How To Pass The Post Office Test?

CS 477

How do I get my postal exam score?

When POST electronically scans your test answers, statistical calculations are performed to convert your raw score (the number of items you answered correctly) into a “T-score.” A T-score is a standardized score that places your performance on the test into a distribution (bell-shaped curve) with a midpoint (average) of 50 and a standard

Where to take postal exam?

  • Virtual Entry Assessment MP 476
  • Mail Processor VEW Exam
  • Processing Clerk VEA Exam
  • How to Pass Your Postal Exam With 3 Helpful Tips

    If you’ve been thinking about pursuing a job in the postal service, you’re definitely already familiar with the postal examination 473.It is critical to achieve a high score on this exam because it is a written requirement for entry-level postal service positions.The exam is designed to assess your practical knowledge and skill-set for working in the postal service.A number of multiple-choice questions must be answered in a limited amount of time by those who choose to pursue careers as postal carriers, mail processors, mail handlers, and sorter machine operators.The test assesses your ability to work quickly and efficiently, as well as your time management, accuracy, coding ability, and, most significantly, your memory.

    The prospect of appearing for a postal exam may be intimidating and stressful, just like taking any other national examination of any kind.The prospect of forgetting postal addresses, navigational landmarks, and national facts and numbers may cause you to lose your self-assurance.Sometimes just glancing at the difficult course content might be enough to make you decide not to take the exam after all.

    Even if you are well prepared, the experience might be nerve-wracking due to the fact that examinations are designed to produce tension.You may, on the other hand, be extraordinarily fortunate in this area.Although it may sound cliche, practicing for the apostal test is the most effective approach to build confidence.Your confidence in answering difficult questions will increase as you work on improving your memory retention and retrieval.

    It is inherent in the professional postman’s character to have excellent memory, multi-tasking abilities, and navigational abilities.After much deliberation, here is a list of three realistically effective strategies for acing your exam!

    1.The Best Time to Memorize

    As determined by scientific research, the most effective period of time for memorizing is really while you’re tired.Studying the most significant instructions and questions just before night will increase your chances of remembering what you’ve learned.This is due to the fact that as the brain enters the REM sleep stage, it begins to consolidate freshly acquired memories.If you memorize facts and figures by heart before falling asleep, your brain will retain that information and make it simpler to recall it during the exam, according to the study guide.

    2.Use Study Guides Smartly

    On the whole, the internet is a fantastic resource.You may discover a plethora of tools to help you prepare for the postal service, including study guides, questions, and past papers.In spite of the fact that the United States Postal Service does not give any official guides, there are a number of incredibly helpful internet resources that may supply you with succinct course content, practice questions, and the most up-to-date postal exam information.And while you’re doing it, keep in mind that practice makes perfect.Practicing before an exam or test appears to boost brain productivity and memory retention, according to a growing body of scientific research.

    Preparing for the postal test 473E is as simple as keeping this guideline in mind.

    3.Put Yourself to the Test

    Practice exams are an excellent tool for evaluating your learning curve, identifying your deficiencies, and then working to overcome them.Online practice quizzes might inform you which portions of the postal test you are poor in based on your performance on them.As a result, you may put your skills to the test.Most importantly, they may provide you with a first-hand understanding of what the test will be like in practice.If you see any postal test workshops taking place in your area, please feel free to participate.

    It is certain that you will pass the postal service exam if you put up the necessary effort to learn, set up a study timetable, and utilize postal service study aids effectively.

    Free Postal Exam Questions (2022 Updated)

    You must pass a postal exam in order to be considered for a position at a local post office.The United States Postal Service (USPS) administers a number of different postal tests for different positions.Taking postal exam practice tests is one of the most effective methods of preparing for the examinations.Actual postal exam questions and answers will allow you to determine how well you have prepared for the actual postal exam by practicing with them.Check out our free postal exam practice tests, as well as our other suggested resources, for more information.

    Please be advised that the United States Postal Service has discontinued the postal exam 473.In this section, you will find materials for the postal examinations #474-475-476-477-955-055.

    Free Postal Exam Practice Tests

    Many of the different postal examinations include questions that are very similar to one another.You will also discover that some of the questions on the postal test are subjective in nature and do not have a technically correct or incorrect response.We’ve included some postal practice examinations below, along with some frequently asked questions that you could encounter when taking a postal exam.You may see what is on each individual postal test by clicking on the links below.

    Recommended Postal Exam Prep Courses

    Please see the list of recommended preparation materials below if you want more support with your postal examination.

    How to Study for Postal Exams

    • Preparing for a postal test needs you to study strategically rather than frantically. To pass your postal examinations, you must be able to do the following: understand what is on the postal exam
    • practice taking the postal exam.
    • Concentrate on the material that you are unfamiliar with
    • Possess the ability to think critically

    Taking postal practice examinations can help you become more familiar with the material that will be covered on the actual exam.By receiving postal practice questions in advance of the exam, you will get more familiar with the topics that will be covered on the exam.To be considered for a position with a local post office, you must first apply for a position with the United States Postal Service.

    USPS Jobs That Require Postal Exams

    Many positions with the United States Postal Service (USPS) require candidates to take and pass postal tests.Depending on the sort of job you are looking for, you will be required to take a postal examination.The following are some of the most popular positions that need a postal examination.Once an applicant has submitted an application for a position, they will not be informed whether they need to take a postal exam.If they are selected to take a postal test, they will be told through email.

    Applicants will be issued an email with a link to take the postal test, and they will have 72 hours to finish the exam, with the exception of postal exam 955, which will have a shorter time limit of 48 hours.

    USPS Job Postal Exam
    City and Rural Mail Carrier Positions Postal Exam 474
    Mail Handler and Mail Handler Assistant Positions Postal Exam 475
    Mail Processor Positions Postal Exam 476
    Customer Service Clerk Positions Postal Exam 477
    Mechanic and Technician Positions Postal Exam 955
    • When the general public hears the phrase ″mailman,″ they envision someone like this. Mail is delivered (and collected) by the city carrier on foot or by vehicle. The city carrier is allocated a certain region and is responsible for delivering in all weather conditions. It is possible that the city carrier will be compelled to carry a 35-pound mailbag on their shoulder at all times. It is also envisaged that carriers would be able to transport postal containers weighing up to 70 pounds. It is common for carriers to stand, stroll, and reach for prolonged periods of time. Applicants must possess a valid driver’s license, with a clean driving record and two or more years of driving experience, among other requirements.
    • Mail Processing Clerk: Mail processing involves the operation of automated mail processing equipment as well as the manual sorting of incoming correspondence. Mail processing clerks are responsible for organizing and transporting processed mail from one location to another. Lifting and transporting huge cargo necessitates the use of these cranes
    • Mail Handler: Mail handlers are responsible for transporting mail containers and postal equipment within postal establishments. Mail handlers are also responsible for opening and emptying mail containers. The ability to lift and carry containers weighing up to 70 pounds is required of mail handlers
    • Employees in the Sales, Services, and Distribution (SSD) division operate in local post offices, providing customer care to USPS clients.

    What is on the Postal Exam?

    • The United States Postal Service (USPS) offers five different postal examinations. A distinct postal exam is taken by applicants who are seeking for a different position within the United States Postal Service (USPS). It is not always clear what will be covered on the postal test
    • nonetheless, all postal exams (numbered 474, 475, 476, and 477) have the same three sections: Work Scenarios – These questions will provide you with a variety of scenarios and will assess your ability to respond appropriately to each circumstance.
    • Tell Us Your Story — These questions will inquire regarding your educational and professional background
    • Describe Your Approach – These questions will help you to describe your approach to everyday activities.

    There are extra testing portions in several of these areas, and the postal exam 955 is totally distinct from the other four tests listed above. They do not set a time restriction, but they do push you to work as rapidly as possible, which may or may not result in higher exam scores. The following sections provide a breakdown of each postal exam.

    Postal Exam 474

    Please keep in mind that this test is referred to as the Virtual Entry Assessment MC 474 in some circles.

    Section Questions 
    Work Scenarios 18
    Checking for Errors 20
    Move the Mail 18
    What Drives You 25
    Tell Us Your Story 37
    Describe Your Approach 139


    This test is also known as the Virtual Entry Assessment MC 474, so keep that in mind when studying.

    Section Questions
    Work Scenarios 9
    Tell Us Your Story 22
    Describe Your Approach 79
    Check for Errors 12


    Please keep in mind that this test is referred to as the Virtual Entry Assessment MC 474 in certain places.

    Section Questions
    Work Scenarios 9
    Tell Us Your Story 22
    Describe Your Approach 79
    Check for Errors 12


    Please keep in mind that this test is also known as the Virtual Entry Assessment MC 474.

    Section Questions
    Work Scenarios 10
    Tell Us Your Story 21
    Describe Your Approach 56
    Work Your Register 3


    Important: This test has superseded postal examinations 931-932-933, therefore please take notice of this.

    Section Questions
    Personal Characteristics & Experience Inventory 120
    Multi-Craft 60
    Spatial Reasoning

    It is necessary to complete the self-administered personal characteristics and experience inventory component of the test before to taking the multi-craft and spatial reasoning portions of postal exam 955.A test center must be visited in order to complete the multi-craft and spatial thinking sections of the examination.The spatial thinking section of the test has a number of questions involving visualization issues.

    Postal Exam 473

    Please be advised that the United States Postal Service has discontinued postal exam 473 and has replaced it with postal examinations 474, 475, 476, and 477.

    Test Topic Number of Questions
    Part A: Address Checking 60
    Part B: Forms Completion 30
    Part C: Coding 36
    Part C: Memory 36
    Part D: Personal Characteristics and Experience Inventory 236

    Postal Exam Scores

    The passing result for all postal examinations is 70 points out of 100 points.Candidates who receive a score of less than 70 will be disqualified from consideration for the post at the USPS.Candidates will not be permitted to retake the exam for a period of 12 months, thus it is critical that they pass the exam on the first attempt.The postal examinations are distinctive in that applicants are rated according to their exam results.As opposed to someone who received a 70, someone who received an 80 will be placed higher on the list.

    It is possible that the applicant who received an 80 may be invited for an interview immediately away, while the candidate who received a 70 may have to wait a bit longer.

    Postal Exam Test Dates

    There are no specified test dates set out for the postal examinations.Exams are scheduled by the applicants themselves.After submitting an application for a position with the Postal Service, you will get an e-mail inviting you to participate in an evaluation.Some positions have a maximum number of applications that has been set in advance.If the job’s maximum number of applicants has been met, you will not be asked to sit for the USPS examination.

    While completing the online application procedure, you will be given an onscreen message indicating whether or not you will be invited to participate in the postal test.You’ll have 72 hours to complete the exam if you start early.Applicants for mechanic and technician occupations that require the passing of the postal test 955 will be required to take and pass two exams.

    There will be a maximum of 75 minutes allotted for the first USPS test, which will be conducted online.If you pass the online postal exam, you will be required to take a written exam in a testing center that has been approved.This on-site examination will be proctored (i.e., overseen) by appropriately qualified individuals.

    Postal Exam Faqs

    How do you prepare for the postal exam?

    Taking practice exams is one of the most effective strategies to prepare for the postal examination. Practice exams will assist you in gaining an understanding of your current level of proficiency as well as a feel for the subject that will be covered in the test. Postal test preparation classes are another excellent alternative for assisting you in your preparation.

    What are the main postal exams?

    The following are the primary postal examinations: 474th Postal Examination Postal Exam 475 is number two. Postal Exam 476 is the third in the series. Postal Exam 477 is the fourth of four exams. 5th Postal Examination 955

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    Which postal exam will I have to take?

    The sort of postal test you take is determined on the position for which you are seeking at the United States Postal Service. You can get a thorough breakdown of the tests you will be required to take by visiting this page. The most recent update was on January 5, 2022.

    Postal Exam 476: Free Practice Questions & Tips – 2022

    Has the USPS Virtual Entry Assessment-MP (476) been sent to you as part of a recruitment process?If you have, you may be feeling concerned about the sort of questions you will be asked during your interview.It is the purpose of this article to offer you with thorough information on the questions you will be asked and how to answer them, as well as advice on how to effectively prepare for the assessment.

    What is the Virtual Entry Assessment-MP (476)?

    Job seekers and recent graduates who wish to be considered for a position as a mail processor or mail processor assistant at the United States Postal Service (USPS) will be required to complete the Virtual Entry Assessment-MP (476).If you completed this test previous to 2019, your marks are regrettably no longer valid, and you will need to repeat the exam in order to be considered for a position at this time.This test is graded on a scale of 100 points, with a passing score of 70 points or more being required to pass.If your application has been completed and you have passed the pre-employment screening, you will receive an email with a link to this exam to complete.This is a non-proctored test that may be completed online from the comfort of your own home.

    However, you must complete the assessment within 72 hours or you will be rejected and removed from the recruiting process altogether.Investing sufficient time in your preparation can help ensure that you perform well on the exam.Despite the fact that the USPS indicates that you just need 70 points to pass the exam, you will require a significant number of points to capture the attention of the hiring committee.

    Every day, the United States Postal Service receives an incredible number of applications, so you must find a method to stand out from the throng.It is possible to become familiar with questions that you may encounter on the test by seeking out and utilizing online test preparation tools before taking the actual test.The following themes will be covered in the USPS Virtual Entry Assessment-MP (476), as well:

    Work Situations

    During this section of the test, you will be asked nine questions that will be based on real-world working settings.In this exercise, you will be presented with a hypothetical circumstance that you are likely to experience in the workplace.In the following step, you must select two options, one of which reflects the action you would be most likely to do, and a second choice which indicates the action you would be least likely to take.Some applicants may find this portion challenging to complete.Some questions may have apparent solutions, whilst others may have one or two responses that both appear to be reasonable possibilities, depending on the context.

    When preparing for an exam, it is important to become familiar with the themes and test format.This may be accomplished via the use of online test preparations that include answers and explanations.The explanations will supply you with significant reasons that will assist you in becoming more familiar with the work position and duties.

    As an illustration, below is an example of a question you could encounter on the assessment: Example of a question: You will be given with a fictional event that you may experience at work, as well as four different possible reactions to the issue.If you could, please identify one action that you would be most likely to do and one action that you would be least likely to take.You’ve noticed that a coworker has begun taking longer breaks than is customary.Because of his absence from work, you and your coworkers have been forced to take on more responsibilities, which has resulted in a slowdown in productivity.

    What would you do if this happened to you?

    1. Do not respond, because how your coworker goes about his business is none of your concern.
    2. Approach your coworker and explain how his breaks have impacted your ability to complete your tasks. Request information from them about anything they need to talk about or if they require assistance with something.
    3. Take the initiative and approach your coworker, reminding him of his hourly responsibilities while also emphasizing how his breaks have impacted your job
    4. Report the co-worker to your immediate supervisor, as soon as possible.

    Solution: Considering the circumstances, the most probable best option would be option 2.With this form of reaction, you are confronting your coworker in a courteous manner while also offering to aid them if they require it.Option 1 would be the worst possible choice.This form of approach does nothing and just serves to prolong the occurrence of the problem.Because of the similarities between options 2 and 3, some applicants may be unable to decide between them when faced with this sort of issue.

    When you use online exam materials, you may avoid this uncertainty since they provide extensive replies and explanations.

    Error Recognition

    It is anticipated that the mistake recognition section of the test will have 12 questions.Each question will contain information in the form of four rows and three columns.Your duty will be to look through the material and determine which rows include information that matches and which rows do not have such information.Your performance on this portion will assist the test proctors in determining your ability to identify and correct minor errors quickly.The United States Postal Service (USPS) will be looking to recruit someone who is detail-oriented.

    As a result, you must complete this component as rapidly as possible to meet the deadline.This is an example of how the table may look: Examine the following sample question: Identify which portions have matching numbers and which sections include mistakes.

    1. Location 1 110020010 110020010
    2. Location 2 110020010 110020010
    3. Location 3 110020010 110000010
    4. Location 4 110020010 110020010

    As a result, you must be able to notice that the third row includes an error within a few seconds of first glancing at it if you are to do well in this area.

    Background Information

    Two hundred and twenty-two questions are included in the background information segment of the test.The United States Postal Service will utilize this component of the exam to get to know you and compare your replies to those on your CV.Employers will compare your replies to the exam questions with the information you supplied on your CV before making their final decision.They will next decide whether or not your comments are consistent with the job description and whether or not you have adequate experience for the position you applied for.Here, you will be given a series of questions regarding your professional experiences, such as how a coworker would characterize you, whether or not your employer would characterize you as a team player, and whether or not you feel you are a driven individual.

    Following that, you will be asked to select a response that corresponds most closely with your beliefs.The following is an example of how these questions may appear: As an example, if we spoke with your prior boss, how would they assess your leadership abilities in comparison to your coworkers?Select the one that most properly reflects your personal ideas and values.

    1. Superior
    2. Slightly Better
    3. Average
    4. Slightly Worse
    5. Subpar

    Answer: Option 1 is the most appropriate response to this question..Individuals may feel self-conscious or self-conscious when marketing themselves or their abilities at times.You must be confident in your talents and select alternatives that will offer you a competitive advantage over other candidates in these portions of the application.Online testing materials can assist you in building your confidence and explaining how you should respond to these sorts of questions in the future.

    Situational Approaches

    By far, the most time-consuming section of the test is the situational approaches section, which contains 79 questions.The United States Postal Service hiring committee will use this area to assess your capacity to resolve conflicts as well as learn more about your personal characteristics.When it comes to the recruiting process, these sorts of situational judgments assessments are becoming increasingly popular.One of the most critical areas for you to perform well on may be this section.In certain cases, however, this part may contain difficult questions that are intended to cause confusion in the applicant.

    If you are not paying attention, it is possible to pick the incorrect answer by not thoroughly examining the alternatives in front of you.You may come across a query that looks somewhat like the following: Example of a question: Please select the option that best reflects your degree of agreement with the statements that follow by checking the appropriate box.A: I have a clear vision of where I want my life to go and what I need to do in order to attain my objectives.

    B: From time to time, I have doubts about my own prospects.

    1. Mostly relate to A
    2. mostly relate to B
    3. somewhat relate to A
    4. somewhat relate to B
    5. somewhat relate to A
    6. somewhat relate to B

    Answer: Option 1 would be the most appropriate option for this situation.This response demonstrates to hiring managers that you are a self-motivated individual who is committed to helping them reach their objectives.Despite the fact that these questions are asking for your opinion, there are incorrect responses to them.You would be confessing to the recruiting supervisors that you lack clear goals and that you may require additional incentive to complete the work if you choose option 2.The key to navigating these situations successfully is remembering the job description of the position you applied for and matching the response you want to provide with the job description.

    Then select the one that you feel best reflects your personality and will be most appealing to the recruiting supervisors.

    Postal Exam 476 Assessment Tips

    1. Enthusiastically approach the situation: You should avoid getting tripped up by questions that are phrased in an unusual way, especially if you are someone who feels easily stressed when taking an exam. A thorough preparation process is required at all times. Your familiarity with the test’s architecture increases the likelihood that you will not encounter a question that is difficult for you to understand. Study guides and practice examinations are therefore an excellent tool, since they not only assist you in becoming familiar with the assessment methodology, but also with the wide range of questions that you may encounter on the actual exam
    2. Learn how to distinguish between ″correct″ and ″wrong″ answers: Some sections of these psychometric examinations may leave you scratching your head, wondering why the recruiting managers are evaluating your personality. It is correct to say that they aren’t. They are evaluating your personality attributes in relation to the requirements of the job. Some people are a good match for the company, while others are not. Practice online exams that will explain why certain answers are more useful than others, as well as why other answers may create the wrong impression, in order to ensure that you are the best match.
    3. Answer the following questions as rapidly as possible: It is important to note that even if there is no time restriction for this assessment, you should not take your time when answering the questions. The hiring committee for the United States Postal Service will compare your test time to that of other candidates. If you obtain a comparable score to other applicants, you will need to demonstrate that you can complete your task in a timely and effective way in order to be considered competitive.

    How to Prepare for the Virtual Entry Assessment-MP (476)?

    The Virtual Entry Assessment-MP (476) can be a daunting endeavor for some people, and preparation for it can be difficult.If you do not pass this test on your first attempt, you will have to wait one year before you may re-take it on another occasion.As a result, if you pass the test the first time but obtain a score that is considered poor, you will have to wait two years before taking it again.It is essential that you do all in your ability to not only pass the test on your first attempt, but also to obtain the greatest possible score in order to avoid this from happening.You will surely benefit from online exam preparation, study guides, and sample tests as you progress through your studying process.

    Practice examinations may be retaken as many times as you like, which means you can take the test in its entirety and then concentrate on the portions that are the most difficult for you.The study materials will frequently include testimonials from people who have already taken the exam, which will assist you to obtain valuable insight into what to expect on the day of the exam.In addition, you should take a practice exam that will offer you with full explanations of the questions.

    This is the stage at which you can determine whether or not you are answering the questions correctly.In the event that you answer your questions properly, the replies will assist you to understand more about where you went wrong in answering your questions or will corroborate your line of thinking.Learn about the other typical USPS Postal Exams that are administered.

    Passing the USPS 955 Exam in 2022 – Psychometric Success

    On December 12, 2021, an update was made.

    What Is the USPS 955 Exam?

    • The United States Postal Service (USPS) is the second-largest employer in the United States, and it has earned a reputation as a fair and honest employer in the process. There are almost unlimited career and professional growth prospects, as well as competitive compensation and great employee benefits, with this organization. Furthermore, management and senior employees are sympathetic and encouraging when it comes to your own professional aspirations and aspirations. As a result, many Americans apply for work with the United States Postal Service. The United States Postal Service (USPS) requires all applicants to take a pre-employment exam to determine their aptitude for electrical and mechanical abilities. This is done to aid in the recruiting process. There are many different exams available
    • however, the USPS 955 exam is specifically designed for those who are applying for mechanic and technician type positions, such as: Building Equipment Mechanic
    • Maintenance Mechanic
    • Electronic Technician
    • Area Maintenance Technician
    • Mail Processing Equipment Maintenance Mechanic
    • and other similar positions. The exam is administered online and is available in English and Spanish.
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    The 955 test has recently taken the place of the 931, 932, and 933 exams.It is a computer-based, proctored exam that must be taken at a testing facility.The test itself is divided into two categories: multi-craft and spatial thinking problems.The technical, electrical, construction, maintenance, and mechanical questions are included in the multi-craft questions.Spatial reasoning focuses on visualization, mental folding, and mental rotation as methods of thinking about space.

    The minimum passing score is 70; however, because to the large number of applicants, the higher your score, the better.

    What Are the Sections on the USPS 955 Exam?

    Personal Characteristics and Experience Inventory

    Personal experience and inventory are covered in the first portion of the USPS 955 test.It is self-administered and must be completed before to the multi-craft and spatial thinking components of the examination.There are 120 questions in all, and you have 75 minutes to answer them all.These questions assist the recruiter in determining whether or not you are a good fit for the position you applied for.They are mostly concerned with your mental process, personality, and work habits when you are on the job.

    They are provided as assertions, and you must determine whether or not you agree with them to a certain level.Example: I prefer to plan things out ahead of time.A – Strongly disagree B – Disagree with the statement C – I concur.

    D – I strongly disagree with the statement.I have confidence in my ability to make judgments.The letter A indicates strong disagreement; the letter B indicates disagreement; the letter C indicates agreement; and the letter D indicates strong disagreement.You might potentially respond as follows, depending on the statement: A – On a regular basis B — Quite frequently C – On occasion D – Never in a million years


    • A total of 60 multiple-choice questions are included in the 955 test, with a total time limit of 60 minutes to complete the section. It is necessary to take it in a testing facility. With 131 subjects and 21 disciplines of study, the postal exam will assess your electrical and technical knowledge. It necessitates a thorough understanding of maintenance, particularly in the context of modern technology. It will be simpler to pass the 955 test for mechanics who have previous experience or a good technical background than it will be for those who are new to these sorts of positions. Because of the wide range of topics covered, it is nearly hard to provide accurate study aids. If all of the scenarios were included, the book would be more than 1,000 pages long. Previous applicants, on the other hand, consider that the questions may be more specific to the position you sought for. Electronic technicians, for example, will be asked more questions concerning electrical equipment as a result of this increase. Those seeking for more senior positions should also anticipate to be confronted with more difficult questions. As a starting point, you should get familiar with the following concepts: Ohm’s Law
    • fundamental machine operations
    • hydraulic and pneumatic principles
    • and electrical circuits.

    As an illustration, consider the following questions: When it comes to condensing refrigerants, which of the following is true: A — Water and natural gas B — Solids, liquids, and vapor C — Composed of air and water D – Vapor and breathable air E — Emissions of gases and vapors In a shipment of air conditioning fans, 25 of them were deemed unfit.This represents 35% of the total number of units ordered.What was the total number of orders placed?Numbers from A to E are: 71 B 45 C 85 D 69 E 30 Passing the United States Postal Service 955 Exam in 2021

    Spatial Reasoning

    • In this part, you will be evaluated on your ability to see and comprehend how to put several components together to solve an issue. It is further subdivided into the following two subsections: Parts and figurines that are compatible
    • Visualization of spatial relationships

    In the matching parts and figures section, you will be challenged to recognize distinct 3D forms and develop inferences based on the minimal information you have been supplied with.It is possible that you will be required to recognize patterns in a succession of numbers or objects.A set of written instructions may also be given to you, and your ability to understand and respond to them will be evaluated.The use of diagrams and schematics is an important component of this subsection’s content.You will be presented a succession of photos, and you will be required to select the proper response or image that corresponds to it.

    Consider the following scenario: you are presented with a collection of 2D forms, and you must choose the image that best portrays that shape in 3D.You will be asked questions on mirror imaging and group rotation as part of your spatial visualization assessment.

    How to Prepare for the USPS 955 Exam

    The USPS 955 test is well-known for being challenging. However, there are practical and effective activities you may do to properly prepare yourself for the next event.

    Understand the Test and Question Formats

    A generic exam, the Personal Characteristics and Experience Inventory examination will more than likely be the same across all postal tests administered by the United States Postal Service.Participating in additional psychometric exams may help you become more prepared for the sort of questions you will encounter.Keep in mind that the questions are based on your résumé as well, so be truthful in all of your application materials and maintain consistency.With the blend and variety of questions in the second segment, it might be difficult to prepare extensively for this exam.However, you may anticipate that it will be focused on the function for which you are applying; as a result, you should familiarize yourself with the ideas, theories, and formulae relevant to that role before learning anything else.

    Because spatial visualization is a fundamental standard concept, it is beneficial to practice various spatial visualization examinations in order to better comprehend the format of the question.

    Sit Past or Practice Exams

    It has already been established that there are several spatial visualizations and psychometric exams that you may use to practice.Sample USPS 955 test study materials are available for download from websites like as the Postal Job Source, and these study guides include mock examinations.It is important to practice with different sorts of tests or mock 955 examinations in order to acquire confidence and get more familiar with this form of testing.

    Research USPS and the Job Description

    Understanding the firm’s values and standards will assist you in determining the sort of individual that the company is seeking to hire.Being familiar with the job description and understanding what will be required of you might assist you in preparing for the personality phase of the interview.While it is necessary, you do not want to imply that you seldom make decisions if your position necessitates you to be a decision-maker in some situations.

    Practice Against the Clock

    Practice under timed settings is difficult when you don’t have a whole test to work with, as you will discover. Use a timed fake test to get a feel for how much time is spent on each section and which sections require more time. Dividing your time evenly across all of the questions will also allow you to identify which ones require more time.

    Make a List and Schedule

    Make a list of all the themes and topics that are relevant to your employment function. Create a study plan based on this list to ensure that you cover all of the topics. The amount of information, expertise, and confidence you have will determine how far in advance you plan.

    Tips for the Day of the Test

    • To take your Personality Characteristics and Experience Inventory exam, choose a peaceful spot to do so. This component is self-administered, which means you may complete it from any location. Choose an area where you will be comfortable and where you will not be bothered.
    • There is no going back and changing your responses once you have submitted your replies to the survey. As a result, make certain that your final answer is correct before submitting it.
    • Take your time and thoroughly read the instructions and questions. Although you may be cognizant of the passage of time, rushing through a question may result in blunders and incorrect responses.
    • Make sure you’ve had a decent night’s sleep, that you’ve eaten a large meal, and that you’re properly hydrated. Even though it may seem apparent or unneeded, consuming adequate water can increase productivity and focus by 14 percent.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A total of two online electronic tests and a Personal Characteristics and Experience Inventory Test make up the 955 exam, which has two sections (Multicraft and Spatial Reasoning).The first section is intended to assist recruiters in determining how you would tackle certain job circumstances.The second section will test your mechanical and electrical practical and theoretical knowledge in the mechanical and electrical fields.To complete the 120 questions in the Personal Characteristics and Experience Inventory Test portion, you will have 75 minutes to finish the test.These questions can be answered in the comfort of your own home.

    A total of 60 multiple-choice questions on the Multicraft aspect will be asked in the second half, which will be completed in one hour.You will be required to attend an approved testing center and answer the questions under stringent exam settings in order to pass this portion of the test (as well as the Spatial Relations component).For the 955 Postal Exam, you must obtain a score of at least 70 in order to pass.

    However, because the application procedure for technical positions with the United States Postal Service is so competitive, you should endeavor to obtain the highest possible score.Getting closer to the highest possible score of 100 will increase your chances of being recruited in the long run.You have the option of taking the 955 Postal Exam more than once in a row.There are, however, some minimum waiting times to take into consideration.

    If you fail the 955 test, you will be required to wait 12 months before you may retake the examination.The 955 exam has a two-year waiting period before you may repeat it if you pass the first time but want to increase your score after passing the second time.Passing the 955 Postal Exam is only one step of the recruiting process.There are several more.Before your application can be processed, you will need to meet all of the other USPS pre-screening standards listed above.

    These requirements include the completion of an application form, the completion of the Medical Examination Report (Form 1507), passing the drug screening clearance, and the attendance of an in-person interview, among other things.

    Final Thoughts

    Passing the USPS 955 exam is a difficult test to pass.It is structured in this manner to ensure that the USPS employs only the top candidates.Passing the exam, on the other hand, can lead to a fulfilling profession that offers prospects for advancement and advancement chances.The number of employment responsibilities created as a result of the 955 test is expected to grow, and they will play a critical part in the development of the United States Postal Service.Maintenance mechanics are becoming increasingly important as operations become increasingly automated.

    Before beginning the recruiting process, begin preparing for the exam by being familiar with the fundamental concepts.It is not known how long the recruitment process will take to complete.Thinking ahead and making plans can only make you feel more confident and prepared in the long run.

    How to Pass the Postal Exam

    Are you looking for a position with the United States Postal Service?The application procedure will need you to complete a 90-question online exam as a component of the process.Changes were made to the testing methodology in April of this year.Visit the United States Postal Service (USPS) website on assessment and evaluation to acquire the most up-to-date information on the testing procedure used by the United States Postal Service (USPS).

    Application and Invitation to Test

    Prior to April 2019, Postal Exam 473 was used to evaluate job applicants for the United States Postal Service.Since then, Virtual Entry Assessments have taken the role of the previous exam.Exam 473 has been discontinued, and its results are no longer valid.After submitting a job application, the United States Postal Service (USPS) may send you an email with a link to take a Virtual Entry Assessment (VEA) online.Not all applicants will be invited to take the test; the United States Postal Service (USPS) informs applicants that each job posting has a predetermined maximum number of applicants who are eligible to take the test.

    Veterans may be eligible for special consideration.

    Virtual Entry Assessment Exams

    • There are four VEA tests to choose from. Each is applicable to a certain set of positions, which are as follows: Employment opportunities in the postal service (VEA MC (474), mail handler jobs (VEA MH (475), mail processing employment opportunities (VEA MP (476)), customer service employment opportunities (VEA CS (477)).

    About the Tests

    The USPS examinations are intended to evaluate applicants in three different areas.Among the sections on the application are ones that teach you how to deal with various work situations, one that asks you about your work history and experience, and one that is meant to analyze your personality and suitability for the role.It’s important to remember that questions are designed to bring attention to disparities, so answer them honestly rather than how you believe the Postal Service wants you to answer them.

    Test Prep Books and Websites

    The United States Postal Service does not provide study guides or provide post office practice exams to assist candidates in preparing for the exam.There are, however, both free and commercial websites that may be of use to you.While JobTestPrep, for example, gives free hints and sample questions, it costs a fee for access to practice tests and drills on a weekly or monthly basis.If you are purchasing study resources, make sure that they have been produced for the most recent set of examinations.The 473 coding and memory practice test, for example, contains information that is no longer relevant, therefore it will not assist you in passing a current exam in this subject area.

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    Get Ready for Exam Day

    Following receipt of the link, you have 72 hours (three days) to finish your examination.Your device of choice for completing the test is a smartphone, tablet, or PC.Choose a time and location that will allow you to concentrate on the exam without being distracted by excessive noise or other distractions.For the test, you’ll have 90 minutes to finish it.You will be supplied with both a link and a phone number at the start of the evaluation in case you require technical assistance during the process.

    In addition, persons with a qualifying ADA impairment can access an accessible version of the evaluation that has been modified to provide accommodations.

    Obtaining Exam Results

    As soon as you finish the exam, you will receive an email including your exam results.A passing score is 70 points, with a maximum achievable score of 100 points.The results of the assessment are valid for the period of time given when you register for the assessment.Be warned that achieving a passing score does not ensure that you will be hired because the USPS ranks candidates according to their score on the test.As a result, if you get an 80 on the test, you will have to wait longer for an interview than a candidate who received a 90.

    If you do not pass the test the first time, or if you wish to retake the test in order to improve your score, there are several waiting periods.For example, if you failed Exam 474, you must wait at least one year before attempting it again, and you must wait at least two years before attempting it again with the goal of getting a higher score.

    Ultimate USPS Postal Exam Guide: Free Practice & More [2022]

    Hello, my name is David, and I’m the USPS assessment testing specialist for JobTestPrep. Do you have a question? Please do not hesitate to reach me at

    What Is the Postal Exam?

    In the United States Postal Service, the Postal Exam is an online assessment that is used to test candidates for a variety of positions within the Postal Service.As of April 2019, the United States Postal Service (USPS) has introduced four new tests, known as Virtual Entry Assessments, to replace the previous Postal Exam 473.Some portions of the USPS tests contain question types that are unusual and sometimes difficult to answer.These questions are aimed to determine whether or not you have the necessary skills and traits to work for the Postal Service.Many users who took the Postal Exam 473 (which is no longer in use) before 2019 are unsure if their results are still valid and transferable.

    Due to technical difficulties, some results are no longer valid.As a result, depending on the roles you’ve applied for, you’ll be required to take one or more of the new USPS tests.

    How Long Is the Postal Exam?

    Although the Post Office examinations are not timed, the majority of candidates finish them in 45 minutes or less.Please keep in mind that the time it takes you to complete and submit the evaluation within the 72-hour limit is equally important.Candidates that pass the evaluation within a short period of time after receiving the invitation are given priority in the hiring process.If the post is already filled by the time you complete your test, you will have to wait until another one becomes available before you can submit your application for it.You may learn more about the four new Postal tests in the short video below, which includes additional insights and crucial information.

    What Is a Good Score on the USPS Assessment Test?

    In any of the four Postal Exams, a passing score of 70 is required, and any result beyond that is regarded satisfactory.Instead of a score, you will get an ineligible status, which indicates that you did not able to achieve the required minimum score of 70.The only time you will be able to take the exam again will be one year after your first attempt.The United States Postal Service employs a sophisticated testing system that may alert applicants who provide answers that are contradictory.In our comprehensive USPS Practice Pack, you’ll find hundreds of tips and tricks for beating the system and passing with a high score..

    What Happens After You Pass the Postal Exam?

    The applicants that completed the Postal examinations are ranked by their test results, according to the United States Postal Service (after the initial arrangement of the exam submission time).As a result, applicants who pass with higher scores are more likely than those who pass with lower scores to receive invitations to interview.If you received a score of 70 or more but desire to enhance it, this is also feasible.But here’s the rub: you’ll have to wait two entire years before you’ll be eligible for another chance.As a result, your initial focus should be to achieve the highest possible score.

    Let’s take a closer look at each Postal Exam in turn:

    Virtual Entry Assessment MC (474)

    It is used to evaluate applicants seeking for postal carrier posts in both urban and rural areas.The Postal Exam 474, also known as the Virtual Entry Assessment – MC (474), is administered online.The Postal Exam 474 has been expanded to include three additional sections, which will be available starting in November 2021: What Drives You, Move the Mail, and Verify Customer Information.The following is a high-level summary of the Virtual Entry Assessment – MC (474) framework:

    Section Name Number of Questions
    Work Scenarios (Situational Judgment Test) 18
    Describe Your Approach (Personality Test) 139
    Tell Us Your Story (Biodata Questionnaire) 37
    What Drives You (Motivation Questionnaire) 25
    Move the Mail  18
    Verify Customer Information 10
    In Total: 247

    Consider the following scenario (which is taken from the whole PrepPackTM) as an example of how it closely mirrors some of the question types you’ll experience in the real Work Scenarios section: A new coworker has been assigned to the station directly across from yours.You can see that he is making a number of blunders and that he is slipping more and further behind.What would you be most likely to do, and what would you be least likely to do?

    1. Recommend that he communicate with his supervisor and ask for more training
    2. Make a note of any specific errors he is making and provide him suggestions on how to become more accurate
    3. Stay away from the situation. His supervisor will be on hand to do a quick check and, if necessary, provide more training.
    4. Offer to take on a portion of his workload until he catches up with the rest of the team. You have more experience and are capable of accomplishing far more than he is.

    How to Prepare for the Postal Exam 474?

    It is critical to practice with the same question types that will be on the real test and to learn the best ways to respond to them if you want to dramatically improve your chances of passing the test.This will allow you to get more familiar with every question you could encounter, decrease the element of surprise, and increase your confidence as a result.As you can see from the table above, the new Postal Exam 474 is divided into six components.Our test specialists have worked diligently to provide a precise preparation that covers all of these subjects in depth (exclusive to this site).It includes full-length USPS practice exams, supplementary exercises, study guides, pro tips, and hacks, as well as other resources.

    Simply click on the button below to begin using it immediately.Pack of Practice Questions for Postal Exam 474 (Updated for the New Exam) Carl an American businessman and philanthropist.

    ″First and foremost, I really suggest this product.My other piece of advice would be to take the practice tests as many times as you can before applying for the position, since after you have applied, you must take the 474 Exam within three days of submitting your application.I had no prior experience with postal service tests, so I felt it would be beneficial to get some practice in before the real thing.As far as preparing for the actual exam, I found the practice questions to be eye-opening in terms of what to expect on the big day.

    The Personality Practice and Work Scenario exams were hard, and they forced me to think about my responses in terms of what the employer was looking for, which was quite beneficial.My exam result was 90 percent on the first try.I received a number of conditional job offers before finally being employed.I am confident that JobTestPrep was a significant factor in my success on the USPS Exam 474.″

    Virtual Entry Assessment MH 475

    Anyone who aspires to work as a USPS Mail Handler or Mail Handler Assistant must pass the Virtual Entry Assessment MH 475 in order to be considered for the position.Since April 2019, the United States Postal Service has used four new examinations, replacing the previous 473 exam, which was phased out in 2017.Sections 1 through 6 of the Postal Exam 475 are as follows: (two of them are new from late 2021).A list of them is provided below:

    Section Name Number of Questions
    Work Scenarios 18
    Check for Errors 3
    Move the Mail 18
    What Drives You 25
    Tell Us Your Story 40
    Describe Your Approach 139

    The following is a sample question from the Check for Errors section of the PrepPackTM (it is taken from the whole package). Try it out for yourself: Based on the location information for each item, determine whether it is a Match or an Error.

      Original ID Computer ID
    Location A 96380273 96830273
    Location B 63984201 63984201
    Location C 68326741 68326741
    Location D 96357514 96367514
    1. Location A – Match/Error
    2. \s Location B – Match/Error
    3. \s Location C – Match/Error
    4. \s Location D – Match/Error

    Did you manage to distinguish between the IDs that matched and those that didn’t? Here are some helpful pointers to help you respond to such queries as soon and accurately as possible.

    How to Prepare for the Postal Exam 475?

    As you’ve previously seen, the Postal Exam 475 has a variety of question categories that you’re unlikely to have faced in high school or even college before to this.However, no test is invulnerable: Using the identical question types that will be on the actual test, learning what they evaluate, what to avoid, and how to answer them, you will be well on your way to acing the exam if you study well.The actual examination consists of six ″mini″ tests, each of which assesses a distinct set of abilities and qualities.Our specialists went to great pains to provide a thorough preparation that covers each of these topics (and has been revised to reflect the test pattern for the year 2022).The preparation package included useful practice resources including as full-length practice exams, USPS study guides, additional practice activities, and special tips and hacks.

    To gain immediate access to this practice pack, simply click on the button below..Pack of Practice Questions for Postal Exam 475 (Updated for the New Exam) Mariam a woman who lives in the United States.

    ″The questions are straightforward, and they cover a broad spectrum of circumstances and scenarios.The most beneficial aspect is the extensive explanation provided after each exam and after each question, which assists you in understanding what is necessary to pass.″

    Virtual Entry Assessment – MP (476)

    It is used in the screening process for a variety of roles, including those for Mail Processing Clerk, PSE Mail Processing Clerk, and Casual Mail Processing Clerk.It is also used in the screening process for roles such as Data Conversion Operator, PSE Data Conversion Operator, and Casual Data Conversion Operator, amongst others.This online test is divided into seven components (three of which were introduced just recently, in late 2021):

    Section Name Number of Questions
    Work Scenarios 18
    Check for Errors 3
    Tell Us Your Story 18
    Describe Your Approach 25
    Verify Customer Information 10
    Move the Mail 40
    What Drives You 139

    A sample SJT question that closely mirrors the ones you’ll encounter on the real USPS 475 Exam (Work Scenarios part) is as follows: One of your coworkers is being lazy, bypassing critical stages in the processes that have been laid out for him to follow.You’ve been finding yourself correcting his errors for quite some time.Consult your postmaster about the scenario in question.Caution him and inform him that you will take action with the postmaster if he does not improve his behavior.C.

    Refrain from getting involved.His actions are solely his responsibility, not yours.D.

    Speak with your coworker and explain how the circumstance is hurting your daily activities.What would you be most likely to do, and what would you be least likely to do?

    How to Prepare for the Postal Exam 476?

    The Postal Exam 476 is not the same as your typical high school examination.It assesses your attention to detail, correctness, and if you possess the necessary personality attributes to be a suitable match for the position.The most effective strategy to prepare for these parts is to understand how they are constructed, what to avoid when selecting an answer, and what the best practices are for answering them in each situation.As a result, following extensive study and validation, our specialists have developed a customized preparation program for each of the 476 Exam parts (including the three new sections).These precise practice tests, study guides, exercises, and hacks will ensure that no question will catch you off guard and that you will considerably improve your overall score on the exam.

    In order to begin utilizing the practice pack (2022 version) straight now, click on the following button: Pack of Practice Questions for Postal Exam 476 (Updated for the New Exam) Gloria an American actress and singer who is best known for her role in the film The Great Gatsby.″It did provide some excellent instances of what may be on the actual test, which was helpful.

    It did reveal to me that there were several areas in which I needed to improve.I received a perfect score on the 475 U ″″PS VEA,″ says the author.

    Virtual Entry Assessment – CS (477)

    The Virtual Entry Assessment (VEA) 477 is used to evaluate applicants who are applying for Customer Service Clerk positions with the United States Postal Service (USPS).Approximately 75 minutes are allotted for completion of the test, during which time you may use a calculator

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