How To Send A Heavy Package?

You must attach a heavy package sticker to all your packages that weigh more than 70 lbs (31.5 kgs). Apply the bright yellow UPS heavy package sticker to your package at the right of the address label for maximum visibility. Write the weight of your package in the white area on the label.
Tips when shipping large items

  1. Use a strong box. The heavier your items, the sturdier box you need.
  2. Opt for heavy-duty packing tape.
  3. Determine how to ship your large package based on weight and size.
  4. Consider dividing the shipment into multiple packages.

Use the Right-Sized Box. It’s important to ship the things you’re sending in an appropriate-sized box – not too big and not too small.

How do you write heavy package on a UPS package?

Using UPS Heavy-Package Highlight Stickers. UPS requires that you attach a heavy-package sticker to all your packages weighing more than 25 kg. Apply the bright yellow UPS heavy-package sticker to your package to the right of the address label for maximum visibility and write the weight of your package in the white area on the label.

What to consider when shipping heavy items?

What to consider when shipping heavy items. 1 1. Dimensional weight. This is a fairly new concept (UPS and FedEx started using dimensional weight in 2015, and USPS adopted it in 2019), and it 2 2. Fragility items. 3 3. Origin and destination of the package. 4 4. Carrier being used. 5 5. Type of service being used.

What is the cheapest way to send a heavy parcel?

DX Freight offers the cheapest heavy item courier service for items up to 500kg, including pallet deliveries. This is a collected service, so a DX courier will collect from your home or work address and deliver your heavy parcel the very next day. For same day delivery on heavy items, see our CitySprint services. How to send a heavy parcel

How much does it cost to ship a 50 lb package?

You will face an oversize package cost of $89 per parcel when shipping heavy-weight and large items with DHL. What to Consider When Shipping Heavy Items A lot goes into finding the cheapest way to ship 50lbs. You have to decide how to ship them, and who to ship your heavy items with.

How do I ship a heavy package?

For even heavier items, try UPS Ground. The service accepts packages that weigh up to 150 pounds. For very large and heavy items such as furniture, FedEx Freight might save you money on shipping. Heavy products need to ship in stronger cardboard boxes to stay secure in transit.

What is the cheapest way to ship a large package?

For single boxes, USPS is often the cheapest option. For large light boxes, USPS Priority Mail will be cheapest. For heavy large boxes or shipments of multiple boxes, consolidated freight is one of the most cost-effective shipping methods.

How much does it cost to send a 70 pound package?

Priority Mail has a weight limit of 70 pounds for all sizes, from a small envelope to a large box, but the largest size they offer is about 1 foot by 1 foot by 6 inches. Prices range from $6.95 for the small envelope to $17.60 for the large box.

How much does it cost to ship 100 pounds FedEx?

Weight Tiers FedEx Ground FedEx Standard Overnight
81-90 lbs $49 $280
91-100 lbs $52 $315
101-110 lbs $55 $350
111-120 lbs $58 $370

What is the maximum weight UPS will ship?

There are no limits to the total weight of your shipment or the total number of packages in your shipment. Packages can be up to 150 pounds. Packages can be up to 165 inches in length and girth combined.

How much does it cost to ship 50 lbs USPS?

With delivery in 1-3 business days, USPS Priority Mail Flat rate shipping is typically the cheapest way to ship a 50 lb box.


Box size Flat rate price
Medium box (13 ⅝” x 11 ⅞” x 11” or 11” x 8 ½” x 5 ½”) $15.05
Large box (23 11/16” x 11 ¾” x 12” or 12” x 12” x 5 ½”) $21.10

Is FedEx or UPS cheaper for heavy?

UPS and FedEx package shipping costs are about the same, but UPS flat rate pricing is slightly cheaper than FedEx. For variable pricing, FedEx generally starts out slightly cheaper but can be more expensive for larger, heavier shipments or for packages that will travel a longer distance.

How much would it cost to ship a 15 lb package?

2021 USPS Parcel Select Ground Shipping Rates

Parcel Select (wt. not over) Zones 1 & 2 Zone 5
13 lb $13.07 $26.73
14 lb $13.77 $28.33
15 lb $14.32 $29.82
16 lb $14.97 $31.63

Does USPS charge by weight or size?

For First-Class Mail, shape and weight will determine the price. For Priority Mail, the price is a combination of weight, size, and how far the mailpiece is traveling. Priority Mail pieces that exceed one cubic foot, are subject to ‘dimensional weight pricing’.

How much does it cost to ship 40 pounds USPS?

A 40 lb box can be shipped using USPS Priority Mail flat rate shipping or variable pricing.


Box size Flat rate price
Medium box (13 ⅝” x 11 ⅞” x 11” or 11” x 8 ½” x 5 ½”) $15.05
Large box (23 11/16” x 11 ¾” x 12” or 12” x 12” x 5 ½”) $21.10

How does FedEx deliver heavy packages?

FedEx Freight drivers are delivering large items to homes in five cities — and even moving some inside and helping assemble them — through a new company service, tapping into online shoppers’ growing appetite for bulky goods.

What is the heaviest package FedEx will ship?

With FedEx Ground® and FedEx Home Delivery® Services, you can ship packages up to 150 lbs; up to 108′ in length, and 165′ in length plus girth. Place yellow and black safety heavyweight labels over the diagonal corners of the package if it weighs more than 75 lbs.

How much does it cost to ship 100 pounds UPS?

– $18.00 per each package in a UPS Hundredweight Service shipment for UPS Next Day Air®, UPS Next Day Air Saver®, UPS 2nd Day Air A.M.®, UPS 2nd Day Air®, UPS 3 Day Select® and UPS® Ground shipment. Maximum of $126.00 per shipment.

How much does it cost to ship 45 lbs?

USPS: The cost via USPS is around $160 for a package weighing 41-45 pounds. DHL: DHL provides a shipping rate of $380 with a fast delivery time of two days. UPS: You can ship your package through UPS Ground for $100. FedEx/TNT: FedEx offers a reasonable rate of nearly $60 via its standard ground shipping service.

What is the cheapest way to ship large packages?

  • — First-Class Package Service. Most people know that a stamp costs$0.58 for first-class mail,which is extremely affordable in terms of shipping costs.
  • — Priority Mail.
  • — Priority Mail Express.
  • — Overnight Service.
  • UPS Ground Shipping Rates.
  • How to ship large and heavy items?

  • Parcel Monkey Ground – Drop off and pick up services for items up to 152lbs
  • UPS Ground – Drop off and pick up services for items up to 149lbs
  • Parcel Monkey Overnight – Next day delivery items up to 152lbs
  • Cheapest Way to Ship Heavy Items: Carriers and Classes for Shipping Large Items

    1. What do you hope to gain knowledge about?
    2. Isn’t it true that huge items come with big problems?
    3. Even though shipping heavy-weight huge packages and enormous things might seem like a pain in the neck, there are a variety of carriers that can provide fast and simple transportation of even the largest and bulkiest items or the peace of mind that a company owner needs.
    4. By weighing the advantages and disadvantages of various shipping options, you can choose which shipping solution is most appropriate for your company.

    Table of contents:

    • What to consider while shipping big products
    • the best methods for sending heavy and large items (+ a comparison of the major carriers)
    • Before exporting large and heavy objects, there are a few things you should know.
    • What methods do ecommerce firms use to send large items?
    • Conclusion
    • Shipping huge items: Frequently Asked Questions
    • Do you require assistance with fulfillment?

    What to consider when shipping heavy items

    1. There is a lot to consider when picking who to ship your big products with and how to transport them.
    2. When it comes to shipping, size is just as important as weight.
    3. If you have two items that weigh the same but are different sizes and shapes, you’ll likely get two different shipping quotes from two separate shipping firms as a consequence.
    4. With that in mind, here are some considerations to keep in mind while shipping large or heavy items:

    1.  Dimensional weight

    1. This is a relatively new notion (UPS and FedEx began utilizing dimensional weight in 2015, and the United States Postal Service adopted it in 2019), and it came about as a result of shipping firms losing money on packages that were both enormous and incredibly light.
    2. The ″theoretical″ weight of your package is represented by its dimensional weight.
    3. They will determine how much weight your package would have if it were to take up the same amount of volumetric space as your package by applying their own minimum density value, and then charge you for the more expensive option (the actual weight or dimensional weight).
    4. This is particularly essential to remember if your shipments weigh less than the dimensions weight, and you’ll want to acquire estimates from firms to figure out the true cost rather than calculating the cost yourself based on the actual weight.

    2. Fragility items

    Also, if your item is delicate and requires a little additional care, you may want to select a carrier that takes pleasure in handling fragile packages rather than one that prioritizes speedier delivery times, which might negatively impact parcel transportation.

    3. Origin and destination of the package

    It doesn’t matter how heavy your box is; carriers will use the origin and destination addresses to determine which shipping zone you’re sending to – the further away the address is, the higher the zone, and the higher the zone, the more expensive shipping will be to the destination address.

    4. Carrier’s rules

    Each carrier has its own set of restrictions, and the one you choose will have a significant impact on your shipping costs, depending on what you’re transporting. There are some carriers that are more accommodating than others when it comes to weight, size, and fragility – we’ll go into more depth about this in the next section.

    5. Type of service being used

    Is it your intention to offer international shipping services? Do you want it delivered the next day? 2-day shipping? Yes, please. Overnight? Each of these factors should be taken into consideration while selecting a carrier.

    Best ways to ship heavy and large items (+ top carriers compared)

    1. In the world of heavy-weight and large shipping, there are a number of well-known names in the business.
    2. Each of them provides at least one good alternative for specific sorts of products, but not all of them are cost-effective shipping options for larger items.
    3. Choosing the perfect one might be the difference between being in the red and being in the black, so keep reading to find out which ones provide the best combination for you.
    4. However, whereas carriers/shippers that serve to smaller businesses and individual consumers (such as the United States Postal Service, UPS, and FedEx) advertise their pricing publicly, carriers that engage with bigger enterprises on a larger scale are less likely to publicize their prices (FedEx Freight, DHL).
    1. If your goods is large enough and in large enough quantities, freight shipping will almost always be less expensive than parcel delivery, making it worthwhile to shop around for the best deal on freight shipping services.

    The cheapest way to ship heavy items

    Consolidated freight is the most cost-effective method of sending big things, but it’s vital to evaluate the costs of USPS, FedEx, and DHL according on how heavy your product is and what sort of product you’re shipping to find the best deal. Pricing are summarized when they are available, but if no prices are shown, you will need to contact them directly in order to obtain a quotation.


    The United States Postal Service offers a variety of shipping options and USPS mail kinds, including an overnight mailing option.

    Priority Mail: 1-3 days

    1. In all sizes, from little envelopes to enormous boxes, the weight restriction for Priority Mail is 70 pounds.
    2. The greatest size they provide is approximately 1 foot by 1 foot and 6 inches in size.
    3. Prices range from $6.95 for a tiny envelope to $17.60 for a large box, depending on the size.
    4. If you have small to medium-sized things that are thick and hefty and don’t need them to get to the consumer right away, this is a wonderful choice for you — but it’s worth noting that delivery in 1-3 days is still fairly decent.

    Priority Mail Express: overnight

    1. In the event that you need to send your product to its destination as fast as possible, Priority Mail Express is an excellent choice.
    2. The cost of sending a package under 70 pounds starts at $22.50, but that is the price of the flat rate shipping envelope, thus the cost of shipping only goes up from there.
    3. If your item is hefty and can be crammed into the flat rate envelope, this will be the most cost-effective alternative for you to choose.
    4. If it’s a larger item, you could have better experience with another shipping company.

    Media Mail: 2-10 days

    1. Media Mail is only available to a very limited segment of USPS consumers.
    2. Shipping any type of media (books, CDs, DVDs) is far more affordable than shipping anything else when you use Media Mail, which is available for purchase online.
    3. Keep in mind, however, that if the USPS inspects your item and determines that you’ve violated the regulations (which they have the authority to do), they will return the parcel to you for inadequate postage, which you will have to pay.
    4. Those shipping media that is a bit heavier than usual, on the other hand, will be pleased to know that they will not find a better pricing anywhere else.

    Ground: 2-8 days

    1. If your goods is too large to send in a large flat rate package through Priority Mail, Retail Ground delivery will be the best option for your situation.
    2. However, the weight restriction remains at 70 pounds, and it is intended for items that are too large to fit in the Priority Mail boxes.
    3. As you can see, the delivery time is far longer than expected.
    4. Additionally, pricing are computed based on zone and weight – for example, if you’re travelling to Zone 4, prices might range from $8 to $67, depending on how much you’re shipping.
    1. Putting your figures into an online calculator to determine if it’s a good fit in terms of pricing is worthwhile if you’re not in a rush.
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    FedEx offers a couple of heavy-lifting and oversize-transportation services.

    Ground: 1-7 days

    1. If you’ve been feeling left out because of the USPS’s 70-pound weight limit, FedEx is here to help.
    2. However, they have a less predictable delivery time and a more inclusive weight limit of 150 pounds, as well as sizes that are as long as 108 inches, and as long as 165 inches including girth, and as wide as 48 inches.
    3. FedEx Ground might be a wonderful alternative if your items are larger and/or heavier than what the United States Postal Service allows for in its flat pricing.

    Freight: Priority or Economy

    1. Price ranges for FedEx Freight are impossible to provide since they vary so much by zone and item size.
    2. However, if you’re delivering pallets of large products, here is the place to start your search.
    3. The priority option, of course, is for faster delivery over the economy option, and both are determined by the entire weight and size of your pallet.
    4. When you have a big number of goods to mail and/or a significant amount of weight to transport overall, this might be a significantly more cost-effective choice than shipping the packages separately.


    DHL’s heavy shipping choices are excellent for international shipment, and they even provide expedited shipping alternatives as well.

    Air freight

    1. In addition, DHL owns, co-owns, or collaborates with a number of various airlines across the world.
    2. In addition to providing a door-to-door delivery service, it provides an air freight service in which your freight is loaded to various flights that are planned along significant routes (plus airport-to-door, or door-to-airport).
    3. It, like all other carriers, provides options for how quickly you need your freight delivered, ranging from Urgent Air Freight (1-2 days) to Air Economy (5-7 days), as well as options for special cargo, temperature-controlled environments, and international shipments that must arrive on a specific day.

    Ocean freight

    1. DHL’s ocean freight service is quite similar to its air freight service in that it transports freight across international borders on a variety of ocean carriers.
    2. A comparable range of customized alternatives is available, including temperature-controlled spaces and the transfer of liquids.
    3. They also provide Full Container (FCL) and Less Than Container (LCL) shipping options.
    4. Overall, freight solutions are used when your goods is too heavy, large, or bulky to be shipped by parcel delivery at a reasonable cost.
    1. Shipping it via pallet or container makes more sense because you will obtain a better price and service this way.

    What to do before shipping large and heavy items

    1. Although losing or damaging goods is the worst-case situation, it is one that you will almost certainly have to deal with at some point.
    2. So, what can you do to reduce the danger, as well as the amount of money you’ll have to spend on the replacement goods and shipping costs?
    3. Insurance for the shipment.
    4. When weighed against the benefits, it’s not that expensive, and it’s definitely worth it if you’re sending a large number of things.

    Track it

    1. Is there a recent instance in which you bought anything online and were not provided with order tracking information?
    2. It’s possible that it’s been a while.
    3. Overall, when clients anticipate a specific degree of care, it is your responsibility to provide that care.
    4. Apart from the fact that it is anticipated, it fosters confidence with them and results in a greater perceived value – not to mention the fact that you can trace all of your shipments.

    Confirm it

    Delivery confirmation is essential for a successful monitored package delivery, and it also assists you with your insurance claim, making it a win-win situation. You’ll be notified when the product is delivered (as will your consumers), and you may utilize that information not just to benefit your customers, but also to aid you if the package is stolen from their possession.

    How do ecommerce shops ship heavy items?

    1. As you may guess, delivering big things for ecommerce companies is a little different than traditional shipping.
    2. Many ecommerce businesses that are seeking to grow find it difficult to manage inventory storage, monitoring, and shipping of large amounts of goods, so they turn to third-party retail fulfillment companies for assistance.
    3. There are also third-party logistics organizations that specialize in the transportation of large, heavy objects.
    4. It may be quite beneficial in terms of scalability, shipping more quickly, and even cutting total shipping costs.
    1. When you outsource the management of your inventory to a third party, you may take advantage of various fulfillment centers and negotiate lower shipping costs with shipping carriers, allowing you to pass those savings on to your customers.


    1. Transporting large, bulky objects is always going to be more difficult than transporting tiny and lightweight stuff.
    2. Accounting for all of the numerous factors and costs that are imposed on, from weight limitations to dimensional weight, may be a difficult task, but perhaps this article has been of use to you.
    3. Shipping expenses may eat away at your revenues, whether you are a little business or a large corporation with several locations.
    4. Shipping costs change and may have a significant impact on your bottom line if you don’t keep track of them.
    1. It’s always worthwhile to conduct your homework and determine which carrier would be the best fit for your company.

    Shipping large items FAQs

    The following are the answers to the most often asked questions concerning transporting heavy products.

    What is the cheapest way to ship large items?

    Consolidated freight is the most cost-effective method of transporting large products. However, it is critical that you evaluate shipping companies based on the type of item you are mailing and how hefty the package is.

    Does UPS ship large?

    Yes, UPS does send huge items, but only up to a certain size restriction. The packages they send must weigh no more than 150 pounds and measure no more than 165 inches in both girth and length.

    Does USPS have a size limit?

    They do have a maximum weight and size limit. You must send packages that weigh less than 70 pounds and are smaller than 108 inches in total length and circumference in order to qualify for expedited shipping services.

    Need help with fulfilment?

    Request a quotation from ShipBob using the form below to get in contact and see if ShipBob is the appropriate match for your company.

    Send a heavy parcel

    1. It might be intimidating to ship large products, especially if you’re seeking for the best deal.
    2. However, Parcel Monkey makes it simple and economical to ship large packages, even at the lowest possible cost.
    3. If you’re delivering large or heavy things inside the United Kingdom or overseas, our courier quotation calculator will allow you to compare pricing and travel times from numerous courier companies in one convenient location.
    4. Within seconds, you’ll be presented with heavy parcel delivery quotes from respected courier companies such as Parcelforce, Tuffnells, DX Freight, and CitySprint.
    1. All that is required of you is to select the most reasonable price and service for your needs.

    Cheap heavy parcel delivery UK

    If you’re looking for the most affordable heavy package delivery rates, simply fill out our brief courier quotation form and we’ll get back to you with the lowest rates available from our heavy item carriers.

    Cheap heavy item couriers:

    Send packages weighing up to 30kg. Parcelforce is the most cost-effective option to ship a 30kg package. Our reduced Parcelforce 48 Large service provides a cost-effective method of shipping large products within the United Kingdom. It is offered as a drop-off service or as a courier collecting service for a modest additional fee.

    • Send packages weighing more than 30kg. DX Freight provides the most affordable heavy item courier service for packages weighing up to 500kg, as well as pallet deliveries. This is a collection service, which means that a DX courier will pick up your large package from your house or place of business and deliver it the following day
    • If you need a big item delivered the same day, check out our CitySprint services.

    How to send a heavy parcel

    Sending a large package is simple when using Parcel Monkey. Follow these eight simple steps to mail a large package inside the United Kingdom or overseas.

    1. Ensure that your item is properly packaged (for assistance, check our packing guide)
    2. Measure the length, width, and height of the finished packed item (in centimeters).
    3. Weigh your cargo in kilograms (kg)
    4. In our courier quote tool, enter the dimensions, weight, and destination to get an estimate.
    5. Purchase the service that best meets your requirements and pay for it
    6. Print your shipping labels as well as any necessary customs documentation.
    7. Shipping labels and customs documentation should be attached to the item securely.
    8. You may either drop off your package or wait for the courier to pick it up. It really is that simple to send a large package!

    Posting heavy items

    1. The fact that we have negotiated lower prices with Parcelforce means that sending big things through Parcel Monkey is less expensive than sending them through the Post Office.
    2. It is possible to schedule the same excellent Parcelforce services, such as Parcelforce 24, Parcelforce 48 Large, and Next Day services, before 9 a.m., but you will pay less and will not be required to stand in line at the Post Office.
    3. The tracking information for all of our Parcelforce services is provided, and they may be scheduled as a drop-off at your local Post Office or as a courier collection.
    4. It’s never been easier to ship large products than it is now!

    Shipping heavy items internationally

    1. Even though the cost of sending big things overseas is more expensive than the cost of shipping heavy items within the United Kingdom, you may keep delivery costs down by comparing international courier charges using our shipping calculator.
    2. We provide low DPD prices for sending goods up to 30kg to Europe, as well as our Parcel Monkey Europe By Road service for sending bigger packages to Europe.
    3. Parcelforce International Priority can be booked at a heavily discounted rate for items up to 30kg for shipping to other international destinations, such as the United States, or our Parcel Monkey Air Express service can be booked for heavier parcels up to 70kg shipping to other international destinations, such as the United States.
    4. We transport packages of various weights and sizes to more than 200 countries throughout the world, including the United States.
    1. As part of the booking procedure, we will even take care of any necessary customs documentation.

    What heavy items can I send?

    • Our reduced shipping services are available to everyone, whether they are a person or a small company owner, and they can help you save money on shipping heavy products and mailing large packages. Although we’ve sent anything from exercise cycles to sports equipment, cartons of vinyl records, and even auto components, please check our forbidden products list to be sure your item is OK for shipment before placing an order. Sending large packages is a good idea. Associated assistance pages include: How to weigh your cargo
    • Large parcel delivery
    • Long parcel delivery
    • International shipping
    • Customs costs
    • Shipping alcohol
    • and Shipping a package with a tracking number.

    Cheapest Way to Ship 50 lbs Packages & Above

    • Important Points: Because different courier companies have their own criteria for heavy-weight shipments, it is important to double-check each company’s regulations for sending heavy-weight products before proceeding.
    • The United States Postal Service, FedEx, UPS, DHL, and other major carriers can send your heavy-weight products without difficulty.
    • Easyship offers the best possible pricing for delivering products weighing 50 pounds or more, with discounts of up to 70% off reduced shipping costs on more than 250 carriers
    • and
    1. Shipping large, heavy products such as gym equipment, golf clubs, car components, and electric bicycles is a time-consuming and complicated task.
    2. As you can expect, there are several difficulties associated with such huge and heavy-weight shipments.
    3. There are several challenges, such as complicated weighing and cost estimation methods, packing, physically removing products from storage facilities, and a long period of time until they arrive at the consumers’ doorstep.
    4. However, if your eCommerce firm deals with heavy-weight and huge parcels, this should not prevent you from delivering things to your clients on schedule or expanding your operations to other regions.
    1. You must choose the most cost-effective shipping option for your company in order to alleviate the stress without breaking the budget.
    2. Fortunately, you can always discover the most affordable way to send 50 pounds or more, and there are several carriers that provide speedy and convenient delivery for heavy-weight shipments.
    3. When sending large things, it is usually a good idea to receive a shipping price as soon as possible.
    4. One of the most efficient ways to accomplish this goal is to utilize the Easyship shipping rates calculator to evaluate shipping charges and transit times from several courier services and then select the one that best meets your demands and budget.

    Table of Contents

    01 What Qualifies as a ″Heavy Item″ in this Case? 02 Things to Keep in Mind When Shipping Bulky Objects 03 The Most Economical and Time-Effective Method of Shipping Heavy Items 04 How to Prepare to Lift and Carry Heavy Loads 05 eCommerce Stores Should Consider Third-Party Logistics (3PLs) 06 Ways in Which Easyship Can Assist

    What’s Considered a Heavy Item?

    Before you can determine the most cost-effective method of shipping big things, you must first determine what is deemed a heavy item by the courier firms. Different courier companies have different requirements for heavy-weight cargo. In this section, we will provide you with a high-level overview of UPS, USPS, DHL, and FedEx.


    1. If the length of your box exceeds 108 inches, or if the total length and girth of your box is less than 130 inches, the United States Postal Service will charge you a particular, standard Parcel Select oversize fee.
    2. The majority of USPS services have a 70-pound weight restriction.
    3. Items that are heavier or larger than the typical oversized rate may incur extremely expensive shipping fees, and you will be required to negotiate a particular pricing with the United States Postal Service.


    1. You can transport large and heavy things with UPS, but the minimum billable weight is 90 pounds, and you will be charged an extra fee for large packages that are longer than 96 inches or more than 130 inches combined in total length.
    2. Any shipment weighing more than 150 pounds, measuring more than 108 inches in length, or measuring more than 165 inches in length and girth combined falls beyond the UPS oversized restrictions and must be transported using UPS’ freight service.
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    FedEx will charge you for an oversized box if the total length of your shipment is greater than 96 inches or 130 inches combined. In addition, you will have to deal with a minimum of 90lbs of billable weight. It costs $90 to send an oversize box, and during peak yearly shipping seasons, there is an extra oversize peak premium of $37.50 per package.


    1. DHL is a well-known worldwide transportation company, although it does have weight and size restrictions.
    2. If a box weighs more than 70kg (154.3 pounds) and has a single dimension greater than 120 cm, you are dealing with an enormous and hefty shipment (47.24 inches) DHL recommends that you contact them first before sending any big items to ensure that the services and timeframes offered in your area are appropriate for your needs.
    3. You will be charged an oversize shipment fee of $89 per parcel if you ship heavy-weight or bulky products using DHL International.
    4. Post related to this: The Most Economical Ways to Ship a Small Package in 2021

    What to Consider When Shipping Heavy Items

    There is a lot that goes into determining the most cost-effective approach to send 50 pounds. You must determine how to send them, as well as who will transport your large and heavy products. Here are some elements to think about in order to make an informed decision in this respect. Dimensional weight is the weight of anything in terms of dimensions.

    1. When dealing with huge and oddly shaped packages, the use of dimensional weights becomes necessary.
    2. These are often little and light things, but because of their form and size, they take up a lot of room on delivery vehicles.
    3. In accordance with the dimensions of your box, your shipping charge will be computed based on the amount of volumetric space occupied by your shipment.
    4. You will be charged for the larger of the actual weight or the dimensional weight, whichever is greater.
    1. Find the cheapest method to transport big products and keep the cost down by packaging your items in the most efficient manner possible to make their dimensions as small as feasible.
    2. Your package’s fragility is a concern.
    1. Finding the cheapest option to send large products might often entail more than just comparing prices and travel times.
    2. When sending big, delicate things, you may need to find a carrier that is experienced in handling fragile shipments in order to ensure that your parcels arrive in perfect shape.
    3. It is possible that you may be charged additional costs, but this is preferable than having your belongings ruined.
    4. The final destination of the package
    1. The origin and destination addresses of your item, in addition to the weight and dimensions of your cargo, are used by carriers to compute the shipping fee for your product.
    2. That implies that the location of your shipment will have an influence on your ability to identify the cheapest option to send packages weighing 50 pounds or more.
    3. The greater the distance between you and the shipping zone, the more the amount you will have to pay to get your heavy products delivered.
    4. Courier service for shipping
    1. The origin and destination addresses of your item, in addition to the weight and dimensions of your shipment, are used by carriers to compute the shipping fee.
    2. As a result, the location of your shipment will have an influence on your ability to identify the cheapest option to send packages weighing 50 pounds or greater.
    3. In general, the more away your heavy things are from their shipping zone, the more you will be required to pay to have them delivered.
    4. Courier for shipping
    1. The speed with which your shipment is shipped has everything to do with how long it takes to be delivered.
    2. Whether you prefer next-day delivery, overnight shipping, 2-day shipping, or ground shipment is all up to you.
    3. While you have little control over the other elements that influence shipping costs, you do have total control over how quickly you want your order to be delivered to you.
    4. You will be required to pay in order to participate here.
    1. The greater the urgency with which you want your products to be delivered, the greater the cost.
    2. If you’re sending 50 pounds or more, consider using a delayed delivery option to keep the shipping costs as low as possible.
    3. Restrictions

    As we have already seen, when it comes to delivering big things, carrier constraints apply based on the weight and dimensions of the package. Preparing your cargo should begin with a call to your carrier to inquire about any limits they may have on the kind of heavy products they can and cannot send.

    Best/Cheapest Way to Ship Heavy Items

    1. In order to locate the most cost-effective way to ship large things, you must first get familiar with the major participants in the heavy-weight and oversized shipping industries.
    2. The United States Postal Service, FedEx, and UPS are the leaders in this area for both domestic and international shipping.
    3. Depending on the sort of cargo you are delivering, each of them will at the very least have a solid, cost-effective alternative available to them.
    4. The table below demonstrates the most cost-effective method of transporting a 50-pound box from Brooklyn to Los Angeles, based on the Easyship shipping prices calculator.
    Service Transit Time Estimated Cost
    USPS Parcel Select 3-7 working days $90.52
    USPS Priority Mail 1-3 days working days $179.52
    USPS Priority Mail Express 1-2 days working $309.10
    FedEx Ground 5 working days $96.35
    FedEx Ground 5 working days $96.35
    FedEx Express Saver 5 working days $234.55
    FedEx 2Day 4 working days $333.54
    FedEx Priority Overnight 1 working days $423.79

    Parcel Select is the cheapest way to ship a 50-pound box from Brooklyn to Los Angeles, costing $90.52 and taking 3-7 days. FedEx Ground service, costing $96.35 and taking 5 days, is the second-cheapest option. It is possible that you will have to avoid expedited shipping services while looking for the cheapest way to transport bulky products unless you need to deliver a package immediately.

    How to Prepare to Ship Heavy Items

    • When sending large products to consumers, there are a few things you should keep in mind to make the process go as smoothly as possible. They are as follows: Take precise measurements and weigh-ins to ensure success: It is expensive to send huge and heavy products, and you should avoid adding to the expense by doing so. Make certain that you accurately measure and weigh your item in order to receive the most accurate and reasonable price for your shipping in order to avoid additional costs.
    • Packaging that is appropriate: Heavy things are more susceptible to strong knocks, bumps, shocks, and probable drops than smaller, lighter packages because of their weight, size, and form. It is important that you package your large and heavy things appropriately in order to survive travel shocks. Double-walled corrugated boxes are ideal for this purpose. Fill up any vacant space to keep your boxes from moving around, then tape your cartons shut firmly.
    • Tracking: Delays in delivery are unavoidable when sending large or heavy items across long distances. You must ensure that both you and your customer have access to tracking information so that you and your customer can trace the status of your cargo until it reaches its final destination in order to reduce delivery anxiety. This will assist you in identifying any delivery mistakes and taking corrective action before your consumer becomes aware of any potential red flags.
    • Shipping insurance is important since large and bulky products are sometimes expensive to ship. If your shipment is damaged or lost, you don’t want to be the one who has to bear the financial burden. In order to avoid this, you must ensure that your packages are properly insured with the appropriate insurance coverage. Easyship can assist you in securing your products during transportation by recommending the appropriate insurance coverage. Amounts up to $5,000 are covered under our insurance policy.
    • Courier vs. courier comparison: It is necessary to compare shop prices from several courier companies in order to choose those that provide reasonable and cost-effective services for transporting large things. A shipping rates calculator, which compares travel times and shipping charges from several carriers, is the most efficient method of accomplishing this goal.

    eCommerce Shops Should Consider 3PLs

    1. Third-party logistic businesses provide a wealth of knowledge and expertise when it comes to transporting packages of different sizes, weights, and configurations.
    2. In addition, they ensure that your big things are handled properly during the delivery process by partnering with the top carriers in the industry.
    3. Because of this, they are a popular choice for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the eCommerce industry, and they may be quite beneficial for merchants dealing with complex shipments.
    4. Easyship is a major eCommerce and logistics firm that can assist you in lowering shipping costs while also ensuring a pleasant delivery experience for your customers.

    How Easyship Can Help

    • It takes time and effort to ship large products. That is why you should not do it on your own, but rather leave it to the professionals! Easyship can assist you in achieving success in the large and heavy-weight shipping game in the ways listed below: The best prices are as follows: We can assist you in obtaining cheaper shipping costs of up to 70% with the majority of major carriers.
    • Multi-courier systems are available. As a result of our more than 250 courier agreements in various countries, we can assist you in shipping your items to any location in the world.
    • A network of fulfillment centers is comprised of the following: We have warehouse partners in different regions of the world to guarantee that your items are stored as close to your consumers as possible, which will help you further reduce shipping costs and transit time.

    Activate your free Easyship account today and let us assist you in increasing the efficiency of your big and heavyweight cargo by providing reasonable shipping options.

    Oversized vs. freight shipping

    1. Sending a parcel might be a challenging task.
    2. We’ll assist you in defining large shipments vs freight shipments, and we’ll give you with a resource for estimating expected shipping costs.
    3. Packages that are too large and/or require extra handling charges The dimensions of the package decide whether or not it is considered oversized.
    4. Because of the weight of the shipment, additional handling fees may be applied to the order.
    1. In the United States, FedEx Ground and Express services levy an oversize charge delivery fee if a package exceeds the dimensions listed below: Dimensions with a circumference more than 130 inches
    • FedEx considers shipments to be freight if they satisfy or exceed at least one of the following criteria: a weight greater than 150 pounds
    • With measurements of greater than 165 inches in length and circumference taken together
    • See our step-by-step guide for complete information on how to transport a large item by freight delivery service. Several tried-and-true strategies will help to ensure that your product arrives at its destination in one piece when shipping huge packages across long distances. FedEx, as shipping professionals, recommends that you do the following: Make use of a sturdy box. The greater the weight of your stuff, the more sturdy the box you’ll require. It is best to get a brand-new box because previously used boxes may be flimsier or otherwise degraded. In order to offer an additional layer of strength and safety, you may even stuff your box within another box. If you are shipping your cargo in a box-in-box, make sure to put some padding between the boxes for additional protection.
    • Make use of extra-strong packaging tape. Once you’ve safely packed your stuff in the box, use stronger packing tape to close the seams, using the ″H″ method to ensure that nothing falls out. When shipping packages, do not use masking, duct, or Scotch tape.
    • Based on the weight and dimensions of your huge item, choose the best shipping method for you. To select the shipping method to use, weigh and measure your cargo. You may choose normal delivery, oversized shipping or freight as your shipment method. To assess the total length and girth of the box, you may use a tape measure, and you can weigh the item using a common bathroom scale.
    • You might want to consider breaking up the shipment into numerous shipments. By delivering the things in many boxes rather than one huge delivery, you may be able to avoid paying expensive package shipping fees. Delivering numerous smaller goods may or may not be less expensive than shipping a single large shipment and incurring extra costs, despite the fact that you’ll have to pay the usual shipping amount for each box.
    1. To get an idea of how much shipping will cost, use the FedEx shipment calculator.
    2. When sending a package that does not qualify as freight, you can also generate and print your shipping label from home, and then arrange a pickup or drop-off at your local FedEx Office® store, FedEx Ship Center, or an official FedEx Authorized Shipping Center (FASC).
    3. We have the means and resources to ensure that your things reach their destination in a safe and timely manner, whether you’re shipping a conventional box, transporting large items, or delivering an enormous order through freight.
    4. Visit the FedEx Learning Center for further information on specific goods and how to package and send them correctly.

    Best Way to Send Heavy Parcels

    1. It is not necessary to spend a fortune on shipping large products.
    2. At Eurosender, we listen to our customers’ issues and tailor our services to meet their needs.
    3. As a result of making your reservation through our site, you will be provided with an excellent service that will be carried out by some of the most recognized logistics businesses at already discounted costs.
    4. Whether you are an individual or a corporation, choose the most secure and cost-effective method of transporting big products or boxes to another location.

    Best way to pack and ship your heavy packages

    1. A box or a pallet are good options for packing depending on your material.
    2. Before placing each item in the box, be sure you wrap it individually.
    3. Check out our guides for various types of items by clicking here.
    4. Fill the spaces in the box with cushioning materials to make it more comfortable.
    5. Ensure that the package is sealed
    6. If your item weighs more than 50 pounds, we recommend shipping it on a pallet.
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    Shipping heavy items in multiple parcels

    1. Choosing a strong pallet in excellent condition is essential.
    2. Heavy boxes should be placed at the bottom.
    3. In order to improve security, use paper liners between each layer.
    4. Straps should be used to secure the package.
    5. Additional protection can be provided by using stretch foil or bubble wrap.


    FAQ on the best way to send heavy parcels abroad

    What is the cheapest way to ship heavy boxes?

    1. In the case of a single heavy box weighing up to 30 kg, or up to 70 kg for specified routes, we recommend that you choose the normal shipping service because it is the most cost-effective method of transporting your heavy box to another location.
    2. Our tool will automatically calculate the cost of shipping your heavy things to their destination if you have more than one box to send that is heavier than this.
    3. If you have more than one box to send that is heavier than this, we recommend that you place it on a pallet.
    4. The Van delivery service, on the other hand, would be recommended if you have a large number of big packages to send.
    1. With this service, you will have a van that will be exclusively dedicated to your load, and it will travel directly from the pickup location to the delivery location, with no stops in between.
    2. Not only is this the most cost-effective method of transporting your big products, but it is also the most expedient method of having them transported to another European location.

    What is the best way to send heavy packages to another location?

    1. When shipping large packages to any nation in Europe, the Van delivery service is the most cost-effective solution.
    2. The fact that you will be protected while traveling is unquestionably what distinguishes this service as premium.
    3. The van is solely loaded with your belongings, and it only goes to and from the countries you choose as its destinations.
    4. We can also arrange for the delivery of large packages anywhere in the world!
    1. Express delivery is the most appropriate option for items weighing up to 70 kg!

    How much will it cost me to ship heavy items by courier?

    With Eurosender, it is quite simple to find out the prices of shipping large products using our booking tool, which will immediately show you a quote when you pick the service and fill out the necessary information in the blank spaces on the form.

    How do I pack and ship heavy items inside a parcel?

    Our specialized packing recommendations for various goods are available by clicking on the link here. You will be able to select the item you are sending and receive step-by-step packaging assistance!

    Do I get insurance included in the price if I choose the cheapest way to ship my heavy boxes?

    Yes! Eurosender includes insurance in the price of most of its shipping services, so you don’t have to worry about extra costs. We urge you to visit this page for more information about insurance coverage for certain services.

    How will the courier collect and deliver my heavy parcel?

    It varies according on the provider, but in general, the driver will arrive with the car, which you will then be able to fill with your packages. Some of our services include the ability to request assistance from the driver with loading and unloading, as well as handling equipment. Discuss your choices with one of our specialists when you make your reservation!

    What happens if parcels are heavier for the delivery than I thought?

    • It is possible that additional charges will apply to shipments that exceed the dimensions, weight, or number of packages that were specified during the purchase procedure. To avoid an additional surcharge if your shipment exceeds the maximum size and weight allowed by your chosen service provider’s warehouse upon scanning, please notify us by 12 pm one business day before collection
    • or, to avoid an additional surcharge, please notify us by 12 pm one business day before collection.

    We ask that you kindly be aware that if you do not notify us prior to pickup, the courier may refuse to collect or return your goods. The insurance policy does not apply to shipments that exceed the specified amount.

    Where I can get a pallet for my international heavy parcel delivery?

    Check with your local hardware or DIY stores, such as Bauhaus or Obi, to see if they have anything. Follow this link to find out where you can get all of the shipping equipment you’ll need to ship to and from most European nations.

    How to best prepare the pallet to send heavy parcels?

    You can consult our dedicated page if your large and heavy parcel delivery will necessitate the use of a pallet and you aren’t sure how to deal with packaging.

    I have many packages to send. What will be the cost to ship multiple heavy items?

    It is dependent on the number of shipments you intend to send. If you simply have a few packages, Eurosender can provide you with a multi-parcel delivery service or a Van delivery service, as appropriate. In the booking tool, you may receive a fast quotation for any destination in the European Union!

    7 Tips for Packing and Shipping Heavy Items

    • Packing and shipping large, bulky things has its own set of difficulties. Packages for international shipments must be stronger and more protected than those for domestic ones. Why? Weighier goods are more likely to be carried by forklift rather than by human force, and to be transferred between trucks on their journey to their final destinations, which increases the risk of damage. Because you are the shipper, it is your responsibility to adequately pack these larger products in order to prevent them from being damaged or destroyed during handling by heavy warehouse equipment or changeover between large tractor-trailer vehicles. Many transport companies may refuse to take products that they believe will not withstand the crush of a hydraulic lift or the arms of a forklift
    • in fact, some carriers will not accept any items at all. When transporting large things, shippers should make certain that the items can survive the following: being dropped
    • being subjected to vibration from conveyor belts and vehicles
    • and being subjected to extreme temperatures.
    • Compression is being felt on all sides as a result of uncontrolled stacking
    • Experiencing temperature and humidity fluctuations
    1. What steps can you take to prevent these issues?
    2. By improving the quality of the packaging.
    3. Here are some pointers to assist you in accomplishing your goal: 1) Make sure you ship on an appropriate pallet.
    4. Some objects, particularly those that are heavy, are best served by being secured to a pallet.
    1. Wooden or plastic pallets should be used since they are more durable and can endure the stress of being transported and raised.
    2. According to a Shopify blog post titled ″7 Quick Fixes for Your Biggest Shipping and Fulfillment Problems,″ such goods should never exceed the weight constraints of their pallet.
    3. 2) Select packaging that is both sturdy and long-lasting.
    4. The cartons should be made of corrugated cardboard that is robust enough to support the weight of a full load of products piled on top of them.
    • Only new corrugated boxes that have been firmly sealed with strengthened water-activated tape should be used for this purpose.
    • Another option is to place a layer of X-Pad inside each box, ensuring that the bottom, sides, and top of the shipment are all covered.
    • This will provide an additional layer of product protection.
    • Your goods will benefit from the exceptional bracing and cushioning provided by X-pad.
    • Extra layers of strengthened water-activated tape should be applied to the bottom of the box to provide further protection.
    • 3) Wrap the objects with bubble wrap and cushion them.
    1. Heavy objects should be placed in the center of the box to prevent the box from tilting as it is being transported.
    2. Increase the product’s protection by surrounding them with a thick layer of X-Pad.
    3. Fill in any blanks that may exist within the box.
    4. Never ship using crumpled newspaper or packing paper since the paper will compress throughout the shipping process.
    5. Make certain that nothing moves within the cargo.
    1. Items that are heavier are more prone to shift about within a box.
    2. 4) Add another box to the list.
    3. Insert the packed box into a larger box than the first and fill in the empty area with an X-pad or air cushions to protect the contents.
    4. If possible, you should leave at least two inches of space between the inner and outer boxes, depending on the item being shipped.

    Items that are really fragile, such as heavy vases, will need more clearance.You must have enough padding to safeguard the item in the event that the box is dropped or punctured during shipping.5) Apply water-activated tape to the outside of the box.Choose fiberglass reinforced water-activated tape for increased safety while working with heavy objects.Water-activated tape actually adheres to a corrugated shipment box, preventing it from being opened during transportation and storage.

    Using tape that is not intended for packaging will most likely not prevent the box from being opened during transportation and may even allow for pilfering during the trip itself.6) Try not to make the boxes overly hefty.Consider dividing very hefty shipments into numerous boxes and individually wrapping individual components.Overly heavy boxes are more likely to break during transport, and they also provide a larger danger of the carton being dropped by people who are lifting it.7) Give it a good whack.After the cargo has been sealed, give it a good shake.

    • Take care to ensure that nothing can move about inside the box.
    • Anything that has the ability to move can cause other delicate things in the box to be smashed, as well as potentially crushing packing material.
    • If you hear anything rattling about or shifting inside the package, you should open it and repack it immediately.
    • The majority of carriers will refuse to accept any package if the contents sound like they are rattling about inside it.
    • What’s most important is this: Heavy objects, in particular, are more susceptible to damage as they transit through the supply chain.
    1. Using proper packaging ensures that they will be more resilient when subjected to the rigors of forklift operations as well as conveyor belt transfers, repeated truck transfers, and the obstacles of over-the-road transportation This results in fewer damaged items and returns, and, as a result, clients who are more inclined to make another purchase from you.
    2. Want to know more about water-activated tape and tape dispensers?

    About Better Packages

    • Better Packages, which was established in 1917, is a prominent maker of desktop water-activated tape (WAT) dispensers, which are used in carton sealing.
    • Product lines offered by Better Packages include both auto-dispensing electric machines, which are commonly seen in high-volume fulfillment facilities, as well as manual dispensers.
    • Throughout the United States, Better Packages offers its products through a variety of channels, including industrial and packaging distributors, catalog wholesalers, and direct sales to end-user clients.
    • More than 160 approved distributors, including Tier 1 shipping and packaging companies, comprise the company’s distribution network.
    • Better Packages also has an additional 50 foreign distributors that serve customers in over 70 different countries across the world.

    IPG (Intertape Polymer Group) owns Better Packages, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the company.IPG is a well-known leader in the packaging market.IPG has a complete array of Central® water-activated tape, as well as a wide variety of other high-quality packaging goods.

    The Cheapest Way To Ship Large and Oversized Packages

    • Ecommerce has become a necessary component of practically every retail operation today.
    • If you have physical locations, offering your consumers the opportunity to purchase your products on the internet will enhance your sales.
    • Shipping, on the other hand, might be prohibitively expensive for eCommerce enterprises that offer large or heavy items.
    • Fortunately, there are methods to save money when shipping products that are too heavy or large for the carrier.
    • Here’s your guide to the most cost-effective methods of shipping large and heavy packages.

    How to ship large items and oversized packages

    • When it comes to transporting huge products, the difficulty is as much about the dimensions as it is about the weight.
    • Even though a product is feather-light, it may still be subject to additional delivery charges.
    • It all comes down to the concept of dimensional weight.
    • Dimensional weight, often known as DIM weight, is a method of assessing the cost of shipping a product based on the package’s dimensions.
    • The dimensional weight of a package is computed by multiplying its height by its length by its width, and then dividing the result by the carrier’s DIM factor.

    UPS, FedEx, and the United States Postal Service (USPS) all employ DIM factors to calculate the DIM weight of big parcels.It is possible that the DIM weight can raise your shipping costs if you ship a large cargo.When a package weighs 10 pounds but the DIM weight comes out to be 15 pounds, you will be charged for the additional 15 pounds of shipping weight that was added.Unless the DIM weight of your box is less than the actual weight of your shipment, the shipping cost is determined by the actual weight of your product.

    How to reduce DIM weight charges

    • However, there are various approaches that may be used to decrease dimensional weight costs. Packaging. It is possible that placing your items in boxes that are too large can result in higher shipping expenses. Pack each purchase in the smallest package possible to ensure that it is shipped safely. Many big items are shipped in their original product packaging, without being overboxed. Examine your packaging to see if there are any improvements that can be made to make it more efficient. Some large goods may be less expensive to ship if they are shipped in pieces rather than assembled.
    • DIM factor is a determining factor in how well a product performs. In the event that you ship in large quantities, you may be able to negotiate cheaper shipping charges. You have the option of negotiating your DIM factor as well. A greater DIM factor will result in a reduction in your DIM weight charges.
    • Shipped by the United States Postal Service. The DIM factor for the United States Postal Service is 166. In the case of business shipping accounts, FedEx and UPS both employ a DIM factor of 139. FedEx and UPS would charge 125 pounds for a 50-po

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