How To Send A Package To An Inmate?


  1. LOCATE YOUR LOVED ONE. Click the ‘Find an Inmate’ button and enter your loved one’s first name, last name, or inmate number.

First,select a state from the “Find Location” box on the left of the “Home” page.

Can you send money to an inmate?

Anything you can do to make your inmate feel loved and supported is valuable, and sending money, is not merely a token of affection. This gesture can make incarceration much more bearable, as inmates will be able to phone loved ones, pay legal fees, and purchase items from the commissary store.

What happens if you buy something from the commissary in prison?

In some cases, an inmate may purchase items from the commissary, only to have them stolen or lost. If you are suspecting that your inmate may be using money for illegal activity, don’t hesitate to try and find out from them how they spend the funds.

How do I send a parcel to an inmate?

Parcels to the prison can only be sent through Parcel Force. The prison will not accept Royal Mail parcels. Only court clothes can be posted in without the need for an application being made first. The parcel must be clearly marked as ‘court clothes’ and cannot contain any other additional items.

Can you send care packages to inmates?

If you know a prisoner or inmate serving time, cheer them up by sending a care package. Check the rules and regulations before booking a parcel delivery to inmates and prisoners in jail to avoid any potential issues. Some institutions only allow you to send parcels to prisons through third-party service providers.

What can you send an inmate through Amazon?

Amazon customers can send books and magazines to inmates by entering the prisoner’s unit and inmate number into the Amazon order page. Customers can send books and magazines as long as they don’t contain depictions of sexual content, racism, violence or any content that is considered to be a trigger for prisoners.

What gifts can you give inmates?

Here’s our list of the five best things to send inmates in a care package:

  1. Letters and Messages. According to, sending correspondence is the number one best way to help your loved one feel connected to home.
  2. Commissary Money.
  3. Photos.
  4. Books, Magazines and Newspapers.
  5. Celebratory Cards.

Can I take clothes to a prisoner?

You can wear your own clothes as long as they are ok to wear in prison and are clean and tidy. ° you are on your way to court. If this happens, prison staff will do everything they can to stop other people seeing you in these clothes. Your family and friends can bring clothes in for you and take clothes away to wash.

Can I send clothes to a prisoner?

At basic incentive level you will only be allowed prison issue clothing in line with local allowances. At higher incentive levels, you may be allowed your own clothing. This will differ in different prisons and may only be allowed for those on ‘enhanced’ level and above in your prison.

How do I send a care package to an inmate in Harris County jail?

Contact information, to include your e-mail address and phone number. The inmate’s name. The inmate’s System Person Number (SPN) The applicable jail facility.

Please call (888)439-5020 and have the following information available:

  1. Your name.
  2. Your Phone Number.
  3. Facility Name.
  4. iCare Order Number.
  5. Date the iCare Order was placed.

How do I send a care package to an inmate in Texas?

At the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) facilities, you can purchase and send care packages through the eCommDirect website. To do this, the prisoner has to add you to their Visitation list, and the prison officials have to approve it.

Does Amazon Ship to jails? makes deliveries to prisons. However, we recommend that you contact the prison first to confirm that they accept deliveries and to ask about any special policies they have. The label on the outside of the package should only state the destination address, company name, and return address.

How do I send magazines to inmates on Amazon?

How To Send Magazines to Inmates

  1. Go to the Amazon order page.
  2. Type in your inmate’s full name.
  3. Enter the prisoner’s unit and the inmate number.
  4. Provide the address of the correctional facility.
  5. Select the city and state.
  6. Check the box for a Gift.
  7. Choose your delivery option.
  8. Click on Place Your Order.

Can you send coloring books to inmates?

Our special selection of adult coloring books for prison inmates. From Tattoos to Butterflies, something for everyone! Send a Smile! Send a Coloring Book to Your Loved One in Prison!

Can you send bathing suit pictures to inmates?

Can you send bathing suit pictures to inmates? Answer: NO. Very few facilities allow nudity or anything that could be considered sexually explicit photos. To play it safe, make sure all subjects are fully clothed with no cleavage.

Can inmates receive Christmas gifts?

As a family member or friend of an inmate, you can help your loved one enjoy some of the comforts of home to make the holidays brighter. Most facilities have strict policies for inmate care packages and mailed items. However, there are many special gifts that you can send quickly and easily to support your inmate.

Can you write inmates in colored ink?

Letters for personal correspondence

Handmade Drawings (Limit of 5 per letter) – Must be done in lead or colored pencil, ink, watercolor, charcoal, or crayon. Other media forms or any foreign objects attached to the drawing are prohibited. Must not exceed 9×12 inches.

How can I get a message to an inmate?

  • Set up a GettingOut account and deposit funds.
  • Call 1 (866) 516-0115.
  • Follow the prompts.
  • Your loved one will hear your voicemail the next time they pick up the phone.
  • What can be mailed to an inmate?

  • Photos should be no larger than 4’x6′
  • Always print the inmates name and ID number on the back of the photo in pen (this helps the mail room staff)
  • Photos should never contain nudity,sexually suggestive material
  • Hand gestures and tattoos are often not allowed because it may have gang implications
  • What items can you send an inmate in jail?

  • 4” x 6” is the largest photo you should send.
  • Help the mailroom staff by printing your loved one’s name and ID number on the back.
  • When using a single stamp,only 5 photos can be sent at a time.
  • Send Inmate Food Packages – Order Inmate Commissary Online

    1. 1.
    2. FIND YOUR MOST VALUED PARTNER Click on the ″Find a Prisoner″ option and enter the first name, last name, or inmate number of the person you’re looking for.
    3. When you have completed all of the necessary information, click on the ″Search″ button to locate your loved one.

    2.SELECT YOUR iCARE GIFTAs soon as you’ve identified your recipient, browse through our selection of prisoner care packages before selecting your iCare present of choice and putting it to your shopping cart.3.LOG IN AND COMPLETE THE CHECKOUT When you’re ready to check out, all you have to do is enter your login credentials.

    • The option to check out as a guest or to ″Create an Account″ is available if you don’t already have an account with us.
    • 4.
    • CONFIRM YOUR ORDERAfter making your order, you’ll instantly receive a confirmation email as a follow-up to ensure that everything went smoothly.
    • The status of your inmate commissary packages may be tracked by using the URL provided in your confirmation email or by visiting the order status part of our website at any time.
    • 5.

    Your task has been completed!Your iCare gift will be given to the recipient, and you will receive an email confirming that it has been provided.Note that a prison has up to 30 days from the date of receipt of an order to deliver inmate meal deliveries to their recipients.

    How To Send a Care Package to an Inmate [Top Tips]

    1. In the case of a friend or relative in prison, you’ve found yourself in a precarious scenario.
    2. Are you having trouble figuring out how to address a letter to an offender or what kind of materials you are permitted to give them?
    3. DoNotPay will assist you in learning how to provide assistance to your loved ones who are incarcerated via the use of care packages!

    The ability to communicate with the outside world, according to several ex-convicts, not only made it easier for them to bear their sentences, but it also caused them to rethink their earlier conduct.According to the findings of the research, inmates who have a supporter on the outside are more likely to refrain from engaging in unlawful activities while in jail.Inmate phoning and parcel delivery to jail are difficult tasks, and for the time being, the most effective mode of contact is through the mail.Write letters to your jailed loved one in an organized and trouble-free manner with the assistance of our professionals!

    Can You Send Care Packages to Prisoners?

    1. Because of the rigorous restrictions and regulations that govern what convicts are permitted to posses while they are serving a term, sending packages to inmates may be a difficult task.
    2. The best course of action is to check with the individual institution where your loved one is being treated to see what you may give them and how often they can expect to receive a box from you.
    3. In most jails, convicts are only permitted to receive one package every quarter, according to a standard norm.

    You will not be able to build your package and ship it through the mail on your own.It is necessary to send the package through a third party.Prisons typically have contracts with package delivery services, so you may phone the institution and inquire about which suppliers have been approved by the specific jail you’re interested in.

    How To Send a Package to an Inmate

    • Fortunately, there are third-party websites that allow you to send a care package to an offender using their services. Make sure to verify with the correctional institution before selecting a service provider to ensure that they would accept packages from that particular company. There are also printed catalogs available for purchase, and you can place your order over the phone or by email. The quickest method, on the other hand, is to use an internet retailer. You can ship your package to a prisoner through one of the following vendors: Send snacks and meals to your loved one with iCaregifts, a service provided by Apple Inc. Their packages may be customized to fit the occasion, whether it’s a birthday, holiday, or special event.
    • In addition to food and snacks, they also provide personal hygiene goods as well as technological equipment and clothes through their Securepak service.
    • The firm Union Supply Direct offers same-day shipping on all of their items, with the exception of musical instruments. They accept orders via the internet, mail, fax, and phone.
    • The firm Inmate Care Parcels provides packages containing food, coffee, stationery, hygiene goods, and other items for inmates.

    What Can You Send to Prisoners?

    1. The goods you are permitted to send to convicts are determined by the rules of the correctional facility where your loved one is being held.
    2. The majority of package providers have been approved by prisons and jails, but you should double-check with the prison to see which firms are on their approved list.
    3. Generally speaking, there are several restrictions on what you may and cannot send to inmates:
    • Items that are permitted Items that are permitted in certain prisons but not in othersForbidden items Letters, photographs, newspaper clippings, and books in paperback are all acceptable.
    • Dressing appropriately for court appearances
    • Magazines
    • Snacks
    • Products for personal hygiene
    • Jewelry
      • Pens, money, razors, cigarettes, hardcover books, and anything else that may be used as a weapon are all prohibited.

      Check Out DoNotPay’s Helpful Feature!

      • Having a loved one incarcerated is a difficult situation. The fact that the authorities frequently forget that detainees are also human beings does not help the situation either. DoNotPay recognized this need and developed a tool that allows individuals to communicate with their jailed loved ones while on the run. Open DoNotPay on any web browser and use the Connect With an Inmate tool to communicate with an inmate. This tool will allow you to do the following: locate your loved one who is incarcerated
      • Send a customised letter with the least amount of effort.
      • You will get a response to your Virtual Mailbox from the prisoner.

      Whether you’re interested in writing letters to convicts, paying them visits, or mailing them books and photographs, DoNotPay can assist you with your endeavors!

      Locate Your Incarcerated Loved One With Our Robust App

      How do you get in touch with an inmate if you don’t know where they’re located? We can assist you in locating them, and you are not required to submit the inmate’s identification number or prison unit. Your loved one’s entire name and the state in where the jail is located are all that you need to know to get in touch with them. To locate a prisoner, perform the following steps:

      1. Open the tool that allows you to connect with an inmate.
      2. Locate Someone is the option to choose.
      3. Fill in the inmate’s full name here.
      4. You must enter the state in which the correctional facility is situated.

      DoNotPay will track down the prisoner’s present location and notify you as soon as possible.

      Send a Personalized Letter in Under Five Minutes With DoNotPay

      1. Write a prisoner is a difficult task to complete on your own, and you’ll have to go through a lot of hardship.
      2. Take cautious not to misspell any letters or to write the erroneous number on the envelope while you are mailing it.
      3. After making certain that the envelope is the correct size and color, as well as being correctly addressed, you must stand in line at the post office for an inordinate amount of time.

      DoNotPay allows you to skip all of this fuss and never leave the comfort of your own home again.Our app will guide you through the process of filling out the necessary information and sending your letter online.The letter will be printed and sent to your loved one by the jail administration.All you have to do is follow the procedures outlined below:

      1. Select ″Connect with an Inmate″ from the drop-down menu.
      2. Select the option to Send a Personalized Letter from the drop-down menu.
      3. Fill out the form with all of the necessary information, including the inmate’s complete name, prisoner ID, and the address of the correctional facility.
      4. Make a draft of your letter
      5. Choose one of the letter styles (birthday, Christmas, etc.) and write it.
      6. Press the Enter key.
      1. Connect with an inmate by clicking on the link.
      2. Send a personalized letter by selecting the Send Personalized Letter option.
      3. Insert all of the necessary information, including the inmate’s complete name, prisoner ID number and the location of his or her jail facility.

      Make a draft of your correspondence.To begin, choose from one of the letter styles available—birthdays, Christmas, and so on;
      Enter the keystrokes.

      Get a Letter From an Inmate Through Our Virtual Mailbox 

      1. Keep in touch with jailed friends, family members, or even pen pals may be difficult, as we have learned the hard way.
      2. We created the Virtual Mailbox in order to address this issue.
      3. This is the quickest and most convenient method for the convict to send you letters.

      Once the prisoner has finished writing their letter to you, it will be scanned and transmitted to your Virtual Mailbox on your computer.So that the letter does not get lost in the mail and you may preserve it forever, this is the best method.You may choose this option by using the Connect With an Inmate tool, which is accessible through the main menu.

      Break Free From Everyday Administrative Issues With the Help of DoNotPay

      • DoNotPay will assist you in contacting jail pen pals everywhere in the United States
      • we are not restricted to a certain place. You may communicate with your pen pals in Ohio, Texas, Florida, California, and other places by sending unique letters using our app. DoNotPay, on the other hand, is capable of much more. We can also assist you with a wide range of other legal and administrative concerns that you may be facing. We’ll assist you with the following when you’ve created a DoNotPay account in your computer browser: Keeping in touch with family and friends who are detained
      • Obtaining refunds and compensation for flights that have been delayed or canceled
      • Putting an end to spam SMS messages for good
      • Using burner phones to contest traffic citations
      • contesting traffic citations
      • Making a last-minute effort to pay debts that you can’t afford
      • Receiving reimbursements and chargebacks from a variety of businesses
      • and
      • Making sure that you and your loved ones are protected from stalking and harassment
      • Contesting parking tickets
      • resolving credit card concerns
      • and other tasks.
      • Robocalls are being responded to.
      • Submitting a claim for any warranty coverage
      • Getting ahead of the phone queue while speaking with customer support representatives
      • Defending against speeding tickets
      • terminating memberships and subscriptions permanently
      • Taking care of money concerns that have arisen
      • Fees for college applications will be waived.
      • The process of scheduling a DMV appointment is simple and straightforward
      • Signing up for free trials without the chance of being charged for something you didn’t want
      • Keeping your work free of infringement of intellectual property rights
      • Spam emails will be blocked indefinitely
      • Bringing lawsuits against businesses and individuals in small claims court
      • Finding clinical trials in a short period of time

      How to Send a Care Package to an Inmate

      1. Your first instinct may be to do all in your power to make your friend or family member feel comfortable while they are serving their sentence in jail.
      2. Even if you won’t be able to visit them as often in person as you used to, there are still a variety of things you can do to show them how much you care about them.
      3. Many people in your position, for example, send care packages to their family members who are incarcerated.

      In order to ship your care package, there are various restrictions and requirements that must be adhered to.However, no matter how large or tiny it turns out to be, your loved one will undoubtedly appreciate and treasure the gesture.

      How Do I Send a Care Package to an Inmate? 

      Learn how to successfully send a care package to your loved one in prison

      First, you need to find an approved care package provider

      1. Normally, you would be able to send a care package to your loved ones and have it delivered straight to their home.
      2. In contrast, when it comes to delivering comfort items to prisoners, the procedure is a little more complicated.
      3. In order to send a care package to an inmate, you must first locate an approved provider who is affiliated with the facility to which you wish to deliver the package.

      In most cases, you may call the jail and ask them to give you with a list of permitted providers.Ordering a care package from a firm that has not been approved may result in the shipment being undeliverable.Because restrictions on care packages differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, you should check with the institution where your loved one is staying to find out what their policies are on sending care packages before attempting to send one on your own.For example, most prisons only allow their inmates to receive one care package every three months or so.

      Sending the care package to the facility

      1. Some care packages allow you to join up for a subscription-type service, in which your initial care package selection is automatically renewed every quarter after you purchase them.
      2. Other facilities also allow you to place one-time orders that are unique to your needs.
      3. Once you’ve decided what you’d want to include in your care package, you’ll need to input the inmate’s ID number or the name of the institution where they’re being housed into the website of the care package provider.

      Thus, you can be certain that the care gift is delivered to the proper recipient.

      Gifts You Can Send an Inmate in Prison

      Make sure the gifts you want to send are appropriate

      Are you unsure about what to send your friend or family member? Take a look at these ideas for some inspiration!

      Written Message

      1. It is difficult to serve time in jail.
      2. With a personal message, you may cheer up your loved one and tell them that they are in their thoughts and prayers.
      3. Even little encouraging messages might make a difference in their day!

      This is arguably the most unique item you can send them out of all the things you may send them.It is a message prepared specifically for that individual by you.With the correct stationery paper, there are several methods to maintain the message attractive and innovative while yet conveying the message effectively.If you want to send a meaningful and creative message to your loved one, you don’t have to be an artist yourself.

      • Everything from flower stationery to pet-themed stationery is available for you to choose from at your leisure.
      • In addition to your own personal message, you can include notes from the inmate’s other friends and family members, if applicable.
      • While going through one of the most difficult periods of your life, there are few things more gratifying than being reminded of how much your loved ones care about you.
      • Remember to keep any staples, paper clips, or perfume out of your letter if you’re sending it by postal service!
      • All letter is subjected to a thorough inspection by jail officials.
      • As a result, you should make certain that nothing in the letter contains information that you would not want someone else to see.


      1. With the use of images, you can remind your loved ones of the happy times they shared.
      2. In order to keep your loved one up to speed on everyone’s life, ask other friends and family members to give you some current images of themselves.
      3. Add brief notes to the back of images outlining your memories associated with the snapshot so that you and your loved one may take a little journey down Memory Lane together after seeing the photo.

      Serving a jail term can be isolating and disheartening at the best of times.It is possible to brighten them up with something as simple as a family snapshot or a photo of your pets.These photographs assist your loved one in re-establishing contact with the outside world.Check that none of the images are greater than 4″x6″ in size as you collect them.

      • Because these photographs will be seen by members of the staff, you will want to be certain that they are acceptable.
      • To assist the mail workers in sorting your images, you will also need to write the inmate’s name and identification number on the reverse of the photo.

      Reading Materials

      1. Is your significant other a lover of detective fiction?
      2. What about a series of soap opera-style romance novels?
      3. Or do you like fantasy tales that are full with fascinating creatures and exciting adventures?

      Consider giving them some fresh books and periodicals to keep them busy while they are away.Additionally, books and periodicals are excellent additions to any care box.Reading frequently transports us to a completely different universe, complete with its own set of characters and settings.Furthermore, it might be really beneficial in helping your loved one pass the time more quickly.

      • Most facilities prefer that you send paperback books that are straight from the publisher, such as those purchased from Amazon or Barnes and Noble, rather than from other sources.
      • Non-fiction publications that are intended to assist people in rehabilitating and getting their lives back on track once they have completed their term can also be highly beneficial.
      • The newest celebrity gossip and information on new movie releases may be found in magazines, which can also assist your loved one in keeping up with current events.

      Commissary Money

      1. In most jails, basic basics for living a healthy lifestyle, such as a bar of soap and a change of clothes, are not available to inmates.
      2. Some prisons do not even provide their inmates with suitable tennis shoes or shampoo.
      3. While these things are not strictly necessary for survival, they do make life a great deal more comfortable.

      In addition, prisoners get little money from their job assignments.When this happens, it might be tough to save up enough money to purchase goods as basic as a razor or a bar of soap.Consider sending some money to your loved one along with your care package if you are able to do so comfortably.Alternatively, you might attempt to gather cash among your friends and family members to assist them.

      • Even a small amount of additional ramen soup or a lovely bottle of shampoo may make a significant impact during their time in jail and allow them to feel a bit more comfortable throughout their stay.


      • The food served in prison isn’t always the most palatable or nutritional. While it is surely sufficient for the work, it is not a bad idea to include some food in your jail care package as well. Some jails allow you to send food-approved parcels once or twice a month to inmates who are on the outside. Chips, pretzels, candy, granola bars, Oreos, macaroni and cheese packets, soft drinks, Ramen, packaged meals such as instant rice, and pastries such as honey buns are examples of what is included in this category.

      Because prisons do not accept glass or metal containers in care packages, if you decide to send any food, make sure it is packaged in a plastic bag or container.

      Personal Hygiene Items

      Because prisons do not allow the use of glass or metal containers in care packages, any food that is sent should be packaged in a plastic bag.

      Recreational Activities

      1. With some entertaining games and puzzles, you may assist your loved one in making the time pass more quickly.
      2. However, even if you won’t be able to give them video games or other technological devices, there are a variety of entertaining games you can play through letters, such as mini-game sets and even books that feature mind-bending riddles.
      3. For example, many offenders and their families like playing games based on letters, such as tic-tac-toe and hangman.

      Some of them even start their own informal book club conversations with one another!Be bold and innovative when it comes to providing your loved one with activities that will keep their mental energy levels high while battling boredom.

      What Not to Send to an Inmate

      Facilities have strict regulations on what you can and cannot send

      • Perfume or body spray
      • drawings or letters that might be misinterpreted as a secret code
      • alcohol
      • letters with staples or paper clips in them
      • The following items are prohibited: computer games, tobacco, or smoking accessories
      • mobile games, tablets, or laptops
      • cameras
      • anything that may be used as a weapon
      • inappropriate pictures or sexually explicit content.

      If you are unclear whether a particular item is permitted in a care package, you can contact the jail to inquire whether the item is permitted or not. Having a loved one incarcerated may be extremely difficult. However, showing them how much you care about them by sending them a care package may make a significant difference in their ability to get through their jail sentence. ‍‍

      Best answer

      Because of security concerns, you will not be able to deliver your item directly to a person who is currently detained. An approved care package provider who is affiliated with the institution where your friend is being kept is essential, rather than using a third-party source. You can send a special present to someone by contacting a supplier who has been vetted.

      People also ask

      Can I send care packages to an inmate?

      1. While detained, convicts might receive a care package as well as commissary products that are provided to them by their families.
      2. It is not possible for family members to transfer items straight to a prison or jail.
      3. When it comes to sending care packages, there are several guidelines that must be followed.

      Prisons do not allow direct deliveries from family and friends to be delivered to them.

      How do you send supplies to an inmate?

      Union Supply Direct is another a firm that allows family and friends to deliver things to convicts all around the United States through their online store. You may place an order online at, and their website will provide information on how to place an order by phone, fax, or mail.

      Will an inmate go without basic items if I don’t send them?

      As a result, if you do not send them or deposit money into their bank account, they will not be able to survive. In jail, the term ″commissary″ refers to the products that inmates can order for themselves and pay for with their prisoner account. In many cases, however, family and friends are permitted to send inmate care packages from recognized firms to their loved ones in prison or jail.

      Where can I send money to an inmate in California?

      They offer catalogs that are tailored to the needs of California and Ohio customers. JPay is a corporation that enables family and friends to transfer money to an imprisoned or send an email to an inmate over the internet. You may learn more about them by visiting Money is usually ready the next day, and you may send it from the comfort of your own home.

      Inmate Care Packages

      1. The purpose of Inmate Care Gifts is to keep loved ones close to convicts in jail by offering a quick and easy option to order care packages for inmates.
      2. We recognize that this is a difficult time, and we want to assist you in maintaining your connection by providing a safe, secure, and easy means for families and friends to give support and comfort to their loved ones while they are away from home.
      3. A birthday, holiday, or other special occasion?

      We’ve got a prisoner care package that will meet your requirements.As a matter of fact, our festive seasonal packages allow you to choose from a variety of popular, high-quality snack brands and restaurant-style meals to express your love and support to your loved ones at those special occasions when they want your assistance.WHY SHOULD YOU REMAIN IN CONNECTION WITH INMATINE CARE PACKAGES?The gifts-for-inmates program offered by Inmate Care Packages is a powerful, safe, and simple method to present a loved one with the assistance they require while also letting them know you are always thinking of them, according to the company.

      • Aside from the nice sentiments, research have revealed that support from family and friends is essential in preventing criminals from re-entering the criminal justice system.
      • According to a research conducted by the Urban Institute on recidivism, the family is likely the most valuable resource in re-entry planning.
      • For returning convicts, their families are a key source of shelter and emotional support as well as a source of financial resources and a source of general stability.
      • We understand this, which is why we provide the ideal solution for mailing inmate food parcels.
      • Ultimately, we aim to assist family and friends in overcoming the mounting obstacles that prohibit them from communicating with their loved one who is incarcerated.
      • Purchasing Inmate Care Packages gives you the assurance and faith that your purchase will be delivered, allowing you to show them you care in a meaningful way.

      Your gift will be delivered since all inmate care package programs and fresh meals have been pre-approved by the institution, so you can relax knowing that your present will be delivered.Yes, we’re here to help you and we’ll do all we can to make it as simple as possible for you to keep in touch with your loved one.Putting an order online is as simple as clicking, paying, and having it delivered, and our customer service staff is standing by to assist you with your transaction.So give it a go and see how it goes.It’s a straightforward, risk-free, and secure method to demonstrate your concern.

      Best answer

      In order to accomplish this, you should: Visit the website and fill out the registration form. Look for the convict to whom you wish to send a package using the search function (you will need their inmate ID) Select goods for your care package from the available options. Order

      People also ask

      Can I send a package to a friend in prison?

      Prisons do not allow direct deliveries from family and friends to be delivered to them. All inmate care packages and commissary products must be sent through a vendor that has been approved by the prison administration (see next section for a list of companies). Families should be aware that convicts who are unable to pay for essential hygiene supplies will be given with them.

      Can I order care packages for inmates?

      Always double-check with the institution to see what their policy is on care packages before placing an order, otherwise your order may be turned down. ——————————————————————————————————- Access Securepak is a corporation that provides convicts with over 1000 things that may be bought and delivered to them in prison.

      How can I send something to an inmate?

      Union Supply Direct is another a firm that allows family and friends to deliver things to convicts all around the United States through their online store. You may place an order online at, and their website will provide information on how to place an order by phone, fax, or mail. They have things that are comparable to Access Securepak, but they also provide music.

      Will an inmate go without basic items if I don’t send them?

      As a result, if you do not send them or deposit money into their bank account, they will not be able to survive. In jail, the term ″commissary″ refers to the products that inmates can order for themselves and pay for with their prisoner account. In many cases, however, family and friends are permitted to send inmate care packages from recognized firms to their loved ones in prison or jail.

      Best answer

      1. Here is how you may go about it: Visit their website for more information.
      2. Choose the inmate to whom you will be delivering the package.
      3. Select the goods from the catalog that you want to use.

      Make a payment for the merchandise.When paying at the register, you can use your Visa, Discover, or MasterCard.Following your purchase, your loved one will get the box within three to five days of it being sent to him or her.

      People also ask

      Can I send a package to a friend in prison?

      Prisons do not allow direct deliveries from family and friends to be delivered to them. All inmate care packages and commissary products must be sent through a vendor that has been approved by the prison administration (see next section for a list of companies). Families should be aware that convicts who are unable to pay for essential hygiene supplies will be given with them.

      Can I order care packages for inmates?

      Always double-check with the institution to see what their policy is on care packages before placing an order, otherwise your order may be turned down. ——————————————————————————————————- Access Securepak is a corporation that provides convicts with over 1000 things that may be bought and delivered to them in prison.

      How can I send something to an inmate?

      Union Supply Direct is another a firm that allows family and friends to deliver things to convicts all around the United States through their online store. You may place an order online at, and their website will provide information on how to place an order by phone, fax, or mail. They have things that are comparable to Access Securepak, but they also provide music.

      Will an inmate go without basic items if I don’t send them?

      As a result, if you do not send them or deposit money into their bank account, they will not be able to survive. In jail, the term ″commissary″ refers to the products that inmates can order for themselves and pay for with their prisoner account. In many cases, however, family and friends are permitted to send inmate care packages from recognized firms to their loved ones in prison or jail.

      How To Send a California Inmate Package

      If you are unable to write a letter to an inmate in order to communicate your concern, you might elect to send them a box with goods that speak for you instead of you and demonstrate that you are thinking of them. Learn how to throw a surprise party for a prisoner in a correctional facility in the state of California.

      Inmate Care Packages California—How To Send Them

      1. Before you may utilize a vendor’s services to send a package to an inmate in California, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) must first authorize the vendor.
      2. Family members and friends are not permitted to deliver quarterly prisoner presents directly to offenders housed in California state prisons, according to state law.
      3. If you wish to send a package to a prisoner in this part of the United States, you can choose from one of the merchants listed below: Union Supply Direct is a company that specializes in union supply.
      • Access Securepak
      • Walkenhorst’s
      • JPAY
      • 1 Stop Value Pack
      • Aramark iCare
      • The Vitamin Outlet
      • Mike’s Better Shoes

      The vendor you choose can next take your purchase through their website, by phone, fax, or email. The method you choose will depend on the alternatives the seller provides.

      How To Send Union Supply Inmate Packages in California

      Union Supply is the seller with the largest selection of items that may be sent to inmates, according to their website. These regulations apply to everything from food to cosmetics to clothing. Look at a few of the most popular bundles offered by Union Supply:

      • Package What is Included in the Package California’s Quarterly Package of Documents This package contains food, clothing, and cosmetic supplies
      • prisoners who fit into the Privilege Group A/B categories are eligible to receive one 30-pound package every three months.
      • California Special Purchase Package (California Special Purchase Package) Radios, TVs, walkmans, and CD players are all included in this bundle.
      • For some convicts, the California Department of Corrections permits the possession of certain things, and there are no restrictions on the size of the package.
      • Package of Religious Items from California There are religious goods in this bundle, and they are treated as if they were part of a special purchase order.
      • It is not necessary to obtain a Chaplain’s signature in order to purchase these things.
      • Package of Dress Out Clothes for California This bundle contains apparel goods such as shirts, shoes, jeans, and other such stuff.
      • Typically, these presents must be delivered to the convict within 30 days after his or her release.

      Who Can Send Packages to Inmates in California?

      1. The majority of the time, those that send packages to convicts are their friends and family members.
      2. The people who have the strongest emotional attachment to an inmate sometimes wish to brighten their day and make it a little easier for them to face their sentence by surprise them with particular products.
      3. In addition, those who fit into this group are those who can be found on the approved visitor list, and if you fall into this category, you should have no trouble sending packages to a prisoner.

      What Items Are Allowed in CA Inmate Packages?

      • Be aware that each correctional facility has its own set of restrictions governing what things may be delivered to convicts, so check with the facility before sending anything. Listed below is a list of items mentioned on the official website of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitations: Health-care appliances, religious objects, books, musical instruments, and legal reference materials are some of the categories covered.

      According to the privilege group of the prisoner, what exactly they are entitled to get is determined. Find out if the inmate is eligible to receive the things on the list before sending your care package to ensure that it gets to them.

      When Will the Package Sent to an Inmate in California Arrive?

      1. The vendors will make every effort to deliver the package you send to an inmate as quickly as possible, and it is rare that it takes more than 15 days.
      2. The only exceptions to this regulation are during the holiday season (Easter, Christmas, and Thanksgiving), or if the prisoner is in lockdown for any reason.
      3. The shipments must pass through a rigorous screening process, which may result in delivery delays.

      Let DoNotPay Help You Connect With an Inmate

      1. It is generally difficult to locate someone in the jail system, and you must first determine the inmate’s whereabouts before delivering them any correspondence or materials.
      2. Access DoNotPay using your computer browser and navigate to the Connect With an Inmate section to communicate with a prisoner quickly and effortlessly.
      3. If you have a friend or family member who is incarcerated, we recommend the following three strategies for maintaining a positive relationship: Send a Letter That Is Specifically for You
      • Locate Someone
      • Virtual Mailbox
      1. Whether you want to write a letter to a prisoner or pay a visit to an inmate, you can rely on DoNotPay to supply you with the information you need.
      2. How to Track Down a Prisoner With the Assistance of DoNotPay DoNotPay can assist you in locating an inmate in any state in the United States, including California.
      3. If you are unsure of the correctional institution your loved one is being imprisoned in, we can aid you in determining the particular location.

      You will just need to do the following:

      1. Obtain DoNotPay’s client software and log into your account
      2. You may use the Locate Someone function to find someone.
      3. In the text box, type in the name of the prisoner to be released.
      4. Describe the conditions in which the prisoner is being detained.

      DoNotPay offers a large database that covers a variety of institutions, such as state, county, federal, and ICE detention centers, increasing the likelihood that your incarcerated acquaintance may be found by DoNotPay. After you have provided us with all of the necessary information, we will inform you of the location of the facility where they are staying.

      DoNotPay Can Send a Letter to an Inmate

      DoNotPay provides a large database that covers a variety of institutions, such as state, county, federal, and ICE detention centers, increasing the likelihood that your imprisoned buddy will be found and reunited with you. As soon as we have all of the necessary information, we will notify you of the location of the facility.

      1. DoNotPay is now open.
      2. Locate the Send a Personalized Letter function on your computer.
      3. Write down the offender’s name and identification number
      4. Create a message or upload one that you already have in your possession.
      5. You have the option of including photographs with your letter.
      6. You may customize your letter by selecting a template that corresponds to the occasion.

      When you have completed this easy procedure, DoNotPay will print the letter and mail it to the inmate as soon as possible after receiving your submission.

      How To Get Letters From Inmates With DoNotPay

      The dialogue should be reciprocal in order for the convict and their pen buddy to continue to have meaningful connection with one another. It is recommended that you make advantage of our Virtual Mailbox service if you desire to receive emails from convicts. The way it works is as follows:

      1. They write a letter and mail it to a certain address
      2. this is considered a crime.
      3. Once we receive it, we scan it and save it as a digital copy.
      4. DoNotPay will provide you a digital copy of the document.

      The only thing you have to do now is check your Virtual Mailbox to see whether you have received a response from your jailed loved one.

      What Else Can DoNotPay Do for You?

      • DoNotPay can assist you in determining the most efficient methods of sending inmate parcels in several places around the country, including Georgia and Ohio, as well as locating an inmate in Texas. If you’ve been wondering how to meet an inmate or perhaps marry one while incarcerated in county jail, we’ve got the answers for you. You might be interested in finding out a little more about sending SMS messages or love notes to prisons. Your virtual assistant will aid you in completing any of these duties in a timely manner. DoNotPay may be accessed through your computer browser, which will allow us to assist you with the following issues: Receipt of refunds and chargebacks from any business
      • Managing debts that you are unable to pay
      • Applying for free trials without taking any risks.
      • Objecting to traffic citations
      • Retaliating against robocallers
      • submitting an application for clinical trials
      • Being free of spam letters for the rest of your life
      • Keeping your work free of infringement of intellectual property rights
      • Contesting parking tickets
      • maintaining a strong relationship with jailed family members
      • Resolving credit card issues
      • obtaining refunds and reimbursements for flights that have been delayed or canceled
      • and
      • Fight against speeding tickets
      • keep yourself and your loved ones safe from stalking and harassment
      • and much more.
      • Putting an end to SMS spam for good
      • In small claims court, seeking restitution from corporations and individuals
      • Finally saying good-bye to all of our memberships and subscriptions
      • Getting a DMV appointment set as quickly and easily as possible
      • Getting in contact with customer support representatives without having to wait in line
      • Find out whether you have any unclaimed money in your name
      • Trying out new services without first contacting them by phone

      How To Send Magazines & Books To Inmates Through Amazon?

      1. In recent years, prisons have added a variety of amenities for offenders, including rehabilitation facilities and the ability to improve their education through on-campus courses.
      2. In addition to these activities, firms such as Amazon allow friends and family to send books and periodicals to convicts through the mail.
      3. But, exactly, how does this procedure work?

      For those interested in finding out, continue reading!

      How To Send Magazines & Books To Inmates Through Amazon In 2022

      1. By inputting the prisoner’s unit and inmate number onto the Amazon order page, Amazon users may send books and periodicals to convicts.
      2. Clients are welcome to send books and periodicals to the jail as long as they do not include portrayals of sexual material, racism, violence, or any other content that may be deemed a trigger for convicts.
      3. Continuing reading for additional important data and ideas on how to deliver books and magazines to convicts, Amazon’s policy on shipping items to prisons, and more will help you understand more about the process.

      How Do I Send Magazines and Books to Inmates from Amazon?

      Customers who want to send books and periodicals to detainees from Amazon must follow the steps outlined below:

      1. Visit the order page after logging into your Amazon account
      2. On the order page, enter the inmate’s complete name, their unit number, and their inmate number in the appropriate fields.
      3. Enter the proper address of the correctional facility/prison, as well as the city and state in which the jail is situated, and click Search.
      4. Select the ″Gift″ option from the drop-down menu. Because failing to pick the ″Gift″ option may result in the inmate or jail being charged a fee, customers are expected to check the ″Gift″ option.
      5. Choose your preferred method of delivery and then click on ″Place Order.″
      1. In cases when consumers are unclear about the location of the person to whom they are shipping books, they can make use of search methods such as DoNotPay, provided they have the offender’s complete name, ID number, and/or unit number available.
      2. Customers should also be aware that they are obliged to ship parcels directly through Amazon, and that they are not permitted to purchase books from third-party sellers that do not fulfill orders through Amazon’s direct fulfillment channels.

      What Is Amazon’s Policy for Sending Books and Magazines to Inmates?

      1. According to Amazon’s policy on shipping packages to prisons, they are more than eager to provide this service at no cost.
      2. Although Amazon encourages consumers to contact the jail where their loved one is being held to check that Amazon goods may be delivered to convicts, the company does not recommend doing so.
      3. To distinguish itself from most other shipping companies, Amazon will not put any specific instructions on the outside of the box and will just contain the name of Amazon as well as the destination and return addresses.

      What Types of Books and Magazines Can You Send to Prisoners?

      • The fact that consumers are shipping books and periodicals to prisons necessitates that they adhere to specific criteria in order to avoid sparking any potentially harmful or problematic conduct from other prisoners. Customers must complete the following checklist when deciding which books and periodicals to get from Amazon: It has to be fresh new
      • There can’t be more than three products in a single bundle.
      • The usage of paperback books is strictly prohibited (hardcover copies can be used as weapons)
      • It is prohibited to include any sexual material, violence, racism, or gang-related activity.
      • Purchases placed with a third-party vendor that does not fulfill orders directly via Amazon will not be delivered.
      • It must be mailed through the United States Postal Service.
      • It is not possible to send a message anonymously.
      • It must be addressed to a specific prisoner and contain the prisoner’s identification number
      1. In the event that consumers are unsure about the sorts of books that would be most appropriate, it is advised that they send books that have an overall positive message, such as self-help or self-improvement books, scientific or nature books, sudoku or crossword puzzles, and other similar publications.
      2. Inmates who are jailed for mild offenses may be granted access to a greater selection of books than other inmates.
      3. Customers are advised to be extremely selective about the books they send in order to avoid the possibility that other convicts would obtain the books.

      How Do I Locate an Inmate to Send Magazines and Books?

      1. Customers can locate the convict to whom they desire to deliver books by contacting the jail in which the offender is currently being kept at the time of the order.
      2. Customers just need to know the inmate ID or unit number of the prisoner to whom they are sending a package, as well as the address of the jail where the package is to be delivered.
      3. Customers, on the other hand, who are unaware of which jail the convict is housed in can utilize a search engine such as DoNotPay to find the correct location.

      Note that when giving magazines and books to convicts, customers must not send the item anonymously; instead, the box must be addressed to the exact person to whom the package is being sent, as specified on the package.For additional information, you may also check out our related topics about Amazon book rental, when Amazon deliveries arrive early, and what it means when Amazon delivery speeds fluctuate.


      1. Through Amazon, customers may send books and periodicals to convicts by inputting the inmate number, unit number, and prison address into the Amazon order page.
      2. Books and periodicals that contain sexual, violent, or racial material are not permitted to be sent in by customers.
      3. Additionally, consumers are only permitted to send paperback books and periodicals, as hardcover volumes might be used as a weapon in the event of a terrorist attack.

      Customers are also forced to send packages through Amazon directly, and they are not permitted to send packages on their own behalf.

      5 Awesome Things to Send Inmates in a Care Package

      1. The 29th of November, 2016 Whether you are a family member or a friend of someone who has been imprisoned, ensuring that your loved one has access to the comforts of home in any way that is feasible is a major concern.
      2. Are you considering what items to include in the next care package to be sent to inmates?
      3. Sending a care package to an inmate is one of the most effective methods to show your support and make the experience more tolerable.

      Please keep in mind that it is critical to double-check with your loved one’s jail facility for a list of acceptable things before sending anything.

      Here’s our list of the five best things to send inmates in a care package:

      1. Letters and Messages

      • According to, sending correspondence is the number one most effective technique to assist your loved one feel more connected to their family and community. While convicts do not have direct access to the internet or internet messaging services, many correctional facilities now provide internet-based services that family members may utilize to communicate with their loved ones while they are in prison. Each of these emails is scrutinized before being shared with a prisoner. Sending physical mail might be much more meaningful to an imprisoned than sending electronic mail. The only means to connect with the outside world (except from in-person visits for convicts) is through letter writing, and getting letters is a special treat for everyone! Make certain that the following elements are not included in a postal letter: staples, paper clips, and perfume are examples of items that fall under this category.

      2. Commissary Money

      • Even though it may seem apparent, while looking for things to send convicts, money is at or near the top of the list of things to consider. Depositing monies on behalf of an offender can make a significant difference in the overall quality of life of the convict. Despite the fact that each institution has its own set of amenities, the majority of offenders are provided with three meals a day, a bar of soap, a place to sleep, and not much else. Even $20 a month sent to your loved one in prison, if you can afford to do so, may make a significant difference in their life while there. Commissary money may be used to purchase basic essentials such as shampoo, socks, and shoes, as well as snacks to complement meals and finances to connect with family and friends.

      While it is feasible to choose nutritious meals while in jail, augmenting prison meals can help an inmate stay healthy and enjoy eating while in prison. Providing your loved one with commissary dollars enables them to purchase food and, in certain cases, supplements that will assist them in maintaining a healthy lifestyle while deployed.

      3. Photos

      • As a matter of course, sending images to your loved one in jail is an useful approach to keep them feeling connected in between visits. A photograph can be beneficial to an inmate in a variety of ways. Send photographs of the stuff you write about in your communication, such as your friends and family, pets, and the surrounding area, among other things. You may ensure that your loved one continues to observe what is going on and remains interested in/connected to the outside world by conveying visual connections to them. When shipping photographs, keep the following points in mind: The largest photo you should provide is 4″ x 6″ in size.
      • Printing your loved one’s name and ID number on the reverse of the envelope will make it easier for the mailroom employees.
      • With a single stamp, only 5 photographs may be delivered at a time when using a single stamp. Check with the institution where your loved one is staying to determine how many images are permitted to be sent in each letter.

      4. Books, Magazines and Newspapers

      1. When your loved one is packing up stuff to deliver to convicts, reading material will provide them with something to do to pass the time.
      2. Reading transports people to another world and gives an adventure that is particularly pleasurable for those who are incarcerated or confined.
      3. Keep in mind that restrictions are in place to guarantee that things delivered from outside the country do not contain contraband or illegal substances.

      The sort of reading material you send is likewise governed by the same set of guidelines.In order to prevent having your books returned, it’s best to send only soft cover books.Many correctional facilities require that they be purchased directly from ″the publisher,″ which means that they must be purchased from a website such as Amazon.It’s important to think about the themes and genres your loved one appreciates when picking books.

      • You should also consider delivering information that might assist them in their recuperation.
      • Consider consulting best-seller lists or consulting with a knowledgeable staff member at your local book store to assist you in finding the appropriate items.

      5. Celebratory Cards

      1. Using cards to make your loved one feel celebrated on important occasions such as holidays and birthdays is simple and effective.
      2. Cards sent in the mail are one of the more affordable ways to let convicts know that they are being thought about and that they are appreciated.
      3. Using cards to keep connected with a loved one may be an emotional and powerful experience, especially if you are able to send them ″for no apparent reason.″ Cards that involve electronics (such as singing cards), cards that are made of exceptionally thick material or have pop-up elements, and cards that have more than one layer are all not permitted at this time.

      Of course, the cards must be acceptable and cannot contain provocative content, even if the cards are satirical in nature, Cards are not permitted to include glitter, stickers, or any other decorative/additional elements on them.


      • When selecting items to give to convicts, keep these five suggestions in mind to make your loved one’s stay away a little more bearable. Letters and notes
      • commissary money
      • photographs
      • books, periodicals, and newspapers
      • and greeting cards for special occasions.

      You will want to check with the correctional facility to see if there is a restriction on the amount of care packages you can send or how frequently you can deliver care packages to inmates. Posted in the blogosphere

      Prison Reform Trust > For Prisoners & Families > Prisoner Information Pages

      • What happens to my belongings if I’ve been sentenced to prison? You will be asked to fill out a list of everything you took with you by a member of the jail staff. It is possible that you will be able to keep certain items with you – this is referred to as ‘in possession’ property. PSI 12/2011 (Public Service Information) The following is stated about Prisoners’ Property: A prisoner’s personal property must be limited to that which fits into two standard size volumetric cont

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