir frequently.

How do you store homemade soap after curing it?

During curing, store your soaps in a well-ventilated area allowing air to circulate freely. Keep away from heat elements and direct sunlight. Don’t allow your soaps to touch anything metallic as this may cause dreaded orange spots (DOS).

Do melt and pour soaps need to be wrapped?

While cold process soap should have contact with lots of air, melt and pour soap needs to be wrapped immediately. Melt and pour base contains added glycerin which allows it to melt. Glycerin is a natural humectant and attracts moisture in the air.

What do you wrap melt and pour soap in?

To wrap:

  • Lay a piece of plastic wrap flat on a table.
  • Place your soap on the plastic wrap face/front down.
  • Pull tightly as you grab each side of wrap and fold onto the back of the soap.
  • The front should be nice and tight and the back will have the gathered excess wrap.
  • How to make homemade soap in 6 Easy Steps?

    Step 1 – Cook Pour the coconut oil, olive oil, water and soda crystals into the boiler in the correct proportion and heat to 100 degrees.(It will take two days to cook the soap. It is the most dangerous part of soap production and needs to be experienced staffs to spread the water to cool it down and avoid the soap spilled.).

    How to make a simple natural homemade soap?

    But this simple To make the DIY mix, Chantel said you first of all need to mix half a cup of warm white vinegar with a quarter of a cup of dishwashing liquid. The mum-of-two uses dish soap from Nontre, which is Australian-owned, non-toxic and natural.

    How to make soap at home for beginners?

  • Gather all of your equipment and ingredients.
  • Weigh the lard and coconut oil into a large glass bowl.
  • Boil the water until the solid fats in the bowl are melted.
  • Meanwhile,weigh the sunflower oil into a separate bowl.
  • In a third large bowl,weigh the ice cubes.
  • In a small glass bowl or pyrex dish,weigh the lye while wearing safety glasses and gloves.
  • How good is homemade soap, and why?

  • Apricot Kernel Oil. Apricot kernel oil is a light oil that is similar to almond oil in its fatty acid makeup.
  • Almond Oil,Sweet. A lovely moisturizing oil that is very light and absorbs well.
  • Avocado Oil.
  • Babassu Oil.
  • Canola Oil.
  • Castor Oil.
  • Coconut Oil.
  • Corn Oil.
  • Emu Oil.
  • Hemp Seed Oil.
  • How to Package Homemade Soap

    • As an Amazon Associate, I receive money when people make purchases via my links.
    • Do you enjoy creating your own soap?
    • 20+ innovative methods to package your handmade soap products are included in this post.
    • I posted my DIY Confetti Soap a few months ago, and it served as an inspiration for me to look for innovative soap packaging ideas on the internet.
    • And, let me tell you, there is no shortage of inspiration.
    • There are so many creative ways to package handmade soap that I simply had to put together a post to share some of my faves with you!

    Let’s get this party started…I really like how natural and rustic the soap container appears to be!Here’s where you can get corrugated paper that looks similar!

    The use of watercolor sheets on this soap package adds such a whimsical touch!This creative soap packaging concept made of fabric is so much fun and different!utilizing some of my own soap packaging ideas, which include a soap dish, colorful ribbon, scrapbook paper, and lace!

    Using wax seals to package your items adds a special and customized touch to the process.via Washi tape provides a playful touch to these kraft paper-wrapped presents, which are available here.through Twine and small hearts, perhaps?It’s just nice!

    1. via Bird-themed papers give elegance and a sense of infinite beauty to any project.
    2. Again, I’ll be using washi tape and string.
    3. It’s just stunning.
    4. through This is a very cute bee cutout!
    5. through I really like how cheerful the soap container is!
    6. through Stamps and kraft tags are an excellent approach to inform clients about the type of soap they are receiving!
    1. through Increase the value of your homemade soap packing by include a soap dish and a towel.
    2. through The use of wax stamps and tissue paper gives this package a unique and inspirational look.
    3. through Another wonderful idea for packaging, this time using a soap dish!
    4. Is there anything that jute twine can’t do?
    5. (via) No, I didn’t believe that.
    6. through I really like this straightforward and beautiful packing strategy.
    1. The rustic attractiveness of this soap is enhanced by the use of beautifully designed vintage-inspired tags.
    2. via Another fantastic application for cupcake liners!
    3. via Making your own soap as a wedding favor?
    4. Please accept my invitation!
    5. Ideas that are both entertaining and innovative.
    6. Thank you for taking the time to read about my favorite soap packaging options.

    Wishing you a good day!Woodland animals printables (free woodland printables for kids-six designs) Previous simple matchbook advent calendar Next woodland animals printables

    Creative Ways to Package Soap for Sale Or Handmade Holiday Gifts

    • This collection of simple soap packaging and labeling ideas is perfect if you’re seeking for unique methods to package soap for sale in order to distinguish your product at craft fairs and gatherings.
    • Continue reading to find out how to package handmade soap for sale in the most effective way and set your soaps apart from the competition.
    • Learn how to make some of my favorite handmade soap recipes for winter skin care, as well as some of my favorite winter skin care products.

    Creative Ways to Package Soap

    Just because the homemade soaps you sell must include the weight and an ingredient list does not imply that you must utilize a standard soap label in their presentation. Think beyond the box when it comes to packaging your cold process soap bars if you’re seeking for unique methods to present them. Find out how to legally label homemade soaps for sale in this tutorial.

    Easy Ways to Package Soap Using Scrapbook Supplies

    • In order to embellish these handmade soap bars, I utilized scrapbooking products and baker’s twine.
    • Simply print your ingredient list and other information onto squares of cardstock and cut them out using scissors.
    • Then, using baker’s twine or a colorful ribbon, tie the ingredient list to the bottom or back of the soap bars to complete the project.
    • Simply tuck the ingredient list under the baker’s string to keep it safe while you work on your soap project.
    • As an added bonus, this is an excellent way to box soap for seasonal and handcrafted holiday presents.
    • It’s really as simple as tying ribbon, string, or twine around chipboard pieces, cardboard cutouts, and felt forms to your soaps to make them seem more festive.

    To package your soaps like miniature presents, you can use patterned scrapbook paper from a craft store.After that, your information or message is displayed on a personalized cigar band.The combination of a bespoke cigar band and patterned poppy paper from The Creative Artisan Co.

    is fantastic.This pair of personalized soap labels may be ordered together or separately, and they can be customized with your own unique company logo or message for use on handcrafted soap wedding favors.Alternatively, try all-in-one custom soap packaging, such as this custom soap packaging design by Andrea Tips, which wraps and labels your soap in a single step using a single piece of equipment.

    The soap wrapping equipment, for example, makes it possible to hand wrap your handcrafted soaps exactly every time.I particularly like this easy concept for wrapping leather cording around shaped soaps and accenting with herbs like rosemary, which is quite inexpensive.It’s a fairly simple way to add that additional special touch to your handcrafted Christmas presents this season.

    How to Package Round Soap

    • Using washi tape to package spherical soap is one of my favorite methods of packaging.
    • You have two options for completing this task.
    • You may either securely wrap your soap with foodservice film and then wrap a piece of washi tape around the circumference of the bar, or you can use a combination of both methods.
    • Alternatively, you may cut a piece of brown paper to suit the circumference of your soap.
    • Then wrap the paper around the circumference of the circle.
    • Close the paper with a piece of tape.

    After that, cover the brown paper with ornamental washi tape (as pictured above.) For those searching for other packaging options for their soaps to sell, you may wrap your label around the circumference of your soap instead of using washi tape.Alternatively, one of the following methods for packaging round soap can be used.I really like how visually appealing the soap label is on these different methods to package soap from Etsy vendors.

    Sweet fig goat milk soap from Fish Princess Farm is packaged in patterned paper or fabric with a circular sticker label, which is one of the most frequent ways to package soap.You may also use simple colored tissue paper, such as this bar of handcrafted shaving soap from Crow Sparrow Wares, which is an example of what you can do.If you want to offer your homemade soaps as handmade holiday presents, you may choose to use a basic, round handmade with love sticker for your round soap bars if you want to give them as handmade holiday gifts.

    I really like this new take on the traditional use of paper as a packaging material for soap.Instead, The Humble Soaper wraps her homemade soaps in permeable, gauze-like fabric, which she describes as ″a novel technique to wrap homemade soaps.″ This example of her natural round soap bars illustrates how she uses fabric to tie the top of her soap bars rather than folding it into the middle as in the previous example.

    Ways to Package Soap in Boxes

    • Soap boxes are one of the most straightforward methods of packaging soap.
    • However, just because you package your soap in a box does not imply that it must be ″rectangular.″ This unicorn bath bomb box from Tyars Essentials is festively themed and would be a lovely container for unicorn or horn shaped soaps.
    • For this project, you will need a Cricut machine, which you can get for free from the manufacturer’s website.) Eco-friendly carton soap boxes will help your green soapmaking firm stand out from the competition.
    • The carton soap boxes from GREENKraft are available in three different sizes and are made entirely of recyclable cardboard that can be recycled again and again.
    • They also include a cute tiny glass in the front so you can show off your homemade soaps while they are not in use.
    • This set of custom apothecary labels from Substation Paperie, in particular, I think looks very lovely with them.

    Packaging your homemade soaps in gable boxes and pillow boxes, such as these from Cookiebox Store, is another excellent option for giving them as handcrafted Christmas presents.Alternatively, you may try these transparent boxes.These transparent soap boxes are a fashionable way to package melt & pour macaron shaped soaps, and they’re also great for homemade soap wedding favors.

    How to Package Homemade Soap Bars in Bags

    • Using bags to package soap for sell or to give as homemade Christmas presents is also one of the most convenient methods.
    • Monita Natural Care sells attractive burlap bags for her handmade soaps, which may be used for present giving as well as for storage.
    • However, it’s also a terrific source of inspiration for creating your own burlap bags for homemade Christmas soap presents, which you can get here.
    • USCreativeshop offers these cotton muslin printed tote bags in bulk, which are perfect for employee presents, wedding favors, or displaying soap products for sale.
    • They are available in a range of sizes to accommodate your specific requirements.
    • I particularly appreciate the fact that these bags may be used over and over again.
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    Check out these more soap packing ideas for more inspiration on how to package soap for sale or to give as homemade Christmas presents this holiday season.You may also find other soap packaging and labeling options on Etsy, which you can see here.Alternatively, you may browse my chosen collection of handmade soaps.

    Otherwise, continue reading for some of my favorite homemade soap recipes for winter skin care that I’ve collected over the years.

    Best Homemade Soap Recipes for Winter Skin Care

    • If you suffer from dry skin or eczema throughout the winter, or at any other time of the year, it may be time to mix up your natural skin care regiment. These handmade soap recipes are ideal for skin care throughout the cold months. All of these winter handmade soap recipes are produced with natural skin conditioning components and are designed to nourish skin without stripping it. If you have dry skin, you will appreciate the difference a moisturizing, gentle washing soap can make. Homemade Cold Process Soap Recipe for Dry Skin
    • Simple Beginner Soap Recipe for Winter Skin Care
    • Natural Bacuri Butter & Murumuru Soap Recipe
    • All Natural Pine Tar Soap Recipe for Eczema
    • Homemade Coffee Soap Recipe
    • Natural Bacuri Butter & Murumuru Soap Recipe
    • Natural Bacuri Butter & Murumuru Soap Recipe
    • Natural Bacuri Butter & Murumuru Soap Recipe
    • Natural Bacuri Butter & Mur
    • Additional recipes include: Extra Nourishing Brazilian Triple Butter Soap
    • Green Apple Soap Recipe with Apple Powder
    • Coffee, Cocoa & egg soap recipe
    • and Luxury Double Butter Soap recipe.
    • Recipes for Homemade Yogurt Soap for Skin Health
    • Easy Olive & Babassu Soap Recipe
    • and more.
    • The following recipes include: Half & Half Milk Soap with Turmeric
    • Coconut Milk Soap with Lavender Essential Oil
    • Homemade Apple Donut Soap Recipe
    • Aloe Vera Soap Recipe with Neem Oil
    • Aloe Vera Soap Recipe with Neem Oil
    • Aloe Vera Soap Recipe with Neem Oil.
    • Plantain Soap Recipe with Frankincense Essential Oil
    • Yogurt & Banana Soap Recipe with Flax Seed Oil
    • Plantain Soap Recipe with Frankincense Essential Oil
    • Do you have images of your handmade soaps or amazing ideas for soap packaging?
    • When you post photographs of soap packaging ideas on Instagram, make remember to use the hashtag #soapdelishowoff to identify your posts.
    • Follow me on your favorite social media sites if you want to learn how to make your own handmade soap.
    • You may find me on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Blog Lovin’, and Instagram, among other social media platforms.
    • Alternative options include subscribing to Soap Deli News through email to receive future updates, DIY projects, and cooking inspiration.

    Soap Packaging Ideas: Ways to Package to Soap To Gift or Sell

    • When it comes to demonstrating the worth of your handcrafted soaps, presentation is everything.
    • With these handmade soap packaging options, whether you’re giving them as presents or manufacturing them for a business, your homemade soaps will get the attention they so well deserve.
    • You devote a significant amount of effort to mastering the art of soap manufacturing.
    • It comes easily to certain people.
    • Many of us devote years to the process, creating our own homemade soap recipes and giving them as gifts to friends and family so that they may act as our tiny test subjects and provide feedback.
    • They, on the other hand, seem to like it.

    Though no matter how beautiful the soaps we manufacture come out, coming up with creative soap packaging ideas may be a major undertaking.Whether you’re creating homemade soap to give as a gift or to sell at your local farmer’s market, craft fairs, or online marketplaces such as Etsy, how you present your soap is critical.Here’s how to make homemade soap that looks professional.

    You have the potential to create a fantastic product.Unfortunately, if something doesn’t appear to be what it claims to be, it is typically overlooked.When I first started blogging, I wrote a terrific piece about inventive ways to package soap for sell or to give as homemade Christmas presents.

    In that piece, I shared some of my own unique soap packaging ideas, which are ideal for gift-giving throughout the holiday season.This includes ideas for packaging round soaps, suggestions for environmentally friendly soap packaging, suggestions for bespoke soap packaging, suggestions for packing soap in boxes, and suggestions for packaging homemade soap bars in bags.In addition, I included a link to one of my favorite handmade soap recipes for winter skin protection.I wanted to give some new soap packaging options for you to try this year because that post was so popular and continues to be so popular.

    Common Soap Packaging Ideas

    • It has always been a major struggle for me to design personalized soap labels, and it continues to be so.
    • Many of us, despite the fact that we are gifted in a variety of ways, are capable of performing some fairly incredible accomplishments.
    • This includes everything from making the ideal handcrafted soap bar to encouraging followers and consumers to interact with us via social media.
    • Graphic design, on the other hand, or more specifically, designing those labels that highlight our work — and, in the case of those who sell handcrafted soaps, establishing a place for the appropriate weight and ingredient list — is a more difficult undertaking.
    • The good news is that there are soap packaging options available that take the uncertainty out of creating labels for our products.

    Custom Soap Packaging & Labels with Editable Templates

    • Fortunately, there are a variety of economical choices available to assist us in labeling and packaging our soaps, even if we have no clue where to begin.
    • One excellent alternative for packing soaps is to use editable and printable templates.
    • This editable soap label from Custominted includes pre-designed soap labels that have a clean, modern appearance to them.
    • Simply choose your color scheme, then change the label to include information about your firm (or an unique message), as well as any other essential information you’d expect to see on a label for handcrafted soap.
    • Not only does this simple soap packaging concept have ample space for everything – including an ingredient list!
    • – but it also includes social network buttons, allowing you to easily include your handle.

    As well as customizable soap labels, Custominted offers a variety of wonderful packaging options for all of your handcrafted products.These include body butters, body oils, dropper bottles with essential oil drams and candle tins, among other options.Additionally, if you are just beginning started, there are a variety of different business card designs to pick from.

    This means that creating and labeling your very first line of handmade items to sell will be a breeze.These body oil labels from Custominted are a gorgeous, contemporary way to quickly and simply identify some of your other items while maintaining a professional appearance.As a result, Perfect Printables offers some excellent ideas for packaging soap.

    Making soap bands is made simple with these editable soap labels, which have a rustic appearance and are simple to make.Besides soap labels, they also provide circular adhesive labels for your other bath and body items in a range of styles, as well as contemporary soap label designs.As if that weren’t enough, So Perfect Printables also offers customizable lip balm labels, which I really enjoy!(Creating lip balm labels is by far the most hardest thing I’ve ever done.)

    Pre-Printed Soap Labels and Soap Wrapping Kits

    • If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of printing packaging for your soaps, you can have your labels developed and custom printed at the same location!
    • The Creative Artisan Co.
    • makes it simple to obtain that unique personal touch that larger corporations cannot provide on their own.
    • I really like their personalized botanical soap packaging package.
    • It includes botanical wrapping paper for your handcrafted soaps, as well as personalized sticker soap labels that have been pre-printed with your company’s logo.
    • Additionally, in addition to different soap wrapping design kits and labels, The Creative Artisan Co.

    now sells washi tape, ribbon and fabric labels, as well as gift bags and topping options.Another innovative way to package handmade soaps is to use a window soap label, which can be seen through the glass.They feature a window cut out of the middle of the label in the form of your choice, making them one-of-a-kind cigar band soap labels.

    Julry Partz provides pre-printed soap labels that may be customized.They are cigar band type labels with window cut outs in various forms, including butterflies and hummingbirds as well as flowers, ovals, dragonflies and moons, among others.Not only are these labels reasonably priced, but they also provide a distinctive, no-fuss method of packaging your handcrafted soaps.

    Boxes for Homemade Soap Packaging

    • Of all, soap labels are only one component of the process of packaging handmade soap.
    • If you aren’t planning on selling your homemade soaps, you may want to avoid labeling them altogether.
    • Alternatively, you may opt to reduce the number of different types of labels you utilize.
    • The use of soap boxes is yet another simple method of presenting your handmade soaps.
    • Although they allow for the addition of a label, they do not require one if it is not required for giving purposes.
    • Andrea’s Organic Market’s homemade yarrow soap bar is a great example of how simple it is to package your soaps in a simple cardboard box using recycled materials.

    Only a small amount of crinkle paper filler is required to prevent the soap from sliding about inside the container.Not only is this rustic soap packaging design simple to replicate, but it is also environmentally beneficial due to the fact that the soap container is entirely biodegradable.For a more beautiful presentation, consider adding a personalised sticker or tying the box shut with ribbon.

    The outside of a basic kraft paper box may be embellished with a variety of ornamental features.Serendipity Naturals’ Christmas Spice soaps are packaged in a brown box that has been wrapped in a doily and then fastened with ribbon and a gift tag.Eco-friendly boxes, on the other hand, do not have to be strictly square or rectangular in shape.

    Some soap boxes include innovative features, such as window cutouts, that you may use into your design concept, such as this raw honey soap from Mama Bee Soaps, which has a creative design.Other soap packaging concepts that make use of boxes include egg carton-shaped boxes and clamshell containers.Another one of my favorite soap packaging ideas is this one, which is perfect for egg-shaped or circular soaps.Simple embellishments such as a ribbon tied around an egg carton container or a lovely sticker, such as this one from Gallery in the Garden, can be used.

    1. Substation Paperie also has a great concept for packaging egg-shaped soaps, which I think is brilliant.
    2. This technique may be applied with any type of washi tape, such as this one created with love washi tape, as a simple way to add a decorative element to a plain cardboard box or egg carton without requiring any effort.
    3. You may also use transparent boxes to package your handmade soaps, or colorful boxes that match your company’s logo to package your homemade soaps.
    4. Alternatively, you may put handmade soap in kraft pillow boxes, which are inexpensive and easy to come by.
    5. Alternatively, you may learn more about several methods to package round soaps by visiting this page.

    Package Soap in Bags

    • As an alternative to labeling your soaps or packing your handmade soap in boxes, you may alternatively wrap your soaps in zip-lock bags.
    • It is possible to utilize a wide range of different types of bags, such as organza bags, waxed or paper bags, and fabric or muslin bags, among others.
    • When it comes to packaging handmade soap, these elegant muslin bags from Kiln Fired Diffusers are fantastic.
    • These bags are an excellent alternative if you don’t have a very attractive bar of soap because they are both beautiful and conceal the soap within.
    • You may also use a stamp and fabric ink to decorate simple muslin bags to package soap in order to make your own beautiful bags for the job.
    • Alternatively, soap savers are a unique and entertaining alternative to traditional soap packing.

    Moreover, in addition to the handcrafted soap, they present your consumer or gift receiver with a second additional gift.This soap packaging concept from Pigeon River Soaps is yet another inventive method to package handmade soaps in muslin bags, as seen here.These soap favors are first wrapped in a muslin bag, which is then embellished with cotton thread and raffia to create a festive appearance.

    The finishing touch is provided with a button in the center.For additional soap packing options for soap wedding favors, check out this post.Clear cellophane bags can also be used as an alternative.

    They allow you to view the soap that is contained within the bag, which is particularly attractive if you have a fancy bar of soap that you want to display.If you need to mark the bag, you can easily attach a label to the reverse of the bag or tie it to the ribbon that is used to close the bag.This soap packaging concept from Queen B Soapworks is a terrific example of how to package your soap using clear cellophane bags, which is a popular choice these days.Then utilizes the translucent bags to display the honeycomb-shaped soaps that are contained within them, and she closes the bags with a gold ribbon.

    1. In addition, this best-selling antique soap décor from Naturally Taylored demonstrates how to package soap in bags, which is a useful technique.
    2. In this instance, twine is utilized to tie the bag shut instead of ribbon, and a sticker label is attached to the front of the bag for aesthetic purposes.
    3. If you want to sell your homemade soaps, you may want to include an ingredient list on the back of the package as well as the front.
    4. (Learn how to label soaps that will be sold.)

    Use Tins for Soap Packaging

    • Tins are yet another excellent option for packaging your soaps.
    • For guest-size soap bars, circular soap tins can be used as a container.
    • Alternatively, rectangle-shaped tins can be used to package single-use soap slivers or travel soaps, such as these single-use travel soap slices from Mint and Soak (shown above).
    • Additionally, tins are an excellent method to store shaving soaps and provide replacement soap bars.
    • Another excellent packing idea for soaps is to place them in little tin buckets.
    • Personally, I like this easy present idea from Personally.

    Andrea presents an assortment of soaps in an attractive gift tin for her friends and family.This effect is achieved by first wrapping the soaps in parchment paper and then wrapping bakers twine around them and tying a bow over them.Then she arranges a collection of soaps in a cellophane bag, embellishing it with a ribbon and jingle bells to lend a festive touch to the package.

    Last but not least, the soaps are packaged in a reusable metal bucket for giving.You can view images of the procedure as it unfolded here, step by step.

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    Unique Soap Packaging Ideas You May Not Have Considered

    • Soap packaging options include the use of cigar band labels and sticker labels, as well as the packing of soap in boxes, bags, or tins, among other things.
    • It is the small details that distinguish these techniques of packaging handmade soaps from others that make them stand out.
    • When it comes to packaging your soaps, you are not required to use labels or boxes.
    • The following are some other inventive soap packaging ideas that I believe are both lovely and distinctive in their own right.

    Wrap Soaps in Fabric

    • Fabric can be used to package soap instead of paper, if that is what you want.
    • Simply cut a piece of cloth large enough to wrap around your handmade soap bar and tie the ends together.
    • Next, wrap the soap in the same manner as you would a gift or a present if you were to use wrapping paper to do so.
    • To keep the cloth closed, a little piece of tape can be used to secure it.
    • You may also use a piece of ribbon or washi tape to hold the cloth in place if you prefer that option.
    • Alternatively, a wax seal in a complimentary or contrasting hue might be used.

    Felt Homemade Soap in Lieu of Packaging

    • In the same way that cold process soaps may be wrapped in cloth, they can also be wrapped in felt!
    • Felting is a fun and easy method to design your handmade soaps while also packaging them.
    • Wool felt and the wet felting procedure are used to coat your soap bars in order to make them look felted.
    • Then, if desired, use a needle felting method to embellish the front of the felt with a design.
    • As the soap is used up, the felt shrinks as a result of the soap usage.
    • Not only is wool naturally antimicrobial, but it also helps to increase the lather of your handmade soaps while also providing light exfoliation.

    Woolove’s felted soap is a beautiful illustration of how beautiful felted soap can appear when done right.You may decorate your soaps with any image or pattern you choose to commemorate a special occasion or holiday.

    Use Ephemera for Soap Packaging

    • You may use ephemera to package your soaps and give them a particular flair, much like you would with scrapbook or decorative paper.
    • Each of these handcrafted soaps from Cats in the Cradle Farmhouse Soap and Vintage Treasures is wrapped with vintage papers, sheet music, and other ephemera before being knotted together with twine.
    • After that, a button is added as an extra aesthetic feature to complete this soap container concept.

    Package Your Soap with A Soap Dish or Ceramic Tray

    • The combination of soap and a soap dish or ceramic tray is another straightforward method of presenting soaps.
    • All that is required for this idea is that you set the bar of soap in a soap dish of your choice.
    • Once you’ve done that, tie the soap and the soap dish together with a ribbon.
    • If at all feasible, I recommend using a soap dish with a self-draining bottom.
    • Using this method, the soap can dry between uses.
    • As a result, your handmade soap will last far longer.

    These porcelain soap dishes from are one of my favorites.They are ideal for delivering soaps as handcrafted presents to friends and family.Alternatively, for a less expensive option, I really like these wooden soap dishes from Purple Haz Designs, as well as these leaf-shaped soap dishes from the same company.

    Berry Baskets

    • One of my favorite soap packaging ideas is to utilize berry baskets, which is one of my personal favorites.
    • Berry baskets offer soaps that are comparable to those found in a box.
    • They do, however, provide the impression that the presentation is more like a gift basket.
    • Additionally, in addition to being able to package numerous soaps at the same time inside of a berry basket, you can also include additional goods such as a solid lotion or lip balm.
    • For handcrafted presents, I prefer to fill a berry basket with crinkle paper filler, add my items, and then tie it all together with a large fabric bow to finish it off.
    • As with the gift container concept that we discussed earlier, this option for packing handmade soaps is similar.

    If you want to sell your homemade soaps for a profit, you should utilize disposable berry baskets for these soap packaging ideas in order to save money on packing materials.A broad variety of colors and patterns are available in paper berry baskets for purchase.Wooden berry baskets, like as these from Pink Lemonade Party, are another attractive and economical option to package soaps, whether for handcrafted presents for friends and family or for gift baskets that you intend to sell at a craft fair or market.

    Alternatively, if you are gifting your homemade soaps in berry baskets, I think ceramic berry baskets would be a lovely way to package the soaps.Furthermore, they are not only long-lasting, but they can also be utilized for a variety of other purposes.

    Gardening Soap Packaging Ideas

    It is absolutely wonderful that Pigeon River Soap decided to package their gardener’s soap with a pair of gardening gloves. If you are searching for soap packaging ideas for your gardener’s soap, this is the one to go with! You may also add seed packages or a gardening shovel or spade to this concept to make it more elaborate.

    Notes on Packaging Melt and Pour Soaps

    • While all of these soap packaging options are suitable for cold process soaps, they may not all be suitable for melt and pour soaps due to differences in formulation.
    • Considering that melt and pour soaps have a tendency to sweat, it is possible that you will need to wrap your melt and pour soaps with foodservice film or shrink wrap film before placing them in other items.
    • When packaging melt and pour soaps in paper or cloth, or other moisture-absorbing materials, this is very important to keep in mind.
    • More soap packaging ideas may be found on Etsy in my enlarged collection of ways to package soap, which you can find here.
    • In case you like my collection of soap packaging ideas, you might also appreciate my collection of handmade soap recipe ideas.
    • Alternatively, you can follow Soap Deli News on Blog Lovin’, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram for even more fantastic DIY ideas.

    how to package homemade soap

    • Do you enjoy creating your own soap?
    • This post is for you if you sell your soap and are seeking for new and innovative methods to package your homemade soap products.
    • Soap packaging is a popular theme among many artists and designers nowadays.
    • For individuals who sell homemade soap, creative packaging may elevate the product to a higher level of quality and increase the likelihood of a sale.
    • Presentation, contrary to popular belief, is everything!
    • Even while soap packaging is critical, it does not have to be difficult or expensive to create.

    Using products I already had on hand, I’m going to share three methods for wrapping soap with you today.I hope this has given you some ideas for your own soap wrapping and packing!Furthermore, you are not need to produce your own handcrafted soap in order to provide a creative present.

    I really like this soap because it is affordable and can be given as a gift.Repackaging it in a unique and elegant manner certainly takes the gift to the next level!First and foremost, I enjoy giving soap in a beautiful soap dish.

    When you add a distinctive ribbon wrapped into a knot or bow, you’ve got yourself a thoughtful and creative present!This next soap package idea has the potential to be my personal favorite.Wrap the soap with a piece of lace (kraft paper or scrapbook paper would also work well here), and connect some greenery to the top with a length of twine to complete the look.I used artificial foliage, but real greenery or blossoms would also look lovely in this arrangement.

    1. The notion of using Christmas tree cuttings during the holiday season (as well as the aroma!) is fantastic!
    2. Finally, a simple piece of scrapbook paper (or wrapping paper) tied together with a length of paper twine offers a simple, yet stunning, presentation for your gift.
    3. Try using paper twine in your crafts if you haven’t already.
    4. It’s a great addition to any project!
    5. Your creative endeavors will benefit from the addition of this paper embellishment, which adds dimension and texture.
    6. I’d want to know how you package your homemade foods in a straightforward manner.
    1. Thank you for taking the time to read about my handmade soap packaging ideas!
    2. Wishing you a good day!

    Soap Packaging Ideas (new ideas for wrapping your homemade soap)

    • Are you looking for new ideas for soap packaging?
    • I’m in the same boat!
    • You can wrap soaps in so many different ways that are both artistic and simple to do.
    • Today, I’m going to show you some unique soap packaging ideas that you can use for gift giving, selling, or even for your own personal use.
    • You’re certain to uncover a simple wrapping idea that you’ll adore!
    • Making handmade soap for presents and for our personal use is something I like doing.

    There are countless soap types to pick from; select your favorite form, color, and smell to make your soap really unique!It’s always a priority for me to make the soap as attractive as possible whether presenting it as a gift or include it in a gift basket.Soap packaging should absolutely be taken into mind when you are making your own handmade soap, if presentation is truly important to you.

    I recently published my DIY Confetti Soap, which prompted me to search for interesting soap packaging ideas on Pinterest.I hope you enjoy it!And, let me tell you, there is no shortage of inspiration.

    There are so many creative options for soap packaging out there that I simply had to put together a post to share some of my favorites with you!But first, if any of the packaging materials seen in the movie appeal to you, please visit my SHOP page for all of the relevant links and information.So let’s get this party started.Here are some of our favorite soap packaging options, which are great for selling, giving as hostess presents, or giving as gifts…

    Packaging for Soap (Ideas and Inspiration)

    • I really like how natural and rustic the soap container appears to be!
    • Here’s where you can get corrugated paper that looks similar!
    • The use of watercolor sheets on this soap package adds such a whimsical touch!
    • Make your own, or purchase one from an online retailer such as Etsy, eBay, or
    • via Alternatively, how about a lovely mesh bag?
    • You may purchase bulk bags at a reasonable price, and then just print out your logo and wrap it around the bag!

    the source is unknown Honestly, I believe this is a fantastic concept!Make a soap package out of kraft paper, attach a sticker label with a handwritten name, and decorate with greenery!It’s very simple and gorgeous!

    via And while we’re on the subject of greenery, find out more about drying eucalyptus!Preserved eucalyptus leaves are a cheap way to add a finishing touch to your soap containers.Is it possible to wrap soap in fabric?

    What an OUTSTANDING concept!The utilization of fabric remnants in this manner is quite creative!thanks to some of my own soap packaging ideas (that incredibly lovely ribbon is from Etsy, and I get asked all the time where I got it!Using wax seals to package your items adds a special and customized touch to the process.

    1. You may even use your own seal as a corporate logo if you so choose!
    2. via The addition of washi tape to these kraft paper-wrapped presents adds a playful touch.
    3. via What do you get when you combine twine and little hearts?
    4. It’s just nice!
    5. via The use of bird-themed papers adds elegance and unlimited charm to any project.
    6. Wrapping paper, tissue paper, and scrapbook paper may all be used to add some interest and color to your soap package without any difficulty.
    1. via Once again, the washi and twine are used!
    2. Don’t forget to visit my SHOP page for links to purchase both, or visit my Soap Shop article for more information.
    3. It’s just stunning.
    4. via This is such a cute bee cutout!
    5. You could easily create a cutout in any shape you desire..
    6. Simply purchase a shape cutter from Amazon or your local craft store to get started.
    1. via Love how happy this soap packaging is!
    2. Simple wrapping paper, a bow and a tag are all you need.
    3. via Stamps + kraft tags are a great way to let customers know what kind of soap they’re getting!
    4. via Add a soap dish and cloth to your homemade soap packaging for extra value!
    5. Places like Homegoods and World Market often have a great selection of soap dishes and cloths.
    6. via Wax stamps and tissue paper make this packaging so inspiring.

    via Another lovely idea for packaging with a soap dish!You can find soap dishes on amazon or places like Home Goods.via This is such a great idea!A ready-to-go soap packaging kit!It has everything you need to package your soap professionally and attractively.Is there anything jute twine can’t do?

    1. No, I didn’t believe that.
    2. via Love this simple and elegant packaging technique.
    3. You can even change out the embellishment depending on the season or scent of the soap!
    4. via I love the shape of these printable kraft soap labels.
    5. Either print, or use a custom stamp, for easy and inexpensive packaging for soap.
    6. The rustic attractiveness of this soap is enhanced by the use of beautifully designed vintage-inspired tags.

    via Wrap your soap like confectionary for a fun twist.Just take fun papers (not too thick or they won’t twist well), leave some extra length at the ends, and twist for a unique shape.via Another fantastic application for cupcake liners!Cupcake liners are CHEAP and come in so so many colors and patterns.The sky is definitely the limit!

    • via Making your own soap as a wedding favor?
    • Please accept my invitation!
    • Just use ribbon or paper and print out your wedding details and wrap and adhere with double sided tape!

    Whether it’s for a gift, your own guest bath, or to sell, soap packaging matters.Hope these easy and inexpensive packaging ideas help inspire you!Thanks for reading all about my favorite soap packaging ideas!

    Have a great day!

    Eco Friendly Soap Packaging Ideas for Gift Giving

    Eco-friendly soap packaging ideas for your own handmade gifts. All can be recreated simply and inexpensively using paper, string, lace, fabric, and other natural materials

    • It’s the run-up to the holidays, and you might be starting to think about what to get for your loved ones as gifts.
    • If you’re anything like me, you’ll have a long list of homemade presents and delicacies to complete before the holidays.
    • Making handmade gifts can be a lot of fun, as well as a great way to save money and make the gift-giving experience more personal.
    • When done properly, producing a small batch of soap and packing it in attractive packaging is an excellent way to spend your time and resources.
    • They can be presented as a stand-alone gift with a tiny card, included in a small gift package, or stuffed into stockings for the holidays.
    • These are some suggestions for how to make your homemade soap stand out when it is given as a gift.
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    I prefer to work with materials that have a natural appearance and feel to them, as well as materials that are visually appealing.It’s possible to recreate all of the ideas listed below using scraps of paper and string that you already have at home.The remainder of the supplies may be obtained at a local craft store.

    Make handmade soap for gifts

    • Not to worry if you want to make your own homemade soap but don’t know where to start. We’ve got you covered. My free natural soap making course will guide you through the process, whether you’re making it for yourself or as gifts. It covers the fundamental concepts you need understand, as well as terminology and step-by-step directions on how to produce soap from scratch. Ingredients
    • Equipment and Safety
    • Basic Recipes and Formulating Your Own
    • Preparing a Meal from Scratch
    • The Soap Making Process: Make, Mould, and Cure
    • How to Cure Handmade Soap
    • The Soap Making Process: Make, Mould, and Cure

    I also strongly advise that you cure all of the soap that you give as presents in the appropriate manner. The curing step is mostly concerned with drying out the soap – wet soap will moisten paper and thread, resulting in a sloppy mess on your hands. Trust me on this.

    Simple Soap Packaging with Bows

    • A bow is the quickest and most straightforward method to embellish handcrafted soap.
    • There are many other materials that may be used to produce them, such as satin ribbon, plain string, baker’s twine, culinary twine, or even embroidery thread.
    • Make use of what you already have at home or go to a craft or dollar shop for supplies.
    • One way I’d suggest is to choose colors that are in stark contrast to one another.
    • If your soap is all cream and white, choose materials that are bright and vibrant.
    • Rather than using bright colors, opt for more natural tones, such as the raffia ribbon in the photo above.

    Even the most rustic of your soaps will look fantastic with a ribbon on top to dress them up a little.Taking this concept a step further, I’d suggest collecting four little bars of soap in a variety of colors or smells and placing them all in a box.Consider how lovely they’ll look with their individual bows on each of their shoulders.

    Wrapping handmade soap in wash cloths

    • Using a reusable material to adorn homemade soap is one of the most environmentally responsible methods to do it.
    • The most apparent material to use is a soft wash cloth, but any piece of fabric would do just well.
    • It might be a conventional terry cloth or a more simple fabric, such as the one seen in the photo above, to use.
    • Don’t you think it’s a lovely design?
    • This is where I’m going to let you in on a little secret that’s hidden under that fabric.
    • It’s actually not a face-washing cloth, as the name implies.

    The rag in question is sold in packs of five at my local grocery store, and it’s marketed as a kitchen wash cloth to consumers.These may be found in the Co-op supermarket chain in the United Kingdom.It’s possible that you’ll be able to discover them online or that your mother or grandmother may know where to look.

    Grannies are well-versed in the procurement of all home goods.You may also make your own soft cotton washcloths by knitting or crocheting them.I can’t think that they would be that difficult or expensive to produce, and they will add much more significance to your handcrafted present.

    Decorate Handmade Soap with Lace

    • Another wonderful and straightforward idea is to use lace to embellish handcrafted soap.
    • Simply cut a length of lace long enough to wrap around the soap once, and then place the bars of soap in a present box.
    • Lace in a variety of designs and colors will look stunning when used together.
    • Presented with an antique tea cup candle, I can see how these might be quite attractive.
    • It’s possible that you’ll enjoy this activity if you enjoy manufacturing candles.
    • Lace may be purchased from fabric stores or ordered online.

    Vintage lace is certainly out of the question for me because it will be significantly more expensive.Another advantage is that a lot of current lace is made primarily of acrylic, which means that it will not collect moisture in the same way that older lace may.Although a lot of lace is available in tiny ribbons, you may also find broader varieties.

    These ones might cover the majority of the bar and seem really attractive as compared to others that may only have a narrow strip of lace.If you are decorating and giving soap, using two or more contrasting ornaments may truly enhance the appearance of your homemade bars.

    Packaging soap with paper

    • If your soap has been fully cured, it is absolutely OK to wrap the bars in paper before storing them.
    • Depending on your preference, brown parchment paper, present wrapping tissue paper, handmade paper, or even baking paper can be used.
    • Wrapping each bar of soap in paper makes it feel like a mini-gift to the recipient.
    • Almost any type of paper will suffice!
    • The soap in the image above has been wrapped in translucent grease-proof paper to protect it from the elements.
    • This type of paper is marketed as wax paper and is available in a variety of colors, including brown, white, and other shades.

    In fact, during the holidays, you may even find it decorated in festive designs.One feature I really appreciate about it is that I can tuck some dried flowers inside and use them to give even more beautiful natural adornment to it.One thing you might notice is that certain wax sheets don’t adhere to tape very well at all.

    In this scenario, a thread should be tied around it to keep it in place.

    Decorate handmade soap with herbs and flowers

    • When it comes to decorating handcrafted soap, you don’t have to limit yourself to only ribbons and paper.
    • If you want to add even more interest, you may mix and match dried and fresh greenery and flowers.
    • There are a few different approaches you may take, and if you’re working with new materials, you’ll want to be extra cautious.
    • First and foremost, you may embellish homemade soap with flowers or herbs while it is still in the process of being manufactured.
    • If the soap is used as the packaging, it can be presented as is or with a simple ribbon tied around it to complete the look.
    • I have a number of recipes on Lovely Greens that demonstrate how to achieve this.

    One that comes to mind is my method for how to use fresh cedar leaves to produce a natural leaf etching on handcrafted soap, which I shared a few months ago.

    Packaging handmade soap with greenery

    • Greenery or dried herbs can also be tied onto your bars with a bow as an alternative decoration.
    • The dried lavender, dried sage, or holly (like you see above with the wash towel embellished soap) may all be substituted with the fresh flowers.
    • If you’re sending a gift to a gardening buddy, take a cutting from one of your succulent plants and wrap it in with a ribbon.
    • They can use it to grow a new plant, so it’s like giving them two presents in one.
    • If you’re using fresh foliage, be sure you adorn your soap on the day you want to give it as a gift.
    • Unless you do so, the flower will wilt, soak the soap and any other packing materials, and generally make a messe.

    Packaging soap with other beauty items

    • One of the most enjoyable aspects of creating homemade soap is being able to make a set of matching goods.
    • You may make peppermint lip balm to accompany peppermint soap, lavender body balm to accompany lavender soap, or if you like the images above, you can make herb garden soap and bath fizzies from scratch using my recipes.
    • Put them all together in a paper box and tie a ribbon around them, and you’ve got yourself some homemade presents at a fraction of the price.
    • There are virtually no limitations when it comes to creating and packaging handcrafted soap.
    • Those are only some suggestions; I’m sure you’ve already come up with a few others of your own.
    • If you enjoyed this article, I welcome you to take a look at other of my soap-making instructions.

    Some of them even come with packing and decoration suggestions, and they would all make lovely handcrafted gifts if you put your mind to it.

    Soap Sweating & How to Fix It

    The most recent news was published on February 27, 2018.

    What is sweating and why does it happen?

    • Glycerin acts as the humectant in this instance, and sweating is merely the result of a reaction between moisture and a humectant (a chemical that helps to keep moisture in place).
    • Glycerin is a natural by-product of the saponification process that may be used in soap bases as a moisturising ingredient.
    • Humectants are substances that attract and absorb moisture from the air.
    • The glycerin in soap draws the moisture from the air that collects on the surface of the soaps – this is referred to as ″soap sweating″ in the industry.
    • At first glance, soap sweating appears to be frost, but upon closer study, it is shown to be little water droplets visible on the surface of your soap.
    • Because the moisture is not originating from within the soap, but rather is being drawn to the soap’s surface by the glycerin, the more humid the surroundings, the more probable it is that the glycerin will attract moisture to the surface of your soaps.

    Sweating can also occur when using soap or shampoo that contains substances that serve as natural humectants, such as honey or castor bean oil, as described above.Soap sweating is not a cause for concern because it is natural for the glycerine in soap to draw moisture from the surrounding air.Glycerin is well-known for its skin-nourishing properties.

    According to the hypothesis, when you wash with glycerin soap, a small film of glycerin is left behind, which will subsequently pull moisture from the air and deposit it on your skin, further hydrating it, as explained above.That is the selling point of glycerine soap, and you may learn more about the benefits of glycerin by visiting this page.

    How to prevent it do’s & don’ts

    The do’s

    • There are 5 strategies to avoid it, so give them a shot by doing the following: Wrapping your soap in plastic is a good idea.
    • If you want to keep your soap from sweating, this is certainly one of the most efficient methods.
    • Plastic wraps are generally effective, but shrink-wrapping is the best solution in most cases.
    • A brief blast of hot air from a hairdryer will seal your product, preventing it from sweating and allowing it to stay longer.
    • If you are not storing your soaps in an airtight container, it is recommended that you wrap them as soon as they are removed from the mold.
    • Purchasing a soap base with a low sweat content.

    We have two low-sweat solutions available at Stephenson – Crystal NS and Crystal WNS – that are particularly well suited to more humid situations and climates.Creating an airtight drying container is the first step.Set silica beads in an airtight container, and then place your completed soaps in the container for up to 2 hours, checking on them every 30 minutes while you’re at it.

    This will help to keep the exterior of your soap drier.If you leave the soap in the drying container for an extended period of time, it will shrink and become dry.After the soap has been unmolded, it is necessary to run a fan over it on a continuous basis.

    This may be more effective in less humid regions, but it is worth experimenting with small amounts to see if it may reduce soap sweating.It is necessary to install a dehumidifier in your soaping room.In order for this option to function properly, the soaping chamber should be as airtight as possible.In spite of the fact that it is a costly alternative, it is effective, and it offers you the opportunity to manufacture bigger quantities of soap without being concerned about your soaps sweating.

    The don’ts

    • Make sure not to overboil your soap and to stir constantly.
    • When heating your soap in the microwave or a dish, avoid boiling it, as this can cause moisture to be lost and the likelihood of your soaps sweating to rise.
    • It is not recommended to store your soap in the refrigerator or freezer.
    • Don’t try to speed up the hardening of your soap by freezing it after you’ve finished making it.
    • Allowing your final items to sit at room temperature will help to keep your soaps from perspiring.
    • In general, you should let your soap to solidify at room temperature before wrapping it and storing it in a cold, dry location.

    This should be the most effective method.

    How To Prevent Soap Sweating

    • Wipe the soap off your hands.
    • Remove the moisture from the surface of your soaps by wiping it away with a paper towel or softly scraping it away with a blunt knife.
    • Make sure your soap is completely dry.
    • If the sweating is not as noticeable, you may only want to place the item in a drying container filled with silica beads or use a hair dryer to dry it.
    • You may use a heat lamp or an oven light to dry more effectively if you don’t want to turn on the oven.
    • When they are entirely dry, wrap them quickly to prevent any more perspiration from occurring.

    In extremely severe circumstances, you may need to re-create your soap from scratch.Just be sure to store it in a dry area or wrap it up as soon as you can after it has been unmolded.

    How to wrap your soap to prevent it from sweating

    • Some suggestions for wrapping your soaps to keep them from sweating have been provided for your convenience.
    • Make use of plastic shrink wrap to protect your items.
    • Wrap your soap in plastic wrap and heat it with a heat gun or a hair dryer to soften it.
    • Using this method, you can keep your soap from sweating.
    • Overheating your soaps might lead them to melt, so be careful not to do so.
    • You may learn how to shrink wrap your Melt & Pour soaps by watching this video.

    Image courtesy of Candle Science (on the left).Roses and Tea Cups is the source of the image on the right.Coffee filters or waxed wrapping paper can be used.

    As an alternative, soaps that have been carefully wrapped in paper coffee filters or waxed paper can be used.Image courtesy of Lovinsoap.Wrap t

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